Cast of Characters - Bloomery SweetShine

Cast of Characters - Bloomery SweetShine

Cast of Characters Locally-Raised Fruits, Roots & Nuts Accolades True Quotes “Oooooooh my. Oh MY!” “Orgasmic. It’s better than sex.” “I think it’s ...

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Cast of Characters Locally-Raised Fruits, Roots & Nuts

Accolades True Quotes

“Oooooooh my. Oh MY!” “Orgasmic. It’s better than sex.”

“I think it’s affecting my brain.” “Amazing hooch. Makes me tingle all over.”

“Sooooo much better than milk.”

“The pucker power is perfect.” “Can guys drink it? Just wondering.”

“Man I love this. Please don’t tell the wife.”

“If I were freakishly deformed—I’d give it three thumbs up.” “Can I have some more please?” “A harmonious convergence— superb, clear-tasting invocations of lemon that sing in the mouth. . .”

Steeped in History

In 1742, Bloomery boasted the first ironworks west of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the first in present West Virginia. Bloomery also held the honor of the largest bootlegging operation in the area. More illegal ‘shine came through this one tiny hamlet than in any other area in the state. Even the structural elements of our historic log cabin distillery are tied to moonshining. In 1870 two new additions were added to the original log cabin. The board and batten were from dismantled gundalows—ferry boats used to haul people and product across the Shenandoah River. At night, by the light of the moon, the boats also hauled moonshine. The captains of the gundalows were known as moonshine boatmen. Moonshining has long been a way of survival for many families and is a huge part of the Appalachian culture in the mountains of WV. At one time, the plantation housed six working stills. Families passed down recipes from generation to generation. Old-timers used to temper their moonshine with real fruit and sugar for a smoother, more palatable ‘shine. Bloomery’s all natural SweetShine is crafted after the old-timers’ recipes with 190 proof ‘shine, pure cane sugar and farm-fresh ingredients.

Yes, Lemons in West (by God) Virginia Our family of flavors are crafted by hand, naturally. From the

hand-zesting of every single lemon to

hand-writing every bottle’s proof on the label. All of the local fruits, roots and nuts from our farm, and neighboring farms, are hand-selected by our master macerator. We

carefully craft every bottle to ensure only the best, from our farm to the glass. Not only is our SweetShine carefully hand-crafted, it’s beautifully focused—

and stark raving good. So shake it up, play, imbibe, and enjoy our locally loved, stylishly sexy, but never stuffy, libations that eradicate expectations.

From Our Farm, Naturally Bloomery SweetShine• •375 375ml,ml, 6 btls./case Bloomery SweetShine 6 btls./case

• Raspberry Lemon, proof,9450414211 794504142112 • Raspberry Lemon, 3030proof, • Limoncello, 40 proof, 794504141917 • Limoncello , 40 proof, 9450414191 • Cremma Lemma• Cremma Lemma– Moonshine Milkshake, 40 proof, 794504142013 • Chocolate Raspberry, Moonshine Milkshake, 30 40proof, proof,794504142211 9450414201 • Peach Shine, 45 proof, 9450480270 • Chocolate Raspberry, 30 proof, 9450414221 • Ginger Shine, 45 proof, 696859167928 • Black Walnut, 65 proof, 696859167942 • Peach Shine 45 proof, 9450480270 Seasonal: • Ginger Shine, 50 proof, 9685916792

Farm-Fresh Cocktail Liqueurs home-grown nuts, lemons, raspberries, ginger and peaches

To Bloomery’s Distillery

• Pumpkin Spice, 35 proof, 696859167959 • Cranberry Clementine, 30 proof, 696859167966

To Your Customer’s Hands To Your Customer’s Hands

Photographer Deborah Kopper

Bloomery Plantation Distillery, LLC 16357 Charles Town Road Charles Town, WV 25414 304.725.3036