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Birmingham Curzon - Midlands Engine

Birmingham Curzon Overview The new Birmingham Curzon HS2 station, at the heart of the UK’s high speed rail network, offers a once in a century opportu...

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Birmingham Curzon Overview The new Birmingham Curzon HS2 station, at the heart of the UK’s high speed rail network, offers a once in a century opportunity. Operational by 2026, it will create a new centre for economic growth and enhance the city’s national rail connectivity. The Birmingham Curzon Masterplan sets out the City Council’s aims to use HS2 to maximise the regeneration of the city centre. The new Birmingham Curzon station itself sits at the centre of the plan as an integrated world class station with a landmark building and arrival experience surrounded by public squares and spaces. With particular attention on development in Eastside, Digbeth and the eastern side of the City Core, the project is expected to produce a £1.4 billion economic uplift for Birmingham.

The £700 million investment programme agreed with Government for Curzon is creating the conditions to attract investment, businesses and residents. This programme will integrate the station into the city centre, facilitate the expansion of the Midland Metro network and provide the infrastructure to unlock key development sites.

Opportunity The masterplan area covers 141 hectares and comprises over 30 strategic development opportunities within the extended City Centre Enterprise Zone. These sites can provide around 4,000 new homes and 600,000 m2 of commercial, leisure and retail floorspace.

Project Promoter: Birmingham City Council Scale: £500m+ Project Type: Mixed use Location: Birmingham City Centre Investment Type: Range of equity and development partner opportunities will be available Programme: 2017, Phased over a 20 year period aligned with the arrival of HS2 in 2026, plus the growth potential of the wider area until 2035 Planning status: The Birmingham Curzon Masterplan is in place to provide support for the growth of the area Website: All images: ©Birmingham City Council

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Birmingham Smithfield Overview Birmingham Smithfield is one of the largest, most attractive city centre development sites in the UK. As Birmingham is transformed into a leading international player by billions of pounds of investment, the plan to reimagine the 14 hectare Smithfield area in the heart of the city centre is a vital ingredient. The site will capitalise on the area’s rich history, proximity to major retail offerings, creative quarter and knowledge hub and the future terminus for HS2. The vision includes vibrant new retail markets, family leisure facilities, cultural buildings, a residential neighbourhood, public squares and transport facilities. The ambitious project aims to deliver 300,000 m2 of new floorspace and 2,000 new homes with an investment value of over £500 million.

The major landowner, the City Council, has prepared a detailed Masterplan to create an unprecedented legacy for the people of the city that stands the test of time as an international exemplar of sustainable development. Smithfield is within the Enterprise Zone and some funding is already secured with relocation of wholesale markets to new facilities within the city due to begin in 2017.

Opportunity Development partnership or funding opportunities are available and include retail, commercial, residential, transportation, leisure opportunities.

Project Promoter: Birmingham City Council Scale: £500m+ Project Type: Mixed use Location: Birmingham City Centre Investment Type: Development partner or funder Programme: 2017, Phased into 2020s Planning status: The Birmingham Smithfield Masterplan is in place to provide support for the growth of the area Website: All images: ©Birmingham City Council

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Drakelow Park, Derbyshire Overview Drakelow Park is a new development in South Derbyshire that will include a 12 hectare employment park, up to 2,239 homes and two mixed use centres with retail, leisure and education facilities. The site is bounded by the River Trent and a nature reserve and a new bridge will link it to the A38 main highway. It hosts a National Grid sub-station and a large area anticipated for further employment opportunities in the future. The site is well connected as it lies adjacent to Burton in The National Forest, close to the A38/A50 intersection of the national road network and is near to Birmingham International Airport, East Midlands Airport and mainline railway stations. The area has one of the fastest growing populations in the country and is home to businesses such as Bombardier, JCB, Nestlé, Rolls Royce and Toyota.

Opportunity Drakelow Park offers opportunities to purchase serviced plots for residential and commercial development. This includes the option of using associated/owned construction companies.


