Background Information

Background Information

South Carolina’s WOOD MAGIC FOREST FAIR South Carolina’s Wood Magic Forest Fair is a 4-hour program designed to enable fourth graders from across t...

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South Carolina’s



South Carolina’s Wood Magic Forest Fair is a 4-hour program designed to enable fourth graders from across the state to: • Demonstrate awareness that our society depends on forests for many products we use every day and that these products improve our quality of life. • Explain the difference between renewable and non-renewable natural resources and apply the reduce-reuse-recycle principles of conservation. • Recognize that many different management techniques are required to insure long-term sustainability of our forests. • Describe the many environmental, social, and economic benefits of our forests. These goals are accomplished through a variety of hands-on activities led by forestry professionals from numerous organizations. For a pictorial explanation of each of the 6 learning stations, go to the Wood Magic web site at: Patterned after a program developed at Mississippi State University, South Carolina’s Wood Magic Forest Fair was first held October 18-22, 1999 at Harbison State Forest in Columbia. During Fall 2000, an additional week was conducted at the Sewee Visitors Center near Charleston. Four weeks were held during the 2001- 2002 school year, with one week held at SC State’s Camp Daniels in March. During the 2002-2003 school year, three weeks were held – one each at Clemson University, Harbison State Forest, and Sewee Visitors Center.

Number Of Participants Here are the statistics for the past 4 years of Wood Magic: 1999 – 2000 school year #Applications Location Received Harbison 75 2000 – 2001 school year #Applications Location Received

#Classes Attending 29

#Classes Attending

#Children Attending

#Teachers & Other Adults

Total # of Participants




#Children Attending

#Teachers & Other Adults

Total # of Participants



















2001 – 2002 school year #Applications Location Received

#Classes Attending

#Children Attending

#Teachers & Other Adults

Total # of Participants













Camp Daniels












#Teachers & Other Adults

Total # of Participants

2002 – 2003 school year #Applications Location Received

#Classes Attending

#Children Attending

























Knowledge gained

South Carolina's Wood Magic Forest Fair is a comprehensive environmental education program that is correlated to state curriculum standards in science and social studies. To help measure the effectiveness of this program, teachers were asked to administer a pre-test to the students before they attended Wood Magic and a post-test afterward. Of the 111 teachers that brought classes to Wood Magic in 2002, 77% returned their pre and post-test results. The results of these tests were then compiled and examined to determine the educational success of Wood Magic. The following is a summary of these results. Before the program, 43% of the students understood that the U.S. has more forests today than it did 100 years ago. After the program 80% of the students knew this to be true.

93% of the students now recognize that trees are a renewable natural resource.

Before they attended the WMFF program, 73% of the students thought that the major reason to recycle paper was to "save trees". Afterward, 81% of the students recognized that the primary goals in recycling are to save landfill space and reduce waste.

84% of the students now recognize that more trees are planted each year in South Carolina than are harvested.

Before coming to Wood Magic, only 39% of the students thought that using trees for the products we need is an environmentally friendly thing to do. After participating in this program, 77% now believe this to be true.

After attending Wood Magic, 88% of the students were able to list a minimum of 10 items that they use everyday that come from trees. Many students could actually name 20 to 50 items.

Students showed a significant gain in knowledge about forests in 100% of the major categories measured. Overall, the scores on the test increased from an average of 50% on the pre-test to 84% on the post-test (from a failing grade to a “B”).

Here's a visual summary of the pre-visit and post-visit test results.

2002 Wood Magic Fall Test Results 100 Percentage correctly answered

90 80 70 60 Pre-Test Post-Test

50 40 30 20 10 0 1








Major Topics

MAJOR TOPICS 1. There are more trees today than 100 years ago. 2. Trees are a renewable natural resource. 3. Prescribed fire is used to improve forests and wildlife habitat. 4. The major reason to recycle paper is to save landfill space. 5. Using trees is not harmful to the environment. 6. More trees are planted in SC each year than are harvested. 7. Forests clean our air and water. 8. Students can list 10 forest products they use everyday.

