Buddy Information Sheet - Camp Attitude

Buddy Information Sheet - Camp Attitude

Buddy Information Sheet Hello, thank you for taking the time to read more about our Buddy position! Below we have more in-depth information about what...

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Buddy Information Sheet Hello, thank you for taking the time to read more about our Buddy position! Below we have more in-depth information about what this position entails, what we expect from you, and general details about your week. After reading through this, if you have an additional questions please contact our office by email, [email protected], or phone, 541.367.3420.  We look for to seeing you this summer! What is a buddy? Our buddy position is where you are paired up with a special needs camper or sibling and you spend the week getting to be their buddy! During the week you and your camper will get a chance to participate in various activities like tubing, laser tag, talent show, water fight, and more! One week as a buddy and you will never look at the special needs community the same way again! This impactful and powerful time is one that changes many people’s lives and is not something you want to miss!  What is the ministry purpose behind this role? At Camp Attitude our motto is to have the “same attitude as that of Christ Jesus”-Philippians 2:5. Our goal for every volunteer who comes and serves with us is to walk fully in Christ’s love towards others. A big way we live this out during the week is by simple service and love. The fact that individuals and families would take a week out of their schedule and pay to clean bathrooms or hang out with special needs child(ren) blows people away! Christ’s love for ALL people is countercultural to ways of this world and when people get a real encounter with his love they are forever changed. That’s why we can guarantee that if you experience a week at Camp Attitude you will be changed, because Christ’s love provokes change. In the midst of this you will also get to know the lives of a special needs family. That in and of itself is a privilege and really opens your eyes into a whole other world. It’s so powerful that many buddies go on to work in the field of medicine or a career relating to the special needs community. I could go on and on but let me share with you a testimony from some of our previous buddies.  “I've been a buddy five separate weeks of camp and it has been one of the most life changing experience I have ever had in my life. I remember walking into camp and everyone was telling me my life was going to change. I didn't believe that one week would change my life, but on the last night I felt God with me in a way I never had before and as soon as I got home I immediately started changing my career plans. I am now employed as a respite care provider for a boy with Down syndrome and am 3 years into college studying to teach special Ed. Camp attitude truly helped me find my calling in life. It's hard work just like any mission trip but it is so much fun. You make bonds that will last a life time, your camper may pull you into doing things like jet skiing, or inner tubing, they might make you laugh to the point of tears, they make you cry because you don't want the week to end, and you care so much about them. Its hard work. As a buddy you are serving that camper. If they want to be pushed on the swings for three hours, you'll be pushing them on the swings for three hours, if they want to watch a movie instead of going down to the river, you're going to sit and watch that movie. But I guarantee it will be one of the best experiences you can ever partake in. We all said during the weeks I was there that "it's the best tired you'll ever be" and that is so true.”

Do I need any experience? No, no experience is needed just be ready and willing to serve and we will show you the rest! Will I be staying overnight by myself with my camper? No, every camper comes to camp with at least one guardian who will stay in the cabin with them overnight.  Where will I sleep?  You will be staying will all the buddies that week in our Tent City. This is a cluster of camping tents and air mattresses; which camp will provide. What if there is an emergency? Each week we have a incredible medical staff who are on the clock 24/7 to help when issues arise. Our adult and CORE Team will also be on campus and walking around with walkie talkies. They are easily identified by their red shirts so if you need anything find a red shirt and they will get you help right away. What does a typical week look like? Saturday evening is volunteer check in so that evening is spent getting settled and meeting with your group leader for the week. Sunday we have church service and then from 1-4 pm is camper check in. During this time you will be helping families unload their luggage from their vehicles into their cabins. As this happens buddies will gradually begin to find campers and siblings and hang out with them. This helps families to feel welcomed and starts the process of pairing buddies with campers. Then Monday morning we will match you with your camper or sibling for the week and we jump into a fun filled day of activities! Tuesday is our Lake Day so we will be spending most of that day down at the lake. Wednesday and Thursday are similar to Monday with more activities and Thursday evening we have our famous Talent Show. Friday the families check out at 11 am and then the buddies check out later that afternoon.  How/when do I get matched up with my camper? You will be paired with your camper on Monday morning at breakfast! The buddy pairing process is a unique process where our staff will sit down and see what relationships begun to develop on Sunday. This is a process we attribute to God because come Friday the bonds and connections that were made are something he had planned all along.  Can you accommodation food allergies/intolerance? Our kitchen will accommodate nut allergies as well as provide other options for gluten and dairy allergies. For any other food related accommodations please contact our office to discuss your situation. Do you accommodate food lifestyle choices, diets, or dislikes? No, our kitchen staff work hard to provide meals for our camps which is no easy task! If you are one of these people please consider

