Annual Report | The Carmel Foundation

Annual Report | The Carmel Foundation

2015 THE CARMEL FOUNDATION Providing a Place for Seniors to Gather “It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; it’s the construction of...

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Providing a Place for Seniors to Gather

“It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.” David Allen Coe

And stand the test of time we have. From humble beginnings, The Carmel Foundation was created with love and concern by a small group of men and women and has endured 65 years to what it is today. Low-income housing, a lunch program and the chance to socialize were some of the initial opportunities offered. More recently, the Foundation has provided increased offerings in our Tech Center, a bustling café, and the addition of Monterey Bay Village to support people who choose to remain in their own homes as they age. We have been successful because of people like you and our community that have supported this organization from the beginning and value the services we provide to seniors. “An Adventure in Neighborliness” continues…

O It was 65 years ago that Mrs. Trevvett and a number of fellow individuals, concerned about the aging of their neighbors, set forth to create something special; somewhere where people could go to “feel less alone.” Focusing on meeting the needs of seniors, the group identified several services that would be most impactful. While the Foundation has ebbed and flowed with the changing needs of our members, the Foundation’s purpose of increasing the comfort, happiness and sense of wellbeing of seniors remains strong 65 years later.


“I lost my daughter to cancer and my brother to cancer, so there’s no one left. Where are you going to go?”

that those who made our community what it is today are not forced to relocate away from the area they call home.

LUNCH “The lunch program is about much more than good food. The sense of comradeship is just as important.” ~ Mrs Robotti, Board member from 1981-87

A group of the Foundation’s founding members gathered for a potluck once a month to socialize; the beginning of what the lunch program is today. Meals are offered at an affordable cost to help meet all of our members’ nutritional and social needs.

~ Barbara

The inception of the Foundation’s low-income housing began in 1962 with the purchase of a 4-unit apartment building. Through the years, the acquisition of housing continued. Today, The Foundation offers 50 apartments to low and very low income seniors from our area so



Providing a Place for Seniors to Gather

Acrylic Art Class Drumming Circle Fine Arts Lab Needlecraft Group Photography Group Painting with Julia Harnett Harvey Wood Carving Current Events Discussion Group Great Minds Online Men’s Discussion Group Women’s Discussion Group AARP Safety Driving Bridge Chess Texas Hold’em Awareness Through Movement/Feldenkrais Line Dancing Melodic Memories Personal Fitness, Lo-Impact Topics in Music Pilates Serene Body Stretch


those homebound. The cost in 1960 for a meal was $1.25. Today, the cost is $6 for a 3-course meal delivered by a friendly volunteer.


“I can tell you that this program was and still is a life saver for us…(my husband) is now in Hospice care at home and I am a full time caregiver. Please keep your homebound meals in place – we deeply appreciate this program and the kind volunteers who provide delivery.”

“After my wife’s death, my membership in the Foundation and the friendships I made there helped me to survive the most devastating period in my life.”

In November 1960, meal delivery to homebound seniors began. This program was developed by a group of dedicated neighbors who realized their frail neighbors were in need of a home cooked nutritional meal. Today, meals are delivered to those who may no longer have the ability to provide themselves with a nutritious meal. Since the beginning of the program, volunteers have brought freshly made meals in sealed containers to


~ Anonymous

From the moment the Foundation doors open in the morning, people can be found in the Field Café sharing stories over a cup of coffee. Later in the day you can hear the laughter spilling from the dining room where people enjoy a delicious homemade meal and good conversation with their peers. From dusk to dawn, seniors are connecting with seniors. The Foundation looks forward to future years as we continue to offer vibrant programming and vital services to seniors in our community.


Tai Chi Essentials Walking Group Yoga



~ Anonymous

50+ Classes Offered Each Week— Invigorating and Inspiring Members

Whether it be for low-income housing, our vibrant programming, the lunch program or a host of other offerings, your financial support is used in a variety of ways to help seniors in our community. Here’s how we put your gifts to work in the last year: Support Services Lunches prepared: 21,705 Meals delivered to homebound seniors: 3,780 Low-Income Housing: 51 residents Home, Hospital and Residential Care Visits: 157 Medical Equipment Loans: 732 Social Services Took an out-of-town tour: 689 Enjoyed a Wednesday Program: 2,374 Came to a movie: 583


Garden Group

A host of exhilarating events take place surrounding The Carmel Foundation. We kick off the year in January with Philanthropic Foodies, an extraordinary food and wine event. In March, the Foundation is pleased to be the beneficiary of Anton & Michel’s Red & White Wine Tasting Gala. Shortly thereafter, The Carmel Foundation hosts its Annual Gala, an elegant evening of good food, good wine, and good company. In August, the streets of Carmel-by-the-Sea are filled with collector cars during CONCOURS ON THE AVENUE with the Foundation as the non-profit beneficiary. Thank you to the many donors, sponsors and attendees of the events that help support vibrant programming and services for seniors in our community.

