Background Information - Jason R. Rich

Background Information - Jason R. Rich

Jason R Rich Background Information 3  Inman  Lane,  Foxboro,  MA  02035   (508)  698-­‐0123  —  (508)  801-­‐0445  (cell)  —  Email:  [email protected]

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Jason R Rich Background Information 3  Inman  Lane,  Foxboro,  MA  02035   (508)  698-­‐0123  —  (508)  801-­‐0445  (cell)  —  Email:  [email protected]     Twitter:  @JasonRich7  —  Instagram:  JasonRich7     Jason   R.   Rich  is  the  bestselling  author  of  more  than  55  books,  as  well  as   a   frequent   contributor   to   numerous   national   magazines,   major   daily   newspapers   and   popular   websites.   He’s   also   an   accomplished   photographer  and  blogger.       As   an   author   and   journalist,   Jason   R.   Rich   currently   writes   about   consumer   electronics,   travel,   computers,   digital   photography,   entertainment,   career-­‐related   issues,   personal   finance,   pets,   electronic   entertainment   (video   and   computer   games),   blogging,   the   Internet   (eCommerce),   crowd   funding,   social   media,   and   a   variety   of   other   topics.       Over   the   years,   he   has   done   literally   thousands   of   interviews   with   well-­‐known   celebrities   from   television,   motion   pictures   and   the   recording   industry.   He’s   also   interviewed   hundreds   of   professional   athletes,   entrepreneurs   and   top-­‐level   business   leaders   for   a   wide   range   of   media  outlets.       An  Accomplished  Photographer       As  a  photographer  (,  Jason  R.  Rich’s  work   often   appears   in   conjunction   with   his   articles   and   within   his   books.   Four   of   his   digital   photography-­‐related   books   include:   How   To   Do   Everything   Digital   Photography   (McGraw-­‐Hill),   iPad   and   iPhone   Digital   Photography   Tips   and   Tricks   (Que),   My   GoPro   Hero   Camera   (Que),   and   My   Digital   Photography   for   Seniors  (Que  -­‐  Publication  Date:  Late-­‐2015).     Current  Writing  Projects       Jason   R.   Rich   is   currently   writing   extensively   about   consumer   electronics,   and   the   latest   smartphones  and  tablet  devices.  For  the  website,  he  writes  an  ongoing   series  of  feature-­‐length  “how-­‐to”  articles  about  the  latest  Apple  iPhones,  iPads  and  GoPro   Hero  cameras.  To  read  these  articles,  visit,  and  click  on  the  ‘Articles’   tab.   Dozens   of   video-­‐based   “how   to”   lessons   produced   and   hosted   by   Jason   R.   Rich   can   currently  be  found  on  Que’s  YouTube  channel  (      

