Chickasaw Nation Department of Health - National Indian Health Board

Chickasaw Nation Department of Health - National Indian Health Board

Chickasaw Nation Department of Health TALC Project Tribal Accreditation Learning Community Presentation Indian Country: Oklahoma • Oklahoma has the ...

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Chickasaw Nation Department of Health TALC Project Tribal Accreditation Learning Community Presentation

Indian Country: Oklahoma • Oklahoma has the second largest Native American population in the United States • 38 of the 566 federally recognized tribes HQ in Oklahoma • 18 non-federally recognized tribes in Oklahoma • Oklahoma tribes (except Osage) are not reservationbased

Tribal Jurisdictions

The Chickasaw Nation • 13 counties located in south-central Oklahoma • Population: *356,301 • American Indians: *35,065

* Based on 2013 U.S. Census estimates

The Chickasaw Nation • Mission of the Chickasaw Nation: “To enhance the overall quality of life of the Chickasaw people”

Organizational Structure Governor

Judicial Branch

Legislative Branch

Bill Anoatubby Executive Officer Special Assistants Community Outreach Supreme Court

Lt. Governor Jefferson Keel



Pontotoc District Court Tishomingo

Secretary Department of Family Services

Secretary Department of Interior Services

Secretary Department of Community Services

Secretary Department of Commerce

Secretary Department of Treasury

Secretary Department of Health Dr. Judy Goforth Parker

Secretary Department of Culture and Humanities

Secretary Department of Communications and Community Development

The Chickasaw Nation Department of Health

Carl Albert Indian Health Facility; ca. 1980

638 Compact; ca. 1994

Chickasaw Nation Department of Health

Chickasaw Nation Medical Center

CNDH Ardmore Clinic

CNDH Tishomingo Clinic

CNDH Purcell Clinic

CNDH Services  Audiology

 Laboratory/Testing Services

 Behavioral Health

 Nutrition Services

 Breast Cancer Care


 Cardiology


 Dental

 Optometry

 Diabetes Care

 Orthopedics

 Emergency Services

 Pediatrics

 Family Practice

 Pharmacy

 Imaging

 Physical Therapy

 Inpatient acute care/ICU

 Surgery

 Internal Medicine

 Women’s Clinic

CNDH Division of Research and Population Health Dr. Judy Goforth Parker Secretary of Health

Heather Summers

CNDH Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Under Secretary of Operations, Hospital and Clinics

Sheryl Goodson Executive Officer

Angela Torres

Kent Denson

Public Health Nursing Medical Director

Medical Advisor

Bobby Saunkeah RPH Manager IRB Chair

Michael Peercy Epidemiologist IRB Administrator

Susan Alexander Health Informatics Coordinator

Beth Cartwright

Shawnna Smith

Health Promotion Specialist

Public Health Nurse Supervisor

Christie Byars

Miranda Willis

Caleb Shahbandeh

Strategic Prevention Tribal Liaison

Strategic Prevention Data Analyst

Strategic Prevention Health Educator

Jennifer Corbin Public Health Nurse

Mission: “To improve the health of our population and achieve equity through health promotion / disease prevention.”

Public Health Advisory Council


CNDH Division of Research and Population Health RPH Functions/10 Essential Public Health Functions:  Epidemiological Surveillance and Investigation (1&2: monitor, diagnose, investigate health issues)  Health Promotion/Disease Prevention (3, 4 &5: inform, educate, mobilize; policies and plans )  Clinical Data Analysis (2: identify, solve health problems)  Research Development and Administration (10: new insights, innovative solutions)  Grant Coordination (10)  Institutional Review Board (IRB) Support (10)  Public Health Nursing (7: link to and assure provision of health care)  Professional Educational (8: workforce development)  6 (enforce laws); 9 (evaluation)

Chickasaw Nation Public Health System


Research and Population Health Activities • State of the Nation’s Health Report •

An ongoing project to research and present disease statistics for the CNDH patient population. The data and reports are used for grant justification and resource allocation.

• Cancer Registry • American Indian Data Community of Practice

Research and Population Health Activities • Annual 5ks •

Chickasaw Nation Annual Meeting and Festival, Rabbit Run, Turtle Run, and Skunk Run

• Community Outreach

Research and Population Health Activities • Public Health Nursing: Chickasaw Nation Caring Van • •

750 flu immunizations have been provided 44 Dental Screenings performed *Approximately 6 weeks of operation

Public Health Advisory Council (PHAC) •

A multidisciplinary committee assembled to assist in developing public health and health promotion initiatives for CNDH. Representatives include:

• • • • • • • • • •

Administration Research and Population Health Nutrition Services Diabetes Care Center Wellness Tribal Health Behavioral Health Medicine Environmental Health Public Affairs

PHAB Accreditation Preparation • The Chickasaw Nation Department of Health has been considering accreditation since 2013. • Applied for a CDC capacity-building grant with the goal of accreditation within five years; not funded. • Awarded NIHB Tribal ASI grant. (2015/2016)

NIHB Tribal ASI Two of the project’s goals are: • Provide a public health overview and in-depth training to educate, and engage, an appropriately selected group of community and Chickasaw Nation leadership, both health and non-health • Complete an organizational self-assessment (OSA) to create a roadmap for completion of the community health assessment (CHA)

CHA Plan Development Two Day Training: (Redstar; February 2016) • Day One:

• Worked through the Self Assessment Workbook for Tribal Health Departments

• Day Two:

• Mission and Vision • CHA overview and development of a CHA work plan/timeline

Self Assessment Workbook Results

Next Steps • Continue working through our work plan • • • •

Defining our population Health Indicators Data Sources Begin collecting documentation

• Develop a comprehensive CHA by end of FY2016 • Determine if PHAB accreditation is a goal

Thank You! Bobby Saunkeah, DRPH Manager and IRB Chair Michael Peercy, Epidemiologist/Biostatistician and IRB Administrator Caleb Shahbandeh, Strategic Prevention Health Educator Miranda Willis, Strategic Prevention Data Analyst