Project Promoter: Drakelow Developments Limited Scale: £360m Project Type: Mixed use – commercial, residential and small-scale retail Location: Drakelow, Derbyshire Investment Type: Flexible, including future opportunities Programme: 2017-2032 (Phase 1 is underway) Planning status: Outline permission granted – with some reserved matters (Hybrid Approval) Website: KEY

Extent of Planning boundary

Approximate extent of 100 year flood zone Approximate location of culvert

Green 1.4 ha

Existing buildings

Approximate extents of basement structure

Phase: 8

Pond 0.3 ha

Existing woodland

Proposed plot area - Proposed woodland

Phase: 8

Proposed plot area - Pond and open space Proposed plot area - Playing fields Proposed plot area - School

Proposed plot area - Heart / Village Square

Potential Rail Halt Land 0.2 ha

Inner Residential Area: 12.8 ha

Outer Residential Area: 1.8 ha

Phase: 8 Density: 40 DPH Dwellings: 520

Phase: 8 Density: 10 DPH Dwellings: 18

Proposed plot area - Inner residential

Proposed plot area - Outer residential

Phase: 7

Proposed plot area - Entrance and retail Proposed plot area - Potential rail halt

Proposed plot area - Industrial / Business Proposed site access / egress point

Inner Residential Inner Residential Area: 6.8 ha Area: 1.5 ha NEAP PLAY SPACE

Village Sq 1 ha

Phase: 7 Density: 34 DPH Dwellings: 235

Phase: 2 Density: 34 DPH Dwellings: 50

Primary Route

Secondary Route


Tertiary Route

Existing public right of way

Phase: 7

Heart Sunken Garden Area: 5.9 ha 0.3 ha Phase: 5 Phase: 5


Phase: 6

Density: 43 DPH Dwellings: 257

Pond 0.8 ha

Woods 1.8 ha

Woodland 13 ha Phase: 5

Phase: 5


Inner Residential Area: 5.5 ha

School 1.5 ha


Phase: 1 Density: 18 DPH Dwellings: 99

Phase: 6

Outer Residential Area: 2.2 ha

Pond 1.9 ha

Phase: 5 Density: 10 DPH Dwellings: 22

Inner Residential Area: 3.4 ha Phase: 6 Density: 34 DPH Dwellings: 115

Woods 0.2 ha Retail 0.8 ha

Phase: 7

Phase: 6

Phase: 2

Pond 1.4 ha Phase: 5

Inner Residential Area: 8.6 ha

Green 1.1 ha

Phase: 3 Density: 34 DPH Dwellings: 292

Woodland 1.1 ha Inner Residential Phase: 2 Area: 1.4 ha

Phase: 2


Village Sq 1 ha Local Centre


Phase: 2

Phase: 5 Density: 34 DPH Dwellings: 48

Outer Residential Area: 1.5 ha

Woodland 0.2 ha

Phase: 5 Density: 10 DPH Dwellings: 15

Phase: 5

Area: 0.7 ha Phase: 2 Density: 34 DPH Dwellings: 20

Inner Residential Area: 5.8 ha Phase: 2 Density: 34 DPH Dwellings: 200

Outer Residential Area: 1.5 ha Phase: 2 Density: 15 DPH Dwellings: 22

Outer Residential Area: 1.6 ha Industrial / Business 11.7 ha

Phase: 2 Density: 15 DPH Dwellings: 24

Proposed LEAP play space

Proposed NEAP play space

NOTE: the LEAP adjacent to Phase 1 will be completed prior to the development of the 99th dwelling of phase 1

Phase: 5

Phase: 5

Green 0.5 ha

Proposed Greenway

Playing Fields 3.1 ha

Woodland 0.4 ha Phase: 1

Date 160414 040614

Rev By DH A DH

Details Planning Issue Planning Issue

Proposed Masterplan Total Number of Units


321 Bradford St, Birmingham, B5 6ET Tel. 0121 666 7640 F. 0121 666 7641 [email protected] Project

Drakelow Client

Phase: 4

Drakelow Developments

Woodland 1.6 ha Phase: 2

Green 0.1 ha Phase: 2

Drawing Title

Proposed Masterplan


March 2014 Project Ref. 1886



1:[email protected] 1:[email protected]

Drawing No.



Revision A

All images: ©South Derbyshire District Council

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Friargate, Coventry Overview Friargate is an emerging business quarter breathing new life and energy into Coventry. The development is adjacent to the railway station and will be the new home of the City Council, with the first office due for completion in August 2017. The Scheme’s transformational public realm puts offices alongside a new pedestrian route, directly linking Coventry Station and the city centre. Friargate will be Coventry’s first purpose-built, mixed-use business district and is planned as a sustainable 300,000 m2 office-led development. It will provide capacity for over thirteen office buildings, two hotels and high-quality residential units. Coventry, with its population of over 345,000, rich cultural history and easy access to London and regional centres, is a city of opportunity for business in the Midlands. It is home to international businesses

such as Jaguar Land Rover and boasts two world renowned universities, the University of Warwick and Coventry University, which generate a skilled and professional workforce.

