building momentum

building momentum

building momentum global fund for women / annual report 2006-2007 “As we activists globally share the vision of a world where women enjoy equal oppo...

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building momentum global fund for women / annual report 2006-2007

“As we activists globally share the vision of a world where women enjoy equal opportunities and rights, we all too must share the work needed to attain this goal.” 

— Iman Bibars, Association for the Development

and Enhancement of Women, Egypt

As women in Nicaragua build houses and connect electrical grids, the Global Fund for Women builds networks that link women’s groups worldwide.

nicaragua Moved by feminist passion born of concerns about class

Since her creation of Mujeres Constructoras, women

and poverty, Amanda Centeno Espinoza vowed to provide

have learned to build houses, connect electrical grids

the town’s indigent women with job options beyond poorly

and make furniture.

paid domestic and agricultural work.

As women in Nepal drive taxis to earn a living, the Global Fund for Women propels efforts to build the capacity of women’s organizations.

nepal Sangita Nirola founded Swati, an organization that

include training women to make handicrafts, operate

empowers women to be economically independent.

computers, become beauticians and learn to be travel

Swati’s first course trained women to drive taxis.

agents. After women master their job skills, Swati helps

In response to requests, the programs expanded to

them start their own businesses.

As women in Kenya construct wells that provide clean water, the Global Fund for Women deepens the financial reservoir available to sustain thousands of women’s groups.

kenya Concerned about long hours spent retrieving water,

The group has helped communities to build 73 wells that

recurring droughts and disease caused by contaminated

allow access to clean water for drinking, feeding animals,

water, Norma Adhiambo and two friends founded Groups

growing vegetables, washing clothes and even selling

of Women in Water and Agriculture (GWAKO).

water at a profit.

As young Roma women in Slovakia realize their self worth and embrace their culture with pride, the Global Fund celebrates women’s right to flourish.

slovakia Devoted to supporting the women’s movement in both

runs camps for Roma girls and boys, tutors children in

Slovakia and the Czech Republic, the Slovak-Czech

literacy skills and helps young people to gain the knowledge

Women’s Fund makes grants to groups like the Cultural

and tools to overturn entrenched discrimination against

Association. Founded by Helena Jonasova, the group

Roma people.

As women in Morocco share knowledge of new laws through theater, the Global Fund supports radio, television and video production that amplifies women’s collective power.

MOROCCO Recognizing that a 60 percent illiteracy rate in Morocco

look like: A father who tells a suitor that the daughter

prevents people from understanding their rights under

must decide if she will marry, a couple who cannot

the new Family Code, Theatre Aquarium educates through

conceive considers that the husband may be infertile,

drama in factories, prisons, hospitals, orphanages and

a woman whose husband is seeking divorce testifies

theaters. Their slapstick skits demonstrate what rights

on her own behalf. This is how rights become real.

The Global Fund for Women is a network of donors, advisors, staff, volunteers and grantees who are partners in a growing community that takes action to make the world more just, compassionate and peaceful.

building momentum

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operational and financial highlights

letter from the chair Dear Friends, As the Global Fund for Women enters its 20th year, women’s movements have made important advances in law and policy at local, national and international levels. Yet it is also clear that the struggle for women’s rights is far from over. The 21st century has been greeted with the ending of many conflicts. Yet those that are ongoing are especially brutal and cause high casualty rates

The challenges of bringing justice and assisting hundreds of thousands of war-violated women to reconstruct their lives persist long after conflicts are declared to have ended, despite the recognition of rape as a war crime in international law. among women, whether one looks at Darfur or at Iraq.

Earlier this year there were other gains too —  before he left office, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan commissioned a major report on violence against women and condemned this worldwide scourge. Egypt finally outlawed female genital mutilation after the tragic death of a 12-year-old girl, and women’s movements in Ghana succeeded in getting a new domestic violence bill passed into law after a concerted six-yearlong struggle that the Global Fund supported through a grant to the Coalition on Violence Against Women. Similar bills have been tabled in a number of other countries. Global Fund

multiple forms of abuse. Growing religious conservatism has seen women subjected to new levels of social restriction and regulation in many places and shows little sign of abating. Women face new threats posed by the escalating level of US militarism so cruelly indexed by the military actions in Iraq, the expansion of the military presence defending US interests in Africa or by the more global rubric of the continuing War on Terror. In this alarming context, the Global Fund’s recent initiatives have included targeted support aimed at strengthening women’s movements. 20 years after its inception, the Global Fund for Women is still the largest funder in the world solely focused on women’s

having doubled its work to an annual grantmaking budget of $8.2 million. Given the scale of the challenges women face, this places a major responsibility on all of us to mobilize resources that will allow us to increase support to women, and to grassroots women’s movements around the world, so that women themselves can make further advances and consolidate the hard-won gains of the last two decades. Investing in women


does change the world.

In Solidarity,

grantees have actively worked to change how issues impacting women and the larger society are framed —  be it challenging homophobia in India or understanding the crucial need for women’s political participation at every level of society in the former Soviet States.

Yet the majority of women the world over still face a multiplicity of new and old challenges in their homes and communities, workplaces and on the streets. Vast swathes of the world continue to endure unacceptable levels of poverty, related social instability and limited infrastructure. Many women therefore remain unable to access justice, having little recourse to the law, and often governments themselves do little to protect women from


Amina Mama

chair, board of directors chair, gender studies, african gender institute at the university of capetown Capetown, South Africa

letter from the president Dear Friends, This year the Global Fund for Women commemorates its 20th anniversary. We honor our founders, three women who came together to transform a dream into a reality by creating a publicly supported grantmaking fund to advance and defend women’s human rights worldwide. We believe that our world should be one that accords all human beings the dignity, respect and freedom that are essential for people to realize their full potential. For 20 years, the Global Fund for Women has mobilized the resources of thousands of caring individuals and institutions and channeled them directly to women’s rights activists who are working to strengthen a growing global movement for peace and justice. This annual report pays tribute to the thousands of women and men who cultivate and build movements.

In addition to providing critical general support grants to build capacity in women-led associations, the Global Fund uses grants to support alliances between and among groups, amplify collective influence and connect women throughout all layers of society. Our grants help build movements. More than a collection of organizations or associations, a movement joins diverse institutions and individuals in acknowledgement that collective action is the most effective and lasting way to transform relations of power. In the US, we are familiar with the civil rights movement that radically challenged the racial discrimination so endemic to the political and economic reality of this country. In developing countries that suffered under colonial regimes, we think of independence and anti-colonial movements or democracy movements in the former subject states of the Soviet Union. Most recently, the world has paid attention to the environmental movement as it seeks to prevent global warming and climate change.

Both here and around the world, the women’s movement fights its battles in places that are, in Eleanor Roosevelt’s words, “close

Yet, despite fierce opposition, the activists of this movement, over the course of an entire century, have won women the right to be treated as human beings.

to home and too small to be seen on a map.”

We know that resource mobilization is a critical part of movement building and, over the past year, hundreds of new donors and supporters have joined with us to challenge the stereotypes that women are incapable of taking risks, of leading and finding solutions to the most difficult problems. In the coming year, we look forward to celebrating our 20th anniversary and launching our next strategic plan —  a n ambitious blueprint for the Global Fund’s next five years. We intend to significantly expand the resources we ourselves make available to women’s groups worldwide and to use our own influence with our peers in philanthropy to leverage a doubling of resources that flow to support women’s rights movements around the globe. We thank each one of you for your support, and we look forward with anticipation and excitement to the future.

In Solidarity,

Kavita N. Ramdas

president and ceo San Francisco, US



Building multifaceted movements for social change takes vision, creativity and fortitude — qualities that women around the world demonstrate every day. For the past 20 years, the Global Fund has played an essential role in building the infrastructure of the global movement for a more peaceful and equitable world. In addition to funding women-led organizations, our grants help women’s organizations make alliances, amplify collective influence and connect women throughout all layers of society. 16

18 Violence 22 Environment 26 Economics 30 Leadership 34 Philanthropy



For the past 25 years, women’s organizations have been at the forefront of a movement to identify violence against women as a formidable barrier to women’s equality in every region of the world. Their concerted efforts have led to international recognition that the systemic abuse of women through practices such as domestic violence, forced pregnancy, trafficking, and sexual violence perpetrated during war are indeed human rights violations. While their achievements have helped change attitudes worldwide, there is still much to be done to ensure that rhetoric becomes the day-to-day reality for the majority of women. 18

the PHILIPPINES In the Philippines, women are addressing the high rates of domestic violence that persist despite the successful passage 10 years ago of laws that protect and enhance women’s rights. The Local Council of Women — Buenavista teaches women about the laws. Ranao Women and Children Resource Center offers anger management courses for men, support groups for women who have experienced abuse and broadcasts a weekly radio program to teach that a “culture of peace” is possible.

The Lolas (grandmothers) Kampanyera Survivors Organization gives Filipina survivors of Japanese military slavery the opportunity to share their stories of enslavement and gain legal redress. To raise the consciousness of women worldwide, these women testify at international meetings on human rights violations. For example, pictured below, Menen Castillo, president of the Lolas, testifies in San Diego at the Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice Global Women’s Court of Accountability, 2005.


Ranao Women and Children Resource Center has worked to create support networks that help women to advocate for their rights and the rights of their communities.

In August 2006, Lolas hosted a conference attended by

120 people from 9 countries on legal redress for victims of forced labor and military sexual slavery.

Last year, the Global Fund awarded


to women’s organizations in the Philippines striving to end violence against women and girls.


Assiwar’s hotline now receives

500 calls This year, the Global Fund awarded


This year, we brought together women representatives from the organizations that we have supported in Western Congo (DR) to meet and collaborate on ways to enhance their ability to be effective change makers.


to women’s groups working in Eastern Congo (DR) to address the impact of gender-based violence.

Congo (DR) Women’s Federation for Peace and Development (FEPADE)*

Israel Assiwar-Arab Women’s Movement in Support of Victims of Sexual Assaults

Women in the Democratic Republic of Congo are still reeling from a brutal 8-year-long conflict in which warring factions tortured and raped thousands of women. Between 2002 and 2005, women’s associations in the Uvira Province reported 5,000 cases of rape, which corresponds to 40 a day. Survivors of rape and trauma face rejection by their families and communities, unwanted pregnancies, fistula and sexual infections, including HIV.

One out of four women in Israel is sexually abused before the age of 18, but the stigma against reporting or speaking about the crime — and lack of appropriate services — prevents many women from getting help. Since 1997, Assiwar has operated the only 24-hour hotline serving Arabic-speaking Palestinian women in Israel. The group’s hotline volunteers counsel women who have faced sexual abuse and accompany them to police stations, hospitals and courts. Unique in the region because of its willingness to speak out on sexual violence, the group uses workshops and media campaigns to raise awareness of violence and sexual abuse.

In striking contrast to this horror, FEPADE shines a beacon of hope. The group provides critically needed psycho-social and medical support to women survivors of violence. FEPADE is also unique in using Congo’s recently passed sexual violence law to penalize perpetrators of rape. For a young survivor, access to crisis services and justice are important first steps for rebuilding her life. * Acronym in French 20

each year, many of which are now from high school girls who benefitted from Assiwar’s outreach into schools.

This year, the Global Fund awarded $4.7 million in grants to 362 women’s organizations in 101 countries who include addressing gender-based violence as a key strategy.



In most of the developing world, women’s lives and health are intricately connected to the forest, rivers and land. Yet women are rarely identified as being active participants, much less leaders, in the environmental movement. When fragile systems of air, water and earth are contaminated by toxins or destroyed, the impact on women can be disproportionate, especially since women carry children and their bodies are, in the words of Sandra Steingraber, renowned ecologist, “the first habitat — the first environment.” Around the world, Global Fund grantees make the link between the women’s health movement and the environmental movement. 22

Nigeria Women’s groups in Nigeria face particularly daunting environmental challenges. Blessed with rich oil reserves, Nigeria has also suffered huge environmental devastation because of large-scale oil extraction. Between 1990 and 2005, Nigeria lost 79 percent of its old-growth forests, making it the country with the highest rate of deforestation in the world. The women’s environmental movement in Nigeria addresses many facets of this crisis. For example, the Association of Women in Forestry and Environment (AWIFE) mobilizes women for mass tree planting to

halt the effects of deforestation, and promotes the sale of tree seedlings to generate income. With members from two communities — the New Ekuri and Old Ekuri — the Kirsti Women’s Movement involves women in forest management committees and has organized women’s cooperatives to increase agricultural production. In the Niger Delta, the Kebetkache Women Development and Resource Centre raises awareness about environmental degradation while also training women to advocate for community health.

On Tree Planting Day, women planted


tree seedlings as part of an effort to raise awareness and counter deforestation.


16 Days

of Activism Against Genderbased Violence, Kebetkache Women Development and Resource Centre led a public education campaign on environmental violence against women perpetrated by oil companies.

This year, Global Fund awarded a total of


to 19 Nigerian women’s groups addressing environmental concerns.


Within the last three years, EcoCenter awarded

$75,000 To increase appreciation and concern among young people for Bahrain’s desert, the Bahrain Women Society has started

2 educational programs featuring

In addition to running environmental education programs, Bahrain Women Society trained

to 45 women-initiated and -led projects that help women to expand the role they play in addressing local environmental concerns.

4,500 children and teens on how to speak out against violence.

the dabb, a spiny-tailed lizard that is closely linked to Bahraini culture, but is now threatened by hunting and habitat destruction.


Bahrain Bahrain Women Society

Kazakhstan EcoCenter

In Bahrain, women face a scarcity of fresh water, desertification and pollution from oil production. The Bahrain Women Society empowers women to participate more actively in the political process, addressing cultural and environmental issues that affect their community. Its Environmental Citizenry program works to improve home-based environmental attitudes and guarantee women’s participation in long-term sustainability of the environment. The group produced “My Environment Unit,” a program adopted by many schools, to teach the next generation to care for its precious resources of land, air and water.

EcoCenter was founded in this impoverished area in the middle of the Asian steppes to address environmental concerns — particularly the effects of radioactive waste on women’s reproductive health. Since then, the group has flourished, creating a national network of over 100 environmental groups that successfully lobby for better environmental policies, including the prohibition of nuclear waste imports in 2003. The EcoCenter’s Women’s Leadership network is a support and organizing tool for women all over Kazakhstan. With help from the network, EcoCenter has spawned more than 50 grassroots women’s groups — a movement to ensure the country’s future includes a healthy environment and empowered women.

This year, the Global Fund awarded $660,000 in grants to 60 women’s organizations in 42 countries who include addressing environmental issues as a key strategy.



When two-thirds of the world’s labor is done by women, and over $1 trillion worth of women’s work remains unpaid, it should come as no surprise that women are leading the movement to restructure economic programs and institutions. In its efforts to equitably distribute resources, the economic justice movement makes explicit women’s contributions to national economies. In addition, women’s groups are educating women about their rights as workers, helping them to break into nontraditional occupations and training them in how to get the money and skills needed to start businesses, own land and create assets. Their efforts have contributed to international recognition that women are good credit risks who share their economic gains with their families. 26

tajikistan The movement to empower women economically is closely linked to the anti-violence movement led by women. In Tajikistan, years of conflict, economic collapse and a resurgence of patriarchal values left many women unemployed and vulnerable to violence. According to the World Health Organization, nearly 50 percent of Tajik women experience physical, psychological or sexual violence inflicted by family members. The programs of Woman and Society ensure that survivors of domestic

violence can afford to leave abusive relationships by becoming economically independent. They learn how to run businesses as tailors, cooks, hair stylists or embroiderers. Similarly, Madina runs a business center for women that ensures that budding entrepreneurs have access to affordable loans and effective legal services. Social Center Parastor leverages the growing tourist industry by teaching women to run Bed & Breakfasts and home-based bakeries.

Since its inception in 1995, Woman and Society has trained over

Founded by four women, Madina believes that women’s increased civic and political participation is crucial to women’s economic security. This year, the group served as an observer in


women to be business and social entrepreneurs in their communities.

80 electoral sites in rural

areas to encourage Tajik women’s participation in the parliamentary elections.

Another Global Fund grantee, Bonuvoni Hatlon, has helped more than

600 women to find jobs.

Last year, the Global Fund awarded


to five organizations in Tajikistan working to improve women’s economic opportunities.



Global Fund grantee, Gender and Economy Group, is a coalition of

Since the Network of African Women Economists has documented Malian women’s contributions to society and educated the public and Parlimentarians on the economic importance of women’s work.


women’s organizations that work to increase the number of Peruvian women participating in and shaping political and economic structures.

Peru Center for Urban and Rural Development (CDUR)*

Mali Network of African Women Economists (RFAE)*

In Peru, the descendents of African slaves contend with disproportionately high rates of unemployment, illiteracy and poor health. Unable to compete with large multinational agribusinesses, many Afro-Peruvians have migrated to the Peruvian capital, Lima, in search of work and better wages. CDUR takes a multifaceted approach to improving these women’s socio-economic condition: providing reliable reproductive and sexual health education, training women in technical and industrial jobs and strengthening women’s leadership skills so that women can affect public and social policy.

African women are disproportionately affected by extreme poverty, representing 70 percent of those living on less than $1/day, with little voice in decision-making about resources. In Mali, the cotton industry — its largest export — has suffered from competition by subsidized Western producers that flood the market, reducing Mali’s cotton prices by 50 percent. With no money for girls’ school fees, women lose the opportunity for education and advancement.

The group created and coordinates a permanent roundtable for dialogue led by Afro-Peruvian women on the issues that affect their lives. The roundtable brings together 12 other organizations to collectively research and testify on behalf of Afro-Peruvian women, thereby becoming part of a movement to increase Peruvian women’s social, political and economic status. * Acronym in Spanish 28

RFAE educates the public — from rural women to leaders of nongovernmental organizations — about the gender impact of macro-economic policies. It discusses trade and development decisions with the government and conducts economic studies of women’s work, proposing alternative strategies that can benefit African women.

* Acronym in French

This year, the Global Fund awarded $4.5 million in grants to 369 women’s organizations in 98 countries who include improving women’s economic security as a key strategy.



Social change both requires and generates new leadership. In addition to training and supporting women’s leadership in village councils and national parliaments, the international women’s movement fosters women’s leadership in all aspects of civil society, whether in nongovernmental organizations, educational institutions or policy-making arenas. Investing in women-led organizations is a way to support incubators for women’s leadership. 30



The influential trajectory taken by women leaders can be seen in the example of Mu Sochua, currently a Global Fund board member. Sochua was the founder of Strey Khmer, a Cambodian women’s rights group that received its first grant from the Global Fund. She went on to parlay her experience as a grassroots leader into the arena of politics, becoming her country’s minister of women’s and veteran’s affairs. Most recently, she was elected Secretary General for the opposition party, Sam Rainsy.

In Turkey, getting women into political office is one strategy for influencing change. The military coup of the 1980s suppressed a range of social movements, and rolled back several laws that previously favored women’s rights. The 1990s saw a deepening in the gap between different strata of Turkish society. For example, Kurdish women and rural women were excluded from many of the positive transformations occurring in major cities. Islamic movements began to include women’s voices, but these women were at odds with secular feminists. Despite these obstacles, over the past decade, Turkey has created a strong movement of women leaders who are striving to bridge the divide between different ideologies. KADER: Association for Supporting and Training Women Candidates registers women to vote, advocates for social reforms and has created an infrastructure to develop women’s leadership. Amargi has published five books — vital resources that document both successes and lessons learned by the women’s movement. And Women for Women’s Human Rights combines grassroots and legislative action, media production and networking to advance women’s rights.

Strey Khmer publishes a monthly newsletter distributed to over

3,000 women

to raise awareness about gender equity and engage readers in local and national advocacy.


new grassroots women’s organizations in the most disadvantaged areas of Turkey have grown out of WWHR’s human rights education program.

In recognition of groundbreaking leadership in reforming Turkish laws and advancing the rights of Muslim women, Pinar Ilkarracan, WWHR and the Coalition for Sexual and Bodily Rights in Muslim Societies received the Gruber Human Rights Prize in 2007, which brings with it a

$500,000 award.

To date, KADER has held more than

23 trainings

to raise gender awareness and promote women’s participation in local politics. 31

Another Global Fund grantee in Serbia, Women’s Initiative Proboj, prepares girls who are between

14-18 years old

from different ethnic groups to be leaders by training them about their rights, gender stereotypes, violence, and conflict resolution.

Leadership and advocacy trainings around reproductive rights have expanded to

23 of Mexico’s 32 states.

Mexico Information Group on Reproductive Choice (GIRE)*

Serbia Voice of Difference

In April, after 10 years of organizing, GIRE — a group dedicated to defending reproductive rights through advocacy, education and lobbying — had a big win. Thanks to the persistent, strategic efforts of GIRE and other members of the Alliance Pro-Choice, women in Mexico City will no longer go to jail if they have abortions. In a country where between 200,000 and 500,000 illegal abortions cause over 1,500 maternal deaths per year, the decriminalization of the procedure will save many women’s lives and free others to safely determine the number of children they choose to have. Historically, the laws and policies created in Mexico are adopted by much of Latin America; by contributing to legislative change in Mexico City, GIRE is leading the way for enhancing the health of women across the region.

While Serbian law provides for equality of women, few women in Serbia experience equality in their day-to-day lives. Sexual harassment, discrimination and domestic violence are the norm, and Serbian women have had a low rate of political participation. Organized in 1999 against the Milosevic regime, Voice of Difference is creating a Serbian women’s leadership movement, mobilizing women in elections, legislation campaigns, workshops and coalitionbuilding. The group has led Serbian women to organize against nationalism, militarism, war, poverty, sexism, racism and homophobia — and has created a network of women’s organizations that are pushing to institutionalize women’s rights and support authentic democracy in Serbia.

* Acronym in Spanish 32

This year, the Global Fund awarded $2.6 million in grants to 195 women’s organizations in 77 countries who include advancing women’s leadership as a key strategy.



As of 2005, just 7.3 percent of US philanthropic dollars directly benefited women internationally. The women’s funding movement strives to change that ratio. All over the world, women’s funds are mobilizing resources and making grants in a way that fundamentally shifts global relationships of power — from discrimination, domination and exploitation to equality, respect and trust. 34

understanding social change philanthropy By raising funds and making grants to women-led organizations in 166 countries, the Global Fund for Women plays an essential role in that movement. So, too, does every person who writes a check, hosts a house party or offers their support to the Global Fund. Participating in the global movement for human rights links supporters to women worldwide who are striving — whether at the grassroots or in offices of Parliament — to improve the lives of their sisters, daughters and communities. Being a donor acknowledges that we are all interconnected and that we can use our connections to ignite positive social change. Paola Gianturco, long-time Global Fund supporter, provides an inspiring example of how we can both raise money for and tell the stories of women’s strategies for transforming the world.

Her latest book, Women Who Light the Dark, uses striking photos and poignant essays to tell the stories of ordinary women with extraordinary imagination who have made a difference in their communities. Whether through a program to ensure girls in Zimbabwe are free of violence in their schools, or one that addresses the rights of lesbians in Argentina, or another that provides a healing, music-filled space for survivors of domestic violence in Vietnam, women are finding ways to solve the problems that darken their lives. To read Women Who Light the Dark is to journey to a different world made possible only with the combined strength and talents of all facets of the women’s movement for human rights.

This year, the Global Fund made grants totaling almost


to local women’s funds to support their growth and resource mobilization in

14 countries.

Women Who Light the Dark by Paola Gianturco

For more information:

Women Who Light the Dark book tour, Boston. L to R: Shalini Nataraj; Deval Patrick, Massachusetts governor; Jenifer Wanous; Paola Gianturco, author; and Betty Makoni, Director of the Girl Child Network, Zimbabwe.


celebrating social change philanthropy INDIVIDUAL DONORS We are deeply touched by the increase in passionate individuals around the world who have joined the Global Fund network and, through their gifts, helped us to build momentum for the international women’s movement. Individuals choose to participate in a number of ways, such as joining one of the following communities. Corazón Network “Corazón” is Spanish for “heart”. Because the Corazón Network donors give a specific, reliable amount each month, their support forms the very heart, or core, of the Global Fund’s work, giving the organization a sustainable center from which to grow. Adriana Farkouh is a Corazón Network member because she believes women are the key to resolving many of the world’s problems.

In the last year, 167 people joined our Corazón Network, making a total of

370 people

who give every month of the year.

Please join us. Go to cms/corazon-network


“The more support women get, and the more education and experience they have access to, the more they’ll develop and have an impact,” she says. Farkouh’s monthly donation comes directly from her checking account. “It’s good for the organization to know it can count on a reliable monthly income, and it’s easier for me to know that amount of money is earmarked to donate.” Farkouh has worked as a teacher of English as a Second Language, a juvenile probation officer, and volunteers for a group that aims to preserve tropical rainforests by empowering the indigenous people who are its custodians. “I want to help bring about a world where environmental sustainability, social justice and spiritual fulfillment are the guiding principles.” Inspiration Partners Inspiration Partners are women and men who have decided to take a stand for justice, equality and peace by making a significant increase in their annual financial support for the Global Fund. Rather than categorizing donors by gift amount, the Global Fund encourages donors to stretch their capacity to give, just as our grantees stretch and expand their capacity to improve women’s lives. When donors commit to exponentially increase their past giving, they become Inspiration Partners, invited to participate in phone calls with Global Fund CEO Kavita Ramdas and our grantee partners. They may also have the chance to travel and meet grantees in person.

Nilofer Ahsan, an Associate at the Center for the Study of Social Policy in Washington, D.C., became an Inspiration Partner when she decided to give 10 times more than she’d given before. Born in Pakistan, Ahsan works in children’s and family issues in the US and sees the Global Fund as a way of extending her work internationally. “As much as the issues of child abuse, neglect and childhood development are a challenge in the US, they’re so much more of a challenge in the rest of the world,” she says. Ahsan says her giving was initially a financial reach for her, but she liked the idea of making a substantial donation. In return, being an Inspiration Partner has given her an opportunity to engage with the Global Fund at a more profound level. “Being on conference calls, hearing more about specific campaigns or listening to staff briefings about visits is a really nice way to get deeper into their work.”

Anne Firth Murray Circle The Legacy Circle is named after Anne Firth Murray, the founding president of the Global Fund for Women, who recognized that women’s freedom, equality and voice are key to creating lasting change. Donors who choose to include the Global Fund in their estate plans make an extraordinary commitment to extend their values into the future. Jacqueline Hoefer, who passed away in July 2006, left a cash gift to the Global Fund in her will. Mrs. Hoefer, who had a Ph.D. in English, started Hoefer Scientific Instruments Company with her husband and had diverse interests as a poet, volunteer and philanthropist. “The struggle for women’s rights around the world was very important to Mrs. Hoefer,” says her friend and executor, Norman Fritz. To learn more about the Anne Firth Murray Circle, please call Erin Oglesby at 415.202.7640

Anne Firth Murray Founding president of the Global Fund for Women

New York Office supporters

In the last year, 50 people stretched their giving and became Inspiration Partners, making a total of

230 women and men

contributing to the Global Fund’s ability to appreciably increase the resources available to the women’s movement.

For more information, contact Kellea Miller at 415.202.7640

Blythe Masters became one of the founding donors to the New York office through the long involvement of her company, J.P. Morgan, with the fund. “The work that the Global Fund does transcends geography and politics,” she says. “They get involved in ways women can help themselves, help their communities and, in the end, help their own societies — which speaks to me of hope.” To Masters, the logic of establishing a New York office was overwhelming. “New York is the center 37

of philanthropic, financial and commercial activity, and an organization with such a strong mission and tremendous brand was missing something significant without a New York presence.” Peggy Wolff held a reception in her Manhattan apartment to help raise the necessary funds to establish and staff the Global Fund’s first office in New York City. “I’ve been incredibly impressed with how the Global Fund has built up its resources and what it’s doing for women around the world,” says Wolff, Of Counsel to Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, LLP. “To help the Global Fund reach the next level, having an office near the Wall Street community is important. It was a pleasure to be part of this expansion.” Ruby Takanishi, a donor from New York City, says she’s glad the Global Fund now has a presence in New York. As a research psychologist, and President of the Foundation for Child Development, most of her work has been focused on domestic issues, and the Global Fund allows her to expand her reach. “I’ve always been supportive of the Global Fund because of its interest in the education of girls, which is very important, not only in terms of individual wellbeing but also community wellbeing, particularly in countries where education for girls is not considered to be particularly important or valuable.”

Hosting a house party is a way to gather with people in your community to raise awareness and funds for women’s human rights worldwide. Whether you host a potluck, film screening or performance, you can join with friends, family and co-workers in promoting women’s equality across the globe.

BUSINESS AND FOUNDATION DONORS The Global Fund relies on its allies in the business and foundation worlds to help raise funds, create connections, spark imagination and spread the word about the international women’s funding movement. Isda Funari, ISDA & CO Isda & Co, a San Francisco-based clothing line, recently created a new line of tee shirts and dresses made of conventional and organic fibers — recognizable by the simple peace symbols on the white labels. Four percent of net profits from the line go to the Global Fund. “I really believe in women, in their strength, so rather than just doing yet another bunch of clothes, I wanted to tie the line to something more meaningful,” says Isda Funari, the founder of the company. “I travel a lot, so the idea of helping women around the world appealed to me.”

In March 2007, 52 people held house parties across the US to celebrate International Women’s Day. They raised


for women-led organizations.

Please go to to see our special section about how to make organizing a house party both easy and fun.


Isda Funari Founder of Isda & Co

The fact that the Global Fund was in her city, San Francisco, made the connection that much easier. The tee shirts and dresses — which are named after women —“Jane,” “Hannah,” “Amanda”— have been selling briskly. “It’s made me happy to write some nice checks to the Global Fund,” says Funari. “We’ll continue the line, and continue donating, until no one wants to buy them any more.” Pamela Rosekrans, In Her Shoes In Her Shoes, in Palo Alto, California, is a unique shoe store because 100 percent of proceeds go to the Global Fund for Women. After Pamela Rosekrans’ daughter went off to college, Rosekrans — a longtime Global Fund donor — realized that she’d have an empty nest once her teenage son graduated high school. In need of a new project, she took inspiration from a good friend who started a shoe store. Pam decided to open a shoe store that would benefit the Global Fund. After operating costs and paying her staff — Rosekrans takes no salary herself — every extra dollar goes to the Global Fund. “I could be with my favorite women, stay happy, feel fulfilled, keep myself busy and contribute to a worthy cause,” she says.

Pamela Rosekrans Founder of In Her Shoes

This year, we received 55 corporate gifts totaling almost


The average gift was $17,000.

Her shoe store has created a ripple effect: some of her brands (Frye Boots, Sam Edelman) have offered her a discount to increase the profits to the Global Fund, and some women have walked out the door not only with new shoes, but with a new determination to give to the Global Fund themselves. The Channel Foundation Elaine Nonneman, who started the Channel Foundation in Seattle in 1998, began giving to the Global Fund several years ago to support regional groups that work on economic justice. As with many small private foundations, the Channel Foundation discovered that the Global Fund had a broad reach and deep understanding of grassroots organizations working for social justice around the world. “The Global Fund was a perfect match because it was the only women’s fund I was familiar with that was doing work that reached to the far corners of the globe,” says Nonneman. “We rely on the Global Fund to get our funding into regions we couldn’t otherwise access.” As the Global Fund developed new funding ventures, Nonneman and the Channel Foundation followed. “One of the things I like about the Global Fund is that it is always growing and examining its own values and approach.” When the Global Fund began to do outreach to women of faith, Nonneman joined the donor circle on cultural and religious traditions. “It was chance to participate more than just as a donor or attending events or briefings,” she says. “The donor circle was educational as well as a bonding experience with women who shared a like-minded perspective.” As a member of the donor circle, she had opportunities to meet or participate in phone conferences with women leaders in different regions of the world, attend briefings and to travel to the Middle East and North Africa with the Global Fund board, donors and staff members. 39

The Sister Fund The New York-based Sister Fund builds bridges between progressive women of faith and secular feminists in order to reconcile differences, foster collaboration, create new opportunities and nurture women’s leadership roles in all sectors of society, especially faith-based institutions. The Sister Fund gives to the Global Fund’s Initiative on Women’s Rights Within Religious and Cultural Traditions, which acknowledges the importance that culture and tradition play in women’s lives, celebrates cultural identity and challenges practices that keep women from participating as full members of society. “The Global Fund is a perfect expression internationally of what we’re doing with faith and feminism,” says Lilyane Glamben, deputy director of the Sister Fund. The fund was started in 1983 by Helen LaKelly Hunt, who wanted to reconcile her conservative Baptist

upbringing and enduring faith with her feminist values and knew other women were facing the same challenge. The Sister Fund supports spiritual women and their organizations in creating social change. Women’s organizations funded by the Global Fund and Sister Fund are transforming religious and secular institutions toward equity for women. Around the world, religious women are challenging practices within their faiths: Catholic women are advocating for the inclusion of women in church leadership, Muslim women are lobbying for changes in laws that control divorce and alimony, and Hindu widows in Nepal are seeking the right to be treated with respect and dignity after the death of their spouses.


provides loans for educating women in Afghanistan. This year, foundations gave a total of

$3.7 million.

Over half of these gifts came from family foundations with an average gift or $14,000.


gives women in Egypt better access to ID cards, social security and voting rights.


pays for a woman’s purchase of a plot of land in rural Cameroon. 40

thank you Thank you to each and every supporter for taking a stand on behalf of women around the world. In doing so, you join a global community that is committed to a vision of the future where women can live free of violence, poverty and indignity. You can find your name, along with the names of other supporters who helped us raise $13 million between July 2006 and June 2007, on our web site at 41



44 Board of Directors 46 Board Profile, Olena Suslova 47 Advisor Profile, Katana Gégé Bukuru 48 Advisory Council 50 Staff


BOARD OF DIRECTORS The Global Fund for Women is governed by a diverse board comprised of leaders from all over the world. These extraordinary activists provide oversight and policy that is enriched by their experiences as community organizers, scholars and advocates.



Amina Mama, Chair (Nigeria/South Africa) Amina Mama is chair in Gender Studies at the African Gender Institute, University of Cape Town, South Africa. She is a widely published feminist scholar and currently serves on the board of directors of the UN Institute for Research on Social Development (in Geneva), the African Union Women’s Committee and the Institute of African Studies at University of Ghana.

Charlotte Bunch (US)

Stans Kleijnen, Treasurer (The Netherlands/US) Stans Kleijnen is an executive coach and management consultant at Orange Canopy, Inc. She is a former vice president of market development engineering at Sun Microsystems and received the YWCA Tribute to Women in Industry (TWIN) Award. Diane Jordan Wexler, Secretary (US) Diane Jordan Wexler is a career counselor and executive coach in private practice in Palo Alto, California. She is a member of the regional board of the New Israel Fund and serves on the faculty of the American Leadership Forum, Silicon Valley. Diane also serves on the advisory board of the Global Fund for Healing and the Pacific Vascular Research Institute. (Term ended May 2007.) Dina Dublon, Secretary (US) Dina Dublon serves on the board of directors of Microsoft, Accenture and PepsiCo. She is also on the board of trustees/directors at Carnegie Mellon University and the Women’s Commission for Refugee Women & Children. She is the former executive vice president and CFO of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co and was listed in Fortune as one of America’s most powerful women in business. (Elected May 2007.)


Charlotte Bunch is the founder and executive director of the Center for Women’s Global Leadership at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey and a Board of Governor’s Distinguished Service Professor in the Women’s and Gender Studies Department. She is the author of numerous essays, the editor of 10 books and the recipient of several women’s rights and human rights awards, including induction into the National Women’s Hall of Fame.

Myrna Cunningham (Nicaragua) Myrna Cunningham, a surgeon, is chair of the Center for Indigenous People’s Autonomy and Development and founder of Casa Museo, a museum and multicultural center dedicated to indigenous and Afro-Nicaraguan art and history. She previously served as the minister of health and governor of the North Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua and chancellor of the University of the Autonomous Regions of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua. In 2002, she received the Pan American Health Organization’s Public Health Heroine of the Americas Award. Abigail Disney (US) Abigail Disney is the founder and president of the Daphne Foundation, which provides operating support to grassroots organizations working with low-income communities in New York City. She serves on the board of the White House Project, the Roy Disney Family Foundation and as vice chair of the board of Shamrock Holdings of California.

Lydia Alpízar Durán (Costa Rica/Mexico) Lydia Alpízar Durán is the executive director of the Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID). She is co-founder and advisor of ELIGE — Youth Network for Reproductive and Sexual Rights (Mexico) and co-founder of the Latin American and Caribbean Youth Network for Reproductive and Sexual Rights. She serves on the boards of the International Council of Human Rights Policy and the International Committee for the Peace Council.

Leila Hessini (Morocco) Leila Hessini serves as senior policy advisor at Ipas, a global organization that promotes women’s sexual and reproductive rights. She co-founded Strategic Analysis for Gender Equity, promoting gender and economic justice and global equity. She serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Middle Eastern Women Studies, the Management Committee of the SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Health Collective and the Women’s Leadership Network of the Center for American Progress. Leila has published widely on issues related to Muslim women, reproductive rights and social justice. Gay McDougall (US) Gay McDougall serves as the UN Independent Expert on Minority Issues. She is the former executive director of Global Rights. She has also served on the UN Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights and the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. She was appointed the only American member of the 1994 Electoral Commission of South Africa, which facilitated the election of Nelson Mandela. In 1999, she was awarded the prestigious MacArthur Foundation Fellowship. Laurene Powell Jobs (US) Laurene Powell Jobs is the co-founder and board president of College Track, an after-school program serving as the catalyst for change in the lives of high school students who are motivated to earn a college degree but lack the resources. College Track helps students realize their potential through academic excellence, community service and civic leadership. Currently, Laurene’s board and advisory affiliations include: NewSchools Venture Fund; Stand for Children; Center for Community Partnerships at the University of Pennsylvania and Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Kavita N. Ramdas (India/US) Kavita N. Ramdas, president and CEO of the Global Fund for Women, serves on the board of the Women’s Funding Network, Mt. Holyoke College and the Castilleja School. Recently appointed a member of the Global Development Advisory Panel of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, she also serves on the advisory councils of the Ethical Globalization Initiative, the Women’s Rights Prize of the Gruber Foundation and the African Women Millennium Initiative on Poverty and Human Rights. She is the recipient of several philanthropic and leadership awards. Mu Sochua (Cambodia) Mu Sochua is the secretary general of the Sam Rainsy Party and the former minister of women’s and veterans’ affairs of Cambodia. She is the founder and former director of Khemara, the first local development organization for women in Cambodia. She is the recipient of the 2005 Vital Voices Annual Leadership Award and The Haas International 2006.

Olena Suslova (Ukraine) Olena Suslova, co-founder of the Ukrainian Women’s Fund, is the director and founder of the Women’s Information Consultative Center (WICC) in Kiev, Ukraine. Registered in 1995, WICC is one of the oldest NGOs in Ukraine. (See full profile, page 46.)

Zenebeworke Tadesse (Ethiopia) Zenebeworke Tadesse is the deputy director of Learner Support of the Regional Learning Centre of the University of South Africa in Ethiopia. She was the immediate past president of the Council for the Development of Social Sciences in Africa and serves on the board of the UN Institute for Social Development. She also serves on the board of the African Governance Institute and as a member of the Global Advisory Committee, Research Programme Consortium on Women’s Empowerment.

Mayan Villalba (The Philippines) Mayan Villalba is the founder and executive director of the Unlad-Kabayan Migrant Services Foundation in Quezon City, the Philippines. She is the former director of the Asian Migrant Centre, Kowloon, Hong Kong. She was a founder and is currently a member of the executive council of Migrants Rights International, Geneva. Sakena Yacoobi (Afghanistan) Sakena Yacoobi is the founder and executive director of the Afghan Institute of Learning, one of the largest non-profit organizations in Afghanistan. She is vice president of the board of Creating Hope International. She is the recipient of the 2005 National Endowment for Democracy Award and the 2004 Peter Gruber Foundation’s Women’s Rights Prize. In 2006, she received the Citizen Leader Award from the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California and the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship. In 2007, she received an honorary doctorate from the University of the Pacific for her human rights work.

FINANCE & ADMINISTRATION COMMITTEE Stans Kleijnen, chair Abigail Disney Dina Dublon Laurita Hernandez Kavita N. Ramdas Mayan Villalba

INVESTMENT COMMITTEE Laurita Hernandez, chair Ian Altman Dina Dublon

AUDIT COMMITTEE Adele Simmons, chair Laurene Powell Jobs Molly Singer


BOARD PROFILE Olena Suslova, Ukraine “The Global Fund opened my horizons beyond expectations. Today, participating on the Global Fund’s board is my way of giving back to this organization that has a global understanding of local processes.”

As co-founder of the Ukrainian Women’s Fund and the founding director of the Women’s Information Consultative Center in Kiev, Ukraine, Olena is a feminist trailblazer. The WICC that she helped found in 1995 is among the oldest nonprofit organizations in Ukraine that educates and informs local communities on a range of issues through a critical gender perspective. Today it serves as a vast resource of over 2,000 books on gender and resources for NGOs in Ukraine. “I think that global sisterhood is not just a ‘sexy term’ for huge international events or grant proposals. It really means to practice support,” affirms Olena. Witnessing the impacts of regressive dictatorial regimes on women’s rights in countries like Belarus and Turkmenistan has


increased Olena’s determination to ensure that women in the post-Soviet States have access to vital resources and become agents of change. It was at the 1995 World Women’s Conference in Beijing, where she was training women on fundraising, that Olena met the Global Fund for Women. Since then, she has been a part of the Fund’s work, as grantee, advisor and finally a board member. Those who have benefited from Olena’s mentorship speak of her profound ability to nurture young women’s leadership and ensure that voices previously silenced are heard and prioritized at decision-making levels. To have Olena, an extremely astute and resourceful leader on our board, is an incredible privilege for the Global Fund.

advisor PROFILE Katana Gégé Bukuru, Congo (DR) “As an advisor, I’m concerned with living and witnessing the harmful effects of armed conflicts that continue to burden women, including rape, sexual violence, the persistence of women’s poverty, insecurity in the region and the low levels of representation of women in decision-making.”

Katana Gégé’s tiny frame belies her stellar work as a human rights defender in the face of extreme crises and conflict. In her 25 years of activism, she has been arrested, forbidden to travel and had her life threatened by the Congolese army and other armed groups. But she remains unflinching in her work to end sexual violence in Congo (DR), her country of origin. Katana is the founding president of “Solidarité des Femmmes Activistes pour la Defense des Droits Humains” (Solidarity Movement of Women Human Rights Activists or SOFAD), an organization that works through a grassroots network of over 600 women to end sexual violence and provide counseling to rape survivors. This group is based in Uvira in Eastern Congo, a region that has borne the brunt of military campaigns since 1998. More than four million people have died, and thousands of women have been raped by various armies from Congo and neighboring countries.

As a human rights activist, Katana finds the lack of mechanisms and resources for combating gross violations of human rights unacceptable. The scale and horror of sexual violence against women and girls in Eastern DRC prompted Katana Gégé to form SOFAD, which also educates local communities on women and children’s rights and lobbies the government to deliver justice, reform discriminatory laws and stop the influx of weapons. This year, Katana worked with the Global Fund to organize an unprecedented convening of 55 women’s rights activists in the Eastern Congo. “My vision is to organize Global Fund grantees in Central Africa to maximize their work and strengthen impact,” said Katana, a goal that we are deeply honored to join her in fulfilling. Katana recently received the prestigious 2007 Front Line Defender Award from the Irelandbased human rights group.


ADVISORY COUNCIL The Global Fund for Women is deeply grateful to our broad and diverse Advisory Council. This extensive network of regional and global advisors, and former board members, provide staff with comprehensive feedback, contextual perspective and strategic guidance on the issues and groups we support.




Bisi Adeleye-Fayemi, Ghana/Regional Theresa Akumadu, Nigeria Dina Badri, Sudan Zainab Bangura, Sierra Leone/Liberia Immacule Birhaheka, Congo (DR) Katana Gégé Bukuru, Congo (DR)/Burundi Dorcas Coker-Appiah, Ghana Joana Foster, Liberia Euphrasie Havyarimana, Burundi Honorine Honkou, Togo Aimée Kady, Congo (DR) Peace Kyamureku, Uganda Dr. Nkandu Luo, Zambia Evelyn A. Mafeni, Cameroon Rose Mensah-Kutin, Ghana Titus Moetsabi, Namibia/Zimbabwe Setcheme Mongbo, Benin Oby Nwankwo, Nigeria Deborah Kaddu-Serwadda, Uganda Dzodzi Tsikata, Ghana L. Muthoni Wanyeki, Kenya Shamillah Wilson, South Africa

Anne Firth Murray, founding president Frances Kissling, co-founder Laura Lederer, co-founder Dame Nita Barrow (deceased) Lin Chew Hope Chigudu Johnnetta Cole Connie Evans Sumaya Farhat-Naser Kaval Gulhati Esther Hewlett Stina Katchadourian June Hope Kingsley (deceased) Idelisse Malavé Marysa Navarro-Aranguren Jacqueline Pitanguy Marjan Sax Margaret (Mudge) K. Schink Adele Simmons Mary Ann Stein Rita Thapa luchie pavia ticzon Walteen Grady Truly Wu Qing


AMERICAS Celia Aguilar Setién, Mexico Marta Alanis, Argentina Monica Alemán, US/Nicaragua Alejandra Alvarez, Mexico/Guatemala

Jeanette Bell, Barbados Emilienne de Léon, Mexico Sergia Galván, Dominican Republic Patricia Guerrero, Colombia Marie Agathe Jean Baptiste, Haiti Marie Nickette Lorméus, Haiti Luz Méndez, Guatemala Yamilet Mejía, Nicaragua Rhoda Reddock, Trinidad and Tobago Tarcila Rivera, Peru Deysi Roque, El Salvador Alejandra Sardá, Argentina/Mexico Maria Suárez, Costa Rica Lúcia Xavier de Castro, Brazil Sally Yudelman, US

ASIA & OCEANIA Michele Andina, US Zainah Anwar, Malaysia Marian Caampued, the Philippines Lin Chew, China Deepak Dewan, Nepal Minari Fernando, Sri Lanka Rosanna Flamer-Caldera, Sri Lanka Carolyn Frohmader, Australia Palwasha Hassan, Afghanistan Katherine S. Hunter, East Timor Indira Jena, India Maria Kagl, Papua New Guinea Preeti Kirbat, India

Daniel Lee, Singapore Keum Yeon Lee, Republic of Korea Medha Kotwal Lele, India Meloney Lindberg, Afghanistan Pramada Menon, India Lalita Missal, India Amin Muftiyanah, Indonesia Chinchuluun Naidandorj, Mongolia Baasanyav Oyunbileg, Mongolia Bandana Pattanaik, Thailand Tive Sarayeth, Cambodia Annie Serrano, the Philippines Dur-e-Shahwar, Pakistan Mashuda Khatun Shefali, Bangladesh Claire Slatter, New Zealand Marjie Suanda, Indonesia Jon Summers, Afghanistan Angela M. Kuga Thas, Malaysia Selvy Thiruchandran, Sri Lanka Shashi Tyagi, India Maria Mitos Urgel, Thailand Sima Wali, US Nang Lao Liang Won, Thailand Wu Qing, Beijing, China Li Xia, Chengdu, China Sakena Yacoobi, Afghanistan Danish Zuberi, Pakistan

EUROPE & FORMER SOVIET STATES Gabrielle Akimova, Russia Oral A. Ataniyazova, Uzbekistan Nurgul Djanaeva, Kyrgyzstan Marta Drury, US Cindy Ewing, US Delina Fico, Albania Jane Grant, UK Stanimira Hadjimitova, Bulgaria Zuhra S. Halimova, Tajikistan Annie Hillar, Hungary

Taida Horozovic, Bosnia and Herzegovina Shahla Ismailova, Azerbaijan Boriana Jonsson, Croatia Natalia Karbowska, Ukraine Biljana Kasic, Croatia Yevgenia Kozyreva, Kazakhstan Barbara Limanowska, Bosnia and Herzegovina Elvira Nikitina, Russia Wanda Nowicka, Poland Nana Pantsulaia, Georgia Anastasia Posadskaya-Vanderbeck, US Igballe Rogova, Kosova Marina Safarova, Tajikistan Lael Stegall, US Slavica Stojanovic, Serbia and Montenegro Nina Tsihistavi, Georgia Susanna Vardanyan, Armenia Aleksandra Vesic, Serbia and Montenegro

MEDIA, FUNDRAISING & ORGANIZATIONAL ADVISORS Kathy Barry Stephen Bell Nancy Deyo Tracy Gary Patsy Preston Patricia Wilson

NORTH AFRICA & the MIDDLE EAST Lina Abou Habib, Lebanon Nehad Abul Komsan, Egypt Mahnaz Afkhami, Iran/US Louisa Ait Hamou, Algeria Wajeeha Al-Baharna, Bahrain Suad al Gedsi, Yemen Amneh Badran, Palestine Nurcan Baysal, Turkey Iman Bibars, Egypt Afifa Dirani-Arsanios, Lebanon Hoda Elsadda, Egypt/UK Majeda El Saqqa, Palestine Terry Greenblatt, US/Israel Areen Hawari, Palestinian citizen of Israel Pinar Ilkkaracan, Turkey Eileen Kuttab, Palestine Khadouja Mellouli, Tunisia Aminetou Mint El Moctar, Mauritania Yanar Mohammed, Iraq Halima Oulami, Morocco Trees Zbidat-Kosterman, Israel Naima Zitan, Morocco 49


Sarah Costa Director of Special Projects, New York City office, Global Fund for Women

BACK ROW (L to R): Muadi Mukenge, Melissa Nunan-Lew, Erika Guevara Rosas, Zeina Zaatari, Preeti Shekar, Lanell Dike, Leanne Grossman, Randy Trigg SECOND ROW FROM BACK (L to R): Caitlin Stanton, Kelly McVicker, Sarah Chester, Loveline Tangwan, Mykkah Herner, Diane Di Battista, Dale Needles, Fennis Ho, Susanna Handow, Shalini Nataraj, Angelika Arutyunova-Needham SECOND ROW FROM FRONT (L to R): Frances Prochilo, Susana Caceres, Kellea Miller, Lillian Cincone, Arnetra Burnett, Scholastica Kinuthia FRONT ROW (L to R): Dechen Tsering, Alice Yelbert-Obeng, Rachel Humphrey, Kavita N. Ramdas, Jenifer Wanous, Bessma Mourad, Jess Celentano, Ashley Allen MISSING: Dalia Alcazar, Sheila Corwin, Naishin Fu, Karen Ishimaru, Katka Kastnerova, Liv Leader, Nicky McIntyre, Erin Oglesby, Sande Smith, Annie Wilkinson.

