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The Primary Source Volume 23 | Issue 1 Article 1 2001 Audio-Visual Collections Preston Everett Mississippi Department of Archives and History Foll...

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The Primary Source Volume 23 | Issue 1

Article 1


Audio-Visual Collections Preston Everett Mississippi Department of Archives and History

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Audio-Visual Collections Preston Everett, Audio-Visual Curator,

Mississippi Department of Archives and History

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Regardless of Library or Archive, everyone gets requests for various types of audio-visual materials relating to the South. More and more, these requests are received from researchers, film and documentary producers and those in the educational market The use has increased with the change, during the last decade, in the television market to require archival audio-visual materials. History Channel, Learning Channel, A&E and other cable networks are only some of the markets that use archival materials in the majority of their programming. The South and its history is a source for network programming, and every institution wants their collections used as long as the production is educational in scope. Every institution can not always meet the sometimes quite specific request for materials, but another institution in the geographic area may. The use or license of materials can support the preservation of audio-visual materials, and every institution should make the effort to inform themselves of other sources of materials so every collection can benefit This is a list of major sources of audio-visual materials in the Deep South region. Audio-visual materials are generally defined as the majority of a collection consisting of audio, film, slides and videos. Producers are generally not concerned where or from what collection materials come from. They usually are only concerned with locating material they can use in their production. Knowing about another institution's collection can help a producer or researcher in finding related materiaL It is the responsibility of the producer to select audio-visual materials that accurately depict the historical event he or she is portraying, but it is our responsibility to inform the producer when materials are falsely portraying this image. I am sure everyone has heard the answer "it's close enough" when informing producers of inaccurate use of footage. Black and white film footage of Greyhound buses in .Jackson, Mississippi does not accurately portray bus boycotts in Montgomery, Alabama. We usually become aware of this toward the end of a production, and the producer can not spend any more time on research. When a researcher contacts your institution for audio-visual materials, inform them of your holdings as well as those in other institutions.

Alabama State Department of Archives and History Montgomery, AL

(334) 242-4435

I 01 film titles Films: Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries films of agricultural and rural landscape scenes. Selma to Montgomery civil rights march film, produced by the Alabama State Sovereignty Commission. 1948 campaign of Governor James E. Folsom 1914 film of local people and Montgomery background shots Videos: 78 items Governor Guy Hunt's Press Secretary videos. Amistad Research Center at Tulane University New Orleans, LA (504) 865-5535 20 titles Films: "Yes Ma'am" about black household workers in New Orleans, 1982. Videos: 43 items Rights to most videos held by original creator. Subjects include school desegregation in Louisiana, civil rights, New Orleans Jazz, New Orleans black community oral history and music related videos.


Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism Photography Department Little Rock, AR (50 1) 682-7609 Videos: "Arkansas Proud" about states tourism "Natural Elements of Arkansas" "Group Travel" Robert Berning Productions Metaire, LA

(504) 834-8811

Films: unknown Videos: 400 hours Collection of edited and unedited footage of various every day events in Arkansas and throughout the United States. Birmingham Public Library Department of Archives and Manuscripts Birmingham, AL (205) 226-3743 Film: 750 reels Local history and television news. Television news footage (1961-1984) WVfM-TV in Birmingham and outtakes from WBCR-TV nightly news. Footage used in the production "Sacred Harp Singing in Alabama". Two 8mm film collections of local events and organizations (1975-1984). Center for Southern Folklore Memphis, TN (901) 525-3655 Film: 50,000 feet Video: 10-15 hours Reverend L. 0. Taylor Collection: 1939-1959 Film footage of everyday life and events in the Memphis black community including Baptist conventions, baptisms, football games, Cotton Maker's Jubilee Parade, Negro Chamber of Commerce, black-owned businesses and celebrities such as Joe Lewis and W. C. Handy. Chesterfields Television Commercials Collection: Made with black professionals and historical films. Material produced by the Center on urban folklore, folk arts and crafts, black social history and religion, photography, filmmaking and festivals. Delta State University Charles W. Capps Archives and Museum Cleveland, MS (662) 846-4780 Oral history subjects: Early aviation in Delta, National Guard in Greenwood, Great Depression, Delta life, Camp McCain, DSU, music, Neshoba County State Park, Jewish experience in Delta, black history in the Delta, Riverdale Plantation, politics, catfish farming, Civil Rights in 1960's, blues music, sharecropping, Coahoma County Montroy School, Lockwood Plantation and Coon Hunting.

