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CHRONICLE ............................ ~~~~~~~~~ .................... ,..........

Vol. XIX

Wednesday, May 25, 1949 (Iyar 26, 5709)

SABBATH SERVICES Friday Evening, May 27, at 5:30 Saturday Morning, May 28, at 10:15 RABBI NEWMAN will preach on "MEMORIAL DAY AND ITS MESSAGE OF PEACE" (Sedrah: BemidbClL Numbers 1.:1-4:20; Haftarah: I Samuel 20:18-42)

SHEVUOT SERVICES Thursday Evening, June 2nd, at 5:30 Friday Morning, June 3rd at 9:30 CONFIRMATION SERVICES The Confirmation Class will present the new Cantata "IN THE HUMBLE HEART"

Wednesday Evening, June 1st, Annual Theatre Party

No. 38


• The Board of Trustees and the Congregation extend their cordial congratulations to the Confirmands of the year 5709 and their parents. They will be received into the fellowship of Israel's faith on Friday Morning, June 3rd, at 9:30 o' clock. A new Cantata: "In the Humble Heart" built upon the ideals and the music of Hasidism will be presented. It has been written and arranged in the text and in the lyrics of the songs by Rabbi Newman. Rabbi Soltes who conducted the Can tat a " The Redemption of Israel" on May 13th will a lso conduct the class in the Hasidic Cantata. The Hasidic melodies are of remarkable beauty, and we trust our Congregants and the i r friends will wish to be present. With this issue of the " Chronicle" we close Volume XIX. We wish our Congregants a beneficial and enjoyable summer, and we know that you will return after the interlude of the summer months with the unfl~gging w~ich

.. ..... .... ..... .. ROD.t::PH SHOLOM CHRONiCLE .. .. .. ......... . .. RODEPH SHOLOM CHRONICLE Publish ed

weekly f.rom

by Congregation

7 West 83 rd Street

Mid-Sept. to Mid-June Rodeph Shalom. New York 24, N. Y.

Rabbi l.ouis 1. Newman ........ . .. Study, SUo 7-0278 Associate R abbi Avraham Soltes .•... .. .....• Study, EN. 2-5880 Nathan G. Meltzoff

Cantor . ..... .. . Res., SU o 7-1183

T emple Office .. .. . ..... . . . ..•.....

EN. 2-8800

Sexton and Funeral Director

J onas R. Goldbe rg . .. .. .. . . . .. Res .,



Executive Secretary

Max Feder . .. . . . . . . .... . . . •.. Res., Rl. 9-2641

Temple House Adviser Mrs. Philip M. Stern .. . . •.... .. . .

EN . 2-8800

OUR BNE! MITZVAH During the month of June the following boys w ill become Bar Mitzvah: June II -Charles, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gideon Heller, June 18-Stephen, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Kates, and on June 25-Kenneth, son of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Green. We congratulate these new Sons of the Commandments and their parents. We hope that this ceremony will leave a lasting impression on the hearts and minds of these boys, and that they will devote themselves to Judaism and its teachings, to Jew ish responsibilities and ideals with a ll their soul and w ith all their might.

SAMUEL FALK Vice-President

CONFIRMATION PARENTS Tuesday evening, June 7, at 9 o' clock, the Youth Parents Association will hold its Annual Reception in honor of the parents of our Confirmants. OUR APPRECIATION Weare indeed grateful to the members of the Shepard Players for their generous gift, the proceeds of a recent performance held at the Temple, to erect a Memorial Plaque in our Temple Sanctuary in memory of Stephen M. Shepard, a friend of many of this group. The nameplate will be dedicated in the presence of the family and his friends on Saturday morning. June 11th.

JOSEPH EISNER Treasurer ACKNOWLEDGMENTS MEN'S ASSOCIATION CHARITY FUND Mrs. Samuel Siegler in memory of her hu sband; Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Metzger in memory of Nettie Metzger;



CONFIRMATION CLASS 570,9 - 1949 Confirm ant Alpern, Robert A. Beck, Susan G. Benenson, Abbe Bergner, Faye S. Bloom, Judith W . Cahn, Judith A. Caso, Allen D. Cohen, Elizabeth G. Curzan, Naomi S. Diamond, Joseph S. Diamond, Lynn Dilloff, Allan J. Eisenman, Marilyn H. Elgort, Robert K. ~pner, Joan Fagin, Wilma S. Freund, Monica R. Goldstein, Andrew P . Goldstein, Marc E. Grumet, Ross F. Herman, Claire E. Hirsch, Susan Jacobs, Nancy R. Jacobs, Peter J. Kalcheim, Sidney 1. Lust, Irene R. Mayer, Judith A. Mendelsohn" Marguerite L. Minton, Henry L. Newman, Mary B. Ploscowe, Deborah Pollak, Nancy Raskin, James E. Rosenstock, Robert Ruttenberg, Carol A. Savits, Joel M. Shadur, Lawrence Shapiro, Carla D. Shea, Sandra J. Siegel, Suzanne J. Silver, William V. Umansky, Susan G. Ungar, Miriam B.