Kavita Ramdas, India/US President & CEO

Naishin Fu, US Program Associate, Asia & Oceania

Loveline Tangwan, Cameroon Program Associate, Africa

Melissa Nunan-Lew, US Executive Assistant

Erika Guevara Rosas, Mexico Program Officer, Americas

Dechen Tsering, Nepal Program Officer, Asia & Oceania


Katka Kastnerova, Czech Republic Program Associate, Europe and the Former Soviet Union

Annie Wilkinson, US Program Assistant

Shalini Nataraj, India/US Vice President, Programs


Ashley Allen, US Program Associate, Americas

Bessma Mourad, Lebanon/US Program Associate, Middle East & North Africa

Angelika Arutyunova-Needham, Uzbekistan Program Officer, Europe and the Former Soviet States

Muadi Mukenge, Congo (DR)/US Senior Program Officer, Africa

Alice Yelbert-Obeng, US Program Associate/Fellow, Africa Zeina Zaatari, Lebanon Senior Program Officer, Middle East & North Africa

DEVELOPMENT TEAM Susana Caceres, US Development Associate Sarah Costa, US Director of Special Projects and New York Representative Lanell Dike, US Director of Individual Giving Susanna Handow, US Development Associate/Fellow Rachel Humphrey, US Director of Philanthropic Partnerships Kellea Miller, US Development Officer Nicola McIntyre, Scotland/US Vice President, Development & Communications (Left staff May 2007.) Kelly McVicker, US Development Officer Michelle Morales, US Special Project Coordinator Erin Oglesby, US Development Assistant Caitlin Stanton, US Development Officer Jenifer Wanous, US Events Coordinator

COMMUNICATIONS TEAM Leanne Grossman, US Director of Communications (Left staff October 2007.)

Liv Leader, US Communications Associate (Left staff August 2007.) Sande Smith, US Senior Communications Officer

FINANCE & ADMINISTRATION TEAM Dale Needles, US Chief Operations Officer Dalia Alcazar, US Human Resources Associate (Left staff September 2007.) Arnetra Burnett, US Administrative Assistant Jessica Celentano, US Administrative Assistant Sarah Chester, US Grants Administrator Sheila Corwin, US Office Manager Diana Di Battista, US Grants Administration Associate Mykkah Herner, US Human Resources Associate Fennis Ho, Taiwan/US Director of Finance and Human Resources Scholastica Kinuthia, US Staff Accountant (Left staff October 2007.) Frances Prochilo, US Administrative Assistant Randy Trigg, US Senior Research Analyst

Lillian Cincone, US Special Projects Coordinator

Work Study & Interim Staff

Karen Ishimaru, US Communications and Information Associate

Genevieve Elliott Mónica Enríquez Angela Gleason

Preeti Shekar, India Communications Associate

Byron Gordon Tanya Harvey Robin Horner Misrak Kassa Rachell Pearson

Interns Alison Altman Wafa Amayreh Simukai Chigudu Vanya Danilovic Katrina Emery Leo Gertner Elizabeth (Betsy) Hoody Kira Kmetz Michelle Morales Yeljye Mounkala Rachel Niederman Lilit Simonyan Claire Slattery Paloma Villegas Sarah Wiens Christine Yieleh–Chireh

Volunteers Jehan Ahmed Dr. Karen Bouwer Hallie Easley Chandra Easton Kirsten Harmon Zhang Jun Wanjiru Kamau-Rutenberg Dr. Reine Djuidje Kouam Zana Kulunk Qian Li Heidi Moseson Antoinette Pierson Pam Rosen Iris Smalbrugge Vega Vashtiary Prachi Vaish




54 Africa 58 Americas 62 Asia & Oceania 64 Europe & the Former Soviet States 67 North Africa & the Middle East 69 Map of the Grantees 70 How to Apply for a Grant


FY 2006-2007

Global Fund for Women Grantees AFRICA Benin Association Femmes Solidaires du Bénin (Women’s Solidarity Association of Benin), Cotonou, $4,000 Réseau Femmes pour Femmes (Network of Women for Women), Cotonou, $10,000 Victory Way, Parakou, $6,000 West and Central Africa Women Rice Farmer Groups Association, Cotonou, $7,000 Burkina Faso Association pour la Promotion des Droits de la Femme et de l’Enfant / Sahel Burkinabé (Association for the Promotion of the Rights of Women and Children), Dori, $5,000 Association pour la Promotion Féminine de Gaoua (The Association for the Promotion of Women in Gaoua), Gaoua, $9,000 Association R-Hoffmann/CRFAD (Cellule de Recherches, de Formation et d’Appui pour le Développement) (Center for Research, Training and Support for Development), Ouahigouya, $5,500 Rélwindé de Rambo, Tikaré, $2,000 Burundi Association pour la Promotion du Leadership Féminin (Association for the Advancement of Women in Leadership), Bujumbura, $8,000 Association Solidarité des Femmes Parlementaires Burundaises (Association of Parliamentary Women of Burundi), Bujumbura, $9,000



Congo (DR)

Aid International - Christian Women of Vision, Bamenda, North-West Province, $11,000

Action d’Entraide pour le Développement (Support Action for Development), Tshela, $2,000

Association of Ejagham Women of Vision, Buea, $2,500 Comité d’Assistance á la Femme Nécessiteuse du Cameroun (Committee Assisting Needy Cameroonian Women), Yaounde, $8,000 Cornerstone Vision Center, Mankon, Mezam Division, $8,500 International Federation of Women Lawyers - Cameroon, Limbe, $15,000 Women in Action Against Gender Based Violence, Bamenda, $6,000 Women’s Promotion and Assistance Association, Limbe, $5,000 Central African Republic Réseau Centrafricain au Leadership des Jeunes Femmes en Afrique Francophone (Central African Network for Young Women’s Leadership), Bangui, $1,800 Chad Association Tchadienne pour la Formation et l’Intégration des Femmes Handicapées (Chadian Association for the Training and Integration of Disabled Women), N’djamena, $7,000 Djoshi-Kilnan, N’djamena, $6,000 Groupement Arc en Ciel (Rainbow Group), N’Djaména, $9,000

Action pour le Développement et la Solidarité Paysanne (Action for Development and Rural Solidarity), Uvira, $5,000 Association pour la Promotion et la Défense des Droits des Enfants et des Femmes (Action to Promote and Defend Children’s and Women’s Rights), Kindu, $8,500 Centre d’Appui à la Promotion de la Femme Rurale (Support Center for the Promotion of Rural Women), Tshela, $4,000 Centre pour la Promotion des Actions Locales de Développement (Center for the Promotion of Local Development Strategies), Matadi, $4,500 Comité Féminin de Défense des Droits des Femmes (Women’s Committee for the Defense of Women’s Rights), Sud-Kivu, $6,500 Fédération de Femmes pour la Paix et le Développement (Women’s Federation for Peace and Development), Bujumbura II, $7,000 Institut de l’Offrande Africaine (African Charity Institute), Kinshasa, $10,000 Programme d’Accompagnement pour le Développement Intègrè et Durable (Support Program for Integrated and Sustainable Development), Mbuji-Mayi, $4,000 Programme d’Appui aux Actions Féminines (Support Program for Women’s Actions), Kinshasa, $7,500

Promotion des Droits de l’Enfant et de la Femme (Promotion of Women and Children’s Rights), Uvira, $4,500 »» Society of Women Against AIDS in Africa, Kinshasa, $30,000 Solidarité des Femmes Activistes pour la Défense des Droits Humaines (Women Activists in Solidarity for the Defense of Human Rights), Uvira, $4,000 »» Solidarité des Femmes de Fizi pour le Bien-Etre Familial (Women of Fizi United for Family Well-Being), Fizi, $36,000 over two years Umoja Wa Akina Mama Fizi (United Women of Fizi), Misufi, $10,000 Une Femme qui Soulève une Autre (Women Supporting One Another), Fizi, $8,000 Union des Femmes pour la Promotion et l’Education et Droit de l’Homme (Women’s Union for Promotion and Education and Human Rights), Lumbwe, $4,000 Villages Cobaye, Walungu, $4,000 Voix de Sans Voix ni Liberté (Voices Without a Voice Nor Liberty), Bukavu, $9,000 Ethiopia Developing the Family Together, Addis Ababa, $6,500 Gambia African Centre for Democracy and Human Rights Studies, Serre Kunda, $7,000 Ghana African Women Lawyers Association, Accra, $11,000 African Women’s Development Fund, Accra, $33,000

Liberian Refugee Women Organization, Accra, $6,000 »» National Coalition on Domestic Violence Legislation in Ghana, Accra, $20,000 New Liberian Women Organization, Accra, $6,500 Women in Law and Development in Africa, Accra, $14,000 Women’s Initiative for Self Empowerment, Accra, $15,000 Guinea Association des Femmes Volontaires pour l’Agriculture et le Développement (Voluntary Women Agriculture And Development Association), Conakry, $5,000 Kenya Access Education for Teenage Mothers, Nairobi, $8,000 »» Africa Initiative Programme, Nairobi, $15,000 African Women’s Development and Communication Network, Nairobi, $20,000 BodaBoda Initiatives Kenya, Nairobi, $4,500 Coalition on Violence Against Women, Nairobi, $15,000 Grassroots Organizations Operating Together in Sisterhood, Nairobi, $6,000

Sisters Beyond Boundaries, Nairobi, $8,000 Society For Women And AIDS In Kenya Nyanza Province, Nyanza, $1,000 Solidarity for African Women’s Rights Coalition, Nairobi, $10,000 Tumndo Ne Leel Support Group, Eldoret, $7,000 Turkana Women Advocacy and Development Organization, Lodwar, $6,000 »» Urgent Action Fund - Africa, Nairobi, $20,000 Vumilia Community Based Organisation, Kabras, $8,000 Young Widows Advancement Programme, Nairobi, $7,000 Young Women’s Leadership Institute, Nairobi, $1,300 Liberia Association of Disabled Female International, Monrovia, $8,500 Forum for the Rights Women, Monrovia, $5,500 Today’s Women International Network, Monrovia, $6,000 Madagascar Centre Sembana Mijoro (Sembana Mijoro Center), Tananarive, $9,000

Horn Relief, Sanaag, $15,000


Kenya Women’s Political Caucus, Nairobi, $16,000

Malawi Girl Guides Association, Lilongwe, $6,000

Magharib Muslim Women Group, Kakamega, $9,000


Mwamokobosi Self Help Group, Kisii, $4,000 Programme for Rehabilitation of Women and Children in Socio Economic Difficulty, Nairobi, $6,500 »» Save Somali Women and Children, Nairobi, $20,000 over two years

Appui pour la Valorisation et la Promotion des Initiatives Privées (Support for the Promotion of Private Initiatives), Bamako, $6,000 Association Konhihire, Bamako, $5,000 Groupe de Recherche Action Formation pour la Promotion de la Famille (Network on Action Research and Training for Family Well-Being), Dinaudugu, $6,000

* Executive Grants »» Now or Never Grant 55

Groupement d’Appui aux Initiatives Economiques des Femmes (Association for the Support of Women’s Economic Initiatives), Bamako, $7,000 Réseau de Développement et de Communication des Femmes Africaines (The African Women’s Development and Communication Network), Bamako, $4,000 »» Réseau des Femmes Africaines Economistes Mali (Network of African Women Economists - Mali), Bamako, $30,000 over two years Mauritius Media Watch Organization - Gender and Media Southern Africa, Rose Hill, $9,000

Bloom and Glow, Calabar, $24,000 over two years Center for the Right to Health, Lagos, $9,000 »» Centre for Training and Development Activities, Calabar, $10,000 Centre for Women’s Health and Information, Lagos, $6,200 Civil Resource Development and Documentation Center, Enugu, $11,000 Connecting Gender for Development - Kaduna, Kaduna, $7,500 Daughters of Virtue and Empowerment Network, Abakaliki, $7,000


Dreamboat Development Theatre Foundation, Calabar, $20,000

Women’s Leadership Centre, Windhoek, $9,000

Gender Action Team, Kaduna, $9,000


International Women Communication Center, Ilorin, $20,000

Association Jeunesse Solidarité (Youth Solidarity Association), Niamey, $4,500 Association Nigérienne des Educatrices pour le Développement (Association of Nigerien Educators for Development), Niamey, $6,000 Le Réseau International des Femmes de l’Association Mondiale des Radiodiffuseurs Communautaires (The International Network of Women of the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters), Niamey, $7,000 Rayouwan Mata - Organisation pour la Promotion et l’Epanouissement de la Femme Nigérienne (Association for the Promotion and Development of Nigerien Women), Tchirozerine, $10,000 Nigeria Adolescent and Youth Awareness Team, Kaduna, $6,000 Association of Women in Forestry and Environment, Ibadan, $3,000


Kebetkache Women Development and Resource Centre, Port Harcourt, $8,500

Women United For Economic Empowerment, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, $7,000 »» Women’s Centre for Peace and Development, Owerri, $50,000 over two years »» Women’s Rights Watch - Nigeria, Benin City, $20,000 over two years Rwanda Association Zamuka CJC, Kigali, $4,000 Rwanda Women’s Network, Kigali, $16,000 Senegal »» African Women Millennium Initiative on Poverty and Human Rights, Dakar, $15,000 Association pour les Femmes et la Communication Alternative (Women’s Association for Alternative Communication), Dakar, $8,000 Comité de Lutte Contre les Violences Faites aux Femmes (Committee for the Prevention of Violence Against Women), Dakar, $10,000

Kirsti Women’s Movement, Calabar, $8,000

Sierra Leone

Model Mission of Assistance in Africa, Owerri, $15,000

Grassroots Empowerment for Self-Reliance, Freetown, $12,000

Quality Development and Management Resource Centre, Makurdi, $9,000

Muloma Women’s Development Association, Kenema, $9,000

South Saharan Social Development Organization, Enugu, $12,000

Women’s Center for Good Governance and Human Rights, Makeni, $7,000

Stay Alive Organization, Lagos, $10,000


Wanel Aedon, Calabar, $8,000

Social Relief and Development Agency, Hargeisa, $7,000

Women Advocates Research and Documentation Center, Lagos, $9,000

South Africa

Women Cancer Care, Enugu, $7,500

Advice Desk for the Abused, Westville, $5,500

Women Entrepreneurs Association of Nigeria, Lagos, $8,500

Alertos Da Vida (Be Alert), Johannesburg, $5,500

Women Socio-Economic Rights Agenda, Lagos, $8,000

Empilweni, Cape Town, $9,000

Ekasi Women Arts Ensemble, Soweto, $9,000 Sex Worker Education and Advocacy Taskforce, Cape Town, $15,000



African Women’s Economic Policy Network, Kampala, $15,000

Federation of African Media Women Zimbabwe, Harare, $10,000


Butembe Women with Disabilities Development Association, Jinja, $7,000

Southern Africa Federation of the Disabled, Bulawayo, $12,000

Arusha Women Legal Aid and Human Rights Centre, Arusha, $9,000

Community Empowerment for Sustainable Rural Development, Apac District, $6,000

Women Filmmakers of Zimbabwe, Harare, $14,000

Girls on the Go, Dar Es Salaam, $7,000

Disabled Women’s Network & Resource Organisation in Uganda, Kampala, $8,000

Skills Development Co-operatives, Kliptown, $8,000 South African Girl Child Alliance, Rivonia, $7,500

Maasai Women Development Organization, Arusha, $9,000

Foundation for Women’s Dignity, Kasese, $6,000

National Network of Tanzanian Women with HIV/AIDS, Dar Es Salaam, $7,000

Kasese Town Women Teachers’ Association, Kasese, $7,500

Partnership of Women Against AIDS in Tanzania, Dar es Salaam, $3,000

Katakwi Grassroots Women Development Initiative, Soroti, $7,000

Sahiba Sisters Foundation, Dar es Salaam, $10,000

Lady Mermaid’s Bureau, Kampala, $8,000

Tabata Women Group, Dar Es Salaam, $9,000

Mbiko Women’s Welfare and Development Association, Kampala, $6,000

Tanzania Women Living with HIV/AIDS, Mwanza Branch, Mwanza, $4,000

Northern Uganda Women Communicators Organisation, Gulu, $6,500

Tanzania Women of Impact Foundation, Dar Es Salaam, $4,500

Ntulume Village Women’s Development Association, Kampala, $20,000

Upendo Women Advancement Group, Ngudu/Kwimba, $5,000

Positive Action Initiative Ntenjeru, Mukono, $6,000

Widows Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Tanzania Trust Fund, Dar Es Salaam, $4,000

Eastern African Sub-Regional Support Initiative for the Advancement of Women, Kampala, $7,500

Women Emancipation and Development Agency, Kayanga, $7,000 Women Fighting AIDS in Tanzania, Dar Es Salaam, $8,000

Women’s Center for Job Creation, Jinja, $9,000 Zambia


Tasintha Programme, Lusaka, $8,000

Association des Femmes pour la Santé (The Women’s Association for Health), Lome, $9,000

Women in Law and Development-Zambia, Lusaka, $9,000

Femme de Demain (Woman of Tomorrow), Lomé, $12,000

Zambia Alliance of Women, Lusaka, $10,000

* Executive Grants »» Now or Never Grant


Uganda Gender Rights Foundation, Mbale, $5,000

Youth Organization for Development Education, Kigoma, $6,000

Obounabe, Aneho, $4,000


Omega Television, Lusaka, $8,000

Zambia National Association for the Physically Handicapped, Ndola, $4,500 ** For security reasons, some grantees have asked not to be listed. 57

AMERICAS Argentina AcaSí - Llegar a Tiempo (AcaSí-Arrive on Time), Buenos Aires, $3,000 Articulación de Mujeres Jóvenes, Trabajando en América Latina y el Caribe por los Derechos Humanos y Ciudadanía (Articulation of Young Women, Working in Latin America and the Caribbean for Human Rights and Citizenship), Buenos Aires, $5,000 Asociación Civil La Casa del Encuentro, espacio feminista social y cultural-DESDENOSOTRAS (The Meeting House, feminist social and cultural space), Buenos Aires, $18,000

Comisión por “Nunca más la tragedia de Romina” (Commission for “Never Again the Tragedy of Romina”), San Salvador de Jujuy, $8,000 Dale en el Arco Juana, Buenos Aires, $2,100 »» El Programa para Latinoamérica y el Caribe de la IGLHRC (The Latin America and Caribbean Program of the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission), Buenos Aires, $10,000

Estrela Guia - Associação de Mulheres Trabalhadoras Sexuais (Star Guide – Sex Workers’ Association), Florianópolis, $10,000

Fundación Entre Mujeres (Between Women Foundation), Ciudad de Salta, $10,000

»» Comisión de Articulación Campaña Nacional por el Derecho al Aborto (Coordinating Commission of the National Campaign for the Right to Abortion), Córdoba, $60,000 over three years »» Comisión de Finanzas del XXII Encuentro Nacional de Mujeres (Finance Committee of the XXII National Women’s Encounter), Córdoba, $20,000 Comisión Organizadora del XXI Encuentro Nacional de Mujeres (Organizing Commission of the XXI National Women’s Encuentro of Argentina), Buenos Aires, $17,000


Católicas Pelo Direito de Decidir (Catholics for Free Choice - Brazil), São Paulo, $20,000

Espacio de Articulación Lésbica (Space of Lesbian Articulation), Buenos Aires, $9,000

Asociación Civil PALABRAS (WORDS Civil Association), Santa Fe, $6,000

Colectiva Feminista La Revuelta (The Revolt Feminist Collective), Neuquén, $10,000

Casa da Mulher Trabalhadora (House of the Working Woman), Rio de Janeiro, $9,000

Centro de Informação e Documentação Coisa de Mulher (Center for Documentation on Women’s Issues), Rio de Janeiro, $20,000

Fondo de Mujeres del Sur (Southern Women’s Fund), Córdoba, $23,250

Centro de Encuentros Cultura y Mujer (The Culture and Woman Meeting Center), Buenos Aires, $20,000

BAMIDELÊ - Organizaçao de Mulheres Negras na Paraíba (Bamidelê--Black Women’s Organization of Paraíba), João Pessoa, $10,000

Equipo Latinoamericano de Justicia y Género– Asociación Civil (The Latin American Network for Gender and Justice), Buenos Aires, $10,000

Asociación Civil Lola Mora (Lola Mora Civil Association), Buenos Aires, $17,200

»» Católicas por el Derecho a Decidir - Córdoba (Catholics for Free Choice -Córdoba), Cordoba, $50,000 over three years

Associação das Mulheres de Nazaré da Mata (Association of Women of Nazaré da Mata), Nazaré de Mata, $13,200

Fundación Quillahue (Quillahue Foundation), Patagonia, $7,000 Grupo de Mujeres de la Argentina (Argentine Women’s Group), San Telmo, $15,400 ICW LATINA Comunidad Internacional de Mujeres Viviendo con VIH-SIDA (International Community of Women Living with HIV-AIDS, Latin America), Buenos Aires, $15,000 Movimiento de Mujeres Córdoba (The Córdoba Women’s Movement), Pueyrredón $2,000 Bolivia Asociación para el Desarrollo Integral de la Mujer Lesbiana, Bisexual, Heterosexual y Genérica SIMBIOSIS (Association for the Holistic Development of Lesbian, Bisexual, and Heterosexual Women), La Paz, $35,000 over two years Brazil Angela Borba - Fundo de Recursos para Mulheres (Angela Borba Women’s Resource Fund), Rio de Janeiro, $50,000 over two years

Grupo Curumim - Gestaçao e Parto (Curumim), Recife, $20,000 »» Marcha Mundial das Mulheres (World March of Women - International Secretariat (Brazil)), Sao Paulo, $20,000 Maria Mulher - Organização de Mulheres Negras (Maria Mulher-Black Women’s Group), Porto Alegre, $18,000 Organização de Mulheres Indígenas do Acre, Sul do Amazonas e Noroeste de Rondônia (Indigenous Women’s Organization of Acre, South of Amazons and Northwest of Rondonia), Rio Branco, $10,000 Rede de Desenvolvimento Humano (Network on Human Development), Rio de Janeiro, $12,400 »» Rede de Mulheres Rurais da América Latina e Caribe (The Latin American and Caribbean Rural Women’s Network), Recife, $20,000 SOS Corpo Instituto Feminista para a Democracia (SOS Corpo Feminist Institute for Democracy), Recife, $20,000

Canada Association for Women’s Rights in Development, Toronto, $35,000 Center for Women’s Studies in Education/ Fundación Justicia y Género (Justice and Gender Foundation), Toronto, ON, $15,000 International Indigenous Women’s ForumNorth America, North Vancouver, $9,000 »» Nobel Women’s Initiative: United for Peace with Justice and Equality, Ottawa, $30,000 Chile Casa de Encuentro de la Mujer “CEDEMU” (Women’s Meeting House), Arica, $14,500 Centro de Capacitación, Estudios y Asesoria para la Mujer Trabajadora (Center for Working Women’s Training, Research and Counseling), Santiago, $18,000 Centro Integral del Desarrollo de la Mujer y Familia (Center for the Integral Development of Women and Family), Osorno, $7,500 Colectiva Feminista Las Sueltas (Loose Women Feminist Collective), Valparaíso, $5,000 Corporación ARTENACCION (ARTINACTION Corporation), Coyhaique, $7,500 Ekipa, Comisión Organizadora del 7mo. Encuentro Lésbico Feminista de Latinoamérica y el Caribe (Ekipa, Organizing Committee of the 7th Latin America and Caribbean Feminist Lesbian Encuentro), Recoleta, $16,000 Foro Red de Salud y Derechos Reproductivos Chile (Network for Health and Reproductive Rights), Santiago, $10,000 Fundación Colectivo Alquimia Fondo para Mujeres (Alchemy Collective for Women), Santiago, $2,100 Fundación EPES (Popular Education for Health), Santiago, $15,000

Las Otras Familias (The Other Families), Santiago, $7,000 Movimiento Pro-Emancipation de la Mujer Chilena (Pro-Emancipation Movement of Chilean Women), Santiago, $40,000 over two years

Red de Mujeres para el Empoderamiento Político y Económico de la Provincia de Velez (Network of Women of Velez Province for Political and Economic Empowerment), Bogotá, $8,000 Costa Rica

Red de Información y Consejerias en Prevención (Network for Information and Consulting on Prevention), Puerto Varas, $10,000

Asociación Colectiva por el Derecho a Decidir (Collective for the Right to Choose Association), San José, $5,000

Solidaridad y Organización Local, (Local Solidarity and Organization), Santiago, $18,000

Asociación Mamasol (Mamasol Association), Miami, $7,500


Feminist International Radio Endeavor (Feminist International Radio Endeavor), Ciudad Colon, $10,750

Asociación de Parteras Unidas del Pacifico (The Association of United Midwives of the Pacific), Buenaventura, $10,000 Asociación Municipal de Mujeres (Women’s Municipal Association), Santander de Quilichao, $7,500 Asociación Red de Comunicación Mujeres Populares Hacia el Futuro (Working-Class Women Towards the Future Communication Network Association), Medellín, $6,000 Cabildo Wayúu Nóüna de Campamento, La Guajira, $7,500 Colectivo Mujeres al Derecho (Women to the Right Collective), Barranquilla, $10,000 Comité Local de Quibdó de la Red Nacional de Mujeres Afrocolombianas (Quibdó Local Committee of the National Afro-Colombian Women’s Network), Quibdó, $11,000 Corporación Triangulo Negro (Black Triangle Corporation), Bogotá, $12,000 Fundación Amor y Vida (Love and Life Foundation), San Jose del Guaviare, $7,500 Mesa de Trabajo “Mujer y Conflicto Armado” (Working Group: Women and Armed Conflict), Bogotá, $5,000

Fundación Voz Propia (Own Voice Foundation – Wings of the Butterfly), Cuidad Colón, $15,000 »» Instancia de Coordinación de la Jornada Político-Cultural Mujeres Frente al TLC (Women Against CAFTA - organizing Committee for Political and Cultural Mobilization), San José, $25,000 Dominican Republic Asociación de Comités de Amas de Casa Consumidores y Usuarios Inc. (Association of Homemakers’ Committees and Consumers Inc.), Villa Consuelo, $8,000 Círculo de Mujeres con Discapacidad (Circle of Women with Disabilities), Santo Domingo, $10,000 Colectiva Mujer y Salud (Women and Health Collective), Santo Domingo, $2,100 Proyecto Feminista Autónomo “Las Chinchetas” (“Las Chinchetas”Autonomous Feminist Project), Santo Domingo, $1,500 Ecuador Fundación Desafio (Challenge Foundation), Quito, $40,000 over two years

* Executive Grants »» Now or Never Grant 59

Organización Ecuatoriana de Mujeres Lesbianas (Ecuatorian Lesbian Women’s Organization), Quito, $15,000

Mouvman Peyizan Papay/Fanm MPP (Women of the Papay Peasant Movement), Pètion Ville, $3,140

El Salvador


Asociación de Mujeres del Municipio de Santo Tomás (Association of Women of the Santo Tomas Municipality), El Salvador, $10,000

Asociación Casa Luna (Moon House Association), Tocoa, $18,000

Guatemala Asociación de Desarrollo de la Mujer K’ak a Na’oj (The Association for the Development of K’ak a Na’oj Women), Sololá, $15,000 Asociación de Mujeres de Petén IXQIK (IXQIK Women’s Association of Petén), Petén, $8,000 Asociación de Mujeres Garifunas Guatemaltecas (Guatemalan Garifuna Women’s Association), Izabal, $6,500 Asociación de Mujeres Nuestra Voz (Our Voice Women’s Association), Guatemala, $11,000 Asociación de Mujeres Rio Isquizal (Rio Isquizal Women’s Association), San Sebastián Huehuetenango, $10,000 Asociación Guatemalteca de Educación Sexual y Desarrollo Humano (The Guatemalan Association for Sex Education and Human Development), Guatemala, $20,000 Asociación Huehueteca Ixmucané (Ixmucané Huehuetecan Association), Huehuetenango, $18,000 Cooperativa Integral de Producción “Casa Barillense de las Mujeres” (“Barrillan Women’s House” Holistic Production Cooperative), Huehuetenango, $10,000

Semillas - Sociedad Mexicana Pro Derechos de la Mujer (Seeds - Mexican Society for Women’s Rights), Mexico City, $20,000



»» AFLUENTES (Effluents), Mexico City, $20,000 Casa Amiga - Centro de Crisis (Friend House Crisis Center), Ciudad Juarez, $20,000 »» Catolicas por el Derecho a Decidir - México (Catholics for Free Choice - Mexico), Mexico City, $30,000 over two years Centro de Estudios, Difusión e Investigación Sobre Sexualidad Humana (Center for Study, Dissemination, and Research on Human Sexuality), Cuernavaca, $14,000 »» Consorcio para el Dialogo Parlamentario y la Equidad, (Consortium for Parliamentary Dialogue and Equality), Mexico City, $40,000 over two years Elige, Red de Jóvenes por los Derechos Sexuales y Reproductivos (Choose, Youth Network for Reproductive and Sexual Rights), Mexico City, $15,000 »» Enlace Continental de Mujeres Indígenas México (Continental Link of Indigenous Women - Mexico), Mexico City, $20,000

Haiti Association Femmes Soleil D’Haiti (Haitian Association of Women of the Sun), Cap-Haitien, $15,000

»» Grupo de Información en Reproducción Elegida (Information Group on Reproductive Choice), Mexico City, $30,000 over two years


Salud Integral para la Mujer, (Holistic Health for Women), Mexico City, $2,000

Mujer Sin Límite (Woman Without Limits), San Pedro Sula, $30,000 over two years

»» Equidad de Género: Ciudadanía, Trabajo y Familia (Gender Equity: Citizenship, Work and Family), Mexico City, $30,000 over two years

Fondation Eben-Ezer (Eben-Ezer Foundation), Jérémie, $8,000

Red de Mujeres de la Asociación Mundial de Radios Comunitarias - Mexico (Network of Women of the World Association of Community Radio), Mexico City, $2,100

Instituto Pro Igualdad y Desarrollo Sustentable (Institute for Sustainable Development and Gender Equality), Municipio Tlaxcala, $7,500

Asociación para el Desarrollo Integral de la Mujer (Association for Women’s Holistic Development), El Viejo, $20,000 Asociación para el Desarrollo y el Cambio de la Mujer (Association for Women’s Change and Development), Boaco y Managua, $2,000 Colectivo de Mujeres ITZA (ITZA Women’s Collective), Managua, $15,000 Coordinación Regional de la Campaña 28 de Septiembre por la Despenalización del Aborto en América Latina y el Caribe (September 28th Campaign for the Decriminalization of Abortion), Managua, $20,000 »» Coordinación Regional de la Campaña 28 de Septiembre por la Despenalización del Aborto en América Latina y el Caribe (September 28 Campaign for Decriminalization of Abortion), Managua, $20,000 Fondo Centroamericano de Mujeres (Central American Women’s Fund), Managua, $139,366 Panama Asociación de Mujeres Ngöbes para el Desarrollo Social (Ngöbes Women’s Association for Social Development), Comunidad de San Félix, $7,500 Unión Nacional de Mujeres Kunas (Nation Union of Kuna Women), Panamá, $10,000

Paraguay AIREANA Grupo por los Derechos de las Lesbianas (Aireana Group for the Rights of Lesbians), Asunción, $5,500 Peru Centro para el Desarrollo Urbano y Rural (Center for Urban and Rural Development), Lima, $30,000 over two years El Grupo Impulsor: Nueva Vida y Rasa Joven (Motivational Group: New Life and Young Race), Trujillo, $7,500 »» Estrategia, Inc./Mujeres Unidas para un Pueblo Mejor (Strategy, Inc./Women United for a Better Community), Lima, $20,000

ilé: Organizadoras/es para la Conciencia-enAcción (ilé: organizers for Consciousness in Action), Caguas, $8,000

* International Museum of Women, San Francisco, $17,500

Trinidad and Tobago

* Life After Exoneration Program, Berkeley, $5,000

Regional Secretariat of Caribbean Association for Feminist Research and Action, St. Augustine, $20,000 Uruguay Asociación de Mujeres Rurales (Rural Women’s Association of Uruguay), Montevideo, $10,000 Organización No Gubernamental CAMBIOS (Changes NGO), Balneario Las Toscas, $7,500

* National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum, Washington, $500 * National Organization for Women, Washington, $1,000 * OMB Watch, Washington, $5,000

American Society for Muslim Advancement, NY, $15,000

* Center for Health and Social Policy-Jose Barzelatto Fund, San Francisco, $1,500

La Casa de la Mujer - Chimbote (The House of Woman - Chimbote), Chimbote, $15,000

* Center for Third World Organizing, Oakland, CA, $5,000

Minga Perú (Minga Peru), Lima, $20,000

* Changemakers, San Francisco, CA, $500

Red de Promotoras para la Prevención de la Violencia Familiar (Network of Promoters for the Prevention of Domestic Violence), San Martín, $7,000

* Coalition for the Homeless, New York, NY, $200

Vida, Integración, Desarrollo, Amor (LifeIntegration-Development-Love), Lima, $11,180

* Ms. Foundation for Women, New York, $12,000

* Ploughshares Fund, San Francisco, $1,000

* Catholics for Free Choice, Washington, $5,000

Taller Permanente de Mujeres Indígenas Andinas y Amazónicas de Perú (Permanent Workshop of Andean and Amazonian Indigenous Women), Lima, $10,000

Mobility International USA, Eugene, $15,000


Federación Provincial de Mujeres de Lucanas (Provincial Federation of Women of Lucanas), Distrito de Puquio, $7,500

Solas y Unidas (Alone and United), Lima, $3,350

Just Associates, Washington, $10,000

»» Disability Funders Network, Falls Church, $7,500 Facilitating Opportunities for Refugee Growth and Empowerment, Stanford, CA, $1,500 * Feminist Majority Foundation, Beverly Hills, $2,500 * Global Exchange, San Francisco, $2,500 »» Global Rights - Partners for Justice, Washington, $10,000

* International Center for Research on Women, Washington, $1,500 * Women’s Foundation of California, San Francisco, $1,000 * Third Wave Foundation, New York, $2,500 * Vital Voices Global Partnership, Washington, $10,000 »» Women for Genuine Security, San Francisco, $15,000 »» Women’s Environment and Development Organization, New York, $30,000 Women’s Funding Network, San Francisco, $90,000 * Women’s Institute for Leadership Development for Human Rights, Oakland, $1,000

* Grantmakers Without Borders, Boston, $5,000

Warmi Wasi (Women’s House), Provincia del Cusco, $4,000

* Human Rights Watch, San Francisco, $5,000

Puerto Rico

* Independent Sector, Washington, $5,000

* In the Name of Allah, New York, $1,500

TOTAL americas GRANTS (166)**


Envejecer Juntas, Inc. (Grow Old Together, Inc.), * International Funders for Indigenous Peoples, Aibonito, $3,000 Akwesasne, $1,000

* Executive Grants »» Now or Never Grant

** For security reasons, some grantees have asked not to be listed. 61


Women’s Media Centre of Cambodia, Phnom Penh, $60,000 over three years



»» Association of Defence for Women’s Rights of Balkh, Mazar-i-Sharif, $20,000

»» Association for the Advancement of Feminism, Hong Kong, $60,000 over three years

»» Creating Resources for Empowerment in Action, New Delhi, $70,000 over three years Gramin Vikas Vigyan Samiti (Society for Scientific Rural Development), Rajasthan, $10,000 Human Rights Law Network, Mumbai, $19,523

Health and Development Center for Afghan Women, Kabul, $5,000

Bethune House Migrant Women’s Refuge, Hong Kong, $15,000


Common Language, Beijing, $9,000

Ladakh Nuns Association, Leh Ladakh, $10,000

Ishar, Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health, Mirrabooka, $10,000

Concern Group for Women Poverty, Hong Kong, $10,000

Sangini Gender Resource Center, Bhopal, $5,000

Women With Disabilities Australia, Rosny Park, $15,000 Bangladesh Bangladesh Centre for Workers’ Solidarity, Dhaka, $20,000 Disabled Women Development Organization, Dhaka, $9,000 »» Nari Uddug Kendra (Center for Women’s Initiatives), Dhaka, $60,000 over three years Rainbow Nari O Shishu Kallyan Foundation (Rainbow Women & Child Welfare Foundation), Dhaka, $5,000 Bhutan Respect Educate Nurture and Empower Women, Thimpu, $10,000

»» HER Fund, Hong Kong, $2,020

Joint Women’s Programme, New Delhi, $7,000

Sangtin, Sitapur, $5,000

HER Fund, Hong Kong, $95,117 over three years

Shakti Trust, Mumbai, $10,000

Hong Kong Women’s Coalition on Equal Opportunities, Hong Kong, $6,700

Shramajivi Mahila Samity (The Organization of Women Living with Labor), Jharkhand, $12,000

Maple Women’s Psychological Counseling Center, Beijing, $20,000

Tibetan Nuns Project, Himachal Pradesh, $20,000

»» Shaanxi Research Association for Women and Family, Xi’an, $60,000

Tibetan Women’s Association, Dharamsala, $2,000

Women Coalition HKSAR, Hong Kong, $2,000


Women’s Federation Mabian Yi Autonomous Region, Sichuan, $5,000

Arus Pelangi (Rainbow Stream), Jakarta Selatan, $10,220

East Timor

Himpunan Serikat Perempuan Indonesia, Kabupaten Deli Serdang, $10,000

Communication Forum for East Timorese Women, Dili, $12,400 Alola Foundation, Dili, $2,200

Human Rights Advocacy & Legal Aid Institute, Yogyakarta, $20,000



Institut Hak Asasi Perempuan (Institute for Women’s Human Rights), Yogyakarta, $7,000

CHAM Women of Cambodia, Phnom Penh, $8,000

femLINKpacific: Media Initiatives for Women, Suva, $16,038

Institut Pelangi Perempuan (Women’s Rainbow Institute), Jakarta Pusat, $10,000

Girl Guides Association of Cambodia, Phnom Penh, $40,000 over two years

Fiji Disabled Peoples Association, Suva, $2,339

Grassroots Women for Change, Phnom Penh, $9,000


Koalisi Perempuan Indonesia - Yogyakarta (Indonesian Women’s Coalition for Justice & Democracy - Yogyakarta), Bengkulu, $10,000

Strey Khmer (Khmer Women), Phnom Penh, $15,000 Takeo Women Weavers Self-Help Group, Phnom Penh, $5,000


Aawaaz-E-Niswaan (Voice of Women), Maharashtra, $15,000 »» Action India, New Delhi, $6,700 Association of Muslim Women Organisations, Manipur, Manipur, $5,000

Komnas Perempuan (National Commission on Violence Against Women), Jakarta, $13,000 Lembaga Bantuan Hukum Pemberdayaan Perempuan Indonesia (Legal Aid Society for the Empowerment of Indonesian Women), Makassar, $19,920

Mitra Pendidikan Indonesia (Indonesia Education Partnership), Yogyakarta, $7,000 Persatuan Perempuan Sama (Women’s Union for Equality), Sulawesi Tenggara, $18,000 Rumpun Tjoet Njak Dien (Tjoet Njak Dien (famous woman hero from Aceh) Women ForumWomen’s Rainbow Institute), Yogyakarta, $5,000 Sahabat Perempuan (Friends of Women), Magelang Regency, $10,000 Sentra Advokasi Perempuan; Disabel dan Anak (Women Advocacy Centre: Disabled and Children), Yogyakarta, $9,961 Group for Struggling Women’s Equality, Central Celebes, Palu, $7,000 Women’s Group of Dadapsari, Dadapsari, $6,000 Yayasan Annisa Swasti (Yasanti) (Annisa Swasti Foundation), Yogyakarta, $20,000 Lao PDR Lao Disabled Women’s Development Centre, Vientiane, $10,000 Malaysia

Nepal Blue Diamond Society/Mitini Nepal, Kathmandu, $15,228

Roots for Equity, Sindh, $10,750

Gramin Mahila Srijansil Pariwar (Rural Women Creative Family), Sindhupalchok, $6,000

Rural Women Welfare Organization, Sanghar, $60,000 over three years

Jaagriti Mahila Sangh (Awake Women’s Organization), Battisputali, $6,000

Women Workers Help Line, Lahore, $15,000

Nagarik Aawaz (Voice of the citizen), Kathmandu, $60,000 over three years * Nagarik Aawaz (Voice of the citizen), Kathmandu, $5,000 Nepal Women’s Fund - Tewa, Kathmandu, $38,057 over three years Raksha Nepal (Protection Nepal), Kathmandu, $9,200 Shakti Samuha (Power Group), Kathmandu, $7,000 UTTHAN (Empowering Communities for Better Future), Kathmandu, $3,000 Women Development Society, Kathmandu, $15,000

Centre for Independent Journalism, Kuala Lumpur, $9,100 Women’s Development Collective, Petaling Jaya, $15,000

Secretariat of the Pacific Community, Noumea Cedex, $11,062


New Zealand

Liberal Women’s Brain Pool - Dornod, Dornod Aimag, $7,000

Tialetafa (a flower of rare beauty indigenous to Niue), Auckland, $2,190

Mongolian Gender Equality Center, Ulaanbaatar, $18,000


“Princess” Center for the Protection of Girls and Young Women’s Rights, Ulaanbaatar, $7,000

Hand to Women, Sindh, $7,000

Dalit Women Awareness Group, Kailali District, $5,000

Women for Human Rights, Kathmandu, $8,000

»» Mongolian Women’s Fund, Ulaanbaatar, $2,301

Development of Disabled Women, Faisal-A-Bad, $5,000

New Caledonia

Afghan Women Welfare Department, Peshawar, $17,313 Afghan Women’s Network, Peshawar, $20,000 Afghan Women’s Resource Center, Hayatabad, $20,000

Rozan, Islamabad, $10,000

Women’s Welfare and Development Organization, Karachi, $54,960 over three years Papua New Guinea Bongol Women’s Group, Simbu Province, $10,000 Jimi Women’s Solidarity for Change, Western Highland Province, $10,000 Office of the Status of Women Highlands Region, Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province, $5,000 South Korea »» Korean Women Workers Associations United, Seoul, $60,000 over three years Korean WomenLink, Seoul, $15,000 Munhwa Saesang Iftopia (Cultural World, Infinite Feminism, and Utopia), Seoul, $7,000 The Philippines »» Asia Pacific Indigenous Youth Network, Baguio City, $10,600 Buklod Center, Olongapo City, $12,000 »» EnGendeRights, Quezon City, $3,350 Kaisa Ka (Unity of Women for the Motherland), Mandaluyong City, $4,660 Kaisa Ka Baguio City Chapter (Unity of women), Baguio City, $10,000 KASIBULAN (Women in Art and Emerging Consciousness), Quezon City, $5,000

* Executive Grants »» Now or Never Grant 63

KeMeritanan ne Erumanen Menuvú (Erumanen ne Menuvú Women Collective), North Cotabato, $10,000 LINK, Davao, Davao City, $5,000 Local Council of Women - Buenavista, Agusan del Norte, Mindanao, $3,000 Lolas Kampanyera Para Sa Kapayapaan at Kumpensasyon (Grandmas Campaigning for Peace and Compensation), Quezon City, $3,450 Migrant Forum in Asia, Quezon City, $9,000 Ranao Women and Children Resource Center, Inc., Mindanao, $10,000 Save our Lives, SOS! - Panay and Guimaras, Iloilo City, $8,000 Sorsogon Women’s Network for Development, Inc., Sorsogon Province, $10,000

Overseas Mon Women’s Organization, A. Mae Sot, J. Tak, $5,662 Women’s Rights Development Centre, Bangkok, $10,000 Tibet Shem Women’s Group (Charity/Compassion), Xining, $6,862 Tonga Langafonua National Council for Women, Nuku’alofa, $5,852

EUROPE & the FORMER SOVIET STATES Albania Counseling Center for Women and Girls, Tirana, $10,000 Armenia Ajakits (Helping Hands), Gyumri, $24,000 over two years »» ProMedia-Gender, Yerevan, $11,850 Skills, Yerevan, $5,000

TOTAL asia/oceania GRANTS (133)**


Women for Women, Artik, $5,000 Women’s Rights Center, Yerevan, $10,000 Azerbaijan Clean World, Baku, $5,000

»» United Youth of the Philippines - Women, Cotabato City, $10,000

Solidarity Among Women, Baku, $5,000

Women’s Feature Service Philippines, Manila, $10,000

Sona, Baku, $20,000

Solomon Islands

Women Problems’ Research Union, Baku, $7,000

Women Initiative Group, Baku, $7,400

Solomon Islands National Council of Women, Honiara, $10,000

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sri Lanka

Association of Women- VIVA, Ustipraca, $4,000

»» Association of War Affected Women, Anniewatta, $20,000

Better Future, Tuzla, $12,000 »» CURE (Girls), Sarajevo, $17,500

»» Dabindu Collective (Drops of Sweat Collective), Katunayaka, $15,000

Maya-Kravica, Bratunac, $10,000 MOST, Visegrad, $6,000

National Women’s Collective of Sri Lanka, Maharagama, $10,000

»» Zene Zenama, Sarajevo, $2,500

Shilpa Children’s Trust, Colombo, $10,000

Zene Zenama, Sarajevo, $10,000

Social Performance Development Centre, North Western Province, $1,800



Association NAIA, Targovishte, $10,000

Animus Association Foundation, Sofia, $20,000 »» Gender Education, Research and Technologies, Sofia, $20,000

Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development, Chiang Mai, $16,035

IKAR Association, Haskovo, $6,000 ** For security reasons, some grantees have asked not to be listed. 64

Kxam - Sun, Sofia, $7,500 Nadja Center – City of Rousse Branch, Rousse, $12,000 Nadja Center Foundation, Sofia, $12,000

Initiative Group of Disabled Women, Gori, $12,000 »» International Centre for Education of Women, Tbilisi, $19,000

Women’s Alliance for Development, Sofia, $19,200

Merkuri, Zugdidi, $2,500


Shida Kartli Committee of Anti-Violence Network of Georgia, Gori, $5,000

Centre for Women War Victims-ROSA (Centre for Women War Victims), Zagreb, $19,500 »» Centre for Women’s Studies, Zagreb, $60,000 over two years FemFest Collective, Zagreb, $8,200 Queer Zagreb, Zagreb, $10,000 »» SEE Q Network, Zagreb, $8,958 Women’s Group Brod, Slavonski Brod, $20,000 Zenska Grupa Donji Lapac, Donji Lapac, $10,000 Zenska Infoteka (Women’s Infoteka), Zagreb, $1,400 Zenska Soba (Women’s Room), Zagreb, $15,000

Mtsvane Biliki (Green Path), Gori, $5,000

Caucasus Women’s Research and Consulting Network, Tbilisi, $1,500 Medical Psychological Center Mnatobi, Zugdidi, $10,000

Kosova Gruaja per Gruan (Woman for Woman), Rahovec, $4,000 Hareja, Rahovec, $10,000 »» Kosova Women’s Network, Prishtina, $9,250 Kosovar Gender Studies Center, Prishtina, $8,700 Kyrgyzstan »» Forum of Women’s NGOs of Kyrgystan, Bishkek, $40,000 over two years Gender Equality Center, Talas, $4,000

Women Cultural-Humanitarian Fund Sukhumi, Kutaisi, $20,000

Kelechek Dooru, Issyk Kul, $5,000

Women Employment Innovative Centre, Tbilisi, $10,000

Sakaldy Bashaty, Sakaldy, $3,000

Women’s Center, Tbilisi, $19,800 Women’s Council of the Abkhazian Autonomous Republic, Tbilisi, $9,000 Women’s Fund in Georgia, Tbilisi, $60,000 »» Women’s Information Centre, Tbilisi, $40,000 over two years

League of Women Tameris, Talas, $4,000 Republican Independent Association of Women with Disabilities of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, $15,000 Latvia Women’s Educational Centre, Riga, $7,000 Lithuania

Czech Republic


eLnadruhou (L-square), Prague, $15,000

New Generation of Women’s Initiatives, Vilnius, $5,000

Berliner Missionswerk (Berlin Mission Work), Berlin, $10,000


Forum 50%, Prague, $10,000 »» La Strada Czech Republic, Prague, $40,000 over two years


Rozkos bez rizika (Bliss Without Risk), Prague, $20,000

NaNE Women’s Rights Association (Women Together with Women Against Violence), Budapest, $40,000 over two years



Association of Abkhazian Women Sabinebi, Tbilisi, $7,000

Development of Civil Society, Almaty, $7,000

Association of Kvemo Kartli Woman and the World, Bolnisi, $9,000 Centre of Women Journalists, Zugdidi, $6,500 Fund of Women - Entrepreneurs, Kutaisi, $8,000

EcoCenter, Karaganda, $20,000 »» Initiative Center of Taraz, Taraz, $16,000

Crisis Center Hope, Skopje, $5,000 Women Civic Initiative ANTICO, Skopje, $18,000 Moldova Femeia Moderna (Modern Woman), Orhei, $3,000 Institute of Women’s Rights, Chisinau, $5,000 Netherlands »» Netherlands Humanist Committee on Human Rights, Utrecht, $15,000 WAITS Foundation, Rotterdam, $8,000

* Executive Grants »» Now or Never Grant 65

Poland Campaign Against Homophobia, Warsaw, $10,000 Romania Association for Liberty and Equality of Gender, Sibiu, $12,000 Russia »» Chechnya Advocacy Network, Chechnya, $6,550 »» Crisis Center Ekaterina, Yekaterinburg, $20,000

Women Studies and Research, Novi Sad, $17,000 ZAR Kikinda (Women’s Alternative Workshop), Kikinda, $18,000 Slovakia Slovak-Czech Women’s Fund, Bratislava, $808 Slovenia

Drustvo SOS Telefon (Association SOS Help-Line), Ljubljana, $11,000

Medical Center Anastasia, Vladivostok, $5,200

KUD Mreza (Culture and Arts Network), Ljubljana, $4,000

Nadyezhda, Toliatti, $5,000 Women’s Club ARTEMIDA, Ulan-Ude, $10,000 Serbia »» Belgrade Women’s Studies and Gender Research Center, Belgrade, $40,000 over two years BIBIJA-Roma Women’s Center, Belgrade, $20,000 »» Glas Razlike (Voice of Difference), Belgrade, $7,150

Spain »» Mujeres de Negro del Estado Español (Women in Black Network in Spain), Barcelona, $20,000 Tajikistan Bonuvoni Hatlon, Kurgan-Tube, $10,000 Madina, Khorog, $4,000 Natshoti Kudakon, Kulyab, $10,000 Social Center Parastor, Dushanbe, $8,000

Iz Kruga (Out of Circle), Belgrade, $20,000

Tajikistan Branch of International Ecological Association Women of Orient, Penjikent, $8,000

Pescanik, Krusevac, $6,000

Woman and Society, Khujand, $6,500 Ukraine

Reconstruction Women’s Fund, Belgrade, $60,000

Bereginya Center for Women With Disabilities, Simferopol, $12,000

Roma Women’s Group Strong Women, Kragujevac, $10,000

Regional Information Center for Women, Kirovograd, $6,000

SOS Vlasotince, Vlasotince, $8,000


SKUC - Monokel Lesbian Club, Ljubljana, $7,500

Impuls, Tutin, $8,000

»» Reconstruction Women’s Fund, Belgrade, $5,500

TOTAL europe & former soviet states grants (122)**

Drustvo SKUC/Sekcija LL (Lesbian Group SKUC-LL), Ljubljana, $17,500

Dzhuvlikano Romano Kongresso (Roma Women’s Congress), Volzhskiy, $7,000 Nadyezhda, Irkutsk, $4,000

United Kingdom »» English Collective of Prostitutes, London, $3,000

»» Ukrainian Women’s Fund, Kiev, $6,000

** For security reasons, some grantees have asked not to be listed. 66

NORTH AFRICA & the MIDDLE EAST Algeria Association Féminine “Aicha Oum El Moumminine” (Woman Association, Aicha Mother of the Believers), Aflou, $7,000 Droits des Femmes pour le Développement B’net Kahina (Women’s Rights for the Development of the Daughters of the Priestess), Tébessa, $6,000 Women in Communication, Algiers, $8,000 Bahrain Bahrain Women Society, Manama, $15,000 Cyprus »» Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies, Nicosia, $11,500 Egypt Association Al-Nuhud (Advancement of Zafirriya Women), Al-Zafirriya, $3,000 Dayer-Maydor (What Goes Around Comes Around), Siwa, $7,000 »» Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights, Cairo, $40,000 over two years Organization of Women and Society, Giza, $10,000 Shumuu (Candles) Association for Human Rights and Care for Disabled, Giza, $18,000 V-Day Karama, Cairo, $12,000 Zeitun (Olive) Women’s Group for Human Rights, Cairo, $5,000 Iraq Al-Forat (Euphrates) Cultural Center for Women, Hilla, $5,000 Al-Manahil Cultural Association for Education and Women Into Enterprise, Basra, $5,000

Baghdad Women’s Association, Baghdad, $6,000 Future Girls Center, Baghdad, $4,000

Rahat Women’s Association, Rahat, Negev, $5,000

Future Women For Development Organization, Thiqar, $4,000

Community of Learning Women, Kufur Qari’, $18,000

Independent Iraqi Woman Organization, Baghdad, $6,000

New Family Organization, Tel-Aviv, $5,000

Iraqi Women Development Center, Babel, $5,000

Association of Working Women, Az-Zarqa, $6,000

Iraqiyat Studies Center, Baghdad, $15,000

Baqa’ Women’s Cooperative Association, Al Baqa, $10,000

National Institute for Human Rights, Kirkuk, $5,000 Organization of ‘Ata (Gifts) Journalists, Diwaniya, $5,000 »» Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq, Baghdad, $2,500 Iraqi Humanity Association for the Harmed, Babel, $5,000 Israel Acre Women Association/Pedagogical Center, Acre, $18,000 »» Al Zahraa Organization for the Advancement of Women’s Status, Sakhnin, $58,500 over two years Arab Forum on Sexuality, Haifa, $15,000 »» Assiwar—Arab Women’s Movement in Support of Victims of Sexual Assaults, Haifa, $38,000 over two years Association for the Promotion of Bedouin Women’s Education in the Negev, Beer-Sheva, $12,000 Laqiya: The Association for the Improvement of the Status of Women, Laqiya, $15,000 MADA al-Carmel: Arab Center for Applied Social Research, Haifa, $8,000 Mahut Center-Information, Guidance and Employment for Women, Haifa, $7,000 Nissa Wa Aafaq-Women and Horizons, Kufur Qari’, $20,000


Cultural Forum for the Blind Women in Jordan, Amman, $7,000 Family Guidance and Awareness Center, New Zarqa, $15,000 Lebanon Arab Organization of Disabled People, Beirut, $13,000 »» Association Najdeh, Beirut, $15,000 Collective for Research and Training on Development – Action, Beirut, $15,000 KAFA (Enough) Violence & Exploitation, Beirut, $15,000 Lebanese Association of Women Researchers, Beirut, $12,000 Lebanese Universities League for the Blind, Beirut, $4,000 »» National Committee for the Follow-up on Women’s Issues, Beirut, $4,500 Nour (Light) Arab Women’s Association, Beirut, $12,000 Solidarity Association for Social Development and Culture, Beirut, $9,000 »» Solidarity Association for Social Development and Culture, Beirut, $10,000 South Lebanese Society for the Blind, Nabatiyye, $18,000

* Executive Grants »» Now or Never Grant 67

Mauritania Association Connaissance Travail Social (Association of Knowledgeable Social Work), Chegar, $4,000 Association des Femmes Chefs de Famille (Association of Women Heads of Households), Nouakchott, $11,000 El Wafa (Loyalty), Nouakchott, $4,000 Réseau Mauritanien pour la Promotion des Droits de la Femme (Mauritanian Network for the Promotion of Women’s Rights), Nouakchott, $18,000 Morocco Association Amal pour la Femme et le Developpement (Hope Association for Woman and Development), El Hajeb, $8,000 Association Synergie Civique (Civic Synergy Association), Rabat, $12,000 Institution Nationale de Solidarite Avec les Femmes en Detressse (The National Institution of Solidarity With Women in Distress), Casablanca, $10,000 ISIS Center for Women and Development, Fes, $10,000 Moroccan Women Alliance for Development and Formation, Tetuoan, $10,000 Palestine Al-Majd Women’s Group (Glory Women’s Group), Gaza, $15,000 Center for Women’s Legal Research and Consulting, Gaza, $9,000 Creative Women Forum, Al Remal, $7,000 Culture and Free Thought Association, Khan Younis, $20,000 East Gaza Society for Family Development, Gaza, $8,000 Kufradan Women’s Centre, Jenin, $4,000

Rural Development Association, Khan Younis, $8,000 Saraya Center, Jerusalem, $12,000 Union of Palestinian Women Committees, Ramallah, $20,000 Women Development Center, Bethlehem, $7,000 Women for Life, Biddiya, $14,000 Women, Media and Development, Bethlehem, $20,000 Turkey Amargi Women’s Cooperative for Research, Publication, Solidarity and Culture, Istanbul, $10,000 Baglar Woman Cooperative Project, Diyarbakir, $8,000 »» Kadin Adaylari Destekleme Ve Egitme Dernegi (The Association for Support and Training of Women Candidates), Istanbul, $16,000 Kaos Gay Lesbian Cultural Research and Solidarity Association, Ankara, $10,000 »» Women for Women’s Human Rights, Istanbul, $40,000 over two years Women’s Library and Information Center Foundation, Istanbul, $15,000 Yasamevi Kadin Dayanisma Dernegi (Life House Women Solidarity Center), Sanliurfa, $6,000 Yemen »» House of Folklore, Sana’a, $18,000 Women’s Forum for Research & Training, Taiz, $6,000 Yemeni Female Media House, Adan, $2,000 TOTAL north africa & middle east grants (84)**


** For security reasons, some grantees have asked not to be listed. 68

* Executive Grants »» Now or Never Grant

FY 2006-2007 TOTAL GRANTS (679):

$8,274,554 69

how to apply for a grant The Global Fund for Women supports women’s groups that advance the human rights of women and girls. We strengthen women’s rights groups based outside the US by providing small, flexible grants ranging from $500 to $20,000 for operating and program expenses. We value local expertise and believe that women themselves know best how to determine their needs and propose solutions for lasting change. Priority may be given to groups that address emerging or unconventional issues; have limited access to other donors; are based in especially disadvantaged countries or regions; or serve marginalized groups of women. Our grants enable grantee recipients to cover operating expenses as well as project costs. We also make grants that enable women’s organizations to organize or participate in training seminars or conferences that promote women’s human rights. The programmatic areas in which we fund are: • • • • • •

Building Peace and Ending Gender-based Violence Advancing Health and Sexual and Reproductive Rights Expanding Civic and Political Participation Ensuring Economic and Environmental Justice Increasing Access to Education Fostering Social Change Philanthropy

The Global Fund accepts grant requests in any language or format. For more information on our grantmaking and review process, please go to our website: or call for more information: 415.202.7640






Over the past fiscal year, the Global Fund for Women continued to strengthen its operations through investments in staffing, technology as well as regional expansion. Several of the major operational developments during the past fiscal year included:

Investments and Other Revenue 15%

• • •

opening the Global Fund’s regional New York office, hiring Sarah Costa as director of special projects and New York representative and promoting Dale Needles to the position of Chief Operations Officer.

