Bernard Tetlow QC - Charter Chambers

Bernard Tetlow QC - Charter Chambers

Bernard Tetlow QC [email protected] Call and Inn: 1984 Middle Temple QC Date: 2011 Degree: BA South Bank. LLM Cambridge Affiliations:...

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Bernard Tetlow QC [email protected] Call and Inn: 1984 Middle Temple QC Date: 2011 Degree: BA South Bank. LLM Cambridge Affiliations: Criminal Bar Association South Eastern Circuit Bernard has vast experience and expertise defending in serious cases across a broad range of criminal work particularly murder and serious fraud. He has recently defended in several complex and high profile cases in London and elsewhere. Bernard combines compelling and persuasive advocacy with excellent judgment and a down to earth manner which is very successful with juries and makes him highly sought after as leading counsel by clients, solicitors and juniors.

Murder Bernard has recently appeared in several notable murder cases. He has an enviable track record in all types of murder but is particularly experienced in complex multi defendant cases involving issues such as cell site analysis, telephone attribution, call data, cctv analysis, cut throat defences, bad character, hearsay, ID, joint enterprise, pathology, blood staining … Bernard also has a particular interest in trials, inquests or inquiries which involve exposing alleged lies, corruption, malpractice or negligence by the Police or other investigating and prosecuting authorities. Recent cases include R v Campbell and 3 others (Old Bailey) a drug and gang related kidnapping and murder. Client acquitted after 2 month trial. R v Casey (Southwark CC) Stabbing outside London nightclub. Defendant acquitted of murder despite extensive cctv footage. R v Smith and another (Cambridge CC) 78 year old man beaten to death during course of burglary. Bernard’s successful cross examination of the co-defendant was featured on the BBC regional news. R v Davey (Nottingham CC) Ongoing murder trial. Victim stabbed 16 times. R v Small (Court of Appeal) Murder by shooting with Mach 10 sub machine gun. Defendant represented by different counsel at trial. Bernard is now appealing the conviction on a pro bono basis. R v Venclovas (Old Bailey) The Lithuanian sat nav murder extensively covered in national press and on Crimewatch.

Fraud and Commercial Bernard is highly experienced in all areas of fraud including MTIC and other VAT frauds, boiler room frauds, money laundering, corruption, insider dealing, other FCA offences, asset restraint and confiscation. He recently appeared for a defendant in a £25,000,000 boiler room fraud at Southwark CC. The defendant was

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represented by other counsel at trial but Bernard and his junior Lisa Freeman instructed by Shearman Bowen solicitors achieved an extremely favourable confiscation settlement and the conviction is currently being appealed. R v Horey and others (Southwark CC) Bernard secured the acquittal of the defendant in a £15,000,000 VAT fraud. Bernard has defended in some of the biggest MTIC and carousel frauds including representing the main defendant in a £50,000,0000 carousel fraud where the conviction was quashed following the exposure of malpractice at HMRC. Bernard is able to provide legal, strategic and tactical advice at all stages of an investigation as well as during the trial process.

Other Areas Bernard is regularly instructed, often privately, in cases such as Indecent assault and other sexual offences, perverting the course of justice, money laundering, violent crime other than murder, major drug trafficking and people trafficking, armed robbery and other serious offences. He has recently developed an expertise in ‘baby shaking’ cases particularly cross examining experts regarding the ‘triad’ of injuries. He has experience of regulatory work particularly at the NMC.

International and Advocacy Bernard is on the list of Lead counsel at the Special Tribunal for the Lebanon in The Hague. He has a Masters degree in International and EEC law and is available to act for defendants and victims at Tribunals in The Hague and elsewhere. He has extensive experience as an advocacy trainer both in the UK and abroad. He has taught advocacy at Middle Temple, the Keble International Advocacy course, the ICC at The Hague and on pro bono schemes in Tanzania funded by firms such as Herbert Smith and Linklaters. He is available to assist Barrister and Solicitor in house advocates who wish to improve their advocacy skills either individually or in groups through their firms. This would be on a pro bono basis.

