Audio Visual Equipment & Services - National Press Club

Audio Visual Equipment & Services - National Press Club

Audio Visual Equipment & Services All Audio-Visual / Multimedia equipment, services and technical assistance are provided by The National Press Club’s...

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Audio Visual Equipment & Services All Audio-Visual / Multimedia equipment, services and technical assistance are provided by The National Press Club’s professional, full time staff to ensure production and presentation quality meets the high standards expected from the World’s Leading Professional Organization for Journalists. With the exception of credentialed news media recording and/or delivering content to their target audience, no outside audio/visual equipment, broadcasting or webcasting services are allowed without prior approval by National Press Club management.

Setup/Strike Fee Up to $1,500 in A/V equipment $1,500 to $5,000 in A/V equipment More than $5,000 in A/V equipment

$50 $150 $250

Audio Presentation Equipment In-Room Sound System Wired Microphone at Podium, on Table, or in floor stand Wired clip Lavaliere Microphone Wired slim gooseneck Microphone Classic-style Shure Super 55 Deluxe Vocal wired Microphone on stand Wireless Microphone: Hand-held or clip Lavaliere Audio Mixing Board - required for more than 3 sources of audio Audio Equalizer - required for more than 4 sources of audio Mult Box (multiple audio connection plug-in device for television cameras)

$160 $65 $75 $100 $150 $170 $175 $75 $60

Speaker Podium – Standard wood at 22”-wide or 40”-wide (Ballroom only) Speaker Podium - Clear Plexiglas at 22”-wide

$60 $300

Video Presentation Equipment 60-inch Flatscreen Presentation Monitor 70-inch Flatscreen Presentation Monitor Pair of 60-inch Flatscreen Presentation Monitors with VGADA Pair of 70-inch Flatscreen Presentation Monitors with VGADA 3000 Lumen Infocus Projector Table Top with Screen 5000 Lumen Proxima Projector in Holeman with Screen 6200 Lumen HD NEC Projector in Ballroom with Screen 12000 Lumen HD Eiki Projector in Ballroom with standard Screen Movie Widescreen 16’x9’ w/ drape package; requires additional labor & time

$725 $800 $1,275 $1,500 $725 $725 $975 $1,500 $850

Laptop Computer Wireless Presentation Remote with laser-pointer Blu-ray DVD Deck DVD/CD Deck Multiple laptop analog transitioning device (4-way switcher) Multiple laptop digital transitioning device (Roland digital switcher) Multiple video screens signal splitting/amplifing device (VGADA) Multiple video/data signals transitioning device (transconverter)

$300 $60 $125 $75 $160 $500 $140 $240

Audio Technician Monday-Friday 8am-5pm (4 hour minimum) All other hours and holidays (4 hour minimum)

$75 / hour $85 / hour

Video Presentation Technician 2 hour minimum (requires NPC laptop)

$100 / hour

Video Presentation Package Pair of laptops with digital switcher and video technician for up to 4 hours


Audio Visual Equipment & Services Wired BroadbandAccess for Online Presentations (per line)


Wi-Fi Access for Attendees (via dedicated broadband router) Smaller room with connections for 50 devices Midsize room with connections for 150 devices Ballroom with connections for 300 devices Branded Wi-Fi network (add to above options)

$300 $450 $600 $50

Speaker Timer Countdown multi-function with signal lights at podium Countdown on monitor in back includes monitor, laptop, dongle

$200 $500

Speaker Confidence Monitor in booth in Ballroom 60” w/vgada on floor 24” or 32” w/vgda

$300 $350

Teleprompter Service dual glass presidential-type, ½ day rate incl. operator Technician for same day practice session

$750 $100 / hour

Remote Panelist Participation audio-only via telephone 2-way, includes A/V technician with video via internet, includes wired broadband connection

$650 $800

Teleconferencing Service Two-way Q&A teleconference service with 25 lines for one-hour including equipment charges for operator, audio mixing board and technician, telephone interface device and connections. Additional 25 lines $375 first hour. Each add’l hour: $0.25 per minute per line in use.


One-way listen-only teleconference service with 25 lines first hour including equipment charges for audio mixing board, telephone interface device and connection. Additional 25 lines $375 first hour. Each additional hour $0.25 per minute per line in use.


Digital Audio Recording 1-hour recording in mp3 format Each additional hour

$300 $100

Transcription Service Up to 1-hour recording, delivered by e-mail, generally within 24 hours Each additional hour

$400 $300

Translation Services Closed-captioning for ADA 508 compliance, requires monitor + laptop Consecutive or Simulataneous with booth, wireless audio headsets

$650 per 120 mins. Call for quote

Twitter Feed / Social Media Display requires monitor&laptop, your account $725 +

Audio Visual Equipment & Services Staging, Risers, Flooring, Stanchions Presentation Risers: each 6’x8’ section at 8-inch height Performance Stage in Ballroom: (10) 4’x8’ sections at 32-inch height Dance Floor modular sections up to 24’ x 24’ Rope and Stanchions red velvet rope, per 15 feet