Corporations / Other Organizations 6%

Individuals 48%

In addition, Nicky McIntyre, who served as the Global Fund’s vice president of Development & Communications for the past 10 years, returned, with her family, to Europe. She has joined Mama Cash, a sister women’s fund based in the Netherlands.

Foundations 31%

FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS* In fiscal year 2006-2007, the Global Fund for Women increased its overall grantmaking by 7% from $7.76 million to $8.27 million. The Global Fund for Women’s financial position remained strong with an ending net asset balance of approximately $19 million at fiscal year end. The Global Fund for Women recorded approximately $12.2 million in Revenue and Support in fiscal year 2006/07, surpassing the previous year’s revenues by 6%. The two most notable changes in the Global Fund’s funding base during the last fiscal year were a 27% increase in support from individuals and 197% increase in investment revenues. On the expense side, the Global Fund grew its expenses by 10% while continuing to have very strong expense ratios with Program Expenses representing 79% of total expenses. * The Global Fund for Women’s financial statements have been independently audited by the accounting firm of PMB+Helin Donovan and received an unqualified audit opinion as to their fair presentation in conformity with US generally accepted accounting principles. A complete set of audited financial statements is available upon request.


TOTAL EXPENDITURES Fundraising 14% Management & General 7%

Program Services 79%

STATEMENTS OF FINANCIAL POSITION as of June 30, 2007 and 2006

ASSETS Current Assets: Cash and cash equivalents Investments at market value Contributions receivable Quasi and permanent endowment contributions receivable Other receivables Prepaid expenses Total Current Assets



$5,253,597 14,795,194 964,500 668,177 16,563 21,854 21,719,885

$5,924,619 13,054,067 1,466,506 963,150 8,225 20,931 21,437,498

Long-Term Assets: Deposits 52,183 51,192 Contributions receivable, long term, net 51,960 437,753 Contributions receivable from remainder trust 200,570 167,800 Quasi and permanent endowment contributions receivable long term 909,086 1,465,293 Property and equipment – net of accumulated depreciation 151,779 156,825 Total Long-Term Assets 1,365,578 2,278,863 Total Assets





$3,693,507 421,060 4,114,567

$3,424,296 196,394 3,620,690



Net Assets: Unrestricted net assets: Quasi-endowment funds 8,451,961 Not designated 2,183,242 Total unrestricted net assets 10,635,203

8,663,562 2,179,411 10,842,973

LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS Current Liabilities: Grants payable Accounts payable and accrued expenses Total Current Liabilities Total Liabilities

Temporarily restricted net assets: Quasi-endowment pledges Other temporarily restricted net assets Total temporarily restricted net assets

Permanently restricted net assets:

Total Net Assets Total Liabilities and Net Assets

1,495,074 2,311,317 3,806,391

2,349,413 2,691,966 5,041,379








STATEMENTS OF ACTIVITIES for the year ended June 30, 2007 and 2006



Temporarily Permanently Temporarily Permanently unRestricted Restricted Restricted Total unRestricted Restricted Restricted Total

Support and Revenues: Contributions: Foundations Corporations and other organizations Individuals Other income Interest and dividend income Net realized and unrealized gains Net assets released from restrictions Total support and revenues

$1,248,600 $ 2,488,985





$ –


167,288 542,500 4,891,055 986,521 13,765 – 570,806 116,189 647,166 60,217 5,584,261 (5,429,400) 13,122,941 (1,234,988)

– 3,157 – – 469,687 (154,861) 317,983

709,788 5,880,733 13,765 686,995 1,177,070 – 12,205,936

384,654 3,792,718 29,573 359,004 66,435 6,247,974 13,029,396

1,122,837 852,481 – 82,111 (7,802) (6,081,433) (1,420,791)

– 3,045 – – 127,110 (166,541) (36,386)

1,507,491 4,648,244 29,573 441,115 185,743 – 11,572,219

Expenses: Grants awarded Program services Management and general Fundraising Total expenses

8,270,054 2,270,058 951,524 1,839,075 13,330,711

– – – – –

– – – – –

8,270,054 2,270,058 951,524 1,839,075 13,330,711

7,755,754 1,913,340 791,442 1,706,385 12,166,921

– – – – –

– – – – –

7,755,754 1,913,340 791,442 1,706,385 12,166,921

Change in net assets Net assets at beginning of year

(207,770) 10,842,973

(1,234,988) 5,041,379

317,983 4,211,319

(1,124,775) 20,095,671

862,475 9,980,498

(1,420,791) 6,462,170

(36,386) 4,247,705

(594,702) 20,690,373









Net assets at end of year

notes to the financial statements 1. Organization and Summary of Significant Accounting Policies

Organization The Global Fund for Women, Inc. (the Organization) is a California nonprofit public benefit corporation organized on June 24, 1987, and engaged primarily in accepting contributions for distribution to organizations, agencies and institutions that are organized exclusively for charitable, educational, religious, scientific, literary or cultural purposes. Its specific purpose is to promote the economic, legal and social advancement of women worldwide. Basis of Presentation The financial statements are presented on the accrual basis of accounting, showing permanently restricted net assets, temporarily restricted net assets and unrestricted net assets, pursuant to Statement of Financial Accounting


Standards (SFAS) No. 117, Financial Statements of Not-for-Profit Organizations. Description of Program and Supporting Services The following program and supporting services are included in the accompanying financial statements: Grants Grants are made to seed, strengthen and link women’s rights groups outside the United States of America and are recorded as expenses when approved by the Board of Directors for payment. Publications Publications foster knowledge about women’s human rights, stimulate interest and participation in the organization’s activities and further its goals.

General and Administrative General and administrative expenses include those expenses that are not directly identifiable with any other specific function but provide for the overall support and direction of the Organization. These include functions necessary to maintain an equitable employment program, manage the financial and budgetary responsibilities of the organization and manage other similar functions. Estimates The preparation of financial statements in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles requires management to make estimates and assumptions that affect certain reported amounts and disclosures. Accordingly, actual results could differ from these estimates. Such estimates include present value discounts, depreciation and amortization. Property and Equipment and Depreciation All acquisitions of property and equipment in excess of $1,000 and expenditures for repairs, maintenance renewals and betterments that materially prolong the useful lives of assets are capitalized. Property and equipment are recorded at cost or, if donated, the approximate fair market value on the date of donation. Depreciation of property and equipment is provided over the estimated useful lives of the respective assets on a straight line basis, primarily three to five years. Investments The Organization carries investments in marketable securities with readily determinable fair value and all investments in debt securities at their fair values in the statement of financial position. Unrealized gains and losses are included in the change in net assets in the accompanying statement of activities. Contributions The Organization reports gifts of cash and other assets as restricted contributions when they are received with donor stipulations that limit the use of the donated assets. When the intent of the donor is that the assets are to remain in perpetuity and the Organization does not have the right to invade the original principal, the assets are reported as permanently restricted. When a donor restriction is met, temporarily restricted net assets are released to unrestricted net assets and reported in the statement of activities as net assets released from restrictions. Net assets are also released from donor restrictions when time restrictions are satisfied. The Organization had $4,529,302 and $4,211,319 in permanently restricted net assets and $3,806,391 and $5,041,379 in temporarily restricted net assets at June 30, 2007 and 2006 respectively. Quasi-Endowment Funds Quasi-Endowment Funds are funds designated by the Board of Directors for certain specific purposes. Cash and Cash Equivalents For purposes of the statement of cash flows, cash equivalents include highly liquid debt instruments with an original maturity of three months or less.

Donations of Goods and Services Donated services are recognized as contributions in accordance with SFAS No. 116, Accounting for Contributions Received and Contributions made, if the services (a) create or enhance non-financial assets, or (b) require specialized skills, are performed by people with those skills, and would otherwise be purchased by the organization. Donations of property and equipment are recorded as contributions at their estimated fair value at the date of donation. Tax-Exempt Status The Organization has been granted tax-exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service and the California Franchise Tax Board. The Organization also received a ruling from the Internal Revenue Service that it is not a private foundation. Functional Allocation of Expenses Expenses are charged to programs and supporting services on the basis of periodic time and expense studies as well as estimates made by the Organization’s management. 2. Contributions receivable

Contributions receivable at June 30, 2007 are summarized as follows: Quasi and Temporarily Permanent Expected receipt of contribution in: Restricted Endowment

2007-2008 2008-2009 2009-2010 2010-2011 2011-2012

Gross contributions receivable Less discount for present value Net contributions receivable Less current portion Long-term receivables

$964,500 30,000 25,000 – – 1,019,500 3,040 1,016,460 964,500 $51,960

$668,176 574,000 300,000 – 100,000 1,642,177 64,914 1,577,263 668,177 $909,086

Long-term contributions receivable are discounted using an interest rate of 4% and 5% based on the expected time of receipt. 3. Property and equipment

Property and equipment is valued as stated in Note 1 and is summarized as follows:

Property and equipment Leasehold improvements Intangible property - web site Less: Accumulated depreciation Total property and equipment



$174,586 72,536 69,760 316,882 165,103 $151,779

$268,007 155,483 16,306 439,796 282,971 $156,825 75

Property and equipment included capitalized leased equipment of $16,048 and accumulated amortization of $16,048 at June 30, 2006. During the fiscal year of June 30, 2006, the organization disposed of this equipment. Depreciation, including amortization on capital leases, was $76,378 and $82,265 in 2007 and 2006, respectively. Depreciation is computed on the straight-line method over three to five years. Amortization of leasehold improvements is computed on the straight-line method over the life of the asset or the term of the lease if shorter. 4. Investments

Investments in marketable securities at June 30, 2007 and 2006 consist of the following:




Market Value Cost

Market Value

Other bonds $7,057,652 $6,995,213 $6,107,091 $5,996,377 Certificates of deposit 384,000 382,886 873,000 871,644 Equity funds 1,360,034 1,335,234 910,126 1,044,549 Equities 5,284,672 6,081,861 5,029,599 5,141,497 Total investments $14,086,358 $14,795,194 $12,919,816 $13,054,067

Interest and dividends on securities Other bank interest Net realized gain on sales of investments Net unrealized gain/(loss) on investments



$599,990 87,005 542,228 634,842 $1,864,065

$381,475 59,640 559,390 (373,647) $626,858

5. Commitments

The Organization leases its operating facilities under operating leases expiring on November 30, 2008. Management expects that in the normal course of business, leases that expire will be renewed under available options or replaced by other leases. Minimum rental commitments under the operating leases at June 30, 2007, are as follows: Year Ended June 30: 2008 2009 Total operating lease commitments

$177,895 75,033 $252,928

Rental expense was $181,849 and $239,521 in 2007 and 2006 respectively. 6. Concentration of Credit Risk

The Organization maintains its cash balances at various banks and brokerage houses. Bank balances are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation up to $100,000. At June 30, 2007, the Organization had uninsured bank balances of $1,612,974. In addition, there was $2,821,894 in money market funds at brokerage houses. 76

The Organization has a tax-deferred retirement plan covering all regular employees who work 20 hours or more per week after one year of service. Retirement expense was $98,388 and $77,063 in 2007 and 2006, respectively. 8. Unrestricted Net Assets

Unrestricted net assets include Board-designated Quasi Endowment Funds, which consist of a “Legacy” Fund and a “Now or Never” Capital Depleting Fund. The “Legacy” Fund has been established to provide the Global Fund for Women with the most flexibility in long-term planning, utilization and investment and permits the invasion of the principal. However, it is not the practice nor the intent of the Global Fund for Women to invade the principal of the “Legacy” Fund, except in the case of an emergency and as a last resort. The “Now or Never” Fund is a capital depleting fund which will be used at the discretion of the Board of Directors to address areas of most critical need. Because the Board of Directors can at any time vote to expend either of these two funds, they are shown in the financial statements as Quasi Endowment Funds under unrestricted net assets. 9. Temporarily Restricted Net Assets

Investment return consisted of the following:

7. Retirement Plan

Net assets restricted to use in future years: Quasi-Endowment pledges Women’s Health and Sexual Rights General & Administration Women’s Funds Ending Gender-based Violence Regional Programs Increasing Access to Education Economic & Environmental Justice Other Programs Total



$1,495,074 173,961 1,396,320 227,233 – 4,700 253,170 – 255,933 $3,806,391

$2,349,412 491,126 863,411 34,650 333,334 270,078 129,687 388,681 181,000 $5,041,379

Temporarily restricted net assets include Quasi-Endowment pledges which are funds designated by the Board of Directors for use in certain areas. 10. Permanently Restricted Net Assets

During 2003, The Global Fund for Women, Inc. received the remaining net assets of The Lewis T. Preston Education Program for Girls, Inc., which ceased operations and went out of business. The income from these net assets, up to 6% per annum, is restricted to certain programs. If the income falls below 6%, then the Global Fund for Women is authorized to invade the principal to make up the shortage. Also included in Permanently Restricted Net Assets is a permanently restricted pledge with a present value of $82,193. The pledge contains provisions restricting the income earned on the funds to certain regional and thematic uses.

FY 2006 − 2007


78 Founding Donors 78 Corazón Network 80 Inspiration Partners 81 Anne Firth Murray Circle 82 Individual Donors 141 Corporate & Business Donors 142 Foundations & Donor Advised Funds 145 Organizations & Multilateral Institutions 145 Matching Gifts 146 In-kind Donations 146 House Parties & Benefits


DONORS At the Global Fund for Women, we see our supporters as part of a network of equal partners, and profoundly appreciate each and every contribution. We express our deep gratitude to the donors listed below who gave between July 2006 and June 2007.

Founding Donors

CorazÓn Network

These individuals provided vital funding to help establish the Global Fund in 1987.

Corazón is Spanish for heart or core. The Global Fund’s Corazón Network is a group of individuals who care deeply about our work, and who have pledged to contribute a specified amount each month to provide us with cost-effective, reliable resources for grantmaking around the world.

Anonymous The Atkinson Foundation Elizabeth Beteta David A. Brown Patricia A. and James R. Compton Irene Crowe The Sister Fund Sarah G. Epstein Mary L. and Robert London Estrin* Wendy Graham, Robert E. Graham Esther B. and Walter Hewlett* William R. Hewlett Revocable Trust (deceased) Sandra Keeley Dorothy S. Lyddon (deceased) Marshall B. McDonald* Harle G. Montgomery Elizabeth W. Musser (deceased) John M. Musser (deceased) Marcie Jordan Musser* Pamela and David Woodley Packard Sarah Beinecke Richardson* Margaret K. Schink* Mary Ann Stein Katherine Strasburg Paul Strausburg Ted Turner Genevieve Vaughan Mrs. Gordon G. Wallace (deceased) Herman Warsh and Maryanne Mott Alan Weeden Mary M. Wohlford (deceased) Rosemary Young Rima Abu Zayyad 78

Anonymous Donors Vaughan Acton Miriam Adlum Carolyn Ahern Constance Alexander Franceska Alexander Jo Anne Algiers Ashley Allen Carolyn Allen* Judy Allen and Susan Seaburg* Anna Lee Alvarez Sandra Anderson Sherry Ruth Anderson Elizabeth Arimoro Angelika Arutyunova and Duane Needham Kay Austen Sharon Aveni Cheryl Bacon Rose and Eric Baden Kamaljit Bains Gail Baker Lyda Baker George Ball Richard Barber Ann Barnett Zoli Bashar Barbara Bates Param Vir Bedi

Ann Stillwater Shelly Bennett Cynthia K. Benson* Marla Berg Jennifer Biehn and Joan Lohman Karen Bishop Susan R. Blinn Loretta M. Bober Marjorie Boetter* Martha A. Boose Amy Brazier Phoebe and Michael Bressack Erin K. Brigham Robert M. Brown Margaret Browne Rachel Burger Florence Burke Vivian Slade and Todd A. Burr Karen Burt Peggy Cain Leslie A. Campbell Joanna Caplan R. Jordan Tillett Susan E. Carter Serena Castaldi Sandi Chamberlain Alton B. Chamberlin Janein Chavez Mary G. Clarke Barbara C. Coll and E. John Sebes Carol Cook Martha Cook Teresa Z. and Thomas L. Coraggio Lydia A. Cornejo Carla Renee Corwin Sarah Costa Sue Ann Cox

Laurie R. Coyle Carrel Crawford Gaines Peyton Creane Elaine M. Culbert Julie Dalton Ginger Daniel Elizabeth K. and Scott G. Danielson Marilyn Tiki Dare and Daniel Elliot Beeder Jessica Davidson Karen Davis Kevin R. Davis Winnie De Vore Ana Delgado Maxine Denniston Ter DePuy Andrea E. Dew and Ryan Steele Delores and Larry Dike Lanell L. Dike June and Stephen Divizich Baby Djojonegoro Christine Donley Allababedi Jan Drange Cadence Dubus Susan L. Dumond* Nancy Eckel Karin and Scott Eidsvoog Jean Everall Adriana Farkouh Susanne V. Faulkner John Fehsenfeld Erik Felker Jessica Fielden Adelaide and Fred Finseth Trish Flaster Cornelia and Jan Flora Natalie I. Forowa

Gretchen Fournier Ingrid Fox Cheryl M. Frank Kristin Frascella Michal Fried Zoe Friedman-Cohen Anthony Friscia Christy Fujio Fiona Gallahue Urla Garland* R. H. Garrett-Goodyear Lisa Gerick Eileen Gibbons Julia Gibbs Joanna Goldenberg Mildred Gould Ann Gray Lisa Green Zina Greene Suzanne Griffith Lisbeth Gronlund and David C. Wright Julia Guillaume Betty Haan Donna P. Hall Eric Hamell Susanna Handow Jacquelyn Hansen Charlott Harrington Doug Hauger Rita S. Hays Dan Heath Lorraine Hendrickson Fennis Ho and Joel J. Knutson Marylyn Hoffman Shulamit Hoffman and Stanley Hutchinson Mary R. and John C. Hoffmann Janet M. Holland Margaret and Patrick Holland Nancy Houk Pollyanna Houston Karla and Joe Howard Patricia Huber Caryn Huberman Sarah B. Hufbauer and David D. True* Bonnie R. Hughes

* Donors who have given for ten years or more

Bryan G. Hull Diane S. Humphrey Rachel Humphrey Betty Cochran Hunt Tiffany Hutchings and Chad Wheeler Lourdes Inga and Hebert Pasos* Kristen Ingmire Kristi L. Iverson Genice Jacobs Barbara Jay Norma T. Jenkins Victoria Jensen and Jonathan Spencer Julie Jozwiak Thomas E. Kahan Judith Kaliski Mary Kasimor Melissa Kelley Jennifer Kern* Sumedha M. Khanna* Kate Killebrew Judith Kinnear Amy Klatzkin Stans Kleijnen and Joop Verbaken* Kathy Kay Klovstad Judith Knight Kandace Korth Vivian Kramp Julia B. Kringel* Susan Olson Kullman Laurie A. Laird and Jeffrey Bull* Angela Lam Susan L. Langdon Jennifer A. Lapham and Paul Sacaridiz Rachel C. Lee and David L. Fikstad Susan Lee-Rife and Greg Rife Linda S. Leonzal Leslie F. Levy and Caryatis Cardea Priscilla R. Linn Harry S. Lippy Erica Lockhart J. Robert Loftis Eileen D. Logan Elizabeth H. Logan Michele Logan and Bill Shourt Rosemary Lowden* Jane Lusk

Beatrice Ann and George F. Luthringer Sage Mansfield Kim J. Marggraf Steve Marshall Inez Martinez Maeve Matthews Catherine Maurer Therese A. Mazzetti Betty Mazzoni Nora and Dennis McAllister The McCarter Family Jon McConnell Heather L. McCulloch Anne McDonnell Melinda McGee Renee McGinnis Nicky McIntyre* Maria McKee Frances McNamee Jess McVey* Kelly McVicker Maricela Medina David Meek Geri Metz Dr. Deborah Milkowski Dianne and Rafe Miller Kellea Miller Richard Miller Susan Miller Kim Moeller Meghan Morris and Peter Brock Lynne Mosier Seanan Murphy Stephen Murphy Shalini Nataraj R. Nat Natarajan Suzanne E. and Dale G. Needles Mitch Neuger Judith E. Nichols Darlene E. Nilges Randi Nordeen Lindell Northup Carol Nosko and Juan Quesada Paul D. O’Malley Caitlin O’Reilly Boyd Obermeyer

Erin Oglesby Emily Oliver Darcie Olson Cynthia Orozco and Juan Carlos Eguiluz Emily H. Otto Nancy Packer Indira Paez Patricia Parsley Denise Pelletier and Frank Morosky Colleen Persichitte Mary Petty Daja Phillips and Adam Strassberg Dr. Paulette Pierce Brenda Pitts Noelle Poncelet Frances Poon Maryanna Pratt Lucy Pulitzer Kavita N. Ramdas and Zulfiqar Ahmad* Nathalie H. Ramsey Lynne Raschke Ellen Rauch Christie Reed Rachel H. Resnikoff Amy Richards Susan and John Richmond Mary M. Ring Claudia Roach Hugh J. Roberts* Maria Rodriguez Ruth Rominger Lucia Rosati Renate S. Rose* Barbara Runyan Maritza Ryan Jennifer Rycenga Sophia S. Sak Sayuri Sakamoto Pat Samuel Barbara and Hugh Sanborn Regina Sandler-Phillips Shambhavi Sarasvati Susan Savitt Dottie A. Schaefer* Sandy and Rick Schaefer Edith B. Schiele


Susan M Schor Susan Schultz Mindi Schuman Alison M. Schwyzer Tara Sheahan Meggan Sheble Evlyne Sheltrown Patricia Sherman Yael Silverburg Ann Silverman Florence Silverman Susan Silvestri Steven L. Simmons S. Singh Mairita Smiltars Brenda Smith Mele Lau Smith Sande Smith Jane Solomons and Raul E. Carter Carol A. Soto Joan Southern Jennifer St. Hilaire Anya Stagakis Inda Stagg Caitlin Stanton Sandra M. Stanton Nancy L. Starr Hans Steenborg Curtiss B. Wright Rachel Stein Stephanie J. Steinwedel Kate Stewart Lynn and Ron Stiglich* Katherine J. Strandburg Beret E. Strong and John Tweedy* E. Swann Sheryl Symonds Annalisa Synnestvedt and Rebecca Hekman Linda B. Tabor-Beck Carolyn Tateishi Jill M. Taylor Marcia Taylor Patricia Claire Taylor* Dr. Olga E. Terrazas Dana L. Thompson* Lyne Thompson 80

Margaret Tobin Sharon Toth Cheryl Traendly Phil Trenholme Marianne Trevorrow Jaclyn Ann Udaloff Gary E. Uttke Jacqueline H. Van Gorkom Amanda Van Moos Carol A. Vogel Greta Vollmer Dr. Khoi A. Vu Gail Wadsworth Kathy Wallace Betty Wallien Karen Walls Chrystal Walsh Jenifer Wanous Ann Wansley* Roxanne Warren Joan S. Weber James Modiano Weinstein Brenda Wells Carolyn White Margaret I. Whitmer Kimberly M. Wiefling Annie Wilkinson Cheryl Willis Susan L. Winer John Wiskind and Doug Gary Jane Woodman Dean S. Worth Denise Wright Amelia Wu and Sachin Adarkar* Anita Wu Jenny and Ming Wu Kathrin W. Young Anne Marie Siu Yuan Zeina Zaatari Inspiration Partners These donors substantially increased their annual giving to the Global Fund and pledged to contribute that same amount annually. Inspiration Partners help us to exponentially increase the funds available to women’s movements worldwide.

Anonymous Donors Deborah Abel* Phyllis K. Abell Alice Agogino Mary E. Agran Nilofer Ahsan Barbara A. Andrews Marya Axner and Mark Niedergang* Eric Baack* W. Mitchell Baker and Casey Dunn Beth Barker Virginia Beck* Kathleen P. Bennett* Lynn Bennett AEGIS Capital Management Inc. Patty Bliss Kym M. Boyman and Beth Robinson* Marjorie Braude Carol and David Brown Lynn Hyatt Brown Hilde S. and David K. Burton Gail Buschini Pat Cahill Helen Cahn Julie Cardillo Helen B. Casey Marie A. Chandoha Dr. Helen Chang Gwen Chapman Michelle Chavez-Pardini Mercene Chegwidden Dr. Carol P. Christ* Susan R. Clark Susan Clark Julie Clugage Susan M. and Robert L. Coffman* Susan J. and Peter W. Colby Dr. Johnnetta B. Cole Kathie Collins Serena and Tom Connelly Margaret Conner Antoinette Daker Brinda Dalal Deborah Dalzell and Mark Wilson Marisa A. DeFranco and Kai P. Moy Helen Desai* Frances R. Dittmer

Melanie Doherty Dr. Elena Dorabji Martha Drohobyczer Dina and G. Dublon Jane C. Dudley Camille Dull Cindy Basso Eaton Pamela and Edmund R. Eglinski Connie L. Ellerbach* Therese M. Esperdy Georgiana Flaherty Ann E. Fordham* Lorraine Fortier Gwen Foster* Nancy C. and Richard N. Frank Jean Fraser and Geoff Gordon-Creed* Monique and Yves Gaden Diane Genova Paola Gianturco Sheilah J. Glover Susan D. Goldman* Lynne and Harvey Golomb* Margaret A. Gonther Judy Gordon Barbara C. Green Nancy and Jesse Green* Janice M. Gregory David Grewal Leanne A. Grossman Lori Gubin Louisa G. Haefele Bernard Hammer Joan C. Hanrahan Gayten Harmon Audrey Haschemeyer Crystal Hayling* B. Hefke Lisa Hering Handley* Midge Heumann* Paula Hirschoff and Chuck Ludlam* Naomi Jean Hofacket Dr. Ole R. Holsti Susan Hooper Catherine Howard Lily Hurlimann Wende and Tom Hutton Su W. Hwang and Matthew Glickman

Judy and Tom Hyde Jennifer A. Hyman* Keri Jackson Geraldine Jacobson and Monroe D. Reed Manon Janssen Maria and Greg Jobin-Leeds Linda Johnson Debra Kalmuss Larissa Keet (deceased) Mary Kelley Melissa Kelly-McCabe Pauline Dent and Thomas B. Ketchum Rachel K. King Mimi and Dan Kingsley* Dr. Ellen F. Kirschman* Alfred E. Knobler Rosette and Gerald Koch Dagmar L. Kohring Ronya Kozmetsky Judy Kramer* Leora Krause Lata Krishnan and Ajay Shah Lea Haber Kuck Jean B. Lanz Myriam Laverde Cathy and Rich Lebeaux* Lederer Foundation Dianne E. Penson and Nolan E. Lerner Anne and Alex Long Terry Lorant and Peter Jacobson M. Brinton Lykes and Catherine M. Mooney* Melanie and Peter Maier Philanthropic Fund at the Jewish Community Endowment Fund Diane Manning Ethel K. Marran Heidi Marshall Blythe S. J. Masters Clare McCamy M. P. McClure Judy McConnell Kathleen McDonough and Louise McNeilly* Cameron Curtis McKinley* Cynthia K. McLachlan (deceased)

* Donors who have given for ten years or more

Patty F. McManus Anne McMullin Pamela McMullin-Messier and Michael Messier* Maura Anderson McNiel* Bonnie Mills* Tara Mohr Kathy Moore Jane and Mark Mordell Straus Family Foundation Joy Casacio Nash Gayle and Don Nathe* Neukermans Family Fund at Silicon Valley Community Foundation Julia F. and W. P. O’Brien Susan Orbuch and James Gilbert Dr. Judith Pachciarz Gargi Pahuja William and Carol Palladini Fund of the Santa Barbara Foundation Melissa Sue Parker Thomas Parnell William J. & Elizabeth R. Patterson Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Amanda Paulson Pamela D. Pelletreau Lenore Pereira and Richard K. Niles Rosario Perez Erin and Paige Perotti-Orcutt Barbara A. and David N. M. Plum Meenakshi Pursnani Helen R. and Daniel J. Quinn* Judith Ragir Marjorie Randolph Susan Z. Ritz and Ethan Atkin* Michelle F. Rohe Kalima Rose* Dinah Rosenthal* Kitty Knapp Rudman * Wylan Scarborough Gift Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Jeanne Schapp Schaub Foundation* New Directions Foundation* Phyllis and Stephanie R. Schneider* Kristen Schnepp Anneka Scranton

Seevak Family Foundation Sandra Senti Rayona Sharpnack* Hildy J. Simmons Kim-Lan Simmons-Connon* Martha C. Skeeters Isabel H. Sloane Janet Zia Small* Rosemary Smith Charlotte Spitzer Dr. Iris St. John Sandra Stanley Dr. Terry Stein The Stephens Charitable Foundation Janis J. Stoner and William L. Gekakis* Rosemary Straley Jane Swigart Pat Taub Frank C. Taylor Phyllis and Richard Taylor Kerie Thomson Diane Toby and Jeffrey Lea Louisa Hagner and William R. Trigg Randall H. Trigg* Diane Trombetta Sally Tuttle* Patricia Unterman Hilary Valentine Bommakanti Venkateshwar Gabrielle M. Verdier and Julio Rodriguez-Luis Jill L. Vibhakar Rebecca Vitale-Mandich and Mitchell Mandich Deborah Wallace and William Adams* Kim Wayne Wayne Family Foundation Jennifer Weber Bea Welsh Weicker Melody Howe Weintraub Berit Westby Michele Wheeler Wendy and Bob Wheeler* Joanne Winetzki and Jean Hohman Priscilla Winslow Dr. Marilyn and Dr. Irvin D. Yalom* Regina F. Yearout

Sylvia Yee & Brian McCaffrey* Dr. Pat Youngdahl and Michal McKenzie Anne Firth Murray Circle Named after the Global Fund’s founding president, the Anne Firth Murray Circle consists of donors who have included the Global Fund in their estate planning. These individuals are leaving a legacy that will make a difference in women’s lives for years to come.

Anonymous Donors Dorothy R. Abbott Ann Barnett Dr. Suzanne Barnett* Karen R. Beck and Becca Calhoun Virginia Beck* Ann Beltran Kathleen Bennett and Tom Malloy Jennifer Biehn and Joan Lohman Judy Bloom Adriana J. Breidenstein Devra Miller and Lester Breslow* Mary Lord Brown Laurie Calhoun Dr. Carol P. Christ* Marguerite C. Craig* Stephanie Davis Crisanta de Guzman Barbara Derbyshire Nancy and Chris Deyo Mary H. Dodge Jean Fraser and Geoff Gordon-Creed E. Beebe Frazer Jonathon M. Glick Lisa Green Leanne A. Grossman Lynn Gutstadt and Dr. Patrick O’Heffernan Joan and David Hadden Catherine Hall Diana S. and Stephen Halprin* Judith Latta Hand Nancy Helm Paula Hirschoff and Chuck Ludlam* Dr. Mary Ann Huckabay


Diane and Russ Hullet Dr. Harriet Nona Hungate* Genice Jacobs Susan E. Jacoby Jeni and James Johnstone Larissa Keet (deceased) Hope Kingsley* Dr. Ellen F. Kirschman* Stans Kleijnen and Joop Verbaken* Paul Knudsen Dagmar L. Kohring Sally Konley Laurie Kramer and Judith Silverman Pamela Krasney* Jennifer Krauel Julia B. Kringel* Michelle La Prise* Aubrey Lande Barbara K. and Kenneth D. Larsonj Beverly Lawrence Roni Lebauer and Michelle Ryan* Jane E. Lewenthal* Lucia Woods Lindley Esta Feedora Lesley M. and Russel Martin Nicky McIntyre Dr. Pat Youngdahl and Michal McKenzie Harriet Miller and Monica Wehrle Joanne and Paul Nay Claudia Newbold and Howard Schopman* Sara J. Newman* Ruth A. Nickodemus Caitlin O’Reilly Gail Piper Mary Radu and Richard Auger Betty S. Regard Susan Z. Ritz Claudia Roach Dinah Rosenthal* Kristen Schnepp Dr. Anneka Scranton Susan Silvestri Lael Stegall* Tara Phoenix Sterling


Lynn and Ron Stiglich* Betsy Strausberg Dana L. Thompson* Susan P. Virnig Léonie Walker and Kate O’Hanlan, M.D. Deborah Wallace and William Adams Mal Warwick Dr. Kayla Weiner* Mariquita West Diane Jordan Wexler and Bruce Beron* Patricia Winter Individual Donors


Anonymous Donors Wendy Aamodt Janske Aarts Janice Abarbanel Diane Abato Dorothy R. Abbott Jane H. Abbott Jennifer Abbott Deborah Abel* Donna S. Abel J. M. Abel* Joanne and Steve Abel Sally Abel Olga Abella Fred N. Abels David B. and Susan G. Abernethy* Beverly Abisogun Mike Abkin Ellen Ablow and Alan Norman Deborah Abraham Mollie Abraham Catha A. Abrahams Miron Abramovici Linda and Robert Abramovitz Gerald Abrams Cecilia Absher and David A. Katz Judith Ann Abrams Clara Abramson Joanna S. Abramson Joan Abruzzo

Martha Ackelsberg Brooke Ackerly Frances T. Ackley Vaughan Acton Cheryl Adam Ann Adams Anne Adams Deanne Adams and Anthony Sisto Donald Adams Elva Adams Kathleen Adams Lee Adams Richard H. Adams Susan Adams Susan S. Adams Suzanne Adams D. B. and Chitra Adarkar Swati Adarkar and Michel Bolsey Susan S. Addiss Betty Adelson Dr. Sandra Adickes Margery Adinoff Douglas Adkins Barbara L. Adler Mealani Adler Rose and Irving Adler Sara Adler Miriam Adlum Brenda Adrian Dorothee and Alfred Aeppli Marianne Afifi Jerry Agate Elizabeth C. and Charles H. Agle Smadar and Yoav Agmon Alice Agogino Jessica Rose Agramonte Mary E. Agran Yuri Agrawal and Benjamin Zaitchik Janet M. Aguilera* Leslie Aguillard Mrs. and Mr. M. T. Ah Carolyn Ahern Aleta M. Ahlstrom Akram Ahmad Corrine Ahrens Margaret K. Ahrens

Mrs. and Mr. Willard G. Aiden Marjorie Y. Aikens Cameron Ainsworth Kavita Aiyar and Bernhard Ries Merete Aiyer Cristina M. Ajemian Ingrid Akerblom Cathy Akers James Apone Herant Akmajian Pat L. Akrabawi Charissa Alas Sedore Susan T. Albee Leslie F. Alber Sheri Alber Maura Albert Mei-Ling Albert Paul Albert Susie Alberts Sharon J. Albinson Katherine R. and Paul M. Albitz* Mary Albon Johanna Albrecht Judith Albright Pauline T. Albright Dalia Alcazar Cecile Alch Margery Alchalabi Denise Alden and Viswadas Leher Gretchen B. Alden Nancy Alden Martha Aldenbrand Jann Aldredge-Clanton and David Clanton Donna M. Aldridge Ann Alexander and Richard Khanlian Barbara Alexander Constance Alexander Eleanor Briggs Alexander Franceska Alexander Jane A. Alexander Jill Alexander Linda Alexander Mary K. Alexander and Steven L. Malone Sharon J. Alexander*

Susan Alexander Frederick J. Alford Randi S. Alfrey Lindsay S. Alger Jo Anne Algiers Shoukat Ali Julie Alis Bellman Allan Molly Allander Susan Amelia Allein and Richard Flanagan Adina Allen Ann E. Allen* Ashley Allen Bem and Paula Allen Carolyn Allen* Chequeta D. Allen Connie Dianne Allen* Diana Allen Georgia Allen Jane Allen Joan Allen Judy Allen and Susan Seaburg* Nina C. Allen Noel Catharine Allen Margaret Allende Karen Lona Allendoerfer* C. S. Allin Cynthia Allison, CA Cynthia Allison, CO Nancy Allison Rhoda Allison Vivian C. Allison Sreedhar Alluri Dr. Susan Almy* Robin Alpern Elizabeth Alpert Gloria Alpert Velma Alridge Janet M. Alt Kathy Altieri Alexandra Altman Doris Altman Esther Altschul Elsa Altshool Anna Lee Alvarez

* Donors who have given for ten years or more

Lee V. Amack Barbara Aman Peter Amann Effie K. Ambler Andrea A. Amend Salvatore Amendola Valerie Amerkhail Gabriele Amersbach Nancy Ammerman Amarillis Amoros Dr. Thomas Amos Lorna Amsbaugh Margery Amundsen Heidi Amundson Susan D. Amussen and David Underdown* Jeanne L. Anastasio Irene Anbender Florence Ancillotti Susan Weir Ancher Adaline and Eddy Ancinas Alfhild Anda Roseanna Ander B. J. Anderman Susan Anderson Anne S. Anderson Beverly A. Anderson Carla Anderson and Kevin Spitler Carolyn Anderson Julie Eckenwalder Crystal Anderson Gary S. Anderson Gary W. Anderson Gilbert Anderson James Anderson Emerald B. and James N. Anderson Jennifer A. Anderson Joan Anderson Joni Anderson* Joyce G. Anderson Jule C. Anderson Kirsten E. Anderson Lisa Anderson M. C. Anderson Margaret Anderson Mary Anderson

Mary S. Anderson Megan Anderson Melissa Anderson Betty Jo and Philip A. Anderson Robert R. Anderson Roberta Anderson Sally Anderson Sally and David Anderson Sandra Anderson Sherry Ruth Anderson Dr. Susan Anderson Suzanne Anderson Tessie and Jon Anderson Vaughn Anderson Virginia Anderson Dr. Virginia M. Anderson Barbara H. and Alan A. Andolsen Kathleen M. and John C. Andonie Rebecca and Jean Francois Andre Susan Andre Marianne Andreach Barbara A. Andrews Elizabeth Andrews Phyllis Andrews Eleanor Zahorsky Angel Nellie E. Angel Jeanne Angelheart Joanne C. Angell Susan H. Angell and Tim Palmer Natalie Angier and Richard Weiss Jennifer Angove Georgene and James Angrist Michael L. Angstrom Kari and James Annand Sarah M. Annis Frances Ansley and Jim Sessions Paula Antebi Margaret and Gregory Anthon Anita Anthony-Huebert Patricia Antich Eugene Antley Donna Anuskiewicz Wilma Apack Robert Apfel and Bennett Simon Barbara E. Appel Melissa Appel

Susan K. Appel Linda D. Applegarth Mary Ellen Appleman Doris Appleton Miriam G. Apter Kathryn Arbeit Donna Arbogast Rita Arditti* Anna-Liisa Are Bahrt A. Arellano Caterina Arends Deborah Arhelger and Wayne Citrin Elizabeth Arimoro Janice Arkatov Lilly Arkenberg Meredith Arkin Norma F. Arlen* Tom Armbruster Kristina Armenakis Celestine Armenta Victoria Armentrout Mary and George C. Armes Teresa Armington Norma Armstrong Ronelle J. Armstrong Fred Arnery Laura Arnesen and Robert Meany Nancy D. Arnesen Diana Arnett and Spencer H. Kircher Fred Arney Ann Arnold Flora C. Arnold Jeffrey Arnold Robert C. Arnold Sonia Arnold Maxine H. Arnoldsen Mimi Arnstein and Parker Nichols Sonia Aronian Victoria and Gideon Aronoff Elissa and Daniel Arons* Rebecca S. Arons Casper J. Aronson (deceased) Esther Aronson Linda Artel Davinna J. Artibey


individual donors, continued

Angelika Arutyunova-Needham and Duane Needham Nora Asbury Ernee Asch Laleh Asgharian Laura Asher Alice and Paul Ashin Ardyce J. Asire Dena Aslanian-Williams Rosemarie Asterino Jennifer M. Astone Susan and Antoun I. Ateya Sue Ann Atkerson Carole Atkin Anita Atkinson Mr. Attal Mary M. Attanasio Judy J. Atterholt and Christopher J. Petti Yvonne Attonito Helene A. Au Joan E. Aubrey Joanne Aubrey Eva Auchincloss Sherra Augirre Lynn Augstein Mary R. Aull Kay Austen David Austin Teresa Austin Joy and Chris E. Austin-Lane Sandra Y. Avant Sharon Aveni Andrew Averett Frances Aversa Jill S. Avrunin Atsuko Awaya Tinuade Awe Helen S. Axel Connie J. Axelrod Mateo Ayala Melissa Aycock Sue W. Aycock Wheatly Aycock Helen Alysworth Odile Ayral Clause LaRene Ayres


Toni Ayres and John E. Ford


Jeanette O. Baba and Margaret Stillman Nelson Babb, Jr. Barbara Babcock Michael Babcock Barbara D. Babin and James L. Avera Tess Babo-Fry and Lon Fry Daniel Bach Leslie B. Bach Marguerite Marie Bachard Catherine Bachy and Margaret Giffels Kathy D. Backlund Jocelyn A. Backston Cheryl Bacon Ellen H. and Thomas J. Bacon Rose and Eric Baden Nancy S. Badger Ann Badillo Diane D. and Robert W. Baer Eva Baer Lori Baer and Dylan Mann Martha Lynn Baer Ellen G. Bagli Norman A. Baglini Kamran Baher Michael Bahri Ann H. Baier Jean M. Baier Andrea Baier-Petiet Betty Lou Bailey Bryan Bailey Carlotte Bailey Colette and Dorothy Bailey Julia Bailey Juliana Bailey Lavonne and Richard U. Bailey Linda Bailey Mary B. Bailey Michael G. Bailey Mindi Bailey Rebecca Bailey Joan G. Bailin Mary Baim

Mrs. and Mr. Stephen A. Bain Kamaljit Bains Margaret Baird Marian H. Baird Susan E. Baird Jasmohan Bajaj Alison Baker Carole Baker Catherine C. Baker Dorothy and Ronald Baker Gail Baker George Baker Glenda L. Baker* Jan Baker Lyda Baker Mary Jane Baker Nancy Baker Patrick Baker Paul Baker Roberta Baker V. Nadine Baker Virginia H. Baker Mitzi Bakunis Sutapa Balaji Betty Balanoff Ram and Usha Balaraman B. L. Balchandani Christian Baldenhofer Anne Baldwin* Harriet and George Baldwin* Narayan Baliga Brandie Balken Veronica M. Balken Cecilia Ball Elizabeth Ball George Ball Juanita Ball Carole Nilsson Ballachen Amanda Ballard John S. Ballard Morgan Ballard Edward and Sharon Ballen Alice Ballin Edna Balmat Carolyn Balousek

Carol Balster Elaine Baluk Jean S. Bamforth Carolyn F. Banas Rena Merritt Bancroft Jan L. Bandrofchak Virginia and Albert Bandura* Dr. Katherine M. Bandy Margie R. Bandy Beth and Steven Bangert Gretchen Bangerter Phyllis Banis Patience Banister Stephen Banister Martha J. Banks Lois Banner Margaret N. and Cyrus W. Banning* Elizabeth Bannwarth and William Haskell Preeta Bansasl Lee Barash Jane Barbeau Harriette Barber Patricia Barber Richard Barber, AZ Richard Barber, PA Jan Barber-Doyle Krista Barbour Maureen Barckley Geraldine N. Barclay Marjorie Barden Margaret Lee Bardgett Diane Barense Judith C. Barker and Linda S. Mitteness* Donna Barkman Caroline Barlerin Mark Barletta Marti B. Barletta Dennis G. Barnacle Avis Barnard Eleanor Barnard Elaine Barnes Elizabeth Barnes Judith E. Barnes Karen and Carl D. Barnes Sophie Barnes

Ann Barnett John Barnett Kathlene Barnett Sandra J. Barnett Dr. Suzanne Barnett* Gloria Barney Eva J. Barnfather Malia Barnhill Susan Barniak Cathleen F. and William J. Barnier Shirley Baron Susan Baron Elizabeth Barone Meghan Barp Cynthia M. Barr Marilyn and Ronald Barr Marilyn M. Barr Penelope J. and Patrick J. Barrett Roxanne Barrett Antoinette Barrientos* John Barrier, Jr. Laura Barrios C. Westbrook Barritt Aurora Barron Lucy Barron-Gitter Silvia E. Barros Kathleen A. Barrows Hathaway Barry* Kathleen Barry and Robert Burnett* Nancy Barry Sheila M. Barry Subha V. Barry Helene Barsky Marcella Barsotti Janet Barsy Paul J. Bartek Dr. and Mrs. Mark Barter Gregory Bartha Annemarie Bartholomay Edmund S. Bartlett Colleen Bartley Herbert C. Bartling Patricia Barton Leanore Bartos Nicholas Bartos Liz Lower Basch