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Large oral history collections from various projects: The Chinese in the Mississippi Delta Oral History Project Delta State University Oral History Project, 75th Anniversary Italians in the Mississippi Delta, MHC funded Civil Rights in the Mississippi Delta, MHC funded Photographic Collections: University Photographs Hooks Brothers Studio: African-American studio and photography school 1900-1970's. Collection not open to the public at this time. East Tennessee State University Archives of Appalachia Johnson City, TN

(423) 439-4338

Film: 280 titles Video: 1479 items Broadside Television, Inc. Collection, Ace.# 28: 1970-1978 Broadside TV, Inc. was a production and cable television facility located in Johnson City, TN. The collection consists of documentaries made by local producers about Central Southern Appalachia. Subjects include regional politics, environmental, arts and crafts, religion, Hyden Mine disaster, coal mining unions, boxcar travels during the 1930's and Bluegrass Festivals. Burton-Manning Videotape Collection, Ace. # 25: 1925-1932,1956-1989 Audio and video tapes of the oral history, music and folklore of the region. Thomas G. Burton Collection, Ace. # 160: 1967-1991 Audio and video tapes of Appalachian folklore, music and storytelling. Video footage of serpent-handling. Thomas G. Burton & Thomas F. Headley Collection, Ace# 227 Audio and video tapes of violence in the south. David Larry Nave Videotapes, Ace.# 304: 1967, 1975-1976 Videos of toy making, quilting, and religious and secular singing. Historic New Orleans Collection New Orleans, LA

(504) 523-4662

Film: 2008 titles Video: 450 items Photographs: 300,000 Films on cypress logging in Louisiana, 1930's. Other films related to New Orleans and Mardi Gras. Photographs of New Orleans architecture, scenic and local street scenes. KTBS-TV Shreveport, LA (318) 861-5847 ABC affiliate television news footage from 1971-1976 and 1980 until the present.


Louisiana State University Ubraries Special Collections Baton Rouge, LA Film: 1600 titles Video: 1000 items

(504) 388-6568

Silent color film of Governor Long's inauguration ceremonies and personalities. Senator Russell B. Long Collection, 1950-1980: Press conferences and television messages. Louisiana State University Archives Recruiting Films: Recruiting for basketball and football. Marching band performances. Louisiana State University Shreveport, LA

(318) 797-5378

Film: 350,000 feet Video: 600 items KSLA-TV News Footage Collection, 1980-1992: News topics relating to Northwest Louisiana, Northeast Texas and Southwest Arkansas. Subjects include Louisiana politics, education, economy and local governments. Mississippi Authority For Educational Television Jackson, MS (601) 982-6746 Video only Subjects include steam boats on a river, outdoor footage of the state and other Mississippi footage from 1970 to the present. Mississippi Department of Archives and History Audio-Visual Jackson, MS (60 1) 359-687 4 Aldridge Family Film Collection: MP 1987.01 1939-1949 2 16mm film Collection consists of film footage of cotton planting and harvesting in the Mississippi Delta. MP 1983.01 Alma Carpenter Film Collection: 1930's 1 16mm film Collection consists of film footage of the Natchez pilgrimage during the 1930's and of the Elms home. MP 1978.01 B. F. Jackson Film Collection: 1945-1950 4 16mm films Collection consists of film footage of Mississippi Delta plantation scenes at Mattson. Scenes of buildings and equipment on plantation. Workers shown. MP 1979.01 B.F. Jackson Film Collection: 1945-1950 4 16mm films Collection consists of film footage of Ruleville, MS. Scenes of citizens, city buildings and businesses and school.



Citizens' Council Forum Film Collection: MP 1986.01 1955-1966 90,000 Ft. 16mm film Collection consists of film footage from the weekly-televised program Citizens' Council Forum. Discussions with leading conservatives about race, communism, the Supreme Court, religion and integration. Donald Blank Productions: MP 2001.02, 2001.05 1985-1997 2 videosOne copy of Blank's production "Standing Tall" about the catfish farming labor strikes. One unedited video of "Mississippi Fishes" about the fishing industry and sport fishing in Mississippi. MP 1993.02

Evelyn Gandy Campaign Film Collection: 1971-1983 20 films, 62 videos, 240 audio Campaign advertising material.

