CARILLON December 2013 - St Barnabas

CARILLON December 2013 - St Barnabas

Borrego Springs, California December 2013 Volume 16, No. 11 He is Coming! Keep Watching We enter Advent, that season when we prepare for Jesus’ com...

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Borrego Springs, California

December 2013

Volume 16, No. 11

He is Coming! Keep Watching We enter Advent, that season when we prepare for Jesus’ coming into the world anew in us, and His coming again in glory. It is a time of awe and wonder as God enters our lives, first in Jesus, and then incarnate in us! Jesus often comes to us in ways we don’t necessarily expect. He can surprise us by coming around the corner and presenting us with new people, new experiences and new possibilities that transform our lives. But we need to pay attention or we might miss it. We need to look with the eyes of our souls that see beneath the surface of things. Our souls delight in peaceful silence where they can rest and be refreshed in the loving presence of God who dwells within us. God is always giving birth to Christ into the world through us, incarnating Him in our bodies, minds and strength. God’s dream for His creation is to incarnate His Kingdom right here. In human flesh, God came to live among us in His Son, Jesus, and now in us – living out His dream for us and making it a reality. And that reality will come to its fullness when Jesus comes again in His glory. We live in the time between Jesus’ first coming as an infant, seeding the world with His Kingdom, and His second coming in glory when He will bring His kingdom in its fullness. Then, all will be as God planned for us from the beginning. In this in-between time, Jesus is continually born into the world in all of our uniqueness as we grow into His full stature. During Advent, it is a time to give special attention, like an expectant mother (and father!), to Jesus’ gestation in us, and the emerging of His Kingdom each day. Keep watchful and on the ready; He is coming!! Have a very blessed Advent, Laura+ December 2013


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Weekly Prayer List Our men and women in uniform, Agnes Schleicher, Bea Miller, Daniel Peterson, Luke Vesci, Mark Remy, Tootie Hatch, Paul Carroll, Carlos Gudino, Kay Sharkey, Kurt Levins, James Carroll, Robert Heylman, Elizabeth Dominguez, Peggy Brown, Sara Brecht, Richard & Nancy Bye, Cristina Warren, Rosemary McDaniel, Jacob Thompson, Jean Smith, Carrie Coleman & Family, Ann Easley, Laureana Easley, Leila Easley, Donna Manning, Ermelinda, Jessica Simpson, Wendy Christy, Don & Bev Olsness, Eric Harter, Crystal Westgate, Jim Quinn, Hilda MacFarland, If you would like to add a name to the weekly prayer list or the private, confidential prayer list please contact Sonja McGrath at (760) 767-1250 or e-mail at [email protected]


The attendance at the November WOSB meeting was more than double the previous lunch! Good ideas and good food abounded, and we welcomed two new members: Elaine Chambers and Jan Cutler. Payment for the St. Barnabas ad in the Borrego Sun has been a topic of discussion since last spring. Those present agreed to ask the Men of St. Barnabas to consider paying half of the $60 per month cost, with the Women to cover the other half. Subsequent to the meeting and prior to approaching the Men, however, our ad mysteriously reappeared in the Sun! Investigation into its source is underway. We need someone to coordinate the collection of funds and acquisition and distribution of Christmas gift cards for the needy. If you can help with this effort, please contact Wendy Quinn. Haddon Salt has offered to share his commentary and video on deep sea fishing at a future WOSB meeting. Watch for the announcement in early 2014. It should be a great program! The Desert Pantry relayed a generous offer to contribute food for the needy as part of any Thanksgiving or Christmas projects. The information was

passed on to Rotary, which has been involved in Thanksgiving outreach in the past. Laura+ reported that the Vestry and the Worship Committee had been discussing using the church for community concerts. There was a lot of support for the idea, but again, we need a coordinator. Please talk to Laura+ if you feel called to serve on this interesting and innovative project. This month's program was led by Wendy and Laura+, who recently completed Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training. The two-and-a-half-day class included emergency preparedness, team organization, triage, fire suppression and light search and rescue. There were team exercises and hands-on skill practice. Monthly refresher meetings are planned, and another beginning session will be scheduled in the near future. Many of the WOSB members expressed interest and there were a number of pertinent questions and comments from the group. Thanks to all who helped make this such a successful meeting. Hope to see you at church and at our December meeting. Wendy Quinn

MARK YOUR CALENDARS On December 6 the community of Borrego Springs will kick off the Christmas season with the annual Celebration of Lights at Christmas Circle. Beginning at 5:00 p.m. folks of all ages will gather to enjoy cookies, cider and cocoa while listening to beautiful music performed by the St. Barnabas choir. For the little ones, the highlight of the evening is the arrival of Santa Claus and Mrs. Santa in a fire engine, complete with siren. Of course they will have an opportunity to sit on Santa's lap and convey their Christmas wish lists. The event is organized by Soroptimist International of Borrego Springs as a free service project for the community. It is always coordinated with the local merchants' Hot Shopping on Chili Nights, when shops stay open late and often feature refreshments and special sales. Later that evening, the Performing Arts Center will feature its annual Christmas program, which is always a hit and will feature some of our own parishioners. Please join us for a special evening and bring your families. Wendy Quinn Page 2


December 2013

STEWARDSHIP November 6, 2013

Dear Members and Friends of St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, This is the time of year when the Clergy and the Vestry of St. Barnabas and all churches across the nation start to talk about “stewardship”. What does it mean to be a “good steward” to our spiritual home? I can imagine that each one of us has a different but profound answer to that question. St. Barnabas has been a “good steward” to the community of Borrego Springs with its various outreach programs. We thank each and every one of you who has helped with these opportunities. We can also thank the Saints of the past who have provided the land, our beautiful church, the Rectory and the Labyrinth. We are fortunate to have all these facilities debt free. The Finance Committee will spend the next couple of weeks working on the budget for 2014. This committee takes many hours to discern what will be the best way to meet the expenses that make this facility available to the faithful followers of Jesus Christ. The budget covers the expenses for the operation of the church properties as well as the clergy and staff expenses. These last few years we have been running a deficit and taking money out of our reserve to meet the budget. Our Church has a mission statement, “To Share the Love of Christ”. We do this sharing with our hearts, our words, our acts of kindness, and in so many ways that go unnoticed. We are also blessed to have a full time priest to guide us in our mission. The Finance Committee is asking you to think about how much you can contribute on an annual basis to keep the works of the Church active and try to meet the budget. This is your church home. Enclosed you will find a “Stewardship Contribution Slip” so the Committee has a basis to work with on the budget. Please have your slips returned to St. Barnabas by December 15, 2013. An envelope is enclosed for your convenience. Thank you for your generosity to the ongoing work of St. Barnabas Episcopal Church. When you give to God, you discover God gives to you. Grace and Peace, Cathy Gay for the Members of the Finance Committee

Are You Called to be on the Vestry? Dear Friends, Three members of our Vestry will be completing their terms of service at the end of the year, and they will need new members to serve for 2013-16. The Vestry is an elected group of parish members who are legal agents in the congregation who, in partnership with the clergy, provide leadership. They are legal representatives of the parish in all matters concerning its corporate properties and are fiscally responsible for the parish finances. It is a calling and an honor to serve God and the congregation in this way. If you feel called to serve on the Vestry please contact me or one of the Vestry members. We will be happy to answer any questions that you might have about this commitment. We will also have a half-day Vestry discernment retreat for those open to exploring this call.

Cathy Gay, Senior Warden, 760-767-3455 or e-mail [email protected] December 2013


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WELCOME BACK SNOWBIRDS On November 17, under a beautiful full moon at the lovely home of Sherry Harapat and Dick Helvig, over 40 parishioners and guests welcomed back our seasonal members, renewed friendships and shared news with old and new friends. What a beautiful evening! The food was fabulous, the setting awesome in Sherry and Dick's new home, and the conversation and camaraderie outstanding. Among the snowbirds whom we welcomed were Irene Foster and John Visser, Jane Lilley and Dan Van Vactor, Freida McLaughlin, Anne Nourse, Ruth and Dave Otis, Bonnie and Bill Walker, and Gary Westover. It was a pleasure to meet and welcome new members Rosanna Walker and Nate Capehart. Nate has already made a significant contribution to the choir, and their dog Bella was the hit of the Blessing of the Animals! We were also blessed to welcome back Donna Gibb, a former St. Barnabas member who left us temporarily and has now returned. Good to have you back! Guests are always welcome at St. Barnabas and thanks to members who brought their "significant others." It was great to become acquainted or reacquainted with them, and who knows, potential future members? We enjoyed the company of Pat Davis, Cal Hoskins and Jim Melvin, among others. Heartfelt thanks to all the fabulous cooks who contributed the food. As usual, it was outstanding. Dick treated us to his beautiful piano playing, Sherry was the "Hostess with the Mostest," and best of all, our fabulous St. Barnabas congregation and their friends and family made for a truly memorable party. Wendy Quinn

Top left to Bottom right Laura Brecht, Mac MacDonald, Joanne McLean, Fred Jee, Cal Hoskins, Patio Gathering, Lyle Brecht, Smorgasbord, Blessing of the Home of Sherry Harapat and Dick Helvig, Sing Along.

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December 2013

AN EPISCOPAL TREASURE One of the most beloved traditions of our Church is the annual service of “Christmas Lessons & Carols.” As reported in Wikipedia, the Order of the Service was originally created by an Englishman named Edward White Benson, Bishop of Truro in Cornwall, who would later be elected Archbishop of Canterbury. That first service was held in a wooden shed, which was being used as his temporary “cathedral’ on Christmas Eve of 1880. His main motivation for creating a new liturgy at that time was an effort to keep the local men out of the pubs on Christmas Eve. It’s not told how successful he was in that purpose, but the service became so totally accepted that it has been celebrated in most all Anglican churches and also Roman Catholic, Lutheran and even Presbyterian congregations, each with their own interpretations or variations. Probably the most popular version is the one celebrated each year, since 1918, in the lovely chapel on the campus of Kings College, Cambridge, England. In our country, the longest tradition of performing this service belongs to Groton School of Groton, Massachusetts, where it was first presented in 1928. Since then, the service has been held every year except 1930. No explanation is given as to why that year was missed, but since history tells us that the world was suffering the effects of the great depression, we might infer that as an influence…..or not. If anyone should be in possession of this little trivia factoid, maybe you could fill us in. In present times, the demand is so great for each of the 650 seats in Kings College Chapel that people begin queuing the night before Christmas Eve. There are a limited number of seats available for people who are incapacitated in any way, but application for these must be made before October 31. How nice to learn that somewhere people actually line up for a religious service. Lessons & Carols consists of nine musical selections and nine Readings from the Bible, all pertaining to the birth of our Savior, of course. Traditionally, the Processional Hymn is “Once in Royal David’s City,” which is so beloved by many of us. The selection of appropriate Readings and hymns or carols is made by our Worship Committee with the help of clergy, organist and choir director. Here at St Barnabas we are enormously blessed to have an outstanding choir whose talents are unsurpassed by any other in the Diocese. I would suggest that you mark your calendar for December 24th, evening service, and plan on arriving early to get your seat. Wouldn’t surprise me if we actually have a queue! Shirley Vialpando Soft Lies the Dream

Holy Happy Hour Hosts for December If you are unable to cover your Sunday please make arrangements with someone else on the list to trade. December 1: Martha Mitchell & Carol Sargent December 8: Mary & Chuck Bennett December 15: Maggie Beckwith & Sonja McGrath December 22: Freida McLaughlin & Joanne McLean December 29: Ruth Otis & Irene Foster December 2013


Light a candle For the lady As she falls Into sleep. Soft lies the day within As she dreams Of lives once whole But soon shattered And the slow Putting together of a new calm In a place that ends All sorrow

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Christmas Eve December 24th Lessons and Carols 6:00PM Christmas Day December 25th Holy Eucharist 9:30AM

Vestry Report for November The Vestry met on November 21, 2013. The Minutes from the previous meeting were reviewed and approved. The financial reports including checks were reviewed and approved. The Wells Fargo Investment Policy Statement was reviewed and approved with the addition that it be reviewed in six months. All of these reports are available upon request from the Parish Administrator. Cathy Gay, Sue Salt and Bonnie Walker were asked and agreed to write a thank you to the Helvig’s/Harapat’s for the use of their home for the Welcome Back Snowbirds Potluck, Mission Roofing for work done on the rectory pro bono and John Richen for his donated work on the grounds at the Church and Rectory. The Vestry discussed the new Service Hours for Sunday Worship. Most feel this is working out but will continue to canvas parishioners for input on this issue. The Stewardship Chair, Bill Walker, has asked Sherry Harapat and Jan Naragon to speak at the next two Sunday worship services on their experiences when joining St. Barnabas. Vestry members who will be finishing their service at the end of the year are Cathy Gay, Brad Tidwell and Tracey Alexander. They are working to find new members for a three year term of service that will run from 2014 thru 2016. They have found some who are discerning a call to this ministry. A Discernment Retreat has been scheduled for Dec. 21st at 9AM for anyone interested in serving on the Vestry. We have been blessed with children during our Sunday Worship services. Tracey Alexander and Antoinette Barnes had put together Welcome bags for children attending the Sunday service. They have been well received and used up. A designated Fund is being established to fund this project into the future. A group of Parishioners is being created to provide a children’s sermon on Sundays when we have children. If you are interested in participating please contact Laura+. Tracey Alexander reported on maintenance of the buildings and grounds. A sign for the new service time is being created by John Richen for the notice board out front. He is also working on a fountain that will be placed in the memorial garden. It’s coming along nicely. John has also donated time, talent and treasure to upkeep of the parish/rectory grounds. Tracey proposed dismissing our gardener due to budget constraints. The Vestry voted to approve this decision with the addition that it be reviewed in 6 months. The Vestry also approved trash pick-up service at the church which will be needed when the gardener leaves. Various volunteers and perhaps “day labor” will be needed to continue upkeep of the grounds. The Vestry also approved building additional shelves in the Choir room, both bathrooms and the Carillon room for storage. Laura+ announced that the Christian Formation Classes will begin in the coming year in conjunction with the Methodist Church Congregation. It will include use of the program “Saving Jesus” which Laura+ is very excited about introducing to all who are interested. A Music Team has been established to develop music for Sunday Services and other occasions. They will report to the Worship Committee. The next Vestry meeting is scheduled for December 19th at 8AM. Trent C. Kleinkopf Page 6


December 2013

Learning Opportunities INQUIRERS’ CLASS Tuesdays Jan 21st – Feb. 25th 3PM (Or as the group decides)

Learn about The Bible, Our Christian Faith, The History of the Episcopal Church, The Sacraments, Church Doctrine, Explore the Book of Common Prayer, and more! This class is a six-week course. The class provides an introduction and overview of the foundations of our faith. It is designed for those who are new to the Episcopal Church and want to learn more about our faith, tradition and worship. However, it is wonderfully informative for those of us who have been members for years. Those who have taken it in the past describe it as informative and fun. We offer this class once a year at this time in anticipation of the Bishop’s annual visitation as this education is required for those persons wishing to be baptized, received, reaffirmed, and confirmed in the Episcopal Church.

SAVING JESUS REDUX Jan 22nd – April 9th

“A 12-session, DVD-based small group exploration of a credible Jesus for the third millennium.” Join a host of experts for a conversation around the relevance of Jesus for the 21st century. The twelve topics are: 1) Jesus through the Ages 2) Who was Jesus? 3) What can we know about Jesus? 4) The World into which Jesus was born 5) Jesus’ Birth: Incarnation 6) Teachings of Jesus: Wisdom Tradition 7) Jesus’ Program: The Kingdom of God 8) Jesus’ Ministry of Compassion 9) Who Killed Jesus? 10) The Atonement 11) The Resurrection of Christ 12) Why Jesus is worth saving December 2013


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Stewardship Sunday Sermon Laura Brecht + 11/17/13

“…Of Thine own have we given Thee.” (All that we are, all that we have, and all that is belongs to God. God loves us so much that She gives us all of this to enjoy and to use for Her good purposes. ) This week, I depart from my usual practice of preaching on the scripture lessons and how they speak to our lives. Today, at the request of the vestry, I speak to you about stewardship. In the mail you shall have received a letter from the Stewardship Committee requesting that you prayerfully consider what you will pledge in support of our mission as a community of faith and the parish of St. Barnabas. By now, you all are probably getting uncomfortable in your pews and holding your breath – here it comes, the talk about money! I know that feeling – Suddenly, my wallet feels thinner and my resources less adequate than they were just a minute ago. It is so easy to regress into scarcity thinking. That is how the world would have us think and behave – as if there were not enough to go around…and as if: “What I have is mine, I earned it, or even if it was given to me or I inherited it – it’s mine – And I can do with it what I please and what pleases me. God has nothing to do with it.”… Well, relax, take a breath and get comfortable. Here is the good news – God has everything to do with it! And that is a good thing. We know, from scripture, that everything we are, everything we have, all of creation – is of God, and belongs to God. “The earth is the Lord’s, and all that is in it; the world, and those who dwell therein.” (PS 24:1) Better still, we know that God made it out of love and blessed it. We are God’s, we are His cherished children; and all of our resources, all that we have gained through our labor is of God, and in fact, are God’s gifts to us. God gave all of this into our care to look after it, to enjoy it and to use it for God’s loving purposes. God made us “stewards” of His creation. The Greek word translated steward is oikonomos, which means manager of a household, from which we get the word “economy.” God made us stewards of His household, of His economy. So, in fact, everything we do with anything has to do with God and our charge to be God’s good stewards. This is a holy and precious charge. And in God’s economy, there is no scarcity - there is love and abundance for all, beyond our imagining. That is what stewardship is all about – God entrusting each one of us with his creation and to be partners in helping to carry out His economy and His mission on earth. “It is everything I do after I say, ‘I believe.’” And I am not just speaking about the things we do related to “church.” Stewardship is a way of life for people of faith. It is the way we orient our lives toward God in response to Jesus’ call to be His disciples. As Jesus’ disciples and God’s stewards, all that we do with our time, our talents, our resources and our treasure is to further God’s purposes in the world. We live it out in everything we do, all the time and everywhere! As individuals and corporately, as a community of faith, how we spend our time, what we commit to, how we spend our money is a deeply spiritual matter! It is how we exercise our “stewardship.” As Christ’s disciples in the community of St. Barnabas we exercise our stewardship by seeking to transform lives - by sharing the love of Christ in this community and as far as our reach can touch in the world. That is God’s mission for us and we joyfully claim it and with God’s grace, endeavor to live it out. We come together as community to be fed by Jesus and to be formed as His disciples, to give God praise and thanksgiving, and then to go forth into the world doing and being God’s mission of loving, healing, reconciling, feeding and clothing the hungry and naked, seeking justice, and sharing God’s abundance of love and provision with all people. (cont.. p. 9)

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December 2013

What we do here is important; what we do here makes a difference in our own lives and in the world. It is far more than keeping the lights on - we are shining God’s light and doing God’s work in this place. And God is providing all we need to be His faithful stewards… God had provided us with our lives, our comfortable homes, our food and drink of every kind, freedom, family and friends, opportunities for growth and self-fulfillment, and so much more. His hand and His heart are open and overflowing to us. I think of the lovely words of the old presentation hymn: “All things come of thee, O Lord; and of thine own have we given thee.” God gives us everything – our lives, our talents, our resources – they are His gift of love and life and abundance to us. It is our privilege to use His gifts to us for His loving and life-giving purposes. And God wants us to give them with happy hearts. And when we do, trusting in God’s abundance, and giving with open hands and hearts, we discover what a joy and a blessing it is - that we receive more than we give. In the church (in Maryland) I attended for many years we said: we give until it feels good! Speaking for myself, for most of my adult life I gave from what I thought I could spare, and I didn’t feel much of anything. My giving to the mission of the church never felt good until I gave more than I thought I could “afford.” Then, prayerfully, I stepped out in faith, reaching my hand, clenched (in fear of scarcity), and opening it to God with a grateful heart and trusting in His abundance. That felt good! And I felt a deeper experience of how God provides for me and for all of us. As you prepare to make your pledge as a steward of our mission together here at St. Barnabas, I hope that you will do it prayerfully, with grateful hearts. May you give generously until it feels good. And may the stewardship of your lives be joyful and a blessing to you…May it be everything you do after you say: “I believe.”

NOVEMBER FINANCIAL UPDATE Budget for FY 2013 Expected Pledges Expected Open Plate Total Expected Income

$72,000.00 $9,500.00 $81,500.00

Total Budgeted Expenditures Expected Shortfall for FY13

$115,497.00 -$33,997.00

Actuals through October Pledges Received Open Plate Received Current Total Income

$65,601.00 $10,760.00 $76,361.00

Total Current Expenditures Net Income minus Expenses

-$98,990.92 -$22,692.92

Current Position for FY13 Total Budgeted Expenditures Current Total Income Current Position for FY13

$115,497.00 $76,361.00 - $39,136.00

Wish List We invite you to look over this list and discern if there is any item you may wish to make a contribution to beyond your FY13 pledge amount. Regardless of the size of your contribution it will be greatly appreciated. This list from the Finance Committee is outside the budget for FY 13 except for Item 1: 1 - Meeting the Budget for FY 2013 2 - Painting Church - Approx. 20,000 sq. ft. Cost $13,400.00, less than $1.00 per sq. ft.

3 - Updated computer system for office 4 - Repairing the roof damage in recent sand storm Cost $3,200.00 5 - Screens for office windows and doors. 6 - Office Supplies, i.e., copy paper, stamps, envelopes, etc. 7 - Future sealing of Church Lane, newly Paved rd. $550.00 for 2013. $1650.00 needed for March 2016. 8 - Advertising for church activities. Thanks to the Anonymous Donor for our Sunday Service Ad in the Borrego Sun for 1 year & Ad in Soroptimist Phone Book!!!

December 2013


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December 2013

December 2013


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LESSONS & CAROLS December 24 6:00pm

CHRISTMAS DAY Holy Eucharist 9:30am


SARAH’S CIRCLE AND BARNABAS BUDDIES Wednesday December 18 6:00pm The places to be announced THE WOMEN OF ST. BARNABAS Wednesday December 4 12:00pm @ Parish Hall SANTA’S ARRIVAL Christmas Circle December 6 5:00pm

ADVENT CLASS Tuesday’s 4:00pm in the Parish Hall

BUDGET DEVELOPMENT Wednesday December 4 1:00pm

WORSHIP COMMITTEE Tuesday December 3 8:00am

FOOD BANK Monday December 16 12:00pm @ Parish Hall

MEN’S BREAKFAST Tuesdays 7:30am @ Kendall’s

CONVERSATIONS Wednesdays 10:00am

FINANCE COMMITTEE Thursday December 12 2:00pm

VESTRY MEETING Thursday December 19 8:00am

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