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LOCAL AND GENEKAL Binker IDrachberg will put in 50 more acre* of hop*. Luckimute Hour at K iM *. L E T T E R LIST. Take your butter and egg* to Ri...

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Binker IDrachberg will put in 50 more acre* of hop*.

Luckimute Hour at K iM *.


Take your butter and egg* to Riggs’ These letters remain uncalled for in grocery «lore. the Dadas posloifice (or the week cudH C. Me: win, formerly of Dallas . « H A T W K H A V E L E A R N E D D U M 'N U now live? *l Kalauu. Our old Kentucky friend, Editor ing Feb 22nd, and parlies calling T H E W E E K F R O M A L L A V AILfor them will please »tale that they Horst B os. have about 40 Japs on Lyon of Independence, dropped in Tuesday to hear from (he bluegrwss have l»eeu advertised: Able S o u r c o s Dis.iod u p for Our iheir pla e south of E da. region. Win Butler, N u m t r o u i F a m i l y of Readers Lee Powell *»f Butler has been visit* Mr G W Berry, In Abro vla te d P a r a g r a p h s . Last week a big crowd gathered at iug ins father in Hheiidsn. Sherman Eastabrook, the home of J It. S iepard in Spring Mr Collard Hunsaker, Mias Zell* Hones of Hlniidan is Valley to celebrate iha 87lli birthday For %rocerirs go to Mr Robert H Jones, t uchit g in Eastern Or» gnu. oi hi* mother. Mr A lt Jones, M . Hayter, dentist, Wilson building J A Griggsby has 'ented the How­ John McFadden, Have you tried «uowfiake the latest F E Snyder, conteciioii at M^rkn’ stand. There is A good Assort ment of Keyst'.ue ard hop yard on Dove Inland. B Sears. fi i oiog at Guy tiros. Mrs. Dr Kantner, of Kalom* i i here nothing prettier or more delicious in the candy line. C. G. C oad , postmaster. on a visit to her son, Clifford. This paper and the Portland Daily W . Lair Hill, a once quite promi­ Jnronul can he had a year .or $1. Fred Clingan. a Dallas boy, was N o w ’s T h i s . nent Oiegoiiiau, passed through the married at Heppner recently. W e offer one hondicd dollars re W. 0. Brown 1ms been too u nwell state this week euroule to his home in ward for any case of catarrh that can­ A Nebraska family has rented the Oaklaiid, California. to be on the street» for two weeks. not be cured by H all’s Catarrh Cure. Ohms farm west of Moumouili. About 400 rods of our factory ship­ Mrs. F. B Churchmrn and Mrs. F. J. Cheney A Co., Toledo, O. We, Dr. Fink lias sold to Elias HiuffiAW ment cf Keystone fence still left Ex­ Austin Savage of Sheridan have been the undersigned, have known F. J. 10 acres in North Dallas for $800 amine it at Guy Bros- store. in Portland with iheir sister, Mrs. Ira Cheney for the last fifteen years, and believe bim perfectly honorable in all M L Dorris, formerly of Inuepen- Millard, who has consumption. Mrs. Dr. Embree has been up f om hnflinesH transactions ami financially Young man about 20 yeAr* old able to carry out any obligation* I ’» »M ia m i visiting l»er two married deme, died in California last week. daughters and former neighbors. wanted to le.arn candy muking at the made by Ins firm. Waldman, KinThere is to be a mutual telephoi e Marks confectionery store. Salary af­ nan A Marvin, Wholesale Druggiels, Mrs. F H. Con key was over from line between Butler and Sheridan. ter first month. Apply at once T o l e d o . O. Halls Catarrh Cure in ta 1i»lep»ndce Wednesday. She is iilEx-shenff Plummer I ia r been over Dr J. .J. Murray .veterinary surgeon ken internally, acting directly upon w i vh welcome -among her former in Tillamook contracting for chittim. ihe tGood and mucus surfaces of the and dentist, graduate of American ve* neighbors. John Powell, formerly of Cooper erinary college, New York, 1881. Of­ »vstem. Testimonial* sent free. Price Mrs Babbitt is i i U i h .’ h I director and Hollow, now lives at Farmington, fice at Black’s livery stable in Dallas. 75 cents per bottle Sold by all drug­ organist of lh Independence Presby­ W ashington. gists. Take H all’s Family Pills for Mrs. Agnes Bean of Bethel has constipation. terian church and teaches music in L'lke Booth a pioneer of the Willa been granted a divorce from Win. the normal school. R obert «fud&on Dead . mins vicinity, died there last week, Bean. They were married in 18^9 Harry Wagoner, rOceul’y of Inde­ ngek 87 ' ears. and lie deserted her and five children His parents cmiy*) around the horn pendence, and Miss Hazel, daughter in 1891. in 1839 with Waller, Hines, Parrish of Mr and Mrs N L B iller, of Dallas, Jordan Pnrvine and wife came up Clias. Chaney, who once lived about » " d other niUsioi>«riPe and settled in were married in Portland Wednesday from Portland to attend the funeral of McCoy, came down from Pendletop Marion county, lie wa* horn in 1842 W. B Walker at Zena. I f not ulreaky a subscriber of the last week with the remains of hi» 12 Indus the first white child h »rn inside Ifem izer. perhaps you would like to Ellis Bros, of Sheridan have bought vear «Til soil, Hurry, for burial ai M c­ the corporate limits of Stlem, and bad «eld*nn been away from the vicini'y have it during the political campiign. from A S. Bible the building in Minnville. of his 'it (Itplace. In 1874 he married Fifty cents will pay for four months. which they are keeping store. Ai a telephone meeting in the hank a «inter of G. W. McBee, who live* Three of our regular basket ball Grocer Riggs carries only the bc.