Armed Robbery Prevention

Armed Robbery Prevention

After a Robber • Assign separate duties - consider dividing tasks among several staff members to ensure that no single employee has too much authori...

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After a Robber •

Assign separate duties - consider dividing tasks among several staff members to ensure that no single employee has too much authority.

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Double signatures - most fraudulent employees work alone. Two signature authorities on cheques will reduce the risk of fraud.

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regardless of the reason.

Volunteer with Community Safety

Perform occasional inspections or audits

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Blank cheques - never sign blank cheques,

of inventory and bookkeeping. Consider having an external auditor perform the inspection on a periodic, but unscheduled basis. •

Regularly reconcile invoices and payments, as well as monitor shipping and receiving.

Alarm systems as well as secured or restricted areas may deter theft and help prevent losses.

Monitor cash registers with cameras.

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Armed Robbery Prevention

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Partners for a Safe Community What is Robbery

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A robbery occurs when someone steals or attempts to steal something from a person, using violence or threats of violence. • The violence does not need to be excessive. If the robber indicates possession of a weapon of any kind; even if the claim is untrue, then a robbery is being committed. During a robbery, the person being stolen from is confronted by the thief. If a confrontation does not take place, the incident can be deemed a theft. For example; if a suspect breaks into a business establishment after hours to steal items, then he is committing a break & enter, as well as theft. If the suspect breaks into a store, confronts the customers or employees and then steals from them, he/she is committing a robbery.

Keep the front, rear, and interior of your business well lit. Do not cover the windows and doors with posters that could block visability from the street. Always keep the rear and side doors locked. Keep “bait money” in a compartment of the cash register. The bills should be separated by face value and the serial numbers recorded, so that the details can be given to the police if your business is robbed. Keep minimal cash in the drawer. Do not make banik depsits at the same time every day. Vary them so that no one can predict your schedule. If you do not already have one, install a security alarm and consider getting one with a panic button. Advertise that you have an alarm with clearly visable stickers. Make sure your employees know how and when to use the panic button.

During a Robbery Personal Safety Always Comes First! Remain calm - Above all, do not do anything that could jeopardize your personal safety! If the robber displays a firearm, consider it to be loaded. If the robber implies he has a weapon, bleieve it. Cooperate with the robber. You may be deprived of money or property, but you could save your life and the lives of those around you. Do not resist - Cooperate with the robber, but do not volunteer to do anything other than what is asked of you. If the robber askes for your wallet or the money in the cash drawer, give it up. Don't offer information about money or valuables that may be stored in another location.

Explain your movements - If you must put your hands in your pocket, reach under a counter for a key or bag, or make any other movement that the robber might question, explain what you are doing and why before you do it. Carefully observe the physical characteristics of the robber - If more than one robber is involved, study the closest one to you. Don’t try to observe all of them in detail. Note the type of weapon used - Did the robber use a knife, a gun, a rifle, a pistol, etc.? Silent alarm - If you have a silent alarm and can activate it without being noticed, do so. Otherwise wait until the robber has left. Note direction and mode of travel - Observe which way the robber is headed and whether he/ she is traveling on foot or by car (note the licence plate number and vehicle description if at all possible). Do Everything Possible to Reduce the Likelihood of Personal Harm.

Cash Can be Recovered A Life Cannot