* Donors who have given for ten years or more

Natalicia Basch* Zoli Bashar Christina N. Basile Joyce Bass Suzanne Pred Bass Destiny Bassett Eve Yanda and Jon Bassett Eric R. Bassey Dorothea K. Batchelder Marilyn Batchelder M. Amy Batchelor and Bradley A. Feld Barbara Bates Stephanie Anne Bates Glenna Batson Rosemary Batt and Ronald Applegate Frank Battaglia Anne and John Battagliola C. D. Batty Kelly Bauer Patricia Bauer Marcia and Richard Baugh Jan Baulsir Barbara Ann and Don A. Baum A.J. Baumann* Shirley L. Baumann Helen and Paul Baumgartner Karen Baumgartner Dr. Virginia P. Baxt Anne W. Baxter and Doree Allen Cynthia L. Baxter Elaine Baxter Jane C. Baxter Jane H. Baxter and Stephen C. Beck Louanna and Harry Baxter Rich Baxter Anne Bayless Barbara S. Bayless Barbara A. Beach Cecilia Beach Paul W. Beach Thomas T. Beach Theresa Beadreau Leonore Beaky Eunice Beantsson Christine H. Beard and David Goldblatt Helen Beard

Jaretta Beard Jean Beard Lynn Beard Molly Beargie Becky Beasley J. Neal Beaton Ronald J. Beaton Anne E. Beaumont Mary H. Beaven* Rebecca and Frank Beaven Dr. Bonnie Beaver Mekayla Beaver Doris Bebb Elizabeth L. Bechtel Paul T. Bechtol Nancy and Richard L. Bechtolt Douglas Beck Judith A. Beck Karen R. Beck and Becca Calhoun* Leah Beck Sharon Beck Virginia Beck* Dolores Becker Jill Becker Karen and John Becker Marna Lilliedale Becker Alexandra M. Beckett John W. Beckley Betsey Beckman Vicki L. Beckman Stephanie Beckstrom Toni Beczak-Mason Ana T. Bedard Alison S. and Malcolm R. Beddow Param Vir Bedi Simone Bedient Heidi Bednar Nancy Beebe Mary A. Beedle Margaret O. Beeler Leon E. and Margaret R. Beeler* Andrew Beelik Margaret J. Beetham Martha Begley Brian Behlendorf Victoria Behr

Owen Beiber Ann Bein Charles Beitz David Bekken Della Belansky Robert O. Belcher Marjorie Belk Maica Belknap David Bell Dr. Diana Bell Judith E. Bell and James P. Greenberg Mary E. Bell Christopher Paul Cherney Pauline P. and Howard H. Bell Rita E. Bell Sarah K. Bell Shannon Bell and Romeo Salonga Dr. Shirah A. and Chauncey F. Bell Anne Belleau-Mills David Bellin Barbara Bellissimo Dr. Kirstie L. Bellman Marcia Bellonte Anne and Richard Bellows Elizabeth Belting Elise A. Belusa Ruth K. and Leroy E. Belzer* Emily J. Benadon Janet M. Bendann Heidi Bender Bess Bendet Jacqueline M. Bendy Judy Benedict Kennette Benedict Valerie Bengal Beth Benjamin and Bob Grunnet Cynthia L. Benjamin and William R. Burnett Nancy S. Benjamin Pabitra Benjamin Patricia A. Benjamin Rita Benn and Stephen Lapedis Frances Bennatti Debbie Benner Linda and John Benner Angela Bennett


individual donors, continued

Christine Bennett Deana R. Bennett Jasmine Bennett Jessica Bennett Kathleen P. Bennett* Lynn Bennett Mildred J. and Edward L. Bennett Nancy W. Bennett Shelly Bennett Jeanne Q. Benoliel Gem Benoza Lisa Benshoff Susanna Bensinger Barbara Benson Cynthia K. Benson* James D. Benson, II Ken L. Benson Barbara L. Bentley Marianne Bentley Ruth Benzie Mary Benziger Sara Berenson Phyllis and Frank Berentsen Frances Lewy and Mark R. Berg Kimberly Berg Lisa Joy Berg Marla Berg Nancy G. Berg Royal F. Berg Sarah Berg Dana Bergen Doris Bergen Marlowe Bergendoff Pamela M. Berger Rasjidah Berger Dorothy W. Bergin Janine Bergin Kay V. Bergin Karlene Bergold Melody Bergquist Kelly Bergstrand Frances Berke Emanuel Berkenbilt Annette Berkowitz Deborah Berkowitz Shayna Berkowitz and Phyllis Wiener


Sheryl E. Berkowitz Janet C. Berlo Arlene Berman Cheryl Berman Moira E. Berman Toby Berman Janet C. Bernard Michele Bernard-Barnes and Timothy Barnes Amy Bernd Dorothy A. Berndt Susan B. and Victor M. Bernhard Jeanne Berni Lionel A. Bernson Arlene Bernstein Carol Bernstein Dorothy Bernstein Liz Bernstein and Graham Saul Nancy Bernstein Sally Bernstein Belinda A. Bernum Elizabeth Trahan Berry Linda Berry Michael Berry Mildred Berstein Jeanne Bertacchi Luann Munns Berthel Sylvia Berzins Brady L. Beshore Mary L. Beszterczei Kaye Beth Dr. Joyce Li Bethe Geri Bethel Elvera Bethke Margaret Bethune Barbara Betkowski Mary A. Bettencourt Ruth and Michael Bettendorf Marty Betts Judy L. Betz Renee T. Betz Susan and Peter Betzer Morgan M. Beulcer Paula M. Beveilacqua Deborah Beyea The Bhachech Family

Shalini Bhargava Tanmoy Bhattacharya Adam Bianchi Felicia Bianchi Lois Bianchi Nancy Bickel Jewelle W. Bickford Anil K. Bidani Belinda Biddle Patricia S. Bidwill Dr. Angenieta Biegel Jennifer Biehn and Joan Lohman Jean and James Biek Dr. Linda Biemer* June Bienstock Stanley Bier Doris M. Bierhanzl Lisa M. Bierig William L. Bigelow Mary Ellen Biggerstaff Carina Biggs Helga Bilik Simone J. Billings Susan G. Billings Lucy Billingsley Holly Billington Laura and Frank Billington* Christine Billups Laverne Bilse Patti Binder Debbe Bingaman Clara Bingham and David Michaelis Jane Bingham Patricia and Charles Bingham Monsignor George Binkowski Susan Bint K. Monica Biondi Lynn Biow Michael Bird Alan Birkbeck Gabriele Birnbaum Lucia C. Birnbaum Sheila L. Birnbaum Dr. Beverly Birns-Atkins Mary W. and Robert C. Birss Diane Birtwell

Elsie Bisbee Ann Bish Gene Bishop Jessica I. Bishop Karen Bishop Roger Bishop Patricia S. Bitondo Vera Bittner Amy Sue Bix Sonja Michele Bjaaland Ulla and Bengt Bjarngard Dolores J. and Glenn A. Bjorkman Dawn Bjorn Marlene L. Bjornsrud and Jo Anne L. Murto Andrews Black Helen Black Joann Black Laura L. Black Linda C. Black Mary L. Black Jan Blackburn Colleen Blacklock Gloria J. Blacklock Carolyn Blackmore Jane Blackwell Elizabeth and Wendy Blackwell-Moore Nancy Blaha Harold O. Blair Jennifer Blair Priscilla J. Blair Elizabeth Blakeley Jeanne Blamey Beatrice and Phillip Blank Margaret Konefsky and Arthur E. Blank Rebecca M. Blank and Johannes C. Kuttner Sherrod Blankner Barbara Blasdel and Eugene Alexander Rita Blata Joel Blatt Heidi Blau Laure and G. Andrew Blauvelt Jessica Beldsoe Susan W. and Michael J. Bleecher Charlotte A. Bleistein* Gail C. Blevins

Sherra L. Blind Lois C. Blinkhorn Susan R. Blinn Carla Bliss Kimberly Bliss Patty Bliss Dr. Beth Blissman Karen M. Blitz-Shabbir Dory Blobner* Jean F. and Herbert R. Bloch Jennifer Block Peggy Block Stephanie Block Eve Blohm Canda Bloir Jeanette Blomberg Judith A. and Robert C. Blomberg* Ruby Blondell Dr. Linda S. Bloom Nicole D. Bloom and Susan P. Swigart Anne Bloomdahl Ellen Blosser June Blotnick and Douglas S. Sea Maura Bluestone Susan Bluestone Norma F. and David M. Blum Paula Blum Vicky Blum Elsie F. Blumberg Jane Blumberg-Goldberg* Evelyn Blumenthal Marcia L. Boardman Nella Boardman Loretta M. Bober Suzann and Peter M. Bobley Sharon L. Bock Celia M. Bockhoff Leslie Boden William S. Bodri Tim Boettcher Marjorie Boetter* Pablo Bogado George L. Boggess Barbara T. Boguslaw Marilyn Bohm Lou Bohman

* Donors who have given for ten years or more

Georgiana F. Boho J. Evangelyn Boice* Jerome Boish Adele Boison and Gus Caffrey Al G. Boissevain Marilyn Bok Karen G. Bokat Claudia Bolcik Jean Shinoda Bolen Elaine D. Bolle Sharon Bolles and Nando Raynolds Landrum R. Bolling Claudia Bollwinkel Diane Bolter Brent Bolton Cheryl Bolton Christine K. Bolton Debra L. Pascali Bonaro Pauline J. Bond Rebecca Bond Vena T. and Robert Bond Graham Bonham Linda Bonk Joan Bonnar Judith M. Bonnell-Wenzel and Mark S. Wenzel Judith Bonner Beatriz A. Bonnet Lydia Booker Blaine M. Bookey Michelle T. Boone Vera and Ross Boone Jane K. Boorstein* Martha A. Boose Diane Booth Elaine S. Booth* Lisa Merlo Booth Sreechand Boppudi Karen Borchert Laura Border Flavia Borellini Marci Borenstein Dr. Elizabeth Borer and Eric Seabloom Catherine D. Boretos Suzanne C. Borghei Dr. Elizabeth T. and Dr. Jay P. Boris*

Margaret Boris-Root and Matthew Root Francisco Borjas Jennifer Borland Lucy Borodkin Ann Borowiec Margaret Borske Deborah W. Bort Barbara F. Borthwick Evert J. Bos Edward E. Boshears Roger A. Boshes Chris and Michael Boskin Claire Boskin Gertrude I. Boskin Peter A. Bosma Karen Bostian Harry Boston, III Michael T. Boston Sandra W. Boston* Marolyn Boswell Janice K. Bothwell Nancy and Howard Bott Ron Bottorff Jack Botwin Eric R. and Stanley Boucher Sandy Boucher J. Boudreau Anne J. Bouge William J. Boulger Janet T. Bourret Dolores Boutin Alice Bouvrie Eleanor Bovard Kathleen Bovello Renee Boving Elizabeth Bowden-Smith and Randall Smith* Louise Bowditch Carol Bowen Irene Bowers Jane Bowers* Phoebe H. Bowers Rose Bowers Ruth M. Bowers Lee Anne Bowie Claudia Bowman

Jocelyn Bowman Peter Bowman Anne Boxall Nancy Boxley Cathy J. Boyd Sara D. Boyd Lincoln Boyden Barbara J. Boyer Marina Boyer Mary Laureen Boylan Beverly M. Boyle Kym M. Boyman and Beth Robinson* Kay Boyne Jacqueline Boynton Peter Boysen Helen Bozoky Rebecca Brackman Katharine Bradbury Elizabeth E. and G. Eric Bradford Dr. Eva Bradford Patricia Bradford Susan Bradford Edgar A. Bradford Geene Bradlee Cheryl L. Bradley Dee Bradley Evelyn Bradley Patricia Brady Bonnie Brae Kathryn M. Braeman Arnold Braeske Brenda Bragdon John Braico H. Lois Brainard Lyman Brainerd Jo Ellen Brainin-Rodriguez Arlene Braithwaite Barbara Bramble Beverly A. Branaman Gilda Brancato Carol Brand Zelda Brand Susan E. Brandehoff Michael Brandes Susan A. Brando Connie J. Brandon


individual donors, continued

Esther and Warren Brandt Margery Brandt Wilmer Brandt Arlene Brandwein Martha E. Brandwene and R.M. McWilliams* Ted Branstrom Cynthia Louise Brantley and Nancy Peden Mark E. Brasher Libby Brateman Elvira and Joseph Henry Brattan Maxine and Marshall Brauer Linda and Peter Braun Lynn Braun Fred J. Braxton D. A. Bray Kathryn S. Bray and George E. Geyer Martin Brazausky Carl L. Brazell, Jr. Amy Brazier Patricia M. Brda Mary H. Bready Rosie Brebes Brigid G. Brechling Vivian Bregman Therese F. Brehm-Gruber Adriana Breidenstein Barbara J. Breininger Jan Brelsford Mary Brendenburg Marie Brennan Sally Brennan* Jean L. Brenner Devra Miller and Lester Breslow* Phoebe and Michael Bressack Suzanne Breuer Veronica Breuer Cecile J. Brewer Kathryn M. Brewer McHenry S. Brewer Pat Brewer Nicholas Briaka Suzanne Bricca-Rupsa Renate Bridenthal Betsy A. Bridwell William R. Brieger 88

Linda and Wilbert Briggs Patti Briggs Erin K. Brigham Jennifer Bright Elyse Arnow Brill and Joshua Arnow Dr. Claire Brindis* Charles Brink Mary Florence Brink Sherry Brink Gayle Brinkman Maria Brisbane Susan Brisman Dorothy L. Bristol Jane F. Bristol Deborah Britt Jennifer Britten-Rohrbach Bev Britts Patricia A. Broady and Harry N. Bragg Heather Brocato Laura J. Brock Piper Brock and Kaye Scholer Mary Brockett Jane Brockman Jana Broder Emily Brodeur Mary Jo C. Brodie Bonni Kogen and Andrew D. Brodnick Janet Brodsky Julia B. and Aaron S. Brodsky Alison Sirkus and Michael Brody Ellen L. Brody and Michael R. Moore Janice Brody and Robert Bruce Rule Judith and Thomas Brody Billie Brokamp Patricia I. Bromberger Esther M. Broner Opal Broner Don Dehart Bronkema Phyllis Bronstein Amy Brook Lowell Brook Brittney Brooks Charlotte Brooks Colette A. Brooks Lynn and Stan Brooks Margaret M. Brooks

Markell Brooks Marty Brooks Patricia Brooks Sylvia H. Brooks Lynne R. Brookshire Sharon Brostrom Ruth F. Brothers Charlene R. and Marvin P. Brotman* Patricia Brotman Muriel Brotsky Michele Brourman Frank G. Broustis Hendrik Brouwer Sol Browdy Jacqueline M. Browman Alice R. and Stephen G. Brown Aparna and Joel Brown Benjamin C. Brown Betty Ann Brown Britta D. Brown and David B. Van Schyndel Carol S. Brown Carolyn V. Brown Cathy L. B. Brown Christopher Brown Cynthia S. Brown David Brown Donald P. Brown Dorris Brown Erin Brown Frieda Brown Garrett Brown Gracie, Paul and Theresa Brown Hilton U. Brown, III Holli L. Brown* Jane Brown Jeane D. Brown Jill Brown Joanne M. Brown K. E. Brown and S. A. Zook Karen and Corey Brown Karen P. Brown Katherine Brown Linda G. Brown Marieka Brown Mary Ann Brown

Mary C. Brown Mary E. Brown Mary Ellen Brown Mary Lord Brown Mira M. Brown Patricia Brown Percy A. Brown Princess Brown Robert M. Brown Sara L. Brown Sheree Ann Brown and Roger Kaplan Sherry Brown* Stephen Brown Susan G. Brown Thomas Brown Wendy Brown Dr. Colette V. Browne and Howard G. McPherson Margaret Browne Sheila S. Browne Betty M. Browning Priscilla Browning Rebecca Browning M’lou Brubaker Alexandra Bruce Emily Bruce Martha and Philip Bruckbauer Sally S. Brucker Corinne Bruder Barbara B. Bruell Debbie Stone Bruell Joanne E. Bruggemann* Susan Brugman Jerri and Jeffrey Brummett Todd A. Brun Jeffrey Brunner Virginia A. Brush Erica Bruskin Beth E. Bruton Harriet and Kirk Bryan Barbra S. Bryant Jason Bryant Barbara Bryce Margaret Brye Janet M. Buchan and John Creelman* Mary Estill Buchanan

Melinda Buchanan Cena Buchannon Lisa Buchberg and Ralph Kaywin Charles Buchi Gurdon S. Buck Louise Buck Sandra Buck-Moyer Marian Miller Buckhart K. Isabelle Buckley Lucy E. Buckley* Maureen B. Buckley Michael Bucove Rita Buczynska Deborah J. and Frank B. Buday Roberta and Karl O. Budman Meredith Buenning Kristi Buerger Eugene Buhr Nuzha Bukhari Arlene Buklarewicz Mary A. Bulf Nancy and Frank Bulkley Suzette M. B. Bulley Mildred Bulpitt Charlotte Bunch George Bunch Joy and Steven Bunson Marilyn Burba Margaret Burd and Rebecca Brinkmar Gayle Burdick Pamela Burdman Norma Burgdorf Catherine Burger Lauren J. and Michel Burger Rachel Burger Jane Burgess Valerie and John Burgess Lisette Burgos Anne Marie Burgoyne and Brad Roberts Jane Burka Florence Burke Janice Burke Kathy Burke Laurie Burke Lawrence Burke Lynn Burke

* Donors who have given for ten years or more

Maureen Burke Nancy Burke Sheila M. Burke Krystal Burke-Sales and Daniel Sales Marianne Burkhardt Dama Burkhart Debra and Ted Burkhart Louise Burkhart Marian and Charles Burkhart Regina M. Burkhart Karolyn and Gordon Burkhart-Schultz Leslie J. Burlingame* Shawn Burn Arnetra Burnett Carole A. and Ronald Burnett* Robert Burnett* Elizabeth Burns Georgeann Burns Jennifer Burns Patricia and Scott Burns Mary Burnside Ronald D. Burnside Jessica Burr Vivian Slade and Todd A. Burr Jennifer Burrell Marjorie Burren Rita Burris Theodora and Sherman Burson Karen Burt Tracy Burt Pansy and Thomas Burtis Janice Burton Lori Burton Teresa Cisneros and Sean Burton Verona D. Burton Bette Burzell Allison Busch Kathleen Busching Gail Buschini Ellyn Bush Joyce and Alan R. Bush Alice V. Bushner Joan Busick Patricia Busk William G. Buss Kathleen Buster

Barbara K. Butcher Della and Eugene C. Butcher Ann W. Butler Elray Sumi Butler Evelyn Butler Grace Butler Jeanne L. B. Butler George M. Butterfield Barbara Butterworth and Michael E. Gill Sharon Butticci Mayra Buviníc* Marion L. Buzzard Nina Byers Beverly Byl Josie Byzek


Chloe Cabanban Amanda Cabot and Peter Kjellerup Susana Caceres Cathy Cade Sandy Cademartori Colleen Caffery Mary Cafiero Betty Stuber Cahill Madeleine Cahill Pat Cahill Marian S. Cahir Helen Cahn Kay C. Cain Nita Cain Peggy Cain Anne Calcagno Patricia A. and Read A. Calderone Charles Caldwell Connie F. Caldwell V. M. Caldwell Mimi Calhoun Susan Calhoun Moss Greg W. Call Sabina Callahan Martha Callan Thomas F. Callan Dulia and Danilo J. Callejas Rosemary Caluori

Helen Calverley Nuria Calvet Elizabeth Cameron Louise A. Cameron Samantha Cameron Susan C. Cameron* Lynn Camhi Philip Camill Mary Lyman Cammann Dr. Carole Campana Angie Campbell D. P. Campbell Donna Muffoletto and James Alexander Campbell Heather Campbell Jan S. Campbell Leslie A. Campbell Martha Campbell Martha and Michael Campbell Melinda I. Campbell Catherine Camporini Frederic P. Cande Lucy Candib Christopher Canino Ellie and Tom Cannan Joyce M. Cannon Irene Cannon-Geary James L. Cantey Janice G. Canto Perfecto Caparas Alda Caparrelli Lillian Cape Melodye W. Capitani Elise Capito Brina Caplan Joanna Caplan Frances Caro Capolungo Deborah Capwell Chet Tchozewski Victor Caraddo R. Jordan Tillett Eileen Carbery Phyllis C. and Max W. Carbon Robert Carbon Josephine G. and Donald Carbone Angela Carbonne


individual donors, continued

Claudia Card Julie Cardillo B. J. Cardinali Margaret Cardoza Deborah Carey Gale Beliveau and George Carey Lois Carey Marjorie Cariello Wendy Cariello Penny Cariffe Patricia F. Carini Elmer and Betty Carlberg M. Jane Carlberg and Francis T. Bonner Stacy Carlile Valerie Carlisle Janet M. Carll Barbara R. Carlson Catherine Carlson and C. Owen Justyna Carlson Kay and Jim Carlson Margaret Carlson Mary and Paul Carlson Renee Carlson Susan M. and J. Charles Carlson Theresa Carlson Peggy Carlson-Bowen Erin G. Carlston Diana Carlton David Carmel Rosalind Carmen Carolyne J. and Earl Carmichael Marilyn Carmona Kelley M. Carnwath Rita Carole Carolyn Carollo Josephine N. Carothers* Antonina Carpenter Bonnie Carpenter Diane Carpenter Esther H. Carpenter Madelyn Carpenter Amy R. Carr* Sacheen Carr-Ellis Ann Carrellas Erotida Carreon Elizabeth Carrier


Annie Carrino Beverly Carroll Mary Carroll Maryrose Carroll Catherine Carrubba and Jerry Synowiec Claire S. Carson Galen Carson Leslie B. Carson Susan and Clayborne Carson Jeanne A. Carstensen Catherine L. Carter Charles A. Carter Hazel Williams and Bret Carter Jamylle Carter Jonathan Carter Judith K. Carter Juleen L. Carter and Kathleen E. Madigan Lou Ann Carter Mae R. Carter* Shirley H. Carter (deceased) Susan E. Carter Sylvia S. Carter Tracy C. Carter Kathy Cartes Joy and Ari Cartun Christine Cartwright Virginia Carver Peter Cascio Kay Case Kevin, Mairead, Siobhan and Mary Case* Evelyn S. Casey Helen B. Casey John Casey William V. Casey, Jr. Karen Cassel Mary V. Cassell Andra Cassen Anthony Cassetta Cynthia A. Cassidy Roberta A. Cassmeyer Harold R. Cast Serena Castaldi Kicab Castaneda-Mendez Marie Castano Leslie Castellanos

Joyce and Ronald Castellino Jean Castells Claudia Castillo Patricia Castillo Rosina T. Castillo Llana Lei Castillo-Jimenez Victoria Castle Ruth S. Castro Nancy Caswell Bernard Catcher Morrow Cater Rosalie and David Cates Sherry E. Cates Margaret Catley-Carlson* Clover Catskill Andrea H. Cauldwell Elizabeth Cauley Anne Cavaliere Madeline Caviness Joanne Curran and Ray Celentano Janet R. Celick Prudence Ceppos Darlene M. Ceremello and Jessea Greenman Sharon Cerny Catherine Cetta Christine and Ezra Cha-Cha Davi E. Chabner Geo Chacko Lois Chaffee Shona Chakravartty Robert Challener Yvette Chalom Patty Chamberlain Sandi Chamberlain Susan Chamberlain Alton B. Chamberlin Joan L. Chambers S. Ro Chambless Karen J. Champany Achamma Chandersekaran Catherine Chandler Marie A. Chandoha Lakshmi Chandra Premala Chandra Charu Chandrsekhar

Charlotte Chang and Jim Lastoskie Grace Chang Dr. Helen Chang Wendy Chang Ted Chanock Jan and Richard Chant Debra E. Chapatte Elaine Chapin Maud H. Chaplin Lois Chapman Rachel R. Chapman Michael Chappell Nancy J. Charbeneau Padma Chari Elaine Charkowski Dean Charles Babbie Charnak Suzy McKee and Stephen Charnas Robert Charnoff Dawn and Rowland Chase Erin Chase Mary B. Chase Alexandra T. Chasin* Susanne Chassay Nina Chaudry Janein Chavez Sabrina Chaw Jane B. and David Cheetham Kathleen Cheevers Mercene Chegwidden Dorothy Chen and Byron Han Julia Chen* Janet Chene Ka Yun Cheng Lillian I. and Dr. Morris J. Cherrey* Ellen J. Chesler and Matthew J. Mallow Francine Richer Chesler Thompson V. Chesnut Sarah and Danny Chester Tanya Chestnut Edmond Cheung Nancy W. Chickering and Kristopher Hammer Eileen and Victor Chieco Jeanmarie Chiffriller Teri L. and Michael Lee Childers

Ashley Chiles Ann Chiller Kuan P. Ching Mrs. and Mr. Philip H. Ching Pamela Chipman Randi Chisholm S. Chisholm* Jaemin Chon Carl E. Choquette Ya-Nan Chou Frances Chow Cop Katherine L. Chowning Lydia Choy Dorothy J. Chreitzberg Catherine Chreitzberg-Martinez Dana A. Chrisfield Joan C. Chrisler Dr. Carol P. Christ* Joan Christenberry Larry D. Christensen Lenore Christensen Karen Christenson Nina and Stephen B. Christiansen Lisa Christianson Carroll B. Christie Jo Christie* Zachary Christie Anita Christoffel-Pell Judie S. Christopher Susan Christopher Tara Christopher Anne Chu Eunice Chu Jean Chu Mary Beth Chu Rose Chuley Hannah Chung Michael Ciampo Sandra J. Cichocki Donna R. Cieply Mary Cignarelli Lillian Cincone* Virginia Cindrich Jeanne Cissna Mrs. and Mr. Louis Citrone Paula Frances Civiok

* Donors who have given for ten years or more

Jerry A. Clabaugh Naoma D. Clague Nancy Claire Michael Clancy James S. Clapp Barbara Clark Beverly A. Clark Beverly K. Clark Donna M. Clark* Gayle Clark and Mimi Burrows Glen Heather Clark James Clark Dr. Janet R. and Dr. Edgar E. Clark* Jeanie Clark Linda D. and Dean T. Clark Dr. Linda S. Clark* James W. and Margaret C. Clark* Marilyn and Robert H. A. Clark Mary Pugh Clark Pauline Clark Robert H. Clark Ruth Velma Clark Saundra Clark Shelley Clark Susan Clark, CA Susan Clark, NM Dr. Terrence P. Clark Dr. Karen Clark-Schock Cynthia M. Clarke Jim Clarke Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan T. Clarke Mary C. Clarke Mary G. Clarke Murvelene Clarke Rosalee Clarke Ryland Clarke Catherine and Thomas Claro Cheryl A. Clavet Barbara Clawson Martha Claypool Pearl Cleage Rebecca Cleary Sara Cleaves Katharine Cleland and James McClure Fredrick Clam Jim Clemans

Darlene Clements Marilyn Cleveland Joanne Ruth Clever Jane E. Clewe Carol and David Clifford Don Climent Debi Cline-Stuber and Bob Stuber Jeanne M. Clinton and Julie A. Fitch Christine M. Clisham Annabelle Cloner Patricia B. Close Don Cloud Katharine Cloud Martha Clough Wanda J. Clouse Suzanne Cloutier Aileen H. Clucas Margaret M. Clucas Julie Clugage Carrie Coakley Deborah Coates John L. Cobb Chernah B. Coblentz and Kathleen R. Hagen Ana Maria Cobos Abigail Coburn James W. Cochran Rose Ann Cochran Enid Cocke Joan Cocks Ann Coco Janine Coe Leanna K. Coe Lynne Coenen and Susan Meyer Toni Coffee Carrianne Coffey Josephine A. Coffey Rosemary Coffey Fai Coffin Susan M. and Robert L. Coffman* Mary A. Coggeshall Betty Ann Cogliati Mary Cogswell Evelyn and Norman H. Cohan* Albert K. Cohen Allen Cohen

Bernice Cohen Bruce S. Cohen Carolyn Cohen and Alan M. Dershowitz Donald Cohen Donna Cohen Doris E. Cohen Ellen C. Cohen Jayne Cohen Mrs. Jerome A. Cohen Jessica Cohen Dr. Gordon and Joan Cohen Joshua Cohen Judith Cohen Laura Cohen Lucy S. Cohen Marsha Cohen and Bob Feyer Nancy Cohen Ruth L. Cohen Shelley Coher Susan Cohen William Cohen Dr. Barbara Cohen-Strathner Fern Cohn Pennie and Cliff Cohn Becki Cohn-Vargas Elizabeth H. Coker Elizabeth Colasurdo Gerald Colborn Catherine and David Colburn* Susan J. and Peter W. Colby Earl Cole Janet Cole Dr. Johnnetta B. Cole Julie P. Cole Phyllis M. Cole and Lee K. Yamada* Sandra and Charles Cole Susan C. Cole and Michel J.F. Digonnet* Allison Coleman Elinor Coleman Lillian S. Coleman Mary A. W. Coleman Priscilla A. Coleman Teresa L. and Joseph A. Coleman Susan Coliver and Robert Herman Barbara C. Coll and E. John Sebes 91

individual donors, continued

Helen Collery* Christine M. Colligan Carol Collins Christina Taylor Kathie Collins Dr. Louise Collins Marie Collins Mary Jean Collins Michelle Lynn Collins Paula and David Collins Patti Collinson Yvette Colon Marcia Colone Allcyn Colotelo Julia B. Colwell Gay Colyer Deborah Comay Barbara Comeau Gregory Comella Jane A. Comerford Joellin Comerford James Comet Silvia O. Comparini Uta Compton Audrey Conant Pilar Conde Jeanmarie Condon Joan Condon Dr. Tania and Dr. George C. Conduraches Helen and John W. Cone Paul Conkel Debra R. Conkey and A.C. Greiner Carol Beth Conklin* Donna L. Conkling Leslie Conley and Joseph Jezukewicz Maura Conlon-McIvor and Andrew C. McIvor* Ruth Conn and Jo Montgomery* Stacey Conn Serena and Tom Connelly Bridget Connelly-Massie Margaret Conner Judith and Bruce Connery Gillian Connolly Joan Connolly Cynthia C. Connor 92

Carolyn and John Connors JoAnna Conrad Nancy A. Conrad J. M. Conrader Colleen Conroy Helen Conroy* Diane J. Considine Elaine H. Constein Juanita C. Contreras Janice M. Conway Karen Conway Lorraine F. Conway Wendy Conway Albert B. Cook Anna Cook Betsy W. Cook Carol Cook Guruli Cook Dr. John C. Cook Martha Cook Patricia and Stephen Cook Sandy Cook William Michael Cook Harriet Cooke Myrna Loy Cooke Bye Cooley Diane P. and Donald E. Cooley Sue Cooley Helen M. Cooluris Kamine Cooma Eva Jane Coombe Marni H. and Michael Cooney Connie Cooper Cynthia Cooper Danielle Cooper Janet Cooper Kenneth A. Cooper Lucy Cooper Margaret D. Cooper Mary F. and Tom Cooper Louise Todd Cope Bruce and Carol Copeland Marion L. Copenhaver Carol M. Copp Ralph Copperman Teresa Z. and Thomas L. Coraggio

Joshua D. Coran Anna Corazza Colleen M. Corbett David L. Corcoran Marita Corcoran Susan and Thomas M. Corey Anne E. Corley Juliane Cormier Catherine Cornbleth Lydia A. Cornejo Marna Cornell Jes Cornette* Kendal Cornwall John F. Corr Barbara Corrigan Theresa M. Corrigan Nicole Corsini Greg Corso V. Alexandra Corten James G. Cortez Rose Cortez Jennifer Cortner Carla Renee Corwin Sheila Corwin Bronwyn Cory-Boyle Danica Cosic Sarah Costa Dominick Costantino Paul W. Costello Cynthia E. and William C. Cote Kate A Cotnoir Dr. Betty and Dr. Harold Cottle Margaret H. Cotton Elinore Howlett Cottrell Elgin F. Cottrill Annie Coull Penny and Jim Coulter Richard S. Coulter Judy Countryman Monica G. Courtney Gabriel and S. Cousens John Coutts Arthur J. Coutu Alfred Covaia Judy Covert Audrey Cowan

Clark Cowan Jocelyn Cowan Pamela Cowan and Steven Miller Alexandra Cowie Matthew Cowley Karen Cox Laura Jean Cox Sue Ann Cox Laurie R. Coyle Robert L. Coyle Pamela D. Coyne Maxine Crabtree Shona Crabtree and Alexander Macgillivray Barbara Craft David L. Crafts Colby Craig Doris J. Craig Marguerite C. Craig* Pamela J. Craig James L. Craighead Elayne and Nicholas Crain Patricia K. Cram Georgia R. Crampton Jeanette Crandell Meral G. Crane Patrick Crane Laura E. Cranshaw Evan Cranston Laura Cratin Carrel Crawford Shari L. Crawford R. S. Craxton Gaines Peyton Creane Chris Creatura Dorothy Creely Kathleen Cregan Anne and James Cremer Alma Cremonesi Leticia Acevedo Crespo Nicola and Sydney Crisp Trudy Crites Diane M. Croce Susan Crocker Michael Crofoot, Jr. Florence C. Cromwell

Lori A. and Jeffrey S. Cronenweth Dorothy C. Crooks Lawrence Crooks Amy and Peter Crosby Leslie O. Crosby Bruce M. Cross Jane Cross Janet Cross Elaine Crossman Betty and Dale Crouse Sarah and Patrick Croushler Carol S. Crouthamel K. W. Crowe Mary B. Crowe Sheila Crowell Edward Crowley Karen J. Crowley Sean D. Crowley Sue Crowley Marygrace Crowley-Koch Patricia Crown Kathryn Crozier Claudia Crugnale C. William Crummett Gilbert Cruz Danielle Cuave Elaine M. Culbert Elizabeth Culbreth and John Vanderstar Kimberli Cumming and Joan Kauffman Elaine Cummings Gail Cummings Paul Cummins Marilyn Cuneo Juanita Cunningham Marie Cunningham Myrna Cunningham C. R. Curdy Judith L. Cureton Mary Walton Curley Delores G. and Arthur C. Curran Mrs. and Mr. Jim Curran L. U. Curran Christine and Francis Currie Michele Currie Joan W. Currin-Hall V. F. Curry

* Donors who have given for ten years or more

Lynette Mungai and Paul Curthoys Jame Smith Curtis Jane E. Curtis Karen H. Curtis Linda Curtis Michael A. Curtis Phylis Curtis Susan Curtiss Carrie and Tom Cusack Alice H. Cushing Callan Cushing Della and David C. Cushing Katie Cushman Linda Cutler Sarah B. Cutler Janet Dunlap Cutlip and Deborah C. George Norma T. Cybul F. Cyr James S. Cyr Joel Cyr Roxanne Cyr Catherine Cyrus Sara Cyrus Becky Czarnik Cynthia R. Czubko


Nina D’Ambra and Martin J. Goldberg Denise D’Anne Maggie Mark da Silva Victor Dabah Pratibha Dabholkar Seth M. Dabney Joel Dackman Frances and Propero Dagbovie Lisa E. Dahill Elaine L. Dahl Kathryn K. Dahl Nor Faridah Dahlan and Stephen A. Rehner Vernon Dahlheimer Cynthia Dai Audrey Daigneault Terry J. Dailey Barbara A. Daily

Antoinette Daker Patricia Dakis Brinda Dalal Richard M. Dalby Madeline M. Dale Thomas Dale Ann S. Dales John F. Daley, Jr. Martha Dallas Frances Dalme Debbi Dalrymple Beth Dalton Ella M. Dalton Julie Dalton S. Dalton Margaret S. Dalziel Macia W. and Kenneth W. Dam Lisa Dames Adair Dammann Nancy Dammann Alice Dan Karin R. Danby Michael E. Daneker Efihia Danellis Ginger Daniel Anna Danielian Ellen Daniell Deanna Daniels Jean Marie Daniels Martha A. and Thomas E. Daniels Susan C. Daniels Elizabeth K. and Scott G. Danielson Doris G. Dannemann* Janet and Lisa Dannunzio Marilyn Tiki Dare and Daniel Elliot Beeder Jan M. Darling Arvada Darnell A. Darney Helen Fisher Darrow Carolyn Darst Kristen Dattoli Kim Q. Dau Carol C. Daugherty Maura Dausey Barbara Davenport*

Thomas E. Davenport Renee David Tema S. and Henry P. David* Jane P. and Tom G. David Darsha R. Davidoff Joan Davidow Leonard Rubin Jean Davidson Jessica Davidson Jim Davidson Judith Davidson Laura Agnes Davidson Maggie Davidson Marilyn Davidson Rosalie Davidson Deborah Davies Katherine and John Davies Lauren Davies and Gregg Fledderman Alice M. Davis Anne and Mark Davis Barbara M. Davis Benjamin Davis, CT Benjamin Davis, D.C. Chloe K. Davis Jeffrey Norman Deborah C. Davis Dorene Davis and Francis Chiappa Howard T. Davis John Davis Joyce Davis Karen Davis, MD Karen Davis, OR Kay S. Davis Kevin R. Davis Linda M. Davis* Margaret R. Davis Maria Davis Megan Davis Michelle Davis Rochelle Davis and Kenneth Rolling Rosanna Davis Sara L. Davis Shirley L. Davis Shirley Ross Davis Stacy N. Davis Stephanie Davis


individual donors, continued

Stuart Davis Virginia E. Davis May and Carl Daw Anne Dawid Polly Dawkins and Nico Brooks Barbara Dawson Katharine Dawson Anne L. Day Ruth Dayhoff Arlene J. Dayton Mary H. Dayton Sara F. de Bivort* David de Ferranti Gilda F. De Ferrari Pam de Ferrari Amy L. De Filippi Crisanta de Guzman and Bryce Lee Maria De Kornfeld Nancy De La Garza Laurie and John De Leon Howard De Long Katherine De Lorraine Roberta de Oliveira Michelle De Raismes Judith De Santes Linda De Stefano and Richard Weiskopf Gertraud De Thier Winnie De Vore Patricia De Wolf Dottye Dean Leslie Kim Dean Mary Jane Dean Elizabeth A. Dear Deborah W. Dearborn Elisabeth Dearborn Marjorie Dearmont Monica DeAtley Maureen Debiccari Laura DeBonis Erika DeCarlo Carol Decker Lisa Decker Mary L. Decourcey Justine B. DeCruz and Justus Beach Patricia Dedert Donna DeDiemar and Chris Hamilton


Judith M. Deegan Kathryn Elizabeth Deeming Anna and David Deering Jean Deeter Maria DeFranco Ruth Cavicchio DeFranco Hildy DeFrisco Marlene Dehlinger Ann P. and Dr. Ross E. DeHovitz Gregory G. Deierlein Jay and Joele Deike Emile Dekel Hector Del Castillo Luisa Del Guidice Susan Del Vecchio Elizabeth Delaney Quinn Delaney and Dr. Wayne D. Jordan* Louise Delano Jessica Delara and Angelica Natal Ana Delgado Arlene B. Dellis Barbara N. DeLoria Gayle and Emmanuel Delpierre Sally A. Delson Arlene G. Delvin Carmel E. Demaioribus Barbara W. Demere* Manon Demers Alma DeMetropolis William A. Demorest Anna M. DeNicolo and Brian Hirsch Barbara G. Denis Judith Denis Harriet H. Denison* William Denneen Susan M. and Emily Dennis Laura Dennison Maxine Denniston Deirdre Densmore Marcie Denton and Chris Vandall Holly and Michael Depatie Dennis DePauw Anthony and Josephine Depietro Lo Ann DePuy Ter DePuy

Barbara Derbyshire Lisbeth Dermody Manuela DeRosa Barbara L. and Harvey Dershin Eileen and Steven Dershowitz Helen Desai* Urri Desai Loretta C. Deskins Rebecca Desman Sylvia Deswaan Jean Detchemendy Claudia B. and John S. Detwiler Nancy Deutsch Stephanie Deutsch Donna J. and Glen DeValerio Monte Devendittis Karen B. and Steve Devich Kate M. Deviny Denise L. Devney Carol Devore Andrea E. Dew Steele and Ryan Steele Dr. Paul A. Dewald Rosemary and Dennis Dewees Sara DeWitt Kimberly DeWoody Nancy and Chris Deyo Steven S. Di Cesare Freya Diamond Greg Diamond and Cohen Grossman Leanne Grossman Jackie and David Diamond Julie Diamond Mary Diamond Nancy K. Diamond Zoraida Diaz Gordon Dibble Jayne Dibrell Delores Dick Leslie Dicke Melvin R. Dickerson Cassandra Dickinson Pam Dickinson and John Near Mrs. and Mr. Thornton Dickinson Sara Dickman Evelyn A. Dickmann Robert M. Dickover

Nikki DiDomenico John Diehl Norma A. Diehl B. Thomas Diener Ruth J. and Edward M. Diener Jacqueline D. Dienstag Amanda Dierdorff Kathy and Mark Dietlin Eleanor S. Dietrich Sandra Dietrick and Robert Tuftee Arlene Dietz Erica Dietz Jennie Lee Dietz Suzanne Diffen Joan DiFuria Catherine M. Dignazio Delores and Larry Dike Lanell L. Dike Beverly A. Dildine Melissa Stevenson Dile* Annette M. Dillard Celia B. Dillenberg Katherine D. Dillinger Barbara N. and Douglas I. Dillon Kathleen A. Dillon Mary Dillon Rachel Anne Dillon and Devorah Blumberg James Dimon Dr. Geraldine Dimondstein Nicole Dimson D. Dinius Alexis B. Dinno Patricia Dinner Grace Dinsdale Rose Diottavio Susan Dirksen Lahna Diskin Abigail Disney and Pierre Hauser Sylvia Diss Diana and Arjun Divecha Michael A. Dively* June and Stephen Divizich Joan A. Dixon Baby Djojonegoro David P. Doak

Carrie Doan Holly Dobkin Rosemary Dobosz Renata Dobryn Barbara Dobson Mary Lynn Dobson Pat Dobson Vinita P. Dobson Joe Doctor Kathy C. F. and Ken Doctor Judith Cecilia Dodge* Mary and Bob Dodge* Nancy and Michael Dodge Kathleen Doering Elizabeth Doerr Richard Doerr Thomas Doherty Jane Dohrmann Elaine G. Dolan Francis D. Dolan Kerry Dolan and Meg Garrison Liz Dolan Stacy Ann Mikkelson and Ryan W. Dolan Gail Dolgin Libby Liss Dolgin Ellen Dollar Robert Dollar Susan Dollenmaier Katherine Dollinger Renee Domeier Beverly Domingue Donna K. Donaghy Pamela Donald Robyn Donaldson Victoria “Cooky” Donaldson Mary A. Donegan Christine Donley Allababedi Lynne Donnelly and Ron Donovan Kristen Donner and Ronald Patiro Patrice M. Donohue Patricia R. Donovan Erin P. Dooley and Allison Vachon Sandra S. and John A. Dooley Rowena Dores Julie R. Dorf and Jenni Olsen*

* Donors who have given for ten years or more

Allen Dorfman Mary Jane Dority Arthur R. Dornheim Rose Susan Eugenia Dorsey and Daniel C. Ofili Karen Dorsheimer Joan and Thomas Dosh Vashte Doublex Kathleen Doucette Camille Dougan Roger Doughty Gordon Douglas James E. Douglas Catherine J. Douglass Ben Dove Louise W. Dove Mimi Dow Carla Dowben Lois Kuznets and James B. Dowling* Margaret A. Dowling Laraine and Paul Downer Dorothy Downey Mary Ann Downey Peg Downey Christine A. Doyle and Michael Yessik* Ronald A. Drabot Barbara Drageaux Sherry Drainer Cynthia Drake Emily J. Drake Lois Margaret Drake Jan Drange Eleanor J. Dreibelbis Susan Dreier Margaret Dreisinger Carol Joan Drexler Joan Drinkwin and Luis Ponce Margaret Drobnik Martha Drohobyczer Carol Drucker Claire E. Drullard Jean Drumm W. C. Drummond Margaret Drury Marta Drury and Kerry Lobel* Joanne A. Druziak

Deborah Drysdale Wess Du Brisk D. Johnson Dubash Margaret Dubay Mikus Anasuya Dubey and Ravi Bhaskaran Charlotte Dubin Janet M. Dubinsky* Dina and G. Dublon Michael Dubray Cadence Dubus Robyn Duby Kenneth Duckett Penny Duckham Richard Duda Ruth A. Dudgeon* Deanna Dudley Helen V. Dudley Jane Dudley* Kleta Sue and Craig Dudley Beckon Duel Jean M. Duff Jill J. and Robert L. Duff Kate S. and Michael P. Duffield* Margaret Duffin Richard and June Duffine David Duffle C. Elise Duffy Jane A. Duffy Mary Duffy Lisa Duggan Maria Duhan and Ina Begerow Gwyneth F. Dukes Peggy Dulany* Carol Dulmage Susan L. Dumond* Maureen Dumser Jane Dunbar Roberta A. Dunbar Donald S. Duncan Donna Duncan-Austin Mary Jo Duncanson and Burton Bradley Diana Dunn Donna and John Dunn Helen C. Dunn Helen W. Dunn and Sam Seltzer

Karen and Robert M. Dunn Marcia Dunn Susan Dunn Irene E. Dunny Greta Dunsmore Jacqueline J. Dupon Suzanne Dupre Yarrow Durbin Caroline Durham Evelyn and Phillip Durkee Geneva M. Durkee June E. Durnall Amina Durrani Jo Durst Jeffrey Durston Lelah Dushkin Joyce Dutka Daniel H. Duvall Glen Dvorak Linda Dwenger Dr. Sari H. Dworkin Teresa Dybvig Amelia G. Dyckman Suzanne Dyer Jennifer Dyer-Friedman and Ira M. Friedman Gretchen Dykstra


Barbara and Herbert Eagle* Nancy Eales Elizabeth A. Eames Alix Earle Faith and Jerry M. Earll* David Early Alex Early Mary Early-Zald Harriet L. Earnest Jennifer R. Earnest-King J. L. Earp Maud Easter Martha Easter-Wells Samuel Easterbrook Pam Easterday Miranda S. Eastham and Sherry Reeder Carolyn Eastman


individual donors, continued

Francesca Eastman Heidi and Roy Eastman Katherine Eastman Chandra Easton and Scott Blossom Inger W. Easton Robert L. Easton Cindy Basso Eaton Joseph L. and Marlene J. Eaton Katherine Eaton Janet R. Eberman Didine and Carl Ebersole Susanne Ebert-Khosla and Chaitan S. Khosla Fern M. Ebertz Soroor Ebnesajjad and Hans Juergen Boehm Sanzai I. Ebriani David J. Eck Judy Eckart Nancy Eckel Bobette Eckland Liz Eckstein Philip Economon Stephanie J. Eda Shirley Eddings Edith and Jonathan Eddy Susan D. Edelheit Erica and Ephraim Edelman Susan Edelstein Ana Murillo Eder Janet B. Eder Joanne Edgar* Lois and Anthony Edgerton Marji Edguer and Brian Smith Rona Edington Lynn Edisen Julie C. Edison Lydia and William Edison Beatrice V. B. Edmands Laura Edminster Regina M. Edmonds Leslie Edquist Anne S. and Richard Edwards Clark Edwards Georgia L. Edwards Dr. Kathleen Edwards Kathleen A. Edwards 96

Lynn M. Edwards Margaret Edwards Megan Edwards Paula R. Edwards Rose Edwards Sally D. and Richard W. Edwards Eric M. Efron Shahla N. Eftekhari Dana Eggerts Abbie Egherman Yvette Egle Pamela and Edmund R. Eglinski Freda R. Egnal Anne H. and Paul R. Ehrlich* Karen Ehrlich Leslie Harwood Ehrlich Paul Ehrlich Risa Hirsch Ehrlich Susan M. Ehrlich Barbara Ehrlich-Sauers Ellen Eidem Robert G. Eidson Karin and Scott Eidsvoog Olivia Eielson Jodene Eikenberry Mary E. Eikenberry Amy Eilberg Merry Lee and John S. Eilers Ellen Einsohn Gloria A. Einstein David Eisele Gail Eisenkraft Jeanette Eisenmesser Beatrice Eisman Ulf Ekernas and Sarah Dash Betty Ela R. Goldman Elaine Jacqueline Elass Lorri Elder Beth Eldridge* Gayle Eleanor Jennifer Nina Elias Renee Elias Tamar Elias Renee B. Elilas Patricia P. Eliot

Marian F. Elkerton Perrin L. Elkind* Sue N. and Peter Elkind* Meaghan Ellahib Connie L. Ellerbach* Karin Ellingboe Nancy E. Ellingham Brison Ellinghaus Nancy Ellington Maggie and Thomas W. Elliot Mark Elliot Barbara and Neil Elliott J. D. Elliott Marsha A. Elliott April Ellis, CA April Ellis, TX Betty Ellis Elizabeth Ellis Karin L. Ellis Lisa Ellis and Chris Young Margaret M. Ellis Dr. Maria J. and Dr. Richard S. Ellis Robert J. Ellis Angela Elliston Barbara Ells Judith and Bob Elman Lydia R. Elmore Susan Elsner* Erika Elvander Jane Elven Diane Ely Lois Ember Amy Emerson Ann E. Emerson Julia C. Emerson Kathy Emerson Nicholas Emlen Mary Emler Margarita L. Emmanuel Diane C. Emmerichs Lillian Emmons Lillian Emory Obaidullah Emran George E. Emrick Patricia Ender Sigrid Ender

Eric Enderton Marie Endres Adrienne Eng Audra Eng Barbara Engel and Jesse Hall Frieda Engel Ilene L. Engel Mary R. and Victor V. B. Engel Toby Engelberg Anne Engelhart Elaine R. Engelhart Jane Benson Engelman Clemmie Engle Marilyn R. and Marvin Engle Andrea English Dayna English Eleanor English Fanita English Pamela English Mary Enhorning Alison and Bill Enochs Ana María Enríquez and Jonathan S. Waterbury Laura Enríquez Elizabeth B. and Ronald Ensor Joy Wolfe Ensor Susan M. Enzer Alan Epp Amy G. and Miles L. Epstein Kelly Epstein Lois Barth Epstein Sarah G. Epstein Sherrie L. Epstein Judith L. Erb and James G. Downward, IV Susan Erb Anne and Joe Ercolani Diane Erdmann Elizabeth Ereckson Dr. Semih Erhan Jeannine Erhart Carol Erickson Curtis D. Erickson Doug Erickson Hal Erickson Marilyn Erickson Sharon W. Erickson

Stephanie Erickson Nina Erlich Christa and Paul Ernst Kristine and John Erving* Carol Eschen Stacie and Mike Eshelman Diane Eshleman Megan L. Eskola Cecelia A. Esparza Shirley Espeland Therese M. Esperdy Joseph Esposito Janina M. Esselen Irene Estelle and G. Edward Logg* Susan and Mark Estep Julie Esterly Linda Esterson Lorelie Estoque Elisabeth Estrella Lena Estrella Elena Estrin and Steve Kandell Mary L. and Robert London Estrin* Connie Evans Corry Evans Gary T. Evans Heather Halliday Evans Mary L. Evans Dr. Michelle Evans Patricia L. Evans Patty and Jarold Evans Paula Evans Mary Evans-Miller Charlotte E. and Paul Evasick Jill Evensizer Jean Everall Keri Evjy Ruth D. Ewing Tess Ewing Dr. Fonda Davis and Dr. John Eyler Richard Eynon Conard Eyre Beth Eysenbach


Joyce E. and Garold Faber Linda and Sheppard Faber Jennifer Fabiano * Donors who have given for ten years or more

