Bylaws and Guidelines - STAGE Cast Club

Bylaws and Guidelines - STAGE Cast Club

STAGE Cast Club Bylaws and Guidelines The rules and regulations contained within this document are meant to enhance those listed in the Cast Activitie...

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STAGE Cast Club Bylaws and Guidelines The rules and regulations contained within this document are meant to enhance those listed in the Cast Activities Club Guidelines. In the event of any conflict between the two, the Cast Activities Club Guidelines shall prevail. In the event of a change in operation or needs of the club, the following bylaws and guidelines can be amended with a majority vote from the Board of Directors.

Vision To be a community of cast members that fosters a sense of pride and artistic expression for those of us who work, live, and play at the most magical place on earth.

Mission STAGE provides exceptional theatrical opportunities for its audiences and club members by encouraging personal growth and creative expression for the Walt Disney World community.

Assets   

Funds for STAGE Cast Club are to be held in a bank or Credit Union account, excluding a marginal amount for day-of event sales that will be held in a cash box. All set pieces, props, costume pieces, sound and lighting equipment belonging to STAGE are to be kept in an exclusive storage facility or other approved storage location. All Board members should have access to any exclusive storage facility.

Administration Structure 

The STAGE Board of Directors shall consist of each of the following roles: o o o o o o o

President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Communications Manager Production Manager Technical Advisor

An advisory committee may be appointed by members of the Board of Directors to assist with any given operation. Those roles may include but are not limited to the following: o o o o

Webmaster Social Chair Volunteer Coordinator Any other position as needed

STAGE Cast Club: Bylaws and Guidelines version 12/2015

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Administration Tenure President  

The President shall be appointed by the remaining members of the Board of Directors by a unanimous vote amongst the remaining Board members. No one person may hold the office of President for any period of time longer than five (5) years. (This can be consecutive or spread out over multiple terms) o


 

In the absence of the President, the sitting Vice President will assume the duties of the President without taking office therefore, the time spent performing duties in the absence of the sitting President does not count towards the five (5) year term of the covering Vice President. If no person is appointed to the office of the President after a five (5) year term, the Vice President shall assume the office. If there is no Vice President in the seat, a new President must be appointed.

Any former President may serve as a temporary, interim President during the transition period where no person is available to fill the role. This interim period shall last no longer than six months or twenty-four (24) weeks. A sitting President may be removed from office by a unanimous vote by the remaining members of the Board of Directors.

Other Members   

A vacant seat on the Board of Directors may be filled by a majority vote of the existing Board of Directors. A search can be derived from a public posting or recruitment. No time limit shall be set on any of the positions on the Board of Directors except for the position of President. Any sitting member of the Board of Directors may be removed from office by a unanimous vote by the remaining members of the Board of Directors.

Shows and Events Each season, the Board of Directors will approve an amount of projects that will comprise of a show season. Other events may also occur throughout the year and the genres and quantity of shows may change due to the needs of the club as well as the availability of resources. Show Proposals 

An individual’s eligibility to direct a show shall be decided by the Board, who highly recommend involvement with a STAGE production. o o

  

Participation will be defined as either acting in or working on a production crew. An individual’s participation will be contingent on the completion of said production. External experience in the theatrical community shall also be considered as essential to an individual’s qualifications.

An individual must fill out a Proposal Form and submit any other required materials to the Board for consideration. Incomplete submission may not be considered. All show proposals must be discussed collectively amongst the Board before a vote for approval. To approve any show, there must be a majority vote by the Board.

STAGE Cast Club: Bylaws and Guidelines version 12/2015

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Shows and Events (continued) Event Operation       

A collaborative production timeline should be created for each STAGE project to verify all appropriate deadlines. All Directors must be provided access to STAGE Club Bylaws, Cast Activities Club Guidelines, and the Cast Activities Waiver. The Director must sign the Director’s Contract, including agreed upon dates and budget before beginning operation. A representative of the production team is responsible for setting up a time to meet with a STAGE board member to retrieve items from the storage facility, and arrangements for the transportation of said items. All STAGE participants (employee and non-employee) should adhere to Walt Disney World Company policies during participation with a STAGE event. Directors are responsible for ensuring that the areas they use are returned to working order at the end of each use. The Director of any event is encouraged to take creative control of the marketing collateral of the event. However, the advertising collateral for an event is by default the responsibility of the Communications Manager. Creation of said collateral should be a collaborative effort between the Director and the Communications Manager. o All advertising must be sent through the Communications Manager for proper approval. o If there is a dispute in reference to any marketing materials, the final decision will be moved to the majority approval of the Board. It is a collective responsibility to ensure that all policies for utilized venues be upheld.

Event Budget  

A Director must agree to STAGE reimbursement policies and receipt redemption as decided by a mutual agreement between the STAGE Treasurer and Director. The Treasurer must receive receipts for all purchases to provide reimbursement to the event. Settlement methods may vary. o Receipts will be reimbursed up to the total budget agreed upon in the contract, unless prior approval is received from the STAGE Board to increase the budget. o The redemption process should be completed no later than one week after the close of the event. All items purchased with STAGE funds become the property of STAGE Cast Club. o Consumable items may be included in the budget, with regard to the necessity of a show. Any shows requiring consumable items may have such items covered by the show budget for all performances and a reasonable amount of rehearsal. Final decisions based on consumable necessity will be decided by the STAGE Treasurer. o Any one (1) item that costs more than fifty dollars ($50) needs to be approved by the STAGE Treasurer in order to be reimbursed

STAGE Cast Club: Bylaws and Guidelines version 12/2015

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Sales    

The STAGE Board will determine any ticket or admission prices for all shows and events. The Director may submit a potential list of VIP guests for complimentary admission to their event. This in no way ensures their admission, but will be considered by the Board, up to a reasonable amount. A standard selection of concessions and merchandise may be provided by the STAGE board in approved venues. Items purchased for a show or event can be purchased by the any STAGE member at cost of said item.

STAGE Cast Club: Bylaws and Guidelines version 12/2015

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