MP 1975.01 James Frank Highsaw Film Collection: 1934-1940's 1 16mm film Collection consists of film footage of the Columbus and Greenville Railway station and rail yard. Scenes of train stations filmed from moving train, C&G employees at picnic and train repair. MP 1993.01 Kenneth Dean Film Collection: 1972 2 16mm film Interview with Thomas Albert Tarrants at the Mississippi State Penitentiary and footage of a Communications Improvement, Inc. Key Brothers Film Collection: MP 1978.02 1934-1935 6 16mm films Collection consists of film footage of the Key Brothers endurance air plane flights above Meridian, Mississippi. Mississippi Chemical Corporation Film Collection: MP 1999.01 1975-1987 1 8rnm, 1/16mm Collection consists of two films, audio, and photographs. The first film "Tomorrow's Harvest" is narrated by Tom Parry discussing and showing Mississippi Chemical's various plants and methods for making fertilizer. The second film is a documentary about the city of Yazoo and the photographs are Mississippi Chemical advertisements. Nicholas C. Read: "Hard Brought Up": MP 1986.04 1954 1 35mm & 1 16mm film Film was produced by Read for the Mississippi Department of Human Services. Film documents procedures used by the State Department when dealing with juvenile delinquency. Nikki Draper Film and Video Collection: MP 1998.01 1987-1991 54 16mrn film Collection consists of films, audio, slides and photographs from Draper's film production of "A Matter of Choice" which depicts the integration of Murrah High School. MP 1981.02 Patti Carr Black Video Collection: March 20, 1977 4 videos Collection consists of video footage taken of Fannie Lou Hamer's funeral in Ruleville, Mississippi. Interviews with those attending.



MP 1990.01 Patricia Young Film Collection: 1920's 3 16mm film Collection consists of film footage of Oxford, MS. Scenes of children in mock wedding, University of MS campus, Saint Peter's Episcopal Church and Oxford after ice storm. WAPT-TV News Film Collection: MP 1981.01 1971-1977 225,000 Ft. 16mm film Collection consists of news film from the television station WAPT in Jackson, MS. News events natural disasters, political, sports, social and economic. WJTV-TV News Film Collection: MP 1994.01 1960's-1981 80,000 Ft. 16mm film Collection consists of news film and video from the television station WJTV in Jackson, MS. News events of natural disasters, political, sports, social and economic. William Winter Campaign Film Collection: MP 1983.02 1959-1975 25 16mm films Collection consists of campaign advertisements for political campaigns. MP 1995.02, 1989.01 WDAM-TV News Film Collection: 1970-1972, 1975, 1983 14116mmfilm Collection consists of news film and slides from the television station WDAM in Hattiesburg, MS. News events from the University of Southern Mississippi, natural disasters, political and economic. MP 1980.01 WLBT-TV News Film Collection: 1954-1971 550,000 Ft. 16mm film Collection consists of news film from the television station WLBT in Jackson, MS. News events of natural disasters, political, economic and social. The most significant subject area in the collection is the Civil Rights Movement. Examples of the events in this collection include the arrival of the Freedom Riders, Capitol Street Boycott, lunch counter sit-ins, James Meredith's enrollment at the University of Mississippi, Freedom Summer, and voter registration campaigns. Along with these events came violence reflected in stories like the murders of the three civil rights workers Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner and James Chaney and the countless bombings of homes, synagogues and businesses. WLBT-TV News Film Collection: MP 1982.01 1974-1981 500,000 Ft. 16mm film Collection consists of news film from the television station WLBT in Jackson, MS. News events of natural disasters, political, economic and social. News program "Probe". Mississippi State University Libraries Mitchell Memorial Library Starkville, MS (662) 325-7679 Mark E. Bolton: 1976-1992 Editorial cartoons for the Clarion Ledger newspaper. Citizens' Council Forums Collection: 1957-1966 Radio forums audio tape recordings of political leaders of the time.


