ATTENDEES Dave Kenyon, Tom Kirby, Jack Kirby, Tom Prato, Alicia

ATTENDEES Dave Kenyon, Tom Kirby, Jack Kirby, Tom Prato, Alicia

MEETING MINUTES ATTENDEES Dave Kenyon, Tom Kirby, Jack Kirby, Tom Prato, Alicia Shultz, Mitch Wohl MEETING DATE Sunday, October 16, 2016 MEETING ...

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Dave Kenyon, Tom Kirby, Jack Kirby, Tom Prato, Alicia Shultz, Mitch Wohl


Sunday, October 16, 2016


3:30-5:15 PM


Arios Pizza, Latham

Youth Grants​ - Grants have been acquired for Niskayuna and Bethlehem, submitted for Albany and Ichabod. Suggested getting grants for Shen, Schenectady, Guilderland, and Renssealer. Coaches​ - Trying to match all schools up with a coach. Albany - Lish, Nisky - Mike, Ichabod - Tom, Bethlehem - Steve Relles, Guilderland - Dan Dun, Shaker - Lish. Need to follow up with Colombia, Rensselear, and Colonie (Jeff Feldman). High School Spring Tournament​ - Hoping to schedule April 30th, will work with Bethlehem on this. Hoping the get insurance through the schools insetad of USAU, Bethlehem will host. Youth Discs​ - Will look into this for the spring season as a Youth Fundraiser. Youth Newsletter​ - Discussed having a youth specific newsletter to inform everyone what we’re working on and to keep youth engaged in the off season. Ideas for articles: Player Profile (Sean Kohler), Goals, This Will Amaze (Lish), articles by Tom, Anthony, and Jack, resources. Incentives​ - Going to offer a free water bottle or other item for ever 2 new players recruited. Will promote in the newsletter for the spring season. Awards - ​Came up with awards and winners for various categories. Will present after next weeks games. All Star Youth Vs Masters Game​ - October 30th at the Kiwana’s Park at 12:30, AUDA will sponsor the field fees. Will need to get a roster from Dan to make sure all players are insured. Having good spirit will be a strong focus of the event and the Youth team will be Pirate themed. Spring​ ​League​ - Looking to have more schools involved. Will possibly need to find more field space as Bethlehem is maxed out at 2 fields. Youth Club​ - Would like to get a youth club team together to play at the Liberty Games and possibly Easterns and Nationals. Would like to set a weekly practice schedule in the spring/summer. Would possibly ask BJ to coach. Riseup​ - Not going to be purchasing the RiseUp videos at this time Grant ​- Mitch discussed that we are putting a grant proposal together specifically for Youth.

PREPARED BY: David Kenyon


Action Items: Masters vs Youth Allstar Game​ - Dave will work on setting this up. Youth Grants​ - Dave will look at getting grants for schools we haven’t already submitted for. Spring Tournament​ - Follow up with Bethlehem Youth Newsletter​ - Everyone is going to be working on a piece for this.