Opportunity Co-investment / development finance opportunities are available to support phases or on a building-by-building basis.

Project Promoter: Friargate Coventry LLP Scale: £700m Project Type: Mixed use – commercial and residential Location: Coventry City Centre Investment Type: Equity investment / development finance Programme: 2017-2027 Planning status: Fully consented Website: All images: ©PropertySkills

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Grantham Southern Quadrant Overview Grantham Southern Quadrant in Lincolnshire is the focal point of an ambitious local programme to develop sustainable housing and new business opportunities around new transport infrastructure. The project is an urban extension underpinned by the construction of a new relief road from the A1 highway through to the main A52 road, east of the market town of Grantham. The project offers a range of opportunities to potential investors with land in the project area allocated for commercial, residential and retail space, with some planning permissions already granted. The development plan includes 3,500 new houses, approximately 25 acres of retail space in an outlet village and commercial employment space. Further development land accessed by the relief road is also being planned in the emerging South Kesteven Local Plan.

The site is just one hour from London by rail, and south of Grantham - the gateway to Greater Lincolnshire which enjoys excellent connections to the Midlands, North and the South East.

Opportunity Investment opportunities of all types are available.

Project Promoter: Buckminster Estates, Lincolnshire County Council & South Kesteven District Council Scale: £200m+ Project Type: Mixed use Location: Grantham, Lincolnshire Investment Type: All investment type options considered Programme: 2017 onwards Planning status: Outline permission submitted All images: ©Lincolnshire County Council

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Heart of the City, Derby Overview Based in and around Derby’s award-winning, historic Cathedral Quarter, the Heart of the City scheme is the linchpin of a dramatic rejuvenation of Derby’s city centre. The development will include a new performance venue, regeneration of the Market Place and refurbishment of the Victorian Guildhall Market. The project is the first delivery phase of Derby’s City Centre Masterplan to boost regeneration and economic development. It therefore offers a unique range of investment opportunities from acquisition of strategic assets within the project area, through to potential partnership and construction opportunities. The scheme also includes opportunities for regeneration into mixed-use schemes such as Becket Well.

Derby, with a population of over 240,000, is home to the global headquarters of Rolls-Royce, Toyota UK Manufacturing and the world’s largest rail tech cluster. The city sits at the heart of the UK road and rail networks and is a top UK city for start-ups, hitech business and economic performance.

Opportunity A range of investment opportunities are on offer - from acquisition of strategic assets within the project area through to potential partnership and construction opportunities.

Project Promoter: Derby City Council Scale: £165m Project Type: Mixed use – performance venue, retail, leisure, residential and office Location: Derby City Centre Investment Type: Equity investment, development funding Programme: 2017-2027 Planning status: Outlining pre-applications – discussing with LPA Website: ccmp2030/overview/ All images: ©Marketing Derby

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Loughborough University Science and Enterprise Park Overview The Loughborough University Science and Enterprise Park is an 84 hectare extension to a successful existing science park hosting a thriving ‘innovation community’. The expanded Park will house clusters of knowledge-based, high growth businesses across a number of sectors on an extremely attractive site, on the edge of the National Forest. Adjacent to Loughborough University, a leading UK research-led university with particular strengths in engineering and advanced technologies, the Park has access to a highly skilled graduate workforce as well as excellent accessibility. It is located on the west side of Loughborough, just one mile from the major northsouth M1 motorway, with good rail connections and 15 minutes from East Midlands Airport. Flexible opportunities for partner engagement are available and include the potential to work with the

University and other existing partners. This project is a long-term development at an early stage and has the appeal of co-location in a vibrant hub where other knowledge-based and research-intensive businesses offer significant added-value.

Opportunity The prime location of the Park and its research and innovation focus will drive increasing values and returns and the opportunity will be of particular interest to long-term investment partners.

