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6230 ALL-WEATHER ROOF CEMENT Data Sheet Asphalt Cement for Roofs • Use in wet or dry conditions • Seals cracks and splits on worn roofs DESCRIPTION: B...

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6230 ALL-WEATHER ROOF CEMENT Data Sheet Asphalt Cement for Roofs • Use in wet or dry conditions • Seals cracks and splits on worn roofs DESCRIPTION: Black Jack® All-Weather Roof Cement is an asphalt based roof patch designed to repair cracks, seams and holes in roofing materials. It seals damaged areas and gives a layer of waterproof protection. Dries black. USES: On roofs around skylights, vents, exhaust pipes, chimneys, valleys, and in the repair of roof surfaces. PREPARATION: Surfaces must be clean and free of surface rust and loose material. Apply when surface temperatures are between 50° and 120°F. In colder weather (50°F and below), product should be stored in heated room (70° to 80°F.) at least 24 hours prior to application to promote ease of application. Product is formulated to be used year round. APPLICATION: Apply generously with a trowel or putty knife. It is highly recommended to reinforce the repair with a strip of universal patching fabric. Work material to an even consistency over and into the area to be repaired approximately 1/8" to 1/2" thick, two or three inches beyond the problem area. Embed fabric into the cement and cover with a second layer of cement. Form a feathered edge with cement where chimneys, vent pipes, and other projections meet the roof line. Allow product to cure a minimum of 30-60 days prior to application of reflective coating. COVERAGE RATE: One gallon covers approximately 12 sq. ft. when applied 1/8" thick. PRECAUTIONS: Apply in exterior applications only. Protective clothing, gloves and eyewear should be used during application of these products. Do not use on EPDM, Hypalon or PVC surfaces. Do not use on single ply or synthetic roofs. If there is any question regarding compatibility, test a small section first. This manufacturer also disclaims liability for flat surface application where poor drainage or ponding water may prevail. Do not use in drinking water or food systems. Protect from freezing. DO NOT HEAT OR THIN. When transporting this product, ensure that lid is tight and pail secure and upright. Do not allow pail to tumble as this may cause lid to loosen and leakage to occur. Do not transport on passenger seats or inside the passenger compartment of any vehicle. Store product in the cargo area of vehicle, and secure over protective cloths to prevent damage due to accidental spills. Do not store at temperatures above 100°F. Do not reuse empty containers. CLEAN-UP: Clean tools or spills with mineral spirits.


8.2-8.6 lbs.

Residue by Evaporation, %

42 min.

Combustible Solvents

Petroleum Solvents



Cure Time (50% Relative Humidity, 70˚F)


Full Cure (50% Relative Humidity, 70˚F)


Application Temperatures




Clean-up Tools

Mineral Spirits, Kerosene

Approx. Shipping Weights: (Note: All approx. weights include container.) 1 quart (946mL) 2 lbs. 1 gallon (3.4L) 5 gallons (18L) 55 gallons (208.2L)

9 lbs. 48 lbs. 490 lbs.

CAUTION!: COMBUSTIBLE MIXTURE. HARMFUL OR FATAL IF SWALLOWED. USE WITH ADEQUATE VENTILATION. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Contains petroleum based products. Keep away from heat, sparks, and open flame. Eye and skin irritant. In case of contact with eyes, flush with plenty of clean, room temperature water. In case of contact with skin, wash thoroughly with soap and water. Avoid contact with skin and prolonged breathing of vapor. In case of irregular or stopped breathing, administer oxygen and/or give artificial respiration. Get medical attention (immediately). If swallowed DO NOT induce vomiting. Call physician. COMPLIANCE: ASTM D 4586, TYPE I, Miami-Dade County Product Control Approved. Asbestos Free. CA products meet LA County A.P.C.D (Rule#102), SCAQMD Rule #1168. CALIF. PROP. 65. WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. Use proper protection and adequate ventilation, when using product. VOC: less than 200 g/L ASPHALT CELLULOSE FIBER MINERAL SPIRITS SILICATE MINERAL

C.A.S.# C.A.S.# C.A.S.# C.A.S.#

8052-42-4 65996-61-4 8052-41-3 7631-86-9

Product is asbestos free. Patented product. US Patent Number US6,786,962 B2 © 2009 Gardner-Gibson, Inc. Manufactured by (Manufacturado por): Gardner-Gibson, Inc., P.O. Box 5449, Tampa, FL 33675, USA WARRANTY AND DISCLAIMER: Gardner-Gibson, Inc. warranties this product to give satisfactory results when our directions are followed in its use and application, for a period of (3) three years from the date of purchase. Warranty is dependent upon using reinforcing fabric as described in application instructions. At discretion of manufacturer, if product does not perform as stated for the time period, product will be replaced or refunded on a prorated amount. In no event however shall the manufacturer be liable for an amount in excess of the purchase price of the product used. If not completely satisfied, return to place of purchase for a refund.

See SDS for more info Hecho en E.U.A.

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