$150 $600 $300 $150

Presentation Furniture Leather armchair, stool, bar chair, coffee table or side table Grand Piano (does not include pianist)

Banner Hanging Service may require pipe & drape structure at add’l cost

$25 $200 $50

Lighting Services Logo Projection onto Ballroom wall (PPT slide not included) Gobo Projector with stand onto a wall (metal slide not included) Design Logo / Slideshow technician creates a PPT logo slide or series Up-lighting Package colored LED up-lighting in standard colors Spotlight (with operator) for up to 4 hours Spotlight (static)

$650 $250 $50 / ½ hour $100 - $700 $400 $150

All equipment and services are subject to 5.75% D.C. sales tax 2016

LIVE EVENT WEBCASTING SERVICES Make your event come alive and expand the impact of your message beyond those in the room by webcasting your event live to key audiences across the country or around the globe. BASIC WEBCAST PACKAGE First Hour: $2,850 Each Add’l Hour: $750 • Camera w/Operator on site at event (multi-camera webcast also available) • Live Video Webcast of your event via Flash format – streamed on client web page • Webcast test day prior to event • Deliverables: Web Video File via ftp (compressed file), file transfer

PREMIUM WEBCAST PACKAGE First Hour: $4,850 Each Add’l Hour: $945 • Custom Webcast Landing Page creation with client branding, pre-registration, speaker bios/photos, social media links, hashtags, etc. • Vanity URL to promote traffic to webcast in advance • Registration feature w/full webcast traffic report • Camera w/Operator on site at event (multi-camera webcasts also available) • Live Video Webcast of your event via Flash and IOS on Custom Webcast page • Powerpoint Slide presentation with live video feed feature (includes laptop) • 12-month archive of recorded webcast available for replay on demand • Deliverables: Web Video File via ftp (compressed file), file transfer

AUDIO ONLY WEBCAST First Hour $1,975.00 Each Add’l Hour: $585.00 • Live Audio Webcast of your event via Flash and IOS • Custom URL linking to live audio stream that can be posted on any Web site

ADDITIONAL OPTIONS AVAILABLE • Live Q&A feature (available on Premium Webcast Package only) $500 • Web Video File: $275.00/1st 2-hours, $125.00 each additional hour • Blu-ray: $150.00 per master record/1st 2 hours, $100.00/each additional 2 hours • File transfer to hard drive: $125.00/1st hour, $75/each additional hour • Hard drive purchase: $150.00

For more information, please contact our Media Services Team at 202-662-7555 or [email protected]

2016 Camera Crews Our broadcast quality equipment and experienced staff assure that your message is captured and produced with your vision in mind.

• • •

Field Camera Crew o 1-Camera o 2+ Cameras Hard drive Web Video File (up to 2hrs)

$ 825 + Call for rates $ 150 $ 275

Webcast Services Our packages create an interactive experience bringing your event message to a global audience from the NPC.

• • • •

1-Camera Live 2-Camera Live Audio Live Added Features (with Premium Package): o Ask a Question o Captioning



$4,850/1hr Call for Rates $1,975/1hr

$2,850/1hr Call for Rates

$ 500 $1,500/1hr

Video Conferencing Let us help you make your panel the best it can be by engaging a global audience with global speakers.

1-Camera, Technician, Tandberg 6000 VC unit Connectivity options: o IP, Fiber, Satellite

$2,500 + Call for rates

Photography We specialize in capturing the necessary shots to convey your event’s message in a timely professional manner. This service can be used for events occurring both inside and out of the Club.

• •

Includes photographer, digital upload to ftp site $350/1hr $895/4hr Rates


Studio/Editing Services Our comfortable, convenient studios are available for interviews and post-event live shots. Editing your event video will transform it into a piece for media outlets and the web maximizing exposure.

• •

• • •

AVID/Final Cut Pro edit suite w/ editor (2 hr minimum) Event Highlights Reel – basic package Deliverables: DV Cam, CD, DVD, Blu-ray, web file, file transfer Studio Shell (4 hrs) $875 – Large Studio 1-camera (1 hr) $775 – Large

$225/hr $950 + Call for rates $550 - Small $675 - Small

For more information please contact National Press Club Broadcast Operations Center at 202-662-7555 or email [email protected]

Photography Services The National Press Club can provide a professional photographer to help you capture compelling, high-quality images from your event (either on- or off-site) which you can use for print, online or other promotion, marketing or advertising purposes. Highresolution digital images (20MB) are provided via a web link to be quickly and easily viewed, shared, and downloaded. Standard turnaround time is 48 hours. The digital album is provided at no additional cost via a downloadable zip file. The National Press Club reserves the right to use images from selected events for promotional purposes unless instructed otherwise.

Rates are $350 one hour, $895 half-day, and $1450 full-day Contact your NPC Events Representative at 202-662-7587, [email protected]

Social Add-on: Real-time Uploads Update social media about highlights of your event with hi-res photos delivered within minutes in a private gallery to your smartphone! $100/hr as available with 3-day lead time