Project Promoter: Loughborough University Scale: £625m+ Project Type: Specialist commercial development scheme Location: Loughborough, Leicestershire Investment Type: Flexible range of investment options including equity investor and development funding Programme: 2017 onwards Planning status: Outline pre-applications – local plan allocation Website: All images: ©Loughborough University

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Nottingham City Centre Overview Nottingham City Centre offers a unique range of development opportunities including office, hotel, leisure, retail and residential across differing scales, investment levels and timescales. The city is centrally located in the East Midlands and well connected to the UK and Europe by air, road and rail. Nottingham’s emerging status is epitomised by a new tram system and the availability of superfast broadband throughout the city centre, Waterside, its Creative Quarter and Enterprise Corridor.

• Unity Square - a commercial opportunity adjacent to Nottingham’s rail station for three Grade A office blocks with a total floor space of over 23,000 m2 where site preparation is already underway. One of the blocks, at 5,000 m2, could potentially be a hotel. • The Waterside development - a 40 hectare primarily residential site that will be developed in phases over 20 years and aims to create a totally new and sustainable community. The first two phases of construction at Trent Basin are on site now with sales exceeding expectations.

There are currently three specific opportunities available: • The Island Site - a 10 hectare mixed use opportunity site which has pre-application discussions with the City Council currently underway.

Opportunity A wide range of opportunities are available across the three specific developments on offer.

Project Promoter: Nottingham City Council Scale: £1bn+ Project Type: Mixed use Location: Nottingham City Centre Investment Type: Developer, occupiers, end users and construction partners Programme: 2018-2023 Planning status: Outline pre-applications – discussing with LPA Website: major-regeneration-documents All images: ©Nottingham City Council

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Peppermint Park, Holbeach, Lincolnshire Overview The Peppermint Park project in south east Lincolnshire will provide approximately 59,500 m2 of work space and 900 residential units on the north western edge of the town of Holbeach. Holbeach has a population of around 5,000 with an economy heavily influenced by the agri-food sector. As part of the South Lincolnshire Food Enterprise Zone, the project will provide purpose built business space for small to medium sized enterprises developing cutting edge technology and techniques in the agri-food sector. An early anchor occupier on the scheme will be the University of Lincoln who will be creating new facilities to complement their existing Holbeach campus. The project builds in improvements to local road networks, including junction improvements for the nearby A17 road which aim to improve traffic flow and provide access to the site.

Funding is already in place to deliver the new highway infrastructure including a new four approach roundabout to enable the development of nearby land for commercial and residential use. The project is at an early stage and suitable for a range of investment and delivery models.

Opportunity A range of residential and commercial opportunities are available for potential investors with a focus on food and drink commercial developments.

Project Promoter: Lincolnshire County Council & South Holland District Council Scale: £150m+ Project Type: Mixed use Location: Holbeach, Lincolnshire Investment Type: All types considered Programme: 2017 onwards Planning status: Some elements including road, residential and university is consented (Residential and university with outline planning) All images: © Lincolnshire County Council

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Redditch Eastern Gateway Overview The Redditch Eastern Gateway development is an exciting opportunity to build on the town’s wealth of engineering and manufacturing expertise. The new development aims to promote and enhance supply chain links and to further develop the skills of the local labour market. Located in North Worcestershire, Redditch is a former New Town. Its employment catchment area covers parts of South Birmingham, Solihull and the Black Country meaning more than six million people are within commutable distance. The Gateway development is set to deliver up to 2,300 jobs to the area as well as an increase in economic growth, through the development of high-quality headquarters-style manufacturing and distribution facilities. The Gateway is strategically located to the east of Redditch and provides direct and easy access to the M40 and M42 motorways and is just 20 minutes drive from Birmingham International Airport.

Strong growth in the area alongside supply constraints mean this is an excellent opportunity to invest in the development and strengthening of the UK’s industrial and distribution sector.

Opportunity Development finance and/or long term capital is sought for the provision of infrastructure, primary service and highway infrastructure, together with construction of buildings to meet occupier demand.

Project Promoter: Stoford Developments Scale: £100m+ Project Type: Commercial Location: Redditch, Worcestershire Investment Type: Development finance packages and equity funding Programme: 2018-2030 (8 phases) Planning status: Outline pre-applications – discussing with LPA Website: uploads/2015/02/Redditch-EasternGateway.pdfT All images: ©Stoford Developments

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South Kesteven Regional Offer, Lincolnshire Overview The South Kesteven regional portfolio of projects focuses on the towns of Grantham, Stamford, Market Deeping and Bourne. The portfolio provides exciting opportunities for a range of regeneration and development projects over the next decade. These include a Grantham town centre development of around 40,000m2 of commercial floorspace, a new multiplex cinema and at least 300 new homes helping to create an increase in economic growth.

