AnnuAl RepoRt 2012 - Joomag

AnnuAl RepoRt 2012 - Joomag

AndersonRanch arts center Annual Report 2012 Mission statement To provide transformative experiences that celebrate artists, art-making, creative d...

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AndersonRanch arts center

Annual Report 2012

Mission statement To provide transformative experiences that celebrate artists, art-making, creative dialog and community. Anderson Ranch Arts Center PO Box 5598 | 5263 Owl Creek Road Snowmass Village, CO 81615 970/923-3181 [email protected] Cover photo: NICK CAVE, Soundsuit, 2011 Photo credit: James Prinz Photography, Chicago Courtesy of Nick Cave and the Jack Shainman Gallery, New York

like us: follow us: check out our pins: see our photos: andersonranchartscenter experience our lectures: read our blog:

AndersonRanch arts center Anderson Ranch Arts Foundation is a Colorado nonprofit corporation exempt from taxation under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. As such, all donations are fully deductible as allowed by law. Federal tax I.D. number 23-7267983.


3 letter from board CHAIR

17 recognition dinner photos

4 Summer workshops

18 New to the ranch in 2012: Trustees

6 artist residencies

18 Artworks gift store

8 visiting artists and critics

19 New to the ranch in 2012: Staff

10 featured artists lecture series

20 event supporters

12 outreach

23 contributors

14 special events

28 financial report

16 auction photos




AndersonRanch arts center

Anderson Ranch staff, 2012

ANDERSON RANCH STAFF Barbara Bloemink, Executive Director Elizabeth Burke, Director of Development Doug Casebeer, Artistic Director of Ceramics, Sculpture, Furniture Design &

Woodworking, and Artist Residencies Jessica Cerise, Executive Assistant / Receptionist Judy Clauson, Associate Director of Development Liz DeLorme, Special Events Manager

Ann Korologos, Chair Carolyn Hamlet, Vice-Chair Nancy Stevens, Secretary Bruce Berger, Treasurer Joyce Amico Susan Beckerman Ron Berman Bunny Burson Enrique Martínez Celaya Lee Eagle Karen Frank Sam Harvey Janet Hoffman Bayard Hollins Maureen Jerome Erica Keswin Barbara Lee Lee Lyon Sunni McBride Becky Murray Sara Ransford

NATIONAL COUNCIL Erica and Jeff Keswin, Chairs

Allison Fleming, Publications & Media Coordinator


Irene Greiser, Assistant Controller

Betsy Chaffin Marian Lyeth Davis Barbara and Sid Dickstein Nanette and Jerry Finger Sistie Fischer Lorry Hubbard Pam Joseph Harriet Kelly Joanne Lyon Betty Moore Mary and Jim Patton Betty and Lloyd Schermer Paul C. Schorr III Evelyn Siegel Dee Wyly

Rob Griem, Controller Flossie Gull, ArtWorks Store Associate Carrie Hennefeld, Registrar John Lloyd, Studio Coordinator, Sculpture Tim McEnerney, Administrative Assistant Sean Muckian, Information Technologies Johanna Mueller, Studio Coordinator, Painting & Printmaking Jenene Nagy, Artistic Director of Painting, Drawing & Printmaking Meghan Pearlman, Annual Giving Manager Sarah Roy, Operations Manager Ralph Scala, Studio Coordinator, Ceramics Jason Schneider, Studio Coordinator, Furniture Design & Woodworking Trish Shepard, Development Associate David Stassi, Café Manager Sonya Taylor, Program Coordinator, Children’s & Outreach Ashley Todey, Special Projects Manager & Board Liaison Mariana Vieira, Studio Coordinator, Photography & Digital Media Andrea Wallace, Artistic Director of Photography & Digital Media, and

Summer Workshops Bradley Walters, Facilities Manager Nancy Wilhelms, Director of Marketing & Communications

In memoriam The Ranch community was saddened by the loss of Honorary Trustee Betty Moore on December 14, 2012, in Santa Barbara, Calif. Betty was a long-time board member who is remembered for her wonderful Ranch gatherings at her Aspen home on McClain Flats Road. We honor her service to the Ranch and will miss her.


inspire the creative spirit, were essential to the success of the Ranch. Whether you are a donor making an annual gift, a workshop participant who contributes to our scholarship funds, or a supporter of one of our events, you make an enormous difference. As we move forward, we thank you for your generous and continuing support.

Letter from the Board Chair

In 2012, the support of so many like you, who believe in Anderson Ranch’s mission to

media teaching over 125 workshops to over 1100 participants. Despite a continuing weak economy, final enrollment numbers show that courses increased about 6% Ann Korologos, Board Chair

over 2011, moving back towards pre-2008 numbers. Our 28 annual Residents came from South Africa, Taiwan, Japan, Iran, the Netherlands and Jamaica, in addition to across the United States. Our Featured Artists Lecture Series continued to be a great success, bringing globally recognized artists, including Tom Sachs, Sanford Biggers, Jessica Stockholder, Rashid Johnson and National Artist’s Award honoree Kara Walker, among others. Anderson Ranch continues to be a unique and magical place, functioning through our mission celebrating artists, art-making, critical dialog and community. Nestled in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, the Ranch is not only a site of creativity but also of selfdiscovery. What makes the Ranch unique is the breadth of our offerings – from the most traditional hand-work to the most innovative new media – and the interdisciplinary nature of our campus interactions. Our facilities, studios and superb staff are among the best in the world. Please know that your gifts make possible the ability of the Ranch to inspire, transform, excite and support a unique experience for all of us who are passionate about art and art-making’s ability to touch and change our lives.

Ann Korologos Board Chair

Annual Report / 2012

2012 was a wonderful year at the Ranch. We had a superb, international faculty in all


AndersonRanch arts center

Summer Workshops

summer workshops

The core of Anderson Ranch’s programming is our popular Summer Workshop Program. Attendees of the 2012 workshops ranged from beginners who are just starting to delve into a new medium to experienced artists who are looking to enhance existing skills and collaborate with peers and respected faculty. Additionally, through our children’s summer programs, Anderson Ranch is able to provide a unique set of workshops that are designed to engage, develop and inspire young artists by exposing them to artistic disciplines that are both educational and fun. In 2012, 1,107 adults and children from every ability and skill level participated in 127 summer workshops. Anderson Ranch awarded $177,669 in scholarships, creating opportunities for 221 students who may not otherwise have been able to attend the program of their choice. International field expeditions traveled to Jamaica in April, Ireland in May, and France in September. Students of the Jamaican expedition accompanied Doug Casebeer, artistic director of ceramics; David Pinto, a Jamaican native and graduate of Rhode Island School of Design; and Chris Gustin, a studio artist and Emeritus Professor at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. Participants visited the Good Hope Plantation for a week-

long intensive workshop focusing on pottery making techniques and design. The excursion to Ireland was led by artistic director of photography and digital media, Andrea Wallace, and Emily Fannon, a former studio coordinator of photography and digital media at the Ranch. This eight-day field expedition explored the Dingle, Iveragh and Beara Peninsulas, allowing students to capture the rugged landscape, lively culture and rich history of Southern Ireland via digital cameras. Andrea Wallace led another group of photography students to southern France, along with Christine Khorsand, a native of Aix-en-Provence who has taught French for more than 25 years. Students were encouraged to produce their own series of creative images during their visits through a part of the world that has drawn artists such as Cezanne, Van Gogh and Picasso. Anderson Ranch Arts Center workshops and field expeditions will continue to expand and develop in the years to come, allowing new artists to visit the Ranch, while welcoming returning students and faculty to a place where they feel like family.

summer workshops

artist residencies

Spring 2012 Residents

For 10 weeks in the fall and winter/spring, selected artists come from around the world to take advantage of the exceptional studio facilities at Anderson Ranch. Our Artist Residency Program continues to grow and mature in prominence and stature. In 2013/14, the Ranch will offer four funded residencies selected by our jury panel.