Participant Comments

STUDENTS “I really enjoyed all the fun activities we did. I think I learned a lot about forests and trees. One thing I learned was that for every tree that is harvested, there is five new seedlings planted back for it. I also learned that there is over 10,000 ways to use wood products.” “Thank you for letting us come on the trip. I really liked it when you did the magic – it was very cool. I have been blowing bubbles with my wooden stick. Thank you for everything you did.” “Thank you for the goodie bag. I liked the T shirt because it will always remind me of my 4th grade field trip.”

TEACHERS “Wood Magic Forest Fair is one of the best educational field trips I’ve ever attended. The organization and age appropriateness of the lesson made learning fun for the students. ‘Gifts of the Forest’ was my favorite due to all students’ participation.” “The staff was extremely agreeable and did absolutely all they could to make our visit comfortable and exciting. Thank you for allowing us to participate in this neat adventure!” “This field trip was by far the best and most organized field trip I’ve ever taken. Each station captivated my students with the ‘hands-on’ activities. The staff related well with the students with their ‘silly’ jokes/examples/tricks. I’ve received many comments from parents telling me their child can’t stop talking about the trip. They [the children] also keep singing the song from the Makin’ Paper station.” “This is an excellent program. I wish all classes could take advantage of it! I hope to ‘make the cut’ again next year!” “I have never in 26 years teaching been exposed to such a wide range of information presented with such skill, humor, and child-friendliness.”

PARENTS “Please accept my congratulations on presenting an educational and entertaining experience for my nine-year-old twins. Both children enjoyed their field trip. They learned important lessons in the conservation of natural resources. These lessons were conveyed effectively and professionally by the many people whom you organized. I was especially impressed by the age-appropriate level of seminars and by the patience exhibited by your personnel (I’m sure that they do not normally deal with children in their jobs). The magic exhibition and the paper recycling seminar in particular conveyed the themes of recycle, reuse and reduce waste of natural resources. I am happy to praise your fine efforts in educating the school children of South Carolina. Keep up the good work!”


South Carolina’s Wood Magic Forest Fair is jointly sponsored by Clemson University, South Carolina Forestry Commission, South Carolina Forestry Foundation, and the USDA Forest Service. Special thanks to the following organizations that provided financial support and/or in-kind services (personnel, equipment, and supplies): American Forest & Paper Association

M. L. Corley & Sons, Incorporated

Archibald Rutledge Academy

MeadWestvaco Corporation

Awendaw Fire Department

Milliken Forestry Company

Belle W. Baruch Foundation

New South, Incorporated

Bowater, Incorporated

Norbord SC, Incorporated

Canal Wood

Paper Stock Dealers

Charleston County Solid Waste

Pickens County Env. Services

Cherokee Kenworth

Pioneer Machinery

Clemson University

Plum Creek Timber Company

Collum’s Lumber Company

Sewee Association

Comfort Suites

Shaw, McLeod, Belser & Hurlbutt, Inc.

Crescent Resources

Smurfit-Stone Container Corp.

Dempsey Wood Products

Sonoco Products Company

Domino’s Pizza

SC Dept. of Natural Resources

Georgia-Pacific Corporation

SC Forestry Association

Hancock Timber Resource Group

SC Forestry Commission

Horry-Georgetown Tech

SC Forestry Foundation SC Timber Producers Association

Hughes Motor Company

University of South Carolina

International Paper Company

US Fish & Wildlife Service

International Paper Foundation

USDA Forest Service

Jordan Lumber Company

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Weyerhaeuser

Low Country Forest Products

Willamette Industries, Inc.






Covenant Christian




Archibald Rutledge Acad.


Faith Christian Academy Cheraw

Beaufort Academy


Gallman Elem.