Grantham, as well as building on the reputation of the nearby town of Stamford.

The cinema project has planning approval and Council funding in place, and is set to be complemented by new restaurants and cafes and high quality public spaces. The new scheme aims to seamlessly link to Grantham’s cultural centre and is well located for rail access.

A wide range of opportunities are available to facilitate community, leisure and residential developments.

The portfolio of projects has the potential to provide a £1.5 billion uplift to the regional economy. They will support and capitalise on the delivery of major growth plans for the new Garden Village at

The region has direct access to the East Coast Mainline, and is experiencing rapid economic and population growth.


Project Promoter: South Kesteven District Council Scale: £100m+ Project Type: Mixed use development Location: South Kesteven, Lincolnshire Investment Type: Range of investment types Programme: 2017 onwards Planning status: Planning approval in place for multiplex cinema Website: All images: © South Kesteven District Council

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Springfield Campus, Wolverhampton Overview The Springfield Campus regeneration project in Wolverhampton will transform a historic brownfield site into an innovative and high quality educational, research and commercial hub for the local area. Springfield Campus is centrally located with excellent national rail and road links and is already home to the West Midlands Construction University Technical College – which provides education opportunities for 600 young people. The 12 acre Springfield Campus project will provide increased construction education and training opportunities to help address a national skills shortage in the sector. The project will also provide exciting opportunities for collaborative research between academics and business and will house the £11 million Elite Centre for Manufacturing Skills. This centre is set to open in September 2017 and will deliver apprenticeships and training in strategically important areas for growth in the region and high value manufacturing sector.

With deep links to architecture and built environment companies, Springfield Campus can potentially catalyse economic and social regeneration of the local region.

Opportunity Sponsorship and educational opportunities are available in phase 1 and commercial, research and educational opportunities are available for investment in phase 2.

Project Promoter: University of Wolverhampton Scale: £125m+ Project Type: Mixed use - education, research and commercial Location: Springfield Campus, Wolverhampton Investment Type: Investor, co-development, development funding and sponsor Programme: 2018 onwards Planning status: Phase 1: Full planning Phase 2: Planning based on initiative Website: All images: ©University of Wolverhampton

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Stoke-on-Trent City Centre Overview As a retail, cultural and commercial destination for the wider sub-region, Stoke-on-Trent’s economic growth rates per capita have outpaced national growth rates for the last six years, and the city is undergoing a significant transformation. This includes significant regeneration over the last few years driven by local government investment in infrastructure. Three significant development opportunities are currently available in the Stoke-on-Trent City Centre: • Unity Walk - a 40,000 m retail-led development that includes a cinema, cafe and restaurant opportunities, a 90 bed hotel and over 600 car park spaces. 2

• Smithfield - a 62,000 m2 commercial-led development that includes two 10,000 m2 office

buildings already completed and largely occupied. The next phase of the project is set to deliver a 4-star hotel and private rental accommodation. • Century Street - a prime 5.3 hectare residential development opportunity on the edge of the city centre with capacity for up to 330 homes.

Opportunity A range of opportunities are available to investors allowing them to be a part of the City Centre’s transformation.

Project Promoter: Realis Estates Ltd, GenR8 & Stoke-on-Trent City Council Scale: £310m+ Project Type: Mixed use - retail, leisure, commercial and residential Location: Stoke-on-Trent City Centre Investment Type: All types of investment considered Programme: 2017-2022 Planning status: Full (detailed) planning application submitted for Unity Walk – awaiting decision. Smithfield has outline planning consent. Website: All images: ©City of Stoke-on-Trent

