Bacon, sausage, free range Bella Hen egg, (scrambled or fried), black

Bacon, sausage, free range Bella Hen egg, (scrambled or fried), black

Bacon, sausage, free range Bella Hen egg, (scrambled or fried), black & white pudding. Extras: Grilled tomato, mushrooms or any item from the main dis...

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HEN EGG. National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards. Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. ICS 67.

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Bacon, sausage, free range Bella Hen egg, (scrambled or fried), black & white pudding. Extras: Grilled tomato, mushrooms or any item from the main dish is available upon request. €1.00

Boxty is a traditional Irish potato cake and all over the country you would have found very different versions of this very tasty dish but we twisted and changed, mixed and matched and we are pretty happy with the Button & Spoon version. We hope you like it too. Our Boxty is a combination of local potatoes, fresh herb & lots of love…………

We stack and layer it with delicious black pudding, grilled tomato, buttered organic spinach and a poached egg and dressed with smoked bacon.

This time it is dressed with scrambled Bella Hen free range eggs, grilled sweet vine tomatoes & Portobello mushrooms and served with our homemade tomato relish.

Delicious smoked Irish salmon and poached Bella Hen free range egg, a light hollandaise style sauce & freshly snipped chives. All breakfast dishes are served with toast & tea or filter coffee!

Served with your choice of toppings: Roasted Apple & Pecan with Salted Caramel Drizzle / Honey & Fresh cream / Maple Syrup / Seasonal Spiced Syrup

Everyone’s favourite thick buttermilk pancakes, served with your choice of toppings: Bacon & maple syrup / Lemon & Sugar / Seasonal Spiced Syrup

Baked fresh every morning in our kitchen and served with seasonal jam & fresh Wexford cream. Please see the board for today’s variety.

Our soup is served with our home baked multi-seed high fibre loaf.

Succulent chicken marinade in lemon, garlic & fresh herbs, served warm on a bed of fresh salad and dressed in honey & mustard vinaigrette and crisp croutons. Walnuts, apples, pears, celery, crisp bacon, smothered in a Cashel Blue cheese dressing.

A freshly baked baguette filled with slow roasted prime Irish beef dressed in a South African style ‘Monkey Gland Sauce’ & melted smoked cheddar. Don’t worry no monkeys were harmed in the making of this dish but it is a deep and flavourful sauce with a little kick at the end.

Piri Piri spiced chicken fillet on a toasted garlic bloomer dressed in our secret sweet & spicy Caribbean sauce, topped with peppers & cucumber.

Thick slices of fresh bloomer loaf filled with a combination of cheddar & mozzarella, wholegrain mustard, a dash of Worcestershire Sauce grilled until it all melts.

We bake our ham low and slow to maintain the moisture and flavour. This Artisan roll will be filled with our honey baked ham, Wexford cheddar, sliced tomato, red onion, lettuce & our Balsamic Onion Marmalade.

A freshly baked ‘real’ pitta pocket stuffed with prime Irish minced beef cooked in a rich tomato sauce, topped with melted mozzarella, homemade pesto mayonnaise.

All of the above are served with house fries and salad and are also available on a Gluten Free wrap.

Roasted seasonal vegetables & gently melted Goats cheese on toasted garlic bloomer finished with homemade basil pesto & balanced on a crisp salad with the fresh vinaigrette dressing. (Also available with Feta Cheese).

Packed full of fresh vegetables and baked in Italian Ricotta cheese and beautiful Bella Hen eggs, served on a bed of lightly spiced ratatouille with crisp garlic toasts.

A warm and comforting dish of chicken fillet, home baked ham and broccoli, topped with a crunchy Pecorino, Parmesan and Fresh herb crust, served with house fries & salad.

Three mini crisp cakes packed full of locally sourced fresh and smoked fish, served with a sweet chilli dipping sauce, house salad, beetroot slaw and homemade brown bread.

A platter of Duncannon Smokehouse Smoked salmon with a lemon & herb dip accompanied by quenelles of creamy smoked trout pate served with capers, a fresh salad & our homemade brown bread.

Cakes are our thing, we love them and we have a very traditional selection on the counter every day, so please just ask one of our staff what’s on offer today.

We bake our cakes fresh every morning & serve them with fresh Wexford Cream & seasonal fruit.

We are delighted to be able to serve a range of wonderful cakes from a local Wexford Gluten Free baker called Rake of Cakes. Our range includes, rich carrot cake, beautiful Battenburg and caramel squares. The Carrot & Battenburg are also dairy free.

Light shells of choux pastry filled with vanilla cream and smothered in two sauces of salted caramel & rich dark chocolate mocha. A major hit!

  

Vanilla Ice Cream / Strawberries & cream or ice cream Lemon & Sugar / Maple Syrup Ice cream & salted Caramel Sauce

We don’t have a kids menu but what we do have is an ability to prepare any of these dishes in smaller portions and a willingness to adapt for our young customers, please just ask!

Everyone’s needs are different and if you cannot find a dish on this menu to suit you please let us know and we will do everything possible to prepare something suitable. We try to make all our sauces Gluten Free and we carry a small selection of Gluten Free breads and cakes.

All our coffee is Free Trade, Organic and Rain Forest Alliance Certified and has been ethically sourced by our supplier using years for experience and a solid working relationship with the coffee farmers. The very finest coffee beans are selected for hand-roasting and that is what makes your cup of coffee here taste so good! We have also been told that the grinds make wonderful fertiliser so we never throw them away, if you would like some please just ask us when you are paying your bill.

Americano €2.20 Cappuccino €2.40 Espresso €2.20 Latte Flat White Mocha Babyccino Syrup Shot in your coffee (Caramel / Hazelnut / Vanilla) Hot chocolate Pot of tea for one

€2.60 €2.70 €2.60 €2.70 €2.70 €2.90 €1.00 €0.50 €2.90 €1.80

Please see our individual herbal and flavoured tea menu.

We wanted to use as many local Wexford suppliers are possible and we have some brilliant ones, such as: Rake of Cakes / The Bread Winner / Kilmore Sea Fresh/ Kilmore Potatoes/ Ballycross Apple Farm / Kevin Carr Organic Farmer / Duncannon Smoke House