Annual Report - Orangewood Foundation

Annual Report - Orangewood Foundation

Foster and Community Youth Services 2015/2016 Annual Report TABLE OF CONTENTS 03 G r e e t i n g s 04 C h i l d From our Chairman & CEO Abuse a...

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Foster and Community Youth Services


Annual Report


03 G r e e t i n g s 04 C h i l d

From our Chairman & CEO

Abuse and Foster Care Statistics

05 O u r

History & Focus

06 O u r

Program Accomplishments

06 07 08 09 10

Our Mission To prepare foster and

B a s i c N e e d s H o u s i n g L i f e S k i l l s & E m p l o y m e n t E d u c a t i o n E d u c a t i o n - S a m u e l i A c a d e m y

11 Y o u t h

community youth to reach their greatest potential.


12 F u n d r a i s i n g 13 A u x i l i a r y

Our Vision


All youth are given the opportunity to thrive and prosper.


14 C o m m u n i t y

and Volunteer Support

15 F i n a n c i a l s 16 O u r

Ambassador Donors

18 L e g a c y 19 B o a r d

Meet Osiris

Society Members


of Directors

“Orangewood quickly became the family I


03 07 17 19

O s i r i s K a t h r y n I v a n e r y & I r y d i a n Hayden & Harrison

ABOUT OUR COVER PHOTOS Pictured on our front and back covers are just a few of the

never had. Everyone at Orangewood just gets you. I am so grateful to Orangewood for helping me get to where I am today.” O s i ri s tr an s ferred fro m S ad d l eb ac k Co l l eg e to Cal S tate Fu l l er to n th i s fa l l ! Read h er fu l l s to r y o n o u r web si te: www. o ra n g ewo o d fo u n d a ti o n . o rg .

almost 2,000 foster and community youth we serve each year. Pictured left to right are: front row - Osiris, Jennifer, Kathryn, Irydian, and Harrison; middle row - Hayden, Bree, Francisca, Angel, and Ivanery; back row - Gwen, Jesus, and April. We are so proud of all of them and thank them for being our models!


Orangewood Foundation 2015/2016 Annual Report

Photo Credits: Ann Chatillon, Rick Chatillon, and Orangewood staff


Dear Orangewood Friends, This year marks the 35th anniversary of Orangewood Foundation. One of the hallmarks of our organization is innovation, starting with



Chairman of the Board



the vision of General William Lyon and Bill Steiner who believed that there was a better way to help Orange County’s abused children. We are proud of the innovative programs we have created over the last 35 years to serve these youth. In fiscal year 2015/2016, we continued to find better and more


Orangewood Children & Family Center), a 24/7

efficient ways to help our foster and community youth reach their

emergency shelter for abused children, opens

greatest potential. Thanks to a generous, anonymous donor, we

as a result of a unique public-private partnership

expanded our transitional housing program with a residential

led by Orangewood Foundation. It is immediately

program for survivors of sex trafficking (most of whom come from foster care) called The Lighthouse. (Learn more on page 7.) Having

The Orangewood Children’s Home (now called the

“deeded” to the County to run and operate. 1987

The Children’s Trust Fund is established to provide

just finished our third year with students in grades 9-11, our Samueli

grants and college scholarships to current and

Academy charter high school continued to successfully develop

former foster youth.

well-rounded, dynamic young men and women who will flourish in

1995 Orangewood





their college and career pursuits. Our college and graduate school

Families and Communities Together (FaCT)

students continued to excel and graduate, proving that foster

program, another public-private partnership that

youth CAN succeed when we level the playing field for them.

engages community resources to prevent child

In this coming year, we will be expanding our current efforts around “wellness” – the physical, mental, and emotional health of our

abuse. 1998 The Guardian Scholars program is established to provide college students from foster care with

youth. We believe wellness creates an important foundation from

additional on-campus support to navigate the

which youth can achieve stable housing, life skills mastery, and college and career success. This year will also mark the opening

challenges of college. 1999

The Rising Tide Transitional Housing program is

of The Lighthouse and the graduation of our very first class from

established with a group of local business leaders

Samueli Academy. We look forward to supporting and celebrating

with an expertise in housing, financial resources,

all our youth.

and an interest in seeing foster youth achieve

There are many other highlights in the pages of this annual report. We hope you are informed and inspired by what you read. Thank

successful independence. 2003 The Orangewood Resource Center opens at the Foundation offices to provide a one-stop resource

you to the donors, volunteers, auxiliaries, boards, and staff who make it all possible!

for current and former foster youth. 2010 The Advanced Studies scholarship program is established for former foster youth pursuing


advanced degrees. 2013 Samueli Academy charter high school opens to foster and community youth, offering STEM

Bruce Fetter

Chris Simonsen

P.S. from Chris: Thank you to Bruce Fetter for serving as our Chairman of the Board for the past six years. His leadership, dedication and passion have been invaluable to our organization. Welcome to our new Chairman, Greg Dunlap (pictured on page 11), who has served on our board since 2005 and will be only the fifth

curriculum and a project-based learning approach. 2016

The Lighthouse program opens to survivors of sex trafficking in Orange County (opening Fall, 2016).

in·no·vate (verb): To do something in a new way; to have new ideas about how something can be done; to affect a change in.

chairman in our 35 year history.

Orangewood Foundation 2015/2016 Annual Report



In 2014, there were child abuse allegations regarding almost 30,000 children in Orange County. These children come from every city in the county. Of the


allegations, 5,370 or 18% were found to be substantiated. The largest group of victims (42%) are ages 0-5 years and the most prevalent type of abuse is general neglect.



Age 0-5


Age 6-10


Age 11-17



and supervision of the court, they are deemed “dependents” of the court. In some cases, they can be kept in their own homes (15% of the children). Or, they are placed in out-of-home care, usually with a relative or guardian.




General Neglect


At-Risk, Sibling Abused


Physical Abuse


Sexual Abuse


Severe Neglect


Caretaker Absence/ Incapacity


Emotional Abuse



When these children are found by Juvenile Court to require the protection


Placement Type Among Dependents of the Court

Each year, approximately 150 youth, ages 18-21, are released from the foster care system. Without guidance and resources, their prospects are bleak. Among high school seniors in California, only 58% of foster youth graduate, versus 84% for all California high school seniors. Within 18 months of release from the system, half of former foster youth will become homeless, experience unemployment, or have annual incomes below $6,000. While 84% of foster youth want to go to college, only 20% do, and just 2-9% actually attain a bachelor’s degree.