Parents Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Alpern Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Beck Mr. and Mrs. Charles Benenson Mr. and Mrs. Isidore Bergner Mr. and Mrs. William Gale Mr. and Mrs. Melville L. Cahn Mr.and Mrs. Frank A. Caso Mr. and Mrs. Milton Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Lee Curzan Mr. and Mrs. Leo A. Diamond Mr. and Mrs. Harold S. Diamond Mr. and Mrs. Marvin M. Dilloff Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Eisenman Mr. and Mrs. Harry Elgort Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Epner Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Fagin Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Freund Mr. and Mrs. Henry P. Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Grumet Mr.and Mrs. Lawrence Herman Mr. and Mrs. Louis M. Hirsch Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kalcheim Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Lust Mr.and Mrs. Ernst Mayer Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Mendelsohn Mr. and Mrs. Irving Minton Mr. and Mrs. Irving M. Newman Hon. and Mrs. Morris Ploscowe Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pollak Mr. and Mrs. Victor A. Raskin Mr. and Mrs. Jesse M. Rosenstock Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Ruttenberg Mr. and Mrs.Simon Savits Mr. and Mrs. Martin C. Goldman Mr. and Mrs. Samuel S. Shapiro Mrs. Oscar A. Shea Mr. and Mrs. Harry Siegel Mr. and Mrs. Michael Silver Dr. and Mrs. Maurice Umansky Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Ungar

Address 55 Central Pk. W. 310 W. 72nd St. 225 W. 86th St. 150 W. 82nd SI. 1415 Nelson Ave . 204 W. 108th SI. 91 Payson Ave. 277 West End Ave. 220 Cabrini Blvd. 498 West End Ave. 30g Central Pk. W . 147 W. 95th St. 500 West End Ave. 720 Ft. Wash. Ave. 30 Bogardus PI. 350 Central Pk. W. 127 Riverside Dr. 115 Central Pk. W. 275 Central Pk. W. 350 Cabrini Blvd. 252 W. 85th SI. 500 West End Ave. 131 Bennett Ave. 400 West End Ave. 115 Central Pk. W. 310 W. 85th SI. 262 Central Pk. W. 498 West End Ave. 690 Ft. Wash. Ave. II W. 69th SI. 125 Riverside Dr. 211 Central Pk. W. 127 W. 82nd SI. 215 W. 88th SI. 145 W. 86th SI. 711 157 285 434

Walton Ave. W. 57th SI. Central Pk. W. W. 120th SI.

340 W. 57th SI. 44 W. 77th SI. 840 Gr. Concourse 1419 Nelson Ave.







Mr. Weismann is a leading business executive and industrial engineer. He is President of the Aetna Industrial Corporation and Chairman of a number of important corporations. He is a Trustee of Beth Israel Hospital and an active leader of numerous local philanthropies. In Rodeph Sholom he has been an invaluable member of our Ways and Means Committee and co-Chairman of the Build ing Expansion Program.

Mr. Nethe is President of 1. J. Nethe & Co ., leading scarf manufacturers. He is a past president of the Mendelsohn Benevolent Guild, on the Board of East Side Settlement House, and active in local Masonic circles. At Rodeph Sholom he has served actively on the Ways and Means Committee, is 1st Vice-President o f the Men's Association a nd the Chairman of the Brotherhood Charity Committee.

NOTICE TO CONGREGANTS With this issue we conclude our Chronicle publication for the current season. We wish our Temple fam· ilies a pleasant summer and we look forward to their active interest and participation in our Temple p rogram when the season begins next Fall. The Temple Office will be closed on Sundays starting May 29th for the summer months.

parents and a ll the members of the family we extend our hearty good wishes for the grea test of happiness on this new blessing which has come to them. .

OUR CONGRATULATIONS Weare p leased indeed to congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Hefler, the parents. and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pulvermacher, the grandparents, on the birth of a d aughter and grand_ daughter, Jane Louise Heffer. To the

SEE A GRAND SHOW and SUPPORT THE TEMPLE b y attend ing "DETECTIVE STORY" Our Theatre Party on JUNE 1st at the Hudson Theatre A Few Tickets Are Still Available. Call the Temple Office.

. . . .... .. . ... ... .. RODEPH

HOLOM CHRONICLE· ···· .. " , .. ·,· ,,,


Nearly 300 members of the Congregation assembled at the Annual Meeting last Monday night to elect Officials and Trustees for the coming year, to receive the ann u a I reports of ICommittee Chairmen and to hear a detailed resume by the President, Mr. Joseph Pulvermacher of his administration of the past 5 years. Mr. Pulvermacher, who is retiring as President after a most fruitful and progressive administration, reported with deep satisfacti that these following lobjectives land ideals of his regime have been fulfilled: (I) the complete liquidation of the Temple Mortgage; (2) the further expansion of the Temple activities; (3) the plans for added facilities and (4) a retirement and pension plan for members of the Temple staff. At the conclusion of his address, Mr. Pulvermacher received a rousing vote of appreciation for his capable leadership. He pledged to continue his active interes.t in the work of the Temple. At the elections conducted by Mr. Charles B. Meyers, Mr. Jacob S. Manheimer was unanimously elected to succeed Mr. Pulvermacher and briefly stated that he would try to maintain the high standards set for him by preceding administrations. Mr. Samuel Falk was elecleci Vice-President and Mr. Joseph Eisner, Treasurer. Mr. Henry Hofheimer, for his devoted services to the Temple a s Treasurer for the past 15 years, was unanimously elected Honorary Treasurer for life. Mrs. Nathan Goldmann-and Mr. Arthur J. Messing were given special tribute for their splendid work on the Board by being elected Honorary Trustees for life.


