Chief's Address to the Nation - Sac and Fox Nation

Chief's Address to the Nation - Sac and Fox Nation

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v Vol. 31, No. 12 December 2010

Education Opportunities - Cobell Decision - Fed Actions

Where were you? Miss the fun?

Elders Annual Winter Dance

Chief‘s Address to the Nation Tribal Members, As we enter the month of December when we observe and celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you and your families a very Merry Christmas! Also a Happy and Prosperous New Year, 2011! Congratulations to all that have had new additions to your families this past year! I recently attended the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) 67th Annual Convention & Marketplace, “Strong Tribal Nations, Strong America” in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Committeeperson Stella Nullake and I were greeted at the airport and provided transportation to our hotel by tribal member Dottie Tiger and her daughter. Second Chief Cheryl McClellan attended the convention also. It was a very busy week for all of us, attending the General Assemblies and concurrent breakout sessions to gather and share information that can benefit our Sac & Fox Nation. I had an Intertribal Monitoring Association (ITMA) Board meeting and luncheon during the week in addition to separate meetings with Citizen Potawatomi Nation Chairman Rocky Barrett, and Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma Chairman Janice Rowe-Kurak and Vice-Chairman Perri Ahhaitty. The meeting with Citizen Potawatomi Nation and Iowa Tribe opened dialogue that could provide some joint ventures with our neighboring tribes in the future. The month of December will also be a very busy month with trips to Washington DC for the Keystone XL Pipeline Project Section 106 Government to Government Consultation and NCAI/NIGA Legislative- Tribal Leader Preparatory Meetings and White House Tribal Nations Summit (with President Obama). I will be giving a report from these trips in future editions of Sac & Fox News. This year, Sac & Fox Nation Attorney General Greg Bigler and I have been discussing a trip to Washington DC to meet with our Congressional delegation and Assistant Secretary of Indian Affairs Larry Sections were over and the new Congressmen / Senators were sworn into office before we (Business Committee) traveled to the Capitol to discuss the affairs of our Sac & Fox Nation. The Business Committee desires to have representation at the White House, Congress and with other agency Administration officials, as well as monitoring, tracking, technical writing, consultation, research and analysis of authorization/appropriation bills; hence we are seeking out a

“lobbyist” if you will, to help our Sac & Fox Nation in Washington DC. I now will be reporting on my liaison role to our Education Department and very important events within Indian Country.


The Gates Millennium Scholarship/Oklahoma Higher Learning Access Program (OHLAP) Two means of financial aid available for tribal youth to consider in continuing their educational dreams of a higher education after high school: The Gates Millennium Scholarship provides outstanding students of ethnic background with significant

Chief George Thurman

financial need the opportunity to complete an undergraduate and possibly a master’s degree in the academic discipline of their choice. The Gates Millennium Scholarship was initially funded by a $1 billion grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 1999. The Gates Millennium Scholarship program selects 1,000 students per year as the scholars. Awards are based on the cost of tuition fees, books and living expenses for the academic year, as well as other grants and scholarships provided by financial aid. Gates Millennium Scholarship recipients can request a fellowship for a graduate degree in a certain disciplines such as computer science, education, engineering, library science, mathematics, public health or science. The selection process is very competitive; student applicants must be of African American, American Indian/Alaska native, Asian Pacific Islander American, or Hispanic American descent. They have to be citizens, nationals or legal permanent residents of the United States. The student must qualify for Federal Pell Grant and be entering college as a fulltime first year student. Scholars must maintain a grade point average of 3.3 on a 4.0 scale and demonstrate leadership abilities

through community service, extracurricular activities or other outlets. For more information about Gates Millennium Scholarship and nomination materials, visit or call 1-877-690GMSP (4677). The membership living in Oklahoma has the opportunity to participate in the (2) Oklahoma Higher Learning Access Program (OHLAP). How It Works Oklahomans want to see deserving students succeed – students who study and work hard, but whose families find it difficult to afford college. If your child dreams of going to college and works to achieve it, then we can help make it a reality! To make that happen, the Oklahoma Legislature has set up a unique program for eighth, ninth and 10th grade students (home school students must be age 13, 14 or 15) that will help pay for their college education if their family’s income is $50,000 or less at the time the student applies for the program.* This program is Oklahoma’s Promise. But college isn’t easy. So to make sure students get ready for college while they’re still in high school, the program requires students to take certain high school courses listed below. They will have to pass those courses and keep up their grades. And besides staying on top of the books, students will also have to show that they’re in control outside the classroom. That means staying away from trouble like gangs, drugs and alcohol. In short, the student promises to prepare academically for college and stay out of trouble, and in return, the state of Oklahoma promises to help pay the student’s college tuition. Students MUST take the following high school coursework to meet Oklahoma’s Promise program requirements. (See bottom of page for chart of required high school courses to qualify for application). The Oklahoma’s Promise Curriculum Worksheet can help students record their grades and make sure they have taken the right courses. *Home school students and students graduating from a high school and not accredited by the Oklahoma State Board of Education or a recognized accrediting agency must also achieve a composite score of 22 or higher on an ACT test taken on a national test date (“residual” ACT test scores do not qualify). For more information, call the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education’s student information hotline at 800.858.1840, e-mail [email protected] or write Oklahoma’s Promise, Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, PO Box 108850, Oklahoma City, OK 73101-8850. I encourage our students and their families to contact their respective school counselors and inquire about these two opportunities that are available to help you achieve your goal of a degree. Remember, students and families, that sharing a vision of who you are and what you want to accomplish starts with the faith that you can succeed with God’s guidance. (See Chief’s Letter, Pg. 8)

Elders’and Veterans organizations support head man dancer Cecil Wahpekeche (traditional dancer, center) during his special at the Elders Christmas Dance on December 4th.  (Photo courtesy of Raymond Massey)

RAP Programs & Services Summary Fiscal Year 2011

The Business Committee has approved the Fiscal Year 2011 RAP Human Services budget, RAP Driveway Assistance budget and RAP TEHR (Tribal Emergency Home Repair) budget. The revised guidelines have also been approved for several of the Human Services programs. Below is a summary of the services now available to enrolled tribal members with a brief description of the program guidelines. RAP Tribal Energy: Up to $500.00 per fiscal year for energy needs (gas, electric or wood) for tribal members 18-54. Must apply 1st for LIHEAP & DOI Emergency Assistance and submit denial letter for verification that services are not being duplicated. Elder Tribal Energy: Same as above only for ages 55 & up. RAP Hardship: Priority is for bills & needs other than energy. If application is for energy LIHEAP & DOI Emergency cannot be duplicated with Hardship assistance. Program provides up to $350 per household for Household Hardships per twelve (12) month period (regardless of how many tribal members live in the household) and up to $350 per tribal member per every twelve (12) months for Personal Hardships. Household Hardships are events/emergencies that affect all members of the home; Personal Hardships are events/emergencies that directly impact/impede the applicant only. RAP Emergency Appliance Assistance: Up to $500.00 per household per every two (2) years for the emergency replacement of unusable and unsafe appliances only. The program does not cover duplicate or outdated appliances. Two year period is determined on a revolving twenty-four (24) month period. Applicant must surrender the appliance being replaced to the RAP Department of their designee. Applicants are not allowed to keep an appliance that is being replaced by this program. RAP Elders Handy Man: This program is being phased out. Applicants should apply for Tribal Emergency Home Repair (TEHR) instead. RAP Lawn Care Program: For tribal Elders 55 & up and also members that are physically disabled who cannot physically perform lawn care or do not have the required equipment. Approved applicants may have their lawns cut two (2) times per month for five (5) months at a maximum payment of $50.00 per cut. The number of participants is limited and applications will be processed in the order received. RAP Vision Program: Up to $500.00 once every two (2) years based on a revolving twenty-four (24) month calendar for eye exam and prescription eyewear. All other tribal or Indian Health Services resources must be exhausted before applying for RAP Vision. Denial letters can be used as proof of resources being exhausted. Assistance may be requested annually with a physicians statement. RAP Dental Program: Up to $400.00 once every two (2) years based on a revolving twenty-four (24) month calendar for dental work. Program does not include teeth bleaching or any other cosmetic procedures. All other resources must be exhausted before applying, denial letters can be used as proof of resources being exhausted. This program will work as the secondary payer for those applicants with dental insurance or those using IHS referrals. RAP Denture Program: Up to $1,000.00 once every four (4) years based on a revolving forty-eight (48) month calendar. Assistance may (See RAP Summary Pg 4)

. . .NOTICE. . . The Recessed Governing Council set for Saturday, November 6, 2010 reached no quorum. (For other Public Notices see Page 7)

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Sac & Fox News

The Sac & Fox News is the monthly publication of the Sac & Fox Nation, located on SH 99, six miles south of Stroud, OK. Mailing address: Sac and Fox Nation Administration Building 920883 S Hwy 99 Bldg A Stroud, OK 74079. Phone: 918-968-3526. Fax: 918-968-4837. The Sac & Fox News is the official publication of the Sac and Fox Nation. Our mission is to meet all tribal members information needs concerning the Nation. The Sac & Fox News is mailed free, one per address, to enrolled Sac and Fox tribal members. Paid subscriptions are available for $12.00 annually. Editorial statements, guest columns, and letters to the editor published in this newspaper contain the opinions of the writers. These opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Sac and Fox News staff or any elected official or department of tribal government or administration. The Sac and Fox News reserves the right to refuse publication of letters to the editor. All editorials and letters to the editor become the property of the Sac and Fox News. Submissions for publication must be signed by the author and include an address and contact phone number. They are limited to 300 words. The staff will not edit editorials or letters to the editor to fit the 300-word limit. Deadline for the December 2010 issue is Friday, December 17, 2010 at 4:30 p.m. Reprint permission is granted, with proper credit to the Sac and Fox News, unless other copyrights are shown. Articles and letters may be submitted to the newspaper or mailed to the address provided above, sent by FAXed to 405-or by e-mail:[email protected] Address corrections & changes are accepted by The Business Committee at the address listed below. Managing Editor: Sandra Massey Layout/Graphics Henri Isaacs For information: 918-968-3526 x1046 [email protected] Publisher: Sac and Fox Nation Member of Native American Journalists Assn - Since 1988 ~~~~~~~ Tribal Officers: 918-968-3526 or 800-259-3970 Principal Chief: George Thurman Telephone (918) 968-3526 Ext. 1004 [email protected] Second Chief: Cheryl L. McClellan Telephone (918) 968-3526 Ext. 1005 [email protected] Secretary: Jacklyn K. Williams Telephone (918) 968-3526 Ext. 1007 [email protected] Treasurer: Randle Carter Telephone (918) 968-3526 Ext. 1006 [email protected] Committee Member: Stella Nullake Telephone (918) 968-3526 Ext. 1011 [email protected] Business Committee Mailing Address: Sac and Fox Nation Administration Building 920883 S Hwy 99 Bldg A Stroud, OK 74079.

