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Around The House - NYS Historic Newspapers

January 4, 1989 — The Tribune Press, Gbuverneur, NY. — Page 5 Around The House Gardening With Dot By Dorothy Dillon If you have not sent inferior a...

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January 4, 1989 — The Tribune Press, Gbuverneur, NY. — Page 5

Around The House Gardening With Dot

By Dorothy Dillon

If you have not sent inferior and disappoint- lintfs wrapped in moss prefer low temperatures away for the new seed ing My heart sank, hut it in cool places, and never catalogs, do so without This reminds me of a taught'me a lesson t<> use place plants over radidelay. These catalogs are time about 30 years ago. I common sense when read- ators. y fascinating publications wanted some shrubs as a ing ads, and that you only Lack of sufficient light and are well worth close foundation p l a n t i n g get what you pay for. . is one of the difficulties study. around my home. I saw that house plants must .Bulbs that you wish fo survive in deep winter. Lose no time in making this ad in one of the out your seed orders and popular magazines, -10 force into early bloom, Kven shade-loving Afrisend them in. The seed evergreen shrubs for five that have been buried can Violets, begonias and companies can give more dollars With it was a outdoors or kept in the ferns appreciate full ex detailed.attention to early picture of a house with cool cellar, should be .posure to sunshine at this slides from the roof. When" placed orders than to the shrubs reaching the brought indoors. time.' the weather is cold, and These bulbs includr those placed in the rush of 'eaves. Boy. this was just Insufficient light, espe- branches brittle, such the shipping season. what I wanted and the hyacinths, narcissi and cially if coupled with shrubs as yew, rhododenIf you kept a garden price was right I sent in tulips, as well as the excessively high tempera- dron and laurel are easily notebook*where you re- my order It seemed quite lesser bulbs as crocuses tures, encourage long, split apart by heavy snow STUDENTS AT WEST SIDE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL recently had a lesson on the corded the behavior of the a time went by. I kept snowdrops and scillas. leggy weak growth. slides. , . Importance and significance of memorials such as the eagle from the village's flowers and vegetables asking my husband if Place them in a cool room Keep* a mulch on the Avoid overwatering.but Memorial Arch. The students then brought In small donations that totalled $37.09 for you grew last year, this they had come yet. No at first. It is very im- take care that no plants ground around the plants the Fix the Eagle fund. From left are Tammy Lyn Cotllna, grade 3, and Cortney Charlton, will be a great help in they hadn't and probably portant that they he well that are on the borderline grade 2, presenting the check to Frederick Buduson, production manager for the deciding what seeds to weren't, surely I was rooted before ^t bey are suffer from lack of water. .In warm rooms, plants of hardiness, but that will Tribune-Press. , . brought indoors. • .order f ;iken. he said. often need frequent water renew themselves from Tribune Photo When ordering, keep House plants face ing than in cooler moist •the roots if the tops are chiefly to the varieties of Weeks wwif by and one rather difficult conditions rooms. In nearly all cases, killed but the roots preknown performance ones dav Ed came into my during January. Where the object is to keep the served. that have done well for place of business with a" winters are cold, the air soil evenly moist, but not Damage caused by sun you before, or that are smile on his face to tell me indoors is likely to be dry c o n s t a n t ly saturated. may occur later on. You ,. By Mrs. J . Bridgeland were Gail Kerr and Alden Tracy Youngs and !ier known .to thrive in your that the shrubs had come K-cause'of much artitlcal -Very few plants will have may see yellowing of * son. Sandy and Mike area. Hut be venturesome 1 was so excited, I could Raymond and Karen Kerr. Fuller and two sons. enough to try something see myself hurrying home heat. M;ikew«-rv rffort to to be fertilized during this evergreens and the bark Austin of Rochester came counteract this by keeping season of shTTrt. dull days. of young trees cracking or Oswegatchie Chapter T a m m y a n d Robbie on Christmas Day to new offered in the catato plant them. They were your plants standing on Outdoor tasks are few splitting on their south spend a few days at their *194. O.E.S. will hold Bullock and son. Tracy logs as novelties. By grow- just what we needed to shallow trays filled with 'during the next few sides. This is caused by a installation of officers on Woodrow and son. »Iobn home here. Tuesday evening. Jan and Melinda Harris. All ing some of the season's spruce up the front.