Orangewood Foundation 2015/2016 Annual Report


Orangewood Foundation was established in 1981 to build a shelter for Orange County’s abused, abandoned, and neglected children. Thanks to a unique public-private partnership with the county and $8.5 million in donations, the vision of General William Lyon and Bill Steiner became a reality four years later when the Orangewood Children’s Home (now called the Orangewood Children & Family Center) opened its doors. The facility was deeded back to the county to own and operate, and the Foundation turned its attention to the ongoing needs of the children. While our focus 35 years ago was on the immediate protection and care of abused children, today we guide them in successfully negotiating the transition from the foster care system to independent adulthood and reaching their greatest potential. We meet them wherever they are on that path and move them from being in crisis to stabilized to empowered.

Spectrum of Self-Sufficiency




Need immediate help

Are getting by

Building a future

• Homeless/couch surfing

• Short-term housing

• In stable housing

• Unemployed

• Holding down a job

• Pursuing a career

• Little to no higher education

• HS grad, GED or college

• Pursuing educational goals

• In unhealthy relationships

• Identified & utilizing resources of Orangewood and others

• In healthy relationships

• Hungry LO ST


• Actively utilizing resources GOAL- ORIENT ED

Our programs offer independent living skills workshops, mentors, a high school education, transitional housing, scholarships to college and graduate school, a one-stop resource center, and more. They can be grouped into four areas that years of experience have shown us are most critical to success:

Then and now, our vision is that all children should be given the opportunity to thrive and prosper.

Orangewood Foundation 2015/2016 Annual Report



Foster youth often struggle to become self-sufficient once they are released from foster care (from age 18-21). Some are homeless or in unstable housing, while others are under- or un-employed. While Orangewood staff members in all of our programs focus on a variety of youth needs, the primary way we help them with basic needs is through our on-site Orangewood Resource Center (ORC). Through the ORC, we help these youth with the basics such as non-perishable food, toiletries, hot meals, laundry facilities, and access to computers. For those who are homeless, we serve as their official mailing address. Additionally, Orangewood staff members in the ORC offer emotional support as well as referrals to other programs within Orangewood or in the community. During the fiscal year, we: ORC staff member Monisha helps Raquel and daughter Nevaeh

Provided assistance to 506 youth in the Orangewood Resource Center (ORC) in a total of 4,332 visits.

- 30% of all our current and former foster youth visited the ORC.

- The average number of visits per youth

- 9% of youth visited bi-weekly or more

during the fiscal year was 8. often. •

Distributed 875 bags of groceries and 673 bags of toiletries.

Served 2,353 hot meals to 279 youth.

Served as the official mailing address for 101 youth who had no stable housing.


Provided laundry facilities to 76 youth.

Provided computer access to 270 youth.

Orangewood Foundation 2015/2016 Annual Report


The Foundation provides transitional housing along with supportive services to former foster youth through our three Rising Tide Program sites: two apartment complexes and the Beverly’s House home in Orange. In October, 2016, we will be adding a fourth site – a home for survivors of sex trafficking called The Lighthouse. Read more about our Lighthouse program below! Additionally, we provide housing referrals and other housing assistance. During the fiscal year, we: Beverly’s House residents and staff enjoy Thanksgiving dinner together. Pictured left to right are: front row - resident Gina, staff member Nataly Gomez, residents Griselda and Joselyn; back row – staff members Marissa Brownell and Lily Kirkland.

Provided transitional housing (18-24 months) in the Rising Tide apartments and house to 50 former foster youth, including 9 mothers and their 14 children.

Provided supportive services to Rising Tide residents, helping them with financial, educational and other goals. During the year, 26 residents reduced their debt, and 27 residents attended college.

Assisted another 68 youth in finding housing or improving their housing situation.


“Orangewood has


It is estimated that 50-80% of sex trafficking victims are or once were in the foster care system. The

provided me with

Lighthouse program, which will

guidance in both

open this fall, is a residential program to help

my educational and

survivors of sex trafficking return to a healthy and

professional goals.

productive life. Similar to our current transitional

Being part of the

housing programs, The Lighthouse will be more

Peer Mentor program

than just a place to live. It will be a place for

has inspired me to

survivors of sex trafficking to heal and begin to

pursue a career in

create a new life for themselves.

family and community health. Additionally Orangewood scholarships have allowed me to attend UCLA with less of a financial burden. The support system at Orangewood has helped me to become the strong and independent person that I am today and has inspired me to give back whenever I can.”

To learn more, please visit

Orangewood Foundation 2015/2016 Annual Report



Several Orangewood programs help current and former foster youth learn essential life skills that children and teens from stable families often learn from their parents, either directly or through observation. Our programs also help youth find employment and/or develop job-readiness skills. During the fiscal year, we:

Independent City volunteer Lena Ross from the Junior League teaches a youth how to sew on a button.

Held 25 workshops in the areas of relationships and daily living. 1,578 hours of instruction were provided to 211 youth. Workshop topics included money management, health and nutrition, healthy relationships, and effective communication.

Had 20 Orangewood Peer Mentors facilitate small group breakout sessions during the workshops. Peer Mentors serve as powerful role models to the teens and are able to develop their own leadership, communication and interpersonal skills.

Held special events for our youth such as Belle of the Ball and Boys2Men that provided prom attire (Belle) and business suits (Boys) along with grooming and self-esteem workshops to 42 young women and 16 young men respectively. Independent City, now in its 16th year, provided 57 youth with a morning of activities to replicate the activities and decisions they’ll need to make when they transition from foster care to adulthood.

Had 73 Orangewood adult mentors invest 2,193 volunteer hours with their mentees.

Helped 55 youth find jobs.

Helped 67 youth develop job-readiness skills through the assistance of Orangewood staff or volunteer mentors.

Partnered with organizations including Goodwill of Orange County, Haven Staffing, Career Network Institution, Pandor Café, Taller San Jose, Orange County Conservation Corps, Helpmate Staffing and Santa Ana WORK Center to help our youth find jobs.

Held 14 employment-related workshops on topics such as writing a resume, writing a cover letter and job etiquette. Provided 909 hours of instruction to 141 youth.