Recommendations “ An extremely effective and persuasive advocate with both Judge and Jury” “ A brilliant speech maker and powerful cross-examiner. You definitely want him on your side” “ Very quick to see the key points in even the most complex of frauds” “ A talented and fearless advocate” “ Superb advocacy skills combined with a common sense approach and a down to earth nature” “ Great with clients and a natural team leader”


Murder and other Violent Offences

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R v Hughes . Gang related conspiracy to murder involving use of a Mach 10 sub-machine gun. The nine defendant trial lasted 5 months and generated national press publicity. R v Fraser. 2 month Old Bailey knife murder reported extensively in Evening Standard R v Robinson. Murder of former soldier by beating and drowning in river Cam R v Bradley. Contract killing by shooting involving complex cell site and DNA evidence) R v Campbell. Old Bailey. Drug related gang land killing R v Douglas. Old Bailey. 16 year old girl charged with murder by stabbing with a pin tail comb. R v Georgiou. Attempted murder by shooting. Client was rap artist K coke. R v Dyer. Old Bailey. Attempted murder. Defendant allegedly pushed victim off 25 foot balcony causing severe injuries and permanent brain damage. R v Gallagher. Defendant murdered his mother and then cut out vital organs. Successful defence of diminished responsibility. R v Osagie. 16 year old charged with attempted murder/S.18 arising out of gang related violence and stabbing) R v Sharpe 16 year old charged with attempted murder R v Hadfield Armed robbery of a Securicor van R v Ford. Double attempted murder by shooting arising out of drug dealing R v Bagga Drug related conspiracy to murder/ GBH and Kidnap at the Old Bailey.

Fraud R v Leahy. Represented the main defendant in this 50 million pound diversion fraud centred on London City Bond which resulted in an 8 month trial. The conviction was overturned on appeal when it was discovered that Customs were operating LCB as an undisclosed "honey trap" R v Hening. Leading Counsel for the mastermind of a 54million mobile phone VAT carousel fraud (MTIC) R v Iqbal Leading counsel for first defendant in a trial involving fraud on a Government department (Dfes) arising out of the tax payer funded ILA scheme. The case generated national press publicity and questions about the ILA scheme in parliament. R v Conrad. £100,000,000 fraud involving commercial and residential mortgages and a VAT reclaim fraud. R v Horey. Defended one of a gang in this £15,000,0000 excise and VAT fraud at Southwark Crown Court R v Turner. Leading counsel for first defendant in a multi million pound excise duty fraud) R v Liiv . Counsel for defendant in large scale internet banking (phishing) fraud) R v Bott . Represented a property developer in multi-million pound mortgage fraud by property developers, mortgage

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brokers and valuers) R v Okubote. Large scale mortgage fraud by mortgage broker. R v Rankine. Large drug related money laundering case which involved taking legal point on interpretation of Criminal Justice Act. We successfully argued the point all the way to the House of Lords. R v Boparai Conspiracy to defraud using insider information from bank employees and the kidnapping of a solicitor to carry out the fraud.

Other Serious Crime R v Niazi. Major people trafficking case involving large scale importing of young men from Afghanistan with connections to the Taleban. R vRowlands. Defended head of an organised crime group on money laundering and class A drugs conspiracy R v Wilson. Multi-handed Class A drug trafficking case involving large scale covert police operation R v Williams. Central Criminal Couret. Drug trafficking of 50kg of cocaine robbed at gunpoint by one gang of drug dealers from another. R v Erdogan Class A importations from Turkey by a gang already serving sentences for drug trafficking R v Kwaekbenjarkan Multi-handed trafficking of prostitutes from Thailand

House of Lords/Court Appeal R. v Montila & Others [2005] (House of Lords - Argued point on interpretation of proceeds of crime provisions at preparatory hearing which we won (Rankine and others). House of Lords upheld the original ruling) R v Little Court of Appeal - Conviction appeal in major drug trafficking case where it was successfully argued that the conviction should be quashed because of non-disclosure notwithstanding a guilty plea at trial R v Sliney Court of Appeal - Reverse burdens in trademark case R v Ford Court of Appeal - New tariff set for sentencing in cases of attempted murder using a handgun R v Leahy Court of Appeal -Successful conviction appeal in diversion fraud which exposed malpractice at HMRC.

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