Building North American Competitiveness TRADE WORKS CGI Helping North America out-compete the world Canada, the U.S., and Mexico trade $1.3 trill...

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Building North American Competitiveness



Helping North America out-compete the world

Canada, the U.S., and Mexico trade

$1.3 trillion

each year, generating

27% of the world’s GDP with only 7% of the world’s population WE MAKE THINGS TOGETHER On average, Canadian goods sold to the U.S. contain

25% U.S. content

WE DO BUSINESS TOGETHER Canadian companies have invested in the U.S.

$309 billion

Total foreign investment among Canada, the U.S. & Mexico is

$662 billion

February 2015. This story of North American integration is based on publicly available information. Unless otherwise mentioned, all trade figures are in U.S. dollars.

CGI Group Inc., the world’s fifth largest IT and business process services company. Headquartered in Montréal, Québec, CGI serves business and government clients around the world, including airlines, financial institutions, energy companies, utilities, manufacturers, and pharmaceutical companies. The company’s integrated North American footprint includes more than 11,000 people in fifty offices across the U.S., spanning 23 states and the District of Columbia.

CGI MEANS JOBS CGI employs over 68,000 people in 40 countries

CGI’s investments create jobs that support local communities. CGI operates four Onshore IT Services Delivery Centers in Belton, Texas; Lebanon, Virginia; Troy, Alabama; and Athens, Ohio, creating 1,000 jobs in these communities. A fifth center at the University of Louisiana will triple the size of the University’s Computing and Informatics undergraduate program and is expected to create as many as 400 new IT jobs in Lafayette. Through their American-headquartered CGI Federal and Stanley divisions, CGI provides extensive services to the United States’ federal government. The company serves over 100 American federal agencies, including NASA, the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security as well as a number of Canadian government departments. Expertise developed through operations on both sides of the border — in areas such as training, cloud computing, and cyber security — has helped CGI to deliver assistance and knowhow to our civilian, military, and intelligence agencies.