Assisted 32 adolescent boys and girls in the Orange County Collaborative Courts Girls Court and Boys Court programs with intensive and individualized support to gain the skills and resources they need to build healthy relationships and to achieve stable, productive lives. Areas of focus include placement or housing stability, reduction in runaway incidents, school success, employment and mental health.


Orangewood Foundation 2015/2016 Annual Report


Orangewood Foundation programs help current and former foster youth develop and achieve their educational goals, from high school


to college to graduate school. During the fiscal year, we:

Trade School 1% •

Provided $696,000 in college scholarships to 260 students. 48 of our college students graduated.

Awarded $79,000 in Advanced Studies scholarships to 14 former foster youth pursuing advanced degrees. Six graduated

University 43%

or completed their programs. •

Held 12 education-related workshops on topics such as time management, study skills, vocational training options, and goal

Community College 56%

setting and prioritizing; providing 897 hours of instruction to 155 youth. •

Assisted 23 youth in making progress toward or achieving their high school diploma or G.E.D.


Orangewood Foundation 2015/2016 Annual Report



This year we marked our third year of operations, with a student

Six new Honors courses were offered in English, Chemistry in

body of approximately 375 teens in grades 9-11. Our students were

the Community, History, Pre-Calculus and third year Engineering

welcomed back to school at the newly renamed Samueli Academy,

and Design.

in recognition of Orangewood Foundation major donors and

community philanthropists Susan and Henry Samueli. Students have been enjoying the campus’s first two permanent buildings – the three-story, 30,000 square feet Academic Building and the Dhont Community Center which includes the Share Our Selves medical clinic. Other highlights of the year include:

Established three new sports – track, boys’ volleyball, and cheerleading

Samueli Academy was honored at 2016 Estrella Awards presented by Orange County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. The award is presented to an individual or organization that has demonstrated commitment to the Hispanic community through

The completion of our $25 million first phase capital campaign.

the support, advancement, and education of Hispanic youth to

A continued attendance rate of 97%, one of the highest in

promote long-term academic and/or professional success.

Orange County. •

53% of students earned a 3.0 GPA or higher, placing them on the Honor Roll.

The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium

In keeping with the school’s focus on preparing students for

(SBAC) has replaced the California High School Exit

college and career success, students attended 21 field trips

Exam (CAHSEE) as California’s standardized test for

to local businesses, nine college campus tours, 12 on-campus

high school students. The SBAC measures college-

college presentations and two on-campus career conferences.

level readiness in English and Math and is aligned

Initiated summer internship program between junior and senior year, with 114 students placed at 39 companies/employers.

Fourteen new courses were offered, such as Intro to Medicine, Journalism, Consumer Finance and Theater.

with the Common Core State Standards. In English, 81% of Samueli Academy students met or exceeded the standard. In Math, a subject in which 80% of our students arrived one or more grade level behind, 45% met or exceeded the standard. In both subjects, Samueli Academy students outperformed students in Orange County and statewide. CALIFORNIA SBAC SCORES AMONG 11TH GRADE STUDENTS - MAY, 2016 PERCENT MET OR EXCEEDED STANDARD


Freshman Natasha explains the inner workings of her trebuchet to Calf. State Superintendent Tom Torlakson during his visit in January, 2016.

Students have access to a 3D printer, CNC mill, wind tunnel and more at the Engineering Center.

Head of School Anthony Saba (back right) with academy students.

Juniors Esme and Gwen gear up to compete in softball.

Orangewood Foundation 2015/2016 Annual Report


Belle of the Ball F E BR UA RY 2 0 1 6

Karen Goldhirsh, chair of our 44 Women for Orangewood auxiliary, helps one of our foster teens find the perfect dress at this annual event.

Independent City AP R I L 2 0 1 6

Incoming Board Chairman Greg Dunlap joins Orangewood Peer Mentors in front of the banking station, one of many where foster teens practice skills they’ll need when they transition from foster care to independent adulthood.

Independent Living Workshop featuring Metta World Peace M AY 2 0 1 6

Professional basketball player Metta World Peace (back row, center) joins Orangewood youth after being the guest speaker at an Independent Living Program workshop.

Independent Living Program Graduation M AY 2 0 1 6

Our annual Independent Living Program graduation was extra special this year. Surprise guests from Disneyland Resort brought the graduates Mickey Mouse graduation caps and Orangewood a $60,000 check as part of Disney’s 60th Anniversary Diamond Celebration. Pictured with a few of the graduates are CEO Chris Simonsen and Disneyland® Resort Ambassador Allie Kawamoto.

Boys2Men JUNE 2016

A volunteer helps a young man learn how to tie a tie at this annual employment readiness workshop for young men that includes mock interviews and a free business suit and accessories.

Orangewood Foundation 2015/2016 Annual Report



18th Annual Ambassador Luncheon OCTOBER 2015

General Lyon Crystal Vision Award recipient David Dunn with wife LeAnn (left) and keynote speaker and four-time Olympic gold medalist Janet Evans (right).

11th Annual Share Our Wine Auction Orange County NOVEMBE R 2015

Board member Wing Lam at the wine auction benefiting Orangewood and other Orange County children’s charities.

2nd Annual Holiday Tea DECEMBER 2015

Event chair Lupe Erwin with the Snow Queen at our multi-generational holiday tea benefiting Samueli Academy operations.

Athletes First Classic Gala & Golf Event M A RCH 2 016

Recipients of the 2016 Golden Heart Award were Deloitte and former NFL players Clay Matthews Jr. (left) and Bruce Matthews (right). This two-day event is hosted by Athletes First, a sports representation firm with a client roster of over 125 NFL players.

Stars & Stripes Fishing, Golf & Music Festival JU NE 2016

Orangewood donors and guests gather for the 80’s themed “Neon Night” dinner at this four-day event in Cabo, Mexico, that is hosted by the Knights of Stars & Stripes and benefits Orangewood and other youth charities.

Advanced Studies Summer Gathering JU LY 2016

Founders and donors of our Advanced Studies Scholarship Program Shirley Pepys (second row, center) Renee Pepys Lowe (back row, far left), Dan Houck (back row, 3rd from right), and Sandra Davis (back row, far right) gather with current and past scholarship students at the Pepys home on Balboa Island.


Orangewood Foundation 2015/2016 Annual Report


Orangewood PALS is a group of fun and energetic professionals who support our work by hosting events and activities for the abused children placed at the Orangewood Children & Family Center (the County shelter), funding Orangewood scholarships, and mentoring former foster youth.