Obituaries Josh Lee Williamson Josh Lee Williamson was born on February 2, 1956 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to Mitchell and Christine (Barker) Williamson. He passed away on November 22, 2010 at the Drumright Nursing Home in Drumright, Ok. He grew up in the Drumright area going to school at Oak Grove Elementary and graduating from Drumright High School. Josh attended Haskell Junior College and Langston University, pursing his Sociology degree. He was a welder for 15 years and managed the Rose Hill Dance Troop. He was a traditional dancer in the pow-wow world and attended different pow-wows across the United States over the years. He was a Wildland Fire Fighter and a basketball referee. Josh is survived by his sons Joshua Williamson of Cushing, Marshal Williamson and, Newman Williamson both of Calumet, daughter Christine Williamson of Yukon, his mother Christine Williamson of Cushing, brothers Robert Williamson and Richard Williamson both of Cushing. He was preceded in death by his father Mitchell Williamson. Funeral services were held at the First Indian Baptist Church on Walnut St. in Cushing, on Wednesday, November 24, 2010. Tribal Services were held on Thursday, Josh Williamson November 25 at 4:00 p.m., in Stroud, Oklahoma at the Sac and Fox Community Building. Burial was Friday, November 26, 2010 at at Euchee Valley Memorial Park Cemetery in Cushing. Condolences and online guestbook are available at An online video of Josh’s life is also available at

Jeffery Troy Walker Jeffery Troy Walker was born on May 14, 1962, in Shawnee, Oklahoma, and departed this life on Thursday, November 25, 2010, in Prague, Oklahoma, at the age of 48. Jeffery, the son of Richard Eugene and Geneva (McKinney) Walker, was a resident of Prague. He is a member of the Sac and Fox Nation. He was employed by Wal-Mart. His mother, two brothers and one sister preceded Jeffery in death. Survivors include his father and step-mother, Richard and Evelyn Walker of Prague; sons, Jeffery Troy Walker, Jr., of Carnegie, Jeremy Evans Walker of Oklahoma City; daughters, Audreia Kate Walker of Carnegie, Jamie Janeen Walker of Carnegie, Robin Verlene Walker of Carnegie, Crystal Rose Walker of Carnegie, Ciera Kathleen Walker of Oklahoma City; brothers and sisters, Angela Janeen Walker-Gamez of Atlanta, GA, Billy Jack Walker of Shawnee, Edward Keith Walker of Prague, Josephine Guinn of Oklahoma City, Eugenia K. Walker of Shawnee, Christina Marie Walker of Oklahoma City, Jubel Tom Walker of Oklahoma City; numerous grandchildren. Traditional tribal services were held Saturday, November 27, 2010 at the Edgar Ellis Place in Prague. Tribal burial was Sunday, November 28, 2010 at the McKosato Cemetery in Prague.

Amanda R. “Weezy” Jones-Charlo Amanda R. “Weezy” Jones-Charlo, 27, joined the ancestors on Monday, Nov. 29, 2010 from injuries sustained in an automobile accident near Valley Creek, Montana. Born in Ada, Oklahoma to Gary Riley and Vanessa Jones, she was raised on the Flathead Reservation and educated in Polson and at Two Eagle.  She is an enrolled member of the Sac and Fox Nation. A mother of five, she had taken time to start her family while working various jobs and at Express Workout in Ronan; Kwatuqnuk in Polson and Pigasus in Arlee and was getting ready to go back to school.   Amanda loved nothing more than caring for her children and husband.       She is survived by the love of her life, her husband Wesley Charlo; her parents Gary Riley of Oklahoma and Vanessa Jones of St. Ignatius; her children Trestin, Rayona, Sienna, lil’ Wesley and Xavier; her siblings Adam Tenas, Autumn Tenas and Josephine Jones; her grandparents Rita Jones of St. Ignatius and Kenneth Jones of Kamiah, Idaho as well as a large family of aunties, uncles and cousins from the Gobert, Jones and Ashley families. A wake was held Tuesday at the Arlee Community Center with the Rosary held Thursday at the Center with the Mass being held on Friday, Dec. 3rd at the Arlee Community Center.

Amanda R. “Weezy” Jones-Charlo


From the Family of Josh Williamson The family of Josh Williamson wants to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of you who have been of help and comfort in our time of deep sorrow. We thank speaker Jacob Manatowa Bailey, head cook Georgia Blanchard, head gravedigger Cecil Littlehead, the Fish Clan, the Thunder Clan, and their helpers who took care of the traditional ceremonies for Josh. Thank you to Clarissa Littlehead, Verlayne and Shawna Spoon, Casey Wilson, Georgianne Noble, and Laveta “Lolly” Rhodd for preparing the bundles for the cooks. Thank you to Frank McClellan, Jr. for holding a Native American Church prayer service at the Williamson family home. We also thank the Reverend Junior Pratt, who officiated at the church services and for the prayer service held later at the Williamson family home, and the Indian Baptist Church for again opening its building to us. We thank Terry Tsotigh for his flute music at the church services and Lisa Stevens, Anita Stevens, Orvena “Twiggy” Gregory, and Carrie Spang for preparing the meal. We thank Gene Frye for conducting services at the Sac and Fox Nation community building, the Sac and Fox Nation for providing its use, and the employees for all your assistance. Thank you to Shirley Salway and again to Clarissa Littlehead for preparing the early Friday morning breakfast. Thank you to everyone for your donations of food, flowers, money, and time at the home and during the traditional and church services. A special Thank You to all of you for your prayers, not only at this time but through the last three years and eight months of Josh’s life. Thank you for sharing your memories of him that showed what a full, rich, and multifaceted life he had. Your thoughts and words not only bring us comfort now but will continue to do so in the days and years to come. And Thank You to Josh, for being here and letting us be a part of a life that sometimes involved us in things we never thought we’d do but that gives The Williamson Family from left: Josh, Christine, Richard and Robert us great memories to smile about now.

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Tribal Members Share Culture with Japanese Visitors

Sac and Fox tribal members participated in the 20th anniversary celebration of the sister cities designation between Shawnee, Oklahoma and Nikaho, Japan at North Rock School in Shawnee on October 25, 2010. Second Chief and Southern Cloth dancer Cheryl McClellan )far right), Hoop dancer Lyndee McClellan (2nd from left), Fancy dancer Graham Primeaux (far left), and singer Ryan Goodfox (2nd from right) performed as part of a Native American Month presentation at the school. Approximately 15 students and four adults from Japan traveled to Shawnee and stayed with area families for a week. The Japanese delegation makes the trip every other October and the Shawnee delegation travels to Japan every other August.

Now Accepting Applications for the

2011 LEAD Summer Business The Native American Finance Officers Association is now accepting applications for the 2011 LEAD Summer Business Institute at Dartmouth College and Stanford University. The LEADS Summer Business Institute is a college preparatory program that will allow you to live on a college campus, learn about college admissions and discover how an exciting career in business or finance can benefit your Tribal community. The program is open to high school juniors (during 2010-2011 academic year) with a minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher. To download an application, please visit our website:

I am very pleased that funds for the very first Sac and Fox Nation Science Fair were approved in the 2011 RAP funds!! Our youth are our future, and a science fair offers students an opportunity, not to just win prizes, but to learn communication and leadership skills. Students can build on their science projects year after year, and are eligible for prestigious academic and financial awards and recognition. If you are interested in participating in this first  Sac and Fox Nation Science Fair, please call the Office of Government 918968-3526 or my cell 405-200-7061, and leave the students’ name, grade, school, tribal affiliation, phone number and address.  1) DO I HAVE TO HAVE A SCIENCE PROJECT ALREADY SELECTED TO SIGN UP? No, sign up and we will help you find a project. 2) DO I HAVE TO BE “GOOD” IN SCIENCE AND MATH TO BE IN A SCIENCE FAIR? No. Do you have a “question” you would like to answer? A science fair project asks a question, and through an experiment, research, or interviews, answers the question.   The “traditional” category allows for projects to specifically address questions related to Sac and Fox people, culture, or language.          3) WHAT IS A SCIENCE FAIR? A Science Fair provides an opportunity for students to do hands-on science; apply their knowledge of math and science; conduct research and collect data; and interact with professional role models in science, mathematics, engineering, and people knowledable in the Sac and Fox language and history.  4) WHO IS ELIGIBLE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE SAC AND FOX NATION SCIENCE FAIR? American Indian students who are in grades 5-12    a)  who are enrolled members of a Federally Recognized Tribe  who live

and attend school within the Sac and Fox jurisdiction, or     b) any enrolled Sac and Fox member, regardless of residency location. Unfortunately, funds are not available to assist with travel expenses to attend the Sac and Fox Nation Science Fair.     5) WHEN IS THE SAC AND FOX NATION SCIENCE FAIR? The  Sac and Fox Nation Science Fair is planned for the last of January or the first of February, to be held at the Community Building at Stroud. 6) WHAT DO I GET FROM PARTICIPATING IN THE SAC AND FOX NATION SCIENCE FAIR?  Each science fair participant will attend an awards ceremony and receive a certificate of participation.   Top winners of the Sac and Fox Nation Science Fair will be taken to the National American Indian Science and Engineering Fair (NAISEF),  March 24-26, 2011, in Albuquerque, NM at the Albuquerque Convention Center.  NAISEF is a great opportunity for American Indian students in grades 5-12,  representing numerous tribes from the United States, to win cash prizes and scholarships. Students gain exposure and experience that will be useful as they progress through their collegiate and professional careers. NAISEF Grand Award Winners are automatically entered in the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF).  This year, ISEF will be held in Los Angeles in May 2011.  7) HOW DO I SIGN UP TO PARTICIPATE IN THE SAC AND FOX NATION SCIENCE FAIR?  If you are interested in participating in the first  Sac and Fox Nation Science Fair, please call the Office of Government 918-968-3526 or my cell 405-200-7061, and leave the students’ name, grade, school, tribal affiliation, phone number and address.  I will be in contact with you. (Submitted by Second Chief Cheryl McClellan)

The deadline to apply is Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sac and Fox Nation Education Department NOTICE TRIBAL MEMBERS

Here He Is!