We are grateful to Mr. S. H. Scheuer of our Board of Trustees for a gift of two fine paintings which he has brought back from Israel, which he has just visited with his son, Steven. The paintings depict a Sephardic .and Ashkenazic synagogue in Israel, and are of extraordinary interest. Weare happy to say that Mr. Scheuer and _his son were greatly inspired by their ob-

servations in Israel, and we trust an opportunity will present itself when our congregants can hear of them in detail. We appreciate also the generous gift made by Mr. and Mrs. Israel Schulman in honor of their grandson, Daniel Nathan Osherson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Osherson, for whom the Welcoming and Naming Prayer was offered at Sabbath Services recently.

.. ........... .... . RODEPH SHOlOM CHRON1CLE .. ; . ....... ,,", ..

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS IN MEMORIAM Congregation Rodeph Sholom extends heartfelt sympathy to the families of ALVIN ALKON SARAH LEBOYER BERTHA HELLER KLEINER . who have passed away. Memoral Ligh ts will be kindled at the Nameplates on the Bronze Memorial tablets in the Temple in memory of JACOB MANHEIMER ISIDORE H. RUSSEK FELIX T AUSEND The Paqe in the Book of Life dedicated to -the memory of LILLIE SMALLS MILCH will be opened. The Yahrzeits of the following de parted will a lso b e observed and the Kaddish recited in their memory a t the coming Sabbath Services: HENRY P . ADAMS SARAH ARNDT BERTHA BA YERN BERTHA BLUMENTHAL MAX CAHN MAX GANS BELLA GOLDSTEIN PROF. RICHARD GOTTHEIL LA WRENCE HARRIS LILLIAN HARTMAN BERTHA JACOBS BENJAMIN KOVARY EMANUEL KRAUS IDA LOEW STELLA MARKS FRED MAYER IRVING MUIR GEORGE RICE CHARLES ROSSUM LOUIS SATENSTEIN REUBEN S. SELIG MANN WILLIAM SIND ELL MORRIS A. STEINBERG TILLIE TAUSIG ELLA TO FF SIDNEY WEIDENFELD MOSES ZIMMERMANN May the Memory of the Rig h teous ever be a Benediction I




During the summer months Memorial Lights will be kindled, Pages in the Book of Life will be opened, and the Kaddish recited in memory of a ll those whose names are recorded in o ur Memorial Book.

We gratefully acknowledge the following generous donations: CONGREGATION RODEPH SHOLOM Mr. and Mrs. Jacob S. Manheimer in memory of Samuel Siegler for the Bible a nd Prayer Book Fund; Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Meyers in rflemory of Samuel Siegler for the Bible Gosler; Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lowenstein, Mr. and Mrs. Irving Lowenstein and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Lowenstein in gratitude for the recovery of Mrs. Leo Keiser; Mrs. Blanche A. Weidenfeld in memory of Sidney Weidenfeld; M.. und Mrs. Marvin Gilbert in a ppreciation for the Naming Prayer recited for their son Scott Frederick Gilbert; Mrs. Fannie Mayer Korn in memory of Stephe n S. Wise; Miss Stella Silberberg in memory of Hannah Silberberg; Mrs. Belle Hoffman in m emory of Hedwig S teinhardt; Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Schnurmacher in honor of the Bar Mitzvah of their son, Alan Bruce; Miss Sadye Cohn in memory of Flora Meyer; Mrs. M. Bernard in memory of Henry Wallach; Mr. Irving M. Tick in memory of Louis S taff; Mrs. Marion V. C. Lippman in appreciation fo r the Prayer offered for her Mother's recovery; Mr. and Mrs. Murray Apfelbaum in mem':l!Y cl _Ne!tie Apfe!l::aum; ROSA ROSENHEIM MEMORIAL MILK FUND Mrs. Joseph G. Wiener in memory of Bertha Kane; Mrs. Eugene Josephs in memory of the birthday of her mother, Birdie G. Ast; RODEPH SHOLOM SISTERHOOD Mrs. 1. Victory, Mrs. Amy Jacoby and Mrs. Joseph Bond in memory of Samuel Siegler for the Apron and Layette Sewing Group; Mr. and Mrs . Adolph Schnurmacher in honor of the Bar Mitzvah of their son, Alan Bruce; Mrs. Samuel Siegler in memory of her husband;