PALS Holiday Party DECEMBER 2015

Current and past Orangewood PALS board members celebrate the holidays with other PALS members and friends at 3 Thirty 3 Waterfront restaurant in Newport Beach.

PALS Speaker Night FEBRUA RY 2016

2016 NFL draft hopefuls gather at the Orangewood Children & Family Center before speaking to the children temporarily placed there about the life of an athlete and the importance of education.

44 Women for Orangewood contributes to the Foundation by nurturing, supporting and inspiring adolescents emancipating from the foster care system on their 18th birthdays. 44 Women focuses its efforts on three key areas: providing mentoring and education, increasing community awareness about child abuse and neglect, and hosting annual fundraising events.

44 Women Peer Mentor Holiday Bowling Party DECEMBE R 2015

44 Women members share an evening of pizza and bowling with Orangewood Peer Mentors and their children to thank the former foster youth for giving back to teens still in the foster care system.

44 Women / Anaheim Ducks Center Ice Theme Party DECEMBE R 2015

Title sponsors Bill & Jenny Klein, event chair Kimberly Kirksey, Orangewood board member and Ducks co-owner Susan Samueli, Orangewood CEO Chris Simonsen, and Ducks team captain Ryan Getzlaf don Western attire for the California Country themed Anaheim Ducks Center Ice Party at House of Blues Anaheim.

12th Annual 44 Women for Orangewood Scholarship Luncheon JU NE 2016

Keynote speaker, country western singer and author Jimmy Wayne joins youth speaker Sascha Smith (2nd from right) and lunch co-chairs Carey Clawson (far left) and Sona Shah (far right) at the 2016 luncheon.

Orangewood Foundation 2015/2016 Annual Report



Support from the community, in the form of volunteers and donated items, is critical to our success. It allows us to direct more of our fundraised dollars to our programs, and shows our youth that there are members in the community who care about them. These many individuals, companies and groups also help spread the word about our important mission with foster and community youth. Thanks to everyone who volunteered or donated in-kind items this year! •

During the fiscal year, Orangewood Foundation had 1,058

3,200 hot lunches for youth in our “Orangewood Café” in our

volunteers who helped with fundraising events, youth

resource center, plus countless dinners for youth attending

workshops and special events, and office projects for both the

our Independent Living Program workshops.

Foundation and our Samueli Academy charter high school. They contributed over 8,060 hours at an estimated value of almost $190,000. •

An additional 225 individuals and companies provided

27 companies and individuals donated backpacks and school supplies which were distributed to 698 children and teens.

115 companies donated 22,674 gifts and 1,160 gift cards valued at $44,000 for our holiday drive.

S P E C I A L T H A N K S TO :

Orangewood former foster youth and CEO Chris Simonsen (far right) excitedly accept Girl Scout cookies from a local Brownie troop.

Staff from Snyder Langston present over 50 new bikes to Orangewood staff members Lupe Barrera (2nd from right) and Jeff Gilstrap (far right).

Orangewood’s Corporate Cares program is for companies who want to make a difference in the communities in which they live and work. These dedicated partners combine volunteerism and financial support to help our foster and community youth thrive and prosper.

Staff from St. Joseph Health deliver over 100 decorated Thanksgiving dinner kits including grocery store gift cards.

Employees from McDermott Will & Emery serve as holiday helpers during our holiday drive.

We engage the companies in our work through opportunities that build employee morale and offer recognition of their corporate philanthropy. It’s a win-win! Please see our Corporate Cares partners noted on the Ambassador list on pages 16-18.

Volunteers gather before the start of Independent City.


AppleOne staff members prepare and serve lunch to youth in our Orangewood Café.

Orangewood Foundation 2015/2016 Annual Report

2015/2016 FINANCIALS*

During the fiscal year, we showed a positive change in net assets of $507,000 in core operations (unrestricted). This was primarily due to the donation of a residential home that will be used for our new Lighthouse program for survivors of sex trafficking (opening Fall, 2016). In the Restricted Academy & Endowment column, three areas of note: 1) The last remaining pledges to close our $25 million first phase capital campaign are reflected in charitable contributions, plus we achieved our annual $750,000 goal for operational fundraising; 2) In Government Contracts, we added another grade level (9th – 11th) and our funding from the State increased due to the corresponding increase in students; and 3) Our capital campaign contributions, as well as strong fundraising for the school, led to a positive change in net assets of $1,223,000 for Restricted Academy & Endowment activities. We continue to be proud that 88% of our expenses are allocated to programs for foster and community youth. This far exceeds Charity Navigator’s recommendation that a charity spend at least 66% to “live up to their mission.” Lastly, we are committed to a strong culture of accountability and transparency, and post our audited financial statements and tax returns annually on our website. R E V E N U ES

Charitable Donations










Government Contracts




Other Income










Special Events & Auxiliaries, Net

Investment Income, net Total Revenues E XP EN S ES

Basic Needs




Life Skills & Employment









Management & General














Subtotal – Program Expenses

Total Expenses Change in Net Assets

$546,000 115,000

1,129,000 1,627,000

The Distribution of Your Donated Dollar (1) Contributions and expenses are restricted for development of Samueli Academy and also the organization’s Endowment. *Unaudited

Management & General 7% Fundraising 5% Programs 88%

Orangewood Foundation 2015/2016 Annual Report



Orangewood Ambassadors are caring individuals and organizations who understand the importance of our programs for foster and community youth. They contribute $1,000 or more annually in charitable gifts and event sponsorships, golf foursomes, tables and tickets. In addition to their financial support, they serve as powerful Orangewood advocates in the community. CHAMPION ($25,000 + ) 44 Women for Orangewood Auxiliary 6-18 Foundation for Hope ABAR Foundation Acra Aerospace, LLC(CC) Anaheim Community Foundation Anaheim Ducks Foundation(CC) A. Gary Anderson Family Foundation The Angell Foundation Anonymous (7) George & Julia Argyros/ Argyros Family Foundation Athletes First Classic Gala & Golf Event Barth Family Foundation The Robert and Ali Bartholomew Family Black, Starr & Frost(CC) Steve and Michelle Boland The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation(CC) Caribou Industries(CC) John W. Carson Foundation, Inc. Francis P. Chiaramonte, M.D. Family Foundation, Inc. The Gilbert & Jacki Cisneros Foundation The Crean Foundation DevTo Support Foundation/ Dito Devcar Foundation The Dhont Family Foundation Greg & Julie Dunlap Experian (CC) Farmers & Merchants Bank(CC) First Foundation Bank(CC) The Foster Family Foundation Gallup Consulting(CC) Elizabeth George Foundation Joel & Karen Goldhirsh Mrs. Marie Gray The William and Sue Gross Family Foundation George & Betty Harbaugh Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Hartl Hoag Foundation George Hoag Family Foundation The Holden Family Foundation The David L. Horowitz Family/ Horowitz Management Inc(CC) Mr. Daniel M. Houck II/ Universal Asphalt Co./DMH Equipment Co.(CC) The Estate of Maxine Huber The Mark Hughes Foundation Robert Istwan/Motive Energy, Inc.(CC)