B.F. Fridge: 1839, 1913 Scrapbooks from the National Committeeman of the Mississippi Progressive Party. C.F. Mayerhoff: 1938-1974 Photographs and tapes from the National States' Rights Party. WLBT Archives: 1967-1980 Accession 366 Collection consists of news film from local news reports and video from WLBT's television production "Probe" which was shown weekly, except during the summer months, and dealt with various newsworthy topics during the 1970's. National Storytelling Association Jonesborough, TN

(423) 753-2171

Audio Tapes: 200 Collection of tapes from National Storytelling Festivals, 1970's to present. Those recorded are professional storytellers. New Orleans Public Library New Orleans, LA

(504) 596-2610

Film: 6800 items Video: 1300 items WVUE-TV Newsfilm Collection, 1968-1980: Daily news segments from the ABC affiliate. Municipal footage of Mayor's office, police department, City Council meetings and PSA's. Tennessee State Library and Archives Nashville, TN (615) 741-6471 Film: 250 items Video: 50 items Films relating to conservation and various issues of concern to the state of Tennessee Department of Conservation Motion Picture Collection: 104 films Department of Education Films: 40 films Sabin Photographic Collection 1870-1972 Tulane University New Orleans, LA

(504) 865-5688

Film: 231 items Video: 346 items Archival and recent footage relating to jazz, other New Orleans music, funerals and parades. Collecting interviews done with jazz performers in video and transcript format. 110 jazz films, 1928-1970. University of Alabama Center for Public Television & Radio Tuscaloosa, AL Film:

(205) 348-6210



Video: 500 hours Video footage of George Wallace, Civil Rights in Alabama, Alabama Politicians and Civil Rights leaders, music including blues, Alabama wildlife, Alabama quilting writers, Alabama Public TV documentaries, Tuscaloosa tourism and University of Alabama football. University of Alabama W. S. Hoole Special Collections Library Tuscaloosa, AL

(205) 348-0500

Film: 170 items Video: 100 items Three main collections of film and videotape. Corry Family Collection: 84 VHS tapes, 1986 to present Includes a growing collections of videotapes histories and material dealing with Alabama Representative Carl Elliott and coal mining in Alabama. Archives of the American Minority Cultures: 60 VHS tapes & other formats Subjects include women's history, black music, and midwifery. University of Alabama Archives: 300 16mm films Films and videotape generated by University Relations. Subjects include the 1981 Sesquicentennial Celebration, 1963 stand of George Wallace in the schoolhouse door. University of Memphis Special Collections, Mississippi Valley Collection Memphis, TN (901) 678-8218 Film: 125 items Video: D2 format Memphis Sanitation Workers Strike, 1968: Union leaders, civil rights organizations, sidewalk demonstrations, trash piling up on streets, picketing, riots and their aftermath downtown Memphis, National Guard troops, garbage trucks with police escort. and Larry Payne's funeral. Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, April 4, 1968: Coverage of the emergency situation in Memphis, Lorraine Motel and the hospital emergency room, April 8'" memorial march with Mrs. Caretta King, church services and memorials. University of Southern Mississippi McCain Library and Archives Hattiesburg, MS

(601) 266-4574

Robert C. Waller Photographs: 1945-1977 65 Cu. Ft Photographs of Hattiesburg people places and events.

AM 83-10

AM 90-29 "Gathering at the River: South Mississippi's Methodist Camp Meetings" 1990 Videos Video footage used in the production "Gathering at the River: South Mississippi's Methodist Camp Meetings"


AM 90-50 Wells (Mary Ann) Photographs and Papers: ca. 1977-1987 14 Cu.ft. Negatives, prints, slides, and clippings of newspaper articles and photographs taken by Mary Ann Wells as a staff member of the Hattiesburg American newspaper in Hattiesburg, Mississippi from 1977 to 1981 and afterwards. The collection also includes notebooks concerning the negatives. AM 92-7 Video Tape Collection: 1980's 1 Cu. Ft. Campaign productions made for television for John Stennis, Evelyn Gandy and Gary Hart. Slides and audiocassettes of the Hattiesburg Historic Walking Tour. Key Brothers Endurance Flight Film: AM 92-31 1935 1 16mm negative Negative fllm of scenes from the 1935 Key Brothers endurance flight above Meridian. AM 96-58

Will Mack Hanging Photographs: 1909 2 photographs Photographs of public hanging of Will Mack.

AM 98-18 Charles Moore Civil Rights Photograph Portfolio: 1958-1994 2.5 Cu. Ft. Photographs taken in Montgomery, Alabama; Oxford, Mississippi; Birmingham, Alabama and North Carolina during the Civil Rights movement. AM 98-80 Herbert Randall Freedom Summer Photographs: 1964 2 Cu. Ft. The collections consists of 1, 759 negatives of photographs taken by Mr. Herbert Randall during the 1964 Mississippi Summer Project of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) known as 'Freedom Summer'. Most of the photographs were taken in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, the largest of the forty-four Freedom Summer sites. AM 2000-58 Donald Blank Video Collection: 1999 21 videos Unedited video footage from Blank's production "Standing Tall" about the catfish farming labor strikes. Francis Farmer Photographs: 1975-1990 24 Cu. Ft. Images of Hattiesburg weddings and other social events.