Berkeley Intermediate

Moncks Corner

Great Falls Elem.

Great Falls

Charleston Catholic


Hollywood Elem.


First Baptist School

Mt. Pleasant

Horrell Hill Elem.


First Baptist School


Jackson School


Gtn. Homeschoolers


Long Cane Academy


Johsonville Elem.


McCrory-Liston Elem.


Maryville Elem.


Oak Grove Elem.


Newington Elem.


Pineview Elem.


St. Andrews School


Richard Winn Acad.


St. Peter’s School


Saluda Elem.


Sullivan’s Island Elem.

Sullivan’s Island

Trident Academy

Mt. Pleasant

Windwood Farm


SCHOOLS (continued)

Clemson School


Brook Glenn Elem.


Code Elementary


Cowpens Elem.


Fairforest Elem.


Hagood Elem.


Holly Springs Elem.


Laurens Elementary


Oakland Elementary


Palmetto Elementary


Tamassee-Salem Elem.


West View Elem.


Woodland Heights Elem.


Steering Committee Contact one of the following for first-hand information on Wood Magic and/or with your suggestions on how to improve this educational program. Name


Becky Ashley

USDA Forest Service

Frazier Baldwin

Bowater, Incorporated

Steve Bates

SC Department of Natural Resources

Gwen Beavans

USDA Forest Service

Sam Caldwell


Larry Davis

US Fish & Wildlife Service

Bethel Durant

Natural Resources Conservation Service

Ron Ferguson

SC Forestry Commission

Bob Franklin

Clemson University

Robin Glenn

SC State University

Jim Gunther

Georgia-Pacific Corporation

Richard Harper

Clemson University

Jane Hiller

Paper Stock Dealers

Russell Hubright

SC Forestry Commission

Crad Jaynes

SC Timber Producers Association

Anne Kyle

SC Forestry Commission

Janna Larson

USDA Forest Service

Wayne Majuri

International Paper Company

Jennie Morris

SC Forestry Commission

Guy Sabin

SC Forestry Association

Jerry Shrum

SC Forestry Commission

Orlando Sutton

USDA Forest Service

Wood Magic Staff

The success of South Carolina’s Wood Magic Forest Fair can be attributed to the dedication and technical competence of over 200 professionals from numerous organizations. These people created and installed signs, developed lesson plans, guided classes, served food, cleaned up after a busy day, taught students, assembled student packets, welcomed guests, and performed dozens of other tasks. Our sincere appreciation for a job well done goes to the following: Name




Anne Abrams, Clemson University

Mary Bonfanti, Clemson University

Stan Addis, Clemson University

Barret Boozer, Clemson University

Tommy Adkins, Bowater, Inc

Liz Bourgeois, MeadWestvaco Corporation

Scott Adkins, Clemson University

Bill Boykin, SC Forestry Commission

Earl Alston, Archibald Rutledge Academy

Mike Bozzo, SC Forestry Commission

Isaiah Alston, USDA Forest Service

Brad Bramlett, SC Forestry Commission

Jackie Amerson, SC Forestry Commission

Tom Brant, International Paper Company

Emily Anderson, Clemson University

Gary Breland, Georgia-Pacific Corporation

Rebecca Anthony, Clemson University

Alice Brown, USDA Forest Service

Becky Ashley, USDA Forest Service

Ashley Brown, Clemson University

Darren Atkins, Clemson University

Daniel Brown, Clemson University

Calvin Bailey, SC Forestry Commission

Raymond Brown, USDA Forest Service

James Baker, SC Forestry Commission

Jessica Buchanan, Clemson University

Frazier Baldwin, Bowater, Inc.