Colby Michael Steele

The Sac and Fox Nation Education Department has placed the guidelines and forms for the following programs on the Nation’s website at for your convenience:

Colby Michael Steele was born on November 17, 2010 to parents Alisha and Jess Steele of McLoud, OK.  He was 8 lbs, and 20 1/4 inches long. 

Johnson O’Malley Higher Education Adult Vocational Training School Clothing/Supplies Grants Education Incentives

His grandparents are John and Vickie O’Brien of Chandler.  GreatGrandparents are Dorothy O’Brien and the late Edward O’Brien Jr. of Sparks. Colby Michael Steele

Please contact the Education Department at 918-968-0509 if you have any questions about the programs we offer. We are here to assist you with your education needs.

Welcome to the World

Baby James

D’Nicco Wesley James was born November 17, 2010 to Anissa Wesley and Dominic James of Tulsa, OK. He weighed 7 lbs. and 4 oz. and was 19-1/2 inches long.

D’Nicco Wesley James

He Jones big sisters Alena, Tia and Dominique. Maternal grandparents are Richard and the late Tsianina (Bass) Wesley of Okmulgee, OK. Paternal grandparents are Calvin and Letha James of Woodall, OK. He is of the Sac and Fox, MuscogeeCreek, Cherokee and Choctaw tribes.


October 2010 Tobacco Tax. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $32,289.60 Wholesale Tobacco Tax . . . . . . . . . . . . $59,739.75 Motor Vehicle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2,325.00 Sales Tax. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $10,144.43 Treasury . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 10.00 Oil & Gas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $30.52 Gaming. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $156,830.76 TOTAL. . . . . . . . . . . . $261,370.06

To honor the great achievement and success of tribal member Dr. Emerson Falls, the Sac and Fox Nation Business Committee passed a resolution of commendation in recognition of his service as President of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma. The resolution is dated October 30, 2010. Dr. Falls was first elected to serve as President of the BGCO in November 2009 and ends his two year term this past November. He was the first Native American president of the convention. His father is Alvin S. Falls, 4/4 Sac and Fox Indian, who first served the Sac and Fox Nation as Second Chief and then as Principal Chief. His mother is Corene Falls, a member of the Choctaw Nation. Dr. Falls also serves as pastor of the Glorieta Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, OK. Dr. Emerson E. Falls

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STATEMENT OF RANDLE CARTER, TREASURER LIAISON, TRIBAL LAW AND ORDER AND JUDICIAL SYSTEM The following is based on Tribal Law and Order Act 2010 that was enacted into law by Congress July 2010 for the purpose of strengthening tribal law and order systems and enhancing public safety in Indian country. I. INTRODUCTION For over one hundred years the Sac and Fox Nation has been engaged in an ongoing battle with officials of state and federal agencies, including the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Department of Justice, to provide police protection and law enforcement services, to preserve and protect the Tribe’s inherent powers of self-government, and to secure federal recognition of our right to exercise governmental authority over all persons over certain subject matters and activities within the territorial jurisdiction of the Sac and Fox Nation. The Sac and Fox Nation respectfully requests the Attorney General to consider and address the issues set forth below as a positive step in assisting the Tribe in resolving current concerns of tribal sovereignty, police protection, public safety and law enforcement in Indian Country. Solutions to these problems, as well as identification of our issues, are offered in the commentary. A few solutions may be obtained through corrective federal legislation or regulation; many more solutions may be obtained through corrective administrative actions. II. LEGAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE IMPEDIMENTS TO STRENGTHEN TRIBAL LAW AND ORDER AND JUDICIAL SYSTEMS SHOULD BE REMOVED Indian Tribes have the primary responsibility of ensuring the safety and protection of all persons in the Indian Country. Our ability to do so, however, has been limited by the facts that: 1) The Supreme Court ruled in Oliphant v Suquamish Indian Tribe, 435 U.S. 121 (1978), that tribes lack criminal jurisdiction over non-Indians, unless Congress has conferred that power over to tribes. 2) In 1968, Congress enacted the Indian Civil Rights Act, 25 U.S.C. 1301-3, and limited the punishments that tribal courts can impose to one year in jail and to a fine of $5,000.00, even for the most serious criminal offenses. 3) The Supreme Court held in Montana v U.S., 450 U.S. 544 (1981), that tribes have lost the authority to regulate the activities of a non-tribal member on non-Indian land within the reservation, unless a consensual relationship exists. 4) The Supreme Court ruled in Montana v U.S., 450 U.S. 565 (1981), that tribes have lost the authority to regulate the activities of a non-Indian on non-Indian land within the reservation, unless that activity imperils a substantial tribal interest. 5) The Supreme Court ruled in Nevada v Hicks, 121 S. Ct. 2304 (2001), that Indian tribes lack civil jurisdiction over non-Indians in the tribal Indian Country, unless the tribe can show that one of the two Montana exceptions justifies the application of tribal authority. 6) In 2006, Congress enacted the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act which requires Indian tribes to affirmatively elect to establish a comprehensive tribal sex offender registration system for all persons who live, work, or attend school within the tribal jurisdiction. The Indian tribes lack criminal jurisdiction over non-Indian sex offenders who violate the tribal sex offender registration laws. Congressional legislation can resolve these issues, which has occurred through the “legislative fix” of the Supreme Court decision of Duro v Reina, 405 U.S. 676 (1990), after the Supreme Court ruled that tribes lack criminal jurisdiction over nonmember Indians. The Department of Justice should make active efforts to ensure that Indian tribes have regulatory jurisdiction and adjudicatory jurisdiction over all persons in the Indian Country subject to the tribal jurisdiction. The Department of Justice should actively assist the Tribe in removing limitations upon the exercise of tribal authority and self-government activities of all persons within the Indian Country subject to the tribal jurisdiction. III. THERE SHOULD BE INCREASED FEDERAL SUPPORT OF, AND FUNDING FOR, THE STRENGHENING OF TRIBAL LAW AND ORDER AND JUDICIAL SYSTEMS Tribal police, the BIA, and the FBI are seeing increases in the number of calls for assistance and investigation of incidents in Indian Country. The calls range from alcohol and substance abuse to domestic violence, from juvenile emotional, physical and sexual abuse, to juvenile delinquency, and from simple assault and rape to homicide. The Indian tribes remain committed to providing the best possible tribal law and order and judicial systems in Indian Country. However, the tribes are limited in resources to provide the level and quality of programs and services that are needed in the areas of public safety, police protection, and law enforcement, crime deterrence, and offender rehabilitation. In 1990, Congress enacted the Indian Country Law Enforcement Reform Act, 25 U.S.C. 2801. The Act authorizes the FBI to submit a report to tribal officials when an investigation is declined or terminated. The Act further authorizes the U.S. Attorney to submit a report to tribal officials when a referral for federal prosecution is declined or terminated. The Department of Justice should strictly fulfill its responsibilities and duties to investigate and prosecute crimes committed in the Indian Country. Whenever the FBI declines or terminates a federal Indian Country criminal investigation, the FBI should be required to notify the tribe in writing, with the reason for such action. Whenever the DOJ declines or terminates a federal Indian Country criminal prosecution, the DOJ should be required to notify the tribe in writing, with the reason for such action. There should be greater tribal access to federal funding. *All Tribes should be able to directly participate in all Department of Justice programs - just as states do. *The Attorney General must set aside a significant amount of criminal justice funds for tribes. And this Department of Justice funding to tribes should not jeopardize existing funding from the BIA for law enforcement purposes. Increased federal funding should include, but not be limited to, the hiring of additional law enforcement officers and administrative staff; increased law enforcement officer training and training facilities; and increased training for tribal court judges, prosecutors, and court personnel. *Justice service providers in Indian country should receive their fair and equitable share of federal funds for administering justice in Indian country. The Indian Self Determination and Education Assistance Act, 25 U.S.C. 450f et seq., authorizes Indian tribes to enter into agreements with the Bureau of Indian Affairs and receive federal funds to provide police and court services. The Department of Justice and the Bureau of Indian Affairs should take active efforts to assist the tribes in developing and providing their own tribal law and order and judicial services. The Department of Justice and the Bureau of Indian Affairs should take active efforts to ensure that each Indian tribe contract the federal funds for police and court services. The Department of Justice should ensure that the Bureau of Indian Affairs Law

