Annual Report - Richland County Foundation

Annual Report - Richland County Foundation

Cover photo by Eileen Wolford 2013 Annual Report Annual Report 2013 Moving forward with collective impact Historically, the annual report letter ...

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Cover photo by Eileen Wolford


Annual Report

Annual Report 2013

Moving forward with collective impact Historically, the annual report letter has been a review of the previous year’s accomplishments. This year, we will use this opportunity to talk about what can be done. The Richland County Foundation is positioned to make a positive difference in our community, for purposeful change, for real change. The Foundation seeks to be the entity that brings groups, ideas and projects together. Traditional, responsive grant making will always have a place in our Foundation. But we feel we can do more. It is called collective impact. Collective impact is more robust than collaboration; it requires leaders get together frequently over the long haul to tackle a well defined problem. Besides an investment of time, other keys to success are a common agenda, shared measurement system, mutually reinforcing activities, continuous communication and a support organization. Collective impact works when it involves many people from a variety of organizations solving complex and systematic issues such as improving the workforce, economic development, access to health care, improved graduation rates and a cleaner environment.

Board of Trustees

Michael L. Bennett Chairman John C. Roby Chair Elect Justin Marotta Secretary Chriss Harris Treasurer Pat Addeo Glenna Cannon David D. Carto Michael Chambers Bruce Cummins Beth DeLaney Sidney Foltz, III Dr. Bruce Jackson John Kastelic Mark Masters Jason Murray Sharlene Neumann Cynthia B. O’Neal W. Chandler Stevens Cathy Stimpert

Sam VanCura Richard Walters

As a first step in the process, the Foundation convened a broad spectrum of Richland County residents to get their input on the community’s issues and how to creatively, effectively and proactively invest funds. In order for collective impact to gain traction, there needs to be a sense of urgency, support and a champion. The Foundation aspires to be the leader in this process to make a difference.

Staff (Left to Right) Maura Teynor Director of Donor Services and Communications Kristina Johnston Administrative Assistant

Mike Bennett, Chair, Board of Trustees

Robert Barrett, CPA VP for Finance and Operations Bradford Groves President

Bradford Groves, President

Allura Watson Program Officer









Revenue and Support Contributions

$ 10,031,658

Investment Income

Interest and Dividends



$ 2,750,114


Permanently Restricted

$ 650,857



$ 13,432,629

$ 17,647,939




Net Realized Gains on Investments






$ 1,100,854

$ 1,611,072

Net Unrealized Gains on Investments









Less Investment and Custody Fees





Property and Equipment, Net



Construction in Progress



Net Investment Income







$ 105,910,279

Change in Gift Annuity Value





Net Assets Released From Restrictions






Reclassification of Net Assets






Total Revenue and Support






$ 136,600,233


Payroll Taxes Withheld





Annuity Contracts Payable



Funds Held as Agency Endowments



Total Liabilities



Net Assests

Richland County Foundation

Temporarily Restricted

Years ended December 31, 2013 and 2012




Temporarily Restricted



Permanently Restricted



Total Net Assets




$ 136,600,233


The financial information provided is taken from the financial statements as audited by Riester, Lump & Burton, CPA's, Inc. A copy of the complete audited statement is on file at the Foundation office and available upon request.


1,170,813 (154,150)

Expenses and Other Deductions Net Grants Paid






Administrative Expenses





Total Expenses and Other Deductions 3,822,643





Increase in Net Assets Before Current Year Change in Agency Liability






Current Year Change in Agency Liability






Increase in Net Assets 20,558,940





Net Assets at Beginning of Year 50,710,774


18,440,651 100,516,804


Net Assets at End of Year

$ 71,269,714





$ 100,516,804


Annual Report

Economic Development


The Richland County Foundation awarded over $3.2 million in grants to cover a broad range of program areas. These grants are awarded from unrestricted funds, donor advised funds, donor-designated funds, field of interest funds, agency funds or scholarship funds.

Total 2013 Grants by Program Area Education


Community & Community Development


Children, Youth & Families


Arts & Culture


Human Services


Health Services


Economic Development





55,880 Total

Angelo Fields, Friendly House employee, helps Brianna Lindsay inflate a basketball. The Foundation and Friendly House have worked together from the very beginning. In 1948, the Foundation made its first grant for $48,000 to the Friendly House Association for its building program.



2013 Grants by Fund Type and Program Area Competitive grants are awarded from unrestricted and field of interest funds. Non-competitive grants are awarded from donor advised and designated funds, including nonprofit endowment funds.









donor advised


Education Community Development Children, Families & Youth Arts & Culture Human Services Health Services Economic Development Churches Environment Total

Competitive $206,731 98,415 104,171 32,339 44,568 57,299 24,809 - 20,548 $588,880 (18%)

Designated $135,574 224,621 72,525 273,037 53,113 9,699 - 5,341 15,832 $789,742 (24%)

Donor Advised $642,229 403,757 61,171 278,150 30,838 9,500 10,000 24,000 19,500 $1,479,145 (45%)

Scholarship $415,950 – – – – – – – – $415,950 (13%)

Total Awarded $1,400,484 726,793 237,867 583,526 128,519 76,498 34,809 29,341 55,880 $3,273,717 (100%)

2013 Grants



Donor Advised Funds

College Scholarships

Ashland University Library Books $509

Ashland University Capital Campaign/College of Nursing (4 grants) $40,832

Scholarships 428 Scholarship grants $415,950


Clear Fork Valley Foundation Grants and Scholarships $4,479

Ashland University Capital Campaign/College of Nursing $50,000

Lucas Local Schools Educational Projects & Programs $24,113

Discovery School Program Support $724

Mansfield City Schools Art & Music Instruction $556

The Foundation Center Program Support $3,500 Galion City Schools Program support (2 grants) $18,115 Madison Local Schools Transitional Work Experience with Goodwill Industries $6,000 Education accounted for more than $1.4 million in grants in 2013.

Mansfield City Schools Program Support / Capstone $500 North Central State College Foundation Opening Doors Capital Campaign $100,000

Richland County Foundation

South Central Local Schools School Supplies $2,892 SPARC/P-16 Council Student Assessments $25,000

Program Support $489 Methodist Theological Seminary Scholarship $211 North Central State College Financial Aid $3,319 North Central State College Foundation General Support $30,718 Ohio State University–Mansfield Business Development Support $23,071 Faculty Development Support $5,897 Scholarship Support $22,312 Financial Aid for Richland County Students $13,275 Ontario Local Schools Technology Programs $6,625

Ashbrook Center (2 grants) $7,500 General Support $3,000 Lecture Series $750 Brown University General Support $3,000 Discovery School General Support (3 grants) $10,500 Emma Willard School General Support $3,000 Madison Local Schools Program Support (2 grants) $1,500 Mansfield Christian School General Support $6,000 Mansfield-Richland Area Educational Foundation Support for Economic Club $210

North Central State College Foundation Capital Campaign (2 grants) $95,000 Scholarships $20,000 Building Renovation $10,000 Emerald Club Sponsorship $5,000 General Support (2 grants) $3,250 Ohio State University College of Medicine General Support $3,000 Ohio State University-Mansfield Scholarships (3 grants) $11,958 Capital Improvements (2 grants) $26,250 Plymouth-Shiloh Local Schools Art & Music Supplies $13,396 Shelby City Schools Capital Improvements $365,000 Soldiers and Sailors Museum General Support (2 grants) $11,500 Program Support $750 South Central Local Schools Supplies $833

489 grants $1,400,484


Annual Report

Community & Community Development


Competitive Bellville Neighborhood Outreach Center Improvements to Elevator $7,000 City of Mansfield Improvements to Tennis Courts $415

Ohio Genealogical Society General Support $214

Mansfield Rotary Club Foundation Program Support (2 grants) $2,800

Children/Youth/ Families

Richland Pregnancy Services General Support $2,566

North End Community Improvement Collaborative, Inc. General Support (4 grants) $150,000