AM 2001-3


Goodyear Yellow Pine Company Photographs: 1918-1920 45 photographs Photographs of lumber mill buildings, yards and machinery.

Bob Hubbard Hurricane Camille Photographs: M259 1969 26 photographs Photographs taken in the Bay St. Louis and Waveland area before and after Hurricane Camille. M283

Okinawa World War II Photographs: ca. January- March 1945 14ltems


This collection consists of fourteen aerial photographs of the Okinawa capital, Naha, which portray effects of preliminary bombing by American aircraft during World War II. Ingram-Day Lumber Company Photographs: 1906-1925 29 photographs Photographs of timber harvested by lumber company. Major-Sowers Saw Mill Photographs: 1923, 1928-1929 26 photographs Photographs of harvesting timber in Lamar and Perry Counties.



Weston Lumber Company Photographs: M293 ca. 1920-1924 2 Photographs This collection consists of two oversized, panoramic views of the H. Weston Lumber Company in Logtown, Mississippi, which show the mill in full operation. Cargill-Powers Photograph Collection: M314 ca.1907-1989 .6Cu. ft. Photographs primarily of the Cargill family. A significant portion of the photographs chronicle the early years of the Powers family in New Jersey. Hurricane Camille Photograph Collection: M315 August 19-29, 1969 132 photographs Photographs of the Mississippi Gulf Coast from Highway 90 after Hurricane Camille. USM Oral History Collection The McCain Library & Archives houses the analog cassette tapes of the nearly 700 oral history interviews conducted by the University of Southern Mississippi Oral History Program. University of Mississippi Southern Media Archive Oxford, MS

(601) 232-7811

Film: over 100,000 feet Photographs: 20,000 images The Lytle Collection: 1938-1946, 8mm film Film footage of Perthshire Plantation. Footage documents cotton farming from planting to ginning. Other footage of sharecroppers life on the plantation, a baptism and the plantation commissary. The Calhoun Collection: 1948-1984, 8mm film Film footage of the town and its people of Greenville. The Cohen Collection: 1949-1959, 16mm film Film footage of levee and bridge construction in the Arkansas Delta. The Fancher Collection: 1938-1958, 8mm film Film footage of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Children shown playing in neighborhoods and an all white public pool. Footage of Little Rock, Arkansas. The Graham Collection: 1959-1971, 8mm film Film footage of daily life during the 1960's. 10

The Jones Collection: 1956-1961, 8mm film Film footage of Pilgrimage Parade in Columbus, men and women dressed in Civil War era clothing. The Lamb Collection: 1948-1973, 16mm film Film footage of the Christmas parade in Greenwood. Christmas activities shown. Paddlewheel boat on the Mississippi River, Vicksburg National Park. The Maynor Collection: 1950-1969, 8mm film film footage of daily life during the 1950's and 1960's. The Parks Collection: 195 7-1979, 8mm film Film footage of hunting, racing, cockfight, Cub scout and parties. 1960-1968, 8mm film The Simpson Collection: Family footage during 1960's. 1940-1950, 8mm tllm The Treas Collection: Film footage of construction and future demolition of a drive-in movie theater in Aberdeen. The Utnoska Collection: 1961-1967, 8mm film Film footage of workers lifting and moving houses, deer hunting and High School activities. The Dain Collection: 1961-1962, 35mm black & white images Photographs of William Faulkner at home in Oxford. Images of Lafayette County. The Cofield Collection: 35mm & 4X5 images Images from Colonel J. R. Cofield Studio in Oxford. Images of William Faulkner at Rowan Oak. Images of Lafayette County University of Mississippi Blues Archives Oxford, MS (601) 232-7753 Video: 70 items Footage of the Delta Blues Festival and the Chunky Rhythm and Blues Festival. Interviews with blues musicians. Vanderbilt University Television New Archive Nashville, TN

(615) 343-8250

Videos: 25,000 items Collection of recorded national network newscasts from 1968-present.