Charles Buist, International Paper Company

Richard Barber, Awendaw Fire Department

Olga Maria Caballero, USDA Forest Service

Judy Barnes, SC DNR

Anne Cabaniss, SC Forestry Commission

Billy Barnette, Georgia-Pacific Corporation

Rick Cain, Georgia-Pacific

Lauren Bates, Clemson University

Jonathan Calore, SC Forestry Commission

Susan Batten, International Paper Company

Jeannie Campbell, Clemson University

Josh Baxley, Horry-Georgetown Tech

Roger Campbell, International Paper Company

Marcus Beasley, USDA Forest Service

Vince Cannarella, SC Forestry Commission

Gwen Beavans, USDA Forest Service

Jason Caudill, Clemson University

Amanda Beckham, Clemson University

Jody Chaney, Bowater, Inc

John Bess, Collum's Lumber Company

Wayne Chao, Clemson University

Dede Bishop, Charleston County Solid Waste

Will Chapman, Clemson University

Elizabeth Blizzard, Clemson University

George Chastain, Belle W. Baruch Foundation



Sam Cimburke, MeadWestvaco Corporation

Linda Floyd, SC Forestry Commission Name


Chris Clifton, University of South Carolina

Carol Forney, USDA Forest Service

Matt Connor, Horry-Georgetown Tech

Rusty Fort, USDA Forest Service

Roddy Cooper, International Paper Company

Annetta Fox, SC Forestry Commission

R.J. Counts, SC Forestry Commission

Erin Freeman, University of South Carolina

Knight Cox, Clemson University

Harriet Futch, Archibald Rutledge Academy Gene Gabrelli, Clemson University

Sam Crayton, Archibald Rutledge Academy

Patrick Gaines, USDA Forest Service

Candace Cummins, Clemson University

Mark Garner, USDA Forest Service

Don Dadisman, MeadWestvaco Corporation

Adam Garrett, USDA Forest Service

Shannon Daniel, International Paper Co.

Lucia Garry, USDA Forest Service

Paul Davis, Horry-Georgetown Tech

Bruce Gaskins, Awendaw Fire Department

Donald Davis, International Paper Company

Carrie Gilbert, USDA Forest Service

Larry Davis, US Fish & Wildlife Service

Liz Gilland, SC Forestry Commission

Antoinette Davis, USDA Forest Service

Jim Gilreath, Clemson University

Carrie Davis, USDA Forest Service

Chris Gordy, Norbord South Carolina

Tonee Davis, USDA Forest Service

Phillip E. Grant, International Paper Company

Amy Dawkins, Clemson University

David Grant, SC Forestry Commission

Bob Deal

Rosa Lee Grant, USDA Forest Service

Mari Dent, Clemson University

Carole Gravely, SC Forestry Commission

Lyle Dickerson, Georgia-Pacific

Brian Green, Clemson University

Tom Dickinson, Clemson University

Josh Green, Clemson University

Billy Dietrick, Clemson University

Lottie Green, USDA Forest Service

Debra Dixon, SC Forestry Commission

Wanda Guerry, USDA Forest Service

Constance Dudley, USDA Forest Service

Jim Gunther, Georgia-Pacific

Dan Dupre, SC DNR

Kyle Hallman, Horry-Georgetown Tech

John DuPre, USDA Forest Service

Cheryl Hardee, SC Forestry Commission

John Eargle, Bowater, Inc

Richard Harper, Clemson University

John Eckley, Clemson University

Jay Harrell, Horry-Georgetown Tech

DeAnna Eddy, International Paper Company

Tonya Harrington, Horry-Georgetown Tech

Jim Edwards, Georgia-Pacific

Allison Hartnett, Clemson University

Lois Edwards, SC Forestry Commission

Chad Hayes, Clemson University

Will Emerson, SC Forestry Commission

Matt Hayes, Clemson University

Eileen Fallon, Clemson University

Wes Hayes, Clemson University

Ebony Farr, University of South Carolina

Bill Hayne, International Paper Company

Charlotte Feltman, Clemson University

Mel Henson, MeadWestvaco Corporation

Ron Ferguson, SC Forestry Commission

Gary Hermann, MeadWestvaco Corporation

Melissa Fleming, SC Forestry Commission

Charly Hermans, Clemson University

Erik Flemming, Clemson University

Jane Hiller, Paper Stock Dealers, Inc.