-t parlor last Saturday a $120 cwitch near Dallas, and for years the family team Ford, Hoffman ami Danner, he prefetred stuck goods such as Santos. hoard wa» ordered far the mutual line have eomt over to pick Imps in the ing unable to piay it, was d' fo.i'cd at Schillings and 'I. J. B coffees. coming from Airlie aud Falls City to M< Bee y nd. He d;ed at his home in ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO., NEW YORK. the Willamette university W e i needs., ijoutli Salem 'ant (Sunday, leaving a this place. The 182-acre Clias. Brown place be evening. widow and sijt children including Mra yond Cooper Hollow lias been s Id to Evangelist Wherry and Rev. Allen, J. M. Card, of Oakdale His kind At a meeting of the state democrat- McCollum »llu«. J. K. HuWgiven by Mr». C. A. Haynes in honor Fail- City Mondav. She ha* gone being a few of hi« own stripe who con­ Monday evening Mr«. George Hoi- ourdinsko and W. If. McDaniel owner*. more tmlk and your of the 23rd birthday of lu r daughter, back to her work in the Western sidered it harsh and unjust. TJnle. * food the consumptive needs >'"ur ‘'ows k,vc lifter ami Mrs. T . A. Dunn entertain­ * j hen» l a y m o i e t\IMS1Union telegraph office. Eula. several other hoys piofit l»y hisexperi i ed about fifty guests at the Dunn most. Ith, Sable or yellow collie hitch *nce they and their parents are apt to home, it being the birthday of Rev Ii»»NTwithFebruary heavy coat; named Bonnie and «hye at soon feel the sting of disgrace. Jeweler Morris instiling lots of all ^Jar. Moore, A. W . Dunn, Geo. Hullin strani;3r*. Phone me or bring her and get reward. Scott’sEmulsionisthemodC. D. N a ir n , Balletmi, Or. Hince so many English witlnul tn-es ern method o f feeding fat to ■«•rta of things in his line. Those ter and I’. A. Duun. The large rooms w«re tastefully decorated with iudian wanting wedding or birthday presents are being planted in this county re«»» K V E l:\ I. team« of heavy home* for aale. W rit« |pie will wan*. (•» know how they have the consumptive. Pork is too can find there qoite a variety from basket* and ivy. A novel feature.was Sio or dall on Bryan Luca* Lumber Co., Pull* City which to select. Time pieces to suit tin1 “ hatchet hunt” by which the I thrived elsewhere. Six year* ago Mr. rough for sensitive stomachs. every taste and purse. ¡guest* found their partners for the I l’rince at Dundee planted forty acr * Hood View poultry yard*, Albert E. A ld er! of such and lant season tin y bore mm Scott’s Emulsion is the most M.T.man. proprietor, route i, fit.1cm, Oregon. Kbit* S A L E M S U 8IN Lt»S H IN TS . lor -«ale in Hea*on. Breeder ol Mmaiuoth Bronte a dozen to a p« ck of nuts t > the tr»*e •A A A A À A A À A À À A À A A A A Â A A A A À » turkey* and Mammoth Pekin ducks. refined o f fats, especially ! He value* hi* nut orchard at $1 000 La.-t week G. W . Johnson A Go, the |an a«are, but it is tu t for sale. John prepared for easy digestion. clothiers, gave hack the entire pur-' i U >K «.<] • Farm o f ‘719 acres, 1J mile* eaat o f DalStump, o* Monmouth, is now plant­ price of au entire#day* the buy­ , I las. AU valley land in high «tu t« of cultivation. Not here or ihere, hut every.h ere, in every pert of ih i. greet oateblieli- | ing out fifty acres of walnuts end will Feeding him fat in this chase ! W ill divide into smaller »rects if desired. Oood lo­ er* keeping the goods, and will do lik e­ ment. The reel exrellen -e ami e«ouo » y of the Mever. ei M e n s ’ Spring evi nt* throughout this country the Scott’s Emulsion does more explain the modus operandi. w o m e n s ’ Spring •) • that w ill make the *e**on of t9»4 at hi* farm three miles south of Dallas on the Fall* City rail Portland Journal has arranged foa Clothing Apparel road. For term « «ee poster* later. There is somej prompt and complete report of foreign ! than that. Our spring d o'lu n g bn* arrived | Oeor^K Itii.cl» munter ftiriiinli.-H the I * Bright and beautiful, huallinf r »» * • 1« contain the m n i » t h i n g a b o u t t h e c o m b i n a t i o n ^ and is now on difplay. Y»»u have! ■w* int'ul. you con >" the city lur witn .
B a k in g