Enforcement Services officers investigate all reported crimes occurring in the Indian Country. The Department of Justice and the Bureau of Indian Affairs should take active efforts to assist Indian tribes in exercising their own inherent governmental authority to provide tribal police, law enforcement, and court services in Indian Country. There are no Bureau of Indian Affairs or tribal-operated adult correction facilities in Oklahoma for thirty nine (39) Indian tribes. The Department of Justice and the Bureau of Indian Affairs should take active efforts to assist Indian tribes in the planning, development, and construction of at least four (4) tribal adult correction facilities located at strategic locations in Oklahoma. There is only one (1) tribally-operated juvenile detention facility for thirty nine (39) Indian tribes in Oklahoma. The Department of Justice and the Bureau of Indian Affairs should take active efforts to assist Indian tribes in the planning, development, and construction of at least three (3) additional juvenile detention facilities located at strategic locations in Oklahoma. IV. THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE SHOULD ENSURE THAT THE FEDERAL INDIAN COUNTRY LAWS ARE FAITHFULLY FOLLOWED, ADMINISTERED, AND ENFORCED The Department of Justice and the Department of Interior are charged with the duty and responsibility to administer and enforce the federal Indian country laws, rules, and regulations. *The Department of Justice and the Department of Interior should take a stronger, more proactive approach in their Congressionally-mandated agency responsibilities in investigating crimes and prosecuting persons responsible for federal crimes. The Department of Justice, since 1994, has designated an Assistant U.S. Attorney and Special Assistant for Tribal Relations for each Indian Country federal judicial district. The Department of Justice should reaffirm its commitment to Indian Country by stabilizing the SAUSA position, affirming the importance of the position, and ensuring the efficient and effective communication, cooperation and coordination of investigation and prosecution of cases between federal, tribal and state officials. The Department of Justice should train and authorize qualified Indian tribal prosecutors to serve as Special Assistant U.S. Attorneys for federal Indian Country crimes. The Department of Justice should provide more training for tribal law enforcement agencies about federal procedures in the investigation and prosecution of crimes in Indian country. Periodic training should take place within the State of Oklahoma. The federal government retains exclusive authority to investigate, arrest, prosecute, and punish non-Indians who commit crimes in the Indian country against Indians and tribes. Although over ninety (90) tribal gaming establishments are operating in Oklahoma, the Department of Justice has assigned only one (1) Federal Bureau of Investigation agent state-wide to investigate reports of federal criminal gaming law violations. The Department of Justice should take active efforts to investigate and prosecute reports of federal crimes committed in the Indian Country against Indians and tribes by non-Indians. In 2006, Congress enacted the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act, P.L. 109-248 (42 U.S.C. §16901 et seq.), with the purpose of establishing a comprehensive national system for registration and public awareness of sex offenders and offenders against children to better protect the public from such predators. Section 127 of the Adam Walsh Act requires that all federally recognized Indian tribes affirmatively elect to carry out the mandates of Subtitle A-Sex Offender Registration and Notification (SORNA) by July 27, 2007, or be treated as having implicitly delegated the inherent tribal authority to perform sex offender registration and notification within tribal jurisdictions to the state. The Department of Justice and the Department of Interior should take all active efforts required of law enforcement in developing, administering and enforcing the provisions of the federal SORNA and tribal SORNA. The Department of Justice should take active efforts to ensure that Indian tribes have full criminal jurisdiction over all non-Indian persons subject to the requirements of the federal SORNA and tribal SORNA. The Department of Justice should take active efforts in assisting Indian tribes in the completing and performing the requirements of the Adam Walsh Act. The Department of Justice should actively support and assist tribes in securing funding resources to develop, implement and administer the provisions of the Adam Walsh Act. If the Department of Justice and the Department of Interior are unable or unwilling to seriously and faithfully carry out the law and order responsibilities in Indian country as mandated by Congress, the Department of Justice and Department of Interior should take all necessary administrative actions or support federal legislation that will enable tribes, who choose to do so, to carry out the federal responsibilities on Indian lands. (As submitted by Randle Carter, Tribal Treasurer)

RAP Programs & Services from front page

be requested within the four (4) year period with a physician’s statement. All other resources must be exhausted before applying for the Denture Program. Denial letters can be used as proof of resources being exhausted. RAP Hearing Aid Program: up to $1,000.00 once every two (2) years, based on a twenty-four (24) month revolving calendar for hearing aids. Assistance may be requested annually with a physician’s statement. All other resources must be exhausted before applying for the Hearing Aid Program. Denial letters can be used as proof of resources being exhausted. RAP Driveway Repair Program: Up to $5,000.00 every five (5) year period to repair driveways to be safe and accessible to emergency vehicles. Applicant must submit proof of home ownership and proof that the home is their primary residence. Program is for residence driveways only. Applicants are responsible for maintaining driveways after repairs. RAP TEHR (Tribal Emergency Home Repair) Program: Up to $5,000.00 for emergency repairs on homes of tribal members. Applicants must submit proof of ownership and proof that the home is their primary residence. Program does not cover normal maintenance or remodeling requests. This program has a lifetime maximum of $5,000.00. For applications, questions or more information about these programs/services please contact your RAP Department at 918-968-3526 or 800-259-3970. These programs are open to tribal member regardless of where they reside.

Future editions of the Sac and Fox News will have information regarding the RAP Education Programs and Services and miscellaneous RAP Projects.

Sac & Fox News v December 2010 v Page 5

Business Committee Meeting Minutes Regular Business Committee Meeting October 15, 2010 1) Approved Resolution SF-11-09A, a resolution certifying the current membership roll of the Sac and Fox Nation in accordance with the Constitutional Laws of the Sac and Fox Nation, annual enrollment certification for the Fiscal Year 2011 Revenue Allocation Plan for Per Capita Payment is 3794. Jackie Williams-motion, Stella Nullake-2nd. VOTE: George-Yes, Cheryl-Yes, Jackie-Yes, Randle-Yes, Stella-Yes. Motion carries. 2) Approved Resolution SF-11-10, a resolution authorizing and approving the agreement between the Sac and Fox Nation Department of Public Safety and the Westlaw Next Services, contract #2010-09-03, the funding source is identified as the department of the Interior Compact Department of Public Safety Budget. Cheryl McClellanmotion, Stella Nullake-2nd. VOTE:George-Yes, Cheryl-Yes, Jackie-

Yes, Randle-Yes, Stella-Yes. Motion carries. 3) Approved Resolution SF-11-11, a resolution approving and authorizing the submission of an application to the Department of Health and Human Services Indian Health Services calendar year 2011 Special Diabetes Program for Indians in the amount of $468,274.00. Cheryl McClellan-motion, Randle Carter-2nd. VOTE: Jackie-Yes, Randle-Yes, StellaYes, George-Yes, Cheryl-Yes. Motion carries. 4)Approved West Engineering Services & Testing, Inc access across property for the purpose of conducting land surveys along Kickapoo Road in Shawnee, Oklahoma, Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma. For the purpose of locating topographic features and corners of Sections in the Public Land Survey System in accordance with Oklahoma Statues, Title 21-1835, par. A. & C.

Emergency Special Business Committee Meeting October 20, 2010 1) Accepted letter of resignation of a Gaming Commissioner, and declared a vacancy in position #3. Randle Carter-motion, Jackie Williams-2nd. VOTE: George-Absent, Cheryl-Yes, Jackie-Yes, Randle-Yes, Stella-Absent. Motion carries. 2) Approved Resolution SF-11-14, a public law adopting and enacting amendments to the Sac and Fox Nation Gaming Ordinance of 2008, as amended, revising the procedures for removal of Gaming Commissioners. Randle Carter-motion, Jackie Williams-2nd. VOTE: Cheryl-Yes, Jackie-Yes, Randle-Yes, Stella-Absent, George-Absent. Motion carries.

Emergency Special Business Committee Meeting October 28, 2010 1) Approved Resolution SF-11-15, a resolution authorizing and approving an agreement between the Sac and Fox Nation Juvenile Detention and United States Department of Agriculture, contract# 2010-10-03. Jackie Williamsmotion, Stella Nullake-2nd. VOTE: George-Yes, Cheryl-Yes, Jackie-Yes, Randle-Yes, Stella-Yes. Motion carries. 2) Approved Resolution SF-11-16, a resolution authorizing and approving the agreement between the Sac and Fox Nation Black Hawk Health Center and Walgreens Health Initiatives, Inc. per contract# 2010-09-10. Jackie Williamsmotion, Stella Nullake-2nd. VOTE: Cheryl-Yes, Jackie-Yes, RandleYes, Stella-Yes, George-Yes. Motion carries. 3) Approved Resolution SF-11-17, a resolution authorizing and approving the agreement between the Sac and Fox Nation Merle Boyd Center and Orion Security Solutions. Contract #2010-09-07. Cheryl McClellan-motion, Jackie Williams-2nd. VOTE: Jackie-Yes, RandleYes, Stella-Yes, George-Yes, Cheryl-Yes. Motion carries. 4) Approved renewal contract #200810-11b with Kellpro Software License and Maintenance Agreement from 10/1/2010 through 9/30/2011. Cheryl McClellan-motion, Jackie Williams2nd. VOTE: Randle-Yes, Stella-Yes, GeorgeYes, Cheryl-Yes, Jackie-Yes. Motion carries. 5) Approved renewal contract #200908-11a with Provider Pharmacy

Agreement. Cheryl McClellan-motion, Jackie Williams-2nd. VOTE: Stella-Yes, George-Yes, CherylYes, Jackie-Yes, Randle-Yes. Motion carries. 6) Approved request for new position (Data Entry/Accounts Specialist/ Property and Procurement Department. Memo dated October 13, 2010. Cheryl McClellan-motion, Stella Nullake-2nd. VOTE: George-Yes, Cheryl-Yes, Jackie-Yes, Randle-Yes, Stella-Yes. Motion carries. 7) Approved 2010 Hunting and permit registration, as presented by memo dated 9/29/2010 by Realty Department. Jackie Williams-motion, Stella Nullake2nd. VOTE: Cheryl-Yes, Jackie-Yes, RandleYes, Stella-Yes, George-Yes. Motion carries. Principal Chief George Thurman exited meeting at 3:50 p.m. 8) Approved Resolution SF-11-18, a resolution opposing a new proposed Federal Administrative Interpretation of Question Ten of the funding formula for the Indian Reservation Roads (IRR) Program. Randle Carter- motion, Jackie Williams2nd. VOTE: Jackie-Yes, Randle-Yes, StellaYes, George-Absent, Cheryl-Yes. Motion carries. EXECUTIVE SESSION: HRPA #2011-36, motion to uphold HRPA# 2011-36 as recommended. Cheryl McClellan-motion, Jackie Williams-2nd. VOTE: Randle-Yes, Stella-No, GeorgeAbsent, Cheryl-Yes, Jackie-Yes. Motion carries.