<>i the inoss sand or >«»me simi- months. 1 )o all you can to hard freezing, often at D e b o r a h Scott of novelties you will be add* house Hr said he had lar matt-rial that is k»-i>t prevent heavy accumula- night, alternating with Pennellville paid h e r 10, at 8 p m at the enjoyed snacks, and ex, ing fun and zest t<> the them in the trunk of the constantly r>uM Hpv*:i\ te-n^ of srv w from break periods of bright sunlight. of yifts. parents a surprise visit on Masonic Temple in Fine. • gardening. car 1 could not visualize the foliage of plants that in-yi evergreen?*. Shake or .Shading plants from Officers please wear Christmas Day. She reBuy only from reliable them nil fitting in the C h r i s t m a s s u p p e r dealers and expect t<> pay trunk of the car. bu he have smooth lea\«*s with. brush ott the snow before strorig sunlight is the turned home on Monday. colored gowns. Refreshroom temperature water it becomes too wet and only really satisfactory Barbara Scott and Mi- ments will follow the guests of Sue and Ron fair prices. Plants offered assured me thev did We from an atomizer once or heavy and bef< »re it freezes way to prevent sunscald. ' • Peck and Melinda wrv in sensationally worded went out to the-car as he twice a day chael of Hailesboro also meeting. The' trunks of newly mt<>*a solid mass Guy and Jean Law Kermit a n d Dorothy. advertisements, especial- slowly opened the trunk, spent Christmas Day with planted trees and of young . Beware of damage to I )aytime Temperatures visited their daughter Jones. Tim and Connie ly when apparently low- and thereon the floor was Bob and Jane Cole. .trees may be \vrapped evergreens and to other indoors are likek to be ion Marion Bullock is Dawn and their grand- Jones. Kirk and Stacy priced, are verv apt t<> br an envelope with 1<» seed- high for -many h»>ust plants set under the eaves with a special paper made spending some time home. children. Amber and and Andy and Angel plants Keep plants that of the house bv snow just for that purpose. . \Ve are glad to report that Robbie, at Carthage on Peck. Dec. 24. she is feeling better. Alice a n d .Jerry • Sue Feck spent some ' The Christmas services tion in Pamelia. • * By Ruth Hurlbut Antwine. and Raymond time Christmas Eve with at the i'.M. Church in Mr and Mrs John KinNot the best of weather Edwards was well at- and Karen Austin had her nephews. Christonjjer for traveling, but everyone ney enjoyed Christmas tended. There was also Christmas dinner with and Steven Bullock. got to Christmas frienfls' Day with their family. joint service of the Eleanor and Lloyd .••Jim Bridgeland. Palm and home as far as 1 know Mr. and Mrs EarlKinney Edwards and South Ed- Austin. Paul Juckett was Bay. Fla.. arrived on around here. The road • and girls. Mr. and Mrs. wards l \ M . Churches on a visitor later in the "Wednesday. Dec. -2 Larry Tyler and son. his girlfriend had Christ Edwina Burrell had a taught by Edith Duffy Sue and Ron Peck enter- H a r o l d a n d J a n e t They also visited Mrs. C h r i s t m a s Eve getmas with Mr. and Mrs. together at the Hall's tained at a family get- G o t h a m . D a r r e n a n d Ella Tyler at the Cedars Charles Jones Nursing Home home. On Christmas Day, together at their home on Shelly. Mrs Carl Streeter had . Mr and Mrs Keith Ed and Polly Hall of Friday evening, Dec. 2*1. the misfortune to fall in Mr. and Mrs l>arry Tyler visited Archie •'Massena. and Jean and Attending were Roger and the P & C parking lot Guy I^aw had dinner with Nancy Peck. Joyce Wood- * Boulia. of Gaithersburg. Downing at DePeyster on Sorry to hear of the their parents and Aunt row and Al, Connie Wal- Md. are visiting Dorothy the 16th of December. death of Helen Thomp>-nn 1988 BUICK SKYHAWKS • *500°° Keith Tyler and Junior rath and Bob. Bobby and and Kermit Jones Edwina. Sympathy to her family. Gilbert attended an aucTamara Perry and 1988 BUICK SKYLARKS • * 5 0 0 ~ Stella Shank spent Karen Peck and five chilChristopher. Linda Perry dren. ^Cathy and Dick Christmas morning and 1988 BUICK CENTURYS • '5OO 0 0 and family. Fay and Carol Fisher a n d children. was a dinner guest of her 1988 BUICK REGAiS • ' 1 2 5 0 " o r S p e c i a l daughter Dora a n d Linda and I^rry Lashua Bridgeland. Toby and Rebates at GMAC on M only At* tor details jgrandson. Nicky, at Star and three sons. .Ricky Bn-ndan and Harold JEFFERSON NATIONAL BANK Jones called at the Peck and Heather and 1-ake. 1988 BUICK LESABRES • *5OO°° Saturday callers of two children. Angel and Bridpdand home Wednesdav Andv Peck Chervl and Gertie and George Hall 1988 FULL SIZE WAGONS • »500°° .










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