Dr. Doug & Sandi Jackson Jaffe Family Foundation Joerger Family Charitable Foundation The Junior League of Orange County Lennar Homes(CC) Kaiser Permanente(CC) Kay Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Steven Keefer Mr. and Mrs. David Kim The Klein Family Harry Bronson & Edith R. Knapp Foundation and Sandra Davis Mr. and Mrs. Bill Larkin Lyon Communities/Frank T. Suryan, Jr.(CC) Marisla Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Martin McDermott, Will & Emery(CC) Microsemi Corporation(CC) Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Miller Bob & Christyne Olson/R.D Olson Development(CC) The O’Malley Family Opus Community Foundation(CC) P11 Creative(CC) PALS (Providing Assistnace, Love and Support) Auxiliary Mr. and Mrs. William F. Podlich Rising Tide Transitional Housing Partnership The Rodosky Family Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Roos The Samueli Foundation The May and Stanley Smith Charitable Foundation Catherine Sorensen Southern California Edison(CC) Stars and Stripes Children’s Foundation Tangram Interiors/Sonya & Joseph Lozowski(CC) S. Mark Taper Foundation Thompson Family Foundation The Thormahlen Family Ueberroth Family Foundation Union Bank(CC) Wells Fargo Bank & Foundation(CC) Wilson Automotive Group/ David & Holly Wilson(CC) Mr. and Mrs. Guy Yocom CABINET ($10,000 + ) Albertsons Vons Pavilions(CC) Allen Family Foundation Angels Baseball Foundation(CC) Anonymous (2)

Applied Medical(CC) Bank of America Foundation(CC) Mr. and Mrs. Philip Belling Benevity Community Impact Fund Mr. & Mrs. Mike Bilek/Bilek Racing Mrs. Marian Bergeson Mr. Jeffrey M. Bloom Mr. Eric Carter Dr. Paul Cassedy CLA-VAL Co. - Griswold Industries(CC) Alan & Melissa Clifton Croul Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Ken Cruse Cindy & Greg Dillion Mr. and Mrs. Keith Duggan Mr. and Mrs. David L. Dunn Enterprise Holdings Foundation(CC) Mr. David Ferrera Festival of Children Foundation, Inc. Mr. Eric Gioia Ms. Ellen F. Gordon Mr. Jim Guerinot O.L. Halsell Foundation Harbor Freight Tools(CC) Mr. Robert Harrington Susan and Jim Hart William & Kay Healey Hoag Orthopedic Institute, LLC Mr. Bill Holmes Mr. John Holtrust Ms. Jaime E. Hong Hussmann Corporation(CC) Mr. Pat Kilkenny Mr. John Kralik The Kremer Foundation Mr. David Lake Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Le Bon Lexus(CC) Linden Family Foundation Ms. Patricia Linden Mr. Michael Lockwood Joe MacPherson Foundation Ms. Adrienne Matros Marcus & Millichap(CC) Mazda Foundation (USA) Inc.(CC) Oralee McNamara Mission Lutheran Church James & Susanne Moore Nordstrom Inc.(CC) Nutrilite-Amway(CC) City of Orange Orange County Community Foundation

Orangewood Foundation 2015/2016 Annual Report

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Patten Renee & Stan Lowe Shirley Pepys Laura A. Peters Mr. Daniel Peykoff Mr. Troy A. Pilalas PIMCO Advisors L.P.(CC) Mr. and Mrs. Ken Reiner The Rhynard Family Foundation Mr. Joe Rumsey Young and Pishara Salo Mr. and Mrs. Scott Sawicki Sona & Raj Shah on behalf of Sarva Mangal Family Trust Mr. Richard M. Sherman/RCC, Inc./Irell & Manella(CC) Southern California Gas Company(CC) Richard & Elizabeth Steele Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Stern Glen & Dorothy Stillwell Charitable Trust Shannon & Byron Tarnutzer Mr. Donald Tase Mr. and Mrs. Fred Taylor Truist Ms. Lindsey Ueberroth Jaynine and Dave Warner Western Digital Corporation(CC) Kent and Carol Wilken Willis Foundation Carl E. Wynn Foundation Catherine and Andrew ZinnNE D COUNCIL ($5,000 + ) Alexander’s Mobility Services(CC) The Scott Allen Family Anonymous (2) Mr. Lawrence S. Antoine Arbonne Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bejach Employees Community Fund of Boeing California Ms. Sherri Bovino Ms. Julie Brinkerhoff-Jacobs Mr. Trevor Brotman Building Block Foundation Fund Centaurus Financial(CC) Ms. Debra C. Corley Cornerstone Legacy Foundation Mrs. Alice Dart Mr. and Mrs. Roger Davisson Deacon Corporation(CC) Deloitte LLC(CC) Mr. John Drachman

