Chickasaw Nation - Energy Efficiency Through Lighting Upgrades

Chickasaw Nation - Energy Efficiency Through Lighting Upgrades

Chickasaw Nation Energy Efficiency Through Lighting Upgrades The Chickasaw Nation The Chickasaw Nation consists of 13 counties in southeastern Ok...

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Chickasaw Nation

Energy Efficiency Through Lighting Upgrades

The Chickasaw Nation

The Chickasaw Nation consists of 13

counties in southeastern Oklahoma

 Tribal enrollment exceeds 35,000  The Tribal headquarters complex is located in Ada, Oklahoma  The Division of Commerce operates 17 facilities which are included in this grant 

Chickasaw Nation


Main Objectives

Retrofit Casino Lighting to the most energy efficient option available  Reduce energy consumption and energy bills by 30%  Provide the insight and proven cost savings to management to allow for more green measures to be taken throughout the tribe 

Lighting Audits

Lighting audits were conducted for all Commerce facilities in 2007. • Every lighting fixture was counted and recorded at each facility • A cost analysis was done to determine the ROI – most paid off within 24 months • Savings were seen in labor costs and total energy consumption • An estimated $180,000 will be saved each year

Pilot Facility

Ada Gaming Center

  

Ada Gaming Center chose to upgrade their lighting about one year before the grant was awarded A consistent $1,000 has been saved per month at this facility This cost includes bulb savings, labor savings and energy savings. Just the energy savings alone would be $10,274.26 per year or $856.18/month

Ada Gaming Center Savings

Kilowatt Hours (kWh)

Monthly kWh Usage Ada East Gaming Center 300,000 250,000 200,000




100,000 50,000 0 Aug


Oct Month


Madill Gaming Center

This will be the first facility to be

fully retrofitted with the grant funds

Neon to LED conversion

All neon lights within Madill Gaming Center will be upgraded to LED lighting  The neon lights have created a safety hazard an have caused maintenance cost to increase greatly  The LEDs will reduce energy consumption and will provide a safer lighting option 

Madill Interior Lighting

Most of the interior lighting consists of the small MR16 type lighting which have an LED replacement

Other interior lighting such as T-12s etc will be upgraded to energy efficient ballasts and bulbs

Madill Gaming Cost Savings

Interior Only

Annual Net Cash Flow & Cumulative Savings $2,500.00

$2,000.00 $1,500.00 Net Cash Flow


Cumulative Cash Savings

$500.00 $0.00 -$500.00





-$1,000.00 Year



Next Up – WinStar World


Since the lighting audit, WinStar has tripled in size  Cost savings are expected to at least double  Biggest opportunity for savings of all the facilities  Rented man lifts are needed for bulb replacements each week

WinStar World Casino

3rd Largest Casino in the World  536,000 Square Feet  Additional 30,000 Square Feet will be added next year  Thousands of light bulbs light the facility

WinStar Aerial View

Projected WinStar Savings

Annual Net Cash Flow & Cumulative Savings $160,000.00 $140,000.00 $120,000.00 $100,000.00 $80,000.00


$40,000.00 $20,000.00 $0.00 -$20,000.00 0

Net Cash Flow

Cumulative Cash Savings


4 6 Year



Community Outreach

Along with the upgrades to the facilities, a community outreach program will be provided when results are realized  Head Starts and Community Elder Luncheons will be visited to explain the program and results to help create a sense of stewardship and pride for the work done by CNDC to protect the environment 

Broader Message Not only will a monetary and environmental benefit be gained with this grant but also an awareness of impacts on the environment that tribes and businesses alike will be spread throughout the community in press releases and word of mouth.


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