by Kyla May - Scholastic

by Kyla May - Scholastic

Coco by Kyla May TM To my gorgeous girls, Jaida, Kiara, and Mikka, who give me such inspiration and love. I’m so lucky to have you three. Love, Mum...

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by Kyla May TM

To my gorgeous girls, Jaida, Kiara, and Mikka, who give me such inspiration and love. I’m so lucky to have you three. Love, Mummy xxx

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Coco belongs to

Chapter 1




Thursday This diary is dedicated to Evie (Full name: Evie Evionelli Cannoli Canino), my Chihuahua, without whom none of this would be possible. At all. Not even a little bit. Not even sure why we’re talking about it — that’s how impossible it would be. Big round of applause for Evie . . . Woot! Woot! 1

Dear Diary, Welcome to your first day of work (as my diary). Since I already know everything about you (you’re yellow and purple, you have 96 pages, a picture of me is taped on your cover, and most of all, you enjoy reading), why don’t I tell you a little bit about MYSELF?

My parents got you for me because my BFF, Kiki, got a diary from her mom. Both Lulu (our other BFF) and I thought it was ultra cool. So when my painting of Evie won an award at the school art fair for 2

“most lifelike” they knew exactly what to get for me as a reward: You! My painting looks pretty lifelike, right?

Poor Lulu . . . I hope her parents catch on soon. She really wants a diary, too! 3

Here are some things you might want to know about me . . .


for Italian e” “I lov

Animals Gardening Digging in the dirt Baking

My cupcakes are so yummy,

Lotus Lane Girls Club Climbing trees 4

if I do say so myself.

Multiplication tables Fashion

1x7=7 2x7= 14 3 x 7 =21 4 x 7= 28 5 x 7 =35 6 x 7 = 42

Fashion is super-duper-luper important to my BFFs — Kiki (the one with the diary) and Lulu. This is Kiki. She is a fashion star. Kiki

And here is Lulu. She is quite a planner and a movie star know-it-all. Lul u


All three of us have dogs. Kiki’s dog is named Maxi, and Lulu’s dog is named Bosco. (Bosco is really a cat who thinks she’s a dog.) Max i B o sc o


We all live close to one another on Lotus Lane. Lotus Lane is the prettiest street in Amber Acres! kik i's hou se


my Hou se

lul u's HOU SE

The three of us invented the LLGC (which stands for Lotus Lane Girls Club!) because we wanted to make time to do lots of really cool things together. And now we do! s is T hi us ot a L wer Flo


Check out our weekly calendar of activities on the next page. As you can see, we’re very busy. My super-duper-est activity is Cupcake Catch-Up. Since baking is my favorite thing to do, I get to be in charge of that activity. 7




Super Scrapbooking

Doggie Day Spa

Ten-Minute Makeover

Club Activity

Create scrapbooks pages

Pamper our pets

Do manicures, pedicures, and style our hair

Club Location


Coco’s backyard

Club Name



Lulu’s bedroom

LOTUS LANE Girls Club schedule THURSDAY






Cupcake Catch --U p

LOTUS day off


Watch movies, eat popcorn, gossip

Bake cupcakes

Kiki’s, Lulu’s, or Coco’s house

Coco’s kitchen


So back to me . . . I’m an only child, but I’m never alone because I have a GIANT Italian family — the biggest one I know. I have two nonnas and nonnos (grandmas and grandpas), 20 uncles and aunties, and 40 cousins. Even though they all have their own houses, they’re always in my kitchen cooking. With all that coming and going, we go through six doormats a year! DOORMATS SALE









So there you have it, Diary. Coco in a nutshell. I can’t wait to show you to Kiki and Lulu tomorrow! Night! 10