Ronnie Hinson, MeadWestvaco Corporation Name Organization

Bill Leister, International Paper Company Name


Diane House, S.C. Forestry Commission

Judy Lucas, SC Forestry Commission

Russell Hubright, S.C. Forestry Commission

Trisha Lynch, USDA Forest Service

Anna Huckabee, SC DNR

Ricky Mackey, SC Forestry Commission

Chris Huckleberry, International Paper Co.

Chip Maglione, Clemson University

Alan Hudson, Clemson University

Liza Malone, University of South Carolina

Josh Huntley, Clemson University

David Marbert, USDA Forest Service

Kep Hurley, Cresent Resources

Libby Martin, SC Forestry Commission

Jim Huthmaker, USDA Forest Service

Lisa Mason, SC Forestry Commission

Ashley Hutto, Clemson University

Ashleigh McClellan, Archibald Rutledge Acad.

Andy Isaacson, Clemson University

Amy McClellan, International Paper Company

John Jamison, Georgia-Pacific Corporation

Ashley McCluney, Clemson University

Crad Jaynes, SC Timber Producers Assn.

Aaron McClure, Archibald Rutledge Academy

Teresa Jeffcoat, SC Forestry Commission

Ben McCormick, USDA Forest Service

Macon Johns, Archibald Rutledge Academy

Kate McCrary, Clemson University

Rebecca Johnson, Clemson University

Cliff McKinney, SC Forestry Commission

Randall Johnson, Georgia-Pacific Corporation

Gina McLellan, Clemson University

Michelle Johnson, SC Forestry Commission

Dwight McPherson, International Paper Co.