In   early-­‐2015,   Jason   R.   Rich   will   begin   writing   a   full-­‐length,   full-­‐color   book,   called   iPhone   and   Apple   Watch   Fitness   Tips   and   Tricks   for   Que   Publishing.   This   book   will   provide   compressive   information   about   how   to   use   these   popular   devices  for  health,  fitness,  diet  and  exercise.       For   Que   Publishing,   he’s   also   written   Your   iPad   at   Work   (1st,   2nd,   3rd   and   4th   editions)   -­‐   a   full-­‐length,   full-­‐color   book   about   the   Apple   iPad   that   is   targeted   specifically  to  business  people.    The  4th  edition  of  Your  iPad  At  is  now  available   from,,  Apple’s  iBookstore,  and  bookstores  nationwide.     Also   for   Que   Publishing,   he’s   written   iPad   and   iPhone   Tips   and   Tricks   (1st,   2nd,   3rd   and   4th   editions).   Published   in   November   2014,   the   all-­‐new   4th   edition   covers   iOS   8   running   on   the   latest  iPhones  and  iPads,  including  the  iPhone  6,  iPhone  6  Plus,  iPad  Air  2  and  iPad  mini  3.  A   5th   edition   of   this   book   is   planned   for   publication   in   late-­‐2015,   in   conjunction   with   Apple’s   release  of  iOS  9,  and  the  latest  iPhone  and  iPad  models.     In  conjunction  with  Que,  he  has  also  written  Pottermore  Secrets  and  Mysteries  Revealed:  The   Unofficial  Guide  To,  which  focuses  on  J.K.  Rowling’s  online   service.     For   McGraw-­‐Hill,   Jason   R.   Rich   has   written   How   To   Do   Everything   iPhone   5,   How  To  Do  Everything  MacBook  Air,  How  To  Do  Everything  with  Apple  iCloud   (1st   and   2nd   editions),   and   How   To   Do   Everything   Amazon   Kindle   Fire,   all   of   which  are  now  available  from  bookstores  everywhere.       For   Wiley   Publishing,   Jason   R.   Rich   has   written   The   Crowd   Source   Funding   Services   Handbook.   This   book   is   targeted   to   small   business   operators,   entrepreneurs   and   inventors   looking   to   use   crowd   funding   services   like   Kickstarter  or  Indiegogo  in  order  to  finance  their  business  ventures,  projects   and/or  inventions.     Jason  Rich’s  Featured  App  Of  The  Week     Jason  R.  Rich  maintains  a  popular  blog,  called  Jason   Rich’s   Featured   App   Of  The  Week.   It   features   in-­‐depth   reviews   of   new   and   innovative   iPhone   and   iPad   apps.   Almost   100   reviews   have   already   been   published,   with   more  being  added  each  week.  The  blog  is  read  by  iPhone  and  iPad  users   from   around   the   world.     Visit:   Starting   in   mid-­‐2015,   this   blog   will   expand   to   include   Apple   Watch   app   reviews.     For  Entrepreneur  Press       In  conjunction  with  Entrepreneur  Press  (publisher  of  Entrepreneur  magazine),  Jason  R.  Rich   has  served  as  the  series  editor  and  author  for  the  company’s  Personal  Finance  Pocket  Guides,   which   include:   Dirty   Little   Secrets:   What   the   Credit   Bureaus   Won't   Tell   You,   Mortgages   &   Refinancing:  Get  The  Best  Rates,  Get   That   Raise!,  Buy   or   Lease   A   Car   Without   Being  Taken  For   A  Ride,  Mutual  Funds:  A  Quick  Start  Guide  and  Why  Rent?  Own  Your  Dream  Home.      

He’s   also   written:   202   High-­‐Paying   Jobs   You   Can   Get   without   a   College   Degree,   Smart  Debt,  202  Things  You  Can  Buy  and  Sell  for  Big  Profits  (2nd  Edition),  Click   Starts:   Design   and   Launch   Your   eCommerce   Business   in   One   Week,   Mac   Migration:  The  Small  Business  Guide  to  Switching  to  the  Mac,  The  Complete  Book   of   Dirty   Little   Secrets:   Money-­‐Saving   Strategies   The   Credit   Bureaus   Won’t   Tell   You   (2nd   and   3rd   editions),   Blogging   For   Fame   and   Fortune,   and   The   Ultimate   Guide  To  YouTube  For  Business.       Travel  Articles  for  the  New  York  Daily  News  Newspaper       As   a   travel   writer,   Jason   R.   Rich   contributed   travel-­‐related   articles   to   the   “Your   Money”   section   of   the   New   York   Daily   News   newspaper   for   more   than   three   years.   His   articles   covered  all  aspects  of  business,  leisure  and  family-­‐oriented  travel.  Many  of  his  New  York  Daily   News  articles  were  syndicated  to  other  major  daily  newspapers  as  well.     Additional  Travel-­‐Related  Writing       Jason   R.   Rich   has   contributed   travel-­‐related   articles   to,   Virgin   Atlantic’s,   as   well   as   to,,,  and  a  handful  of  printed  publications.       For   Thomas   Cook,   Jason   R.   Rich   wrote   several   full-­‐length   travel   guides,   including   Thomas   Cook   Florida   Hotspots,   which   were   distributed   throughout   Europe.  He  also  worked  with  Globe  Pequot  to  write  several  full-­‐length  travel   guides  covering  Washington,  DC  and  Long  Island,  New  York.       Entrepreneur  Magazine’s  Business  Traveler  Series       Jason   R.   Rich   created   and   wrote   Entrepreneur   Magazine’s   Business   Traveler   –   a   series   of   comprehensive,   pocket-­‐sized,   city-­‐specific   travel   guides   for   business   travelers   and   convention   goers.   The   six   books   in   this   series   focused   on   Las   Vegas,   New   York   City,   Washington  DC,  Chicago,  Los  Angeles  and  Orlando.       The  Official  American  Idol®  Books  &  Magazine       For   Prima   /   Random   House,   Jason   R.   Rich   wrote   American   Idol®   Season   3   -­‐   All   Access   and   American  Idol®  Season  4  -­‐  The  Official  Fan  Book,  the  only  officially  licensed  books  for  seasons   three  and  four  of  television's  most  popular  music  competition.       During   seasons   3   and   4   of   the   show,   Jason   R.   Rich   had   exclusive   and   unprecedented   access   backstage   -­‐   from   the   audition   process   to   the   season   finale.  Thus,  he  was  able  to  offer  a  true  behind-­‐the-­‐scenes  look  at  FOX-­‐TV’s   hit  show  American  Idol®.       During  season  4  of  American  Idol®,  Jason  R.  Rich  worked  as  the  senior  editor   of   American   Idol®   the   Magazine.   It   was   published   by   The   CSM   Group   and   distributed  through  newsstands  nationwide.        