Edwards Lifesciences Corporation(CC) Elerding Family Foundation Mr. Mike Feldman Fidelity Title - National Commercial Services Newport Beach(CC) Mr. Noah Flores Fluor Daniel, Inc.(CC) Mr. Dennis Forsyth Friends Of Oasis Frome Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Russell Garcia Mr. Paul D. Garnett GKN Foundation John H. Grace Foundation Mr. LeRoy N. Greer Mr. Dean Hall Mr. Thomas F. Harrison Hexberg Family Foundation Hillgren Family Foundation Fund Mr. David Hirsch HUB International - Private Client Advisors(CC) JP Morgan Chase Foundation(CC) Kappa Delta Sorority Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Kessler Ms. Kimberly L. Kirksey Liberty Mutual Foundation Match Live Nation Worldwide Inc.(CC) Livingston Family Foundation LPA(CC) Ms. Alexis Ludwin Lyman Family Foundation Nancy L. Lynn Charitable Foundation Ms. Barbara MacCabe Marcum Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Martelli Mr. Lorenzo Mauldin Mr. Daniel McKenna Mr. Patrick Meegan Mel O Dee Ice Cream(CC) Mr. Martin Michael Mr. Brian Murphy National Apartment Flooring(CC) National Christian Foundation California Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company(CC) Newmeyer & Dillion(CC) Pacific Life Foundation(CC) Pacific Western Bank(CC) Ralph M Parson Foundation Mrs. Swati Patel Mr. Jeff Pintar PURE Insurance(CC)


Mr. Tim Ristoff Mr. Mark Sanchez Ms. Chad Sanderson Mr. Brian Sandquist and Mr. James R. Kisel Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Scarborough Ms. Michelle Schmit Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Schrimmer Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Searles Mr. Tyron Smith Ms. Brenda St. Hilaire Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey L. Stack Stremick’s Heritage Foods, LLC(CC) Taco Bell Corporation(CC) Tarsadia Foundation Teach A Man to Fish Foundation TJX Foundation, Inc.(CC) Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Treadaway Mr. and Mrs. Rusty Turner The United Parcel Service Foundation(CC) Vincent Enterprises(CC) Mr. Michael Wong Young Ladies Institute Zumasys, Inc.(CC) COLLEAGUE ($2,500 + ) Alexander Charitable Foundation Advanced Office Services(CC) Alexander Charitable Foundation Inc.(CC) Ally Financial(CC) Mr. Kurt Anderson Anonymous (3) Apel Construction Managers, Inc.(CC) Aragon Affordable Housing, Inc. Mr. Troy Arnsten Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Babcock Ms. Kaitlin Barnaby Mr. David Bartholomew Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Behr Philip & Shelley Belling Dr. Alan H. Beyer Ms. Cecily Burke Mrs. Kim Byrens Mr. Tony Capolino Cavaricci Foundation

Mitch & Lori Junkins Charity Golf International Bill & Crissy Cheney Ms. Carey Clawson Collectors Universe/PCGS Ms. Kristin Crellin CureDuchenne Carol and Jerry Denham Ms. Denni David Bryn & Richard DeBeikes Mr. Robert Decker Disneyland Resort(CC) Downey High School Mrs. Lois Eisenberg Embassy Suites - Irvine OC Airport(CC) Ms. Lupe Erwin Bruce & Lynn Fetter Tim Fisher Mrs. Kathy Fleming Nic Flores Mr. and Mrs. Jason Forman Mrs. Christine Green Bova Ms. Steve Harmon Haynes Boone Ms. Patty Houck Mr. and Mrs. Lance C. Huante In-N-Out Burger Foundation(CC) Casey & Cindy Journigan Ms. Susan Kang Kehl Family Fund Mr. Steve King Michelle Koontz Ms. Mahtty Kowalik Mr. Richard Krueger Mr. Wing Lam Ms. Karen Laub Mr. & Mrs. Carlos C. Leija John and Kara Luker Ms. Anne L. MacPherson Majestic Realty Foundation(CC) Marconi Foundation for Kids Mazda North American Operations(CC) The McCarthy Family Robert McEldowney Jr. Family Foundation Anne Marie McNeill, M.D. Ms. Mary G. Menninger Ms. Tricia Mullins Ms. Jennifer L. Nastanski National Charity League Newport Chapter New York Life(CC)

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Newmeyer Mr. Chad Olberding Mr. Paul O’Mara Mr. Kenneth G. Parker Mr. Byron Pentock Andy Phillips Ms. Lenore M. Pittman Ralphs Grocery/Food 4 Less Foundation(CC) Mr. Mark Rebal Mr. Joel B. Rothman Safety Supply America(CC) SageView Foundation Mr. Frank Scardino Ms. Barbara Scheinman Silicon Valley Community Foundation South Coast Plaza Ms. Brittany Stand Ms. Julia Stannard Mr. Scott Stowers Mr. and Mrs. John Stumpf Paul Tobin Mr. and Mrs. John E. Townsend Mr. and Mrs. George R. Tuerk United Methodist Women United Way of Silicon Valley Laura and Hans Wang Ms. Andrea Wellman Wohl Family Fund Mr. Don Wood Woravka Family Foundation for Children CIRCLE ($1,000 + ) Ackila, Inc.(CC) Ms. Deborah Allen Ms. Robbin Almand The Alson Family AMPAM Parks Mechanical(CC) Anonymous (3) Helen Apostle & John Apostle Foundation AvalonBay Communities(CC) Mr. Michael Baginski Mr. and Mrs. Manjit K. Bain H.J. Baker & Brothers, Inc.(CC) Ms. Sandra Behrens Ms. Bonnie J. Bennett Ms. Manisha Bhalla BLB Resources(CC) Block Family Fund Blodgett Trust

Ms. Jeanne L. Boyce Ms. Kelly L. Bozza Mr. Steve Bradford Ms. Mary V. Buckingham Mr. and Mrs. Zach Bulthuis Busch Family Foundation Lenawee Trust C2 Imaging(CC) Ms. Jennifer Cagle Mr. William Cain Ms. Linda M. Calderon Mr. Jack Cancellieri Canyon Animal Hospital(CC) Ms. Valisa Carney Mr. and Mrs. Donald Carson Ms. Cecily Carter Ms. Blair Carty Ms. Andrea M. Casaw Ms. Kathy Casdorph Mr. Gennaro Caturano Ms. Patricia Chacopulos Jack F. Chen Ms. Karen L. Christensen Mr. Ross Clardy Ms. Christy Clarey Clayton Controls(CC) Ms. Erika Clemons CNI College Mrs. Nancy Cohee Mr. and Mrs. Brendan L. Collins Victoria Collins, Ph.D. and David Collins Diane and Jim Connelly Conxtech(CC) Ms. Sabrina Cooley Wilder Mr. and Mrs. Steve Cooper Ms. Perrish Cox Ms. Elizabeth A. Crawford Mr. Michael Crawford Credit Union of Southern California(CC) Eric Dangott Mr. and Mrs. Brian M. Daucher Mr. Ben Davis Davis Development Company, Inc.(CC) DaVita Dialysis(CC) Mr. Carlos De Lucia Dealey, Renton & Associates(CC) Mr. Brandon Dederich Ms. Renee Dee Chris Donelson Ms. Jessica S. Dorman-Davis Esq.

