“Valentine” by Carol Ann Duffy Teaching Notes - Xtec

“Valentine” by Carol Ann Duffy Teaching Notes - Xtec

Generalitat de Catalunya Departament d’Ensenyament Escoles Oficials d’Idiomes “Valentine” by Carol Ann Duffy Teaching Notes Level: Intermediate stu...

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Generalitat de Catalunya Departament d’Ensenyament Escoles Oficials d’Idiomes

“Valentine” by Carol Ann Duffy

Teaching Notes

Level: Intermediate students and above. This poem, together with “One Rose” by Dorothy Parker, can be used with advanced students when talking about relationships and on special dates such as Valentine’s day or St. Jordi’s day. Students’ productions are extremely inspiring!

Timing: 45 minutes plus homework

Approach: 1. In groups students discuss what symbols love has in different cultures (tokens, gifts, “proofs”, etc.) and what their opinion about them is: is it just a commercial issue, convention. 2. Students are shown on the overhead projector the title of the poem and they are asked to anticipate the content. 3. Then they are shown the rest of the poem line by line, stopping after each one to elicit their thoughts and predict what they think would come next. 4. Students discuss in their groups what other piece of fruit or vegetable they would choose to express love and why. 5. Individually, in class or at home, students write a poem about that particular item they have chosen. 6. The vocabulary problems that might arise are sorted out along the way

There is a lot of information about this poem on: http://www.skoool.ie/examcentre_sc.asp?id=1249

Materials elaborats pel grup de treball Brit-lit – Departament d’Ensenyament / British Council Valentine by Carol Ann Duffy. Teaching notes