Julie Moon, ceramics, Toronto; Paul Smith, ceramics, Port Antonio, Jamaica; Amy Kennedy, ceramics, Melbourne, Australia; Sim vad der Ven, ceramics, Lincolnville, Maine; Steve Silber, sculpture, Snowmass Village, Colo.; Bari Ziperstien, sculpture, Los Angeles; Kurosh Valanejad, photo/digital, Los Angeles; Jose Carlos Casado, photo/ digital, Madrid, Spain; Evelyn Donnelly, painting, Seattle; Erin Curtis, painting, Austin, Texas; Taryn McMahon, printmaking, Oakhust, N.J.; Yuri Kobayashi, wood, Japan; Eleanor Richards, wood, Tempe, Ariz.; Ani Volken, printmaking, Asheville, N.C.

In 2012, 220 artists from over 15 countries submitted applications for 28 spots in our residency program. Final artist candidates were selected from Australia, Canada, Jamaica, Holland, Japan, Spain, Sweden and the United States. Our qualified staff encourages artists-in-residence to make anything they dream or imagine—whether working in media where they are proficient, or by exploring new materials and ideas. The Residency Program provides an opportunity for artistic dialog in a supportive environment. Our values embrace ingenuity, innovation, creativity and discovery. By choosing a balance of artistic experiences and media, last year’s jury panels selected two amazing groups of residents who bonded quickly and became part of the Ranch family. The eminent artists on the spring 2012 jury panel were Brad Miller, Holly Hughes and Roddy MacInnes. The fall 2012 jury panel included Julia Jacquette, Peter Pinnell and Amber Frid-Jimenez. Board member Sara Ransford donated $150,000 towards an artist’s Residency, releasing an equivalent amount from the Windgate Foundation. By the end of 2013 we plan on raising the additional $100,000 which will complete the Windgate match, and create another two endowed Residencies.

Fall 2012 Residents Susan Rennie, wood, San Francisco; Scott Braun, wood, Long Island, N.Y.; Kerry Rodgers, photo/digital, San Francisco; Danielle Julia Norton, photo/digital, Columbus, Ohio; Devin Kovach, printmaking, Santa Fe, N.M.; Ashley Nason, printmaking, Dekalb, Ill.; Jerry Morris, sculpture, Colorado Springs, Colo.; Cammie Staros, sculpture, Los Angeles; Megan Stroech, painting, Bloomington, Ill.; Brice Peterson, painting, Turnersville, N.J.; Daniel Dallabrida, ceramics, San Francisco; Aniek Meeldijk, ceramics, Rotterdam, Holland; Jenny Backstrom, ceramics, Vaxholm, Sweden.

RESIDENCY SUPPORTERS Joyce Amico and Charles Malkemus Melva Bucksbaum and Ray Learsy Betsy and Jim Chaffin Mary Conover Foundation Karen and Jim Frank John M. Hartigan Endowed Fund Joseph Fellowship Endowed Fund Joanne and Lee Lyon Endowed Fund Joan Mitchell Foundation National Endowment for the Arts PAJWELL Foundation Sara Ransford Endowed Fund for the Residency Program Windgate Foundation

Annual Report / 2012

2012 Residency Program

Artist Residencies


artist residencies

8 Visiting Artists and Critics

AndersonRanch arts center

Visiting Artists and Critics

Visiting Artists are invited to live and work at Anderson Ranch to make new works in our workshop studios or Visiting Artist studio and explore new avenues for their practice. Supported by our artistic staff, Visiting Artists are on campus from one week to three months and contribute to the dialogue and energy of our Ranch community. They meet with students and artists-inresidence, present free public presentations of their work and participate in our gallery exhibition program. In 2012, the Ranch hosted seven Visiting Artists. Michael Krueger, Holly Hughes, Takashi Nakazato, Julia Jacquette, Enrique Martínez Celaya, Eva Speer and Cory Robinson each spent several weeks on campus engaging with our students and producing new works in our studios.

Our Visiting Critics met with artists-in-residence during our spring and fall sessions and with participants of our January Immersive program. They presented lectures and free public talks about their work. The 2012 Visiting Critics were Cory Robinson, Eva Speer, Julia Jacquette, Nina Katchadourian, Scott Chamberlin and Andy Brayman. Each of our Visiting Artists and Critics made an impressive impact on our community through their engagement with our programs and participants. In addition, many of these artists contributed works to the Ranch auctions and fundraising events. Hosting artists of such high caliber contributes to the overall quality of our organization and we are grateful for their time and efforts.

Visiting Artists and Critics

10 Featured Artists Lecture Series

AndersonRanch arts center

featured artists lecture series Each summer, Anderson Ranch Arts Center showcases a special Featured Artists Lecture Series. Over the past several years, this series has brought 8 to 10 of the most significant international contemporary artists to the Ranch to discuss their work. A valuable addition to the Ranch’s offerings, the series allows us to foster a broader understanding of contemporary art to a wide audience. By expanding our critical dialog in this manner, we are fulfilling two parts of our four-part mission: to celebrate critical thinking and community. In 2012, the series drew record audiences from throughout the Roaring Fork Valley. Over 1,300 people attended lectures by artists Barry X. Ball, Sanford Biggers, James Casebere, Enrique Martínez Celaya, Rashid Johnson, Tom Sachs, Jessica Stockholder and Kara Walker. Kara was the National Artist’s Award Honoree at our Recognition Dinner.