Visionary Health Care Services

PLATINUM SPONSORS Glastonbury, Inc., Wells Fargo Bank, NA

SILVER SPONSORS Central Coast Senior Services, Monterey Insurance Agencies

WINE SPONSORS Chateau Julien Wine Estate, Holman Ranch Vineyards, Scheid Vineyards, Silvestri Vineyards

TABLE SPONSORS Aspire Health Plan, Central Coast VNA & Hospice, Community Health Innovations, Sotheby’s International Realty



From the Bookshelf Non-Fiction Reading Discussion Guitar Introduction to Piano Jazz Appreciation Corel Painter Fun with iPads


Evening Book Club


Sarah McCloud Berling Scott and Ann Bray Janet Rappa and Paul Bruno Katherine Bucquet Bill and Terry Burns Jeff and Lisa Coburn Robert and Karen Cowdrey Cora Mae Duke Dr. Jeffrey and Martha Froke Tom and Christine Gaspich Lori Hightower Mike Hollingsworth Mike and Barbara Jashinski Lisa St. Mary and Steve Johnson Gary and Lynn LaMar Don and Robin Leach


Mike and Alexis Mason Sue McCloud Melissa McKenzie Stan and Sharon Meresman Martha Myszak Todd Porteous Nettie Porter Graeme and Chris Robertson Dr. Matthew and Helena Romans Lee and Shirley Rosen Dr. Scott and Beverly Schneiderman Neil and Jill Sheffield Sue Peccianti and Don Smythe Andrea Thatcher Dave and Linda Wilsey

Open Computer Sessions with Instructors PrintShop Websites! Open Computer Lab Keys to Unlock Writer’s Block for Women Poetry Writing Writing Memoirs

Carmel Realty Company

THE CARMEL FOUNDATION’S GALA Over 150 people enjoyed an elegant evening at Monterey Peninsula Country Club in Pebble Beach. This event, celebrating 65 years, raised funds to support the multi-faceted programs and services that The Carmel Foundation provides.


CARMEL-BY-THE-SEA CONCOURS ON THE AVENUE “We can have confidence and trust in the immediate assistance and recommendations we receive from Monterey Bay Village. We are SO appreciative of the freedom and security we experience with the care they provide for our home and garden as we grow older.” ~ Sue and Jack Wulfmeyer, Village members Monterey Bay Village opened its virtual doors three years ago to address the desire of many seniors to remain in their homes as they age. This independent lifestyle appeals to many seniors who do not want to depend on their busy adult children or friends to help with household tasks, transportation, and something as simple as changing a light bulb. As a Monterey Bay Village member, assistance is just


a phone call away. Members receive peace of mind knowing that one of 80 vetted service providers, ranging from handymen to personal organizers, can provide the assistance needed at a preferred rate for Village members. Services such as transportation, computer help, and light household chores are available through a network of screened volunteers at no additional fee.


For the eighth consecutive year, The Carmel Foundation has had the honor being the non-profit beneficiary of CARMEL-BY-THE-SEA CONCOURS ON THE AVENUE. During this prestigious event, 18 blocks of downtown Carmel are filled with collector cars, celebrating the finest in automotive design and engineering.

PHILANTHROPIC FOODIES An extraordinary dinner was paired with remarkable local wines at La Playa Carmel; a culinary event to be remembered.

RED & WHITE WINE TASTING GALA For the second year, Anton & Michel chose The Carmel Foundation as the nonprofit beneficiary of their Red & White Wine Tasting Gala, a festive evening of delicious food and extraordinary wines.


Providing a Place for Seniors to Gather

Revenue Sources




General & Administrative 13%




Realized Gain

Unrealized Gain

Other Income







Interest & Dividends

2,000,000 Fundraising & Development 14%

Programs 73%


Statement of Activities

Statement of Financial Position July 1, 2014-June 30, 2015

minimum distribution. Please note that you must be 70 ½ years of age or older at the time of your gift and your gift cannot exceed $100,000.

CHARITABLE GIFT ANNUITIES WAYS TO GIVE It is generous support from people like you that has kept The Carmel Foundation vital for 65 years and will keep us vital for many years to come. As we do not accept government funding, we rely on the generosity of others to keep our doors open to everyone. Your charitable investment in seniors helps support successful aging within our community.


A charitable gift annuity allows the donor to receive a guaranteed fixed income for life via our partnership with Community Foundation for Monterey County.

LEGACY SOCIETY The Legacy Society honors those donors who help shape the future of The Carmel Foundation through legacy gifts. Allocating a certain dollar amount or percentage of your estate to the Foundation is a meaningful way to have your support continue beyond your lifetime.

This is the easiest and most direct form of a donation.

PILLARS GIFTS OF STOCK A gift of appreciated stock allows a tax deduction for its fair market value enabling you to avoid capital gains tax. Your stockbroker can assist in transferring your gift of stock to our brokerage account.

IRA CHARITABLE ROLLOVER This form of giving can enable direct gifts to the Foundation from your IRA. An IRA Charitable Rollover can be excluded from your gross income, thus being a tax-free rollover, and can count towards your required


Join the Pillars of The Carmel Foundation who support our programs with their cumulative lifetime giving of $10,000 or more. The Carmel Foundation acknowledges the generosity of our Pillars by placing a plaque with their name on the Pillars of The Carmel Foundation Wall. For additional information on ways you can support The Carmel Foundation, please call the Director of Development at 831.620.8701 or consult with your tax professional, financial advisor or CPA.


Revenue Grants Membership Donations Bequests Interest & Dividends Other Income Total Securities Gains & Losses Unrealized Gain (Loss) Realized Gain (Loss) Total Programs & Misc. Income Total Revenues Expenses & Subsidies Granted Housing Support Services Activities & Classes Lunch Program Fundraising & Development General & Administrative Total Expenses & Subsidies

$ 124,450 $ 280,436 $ 246,211 $ 2,653,761 $ 179,130 $ 6,576 $ 3,490,564 $ (443,762) $ 139,804 $ (303,958) $


$ 3,748,586 $ $ $ $ $ $

659,132 473,988 388,485 299,899 354,559 327,585

$ 2,503,648

Change: Net Assets from Operations

$ 1,244,937

Net Assets, Beginning of Fiscal Year

$ 14,458,191

Net Assets, End of Fiscal Year

$ 15,703,128

June 30, 2015 Assets Cash & Other Liquid Assets Receivables Accounts Receivable Bequest Receivable Prepaid Expenses Total Investments (at Market) Total Currents Assets Long Term Assets Land Lease (Norton Court) Land/Bldg/Equip Net