He  also  wrote  the  shooting  script  for  Vocal  Help  Now,  the  DVD  featuring  American  Idol®  and   The   Voice’s   vocal   coach,   Debra   Byrd.   The   instructional   DVD   features   interviews   with   past   American  Idol®  contestants  and  several  veteran  entertainers  from  Broadway,  television  and   motion  pictures.       Additional  Recently  Published  Books       Jason   R.   Rich   is   proud   to   have   worked   with   Wiley   Publishing   to   contribute   to   its   popular   Dummies®  book  series.  Published  in  July  2006,  he  wrote  Self-­‐Publishing  For  Dummies.       Also   for   Wiley,   he   has   written   The   Unofficial   Guide   to   Starting   A   Franchise   and   The   Unofficial   Guide  to  Starting  A  Business  Online,  2nd  Edition,  as  well  as  Pampering  Your  Pooch:  Discover   What  Your  Dog  Wants,  Needs  &  Loves.       Additional  books  written  by  Jason  R.  Rich  include:       • Brain   Storm:   Tap   Into   Your   Creativity   to   Generate   Awesome   Ideas   and   Remarkable   Results  (The  Career  Press)     • First   Job,   Great   Job:   America's   Hottest   Business   Leaders   Share   Their   Secrets   (Macmillan)     • Great  Resumes  (Learning  Express)     • How   To   Do   Everything   With   Your   Windows   Mobile   Smartphone   (Osborne/McGraw-­‐   Hill)     • Job  Hunting  For  The  Utterly  Confused  (McGraw-­‐Hill)     • Make  Your  Paycheck  Last  (The  Career  Press)     • The  Bachelor’s  Guide  To  Life  (iUniverse)     • The  Unofficial  Guide  To  Earning  What  You  Deserve  (IDG  Books)     • The  Unofficial  Guide  to  Marketing  Your  Business  Online  (IDG  Books)     • The  Unofficial  Guide  to  Starting  A  Business  Online  (IDG  Books)  -­‐   On  January  7,  2000,   this  book  was  ranked  #6  on  The  Wall  Street  Journal’s  Best  Sellers  (Business)  list.  An   all-­‐   new,  expanded,  second  edition  of  the  book  was  published  by  Wiley  Publishing  in   December  2005.     • Will   You   Marry   Me?   Popping   the   Question   with   Romance   and   Style   (New   Page   Books)   -­‐   In   conjunction   with   this   book,   Jason   R.   Rich   worked   with   Korbel   Champagne   Cellars   as  the  spokesperson  for  the  2004  Korbel  Perfect  Proposal  Contest.     • Your  Career:  Coach  Yourself  To  Success  (Learning  Express)       Family-­‐Oriented  Travel  Guides  &  More  for  Adams  Media       For   Adams   Media   Corporation's   bestselling   Everything   series,   Jason   R.   Rich   has   written   eleven   books,   including   a   series   of   family-­‐oriented   travel   guides.   These   full-­‐length   guides   include:   The   Everything   Family   Guide   to   Walt   Disney   World,   Universal   Studios   and   Greater   Orlando   (1st,   2nd,   3rd   and   4th   editions),   plus   two   editions   of   The   Everything   Las   Vegas   Book,   The  Everything  Family  Guide  To  The  Disneyland  Resort,  California  Adventure  and  the  Anaheim   Area  and  The  Everything  Family  Guide  To  The  Caribbean.       He’s   also   written   The   Everything   Ghost   Book,   The   Everything   Organize   Your   Home   Book,   and   The  Everything  College  Survival  Book  for  the  Everything  series.  