Diane Facinelli Charlotte Fagerhaug Denise Fainberg Dallas Fairbanks Kim L. Fairbanks Maureen Enid Fairbrother Barbara Fairchild Loretta L. and Robert W. Fairchild* Bennett Fairorth Jan B. Fairservis Marla Faith Nicholas Falco Maureen Healy Falencki Doris Falgner Regina Falkner Bonnie J. Falla Donna and Ron Fallon Roxanne J. Fand Wendy and Ivan Farber Krista Farey* Charbel and Francoise Farhat Adriana Farkouh Amy Farmer Bonnie L. Farmer Theola Farmer Carol Farnsworth Christine S. Farnsworth Kathryn Ann Farr Marcia Farr B. P. Farrell Jacqueline M. Farrell Joan B. and Terryl J. Farrell Linda and Tom Farrell Mary Farrell Trudy M. Farrell Samantha Farro Carliss Farrow Meredith Farster Suzanne Fass Joyce Fassler Janice Fasth Ann Faulds and Christopher Robinson Abigail Faulkner* Jeanne Faulkner Dr. Kate and Dr. Henry Faulkner Laura Faulkner Susanne V. Faulkner

Nancy Fax Sondra Fear Seth G. Fearey* Margaret A. and William B. Feasley Holly Fechner* Frank Fede, Jr. Luna Federici Vijayarant Fedson Fee Hildy B. Feen John Fehsenfeld Anne Feigus and Alan Aviles Rhonda Feiman and Petra Hall Adella Harris Feinberg Joanne and Jeff Feinberg Linda Feinberg Janet Silpe and Lawrence Feinstein Lynn Feintech Vivian Feintech and Danielle Greenfield Marcia Feldheim Bela Feldman Jessica Feldman Martha Feldman Nancy J. Feldman Sylvia Feldman Rafael Feliciano Erik Felker Anita Clair Fellman Linda Fels Mary Lowenthal Felstiner* Larry L. Felzien Nina and Daniel Fendel Maxine Fender Cathy Fenderson Kathleen Fennell Valerie Fennell Elizabeth Fenwick Marianne A. Ferber Michael Ferber Greta Ferebee Ann Ferguson Earl Everett Ferguson Jaimee Ferland Nancy C. Fern Beverly Fernald Lia Fernald and Guy Haskin Amy and Ray Fernandes

Dr. Madeline Fernandez Mariela Fernandez Elizabeth and Robert A. Fernea G. Donald and Myra Marx Ferree* Karen Ferrera Nellie S. Ferreria William Ferrier Carolyn Ferris M. Ferry Judith Ferster Marica Feston Bryan Feuer Margaret Feuer Leona Feyer Barbara Fiala Elisabeth Fidler and Martha Carey Joanne Fidler Concetta S. Fiedler Bonnie Field Jo Ann Field Jessica Fielden Carol Fields Kathy M. Fields Raymond Fields, FL Raymond Fields, NY Nancy J. and Dr. Thomas John Fiene* Marilyn Fife Alice Figueroa and David Hecker Naomi Filburn Robert Filler Emily Filling Michele M. Fillion and Joshua E. Raff Denise Finard Jeri and Joel B. Finard Patricia S. Finch Peter J. P. Finch Warren N. Finch Marsha E. Fine Robert Finizio Gretchen A. Fink Raphael Finkel Emanuel Finkelstein Heather Finlay Joyce Finlay Denise Finley Lisa Finn Adelaide and Fred Finseth 97

individual donors, continued

Cheri Finz Patricia Fipps Maria Fire and Calvin Allen Kristine Firth Joan and Allan Fisch* Cathy R. Fischer and Zachary Brown Charlotte and Patrick Fischer Clare Fischer Gloria Fischer Kathleen R. Fischer and Thomas N. Hart* Susan Fischer Tessa Fischer Jean Fishbeck Cynthia Fisher Elizabeth and Robert Fisher Gerald Fisher Gretchen Fisher Jeanne Fisher Karen J. Fisher Leah and Charles Fisher Marianne and Edward Fisher Marilyn Fisher Nancy Jane Fisher Robert Fisher Robert F. Fisher Roswitha K. Fisher Susan B. Fisher Connie Fishman Zoelle N. Fishman Sara Looms Fitch Caroline Fitzgerald Mary Kay Fitzgerald Dr. Rachel Fitzgerald and Mark Shumway Nancy Fitzpatrick Judy Fitzsimmons Geraldine Flach Shoshannah Flach Georgiana Flaherty Rose Flaherty Patricia J. Flanagan and Mark Schwager Timothy Flanagan Evelyn Flanary Marcia B. Flannery Jan Flapan Bettie L. Flash 98

Stuart Flashman Amy Flaskerud and Steven Sasaki Trish Flaster Jeannine L. Flaten Judith M. and Eugene J. Flath* Eva Fleischner Barbara J. Fleming Cheri Fleming Gerald Fleming Linda Fletcher Christel E. Fliss Penelope K. Flom Muriel R. Flood Susan Floore Cornelia and Jan Flora Martin Florentino Albert Flores Marco A. Flores Carole and David Florian Evelyn Florio Jason Florio Nancy Flowers Richard Flowers Emily Flynn Mary Margaret Flynn and Laurie McLaughlin Pamela and Duane Flynn Barbara Flythe Fazl Foad Jeanne Fobes Jacquelyn Fogel Virginia K. and Robert W. Fogg Tessa Fojut Ann M. Foley Pamela and L. Michael Foley Teresa Folkmier Dr. Jeanne Folks Marsha G. Folsom Cynthia Fong Linda Lee and Vincent W. Fong Rose Fong Patricia M. Fontaine* Kate Fontanazza Leslie J. Foote Nathan M. Foote Cheryl A. Foppe

Anna Forbes Catherine A. Forbes Mary Forbes Judith S. Ford Patricia L. and Richard B. Ford Ann E. Fordham* Antonia and John Fore Kim J. Forehand Kay Forest Susan Forman Rosemary Forni Natalie I. Forowa Kim A. Forrest Louise Richardson Forrest K. Forrestal Dr. Cheryl Forrester Sherri Forrester Deborah Forsblom Barbara L. Forster Lorraine A. Forster Marie E. Forster Ashley Forsyth Deborah C. Fort Lawrence Forte Peggy Forte Maryanna and Charles T. Foskett Emma Foss Karen U. Foss Angela and Jeremy Foster Betty and Wes Foster Dorsey Foster Dr. Georgiana E. Foster and Dr. Robert C. Murphy Gwen Foster* Jane and Eugene Foster Julia A. Foster Peggy Foster Sara C. Foster Sheila and Malcolm Foster Chris Fotias Sandi and John Foundas Beth Fournier* Gretchen Fournier Sheryl E. Fowle Donald and Jeanette Fowler Gail Mary Fowler

Marjorie Fowler Ann Fowler-Wallace* Barbara Fox Constance Fox Deborah Fox Debra E. Fox Douglas Fox Dovie Fox E. Joan Fox Ingrid Fox Joanne G. Fox Nancy Fox Rosanne M. Fox Sylvia Fox Victoria Fox Virginia Fox Margaret Fox-Warren Elizabeth Foy Mary Foy-Sierra Robin Fragner Anne and Buzz Frahn Molly Fraker Georgina and Robert Frampton Ivy Frances E. Mark Franceschini Judy Francis Nancy J. Francis Nearlene Francis Sonja Francis Thomas Francis Barbara Francisco Carolyn Franck Lynn Franco Vincent Francois Beth Meyer Frank Cheryl M. Frank David P. Frank Jennifer Frank Julie Frank Dr. Marcella Frank Mindy C. Frank Nancy C. and Richard N. Frank Ruth O. Frank Barbara Frankel Renee Franken* Claudia and Philip Frankenberg

Cheryl Franklin Esther Franklin Venus Franklin Deborah Franks Kristin Frascella Jean Fraser and Geoff Gordon-Creed* Laura Fraser Mary M. Fraser Phyllis H. Fraser E. Beebe Frazer Jamie K. Frazier Sue Ann Frazier Richard M. Freas Miriam Fredenthal Jason Frederick Richard Frederick Mark Fredette Jeannette and Michael Frediani Gloria Fredricksmeyer Shaaron L. Freeburg Ann Freed Rachael Freed Estelle Freedman* Helen Freedman Judith A. Freedman Marcia Freedman Margaret Freeh Edith H. Freeman Janelle M. Freeman* Rosalinda Fregoso Colleen and Stanton Freidberg* Anne Freiermuth Barbara J. French Elaine A. and John K. French* Lisa French Anne Fretz Christopher J. Frey Sally and Derek Freyberg Dana H. Freyer Shirley Friar Katie Fricas Elsie S. Friday Jill Fried Michal Fried Ruthellen Fried Lauri Fried-Lee

* Donors who have given for ten years or more

Mary C. Friedlander Carol Friedman Debbie Friedman and Jeff Brown Elizabeth Friedman Ellen Friedman and Louis Blumberg Emily A. and Mark A. Friedman* Florence Friedman Larry L. Friedman Lila Friedman Margaret L. Friedman Miriam Friedman Susan G. and William G. Friedman Zoe Friedman-Cohen Su Friedrich Janice R. Friend Louise Friend Theodore W. Friend Helen Frink Joan Frisch Sharon Frischman Anthony Friscia Alan Frishman Janet Fritsen and Genia Pickett Ramona Fritt Eloise Fritz Leonard A. Fritz Harry C. Froede Rosemary J. Froehle Mary Frohman Barbara and David Fromm Ilene Froom Andrea Frost Ellen L. Frost and William F. Pedersen* Rosalie Fruchter Dorothy L. Frumson Janet M. Fry Dr. Sigrid Fry-Revere Joanne S. Frye and Ronald Tebbe Suzanne Frye Abe Fuchs Roger W. Fuester Charles Fugett Marcella C. Fugle Roberta Fuhr Christy Fujio Dorothea Fulkerson

Barry Fuller Shirley Fuller Dorothy J. Fulton Elizabeth D. Fulton Isda Funari Elaine M. Fung Jane Funk Kate E. Funk Kathryn Funkhouser Elizabeth Furber Thomas Furcht Dorothy L. Furgerson Lenore Furman Deborah L. Furness Edwin Furshpan Rochelle Furtah Sima Furtick Karen Fussy


Phyllis Gaal Julie Gabel Pamela Gaber Monique and Yves Gaden Linda Gafkowski Bryony Gagan Arlene H. Gage Kit Gage and Steve Metalitz* Marianne Gagen Porter-Ann Gaines Kirsten and Sam Gaither Nancy L. Gajewski* Paul Gakle J. Galaviz Cara K. Galbraith and Steve M. Close Jane Galbraith Ana M. Galdamez Katharine Gale and John N. Shepherd* Mary G. Gale Marjorie Galenson Mary Gallagher Fiona Gallahue Jason C. Gallea Cynthia Gallinger Colleen Galloway Louie Galloway

Rachelle Galloway Yolanda L. Galloway Paula Galowitz Anna Galt Katherine M. Galvin Kathryn Gambatese Beverly K. Gamble George Gamble Frederica Gamble Teyara Gamble Costanza H. Gamero Boster Sanat K. Gandhi Sandra L. and Eugene M. Gangle* Dr. Rohan Ganguli Reza Ganjavi Milann Gannaway Mary Kay Ganning Dara A. Ganoczy Sarita Gantz Lynn R. Ganz Rita I. Ganz Nara Garber Christine L. Garbini Georgine Garbisch Isabel Garcia and Ramiro Zacarias Michelle D. Garcia Estel Garcila Lorree Gardener-Milne Charles C. Holt Mrs. and Mr. George M. Gardner Jolene S. Gardner Ruth and Riley Gardner Stephen Gardner Valerie Gardner Kirstin Garen Andrea Gargano Betsy Garland and Kim Baker Urla Garland* Judith C. Garlow* Clifford S. Garner David E. Garner John Garner Linda D. Garnets Reide Garnett Elizabeth Garnsey Susan C. Garratt


individual donors, continued

William Garretson Merrill Garrett Patricia Garrett R. H. Garrett-Goodyear Yulia Garteiser Peggy Gartner Anneliese Garver Lydia Garvey Annie K. Garvin John R. Garvin Lois E. Garwin* Barbara A. Gasdick Thomas Gasper Carol and Sigmund Gast Carol Gasten Dora Kutyla Gastevich Edwina Gateley Sherry Lawson Gates Nancy M. Gaub Marc Gaudette Laurin M. Gaudinier Nancy Gaudreau Ann E. Gaulin Brigette and Philip Gaviola Judy Gaviser Yvonne Gavre Marianne Gawain-Davis Helen Gaylen Christine L. Gazzerro Jeremy Geaga M. Jane and H. R. Gebers Barbara Gedanke Susan D. Gedanke Jennifer L. Geiger and John Barret Dr. Neita F. Geilker Lee Ann Gekas Daniel Gelbaum Marilyn Gelber Annette Geldzahler Adele Geller Dr. Estelle H. Geller Gloria Geller Diane Gelon Sharon Genadinik Eve S. and Bruce Gendron Donna Genetti


Thomas P. Gengler Joan Genkerell Emily Gennari Helen Gennari Diane Genova Diane Genre Janine B. Gensheimer Thomas Gent, Jr. Donna F. and Billy V. Genter Blenda George D. George Herbert J. George Vanessa George Wendell A. George Romola Georgia Erin F. Gerald Blanca Gerard Celia Gerard Jennie Gerard Balfour Gerber Mary Gerber Louise Gerdts Lisa Gerick Louisa B. Gerking Yvette C. Gerner Rhoda Gerrard Janet F. Gerske Roletta and Conrad Gerst Leila Gerstein and Nathan Dimeo Rosane and David Gertner Penny K. and Richard C. Gertridge Judy Gervasi Dr. Joan Gerver Janet L. Gervolstad Marilyn Gesch Sarah Getter Julia Getzels Margaret R. Getzin Anant Ghatage Elizabeth Ghatala Michael Ghitelman Maneesha and Vishal Ghiya Julie Ann Giacobassi and Zach W. Hall Dr. Irene Gianakos Joan Giansante Paola Gianturco

Eileen Gibbons Jim and Lynn Gibbons* Tonyia Gibbons Barbara Gibbs Julia Gibbs Bonnie and Charles Gibson Jonathan C. Gibson Gloria M. Gideon J. Gieber Denise M. Gieck Janet M. Gifford Therese M. Giglia and Christopher Harris Claire Bohn Gilbert John Gilbert Marty and Roger Gilbert Nancy Gilbert Sally Gilbert Sonia Gilbert Joan E. Gilbertson Doris and Donald Gilchrist Phoebe Gilchrist John Gilcrease Amy S. Gilfenbaun Kathleen Gill Miriam and Ken Gill Roger Gill Denise K. Gillen Mary Gillespie Robert Gillespie Julie Gilliam Claudia Gillingwater* Sarah Gilman Lynnette K. Gilmer Audrey H. Gilmore Heather and Thomas Gilmore Judith W. Gilmore Sharon Gilmore Pamela L. Gilot Kathleen Gilroy Jill Ginghofer Desta Gingrich Zena Ginsberg Roberta Giovannini Ann-Margaret Giovino Constance F. Gipson

Dr. Joella H. Gipson Anne Giroux Kristina D. Gish Anna Giske and Madan Kumar Deborah Gisonni Idy B. and Alan R. Gitelson Dorothy Gittelson Sara L. Gjerdrum Betty Glad Dr. Robert J. Glaser Michelle R. and Robert H. Glass Elsa Glassman Yisroel Glatzer Dr. Diane R. Glazer Tierney Gleason Evie Gleckel Adam E. Glenn Roberta Glenn Kendra I. J. Glicco Jonathon M. Glick Martha P. Glick Sarah Glickenhaus Lora Jane Glickman-Sacks and Charles Sacks Michal J. Glines Treasa Glinnwater Diane B. Glossman Barb Glover Sheilah J. Glover Margaret W. Glowa Daniel Gluck Sherna B. and Marvin Gluck Dr. Alice M. Godfrey Eleanor P. Godfrey* Emily M. Godfrey Judith Godfrey James Godin Ira L. Goding Diane Goedecke Patricia Goedecke Alexandra C. and Robert G. Goelet Kathy Goetemann Germaine E. Gogel Eimear Goggin Marsha and Eric U. Golangco Dr. Renee Golanty-Koel*

Evelyn B. Gold Nancy A. Gold Suzanne Gold Alison Goldberg and Jonathan Lewis Esther Goldberg Marci and Ralph Goldberg Michael Goldberg Miriam L. Goldberg Richard Goldberg Beth E. Goldberg-Shaine Bella Nomberg and Richard H. Golden Ellen and Barry S. Golden Janet L. Golden Joann Golden Rachel Golden Joanna Goldenberg Patricia Goldenstein Sheila Goldmacher Arlene L. Goldman Elaine R. Goldman Emerald Goldman Nina Goldman and Douglas Legg Ruth Goldman Shirley Goldman Susan D. Goldman* Shanti Golds Data Goldsberry Amira Goldsmith Caroline Goldsmith Elizabeth and Bernard Goldsmith Elizabeth D. Goldsmith Judy Goldsmith and Andy Klapper Amy Goldstein Amy M. Goldstein Ann Goldstein Beth Goldstein Elizabeth R. Goldstein* Heidi Goldstein and Richard Thomason Ahava N. Goldwater Mary and Amnon Goldworth Barbara Gollert and Rachel Abrahams Joseph M. Goloff Charity Golson Henry Golub Elizabeth Golubitsky Shannon Gomes

* Donors who have given for ten years or more

Carmen Gomez Letitia A. Gomez Georgia Gomez-Ibanez Ann Gonski Camila Gonzales Francisco J. Gonzalez Jose Gonzalez Sylvia Gonzalez Linda and Mike Gooch Cheryl Goode Bonnie Goodell and Alan C. Miller Trelawney Goodell Alton Goodenberger Diva Goodfriend-Koven Sarah Goodheart Anne R. Gooding Beatrice Goodman Carol Goodman Dorothy Goodman Ellen Goodman and Robert Levey Kathleen Goodman Lisa Mielke and Charles R. Goodman Marilyn and Norman Goodman Myrna G. Goodman Rachel Goodman Rosemary P. Goodman Trish Goodman Dorothy A. Goodrich Benita Lynn Goodwin Karin Goodwin Linda Goodwin David J. Gooen Philippa Goold Virginia Goplen Cynthia Vaughan Gordan* Andrea S. Gordon Bruce Gordon Gerald Gordon Jolene Gordon Judith P. Gordon Judy Gordon Lynn Gordon* Marian Gordon and Larry Abbott Rachel Gordon Dr. Susan Gordon Susan Gordy

Leona Goren and Sylvia Richman Rita Gorlee N. and Gorodetzky Ellen I. Gorowitz Alba P. Gosalbez Bert Gossen Betsy Gotbaum Carol Gottesman Judith and Marvin Gottlieb Linda Gottlieb Ruth Gottlieb Pat Gottschalk Robert A. Gough Patricia L. Goughan Carol Gould Elizabeth A. Gould Laura Gould and Severo Ornstein* Mildred Gould Sara K. Gould and Rick Surpin Elizabeth T. and John R. Gowell, Jr. David Graber Lori Grace Steve Grad Joseph Graff Barbara J. Graham Christiana S. Graham Elizabeth and John Graham Glynes Graham Hilary Graham Natalie S. Graham Sally J. Graham Susan Graham Dianne Graham-Weaver Kathleen and Lilian Grainger Susan Grainger Anita M. Gram Nona J. and Norin T. Grancell Karen M. Granche Arlene and Albert Grand Andria Grandpre Kathryn and Robert G. Grandy Bruce Granger Mary Granholm* Marcy B. Granoff Barbara B. Grant Naomi Granvold

Amy Granzin Lori Grassgreen Linda Gratz Marjorie C. Grauch Karen Graul Whitney Stewart Gravel Jane Graves Julia Mary Graves Mary W. Graves Ryan Graves Ann Gray Barbara Gray Donald Gray Gloria M. Gray Jessica Gray Joan S. Gray* Jonni M. Gray Mary Jane Gray Alison A. Greaves Dr. Ruth C. and Dr. Mark D. Grebenau David H. Green Eileen C. Green Francie Green Jared Green Jean Green Dr. Jean Haber Green Joan Shapiro Green Katharine Green Kathleen Green Lisa Green Nancy and Jesse Green* Nancy Green Norma K. Green Pat Green Mrs. and Mr. Paul E. Green Susan Green Tova A. Green Karen Greenaway Beth Greenberg Blu Greenberg Kathryn and Bruce Greenberg Mara J. Greenberg Susan W. Greenberg Girada Greenblatt Terry Greenblatt Bettina and Myles L. Greene


individual donors, continued

Chester W. Greene Margaret Greene Marjorie E. Greene and Kathleen D. Thomas Sean Greene Susan Stephens and Terry Welborn Green Zina Greene Donald Greenfield Patricia Greenhalgh Estelle Greenhill Alice Greenhouse* Gretchen Greening Alice H. Greenlaw Connie Greenleaf Paula S. Greenman Sara and Ethan Greenspan Sue Greenwald John Greenwood Cynthia Gregory* Ian Gregory Ronald Gregory Lorna Greicius Debbie Greiff Mary C. and Stephen G. Greineder Clara Greisman David Grewal P. C. Grewell Sandra Ehrke Dr. William Grierson Helga Griesbeck K. J. Griest Doris E. Griffin Milton D. Griffin Constance F. Griffith Jane B. and John C. Griffith Marion Griffith Michael Griffith Patricia Griffith Richard S. Griffith Suzanne Griffith Alan Griffiths Lewis Brown Griggs Judy Grimes Scharless Grimes and Christina A. Whitehawk C. D. Grimsrud 102

Judy and Milt Grinberg Suzanne Grinnan Cynthia F. Grinnell Adele B. Grinstein Karen Grinthal Joan L. Griscom Pam Grissom Deborah Groban Lori Gromen Lisbeth Gronlund and David C. Wright Phyllis A. Gronseth Joye Gros Elaine L. Gross Marilyn and Nicholas Gross Paul R. Gross Carolyn Grossman Frances Grossman Rachel Grossman and Phoenix Raine Roberta Grossman* Rochelle F. Grossman Susan F. Grossman Wendy Grossman Jeff T. Grothaus Teri and Damon Ground Hadley Grousbeck Lester Schoene Robert Grover Bruce J. Grower Angie Grubb Sheila Black Grubman and Stephan Grubman-Black Elinor Grumet Adele Grunberg Lori Gubin Lauren Gudonis Sylvia and Simon Guendelman Bibianna Guerra Judith Guerriero Frank J. Guest Georgia Guida Sharon and Larry R. Guidi Julia Guillaume Patrick H. and Henry J. Guillen Ellen Guinard Eliza Guion Dr. Alexandra Guliano

Martine and Stephen Gulick Robert Guliford Anne B. Gundelfinger* Oscar Gunderson Vicki J. Gunderson Robert J. Gunhouse Virginia Gunther Rajendra Gupta Gracine Gurtler Barbara and Arthur Gustafson Kathy Guthrie Jane E. Gutloff Janice Gutman Joseph Gutstadt Maisie Guttay Eugene E. Guttin* Jean L. Guttman Justina Guyott Patricia Guzinsky Kathleen Gwinnell


Marion Haack Betty Haan Susan N. and Thomas F. Haase Beth Habecker Irene and Martin D. Haber Mary Haber* Joan E. Haberman Matthew Hackell Anne Hackett Cynthia A. and David S. Hackett Frances L. Hackett Sandra L. Hackman Eileen Hadidian Beverly Hadley Josephine Hadlock-King Louisa G. Haefele Wendy C. Haeger Rani Haet Linda Hafenbredl Margaret and Brian Hafner Gayle Hagen Joan Hager Leah Hager Mary Haggerty

Vera B. Hahlbeck Mrs. and Mr. Joseph Hahn Ralph H. Hahnfeld Kristi and Arthur Haigh* Shirley Haight Lois Haignere* Elizabeth Hailey Kendall Hailey and David M. Miller Mahjabeen Haji Nancy Hakala and Gail S. Collins Claire Haldan Sarah Haldan Doris Haldy Barbara Hale-Seubert Donald F. Haley Lianne Halfon Nena Halford Arlot Hall Asa Hall Barbara Hall Catherine Hall Donna P. Hall Florence Hall Gairy and Nirmada Hall Ivan Hall Juanita Hall Kathleen Hall Marian Hall Mary E. Hall Mary H. Hall Natalie Hall Richard J. Hall Marcia Halligan Leigh Hallingby Darren Hallman Dorothy G. Halmstad Helena and Bertrand Halperi Susan Halperin Deborah and Steven Halpern Dorothy Halpern Paul Halpern Andrew Halpert Alice Halpin Diana S. and Stephen Halprin* Heike Hambley Eric Hamell

Carol A. Hamill Don Hamilton Fredda and Richard Hamilton Paige Hamilton Nancy F. Hamlin Rebecca E. Hamm Bernard Hammer Ruth Hammett Frances Hammond, FL Frances Hammond, MI Kathie Hammond John P. Oakley Margaret M. Hammond Mary A. Hammond Val Hammond Nancy and Bill Hammonds Audra Hampstead Marian E. Hampton Robert Hamshaw Carolyn Hand Ellen and Scott Hand Judith Latta Hand* Hester Handforth Marjory Handley Susanna Handow Noel Handzlik Joseph Hanelin Arielle Hanien Greg Hanifl Hedda L. Haning Jennifer M. Hanlon James Hannah Barbara Hannon Norma M. Hannon Carol Hannum Dena Hanold Kathleen Hanold Joan C. Hanrahan Earl L. Hansell Helene Hansen Jacquelyn Hansen Judith Hansen and Donald J. Warner Margaret W. Hansen Mark Hansen Ronald A. Hansen Dr. Sunny Sundal Hansen

* Donors who have given for ten years or more

Chris Anne Hanson Jeanne Hanson Julianne M. Hanson Kari Hanson Patricia L. Hanson Vivien Hanson Evelyn Hanssen and Jeanette Baust Shannon M. Hanzel Anne and Michael Harbour Lisa Harbus Judith Harden Iola Harding Marian C. Harding Anne E. Hardy Jane Hardy Liza and Steven Hardy-Braz Elizabeth Ann Hargrave and Matthew Cohen Susan Hargrave Mary Wilma Hargreaves James B. Hargrove* Harriet Harkavy Christine T. Harkins and Peter D. Ruggiero Amy Ann Harmala Amy Harmon Gayten Harmon Jean F. Harmon Barbara A. Harney Dorothy J. Harnish Gloria Harootunian Gretchen Harper Jacqueline C. and A. Kenneth Harper Jane V. Harper Margaret Harper, PA Margaret Harper, VA E. Harperr Jayme Harpring Mark Harriman Anne Harrington Charlott Harrington Nancy Harrington Barbara Harris Catharine Harris Cynthia Harris Julie S. and Seth Harris Kara Harris

Margaret Harris and Philip A. Straus* Merrilee and Bill Harris Molly Harris Adele S. Harrison Bev Harrison Garth T. Harrison Lois Harrison Mary Harrison Ruth Harrison Shirley E. Harrison (deceased) K. Harry Allyn Hart Barbara J. Hart Dorothy V. Hart Rene and Daniel Allan Hart Ruth J. Hart Sarah and Randall C. Hart Shilpa Hart and David Hart Diane Hart Barrington Nicholas R. Harteau Cheryl Harter Crystal Hartford Dr. Katharine A. Hartig Judith Hartig-Osanka Marie A. Hartigan Karen J. Hartley Nedenia Hartley Susan Strait Hartley Jed Hartman Peggy Hartman Marsha Sickel Hartmann Phyllis Hartmann Sharon L. Hartsman Jan and David Hartsough John G. Hartung* Dr. Kari A. Hartwig* Patricia Harvat Fredrica Harvey Jackie Harvey Patricia Harvey Annabel Harwell Karen E. Harwood Lee L. and Wilson F. Harwood* Leslie Harwood Alice Hasbrouck Audrey Haschemeyer

Peter Haselhoff Richard Haskitt Leslie and John Haslam Betty Haslett Judy Hasnas Mrs. and Mr. Charles Hass Jean Hasser Virginia Hasson Christie Hastings Joanne Hastings Mary Beth Hastings and Howard Wilkins Constance Hatch Albert Hatfield Chris Hatfield and Bruce Turnquist Larry V. Hatlett Ruth Ann Hattori David Hauenstein Helen R. Hauge Dr. Ina Haugen Doug Hauger Louis C. Haughney Patricia Haupt Jane Hausauer Anna Hautzinger and John Price Patricia Demar Hauver Sena Havasy Julia and James Haverty Drik Havlak Shari Hawk Robert W. Hawley Gene Anna Hawthorne Frances S. Hay Susan C. Hay and Michael A. Becker Mary J. Hayden David R. Hayes Margaret Hayes Theresa Hayes Stephanie Haygarth and Matthew Higgins Barbara Hayler Crystal Hayling* Betsy Haynes Charles R. Haynes Margaret Hays Dr. Natasha T. Hays Rita S. Hays 103

individual donors, continued

Lynda Haywood-Dill Alice Hazell Catherine Hazelton Virginia Hazzard* Pat A. and Sean D. Healy Helen and Lise Heard Laura James Heard D. W. Hearn Linda Hearn Sarah B. Hearon Cea T. Hearth Dan Heath Cea T. Heather Cynthia L. Heaton Robert Heavers Marjorie A. Hebert Anne G. Heck Joan Heckel Rowena Heckert Carol Hector-Harris Judith Hedgpeth Christina Hedlun Norman K. Hedner Zully and John Hedreen Marsha Hee Phyllis Heenan Ann Heermans-Booth and Hary Booth Joanne C. Heffelfinger and Durga Thapa* B. Hefke Mary Hegenbarth Carol B. Hehemann Faye Heille June E. Heilman Eugene Heim Erica Heiman Rick Heiman Jean Heimer Karen Hein and Ralph B. Dell Michael D. Hein Sandra Heine Susan Heinemann Catherine Heinen Charlene R. Heintz Arthur Heiser Tibor Heisler


Mary Lou Heissenbuttel Margaret A. Heizmann Leone C. Held Frauke and Alexander Heldring* Judith Helfand Adam D. Helfer Laura Helfman C. David Helgen C. Christina Heliker Audrey Heller Donald Heller Elliot A. Heller Rosalie Heller Susan Heller Nancy Hellner Diane M. Hellstrom Louis R. Hellwig Nancy Helm Dorothea J. Helmen Ann Helms Brenda Helper Brendan F. Hemingway Phillip Hemming Stephanie Hemphill Elizabeth A. Hemzacek Helen K. and Richard N. Henderson Morgan Henderson Penelope Henderson Judith D. Hendin Michael Hendricks Lorraine Hendrickson Vivian Hendrickson William Henggeler Polly E. Heninger Wilma L. Henke Silke Henkel-Wallace Linda M. Hennum Cynthia and Christopher Henry Jane M. Henry Janet and Chester Henry Kathryn Henry Selina Henry Jane Anne Henson Rosemary Henze* Sigird Hepp-Dax Benetta Herd

Thomas Herfort Cheryl J. Herfurth Lisa Hering Handley* Kathleen S. Hering-Smith Pamela Herlich Amanda Herman Elisabeth Hermand Allen Hull Hermann * Tim Hermann Humberto M. Hernandez Jeanne B. Hernandez Oscar Hernandez Maria I. Hernandez Ayala Ethel Herring Maycie Herrington Sue Herrmann Ann Herrmann-Sauer Aundre Herron Edie Herron Ruth Herschaft Jack Hershcopf Barbara Hershey Ellen Hertzmark Irene L. Herz Judith Herzfeld Nancy S. Herzog Winifred A. Hesemeyer Janyth A. Hess Karen Hess Ttee Susan Hessel* Harriette Hesselein Dolores Hesser Kathy Hessert-Tucker and William D. Tucker Leila Hessini Christina Hetrick Midge Heumann* Simone Heurich Eliza R. Hewat Dr. Elizabeth C. Hewitt Linda J. Hewitt Lucy Hewitt Esther B. and Walter Hewlett* Flora B. Hewlett Mary Hewlett Mary E. Hewlett

Susan F. Hexter Ted Heyer Arlene Heyman Angela B. Heywood Jane Hiatt Mary Hibbard Carol Hibbert-Swegle Jennifer Hickey Richard Hickey Analine S. Hicks Mary and Neil Hieber Mary E. and Michael W. Higgins Wendy Highby Doris A. Highland Brenda Hill Julie Hill Laura Hill Laura Hill and Joel Sacks Marcia Hill Mary Hill Patricia Hill Charmian K. Hilleary Merilyn C. Hiller Lily Hillis Brenda Hillman Linda H. and John B. Hillman Michal Hart Hillman Michelle R. Hills Dana Hillyer Eva Hiltner Jack Hilton Margaret Hilton Miriam Hilton Sue Hilton Sally S. Hinckley Dorothy S. Hines Jacqueline B. and Edwards S. Hinge Carol and Spencer Hinkle Julieanne Hintgen Dr. William R. Hintzman Jeanette Hipskind Evan Hirsch Faye Hirsch Susan Hirsch and Andrew Gray Ira S. Hirschfield Paula Hirschoff and Chuck Ludlam*

Debra Hirshberg Judith A. Hirshberg Rosalind Hirst and Jay Powell Elizabeth S. Hitchner Elmorine Hites Patricia Hittle Heide Hlawaty Bev Hmurovic Margaret Hnath-Brown Fennis Ho and Joel J. Knutson Jan and Andrew Ho Diana L. Hoadley Maria Hoaglund Olivann Hobbie Arlene D. Hobbs Jennifer Hobbs and Laurie Arbeiter Ruth Hobbs Mollie Hoben Sharon Hobrock Deborah Hobson Leonard Hochron Jesse and Mary Hockman Kathy A. Hodge Roberta J. Hodson Patricia M. Hoeft Nancy Froysland Hoerl Naomi Jean Hofacket Ursula Hofer and Lee Cartwright Lucy Hoffhines Adele Hoffman Alana Hoffman and Jonathan Rotter Deborah A. Hoffman Dolores Hoffman Dorothy Hoffman Jennifer E. Hoffman Marylyn Hoffman Nancy Hoffman Nedra Hoffman Shulamit Hoffman and Stanley Hutchinson Rosemary Hoffmann Mary R. and John C. Hoffmann Edith Hofmeister Lorraine and Charles Hofmeister Carolyn S. Hofstetter* Sherrill Hogen

* Donors who have given for ten years or more

Marjorie Hogle Patricia P. Hok Candice Hoke and George H. Taylor Elaine Hoke (deceased) Suzanne and Larre Hoke Maureen A. Holder Barbara Holifeld Margaret Holihan Harry Holland* Janet M. Holland John Holland Kristina Holland Margaret and Patrick Holland Norman Holland Taffy Holland Matthew H. Holle Shirley A. Hollen Charlene and Z. N. Holler Vivian Holley Dr. Margaret Hollingsworth and Timothy D. Heuser Delores Hollis Pat Holloway Pearl K. Holloway Dr. Elizabeth A. Holly JoAnn Holly Mrs. and Mr. Mark S. Hollyfield Ellen Holm Judy Holman Meg Holmberg and Tim Erickson Barbara Holme Phyllis J. Holmen Judi Holmes Raymond L. M. Holmes Lindsay Holmgren Nancy Holmstrom William Charles Holste Martha A. Holstlaw Jean Holt Holly Holter and Jay Williams Madelyn Holtzclaw Margaret and Randy Holtzman Margaret Holyfield and Maurice R. Meslans Karen Holz Nancy M. Holzhausen

Ann Marie Holzhueter John B. Hom Frederick Homan Wanda J. Homen Robin K. and Burton F. Homonoff Carla Homstad-Lakes Pamela Honda Maryann Hondo Lynn Honeycutt Clark R. Honig R. L. Honigman Charles Honson Donna Hood Susan L. Hood Carol Hook H. Donn Hooker Harris H. Hooker Janet M. and Carl G. Hooper* Patricia Hooper Deborah Hoover Gail E. Hoover Linda S. Hoover Cindy Hopkins Dale R. Hopkins Heather and Adam Hopkins Michael H. Horn Susan Horn Tamara Horne and Chris McAndrews Phylliis Horneman Kim and Joshua Horner Catherine Hornig Joan Hornig Pamela L. Hornung Zoe Horowicz Jill J. Horowitz Pam and Andy Horowitz Sylvia T. Horowitz* Kym Horsell Laura Spence Horst Aimee I. Horton Inge S. Horton* Jennifer E. Horton Judith Horton Carla M. and Robert A. Horwitz Teruo Hosaka Julia Hosea

Steven L. Hoskinson Kristen and Douglas Hotchkiss Magda Gabor Hotchkiss Marianne Hotek Glenn A. Hottenstein Karen Houck Philip A. Houck Catherine W. Houghton Katharine Houghton Maddy and Tom Houk Nancy Houk Kathy Houle Judith Hourihan Charlene R. House Dixie House Betty B. Houston Birgit Houston Polly Houston Mildred Houtekier Julie Houtz Debra and Ken Hover Kari J. Hovland Anne S. Howard Beatrice Howard Carole Howard Catherine Howard Edith P. Howard Ted Howard Gail Howard Grace Howard Helen M. Howard Karla and Joe Howard Virginia Howard William Howden Florence Howe Genevieve Howe M. Rita Howe Mary Howe Ruth A. Howe Betty Howell and Gerald Anderson* Hope Howell Sydney C. Howell Polly Howells Janie Howington Frances Howson Jerilynn Hoy


individual donors, continued

Michael and Robin Hoy Janice Hoye Deborah P. Hoyt Dr. Donald C. Hoyt Freeman M. Hoyt Virginia and Eric Hoyte Peggy M. Hrastar Maria Hruscov Diane F. Hu Belle Huang Jerold Hubbard Holly Hubbell Mrs. and Mr. Milton Huber Patricia Huber Caryn Huberman Lauren and Jeffrey Hubsher Susan C. Huchthausen Dr. Maryann Huckabay Jody Hucko Margaret Huddleston Sandra Huddleston Maria and Joshua Hudnut Aisha Hudson Heather E. Hudson Isaac Hudson Kathy Hudson Nancy R. Hudson Nori Hudson Nancy M. Huelsmann* Sarah Huertas and Herbert I. Goldman Phyllis C. Huettner Sarah B. Hufbauer and David D. True* Caryl Huffaker Mary Huffman Bonnie R. Hughes Janet E. Hughes John F. Hughes Marsha Hughes-Rease Mrs. and Mr. David Huhn Doris Hulbert Bryan G. Hull Kathy and Jim Hull Marylin Hulme Maddie Hulst and Maurice Bosc Karen M. Hult Gordon A. Hultmark


Cecily Hume* Jean M. and Paul Alexander Humez Kathleen Humiston Diana Y. Humphrey Diane S. Humphrey Kathleen Humphrey Paul Armstrong Humphrey Rachel Humphrey Margaret Huneke Sarah F. Hunnewell Barbara L. Hunt Betty Cochran Hunt Gail G. Hunt Mary E. Hunt and Diann L. Neu* M. S. Hunter Marianne K. Hunter T. A. Hunter Phyllis Huntley Sylvia L. Hurdle and Chand J. Desai Tania Hurie Glenna Hurlbert Marianne F. and William J. Hurley Benny Hurlock Ruth J. Hurvitz Cecelia Hurwich Ellen S. Hurwitz Nancy W. Husbands Elizabeth L. F. Husted Susan Husted Ruth K. Huston Patricia Hutchings Tiffany Hutchings and Chad Wheeler Elizabeth Hutchins Kimiyo and William Hutchinson Helen L. Hutchison and Lee D. Aurich Janet Hutter Gertrude Hutton Robert Hwaley Marcia Hwang Su W. Hwang and Matthew Glickman Theresa Y. Hwang Elaine Hyams Hugh Hyde Judy and Tom Hyde Leigh Hyde Sheryl Hyde

Irene Hyland Jennifer A. Hyman* Donna Hymes Amy and Sean Hyten


Marjorie Iburg Ray Icely Paul Ievins Magdalene E. Iglar Anna R. Igra Vivien R. Igra Lee Ilan* Eve Ilsen and Zalman Schaeter Julia Imbarrato Flaurie Imberman and David Berkowitz Benjamin J. Imdieke Jeff Imrie Maureen Inchauspe Bina M. and Anthony J. Indelicato Michelle Indianer Diana Inga Lourdes Inga and Hebert Pasos* Marjean A. Ingalls Christine Ingel Carol Ingelson Stephanie P. Ingle Rebecca A. Inglefield Lowry Ingleheart-Keach Kristen Ingmire Elaine Insero Paula Inwood Prudence and Gerard Inzerillo Lynn Ireland Patty Irish Florence Irons Marion Irvine Joseph and Margaret B. Irwin Wallace Irwin, Jr. Ellen Isaacs* Helen Isaacson Richard Isaacson Sheldon R. Isenberg Lynne Iser Debra Israel Linda and Ronald M. Israel

Sylvia Israel Ann Iverson Kristi L. Iverson Dana Ivey Elizabeth B. Iwan


Karen J. Zwinakis and Sasha Z. Jack Dr. Carol Jacklin Marie Jackman Edward Jackson Fiona Jackson Horace Jackson Louis E. Jackson, Jr. Marian S. Jackson Rebecca Jackson Robbie Jackson Sophia Jackson Vivian B. Jackson Dianne Jacob and Owen Rubin* Erica L. Jacob Mary Jo and Thomas Jacob Jane Jacober Ann and Carl Jacobs Benjamin A. Jacobs Genice Jacobs Helene Jacobs Jo Jacobs Stephen M. and Arlene L. Jacobs Nehama Jacobs Rose G. Jacobs (deceased) Stanley S. Jacobs Susan and Walter Jacobs Susan Jean and Jeffrey S. Jacobs Bettie Jacobsen Barbara Jacobson Barry M. Jacobson Geraldine Jacobson and Monroe D. Reed Hannah Jacobson Mary Carmen and Bruce Jacobson Leigh Jacoby Margret E. Jacoby Susan E. Jacoby Charlotte Jacque Nancy C. Jacques

Renan Jacques Rebecca Jaeb Joele Jaffe Marcia Jaffe Phyllis S. Jaffe Ronnie Jaffe and Geoffrey Gibson Mrs. and Mr. Rory Jaffe Sarah Jaffe Gulamabbas S. Jafferji Candice J. Jager Diane and Karl Jagler Carolyn Jahn Loren A. Jahn Mitthu Jain Sharad Jain Nancy Jainchill Hemwatie Jaipershad Rapeepun Jaisaard Ann and Hank Jakiela Lisa Jakobsen Susanne E. Jalbert* Aaron James Cynthia H. James Jane James Kenneth James and Michael MacLean Lily James Carrie Jameson Joy and Peter Jamgochian Meghan Jamieson and Darrin DeCosta Frederic L. Jandrey Jamie Janis Jennifer Janko Scott A. Jankovich Gerald Jankowski David Janower Irma Jansen Betty Ann and Dr. Bruce Jansson Martin Japtok Faelyn Jardine Marcia Jarmel Natalie Jarmon Kathy Jarvis Susan Jarzynka Licia Jaskunas and Koen Vercruysse Alice and Sitaram Jaswal Tempe A. Javitz*

* Donors who have given for ten years or more

Ilse K. Jawetz Barbara Jay Courtney A. Jay Elisabeth and Kathryn Jay Hilda and John Jay Susheela Jayapal and Brad Miller Victoria H. and Edward Jaycox* Patti Jazanoski Dectora Coe Jeffers and Chris Jeffers Evelyn Jeffers Jann Jeffery Anna S. Jeffrey Robin Jeffries Thomas L. Jeffries Marilyn G. Jeffs Rosalind Jekowsky Deirdre Anne Jenkins Diana Jenkins Joy M. Jenkins Norma T. Jenkins Pamela M. Jenkins Sharon Rae Jenkins Dr. Anne M. Jennings Judith Jennings Katharine Jennings Lisa Jennings Rosemary R. Jennings Janet Jennison Richard and Mary Jennison Linda Jensen Louise and Ollie L. Jensen Trine C. Jensen Victoria Jensen and Jonathan Spencer Diana Jenson Judy Jerabek Diab Jerius Bradley W. Jerman Henry N. Jewell Tricia S. Joang Amanda Jobbins Benjamin S. Joffe Mary and John Johannis Laura and Sarah Johansen Ronald L. Johnsen Ann Johnson, MN Ann Johnson, UT

Anne Hale Johnson Brian K. A. Johnson Carolyn and Herbert Johnson Catherine A. Johnson Charles T. Johnson Corine Johnson Patricia T. Johnson Eisbeth Johnson Elizabeth Johnson Gloria T. Johnson Graceann and Bob Johnson* Heidi N. and Stephen John Johnson Jane E. Johnson Jay S. Johnson Jeanette D. Johnson Jessie Quintero and Jeremiah M. Johnson Jillian M. Johnson Joan Johnson Julia Johnson Kelli Johnson Lauren P. Johnson Linda Johnson Liz and Cyrus Johnson, Jr. Lynn Johnson Lynnea Johnson Margaret Johnson Martha J. Johnson and Helen L. Miller Mary D. Johnson Mildred A. Johnson Milo S. Johnson Nan H. Johnson Nancy E. and Timothy L. Johnson Phyllis H. and John R. Johnson R. Peter Johnson and Susan M. Neyer* Rosemary A. Johnson Sandra and Jerry Johnson Sarah Johnson Sarah M. Johnson Steve Johnson Steven H. Johnson Theresa Johnson* Tracy H. Johnson Trineca S. Johnson Virginia Johnson Wendy Johnson

Anne Johnston David N. Johnston Margaret M. Johnston Margaret R. Johnston Norma G. Johnston Richard J. Johnston Stephen R. Johnston William P. Johnston Elizabeth Johnstone* Suzanne E. Jollensten Amanda Jones Ann Jones Cecilie K. Jones Cynthia Jones D. Jones Daniel Jones Dorothy Jones Jacqueline Jones James Roy Jones Laura Jones Linda C. Jones Linda T. and Lawrence Jones Lois K. and Dale H. Jones* M. McD Jones (deceased) Patricia F. Jones Ruth P. Jones Susan Jones, HI Susan Jones, WA Susan Barney Jones Sylvia Jones Thea Jones Tomesia Jones Leigh and Richard W. Jones-Bamman Linda Joplin and Mil Frederick Deborah Jordan Diane Wexler Jordan Jane and John Jordan Jean L. and Frank L. Jordan Jennifer Jordan Jessica E. Jordan Marilyn Jordan Noelle T. N. Jordan and David Herrup* Patricia L. Jordan Diana Jorgensen Roberta Jorik Jeffrey Joseph


individual donors, continued

Dr. Pamela B. Joseph Shannon R. Joseph Sally S. Joslin Julia Jourdan Dawn Joyce Kate M. Joyce Marsha Ann and Michael C. Joyce Raelyn Joyce Lindsay and Ken Joye Barbara J. G. Joyner Julie Joynt Julie Jozwiak Katherine Juda Dr. Floyd L. Judd Judy M. Judd Kathryn E. Judd Roy N. Judd Elizabeth B. Judice Pamela Jue Dominic Giuliani Julian Julia Julsrud Rosa Julstrom Ronald J. Juneau Vera Junge Christy and Charlie Junkerman Barbara Jurin Giselle A. Jurkanin and Kristin A. Cooper* Karla and Steve Jurvetson Judithanne Justice*


Carla H. Kaatz Saraswati Kache Mike Kadas Kathy Kadish Nicole Kafka Israel Kagler Thomas E. Kahan Linda Kahler Edie Kahn Elaine F. Kahn JoAnn Kahn and Thomas Lyon Rachel Kahn-Hut Fredrich Kahrl Elsa Kaim


Benita Kaimowitz Karen and Michael Kairys Carl R. Kaiser Joan Kaiser Sherry Kaiser Alice Kaiserian Claire Kalberer Diane Kaldor Florence Mae Kaler Linda Kalinowski Judith Kaliski Laura Kall-Felton Mimi and Gene A. Kalland Maria Kallas Henrietta G. Kalle Dee Kallio Dorothy Kaloust Phil Kambeiz Mira Kamdar Carolyn Kameya Christine Kamil L. Irene Kamila and Joyce Hannula* Kelly Kamin Scott Kaminski Sumiko Kamiya Kamala Kampado and David Barsamian Jane G. Kamps Katherine and Keith Kanaga Rufaro Kanagi Elizabeth C. Kane Jennifer J. Kane Kasy Kane Lynne K. Kane Thomas L. Kane, Jr. Karen Kang Russell Kania Jon Kannegaard Joanne P. Kanter Linda and Robert Kanter Lesley B. Kantor Laura Kantorowski and Mike Bates Naresh Kapadia Purima Kapadia Alan I. Kaplan Anita Kaplan Arlene Kaplan

Benita J. Kaplan Carolyn Kaplan Jane Kaplan Marcia Kaplan Eugene Kaplan Sheryl A. Kaplan Susan L. Kaplan and Richard Gould Temma Kaplan Nalini Kapur L. Shoulter Karall Carolyn and Martin Karcher* Cindy Karis Jennifer A. Karmonick Donnie Karns Marjorie Karowe Hannah Karpilow Elizabeth Karpinski Giuliana Fazzion Karpowitz Louise Karr Mildred Karr Kent Karraker Susan Karrasch Virginia Karstens Krishnan Kartha Mary and Edward Kashdan Mary Kasimor Edith Kasin Ann E. Kaslow Cheryl Kasper Jerilyn Kass Sheryl Kass Ann M. Kassahun Dr. Peter Kassebaum Donna Miller and Bruce G. Kassman Cynthia C. Kastan Anna Katherine Susan Katrin Deana Katz Eleanor J. Katz Jon Katz Larry Katz Lori Katz Nancy Katz and John Hiss Paula Katz Drew Katzman Joy Kaubin

Shirley L. Kauffman Betty Kaufman Jacqueline A. Kaufman and Patrick Frain James E. Kaufman Jay R. Kaufman Judith Zukerman Kaufman Dr. Mary F. Kaufman Mrs. and Mr. Sol Kaufman Carole Kaufman Patricia R. Kaufmann Wendy Kaufmyn and Gregory M. Beshouri* Shefali Kaul Alice Kawazoe Edith Kay Dr. Robert E. Kay Susan Kay Eleanor Kaye Sarah Kaye Virginia Kaylor Judith Kays Stephanie Kaza Lydija Kazlas Mary E. Kazmierczak Andrea Kean Eva Kearnes Sharon Keating Myrah Keating-Smith Dana A. Keaune Anthony J. Keck Marilynne Keedy Monica Keedy Diane Keefe and John Levin Susan Keefe Marjorie N. and Ted Keeler Cynthia and Bert Keely Patricia Ann Keen and Bruce G. Goldenson Christine M. Keenan Jane Keene Julia M. Keene Sarah M. Keene Larissa Keet (deceased) Clarence P. Keil Claudia Keith and Marilyn Walker Cynthia Keith and Mary Dobyns

Sherry Keith and Robert Girling Julie Christina Keller Mara Lynn Keller Mary Monaco Keller Peggy Kelley Charles Kelley Elizabeth Kelley Lois Kelley and James White Melissa Kelley Ruth O. Kelley Patricia Kellman Jacqueline Kellogg Carol C. Kelly* Catherine Kelly Claudia C. Kelly Frank K. Kelly Jana M. and James J. Kelly Kathy Kelly Kristine M. Kelly Marilyn M. Kelly Mary Kelly Mike Kelly Edward Kelsch Diane M. Kelsey Jennifer Kelsey Mrs. and Mr. Robert E. Kemelhor Genevieve K. Kemp Kerry Kemp Lien Ellen Kemper Dr. Phyllis Kempner-Stein Alison Kendall Rebecca Kendall Heather Kendon Julie Kendrick Catherine Kennedy Dorothy B. Kennedy Dorothy S. and Gary D. Kennedy Katherine G. Kennedy Nicole Kennedy Timothy Kennedy Wilma and David Kennell Mary Jo Kenny Kellie and Kevin Kent Kristin Kent Linda A. Kent Judith Kenter

