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Buzz Number Music Andrew Gerhan & Kathryn Musilek Brooklyn, New York Phone: 347-712-2024 E-Mail: ​ [email protected]​ m ...

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Buzz Number Music Andrew Gerhan & Kathryn Musilek Brooklyn, New York Phone: 347-712-2024 E-Mail: ​ [email protected]​ m

Biography Buzz Number Music​ is a collaboration between ​ Andrew Gerhan​ and ​ Kathryn Musilek​ formed in 2014 to compose and produce music for visual media. They create music for film, television and advertising campaigns including an upcoming long-form spot for Samsung, and regularly work with music supervisors such as the Los Angeles-based Noise/Racket. In addition to collaborating on music for visual media, Kathryn and Andrew perform, record, and tour together in the NYC-based ​ Nevā da Nevada​ . Individually ​ Andrew Gerhan​ and ​ Kathryn Musilek​ have been making music for as long as they've known the alphabet. ​ Kathryn​ was an award-winning pianist in her youth who graduated to songwriting and performing alone and with with numerous rock bands (​ Burn Disco Burn​ ,​ Death Ships​ and ​ Poison Control Center​ ). She attended film school in Iowa City and went on to found ​ Shark Party Media​ , a successful NYC public relations firm promoting clients in music and comedy. ​ Andrew​ performed and recorded with numerous bands as well (​ Adam Arcuragi, Our Lady of the Highway, Eric Burdon and the Animals​ ), and toured extensively throughout the U.S. and Europe. Andrew is now a co-owner of NYC's ​ Translator Audio​ and makes records for a variety of ​ clients​ following a studio apprenticeship in the early 2000's under the legendary ​ Tim Mooney.

Musical Experience & History Andrew Gerhan ■

As a guitarist, bassist, percussionist, and vocalist Andrew has performed, toured and recorded since before he was old enough to drive, most notably with Adam Arcuragi, Eric Burdon and the Animals, and Our Lady of the Highway.

Andrew is a partner in Brooklyn’s Translator Audio recording studio and is an active recording engineer/ music producer with a discography that includes Spirit Family Reunion, Sonny and the Sunsets, These United States, Blonds Redhead, Deerhunter, as well as numerous live recordings for artists such as Walkmen, Spiritualized, Big Boi, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, Thee Oh Sees, Body/Head, Kurt Vile and the Violators, and many many more. He is well-versed in shepherding a raw musical idea into a polished, finished recording.

As a studio session player Andrew has performed on dozens of recordings, many as part of a rhythm section alongside the legendary Tim Mooney (American Music Club, Sun Kil Moon, Sleepers).

Kathryn Musilek ■

As a pianist of 31 years who began classical piano training at the age of 5, Musilek took part in school and church choir and band as a trumpeter throughout grade school and middle school.

She competed in several reputable music competitions including the Iowa Music Teacher’s Association, Luther College and Guild piano competitions, as well as solo trumpet state competitions, winning honorable mention two years, and 1st​ ​runner up once as a pianist.

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Kathryn began playing guitar at age 14 and writing songs at age 16, releasing her first album on BiFi Records in 2001, a live and b-side compilation in 2002, and a full band sophomore album on Stumble & Fall Records in 2003

Played, founded, and toured in bands including: o

Solo projects as songwriter and front person in several incarnations


Burn Disco Burn//bass and vocals


Poison Control Center//keys, guitars, vocals


Phil Moore solo project with Mark Paulson: both from The Bowerbirds //keys and percussion


Death Ships//keys and vocals


Skin Club//keys and front person


Dave Stracknay (Paleo)/ trumpet


Get to The Chopper// songwriter, front person

Education Andrew Gerhan- Bachelor of Science, University of California at Berkeley, 2002 Graduating with a major in Chemical Engineering with an emphasis in Biochemical Engineering 

Kathryn Musilek- Bachelor of Arts at The University of Iowa, 2006 Graduating with a double major in Cinema and Comparative Literature, with a focus on Film Studies, Women’s Studies and a minor in Italian Language, and several music electives in piano