Mountain Family Center General Support $500


Toy Time, Inc. General Support $64

United Way of Richland County General Support (2 grants) $21,084

Donor Advised

North Lake Park Bridge Replacement $10,000

Autism Awareness Walk-A-Thon, Inc. General Support $500

Downtown Mansfield, Inc. MidOhio Heritage Home Program $30,000

Boy Scouts Heart of Ohio Council Operations and Endowment $10,000

Korean War Veterans Assoc. #51 Program Support $500

Downtown Mansfield, Inc. Fun in the Parks Program (2 grants) $2,500

Philanthropy Ohio Program Support $500

General and Program Support (3 grants) $4,250

Richland Community Development Group Program Support $50,000

Designated Funds Boy Scouts Heart of Ohio Council General Support $7,894 Program Support for Richland County Scouts (2 grants) $9,830 Kingwood Center General Support (4 grants) $28,015 Mansfield Area Intergroup General Support $540

Galion Area United Way, Inc. Annual Campaign $1,000 Galion Community Foundation Program Support $250 Hade Development Foundation Pioneer Rest Cemetery $2,500

Plymouth –Shiloh Food Pantry Program Support $3,625 Richland County Habitat for Humanity General Support $2,000 Salvation Army of Naples General Support $300 Shadowcliff Lodge General Support $500 Shelby Help Line Ministries General Support (2 grants) $4,000 The Fish of Shelby General Support $1,000 North End Community Improvement Collaborative, Inc. General Support (2 grants) $145,000 Summer Intern Program $4,200

United Way of Richland County Harmony House Homeless Services, Inc. Annual Campaign (6 grants) General Support (4 grants) $108,000 $4,000 Summer Intern Program $4,200

Disabled Sports USA Program Support $7,000

Donor Advised Big Brothers/Big Sisters of North Central Ohio General Support $3,000

Raemelton Therapeutic Equestrian Center General Support (4 grants) $14,000

Raemelton Therapeutic Equestrian Center Therapy Riding Scholarships (3 grants) $46,983

Culliver Reading Center General Support (2 grants) $5,300

Richland County Children’s Auxiliary General Support $5,000

Friendly House Association General Support (5 grants) $3,421

Connections Fund Grants

Designated 32 Degree Masonic Learning Centers, Inc. General Support $20,338 Friendly House Association General Support (3 grants) $2,302 Camperships $128 Guernsey Foundation College Scholarships $1,000 Mansfield Area Y General Support (3 grants) $6,540

Richland County Children Services Children Services Gift Fund (2 grants) $2,133

65 grants $726,793

Trapshooting Hall of Fame General Support $20,338

Friendly House Association Coats for Kids Program $3,000

Support of Women’s and Children’s Programs (3 grants) $16,802

Humane Society of Richland County General Support (2 grants) $2,000

City of Mansfield North Lake Park Bridge Replacement Mansfield Richland Cty. Public Library $25,000 Books and Cassette Tape,Talking Books Summer Intern Program $2,375 $4,200 Mansfield Rotary Club Foundation Swimming Pools Summer Operations McGowan Courage Awards (3 grants) $4,669 $71,432

Big Brothers/Big Sisters of N. Central Ohio Program Support $500

74 grants $237,867

Richland County Children’s Auxillary General Support of The Store $314

Program Support $1,000

Connections Fund Grants 7 grants $5,725

Galion Community Center YMCA Program Support $500

Summertime Kids Program

Capital Campaign $15,000

Summertime Kids Grants 18 grants $24,243

Galion Kiwanis Club Annual Campaign $250

Women’s Fund Grants

Junior Achievement of North Central Ohio General Support $2,500 Kids’ Connection of Ohio, Inc. General Support $2,500 Little Buckeye Children’s Museum General Support $4,500 Mansfield Area Y Summer Intern Program $4,200

Women’s Fund Grants 4 grants $16,720


Arts & Culture

Donor Advised

Human Services


Mansfield Art Center General Support (3 grants) $81,600


Mansfield Community Playhouse HVAC Replacement $14,839 Morton One Room Historical Society Field Trip Transportation $2,500 Neos Dance Theatre General Support $15,000

Philharmonic Center for the Arts General Support $2,000

Designated Children’s Theatre Foundation, Inc. General Support $1,268

Renaissance Performing Arts General Support $10,000

Mansfield Art Center General Support (5 grants) $13,849

Symphony Education Initiative $20,000

Renaissance Performing Arts General Support of Theatre (7 grants) $186,546 General Support of Mansfield Symphony (4 grants) $52,044

Richland County Foundation

Program Support (3 grants) $9,200

Plymouth Area Historical Society General Support $5,000

Mansfield Community Playhouse General Support $360

The Neos Dance Theater purchased a mobile stage for its performances with Foundation support.

Richland Academy of the Arts General Support $570

Designated, donor advised and competitive grants are given to The Mansfield Art Center. The Art of the Brick was a popular exhibit in 2013.

Building Repairs $1,245

43 grants $583,526

Roof Repairs $82,800

Program Support (3 grants) $14,500 Property Improvements $50,000

Catholic Charities Community Emergency Services Program $30,000 Mansfield Memorial Homes Meals on Wheels Program $7,875 Mary McLeod-Bethune Intervention Transportation of Underserved $6,693

Designated American Red Cross General Support $64 Domestic Violence Shelter, Inc. General Support $1,588 Mansfield Cancer Foundation General Support (4 grants) $23,450

Richland Academy of the Arts, Inc. General Support $2,500

Innovations in Integration $11,000 Program Support $4,000 Salvation Army General Support (3 grants) $11,423 Volunteers of America General Support for Richland County Programs $1,588

Donor Advised American Red Cross General Support (2 grants) $3,250 Catalyst Life Services Support for New Beginnings Program $1,588 Catholic Charities General Support $500

Domestic Violence Shelter, Inc. Program Support $3,000 Friends of the 179th Airlift Wing General Support $5,000 Harmony House Homeless Services, Inc. Program Support $5,000 Ohio District 5 Area Agency on Aging General Support $10,000 Ohio Heartland Community Action General Support $500 Raemelton Therapeutic Equestrian Center Program Support $1,000 Salvation Army General Support (2 grants) $750 Volunteers of America General Support $250

Scholarships $300 Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre General Support $250

Richland County Historical Society General Support $12,906 Richland County Museum General Support $4,249

Mansfield Memorial Homes received support for its Rotary Adult Day Care, Homemaker Home Health and Meals on Wheels programs.

Richland Newhope Industries, Inc.

28 grants $128,519


Annual Report 2013

16 grants $76,498

Health Services

Donor Advised



Avow Hospice of Naples General Support $2,000


Catalyst Life Services Capital Improvements to Crisis Unit $17,299 Mansfield Memorial Homes Homemaker Home Health $25,000 Rotary Adult Daycare $15,000

Designated Alzheimer’s AssociationNorthwest Ohio Chapter General Support $329 Catalyst Life Services General Support $3,435

Catalyst Life Services General Support $1,500 MedCentral Health System Hospice Program (2 grants) $2,000 General Support $1,000 Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinsons Research General Support $2,500 Naples Community Health Care Foundation General Support $500

First Congregational Church General Support (2 grants) $716 Individual Assistance Program of the Church $583 Church Music Department $1,451 First Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) General Support (2 grants) $2,168 Saint John’s United Church of Christ General Support $423

Donor Advised

Environment Competitive Ohio Bird Sanctuary Capital Campaign for Educational Building $20,548

Designated Ohio Bird Sanctuary General Support $15,832

Donor Advised Buckeye Forest Council General Support $2,000 Conservancy of Southwest Florida General Support $2,000

First Congregational Church General Support (5 grants) $8,000

North Central Ohio Land Conservancy Inc. General Support $5,000

General Support $3,434

Saint James Episcopal Church Property Improvements $10,000

MedCentral Health System General Support $1,355

Ohio Bird Sanctuary General Support (2 grants) $5,300

Saint Peter’s Parish Scholarships $6,000

Summer Intern Program $4,200

Mansfield Memorial Homes Employee Awards $963

Third Street Family Health Service General Support $183

Girls from Ocie Hill summer program helped Mansfield Memorial Homes residents make and hang bird feeders. Catalyst Life Services received a $17,299 grant for capital improvements to its Crisis Unit. Pictured are Laura Montgomery and Veronica Groff.

