Cinderella - Ballet Wolcott

Cinderella - Ballet Wolcott

Primary Roles: Cinderella 2016 Cinderella: Lila Dobson The Stepmother: Ruby Stearns The Stepsisters - Charlotte: Ida Eames Javotte: Camille Yarro...

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Primary Roles:

Cinderella 2016

Cinderella: Lila Dobson

The Stepmother: Ruby Stearns The Stepsisters -

Charlotte: Ida Eames

Javotte: Camille Yarrow

Beggar Woman/Fairy Godmother: Meghan Kimball Dance Instructor: Mariana Considine Lead Fairies-

Spring: Larissa Schiller, Ambiana Glavin, Erica Laxer Summer: Ruby Stearns

Autumn: Eliana Hathaway, Morgen Quinlen Grasshopper: Jas Zendik

Dragonfly: Maple Bottinelli The Prince: Jas Zendik

The Prince's Friends: Ambiana Glavin, Erica Laxer Spanish Dancer: Larissa Schiller

Oriental Dancer: Eliana Hathaway Secondary Roles:

Spring Fairies & Gnomes: Stories in Motion, Saturday 9:00 AM Class Summer Fairies & Gnomes: Pre-Ballet, Saturday 10:00 AM Class Autumn Fairies & Gnomes: Ballet 1, Saturday 11:00 AM Class Winter Fairies & Gnomes: Ballet 2, Tuesday 4:15 PM Class

Guests at the Ball: Mackenzie Allen, Megan Allen, Maple Bottinelli, Elizabeth

Considine, Ella Considine, Fern Dobson, Sophia Kittredge, Arianna Martin, Morgen Quinlan, Ellery Stancliff

The Shoemakers: Kalliope Augsberger, Lilly Cookson, Barely Earle, Lexie English, Sylvan Hathaway, Jason Perez

Gypsies: Megan Allen, Ella Considine, Mariana Considine, Katalina Corp, Avianna Delgado, Molly Larrabee, Sophia Perez, Morgen Quinlan, Ellery Stancliff