* Donors who have given for ten years or more

Neal and Alissa Keny-Guyer* Leon Kenyon Nancy Kenyon Lonnie and Michael Keogh Liese Keon Margaret Lumpkin Keon* Ellen Kepchar Susan Kephart Roberta L. Keppel Ruth K. Keraus Wilmer Kerber, Jr. Bernie C. Kern Dr. David Kern Diana L. Kern and Julie A. Douglas Jennifer Kern* Lisa Kern Pat Kernaghan Kay Kerriden and Bonnie Arthur Gloria Kershner Jean A. Kersting Baharak Keshavarz Janet and Lawrence Kessenich Adrienne J. Kessler Carol F. Kessler Ellen Keszler Barbara Ketchum Pauline Dent and Thomas B. Ketchum Elizabeth Ketels Patricia L. Kett Terri D. Keville Margaret Z. and John F. Keydel, Jr. Maryam Keyhani Samia and Kamal Khalil Nita L. Khandelwal Brijesh Khanna Sumedha M. Khanna* Janet Kidd and Jon Lindstrom Joan Kidd Dianne Kidder Katherine Kiehn Elaine Kihara and David Sweet Katharine Kilbourn Richard W. Kilby Susan Kilduski Victoria Kill Kate Killebrew

Dorothy Kilmer Chris Kim Mary Kim and Alan L. Marks Anne Kimball Gayle Kimball Mary O. Kimmel Jo Ann Kimzey and Daniel Goodwin* Ann Kincaid Aria Kinch Denise P. King Gail King Jane E. King* Katherine King Kathleen King Kathy King Laurie King Lindsay King Lucia S. and William L. King Rachel K. King Stephanie King Theodore B. King Tracy King Andrea King-Brockman Carolyn R. Kingshill Hope Kingsley* Marcia Kingslow Kay L. Kingston Katharine H. Kinkade* Judith Kinnear Karen L. Kinnear Ann Kinney Emily Kintzer Scholastica W. Kinuthia and Charles K. Mwangi Joyce Kinyany-Valentine Russ Kirchenbauer Beverly A. Kirk Susan Kirk-Davalt Janice J. Kirkland Peg Kirkpatrick Susan and Steven W. Kirkpatrick Isabel J. Kirsch Dr. Ellen F. Kirschman* Mary Jo Kirschman Barbara Kiss Susan Kissell

Frances Kissling* Marie Kistler Mark and Delyth Kitch P. J. Kitson Betty and Philip Klabunde Leni Klaimitz Kathie Klarreich Michelle M. Klassen Amy Klatzkin Judy Klavens-Giunta Wendy and Howard Kleckner Carla Kleefeld Hilary Kleger Esther E. Klegerman Stans Kleijnen and Joop Verbaken* Aline Klein Hanny L. Klein Dr. Jeanne Klein Josefa M. Klein Joseph N. Klein Pam Klein Gertrude Kleinbart Marion and Bill Kleinecke Sally Kleinman Jeanne W. Klems Barbara Kleyweg Catherine M. Kliman (deceased) Emily Klimek Benita Kline Dorothy B. Kline James Kline Marilyn Kline* Harold A. Klinesmith Irene Klinger Julie Klinger Susan K. and Dean Klingner Judith Klinman Nina Klippel Jennifer I. Klisak Jennifer D. Kloes Eliza Klose Betty Kloth Kathy Kay Klovstad Karen A. and Thomas J. Kmetzo Holly Haley and Karl E. Knapp Jane B. Knaus


individual donors, continued

Dorothy F. Knecht Judith Kneeter Theodore L. Kneupper Anne Knezevic Judith Knight Tina Knight Victoria J. Knight Joanna Knobler Ranya Knobler Joan Knoebel and Michael Cullenward Ms. Knoll and Ms. Johnson Clio Knowles Don Knutson David Knutzen S. Kobayashi Stephen Kobb Noelle E. Kobza Allan Koch Eunice M. Koch Rosette and Gerald Koch Helen T. Kock Sonia Koetting Betsy Koffman Bruce P. Koger Michael F. Kohl Elizabeth Kohler Jean G. Kohn* Lisa Kohn Keiko Julie Koizumi and Dot Hachey Mary Kokernot Susan Kollmar Nathaniel Kolodny Delores Komar Anthony L. Komaroff Roberta Konfal-Shaer Loong Kong Carolyn Konrad Amanda Konradi Eleanor Konrath Marc Konsistorum Athena Konstan Pamela N. Koob Laura S. Koopman and Andrew M. Ansorge Marian J. Kopcha Greta E. Kopec


Jennifer Kopp Teresa Kopp Annie Bruyn Kops Robin Koral Miriam M. Korb Estelle Korengold Meena Korff-Rodriguez and Dr. J. Michael Korff Rochelle Korman Sandra D. Korn* Bonora Kornberg Elsie Kornman Cathy Korten Kandace Korth D. Korzinki Ann M. Kosek and Mary Ann Kosek Dr. Thomas Koshy Joanne Koslofsky Jean Kosmac Marcia Kosstrin Shirley Ann Kostelny Peggy and Neil Kostick Dodie and John Kostishack* Susan Kotcher Ilana Kotin and Peter Lowe Lois Kotin Judith Kotler Grace Helms and J. David Kotre George Koulouias Debra K. Kousouros Carol Koutavas Alyse Koylan Karin Kozie Tracey L. Krakowski A. L. Kramer Cathy Kramer and Ken Patterson Jacqueline Kramer Judy Kramer* Laurie Kramer Lila Kramer Mary Kramer Suzanne Kramer and Aaron Whyte Vivian Kramp Allen Krantz Leena M. Krasno Jennifer Krauel

Karen L. Krause Leora Krause Marjorie M. Krause Ruth Krauss Rhonda A. Ríos Kravitz and Stephen J. Wirtz Harry Krawczryszyn Jan Krawitz Erika Kreider James N. Kremer Bonnie Kreps Arlyce Kretschman Reesa Krickler Esther Krieger Joel Krieger Elaine R. Kriegh Daphna Krim Julia B. Kringel* Cathy J. and David A. Krinsky Lata Krishnan and Ajay Shah Joseph Krislov Hyman A. Krisner Raimie Kriste Paula Kristofik H. Kristol Ellen B. Kritzman Joy Kroeger-Mappes and Thomas Mappes* Joan Kroll Karen Kromhout and Vincent Marinkovich Bjorn Krondorfer Connie Krosney Thomas Krouse Susan Krown Gerald J. Krueger Judy Kruger Ruth Krugly Michael J. Kruk Cynthia J. Kruska Victor C. Ku Jennifer Kuan and Lawrence Yang* Mary Anne Kublin Nancy Kubski Lea Haber Kuck Elizabeth Kudo Anne D. and B. S. Kudsi

Deborah L. Kuehn Carol A. Kuenzig Rebecca Kugel Lynn Kuhn and David Taenzer Sandra J. Kuhn Virginia Kuhn Virginia M. Kuhn Annis Kukulan Joann Kukulus and Fred S. Wiener Susan Olson Kullman Linwood A. Kulp, Jr. Nadide Lale Kulunk Mrs. and Mr. Krishna B. Kumar Samuel Kunda Ruth A. Kunimura Judith Kunofsky and Mitchell Shandling* Katharine Kunst and Katherine Fulton Connie and Gerald Kurihara Donna R. Kuroda Pamela C. Kurp Krista Kurth and Evan Lippincott Edwin B. Kurtz Molly Kurtz Carol and Kenneth M. Kurtzman Shelby C. Kurzius Lisa Kutner Tina and Ahmed Kutty Clara and Elinar Kvaran Mary A. Kwiatkowski Michelle Kwok Lisa A. Kyle


Carol and Steve La Bonte Edith La Fleur Michelle La Prise* Suman Laal Alice Labay Mark A. Labdon R. M. Labouchere Kate Labrador Stephanie LaCalamita Rhea Lachappelle Gail P. Lack Diana and Tom Lackner

Jacqueline LaCroix Mae-Dell Lacy Lee Ladue Tony Lafer Lucy B. Lafleche Ellen Lafler Suzanne Lafont Susan LaFrance Lila LaHood Julia C. Lai Josephine Laing Eileen Laird Laurie A. Laird and Jeffrey Bull* Leslie K. Laird Olivia E. and Marvin F. Laird Sara and Robert Laird Judith Laitman Ann Hallan Lakhdhir Gyongy C. Laky and Thomas Layton* Kathryn Lalley-Dewel and William K. Dewell Angela Lam Deepa M. Lama Mala Blon Lama Sara J. Lamb Susan Lamb Kathy Lambert Phillip Lambert Roy Lambert Sylvia M. Lambert Arline LaMear Nancy J. and Gregory H. Lamoreaux James Lampert Louise Lamphere Dr. Jean Lana Megan Lancaster Elizabeth L. Land Nana Landenberger F. Worth Landers Franklin Landers David P. Landes Deborah B. Landesman Patricia Landis Harriet D. Landon Leslie G. Landrum Celeste Landry and Eric Cornell

* Donors who have given for ten years or more

Ruth and Alfred Landsberg Betty H. Landberger Julie G. and Maury S. Landsman Carolyn Landwehr Donna J. Lane Melvin B. and Joan F. Lane* Kimberly Ann Lane Lenora Lane Nancy Lane Dr. Lang Christine Lang Elise Lang Helen W. Lang Judith Lang Susan L. Langdon Sandra and David Lange M. J. Langelan Dr. Estelle Langer Dr. Lauren Langman William Lankford Mrs. and Mr. Sigred Lanoux Amy Lansky Donna S. Lansman Nevin Lantz Jean B. Lanz Karen Lao Jennifer A. Lapham and Paul Sacaridiz Carole Lapidos and Glenn J. Spaulding Ellis Lapin Mary LaPorte and Charlie Rial Dolores Lappan Nicholas Lardas Monica Larenas Karl G. Larew Deborah Larkin Hannah L. Larmon Vernel H. Larner* Deb Larsen Jensine Larsen Karen M. Larsen* Wilda Larsen and Sherry Wilmsen Lorna Larsen-Jeyte Carol Larson (deceased) David Larson Marie A. Larson Sigrid A. Larson

Susan E. Larson Theresa M. Larson Dr. Linda Larson-Prior James Larue Suzie Larwood Constance Lalala Carol L. Lasek and Howard N. Bienenfeld Nancy Lassen Carole K. Last Erika Latchis Lorna Lathram Diane B. Latko Susan Lato and Erik Hilsdale Sue and Peter LaTourrette Trudy Latzko Denise Lau Honore Lau John Laue Kathleen and Allen J. Lauer Eilzabeth K. Laufer Susan Lauffer Dr. Ebun Laughing Crow Shirley Laughran Lynn and Ron Laupheimer Jane R. Laurence Ann Laurenson Marilyn Laurie Geraldine Lauter Andree Lauterbach Richard A. Lauterbach and Elise D. Fortier Jean C. Lave Linda Lavelle Edgar R. Laverde Marilyn and Kenneth Lavezzo* A. B. LaVigne Alyce D. Laviolette Stephanie Lavoie Patricia L. LaVon Peggy and John Law Robert Law Shu Yunn Law Beverly S. Lawrence* Eileen Lawrence Elizabeth Lawrence Irene J. Lawrence

Mark and Karen N. C. Lawrence Marta Jo Lawrence* Sarah Lawrence Theresa Lawrence Eleanor A. Lawry William Lawson Kirk Lawton Leslie Lawton Nina Lazar Deborah K. Lazaroff Alice Lazarus Monte Lazarus Cherry Le Micheline Le Gall Pearl J. Lea Liv Leader Barbara and Alexander Leaf Sharon A. Leahy Patty and Joe Leal Rosalie Leal Rebecca Leamon Cheng Heat Leao Pamela K. Lear Deborah Learner Amanda Lease Raymond Leaver Roni Lebauer and Michelle Ryan* Sheryl Lebauer David Lebe Cathy and Rich Lebeaux* Adrianne and L. Lebensbaum Laurie Leber and Kjell Swedin Dena Lebowitz and Flame B. James Tracy Lecapitaine Clement Lechnir Sylvie Lecler Joyce Leddo Geraldine Leder Barbara Lederer Dr. Gerda Lederer Lynn Lederer and Leslie W. Long Dorotha Ledman Amourence Lee Andrea Lee Constance Lee Donna Lee


individual donors, continued

Eileen and Thomas Lee Elizabeth P. and Dr. R. Hewlett Lee* Erin Lee Hali Lee Jan L. Lee Jessica Lee Joseph Lee Kathryn H. Lee Kristen J. Lee Marcus Lee Melissa Lee Myrra L. Lee Patricia Lee Rachel C. Lee and David L. Fikstad Richard Lee Susie Lee Tinsley A. Lee Torin Lee Virginia B. Lee Yin-May Lee Susan Lee-Rife and Greg Rife Stuart Leeb Linda Leeds Judith Leep Mavourneen and Charles K. Leeper Morgana LeFey Judith Leff Susan Lefkowich Rochelle Lefkowitz Harriet P. and John Lefley Gita M. and Martin S. Lefstein Mary G. Leggitt Christine LeGoff Jane Legwold Francis P. Lehar Elliott Lehem Diana H. and Richard I. Leher Dawn Lehman Susan Y. Lehman and D.J. McFadden Theresa and Mark Lehman Lucille J. Lehn Connie R. Lehr Ingrid Lehrer Suzanne Leib Terri E. Leibowitz Myra L. Leifer


Deborah S. Leighton* Marge Leighton Milbrey Leighton Carol Leimas Margaret Leinbach Mildred Leipzig Rosanne Leipzig Stephen M. Leissing Mitra Lele Mary Lellouche Laura and Paul Lemaire Craig Leman Kathleen LeMay and Michelle Bellici Meyer Lemer Sandra J. Lemke Josephine Lemon Lora Bex Lempert Ivette Lenard Deanne and John Lentz Dr. Susan A. Lentz Denise Gail and Gary Alan Leo David Leonard Ellen J. Leonard and Lynn Crawford Judith and Edwin Deane Leonard Karin B. Leonard Leslie L. and David K. Leonard Mary A. Leonard Rita Leonard Teresa and Robert Leonard* Virginia Leonard William N. Leonard Lisa Leone Linda S. Leonzal Iris Leopold Cherie Lepage Cala and Paul Lerman Lorraine Z. Lerman David Lerner Dianne E. Penson Lerner and Nolan E. Lerner Gloria Lerner Julie Lerner Leila Lerner Meyer Lerner Michelle Lesar Monika Lesch

Jane Leserman-Madison Linda Leshanna Gay Leslie Barbara Lessnau Catharine D. Lester Lois and Loranzie Lester Veronica Letelier Lorin and Karen Letendre Leslie Lethridge Stephen and Patricia Levee Sally Lynn Leveille and Robert A. Kingsbrook Rachel Levenson Melvin A. Leventhal Marie Levering Paul Levesque Alexis Levin Carol Levin Dawn Levin Karen Levin Peter E. Levin Phyllis Levin Reva Levin Ruth Levin Adam Levine Annie F. Levine Beryl Levine Cyndi Levine Dodi Levine Ellen Levine and Anne Koedt Gilbert Levine Jack G. Levine Jennifer B. Miko Levine Mrs. and Mr. Joshua Levine Marcia W. Levine G. B. and Marilyn Masters Levine Melvin Levine Mildred Levine R. and Irwin Levine Tracey S. and Rick S. Levine Stephen C. Leviness Leonard Leving Roberta Levitow Annette Levitt Debra Levitt Miriam Levitt

Loretta Levitz A. Levy Dianne Levy H. Richard Levy Jordan Levy Judith A. Levy Leslie F. Levy and Caryatis Cardea Reesa Levy Virginia and Seymour Levy Gregory D. Lew Ruth B. Lewengrub Jane E. Lewenthal* Frank Lewin Ann Lewis and Tim Stokes Anne Lewis Anne D. Lewis Bobbi Lewis Mrs. and Mr. Carl B. Lewis Charles E. Lewis Craig Lewis Dianne Lewis Elizabeth Lewis Joan Lewis Judith G. Lewis L. Cheryl Lewis Lanalee Lewis Marcia Lewis and Larry Hunter Marvin Lewis Mary Lewis Mary Ann and Edwin Lewis Renee Lewis Sidne Lewis Jeralyn P. Lewitz Batya Lewton Michael Lezaja Erica Liang Iris and William J. Libby Jeffrey S. Librett Max Licher Judith D. and Louis Lichtenstein Pam and Don Lichty* Monica Liddle Ken Lieb Eugene A. Lieber Mildred Lieberman Donald R. Liebeskind

Jean Lieverman Mary Pat Liggio Amy Light and Michael Robins Jessica Likens Kathleen A. Liles Carol and Al Lilleberg Susan M. and C. David Lilly Maija Lillya Amanda A. Lin and Nathan C. Thomas Charles Lin Sherry Lin Susan and Donald Linch Ilona K. Lind Harley J. Lindberg Marie Lindberg Kerstin M. Lindblom Craig Lindeke Pris Lindenauer Joyce P. Lindenbaum Janet L. Linder Joyce Lindley Lucia Woods Lindley* Sally A. Lindner Barbara and Targe Lindsay Pat L. and James E. Lindsay Julianna Lindsey Linda Lindsey Ann Lindsley Geraldine Lindstrom Valerie J. Lindstrom Eric Liner Judy A. Linford Christine Linn Priscilla R. Linn Elizabeth S. and Dr. Arnold S. Linsky Arla Dee Linton and Danette C. Mulrine Gerry Linton Windeagle Kinney Linton Juan Linz Trudy Lionel Lisbeth Lipari Richard P. Lipka David E. Lipkin Charles Lippa Emily Lippert

* Donors who have given for ten years or more

Harry S. Lippy Hilary Lips and Wayne K. Andrew Nancy Lipsett Ariela Lipton Robert S. Liroff Jodi L. Lis Kyong O. and Harold W. Lischner Patricia and Robert Lisensky Roy Lisker Adelay and George Li Steven T. Lister Pia and John Listerud Robert H. Littell Carolyn S. Little Elizabeth McKee and Thomas J. Little Joe Little Margaret and James Little Marianne Little Susan E. Little* Teresa Little Thomson Littlefield Cathy Littlejohn Eleanor Littman and Robert A. Goff Ann Littrell Jaimie and Damian Lively Eleanor T. Livingston Margaret Allen Lizaur Lori A. Llewelyn Betty Lloyd Lee Ann Lloyd Erica Lockhart Blake Locklin Merrily Lockwood John Lodenkamper Carolyn S. Loeb Louis E. Loeb and Tully Lyons Margaret W. Loeb Karen Loebel-Fried Meria Loeks Marti Loew* Fritz Loewenstein Roy V. Lof Jacqueline L. Lofland Marilyn Loftesness J. Robert Loftis Anita J. and Robert Logan

Ed Logan Eileen D. Logan Elizabeth H. Logan Michele Logan and Bill Shourt Sandra Loguercio Sarita Lohani and Stephen Broscheid Joy Ellen Lohrer Mindy Loiselle* Joan Lomaki Pauline Lomazow Michael Lombardi Diane Lombardy Sue Lomenzo Earle L. Lomon Jesse Londin and Randy Monkarsh Karyn London Anne and Alex Long Annette Long Denise Cumbee Long Jonne Long Julie Long Camille Longino Robert Longo Vivian Longoni Elizabeth Lonoff Rhoda Lonow Claudia H. Loo Marilyn Sutton Loos Gwen Loosmore Sandra Lopacki Rachel and Nat Lopes Deborah W. Lopez John R. Lopez Marque Lopez Mrs. and Mr. Anthony LoPresti Terry Lorant and Peter Jacobson Arthur Lord Mary Jean Lord C. Lorden Adrian V. Lorentson Dr. Karen M. Lorentzen Lois Lorentzen Robert Lorimer Katharine Auchincloss Lorr and Richard M. Lorr Sylvia Lorts

Elizabeth T. Lotshaw Kelli E. Lott Marley Lott Warren Lotz Carol S. and Harry A. Louchheim* Katherine D. Loudon Tricia Loughlin Chelsea Louie Sonia Loungway Paula Lounsbury Anton Louw Linda Love Marcena W. Love* Christine Loveland Genevra K. Loveland Judy Loverde Li Maio Lovett Mary Lou Lovette Rosemary Lowden* Leslie H. Lowe Margaret A. Lowe Myrna Lowe and Peter McPeake Susan Lowe Robert H. Lowensohn Mary Anne Lower Charlotte Lowery Janett B. Lowes* Andrea Lowgren Dr. Theodore J. Lowi Charlotte A. Lowrey Dr. Douglas Lowrey Janet Huber Lowry Jodi D. Lowry Terry Lozzi-Alvare and Carlos Alvare Martin Lubawy Kelly M. Lubeck Rebecca L. Lubetkin Benita Lubic Aly Lubov Heather Lubov Ann M. Lucas Nancy Lucas Maria and Aldo Lucci Eleanor M. Luce* Theresa Luchsinger Alicia Lucksted


individual donors, continued

Jolanta Luczko John A. Luczkow Sarah Ludden and Nancy Lanoue Robin W. Ludmer Julia Ludwig Kathleen P. Ludwig Birgit Luehrsen Jim Luetschwager Margaret Lukens and Joe Corkery Susan Luksza Joseph Lulich Peter Lumenthal Julie Lumpkin Linda and Scott Lunda Brita E. Lundberg Burden Lundgren Sharon and Kenneth Lundstrom Maryann Lundy Lucy Lunt Rhonda and John Luongo Dr. Jennifer McKnight Lupes Claire Lupton Connie and Bob Lurie* Esther and Dean Luse Jane Lusk Michael Lustik Beatrice Ann and George F. Luthringer Katia Lutz Kate B. Luzius M. Brinton Lykes and Catherine M. Mooney* Madeline Lyle Steve Lyle Sharon Y. Lyles Corinne Lyman Jing and Richard Lyman* Joanne Lyman* Mary S. Lyman Allison Lynch Constance Lynch Dorothy A. Lynch Julie C. Lynch June Lynch Lee Lynch Louisa P. Lynch Sheila A. Lyne


Carolyn Lynes Susan Lynette Barbara and John Lynskey Kathleen S. Lyons Rhona Lyons and David Warren Sandra and David Lyons


Anita Ma Bob Mabbs Joyce Mac Duffie Pennie Mac Pherson C. Diane Macaulay Phyllis M. MacCameron Carol E. MacDonald Heather and Peter MacDonald Joan and Wallace Macdonald Catherine A. MacGuinness Corona A. Machemer Susan J. Machtinger Anna Macias Lisa Macias Elizabeth MacInnes Sally A. Mack Shelli Mack Donald Mackenzie Melissa Mackenzie Patricia C. Mackenzie Susan R. MacKenzie* Carol Mackersie Joan H. Mackey Nonie Mackin Ann MacKinnon Cate Maclachlan Alison MacLean Alison S. and Paul D. MacLean Helyn MacLean and Asher Waldfogel Josephine MacLean Judy Maclean Elizabeth A. MacLeod Mrs. and Mr. Rick MacMahon Barbara Zerbe Macnab Susan J. Macovsky Ruth S. MacVean* Alexis Madara Annette Madarasz

Kathleen Madaus Sandra J. Madden Carole F. Maddux Pearl Oxorn Mades Katharine Madigan Beata Madoerin Barbara Madore Cheryl M. Maegly Bernice C. Maertz Anne and Jeffery Maggioncalda Natilaie Magistrale Janet R. Magnani Patricia and Kenneth Magner Mary Lee Maguire Erin N. Mahaney Ruth Mahaney Dushy and Dr. Alexander Mahendran Julia Maher Virginia L. Maher Deborah Mahlstedt Joan G. Mahn Kathleen Mahone Marguerite and Walt Mahoney Klaus Mahr David J. Mahrer Beth and Laura Mahutchin Gertrude Maier Barbara G. Maimon Pex Mainaaupo John W. Majeski, Jr. Janet Maker Joel Makower and Randy Jayne Rosenberg Estelle Makuku Louise Malakoff Mary Anne Maldonado Saba Malik Stephen L. Malisch Anne-Marie Mallon Lisa M. and Peter B. Malloy Sonja Malmuth Joseph Malof Cheryl K. Malone Dorinda and David M. Malone Jane Malone Nancy Malone

Ken Maloney Irene and Donald W. Malwitz Betty Joan Maly and John Meyers Amina Mama Frances Mammad Rosaria T. Mamone and Malcolm S. Smith Liz Mamorsky and Melburn C. Knox Deborah Jo and James Mance Ruth and Cliff Manchester Susanna Mancini and Silverio Foresi Deborah Mancuso Margaret A. Mancuso Dr. Margaret Mandel Daniel and Selma Mandel Debbie L. Mandelker Deborah Manegold Maggie Mangan Barbara Manger Paolo Mangiafico John Mangimeli Mildred M. Mangum Arlene Manguno Diana C. Manis Dr. Sarojam K. and Dr. Reinhold Mankau Steve Manko Mandee Manley Ray L. Manley Sarah G. Manly Jackie R. and Charlie Mann Joan G. Mann Leroy R. Mann Louise E. Mann Naomi Mann Susan J. Mann Wilbur Mann Jennifer Manner Carol Manning Donna Manning Roberta Manning Judith A. Mannix and John T. Koot Jane Mansbridge and Christopher Jencks Richard Mansfield Sage Mansfield P. E. M. Mansour

Judy Manton Dorothy Mantoro Laurie Manuel Jefferson Mar Rita Maran* Myra Marantz Tosi Marceline Margaret J. Marchand Bill Marchant Colleen M. Marchetti Donna Marcialis Mary F. Marcina Monica M. Marcott Lois E. Marcum Alexandria Marcus Elizabeth Marcus Roberta Marcus Gail Mardfin R. P. Marean Michael Marecki Jeanne Margen Kim J. Marggraf Dr. Kate and Dr. Geof Margo Andrea Karzen Margolin Mary J. Y. Margolin Kitty Margolis Ann H. Margulies Larisa Margulis and Mikhail S. Guz Charles E. Maria JoAnn Mariano Colette Marie D. Walling Mariea Sue and Phil Marineau Beatriz Marino Georgette Marion Patricia L. Marion Virginia A. Mariposa Martha Maris Carole S. Mark Cathy M. and Jerry L. Markatos Carol Markewitz Mrs. and Mr. Joseph F. Markham Lynda and Fred Markham Alison Marks Joanna Marks Linda Marks

* Donors who have given for ten years or more

Sally A. Marks and Miller and Dannis Brown Marjorie Markwardt Joan Marler Pamela Marler Yvonne Marlier Jeanne and George Marmar Gail Marquette Jeanne Marquis Louise Marquis Valerie Marr Leslie A. Marria Joan Marsden Gene Marsh Wendy Marsh Ann Marshall Annie Marshall Carol Mayer Marshall Deborah Marshall Don Marshall Ellen Marshall and David Harwood Harumi and Greg Marshall Hermine H. Marshall* Jilma Marshall Joan Marshall Judith and Todd Marshall Leslie Marshall Louise S. Marshall Steve Marshall Strother Marshall Blanche Marston Ann Martel Jerry C. Martens Amy Martin Anne and Andrew Martin April Martin Beatrice Martin Betty Martin Claire Martin Dorothy C. Martin Gail Ann Milne Jane Martin, CA Jane Martin, PA Judith G. Martin Kristine Martin Lesley Martin

Magda Martin Michelle Martin Paula E. Martin Peter Bird Martin* Suzanne Martin Theodora Martin Winifred A. Martin Claire Martineau Candace and Daniel Martinez Christine P. Martinez Elaine Martinez Inez Martinez Jennifer Martinez Rochelle Martinez Lauren and Richard Martini Ann K. Martinmaki Mary S. Martinson Patricia Marts Cynthia A. Marugg Ms. Marx Joel Marx Kirstin Marx Carol J. Marychild Nancy Marzi Gholamali Marzoghi Linda Masat Frederic J. Masback Susan Masback Teresa Curran and Brian J. Mascuch Danita Maseles Gail Mason Gloria Mason Harry Mason Judith Mason Lola Mason Joseph Massey Billy Massie Regina Massoni Lisa K. Mastain Blythe S. J. Masters Polly Masters Ryan Masterson Sandra K. Masur Ruth G. Matarazzo Judy Fossum Mathern Peter Mathers

Char Mathews Jane E. Mathews Shelly Mathews Susan Mathews Nancy Mathiasen and Sara Chadwick Vijay K. Mathur James H. Matlack Margaret W. and Arnold H. Matlin* Vera M. Matsuda-Brownlea Donna Matsumoto Mary Anna and Frank Matsumoto Martha M. Matsuoka Joan and Mark Matteucci Julie Ann Matthaei Anita Matthay Greta and Pierre Matthews Ingrid Matthews Katherine M. Matthews Maeve Matthews Ruth Matthews Le Roy Mattingly Duane Matz Jessica Matzkin Alison Maud-Hallin Anna Claire Mauerhan Barbara L. Mauntler Catherine Maurer Mauro Family I. H. Mauss Rebecca Mautner Hadassah Max Cheryl M. May Evelyn May Richard May Phyllis Mayberg Catherine Mayer Doe Mayer and Jed Dannenbaum* Frederick Mayer Ronald S. Mayer Sara Mayer Janice A. Mayer-Gawlik Michele Coleman Mayes Julianna Mayhon Elaine Mayland Priscilla Maynard Lisa R. Maynes


individual donors, continued

Christine Mayo Louise A. Mayo Ella Mazel Therese A. Mazzetti Donna Mazzola Betty Mazzoni Juliane McAdam Emma McAlexander Nora and Dennis McAllister Siobhan McAuley Jean McAuliffe Mary T. McAuliffe Donna K. McBain and Samuel P. Evans Elizabeth McBrady Brennan McBride Jacqueline McBride Morgan J. McBride Jennifer McCabe Nellie L. McCabe Pamela McCabe John A. McCall Linda L. McCall Kathleen A. McCallum-Gesher and Gabriella Heinsheimor-Gesher Elizabeth McCambridge Clare McCamy Dr. June V. McCann Margaret F. McCann Eileen McCarron Anne and Kevan McCarten-Gibbs* Susan F. McCarter The McCarter Family Daniel L. McCarthy Eliza and Peter McCarthy J. H. McCarthy, Jr. Lucy A. McCarthy Mary McCarthy Paul J. McCarthy Thomas McCarthy Margaret D. McCartney Amber McCarver John O. McCaslin Jacqueline G. McCauley Eugene McClain Linda C. McClain and James E. Fleming* Donald J. McClay 116

Vicki J. McClay and David F. Howard Betty McLellan Kathie McCleskey Joyce H. McClintock Downs McCloskey Elizabeth S. McCloskey Merele McClure Marianne McColley Gin McCollum Judy McConell and Michael Lyons Susan McConkey Alan McConnell Jane McConnell Jon McConnell Monica McConnell Colene S. McCord Marie Elise McCormick Michelle McCormick and Sara Davis Dr. William H. McCormick Mariann W. McCornack Jean L. McCown Moe McCoy Tom McCoy Steven McCoy-Thompson Jane McCreary Marion McCreedy Patricia A. McCreery Betty and W.J. McCroskey Heather L. McCulloch Nathalie McCulloch Joan C. McCullough Kathleen I. McCullough* Ruth McCullough Melody B. McCutcheon Maureen McDarby and William Ziebur Virginia B. McDermott Helen McDonald Joe McDonald Julie McDonald Marshall B. McDonald* Anna McDonnell and Sam Harper Anne McDonnell Kaye McDonnell Susanne and Timothy McDonough Tara McDonough Tricia McDonough

Gay McDougall John G. McDougall Margo McDowell Wilbur C. McEachin Karen Cook Dew McElhatton Shannon McEntee Ira P. McEvoy Margaret McFadden* Archie Mcfayden Anne McFall Starr McFarland Sarah Heller McFarlane Charlotte McGee Melinda McGee Mrs. and Mr. Patrick McGee Priscilla McGeehon Karolyn McGehee Cynthia McGeoch Danette McGilvray Kathleen McGilvrey Cathy McGinn Joan M. McGinn Karen McGinnis Renee McGinnis Robert J. McGinnis Kimberly McGlaughlin George McGowan Lucia B. McGowan Kerry McGrath Elizabeth McGrory Karen L. McGuinness Elizabeth A. McGuire Nancy Patricia and Michael D. McGuire Susan McGuire Thomas H. McGuire Julie McHale Alice McIlvaine John McInnes Margaret V. McIntosh Marla McIntosh Nicky McIntyre* Sharon E. McIntyre Sweina Kristine and Patrick James McJunkin Claudia J. McKay Colleen McKay

Sally McKay Sandra and Gerald McKay Susan Bateson McKay Maria McKee Peter McKee Suzanne and Christopher McKee Elizabeth McKeever Benjamin W. McKendall Rosamond K. McKenna Ida G. McKenney Mary K. McKenney Colin McKenzie Maureen McKenzie Maxwell E. McKibbin Lineve McKie Rogene McKiernan Cameron Curtis McKinley* Bruce McKinney Elizabeth McKinney Karen McKinnie Allan McKittrick Lori Diane McKole Cynthia K. McLachlan (deceased) Mary McLane Margaret McLaren Claudine McLaughlin Debra and Bryan McLaughlin Hilda S. McLaughlin June McLaughlin Martin McLaughlin Sigrid McLaughlin Hillary McLellan Dorothy and Gerald McLeod Elizabeth McLoughlin April McMahon Gwen M. McMahon Lynn McMahon Lynn S. McMahon Robin T. McMahon Sarah McMahon Jill McManus Patty F. McManus Betty McMaster Zora McMaster Sarah W. and David McMeans Betty McMillan

Joan A. McMillin Anne McMullin Dr. Gudelia A. McMurray Marjorie E. McNae Betty McNail G. L. McNair William N. McNairn Diane McNally Jean McNamara Kathleen H. McNamara* Claudia McNamee Danielle McNamee Frances McNamee Mary Catherine McNaughton John McNay Karin McNeill Peter McNulty Peg Kem and Richard L. McPartland Constance McPherson Evy McPherson Diane McQuiston Diana McRae Mary-Alicia McRae Tessa McRae Stefani McRae-Dickey and Paul Dickey Cindy McRoberts Mary McSorley Barbara S. McSwain and Dr. Daniel P. Greenson* Corinne McTaggart Cynthia McVay Julie and Patrick McVeigh Sharon C. McVeigh-Pettigrew Jess McVey* Scott McVey Kelly McVicker Kore Loy McWhirter Elaine McWill Michael McWilliams Michelle and Donald Meaders Ms. Meadow Mary Jo Meadow Linda Lu Meadows Dixie Meagher Kathleen Meagher Orly Mechaly

* Donors who have given for ten years or more

Jesse R. Medaris Sharon and W. M. Medford Maricela Medina Christina Mednick Felicia R. Mednick and Felice D. Yeskel Avice A. Meehan David Meek Katrena E. Meeker Wilma Meeker Morgan Mehler and Jocelyn Friedman Dmitri Mehlhorn Kathleen and Susan Meier Eugene Meiergerd Rosalie R. and Jack W. Meiland Wiebke Meineke Channa Orah Meir Janet Meiselman Tom Meisenhelder Stephen Meisenholder Lori Meiskey Jeanne S. Meisler Peter Meisler Ilse Melamid Frank Melchior Giselle Melendres Patricia Melgard* Katherine and Daniel Melick Marylee R. Melius Carl A. Mellor Juliet Mellow Amy Melnicsak Deborah Meltvedt Bonnie J. Melville and Daniel G. TerLouw* Carol Membert Marjorie A. Menaul Joan Mencher Edith M. Mendel Sandi B. Mendelson Saul Mendlovitz Harriet Mendlowitz Bernadette Mendoza Anita Mengason Jane Menikos Barbara J. Menke* Andrew J. Menkes

Bernice Mennis Andrea Mensch Eileen E. Menteer Naomi J. Mentzer Paula Menyuk Nancy Mercer Patricia Merchant and Kirby Sack Vasant V. Merchant Victoria and James Merchant Sarah Meredith Debbie and Bob Merion Samantha Merley Marianne Merola Theresa W. Merrick Charles E. Merrill Misha Merrill* Deborah Merrill-Sands Karen Merris Rebecca Merritt Martha and Don Merry Joan Mertens Dr. Audrey W. Mertz Betty J. Mertz Elizabeth Merz William Messer Paul C. Messplay Jeannie E. Mettler and Patricia Placona Geri Metz Vicki H. Metzgar Brenda Metzler Maria Meuse Anita M. Meyer and Joshua D. Greenberg Barbara B. Meyer Cecile and Axel Meyer Doug O. Meyer Harriet Meyer Helen M. Meyer Jeannie and Larry Meyer Katherine Meyer Lynn Meyer Maureen Meyer Nancy Meyer and Marc Weiss* Ruth Meyer Susan Meyer Susan Meyer

Vicki and Edwin F. Meyer Anne-Sabrina Meyers Susan Meyers Joyce B. and Edward Meyers-Brown Kathleen Mezoff Beryl Michaels and John Bach* Stevan Michaels David Michaelson Leah Marie Micheletti Sarah Sae Mickleson Anne Brooks and Jack Middleton Ethel B. Middleton Kelly Donovan and Brooks J. Middleton Dolores M. Miera Janet S. Migdow Enrico Mihich Gaia Mika Erika Mikkelsen Asta Miklius David J. Mikonczyk Nancy K. Milbauer Christina M. Milburn and Jeff Knopf Robin C. Milburn Laura C. Miles Ethel M. Miley Dr. Deborah Milkowski Kathy Diane Mill Victoria L. Millard Aaliyah Miller Audrey Miller Barbara Miller Barbara T. Miller Betty L. and Sam Miller Brant O. Miller Carole Miller Christina and Philip Miller Claire Miller Claire C. and Jeffrey C. Miller Cynthia Miller Dianne and Rafe Miller Donald J. Miller Elizabeth Miller Elizabeth A. Miller Ellen and William Miller Erin and Lynda Miller Eugene Miller


individual donors, continued

Gerri Miller Harriet A. Miller and Monica Wehrle* Heidi Miller Helen R. Miller Holly Miller Jacqueline Miller Jane K. Miller Jane P. Miller Jean W. Miller Jeanette Miller Jill Allison Miller Jodi L. and S. David Miller Judith Davis Miller Judith R. Miller Kathleen and Bob Miller Kathlyn Miller Katya L. Miller Kellea Miller Kelly Miller Kenneth A. Miller Lawrence B. Miller Jerry and Lee Miller Linda M. Miller Lindsay Miller Lisa Miller Lynne Miller Margot Hackett Miller Marian and Phil Miller Martha Miller Mary Miller Mary Frances Miller and Fred Linker Merilee Miller Morton Miller Muriel Smock Miller and Jack H. Severns Nina Rosenbladt Patricia Miller Patricia and David Miller Patty J. and William F. Miller* Pauline and Fred Miller Richard Miller Robin E. Miller and Daniel Rossi* Steve Miller Susan Miller Susan Miller and Kenneth S. Kendler Thomas La Rue Miller Eleanor E. Milligan 118

Julie A. Milligan Lisa M. Milligan Jess and Ross Millikan Marlene and Richard Millikan Dr. Nancy Milliken Bonnie Mills* David and Jo Ann Mills Deborah G. Mills John G. Mills Leslie Mills Marissa Dawn Mills Tessa Milman Judith R. Milner Marjorie Milstein and Eric and Adrian Van Young Anna Mimran Elizabeth Min and Susan Freundlich Peter M. Miner Margaret Minich Stephanie and Shachar Minkove Marilyn Minto Nancy A. Minton Pamela Minton Jo Mintzer Debra Mipos Kathleen Mirante Robert Miros Ruth Mirsky Merle Mishel Mamata Misra C. Joy Mistele Barbara Mitchell Candis Mitchell Carolyn G. and David W. Mitchell* Christine Mitchell and Christopher A. Wagner David Mitchell Jacqueline E. Mitchell Joani and Shoshana Mitchell John M. G. Mitchell Marcie Mitchell Terry A. Mitchell and Roger L. Peck Geri Mitchell Sue Mitrovic Karen D. Mittleman Rita C. Mittleman Chuck Mitzel

Jeanne R. Miyasaka Laura and Taku Miyashita Dafna Mizrahi Andy W. Mobley Karen and Scott Mobley Rossella Mocerino and Sherry Fyman Alice H. Model Salma Mody Bridget Helen Moe Kelly Moe Kim Moeller Brenda Moellman Daphne Moench Joyce Mogill Christine M. Mohammed Herman K. Mohr Erin Moilanen Maryann Geller Moise and Douglas Derwin Patricia Moix Augusta H. Moldawan Cynthia Shay Molgano Barbara Molla Beth C. Molnar Liane Molyneaux Masum Momaya Janet D. Momsen Sue Monaghan Magdalena E. Monahan Breanna Moncada Mary Mondl Ilene Mondschein Donna Moniz Pamela Lee Moniz June C. Monks Margaret L. Monney Gene Monroe Joseph Monroe Karen Monroe Mary L. Monroe Paul Monroe Jennifer Sarah Monteleone Becky Montgomery James Montgomery Joan E. Montgomery John Montgomery Kisha Montgomery

Margaret Montgomery Patsy Montgomery Bonnie J. Moody Susan Mooers Elizabeth and Michael Mook Delia Moon Magi Mooney Margaret L. Mooney Andrew J. Moore Art Moore Barbara D. Moore Beth Moore and Lisa Trost Dolores Moore Dorothy Moore Elizabeth M. Moore Francis C. and Will Moore* Iris Moore Joan Moore Juanita Moore Kate and Jo Moore Kathleen A. Moore and Julia K. Frick Kathryn B. Moore Kris Moore Linford W. Moore Melissa A. Moore Peggy A. Moore Sarah A. Moore John T. and Shirley C. Moore Ted Moore Rose M. Moorer Judy Moores Laurel Moorhead Arun Moorthy Savitha Moorthy Nancy Mopwood Judith M. Moran Raymond Moran James Morehead Bill Morehouse Nancy W. Morehouse Stella M. Moreira Beverly Moreland Denise K. Moreland A. Moretti Barbara Moretti Diane Morgali Anna S. Morgan

Emily K. Morgan Karen A. Morgan Karen L. Morgan Karen Sue Morgan and Robert C. Wagoner Katherine Morgan Ruth Morgan Michael Morganstern Dr. Barbara L. Mori Pia Moriarty* Gayle G. Morin Kathleen R. Moritis Lisa Moriyama* Thesil Morlan Franklin P. Morley Jennifer Morozumi Cynthia Morrell Lisa H. Morrice Barbara Morris Beth L. Morris Cressa S. and William J. Morris Joan M. Morris Judy Morris Marion Dillon Morris Mary Ann Morris and Robert R. Freedman Meghan Morris and Peter Brock Sheila F. Morris Zorana Morris Alicia Morrison Anne S. and Alan B. Morrison Lillian Morrison Hope Morrissett Julia Morrow Corrine Morse and David Beeman Deanna Morse Natalee S. Morse Rebecca Morse Dale Mort Philip Mortenson Gretchen Mortimer Marie and Donald Mortimer Fredric W. Morton, Jr. Kathryn H. Morton S. S. Morton Debra Morzella Blair Moser * Donors who have given for ten years or more

Joyce Moser Katherine Moser and David Foster Lynne Mosier Debbie Mosk and Dr. Debra Shapiro Shirley Moskow Maureen Moss and Bill Putz Paul A. Moss* Suzan Moss Dr. Elmer E. Most, Jr. Felecia Motley Eileen Mougeot Jeanne Moulton and Matt Henneberg* Stephanie Moulton and Roger J. Peters Katherine B. Mountcastle* Kenneth F. Mountcastle* Barbara M. Mounts Bessma Mourad Miriam Moussaioff John Mouzavires Kristin and Steven Mowat John Moxon Chuck-Hong Moy Denise Moy Patricia Moylan Mr. Moynahan R. Moysey Elizabeth M. Mozden Eleanor Mueller Mary F. Mueller Melinda M. Mueller Virginia Mueller Cathy and Mike Muha Sharron R. Muhammad Carol Mukhopadhyay Kit Mulcahy Sean C. Mulcahy Connie B. Mullen and Raymond K. Baker Dorothy Muller and Jeffrey P. O’Donnell Peter A. Mullin Greg Mullins M. J. Mullins Dorey Munch Victoria E. Munch* Jennifer Mundale Adrienne Munich

Carri Munn Joyce R. Munschaur Anu Munster Jo Muntzer Roberta Murchinson Angela Murdaugh Beverly and Bob Murdock Dawn Murphy Elaine M. Murphy and Thomas W. Merrick* Janell Murphy Janis Murphy Jennifer Murphy Judy A. and Robert J. Murphy Lucinda F. Murphy Marilyn Murphy Martha K. Murphy Maryann Murphy Meegan G. Murphy Nancy T. Murphy Patricia C. Murphy Rose Murphy Ruth S. Murphy Seanan Murphy Sheila Murphy Stephen Murphy David P. Murple Anne Firth Murray* Anne L. Murray Sean P. Murray Constance Murray Craig S. Murray Laurie W. Murray Maureen Murray Rebekah Murray Stephanie Murray Valerie and Richard Murray Deborah Murschell Caryn McTighe Musil Emily K. M. Musil Wendy Musil Judy Musket Mary Muskopf Ann Musolf Carole R. Muth* Alyce Myatt

Deborah C. Myers and Michael D. Hersh Holly D. Myers Jill Myers Karen Myers Linda Myers Martha C. Myers Jennifer R. Myhre Pamela Myrum


Cheryl A. and William H. Nabors* Andrea Nachtigall Judy Nadal Ilka Nadler Junko Nagano Jennifer Bentz and Suneel N. Nagda Mary Nagelhout Candace Nagle Carol Nagle Michael N. Nagler Donna K. Nagy Ingrid Nagy Kim White Bear Woma Nahgahnub Tahir J. Naim Laurel Nakanishi Patricia Nakashima Helen Nakdimen Lezlie Namaste Beth Nance Jyoti Nanda Andrea Nandoskar Jean Kelly and David L. Nanney Sondra Napell Mary Napier Madhu Narang Josette Nard Jennifer Nardozzi Ivanei Nascimento Joy Casacio Nash Elaine Nassif Shalini Nataraj R. Nat Natarajan Rufi Natarajan Katharine Nathan Pauline H. Nathan


individual donors, continued

Alycia Nathe Gayle and Don Nathe* Suzanne M. Nauert Laurie M. Naughton Margaret Naumes Carol Nausin M. Susana Navarro Marysa Navarro* Kathleen M. Navins Joanne F. Nay Sally Naylor Elisabeth L. Nayor Marojorie Nazareth and Paul Saunders Virginia M. Nead Richard Neal Tom Neale and Eileen Oldag* Barbara R. Neas Gail Nebenzahl Lyle Neeb Suzanne E. and Dale G. Needles Bridgett Neely Kate and Claudia Neely James Neering Monica Neff Sarah Neidhardt Mary E. Neill Dawn C. Neisser and Theodore C. Zayner* Erin E. C. and Peter A. K. Neizman William Nelsen Becca Nelson Bev Nelson Christine B. Nelson Deborah Nelson Elaine and Paris Nelson JoAnne Nelson Joseph Nelson Julie K. Nelson Karen and Bruce Nelson Karin Nelson Kathryn E. Nelson Kristi Nelson Larry Nelson Patricia Nelson Riki Kolbl Nelson Theresa Nelson


Robert Nemergut Carol Nemeroff Laurie Nemzer* John A. Neptune Jeanne M. Nerbonne Sandra C. Nesbitt Amy Nester Julie Nestingen Carol Ann Nestor Deane E. Neubauer Zoe Neuberger Colleen Neubert Mitch Neuger Paula L. Neuman Elizabeth Neureiter-Seely Joyce Neves Irene Nevil Anne Nevison-Brand Joyce Newberry Claudia K. Newbold* Catharine and David Newbury Marcelle Nguyen Newcomb Norman J. Newcomb Jill Newdick Margaret H. Newell Martha H. Newell* Barbara Newfield Mariette Newhagen Christi Newhall Margaret Newhouse Mary Newlund Dr. Bernie S. Newman Carol Newman Deborah Newman Jane R. Newman and Amy Lang Louis Newman Lynn and Andy B. Newman Dr. Meg Newman and Sharon Boschort Nancy J. Newman* Naomi Newman Paula S. Newman Peter B. Newman Sara J. Newman* Susan Newman and Mike Dixon Vianna N. and Edward K. Newman* Rachel and William Newmann

Sarah and Dr. Zephron Newmark Coco K. and Roger S. Newton Hester P. Newton Charmaine M. and Stephen M. Ngin Au Nguyen Karen R. Nguyen Sandra and Mark Niblick Liela Nicholas David C. Nichols Grace Paley Nichols Jeannette T. Nichols Judith E. Nichols Lisa and Jeffery M. Nichols Sandra Nichols* Victoria and Corwin Nichols Nancy Nicholson Patricia Ann Nicholson Russell Nicholson Sheila Nicklas Ruth A. Nickodemus Azieb Nicodimos and Humphrey P. Polanen Anthony Nicolau Sharon Nicoletto Christine Niebrzydowski Sharon E. and Donald E. Niederhaus Alvin Nielsen Karen A. Nielson Sandra Niemann Anna B. Niemitz Betsy Nikolchev Marjorie Niland Darlene E. Nilges Paige Nilles Peter A. Nilsen Michael O. Nimkoff Peter L. Nimkoff Anna Belle Nimmo Monique Ninove William Nisbet David B. Nisen Frances Nisenbaum Joanne Nissen Renee and Wayne Nix Vicky Nizri and Daniel C. Mayer Foulkes Sandra Noakes

Dr. Frances Nobert Mary E. Noble Suzanne Noble* Mary Jo Nocero Nel Noddings Kathleen R. Noe* Alicia K. Noel Joseph J. Nohejl Amy Nolan Jane Nolan Mrs. and Mr. Billy Nolas Elke Nominikat and Oliver Bouchard Nancy Noppa and Merill Bittner Fred Norberg Martha L. Norberg and Dr. Vincent R. Hentz Karen L. Norbut-McElhany Randi Nordeen Lynn Nordgren Dorothy L. Nordness Judith Norell Nancy Norland Molly Norman Peter Norman Angela G. Norman-Meadows Elizabeth L. Normandy Kay Norrbom Dana and Mary-Katherine Ellen Norrington David Norris Ruth and Scott Norris Judy Norsigian* Holly North Margaret Northall Lindell Northup Ellen Norton Joseph Nosek Carol Nosko and Juan Quesada Myra J. Noss Vincent Notaro Robert Novick Diane Nowicki Dr. E. Macarthur Noyes Tourie Nozari Jennifer Nuccitelli Mary K. Nuebel Emily H. Nugent

Laura E. Nugent Cynthia Nunes and Barbara Nye Dr. Rhoda I. Nussbaum Michelle Nuttall Kim and Mark Nutter Grace Nwankwo Marion Nydam Bu Nygrens