$ 2,691,568 $ $ $

315 576,001 37,799



$ 6,987,894 $ 10,293,577 $ 1,000,000 $ 4,576,669

Total Long Term Assets

$ 5,576,669

Total Assets

$ 15,870,246

Liabilities & Fund Balance Liabilities Accounts Payable Accrued Liabilities & Deposits Total Fund Balance Unrestricted Temporarily Restricted Permanently Restricted

$ $

63,923 103,194



$ 12,834,360 $ 1,613,299 $ 1,255,470

Total Net Assets

$ 15,703,128

Total Liabilities & Net Assets

$ 15,870,246

These figures are unaudited.


Providing a Place for Seniors to Gather

ANNUAL GIVING The Carmel Foundation gratefully acknowledges the following donors who provided support to our annual operating fund in the 2014-2015 fiscal year.



Mary C. Bell Estate of Winifred J. Colton Estate of Keith B. and Virginia P. Evans Estate of Rodney and Betty Guilfoil Estate of Doris M. Lawton Estate of Stuart Miller Estate of Claudia Treadwell and Harry Neumann Estate of Alan and Jean Pedersen Estate of Parnell A. Rickerson Estate of Juanita S. Rosser Estate of Jane V. Shedlin Estate of James Dowell and Patricia Scott Vance

$10,000 - $19,999 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Longo Mr. William H. Smith Estate of Joseph and Ethel Szewczak

$1,000 - $9,999 Dr. and Mrs. George A. Albright Mr. and Mrs. Peter Blackstock Mrs. Helen B. Breck Ms. Janet Rappa and Mr. Paul Bruno Katherine Bucquet Richard and Nancy Burns Family Trust Jacqueline Clampett-Jones Ms. Katharine Comstock Mr. and Mrs. David E. Conklin Mr. and Mrs. William Doolittle Mr. and Mrs. William G. Doolittle Mrs. Madeleine A. Dowdakin Estate of Mary Jane Drummond Mrs. Karen D. Egan Joel and Dena Gambord Ellyn J. Gelson Mr. and Mrs. John Hartman Mr. Donald High Ms. Jan Hopkins Mr. and Mrs. Mike Jashinski Mr. Roy Kaminske Mary Lou Kissel Mrs. Mary Krecki Mr. and Mrs. Armand L. Labbe Lynn and Gary LaMar Steven C. Mast Ms. Susan A. McCloud Mr. and Mrs. Stan Meresman Ms. Earline Arnold and Dr. Deryck Nuckton Mr. and Mrs. John O’Brien Richard and Hester Parker Don and Janet Reilly Neil K. Robertson Mr. and Ms. Charles J. Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Sedelmeyer Mr. and Mrs. Alan Silvestri Dr. and Mrs. Charles R. Snorf Dr. Joseph J. Verska


Colonel Russ R. Wiley Mr. David C. Wilsey, CPA Dan and Kathy Yost

$500 - $999 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew A. Allison Mrs. Jean Artz Elizabeth Bates Ms. Mary N. Berry Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bloxom Miss Ellen M. Buckley Mr. and Mrs. Jim Burnis Mr. Bruce Canepa Mr. Jeff Coburn Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Cowdrey Mr. and Mrs. Larry De St. Jeor Mr. and Mrs. William S. Decker Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gaspich Ms. Randi Greene Sabreh Gross Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Hammond Ms. Janet S. Hoehn Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Kelley Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Kiatta Mrs. Marguerite A. Langley Ms. Cynthia Snorf Livermore Col. and Mrs. David F. Matthews Mrs. Barbara Moody Wayne and Shirley Moon Mr. Francis A. Pastor Mr. Todd Porteous Mr. Robert W. Rahal Ms. Nita Robbins Karen and David Sharp Jill and Neil Sheffield Mrs. Mary J. Sherman Ms. Shirley J. Steele Ms. Sylvia Stewart Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Thorp Mr. and Mrs. William H. Tyler Mr. H. Van Gansen Mr. Leon L. Vickman Dr. Ralph H. Wolfe

$100 - $499 Mr. and Mrs. Aziz Abidari Dr. and Mrs. Michael Adams Mr. and Mrs. Gary Aden

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Aeschliman Mr. Jim Agan Mr. and Mrs. Louis P. Aldana Ms. Luann G. David and Mr. Glen T. Alder Mr. Robert Alen Dr. and Mrs. Terry Alfriend Mrs. Patricia L. Alhona Ms. Sheila Allaire Mrs. Patricia A. Allen Ms. Filipina T. Anacleto


