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CHRONIC.LE RODEPH SHOLOM ·N EW YORK CITY Vol. :x:vrr Thursday, January 30, 1947 (Sbevat 9, 5707) This Friday Evening, January 31. at 8:15 RABBI ...

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Thursday, January 30, 1947 (Sbevat 9, 5707)

This Friday Evening, January 31. at 8:15



will preach on



In CommemOl'ation of Jewish Music Sabbath --0-

This Smurday


February 1. at 10:15

RABBI NEWMAN will preach on


This Sunday Morning.. February 2, at 10:45

RABBI NEWMAN will speak on

"THE DIE1ARY LAWS AND THE KASHRUT SYSTEM TODAY" Some 'Unanswered . Questions --0-

Feb. (, at 8: Mr. Manlleimer's Jewish History Course Feb. 5, at 8:15: Rabbi Newman's Lecture on "Customs, Ceremonies and Observances"

No. 21'

RABBI SOLTES T h i: s Friday Evening, Rabbi Soltes will preach cn the fheme : "Why Jewish Arts" in consonance with the designation of this Sabbath as Jewish music Sabbath. The period from February 7th through March 6th, has been set aside fo r the cerebration of a Jewish Music Festival. Wet trust our Ccngregants and fi:i:ends by their pres- ~ ence and ilnterest will give L encouragement to this important Iewish cultural and religi:o.uS' eriterprise.- This Sundby Morning:, Rabbi Newman wi!'l di:scuss some =swe1led questions reg.arding "The Dietary Laws and'the Kashrut System Today" . gtQ.wing cut cf his rece.n;t lecture in. the Course on "Customs, Ceremonies and ODservances": So. many inquiries have been: . received for a further discussion of this topic that it is being considered this . Sunday for the Sunday I Morning Co.ngregation. _ Attenti'o.n is caIIedl to Mr. Jacob S. Manheimer's Lecture· 0.11\ Jewish Histo.ry this tuesday Evening, February , 4th, at 8 o'clock.



RODEPH ,sHOLOM CHRONICLE Published Weekly from Mid-Sept. to Kid-.Tune by Congregat ion Rodeph Sholom 7 West 8a rd Street New York 24, N. Y.


Congregation Rodeph Sholom extends heartfelt sympathy to the families of HARRY ALLEN MAX GRUNDLAND AMANDA SCHWAB NORMAN H. TIGER JASON BENNETT STAUB , who have Passed away_ • Memorial Lights will be kindled at the Nameplates on the Bronze Memorial Tablets in the Temple in memory of FANNY MEYER EDWARD A. MEYERS JOHN WEINBERG The Yahrzeih. of the following de_parted will a lso b e observed and the Kaddish recited in their memory ::It the coming Sabb ath Services: AUGUSTA AUSLANDER SARAH BERCH AN SKY HELENE ECKSTEIN SAUL FRIEDMAN HENRY E. GOLDMAN HERMAN GRIES BERTHA JUDSON MIN A KAHN MARTIN KING SELMA G. LEVY HERMAN LOWENSTEIN DAVID MAYER HENRY MENDEL HERMINE NEURAD GUSSIE OKUM ISABELLE PHILLIPS SIMON SCHW ARZMAN FANNY STOLWEIN MERRILL A. WRIGHT May the Memory of the Righteous ever be a Benediction! PULPIT FLOWER FUND Mrs. Moses J. Freund in memory of dear ones; Mr. and Mrs. Marc Rosenthal in memory of Moses J. Freund and Joseph Kahn; Mrs. Abraham Rosenberg and Mr. Joseph Rosenberg in memory of Fritz Oberndoerfer; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Shapiro in memory of Martha K. Grossman and Joseph Kahn; Mrs. Alfred D. Lind and Mrs. Jonas R. Goldberg in memory of Martha K. Grossman;