Reconvened Emergency Special Business Committee Meeting October 29, 2010 1) Accepted the agenda for the October 30, 2010 Special Governing Council Meeting with three agenda items: Revenue Allocation Plan Investment Policy, 2010 Net Gaming Revenues, and Fiscal Year 2011 Net Gaming Revenue Budget. Cheryl McClellan-motion, Randle Carter-2nd. VOTE: George-Yes, Cheryl-Yes, Jackie-Yes, Randle-Yes, Stella-Yes. Motion carried.

(where applicable) and Title 216-60, par a. Sec. 3 & 4. Randle Cartermotion, Stella Nullake-2nd. VOTE: Randle-Yes, Stella-Yes, GeorgeYes, Cheryl-Yes, Jackie-Yes. Motion carries. Randle Carter stepped out at 3:40 p.m. 5)Approved Resolution SF-11-12, a resolution approving membership for Fiscal Year 2011 into the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) in the total amount of $1,100.00, and naming Principal Chief George Thurman as delegate and Second Chief Cheryl McClellan, Secretary Jacklyn Williams, Treasurer Randle Carter, and Committee Member Stella Nullake as alternate delegates. Jackie Williamsmotion, Stella Nullake-2nd. VOTE: Stella-Yes, George-Yes, CherylYes, Jackie-Yes, Randle-Absent. Motion carries. 6)Approved Resolution SF-11-13, a resolution approving the calendar year

2010 Special Diabetes Program for Indians Budget Modification #2 for the period January 1, 2010 through December 31, 2010 in the total amount of $ 468,274.00. There is no change in the total funding amount. Cheryl McClellan-motion, Stella Nullake-2nd. VOTE: George-Yes, Cheryl-Yes, Jackie-Yes, Randle-Yes, Stella-Yes. Motion carries. 7)The Business Committee took official action to authorize the Gaming Commission to select an attorney and inform the Business Committee of their selection; also, to stay within the budgeted line item. Cheryl McClellanmotion, Stella Nullake-2nd. VOTE: Cheryl-Yes, Jackie-Yes, Randle-Abstain, Stella-Yes, GeorgeYes. Motion carries. Executive Session HRPA#2011-02 VOTE: Jackie-Yes, Randle-Yes, Stella-Yes, George-Yes, Cheryl-Yes. Motion carries.

Holiday Greetings Tribal Members: Wishing all of you a happy and safe holiday!  So much has occurred  this past year including both good times and sad times with losses of  family members and friends.  As usual, I am optimistic with the  approaching new year and am hopeful that we can pull together to  continue progressing in a positive direction for our Nation and our  tribal citizens. Please invite someone to your table, or share the  holiday spirit in some way with someone this holiday season. Be safe! Cheryl McClellan Second Chief, Sac and Fox Nation

Greetings All Tribal Members: Wishing you a Joyous Holiday Season and a New Year filled with Peace and Happpiness Stella Nullake Committee Member

CAMPGROUND PAVILION PROJECT Campers who would like to be included on the list for this year’s Campground Pavilion Project should submit their name, roll number and camp location to the  RAP Department by the end of February, 2011.  If there are more requests than the FY11 funding allows, we will use the lottery system to pull names/numbers until we have reached the maximum allowable in the funding.  Campers may submit their information via email; [email protected] or mail to the RAP Department at 920883 S. Hwy. 99, Building A, Stroud, OK 74079 or via fax at 918-968-ATTN RAP DEPT . For additional information call Shelly at 918-968-0098.

3rd Thursday

Sac & Fox News v December 2010 v Page 6


The following is a list of job vacancies with the Sac & Fox Nation:

Library Director Managing Editor RAP Specialist Resident Advisor Solid Waste Specialist Surveillance Manager Tribal Administrator Applicants must successfully pass an OSBI/National background check and drug screen. Preference in hiring is given to qualified Native Americans. Applicants claiming Indian Preference must provide a copy of their CDIB. For more information and to learn how to apply please visit our website at: or contact Human Resources, Sac and Fox Nation, Rt. 2 Box 246, Stroud, OK 74079 or by phone (918) 968-3526

Happy December Birthday, Elders! James E. Allen Thomas G. Allen Sr. Howard Mike Barada Loretta D. Bigbow Marcella A. Blossom Marvine Walker Boswell Sherman Wayne Brown Arlene Rosetta Bush Delores Byford Mary Louise Carter Richard C. Clark Clyde Benjamin Davis Charles Vincent Dellacalce Geneva F. Detwiler Linda E. Ellermann Peggy Ann Ellis Sunny Hope Erickson Elizabeth Exendine Penny Lois Louise Failes Barbra J. Fields Virginia Lee Fixico Mary Nancy Floyd Yvonne Louise Gallagher George Henry Gibbs, Jr. Robert Dale Gokey Tawana E. Gutierrez Carroll A. Hahn Dorothy A. Hammons Mary Elizabeth Harjo William Roland Harris Candace Patricia Howard Natoma Emma Huffman Regina Carlene Hughe Dennis R. Jennings Michael E. Jennings David Lee Jones

John Edward Jones Lawrence Oliver Kahbeah, Sr. Helen Jane Littleton John David Logan Lee Roy Longshore Micky Longshore Ricky Longshore Barry Dan McAllister Donna K. McAllister Pamela Ann McClelland Lydia Fannie McConnell Marsha C. McLain Donna Louise Merrell Frances Meshquekennock Letha Diane Moats Nancy L. Nullake Mary Alice Laverne Payne David Nelson Pennock III Raymond H. Price Deborah Lee Primeaux Michael Eugene O’brien Barbara Lou Reeves Sharon Bernice Saulsberry Linda Mae Slick Florence Clarene Spaid James John Spoon Bettina Gayle Standish Frances Jo Topaum Anna Rosa Tully Dara Jean Turner Donald Lee Tyner James Leon Walker Curtis Wakolee Leon Bloom Wakolee Mable C. Walton Shirley Ann Whittington Gwendolynn Wilburn Mary Alice Wood

Ginger Arlene Woodall

Sincerest wishes for hope, happiness and peace during this Holiday Season and throughout the coming year... Love in Christ, Jacklyn “Petey” Williams, Secretary Sac and Fox Nation

Happy Holiday

Randle Carter


SFN Treasurer

(Sac & Fox Nation is not responsible for accidents or theft)

Sac and Fox Nation Employees Celebrate Halloween Best Decorated Department Contest Winner

The Realty Department won Best Decorated Department. Real live people are Casey Wilson (l) and Tammie Fields (r) with visitors to the department.

Most Awful Looking Food Contest Winners

Best Employee Costume Contest Winners

Rex Hornbeck of the Tax Commission won 1st place dressed as “The Big Bad Wolf that Ate Grandma.”

Casey Wilson won 2nd place dressed as the “Corpse Bride.” She works in the tribal Realty offices.

2nd Place “Road Kill”

1st Place - “Fingers” “Fingers” won 1st Place and was prepared by Audrey Mitchell, Deputy Court Clerk; “Road Kill” won 2nd Place and was prepared by Nan Yeck, Finance Department; and “Kitty Litter” won 3rd Place and was prepared by Shelly Wilson, RAP Administrator.

Tribal Elders judging the Sac and Fox Nation Employee Department Decorating Contest were: (l-r) Stella Wilson , Shilrey Salway and W. C. Harjo. In back is Curtis Wakolee.

3rd Place “Kitty Litter”

Tammie Fields won 3rd place dressed as “Cousin It.” She is employeed under Title Six and works with tribal Elders.

Photos on this page are courtesy Rita Ponkilla, Wiyanna Morris and Henri Isaacs

Sac & Fox News v December 2010 v Page 7 Indians are born speaking our languages. For some of us, they lie dormant within our bodies. They are looking for a way out. God gave us these beautiful languages. All of us hold them in a sacred manner within. There is no such thing as an Indian person who cannot speak Indian. Our language programs find these languages within our bodies. They bring them out through our mouths and deliver them to their rightful resting place within our hearts.

Sac and Fox Nation

Sauk December Word Puzzle

Education Department College Internship Announcement The Sauk Language Department of the Sac and Fox Nation is actively recruiting for 2010/2011 college interns, with the long-term goal of training teachers capable of meeting the varied instructional needs of Sauk community students. Sauk is a critically endangered language of the Algonquian linguistic family, with only an estimated seven conversationally fluent speakers still living. As one of the few programs in the country providing specific training opportunities in the area of language revitalization, we are recruiting currently enrolled college interns to which the Sauk Language Department will provide the necessary training and support the intern might need to both assist our program and to expand their own skills. Sac and Fox Language Department Intern Requirements 1. Must be currently enrolled and within two years of completing a bachelor’s degree, in one of the following areas of study: A. Native American Studies B. Language Arts C. Linguistics D. Education/Early Childhood E. A related major must be approved in advance by Sauk Language Department Director 2. Have a current GPA of 3.0 or higher (copy of transcript required) 3. Must live within commuting distance and have reliable transportation to the Sauk Language Department in Stroud, Oklahoma. 4. Must submit a cover letter detailing in 750 words why an internship with the Sauk Language Department is important to the applicant, and a detailed resume of all previous employment and extra curricular activities and/or professional and academic memberships. 5. Must make a minimum commitment of at least 12 hours per week, for 6 weeks, on-site at the Sauk Language Department in Stroud. This must include two 3-hour blocks from 1-4 pm, Monday thru Friday afternoons. 6. Must have a desire to learn and teach an indigenous language. Attitude and passion are more important than aptitude as an initial requirement, with a genuine interest to be of assistance in keeping the Sauk language alive. 7. Interns will be expected to: a. Demonstrate initiative and a willingness to engage in independent study. b. Participate in all assigned Sauk language classes c. Attend and assist with all Sauk Language Department events/ activities during their internship period. d. Assist with language material development and language revitalization planning, and be exposed to the issues, challenges and methods within a tribally run language program. 8. Successful completion of the entry-level college internship program could result in an invitation to continue to the next level of the language revitalization internship program. 9. Applicants with family and/or community ties to the Sac and Fox Nation and/or related tribes are strongly preferred. 10. All interns will be paid a stipend; amount of stipend is dependent upon total work hours negotiated with Sauk Language Department. 11. Resumes submitted without the cover letter or the transcript copy will not be considered for interview. A complete cover letter, resume and a copy of a transcript can be sent to: Intern Resumes Sauk Language Department Sac and Fox Nation 920883 S. Hwy 99 Stroud, OK 74079 [email protected] Or faxed to: 918-968-0077 Attn: Terrie.

Sauk Word for December 2010 KEHCHIMAHKWA (Great Bear Month)

.....Public Notices..... ANNOUNCEMENT

The Office of the Secretary is seeking interested tribal members to serve on the Gaming Commission, Sauk Business Enterprises Board and the Grievance Committee. The following information is required: your name and contact information, along with your roll # and your choice of commission, board or committee. Also send your background information, including experience, education and qualifications. Submit this information to the Secretary’s office via mail, fax to: (918) 968-1142 or email to: [email protected] gov.


Any questions, contact Terrie Kinsey Sauk Language Program Coordinator at (918) 968-0070

LIHEAP FRAUD HOTLINE!! (888-289-8442) If you have any information about possible fraud, waste or the misude of federal funds, please help us eliminate it by calling ACF’s Fraud Alert hotline. Or call the Sac and Fox Nation Human Services program at: 918-968-3526 or 800-259-3970 ext. 1052.

Sac and Fox Nation Business Offices Holiday Schedule Offices will be closed on the following days: SFN Appreciation Day.....Wednesday, December 22, 2010 (Closed 1/2 Day Noon to 4:30 p.m.)

Christmas Eve .......Thursday, december 23, 2010 Christmas Day.....Friday, December 24, 2010 (Substituted for Columbus Day) New Year’s Day.....Friday, December 31, 2010

Sac & Fox News v December 2010 v Page 8 (Chief’s December Letter from front Page) of land interests through succeeding generations, the settlement establishes a $2 Breaking News in Indian Country billion fund for the voluntary buy-back and THE WHITE HOUSE consolidation of fractionated land interests. The land consolidation program will November 19, 2010 *Statement by the President on the provide individual American Indians with Senate Passage of the Claims Settlement an opportunity to obtain cash payments for divided land interests and free up the land Act of 2010 I applaud the Senate for passing for the benefit of tribal communities. Additional Information is the Claims Settlement Act of 2010, which will at long last provide funding for the available at the following sites: www. agreements reached in the Pigford II lawsuit, The Department of brought by African American farmers, the Interior website: The and the Cobell lawsuit, brought by Native Office of the Special Trustee website: www. Americans over the management of Indian trust accounts and resources.  I particularly Background on the Four Indian Water want to thank Attorney General Holder and Rights Settlements that Passed Today Federal law provides that Tribes Secretaries Salazar and Vilsack for their have a right to water to meet the needs continued work to achieve this outcome.  I of their reservations.  These rights can urge the House to move forward with this legislation as they did earlier this year, and be quantified through either litigation or settlement.  The Obama Administration I look forward to signing it into law. This bill also includes settlements has re-energized the federal government’s for four separate water rights suits made commitment to addressing the water needs by Native American tribes.  I support of Native American communities through these settlements and my Administration is Indian water rights settlements.  Following committed to addressing the water needs of negotiations involving States, Tribes, and tribal communities.  While these legislative other stakeholders, all four of the settlements achievements reflect important progress, approved today were supported in letters they also serve to remind us that much sent by the Administration.  This level of work remains to be done. That is why my Administration support for Indian water Administration also continues to work to rights settlements in a single Congress is resolve claims of past discrimination made unprecedented. The four settlements contained in by women and Hispanic farmers against the legislation approved by Congress today the USDA.  include: *Secretary Salazar Lauds Senate Passage of Five Historic Indian Country White Mountain Apache Tribe in Arizona: Settlements to Resolve Cobell Litigation The centerpiece of the settlement is the and to Deliver Clean Water to Indian construction of the White Mountain Apache Tribe rural water system, which will Communities Washington, D.C. - Secretary of the Interior greatly expand the current water delivery Ken Salazar today lauded Senate approval system to meet the very critical needs of of legislation to authorize implementation the reservation. Crow Tribe in Montana: This of the Cobell Settlement, a $3.4 billion settlement will ensure safe drinking water agreement that will resolve the long-running for the reservation as well as provide for and highly contentious class action lawsuit regarding the U.S. government’s trust the rehabilitation of the Crow Irrigation management and accounting of individual Project, which is in a dire state of disrepair.  The existing drinking water system on American Indian trust accounts. Salazar also commended the Senate the Crow reservation has significant for approving four major water rights deficiencies in capacity and water quality settlements – totaling more than $1 billion that have resulted in health problems. Aamodt in New Mexico:  The - for American Indian tribes that will help deliver clean drinking water to Indian Aamodt settlement ends one of the longest communities and provide certainty to water running water rights cases in the federal users across the West.  The settlements court system, with nearly 43 years of were included in an omnibus package that litigation yielding little in the way of results.  The settlement provides for the cleared the Senate today.  “With the Senate’s approval of the construction of a regional water system Cobell settlement and the four Indian water to serve the Pueblos of Tesuque, Nambe, rights settlements, this is a day that will Pojoaque, and San Ildefonso as well as be etched in our memories and our history surrounding communities in northern New books,” said Secretary Salazar.  “The Cobell Mexico, with a non-federal cost share of 40 settlement honorably and responsibly percent. Pueblo of Taos in New Mexico: addresses long-standing injustices and is a The Taos settlement solidifies and makes major step forward in President Obama’s agenda of reconciliation and empowerment permanent water-sharing arrangements for Indian nations.  I am also deeply proud between the Pueblo of Taos and neighboring of the passage of the four water rights communities.  The settlement also protects settlements that will deliver clean drinking and restores the Pueblo of Taos’s Buffalo water to Indian communities, end decades Pasture, a culturally sensitive and sacred of controversy and contention among wetland.  Following action in the Senate, the neighboring communities, and provide certainty to water users across the West.  House is expected to take up the omnibus The progress we have made over the package after the Thanksgiving recess.  The last two years in reaching critical Indian Department of the Interior would begin country settlements is unprecedented and I implementation of settlements once they am hopeful that the House will soon act to are signed into law by the President. *Statement from Agriculture pass these settlements as well.” Secretary Vilsack on Congressional Action  “The water settlements that passed today are nothing short of historic for Indian on Pigford Settlement nations,” said Assistant Secretary for Indian WASHINGTON, Nov. 19, 2010 – Affairs Larry Echo Hawk. “The parties to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack issued these settlements are to be commended for the following statement on Pigford their willingness to work together rather settlement agreement funding today than stay locked in an endless cycle of approved by Congress:  “President Obama and I pledged not litigation.  These settlements will meet only to treat all farmers fairly and equally, the needs of tribes as well as neighboring but to right the wrongs of the past for communities through provisions for farmers who faced discrimination.  Today, sharing shortages and investing in critical the Senate took a bold step and provided infrastructure needs.”  the funding to give relief to black farmers Background on the Cobell Settlement Over the past 14 years, the class who have suffered from discrimination action litigation, filed by Elouise Cobell that is well-documented and has been in 1996, included hundreds of motions, affirmed by the courts.  I want to commend seven full trials, 22 motions and dozens of Senator Reid, Senator Grassley, and the rulings and appeals. Under the negotiated bipartisan coalition of Senators for their agreement announced on Dec. 8, 2009, leadership in working to right these wrongs. “This announcement marks a litigation would end regarding the federal major milestone in USDA’s efforts to turn government’s performance of an historical accounting for trust accounts maintained by Congress – The Navajo-Hopi Settlement by the United States on behalf of more of 1974 and the Hopi Indian Relocation than 300,000 individual Indians. A fund of Amendments Act of 1980. Echo Hawk also announced the $1.4 billion would be distributed to class approval of acquisition of 17 acres of land members to compensate them for their into trust for the parcel is located within historical accounting claims, and to resolve potential claims that prior U.S. officials the Cherokee Nation’s former reservation mismanaged the administration of trust in Oklahoma. “We know that these projects assets. represent an important economic In addition, to address the continued proliferation of thousands of new trust development opportunity for the Navajo accounts caused by the “fractionation” and Cherokee Nations, and will generate

more than a thousand construction and permanent jobs in a time of great need,” Echo Hawk said. “We are committed to processing Indian gaming applications in a transparent manner, consistent with the law.” The Department also determined that the Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma does not qualify for gaming under one of the equal footing exceptions to the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA) for property located in Oklahoma City, Okla. The Department also took action on four additional applications related to tribal gaming. Gaming applications for the Greenville Rancheria of Maidu Indians of California and the San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe of Arizona were returned to the respective tribes because they had not provided information required by law to allow the Department to proceed with its review. Assistant Secretary Echo Hawk approved the acquisition of land into trust for two tribes in Washington – the Puyallup Indian Tribe and the Suquamish Indian Tribe. These lands will be used for purposes related to the respective tribe’s existing gaming facilities, and neither tribe sought approval of gaming activities to be conducted on these newly acquired lands. Both the Navajo Nation and Cherokee Nation intend to conduct Class III gaming on the newly acquired lands, pursuant to IGRA. IGRA requires the tribes to enter into state-tribal gaming compacts authorizing Class III gaming on these respective sites, prior to conducting Class III gaming activities. The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act prohibits Indian gaming on lands acquired in trust after its enactment in 1988, unless one of three explicitly crafted exceptions applies. The first, known as the (1) “reservation exception,” allows tribes to conduct gaming on new lands if they are contiguous to an Indian reservation that existed in 1988, or if they are within the Tribe’s former reservation in Oklahoma. The two applications approved today meet these criteria. “We worked very closely with our attorneys in the Office of the Solicitor on the Navajo and Cherokee applications, and determined that they clearly satisfied the law,” Echo Hawk said. “We will continue our work to process other pending applications.” The second exception, known as the (2) “equal footing exception,” was intended to ensure that a number of tribes had an equal opportunity to pursue Indian gaming on their own lands as those tribes that had lands eligible for gaming in 1988. Officials from the Department’s Office of Indian Gaming are working to complete a consolidation process with tribal leaders on developing the Department’s policy for implementing the third category of exceptions under IGRA: the so-called (3)“off-reservation” exception. A June 18, 2010 memorandum from Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar to assistant Secretary Echo Hawk directed the Department to engage Indian tribes to develop principled and transparent criteria to implement this policy. The tribal consultation process concludes on December 18, 2010. For more information see: http://www.indianaffairs. gov/WhoWeAre/AS-IA/OIG/imdex.htm Intertribal Monitoring Association (ITMA) report from Holland & Knight Indian Law Update Below is our latest Indian Law Update included in the federal monitoring and reporting service we provide to our subscribing clients. December 3, 2010 CAPITOL HILL During the week of November 22, the House and Senate were both adjourned in observance of the Thanksgiving Holiday. During the week of November 29, by a vote of 39-56, the Senate failed to pass a motion that would ban earmarks in that chamber. Senate Republicans previously had agreed to a two year moratorium on earmarks that only applies to members of the Republican Conference. In the face of the expiration today of the continuing resolution funding government agencies and programs at Fiscal Year 2010 levels, the House passed a continuing resolution to fund the federal government through December 17 while also passing child nutrition legislation. The Senate then approved the House-passed continuing resolution. With the extended continuing resolution in place, the Democratic majorities in both the House and Senate continued their efforts to assemble an omnibus ap-