Healthful cream o f tartar, derived solely from grapes, refined to absolute purity, is the active principle o f every pound o f Royal Baking Powder. Hence it is that Royal Baking Powder produces food remarkable both in fine flavor and wholesomeness.


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The Goodness of this Store Shows

Straighten Up

Mail Orders Dress Goods The gall)» ring of new dross gooffs It is interesting to come here day after day and watch the c o m i n g of the spring wo 4 dress fabric*— iliere ts so much that is new. Goods that own* under the head of veil­ ings will be much worn.

Nasal catarrh yields

quicklv to |ECtlOfl On th e d iseased lllHgS.

treatment hy K ly’« Cream Balm, Our mail order department is * which i. i>le*imntlv aromatic. It i* very important feature in thin e* ' received through th . noatrile, hen'* tahlirh.nent. Your orders are care­ | mid cV tn .F i the whole aurf.ee over fully an 1 promptly filled bv extwrt I which it iliffuvee itself. A remedy for shopper*. Hend* us a trial and be ! ii.eal catarrh which ia drying or e i convinced of the efficiency of this j |citing to the diecM— il n emhrane department. -hi.tild n.
A sample will be sent free upon request. Ft« .o re I t . I Itv . picture in th« ior.it c f a label is on th« w rtf)K r of every bottl* of Ei mils »n vow L«jr.

SC O T T & BOW NE, CHEMISTS, 400 Pearl St., N. Y. joe. and ft; all druggiata.

satisfaction. The drygoode department of the New York Backet .lore ia jnet taroming hecatiee the ludiea get ao much lielter hargaina tin re than elaewhere New spring good, arriving daily Their ea.y wearing |2 latliea «h ot» are proving very poptdar and an I. their footwear in general.

1Backache or Lwnfcaco.

To r««tor«, *r«a «th «a

•nd « tralfh U n up.


St.Jacobs Oil

M.gnon and Clark Seedling etraw- T i m berry plant, for tale by i. B. Nunn.

F r i « « 19 c. ansi 50 « .

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milch cows t.MthHH 1 rydale.

for sals by


D, L. K eyt at Per-


1 th « very best rates obtainable.—H. G. Campbell. o n e y to l o a n on im pr o v e d f a r m p r « P* rty at usual rates by G«car Hayter, Dallas,






Maeiu n ty .


7T. H A V E MONEY farm property.