Performance artist Nick Cave, clad in a Soundsuit and accompanied by the violin, dazzled a sold-out audience for “Wild Horses.” Barry X. Ball was also on hand for a conversation during our annual PastPresidents’ Luncheon. We are extremely grateful for the gracious support of the sponsors who enabled us to offer these lectures to the public free of charge. They include: Jill and Jay Bernstein, Melva Bucksbaum and Raymond Learsy, Rebecca Donelson, Marilyn and Larry Fields, Kathryn Fleck Peisach and Harry Peisach, Barbara Fosco and David Missner, Sharon and John Hoffman, Melony and Adam Lewis, Toby Lewis, Gael Neeson and Stefan Edlis, June and Paul Schorr, and Ellen and Steve Susman. Each of these patrons generously underwrote the Featured Artists Lecture Series, and many hosted cocktail parties in honor of the artists in their homes.

featured artists lecture series



AndersonRanch arts center


Wintersculpt/Kidsculpt Anderson Ranch’s 2012 Wintersculpt competition was held from Thursday, Jan. 12, through Saturday, Jan. 14, on the Mill Street Mall in Aspen. Thirty local sculptors competed in the festivities. Teams worked night and day to transform their 8’ x 8’ x 8’ snow blocks into freestanding creations. On Saturday evening, the sculptures were judged by Aspen’s Sheriff, Joe DiSalvo, Belly Up Aspen’s owner, Michael Goldberg, and Aspen Sojourner’s editor in chief, Michael Miracle. Anderson Ranch took home the coveted first-place prize for our amazing “Snow Cat,” depicting a snow cat climbing a mountain dotted with hundreds of tiny trees. Team Metta won second place for their oversized Buddha, “Seize the Summit of Your Happiness.” Third place went to Team Wille Mammoth for their intricate and complex sculpture, “Peak Pleistocene Predator.”

Other sculptures in the event included a huge beaver titled “Webbed Feet Never Stopped Anyone,” by the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies and Team Super Buddies’ extreme snowmobile sculpture, “Seize the Sky.” As part of Wintersculpt, nearly 60 middle school students participated in Kidsculpt on Friday, Jan. 13. Six student groups gathered in front of McDonald’s on the Aspen Mall, representing Aspen Middle School, Aspen Country Day School, Aspen Community School, Basalt Middle School, Carbondale Middle School and Carbondale Community School. They had 3 1/2 hours to sculpt their 4’ x 4’ x 4’ snow blocks. These events would not have been possible without the generous support from Wintersculpt founder, Claudia Potamkin, Nancy and Bruce Stevens, Karen and Bayard Hollins and The Aspen Thrift Shop.

Aspen Ideas Festival Block Party The Ranch took part in the Aspen Institute’s inaugural ”Aspen Ideas Festival Block Party,” a new addition to the annual Aspen Ideas Festival, on July 1. To illustrate our theme of “The 21st Century Child,” the Children’s Department created a giant “kid” out of thick foam for the event. Young artists on the block kicked into high creative gear, fabricating a colorful collaboration christened the “Anderson Ranch Super Kid!” Everyone was thrilled to engage in a new community partnership.



The Young Artist Scholarships program offers travel, new experiences and opportunities to advance artistic skills among teens who might otherwise miss the chance to stay and study at the Ranch. Some flew on an airplane for the first time; others caught their first sights of the Rocky Mountains. All of last year’s participants thoroughly enjoyed the program and look forward to expanding their artistic visions.

Fourth of July Parade “Blast into Creativity with Anderson Ranch” was launched at last summer’s Fourth of July Parade in Aspen. A giant rocket ship crafted in plywood, cellophane and lots of red and blue paint was surrounded by wild plumes of foam smoke and cardboard fire shimmering in glitter. Students 7 to 10 years old walked alongside their masterpiece dressed as green aliens in face paint, homemade tie-dyed shirts and giant eyeball head-pieces. The Ranch won “Best Children’s Float” for the third year in a row. The perfect ending to a perfect day!

Annual Report / 2012

Last summer, The Neuman Family Foundation generously funded scholarships for selected juniors and seniors from three different high schools—Yampah High School, Glenwood Springs, Colo., The Denver School of the Arts, Colo., and Chicago High School for the Arts, Ill.,— to participate in a weeklong workshop of their choice. Housing and meals were included in the scholarship.


Young Artist Scholarships

Anderson Ranch welcomes the community to participate in its success through a vibrant program of special events throughout the year. Artists, students, faculty and many local supporters come together to learn about the Ranch and engage through our programs with the art world at large. Proceeds from all special events directly support the Ranch’s mission and artistic curriculum.


AndersonRanch arts center

Special Events

special events



Our fourth annual Monothon was held on March 6 and attended by a full house of print lovers and supporters of the Print Program. Each year, the event features the sale of one-of-a-kind works of art printed in our studio particularly for this celebration and sale. Artists receive a day in the print shop in exchange for their contribution of one of the works they create on campus. The 2012 Monothon featured outstanding prints by Bunny Burson, Michael Krueger, Sunni McBride, and Kenny Scharf, among others.

This year’s Recognition Dinner, held on July 21 and honoring Soledad and Bob Hurst along with artist Kara Walker, will long be remembered as one of the summer’s best parties. Attendance was at an all-time high. Led by Carolyn and Ken Hamlet as Recognition Dinner chairs and supported by a wonderful group of co-chairs, guests were entertained by The Moptops, a Beatles tribute band from England. We offer special thanks to Barbara Berger, Ann Cook, Carolyn Hamlet, Maureen Jerome, Ann Korologos and Barbara Lee for securing donations of wonderful artworks for the live auction. Guest auctioneer Andrea Fiuczynski, president of Christie’s Los Angeles, directed bidding on a diverse collection of paintings, sculpture, and photographs by a host of significant artists including James Casebere, Theaster Gates, Tom Otterness and James Welling. The silent auction featured a selection of artist-decorated plates curated by Doug Casebeer.


special events ANNUAL ART AUCTION out in force for our 32nd Annual Art Auction on Saturday, Aug. 11. We extend many thanks to all of the local, national and international artists who contributed work for our silent and live auctions, and to the many

Special Events

The Roaring Fork Valley community once again turned

volunteers who helped us stage the day’s picnic and events. Auctioneer Jim Chaffin led the crowd in spirited watercolor and oil painting by Enrique Martínez Celaya; a unique painting by British artist Patrick Hughes; a stunning stool of rare macassar ebony from the Maloof Studio; and a beautiful stoneware urn by Takashi Nakazato. The hundreds of attendees also supported the Ranch through generous bidding on over 196 donated artworks in the silent auction. The best hot dogs in the Valley topped off a perfectly delightful day!

AUCTIONETTES Our renowned series of informal auctions feature the freshest art in town. Throughout the summer and during one final auction at the Holiday Open House, the Ranch offers donated art from students, faculty, staff and supporters. An informal barbeque lunch, enthusiastic cheers, entertaining auctioneers and— everyone’s personal favorite: the ice cream sundae bar—is the setting for incredible deals on stellar works of art. Proceeds directly support the Ranch’s mission and artistic programs.

Annual Report / 2012

bidding for the 40 live auction pieces, which included a

annual art auction


18 New to the Ranch in 2012: Trustees, New to the Ranch in 2012: Staff

AndersonRanch arts center

New to the Ranch in 2012: Trustees Sam Harvey Sam Harvey has been affiliated with Anderson Ranch since 1983. A ceramicist and co-owner of Harvey/Meadows Gallery in Aspen, Sam holds an M.F.A. from Alfred University. He has taught workshops at Anderson Ranch, Colorado Mountain College, Carbondale Clay Center, and children’s classes at Woody Creek Community Center. Formerly a resident at Anderson Ranch, Sam has worked in ceramics in Nepal, Taiwan and Chile, and exhibited his work widely since 1996.

