Beijing MTR Corporation - Check Point Software

Beijing MTR Corporation - Check Point Software

Beijing MTR Corporation Customer Testimonial Perimeter Security, UTM-1, Power-1, Smart-1, SmartEvent “The Check Point Solution not only meets our nee...

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Beijing MTR Corporation Customer Testimonial Perimeter Security, UTM-1, Power-1, Smart-1, SmartEvent

“The Check Point Solution not only meets our need for versatile security protection, but also provides us with flexible scalability for our future deployment.” Huang Yingjun, Information Technology Manager, Beijing MTR Corporation


Customer Profile MTR owns and operates the MTR Metro Systems in Hong Kong n Joint venture between Beijing Infrastructure Co. Ltd, Beijing Capital Group and MTR Corporation n Property developer that invests and builds railways n Employs 1,800 people n

Industry n



Business Challenge Protect business critical applications Secure remote access to internal assets for authorized users n Effectively manage 24 subway stations, along with independent data and disaster recovery centers n Improve security across the organization n n

Beijing MTR Corporation’s core business is operating the Beijing Metro Line 4. Transportation is pivotal to the development of Beijing and subways are an integral part of this infrastructure. State-of-the-art IT systems are the cornerstone of modern subway operations, therefore it’s crucial BJMTR uphold their security protection. This required: n Ensure

uptime for business critical services including: exchange mail, client management servers, production and business services, and voice and video services n Provide remote access to users n Safeguard their Internet, Intranet, and Application Data n Protect network planning and OA office systems n Manageable solution covering all perimeter operations


Check Point Solutions UTM-1 3070: Providing unified threat management Power-1 5070 n SSL VPN: Secured remote access gateway n Smart-1™ Security Management Appliance n SmartEvent Software Blade: Real-time security event correlation and management n IPS n n

Why Check Point Outstanding performance n Flexibility to grow along with business needs n Easy administration and centralized security management n

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Selection Criteria

Why Check Point

4 Protect business critical applications 4 Excellent performance

“A modernized operation is closely associated with a secured and reliable network. With Check Point we will continue to keep pace with the market development, enabling us to better service society.”

4 Simple security management 4 Flexibility for continued growth 4 Simple remote access

Huang Yingjun, Information Technology Manager, Beijing MTR Corporation

Beijing MTR Corporation Customer Testimonial Perimeter Security, UTM-1, Power-1, Smart-1, SmartEvent



Check Point’s comprehensive security solution upgrades protection for BJMTR’s business

Flexible SSL VPN Remote Access

Protection across:

Allows remote workers and business partners access to the company’s internal network from any location n Simplifies remote access processes n Reduces Costs n

1) Internet, 2) Intranet, and 3) Application Data BJMTR desired consistent security across the entire OA network. Check Point solutions are strategically deployed to protect the perimeters of, the Internet and Applications/Data domain, the Internet DMZ double bastion host architecture, and also remote access for mobile workers.

Excellent Appliance Performance Clustering UTM-1 3070 appliances decreases down time n Appliance configuration and performance eliminates bottlenecks in the core network n Power-1 5070 cluster at the domain perimeter ensures high-performance data access n

SmartEvent Software Blade Power-1 5070


Power-1 5070 OA Servers

Unified Management Perimeter and network security centrally managed Single console n Straightforward interface allows for security audits n SmartEvent analyzes and correlates events n Internet UTM-1 3070


UTM-1 3070 DMZ Web Server

BJMTR Remote Workers


Easily manageable perimeter security with flexibility for growth BJMTR implemented a perimeter solution covering gateways, and allowing for secured access. With the SMART management architecture, BJMTR can centralize the management of all appliances and gateways, assured they will be able to manage their security infrastructure as it expands in the future.

Clustered appliances at the perimeter of BJMTR’s Internet domain Two Check Point UTM-1 3070 appliances are clustered at the perimeter of the Internet domain with OSPF dynamic routing functionality, enabling real-time updates of network activity. At the Internet gateway, it offers SSL VPN protection to mobile users. In addition, its unified domain AD function module enables unified authentication for users. The Power-1 5070 is clustered at the perimeter ensuring high-performance data access. BJMTR is utilizing the built in IPS feature, and the Check Point Floodgate to scale QoS.


Secure • Flexible • Scalable Versatile and comprehensive security protection Strengthened overall perimeter security n Simplified management n Prepared for future growth n n

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