Jevin Dormic Kevin Doud Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Doyle Duda Family Foundation Mr. Ronald Duff Mr. William Durkee Ms. Lavonne Earl Dr. and Mrs. Steven Ey Mrs. Sandy Fainbarg Mr. Daniel Farmer Mr. Brent Fayad The First American Corporation(CC) Mr. Clyde Foss Ms. Holly Fowler Douglas & Lynn Freeman Scholarship at Scholars First Michael Fullen Design Group(CC) Ms. Monica Furman Mr. Jonathan Giannola Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick Gleason Mr. and Mrs. Gary S. Gorczyca Greenlight Financial Serices, Inc.(CC) Griffin Structures, Inc.(CC) Gritz Fitness Centers, Inc.(CC) CC & Ian Hafner Mr. James Harns Mr. Ryan Heald Ms. Ann Hoff Ms. Peggy Holt Timothy and Lenore Hoops Mr. and Mrs. Adam S. Horowitz Mr. Donald A. Housman I-5 Freedom Network Mr. John Isaza Mr. Lew W. Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. William James Mr. Tom Jankovich Mr. Timothy M. Johnson Mr. James Joubert Mr. Richard Judge Mr. Chris Kahn Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kaupke Mr. Ken Kazarian KDC Construction(CC) Ms. Linda Keates Kelly and James Kehlet Mr. Ken H. Keller Mr. William J. Kenney Kentec Medical Inc(CC) Mr. Ryan Kerrigan Mr. Richard Kersenbrock

Meet Irydian (left) and Ivanery (right) SA MU ELI ACA DEMY CL A SS O F 2017, T WINS

“My favorite thing about Samueli Academy is the fact that we can grow a special bond with both our classmates and teachers. Samueli Academy feels more like a home than a school.” - Irydian “Samueli Academy has opened my mind to different careers and helped me figure out what I want to be when I grow up. The teachers are all supportive and the learning style really makes sense to me” - Ivanery

Orangewood Foundation 2015/2016 Annual Report




Legacy Society Members

We are grateful for these members of the Orangewood Legacy Society. Each has made a commitment to support current and future generations of Orangewood’s youth through an estate or planned gift and have provided documentation of their gift in their will or bequest. Ms. Myrna S. Beach Ms. Barbara Brewer Mr. Albert J. Cardamon Ms. Sonja Carlin Alan and Melissa Clifton Tracy and Steve Cooper Alice and Ken Dart Ann and Lee Diem Cindy and Greg Dillion Greg and Julie Dunlap Rich and Marty Dutch David and Kelly Emmes Alden and Linda Esping Bruce and Lynn Fetter Ingrid Nielsen and Chad Gabbert Joel and Karen Goldhirsh Susan and Jim Hart Ms. Barbara J. Hendon Mr. Nick D. Hinch Gene Howard and Diana LaMar Lisa and Bruce Hughes Judith & Larry Jablin Sandi and Douglas Jackson Mitch and Lori Junkins Carlos and Gwen Leija General and Mrs. William Lyon Gary and Lynn Macheel Cyn and Bruce McCullough Ms. Elizabeth McKibbin Jim and Oralee McNamara Laura and Jim Noonan The O’Malley Family Shirley Pepys Mr. Thomas L. Powell Jeanie and Troy Roe Jacqueline Smith Ms. Jami Smith Piero and Kristine Wemyss


Orangewood Foundation 2015/2016 Annual Report

Mr. Andrew Kessler Mr. and Mrs. Newell W. Kimlin Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kinsey Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Krolikowski Ms. Perla B. Lara Mr. Brent Leffel Mrs. Karen D. Linden Linn Operating, Inc.(CC) Mr. Stephen Livingston Gary and Jacquelynn Macheel Mr. Eric Magee Ms. Priscilla Marconi Marcum LLP(CC) Mr. Rick Marine Mariners Escrow(CC) Ms. Kimberly Massoudi Goran & Susan Matijasevic Mr. William Clay Matthews Dr. Gale & Gerald Mazur Mr. Terry McCarty Ms. Gail McClory Ms. Paula McConnell Brandi R. McCullough Mr. and Mrs. Mark G. McInerney Ms. Lori McKay Mr. and Mrs. Robert McKennon Mr. Noah McMahon Ms. Diane Mendez-Padelford Ms. Lisa Merage Vogel Maree Mitchell Marc & Jennifer Mitzner Modern Woodmen Fraternal Financial Mr. Scott Moore Mr. Andrew Morcos Ms. Ken Morgan Morgan Stanley Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Motherway III National Charity League Inc/ Laguna Chapter Newport Beach Sunrise Rotary Employee Charity Organization of Northrop Grumman Chris & Heather Novak Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nunn OMG I’m a MOM Optima Tax Relief, LLC(CC) Orange Coast College Foundation Orange County Employees Association Orange County United Way Mr. Dan Otting Mr. Jay Palmer Ms. Hien Papaian Mr. Glenn Parrish PASSCO Companies, LLC(CC) Mr. Joe Pendergrass

Petra Risk Solutions(CC) Mrs. Terry Petracca Mr. John Petrasich Mr. Brian Pidgeon Ms. Judith Posnikoff Charles & Patricia Poss Power Plus(CC) Daniel E. Proctor The David Pyle Family Ms. Lynn Pyle Mr. and Mrs. Steve Quackenbush Dr. Ed Quilligan Mr. Frederic A. Randall, Jr. The Re Family Mr. Patrick Redfern Mr. Dennis A. Repp Mr. and Mrs. William E. Rice Harry and Diane Rinker Foundation Mr. & Mrs. G. Patrick Ritz The Robison Family Foundation Mr. Robert Rodriguez Mr. and Mrs. Troy Roe Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Ryan Saddleback Valley Men’s Golf Club Samsung Electronics North America(CC) Mr. Nick Sanchez Valerie & George Sanchez Sasco(CC) Mr. Terence Schecter Mr. Justin Schulman Ms. Hannah Schwartz Ms. Cynthia A. Senften-Von Coelln Rick & Julie Sherburne Ms. Bonnie Sheren Terry Sheward Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Shreve Graham and Jessica Siderius Fred Siegel Foundation Teresa & Bob Siglock Bill and Marsha Simmons Mr. Chris E. Simonsen Mr. Michael Slattery Mr. Bradstreet Smith Snyder Langston The Solomon Family Mr. James Sommerville Southern California Edison - Pomona Innovation Village(CC) Mr. and Mrs. Les Spagnoli Ms. Debra A. Spindel St. Joseph Health(CC) St. Mark Presbyterian Church Star Real Estate(CC) Mr. William G. Steiner Libby Stockstill and Alexey Paliy Cynthia and Allan Stokke