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We gratefully acknowledge the following generous donations: CONGREGATION RODEPH SHOLOM Mrs. Rebecca Gross in memory of her husband Hyman Gross; Mrs. Norman Tiger in memory of her husband; Mrs. Jacob Goldschmidt in memory of her husband; Mrs. Charles Rosenblum in memory of her husband; . Mrs. Emanuel Breidenbach in memory of her husband; Messrs. Joseph and Gerald Mosbacher in memory of Adolph Mosbacher; Mrs. Lee Schiffman in memory of Rose Marks; Mrs. A. Newgarden in memory of Dr. Mark Newgarq,en; Mrs. Yettchen Bauer in memory of Fritz Oberndoerfer; Mr. and Mrs. Gus Lowenst~in in memory of Fritz Oberndoerfer; Mr. George Zifferblatt in memory of Minnie Polumbaum and Frances Stein; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Grey in memory of Louis and Laura Grey and Herman and Albina Teitelbaum; Mrs. A. Davidson in memory of Martha K. Grossman for Social Service; Mrs. Louis Rose in memory of Alexander Goldberg; Mr. Melville Cahn in memory of Nathan Cahn; Mr. Melvin Kramer towards .congregational Activities; Mrs. Aaron Kramer in memory of her husband; Mr. and Mrs. H=y Epstein in memory of Joseph Hobel; Mrs. Sig Jacobson in honor of the engagement of her daughter, Suzanne Clair, to Alan D. Hamberg; Mrs. Sidney Keller and family in memory of Martha K. Grossman for the Social Service Fund.; ROSA ROSENHEIM MEMORIAL MILK FUND Mrs. Max Minzesheimer in commemoration of the Yahrzeit of her mother, Rosa Rosenheim; . Mr. David Loew and Mrs. David Bernstein in memory of their grandmother, Rosa Rosenheim; Mr. and Mrs. Fercii~and Loeb in memory of their father, Aaron Kramer; RODEPH SHOLOM SISTEBHOOD Mrs. Moses J. Freund in memory of her husband;

RODEPH SHOLOM CHRONICLE RODEPH SHOLOM SISTERHOOD The Annual Schlach Monos Party will be held on Monday Afternoon, February 17th, at two o'clock in the Marcus Loew Auditorium in the Temple House. A very interesting and entertaining program is being prepared by Mrs. Joseph Glanzer and her Committee, suitable to the celebration of this joyous festival. All the members of the Sisterhood and all the women in the Congregation are invited to attend. Plans for the Pledge Luncheon are going forward and all those who hold Pledge Books are urged to return them, filled, to the Chairman as soon as possible. The date is April IS; the place, Hotel Astor, and the time 12:30. Please sell as many books as you can to your families and friends and help make this money-raising affair larger and more successful than any held in previous years.

YOUR HOME RITUALS "Rituals for the Individual and the Home . will be the theme of the third Lecture and Discussion Wednesday Evening, February 5th at 8:15 in the Marcus Loew Auditorium. Over 235 persons have registered for Rabbi Newman's Course on "Customs, Ceremonies and observances for Modern Jews; Their Origin and Meaning." The third lecture (each one is a unit) will deal with the following questions: "What is the origin and present-day meaning of the Pidyon ha-Ben ceremony? What is the relationship of the Bar Mitzvah Ceremony to Confirmation? Should liberal Jews lay Tefillin? What are Tzizith? What does the Mezuzah contain? How should the Jewish home be beautified? Is circumcision ne cessary for the male proselyte and the Mikweh for the female proselyte, according to Liberal Judaism? To what degree is fast-

ing enjoined by Liberal Judaism? Are amulets forbidden today? What are outmoded Jewish superstitions? What is the wearing of hats at worship? The Tallith?" attitude of Liberal Judaism towards the Anyone interested in registering for the remaining six lectures may do so at the Temple Office or at the door. Registration is one dollar for each person.


Congregation Rodeph Sholom is pleased to congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Barney_Hirsch, the grandparents, upon the birth of a grand-daughter, Constance Ann Schwartz, to their daughter and sonin-law, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Schwartz; Mr. and Mrs. Murray Apfelbaum upon the birth of a son, Neil Benjamin; Mrs .. Apfelbaum is the former Claire Levin, and both parents are leaders of our Temple Guild for Young Married Couples; to the grandparents, also, we extend our felicitations. Mr. and Mrs. Emil Adalaar upon the birth of a son, Peter Jeffrey; Mrs. Adelaar is a former Vice-President of our Temple Guild for Married Couples, and Mr. Adelaar has been helpful in the work of our Temple Ways and Means Committee. To Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kraus, the grandparents, and to Mrs. Jacob Kraus, the great-grandmother, we express our felicitation.