propriations bill that can win passage in the lame duck session, despite opposition from many Republicans. By week’s end, the House also passed an extension of the expiring 2001 and 2003 tax cuts for middle class Americans and agreed to formally censure Congressman Charles Rangel (D-NY) by a 333-79 vote for violation of multiple ethics rules. Censure is the worst punishment the House can impose on a member short of expulsion, and Mr. Rangel is the first House member to be censured in 30 years. Claims Settlement Act of 2010 Approving Cobell Litigation and Tribal Water Rights Settlements Passes House. On November 30, the House approved by a 256152 vote, H.R. 4783, the Claims Resolution Act of 2010. The legislation approves a settlement of the longstanding Cobell class-action litigation involving the United States’ alleged mismanagement of Native American trust funds. The Cobell settlement agreement approval was included in a Senate-passed bill that would extend the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (“TANF”) program and also approve an agreement to settle discrimination claims by African American farmers against the United States Department of Agriculture. Also included within the bill were the White Mountain Apache Tribe, Aamodt, Crow Tribe, Taos Pueblo Indians, and Pojoaque Basin water rights settlements. The legislation now moves to the President, who is expected to soon sign the bill into law. COMMITTEE ACTION (Reports) House Rules Committee Report on the Claims Resolution Act of 2010. On November 29, the House Rules Committee issued H.Report 111-660, to accompany H.Res.1736, a resolution to provide consideration of the Senate amendments to H.R. 4783, the Claims Resolution Act of 2010. INDIAN LEGISLATION INTRODUCED SENATE S. 3997 (Dorgan, D-ND; the text of the bill was not available at press time). A bill to authorize appropriations for certain Native American programs; STATUS: introduced and referred to the Committee on Indian Affairs on December 1, 2010. HOUSE H.R. 6447 (Boren, D-OK). A bill to amend the Water Resources Development Act of 1986 to clarify the role of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma with regard to the maintenance of the W.D. Mayo Lock and Dam in Oklahoma; STATUS: introduced and referred to the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure and the Committee on Natural Resources on December 1, 2010. Short Take I am taking this opportunity to share with you some advice that my parents, Marshall and Lola, had shared with my sisters, brother, and I when we were younger. “Always be kind to everyone, help whenever you are asked to help someone, and respect your elders.” and “Treat people the way you would want to be treated.” We are also taught this from the Bible, Ephesians 4:32 – “And be kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.” Our ancestors based their way of life on these same teachings. This is one reason that our Sac and Fox Nation exists today. We need to continue these teachings among our people so our next generations will learn from us as they observe us in our everyday life now. I leave you with this thought: People will forget what you said… People will forget what you did… But people will NEVER forget how you made them feel… It has been an honor and privilege to serve you as your Chief during this 2010 year and I ask for your prayers daily throughout the next year. God Bless! George Thurman Principal Chief Happy Birthday New Years’s Eve!!!

Delores Byford & Gwen McCormick Wilburn with love from, Stella Nullake

Sac & Fox News v December 2010 v Page 9

SFN SUPPORTS LOCAL SCHOOL The Sac and Fox Nation donated funds in October to support projects at the Dale, Stroud, and Davenport schools.    “These [funds] are a gift from the whole Sac and Fox Nation,” Second Chief Cheryl McClellan said when school officials thanked the Business Committee.

Dale Public Schools

Pictored L to R: Treasurer Randle Carter, Committee Member Stella Nullake, Dale School Superintendent Charles Dickinson, Principal Chief George Thurman, Second Chief Cheryl McClellan, and Secretary Jackie Williams.

Thank You As most Oklahomans know, funding for public education has been cut drastically over the last few years. As our great country and state attempt to recover from the recent economic recession, many government organizations have had to do more with less, including public schools. which entrusted with our state’s most precious commodity, our children. Common schools in the state of Oklahoma once received 38% of the states revenue, but now only receive 35% of the funding once enjoyed. This decrease, along with the recent downturn in the economy, jeopardizedthe education of our children. The good news is that children taught in public school in the state of Oklahoma receive one of the best educations nationally. This is something to be very proud of! Last spring, at Dale Public Schools, as well as many other state schools, a reduction-inforce had to be implemented. In other words, 5 employees lost their jobs at our school. The lack of funding took a toll on our curriculum. With these last cuts, DPS no longer have a full time art teacher, a full time Spanish teacher, or a Home Economics instructor. Needless to say, when funding is this tight, and most of the school’s funding is dedicated to salaries for employees, we are unable to make purchases that could really affect student’s lives. We have had to be very careful about purchasing needed supplies, furniture, and other necessities. Thankfully the Sac and Fox Nation graciously came to our rescue. With the generosity and kindness recently shown to our school we are now able to purchase some much needed tables and chairs for our school children to use, and we are also able to purchase a Driver’s Education vehicle for our students to learn to drive. Our existing Drivers Education vehicle had high mileage and was not in great physical shape making it difficult to provide a good learning environment for our students. We chose to use some of the funds provided by the Sac and Fox Nation for these purchases because we feel that these items will affect all of our students at some point in their school careers. The faculty, staff and students at Dale Public Schools would like to formally thank the Sac and Fox Nation for your generosity in our time of need. Due to your support, our students will continue to get a quality education so that they can enter the workforce as productive citizens. Sincerely, Charles Dickinson, Superintendent (Dale, OK Public Schools)


Veterans Honor Guard Veterans Group and tribal Members Share in 7th Annual Missouri State University Native American Heritage Powwow

Twenty-eight Sac and Fox Nation Veterans Honor Guard, Women’s Auxiliary and tribal members participated in the 7th Annual Missouri State University Native American Heritage Powwow in Springfield, MO on November 20-21st. The Veterans Honor Guard brought the colors in and retired them for each Grand Entry. Many of the members participated in the Gourd Dance, Intertribal and Contest Dances during the program. The group also presented gifts to the University’s American Indian Student Association (Photo provided by Berdina George) to help toward next year’s dance.

University Sends Note of Appreciation

Davenport Elementary School

Pictured L to R: Treasurer Randle Carter, Committee Member Stella Nullake, Principal Chief George Thurman, Davenport Elementary School Principal Paula Sporleder, Second Chief Cheryl McClellan, and Secretary Jackie Williams.

Thank You

Davenport Elementary is so grateful for the support the Sac & Fox Nation has shown our school. The funding for our outdoor basketball court gives our students wonderful new play area. The court is scheduled to be built within the next week and we will sent pictures. Thank you so much! -- Paula Sporleder, Davenport Elementary Principal

Stroud Middle School

Warriors Society Invite Tribal Members to Particpate in Benefit Gourd Dance The Native American Warriors Society of Tulsa sent a special invitation to tribal member Sgt. 1st Class Charles George (r) to attend a Benefit Gourd Dance to honor all Veterans on November 13th. He was honored with an eagle feather and special gift presentation for his U. S. Army service in Iraq and his safe return. Tommy Morris (l), also a Veteran, was invited to cut the Veterans cake. (Photo provided by Berdina George)

Pictured L to R: Treasurer Randle Carter, Committee Member Stella Nullake, Stroud Middle School Principal Marsha Thompson, Principal Chief George Thurman, SMS Executive Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent Bitsy Roberson, Second Chief Cheryl McClellan, and Secretary Jackie Williams.

Tommy Morris (l) and Sgt 1st Class Charles George (r)

Thank You

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  The students and staff at Stroud Middle School really appreciate your financial donation to the pavilion.  We started last year raising money to build a pavilion on the north end of the school.  We sold cookie dough last year and it was only enough to pay for the concrete slab and the beams.  This year we sold cookie dough again and was able to purchase the trusses.  Realizing it was going to take much more than we had raised to finish the pavilion, it was wonderful news when Sac and Fox shared with me that if we ever needed anything for the school please let them know.  I wrote up a request for $10,400.00 to Sac & Fox for completion of the pavilion and seating in the pavilion and within a couple of weeks I was handed a check in the amount of $10,400.00.  My students will now be able to enjoy the pavilion this year because of the generous donation of Sac & Fox.  We are already enjoying the sidewalk that is from the middle school to the cafeteria because of Sac & Fox.  Our students are much safer now that they do not have to walk in the road to get to the cafeteria.  I appreciate and I know the students and staff appreciate your generous donations. (Marsha Thompson, Stroud Middle School Principal.)   

Fruit Salad Big Winner in USDA Contest David Prewett (l) won first prize in the May Recipe of the Month contest held by the Sac and Fox Nation USDAFood Program 2010. David works in the Shawnee facility. He is a member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe. Presenting the prize is Tonya Harwell (r).