15 grants $29,341

Ohio Environmental Council General Support $1,000

9 grants $55,880

Environmental grants exceeded $55,000 in 2013.

Economic Development Competitive North Central State College Foundation Kehoe Center – R. Phillips Conference Center Development $24,809

Donor Advised Crawford County Economic Development Dept. General Support $5,000 Richland Community Development Group General Support $5,000

3 grants $ 34,809


Establish a Fund Establishing a fund within the Foundation allows donors the freedom to specify how they want their charitable dollars to be used now and in the future. By selecting among the various options, an unrestricted fund, a field of interest fund, a donor designated fund, a donor advised fund, an agency fund, or a scholarship fund, donors can tailor their fund to be as specific or as broad as they wish in order to carry out their philanthropy.

The Plymouth-Shiloh Food Pantry received $3,625 from a donor advised fund for program support.

Unrestricted Funds offer the donor and Foundation the broadest options to address and to impact the community’s current and ever-changing needs.

Richland County Foundation

Richland County Foundation offers a variety of instruments to allow an individual, family or organization to become a donor and realize their charitable goals. Individuals may choose to pool their resources with an already existing fund or may wish to establish a new fund.

The Foundation also works with professional advisors to assist in the charitable giving process.

Anonymous Donor Community Support Fund C. Wilson & Josephine Mayberry Barnes Fund Robert B. Black Fund Roger A. & Elizabeth Thomas Black Fund Betty J. Blackstone Fund Virginia A. & Thomas C. Blizzard Fund Marion B. Bowers Fund Katharine C. Bristor Fund Roy G. & Nancy Y. Brown Fund Helen M. Burkholder Fund Joan B. & Truman Clark Fund Rex E. & Marjorie Sue Collins Fund Community Endowment Fund John B. & Pearl R. Conard Charitable Fund Consolidated Memorial Fund Marian M. Constance Fund William R. & Mary Jane Cress Fund Pearl M. Danback Fund Earle J. & Dottie Deems Fund Dean A. & Eleanor H. Eckert Fund Jessie L. Eckert Fund Doris J. & Robert H. Enskat Fund David W. & Louise W. Evans Fund David N. & Miriam G. Feiser Memorial Fund Fellows Fund Charles C. Fox Fund Florence Fox Fund James H. Germany Fund Carl B. & Marie L. Gibson Fund Earl H. Goetz Fund Roger M. & Elizabeth B. Gray Fund James H. Hoffman Fund

Herbert S. Jones Fund Jesse LaDow Fund Nanciann P. McCormick Fund Dell Armstrong McMillen Fund Verdabelle Plank Miller Fund Dr. Donald E. Mills Fund Milton C. & Mary Louise Oakes Fund Katherine L. Parker Fund Catherine L. Rall Fund Edna K. Rex Fund Jane W. & John Bradley Rhind Fund Betty Diesler Risser Fund John & Dell Robinson Family Fund Margaret Hay Russell Fund Esther Fickes Shaffer Fund Thomas A. & Clara H. Siegenthaler Fund Mary C. Slabaugh Fund Walter C. Stevens Family Fund Mary Mead Sturges & Robert Sturges Memorial Fund Alan P. Tappan Fund Heloise H. Tappan Memorial Fund Paul R. Tappan Fund W. Richard Tappan Fund Pauline S. Treisch Fund Charles R. Underhill Fund Mary L. Ward Fund Mary S. Wilsdon Fund Marion Draffan Wisdom Fund Charles G. Young Family Fund F. Wayne & Isabel Bogan Young Fund


Annual Report 2013

Field of Interest Funds allow our donors the opportunity to support specific interests within a broad area such as children’s programs, the arts, education, the elderly, or health services.

Donor Designated Funds allow donors the opportunity to provide annual support to specific charities of their choice.

George W. Blymyer Fund Henry A. & Melissa J. Booth Memorial Fund Child Care Choices Fund Emeline Fate Christian Memorial Fund Peter S. Clark Memorial Fund Clear Fork Valley Foundation Fund Scott F. Coffin Fund Connections Fund Consolidated Individual Assistance Fund Lillian R. Dickson Fund Dean & Eleanor H. Eckert Fund Frances Fern Ecki Fund Galion Community Education Bricks & Mortar Fund Galion Community Education Foundation Fund Richard David Gardner Fund Richard R. & Veda J. Gardner Fund Guy T. Goodman Trust Fund

Alzheimer’s Association of NCO Endowment Fund John F. & Elizabeth W. Bissman Fund Raymond & Bessie Bixler Memorial Fund Esther M. Black Fund Betty J. Blackstone Fund Thomas C. & Virginia A. Blizzard Fund Boy Scouts of America Endowment Fund John S. & Laura Barr Brant Fund Betty Butler Fund Rex E. & Marjorie Sue Collins Fund Community Baptist Bible Church Scholarship Fund Croghan Family Fund for Renaissance Performing Arts Croghan Family Fund for Richland Academy Mary E. Delp Fund Finefrock Memorial Fund First Congregational Church of Mansfield, OH Permanent Endowment Fund Founders Fund Forrest W. Freeman, MD & Florence J. Freeman Fund Gerald F. Futty Fund Richard R. & Veda J. Gardner Fund Earl H. Goetz Memorial Fund Earl H. Goetz Fund in Honor of Major McGowan Earl H. Goetz Fund in Honor of Vern Stover James H. Hoffman Fund Frances H. Houston Memorial Fund Fred B. Hout Memorial Fund David E. Hughes Fund Keyser Library Fund Jessamine L. Lewis Fund Lucas Local Schools Sustaining Fund Esther G. Lutz Fund Floyd H. Lutz Fund

Charlotte B. Gugler Fund James H. Hoffman Fund James A. Jones, MD Memorial Fund Helen Kaufman Fund Land Preservation Fund for Richland County Ralph C. Lutz Fund A. Robert & Eve Matthews Fund Michael Robert McBride Memorial Fund Eleanor Searle McCollum Teacher & Education Fund Leona M. Miles Funds Verdabelle Plank Miller Fund Mary J. Poticny Fund Earl J. & Carlie Leona Muth Memorial Fund Scattergood Fund Katharine McIntyre Shaffer Fund Howard & Majoria S. Smith-Bellville Community Trust Fund

Smokeless America Fun Foundation Fund Ethel Mayer Southeast Community Fund Christopher Mark Stull Fund Summertime Kids Fund Robert J. & Stella F. Sutter Fund Heloise H. Tappan Estate Fund Paul R. Tappan Fund Teacher Assistance Program Fund The Store Fund Sarah B. Thomas Fund Voegele-Bahl Endowment Fund Ed Wadman Scleroderma Research Fund Ralph O. & Sarah L. Wise Fund Women’s Fund Fund for Young Children with ALD

Ralph C. Lutz Fund Ruth E. Lutz Fund Mansfield Art Center Endowment Fund Mansfield University Foundation Endowment Fund William & Katherine Jane McCarrick Fund Eleanor Searle McCollum Fund McGowan Courage Awards Fund John A. & Florence B. Mintz Fund Arthur W. Negin Memorial Fund Katherine M. Norem Fund North End Community Improvement Collaborative Inc. Fund North Lake Park Fund Milton C. & Mary Louise Oakes Fund Gertrude M. Odson Fund Ohio Genealogical Library Endowment Fund OSU/NCTC Photo Arts Fund Rowland & Delight Patricia Poth Fund Rainbow’s End Christian Center Fund in Memory of Elizabeth Copp Renaissance Performing Arts Assoc. Inc. Fund Roby Family Fund Eleanor S. & Stanley J. Ryckman Music Endowment Fund Alice B. Sanford Memorial Fund Marian L. Stauffer Fund Third Street Family Health Services Endowment Fund Turley Raemelton Scholarship Fund Betty Thompson Wagner Memorial Fund Dr. Rebecca Sue Wappner Memorial Scholarship Fund Charles G. Young Family Fund

Gulimina Mahamuti, Ohio Wesleyan University Music professor, taught piano to children at Ocie Hill.

The Richland Community Development Group received $50,000 for sector projects granted from the Paul R. Tappan Fund, Marion B. Bowers Fund, Katharine C. Bristor Fund and the Pearl M. Danback Fund.One sector project was a media and community campaign to save the aircraft mission at the 179th Airlift Reserve. 19

Donor Advised Funds allow the donor the opportunity to make grant suggestions to their favorite charities during their lifetime, and are an attractive alternative to a private foundation, offering the same benefits without the responsibility and cost of administration. Betty J. Adair Fund Charles V. & Constance D. Adair Fund P.K. Athmaram, MD Fund Hejjaji & P.K. Athmaram, MD Fund Paul H. & Susan Gallagher Bailey Fund Wilbur G. & Esther L. Beer Fund F. Loyal & Judith B. Bemiller Fund Donald S. & Clara Louise Black Fund Dr. & Mrs. Stanley L. Brody Fund David L. & Frances D. Carto Fund DeLaney Family Fund James Fanello Fund C. Eugene & Sara A. Goin Fund Gorman Fund Carl & Annamarie Fernyak Fund John P. Gross Family Fund Mariann S. & Avery C. Hand Family Fund

Hansen Fund for Women & Girls, The Jennette C. Hartman Fund Fred B. & Marian J. Hout Fund Kaufman Family Fund Dr. J. Bruce & Nancy L. Jackson Fund Barbara & George H. Keyser Fund Konstam Family Fund Mansfield Civitan Club Fund Betty L. & Joseph E. Massa Fund Eleanor McCollum Foundation Fund Annette L. McCormick Fund for the Environment George A. & Olive L. Miller Fund Miller/Pattillo Memorial Fund MT Business Technologies Community Fund Northwest Community Fund Dell M. Robinson Fund Grace S. & Joe R. Roby Fund

Rotary Club of Mansfield - Tom Doty Community Fund Fran & Warren Rupp Advised Fund Alice B. & Allen M. Sanford Fund Jean U. & George V. Sauter Fund Ann Hartman Schettler Fund Shelby Home & Public Health Endowment Fund Richard & Lorraine Shrilla Fund Pamela H. & Thomas R. Siegenthaler Fund Matthew P. & Linda H. Smith Fund Wray C. & Janet B. Smith Fund Richard G. & Helen Taylor Fund Thomas Family Fund Warner-Kafer Family Fund Marion Draffan Wisdom Fund Bruce & Sally Hiett Workman Fund

Jessica Kruger, Ohio State University Zoology major, participated in the summer internship program at the Ohio Bird Sanctuary.

Agency Funds offer nonprofits the opportunity to build an endowment which may support or provide an annual revenue stream for the overall operations of the organization. Organizations not only benefit from this additional revenue but also from the Foundation’s financial stability and integrity that assures their donors that their gifts will be prudently managed. Carrousel Community Trust Fund Center for Individual and Family Services, Inc. Endowment Fund Children’s Theatre Foundation, Inc. Endowment Fund Discovery School Endowment Fund First Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), Mansfield, Ohio Endowment Fund Hospice of North Central Ohio Endowment Fund Mansfield Area Y Endowment Fund Mansfield Cancer Foundation Endowment Fund Mansfield Fine Arts Guild, Inc. Endowment Fund

Mansfield Playhouse Endowment Fund Mansfield Symphony Society Endowment Fund Mohican School in the Out-of-Doors Endowment Fund North Central Technical College (N.C.T.C.) Foundation Endowment Fund Ohio Bird Sanctuary Endowment Fund Ontario Public Schools Technology Fund B OSU-Mansfield Business Program Endowment Fund OSU-Mansfield Faculty Development Endowment Fund OSU-Mansfield Scholarship Endowment Fund

Pioneer Career & Technology Center Fund A Rehab Center Endowment Fund Richland Academy Endowment Fund Richland County Historical Society 21 Endowment Fund Richland Newhope Center Fund United Way of Richland County Endowment Fund YWCA of Mansfield Endowment Fund

Richland County Foundation

Agency Designated Funds are not endowed funds, so the nonprofit may use the principal of the fund. Like the Agency Endowment funds, these funds support or provide an annual revenue stream for the overall operations of the organization. Friendly House Association Capital Fund Kingwood Center Fund Malabar Farm Foundation Fund Mansfield City Public Schools Fund Mansfield City Schools Fine Arts Fund

Ontario Public Schools Technology Fund A Pioneer Career and Technology Center Equipment and Technology Fund B Richland County Historical Society Fund “B” Richland Newhope Industries Fund

Richland Newhope Fund II Salvation Army Fund University Club Educational Foundation Scholarship Fund

Annual Report

Foundation Fellows


Katherine Gerhart and Karen Clifton received college scholarships from the Women’s Fund.

Scholarship Funds allow donors to specify certain fields of study, specific high schools and/or specific colleges that students may attend. Donors may establish a fund for a minimum of $20,000 which may be in honor or memory of a loved one. Frank & Bee Ackard Memorial Fund Banks-Willeke-Bunfill Scholarship Fund Meg Black Memorial Scholarship Fund Black Women United Scholarship for Success Fund Thomas C. & Virginia A. Blizzard Fund Joseph T. “Jep” Bloor Memorial Scholarship Fund Mary Jane Bolus Scholarship Fund Emily Campbell Brown & Charles Gailey Brown “First Generation to College” Fund Karyne & Joe Carey Scholarship Fund Mary & Maxton Case Fund Children’s Theatre Foundation, Inc. Endowment Fund James H. Clements II Memorial Scholarship Fund Consolidated Scholarship Fund Davidson Scholarship Fund Tim Davis, Jr. Scholarship Fund Shelley Dees Memorial Fund Dean A. & Eleanor H. Eckert Fund Marilyn J. & David P. Eckstein Memorial Scholarship Fund Miriam & Russell Ferrell Scholarship Fund M.I. & Feenie Fillweber Scholarship Fund Mark S. Fisher Memorial Scholarship Fund George & Pam Fonseca Scholarship Fund

Phil Ford Scholar Athlete Scholarship Fund S.N. & Ada Ford Scholarship Fund Diane L. Gibson Memorial Scholarship Fund Earl H. Goetz Fund in Honor of Major McGowan Earl H. Goetz Fund in Honor of Vern Stover Charles H. & Dorothy B. Hickox Memorial Scholarship Fund Ocie Hill Scholarship Fund Betty J. Horner Scholarship Fund Susan L. Jaynes Memorial Scholarship Fund Monica M. Kaye Memorial Fund Mary M. Kowalchik Scholarship Fund Lexington Alumni Association Scholarship Fund Lexington Kiwanis Club Scholarship Fund Licensed Practical Nurse Assoc. of Ohio, Division #5 Scholarship Fund Reggie Luby Scholarship Fund Ruth E. Lutz Fund Mansfield Noon Lions Club Scholarship Fund Eleanor Searle McCollum Scholarship Fund Nancy McConnell Special Education Scholarship Fund David S. McVicker Scholarship Fund John L. Morley Memorial Scholarship Fund Helen Keating Ott Library Scholarship Fund Richland County Medical Auxiliary Scholarship Fund

Richard David Ronk Memorial Scholarship Fund Grace S. & Joe R. Roby Scholarship Fund Roby Family Fund Fran & Warren Rupp Scholarship Fund Eleanor S. Ryckman Memorial Scholarship Fund Paul & Adelyn Shumaker Fund A. Richard Stofer Scholarship Fund Dorris C. Stofer Scholarship Fund Donald F. Thompson Fund Frederick L. & Harriett S. Tracy Scholarship Fund Richard & Sally Uhde STEM Scholarship Fund University & College Access Network Scholarship Fund University Club Educational Foundation- James P. Weldon Memorial Scholarship Fund Gregory VanScyoc Memorial Scholarship Fund Helen S. Weldon Scholarship Fund James P. Weldon Scholarship Fund William M. Weldon Scholarship Fund Walter W. Willis Rotary Scholarship Fund Marilyn A. Wilson Scholarship Fund Ashley Yetzer Memorial Scholarship Fund Yuncker Memorial Fund