Jennifer O’Boyle Christine O’Brien Colleen O’Brien Dr. Elvy O’Brien John F. O’Brien Marie O’Brien* Mary B. O’Brien Nancy E. O’Brien Rebecca O’Brien Allyn O’Byrne Patricia O’Connell Kathy A. O’Connell-Stroosma and Erwin Stroosma Judi O’Connor Kathleen O’Connor Megan C. O’Connor Patricia T. O’Connor Sandra and Francis G. O’Connor Susan L. O’Connor Roberta W. Odell Jane O’Donnell Sandy O’Donnell John D. O’Hara Michele A. Okane Michael O’Keefe Colleen and Craig Schuttenberg Deborah S. and John B. O’Malley Paul D. O’Malley Teresa O’Mara Beth O’Neall Carol L. O’Neil Walter R. O’Neil Patrice J. O’Neill Michael O’Rear Mary Ann B. O’Reilley Caitlin O’Reilly

* Donors who have given for ten years or more

Sarah O’Reilly Mary C. O’Rourke Joseph O’Sullivan Kathy O’Sullivan Dara and Philip Obbard Molly Oberbillig Tamara Oberholtzer Ken Oberlander Boyd Obermeyer Elisabeth Obobasic Teressa Ocaer Joanne Ochoa Djuna Odegard and Robert B. Fraser Marjory H. Odessky Nancy Oertel Arliene E. C. Oey Nancy Offer Tami Ogata Helen Ogden Alexander Ogilby Diana T. Ogimi Andra and William Oglesby Erin Oglesby Selma and Walter Ohlmann Marilyn Ohrenstein Mrs. and Mr. Jesse S. Okie Martha Okie-Fouracre and Anthony Fouracre Kenneth and Elaine Robbins Okin Laura Okin and Patrick Wright Mimi Okino Marcia L. Okun Rebecca Okun Teresa L. Olberding Margaret Oldman Patty Olds G. Olerich Heidi Oleszczuk Mary Olig Clarice K. Olinger Kathleen Olivarez and Gilbert E. Olivarez Joe Oliveira Myriam Oliven Carol Oliver Emily Oliver Jeanne and Norman Oliver

Marguerite Oliver Sanidia A. Oliver Jane Olmstead Jeanne Burgess and J. Gabriel Olmsted Beverly Olsen Elizabeth A. Olsen Gail N. Olsen Jennifer Olsen Maryanne Olsen Sallie and Richard Olsen* Sharon E. and Theodore A. Olson Shirlianne Olsen Susan Olsen Adele Olson Anne Olson Bevely J. Olson Brian Olson Crystal A. Olson Darcie Olson Gladys Olson Kathryn A. Olson Linda B. Olson Lyndon L. Olson, Jr. Lynn and James Olson Patricia Olson Edward J. Olszewski John Olszowka Laurie Oman Louise G. Oncley* Dr. Helen M. Ondik* Susan W. Oppenheim and Frieda Gardner Susan J. Orbom Callan Ordoyne Beth and Steven Orlansky Deborah Ormon Cynthia Orozco and Juan Carlos Eguiluz Lavina Orpen and Robert Orpen, Jr. Joann Y. Orr Caroline Orrick Kelly Orringer Marilyn Orris Abigail Orshefsky Susan C. Ortiz Robert H. Ortmeyer Jenny Osborn

Sue Osborn Isabelle C. Osborne Dave S. Oshita Paul Oshita Karen Oshry Margaret Osika Ashley Oslund and Romulo Altamirano Susan Osofsky Sonia M. Ospina Benek and Imke Oster Delores Oster Stanley Ostrom Connie Ostroswski Lauren Ostrow Elaine Oswald Esther Oswalt Kelly Oto Eva Otte Smith Nina Otter Emily H. Otto William J. Otto Carla Ouzunoff Steven Ovadia Leanne M. Ovalles Earleen L. Overend Patricia G. Owen Shirley B. Owen Amy Owens Pauli Owens Terri Owens Lucy Oxenhandler Martin Oxenhorn Stephen C. Oxford M. Oyama Lora S. and Dr. Russell L. Oyer Julie Oyler Lucy Ozalas Robin Ozerkis


Patricia Pacelli Dr. Judith Pachciarz Barbara and John Packard Nancy Packer Mrs. and Mr. Paul Padalino Indira Paez


individual donors, continued

Chorale C. Page Jeanette Ann Page* Sheila Paget Betty Pagett* Kathryn Pagliuso Caroline Pahaham Meaghan Pai-Dhungat Elizabeth R. Paine Gail F. Paine Carmen U. Pak Millicent Palacios Joseph F. Palen Lynda Palevsky Dr. William E. Palich Marie Louise and Robert Pallansch Marcia Pally Dianne and Guy Palmer Eileen Palmer Ginny and Don Palmer Linda Palmer Ruthe Palmer Carol Palmer-Collins Nella Palmieri Christine Palotay Nicole Palumbo Phyllis Pampanini and Mara Greeno Robert Pancner Caroline and Stanley Panitz Xanthe Papadakis Victoria Papazian Mary and Jack Papin Elizabeth Papousek Marie Pappas Yvonne Pappas Louise C. Paquette Mrs. and Mr. David M. Paradise Joyce Parcher Herbert F. Pardula Yolanda Paredes-Gaitan Bharat Parekh Rebecca Parfitt Linda Joy Paricio and Joan K. Parry Manju Parikh Anita Parins Anne P. Paris Julie and Will Parish


Jane N. Park Nancy Park Cynthia Parke Alice Parker Angus Parker Annette V. Parker Ellen Parker Helen Parker Margaret L. Parker and Mark Hodesh Marla Parker Melissa Sue Parker Molly Thurston Parker Ruth and Ron Parker Ruth F. Parker Sara Parker Kathleen B. and William J. Parkinson Annette White Parks Shawna Parks Bhagwati Parmar Richard W. Parnell Mary Parrent Kathleen D. Parris Patricia Parsley Barbara Parsons, CA Barbara Parsons, WI Hilary Parsons Sandra and Frederic Parsons Tom Parsons Sue and Christopher Parts Carla A. Pasetti August C. Pasquale Mrs. Pass Patricia Pastirik Debbie Pastors Frances and Summer Patch Peg Patch Justin Pate C. R. Patel Daxa Patel Hansa Patel Leonor Patel Mrs. and Mr. Annasaheb A. Patil Lynn Patinkin Judith Paton Alice Patricia Dolan Audrey O. and J. Eric Patrick

Deborah Patterson Elena Patterson Gloria Patterson Mary Patterson Danielle Pattison Mark V. Patton Alexandrina Patty Thomas Paukert Jane Paul Jay Paul Theodora D. Paul Karen Paul-Reuven Joan M. Paulin Ana Paulos Karen Pauls and Chris Eberspacher Andrea Paulson Diana Paulson Eva Paus Clara Paveza Marjorie L. and Maricris Paviera Michelle M. Pavlic Kieran Pavlick Victoria C. Pawlick Janet Pawlowski Kathlyn and William H. Paxton* Douglas W. Payne, Jr. Maurica Payne Alexa Paynter Evelyn and Charles Payson Patricia and David Peach Christa Peacock Phyllis and Edgar Peara Jean and Richard Pearce Julie J. Pearce* Nora L. Pearl Florence Pearsall Anita K. Pearson Diane H. Pearson Alison Pease Mary R. Pease Kay Dillon Pechilis Ellen Peck Nancy R. Peck Virginia Peck Cheryl Peckenpaugh Jeanette M. Pedersen

Christine Pedreschi Elizabeth B. and Charles R. Peebles Emmy Peebles Emily S. Peel Jean Peelen Gwendolyn C. Peerless Ann Peery* Linda C.Y. Pei Lucinda Peightal Sheila Pekar Thaler Pekar Katrya Pekarsky Ruth Pelham Eve Pell Philip Pella Denise Pelletier and Frank Morosky Pamela D. Pelletreau Kristy Pellicano Susan L. Pemberton Janet Pence Reita Pendry Janet Penn Sandra Penn Helen M. Penning William Penning Susan Pennington Maria Penny Phyllis Penrod Abby and Jonathan Penson Merle Peratis Ben Perchik C. Diane Perdue Charles L. Perdue Lenore Pereira and Richard K. Niles Lisa and Todd M. Perelman Cynthia Perera Ravi Perera Rosario Perez Urania Perez-Freedman Danielle Pergament Nicholle Perisho Elizabeth and Gordon W. Perkin* Catherine Perko Olga Perkovic Marion E. Perkus Teri Perl

Judith Ann Perlin Ruth P. Perlin Karen and Aaron Perlmutter Erin and Paige Perotti-Orcutt Shayla Perotti-Orcutt and Ellen Gordon Terri Perreault Pauley Perrette Jane C. S. Perrin Mary Anne Perrone and Ricardo R. Bartelme Deena Perry Helen Perry Judy R. Perry Mark Perry Susan M. Perry Ryan Persad Colleen Persichitte Marietta Pesel Eugene Peshette Carolyn Peskin Tsipora and Harvey Peskin Sarah Peter Brian Peters David L. Peters Ed Peters Elnora Peters Emily Peters Janet Peters Lorin Peters Marsha Peters Tamra J. Peters Dr. Anne C. Petersen David Petersen Jean A. Petersen Barbara E. Peterson Bernadine H. Peterson Elizabeth Peterson Dr. Christina E. Peterson Clarissa Peterson Jane Ellen and Brian F. Peterson Janis L. Peterson Laryn Peterson Leslie E. Peterson Lorna Peterson Mary Louise and Donald J. Peterson Sue Peterson

* Donors who have given for ten years or more

Judy L. Petrae David Petrig E. Lou Petrulis Barbara Pett Susan Pettee Audrey S. Petterson* Robert C. Petterson Susan Petterson Karen Petterson-Berg Helen Pettit Elizabeth Petty Mary Petty Anne Pfitzer Katrina C. Pflaumer John C. Phan Troung K. Phan Benjamin Phelosof Ethel Phelps Jeanette and Christopher Leroy Phelps Nancy and Harold Phelps Dale and Chris Phelps-Munson Alma H. and James Phillips Bonnie Phillips Daja Phillips and Adam Strassberg Daniel T. Phillips Dr. Elizabeth Phillips Elizabeth Williams Phillips Judith L. Phillips Martha E. Phillips Peggy Phillips Ruby Phillips John Philp Kay Philpott Leslie Phinney Margie Phipps Joy Phoenix Penelope Pi-Sunyer Lisa Piazza and Savanna Batto Patricia J. Piburn Evelyn H. and Jay G. Piccinati Irene Piccone Lewis Picher Sarah J. Pick Gabrielle Pickard Helen D. and Joseph F. Pickering* Lois J. and Jeannie L. Piekos

Catherine Pielich George Pieper Janace Pierce Katie Pierce Mark Pierce Dr. Paulette Pierce Tasha A. Pierce Tram Piercey Patrick E. Piercy Sally Pierone Joseph Pierre Dr. Arthur M. Pierson Patricia Pigman Herb Pike Dyan and Peter Pike Karen and James Pilewski Marc Pilisuk Sara Pilling Barbara Pillsbury* Letty Pinasco Glenys Pinchin Mrs. and Mr. Martin J. Pine Tara M. Pine Joan Pinkham Deborah M. and John Pinkston Esther G. Pinkus William Pint Lezli M. and James Pious Pat Piper Bonnie M. Pirnie Dan Pisanielli Julie Pitt Karen Pittelman and Yoav Bernner Dr. Renée Pittin Sarah P. Pittman Brenda Pitts Tracy J. and Michael J. Pizzi Francelia R. Plank Louise Plano Joan Plant Ariadne Calvo Platero Christina Platt Inara and John Platt James W. Platt Karen J. Platt Karen M. Platt

Margaret Platt Ellinor Platzer and Lars Hansson Janet Pleak Gloria Pleger Pamela M. Pletcher Michael C. Plewa Dorothy and Eustace Pliakas Barbara A. and David N. M. Plum Carol A. Plummer Marcia W. and James W. Plunkett James Podanowski Thomas J. Podiak Carol K. Podraza Tracey Poe and Peter Frankel Erika Poethig Eunice B. Poethig Margaret T. Poffenberger Jean Pogge Jill Pohl Susan and Gary Pohl Dorothy Polash Pamela Polcyn Jen Polenzani and Clark Benson Margaret M. Polito Ruth Politzer Susan M. Polk Aileen Pollack Ellen Pollak and Nigel Paneth Grace and Kenneth Pollak Rosalind Pollan Susan Pollans and Alan J. Levy Adele Pollard Miriam Pollet Katha Pollitt* Libby Pollitt Susan H. Pollitt Douglas F. Pollock Lois Pollock Rhoda A. Pollock Thomas Polton Brenda Pomerance Leslie F. Pomerantz Anne H. Pomerene Patricia A. Pomeroy Stacey Pompei Noelle Poncelet


individual donors, continued

Dorothy L. Pond Rock Pontillo Katherine Poole T. D. Poole Frances Poon Joan Carol Poor Lia and William Poorvu David Pope Jacquelyn Pope Velva J. and Donald E. Pope Suzanne T. Poppema and John Cramer* Rein Poppitz Paul L. Poresky Ardith L. Porsch Brenda Porter Clara Porter Clarissa B. Porter David Porter Jennie R. Porter Lisa Porter Lucinda K. and Ed Porter Lynne Porter Mary Porter Peggie Porter Selma Porter* Elizabeth D. Porteus Stephanie Portman Georgette and Albert Porto Jill Portugal Miriam Poser* Robyn Linda Posin Ayala Posner Jackie Schmidt Posner Myra O. Posner Ellen M. Poss Janet C. Poss Ruth Keil Posselt* Carol A. Post Dianne L. Post Elizabeth Postell Hillary Postman and Laurel Conner Bipin Potadia Vassliiki Potari Evelyn F. Poteet Jody Potiker Judith G. Pott


Marlys Potter Barbara and Lee Potts Virginia and Don Poulton Alicia Pousada Deborah and Ronald Povich Jean Povrzenich Cornelia Powell Edwin T. Powell Julia Powell Junius Powell Kathleen Powell Laurene Powell* Margaret Powell Mary Lou Powell Phyllis W. Powell Yvette Powell Cheryl Dianne Powers Janet Powers Katherine Powers Tess Powers Margaret Poyatt Shawnda Poynter Diane and Mark Pozefsky Joe Prall Neela Prasai John Praska Bertha A. Prather Bridget M. Dean Pratt Frances E. Pratt Martha M. Pratt Maryanna Pratt Michele M. and James R. Pratt Susan N. Pratt Gretchen Pratte Margaret M. Preble Pamela Precisdo Charlotte P. Preece Joan Wolf Prefontaine Smita and Nameeta Premkumar Anne T. Prescott Dr. Elizabeth Prescott Shirley and Roger Prescott Carol A. Presley Erin L. Pressley Georgia and Joel Pressman Judy Prest

Judy Preston Katherine Preston and Lanier Anderson Patsy Preston Susan Preston-Martin Ardell J. Price Georgie Price William P. Price (deceased) Mary Prichard Elaine H. Prien Suzette Prigmore Evelyn Prince Albertina Prins and Marjorie Bryer Sharon L. Prinzi Andrea Pritchard Ann C. Pritchard Sarah M. Pritchard Anna Procaccini and Chester Dow Cheryl Procaccini Ann Prochilo Frances M. and Lou Prochilo John Prochilo Louis Prochilo Margaret Prochilo Tania and Guy Prochilo Elizabeth G. Proctor* Karen and Robert Profet John Prokop Valorie Promisel F. Woodward Prosser Sarah Prosser Janine Prudente Karen L. Pruitt Katherine R. Prussack Ruth Prywes Christine Puchalsky Gerryl E. and Richard Puelle Janice Puente Polly Pugason and Christy Mullins Lucy Pulitzer Lucy H. Pulliam Laura Purdy Meenakshi Pursnani Herman Pusin Mary M. Putman Laura Putnam Laurie Putnam

Irene Puzone S. Pwononongeni Susan Pyne Helen Pyptyk


Margaret C. Quallis Deborah Quam Dorothy Quate Thomas L. Quay Yvonne R. and Donald R. Quayle Madeline Queck Catherine Queener Henry B. Quick Krisztina Quick Marsha Quick William E. Quick Laura Quigg and Bjorn Flesaker Patricia Quigley Dorothy Quincey Beth A. Quinn Conor McDonough Quinn Helen R. and Daniel J. Quinn* Janet Quinn Sister Mary Quinn Sheila Quinn Teresa Quinn Michael Quint Lee Quintana Eduardo Quintong Sonya A. Quitslund Robin Quivers


Melissa A. Rabelhofer Paula Rabinowitz Jubril Rabiu Anna and Marty Rabkin Susan Raboy Linde Rachel Tamara H. Radcliffe Morgan Radford Patricia A. Radi Mark C. Radka James Rado Mary Radu

Dr. Julia Radwany Ann Raffel Rachel T. Raffles Judith Ragir Jane A. Ragle Stephanie Ragni Amy W. Ragsdale and Peter W. Stark Viola M. Raguso Charu G. and Ravi K. Raheja William Raiford Ron Rainey Rose M. Rains Joanne Raksin Emmy Rallapalli Ramona M. Ralston Sheila Ramachandran Sunder Ramachandran and Komala Krishnaswamy Hollie Ramage Kavita N. Ramdas and Zulfiqar Ahmad* Kristen L. Ramer Mary Ann and Michael Ramey Cathryn J. and Ronald B. Ramin Amelia Ramirez Martha Pilar Romero Ramirez and Rodrigo Rengifo Rocio Ramirez Helen M. Ramirez-Odell George Ramos Gloria Diana Ramos Sarah Ramsay Carol Ramseier Elizabeth Ramsey Elizabeth L. Ramsey Maja K. and Craig D. Ramsey Nathalie H. Ramsey Kenneth A. Ramsier Lenore Ranadive Anna T. Rand Kenneth Rand Megan Randall Owen Randall Robert J. Randall, Jr. Perviz Randeria Marjorie Randolph Robert E. Rands Lakshmi Rangachari * Donors who have given for ten years or more

Pamela Zoe and Tirumala R. Ranganath Anna M. Ranieri and Stephen P. Boyd Joanna Rankin and Mary Fillmore* Morgan L. Rankin* Nancy Rankin Rebecca Jo Rankin Barbara Ransby Roland Ransom Erin J. and Matthew R. Ranville Usha Rao Catherine Raphael* Melissa Rapp Michelle R. Rapp Elizabeth J. Rappaport Diana Rarig Lynne Raschke Martha Rasey Elizabeth and Paul Rasmussen Laura S. Rasmussen* Lynne Rasmussen Gaylan D. Rasmusson Zsuzsa and Roosevelt Rastegar Henrietta and James Ratcliff Mary Curtis Ratcliff Sally Rathvon Amelie L. Ratliff Joyce Ratner Priscilla Rattazzi-Whittle Laura Rattner Ron Rattner Renee Rattray Marjorie Raub Ellen Rauch Barbara Rauf Elizabeth J. Rave* Kathryn A. Raven Dewey Ravenscroft Swathi Ravi Liz Ray Peggy and Douglas Ray Sandra Ray Shannon Rayl Carol J. Raymond Sandra and E. R. Raymond Caroline Rayner

Dr. Shirley Rayport Barbara C. Rayson Joseph Rayzak Syed Raza Arisika Razak Helen L. Read Mary Read Dr. Mary M. Read Miriam S. Reading and Richard H. Miller* Eugene Reames Timothy P. Reardon Kathy L. and Gary L Reback Sue Rector William J. Rector J. Diane Redd Jenny R. and Robert J. Redfern Theresa Redfield Karen Redlener Susan and Ray Redline Brian C. Redmon Sherrill L. Redmon Shirley Reece Christie Reed Jennifer Reed John Reed Philip W. Reed Catherine and Tom Reedy Cynthia Price Reedy Dorothea E. Rees Ruth E. Rees Anthony Reese Laura Reeve Frances Reeves Halle Regalo Eda M. Regan Eugenia Jo Regan Louise Regelin Lieselotte W. and David Regen Rosemary Regis Elizabeth Reh-Elliott Rajabali Rehemtulla Mary V. Rehmann Joy Reichard Susan S. Reichle Jo Reichler

Frances K. Reid Janet Reid Loretta Guarino Reid Margaret Reid Margaret B. Reid and Matthew V. Thorp Panthea R. Reid Leah and Jonathan P. Reider Robert Reidnauer Ellen Reifler Catherine Reilly Dayle Reilly Joshua A. Reilly Lynette B. Reilly Jeffrey Rein Gay and Jack Reineck* Claire Reinelt and Richard E. Alterman Linda Reiner Joyce K. Reinfeld Maurine Reinganum Elizabeth Reinhardt Doris P. Reinhart Joyce Reinholdt Rachel Reinitz Natalie Reinkemeyer Donna A. Reino David Reins Anne and Mark Reinstein Blythe Reis Pamela and Curtis Reis* Erika M. Reise Jennifer Reising and Paul G. Redifer Mary Ann Reiss Gail Reitenbach Beth Reitz Christina Remick Betty and Francis Remsik Beatriz Rendon and Robert Mitchell Yvette Renee Louise H. Renne* Sue Rennels Lori L. Renner Jeanette Renshaw Heidi Rentería Joann Resch Adina Reshotko


individual donors, continued

Jane Parker Resnick Julia Resnick Robert A. Resnik Rachel H. Resnikoff Linda Restaino-Merola Ana Santos Restivo William Rettig Nan Reuben Denise Reuter Eleanor D. Revill Lenore Rey Krista Reymann Susan D. Reyna A. Joseph Reynolds Betty A. Reynolds Elizabeth H. Reynolds Jessalyn D. Reynolds Karen Reynolds Loren Reynolds and Hadrian Shaw Lyn Reynolds Sheila Reynolds Kathleen M. Rhiannon Debra A. Rhie Paul and Vera Rhiney Bart Rhoades Holly Rhode Michael Rhoden Donna Rhodes Karen Rhodes Susan Rhodes Brian Rice Dorothy Rice* Shirley Rice Susan H. Rice Susan K. Rice Ruth and Dr. Steven Rich Susan H. Richane Alex Richard Amy Richards Erika N. Richards J. Scott Richards Linda L. Richards Nancy E. Richards Ruthann L. Richards Mrs. and Mr. Cecil S. Richardson Marilyn and Juan Richardson Sarah Richardson 126

Sarah Beinecke Richardson* William H. Richardson Eileen Richey Sarah M. Richings-Germain and Jeffery Germain Ann S. Richman Laura Richman Michael Richman Michele Rae Richman Jennifer Richmeier Elizabeth Richmond James B. Richmond Sarah Burke Richmond Susan and John Richmond Eva H. Richter Rochelle Richter George M. Ricker Jefffey Rickin Dr. Polly Riddle* Eric Ridenour Charlie Ridgell Kate Ridgeway Steven Riedhauser Anne Riedman Marchiene Rienstra Dorothy Riester Marchiene J. Riestra Jean Rietschel Annette Riffe Kimberly Riffle Stephanie Riger Dr. L. Isobel Rigg Ann F. and David A. Rigney Hazel and Paul Rike Annie M. Riley Kate Riley Kathleen C. Riley and Neil Shepard Marilyn S. Riley Jana Rimminger and Jason Woodard Patricia Rind Roger H. Rindge Connie and William Ring Donna K. Ring Mary M. Ring Dr. Wendy Ring Catherine Rion Elizabeth Riotto

Mary Roberts Ripley* Jennifer Rish Frank Risica, III Ruth and Ed Ristaino Connie Ritchie Phyllis and John C. Ritchie Mary Ritter Valerie Ritter Eva M. Ritter-Walker Ruth M. Ritters Karen R. Rittweger Miriam M. Ritvo Michelle Riu Sandra A. River Kate Rivera Diana Rivers Holly M. Rivers Judy Rivin Lucille Rivin Erica Rivinoja and Prince Neelankavil Alisa D. Rivkin Elisabeth Hardman Rix* Nayla Rizk Claudia Roach Ken Roach Anmarie B. Roache Robert A. Roane Elanor A. Robb Patricia E. Robb Malcolm Robbie Alice Robbins Christie Robbins Teri L. Robbins Audrey J. Roberts Carlene and Dr. Cameron F. Roberts Dawn L. Roberts Gayle Roberts Howard Roberts Hugh J. Roberts* Jane Roberts J. Roberts Dr. Michael Roberts Mona and Malcolm Roberts Sarah L. Roberts and Lawrence Koplik Thelma M. Roberts Mary Roberts-Bailey Angela A. Robertson

Claire C. Robertson Cynthia and Tim Robertson Irene Robertson Mary Robertson Patricia Robertson Peter Robertson Betty W. Robinett Joan Robins Alice Robinson Amy Robinson Ann Robinson Barbara Robinson Charles B. Robinson Eleanor T. Robinson Helen Robinson Jeanne Robinson Jerry D. Robinson Jessica Robinson Kenneth Robinson Kim Robinson Lucia Robinson Mary Robinson Melissa Robinson Patricia Robinson William and Jean Robinson Nancy L. Robitaille Mara Roccaforte Meri-Jane Rochelson and Joel Mintz Pearl Rochelson Martha Gage and Bradley James Rock* Patricia P. Rockett Cindy and Bob Rockwood Kerry Rodden Lynn Roddy Mariah Roddy Brian and Renee Rodeck Elizabeth and Chris Roden Dr. Marilyn A. Roderick and Allen Knicely Charlotte Rodgers John Rodgers Luz Rodgers Suzanne Rodgers Lynda Rodolitz Eddie Rodriguez Maria Rodriguez Elisabeth Roed

Jolene Roehlkepartain Nancy Roffey Peter Rogatz Anna D. Rogers Jean B. Rogers Joan C. Rogers Judith G. Rogers and P. Freedman June Rogers Kenneth Rogers Steve Rogers Thomas M. Rogers Claire E. Rogger Lynn Rognstad Catherine Roha Judith Rohde Michelle F. Rohe Lorraine L. Rohlik* Julianne Z. Rohmaller Robbie Rohr Esther Roitman Jennie Roitman Herlinda Rojas Joan G. and Jay Alan Roland Carole Roller L. D. Roller Ann Rollins and James H. Jose Norma J. Rollins and Michael P. Miller Dr. Rebecca T. Rollins William Rolls David and L. M. Rolnick Nancy Rolnick Lori Romano Salvatore Romano Kathleen Ann Romberg Janet Rome Rebecca B. Rome Eve Romero Judith K. and Ron Romines Ruth Rominger Jessica Romm* Charles Romshock Janice Rondebush Kerry Ronek Diana Roose Vincent Root (deceased) Carol Ros Martha and Harlan Rosacker * Donors who have given for ten years or more

Lucia Rosati Anna Marie Rose Cathy Lynn Rose Colleen G. Rose Debra B. Rose Doris L. Rose Ellen M. Rose Kalima Rose* Lisa Rose Mary Rose* Renate S. Rose* Sharon M. Rose Sue R. Rose Thorina Rose Zelda B. Rose Amy Rosebury Catherine J. Rosekrans Andrea C. and Steven E. Rosello Marcia and Irwin Roseman Mindy J. Roseman Penny Rosemwasser Ruth Rosen and Wendel Brunner* Sharon Rosen Sheri Rosen Claralee Rosenbauer Beth J. Rosenbaum Marc Rosenbaum* Arlyne Z. Rosenberg Beatrice Rosenberg Deborah Rosenberg Elizabeth and Steven Rosenberg Marlene Rosenberg Meredith Rosenberg Nancy H. Rosenberg Carrie Rosenberger Yvonne Rosenblatt Janet Rosenbloom Robin Rosenbluth Rebecca R. Rosencrans Clare Rosenfield Carla Rosenlicht Clara Rosenthal Dinah Rosenthal* Jean A. Rosenthal Karine Rosenthal Margaret Rosenthal Michael Rosenthal

Michelle Rosenthal Sue Rosenthal Arnold S. Rosenwald Barry Rosenweig LuAnn Rosenzweig Jean Rosiello Geraldine Rosinski Susan Rosko Jeannie I. Rosoff* Nancy Rosoff Gerald F. Ross Diane Ross Elizabeth Ross Florence Molomut Ross and Anne Maron Linda and Harvey Ross Rebecca Ross Sherry Ross Allison Rossett Diana M. Rossetti Catherine Roth David W. H. Roth, Jr. Edith and Richard Roth Ginger Roth Jeffrey Roth Kathryn Roth Nancy Roth and Sigrid Larson Robet Roth Stephanie Roth Suzanne Roth Miriam Rothchild Patricia S. Rothell Judith S. Rothenberg* Dr. Sandra M. Rothenberg Susan Rothenberg Jodi Rothermund Sara Rothmuller Amalie R. Rothschild Diane Rothschild Judith Rotman Paul R. Rotter Ellen Rottersmann and Sandra Lundy Bonnie Rottier and Jeff Felix Susan Rouder Carol and Timothy Rounds Vivian Rous Rosalind Route

Jacqueline and Henry Roux Patti Rowdabaugh Judith Rowe Martha Rowen Perryn K. and Timothy J. Rowland Susan R. Rowley Gerry Roy Roberta M. Roy Ruth Ann and Richard D. Rozen Justine Rozier Liane G. Rozzell* Diane and David Rubel Shirlee Rubenstein David E. Rubien Arthur M. Rubin Daniel Rubin Debi Rubin Marshall Rubin Sharon Rubin Susan Scholz Rubin Shirley and Jarrell Rubinett Erica Rubio Jana Ruble Cindy Ruby Louise D. Ruch Trudy Ruchman Marcia Rucker Nancy Rude Julius Rudel Colleen Rudman Kitty Knapp Rudman * Helene M. Rudner Peter S. Rudolph Marilyn A. Ruebling Evelyn Ruehr Anne W. and Marc M. Rueter Julie L. Rufo Julia Ruhala Michael R. Ruhland Barbara A. and Donald J. Ruhman Richard S. Ruiz Brandon Rule Sharon Rumberger Robert W. Rumsey Mary K. Rundell Wayne Rundell Gail Runk 127

individual donors, continued

Dr. Christine M. Runnels Barbara Runyan Kristan Ruona William E. Rupel Karin Rupp Patty Ruppelt Mary Rushlow Jill Ruskin Catherine Rusmore Laura Rusnak Alison Russell Anne Russell Elaine Russell Janet Russell Lisa Russell Marilyn Russell Mary M. and William H. Russell Barbara Russo and Bobbi Sternheim Emily Rutherford Monika Ruthkowski Ethel Ruymaker Carleen Blake Ryan Mrs. and Mr. Edward F. Ryan, Jr. Dr. Eleanore A. Ryan Elizabeth Ryan Hasanna F. Ryan Jeanne D. Ryan Maritza Ryan Patricia A. Ryan Sue Ryan and Jerry Bohuslavizki Carole and Mitchell J. Ryans Paula Ryburn Jennifer Rycenga Lisa D. Ryers Anya Rylander-Jones Dr. Veronica Rynn and Bob Gerber


Cynthia H. Saalfield Jess Saalfield Dina Saalisi Sabina R. Saba Elana Sabajon Carolyn Sabin Barbara Sabini Susan E. Sabor


Lisa Sabourin Amy Sabrin and G. Evans Witt Anita K. Sachariah Jim Sacherman Blair Sachs and Casey A. Hanewall Jeffrey Sachs Susan S. and Harvey M. Sachs Barbara Sacks Michael Sacks Martha Cary Sadler Doris Sadler-Davis Lisa Safier Bethany Sagar Gloria W. Sage Elizabeth Sager Naomi Sager Patricia M. Sahadi Charlotte Sahnow Libby Saines Sophia S. Sak Sayuri Sakamoto Barbara and Michael Sakellarides Ilene Sakheim-Katz and Gary L. Katz Katie Sako Irene Saldana Fatima Saleh Maria C. Salerno Mary Beth Salerno and Denise N. Kleis* Susan S. Salesin Elizabeth and Stanley Salett Joyce Salg Ingrid Salim Joyce H. Salisbury Sophie Ann Salley Gail Salo Rosa M. Salo Sigrid A. Salo Gitta B. Salomon Marlene and Garth Saloner Helen and Kalman Salpeter Catherine Salser Barbara and Phil Salstrom Dr. Kimberly Salter Natalie Saltiel* Ellen Saltonstall Pamela L. Saltzman Theresa and Edward Saltzman

Richard M. Saluga Monica R. Salusky Donald L. Salwoski Suchitra Samanta Juana Samayoa Suzanne Samberg Edith Carlon Samet Shirley A. Samis Elmer D. Samson Pat Samuel Yoshiro Sanbonmatsu Barbara and Hugh Sanborn Gertrude L. Sanborn Grace Sanchez* Barbara and David C. Sandberg* Richard E. Sandeen Sandra D. Sandell Angela Sanders Elizabeth Sanders Gail and John C. Sanders Marian Jane Sanders Beatrice M. Sanders-Clarke Robin S. Sanderson Sara P. Sandford Bernice Sandler S. W. Sandler and Mark I. Gilbert Regina Sandler-Phillips Telle Sandman Florence Sandok Patricia Sandro Alison Sands* Sue Sandson Jeanne Sandstrom Marne Sandy and James Hicks Beverly Sanford Jill Sanford and Sandra Lawrensen Roshan Saniipoor Ana A. Sanjuan Michelle Sans Beverly Sansone Kathy Santos Aglae Gisel Santos-Blanco Vita and Andrew Santulli Linda Sanwald Vivianne Saper Shira Beth Saperstein* Clevering Sara and Michael Roh

Steven R. Sarafolean Shambhavi Sarasvati Karen I. Sargeant Stella Sargent, VA Stella Sargent, VT Virginia Sargent Robert Sargis Balram Sarin Urmimala Sarkar Dr. Arthur A. Sasahara Stephan Sastrawidjaja Deb Schuldt Sattler Sally Saulvester Ellen Saunders Kathy and Harold Saunders Anita Sauter Betsey P. Savage Maralee Savage Patience Savage Mary Ann Savard Eileen Savitsky Susan Savitt Karen Sawislak Angel Sawyer and Cornelius Davis Caroline Sawyer Connie Sawyer Nancy C. Sawyer Phyllis D. Sawyer Dorothy and George Saxe Marsha L. Saxton Cheryl Scaccio Rebecca Scanlon Lori Scarlett Marta Schaaf Jim Schaafsma Ellen Schacter Lois E. Schadwald Ann Dynes Terbush Dottie A. Schaefer* Gerald Schaefer Kristine Schaefer Mary Schaefer Sandy and Rick Schaefer Elizabeth R. Schaeffer Cindy Schafer Judi and Ray Schafer Brenda Schaff

Deborah Schaffer Simone Schamach Jeanne Schapp Lorraine and Ted Schapp Janet Scharnbeck Renee Schatteman Theresa Schaub Naomi Schechter Carol Schectman Mary Anne Scheele Dolores Scheelen and Robert John William H. Scheide Kathleen and Carl Scheiman Aaron Schein Bai-Fang and Orville Schell Susan Schenk Ronnie Schenkein Elaine Schepps Martha A. Scherer Susan Scheskie Edward J. Schiavello Kay Schichtel Geraldine Schick Edith B. Schiele Judith M. Schiffbauer Clara G. Schiffer* Margaret M. Schiffert Carole B. Schiffman Kirk Schild Beulah Schiller Christine Schilling Cynthia S. and Richard L. Schilsky* Amy Schimmel Erich Franz Schmips Margaret K. Schink* Jackie Schirn and Robert E. Drzymala Stacey Schlau and Lester Cohen Nancy Schlegel Linda Schleicher Justin W. Schleis Joan B. Schligmen Ben Schlitter Ruth Schlossberg* Rita C. Schlosser Fred Schlottmann Julia Schlozman

* Donors who have given for ten years or more

Sandra J. Schlub Stephanie Schmelz Brenda Schmerl Brigitte Schmidt Erin A. Schmidt John Schmidt Judith Schmidt Teresa Schmidt Marjorie Schmiel A. Schmitt Becky Schmitt John Schmitz Gudrun Schmoelz Jochen Schmoll Celia Schnacky and Paul M. Hoffman Cara L. Schnaper and George F. Jarrold Susan Schnase Ann I. Schneider* Arthur J. R. Schneider Betty J. Schneider Chuck Schneider Julia L. Schneider Lisa A. Schneider Louise Schneider Nancy Schneider Peter J. Schneider Phyllis and Stephanie R. Schneider* Susan Schneider George Schneiderman Vivianne Schnitz and Jack R. Hendrickson Marc Schnitzer Melvin D. Schnur Jennifer Schoen Ruth Schoenbach Katherine Schoenhals E. La Scholl Gail Schonbeck Ann Koch Schonberger* Barbara Schonborn Margaret J. Schonfield and D. Merilee Clunis* Susan A. Schoon Emily R. Schopp Susan M Schor Ellen Schorr Grace Schouten

Elizabeth Schraft Elizabeth F. Schrauder Jan Schreiber Lenore Schreiber Norma N. Schreiber Enid Schreibman Lisa Schrenk Carol E. Schreuder Julie D. Schriber Kerry E. Schrieffer Nancy Loomis Schroeder Carla D. Schroer Ruth A. Schrum Tara Schubert Miram Flock and Howard Schulman* Florence A. Schulte Katrin Schultheiss Delores Schultz Faith Schultz Irene Schultz Katherine Schultz and Matthew Barrett Susan Schultz Gloria Schulz Jean F. Schulz* Tamela Schulz Evelyn Schum Estelle Schumacher Joan Schumacher and David Friedman Judy and Anthony Schumacher Paul Schumacher Jacquelyne Schuman Mindi Schuman Gertrud Schupbach Jane Schur Dr. Elizabeth Schussler-Fiorenza Suzanne Schuwerk Kinza and Philip D. Schuyler April Schwartz Beverly A. and Jack Schwartz Bonnie Schwartz Danya Schwartz Elissa Schwartz Erica Schwartz Helene Schwartz Judith M. Schwartz Linda Remis Schwartz

Lynne S. Schwartz Mara Schwartz Priscilla Schwartz Rhonda Schwartz Allison Schwarz Denise Schwarz Jeffrey Elias Schwarz Joanne Schwarz Kristin Schwarz Alison M. Schwyzer Anne Scott Dr. Caroline Scott Cassie Scott Corinne Scott Helen and Brian Scott John T. Scott Karen Scott Margaret D. Scott Nancy A. Scott Sarah K. Scott Susan Hanway Scott Hazel Scotto Kathleen M. Scullin Ruth Seagull Mary M. Seal Elisabeth Seaman Susan Seamans Susan E. Searing* Irene Searles Dave W. Sears Erin Seaver Gail S. and James F. Seavey Jeanne Sebrechts Stephany and Rodney Sechrist Julianne H. Secor Margaret H. and Charles H. Sedenquist Kimberly See Kate Seeger and Dean Pencer Eric Seele Mara J. Seer Louise E. Seereiter Leslie Seff Lorraine M. Segal and Linda M. Jones Ann W. Seibert Helen V. Seidler Karen Seidman


individual donors, continued

Reni Seidman Arthur Seidner Gloria Seiff Laura Seitel Abigail Seixas and Mark Horowitz April Seiz Susan Selbin Claudeis and David Selby Doris K. Seldin Marlene Seller Isabel K. Sellers Ashlee Sellig Irma and Aviva Miriam Selling Lisa Sellon Marianne Selph Barbara J. and Roger M. Selya Mona Semanko Edward H. Sempert Soham Sen Lee and Robert L. Sendelbeck Ellen Senghas J. L. Sensiba Judith Senteney Irene Senter Sandra Senti Jean Serafetinides Diane Serafini Roy Y. Serijanian Joan Serin Stephanie Yuchnyk and Roland Serino David Serotkin Jesus Serra-Perez Barbara W. Serrin Jeannette L. Sersen Gena Service and Tom McMurtrie Janice Sessing Karen Settergren Deborah Seuss Mrs. and Mr. Robert L. Severance Kate Severson S. Wagner and Kon Sevy Verna Mae Sewell Pamela Sexton and Curt Gabrielson Sarah A. Seybold Robin and David F. Seyburn Jeanine Seymour


Emily Shacter and Elizabeth Wheeler Elizabeth J. Shafer Esther Shaffer Marjorie Shaffer Susan C. Shafsky Dinesh Shah Pratiksha D. and Dhananjay K. Shah Shelata and Shantilal Shah Susanna Shahin Marya Shahinian Laura B. Shaida Adele Shainblum Elsie Shallon Cindy Shamban Christine and Peter Shambora G. Perry Shambroom B. Kathleen Shamp Juliana Shanabrook Moira A. Shanahan and Michael H. Friendly Patricia A. Shanahan and Bradley L. Waite Susan A. Shands Barbara C. Shane and Mike Cox* Meribeth and Arden Shank Rose Shanker William L. Shanks Gretel Y. Shanley Joan Shanley Mary Shanley Maya and Robert Shannon Arthur M. Shapiro Judith Shapiro Justine Shapiro and Lucy Kaplan Karen A. Shapiro Laura Shapiro Lee W. and Bernard L. Shapiro Miriam and Henry Shapiro Soretta Shapiro Denise and Jay Shaplow Joanne Shapp Janice S. Sharlet Atul Sharma Bharti Sharma Kriti Sharma and Sam Hummel Shapira K. Sharma Sadra L. and Yitzhak J. Sharon

Heather Sharp Jessie Sharp Katherine Sharp Oliver J. Sharp Robyn and Dave Sharp Rayona Sharpnack* Anahit D. Shaterian Carolyn Shaw, CA Carolyn Shaw, OR Dorothea Shaw Kirby Shaw Marnie and James W. Shaw Pamela Shaw and Kent H. Redford Shirley Shaw Rick Shawke Maureen Sheahan* Tara Sheahan Katherine C. Shearer Nancy Shebeneck Meggan Sheble Elizabeth Shedd William Sheehan Louise Franklin Sheehy Karin Sheets Peggy Sheffold Lynn Sheinkin Preeti Shekar Elizabeth Shelby Kathleen Sheldon Miriam Shelef Evlyne Sheltrown Sharon K. Shen Suzanne Shenk Bonnie Shepard Candace Shepard Kristina Shepard and Scott Dirks Tim Shephard Denise Shepherd Grethe and Gordon Shepherd Jennifer Shepherd Mitzi L. Shepherd Tara Sher Barbara J. Sherman Delia Sherman and Ellen Kushner Patricia Sherman Ruth N. Sherman

Tracy Allison Sherman Valerie J. Shey Seimi D. Shiba Sophia and Shang-Tsong Shieh Barbara Shilo Lucile L. Shimon James W. Shingler Theresa Lawrence Shinitzky Catherine Shinners Dr. Virginia C. Shipman Wanda R. Shirk Aimee Shirrell Joan Shisler G. E. Shissler Joanne T. and Daniel C. Shively Ellen Shockro Gail Benton Shoemaker Judy Sholin Dr. Susan Lane Shome and Dr. Dilip Shome Dr. Marcia R. Shomo Harriet C. Shorb Rachel Shore Mary Lou and George Shott Virginia S. Shreve Kate S. and Ross P. Shrigley Preeti V. Shrikhande and Srinivasan Rajagopalan Carey Chenoweth Shuart Marion and William Shulevitz Bonnie Shulman Colette Shulman* Nettie Shulman Mary Shultz Wylan B. Shultz Heather Shumaker Patricia Shure James Shurlow Mary L. Shuster Elizabeth A. Sibley Doris and Herman Siderer Julie Siderfin Elanor Sidman Sydney Sidwell Kathleen Siebenmann Elizabeth Sieber-Ford Mary V. Siebert and Steven J. Lyskawa

Stephanie Sieburth Rachael Siefert Carolyn and Jeremy Siegel Gloria D. and Sheldon D. Siegel Michele J. Siegel Sherry G. Siegel Suzie Siegel Winifred W. Siegel Mary Foy Sierra Dorene Sikdar Bhakti Sikora Georgette Silber Patricia Allott Silbert Paula L. and Frank J. Silici Rona Silkiss and Neil Jacobstein Judith H. Sills Gracie Silva Irene Silver Jon E. Silver Marge Silverberg Ashley Silverburg Yael Silverburg Ann Silverman Anya Silverman Carol Silverman and Mark Levy Florence Silverman Jay G. Silverman Jennifer Silverman Lynn Silverman Dr. Jean M. Silvernail Craig Silverstein James V. Silverton Bernard Silverwater Stephen L. Silvestri Susan Silvestri Perry Silvey Deb Simerlink Susan Simianer Adele Simmons* Celia Simmons Charlene Simmons Diana Simmons Hildy J. Simmons Steven L. Simmons Kim-Lan Simmons-Connon* Clark M. Simms*

* Donors who have given for ten years or more

Cynthia DeBoer Simms Arabella Simon Diane Meyer Simon Janet Simon Margaret E. Simon Mary Simon Sandra Simon Sidney Simon Wendy Simonovich Ann E. Simons Ellen Simons Janet and Edward Simons Harald H. Simonsen Joy R. Simonson Elizabeth K. Simpson Elizabeth L. Simpson Elizabeth Léonie Simpson and John Wurr James H. Simpson Laurie and Christopher Simpson Stephanie Alison Simpson Kimberly Sims Ruth D. Sims Aurora and David Simsek Sheri L. Sinchek Janet Sinder Joan M. Sinex Andrea Singer Ann Singer Chris Singer Ellen Singer Janet Singer Judith G. Singer Lane Singer Merle M. Singer Molly Singer Anuradha T. and Gururaj Singh Chamalie Singh Olivia K. Singh Rajvir Singh S. Singh Sachchida Singh Tina M. Singh Mark L. Singleton Jan Sinnott Annette K. Sipher

Lynn Sipher and Scott L. Mann Mary and Joseph K. Sipher Marie and Richard Sippel Serra Sippel Elizabeth and Robert Sippl Martha Broderson Sirgo Marion and Sidney Sirkin Jacqueline Siroka Karen Siroky Golda Sirota Philip Sirota Bernice Sisson Lisa Sisterhenm Ayesha Sitlani Kristin Sivesind Igor O. Skaredoff Joan and William Skedd Antoinette M. Skeeters Martha C. Skeeters Helen P. Skelton Julie Skelton Joan and Tom Skiba Anne Skigin-Cutuli B. and J. Skinner Carol B. Skinner Catherine E. Skinner Court Skinner* Jane Skinner Janey Skinner Meg Skinner Joanne M. Skirving Linden Skjeie and Roland E. White Kathryn Sklar Martha Skleder Emily Skolnick Trond Skramstad Colin Skrapek Erin Skrapek Lorraine Skupsky Dorothy Skylor Lee Slaff Nancy and John Slais Ann M. Slater Cyn Slaughter and Kevin FitzGerald Mary E. Sliney Stephen M. Slivinsky

Ellen Sloan Mary Sloan Paul Sloan Robin L. Sloan Susan R. and Michael W. Sloan* Isabel H. Sloane Jody Slocum Martha Slocum Joanna Slone and Jules Lewy Susan and Jeff Sloss Marie A. and Timothy P. Slottow Paula Slovenkai Hendrika Sluder Gary Slutsky Suzi Sluyter Janet Zia Small* Pam L. Small Sally Small Robin Smallberg Janet L. Smalley George M. Smart Katrina M. Smathers Minnie and Joel Smilchensky Mairita Smiltars Abigail Smith Alison Smith Dr. Anita P. Smith Anna Marie Smith Dr. Annette R. Smith Brenda Smith Bryce and Janet Smith Carl Smith Catherine M. Smith Chalmers Smith Charlene Smith Charles Smith Claudette and Barry Smith Colleen Almeida and Michael Smith Cynthia Smith Daryl G. Smith Deborah Ann Smith* Diane R. Smith Doris H. Smith Gwendolyn Smith Helga Smith James J. Smith


individual donors, continued

Janet and Don Smith Reuben P. Wade Janna M. Smith Jill Smith Joanne Smith Johanna M. Smith Katherine Smith Kelly L. Smith Mrs. and Mr. Ken Smith Kirstin Bird Smith Kristin Smith Laura Smith Laura L. Smith Laura Woolley Smith Lynette D. Smith Lynne J. Smith Marcia Smith Margaret W. Smith Margaret G. and Harlan M. Smith Margo Smith Marion Smith Mele Lau Smith Melissa A. Smith Nathan Smith Olivia Smith Patricia Smith Paula F. Smith Philip Smith Rhowen A. Smith and T. Eric Abrahamson Ronald Smith Rosemary Smith Sande Smith Sandra H. Smith and Alan T. Dworkin Sandra M. Smith Sandy F. Smith Suzanne J. Smith Theresa and Melvin Smith Walter P. and Doris Smith William Smith John P. Smith-Lontz, II Mary M. Smithline Shirley Smithson Miriam Smolover and Barbara Golden Margaret G. Smullin Gretchen Smurr


Barbara Lou Smyth and George W. Smyth, Jr. Raina Smyth Mary Soule and Richard V. Smythe Lydia Snape Constance A. Snapp Ann Barr Snitow* Chris Snodgrass Janice B. Snook Reva Snow Ross Snow Gretchen Snowden Scott Snowden Richard Snowdon Deborah Snyder and Charles Hitchcock Ellen Snyder J. Lozen Snyder John Snyder Lise A. Snyder and Steven Andrew Ostrover Lois H. Snyder Mary Jane R. Snyder* Natalie S. Snyder Susan Snyder, CA Susan Snyder, KS Ceevah and Irwin Sobel Nancy Sobel Lisa Sobieniak Alise Sochaczewski Dorothy and David Soda Eileen Soffer and Rick Levenson Marcia K. Soffer Marion Softky Noemi Sohm Elizabeth Sohn-Hirsch Hilda W. Sokol Rosemary Solarez Ann B. Solberg Roberta Danz Solien Martha B. Solish May Soll Joyce R. Solo Beverly Solomon Julia and Christopher Solomon Randy Solomon Jane Solomons and Raul E. Carter Rohanie Somar

Darlene Sommerdorf Lucia and Peter Sommers Sarah Sommers Sarah Song Unmi Song and Terence J. Whalen Mary Sontag Patricia C. and George E. Soper Charles R. Sorber Sandra Sorel-LeDuc Susan B. Sorenson Carl D. Sorgen Lisa Soria Lisa Soriano Diana Soriano-Finley Rachel Sorlien Carol and Marvin Soroos Bobbye Sorrels Rosemary Sorter Karen Soskin and Stephen Haskin Carol A. Soto Lillian Soto-Cordero Nicole D. Soulanille Holly Koteen Soule Shanti Soule Fred M. Southam Jill Leslie Southard David Southern Joan Southern Amy Southwick Christina Souza Louise Sovocool Joan Sowada Karen E. Spackman and Douglas Kess Barbara Spadanuta Marian Spadone Ann Spain Marilyn Spanbock Martha Spano John Sparacio Alan Sparks Mrs. and Mr. Lawrence Spatz Margaret Spaulding Sara Spaulding Eleonore Speckens Caryn Spector Marilee Spector Elizabeth Speer

Susan Ann Speert William P. Spence Cherrill M. Spencer and Richard Leder* Carol Dawn Spengler Andrea Speraw Cheryl Diane Sperber Michelle I. and Scott Sperlich Sara R. and Joseph C. Spero* Clarke Sperry Ellen Spertus* Donald Spiegel Phyllis Spiegel Yoav Spiegel Carol Spielman Dr. Anna M. Spielvogel Gretta Spier and Jonathan Rubin Rosalind and Alan Spier Margaret Mannion Spiers Julianne Spillman Philip N. Spina Alan J. Spindler Jean Spinka Audrey Spiro Ruth S. Spitz Charlotte Spitzer Doreen Spitzer Joshua Spitzer Heidi Spoor Judy and Frank Sposato Dr. Suzy J. Spradlin* Sage Sprankle Louise Spray Charlene M. Spretnak Lila and Stan Springel* Nancy Springer Katherine Sprouse Susan V. Sprunk David Sprunt Theresa St. Claire Jennifer St. Hilaire Dr. Iris St. John Angela C. St. Louis Jan St. Peter and Paul Pitlick Gloria E. Staab Katherine A. Staack Diana L. Staatz M. Jean Stacey