Maureen Jerome Maureen Jerome is the principal of Artlifedesign, LLC. Formerly, Maureen was president of Maureen Jerome Company and worked in finance, marketing and management at both AT&T and General Electric. She has served on the boards of Lar Lubovitch Dance Company, the Diller-Quaile School of Music, Jody Oberfelder Dance Projects, the Archives Partnership Trust, and both the Chinati Foundation and Judd Foundation as president of the board. She is also a member of the Director’s Advisory Council at MASS MoCA. Maureen graduated with honors in English literature from Fairfield University, received an M.A. in art history from the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, and attended the Harvard Business School Executive Program.

New to the Ranch in 2012: staff ELIZABETH BURKE, Director of Development Elizabeth Burke previously served as Senior Associate Director of Development and Director of Foundation Relations at New York’s Museum of Modern Art. In the past, she has consulted for the Louvre Museum in Paris and served as adjunct faculty at Columbia University. She holds an M.A. in arts administration from Columbia University, and a B.A. from the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Mass. She has completed additional coursework at the Université de Paris and the École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (EnsAD) in Paris.

LIZ DELORME, Special Events Manager Liz came to Anderson Ranch in 2012 from Southern California where she was born and raised. She worked previously at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles and the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York. She holds an M.A. in Art Business from Sotheby’s Institute of Art and a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Colorado, Boulder.


KELLY GARRETT, Administrative Assistant Kelly is a Snowmass Village native who studied fine arts at The University of the South in Sewanee, Tenn. Kelly participated in children’s workshops at Anderson Ranch as a child. She enjoys creating colorful paintings with gouache and ink, and loves spending time outdoors with friends and family.

JOHANNA MUELLER, Studio Coordinator, Painting & Printmaking A Denver native and M.F.A. graduate of George Mason University, Johanna actively exhibits her work in shows and galleries throughout the U.S. and abroad. Specializing in engraving

New to the Ranch in 2012: Staff, ArtWorks Store

Kelly Garrett joined Anderson Ranch in November of 2012 as an administrative assistant.

greeting cards, posters and affordable editions in addition to her fine art. All of her work is posted online at

JENENE NAGY, Artistic Director of Painting, Drawing & Printmaking Jenene Nagy is a visual artist living and working in Aspen and Los Angeles. She holds a B.F.A. from the University of Arizona and an M.F.A. from the University of Oregon. Nagy’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. She has been awarded an Individual Artist Fellowship from the Oregon Arts Commission and a three-month residency at Raid Projects in Los Angeles. Along with a rigorous studio practice, Jenene is one half of the independent curatorial team, TILT Export:, working in partnership with a variety of venues to produce exhibitions.

ArtWorks Gift Store The ArtWorks store, located in the Dows Barn Reception area, features art by summer faculty, artists-in-residence, artistic staff and local artists. Vistors and seasonal guests shop for hand-crafted jewely, home furnishings and children’s gifts. We also stock art supplies for faculty and students, contemporary art-books and books by and about artists presenting in the Ranch’s Featured Artists Lecture Series. Driven by a dedication to excellence and a growing campus profile, 2012 ArtWorks sales for commissionable items increased by 50 percent over 2011. ArtWorks also expanded last summer into a “pop-up” store outside of Schermer Hall during lectures by Featured Artists. Working with faculty and artistic staff, ArtWorks continues to evolve its selection of art supplies while maintaining the quality and value that students, residents, interns and local artists count on. The store is a destination for all things unique and creative.

Annual Report / 2012

on alternative materials, she works in printmaking and mixed media, producing hand printed

20 Event Supporters

AndersonRanch arts center

event supporters MONOTHON Tuesday, March 6, 2012


MONOTHON PARTICIPATING ARTISTS Aspen Country Day Sherry Black Bunny Burson Doug Casebeer Jimmy Eddings Ethan Green Jonathan Hagman Melissa Haviland Michael Krueger Benjamin Lira John Lloyd Nancy Lovendahl Sunni McBride Andrew Roberts-Gray Kenny Scharf Karen Schiff Brian Shure Christian Van Minnen Mariana Viera Anna Wagner Andrea Wallace

Co-Chairs Andi and Jim Gordon Erica and Jeff Keswin Barbara and Jonathan Lee Nicola and Jeff Marcus June and Paul Schorr

MONOTHON DONORS Carol T. Batchelder Kerry Wells and Mick Bolto Tania Clark Laurence B. Cohen Sheila Draper and Will Ferry Jonathan Hagman Laura and David Hardin Wewer and Steve Keohane Ann and Tom Korologos Sunni and John McBride Tami Solondz 16th Annual Recognition Dinner Saturday, July 21, 2012 HONOREES Soledad and Bob Hurst, Service to the Arts Award Kara Walker, National Artist Award

Honorary Committee Barbara and Bruce Berger Janet and Robert Hoffman Maureen and John Jerome Ann and Tom Korologos Leonard Lauder Melva Bucksbaum and Raymond Learsy Becky and Mike Murray Nancy and Bruce Stevens June and Paul Schorr Gayle and Paul Stoffel Underwriter Table Soledad and Bob Hurst Sponsor Table Melva Bucksbaum and Raymond Learsy / Mary and Patrick Scanlan Carolyn and Ken Hamlet The Lauder Foundation/ Leonard and Evelyn Lauder Fund Barbara and Jonathan Lee Benefactor Table Susan Beckerman Masako and Ron Berman Pamela Joseph and Robert Brinker Erica and Jeff Keswin / Tracy and Bubba Eggleston Andi and Jim Gordon, The Edgewater Fund Ann and Tom Korologos Toby Devan Lewis Joanne and Lee Lyon Nicola and Jeff Marcus Janet and Tom O’Connor Sara Ransford Marilyn and Larry Fields / Pamela and Arthur Sanders

June and Paul Schorr Nancy and Bruce Stevens Mrs. Charles Wyly Premium Ticket Kay and Matthew Bucksbaum Robert B. and Janet A. Hoffman Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Robert Magoon Allen and Kelli Questrom Betty and Lloyd Schermer Patron Ticket Pam Alexander Lisa and George Baker Barbara and Bruce Berger Catherine and Bill Cabaniss Copaken Family Foundation Terri and Tony Caine Bunni and Paul Copaken Eleanore and Domenico De Sole Lee and Melvin Eagle Richard Edwards Gail and Alfred Engelberg Sandra Eskin Lily and Ron Garfield Barbara Gold Jan and Ronald Greenberg Sally and Steve Hansen Jody and Andy Hecht Dale and Kurt Hollinger Liba Icahn Maureen and John Jerome Mindy and Ken Karl Sylvia and Richard Kaufman Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Kent Joan Fabry and Michael Klein David and Barbara Lipman Marlene and Fred Malek Joyce Amico and Charles Malkemus Judy and Robbie Mann Beth and Josh Mondry Christy and Richard Montgomery Ann Cook and Charley Moss Jeannette Nichols Dorothy Wildman and Albert Sanford Deborah and John Scott Shirley and Albert Small Billy Stolz

