Ariel, Flounder - Improv Playhouse

Ariel, Flounder - Improv Playhouse

SIDE 1 (Ariel, Flounder) FLOUNDER Hey, Ariel! There you are! ARIEL Just look, Flounder! The sun, the sand... isn’t it the most beautiful place you’ve ...

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SIDE 1 (Ariel, Flounder) FLOUNDER Hey, Ariel! There you are! ARIEL Just look, Flounder! The sun, the sand... isn’t it the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen? FLOUNDER I dunno, Ariel... I’m not sure we ought to be up here. ARIEL Don’t be such a guppy! FLOUNDER A guppy?!? I’m as brave as you are! I’m not afraid of anything— ARIEL What about sharks? FLOUNDER Where?!? ARIEL Oh, Flounder, you really are a guppy! FLOUNDER I am not! ARIEL Awww... (gives FLOUNDER an affectionate pat on the head) You’ll never guess what I found today. Look! (lifts up a large silver serving fork) Have you ever seen anything so wonderful in your entire life? FLOUNDER Wow! Cool! What is it? ARIEL I don’t know... but I bet Scuttle will! Come on, I’ll race you! FLOUNDER Hey, wait for me!

SIDE 2 (Ariel, King Triton) ARIEL And now let me see... what did Scuttle call this one? Is it a ditty-whumper? A thumb-doodle? Whatever it is... Prince Eric held it in his own strong, beautiful human hands— (An enraged KING TRITON bursts in.) KING TRITON Ariel! (taken aback by the collection of human stuff) What is all this?!? ARIEL Daddy, they’re my— KING TRITON Human junk! ARIEL No, treasures! KING TRITON Did you save a human from drowning? ARIEL He would’ve died! KING TRITON That savage brute could have killed you! And it’s my job to keep you safe from harm. ARIEL But he didn’t frighten me. He made me feel... wonderful! Besides, I am not a child anymore! KING TRITON No? Well, you are certainly talking like one. He’s a human – you’re a mermaid. ARIEL It doesn’t matter – you don’t understand! I wish mother were here! KING TRITON (takes a moment to recover from the low blow) Ariel, I miss your mother just as much as you do. But I am still the king. And you are not to go to the surface ever again. Am I clear?!? (KING TRITON pauses for a moment of regret.) I’m just trying to protect her, Sebastian.

SIDE 3 (Ariel, Flotsam, Jetsam, Ursula) FLOTSAM Oh, Mistress of the Deep! You’ve a visitor... ARIEL I don’t know if— JETSAM Now, now... FLOTSAM Mustn’t get cold fins! URSULA Don’t be shy, Ariel darling! ARIEL I – I shouldn’t be here. Mother died because of you. URSULA Oh child... what happened to your dear mother was a terrible, unfortunate accident – poor soul. ARIEL An... accident? URSULA Of course! I did my very best to save her. ARIEL You did? But Father told me— URSULA The truth is that the ocean wasn’t big enough for both your father and me, so he sent me here. And now I see he’s driven you away, too... ARIEL He doesn’t understand me. URSULA Oh, but I do, dumpling. We’re so very alike, you and I – gals with ambition! Now tell me absolutely everything. ARIEL I’m in love with someone. A human. URSULA A prince, I hear. Quite a catch! Well, the answer is simple: you’ve got to become human yourself! ARIEL Can you do that? URSULA My dear, sweet child – it’s what I live for: to help unfortunate merfolk like yourself. Poor souls with no one else to turn to...

SIDE 4 (Flounder, Sebastian, Scuttle) FLOUNDER Ariel! Are you okay? SEBASTIAN Oh child, what have you done? (After a moment, ARIEL sits up and stares at her new legs in wonderment. Slowly and shakily she tries to stand, sticking her arms out for balance... then falls on her rear. SCUTTLE flaps in.) SCUTTLE Well, look who got beached! Hiya, Ariel! Wait – there’s something different about’cha. Don’t tell me – it’s your hairdo, right? You’ve been using the dinglehopper! (ARIEL shakes her head “no.”) Nah? Hmm... I can’t quite put my foot on it right now— SEBASTIAN She’s got legs, you idiot! FLOUNDER Ariel traded her voice to the Sea Witch to become human! SCUTTLE Nah, kid! Not your beautiful pipes! (ARIEL nods. She opens her mouth, but no sound.) SEBASTIAN Ya see? Not a sound! What would her father say? I’ll tell ya what her father’d say: he’d say he’s gonna kill himself a crab, that’s what he’d say! FLOUNDER Now she’s got three days to make Prince Eric fall in love with her. And to prove it, he’s gotta kiss her! SCUTTLE The Prince? Well, I’ll say!