Mr. and Mrs. David L. Anderson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John E. Anderson Dr. and Mrs. Paul D. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Jim Anderson Ms. Dawn Anderson Ms. Monica M. Anderson Mrs. Marie M. Angrist Mr. and Mrs. Robert Armstead Ms. Kathleen Armstrong Mr. and Mrs. Bert Aronson Mrs. Agnes M. Ash Mrs. Sally Askew Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Asling Ms. Julie Aspinwall-Lamberts Mrs. Doris Rose Auerbach Mr. William L. Babaian Mr. and Mrs. Gary Bang Mrs. Linda H. Bank Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bardsley III Mrs. Helen Barkalow Mr. and Mrs. Edwin K. Barker Dr. and Mrs. Richard H. Barratt Franzel I. Bartels Mrs. Betty P. Bass Tracy Steeper and Donald Battles Mr. and Mrs. Henry Baumgartner Mr. and Mrs. Fred M. Beam Dr. and Mrs. H. Glenn Bell, Jr. Mrs. Joan R. Beller Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bellini Mrs. Bernice Bender Mr. Gregory S. Benedict Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Bennett Mrs. Alice Dutton Bergin Sarah McCloud Berling Ms. Rae Berry Ms. Mindy Weiss and Mr. Arnie Bertram Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Besmehn Mrs. Laurie MacTavish Best Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Bestor Mrs. Patricia M. Bigbee Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Black Ms. Betsy W. Bliss Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Blodget Dr. and Mrs. Philip H. Blodget Mrs. Susan D. Blois Dr. and Mrs. Richard Bloom Ms. Tammy Blount Mrs. Patricia H. Blurton Ms. Elizabeth J. Bluth Mrs. I. G. Boelter Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. Bolgard Pastor and Mrs. Mark Bollwinkel Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Borda Maureen Bordan Mrs. Geraldine M. Borovilos Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Bossart Ms. Mary E. Boyken Mrs. Cherie Bozlee Mr. and Mrs. William J. Bradford Mr. Scott Bray Mr. and Mrs. Andy Briant Mr. and Mrs. Gary Brient Ms. Jana Brinsmead Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Briscoe Mrs. Mary E. Bristow Mrs. Marcie M. Marcotte Brogan Ms. Anita McCullough and Mr. Douglas R. Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Brown

Dr. and Mrs. John S. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Harmon W. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Brown Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bryan Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Buckham Mrs. Barbara B. Bucquet Mr. and Mrs. Anthony T. Budlong Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Bullock-Wilson Ms. Josephine M. Bunn Mr. and Mrs. Norman Burger Rev. and Mrs. John H. Burk Mr. Jason K. Burnett Mr. and Mrs. William A. Burns Mr. and Mrs. John D. Bush Helga B. Buss Ms. Susan Butkus Mr. and Mrs. Rick Butterworth Mrs. Sally F. Calabrese Mr. and Mrs. John T. Calcagno Estate of Robert and Ruthella Caldwell Mr. and Mrs. Hugh G. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Canepa Mrs. Betty Canter Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Cardoza Alice and John Carley Ms. Patricia Carlson Mr. and Mrs. George D. Carlson Dr. and Mrs Gerald Carnazzo Mr. and Mrs. Noel P. Carr Dr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Carroll Dr. and Mrs. John T. Castagna Ms. Ellyn G. Roemelt and Mr. Vincent P. Catania Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Cater Ms. Paula A. Cathey Jeanne and Ed Cavallini Ms. Delphine M. Charland Mr. and Mrs. H. Keith Chase Ms. Pimporn Chavasant Mr. and Mrs. Elio A. Chiappe Mr. and Mrs. Jim S. Chibidakis Debbie Chinn Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Cicero Mrs. Mary L. Clarkson Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Cleaver Ms. Helen Cochems Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Cogan Mr. and Mrs. Howard Colehower Mr. and Mrs. Paul V. Colony Ms. Virginia M. Colwell Mr. and Mrs. Andy H. Cominos Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Condry Mrs. Carla Lepori Coniglio Mr. and Mrs. David E. Conklin Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Conmy Mr. and Mrs. Contreras Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Corcoran Mr. Ron Corradini Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Courtney Ms. Terry and Mr. Cox Mrs. Shirley D. Coyne Drs. Pamela and John Craig Mrs. Ruth M. Craig Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Craig, Jr. Mrs. Barbara M. Cranston Joan Crenshaw Mrs. Lydia P. Criley Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Crooke Col. and Mrs. Arvid P. Croonquist, Jr. Ms. Julia N. Crow Ms. Bonnie Culp Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Currier Mr. and Mrs. William A. Daniel Ms. Helga Danos

Dr. Martha D. Lynn and Mr. Robert Danziger Mrs. Andrea J. Darin Mr. and Mrs. Craig Davis Ms. Carole A. Davis Mr. Wayne Davis Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Davis Ms. Norma H. Davis Ms. Susan M. Davis Ms. Diane M. De Moss Mrs. Mary Delfino Ms. Daphne Dennis Mr. and Mrs. Steve J. Dennis Mr. and Mrs. Roderick L. Dewar Mrs. Patricia K. Dilks Ms. M. Susan Ditzler Ms. Helen M. Dixon Mr. Douglas Dodge Dr. Donald L. Donohugh Drs. Patricia A. Donovan and William B. Donovan Ms. Roberta Dooley Mr. and Mrs. William Dorey Miss Dianne H. Doyle Ms. Susan Draper Mr. and Mrs. George W. DuBois Mrs. Joy Dudley Mrs. Jean M. Duff Mr. and Mrs. Dan Dugan Mrs. Cora Mae Duke Mr. and Mrs. John P. Durein Mr. and Mrs. Eddie J. Eagling Mr. and Mrs. Don Eastman Mr. and Mrs. Joe Eccher Mr. and Mrs. William W. Eggleston Mr. Marc Eldridge Dr. Brian J. Ellinoy Mr. and Mrs. J. Randolph Elliott Mr. and Mrs. James C. Emery Mr. Jack M. Endert Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Ennes Mr. and Mrs. John A. Estep Mr. and Mrs. G. Robert Evans Kent and Evelyn Evans Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Ewen Ms. Judith Ann Ewing Mr. Richard A. Falge Ms. Melissa L. Farrell Ms. Margaret L. Farrier Dennis O’Connor and Christy Ferguson Mr. Robert A. Ferguson Mrs. Carroll A. Fergusson Mr. and Mrs. Raymond V. Ferrucci Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Finch Mrs. Jacklyn Finley Ms. Rita J. Thangaraj and Mr. Paul M. Finnegan Ms. Sharon A. Miller and Mr. Max L. Firstman Dr. and Mrs. Patrick W. Flanigan Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fletcher Mrs. Roslyn Flyer Drs. James L. and Jacqueline T. Fobes Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Ford Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Foster Mr. and Mrs. James B. Foster Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Fox Ms. Margaret R. Frank Dr. and Mrs. Peter Franklin Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Frasca Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Frederiksen Mr. and Mrs. Ron C. Fredrickson Mrs. Abigail G. Freed Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Freier

Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Froke Mr. and Mrs. Chuck E. Gang Ms. Lori J. Adragna and Mr. Henry Garcia Ms. Monique Gardiner Mr. and Mrs. David C. Garnham Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Gaver Mr. and Mrs. Donel Geisen Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas George Mrs. Consuelo Cabuto Georis Alex and Jim Gerardo Ms. Kimberly Gilbreath Mrs. Doris M. Gilpin Mr. Sam Ginsburg Mr. and Mrs. Jerry J. Gleason Mr. Michael Go Mr. John W. Goings Ms. Claire Goldberg Mr. and Mrs. Dean D. Goldberg Mr. and Mrs. David B. Goldenson Mr. and Mrs. Burton M. Goldfield Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Goldman Rear Admiral and Mrs. Robert H. Gormley Mr. and Mrs. Lester H. Gorn Mrs. Kathryn W. Gough Mr. and Mrs. William R. Gould Mrs. Isabel Y. Gray Mr. and Mrs. Ken G. Green Ms. Patricia L. Dombrink and Mr. Jeffrey D. Green Mr. and Mrs. Philip W. Grinstead Mr. and Mrs. John S. Gross Mr. and Mrs. John N. Grundy Ms. Maria T. Gurney Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Gurries Ms. Betty Bryant and Mr. Fernando Guzman Mrs. Candace I. Haber Ms. Jane Hale Mr. and Mrs. Dwight R. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Hall Mr. Paul C. Hallinan Mrs. Ruth Hammarberg Mr. and Mrs. John A. Hammerland Mr. and Mrs. Harry Handler Ms. Karen Hanen Mr. and Mrs. Bruce B. Hanger Mr. and Mrs. Dave C. Harris Mr. and Mrs. Burt Harris Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Harrison Dr. Ann M. Flood and Mr. Barry R. Harrow Mr. and Mrs. Leon M. Hartvickson Mr. and Mrs. Maurice C. Harvey Ms. Esther N. Haskins Mr. and Mrs. Philip E. Hawthorne Mrs. Virginia M. Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Russell D. Hays


Providing a Place for Seniors to Gather Dr. E. Ronn Heiner Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Helfrich Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth N. Helms Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hemphill Mrs. Sydney D. Henderson Mrs. Beatrice Kessler and Mr. Harry H. Hendon Dr. and Mrs. David R. Hendrick Ms. Suzanne Hendrick Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Henn Dr. and Mrs. Robert P. Henney Mr. and Mrs. Pete Henning Mr. Warren Herz Mrs. Joan S. Heyler Dan and Lori Hightower Mr. and Mrs. Clayton A. Hilbert Michelle and Tom Hill Mr. Steven A. Hillyard Mrs. Rosemarie Himmah Mrs. Merilyn M. Hobbs Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hoffman Ms. Karen Hoffman Mrs. Carol Lee Holland Jennifer and Paul Hollingsworth Mr. Mike Hollingsworth Mrs. Nancy L. Holtrop Dr. and Mrs. Walter L. Holz, Jr. Ms. Jean M. Hontalas Ms. Vivian Lucile Horn Mr. and Mrs. Steve D. Hossa Mr. and Mrs. Jay Hudson Ms. Jane Veneman and Mr. Loren Hughes Ms. Wendy Hursey Mrs. Nancy G. Hutchinson Mr. and Mrs. Ray C. Hutton Mr. and Mrs. Marshall P. Hydorn Mrs. Marjory Ingersoll Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Irvine Mr. and Mrs. John K. Ishizuka Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Iversen Dr. Leigh I. Iverson and Ms. Jane Radloff Mrs. Claire R. Jacobson Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. James Mr. and Mrs. John A. Jamison Ms. Sue Jarman Ms. Leslie A. Jeffers-Skinner Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Jensen Dr. and Mrs. Harry Joe Mr. and Mrs. Steve Johnson Barbara and James Johnson Miss Doris C. Jolicoeur Dr. and Mrs. Glyn M. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Reggie H. Jones Mr. Gregory S. Jones Mr. and Mrs. James A. Jungroth Dr. Ruth McClendon and Dr. Leslie B. Kadis Ms. Karen D. Kadushin Dr. and Mrs. Jesse L. Kahn Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Kastros Ms. Mary-Louise Kates Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Kelleher Mr. and Mrs. Rex C. Kelley Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. John Kelly Mrs. Ruth G. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Scott Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Mark W Kendall Ms. Catherine K. Kennedy Ms. Ovilee Kennedy Miss Alice J. Kepp Mr. and Mrs. W. Joseph Kepp


