– Season Two – CHARACTER DESCRIPTIONS LEONARDO DA VINCI (Tom Riley) Leonardo da Vinci is a genius, unrelentingly driven to solve the world’s mysterie...

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The “Leonardo da Vinci” pilot project "TransCONVER" was created as a complement to the Phare Initiative of the Europ

Leonardo Da Vinci
Leonardo da Vinci was fascinated by all things in nature, and he filled notebooks with drawings that reflected his inter


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ago. He had many talents and ideas. He was a true . Leonardo was an . He drew a picture of a bicycle. At the time, that

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The Renaissance occurred between 1400 A.D. and 1600 A.D. It began in the city states of Italy. Renaissance means "rebirt

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to young Leonardo da Vinci. Verrocchio was stunned when he saw Leonardo's angel. It was more alive than anything he had

Today, almost five hundred years after his death, the genius of Leonardo da Vinci continues to astonish. The true magnit

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Leonardo Da Vinci. (lay-oh-NAR-do dah VINCH-ee). 1452 - 1519. Italian Renaissance Painter eonardo da Vinci is best remem

Leonardo da Vinci
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LEONARDO DA VINCI (Tom Riley) Leonardo da Vinci is a genius, unrelentingly driven to solve the world’s mysteries. His quest will require him to make great sacrifices for Florence and those he loves. LUCREZIA DONATI (Laura Haddock) Ex-mistress of Lorenzo de Medici and Florence’s celebrated beauty, Lucrezia’s quest for justice takes her far from home. Fearless and manipulative, she will not rest until she has succeeded in protecting those she loves. COUNT GIROLAMO RIARIO (Blake Ritson) Riario gladly led the mission to destroy the Medicis, but the siren call of The Book of Leaves shakes this resolve. His quest for the Book is perilous, taking him on a journey of discovery that threatens his all-consuming faith. LORENZO DE MEDICI (Elliot Cowan) Lorenzo is the de facto ruler of Florence, fervently loyal to his citizens. When the Republic is threatened, he is forced to undertake a difficult journey and must confront past demons in order to bring about peace.

CLARICE ORSINI (Lara Pulver) Clarice is a devoted wife and successful, yet ruthless, leader. After Lorenzo’s departure, she learns to rule in a world governed by men. This boldness serves her well, but with Lorenzo’s imminent return, she may pay a price. POPE SIXTUS IV (James Faulkner) Pope Sixtus IV remains unwaveringly committed to expanding the power and scope of the Roman Catholic Church. While Riario has temporarily abdicated his position as the sword of the Church, Sixtus searches out a potential new ally. THE PRISONER (James Faulkner) Not content to live out the rest of his days as a secret prisoner of Pope Sixtus’ in the highly fortified Castel Sant’Angelo, the Prisoner is busy making plans of his own. And God help those he plots against. ZOROASTER (Gregg Chillin) A hustler, grave robber and jack of underhanded trades, Zoroaster never stops looking for an angle. Witty and charming, he brightens the darkest moments on da Vinci’s perilous journey while helping his friend in the New World. NICO (Eros Vlahos) Once a wide-eyed innocent who was caught in the gravitational pull of da Vinci’s intellect and charisma, Nico is eventually forced to confront evil. These challenges force him to mature beyond his years, laying a foundation for the great man he is destined to become, in order to survive. VANESSA (Hera Hilmar) As the expectant mother of the Medici heir, Vanessa is kept under lock and key in the palace by Clarice. Surrounded by enemies, Vanessa must grow up fast, and prepare for the challenges that face an ally of the Medicis.

IMA (Carolina Guerra) The Inca High Priestess is as strikingly beautiful as she is formidable. Ima has an influence over her people that even the emperor, Topa Inca, doesn't possess. AL-RAHIM AKA “THE TURK” (Alexander Siddig) The mysterious Al-Rahim is an enigmatic and ethereal character. Although instrumental in guiding da Vinci on his search for the Book of Leaves, it is unclear if he serves da Vinci, the Sons of Mithras or other foreign masters. ANDREA VERROCHIO (Allan Corduner) Andrea Verrocchio is master artist, sculptor, painter and architect, and runs the most successful studio in Florence. He has had many apprentices, but none more talented than Leonard da Vinci, who looks upon him as a father figure. PIERO DA VINCI (David Schofield) Piero da Vinci is Leonardo’s father and Lorenzo de Medici’s notary. He is a serious-minded man who is ashamed of his ‘bastard son’ and doesn’t want to see his family name tarnished by the foolish actions of his reckless son. IPPOLITA (Jeany Spark) Alfonso’s wife and future queen of Naples, Ippolita finds herself pulled in shifting alliances when Lorenzo, her childhood lover, unexpectedly arrives in Naples. She’s torn between following her heart or following her head and duly serving Alfonso. DUKE ALFONSO (Kieran Bew) As son of Ferrante and future king of Naples, Alfonso never loses sight of the power within his grasp. However, his own ambitions could be his biggest downfall if he impudently gets in the way of his overbearing father.

TOPA INCA (Raoul Trujillo) As leader of the Inca people, Topa Inca does not trust da Vinci and his friends when they arrive on his shores. He fears they are forbearers of a great suffering for his people, and will do anything to see da Vinci’s quest fail. ZITA (Estella Daniels) Zita’s loyalty for her master, Riario, leads her to follow him on his treacherous journey to the New World. Undeterred by the perils she may face, Zita chooses to forgo a life of freedom in order to aid the man she serves. AMERIGO VESPUCCI (Lee Boardman) A purveyor of curios, Amerigo does a lucrative business in securing exotica for the wealthy. His connections prove valuable to da Vinci and his friends, but he’s always looking for a way to profit, sometimes at their expense. CARLO DE MEDICI (Ray Fearon) Bastard son of Cosimo de Medici, Carlo’s presence presents both a puzzling predicament and unique opportunity for Clarice when he shows up in Florence. As a bastard and an outcast himself, Carlo and da Vinci share common ground. CAPTAIN DRAGONETTI (Ian Pirie) Though Dragonetti’s loyalty wavered towards the Medicis, he now commands the respect and trust of Clarice Orsini. His role as protector of the Medici family is put to the test as enemies encircle Clarice, who must rule without Lorenzo. LUPO MERCURI (Nick Dunning) Learned and inquisitive, Mercuri serves under the Pope. Although his loyalty lies with the Church, a revelation of corruption in the Vatican prompts him to reassess his position, risking life and limb to uncover the truth.

BAYEZID (Akin Gazi) Heir to the Ottoman throne, Bayezid believes himself to be a fair and just ruler, rather than a bloodthirsty Turk set on conquering the West. Pragmatic to a fault, he must cautiously navigate the power structures of both worlds. JACOB PASHA (Raymond Coulthard) Mehmed the Conqueror’s trusted advisor, Jacob, helps consul Bayezid in his dealings with the West. His knowledge of his former homeland proves to be valuable beyond measure when an unexpected guest from Italy comes calling. KING FERRANTE (Matthew Marsh) Feared leader of one of the most powerful nations in Italy, King Ferrante’s known to proudly display the mummified corpses of his enemies. But an unlikely alliance proves to be a far more valuable addition to his collection. FEDERICO, DUKE OF URBINO (Vincent Riotta) The Duke of Urbino is the General of one of the largest mercenary armies in Italy. His willingness to favor the highest bidder makes him a volatile player in the fight between Rome and Florence. The Duke’s disfigured face is infamous. ###