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The Boots Enterprise Zone, Nottingham Overview Boots has a long and illustrious history with Nottingham – since humble beginnings when John Boot opened a store in the City in 1849. The current 279 acre site was purchased in 1927 to expand the business. The Boots Enterprise Zone project involves the redevelopment of c.35Ha (c.80 acres) surplus land at the Boots site to create a centre of Health, Wellbeing and Beauty. Outline Planning Consent was granted in December 2014 for 82,000 sq m (880,000 sq ft) of commercial space. In addition there are plans to build up to 675 residential units to create a new urban village. Work on infrastructure, including a new bridge and an adopted highway is underway and plots will be available for development from summer 2017. The site sits on the border of Nottingham City and Broxtowe Borough - approximately 3 miles to the West of Nottingham city centre. The existing Boots operation will remain on site. The site offers a unique opportunity to build a complete lifestyle option – live, work, enterprise and innovation all fully integrated

in one place. At present the campus provides a Data Centre, Research and Development Facilities, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Wholesale and Logistics functions. The site also houses MediCity – a joint venture with BioCity. MediCity offers the ideal environment for both start-up and established companies to develop. Businesses will not only benefit from BioCity’s experience of successfully growing businesses in specialised incubator environments but also from Boots expertise in the global healthcare sector, including access to innovation and product development knowledge, as well as supply chain expertise.

Opportunity Investment opportunities for commercial and residential development. All types of investment proposals considered.

Project Promoter: Walgreens Boots Alliance Scale: £100m+ Project Type: Mixed use Location: Thane Road, Nottingham, NG2 3AA Investment Type: All types considered Programme: 2017-2027 Planning status: Outline permission granted – with some reserved matters (Hybrid Approval) All images: ©Innes England

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The National Space Park, Leicester Overview The National Space Park is an ambitious initiative to develop a global hub and collaborative community based on space and space-enabled technologies. This will be a transformational investment in a development to create state-of-the-art facilities for research and development (R&D), new business and innovation activities, education and training. The development is uniquely influenced by its close location to the National Space Centre, University of Leicester and industry partners at the centre of the nationally important UK Space Cluster. In particular, this opportunity offers space technology or space-enabled/satellite data based businesses potential access to shared space-enabled data and laboratories, equipment and experts. The proposed location is adjacent to an existing business park at Abbey Meadows by the River Soar, and is within Leicester’s waterside regeneration area. The site already hosts the National Space Centre, current and planned business incubators and has been identified as part of the ground-breaking £180

million Leicestershire Enterprise Zone (EZ). The EZ is a partnership of business, universities and local authorities cementing Leicestershire’s position as a new national centre for science and hi-tech manufacturing. The site builds on the University of Leicester’s near 60-year history of engagement in space-enabled data management and analysis.

Opportunity Flexible, could include capital partners seeking to invest in managed facilities, businesses seeking to locate on site, or debt finance.

Project Promoter: University of Leicester Scale: £75M+ Project Type: Mixed use - research & development, commercial and industrial Location: Leicester Investment Type: Flexible – including development funding, equity co-development or construction partner Programme: 2019 onwards Planning status: Outline pre-applications – local plan allocation Website: All images: © University of Leicester

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Tudor Cross, Bolsover, Derbyshire Overview The Tudor Cross project offers a range of investment opportunities for both commercial and residential land sales as well as for the development of centres in high priority sectors such as logistics, life sciences, food and drink manufacturing and construction. In particular Tudor Cross offers the opportunity to develop a 59 hectare commercial business park with over 90,000 m2 of floorspace for high-quality growth businesses in targeted sectors. The project is set to accelerate the delivery of a 21 hectare residential development to help meet the housing needs of the area. Situated near Junction 29a of the M1 Motorway and the Markham Vale Enterprise Zone, Tudor Cross is in a highly sought after location for businesses where demand for industrial land far outweighs supply. This site represents significant opportunities for industrial and business growth for the district and the surrounding areas.

Opportunity Investment opportunities are available across a diversity of sectors.

Project Promoter: Bolsover Land Ltd. Scale: £175m Project Type: Mixed use – commercial and residential Location: Bolsover, Derbyshire Investment Type: Commercial and residential land sales, construction partner Programme: 2017 onwards, commercial sites available from late 2017 and residential sites from 2019 Planning status: Outline permission granted Website: All images: ©Alphabet Design

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UK Central Hub and HS2 Interchange, Solihull Overview The UK Central Hub is a unique concentration of global businesses and strategic economic assets with a wide range of development opportunities, including the HS2 Interchange Station, the 140 hectare Arden Cross development site, Birmingham Airport, the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) and Jaguar Land Rover. As an international gateway located at the centre of the UK, the UK Central Hub includes a convenient Automated People Mover link between HS2, NEC and Birmingham Airport which offers access to 140 international routes. It is also at the centre of the road and rail network - connected both to the M42 motorway and the West Coast rail line. The development will provide 750,000 m2 of floor space, of which two thirds will be commercial. The remainder will provide 3,500 new homes. Masterplans from Birmingham Airport, NEC and Jaguar Land Rover offer additional opportunities for commercial, residential and mixed use development.