Peter Strelow & Family Mr. Mike Strohl Michael & Stephanie Struckhoff Gloria and Michael G. Sullivan Kay Sundquist Ms. Lillian L. Sundquist Mr. and Mrs. James I. Swenson Julie and Tom Tait Mr. Neil Taylor Ms. Wendy Tenebaum Mr. Philip Thai Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Theemling Ms. Kristine A. Theiler Tracy & Kyle Theodore Mr. Beckham Thomas Mr. Kim E. Tobler Totty Printing(CC) Mr. Christopher Tower Mr. and Mrs. Steven Towles Ms. Jeannette Tozaki Jennifer C. Turner Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tyson Urban Concrete(CC) Rick and Dawn Usher Charitable Fund Dr. Deborah and Dr. Kerry Vandell Mr. Gary R. Veeh Ms. Emily Vogler Mrs. Pennie Walley Ms. Pei Pei Wang Mr. Theodore R. Watkins Mr. David T. White Mr. and Mrs. Donald Willis Mr. William Witte Wonderful Company(CC) Mr. and Mrs. Ron Worobey Young Professional’s Social Network YourCause, LLC Robert and Wanda Zimmer Helping Hands Fund (CC) designates a Corporate Cares partner.

*Gifts received 7/1/2015 to 8/19/2016. We apologize for any names inadvertently omitted.


ORANGEWOOD BOARD General William Lyon Founding Chairman Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board, William Lyon Homes, Inc. Bruce Fetter Board Chairman Business Executive Greg Dunlap Vice Chair Partner, Deloitte Tax LLP Steve Keefer Treasurer President, Secure Global Solutions Cindy Dillion Secretary Mediator and Ombuds, Marissa Barth Vice President, Fidelity National Title Company Bob Bartholomew Managing Principal, Windjammer Capital Investors Stuart Bernstein Senior V.P., National Production Manager, Union Bank David Dunn CEO, Athletes First Richard Dutch Corporate Business Manager, 3M Health Care Lupe Erwin Director, Private Client Insurance Services, Wood

Dean Hall Director of Operations, SoCal, UPS Adam S. Horowitz President, Horowitz Group Daniel M. Houck II CEO/President, Universal Asphalt Co., Inc. Sandi Jackson Community Philanthropist Steve Johnson CEO, Safety Supply America, Inc. Chris Jones President and CEO, Acra Aerospace Inc. Mitch Junkins President and CEO, The CDM Company Larry Labrado Region Director of Public Affairs, Southern California Edison Wing Lam Co-Founder, Wahoo’s Fish Taco Renee Pepys Lowe President, RPL and Associates, LLC Joe Lozowski President, Tangram Interiors Reid McCartney Business Executive Mohit Mittal Managing Director, PIMCO Vikki Murphy Vice President, Wilson Automotive Group

Gutmann & Bogart Insurance

Ken Parker Partner, Haynes and Boone, LLP

Fred Gladney President,

Andrew Phillips CEO, Cliq

The Gladney Group, LLC Joel Goldhirsh Principal, Goldhirsh & Goldhirsh

Jeff Roos Western Regional President, Lennar

Timothy Ryan President, Anaheim Arena Management and COO of the Anaheim Ducks Susan Samueli Vice President, Samueli Foundation Rick Sherburne Executive Vice President, CBRE Mark Simons President and CEO, Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. John E. Stratman Senior Director, Public Affairs & Brand Communications, Kaiser Permanente - Orange County John Stumpf Senior Vice President/Interim CFO, Quality Systems, Inc. Frank T. Suryan, Jr. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Lyon Living Shannon Tarnutzer Community Philanthropist Kris Theiler Vice President, Disneyland Park Paul Tobin Consultant & Attorney Vikki Vargas Orange County Bureau Chief, NBC4

Tracy Theodore, Ex Officio Co-Chair, Orangewood PALS Auxiliary

Lisa Hughes Attorney-at-Law, Hughes & Hughes

Pei Pei Wang, Ex Officio Co-Chair, Orangewood PALS Auxiliary

Casey Journigan President, Arcadia Chair Company

Elizabeth Amendt Director, Citi Private Bank

General William Lyon Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board, William Lyon Homes, Inc.

Stephanie Argyros Community Philanthropist

Shirley Pepys Retired Corporate Executive

Robert Barth President, Black Equities Group

Patricia L. Poss President, C.W. Poss, Inc.

Christianne D’Ambrosio Psychological Services

Thomas L. Powell Attorney-at-Law, Law Offices of Thomas L. Powell


Ron Davis Founder, Davis Capital LLC Doug DeCinces President & CEO, DeCinces Properties, Inc.

David Ritchie Senior VP & Regional Manager, Commercial Banking, OneWest Bank

Tom Dobyns CEO, Mission Community Bank

Greg Scott President, Winfield Management, LLC

Patti Edwards Retired Corporate Executive

Joseph Ueberroth CEO, Ambassadors International

John Hagestad Managing Director, SARES-REGIS Group

David Wilson President & Owner, Wilson Automotive Group

William Healey Retired Corporate Executive

For the period of 7/1/20156/30/2016

Jaynine Warner Pilot, Former Airline Captain Piero Wemyss Loan Consultant, Farmers and Merchants Bank Carol Wilken Community Philanthropist Karen Goldhirsh, Ex Officio Chair, 44 Women for Orangewood Auxiliary

Meet Hayden & Harrison SA MU ELI ACA DEMY, CL AS S OF 2020 AND 2018

“My favorite thing is probably the freedom Samueli Academy gives you. It feels just like college, but with a high school twist. The staff and teachers trust us in a way that is not typical of high school.” - Harrison (right) L earn m ore about our grea t school a t www. sa mueliaca demy. org.

Orangewood Foundation 2015/2016 Annual Report


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