Brooklyn Technical High School

Brooklyn Technical High School

Brooklyn Technical High School Randy J. Asher, Principal 29 Fort Greene Place · Brooklyn, New York · 11217 · Telephone: (718) 804 - 6400 · Fax: (718...

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Brooklyn Technical High School

Randy J. Asher, Principal

29 Fort Greene Place · Brooklyn, New York · 11217 · Telephone: (718) 804 - 6400 · Fax: (718) 804 - 6535 ·

SLT Minutes February 17, 2011     

R. Asher, Principal T. Evangelist, AP Science C. Ying, PTA S. Mayham, BTAF D. Gold, PTA

   

D. Baldwin, UFT Chair R. Lehrman, UFT L. Parizman, UFT I. Ahmed, Student

   

E. Morano, PTA Co-President K. Cera, PTA E. Greene, PTA J. Azrilyant, Student

AGENDA SCHOOL LEADERSHIP TEAM – BROOKLYN TECHNICAL HS February 17, 2011 4:30 – 6:00 PM 1. Call to order – Meeting called to order at 4:41 p.m. 2. Approval of prior minutes. Minutes were approved from previous meeting as everyone agreed that no changes needed to be made. 3. Mr. Palmer will meet with I. Ahmad about a testing date schedule. 4.

Parents expressed concern over vacation homework. Suggestions for vacation homework were made. There was concern over traveling with books for homework. Homework was agreed to be given out one week in advance. Suggestions were made to teachers to lighten load for students. Homework to be tied to periodic assessment (as per Mr. Evangelist). Homework should not be due the day of return. Mr. Asher suggested not to have HW turned in the day after a break. Another format maybe electronic homework. HW needs to be a substantial assignment but not overwhelming. Solution to have on line assignment easy to access. Fixed amount of work needs to be given during the school year. Parents state that kids need break also. Many times students procrastinate with assignments.

5. Students were complaining about printers taken out of SGO. Students addressed printers being removed without success. A printer would be put in the NHS office in order to accommodate printing for students. Why is there no printer in library for student use? Not appropriate for another student to access and print another student’s work. Long term solution – teacher center to set up printing station. Mr. Asher was not aware of printers not being available for students. Students are without technology access at home. School did investigate options for students to print but no reasonable solution has become available. The technology might not work, cannot be sustained right now. Monitoring issues is an important factor and there are no funds available to have someone supervise. Possible charge for maintenance to students. TGI met with Principal to try and come up with plan. Printing operations at other schools are being looked at. Mr. Asher will look into having printers moved back into SGO. Why can’t work be submitted electronically? Time consuming and feedback with some departments, such as English and history. Students receive feedback on papers which is useful. Routine assignments are difficult to address electronically. 6. PTA Report: Excellent January! Approximately $12, 000 raised, close to $30,000 for the year. 35 tickets sold so far for the Gala event. Parent to parent mentoring program via e-mail is possible. Mr. Asher mentioned that technology is in place to assist parents with communication. Students also have

communication access. The PTA invited Jed Appleward to give a speech on helping your student receive balance. There were 45 grant requests - everyone received some money of the total $12, 250.00. 7. Very successful open house. Packed open house coupled with positive feedback. Staffing should remain steady based on incoming students - target 1350 usually. Senior class is about 1,100 students this school year. No summer discovery program will be needed. By second or third week in March we should know the final number of students. More kids are selecting Tech. Gateway room was packed with parents and students. Next year we need to invite athletic coaches to attend open house. Team participation very important. Classroom space is being developed to accompany more students. Third period is the tightest period to find rooms for classes. We put in for the Intel School of Distinction Award for Science with support from the Alumni Foundation. The CEP is posted on line. We need to sign the signature page. Student lockers: 3700 lockers are available in classrooms for the students, not enough to accommodate all students. Facilities will discuss lockers further. Students wanted a suggestion for going to lunch or the roof. We must have criteria to begin process and negotiate. Who will supervise he students? Mr. Asher stated that a plan is possible but a proposal is needed in order to map out an adequate plan. Twenty-five to thirty kids can help us begin a pilot program. Maybe a 90 average, available seating capacity, no dean’s record, and furniture needs are all factors in accommodating this plan. The location needs to be reviewed. The deadline for furniture is in March. Purchases are done through FAMIS, 1N1 Supply room or, Shop DOE. Homecoming is on April 30th, 2011. The New courtroom should be up and running for the homecoming event. 8.

No new business from SLT members.

9. Next meeting on Wed, March 23, 2011. Meeting adjourned at 5:31pm.