Visionary Fellowships ($5,000 and up) Naomi J. Albers* Donald N. Beddard*, MD (by friends) Frank T. Black Foundation Joseph J. Fackler* Ruth M. Newman* (by Dr. William C. Newman) Dr. William C. Newman Carl E. Pfeifer Norma E. Pfeifer G. Stanford Schneider Shafer Valve Company

Eric Behnke Heather Behnke F. Andrew Black Thomas C. Black* (by F. Andrew Black) Donald C. Blasius* (by friends & former Tappan company associates) Daniel L. Blay (by Joanne H. Blay) Dr. Joseph J. Bocka Dr. Louis Jeremy Brown* (by Alice Sanford) William A. Calhoun* (by family & friends) Samuel H. Campbell Clara I. Carew* (by John H. Carew) Legacy Fellowships John H. Carew ($2,500 or more) Dan R. Carmichael Raymond Bacquet* David L. Carto (by family & friends) Louise Allison Carto* James E. Bierly* (by family & friends) (by family & friends) Dan Burns* (by friends & associates) Willis Frank Carto* Douglas C. Freer* (by family & friends) (by family & friends) Frances Christian (by Miles Christian) Larry L. Gibson, MD Miles Christian Eleanor Homesley* Helene H. Christiansen Joan W. Meese* (by family & friends) Judge Richard M. Christiansen Mo Minich* (by Ralph E. Minich) Matthew B. Cockley* Ralph E. Minich (by Macky Cockley) Joyce M. Walters Marjorie Sue Collins Richard M. Walters Rex E. Collins Michael Wilging* John W. Cook, Jr. (by Bruce & Sondra Wilging) Judith A. Croghan Fellowships Thomas H. Croghan, MD ($1,000 or more) John O. Crouse* Dr. Richard E. Adams* (by Hugh W. Crouse, II) (by William and Kathleen Hurdle) Nancie K. Cummins Ivy L. Amos (by Richard S. Cummins) Helen Anderson Otis M. Cummins, III Sina Baughman Applegate* James D. Curry, MD (by Clare E. Applegate) Garry Davidson Sharon L. Arnett Aaron Davis Aten & Mennetti Insurance Agency Suzanne C. Davis Betty Bacquet* Earle J. Deems (by Meredith N. Stevens) G. E. (Dottie) Deems* Margaret G. Balyeat* (by children) (by Earle J. Deems) Dr. Donald N. Beddard Ann J. Deley* (by Altrusa Charma Behnke International of Mansfield) Craig Behnke Thomas A. Depler

Robert H. Enskat Katherine N. Fernyak Pamela S. Fleming William E. Flinn* (by Dorothy B. Flinn) Gayle Gorman Freeman (by General Richard Green) France B. Gaubatz Judith Gibson Earl H. Goetz Carl B. Gibson* (by Dr. David M. Gibson) Dr. David M. Gibson Marie L. Gibson* (by Dr. David M. Gibson) Steve Goldman* (by Bill & Carol Goldman) James C. Gorman Jeffrey S. Gorman Michele S. Gorman John P. Gross (by Draffan family) Henrietta M. Hainer* (by Elizabeth H. Prestel) W.R. Hainer* (by Elizabeth H. Prestel) Mariann S. Hand Ruth Oestreich Harsch* (by Eugene C. Harsch) Albert W. Hartman* (by family & friends) Jill Hand Hautzenroeder Jon Hautzenroeder Frederick R. Heifner* (by family & friends) Geneva C. Heifner* (by Pamela H. Siegenthaler) Oliver P. Heller* (by family & friends) James D. Henson Pricilla W. Herbert C. J. Hire Phyllis F. Hire Becky Hoffman (by Dr. William C. & Ruth Newman) Ed Hoffman (by Dr. William C. & Ruth Newman) Fred B. Hout Edith B. Humphrey John J. Kastelic Margaret E. Kay (by Thomas Kay)

James W. Kehoe George H. Keyser* (by Barbara Keyser) Ann L. Konstam Janice L. Kuhn Marion W. Lederer* (by Robert W. Lederer) Robert L. Lee Timothy L. Lehman David Letizia (by Pete & Susan Bailey) Daniel K. Lichtenstein* (by Sally S. Lichtenstein) L.O.L.’s (by Thomas & Margaret Kay) Robert E. Mabee Mansfield Assemblies A. Robert Matthews E. William McCarrick James McCormick* (by Nanciann McCormick) Nanciann McCormick Pauline Keller McKinney* (by Barbara Keller Lederer) Betty L. Massa E. Tom Mattox Joan Watson Meese Robert B. Meese Leona M. Miles National City Bank Ohio Horsemans Council, Richland County Chapter Ray Piar David Pollock (by Jack Pollock) David Pollock* (by family & friends) Delight Patricia Poth* (by Dr. James Jones) Burton L. Preston (by Prudence Preston) Burton R. Preston W. Lee Preston (by Burton Preston) John Bradley Rhind Betty D. (Bets) Risser Dell M. Robinson (by John Robinson) John Robinson Joe R. Roby John S. Roby Joan G. Ross (by W. Thomas Ross) Allen M. Sanford

Irene McCanne Sanford* (by Allen M. & Henry M. Sanford) Henry B. Sanford* (by Allen M. & Henry M. Sanford) Jean U. Sauter Rev. Clifford Schutjer Patricia Schutjer, PhD Angela Scurci Kyle Evan Shaw* (by Douglas & Judith Brunk) Charles Patrick Siegenthaler* (by Sally S. Lichtenstein) C. Peter Siegenthaler (by Sally S. Lichtenstein) Mary Mead Siegenthaler (by Sally S. Lichtenstein) Clara H. Siegenthaler John H. Siegenthaler Pamela H. Siegenthaler Thomas A. Siegenthaler Thomas A. Siegenthaler* (by family & friends) 23 Thomas R. Siegenthaler Peter A. Sminchak* (by family & friends) Janet B. Nicely Smith (by Rev. Wray C. Smith, DD) Rev. Wray C. Smith, DD (by Janet B. Nicely Smith) David J. Strub Richard G. Taylor U of M/OSU (by F. Loyal Bemiller & O.M. Cummins, III) Michael Vucelic (by Inge S. Vucelic, PhD) Martha A. Walter (by Richard L. Walter) Richard L. Walter Jean E. Welge Merris A. Welge, Jr. John W. Welsh Betty E. Wells Fred J. Wiecher, MD Doris Williams J. George Williams * Contributed in Memorium Bold Type indicates new Fellowship or new level of contribution in 2013

The Legacy Society Donors may create a lasting legacy by making a gift through their estate plans, through a qualified retirement plan or IRA, through an insurance policy, remainder trust, Charitable Gift Annuity, or through some other planned gift. The Richland County Foundation acknowledges the following generous people who have planned a legacy to their community through gifts that will eventually come to the foundation and will benefit the community forever.

Walter and Candace Chaffee planned a gift to the Foundation and are Legacy Society members.

Richland County Foundation

The Legacy Society was created by the Board of Trustees to recognize individuals who have made plans to leave a gift to this community in partnership with the Richland County Foundation.

