AOEDE Is Love A Fairy Tale Onesheet 050313

AOEDE Is Love A Fairy Tale Onesheet 050313


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FOLLOWING HER BEAUTIFUL AND CHARMING MUSE AWARD-WINNING SAN FRANCISCO-BASED ARTIST AOEDE CREATES AND CELEBRATES A WORLD OF WONDER BY ASKING A POWERFUL QUESTION ON HER NEW STORYTELLING CHILDREN’S CD: “IS LOVE A FAIRY TALE?” Although Lisa Sniderman racked up numerous accomplishments as a recording artist and philanthropist on the San Francisco music scene in the mid to late 2000s, her desire to be more than just “a girl with a guitar”—and her distinctive response to her beautiful personal muse—inspired her (under her musical alter ego “Aoede,” pronounced A-E-D, the first muse of song in Greek mythology) to create and release her radiant 2012 album Skeletons of the Muse. Aoede ( says: “As I was completing the video for “Fairy Tale Love,“ one of the singles, which features a Fairy Tale storybook as the main theme, I realized the whole album is really a Fairy Tale Book, and each song is a light or dark tale of the muse. I wanted to invite the viewer to come play along after the book flips open, as if they are transported into a magical fairy tale world.” Songs from the recording reached #1 on Reverbnation’s San Francisco pop chart and #8 on the national chart. The success of the release party for Skeletons of the Muse, which included a fascinating multi-media performance and the debut of the colorful video for “Fairy Tale Love,” ultimately inspired her to create a magical new children’s CD, which weaves charming spoken narrative around songs from Skeletons and several new compositions, taking Aoede on a quest to answer a simple but powerful question: “Is Love A Fairy Tale?” Fashioned like a musical audiobook and geared towards a young adult audience, the 17-track opus tells the story of Aoede the Muse who goes searching for love in a magical kingdom called Wonderhaven and meets colorful characters along the way—each of whom tells her something about love. Fans of artists like Ingrid Michaelson, Regina Spektor, Feist, Lily Allen and A Fine Frenzy have long resonated with Aoede’s passionate songwriting and inimitable, breathy and enchantingly quirky soprano. Capping a career full of songwriting and recording awards and accolades for Aoede, Is Love A Fairy Tale? ( was chosen Children’s Album of the Year by LA Music Awards, which also nominated the singer/composer for Hot AC Artist, Record of the Year and Female Singer/Songwriter. It has also received three prestigious Children’s Awards, including Creative Child Magazine’s “Preferred Choice Award”; Tillywig Toy “Sterling Fun” Award and Family Review Center’s “Gold Award.” It was also considered for Best Children’s Album at

the 55th Grammy Awards. Aoede’s other recent designations include: Finalist in the 2012 John Lennon Songwriting Contest for “Little Things,” featured on the album; International Songwriting Competition (ISC) 2012 Finalist for “Fairy Tale Love”; Akademia Music Awards 2013-Best Children’s Album and Best Music Video for “Fairy Tale Love”; 2012 Artists in Music Awards (AIMA) Album of the Year for Affair with the Muse and Best Folk/Acoustic Artist; 2012 Indie Music Channel’s Best Female Folk Artist and Best Folk Producer and five nominations for 2013. More recent accolades include being a winner in the Children’s Music Category for Fairy Tale Love in the International Songwriting Competition and Best Folk Recording (“Bittersweet”) and Best Folk Music Video (“Fairy Tale Love”) at the IMC (Indie Music Channel) Awards. “After the performance, adults and kids alike kept expressing how they loved my childlike stories and music, and it provoked my producer to encourage me to make a children’s album,” says Aoede, who launched this phase of her creative career after a lengthy hospitalization in 2010 for Dermatomyositis (DM), a debilitating muscle disorder. “The idea was to create a compelling fairy tale story for tweens, and I wrote the entire script and created a whole world for Aoede. I’ve come to believe that everything I do is art, whether I am making a music video or writing a script for a children’s album. It isn’t so much the medium but the expression and desire to connect with new audiences that drives me.” Opening and closing with Part I and II of the title track—each of which feature Aoede’s charming vocals and narration by Kevin Ponthier—Is Love A Fairy Tale? is a sweeping collaboration of amazing artists, produced and engineered by Aoede’s chief collaborator, Scrote, who has worked with The Donnas and The Stripminers. Four of the songs performed as duets with characters on the album are also being released for purchase as solo singles by Aoede: “Reason To Smile” (whose album version features Mr. Wonderful), “Little Things” (Binkle), “Make It Up As You Go” (Morpheus) and “Neapolitan Day” (Albert the Spaceman). “Make It Up As You Go” is a feel good whistle tune that invites listeners to close their eyes and paint their lives the way they want to see them; “Little Things” is a sweet ukulele-driven song about the simple things in life making us happy; the quirky, electronic flavored “Neapolitan Day,” embodies the “do it now, life’s short, don’t save it for a rainy day” attitude; and “Reason to Smile,” is an upbeat tune with a playful circus vibe, accentuated by tuba and trombone. In this song, Aoede remarks life is beautiful and “Every day is a paradise.” Aoede enjoyed this project and the artistic growth she experienced so much that she is currently developing her next children’s concept album, “What Are Dreams Made Of?” due to be released in late Summer 2013. While pushing the musical and narrative envelope, the multi-talented artist will chronicle Aoede’s further adventures in Wonderhaven. “Music is my lifeline…I just can’t stop creating,” she says. For digital distribution inquiries, please contact Jerome Forney at IDCDigital, at [email protected] For more info, please check out:

Accolades: •

Aoede (Lisa Sniderman) has a fizzy, fancy-free persona conveyed with a hint of Brit-ness a la Lilly Allen... charming ukulele fueled Love Proof whose quaint simplicity and deft vocal harmonies recall the Ditty Bops. This artist has a unique spirit.” Music Connection Magazine

“I found this collection quite interesting. It was almost like listening to a musical. Each track had some narration and some music but the Is Love A Fairy Tale? CD makes one continuous story. I would say that the story itself is good for pre-teens and would be especially appealing to girls. It talks about a young woman in search of love. She’s not sure what it is or how to find it. She looks lots of places and meets lots of interesting creatures in the mystical land where she lives. In the end we learn that ‘love is whatever you want it to be’ and is ‘the greatest thing of all’.” Kerrific Online

“This CD is so catchy and unique… My 5 year old likes it… I think I may share this with my best friend who has 4 girls in her house. The music is very fun and engaging and stays in your head all day. I love all fairy tales, and I love Greek mythology even more so this is right up my alley. The narration through out really brings the story in the music together. We, well me and the 5 year old, really enjoy this and I can’t wait to share with my friend and her girls and see what they think too. 5/5″ Jenn’s Review Blog

“It flows warmly, intertwining music, narration and leading questions… between the sound effects and excellent narration, you can visualize the story well, as you walk along with the characters you will meet on the way. Great for children ages 9-14 but I think all ages will enjoy the fun tale.” Family Review Center

“This talented songwriter has a gift for crafting pop melodies and lyrics so catchy you'll find yourself humming and singing along from the very first listen. Her voice has the unique ability to be simultaneously upbeat and plaintive, a quality that keeps the listener actively engaged.” Tillywig Toy Awards

“For AOEDE, you cannot tag her as a single genre artist, in fact, it is much harder to pin her down in one category, because her music is outside any realm of typical categories. Instead, put her in your "Popular" playlist and hit repeat often, because if you enjoy music by Regina Spektor, and Feist, Ingrid Michaelson then you will definitely enjoy AOEDE.” Mikey Jay, The Great Unknowns Presents

“Once every blue moon, the universe is blessed with the laughter of an angel. There may be a blue moon for awhile because the musical vibe of Aoede encompasses that angelic sound. Beyond the voice, there is inspirational songwriting and a metaphysical presence within every note… Her story is as compelling as her willingness to share it with the world.” Independent Music and Media

“One of the fun things about diving into a sea of mostly DIY music is “discovering” an unsigned artist who could be the next big thing… One is San Francisco area singer/songwriter Aoede (Lisa Sniderman, who also has a bitchin’ blog). With a vocal style similar to Feist or Fiona Apple, her songs are more lush and ornate than either.” Walking on a Wire-Artist of the Week

“Easily relatable to anyone with that care-free easygoing love of music…The music of Aoede is purely meant to uplift the soul and put a smile in your heart. It is no wonder that Aoede has been receiving acclaim across the board within the music industry already, because no one should be without a smile in their heart.” L. White R.S.M Promotions; Skope Magazine Read the entire list of Aoede Awards and Reviewer and Fan Accolades Here: