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Carl J. Berg - International Pacific Research Center Marine Debris Programs The Surfrider Foundation Kauai Chapter Dr. Carl J. Berg, Chairperson Surfrider Accomplishments ...

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Marine Debris Programs The Surfrider Foundation Kauai Chapter Dr. Carl J. Berg, Chairperson

Surfrider Accomplishments 2006 - Present Targeted Net Patrols Community Beach Cleanups Tsunami Debris Recording Debris Reduction – Bag Bill


Japanese Tsunami Debris Public Awareness Debris Removal Debris Monitoring Radiation Monitoring KCC MOP Student Internships

Surfrider - Kauai Japanese Tsunami Debris Project – began March 11, 2011 Conference November 2011 Collaboration with KCC, County, State, NOAA Beach Cleanups Monthly Net Patrols Weekly – Target Hazardous Materials KCC student interns Monitoring & Cataloguing At-sea monitoring – reward Project management Shearwater gut plastic study Geiger counter training and radiation monitoring Invasive species monitoring Aftermath conference March, 2014

Major Site Locations



$500 REWARD for the first boater to BRING IN the first verifiable Japan Tsunami Marine Debris The marine debris will be verified and traced to the Japan Tsunami of 2011 by Dr. Nikolai Maximenko Senior Researcher, Oceanography, University of Hawaii


Marine Debris GPS Coordinates – Location & Description, Photo, or Actual Debris is Best! (Actual debris needed to win)

CONTACT: 639-1433 ALISON KATAHIRA Marine Option Program, KCC & Japan Tsunami Marine Debris Action

Sponsored by The Surfrider Foundation- Kaua‘i Chapter

Boats Observed Offshore






Beach Cleanups 11,723 lbs

Beach Cleanup Sites

Beach Cleanups

Net Patrol 26,031 lbs

64 Confirmed JTMD Items (as of 9/2015) *


2 August 2011; N. Pacific

22 Sept 2011; N. Pacific

3 March 2012; AK

22 March 2012; BC then AK waters 27 March 2012; AK

18 April 2012; BC 15 June 2012; WA

4 June 2012; OR

9 August 2012; Vancouver, BC

18 Sept 2012; Oahu, HI 29 Sept 2012; N. Pacific

24 Dec 2012; Punalu’u, HI

2 Nov 2012; Midway, HI

18 Dec. 2012; Forks, WA

1 Jan. 2013; BC

30 Nov 2012; Kahana, HI

18 Jan. 2013; HI

Photo credits: USCG, STS Pallada, David Baxter, OR Parks, WA Department of Ecology, Kyodo Reuters, K. Head, Hawaii DLNR, P. Grillo, USFWS, US Navy, HI Department of Land and Natural Resources. Slide compiled and shared by NOAA MDP.

Japanese Tsunami Debris August 2012

Refrigerators Start 12-24-12

Refrigerators 2-15-2013

Plastic Pallets Start 3-8-2013

Beams Start 9-29-2013

Insulated Shipping Container

Shipping Container 1-18-2014

Shipping Container 12-16-2013

Light Buoy 11-9-2013

125 gallon Kerosene Tank

Propane Tanks

Japanese Tsunami Debris

Wrapped Fishing Floats

“Consistent with JTMD” – Hawai‘i Island Kamilo, Ka‘ū; 16 March 2013

Waikapuna, Ka‘ū; 5 October 2012

Kamilo hema, Ka‘ū; 30 October 2012

Photo credit: All photos taken by of Megan Lamson/HWF except for Waikapuna drum by Julia Neal/The Ka‘ū Calendar.

Non-Invasive Species

Non-Invasive Species

Invasive Species

Boat Bottom 4-12-2014

Shearwater gut contents

Radiation Monitoring

Radiation Monitoring