Dr. Charles & Constance* Adair Ronald L. & Janeen* W. Adams Pete H. & Susan Gallagher Bailey Vin & Jo Black Billie Brandon, J.D. Candice Chaffee Walter Chaffee David & Julia Crawford Dr. James & Joyce Curry Bob* & Esther Fry William G. Hailey John F. & Lin H.* Harkness Eugene & Ruth* Harsch Linda A. Hering Carol S. Kautz

Thomas R. & Margaret* Kay Dr. Joel Kaye Dan & Barbara McBride Everett W. & Beverly Miller Rev. William C. & Ruth* M. Newman Richard H. Otto Stephen M. Shoup Robert & Margaret Soulen Judith E. Stroup Robert* & Stella Sutter Ralph & Martha Turley Larry & Jean VonBlon Marion Draffan Wisdom * Deceased

Connections is looking for the next generation of philanthropists When Connections at the Richland County Foundation began a decade ago, the focus was to engage, foster and grow the next generation of givers. Founding Connections members include Joanne Blay, Geneva Cummins, Carl Fernyak, Terri Hamilton, Bill Naumoff, Maura Siegenthaler and Josh Taylor. Following several months of meetings, Connections was created in October of 2004 with an original fund of $5,000. Now the endowment totals more than $100,000. Each year between $2,000 and $11,000 is granted to local non-profit organizations. Jeff & Robin Barrett Jennifer Barrett Paul & Laurie Boggs Brian & Amy Staker Breitinger John A. Brown Bob & Paula Cohen Bruce M. & Geneva Cummins Tim & Deb Cusic Rodney and Kimberly Earick Drs. Jonathan & Erin Fain John & Carrie Fanello Mark Fanello Dr. DaleAnne Featheringham Carl & Annamarie Fernyak Scott & Jennifer Foster Cristen Gilbert Gayle Gorman Green Martha Bickley & Bradford Groves Chriss Harris Joseph E. & Edie Humphrey Thomas J. Freund Timothy & Tracy Kissinger Ed & Barb Kulka John & Donna Luedy Gary & Molly McCue

Jason & Andrea Murray Jim Nicholson & Dawn Kitchen Nick Orosan Richard Otto & Linda Hering Ken & Amy Parker Bob & Erica Parnisari Don Harris Jr. Nancy Them John C. Roby Rick Roby Matt & Rachel Schag Brian W. & Krista Schmidt Richard & Susan Schuller Sharon Schulz Bryan & Annette Schutjer Stephanie Seveigny John and Maura Siegenthaler Brent Taylor Josh & Jennifer Taylor Maura J. Teynor Scott Them James Twedt Lawrence W. & Jean L. VonBlon Shane & Kristen Wiltanger Brett & Cheryl Young

Connections 2013 grants: City of Mansfield – Ocie Hill STEM Career Project Discovery School The Natural World Around Us Outdoor Learning Space Domestic Violence Shelter The MOST Club Faith United Methodist Church Y.O.D. (Youth Offsite Domain) Lexington Local Schools Central Pride Days Mansfield Area YMCA Healthy Kids Marathon Ontario Local Schools Rachel’s Challenge “Start a Chain Reaction”


Annual Report 2013

at the Richland County Foundation

Benefactors ($5,000 or more) Helen Anderson Eleanor Beagle* (by Nancy L. Jackson) Nuptial Elizabeth M.Font: Black PMS 328 Elizabeth Color: T. Black Elizabeth T. Black* (by Frank T. Black Family Foundation) Constance F. Brody, Ph.D. Candice Chaffee Mary Jane Cress Katherine N. Fernyak Carol R. Goldman Hansen Fund, The Hazel R. Hansen Phyllis F. Hire Betty J. Horner Edith B. Humphrey Nancy L. Jackson Margaret Kay* (by Thomas R. Kay) Barbara A. Keyser Marjorie M. Kieffer Barbara Lederer Betty L. Massa* (by Mark Berno) Mechanics Savings Bank Richland Bank Salli S. Rohm Pamela H. Siegenthaler Elizabeth L. Smith Linda H. Smith Matthew P. Smith Carol B. Taylor Helen Taylor YMCA 1976 Girls Swim Team Patrons ($2,500 or more) Betty J. Adair Pat Addeo Dorothy Durham Ashbaugh* (by Sara A. Goin) Elsie May Hobday Ashbaugh* (by Sara A. Goin) Elizabeth T. Black* (by Elizabeth M. Black) Mary K. Bolin Joan H. Brown Portia Cummins Carto* (by Elizabeth M. Black) Portia Cummins Carto* (by O. M. Cummins III, Sara L. Cummins, & Suzanne C. Davis) Fran Christian* (by Helen Taylor) Suzanne C. Davis

Patricia DeCenso Susan Duncan Gentille Judith Gibson Sara A. Goin Meredith Rae Haber* (by Rebecca A. Smith) Alberta Harber (by Arlene Senser) Margaret Harrison (by Helen Taylor) Donna Hartnett* (by friends & family) Jill Hand Hautzenroeder Janet E. Wobbecke Hudson Key Foundation Virginia D. Kirkwood Margaret A. Lindley Manairco Employees (by Gayle Gorman Freeman) Mansfield Dental Auxiliary Pearl Neer Plank* (by Verdabelle P. Miller) Lydia J. Reid Mary L. Riedl Suzanne Schamadan Lillian Senser* (by Arlene Senser) Janet B. Nicely Smith Ottelia B. Stoodt* (by Salli Rohm) Helen Taylor Family, The Frances K. Welsh Janene Ann Yeater 10th Year Anniversary Founders$1000 in 2006 Lucy A. Amsbaugh Mary Jo Black Leah Humphrey Blay (by Joanne Blay) Mary Jane Cress Steven O. Cummins and Karen Redfearn Lois C. Flinn* (by friends) Miriam E. Gilbert (By Miriam T. Gilbert) Anna Mae Jones* (by Mary Lou Herrold) Deborah M. Schenk Pamela H. Siegenthaler (by Geneva S. Cummins & Claire Proto) Founders ($1,000 by Dec. 31, 1997) Jeanne Alexander Mary E. R. Alletto Anonymous Donor Kristin Arnold P. K. Athmaram, MD Susan G. Bailey Cynthia Baker Michelle K. Ballinger Mary Ellen Barr* (by Carol Brown & Kathleen Mehl) Helen Bartlett Marianna Basting

Janice Beddard Charma Behnke Cindy Biggs Mary Jo Black Elizabeth H. Blay (by Daniel L. Blay) Joanne H. Blay Maggie Bolin (by James R. Bolin) Billie Brandon, JD Emily Campbell Brown Clarita L. Burton Fran H. Christian Virginia Clay, PhD Clare Duncan Clemens Geneva S. Cummins Sara L. Cummins Joyce A. Curry Diane M. Daniels Ann Drake Rose Ann Dunn JoAnn E. Dutton* (by Joseph Dutton) Ellen Eckert Deborah A. Exten Erin B. Fain, MD Susan E. Fain (by Erin B. Fain, MD) Shelley E. Fisher Pamela S. Fleming Celia J. Flinn, MD Gayle Gorman Freeman Harriett Freeman (by Linda H. Smith) Peggy Jean Fry* (by Constance Ament) Veda J. Gardner Frances B. Gaubatz Miriam T. Gilbert Julie A. Giunti* (by Laurie A. McKeon) Catherine D. Goldman Joetta Goodman Harriet Steele Keating Harbage* (by Karen K. Bierly) Linda Haring Geneva C. Heifner* (by Pamela H. Siegenthaler) Laurie Hickox, DVM Barbara J. Huston Charla A. Irvin Margaret M. Joyce Linda Kafer, PhD Julie Kleshinski Vicki Kolb Shannon S. Lang Karin Fleming Manning Elizabeth F. Marquardt Betty L. Massa Jane McKean Jeanne Meisse Jane Meyer

Henry P. & Marjory L. Michaels* (by Carol Michaels) Shirley Monica Judy & Larry Pabst Sophie Crittenden Polhemus Claire Siegenthaler Proto Betty D. Risser Jane A. Risser Julia Rohles Alice B. Sanford Dell M. Robinson Sanford Deborah M. Schenk Arlene Senser Clara H. Siegenthaler Benjamin D. Smith Christopher M. Smith Elizabeth L. Smith (by Benjamin, Christopher, & Lauren Smith) Lauren Z. Smith Cassandra Stein Sally Stevens Catherine K. Stout Zoe M. Swain Marcine Taylor Lynn E. Humphrey Timmons Heather, Melissa, & Susan Tsavaris Cindy Kalinoff Watson Anne C. Wendling Suzanne S. Wilson Advocates ($1,000 since Jan. 1, 1998) Deborah L. Adams Altrusa International, Inc. of Mansfield Ivy Amos F. Andrew Black Claire Blay (by Joanne & Dan Blay) Glenna Cannon Teresa Cooperider Bambi Couch Page Emma Lousie Cummins (by Geneva S. Cummins) Nancie Cummins Barbara Cunning Rees Davis* (by family & friends) Suzanne C. Davis (by Elizabeth M. Black) Kay Fathe* (by Helen Taylor) Annmarie Fernyak (by Katherine N. Fernyak) Stephanie Fernyak, Dr. (by Katherine N. Fernyak) Susan E. Fernyak, MD Marcy Sweda Flinn* (by Celia J. Flinn, MD) Pamela Fonseca Alice A. Frazier Harriett Freeman