bringing snacks or items to pair along with meals. Please note we are a PEANUT FREE FACILITY and there is no fridge or kitchen for you to use during your time at camp.  When is check in for Volunteers? All volunteers check in on the Saturday evening before their week of camp. Why do I have to pay? A big part of our ministry is being able to provide a free week of camp to all our camper families! Having a special needs child can sometimes mean a lot of medical expenses. Thus, to help provide a relaxing and fun week of camp, we offer the program for free. By making a donation as a volunteer, you help cover the expenses for a family to attend.  What if I can’t afford it? Please consider fundraising or sending out support. You can also contact your youth leader or our offices to discuss other options.   Is there a store on campus? Yes! Our Smiley Shack is the hottest place around for all your sweet treat needs, Camp Attitude apparel, and more! For anything else there is a Safeway 10 mins offsite and a Walmart 20 mins offsite. Please note that while you are serving as a buddy at camp that you will not be able to leave  Qualifications/Regulations. -All buddies must attend with a youth group or school. -Please be advised that NO CAMPERS will be allowed to serve as a Buddy this year. You must choose to be either a Camper or a Buddy. -Buddies must have completed the 9th grade as of the beginning of camp.  -A criminal back ground check will be done by staff on ALL volunteers 18 and over at camp. -Camp Attitude operates under a Statement of Faith, please review below or under our Mission and Vision tab under our About Us section on the website.  CAMP RULES Statement of Faith:  Camp Attitude is a non-profit organization. Though the Camp is not associated with any particular denomination, the basis of our belief rises from the same Judeo-Christian values that our nation was built upon. The Board of Directors believe in a Sovereign God and the saving grace of His Son, Jesus Christ. It is our greatest desire to serve God by the demonstration of our faith through action. Faith at Camp is demonstrated through “living example” to those we work with. It is our highest honor to serve children and families of all backgrounds with the same loving grace that has so freely been given to us. Camp Attitude is a Christian camp. We will be teaching talking about, and demonstrating the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, you must be a “Christian” to serve as a Buddy at Camp Attitude. Buddies must conduct themselves at all time to represent a Christian example. Please note that if at any time you refuse to follow the rules at Camp Attitude, you may be sent home.   Please have you and, if under 18, a parent/guardian read the Camp Rules below and make sure you have no questions concerning them. CODE OF CONDUCT: Alcohol is not allowed on Camp property at ANY TIME. This is a non-negotiable rule. If alcohol is found, or we suspect use, it is reason for immediate expulsion. Smoking is allowed in designated areas ONLY, and in a manner that does not compromise our witness to campers. DRESS CODE: Because Camp Attitude does a host of fun, outdoor, wet, and wild activities, we feel there should be a dress code for all to follow. We do a lot of water sports with the campers and their families and want to set Godly examples for them and guests. -Women: During water activities please wear a ONE piece, modest bathing suit. Modest “Tankinees” are also OK. No tank tops over a skimpy two piece bathing suit are allowed. Staff will ask you to cover up if your suit is inappropriate. We expect all females to be dressed in a modest way. No low cut shirts, or short shorts are allowed. -Guys: Please also dress appropriately and do not wear overly baggy shorts. During water activities we also require that you wear a t-shirt along with your swim trunks (lake day will be the only exception).  While on campus, please wear your Buddy T-shirt. It helps the staff to identify who you are. 

MEALS and GENERAL SESSIONS: Promptness to meal time is essential to maintain the quality of food. We eat all meals cafeteria style. The dinner bell will ring & all campers & volunteers should come to the dining area where we start with a short prayer before the meal begins. We do not eat until all are present. All volunteers are expected to attend all general sessions and participate in them. This will help set the “tone” for our campers. All volunteers in Camp on Sunday morning must attend worship service.

CAMP VEHICLES: The camp has several vehicles (ATV’s, Golf Carts, Mowers and Maintenance Equipment). ONLY volunteers trained in their use are authorized to use these vehicles during camp. NO EXCEPTIONS. Youth under 16 years of age will NOT operate ATV’s. (State Law) Camp vehicles are not for “joy rides” they are required for daily operation of the camp. Youth volunteers may be required to ride with a trained operator in the performance of camp duties. Caution should be taken at all times. INJURY OR SICKNESS: Please report any injury or sickness as soon as possible to the designated camp nurse. In case of emergency call 911 No matter how small the injury, please make sure to report them to the nurse. BUILDINGS / FURNISHINGS / EQUIPMENT: Shaving cream, toothpaste and water balloon fights are not permitted in any of the buildings. Candles are not allowed in any rooms unless prior approval is granted. All furniture and other building equipment must remain in their respective rooms.  CELL PHONES: Cell phones may not be used during the week. Once you are on campus your group leader will collect all cell phones and electronic devices. We have a camp phone, available at all times, that you can use for emergency calls. Also any other electronics may not used during the week as well. This includes iPods, laptops, MP3’s, handheld gaming devices, IPad’s, or tablets of any kind.