Donations Ms. Mercedes Bass Dane and Carter Brooksher Clarissa H. Chandler Marilyn and Larry Fields Karen Frank Charlotte Moss and Barry Friedberg Susanne H. Goldstein Liba Icahn Debbie and Richard Jelinek Ms. Cynthia Knight Lynda and Stewart Resnick Carolyne Roehm Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn and Nicolas Rohatyn

Live Auction Artists Donald Baechler James Casebere Theaster Gates Josephine Halvorson Y.Z. Kaymi Dan Namingha Angel Otero Tom Otterness Not Vital James Welling Contributing Galleries Cheim & Read, New York David Zwirner Gallery, New York Gagosian Gallery, New York Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Paris - Salzburg Kavi Gupta, Chicago | Berlin Marlborough Gallery, New York Sean Kelly Gallery, New York Sikkema Jenkins & Co., New York Silent Auction Donors Sanford Biggers Andy Buck Tom Burckhardt Kathy Butterly Doug Casebeer Betsy Chaffin Evelyn Donnelly Elizabeth Ferrill Michael Fortune Debra Fritts Daniel Heyman Brad Kahlhamer Michael Krueger Karen Kunc John Lloyd Tyler Lotz Sheila Pepe Paul Anthony Smith Goro Suzuki Mickalene Thomas Fred Tomaselli Simon Van der Ven Mariana Vieira David Warner



American Airlines Aspen Peak Magazine Barclays Cultivate EKS Events Mulderbosch Parmigiani Fleurier Plum Quintenz & Company Fine Art Sandhi Viceroy Auctioneer Andrea Fiuczynski, Christie’s Los Angeles 32nd Annual Art Auction Saturday, August 11, 2012 Special Thanks Jim Chaffin, Auctioneer Snowmass Chapel and Community Center Town of Snowmass Village Corporate Sponsors Aspen Brewing Company Aspen Peak Magazine The Aspen Times Support-An-Artist Donors Joyce Amico and Charles Malkemus Shari Applebaum Susan Beckerman Barbara and Bruce Berger Masako and Ron Berman Melinda and Thomas Blue Althy and Randy Brimm Bunny and Charles Burson Tony Clancy Marilyn and Larry Fields Andrea and John Gill Barbara Gold Janet and Robert Hoffman

Event Supporters

Sandy and Art Soares Jennifer and David Stockman Jamie Tisch

Annual Report / 2012

Dinner Ticket Shari Applebaum Carol T. Batchelder Bunny and Charles Burson Annie and Coley Cassidy Courtney Clark Laurence B. Cohen Bunni and Paul Copaken Carla Darista Nanette and Jerry Finger Barbara Fosco and David Missner Sheldon and Golda Friedstein Louisa Goldsmith Jamie and Bush Helzberg Dorene and Frank Herzog Maureen Kinney and Scott Hicks Deborah and Larry Hoffman Janet and Robert Hoffman Sharon and John Hoffman Sue Hostetler Barbara Page and John Liu Karen and Courtney Lord Sunni and John McBride Judith Neisser Elaine Pagels Herbert and Michelle Rosenfeld Jessica Rothstein Mera and Don Rubell Barbara and Gene Schmitt JM and Mindy Shapiro Evelyn and Martin Siegel Lesley and Thomas Slatkin Cheryl Towning Jill and Jeff Weiss Carrie and Joe Wells Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wyman

22 Event Supporters

AndersonRanch arts center

Pamela Joseph and Robert Brinker Mary Ann Levitt and Mort Gerber Toby Devan Lewis Dr. and Mrs. Melvyn Klein Judy and Robert Mann Ann Mccall Richard and Barbara Nelson Kathryn and Richard Rabinow Evelyn and Martin Siegel Michael Silverman Andrew Stein Nancy and Bruce Stevens Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Wandell Mrs. Charles Wyly ARTISTS Elisa Ahmer Katherine Alexander David Kimball Anderson Joe Andoe Jesse Armstrong Christa Assad James Baker Gail Bartik Raine Bedsole Stanley Bell Curt Benzle Ron Berman David Beumee HP IV Bloomer Brian Boggs Gregory Botts Lee Bowers Andy Brayman Lamar Briggs Robert Brinker Sally Brogden Hedwig Brouckaert John Buck Angie Buckley Chris Burkett Amy McDowell Butowicz Sparky Campanella Benjamin Carter Elinor Carucci Jose Carlos Casado Doug Casebeer Enrique Martínez Celaya K and Mark Cesark Betsy Chaffin

Enrique Chagoya Ching-Yuan Chang Louisa Chase Catherine Chauvin Victoria Christen Fang-Yi Chu Susanne Clark Sam Clarkson Kristen Cliffel Kris Cox David Crane Erin Curtis Dawn Saunders Dahl Joshua Davis Sylvia de Swaan Kim Dickey Evelyn Donnelly Macy Dorf John Doyle David S. East David Ellsworth Jill Enfield Franklin Evans Liam Everett Michael Fain Elizabeth Farson Mollie Favour Christine Federighi Nora Feller Elizabeth Ferrill Adam Field John Fielder Aaron Fink Matthew Fischer Kate Fisher Clay Foster Linda Fitz Gibbon Mary Frank Don Fritz Julia Galloway Michael Galvin Paul Gannon Jennifer Ghormley John Gill Linda Girvin Anne Goldberg Daniel Joshua Goldstein Elijah Gowin Nancy Graves Seth Green Lori Grinker Jean Gumpper

Gura-din Jody Guralnick Antonia Gurkovska Susan Gurrentz Chris Guston Tamar Halpern Mark Yale Harris Mary Eshbaugh Hayes Molly Hunt Heizer Jason Hess Robin Hill Chuck Hindes David Hiser John Hitchcock Bayard Hollins Patrick Hughes David Humphrey Rebecca Hutchinson Roxanne Jackson Mike Johnson Randy Johnston Jennie Jones Pamela Joseph Mary Judge Hi Uan Kang Jonathan Kaplin Sandra Lee Kaplan Scott Keating Benjamin Eric Keirn Gail Kendall Joe Kievitt Mark Klett Yuri Kobayashi Tom Korologos Patsy Krebs Jessica Kreutter Michael Krueger Sinisa Kukec Karen Kunc Robert Kushner Eva Kwong Tammie Lane Stephanie Lanter Gillian Laub Steven Lewis Michael Lipkin John Lloyd Kathleen Loe Sando Lorenzini Ted Lott Nancy Lovendahl Ashley Lyon

Roddy MacInnes Maloof Studios Peg Malloy Andrew Martin Christopher H. Martin Jennifer Martin Winston Lee Mascarenhas Warren Mathers Kathryn Maxwell Ricardo Mazal Sunni McBride Tim McEnerney Taryn McMahon Shari McWilliams Alleghany Meadows Rebeca Mendez Brad Miller Arno Rafael Minkkinen Brian Molanphy Bill Montgomery Hiroki Morinoue Virginia Morrow Philip Moulthrop Matt Moulthrop Susan Muenchen Dan Murphy Nicole Nagel-Gogolak Takashi Nakazato Daniel Naude Farraday Newsome Don Nice Kurt Nielsen Connie Norman Nancy Oakes-Hall Kazu Oba Jill Oberman Claus Oldenberg Julian Opie Lisa Orr Tony Ortega Marcy Palmer Bartholow Edward Paschke Yana Payusova Angel Perez Margaret Pette Olsen Stacy Phillips Peter Pinnell Joseph Pintz Donna Polseno Tony Prikyl Dean Pulver Kathryn Rabinow