Esther M. Fry General Motors-Mansfield Plant Sandra Gibbons Bernice Goldman* (by Bill & Carol Goldman) Mariann S. Hand Edward Hansen (by Sandy Gibbons & Hazel R. Hansen) Alta J. Hartman* (by Maxine Smith) Lisa & Scott Humphrey Hilda Johnson* (by Betty J. Adair) Nancy Joyce Mary Jo Hull (by Helen Taylor) James W. Kehoe (by Shelby Foundation) Terry B. Kehoe (by Shelby Foundation) Nancy Kolb Ann L. Konstam Jane Ann Korol* (by Stanley Korol) Martha Ellen Stahl Lenhart (by LaDonna J. O’Neal) LTV Copperweld Marilou Marshall Marilyn McCready Pauline Keller McKinney* (by Barbara Lederer) MedCentral Employee Civic Fund Carol Melchior Mary Moloney* (by Jane McKean) Gabriella Morando* (by Jim & Elizabeth Morando) Agnes E. Moritz* (by Fred Moritz) Katherine Norem* (by Katherine N. Fernyak) Georgia Kelly Nosker (by Judith Croghan) Cynthia B. O’Neal Jane K. O’Neal* (by William & Ladonna O’Neal) Rani Piar Norma E. Pfeifer* (by Carl E. Pfeifer) Mary Kay Ransdell Cynthia M. Roby Kristen C. Rohm (by Salli Rohm) Gretchen Rohm-Ensing (by Salli Rohm) Bonita Ronk Kim J. Ronk (by Bonita Ronk) Carolyn L. Rusteburg Nancy Peppard Rupp* (by family & friends) Christine Schenk* (by family & friends) Dorothy Correll Smith* (by Lucy A. Amsbaugh) Martha B. Tawse Louise H. Taylor Dorothy Van Voorhis* (by Sally Workman) Karen Rohm Williams (by Salli Rohm) Bold indicates new level of giving *Contribution in memoriam

For women, by women, for the future The Women’s Fund at the Richland County Foundation hopes to reach a monumental goal by 2016, $1 million dollars in its endowment. In order to reach the milestone the Women’s Fund is recruiting donors. A person becomes part of the fund simply by making a monetary gift; often to celebrate or honor a special woman. The fund was formed in 1996 to promote philanthropy among women to provide funding to programs and projects that empower women and girls to achieve their full potential. Since its inception the Women’s Fund has awarded 157 grants totaling over $264,000.

The Women’s Fund Advisory Board members include, 1st row: Carol Chambers, Jeanne Meisse, Suzanne Davis, Billie Brandon, Judie Collins and Ruby WilkesFeagin. 2nd row: Lynn Fahmy, Lydia Reid, Fran Welsh, Paula Cohen, Carolyn Carto and Judy Gibson. Not pictured: Janice Beddard, Mary Cabrera Kennard and Thelda Dillon. Parenting is the focus of the grants awarded by the Women’s Fund. City of Mansfield – Department of Regional Community Advancement Bottoms Up! Help Me Grow Project

Harmony House Homeless Services, Inc. Feed, Flower, Flourish

Emergency Pregnancy Aid Contact (EMPAC) Loving + Learning = Bonding

Parent Aide Program, Inc. Enriching Foundations for Moms College Scholarships 2 - Non-traditional students


Memorial and Honor Gifts

Richland County Foundation

Constance Adair Betty Bacquet Raymond Bacquet Martha Baer Eleanor Beagle F. Loyal Bemiller Judith Bemiller Roger Benjamin James Bierly Enid R. Black Bea Bogner Marilyn Boling Sarah Brandon Emily C. Brown Frances Carto Dortha Chilcote Claire Clemens Margaret Close C.C. Cochard Ben Contra Carol Core Carmen Croghan Jessica Croghan Kathleen Croghan Geneva Cummins Elinore Cunning Grace Cunningham Gwen Cunningham Marc Davis Tim Davis Jr. Tom Doty Karen Duffey

Jo Ann Duvall Everett Eckstein Carla Eisenloffel Lenora Emerson Gretchen Rohm Ensing Mary Anne Eutzy Nabil G. Fahmy Yvette Fahmy Lucia Fazzini Annamarie Fernyak Christine Fernyak John C. Fernyak Katherine Fernyak Stephanie Fernyak Susan Fernyak Alma Fisher Andrew Fisher Mark S. Fisher Robert Fisher Jane Ann Flory Douglas C. Freer Betty French Catherine Garber Veronica Groff John P. Gross Marjorie Hail Ada Hall Mariann Hand Catherine Haring Nancy & Rich Hartman Donna Hartnett Geneva Heifner

Jack Hively Amy Hockett Janet Kehres Lillian Kenderes Legenza Family Mary Lesseuer Juanita Lindley Longley Sisters Helen Macky Betty Massa Katherine McCarrick Thelda McDermott David McVicker Eva Melnik Judith Merrill Mo Minich Mary Moloney Jenny Motley Emma Heintz Nelson Katherine Norem Ron Pence Norma Pfeifer Les Pierce Murl Preble Claire Proto Bets Risser Rick Risser Kristen Rohm Salli Rohm Maxine Ross Dell M. Sanford George V. Sautter

Shirley Schoenman Joseph Seibert Robert Seibert Colleen Seymour C. Peter Siegenthaler Clara Siegenthaler Sondra Siegenthaler Joann Smith Sarah Davis Spearing Ruth M. Stall Stimmell Ottelia Stoodt Eva Stuckman Suzanne Sumner Cristine Sutter John Sutter Robert Sutter Stella Sutter Theresa Sutter Jon Taylor Jennifer Tetrick Joyce Tilus Janet Turley William J. Tyznik Wendi Ward Naomi Z. Watson Frances Welsh DeeDee Wessling Jane Wessling Karen Rohm Williams Ashley Yetzer Carl Ziehm Jr.

New Gifts A Patricia Addeo Laverne M. Airhart Ivy L. Amos Lucy A. Amsbaugh John A. & Norma J. Armstrong George & Margie Arnold Mark & Sandi Arnold Asebrook & Co. Architects B Ephraim H. Bacquet Marcia Baer Pete & Susan Bailey Richard L. Baker Jeff & Robin Barrett Angus W. & Jane Barton Richard & Sally Beal Benevolence Fund Janice Beddard Ed Beer Larry & Linda K. Beer Thomas H. & Marilyn A. Beerman Wayne & Pat Bell F. Loyal & Judith Bemiller Mike & Tina Bennett Mark Berno C. Ruth Berry Big Brothers/Big Sisters of N. Central Ohio Candy K. Bishop Martha Jane Black Mary Jo Black Frank T. Black Family Fund Marian H. Blahnik Virginia A. Blizzard Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust Mary Boals Dr. Joseph J. Bocka Mark A. & Cynthia K. Bosko Ralph Boyd Foundation Billie Brandon Breitinger Company

Brian & Amy Breitinger Charles G. Brown John A. Brown Joyce W. Brown Robert Brown The Honorable Sherrod Brown Buckeye Pumps, Inc. Bucyrus Precision Tech, Inc. C Mary Cabrera Kennard Glenna R. Cannon Patricia Carlisle David D. & Carolyn M. Carto David L. & Audrey Carto Robert J. Cassity Iva-Jean Cavanaugh Candice Linden Chaffee Charitable Gift Fund Patricia Chilcote Child Care Choices Ettore Chiudioni Civitan Club of Mansfield Bob & Paula Cohen Judie K. Collins Mrs. Ben Contra Emily M. Coon Roger Coulton David & Julia Crawford Judith Croghan Arlene Crosser Blaine A. & Gail A. Crosser Denice R. Crowner Bruce M. & Geneva Cummins Richard & Nancie Cummins Robert & Mary Jane Cunningham D Mary Damron Lee Ellen Davies Dennis A. Davis Dennis N. & Polly Davis Harold H. Davis

