black jack trail - Quivira Council

black jack trail - Quivira Council

Quivira Council Boy Scouts of America BLACK JACK TRAIL Backpacking Training Experience October 28-29, 2017 at Quivira Scout Ranch WHEN: Saturday 9...

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Quivira Council

Boy Scouts of America

BLACK JACK TRAIL Backpacking Training Experience

October 28-29, 2017 at Quivira Scout Ranch WHEN:

Saturday 9:00 a.m. to Sunday mid-afternoon


Quivira Scout Ranch (watch for the BJT sign) 1781 Road 19, Sedan, Kansas 67361


All Troop adult leaders and Troop officers in teams of two (example: Scoutmaster & Assistant Senior Patrol Leader as a camping team). Any team of Scouts as long as there is an equal number of an adult team. A minimum of two teams is required for a unit to participate to fulfill Youth Protection Requirements (two-deep leadership). Adult leaders will tent together; Scouts will tent together. Everyone should be prepared for a complete pack layout / shakedown.


$5.00 per person, payable on-site by cash or check (Quivira Council, BSA), which includes patch and materials for history of the land and Leave No Trace.

PURPOSE: This is a basic backpack experience to show Troop leadership different places and ways to use QSR as a Troop program.

Black Jack Trail is an experience where the history of Quivira Scout Ranch is delved into and some backpacking is done into the heart of The Ranch leaving all big, fancy equipment behind. This is as opportunity for your Troop to go out with a minimum of equipment, have maximum fun, and use The Ranch to its fullest. There are endless program opportunities on our own Council Camp, and we urge every Troop to take advantage of them. NO RESERVATIONS ARE NECESSARY - JUST SHOW UP! For more information, contact: Jan Medlam CeCe Bowden

316-444-2121 316-491-2225

[email protected] [email protected]

Remember: Backpacking isn’t how much you can carry, but how little and still be comfortable.

Quivira Council

Boy Scouts of America

Individual Equipment Wear:

Scout uniform Warm cap or hat Hiking shoes or boots (no canvas, low cuts, or open ended)

In Pockets:

Pocket knife Compass Pocket First Aid Kit

Matches Toilet tissue Handkerchief

Backpack Personal toilet kit 1 quart of water extra socks Sweater or jacket 1 #10 can (no plastic lining) to cook in 5 each, 20” pieces of heavy duty foil camp shovel

Poncho / Rainsuit Bedroll & ground cloth Bible or prayer book Boy Scout Handbook Dish, cup and Spoon 20’ sash cord or binder twine flashlight

In pack or on pack frame:


one favorite piece of light-pack equipment deemed reasonable

Each two-person team bring between them: Two-man tent or 10’x10’ plastic 1 plastic sheet 6’x8’ (dishwashing) 1 small sponge 2 brillo pads

1 cooking spoon 1 tote bag 1 water purification pump backpacking stove (or material for small fire)

Food List for Each Two-Person Team: Saturday Noon

1 sack lunch per person

Saturday Supper (sample only; bring dehydrated food or other as you choose) ½ to 1 lb. ground beef * 1 small box instant pudding 2 carrots 1 cup instant milk 2 small onions 2 packs instant cocoa 2 or 3 potatoes salt & pepper * freeze ground beef and wrap in several layers of newspaper before packing Sunday Breakfast (sample only; bring dehydrated food or other as you choose) 4 eggs 2 handfuls of raisins 4 packages instant oatmeal 4 packets instant cocoa 2 oranges or apples Note: pack raisins in plastic bag. Pack eggs in #10 can padded with cloth. Sunday Lunch -- Non-perishable Canned meats, jerky, flat breads, nuts, dried fruits -- any food that doesn’t need refrigeration