Sac & Fox News v December 2010 v Page 10



PROVIDING NOTICE TO CONTRACT HEALTH FOLLOWING AN EMERGENCY ROOM VISIT, URGENT CARE VISIT, OTHER AFTER HOURS CARE OR HOSPITAL ADMISSION Recently we were asked to clarify and publish the notice requirements regarding care provided at outside facilities after hours without a referral. Although it is usually preferable that such care be provided at an IHS or tribally operated facility, that is not always possible. The notice requirements apply to care received at non-IHS and nontribally operated facilities. These services fall under the Contract Health Department. (Please refer to the list of “Urgent” and “Emergent” types of visits published in the last edition of the Sac and Fox newspaper.) Eligibility First, in order to be eligible for Contract Health services, a patient must fall into one of the following categories: • A holder of a Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB); • A non-Indian woman pregnant with a child fathered by a member of a federally recognized tribe. This person is eligible for pre-natal care and post-natal care up to six (6) weeks post partum; • A non-Indian member of an otherwise eligible Indian’s household when the health needs of the non-Indian put the Indian community at risk; • A non-Indian child under the age of eighteen (18) who lives in the household of an eligible Indian and lives within the Sac and Fox jurisdiction. Jurisdictional Area The second requirement is a bit complicated. The residence requirement applies to portions of Payne, Lincoln and Pottawatomie Counties. • The portions of Payne County that are within the Sac and Fox Contract Health service area are those south of the Cimarron River, East of Ripley Road (2 miles west of Hwy 18), north of the Lincoln/Payne County line, and west of the Creek/Payne County line (for glasses, dental, outpatient diagnostics, outpatient visits and some ambulatory surgeries). • The portions of Lincoln County in our jurisdiction are east of Meeker Lake Road (2 miles west of Hwy 18), north of the Pottawatomie/Lincoln County line, west of the Creek/Okfuske/Lincoln County line, and south of the Payne/Lincoln County line. • The portions of Pottawatomie County in our jurisdiction are east of Kickapoo Street, north of the North Canadian River, west of the Seminole/Pottawatomie County line, and south of Lincoln/Pottawatomie County line. • Enrolled members of the Sac and Fox Nation who reside in Oklahoma, Cleveland, Logan, Lincoln, Pottawatomie Counties and those portions of Payne County described above are also eligible for Contract Health services. Enrolled members of the Pottawatomie Nation, the Iowa, Kickapoo or Absentee Shawnee Tribes residing in Lincoln or Pottawatomie County are provided Contract Health Services by their own tribe. • Persons who possess a CDIB card or who are otherwise eligible for Contract Health services but who are not enrolled members of the above-mentioned tribes, and who reside in those portions of Lincoln, Pottawatomie or Payne Counties noted above would also provide notice as described below. • Eligible persons residing in the Pawnee Service Unit are eligible for outpatient Contract Health services through the Black Hawk Health Center when they live south of the Cimarron River, but the Pawnee Service Unit provides in-patient, ER visits, and some out-patient surgeries for those individuals. (The Pawnee Service Unit includes Payne, Pawnee, Grant, Osage, Kay, Noble, and Garfield Counties.) If you have questions about any of these jurisdictional issues please check with our Contract Health office. It is very confusing and we know it is difficult to know what to do in some of these situations. Notice Requirements Generally speaking, notice to the Contract Health office must be provided within seventy-two (72) hours. In other words, if someone is admitted to the hospital, notice must be provided to Contract Health within seventy-two (72) hours following discharge from the hospital. If someone has visited an urgent care or an emergency room, notice must be provided within seventy-two (72) hours from the date that individual leaves that facility. Notice may be provided in several different ways. The patient, a family member, a personal representative or other designee may provide notice. The seventy-two (72) hour notification deadline may be extended up to thirty (30) days for some patients—elders (over the age of 65), the disabled or those otherwise physically or mentally impaired or when otherwise justified due to extraordinary circumstances. Follow-Up Visit at Black Hawk Health Center Patients who have been to the emergency room as an out-patient, have been admitted from the emergency room or have been admitted to the hospital must be seen at the Black Hawk Health Center within five (5) business days so that one of the providers at the clinic can review the supporting medical records and create a referral for the recommended treatment. Records If an emergency room visit has occurred, the ER report must be provided within ten (10) calendar days from notifying Contract Health that a visit occurred. Those records are reviewed by the Contract Health Review Committee to determine the level of medical emergency and whether care could have been provided at an IHS facility. This is extremely important. If records are not provided it could lead to payment being denied. Let the facility you visited know as soon as possible to send the records to Contract Health in care of the Black Hawk Health Center. You may be required to complete a form in order for the facility to process the records. If you do not know how to request records or need assistance requesting records, please call the Contract Health Services department at the clinic. If a person was admitted to the hospital for in-patient care, Contract Health also needs copies of the History and Physical as well as the Discharge Summary within thirty (30) calendar days from the date of notification. If you have been admitted to the hospital, you must file a Medicaid application while you are in the hospital. Everyone should file an application, even adults with private insurance. There are some services not covered by the private insurer and if we have the denial from Medicaid, we may be able to help if those charges are approved by the Contract Health Review Committee. It is also important to file a Medicaid application if you have Medicare or if the patient is a child with private insurance since people in those two (2) categories are often still eligible for Medicaid. If you are eligible for Medicaid, filing an application while you are in the hospital is the only way Medicaid will cover the services you received in the hospital. If you are not eligible, the Medicaid denial will provide proof to the auditors that we were the “payor of last resort” as required by federal law. HELP We know this is a lot to remember. It may be helpful to clip this article from the newspaper and keep it handy or you are welcome to contact the Contract Health Department at (918) 968-9531 for information should you need it in the future. We will be glad to help you.


Black Hawk Health Center Activities

January 2011 Activity Descriptions:

Call Sharlyn Kennon for questions. 405-968-3531 x208 ZUMBA is a fusion of Latin and International music with dance themes that create a dynamic, exciting and effective workout! The routines feature aerobic interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body. Zumba is a “feel-happy” workout that is great for the body, mind and spirit. Circuitcise is a circuit training program that alternates between cardiovascular and muscle endurance exercises. The circuit of activities includes using weight machines, free weights, calisthenics, exercise tubing and cardiovascular equipment to work all major muscle groups in the body. This is a great total body workout done to motivating music!

Dance Party is a cardio workout inspired by a variety of dance styles. Enjoy country and western line dancing, hip hop jams, salsa, cha cha slide and many others. Join the dance party for a workout that feels more like fun than exercise.

Yoga increases flexibility while building strength and stamina through various movements and poses. The main emphasis of yoga is to blend philosophies of physical and mental conditioning through stretching and relaxation. Yoga helps improve posture, rejuvenate energy, relieve stress, and reduce fatigue and/or chronic pain.

Combo Cardio is an upbeat aerobic class that is sure to get your body moving! A great workout for beginner or advanced fitness enthusiasts, this class combines hi/low impact and step aerobics for a great cardiovascular workout.

Nutrition Workshops in the Kitchen Call Erica Dean for questions. 405-968-3531 x203 Creations from a Can! - Erica will demonstrate several recipes that will teach you how to use those canned goods for something gourmet. Prevent one more night of heat-and-serve sides and learn how to make that plan ole’ chicken breast more flavorful. Recipe copies will be provided to those who attend.

Starts in January!

Call Sharlyn for details 405-968-3531 x208



Please be advised of the holiday schedule for the clinic. • The clinic will be OPEN all day Monday, December 20, 2010 and Tuesday, December 21, 2010. • It will also be OPEN until noon on Wednesday, December 22, 2010. • The clinic will be CLOSED all day Thursday, December 23, 2010 and CLOSED all day Friday, December 24, 2010. • We will OPEN again Monday, December 27, 2010 at 8:00 a.m. We will have normal hours (8:00 am to 4:30 pm) Monday through Thursday, December 30, 2010. • Over the New Year, Black Hawk Health Center will be CLOSED Friday, December 31, 2010 all day. • We will be OPEN again Monday, January 3, 2011 at 8:00 am. and have normal hours for the remainder of the week. Please check your medications ahead of time in order to give the pharmacy 48 hours to prepare any refills you may need while the clinic is not open. It is very important that you not run out of your medications. If you become ill or have an emergency please utilize an Indian Health Service facility if at all possible. The Creek Nation Community Hospital in Okemah and the Chickasaw Nation Medical Center in Ada may be the two closest facilities with emergency services. If you have a life-threatening emergency you should go to the nearest emergency room and notify Black Hawk Contract Health Service within seventy-two (72) hours. We wish you all very safe and happy holidays.

Sac & Fox News v December 2010 v Page 11

Celebrating at the Elders Annual Winter Dance

Spirit of Giving Not Limited to Christmas

Terron Bailey, the son of Kiley Bailey, a nurse at the Sac and Fox Nation Juvenile Center, organized a bike ride in Prague in September that raised $1,300 so the children of Hope House in Shawnee could “Do Something Fun”. “I found out about the Hope House through our children’s minister at my church,” Terron said. “I gave my 2007 birthday money to the children there. They were able to go to a movie and McDonald’s.” Terron really wanted to do more. His love of riding his bike inspired the bike-a-thon. He’s motivated by a Bible verse from John 15:12: “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.” Hope House was established in 1971 for children in crisis who need shelter and serves Pottawatomie, Lincoln, Seminole, and Okfuskee Counties. Terron didn’t expect to raise such a large amount of money. “I was able to buy them a new TV, a Wii, a few games, a couple of movies, and some toys,” he said. “I also took them to Lazer Zone in Ada on Fall Break and we got to bowl, play arcade games, laser tag, and miniature golf. It was so fun!” He plans to hold the bike-a-thon each May “and hopefully it’ll get bigger and bigger.” To help, contact Kiley Bailey at (405) 8338500 or [email protected] To donate to Hope House, visit the website at http://www. Let’s keep up the drive Terron started on his bike!

Sac & Fox News v December 2010 v Page 12

Sac and Fox Nation Food Distribution Program

2010 Food Program Pumpkin Carving Contest Winner