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Nikkei Media Marketing, Inc.

V I S I O N W WH HO O II SS N N II KK KK EE II M M EE D D II A A M MA A RR KK EE TT II N NG G ?? Strategic Information Partner of Companies and Organizations

Nikkei Media Marketing

A Professional Group with a Deep Understanding of the Information Needs of Customers Nikkei Media Marketing, Inc. provides a variety of carefully selected business information centering on Nikkei Inc.’s digital products and services. Customers utilizing this information span a broad range encompassing industrial companies, financial institutions, government agencies and educational institutions. Within these organizations, this information is used by a diversity of departments that include managerial, corporate planning, public relations, finance, sales, marketing, general affairs and technology departments. Today is the age of Big Data characterized by rapid movements of enormous volumes of information. For this reason, there is a need for precise and highly reliable information as well as for specialized knowhow in information processing to make this information easy to find and use. As a professional group with a deep understanding of the information needs of each customer, we provide business information that responds closely to the needs of the times. In the future as well, we will enhance our structure for supporting the use of information by our customers while aiming to provide information needed by customers in even easier-to-use formats.

10:09 Nikkei Media Marketing

Five Strengths



Proposal Capabilities








Proven Track Record


Management & Human Resources Government

Planning & Strategic Planning

Offices Marketing & Sales

Schools & Educational Institutions




Providing “Valuable Information” Needed by Customers as a Core Digital Information Company within the Nikkei Group

Providing a Diversity of Information and Other Services That Range from Articles and News to Corporate and Financial Data, Research and Analysis Reports and Education and Training

The Nikkei Group undertakes business in a diverse range of domains that include newspapers, digital, broadcasting and publishing. Within these domains, Nikkei Media Marketing is carrying out activities as a core company targeting companies in digital-related domains. Under a sales and service structure extending from Hokkaido to Kyushu and Okinawa, Nikkei Media Marketing is providing customers across Japan with information accumulated by the Nikkei Group to the present in formats that are valuable to customers.

Nikkei Media Marketing handles information services across an extensive scope of domains. These services include business standard services useful in everyday business operations as well as highly specialized professional services. The content of these extensive services encompasses articles and news; corporate, financial and statistical data; personnel information; POS information; research and analysis reports; overseas business information; and education and training. These information services feature important domestic and overseas information centering on information provided by the Nikkei Group. We will closely identify individual customer needs and customize information and respond to various devices in working to provide information in an easy-to-use manner.

Nikkei Media Marketing

Main Information Services Digital-related domain

Newspaper domain


POS Information

Overseas Business Information

l Nikkei Telecom

l Nikkei Telecom POSEYES

l Nikkei Asian Review

l Nikkei Telecom Knowledge Passport

l Nikkei Telecom POS Vision

l OneSource

l Nikkei Telecom Smart Clip


l LexisNexis Nexis/Publisher

l The Nikkei Online Edition


l OECD iLibrary

l Nikkei Personnel Watcher

l NEEDS-SCAN/CVS Receipt Data

l Oxford Analytica Daily Brief

l Nikkei BP BizBoard

Nikkei Group

Corporate, Financial and Statistical Data

Surveys and Analysis Reports

Education and Training

l Nikkei ValueSearch

l Brand Japan Project

l NEEDS-FinancialQUEST

l Web Brand Survey

l Nikkei Test of Economic Sense and Thinking



l Kacho-Juku (Manager Seminar)

l NEEDS-Cges: Corporate governance evaluation system

l Website Consulting

l Diversity Management Solution Package


l University Websites Usability Study

l Credit Express

Broadcasting domain

Publishing domain

l Mergent Online

l Tokyo Shoko Research (TSR) Database Service l QUICK ESG Service for Corporation

l University Brand Image Survey

l Waseda Business and Information Academy

* For details on our services, please access our website.



http: / / w w w . ni k k ei m m . c o. j p



N i k k e i


S t r e n g t h


N i k k e i


S t r e n g t h

Proposal Capabilities


Proposing Optimal Usage of Information Valuable to Customers

Extensively Utilizing Information in Highly Specialized Fields Covering Companies, Government Agencies and Educational Institutions

Rather than merely provide information services demanded by customers, we also offer various types of “value” that is created by utilizing our information services. To do so, we accurately analyze customer needs as well as the details of their businesses and information usage environments, undertake repeated examinations from all perspectives and then propose information services and usage methods optimally suited to customers.

> The Standard for Business Issue Solutions

▶NEEDS (Nikkei Economic Electronic Databank System)

> Realizing “Improved Information Capabilities” for Organizations ▶Nikkei Telecom Knowledge Passport

Nikkei Telecom Knowledge Passport is a new information service that responds to needs such as a desire to “share information essential in our work with all employees first thing in the morning.” Nikkei Telecom Knowledge Passport is a valuable tool for solving article copyright issues and sharing business information. Nikkei Telecom Knowledge Passport also makes major contributions in other areas such as enhancing the efficiency of internal corporate communications and the internal circulation of articles, providing sales managers with more information and eliminating information gaps. When introducing Nikkei Telecom Knowledge Passport, a sales manager and systems manager exhaustively analyze customers’ requests and business conditions and provide detailed proposals (customizing) of screen presentation techniques and keyword tuning tailored to each department and occupational position as well as for information devices such as PCs, tablets and Nikkei Inc. smartphones. 

> A Powerful Information Tool for Company and Industry Analysis Nikkei ValueSearch is a new service that provides an abundance of quantitative and qualitative information needed for company and industry analysis and that also incorporates analysis functions, reporting functions and data download functions. The use of this service helps enhance business efficiency such as in formulating business strategies, gathering and analyzing information in sales activities and preNikkei Inc. paring materials. 

We provide a diverse array of content ranging from general business information easily accessed by anyone to specialized information concerning the economy, finance, sales, marketing and brand surveys. This information is being widely utilized in organizations and departments where high levels of expertise are paramount, such as at financial institutions and educational and research institutes as well as corporate finance and marketing departments.

> Japan’s Largest-Class Comprehensive Economic Databank

▶Nikkei Telecom

As one of the largest-class business database services in Japan, Nikkei Telecom gathers highly reliable information that includes newspaper and magazine articles, information on domestic and overseas companies and personnel information. This service has been a long-time best-seller since its launch in 1984. Nikkei Telecom has a wide range of business applications that include catching up with the latest business information, strategic planning, company and industry analysis, M&A (corporate mergers & acquisitions), and customer compliance checks and risk management. Leveraging achievements compiled over many years, we provide support in gathering and utilizing Nikkei Inc. information tailored to customer needs. 



▶Nikkei ValueSearch

NEEDS is Japan’s largest-class comprehensive economic database service. Making full use of the Nikkei Group’s domestic and overseas information collection network and data gathering networks, NEEDS incorporates various genres of economic data in a long-term time series spanning such areas as stocks, bonds, corporate finance, macroeconomics and industry statistics. Besides financial institutions, which require data on an everyday basis, government agencies and universities and other educational and research institutions can use this system for a wide range of applications that include the analysis of the impact of changes in the economic environment and Nikkei Inc. quantitative assessment and comparison of corporate governance. 

> P roviding POS Data Collected from Supermarkets and Convenience Stores across Japan ▶Nikkei POS Information Service This data service reports on the sales results of 2.65 million products, including processed foods, alcoholic beverages and household items, collected from supermarkets and convenience stores throughout the country. This service records sales data from leading chains across Japan on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, which enables users to quickly and accurately ascertain market needs and sales trends for new products. This provides information that is useful for formulating marketing and sales strategies tailored to the purpose of use Nikkei Inc. and circumstances of each customer. 

> Research, Forecasts and Consulting

▶Various Research and Reports for a Variety of Applications

Nikkei BP Consulting, Inc. offers a diversity of content ranging from business plan formulation to website consulting that is useful in such areas as business and R&D. These services include the MIRAI YOSOKU (Future Prospect) series (introduced by over 1,700 companies) that presents future global outlooks and change scenarios essential for preparing medium- and long-term business plans. We also implement Brand Japan Project, the largest-scale survey project of its kind in Japan that evaluates 1,500 brands. This survey tabulates and analyzes the recognition levels, image and evaluation of these brands by over 50,000 consumers and business persons. Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. (Nikkei BP Mirai Institute) Nikkei BP Consulting, Inc.


N i k k e i


S t r e n g t h


N i k k e i


S t r e n g t h




Responding Responding to to Changing Changing and and Diversifying Diversifying Needs Needs with with the the Latest Latest Solutions Solutions

Gathering World Business Information Indispensable for Corporate Management in the Global Age

Nikkei Media Marketing has introduced numerous historically noteworthy information services to the market that have opened the door to a new era. These services include Japan’s first online database service and Japan’s largest-class comprehensive databank system. Presently, Nikkei Media Marketing responds to continually changing and diversifying needs with the latest solutions that enable customers to quickly realize business innovation.

Besides information sources from Japan, we also have access to a variety of leading information sources from around the world. We gather world business information indispensable for corporate management in the global age. This includes news on Asia from various media as well as information from the world’s largest-class business and company databases, economic statistic online databases, and political and economic analysis reports.

> Raising Sales Efficiency in Collaboration with Sales Support Systems ▶Nikkei ValueSearch for Salesforce

This latest information service enables the use of Nikkei ValueSearch on Salesforce, a cloud-based platform for sales support and customer relationship management. Besides sales information on Salesforce, this service enables users to easily browse business information provided by the Nikkei Group that includes newspaper articles, company information, personnel rotation information and industry trend reports. Moreover, this service also includes a variety of analysis and reporting functions and strongly supports Nikkei Inc. efficient information gathering and advanced proposal-based sales. 

> Realizing Interactive Communication with Newspaper Articles ▶Nikkei Telecom Autoclip for Salesforce Chatter

This information service enables the timely sharing of newspaper articles utilizing the intracompany SNS functions of Salesforce. The service realizes interactive communication by automatically posting the day’s articles on Chatter and then allowing users to “Like” and “Comment.” This service is useful for raising the awareness of business persons and permeating the perspectives of management Nikkei Inc. and organizational top leaders through the use of newspaper articles. 

> Premium Business Information Service Featuring the “LargestClass in Japan Linked with the Largest-Class in the World”

▶NIKKEI TELECOM+FACTIVA The world’s largest-class information service NIKKEI TELECOM+FACTIVA was created through a tie-up between Nikkei Telecom, a service to which approximately 70% of companies listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange are currently subscribed, and Factiva, a Dow Jones & Company information resource used by more than half of the Fortune 500 companies. Factiva is a service that enables the searching of information from 32,000 media sources in 200 countries and regions throughout the world. NIKKEI TELECOM+FACTIVA features a search screen with a Japanese language interface and is able to translate articles from 27 languages Nikkei Inc./Dow Jones & Company into Japanese. 

> N ew Medium That Reports Asian News in English ▶Nikkei Asian Review

Nikkei Asian Review is an English language medium that takes an Asian perspective in reporting on “Asia Today,” which also covers Japan. Nikkei Asian Review offers analytic articles covering the policies, economies, markets, company trends, science and technology, Nikkei Inc. and the cultures of Japan and other countries and regions in Asia. 

> World’s Largest-Class Company Database


OneSource is a cloud-based business database that has been introduced by 4,000 companies around the world. This service enables access to up-to-date information on companies (23.5 million companies in 215 countries), executive profiles (41 million people) and industry information (20,000 reports) and trade papers and specialist journals (24,000 publications from regions throughout the world). OneSource information can be processed, thereby enabling significant reduction in the time OneSource Japan needed for analysis and creating information materials. 

> Browsing World Business Information and Extracting Needed Information

▶LexisNexis Nexis/Publisher LexisNexis is the world’s largest-class comprehensive database that gathers information from more than 23,000 types of information sources. Information provided by LexisNexis includes news from countries around the world, company and industry reports and information concerning laws and regulations. Nexis is a service that enables collective searches and browsing of LexisNexis information. Publisher is a service that enables access to information from the world’s newspapers, magazines and news dating back to the most recent 90 days. Users pick out LexisNexis Japan only the necessary information while information is automatically updated on intranets and other platforms. 

> OECD Online Database

▶OECD iLibrary

OECD iLibrary is an online database that contains publications, working papers and statistics released by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The library serves as a portal for accessing OECD analyses and data and enables reports, graphs and OECD databases to be easily found. 

> International Government and Economy Analysis Report ▶Oxford Analytica Daily Brief/Global Risk Monitor

Oxford Analytica is an international consulting and research company with more than 1,500 researchers worldwide. The company provides international political and economic analysis reports that apply the information gathering and analysis techniques cultivated by Oxford Analytica the company’s founder since his days at the U.S. White House. 08


N i k k e i



S t r e n g t h

A Wealth of Experience Responding Responding to to the the Needs Needs of of Over Over 7,500 7,500 Corporate Customers Since our establishment in 1983, Nikkei Media Marketing has carried out its business activities based on the motto of “Respond faithfully and accurately to the varying demands of each and every customer.” Presently, we serve over 7,500 corporate customers (as of the end of December 2015) and this number is steadily increasing. Going forward, we will work to further improve our services to ensure that we continue to have an “irreplaceable existence.”

Sales Distribution Ratio by Industry Type

Pharmaceuticals Communications Other manufacturing Machinery









2% Trading companies 3% Chemicals 3% Construction 3% Real estate



Research institutes



Government-affiliated agencies


Credit, credit sales, leasing, etc. Electrical products



7% Banks




Mass media

Nikkei Media Marketing, Inc.


3F, Kamakuragashi Bldg., 2-2-1, Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0047 TEL.03-5295-6211 FAX.03-5295-6214

http://www.nikkeimm.co.jp For case studies of the application of our services, please access our website.

http://www.nikkeimm.co.jp/tips/ (Japanese version only) 10

In January 2010, the Company obtained Privacy Mark certification (JISQ15001:2006), which is presented to business operators that appropriately handle personal information, from Japan Information Processing Development Center (JIPDEC). The names of companies, products, services and systems are trademarks or registered trademarks of each company.

Nikkei Media Marketing, Inc. 3F, Kamakuragashi Bldg., 2-2-1, Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0047 TEL. 03-5295-6211 FAX. 03-5295-6214


For application, please access our website. Nikkei Media Marketing’s mail magazine provides our customers with information that is useful for business, such as how to use information, case studies and seminar information, on a monthly basis.

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