Mike Johnson, SC Forestry Commission

Richard McWethy, Awendaw Fire Department

William Johnson, SC Forestry Commission

Scott McWethy, Awendaw Fire Department

Kevin Johnstone, SC Forestry Commission

Frances Melfi, SC Forestry Commission

Julian Jones, Clemson University

Tripp Miller, Clemson University

Matt Jones, Clemson University

Neal Mills, Bowater, Inc

Nickie Keller, Clemson University

Chris Mitchell, SC Forestry Commission

Jeremy Kelly, Clemson University

Elsie Montgomery, S.C. Forestry Commission

Brett Kerce, Clemson University

Kohan Moody, Clemson University

George Kessler, Clemson University

Larry Moody, SC Forestry Commission

Debbie Kiser, SC Forestry Commission

Ashley Moore, Archibald Rutledge Academy

Anne Kyle, SC Forestry Commission

Ashley Morgan, Clemson University

Peggy Langdale, SC Forestry Commission

Matt Morgan, International Paper Company

Micky Lankford, Georgia-Pacific Corporation

Jennie Morris, SC Forestry Commission

Janna Larson, USDA Forest Service

Mary Morrison, USDA Forest Service

Jonathan Latta, Clemson University

Lisa Muggeo, Clemson University

Ashley Lawhon, International Paper Company

Steve Muzal, Clemson University

Christy Lawhorne, Clemson University

Megan Myers, Clemson University

Mac Lawton, Collum's Lumber Company

David Nagel, Jordan Lumber Company

Pat Layton, Clemson University

Deb Nahikian, Weyerhaeuser

Ken Leach, International Paper Company

Kristen Neal, Clemson University

Lynn LeClair, SC Forestry Commission

Larry Nelson, Clemson University

Herb Nicholson, Clemson University Name


Jerry Shrum, SC Forestry Commission Name


Cathy Nordeen, SC Forestry Commission

Alex Singleton, MeadWestvaco Corporation

Robert O’Donnell, Horry-Georgetown Tech

Marcus Singleton, SC Forestry Commission

Mehmet Ozalp, Clemson University

William Sligh, Jordan Lumber Company

Shannon Parker, Clemson University

Marlo Small, Archibald Rutledge Academy

Norman Pate, Georgia-Pacific Corporation

Jenny Smith, Clemson University

Freddie L. Peake, SC Forestry Commission

Terrell Smith, SC Forestry Commission

Jeff Peoples, Awendaw Fire Department

Henry Smith, USDA Forest Service

Steve Perry, Clemson University

Ann Smoak, SC Forestry Commission

Gary Peters, USDA Forest Service

Brian Soule, Clemson University

Jay Phillips, International Paper Company

Travis Spainhour, S.C. Forestry Commission

Erin Pickens, Clemson University

Pete Spearman

Chris Post, Clemson University

Stephanie Stafford, Charleston County S.W.

Nate Poston, S.C. Forestry Commission

Patrick Stanley, Clemson University

Linda Price, S.C. Forestry Commission

Anne Stanton, Clemson University

Chris Proctor, International Paper Company

Tonya Steadman, S.C. Forestry Commission

Crayton Pruitt, Clemson University

Tom Stephens, Georgia-Pacific

Blake Quattlebaum, University of S.C.

Jawana Stephens, USDA Forest Service

Charles Ramsey, SC Forestry Commission

Michael Stevens, Clemson University

Donna Ray, USDA Forest Service

John Stuart, MeadWestvaco Corporation

Mark Remi, Clemson University

Dan Stuckey, International Paper Company

John Renwick, MeadWestvaco Corporation

Pete Stuckey, SC Forestry Commission

John Richardson, SC Forestry Commission

Matt Sutton, International Paper Company

Carol Riggs, US Fish & Wildlife Service

Elizabeth Swift, Clemson University

Jessie Rivers, USDA Forest Service

Harriett Talford, Clemson University

Lee Rivers, USDA Forest Service

Sam Taras, Clemson University

Don Robinson, SC Forestry Commission

Jim Tatum, Horry-Georgetown Tech

Cathy Rodgers, SC Forestry Commission

Marian Taylor, USDA Forest Service

Stacy Rohr, MeadWestvaco Corporation

Kip Terry, SC Forestry Commission

Neil Rosser, International Paper Company

Mary Tice, SC Forestry Commission

Chris Rozar, Clemson University

Sally Tocmackis, Archibald Rutledge Academy

Dave Ruff, SC Forestry Commission

Todd Tompkins, USDA Forest Service

Amy Rushatz, Horry-Georgetown Tech

Glenn Tott, International Paper Company

Michael Rushton, Norbord South Carolina

John Townsend, USDA Forest Service

Guy Sabin, SC Forestry Association

Todd Tribble, Clemson University

Molly Sanford, Clemson University

Robert Tripp, Canal Wood

Kara Scott, Archibald Rutledge Academy

Sally Tucker, Milliken Forestry Company

Jayson Sellers, Horry-Georgetown Tech

Rocky Tucker, SC Forestry Commission

Lowe Sharpe, SC Forestry Commission

Renee Valentine, University of South Carolina

Gray Vallentine, SC Forestry Commission Name


Denny White, Archibald Rutledge Academy Name


Molly Van Scoy, Sewee Association

Herman White, USDA Forest Service

Jimmy Walters, SC Forestry Commission

Rick Willey, Clemson University

Geoff Wang, Clemson University

Alisha Williams, SC Forestry Commission

Brad Watson, University of South Carolina

Mike Windhorn, Bowater, Inc.

Tim Weigel, Clemson University

Judy Wood, Pickens County Env. Services

Renee Welch, Archibald Rutledge Academy

Leslie Woodham, SC Forestry Commission

Kelly Wetzel, USDA Forest Service

Walt Woodrum, SC Forestry Commission

Cam White, Archibald Rutledge Academy

Jeff Zimmer, International Paper Company