Best-­‐Selling  Children’s  Books       Jason   R.   Rich   was   the   creator   and   author   of   Sybex’s   best-­‐selling   Pathways   to   Adventure   children's  book  series.  This  series  of  full-­‐color  and  full-­‐length  novels  told  the  stories  behind   popular   video   games,   such   as   Pokémon®,   The   Legend   of   Zelda®   and   Donkey   Kong®.   The   Pathways   to   Adventure   series   sold   over   one   million   copies   worldwide,   and   was   translated   into   multiple   languages.   The   series   was   also   featured   in   Time,   USA   Today,   Nintendo   Power,   The  Los  Angeles  Times  and  GameWeek.  The  Pathways  to  Adventure  series  included  six  books.       Public  Speaker  and  Lecturer     Throughout   the   year,   Jason   R.   Rich   teaches   several   classes   at   Newton   Continuing   Education   (Newton,   MA)   and   Boston   Adult   Education.   He   also   frequently   serves   as   an   Enrichment   Lecturer   aboard   cruise   ships   operated   by   Royal   Caribbean,   Celebrity   Cruise   Lines   and   Princess  Cruise  Lines.  In  addition,  he  frequently  lectures  at  book  fairs  and  other  events.       In  The  Past       For  the  weekly,  award-­‐winning  Kid  Company  radio  show,  which  aired  for  five  years  on  WBZ-­‐   AM  1030  radio  throughout  New  England,  Jason  R.  Rich  worked  as  a  contributing  producer   and  feature  host.  Kid  Company  was  the  recipient  of  The  1993  George  Foster  Peabody  Award.   He   also   worked   as   the   associate   producer   for   the   three-­‐time   Emmy   Award   winning   Kids   Talk   Sports  television  show,  which  aired  weekly  on  New  England  Cable  News  for  three  years.       In   1988,   Jason   Rich   created   and   was   the   columnist   for   the   Celebrity   Teen   Talk   nationally   syndicated   newspaper   column.   This   column   ran   for   six   years   in   over   a   dozen   major   daily   newspapers  across  America.       Jason  R.  Rich  also  worked  as  a  contributing  producer  and  as  the  celebrity  talent  coordinator   for   The   American   Public   Radio   Network's,   Peabody   Award   winning,   Kids   America   program   and   as   the   associate   producer   of   The   Associated   Press   Radio   Networks   The   Computer   Connection  show.       Between   December   1994   and   March   1996,   Jason   R.   Rich   appeared   weekly   on   the   fX   cable   network's  national  television  morning  show  Breakfast  Time,  showcasing  the  latest  video  and   computer  game  technology.       Jason   R.   Rich   currently   lives   in   Foxboro,   Massachusetts   and   has   more   than   13,900   Twitter   users  following  his  travel  and  writing  adventures  (@JasonRich7).       #    #    #     (Updated:  March  2015)   Twitter:  @JasonRich7  /  Instagram:  JasonRich7