Boehringer Ingelheim leads the way with new value-added vaccines

Boehringer Ingelheim leads the way with new value-added vaccines

Boehringer Ingelheim leads the way with new value-added vaccines Boehringer Ingelheim’s Express® vaccines have become Taking the Express Guarantee to ...

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Boehringer Ingelheim leads the way with new value-added vaccines Boehringer Ingelheim’s Express® vaccines have become Taking the Express Guarantee to the next level came the first vaccines to be incorporated into the Canadian from a partnership with the Canadian Cattle IdentificaLivestock Traceability System (CLTS) value-added tion Agency (CCIA). Boehringer approached the CCIA services. to create a protocol within the CLTS that would link the vaccination to the mandatory RFID tag in the ear of When administered to cows and the animal. heifers before breeding, Express creates a foundation of immunity against BVD that protects the unborn fetus from both BVD types I and II. Express also protects the cow against a range of other diseases including IBR, PI3 and BRSV. Express is the only product currently on the market that is labeled for the “Prevention of persistent infection”, according to APHIS independent analysis. While prevention of persistent infection is reason enough to use Express over similar products, Boehringer has taken it a step further offering a guarantee on their product. If a calf born to an Express vaccinated cow or heifer is found to be persistently infected with BVD, Boehringer will not only buy it back at a fair market value, but pay for the testing as well.

Miles Crandall and Garner Deobald Producer Reps for Boehringer Ingleheim work the booth at Western Canada Agribition.

Like Age Verification which ties an animal’s birth date Miles Crandall, a field Representative with Boehringer to its RFID tag, the protocol links Express vaccination Ingelheim, notes that the guarantee was only part of the information with the RFID tag creating a value that is added onto the animal’s birth certificate allowing the process to create add value to the industry. “The guarguarantee to transfer from owner to owner. antee was only a small step, until it could be extended to transfers of ownership and exportation. Then it beValue-added services are not new to the CCIA, Age comes easier for people at all stages of the chain to see Verification has been a part of CLTS since its debut in the extra value in Express Verified™ calves.”

2002, but Express Verified is the first time ability to track vaccinations has been integrated into the system.

module and can track move-in and move-out. As well, it can upload directly to CLTS, so there is no need to double enter data.” Producers with Express Verified animals for sale, also benefit from notifications that Boehringer sends out to a order buyers, feedlots and backgrounders in western Canada and the northern USA interested in purchasing guaranteed animals informing them of when the verified animals will be sold and where. The animals are extremely sought after because of the risk management potential that comes with an Express Verified animal; if any producer identifies an Express Verified calf that’s persistently infected they don’t lose money and these calves can also be identified automatically at the feedlot through Computer Aid’s software.

Trent Hatch of Oak Lake MB lets Lee Irvine, Southern Alberta Sales Rep for Boehringer Ingleheim, check to see if his bull is Express Verified

“It was a natural fit to work with them to create this protocol since the concept of CCIA was based on a mandate to support the control and eradication animal disease,” says Kerry St.Cyr, Executive Director of CCIA. “Boehringer Ingelheim is a pro-active partner with us. We admire their initiative in creating a product that focuses on assisting the industry and improving animal health.” With the CCIA protocol in place, Boehringer turned to Computer Aid Professional Services to link Express Verified into animal management software, enabling feedlot owners and auction marts to sort cattle based on their vaccination status by scanning their RFID into the Computer Aid Software. Both the DG Professional and CattleBytesTM software currently work with the Express Verified protocol. Currently Express compatible software is in place at feedlots in Alberta and Saskatchewan who handle over 250,000 head of cattle. Yvonne Tollens of Computer Aid calls Express Verified a “powerful management tool”. “The software integrates fully with the CLTS database,” says Tollens. “It has a fully integrated animal health

“This partnership between CCIA and Boehringer has been good for both organizations,” says Lee Irvine, one of Boehringer’s Southern Alberta sales reps. “More importantly though, it is good for the industry. We have accomplished what we set out to do, and that is being able to identify and differentiate Express Verified calves at the feedlot level and lower the production costs for producers in the process by lowering the number of animals persistently infected with BVD.” To become a part of the Express Verified program a producer must purchase the vaccine from their local veterinarian and vaccinate their breeding females. They will receive a certificate that includes the number of doses of Express they bought and a unique code to express verify their animals when they Age Verify. Once the offspring is born and tagged the number on the certificate is used with the RFID tag and birth date in the CLTS system, by selecting one of the Express Verified options. Boehringer has also provided a spreadsheet file to quickly upload information to the CLTS on its Express Verified Website. If you don’t have access to the internet, or are unsure of the process, Boehringer Ingelheim staff can also help you complete your Age and Express TM verification by contacting them at 403-807-1140 or by visiting