Mr. and Mrs. George Keyworth II Rob Killian Mrs. Andrea R. Kim Ms. Lee J. Ure and Mr. Dennis C. King Mrs. Susan Kingsley Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kirch Mr. and Mrs. Jerry J. Kitchen Mr. and Mrs. David L. Kleinman Ms. Jeannie Koby Mr. and Mrs. James D. Koehnen Mrs. Adeline L. Kohn Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Kren Mr. and Mrs. John Krisher Miss Marie I. Krumenacher Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Kuffner Erling Lagerholm Mrs. Elinor Laiolo Mr. and Mrs. Jon J. Lallaman Mr. and Mrs. H. Werner Landau Dr. and Mrs. Larry Langdon Mrs. Irene D. Larson Ms. Mary A. Layton Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Leach Mr. and Mrs. Doug Leach Mr. and Mrs. Zad Leavy Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Lee Ms. Linda J. Lee Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. LeNeve Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Leo Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Leonoff Ms. Darlene J. Wright and Mr. Chris L. LeVenton Mrs. Helen Levet Ms. Rita J. Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Hy Libby Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Lindsay Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Lippman Ms. Barbara T. Livingston Gary and Judy Logan Mr. David Loop Mr. Melvin F. Loop Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Lord Mr. and Mrs. Tom Lovejoy Ms. Barbara K. Lowell Mrs. Joan P. Lowry Mr. and Mrs. Warren Luch Ms. Susan C. Morse and Mr. Frank S. Ludovina Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Ludwig Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Lundy Ms. Valera W. Lyles Mr. John T. Alger and Mr. Bill Lynch Mrs. Jacqueline R. Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Joe MacIlvaine Mr. Pierre de St. J. Macbeth Ms. Samantha MacLeod Ms. Morna MacLeod Dr. Ruth Madamba Mrs. Judith A. Magee Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Magner III Ms. Pirkko Maguire Mr. and Mrs. John H. Mahoney Dr. and Mrs. Jack U. Marchi Ms. Judy Tatelbaum and Mr. Allan G. Marcus Dr. Lotte Marcus Mr. and Mrs. David A. Marsh Mr. and Mrs. John L. Marsh Mr. and Mrs. Kneale Marshall Mrs. Rose Marie Marsiguerra Mr. John J. Martin Mrs. Mary Ellen Martinelli Mr. Virgil Martinez Mrs. Helga M. Marty


Mrs. Nancie S. Martzloff Ms. N. Keyte Marui Mr. and Mrs. Xavier Maruyama Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mason Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Massion Mr. Don Mathews Mr. Jack W. Mc Kay III Mrs. Lynne McCammon Mrs. Linda McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. T. E. McCary Dr. and Mrs. Michael R. McCormick Mrs. Jane D. McCune Ms. Nancy A. McGraw Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. McKenna Melissa McKenzie Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. McLain Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. McMillan Mr. and Mrs. Ian D. McPhail Mr. and Mrs. Bob McPherson Mr. and Mrs. Ken Meadors Ms. Grace M. Melady Mrs. Rajini Melwani Mr. and Mrs. Mark Meryash Mr. and Mrs. Juan C. Mesa Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Meuers Ms. Valda G. Cotsworth and Mr. Bruce C. Meyer Mr. and Mrs. James Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Craig Michel Mr. Horst Mieth Mrs. Karen A. Mignano

Ms. Joyce Hardy and Ms. Gloria I. Mikuls Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Milani Mr. William Miles Mr. and Mrs. Ty Miller Mr. and Mrs. James I. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Fred Misasi Ms. Harriet Mitteldorf Ms. Mickey Miyamoto Mr. Hamilton Montgomery Janet Mooers Ms. Jo Ellen Moore Ms. Barbara D. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Randall H. Morris Ms. Jeannette Stern and Mr. Robert Moskowitz Mr. and Mrs. Glen Mozingo Dr. and Mrs. Julius H. Mueller Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mulcay Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mullen Mrs. Jessie Mullen Mr. and Mrs. Anthony R. Muller Mr. and Mrs. Peter I. Murray Dr. and Mrs. Sadri Musavi Dr. and Mrs. Spencer W. Myers Mrs. Marti A. Myszak Mr. and Mrs. James K. Neeland Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Nelson, Jr. Lana and Ed Neroda

Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Newmark Mrs. Nancy M. Nichols Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Nicholson Dr. and Rev. Nic Nicodemus Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Niemeyer Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Nolte Ms. Wies Norberg Mr. and Mrs. Norgaard Mr. and Mrs. Ben E. Norwood Mr. Wallace W. Notley Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Nystrom Mr. and Mrs. Scott O’Brien Mrs. Sydney Ocean Dennis O’Connor and Christy Ferguson Mrs. Lani D. O’Day Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Ograin Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Oliver Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Olson Ms. Miranda S. Morris and Mr. Charles T. Olvis Ms. Maria Orozco Mrs. Joy B. Osborne Ms. Susan M. Osborne Mrs. Ruth M. Otrich Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Page Mr. and Mrs. Harkmoon Paik Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Pakula Dr. and Mrs. Shepard F. Palitz Mr. and Mrs. John L. Palshaw Mrs. Sieglinde Pansby Mr. and Mrs. William Parham Mrs. Sunzah Park Ms. Dolores Parker Ms. Melodie Pehr Ms. Karen Pfeiffer Mr. and Mrs. Harry Pitkoff Ms. Joan Marilyn Pitnick Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Pizer Mr. George A. Poole, Jr. Nettie J. Porter Mrs. Barbara L. Potterfield Mr. and Mrs. Arne Poulsen Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Powles Mr. and Mrs. Anton Prange Dr. Stephanie Taylor and Mr. Daniel Presser Mr. and Mrs. Robert Priestley Mr. William Probasco Mr. and Mrs. Rex A. Pryer Mrs. Ingeburg G. Putnam Mr. and Mrs. Duke Quinones Mrs. Barbara Rainer Jean Rasch Mrs. Gerda H. Rayne Mr. and Mrs. Tom Redfern Mrs. Sally Reed Mrs. Borit M. Reeder Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reid Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Reiman Mr. and Mrs. Niels J. Reimers Mrs. Margaret E. Renaut Ms. Julia Renz Mrs. Maryann Reynolds Mrs. Rosemary Rhodenbaugh Dr. and Mrs. Anthony K. Ricciardi Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin T. Richards Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Riehl Catherine Doherty and H. Richard Ringler Mrs. Katharine Riordan Mr. Marcus P. Robbins Chris and Graeme Robertson Mr. and Mrs. Keith P. Robinson Dr. and Mrs. James M. Rodda

Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Roetter Ms. Prebble Potter and Mr. Hans E. Rogge Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Romans Dr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Romero Dr. George W. Rommel Mrs. Virginia L. Rosecrans Mr. and Mrs. Lee Rosen Mr. Daniel Rosenzweig Mr. and Mrs. Louis R. Roussel Mr. and Mrs. Don L. Ruble Mrs. Anne M. Rurka Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Russo Mrs. Mary E. Ruzicka Ms. Remy K. Ryan Mr. Tawfik Y. Sabet Ms. Anita Sabinske Mr. and Mrs. Chris Sanders Mr. and Mrs. Ramon A. Santiago Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Sargisson Mr. and Mrs. Turgut Sarpkaya Mr. and Mrs. William M. Scearce Mrs. Nora Firestone Schell Mr. and Mrs. Stan Schiffer Dr. and Mrs. Scott Schneiderman Mr. and Mrs. William J. Schroeder Ms. Mary Seiersen Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Selle Mr. and Mrs. Ken Shachmut Ms. Saundra Meyrose and Mr. Neil Shapiro Ms. Mary Lou Shapiro Mr. and Mrs. William F. Sharpe Mr. and Mrs. Steve Sheffield Mr. Claus H. Shelling

Ms. Bee Epstein Shepherd Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Sherar Mrs. Nancy Sherman Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Shimoda Margaret Shipley Mrs. Carlene Short Mr. William G. Shreve Dr. and Mrs. Rex H. Shudde Mr. Marvin Silverman Mr. Louis Silvestri Dr. Richard T. Sinclair Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Skillicorn Mrs. Mary Jane Sligar Colonel and Mrs. Francis M. Small, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Stuart C. Smith Ms. d’Avenas and Mr. Smith Mrs. Pamela Dormody Smith Ms. Sue Peccianti and Mr. Don Smythe Ms. Mary Ann Snedeker Ms. Caterina F. Snoke Mrs. Elisabeth Y. Snow Ms. Pamela L. Soboleski Mr. and Mrs. David Sonnenberg Dr. Kris Sottosanti Mr. and Mrs. George N. Souza Ms. Sherry St. Clair Mrs. Noelle J. Steinbroner Ms. Hilda H. Stengard

Ms. Bettye Stennis Commander and Mrs. Robert A. Stephan Mr. and Mrs. Herbert D. Stern Dr. Barbara Stokely and Dr. Martin H. Sternstein Mr. Richard A. Stewart Mr. and Mrs. Joe P. Stine Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stirling Mrs. Barbara J. Stone Mrs. Patricia B. Strand Mrs. Eva M. Stricker Mr. and Mrs. Ladd J. Strnad Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur J. Strohm Mrs. Margaret A. Sturges Ms. Ellen S. Dwyer and Mr. Larry K. Sublet Cdr. and Mrs. Herman O. Sudholz Mr. and Mrs. Merv Sutton Ms. Therese D. Suzuki Mrs. Marianna R. Swanson Mrs. Roberta Swanson Mr. and Mrs. Robert Swaroop Ms. Margaret S. Swenson Mr. and Mrs. Barry L. Swift Mr. Kenneth K. Talmage Mrs. Edith Tannenbaum Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Tanous Ms. Suzanne F. Taunt Ms. Melissa J. Taylor Mr. Daniel M. Tellep Ms. Dianne E. Terrell Mrs. Verna D. Test-Parsons Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Tette Mrs. Andrea Thatcher Ms. Sally T. Selner and Ms. Cherie J. Thibodeaux Mr. and Mrs. Victor W. Thompson Ms. Marilyn M. Timoney Mr. and Mrs. Hal Titus Mr. and Mrs. Albert Tomblin Ms. Victoria Torcolini Mr. and Mrs. Vincent B. Torrente Mr. and Mrs. Carl Truman Mr. and Mrs. Gene Tsukamoto Ms. Cora Lee Tucker Ms. Muriel H. Miller and Mr. Roland I. Unruh Ms. Victoria Van Der Bijl Ms. Marge Van Dusen Mr. and Mrs. George E. Vanderhave Mrs. Fran D. Vardamis Mr. Gerald F. Verhasselt Mr. and Mrs. Eugene J. Vierra Mr. and Mrs. John E. Voldseth Ms. Annemarie von Adelung Professor and Mrs. Joseph J. von Schwind Ms. Charlotte Wagner Mrs. Peggy A. Waligora Mr. and Mrs. George R. Walker Mr. Hilman P. Walker Ms. Pamela J. Walters Ms. Gabrielle A. Walters Mrs. Jonnie D. Webb Barbara and Kenneth Weingarten Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Weismann Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Weiss Dr. Ingrid M. Wekerle Mrs. Geraldine West Mrs. Margaret W. Weston Miss Betty M. Weston Mr. and Mrs. George White, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ken White Mr. Paul Whitman Mrs. Audrey P. Wiel