The UK Central Hub has already secured investment from the UK Government, the West Midlands Combined Authority, HS2 and Highways England. Over £900 million of direct investment has been allocated for infrastructure investment in and around the UK Central Hub. UK Central has established the Urban Growth Company (UGC) to lead and co-ordinate delivery of development within the Hub and to realise the full economic potential of the infrastructure investment and growth plans. UGC will ensure that the potential of the Hub is developed around a contemporary set of place making principles, that create a place to attract more people and businesses to live and work in the area.

Opportunity Range of equity and development partner opportunities available.

Project Promoter: Solihull MBC Scale: £2bn+ Project Type: Mixed use – infrastructure, commercial and residential Location: Solihull, West Midlands Investment Type: Equity investor, developer & development funder Programme: Phase 1 (2017-2022) which includes enabling works, first phases of development and estimated £925 million of infrastructure investment with further growth planned in five year tranches Planning status: Proposed within Solihull Draft Local Plan Website: All images: ©Solihull MBC

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Wolverhampton Canalside and City Interchange Overview The Wolverhampton Canalside and City Interchange project is the next phase of a highly successful city centre mixed use regeneration programme.

thriving business, leisure and retail district just two minutes walk from the railway station and five minutes walk from the city’s retail centre.

The unique project covers a 9.2 hectare site to the east of the city centre and includes commercial office, residential and major infrastructure opportunities. It provides a key road, rail and canal gateway, including Wolverhampton’s mainline railway station, the metro terminus and bus interchange.

The Canalside has historic industrial heritage and a unique character making it a desirable city centre destination, with development expected to exceed 600 new homes.

The Interchange area is undergoing a £130 million transformation to create an integrated commuter hub, with a modern railway station that will handle more than 4.7 million passengers a year, improved facilities for motorists and cyclists and extended Metro Services. It will also provide commercial, retail and leisure opportunities. There are five commercial and leisure plots available to be developed in phases, capitalising on strong developer interest. The centrepiece is Block i9 - a distinctive landmark building at the heart of a new,

Opportunity The plots across the Canalside and City Interchange areas offer investment opportunities suitable for residential, leisure and commercial developments. In total, 32,000sqm commercial and leisure floorspace could be created and 250 new homes built.

Project Promoter: City of Wolverhampton Council Scale: £155m+ Project Type: Mixed - office and residential Location: Wolverhampton Investment Type: Wide range of investment types and opportunities for residential, office and leisure developments on nine individual plots. Programme: 2017-2021 Planning status: Planning certainty provided by recently adopted Area Action Plan and full/ outline planning permission is in place for individual sites Website: key-developments/ All images: ©City of Wolverhampton Council

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Worcester Growth Corridor Overview The Worcester Growth Corridor is a commercial and industrial development with the potential to unlock high-quality employment areas and serve as a gateway for the city of Worcester. The corridor is strategically located either side of the M5 Motorway between junctions six and seven, providing excellent accessibility and transport links for businesses. The 120 hectare site features both industrial and commercial development and will become Worcester’s primary entrance from the strategic national highway network. It is well positioned to benefit from current and future growth and the unprecedented investment flowing into the West Midlands.

The corridor‘s primary focus is the manufacturing sector and aims to support and attract technologyrich manufacturing companies. It will also tap into local skills in information technology, defence and cyber sectors. The development will position Worcester as a top-tier Cathedral City, and further its role as a centre for business, commerce and shopping. The corridor is in its early stages with the Worcester Six (W6) project the first in the programme that will establish a new gateway to Worcester.

Opportunity Development finance and / or long term investment capital is sought to bring forward 290,000 m2 of high-quality employment development across eight sites.

Project Promoter: Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership Scale: Completed GDV lots of up to £300m Project Type: Mixed use Location: Worcester Investment Type: Development finance or investment capital. All types considered Programme: 2017-2026 Planning status: Extant consent Website: All images: ©Worcester LEP

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