Contributing Collectors Gere Baskin Melissa and Lee Bowers

Contributing Galleries Ann Korologos Gallery Boggs Collective Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery Christopher Martin Gallery Claudia Altman-Siegel Gallery D’Amelio Gallery Galerie Maximillian Harvey/Meadows Gallery Jack Shainman Gallery Kavi Gupta Patina Gallery Rhona Hoffman Gallery Santa Fe Editions Sue Scott Gallery Valley Fine Art Flowers Gallery Volunteers Diane Abt Valerie Anderson Carol Batchelder

Nancy Brown Bunny Burson Stan Clauson Barbara Cravitz Angela Eastman Wendy Ellsworth Nancy Ferguson Les Houtz Meggan Humphrey Patty Kravitz Judy Kravitz Emily Lane Roddy MacInnes Maura Masters Connie Morrell Elizabeth Mullen Txell Pedergrosa Joy Racanelli Lisa Rice Melanie Roschko Myron Roschko Elizabeth Schneider Vanessa Sorensen Nancy Stevens Don Stuben Darlene Walsh Wendy Weaver

contributors ANNUAL GIVING Annual Giving supports workshops, lectures, the Artists Residency Program, the Featured Artists Lecture Series, the Visiting Artists and Critics Program, underwriting, and community outreach. These gifts bridge the gap between tuition and fee allotments and the Ranch’s total operating budget. Every individual, foundation and business listed has helped to make our 2012 a success. NATIONAL COUNCIL Anderson Ranch recognizes donors who make cumulative annual donations of $2,500 and above as members of our National Council. The National Council plays a leadership role by providing the annual support necessary for sustaining and advancing the Ranch’s high caliber programs.

PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE $25,000 or more Paula and Jim Crown Ann and Tom Korologos and the Dana Foundation BENEFACTOR $10,000 - $24,999 Masako and Ron Berman Melva Bucksbaum and Raymond Learsy Mardi and Brown Cannon Nancy and Steve Crown Sylvie and Gary Crum Marilyn and Larry Fields Karen Frank Heizer Foundation Janet and Robert Hoffman Joanne and Lee Lyon Becky and Mike Murray Judith and Werner Neuman David Newberger

Betty and Lloyd Schermer Mrs. Charles Wyly LEADER $5,000 - $9,999 Janice and Phil Beck Karyn and Charles Bendit Markell Brooks Mary and Adam Cherry Rona and Jeffrey Citrin Matthew Cohn Bunni and Paul Copaken Gael Neeson and Stefan Edlis Sharon and John Hoffman Ellen and William Hunt Soledad and Robert J. Hurst Melony and Adam Lewis Joanna Miller Pauline Pitt Allen and Kelli Questrom June and Paul Schorr


David Floria Melva Bucksbaum Liza DeGraff Julia and Barry Smooke Jessica Stevenson

Event Supporters / Contributors

Trudie Teijink Laura G. Thorne Kurosh ValaNejad Simon Van der Ven Mariana Vieira Ani Volkan April Vollmer Ann Vores Ben Voss Andrea Wallance Michaelene Walsh Patti Warashina David Warner Matthew Weinstein Kathy Whitman Wynne Wilbur Rhonda Willers Julie Wills Laura Sharp Wilson Tara Wilson Michael Wisner Susan Working Dan Young Lilly Zuckerman

Annual Report / 2012

Sara Ransford David Rasmussen Casey Reas Jeff Reich Olivia Daane Reische Ellie Richards Kate Roberts Andrew Roberts-Gray Christina Lei Rodriguez Javier Romero Melanie Roschko Debra Rosenbaum Elizabeth Rossof Lloyd Schermer Karen Schiff Betsy Schneider Jason Schneider Betsy Lin Seder Isa Catto Shaw Accra Shepp Jesse Small Paul Anthony Smith Philip Smith Robynn Smith Stacy Snyder David Stassi Toru Sugita Harry Teague

24 Contributors

AndersonRanch arts center

Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Small Nancy and Bruce Stevens Jean and Tim Weiss PATRON $2,500 - $4,999 Rita and Jeffrey Adler Foundation Susan Beckerman Barbara and Bruce Berger Mary and James Berglund Jill and Jay Bernstein Rita and Irwin Blitt Carey Bond and Henry Lambert Mark A. Bradley Pamela Joseph and Robert Brinker Jackie and John Bucksbaum Kay and Matthew Bucksbaum Bunny and Charles Burson Nancy and Clint Carlson Laurence B. Cohen Alex Blau and Paul Collins Kaye C. Condon Barbara and Herschel Cravitz Peggy and Yogen Dalal Eleanore and Domenico De Sole Laura Donnelley Lori Dresner Lee and Melvin Eagle Tracy and Bubba Eggleston Zoe Eskin Judith Barnard and Michael Fain Suzanne Farver Scott Francis Terry Fraze Mary Ann Levitt and Mort Gerber Barbara Gold Susanne H. Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. Ronald K. Greenberg Celeste and Jack Grynberg Hamptons Expo Group The Irving Harris Foundation Jamie and Bush Helzberg Maureen Kinney and Scott Hicks Deborah and Larry Hoffman Karen and Bayard Hollins Maureen and John Jerome Marci and Stan Johnson Sally Kaplan Jane and Gerald Katcher Nancy Lovendahl and Scott Keating Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Kent Erica and Jeff Keswin

Sally and Jim Klingbeil Sheila and Mike Kurzman Sherry Cromwell-Lacy and James W. Lacy Sandra Lapciuc Laura and Gary Lauder Mr. Leonard Lauder Barbara and Jonathan Lee A.K. and Matt L’Heureux Dianne and Jim Light Karen and Courtney Lord Jennifer and Mark Lotke Marianne and Sheldon B. Lubar Joyce Amico and Charles Malkemus Judy and Robert Mann Sunni and John McBride Barbara Fosco and David Missner Sara and Don Nelson Jeannette Nichols Janet and Tom O’Connor Kathryn Fleck Peisach and Harry Peisach Amy and John Phelan Joy and John Racanelli Lynda and Stewart Resnick Donald Rosenberg Phil Rothblum Barbara and Gene Schmitt Isa Catto Shaw and Daniel Shaw Joyce and Charles Shenk Evelyn and Martin Siegel Barbara and Gary Sorensen Billy Stolz Ellen and Steve Susman Anne and Bill Tobey Marjorie Weber Diane Mason Wendel and Gerry Wendel Ruth Winter Cecilia and Ira Wolfson SPONSOR $1,000 - $2,499 Carol T. Batchelder Mary Ann and John Beckley Laurel and John Catto Betsy and Jim Chaffin Mrs. Margaret DeWolf Sheila and David Fuente Lily and Ron Garfield The Glickenhaus Foundation Andi and Jim Gordon Harold Grinspoon Trautlinde Heater

