Chart briefing - Vrakotas Yacht Charters

Chart briefing - Vrakotas Yacht Charters

Chart briefing Dear charterer. The suggestions below are based on our experience and from other clients feed-back in the past. The distances from plac...

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Chart briefing Dear charterer. The suggestions below are based on our experience and from other clients feed-back in the past. The distances from place to place are easily met with any weather and you can change this itenerary to fit your own schedulle. For your safety and making sure you will be back to base in time for the check out due to bad weather, we suggest you do the furthest places first and be close to the base on your last days.



( If you depart the same day you arrive but late in the afternoon from Corfu )

Day 1: If departing early from the base then head to Lakka in Paxos.33 miles about 5-6 hours. Day 1: Mourtos or Plataria as it is only 3 Day 2: Swimming in Emerald bay in Anti-Paxos hours away. and then to Preveza or Levkas. Day 2:Lakka in Paxos after spending the Day 3: Meganisi either Porto Spilia or Bathi. morning around Mourtos different bays Day 4: Ithaki either Kioni or Frikies or Bathi. Day 5: Kefalonia Fiscardo. Day 3: Visiting the cave North of Lakka & Day 6: Kefalonia or Ithaki. swimming in Emerald bay in Anti-paxos.Spend Day 7: Return to Meganisi the night in Gaios. Day 8: Preveza or Levkas Day 4: Swimming in anti-paxos and from there Day 9: Parga to Parga. Day 10: Paxos either Lakka or Gaios Day 5: Back to Paxos and stay in Lakka or Day 11: Depending when you departed from Gaios. You can try Mongonisi at anchor. Corfu (if you left the same day you arrived) (beware of rats if on the quay) spend another day in Paxos or go to Mourtos. Day 6: Back to Mourtos or Petriti the little Day 12: Mourtos or Plataria or Petriti fishing vilage after lefkimi point in on the Corfu Day 13: Return to base island. Day 7: Return to base. If you depart the next day you arrive in Corfu Day 1: Head for Lakka in Paxos 30 miles about 5-6 hours. Day 2: Parga Day 3: Gaios Day 4: Mourtos Day 5: Plataria or Petriti Day 6: Return to base.

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Places to visit This brief collection is prepared as an easy guide to plan your sailing holiday. Full details you can obtain from the Greek Waters Pilot book which you will find in the chart table. Starting from our pier in Gouvia marina make sure you use the harbour chanel Red & Green)

Depending on your departure time you can head to Paxos island ( 33 miles, 5-6 hours ) with a swimming stop at the island of Lazareto or Vido next to Corfu harbour or Lefkimi point (2,5 h). Overnight in Lakka at anchor. Water is very clear for swimming in the middle of the bay.Short distance to restaurants and shops. Water & diesel difficult. Visit the beatifull cave (20 min) on the NW of the island. Alternative the main port of Gaios where diesel & water is available. Also restaurants & shops. If you have time before dark visit the North bay of AntiPaxos (20-30 minutes) for a swimm in the emerald green & white sand bay and then return to either harbour for overnight as it is not safe during the night. WARNING:Beware of the ifalos Panagias 2 miles east from Gaios. It lyies about 40-50 cm under water & not marked. Easy to navigate from North to South or vise versa as there is 2 miles width.

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If you depart from the base late head to Plataria or Mourtos (21 miles, 3-4 h). If you like pease and quiet go to Momastery Bay which is to the left of the harbour entrance of Mourtos. Shelter is very good and the water very clean. Kids can enjoy the enormous water slides available at Torre del Mare with full restaurant, bar & night club. Wooden jetty to moor the yacht and free water. The main harbour offers restaurants, shops, water & diesel.

Parga is very beatifull and is only 13 miles South from Mourtos. Anchor by the rocks on Ormos Valtou or in the middle. Water is available but not very easy to get as it is an fairly shallow water and need a long hose pipe to reach. For your visit to the village there are sea taxis coming every 10-15 minutes to take you to the main port or back where all the action is. Restaurants and very good shopping there. Alternative you can walk through the Venetian Castle to get to the main village. About 20 minutes.

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From Parga or Paxos to go to Levkas or Preveza the distance is 33 miles ( 5-6 hours ) non stop as there are no safe anchorages on the way. Ligia is the only place but not recommended as there are low lying rocks to the right of the small entrance harbour under water and not marked. Preveza is a big town not very touristic but offers very good eating places at very good prices. Water & diesel is available in the harbour.

The Levkas bridge opens evry hour on the hour. If you are there early wait inside the little harbour either tie to the concrete quay or move in circles till the bridge opens. If only half the bridge opens then priority have the boats coming out of Levkas. If the full bridge opens then go imediatelly other wise the bridge will close and you have to wait for another hour until it opens again.

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The Marina in Levkas is private owned and you pay per day by staying there. Of course you are allowed to use all the facilities such us Restaurants, water, toilets & hot showers. Once you enter the marina wait till the marina boat arrives to direct you and help you to a mooring space. Diesel is next to the chanel and you do not have to stay in the marina to fill your boat. The main harbour is free if you find space. Water is also available in some parts of the harbour. You ask for the water attendant to fill your boat.

Nidri on the SE side of Levkas is nice but very busy in the summer and difficult to find space. It is also very noisy from all the restaurants and bars. The island of Onassis Scorpios is opposite Nidri. Access to the ground is forbiden but you are permitted in the bays for stopping & swimming.

Meganisi is very beatifull with many bays as you can see in the chart below. Some bays have either wooden jetties for the use of the boats that will patronize their restaurant like Porto Spilia (Spartahori) or Concrete quay like Port Bathi. The rest are deserted bays where you are alone at anchor for those who like pease & quiet. They are all very well protected against the weather and very safe for overnight. WARNING: If you are sailing from Levkas to Spartahori and after you pass the island of Scorpios look out for an underground rock which is marked with a White flag and you can see it when you are only getting near it.

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Sivota and Vasiliki in the South of Levkas offer very good shelter, restaurants, water and Diesel.

Ithaki the home of Odysseus is the preference of many yachtsmen partly because of the legent and for its greenery. The Ports of Frikies & Kioni are smal but nice and picturesque. In Frikies they have build a marina type harbour but sometimes the wind coming from the mountains makes the stay a little uncomfortable. Water is available in both ports but diesel could be harder to get. The main port of Bathi is also nice and the shelter there is good in some parts.There you get apart from restaurants, water and Diesel.

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Kefalonia is famous for its wines and the good food. Many places to visit if you have the time. The most popular is Fiscardo on the North. Even if you are on two weeks charter and spending time in Levkas and Meganisi you should spend about one the most two days in kefalonia and you should be on your way back to base.

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