MEN'S ASSOCIATION 1947 EDITION Father and Son Dinner Tuesday Eve. February 11th at 6:30 (Lincoln's Birthday Eve.) Boy Scout Exhibit - Outstanding Athletes - A Marvelous Magician and many other features RESERVATION $2.50 a person through the Temple Office

Movies -

OPEN MEETING TUESDAY EVE. FEB. 4th ) Speaker - COL. JOSEPH QUITTNER our own Member Subject - "CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION BEHIND THE SCENES" Ladies invited to attend the address Social Hour


IN MEMORIAM Congregation Rodeph Shalom announces with sorrow the passing of Mrs. Rudolph (Martha Keller) Grassman, for wham a M~morial Service was held last Sabbath Evening in TeII1pIe. A Tribute was paid to Mrs. Grossman, wife of the late Rabb i Rudolph Grossman of our Congregation, by Mrs. Abraham ' Steigerwald, President of our Sisterhood and by Rabbi Newman. Mrs. Grossman was a; devoted adherent of our Congregation and Sisterhood and was revered by us all. To her Famify we extend our hecirtfelt condolences.

ADULT EDUCATION CM..ENDAB Tu~y Ev.ening, Feb. 4-Mr. Jacob S. Manheimer's Jewish HistoxyLedure. Wednesday EVrening, Feb. 5-Rabbi's Course on "Customs., Ceremonies and Observances". Rabbi Soltes' Youth Choir Rehearsal. Crami've Art Course Thursday Evening, Feb. 6-Rabbi Soltes: Hebre.w Class. OUR BAR MITZVAH

Weare pleased to extend our hearty. c~ngrotulations to Mr. and Mrs. james. Farber on the occasion of the. Bar Mnz.roh ceremony of their SOD., HerbEmt,. which takes place this Saturday Mommg:. To our new Son of the Commandment we wish to express our best wishes, and we are certain that he will ever be an enthusiastic adherent of Israel's cause.

HAMISHAH ASAR BISHVAT This Sunday Morning, February 2nd, the Religious School will celeJDrate Hamishah Asar Bishvat, the Jewish New Year for Trees. Part of the Assembly program will be a tree-planting ceremeny, conduded by Diane Diamo;o,.cV, Ptesident oi om- TempleCity. Some of. the members 0.£ cnur Y'O'tH'lg fOOee!n GrOtl'P; icndua.i'n g Beth

Cohen, Carole Buechler, Susan Beck, Judith Cohn and Susan Witchell, will present a play and demonstrate some Palestinion dances. A film entitled: "Their Voices Rise" will also be shown. This film, prepared for the raising of money for the EuroJ:.:Jan war orphans, was produced by Dr. Ernst Bulova of Bucks Rock Farm Camp, was directed by Leon Sharif, film diredor for U.N.O., and narrated by Francis Lederer. Walter and Betty Perner, Betty Lowenstein and Richard Lerner, students in the Religious School and campers .at Bucks, Rock Camp Fast summer, will be seen in tne picture'.


The Post Graduate Group was introduced to its l'lew adv:isor, Mr. Stephen S. Schwartz, on SWlday, January: 2&th. Mr. Schwartz has studied at Duke Uni'Versity and the Univ.ersity of Cincinnati, as well as pursued Tewish studies at Hebrew U'nion College. He is now a graduate student at Columbia UIriversify. Mr. Schwartz is a member of the· Committee for '10uth of New York federation o£ Reformed Synago.g ues, and has be.e n a couns.elor at Camp Winebago in Maine.





The Social Service Committee of the Rudolph Grosman Society, of which ' foan Stern is the chairman, coll'ecled $20: for the current March 0i! Dimes dri~ This amlmittee has engaged in. sev.eral worth-while projects since September, including a $10 donatio~ to "1 00' Neediest Cases- , $35 to the Umted Tewish Appear, arrcf Than-lt.sgiving. baskets for nee~ famhlies.



The Rodeph ShCDlom. Leag.ue is. pres'&l'lting a · Game Night qR the- lWeIringr of, 1'uesday:" Februar¥ 4th, {or membeu. under the direction of Terry Netne and Harold Kaufman.

• • •

The first annual Youth Council "Snow Ball" to be held on Saturday evening February 1st, will feature a colorful pro~ gram or apPTOprl.a te character. Heading the attractions wlll be the coronation of the Snaw Queen, Taynie Ford, the young Hollyw.ood siarl1lt acclaimed as the fastest rising, singer of the past year. She has sung over CBS, NBC, the Mutual Networks as well as at engagements at La Martin: ique, the Essex House, Bill Miller's fuviera and Leon and Eddie's. . A~issiCDR to the "SD.0W Ball" is by invliatic;>D onl.y and an members in good slCll'ldln,g . of Ih,: Rodeph Sh010m youth groaps: wiH recerve the invitations through the- maH·.