Amsler Newsletter April 2017 - Dave & Debbie Amsler-Guatemala

Amsler Newsletter April 2017 - Dave & Debbie Amsler-Guatemala

"Our God of Grace often gives us a second chance, but there is no second chance to harvest a ripe crop." Kurt von Schleicher News from One Way Guatem...

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"Our God of Grace often gives us a second chance, but there is no second chance to harvest a ripe crop." Kurt von Schleicher

News from One Way Guatemala

Dawn & Jon Our daughter’s wedding

Display Table We enjoy presenting our mission’s assignment to Guatemala as we itinerating across the US this year, but all the while keeping our focus on our getting back to the task of reaching children and youth.

On February 2 we celebrated the wedding of our daughter Dawn to Jonathan Coad for a beautiful ceremony as they were united in marriage. It was a special treat to have my dad, Dawn’s grandfather officiate the wedding ceremony. We were blessed to have many family and friends for this special day. Thank you to those who sent greetings and well wishes as Dawn and Jon took this step in their lives. Jon is on staff at OceanWay AG in Jacksonville, FL where Dawn joins him in ministry. This is a huge change for Dawn who served two terms in the Dominican Republic as an appointed missionary where she was the director for King’s Castle. Thank you to all those who backed her with your prayers and support during her appointment.

Debbie speaking at Calvary Academy We’re grateful for the opportunity to connect in Mission’s Conventions to raise awareness, prayer and support for world missions. Early in March we were at Calvary Temple in Springfield to represent Guatemala.

We’re Gonna Make It In February we were in Brockton Alabama at El Bethel for a mission’s convention. It was moving to discover the final resting place for Charles and Mary Greenaway. I heard him preach a great mission’s message in my dad’s church. He used one of his favorite phrases that morning “We’re gonna make it.” The Greenaway’s left a legacy that still speaks to this generation. Their marker reads;

Missionaries to four continents. They did it for love

Chi Alpha Mission’s Summit

Mission’s Table at El Bethel

Speed the Light Tour Kentucky

One Way Guatemala

Schedule Overview

Prayer Needs

Mission’s Summit It was a joy to be a part of the World Mission’s Summit in Houston with more than 6150 registrants. We witnessed thousands of university students commit to giving at least one year to missions.

April Kentucky / Alabama May Georgia, Illinois & Kentucky June Kentucky / Missouri July VISA renewal in Guatemala August Missouri / Kentucky September New Jersey / Tennessee October West Virginia / Kentucky November Ohio / Kentucky December Red Carpet Christmas January 2017 Return to Guatemala

Coaster Bus for Planet Kids

Church Mission’s Convention By the time this newsletter is in your hands we will have participated in at least six mission’s conventions. Thank you to all the churches who work so hard on behalf of World Missions. Speed the Light We join Rodney Goodlett, DYD of Kentucky in expecting a banner year for Speed the Light. We are deeply grateful for students and leaders who sacrifice for missionaries We enjoyed the chance to connect for this year’s tour through Kentucky.

David & Debbie Amsler / One Way Guatemala


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