Roberta Stacey Liza Stacishin John E. Stadler Robert Staffanson Janet Stafford Anya Stagakis Inda Stagg Nancy S. Stagg Laura A. Staich and Phillip W. Ruedi Rebecca Staley Marcon C. Stall Liga Z. Stam Jodey Stambaugh Janet Stambolian Patricia Stamm* Mrs. and Mr. William Stamm Winifred and Ellis Standing Donald Stanford Grace B. and Paul E. Stanley Leah Stanley Paula Stanley Lesley Stansfield Caitlin Stanton Lori Fouts Stanton Lucy Stanton Sandra M. Stanton Sherry and Tim Stanton Susan M. Stanton Betty Stapp Elizabeth Starbuck Allen Stark Diana Stark Mary Stark William Stark Robert Starko Allison J. Starr Joan and Iris Starr Judith A. and Jerold M. Starr Nancy L. Starr Renee Starr Vickie L. Starr Patricia A. Starwyck Helen Stathis Laura Stats Dr. Roy Statton Sylvia Staub

* Donors who have given for ten years or more

Daniel Stauffer Evelyn Staus* Roger Stavig Margaret Anne Stavropoulos Diane Stearns Karen Stearns Virginia Stearns Margo and David Stebly Anne R. Steele Elizabeth Steele Georgia Steele Heather Steele Charlene Steen Diane D. Steen Hans Steenborg Mary Steenhoek Pietra Steffans and Curtiss B. Wright Judith Steffy Lael Stegall* Ann Stehle Mary Ann Stehr Adrienne Stein Elizabeth Stein and Sergio Aguilar Frances M. Stein Ilene R. Stein Jane Stein* Kathleen F. Stein Margaret A. Stein Marsha and Elliot Stein Rachel Stein Dr. Terry Stein Dorothy S. Steinberg Jeffrey Steinberg Laurel Steinberg Augusta and Gilbert Steiner June Steiner Susan J. Steiner Vicki Steinhardt Ahouva Steinhaus Charles I. Steinhorn Stephanie J. Steinwedel Jennifer Stella and J. Todd White James Stellick Andrea and Dennis Stemmle Margaret Stempien and Larry Feldman Gail Stempler

Lisa Faye Stendig Tania Stepanian Louise H. Stephaich Dr. Denise R. Stephenson Heidi Stephey Nicholas A. Sterling Carolyn Stern Mrs. and Mr. Edmond A. Stern Hillary S. Stern and Arthur Klein* Irving Stern Judy L. Stern Juliet Sternberg Heather G. and Paul L. Sterner Barbara Sternfeld Brigitte B. Sterrett Judith G. Stetson Clarice Stetter Sari Steuber Carol and Noel W. Stevens* Marina and Thomas Stevens Sally Stevens M. Jean Stevens-Owens Ellyn and Ray Stevenson Ruth B. Stevenson* Beverly F. Steveson C. Augusta Stewart Dorothy S. Stewart Eleanor K. Stewart G. Stewart and Sandra Ray Kate Stewart Lillian A. and Theodore C. Stewart Margaret Ann Stewart Marilyn C. Stewart Marlee Stewart Mary E. Stewart Tommie Stewart Doris and John Stickler Kathleen W. Stiegler Cynthia Stiever Lynn and Ron Stiglich* Jennifer Stillman Ann Stillwater Catharine R. Stimpson* Julie Stindt Sandy Stities Zoe Ann Stivers

Ammie Stobaugh and Trevor Calvert Sandra M. and Mason F. Stober Doreen Stock Judith Stockbridge Nancy H. Stockham Elizabeth D. Stockton Gail Stockton Frances C. Stoddard Gloria Stoddart Jean L. and Alfred W. Stoess George Stojijkovic Ann Stokes Carolyn A. Stokes Karen S. Stokes-Rhodes John V. Stoltenberg Alison Stone Beatrice S. Stone Delmar Stone Hannah Anita Stone Herbert Stone, Jr. Jacqueline Stone Jessie Stone Judy Stone Marjorie and Herbert Stone Mary Isabella Stone Peter Stone Sandra S. Stone Janis J. Stoner and William L. Gekakis* Madeline R. Stoner Lee and Byron Stookey* Emily Stoper Elizabeth Storey Eileen Stortz Elizabeth M. Story Janet Stovin Maria Straatmann and Rick Johnson Keith Strand Susan A. Strand Katherine J. Strandburg Jamie Strateman Cheryl H. Stratten Chrislin Straub Betsy Strausberg Lee Strauss Susan Strauss* Georgianna Streeter


individual donors, continued

Darol Streib Lois E. and Gayle V. Strickler Lynne and Bert Strieb* Virginia Strohecker Michael Strollo Ellen Stromberg and Harvey Alcabes Jean Gleason and Kurt J. Stromberg Meredith Stromberg Beret E. Strong and John Tweedy* Ingrid Strong Evan Stroud Janis L. Strout L. Strugill-Campbell L. M. Strugill-Campbell Judith Strull Jane Suk Stuart and Richard Andrus* Robert Stuart Erna Stubblefield Eileen James Stucker Diane Studna Stephanie Colson Stuhr Joanne D. Stultz Rosemarie Stupel Sharon H. Sturch Dianne Sturgeon Beth Sturtzel Pearl H. Stutz Emily Jane Style Robin Suarez Angela Subauste Ashok Subramanian Edward and Carol Suchecki Lucy Suchman* Mrs. and Mr. Michael P. Suda Lisa Suennen Donna Sueper Jeremy Sugerman Shauna Sugino Barbara Stevens and Mark Sullivan Beverly Sullivan Joan Grant Sullivan Marianne K. Sullivan Raymond Sullivan Shirley Sullivan Johanna Sulser Ann H. Summers


May Sun-Young P. R. Sundaresan Christine Sundberg Cynthia H. Sunderland Andrea Sununu Elisabeth Supan Alison Superko Dipa Suri Barbara J. Surian Raj Suruj Lynn Susholtz Olena Suslova* Shivani Sutaria Naida Sutch Neil H. Sutfin Dr. Tamara A. Sutfin Dr. Earl W. Sutherland, III Abigail Sutkus Ariana Sutton Doris Sutton Holland Sutton and Michael Lehmann Joan Suzio Anna Marie Svedrofsky Katherine Svoboda Marketa Svobodova Beth Swadener Holly Swafford-Hansen Lisa Swagerty and Richard T. Stovel Pamela Swail Cynthia Swamidoss Janet Swanberg Mary M. Swaney E. Swann D. Swann Alicia Swanson Arlene E. Swanson Charles B. Swanson Diane Swanson Elizabeth E. Swanson Mary L. Swanson James R. Swanstrom Shirley R. Swart Julie Sweedler Mary L. Sweeney Meghan Sweeney and Nicholas Laudadio

Corinne Sweeny Dorothy Swerdlove Katharine Swett H. Dawn Swift Roselyne C. Swig Jane Swigart George Swisher Harry Syer Susan Sygall Compton Sylvest Mary Sylvester Dr. Jean S. Symmes Sheryl Symonds Elizabeth Symynkywicz Annalisa Synnestvedt and Rebecca Hekman Cheryl L. Sypal Pat Syvanen David Szanton* Linda Szarkowski Carmen and Josephs Szczesiul Debra Szecsei Sandra G. and Daniel L. Szymanski Wendy K. Szymanski


Saralyn Tabachnick Annette Taback Sandra Taber June B. Tabor Mary Tabor Linda B. Tabor-Beck Zenebeworke Tadesse Marianne Taflinger Anne D. Taft Barbara Taggart Vincenzo P. Taglieri Safineh Tahmassebi Suzanne Taichert Parnian Taidi Susan Taing Stephanie Tainsky and Peter Spelman Elaine Takach Nancie Takahashi Ruby Takanishi* Herbert Talabere

Olga Talamante and Pat Brown Lee M. Talbot Peg Talburtt Dolores S. Taller Raymonde N. Talleyrand Peggy Tally Masao K. Tanaka Moe Tandler Beth Tango and Phyllis Bohrer Steven Tanijo Eileen Tanioka Doris M. Tanner Lauri Tanner Shelley Tanner Shahnaz Taplin Jessie I. Tapp-Nutting and Bill J. Nutting Cordelia Hazen Tappin Ellen and John Tappon Mark Tarantina Karen and Donald Taranto Carl Tarantola Deborah and Alfred Tarlow Hal Tarr Amy Tarrant Helen Tasker Louise Tassone Mama Tata Priscilla W. Tate* Robert Tate Carolyn Tateishi Susan D. Tatelman Myra Thim Tattenbaum Marianne Tauber Richard H. Tauber Lisa Tauxe Joyce and Donald Tayer Allan J. Taylor Allen T. Taylor Anne Taylor, CA Anne Taylor, NY Barbara Taylor Betsy Taylor Cody Taylor Eleanor Taylor Ellen Barahal and Stephen C. Taylor

Eugene E. Taylor Frank C. Taylor Gail W. Taylor Jill M. Taylor Karen M. Taylor* Kenyon Taylor Kimberly A. Taylor Lauri Taylor Marcia Taylor Margaret P. and James C. Taylor Marvene Taylor Marylou M. Taylor Patricia Claire Taylor* Paul Taylor Phyllis and Richard Taylor Robert W. Taylor Leann Tchaikovsky Yumin Tchen Chet Tchozewski and Susan Carabello Congregational Leadership Team Michael Tearney Emma Tedesco Ruth D. Teeple Conor Teevan Alexandra Teixeira Victoria M. Tejada and Raymond A. Mueller Meena Telikicherla Nadia Telsey and Diane DePaolis Jane R. Temp Dorothy J. Tempel Maiden E. Temple Jean C. Templeton Eleanor Teng Sylvia G. Tennen Margaret and Thomas Tenney Dagny I. Tennyson Marlyn Teplitz Jean F. and Craig S. Teramoto Bill Tergis Sandra Termini Dr. Olga E. Terrazas Amy Terrel and Gene Peshette W. H. Terrell, Jr. Shawn E. Terris Robert Terruso

* Donors who have given for ten years or more

Joyce Terry Kathi Terry Sylvia N. Tesh Denise Tessier Andrea Testa-Vought and Andrew M. Vought Frances Tetreault William Tetzeli Richard Teubert Khiem Thai Mrs. and Mr. Harish P. Thaker Labhshankar V. Thakor Anu Thakrar Rita Thapa Vishnu Thapa Jan Tharp Millie Thayer Sandra Thedford Bert Thelen Nelda and Robert Thelin Nancy Theriot Kenneth Thibeault Susan Thom Adele Thomas Alan Thomas Anne and Peter Thomas C. Gomer Thomas Carol Thomas Carroll A. Thomas* Catherine Thomas Cerolyn S. Thomas Cheryl A. Thomas Dr. Gloria Thomas Jewell D. and Robert D. Thomas Joann Thomas and Douglas Nopar Judith Thomas Lee Thomas Liz Thomas Ramsay Thomas, Jr. Rosalind Thomas Sandy J. Thomas Susan Thomas Susan A. Thomas Tanya Thomas Ulrike D. Thomas Robert H. Thomason

Audrey A. Thompson Charles and Lynne Thompson Dana L. Thompson* Darlene and Steve Thompson Jean S. Thompson Lyne Thompson Marcelene Thompson Maria and Radclyffe Thompson Maureen Thompson Nancy G. Thompson Sydney J. Thompson Timothy K. Thompson Alice Thompson-Cross and Harry Lee Cross Celia B. Thompson-Taupin* Cynthia J. Thomsen Doris K. Thomson* Kerie Thomson Margaret B. Thomson Paul Thomson Sapna Thoppil Deborah A. Thorp* Jean Thorsen David E. Thorsland, Jr. Ekje M. Thuerling Edwin Thurston Robert C. Ticke Judith Ann Tickner Sara Tiede Terri Rowenhorst Tiede Joanne V. Tierney Karline K. Tierney Robin C. and Patrick T. Tierney John Tillotson Ann Tilque Kathryn Hope Tilton Nikki Tippins Maria Luisa Tirres Shari Tisch Karen Tittel Jan Tiura Jessica Tobin Lynne M. and Patrick Tobin Margaret Tobin Frances Tobriner Angela Tobusto

Alan Todd Ann Y. Todd Deirdre K. Todd Harriet Todd Natalie Todd and Biyi Adesina Lauren Tolle-Bulley Claudia Tomaso Joshua Tomey Floyd W. Tomkins, Jr. Patricia Tomlin Robert Frank Tomlinson Jael Barbara Tomono Claudia Tompert Richard Toole Reva B. Tooley Roni Topotovsky Tony Topp Keith Topper Dana Topping Renard Shuli Tor Heather Torain Lynn Torke Marsha and Roger Torkelson* Lee Ann Torlakson Majorie S. Torrell Erin Torrence Marie Celeste Torrens Ella R. Torrey Dee Ann Tortorice Ryan Toso Edward K. Toth Sharon Toth Electra P. Toub Sara Toubman Diane Tourigny Gwendolyn Touzalin Susan M. Towle Caroline Town Annette Townley and Linda Shear* Peggy Townley B. L. Townsend Lili Townsend Sylvia Townsend and Charles E. Cowens Deanna C. Toy Reverend Fran Toy and Arthur C. Toy Laura Beale Toy


individual donors, continued

Mily Trabing Liz Tracey Patricia Tracey Pamela L. Trachta* Dan Trachtman Gregory Tracy Cheryl Traendly Charlotte and Michael Trafton Geraldine Traina Lan Tran Joanne Trapanese Rosalyn Trapp Janet Traub Maryetta Traub Libby Traubman Dennis Travers Debra Travis Anne M. and Guilford H. Traylor Jean Treadway Denise Trease and Dr. Edward P. Galantowicz Phil Trenholme Mary Tressler Joanne Trestrail Ruth Tretbar Tina M. Trettin Evelyn J. Trevethan Graciela Garza Trevino Marianne Trevorrow Rosalie B. Treworgy Norine Trewyn Mella Trier Louisa Hagner and William R. Trigg Mary Brent H. Trigg (deceased) Randall H. Trigg* Timotha B. and Jonathan W. Trigg Eric Trimble Dr. Frances H. Trimble Debra Trione Cara Tripp Nicholas Tritask Rebecca Troeger Nancy T. Troff Rosa Lentini Troia Diana C. Troik Catherine Troisi Richard G. Trollope 136

Diane Trombetta Malcolm K. Tronic Emilie M. Tropiano Lynn Trott Rosilee Trotta Carol Trowbridge* Shirley A. Trower Kyra Troyan Kathy L. and J. Robert Trudell Dr. Walteen Grady Truely Robert Truhe Nancy F. and John Burke Truher June R. Truhn Angela and Nick Trujillo Micaela A. Trumbull* John G. Trump Toni Truong Trinh T. Truong and Alex Nguyen* Nicola Trwst Sidney and Charlene Tuchman Jane W. Tucker Jessica Tucker Nancy S. and David C. Tucker Shirley E. Tucker Lisa and Jeffery Tulin-Silver Elaine Tullson Theresa Tumenas Amanda G. Tumulty Nancy C. Tune Larissa Tung-Berry Paulette Pappas Tupaj Dana Turk Carole Turkenik Joan K. Turman Connie Turner Elyse D. Turner Janis Kate Turner Joanne P. Turner Kathy and Chuck Turner Lesley Turner W. Bard and Mary Ellen Turner Michele and Patrick A. Turner Michelle R. Turner Trevor Turner William Turner Charles Turpin

Melanie A. Turpin Meredeth Turshen Mark and Jana Tuschman Elinore Tushner Paula Tusup Dorothy M. Tuttle P. D. Tuttle Sally Tuttle* Arthur Twain Robin and Mark Twery Jackie A. Twitchell Margaret and Robert E. Twiton Arline S. Tyler Janet W. Tyler Robert O. Tyler Rosario E. and Douglas Tyndall Susan Typanski Janie and Samkarp Tyre Frances Tyrrell Joseph V. Tyrrell Margaret M. Tyson


Jaclyn Ann Udaloff Nancy and Michael W. Udow Janice and George Ugolini Ellen A. Ullman Margaret Y. Ullman Janice C. Ullrich Steven E. and Mary H. Ullrich Geneva Ulm Leanne Ulvang Stephen Umhoefer Anne Unander Lenora C. Underwood Alberta Zimmerman Unger Bill Unger Kelly Unger Terri Unger Leanne Untulis Kabita Ghimire and Paras Mani Upadhyay Sylvie Updegraff Margaret S. Upshaw Elizabeth B. Uptegrove Letitia Upton

Marian Urman Marilyn E. Urquidi Annette User Jean Ushijima Sandy Uslander Frank Usman Gary E. Uttke Pauline R. Utzinger


George Vacek Salil Vadhan Jill Vahovich Edward E. Vaill* Brigitte Valbuena Maria Valdes Ray F. Valdez Judy Vale Wendy G. and Jonathan H. Valente Jeanette Valentine Sara Valentine Sarita Valji Linsa Ruth Vallee Jack M. Valpey Mary and Ken Van Amringe Suzanne Van Appledorn Virginia Van Asperen Rachel Van Cleve Diana L. and Lloyd Van de Car Bridget Van De Kop Caroline Van Den Berg Jean van der Tak* Julie Van Devere Louise J. Van Donmmelen Anne Van Dusen Teresa Van Dyne Gregory van Eekhout Suzanne Van Fleet Drieke Van Giffen Lynda Van Gorder Jacqueline H. Van Gorkom Beverly Van Houten Amanda Van Moos Judith M. Van Riper* Karen Van Riper* Leona Van Scoyk

Stuart Van Scoyoc Freeman A. Van Wickler Robert Vande Hey Karen Vandenbos Mrs. and Mr. R. Vandendolder Elizabeth and Dr. Richard Vandenheuvel Barbara Vandenhoeck Dan Vanderberg Ella Vanderbilt Lisa Vandermade Kenneth W. VanDeWater Karen L. Vaneman Teresa Vangeli Kimberly VanHoosier-Carey Richard Vanrooij Barend Vanwyk Mariet and John J. Varban B. K. and Seema Varma Susan R. Varner Jana Varrati Eliana Vasquez Karen S. Vasudavan Phillip Vaughan Shelby Vaughn Catherine A. Veatch Kumar Vedantham Mary H. Vedder Dr. Nancy W. Veeder Sarah Veeser and Armando Sanchez Lynnette Joy Ben-Sushan Vega Maria E. Vegega Valerie Z. Velhagen Pat Venable Larry Venditto Karen Veni Gita Venkatesan Shalini Venkatesh* Bommakanti Venkateshwar Lianne Venner Ank Verbaken June Verbillion Betty Jo Dale Verburgt Walter and Elsa Verderber Fredi Verdesca Julienne Verdi

* Donors who have given for ten years or more

Terry Vergamini Judith M. Verny Karen de Balbian Verster Gail Vesely William Gough Veters Carol P. Vetter Jill L. Vibhakar Linda Vick Sharon Vickers Francine Vidockler Debra Vieira Sharon Viggiano Betty B. Vigour Mayan Villalba Ludovica Villar-Hauser Jose Villegas Dr. Leopoldo F. Villela Doris M. Vincent Shannan and Walter Reuel Vines Jane Vink Denise Vinograde Susan P. Virnig Mary B. Virre Mila E. Visser ‘t Hooft and Erica Breneman* Nadine Vitagliano Shirley Vitale Susan Vivell Jean M. Vnenchak Mary F. Voce H. D. Voegtlen Carol A. Vogel Roberta B. Vogel Karla Vogt Debbie Vola-Ruben Christine Volbrecht Wendy Volkmann Greta Vollmer Millicent S. Vollmer Evelyn Volpe Josefa Von Boudenhoven Kristin Von Donop Dr. Sabine von Preyss-Friedman Paula Von Simson Allegra von Studnitz Erica Voolich

Susan and David Vore Joyce E. Vos and Alvin P. Vos Maria G. Vosilla Dale Votta Marie Bendy and Craig Gladstone Vought Cam Vozar Barbara Vrany Rita Vrhel Dr. Khoi A. Vu


Kathy and Will Waddill Jean A. Wade Kim McCoy Wade Alfred P. Wadecki Anne E. Wadhams Gail Wadsworth Joan Wagner Tovya Wager Mary Jane Wagle Florence Wagner Gretchen Wagner Jan Wagner Karen Wagner and Ralph Schlief Linda Wagner Mary Wagner Nannette L. Wagner Susan J. Wagner Susan N. Wagner Joanne Wagoner Roger A. Waha Kathy Wahed Ruby Wahrhaftig Dawn Wain Kathleen Waites Bettye J. and George T. Wakabayashi Mary K. Wakeman Elyce Wakerman Alexise Waldeck Joan S. Walden Virginia S. Waldie Dan Waldman Laura Walheim Lenna Walimaa Anne H. Walker

Christopher B. Walker, Jr. Jeraldine Walker Johann Walker Kathleen A. Walker Kirby Walker L. M. Walker Lynn Walker Sherrye Walker Anne U. and Thomas W. Walker Joan Walkup Corrigan Alice Wallace Carolyn Wallace Deborah Wallace and William Adams* Kathy Wallace Vera Wallach Lynette Waller Betty Wallien Winston Wallin Karen Walls P. A. Wals Cecilia A. Walsh and Philip L. Steiner Chrystal Walsh Dr. Diana Walsh Judith B. Walsh Patricia Walsh Miriam and Joseph Walstad Marilyn J. Walter Dr. Nancy Peterson Walter Elaine Walters Leroy Walters Margaret Walters Marlene Friedman and Gerard Walters Ellen Walterscheid Frederick H. Walton C. M. Walton-Roques and J. M. Roques Susan Jayne and Lawrence Wanderman Diane Wane Arlene Wang Nancy Wang Barbara Wank Jenifer Wanous Ann Wansley* Mrs. James P. Warburg* Valerie Warburton Denise A. Ward Janet Ward


individual donors, continued

Percy H. Ward (deceased) Rennae L. Ward Dr. Ruth E. Ward Jeffrey Ware Lilia G. Ware Carolyn Warhus Tatiana Warkentin and Johnathan Hammell Elyse Warner Dr. Nancy E. Warner Bette Warren Roxanne Warren Sarah Warren Virginia C. Warren Helena R. and Robert G. Warrington Larry J. Warshaw Mal Warwick Audrey M. Wasik Lynne Wasley Josephine Wasney Judith Wasserman Victoria Wassmer Rita Waterman and Michael J. Woliner* Barbara K. Waters Frances Waters Patricia L. Waters Susan Waters and Stuart Schulman Caroline A. Watkins Kathleen A. Watkins Madeline Watkins Ric Watkins Sally Watkins Susan Swig and Richard Watkins Patricia L. Watral Catherine Morris and Richard Watson Sarah Watson Susan and A. J. Watson Sharyn Watt Virginia Watters Angela Watts Elizabeth Watts Susan Watts Earl E. Waugh Natalie S. Waugh Olive and Richard C. Waugh* Maxima and Burton H. Wax Stephanie Waxman 138

Howard Waymire Kim Wayne Susan C. Weader Curt Wear Tristan Smith and Kate Wearn Alex R. H. Weaver (deceased) Brucilla Weaver Catherine E. Weaver Daniel W. Weaver Dennis Weaver Erin Weaver Dr. Frances Jean Weaver Ann Webb Jane Webb Rachell Webb Susan E. Webb Mary Webber Susan Webber F. Harold Weber Frannie A. Weber Herbert S. Weber Jennifer Weber Joan S. Weber Julia and Jeffrey Weber Lynne Weber Sara J. Weber Thea Weber Kay and Curt Webster Natalie and Peter Webster Roy C. Webster Lisa Webster-Puri Eleanor T. Wedgewood Susun S. Weed Ann R. Weeks Susan Wefald Vivian C. Wei Bea Welsh Weicker Barbara and Jerry Weidenfeld Faith A. Weidner Dr. Gail C. Weigl Alexis Weil Janet R. Weil Monique Weil Marvin Weilerstein Noele M. Wein Eve and Norman Weinberg Ruth Weinberg

Carolyn J. Weinberger Arlene Weiner Claire Weiner and Kirk J. Brower Dr. Kayla Weiner* Patricia and Stephen Weiner Rosalie Weiner Sarah C. and Alex L. Weiner Julia Weinhaus J. Paul Weinstein James Modiano Weinstein Julie Weinstein Rhonda Weinstein John Weinstock Laura Weinstock Florence Weintraub Melody Howe Weintraub Samuel H. Weintrub Emily and Rob Weir Dr. William F. Weir Jody Weis Alma Weisberg Laura J. Weisberg Mary Ann Weisberg Sheila and Robert Weisblatt Linda Weiskopf Betty Weiss Cynthia Weiss Dana A. Weiss and Creighton H. Peet Estelle and Erwin Weiss* George H. Weiss Nancy Pollak and Richard Weiss Marvin Wessberg Bernard Weissbourd Elsa C. Weissenberg Allie Weissman Dr. Jane and Sam Weissman Judith and Bernard Weitz Arnold Welber Elizabeth W. Welch Julie Welch Juliet Welch Vicky Welch Yisrael Welcher Edric A. Weld Allison S. Welles and Nicholas Meima Juanita M. Wellington Frederick L. Wellman

Gloria Wellman Kathleen Wellman Lori Wellman Brenda Wells Frances Wells Jean Wells Jennifer Wells and Joshua Rowan Juliette Wells and Rodney Yoder Katharine Wells Laura Wells Stephanie A. Wells Tamela Wells Joanne Welsch and Lafcadio Cortesi Cathy E. Welsh David Welsh Dolores M. Welsh Katherine Welsh Stuart Welte Michele Welz Gita and Craig Wenaweser Tom Wendel Victoria Wendel and Adam Piper Susan M. Wendelgass Magda and A. Fredrick Wendorff Michael Wenger Cynee Wenner Hilda and Adrian M. Wenner Melanie Wentz Joan Wenzel Judith P. Wenzel Thurman B. Wenzl Lisa Werchow Marie Werdmann Bobbie Werner* Linda A. Werner May E. Werner Nancy Werner Marissa C. Wesely Joan West Mariquita West Martha West* Samantha West Elizabeth Westbrook Berit Westby Effie Westervelt* Mary E. Westfall and Dale A. Rasmussen

Cheryl Westley and Bill Hall Harris Weston Alice Weston-Kopetzky Janice W. Wetzel John F. Wetzel Frances C. Wexler Joseph Wexler Barbara Wezelman* Marie K. Wheel Laura Wheeler Matthew Wheeler Michele Wheeler Wendy and Bob Wheeler* Anne Wheelock Donna C. Whelan Martha A. Whelan-Devos Katherine Wherry Ashley M. Whisnant Hallie Whitcomb Barbara White Barbara A. White Carol S. and David White Carolyn White E. W. White Francia White Gretchen White Helen S. and Donald W. White* Judith S. White* Ruth M. White and Michael A. Willis Tamzen White Wendy C. White Jane White-Lewis* Carolyn Whitehouse Jan W. Whiteley Heidi Whitesel Carole Whiteside Gwen and Stephen Whiting Jo Lynne Whiting Marjorie L. Whiting Cynthia and Arthur Whitman-Bradley Margaret I. Whitmer Michael Whitmire Jean G. Whitney Melinda Whitney Serena H. Whitridge Betty Jayne Whitson

* Donors who have given for ten years or more

Lena J. Whitson Claire B. Whittaker Janet Whittington Elana and Peter Whyte Virginia Dale Wick Floyd Wickenkamp Thomas R. Wickers Phyllis Wicks Sarah Wider Joanne Willens Widzer Kimberly M. Wiefling Julie Ann Wieland Ethelind Altman Wiener Nancy Wiener Gwen Wiens Margie H. Wiens Lynn Wiese Katherine Wieseman Aimee J. Wiest Susan Wiget Stuart Wiggers John W. Wiggins Nancy Wightman Janet K. Wiig Lori Wilbert Beverly Wilcox Bob Wilcox Lara Wilcox Leslie Wilcox Kiki Wilcox Virginia V. Wilcox Julie Ahern Wild Katrin Wilde Savita Wilder Christine F. Wildsoet Ruth C. Wile Harold Wilensky Melanie Gould and Ronald Wilensky Joan B. Wilentz Laura and Ron Wiley Cheryl Wilfong Kori Wilford Carl A. Wilhelm Lois Wilhelm Suzanne M. Wilhelm Carolyn Wilhelm-Pierson

Loreen and Roland Wilhelmy Elizabeth Wilke Cathy Wilkerson Denise R. Wilkerson John Wilkes, CA John Wilkes, MA Nick Wilkes Jennifer Wilkins Quinnith Wilkins Annie Wilkinson Faye A. Wilkinson Judith Wilson David Will Elaine Mc L. Will Lucy Willarch Charissa Willard Diane C. Willard Marilyn Willats Virginia and Riley Willcox* Anita Willens Aniata William Judith William Abra Williams Alice S. Williams Andrew Williams Bertha Williams Carol Williams Carolyn L. Williams Carolyn L. Williams and Michael A. Keeler Catherine T. Williams Colleen Williams and John Mayer Coralie C. and Charles Williams Felicia Williams Gee Gee and Ed Williams Kevin Williams Hazel A. Williams Helen L. and Kale A. Williams* Holly and Paul Williams Jalisa Williams Janice Williams Kale Williams Laura and Michael Williams Leslie Williams Lorrain Williams Marilyn B. Williams

Marjorie J. Williams Mary P. Williams Robin Williams Roxane Williams Catharine Catlett and Dr. T. Franklin Williams W. J. Williams Kymberly Williams-Evans and Robert M. Evans* Sara Williams-Mann and Stuart D. Mann Joan Williamson, FL Joan Williamson, WI Shelia Williamson Cheryl Willis Clare G. Willis Kimberly Willis Lu Willis Lucy E. Willis Leta M. Willman Barbara and James M. Willock Elizabeth A. Wills Louis P. Willsea Susan Willson Patricia W. and James A. Wilmore Elinor Wilner Aletta Wilson Brenda G. Wilson Deborah Kydd Wilson Diane T. and Reed D. Wilson Evelyn Wilson Janice Wilson Jean M. Wilson Leslie and Donald Wilson Linda K. Wilson Miriam K. Wilson Norma C. Wilson Patty L. Wilson* Sharon Wilson and Van Bobbitt Stephen A. Wilson Valerie Wilson Arlene C. Wiltberger Blake Winchell Dr. Maurice W. Windsor Robert J. Wineman Susan L. Winer Joanne Winetzki and Jean Hohman 139

individual donors, continued

Lee Wing Robert F. Wing William Wing Douglas Wingeier Matthew L. Winger Julie Wingerter and Seth Lieberman Pichaya Winichakul Barbara Winklestein Jeanette Winn M. Winokur Jan Winslow Gail K. Winter Patricia Winter Goddard W. Winterbottom Catherine Winterfox Anda and Bill Winters Bonny E. Wise Myra J. Wise Samantha Wiselogel Judith Wishnia John Wiskind and Doug Gary Eli Wismer Stephanie Wissler Jan W. Wiste Lucy M. Wistreich Mary M. Withington Jean Withrow Kathryn Witkowsky Barbara J. Witney Iris Witowsky Jean H. Witte Kathleen E. Wittenborn Dolores Wittke James R. Wittliff Daniela Wittmann Dianna and Daniel Witucki Rebecca A. Wodziak Ariana Wohl Vera Wohlfort Esther Wojcicki Jacqueline Wolf Janet C. Wolf Madeline J. Wolf Stacey Wolf Susan Wolf Tami and Barry Wolf


Ellen K. Wolfe Janet L. Wolfe Judy Wolfe Kathleen Wolfe Leon Wolfe Margaret G. and Thomas B. Wolfe Mary N. Wolfe Meera Wolfe Terese Wolfe Mimi Wolfen Kristina Wolff Bertha M. and Edward A. Wolford Susan Wolford Irma Wolfson Michael Wolfson Jodi Wolk Elizabeth Wolpaw Terry L. Wolverton Grace Womble Carole Womeldorf and Ralph Whaley Julia Wondolleck and Steven Lewis Yaffee Helena Wong Susan C. Wong Sigrid Wonsil Celestine Woo Deborah Woo and Scott Shimatsu Vivian Woo Angela Wood Aurora Wood Claudia Wood Corinne S. Wood Cynthia Wood Helen Wood Sister Helene Wood Joyce A. Wood Judith W. Wood Julia T. Wood Julie A. Wood Linda M. Wood* Michael V. Wood Muriel D. Wood Page Wood Nancy Wood Vivian I. Wood Wallace S. Wood

Carl G. Woodard Elisabeth Woodbury Susannah Woodcock Royce G. W. Wooddell Donald F. Woodhull Dove Woodland and Eden Lang Mary C. Woodley Jane Woodman Judith Woodruff Mary A. Woodruff Edith Woods Moira N. Woods Laurel A. Woodson B. Woodward Emilie S. Woodward Janet E. and Gary C. Woodward Louise Woodward Charlene Woodworth Pat Woodworth Willie and Mitchell R. Wool John Marion Woolard Angela Woollacott Betsy Woolpert Mrs. Roy Woolsey* Mrs. and Mr. Ned Woolums Alice Wooster Nancy Ann Worcester Charles G. Workman Connie and Dr. Stinsor Worley Katherine and Daniel J. Worley Audrey Worrell Dean S. Worth Nina W. Worth Linda Worthington Arthur Wouk Nina G. Wouk and Pamela A. McDaniel Margaret Wozniczka Elizabeth J. Wray Judith and John Wray Ruth Wray Michele Wray-Khateri John Wrenn and Clair Woodward-Wrenn Adolph Wright Beverly Wright David Wright

Deborah Wright Denise Wright Ellen E. Wright Joan Wright Meg Wright Michael Wright* Robin Wright and Jan Graham Susan Wright Susanne H. Wright Travis Wright Betty L. Wrigley Amelia Wu and Sachin Adarkar* Anita Wu Dennis Wu Jenny and Ming Wu Ying Y. Wu Sheila F. Wulf Krys Wulff Nell and Steve Wulff LaRue Wunderlich Thelma E. Wutzer Theresa E. S. Wyatt Judith J. Wydick Catherine Wyler Phillip Wymola Abigail and David C. Wynja Oda Wypior Marilyn Wyse-Lyerla and Bradford Lyerla David Wysong


Meredith Yacso Chandrasekhar Yalangi Dr. Marilyn and Dr. Irvin D. Yalom* Vincent Yancey and Rosal Yancey Carroll Yandell Theresa Yandell Victoria H. Yanggen Elaine Yapelli Michele Yapp Maxine Yarbrough Judith Yarrow Peter Yarrow Joan Yater Margit Yates

Marlies Yearby Vivian Yee Mary T. Yelenick Martine Yingling and Ed Klofas Laurie Yoder Jill Yolen John Yondorf Myrth York and David Green Karen Yorke Linda J. Yost Ruth Yost Alan Young Alethea Young Anne N. Young* Arthur J. Young Carol and David Young Carolyn M. Young Dr. David Young Edgar E. Young Elaine Young Elizabeth A. Young Guyanna Young Helen P. and Richard M.T. Young* Iris Marion Young (deceased) Jennifer Young Julie T. Young Kathrin W. Young Linda Young Linda E. Young Robert A. Young Robert N. Young Roberta and Dennis Young Dr. Robyn G. Young Sidney C. Willson Young Sue Young Dr. Pat Youngdahl and Michal McKenzie Candace Young-Schult Hillary Younglove Mona Lee Yousef Anne Marie Siu Yuan Nil Yucel Sally W. Yudelman* Mary F. Yudin Miles Yukimura

* Donors who have given for ten years or more


Zeina Zaatari Ana L. Zacapa Ana Lucia Zacapa Lawrence Zacche Mrs. and Mr. Myron K. Zackman Alex Zackrone Maryam Marne Zafar James J. Zaffiro Noor Zehra Zaidi Cynthia Snorf and James L. Zak Sandra and Ihor Zakaluzny Loreen Zakem Gale Zander Barlow Mary T. Zanger Anastasia Zannettis Sarah Zaranek Anita L. Zarbis Carolyn Zarcone Nancy N. Zearfoss Marion Zebovitz Sally Zebrick Randy Zechman Devorah Zehring Peggy and Lee Zeigler* Barbara A. Zelnick Mathew J. Zenkowich Evelyn Zerfoss* Yien Zheng Mei Zhou and Jifan Hu H. G. Ziegenfuss Marianne and Mark Ziegenhorn Margaret Deanesly Ziegler Patricia Ziegler Ruth Ziegler Wilbur Zielke Pauline Ziemann Natalie Zien Sally Zierler Susan Ziff Sonya Zilka Deloris Ziltener Christina and Philip Zimbardo Jan Zimmerman

Laura Zimmerman and Joseph Shay Loretta Zimmerman Susan Zimmerman Karen Zink Anne Zinsser Sarai and Samuel Zitter Tinnia Zitter F. J. Zizak Mary A. and Frank J. Zlebnik Vera K. Zlidenny Sharon Zoars Sarah Zobel and Jamie Feehan Brooke Zobrist Amy Zook and Melanie Smith Beverly Fong Zook Carrie Zoromski Deborah Zubow Albert Zucker Ellen M. Zucker Natalie V. Zucker Elaine Zuckerman Marilyn Zuckerman Michael Zuck Linda M. Zug Anne M. Zuk Phyllis Kuehl Zumach Mrs. and Mr. Cyril F. Zupan A. M. Zurawski Amelie Zurn-Galinsky Carol-Lee D. Zuvich Corporate & Business Donors ABC Home & Planet Foundation Alima Cosmetics Ambrosia Therapeutics Arlington Associates Auction Masters Inc. Baker Botts Basic Books/Westview Press* Best Deal Auto Sales Cards for Causes Chicago Mercantile Exchange Christy Collection Clif Bar & Co./Luna Bar Culinary Fusion DLA Piper

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Falcon Fund Fax Family Fund of the Montgomery County Community Foundation Evelyn & Norman Feintech Family Foundation Felcher/Bazerman Fund of the Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Ferris Greeney Family Foundation Filla die Frauenstiftung Fine Family Charitable Foundation Firelight Foundation Robert & Elizabeth Fisher Fund at the Schwab Charitable Fund Fledgling Fund Flora Family Foundation Connie Foote Family Fund of the Saint Paul Foundation* Dean & Ellen Forbes Fund at Silicon Valley Community Foundation Ford Foundation* Fowey Light Fund Freund Family Foundation at Northern Trust Friedland Foundation Friedman Family Foundation Friedman-Cohen Fund of the Friedman Family Foundation Friedman/Meyer Fund of the San Francisco Foundation* Robert & Michelle Friend Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish Community Endowment Fund Full Sail Fund of RSF Social Finance Funding Exchange


G & G Educational Foundation Landis H. Gabel Charitable Lead Annuity Trust Celeste M. Gainey Fund of the Santa Barbara Foundation Terry Gamble & Peter Boyer Fund of the San Francisco Foundation Gaudio/Jessee Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

General Service Foundation* Gerard Buulong & Fred Silverman Fund at the Marin Community Foundation Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation* Gibbons-Erdberg Fund of the San Francisco Foundation Gilman Family Foundation Girard Foundation Glastenbury Foundation Global Village Fund at FJC Richard & Rhoda Goldman Fund* Samuel & Grace Gorlitz Foundation Gottesman-Biddle Family Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish Community Endowment Fund Marian & Roger Gray Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund* Great Pond Fund of the Calvert Foundation Greer Family Foundation at SchwabOne Grousbeck Family Foundation Gruber Family Foundation* Peter Gruber Foundation Gunther/Klein Family Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Arjun and Vinati Gupta Foundation Charles & Ginger Guthrie Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund


Joan & David Hadden Fund at Silicon Valley Community Foundation Stephen E. & Susan C. Hansen Fund at Silicon Valley Community Foundation Christine Harris Fund at Silicon Valley Community Foundation Dr. Daniel C. Hartnett Family Foundation Hassenfeld Foundation Joan Hastings Fund of the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts* William & Flora Hewlett Foundation* Hickrill Foundation Hildur Swanson Foundaton Hill-Snowdon Foundation

* Donors who have given for ten years or more

Jacqueline Hoefer Fund of the San Francisco Foundation Drew Hoffman & Emily Wu Family Fund at Silicon Valley Community Foundation Holsti Charitable Fund of the Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Honeybee Foundation Howard Gilman Foundation Hubbirds Charity Gift Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Hufty Foundation* Leslie & George Hume Fund of the San Francisco Foundation* Roy A. Hunt Foundation


Audrey & Sydney Irmas Charitable Foundation


Jacaranda Foundation Jacquet Family Foundation of the National Philanthropic Trust Jenesis Group Katharine H. Johnson Fund of the San Francisco Foundation* Barbara & Donald Jonas Family Fund of the Jewish Communal Fund Jordan Family Fund of the San Francisco Foundation Suzanne Jovin Memorial Fund at Silicon Valley Community Foundation Ken & Judith Joy Family Foundation Mary Lois Jung of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund


Kanner Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Kaplan Family Foundation Alice & Allan Kaplan Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish Communal Fund Judith Anne Kaplan Fund of the Rudolf Steiner Foundation Myron M. Kaplan Charitable Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation* Sally J. Kaplan Trust

Philanthropic Ventures Foundation, on the recommendation of Stina & Herant Katchadourian* Derek & Leora Kaufman Charitable Fund of the Jewish Communal Fund Keare/Hodge Family Foundation* David & Anita Keller Foundation W.K. Kellogg Foundation Charles W. Kerner & Martha J. Gallo Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Susan S. Ketcham Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Kingsley Family Foundation Kingsley Family Fund of the San Francisco Foundation Steven & Michele Kirsch Foundation David L. Klein, Jr. Foundation Klingbeil Family Foundation Nancy Kurtz Fund of the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts Joseph & Carolyn Kutten Foundation of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Robert & Rachel Kwong Fund at the Schwab Charitable Fund


Terilynn Langsev Fund of the of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Larsen/Dopulos Family Charitable Trust at the Citigroup Global Impact Funding Trust Ralph & Gladys Lazarus Foundation Leanne Lachman Charitable Foundation of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Lederer Foundation Lenehan Gift Fund of the Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund Leon Foundation Leung-Roy Family Fund at the Schwab Charitable Fund Libra Foundation Life Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Linked Foundation Live Oak Fund of the Horizons Foundation LMG Supporting Foundation

Kerry Lobel & Marta Drury Fund of the Horizons Foundation* Eva Chernov Lokey Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish Community Endowment Fund LP Brown Foundation Lynch Family Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund


Marcled Foundation Melanie & Peter Maier Philanthropic Fund at the Jewish Community Endowment Fund Maitri & Vivek Fund of the Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Marin Jewish Community Teen Foundation of the Jewish Community Endowment Fund Marra Foundation Matthews Family Foundation McBride Family & Aspen Business Center Foundation Jeffrey P. McKee Foundation Melling Family Foundation Jacqueline Merrill Advised Fund of Aspen Community Foundation Robert & Catherine Miller Charitable Foundation David Mitchell Family Fund of the St. Paul Foundation Anne Mize Fund of the Vanguard Public Foundation MK Gratitude Fund of the RSF Social Finance Leo Model Foundation* Mogen Foundation Moledina Charitable Foundation of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund


Perl Nelson Family Foundation Neukermans Family Fund at Silicon Valley Community Foundation New Directions Foundation* New Field Foundation Fund of the Tides Foundation New Prospect Foundation


Raquel H. Newman Donor Advised Continuity Fund of Jewish Family & Children’s Services* E. Robert and Phyllis Newman Donor-Advised Fund of the Jewish Federation of Omaha Foundation Nils Fund of the Community Foundation of New Jersey


Oak Foundation O’Hanlan-Walker Family Fund of the New York Community Trust* Oleander Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Open Society Institute


William & Carol Palladini Fund of the Santa Barbara Foundation Parekh-Vora Charitable Foundation Patricof Family Foundation Fund of the New York Community Trust C.E. & Berniece Patterson Charitable Fund at the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation William J. & Elizabeth R. Patterson Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund JaMel & Tom Perkins Foundation of the San Francisco Foundation Pinecrest Fund of the San Francisco Foundation Points of Light Foundation/MissionFish Poncelet Family Fund of the National Philanthropic Trust Present Value Fund of the San Francisco Foundation Pressley Family Fund of the San Francisco Foundation John & Lisa Pritzker Family Fund William H. Prusoff Foundation Pumpkin Fund of Community Foundation Sonoma County Purple Ladies Fund of the Jewish Community Endowment Fund Purple Lady Fund of the Jewish Community Endowment Fund*


Pushke Fund at Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program


Andrew & Debra Rachleff Gift Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Harold K. Raisler Foundation Ravenal Foundation Red Green Blue Fund of the Liberty Hill Foundation Red Husky Fund at Silicon Valley Community Foundation Betty & Gerard Regard Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund* Patricia C. Remmer 1995 Charitable Lead Trust Mitchell Sean Reno Giving Trust at the Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Inc. Wilson B. & Juanita E. Reynolds Fund of the Minnesota Community Foundation Ritz Family Foundation of The Minneapolis Foundation* Reuben B. Robertson Foundation* Felix & Elizabeth Rohatyn Foundation David & Elizabeth Rome Family Foundation Rosenblatt Family Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Rosenfield-Jasper Fund of the of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Rothman Charitable Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund David & Eleanor Rukin Philanthropic Foundation


Saal Family Foundation of the Jewish Community Endowment Fund Sapphire Source at the Schwab Charitable Fund Zoe Sarnat, Lela & Gerry Sarnat Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish Community Endowment Fund Sastri Family Foundation of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund John & Betsy Scarborough Fund at the BOS Foundation

Wylan Scarborough Gift Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Scherman Foundation* Robert M. Schiffman Foundation Schregardus Family Foundation of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Carolyn L. Schuham Philanthropic Fund of The Community Foundation Serving Boulder County Schwab Charitable Fund Schweser Charitable Fund of the East Central Iowa Charitable Trust Anneka Scranton Fund of the Liberty Hill Foundation Serendipity Fund of The Community Foundation Serving Boulder County Diane M. Sharon Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish Communal Fund Sher-Right Fund of the San Francisco Foundation Rony Shimony Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish Communal Fund Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Shoor Fund at the Silicon Valley Community Foundation* Silicon Valley Community Foundation Simmons Family Foundation Singh Family Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Sister Fund Evans Skidmore Family Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund* Stephen S. Smith & Paula K. Smith Family Foundation Ann Marie Smulka & Bob Blackburn Fund at the Schwab Charitable Fund* Sheri Sobrato Fund at Silicon Valley Community Foundation Southways Foundation Kathy Sparkman Giving Account of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Srinija Srinivasan Fund at Silicon Valley Community Foundation Starry Night Fund of the Tides Foundation Stephens Charitable Foundation Jerome H. Stone Family Foundation Jill Storey & Richard Fisher Fund at the Schwab Charitable Fund

Sunshine Foundation Sunshine Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Swanee Hunt Family Foundation Sweetwater Fund of the San Francisco Foundation Swig Foundation Sycamore Fund at Silicon Valley Community Foundation*


Tara Fund of the Tides Foundation Tate Family Trust Ten Talents Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Tet Ansanm Fund of the Tides Foundation G. Thompson & Wende Hutton Fund at the Silicon Valley Community Foundation Timken-Sturgis Foundation* Tom & Mary Anne Thorbeck Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Carol H. Tolan Fund of the New York Community Trust TomKat Fund of the San Francisco Foundation TOSA Foundation Towse-Kendall Family Fund at Silicon Valley Community Foundation S.D. Trombetta Foundation Tsadik Fund of the Tides Foundation Tsunami Foundation Deanne Tucker Charitable Fund of Rose Community Foundation Tuttle Charitable Trust


Unbound Philanthropy Unger Family Fund at Silicon Valley Community Foundation Unity Through Sharing Fund at the Jewish Community Foundation


Ellen M. Violett and Mary P.R. Thomas Foundation


Wagner Family Charitable Trust Waldfogel Family Foundation Waldman Family Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish Community Endowment Fund Gail Latterman Weaver Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation Emilie Wells Foundation Wexler-Beron Family Foundation* Edward & Lisa Williams Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Phyllis S. Willits Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Robert W. Wilson Charitable Trust* Winky Foundation* Winograd-Hutner Family Fund at Silicon Valley Community Foundation Witkin Family Fund of the New York Community Trust Wolman-Fulker Fund of The Community Foundation Serving Boulder County Women’s Freedom Fund of the Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Tulgey Wood Foundation* Worth Fund of the New York Community Trust


Yellow Chair Foundation


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* Donors who have given for ten years or more

Benet Hill Monastery Sisters Bernardine Franciscan Sisters Center for Global Initiatives Central Iowa College Community Health Charities of California Crenellated Parapets East Bay Coalition of Labor Union Women Flowers for Good Global Ministries/United Methodist Church Women’s Division Grantmakers Without Borders I Do Foundation Ipas MADRE Mama Cash Mount St. Joseph Network for Good Saint Thomas the Apostle Parish Saint Scholastica Monastery Sisters of Saint Joseph Sisters of St. Benedict Sisters of St. Francis Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet St. John The Baptist Church State of Washington Combined Fund Drive United Way United Way of Central New Mexico United Way of Greater Waterbury United Way of Rhode Island United Way of the Bay Area United Way of the California Capital Region United Way Silicon Valley United Way Tri-State Unity of Madison University of Maryland Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights Voci Women’s Choral Ensemble Women’s Funding Network World Bank

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Washington Mutual Washington Post Wellington Management Company Wellpoint Associates Wells Fargo Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company Foundation In-kind Donations Arlington Associates Minari Fernando Lin Chew Dana, & Doug Heirich Myrna Cunningham Paula Litt Liddie Agran Amina Mama DLA Piper Rudnick Gray Cary US LLP House Parties & Benefits From intimate home gatherings to large gala events, donors share the Global Fund mission in creative ways. We deeply appreciate these donors who provided invaluable support by hosting benefits in venues such as their homes, churches and stores.

Mary E. Agran Angela Bennett Ann Borowiec Jess Celentano and Joanne Curran-Celentano Julie Chantanee Mary G. Clarke Rachel Connolly Sarah Costa and David Phillips Pamela J. Craig Ginger Daniel Ter DePuy Deborah Drysdale Lorri Elder Wendy Emrich Billie Freeman Janis J. Stoner and William L. Gekakis* Helen Gemmill Margery Goldman Judy Gordon Hilary Graham


Kathryn and Robert G. Grandy Lisa Green Esther B. and Walter Hewlett* Flora B. Hewlett Angela Holley Jennifer Maguire Isham Raelyn Joyce Katerina Kastnerova Jennifer Kern* Christine Larsen and Vincent Dopulos Kore Loy McWhirter Jessica Miller Margot Miller Ms. Foundation Muadi Mukenge Dale Needles Martha H. Newell* Azieb Nicodimus Erin Oglesby Malia Oglesby Global Village Fund Sarah Prosser Kavita N. Ramdas and Zulfiqar Ahmad* Betty Regard* Kathryn Roth In Her Shoes Jeanne Schapp Anneka Scranton Erin Seaver Claudeis and David Selby Sydney Sidwell Adele Simmons* Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP Vivian Slade Louisa A. Spier Lynn and Ron Stiglich* April Stoor Electra P. Toub Debra Travis Anne E. Wadhams Elizabeth Weal and Bruce Hodge* Joan Weber Peggy Wolff World Pulse Dr. Pat Youngdahl and Michal McKenzie

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