Judith Zee Steinberg and Paul J. Hoenmans Lorry Hubbard Katherine Hubbard Christina Kitze Bonnie and Harry Kloosterman Maureen Lynch and Richard Lapedes Mollie L. and Garland M. Lasater, Jr. Toby Devan Lewis Carina Liebeknecht Marlene and Fred Malek Becky and Bob McLennan Leslie and Mac McQuown Virginia and Darrell Morrow Cathy Barancik and Steve Novik Molly and John Peacock Claudia Potamkin Harriet Price Kathryn and Richard Rabinow Sara Ransford Debbi and Michael Fields Rose Susan and Ford Schumann Barbara Schwartz Sarah C. and Richard W. Shaw Betty and Rob Shiels Tania W. Stepanian Peter M. Vale ADVOCATE $500 - $999 Ginny and Charles Brewer Elizabeth Burke Antje and Gregory Campbell Roni and Howard Cowan Tony DiLucia Marialice Ferguson Maribeth Frazer Nina S. Gordon Barbara Hines Bonnie and Stephen Holmes PK and Dan Kurland Louise W. Lamphere Lisa Maher Catherine McNamee and Chris Miller Betty Moore Madeleine Morrison Stephanie and Michael Naidoff Donna Rosenthal Mr. Adrian W. Spicer Joe Stephenson Andrea and Lubert Stryer Jann Thompson Cheryl Towning

FRIEND $100 - $249 Enid Ablowitz Nikolas Ackerman Bette Ann Albert Linda and John Allman


Carole and Sanford Gluck Susan Gonsalves Emily Good W. Malcolm Granberry Joyce and Bill Gruenberg Pamela Hamilton Paula and David Harris Megan Heil Sue Helm Edward Helmer Dorothy S. Hines Connie and Tom Hodson Jane Dalrymple-Hollo and Anselm Hollo Ann and Edward Hudson, Jr. Liba Icahn Ellen Isenson Lynn Johnson Virginia Harlow and Steven Kaufman Carol Kirsh Linda Koones Margaret Kromer Jerry Laffer Jack Lanier Charlotte Lattof Lynne Leahy Thomas LeBosquet Joe Lee III Miriam and Donald Leslie Craig Lofton Erin Furimsky and Tyler Lotz Linda and Mike Lyon Julia Marshall Catherine Mataisz Bert J. Maxon Roberta and John Michelman Barbara and Dick Moebius Beth and Josh Mondry Mary Clark Moriarty Taylor Myers Carol Naughton Bette Oakes Robin Amster and Steven Olszewski Julia Ousley Brooke Palance Essie Perlmutter Marjory Musgrave and Frank S. Peters Jacquelyn H. Pietz Lorrie and Daniel Quackenbush Joanne Ratcliffe Suzannah Reid Stephanie Reit Sue Ricklefs


ASSOCIATE $250 - $499 Chris Baer Susan and Stephen Baird Summer Berg Kim Brown Louise Carter Susan Rennie and Catherine Chen Barbara Kaplan and William Chilcote Jerry Churchill Stan Clauson Associates, LLC Committee for Safe Roads Chris Corson Gayle Embrey Anne F. Farish Sheila Finnigan Sistie Fischer Cecily Silberman and Stan Freedman John Gilgun Sandy and Peter Johnson Susan Johnson Jan McKeachie and Randy Johnston Susan Kingsolver Joan Fabry and Michael Klein Wendy and Jay Littlepage Halli and Mel Mason Paul Maybee Daniel Molyneux Lili and Andy Neale Ilene Fine and Jay Pomerance Paul Reynolds Katherine Rich Martha Brand and Jerry Rosen Gary Rosenau Arlene and Chester Salomon Barbara and William Sanders Rosemary Snell Sanders Fleur and Curt Strand Martha Wallace Stan Welsh Jonathan Whitman Mary and Hugh Wise

Margery Freeman Appelbaum Beverly Archer Christa Assad Beck Ayres Carol Bahoric James Baker Jean-Marc Bara Ivan Cassar and Michael Behrendt Chuck Bellock Suzanne Beresford Carole Berhorst Barbara and Pedro Bermann Susan Berry Diana Beuttas Mary Birkmeier Cynthia Boynton Anne Brilliant Althea M. Brimm Caroline Browne Lisa Bulawsky Mr. and Mrs. James Bulkley Lynda and Vincent Calabrese Ruth and Martin Carver Caroline and Peter Cavelti K. and Mark Cesark Mary Chabre Frank Cohen Susan and John Cottle Dr. Robert Cranley John Davis Diane Doolittle Sally Douglass Nancy Dunlap Karen Dunn Martha Edens Wendy and David Ellsworth Cinda and Donnelley Erdman Patti Jo and Joseph Farago Susan and George Fesus Sara and Marc Finkle Sako Fisher Benjamin Fox Mary John Frank Jane Freidson Doree Friedman Gina Garvin Sally and Alan Gass Robert H. Glaze Ann Glickman Sandra and Roger Glickman Diane and Herb Glimcher Val Glitsch

Annual Report / 2012

Evelyn and Fernando Urrutia Brian Vent

26 Contributors

AndersonRanch arts center

Mrs. Dorothy Saxe Carolyn and John Seals Ruth Lande Shuman Michael Silverman Christine Simmons Marsha Slater Claire and Robert Slaymaker Tami Solondz Sandy and Steve Stay Leah Steinberg Nancy and Peter Stockmann Craig Stockwell Elaine and Albert Strauch Beth and Tom Strickland Dana Persson Taft Judy and Charles Tate Curt Theobald Elizabeth Thompson Shirley Scheier and Michael Thorwick Margaret Timmerman Kay and Tom Toomey Jennifer van Beelen Mary Ann and Edward Wallace Tina Walls Cynthia Warren Maddy Weisz Laura Werlin Lynda Whitehair Shari and Steve Wiezbowski Sarah Wilder Etta Winigrad Susan Wood Susan Working Martha Worthy Katie Yang UP TO $99 Kevin J. Brady Dottie Bragdon Christina Brandt The Broome Family Deborah Butterfield and John Buck Joan Carcia Jane Click Kathy Honea and Timothy Costello Harvey Crouch Tania Dibbs Mary Dominick Matt Dube Dennis Egan Amber Erickson Joan Fitzsimmons

Vikki Foster Monica and Matthew Furmanski Genevieve and Edwin Gee Marko Gentile Sarah Gjertson Nanette and Irvin Greif, Jr. Sharon Hardy Barbara Reid and David Hyman Kathleen Johns Kim and David Klocke Eva Kwong Feyhan Levine Janet and David Levine Tzi-Ching Anica Lin K. C. and Bobby Lockrem Kristen Loden Jennifer Long Charles F. Manlove Mary Maughelli Kathleen McCloud Dr. and Mrs. Pushpa Mehta Kay Richter and Frank Milton Cynthia and David Nartonis Beth and Don Nelowet Mary O’Neill Connie and Benjamin Powel Robin Raznick Rachel E. Richards Favianna Rodriguez P. J. Rogers Paula Roland Cheryl and Charles Roy Jill Sabella Alice Smith Conrad Snider Margery and Cos Spagnoletti Rokeya Sultana Mary Sweet Barbara Todd Ugo Udogwu Katherine and Mark Van Alstine Patti Warashina Skye Weinglass Bonita Wilson Sara Woodburn