Suzanne Davis Ted & Brenda Davis Joanne Dawson Hatcher Day Jodie Dees Tom & Nancy Depler Thelda Dillon Discovery School Beverly E. Doty Jim Dudley & Susan Fernyak E Bonnie Elias Elliott Machine Works, Inc. Wilma G. Elliott Mary Anne Eutzy William H. Eutzy Ronald R. & Brenda L. Eyerly F Dr. & Mrs. Andrew Fahmy Drs. Jonathan & Erin Fain James C. Fanello John & Carrie Fanello Mark Fanello Dr. DaleAnne Featheringham John & Katherine Fernyak Dr. Susan E. Fernyak David E. & Nancy B. Ferris Andrew S. Fisher Bob & Alma Fisher Jana S. Fisher Pamela Fonseca S. N. & Ada Ford Fund Scott & Jennifer Foster Alice Fraizer Dr. Evelyn B. Freeman Dr. Gary & Sandra Freeman Gregory W. & Carolyn Freer Friends of the Mansfield-Richland County Public Library, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. M. Scott Fulmer


Annual Report 2013

New Gifts G Veda J. Gardner Estate Frances B. Gaubatz Susan Duncan Gentille Nicholas & Sally Gesouras Dr. David M. Gibson Judy Gibson Cristen Gilbert C. Eugene & Sara A. Goin Bill & Carol Goldman Steve Goldman Foundation Inc. Mike & Sheri Gombosch & Family Rich Green & Gayle Gorman Green Nancy A. Green John P. Gross Trust Martha Bickley & Bradford Groves H Bernard M. & Sherry Hallabrin James Hallabrin Jerry & Tammy Hammett Mari Haring Chriss Harris Dr. David & Linda Hartzfeld Malinda Heineking Jim & Debby Henry Stephany Hepner Ms. Lucille E. Hering Hi-Stat Manufacturing Co., Inc. Marilyn Hixson Julia K. Hoffman Bradley & Lee Hostetler Marilyn J. Humeston Joseph E. & Edie Humphrey Willie L. Hunn William & Kathleen Hurdle I Integrity Insurance Solutions J Dr. Bruce & Nancy L. Jackson Marie Jackson

Jay Plastics, Inc. Janet S. Jaynes Kathy Jenney Philip & Marilyn Johnson Leah R. Jones JP Morgan Chase Foundation K Neal E. & Romayne T. Kaffen Walter & Ann Kania John J. Kastelic Doug & Marilyn Kempf & Family Mike & Cindy Kenyon Kina A. Kerst Barbara A. Keyser Fennell Marjorie M. Kieffer Estate Yolanda Kirschner Lee & Reta Kirsh Lee Kohler Sylvia Kolunie Nicholas Kozimor The Kroger Company James & Jean Kulig Jennifer J. Kuns L Pat, Dawn & Tyler La Susa Marjorie M. Leonard Lexington Alumni Association Lexington Avenue Offices LLC Sarah S. Lichtenstein Lind Outdoor Advertising Company Katherine Kenyon Lippitt Foundation Richard D. & Barbara I. Long Anne Loucks M Susan Madura & Karen Butner Alice & Lewie Main Justin & Lynn Marotta Marilou Marshall Rose Mary Martin George Mateyo

New Gifts John P. & Phyllis S. McCarrick Mary Lou McClarren Eleanor Searle Whitney McCollum Foundation Gary & Molly McCue Lois M. McCullough Frances McCurry George G. McElligott Patricia McGinty Jane McKean Laurie McKeon Dell Armstrong McMillen Fund Jean McVicar Meadow Estates Limited Partnership Robert B. Meese Dixie G. Mehock Mennel Milling Company Milliron Foundation Ralph E. Minich Mintz Family Foundation, The Moritz Concrete, Inc. Martin & Lora Moritz MT Business Technologies, Inc. Jim & Cindy Mudra Jana Mulherin Jason & Andrea Murray N Gary A. & Lucy B. Negin Linda Nelson Tim, Cindy & Thomas Nesbitt Sharlene Neumann Dr. William C. Newman, D.D. O Cynthia B. O’Neal Ontario Swim Team Jennifer S. Opperman The Ohio State University - Mansfield Richard Otto & Linda Hering P Ken & Amy Parker

Bob & Erica Parnisari Constance F. Pastor Pepperidge Farm, Inc. Carl E. Pfeifer Dan & Sue Phallen Ray & Rani Piar Pineridge Investments, LLC Pioneer Career & Technology Center John Pottmeyer Maureen Prinz Jonathan B. Pulcini R Rable Machine Inc. James J. & Helen E. Rahall Mark & Pam Reed Dorothy A. Rein Estate Reitler Insurance Agency Renaissance Performing Arts Richland Bank Richland Newhope Industries, Inc. Riester, Lump & Burton, CPA’S Inc. Judy Riley Jane A. Risser Roby Foster Miller & Earick Ins. Co. Richard & Salli Rohm Gretchen Rohm-Ensing Richard & Bonita Ronk Rosenthal Family Foundation Thomas & Joan Ross Rotary Club of Mansfield Timothy K. & Terri A. Rupert The Fran & Warren Rupp Foundation S Roger and Heidi Sanderson & Family Allen M. Sanford Dell M. “Boots“ Sanford Steve & Lori Santmyer Jean U. Sauter Ludwig E. & Deborah M. Schenk Brian W. & Krista Schmidt

G. Stanford Schneider Trust Paul & Sue Schneir Richard & Susan Schuller Bryan & Annette Schutjer Cliff & Pat Schutjer Schwan’s Home Service, Inc. Nancy Seibert Thomas L. Seitz Select Sires, Inc. Melinda Semerar Stephanie Seveigny Andrew Shiplet Paul and Adelyn Shumaker Foundation Donald K. Sidle Dave & Theresa E. Siebold John & Sondra Siegenthaler Thomas R. & Pamela H. Siegenthaler Charles T. Sinsabaugh David & Peggy Sipes Jan Smith Laurie Smith Mark & Debbie Smith Matthew P. & Linda H. Smith Melvin L. Smith Tobie A. Smith Troy A. Smith Snyder Funeral Home Sherri Somers South Main Historic, LLC Mark & Beth DeLaney Darrell & Brenda Starr-Jude James William Stepro W. Chandler & Elizabeth Stevens Jon Stinehour Gary R. Stroup Mark & Deborah Stull John & Suzanne Sumner John Yatko & Cristine Sutter John A. & Theresa R. Sutter Rosemary J. Sutter

Stella Sutter T The Tagg Family Tracy Tappan Brent Taylor Richard G. Taylor Maura J. Teynor Scott Them Albert Touby Ralph & Martha Turley James Twedt U Richard & Sally Uhde V Sam & Janet VanCura Craig C. & Susan L. Vandlik Wesley & Sandra J. Volz Lawrence W. & Jean L. VonBlon 31 Dan & Jane Vorbroker W Dr. Blake D. & Gere C. Wagner, Sr. Mary Ellen Walter Richard M. & Joyce M. Walters Helen E. Wappner Wednesday Study Club Melissa K. Weirick Weithman Bucyrus, LLC Dennis & Lori Welfle David, Julia & Reid Welsh Frances K. Welsh Dr. James Wiggin Christopher (CJ) Wilging Ruby Wilkes-Feagin Doris Williams Shane & Kristen Wiltanger E. Harry & Joan K. Wirstrom Y Ms. Jean Yost Z Jerry & Minnie Zeger

Annual Report 2013



Suite 100 24 West Third Street Mansfield, OH 44902-1209 419.525.3020 telephone 419.525.1590 fax


The Richland County Foundation has been recognized for having organizational and financial practices that are in compliance with National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations.

The mission of the Richland County Foundation is to improve and enhance the quality of life in Richland County through strategic philanthropy and community leadership.

Provide Leadership and act as a catalyst in identifying and addressing emerging community needs. Distribute Grants for charitable purposes in the areas of Health, Economic and Community Development, Basic Human Needs, Education, Arts & Culture, the Environment, and Community Services. Prudently Manage the Foundation’s resources to achieve the maximum benefit for Richland County in perpetuity. Identify and Cultivate Donors of all economic means and charitable interests. Assist Donors in establishing funds to meet community needs and distribute proceeds in accordance with the donor’s intent.