Providing a Place for Seniors to Gather Mr. and Mrs. Curtis C. Wiese Ms. Diane L. Wilcox Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Wilhelm Ms. Diana J. Wilks Mr. and Mrs. Gerald W. Williams Dr. and Mrs. Roger A. Williams Ms. Carolyn F. Williams Ms. Vicki M. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Wilson Ms. C. R. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Winger Mr. and Mrs. Joe Winningham Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Wissmeier Ms. Diane Wolcott Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Womer Mr. and Mrs. Oliver E. Wood, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James L. Wood Mrs. Madeleine Wood Mr. and Mrs. Leo F. Woods Ms. Lorna Woodsmall Mr. and Mrs. Ron Wormser Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Wright Mrs. Mary R. Wright Mr. and Mrs. Andrew W. Wright Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Wunsch Mr. and Mrs. Don Wurtz Mr. and Mrs. Des Wytmans Dr. and Mrs. Alfred Yager Mrs. Margaret Young Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Zaslow Mrs. Julie R. Ziegler Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. Zug Ms. Rose Marie Zurkan

PILLARS OF THE CARMEL FOUNDATION The Carmel Foundation would like to acknowledge the exceptional generosity of our newest Pillars who have made cumulative gifts of $10,000 or more: Mary C. Bell Mary Delfino Karen Egan Joe and Marjorie Longo Stuart Miller Claudia Treadwell and Harry Neumann Neil K. Robertson



We recognize with gratitude the following members of the Legacy Society who have included the Foundation in their estate plans:

We would like to thank the following foundations, charitable organizations, and businesses that contributed to The Carmel Foundation’s annual operating fund in the 2014-2015 fiscal year:

Joele B. Allison Andrew A. Allison Leonard J. and Shahin Anable Mr. Donald Balestrieri Bethany Ann Beckman Ella Z. Bekker Gregory Benedict Larry and Maureen Bordan Gary and Sherry Brient Mr. and Mrs. William A. Burns Helga B. Buss A. Alison Cathro Jacqueline Clampett-Jones Mary Delfino Alexandra Gerardo Dr. Albert G. Giordano Family Trust Donald Graham Esther N. Haskins Gael and Rosemarie Himmah Barbara and James Johnson Nancy J. Jones and Charles Grauling Mary Lou and Emil Kissel Erling Lagerholm Carol Bradley Lauderdale Patricia Lockhart and Jonathan Lockhart Lenore and Dale Meyer Dianne M. Mills Donald R. and Laura C. Newmark John and Susan O’Brien Joseph Olivier Betsy L. Olson Karen Y. Redding Dorothy M. Reid Neil K. Robertson Virginia Sevier Rogers Mrs. Lile Ruse Mrs. Constance Segel Neil and Jill Sheffield Margaret Shipley Mrs. G. Marnie Shooter Jackson and Linda Smith Ann Solon Kathy Spake Mr. David Thorp Peter and Anne Thorp Susan Turner Gabrielle A. Walters Robert and Shirley Watman Audrey P. Wiel Myles and Rhonda Williams Nancy G. Wright Wunsch Family Trust Ben and Madelon Zimner

The Carmel Foundation protects the privacy of its contributors. We do not sell our mailing lists to any other organizations or businesses. If you wish to remain anonymous, please let us know when you make your contribution.



Ajne Incorporated Anton & Michel Arizona Community Foundation Sam and Peggy Grossman Family Foundation Barnet Segal Charitable Trust The Burnham Foundation California Pizza Kitchen, Inc. Carmel Realty Company Carmel Women’s Club Central Coast Senior Services, Inc. Community Foundation for Monterey County Elgan and Kunkel Fund Engracia Irene Murray Field of Interest Fund Farrell / Allen Carmel Rotary Fund The Landreth Family Fund Lenore and Dale Meyer Fund Mark R. Wendland Memorial Fund Merritt V. Weber Fund Monterey County Weekly Community Fund Nancy Parker Benham Endowment Fund Rodney and Betty Guilfoil Fund Ted Fehring Fund / Carmel Host Lions Club Fund #2 Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula The Dunspaugh-Dalton Foundation, Inc. Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Fourtane Estate Jewelry Friday Bridge Group The GE Foundation Granite Rock The Hartman Family Charitable Gift Fund Hofsas House J.B. Howard Investments The Larry & Phyllis Wilkinson Foundation, Inc. Law Offices of Neil L. Shapiro The Lowell Berry Foundation Mast Realty Property Management Trust Mission Trail Lions Club of Carmel Monterey Insurance Agencies Monterey Peninsula Foundation, host of the AT&T Pebble Beach Monterey Peninsula Volunteer Services Motor Club Events, LLC Robert S. and Grayce B. Kerr Foundation, Inc. Rotary Club of Carmel-by-the-Sea The Safeway Foundation Silvestri Vineyards THE UPJOHN CALIFORNIA FUND Visionary Health Care Services Wells Fargo Bank, NA William H. & Patricia M. Smith Foundation Yellow Brick Road Benefit Shop

Board of Directors


July 1, 2015

September 2015



Jean Rasch Chair

Jill Sheffield President/CEO

Michael Kirch Vice Chairman Governance

Beth Bates Director of Finance

Dave Wilsey, C.P.A. Vice Chairman Treasurer

Leticia Bejarano Director of Support Services

Jennifer Hollingsworth Vice Chair Development

Carlos Correa Director of Facilities

Scott Bray Secretary

Melissa McKenzie Director of Programs and Volunteer Services

DIRECTORS Katherine Bucquet Joan Crenshaw Mary Crowe

Nettie Porter Director of Monterey Bay Village Kimberly Willison Director of Development

Janie Franklin Tom Gaspich


Ken Hunter

Ana Almazon Apartment Housekeeper

Allison Kendall Receptionist

Janice Barker Receptionist

Leanne Leonard Development Associate

Alfredo Campa Facilities Assistant

Kari Martorella Support Services Program Assistant

Carol Deuel Program Assistant

Edmundo Rodriguez Kitchen Assistant

Melissa Farrell Bookkeeper

Marge Simmons Program Assistant

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Kelly Gilpin Chef

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