GRANTS Alpine Bank City of Aspen National Endowment for the Arts

SPECIAL MAJOR GIFTS Bunny and Charles Burson Karen Frank Judith and Werner Neuman Janet and Tom O’Connor Westcliff Foundation

2012 ENDOWMENT GIFTS Pamela Joseph and Robert Brinker Nanette and Jerry Finger Sara Ransford Mary and Patrick Scanlan Westcliff Foundation

MATCHING GIFTS Google Matching Gifts Program Goldman Sachs & Co. Matching Gift Program IN-KIND DONATIONS Adobe Systems BC Saw & Tool Nancy and Dan Bailey Baldwin Gallery Jill and Jay Bernstein Elizabeth Burke Linda and Vincent Calabrese Chimera Lighting Rona and Jeffrey Citrin Daly Bottle Shop DLA Piper LLP (US) Rebecca Donelson Marilyn and Larry Fields Andrea Fiuczynski, President, Christie’s Los Angeles Lee Valley Tools Ltd. Linda Graham Sharon and John Hoffman Erica and Jeff Keswin Ann Korologos Melva Bucksbaum and Ray Learsy Melony and Adam Lewis Toby Devan Lewis MAC Group Barbara Fosco and David Missner Kathryn Fleck Peisach and Harry Peisach Prophoto Quintenz & Company Sara Ransford Greg Schermer Jason Schneider June and Paul Schorr Ellen and Steve Susman Imar Trujillo

PLANNED GIFTS We thank the following donors for generously including Anderson Ranch in their estate plans. Susan Beckerman Barbara Bloemink Betsy and Jim Chaffin Judy Clauson Nanette and Jerry Finger Robert H. Glaze Joyce Amico and Charles Malkemus Linda Huntsman and Frank D. McGuirk Sara Ransford June and Paul Schorr Barbara Seidel Barry H. Wolf


Evelyn and Martin Siegel Endowed Scholarship Fund for the Children’s Program Vicki and David Snyder Endowed Fund for the Children’s Program Stang Endowed Fund Sheila and Wally Weisman Endowed Fund for the Children’s Program Betty Weiss Endowed Fund for the Painting Program Westcliff Foundation Endowed Fund for the Program Director of Ceramics Windgate Charitable Foundation Endowed Fund for the Residency Program


Joseph Fellowship Endowed Fund for the Residency Program Pamela Joseph Endowed Fund for the Photography and Digital Imaging Program Sara Ransford and Bill Joy Endowed Funds for Ceramics, Sculpture, and Digital Imaging Sylvia and Dick Kaufman Endowed Fund Ray Lavender Endowed Scholarship Fund Melva Bucksbaum and Ray Learsy Endowed Fund fo the Residency Program Joanne and Lee Lyon Endowed Fund Joanne and Lee Lyon Endowed Scholarship Fund Joanne and Lee Lyon Endowed Fund for Ceramics in Memory of Paul Soldner Patty and Robert Mack Endowed Scholarship Fund Alfreda Maloof Memorial Scholarship Fund Sam Maloof Endowed Fund for the Wood Program Mary Martin Endowed Fund Sara Ransford Endowed Fund Sara Ransford Endowed Fund for the Residency Program Delores Sall Endowed Fund for the Photography Program Mary Scanlan Endowed Fund for the Photography Program Betty and Lloyd Schermer Endowed Fund

Annual Report / 2012

ENDOWED FUNDS Susan Beckerman Endowed Fund for the Photography Program Susan Beckerman Endowed Fund for the Woodworking and Furniture Program Molly and Tom Bedell Endowed Scholarship Fund Barbara and Bruce Berger Endowed Scholarship Fund for the Children’s Program Markell Brooks Endowed Scholarship Fund Kay and Matthew Bucksbaum Endowed Fund for Visiting Artists Catto Endowed Fund for the Painting Program Catto Endowed Scholarship Fund for the Painting Program Betsy and Jim Chaffin Endowed Scholarship Fund Nanette and Jerry Finger Endowed Fund for Library Support Nanette and Jerry Finger Endowed Scholarship Fund for Ceramics Robert I. Goldman Endowed Scholarship Fund for the Children’s Program John M. Hartigan Endowed Fund Hearst Foundation Endowed Scholarship Fund Steve Heater Endowed Fund for the Wood Program HPB III Endowed Scholarship Fund for the Wood Program

28 Financial Report

AndersonRanch arts center

FINANCIAL REPORT In fiscal year 2012, Anderson Ranch Arts Center achieved its financial goals while continuing to successfully deliver all of its workshop and residency programs. Summer enrollments increased as compared to the prior year, and the Ranch enjoyed its most successful fundraising Recognition Dinner to date. Once again we ended the year with a budget surplus in addition to making many renovations to the campus facilities and equipment including final renovation to the Fischer Photography Center, and new roofs for the Maloof Wood Barn and the Wyly House Dormitory. Anderson Ranch completed an audit executed by RAFFA, P.C. of Washington, D.C. The auditors were able to give an unqualified opinion as to the accuracy and fairness of our financial statements as of December 31, 2012. Extensive efforts on the part of all donors and staff made this possible. Ongoing management in this direction continues to ensure a solid, fiscally responsible future for Anderson Ranch.

Bruce Berger

Treasurer, Board of Trustees

Unrestricted Temporarily

Restricted Permanently



statement of activities For the year ended 12/31/12 AUDITed



1,436,283 – – 774,430 280,000 307,053 1,074,634 – – 170,944 – – – 188,300 –

1,436,283 1,361,483 1,074,634 170,944 188,300

5,000 386,791

(5,000) (386,791)

– –

– –





OPERATING EXPENSES Program Services: Workshops 1,410,599 – – 397,021 – – Services Outreach 52,494 – – 50,800 – – Residency Grants – – Total Program Services

1,410,599 397,021 52,494 50,800

1,910,914 – –


1,311,679 – – 728,154 – –

1,311,679 728,154

Total Supporting Services 2,039,833 – –


Supporting Services: Management and general Fundraising

TOTAL OPERATING EXPENSES Change in net assets before nonoperating activities *







55,900 222,698 90,533 (188,300)

4,154 18,892 6,052 –

– – – –

60,054 241,590 96,585 (188,300)




NONOPERATING ACTIVITIES Investment Return: Net realized gains (losses) Net unrealized gains (losses) Interest and dividends, net of fees Appropriations for expenditure Change in net assets from nonoperating activities CHANGE IN NET ASSETS

78,166 105,607 307,053


NET ASSETS, BEGINNING OF YEAR 5,307,107 765,734 4,976,794




*Includes depreciation expense of $237,561

5,385,273 871,341 5,283,847

Annual Report / 2012

Program service revenue Grants and contributions Special events Rental income Appropriations for expenditure Net assets released from restrictions: Satisfaction of time restrictions Satisfaction of program restrictions

Financial Report

revenue and support