Cinderella KIDS Character Descriptions - Front Porch Musical Theatre

Cinderella KIDS Character Descriptions - Front Porch Musical Theatre

Cinderella KIDS Character Descriptions Cinderella is the heroine of the show. She is a strong-willed girl with enormous faith. Cinderella believes tha...

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Cinderella KIDS Character Descriptions Cinderella is the heroine of the show. She is a strong-willed girl with enormous faith. Cinderella believes that, in time, good things happen to good people, and deep down she knows her day will come. She does not resent her Stepfamily - she is aware of their social and emotional limitations. She sings a beautiful ballad, so cast your strongest singer/actress combination. This role requires an actress who can convey Cinderella's conviction and her inner beauty. B2 - D4 The Ensemble in Cinderella is used quite often. Strong singers and dancers are needed for "The Tale of Cinderella," "The Ball," "Cinderella/Dream Finale," and "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Bows." Encourage your ensemble members to create unique characters for all the villagers in the kingdom. B2 - D4 The Fairy Godmother is the quintessential female mentor. She is kind, gentle and loving, yet strong and extremely capable. Her goal is to help Cinderella succeed by teaching her how much power she has within herself. Cast an actress who can portray the maturity of a maternal figure. Fairy Godmother sings "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo," so a strong singer must be cast in this role. C3 - D4 The Grand Duke is clearly the brains behind the royal family. He knows how much he is needed by the royal family and thinks very highly of himself. Cast this role with an actor who has good comedic timing. No solo singing is required. Gus is the most innocent of the mice and Cinderella's biggest fan. Often simple, shy and fearful, Gus responds immediately when Cinderella calls to him. Given the additional characteristics of this famous mouse, cast an exceptionally strong mover and character actor in this part. There are only a handful of sung solo lines, so choose a stronger actor over a singer. This actor should also be able to take on the characteristics of a mouse. Gus can be played by a boy or a girl. D3 - B4 The Herald is a wonderful sidekick to the Grand Duke and is a good featured role. Because there are several key moments in the show that rely on the timing of the Herald (e.g., the shoe fitting), it is recommended to cast a responsible actor in this role. No solo singing is required, but comedic timing is a must. Jaq (pronounced Jacques) is Luke's partner in crime. A happy, playful mouse, he is always eager to help. Jaq has the most solo lines of all the mice, so make sure you cast a strong singer. This role requires a strong mover and character actor. The actor should be able to move, talk, and sing like a mouse. Jaq can be played by a boy or a girl. D3 - C4 The King is a parent who just wants his child to be happy. The King throws the royal ball so his son, the Prince, can meet a potential mate. Once the Prince meets and then loses Cinderella, the King does everything in his power to help his son find her again. This role requires an actor who can portray the stature of a king and the caring of a father. No solo singing is required for this part. Luke is Jaq's partner in crime. Even though he is just as playful as Jaq, he is more levelheaded. He is fiercely loyal to Cinderella. Luke gets the most upset when the Stepfamily is mean to Cinderella. This role requires a strong mover and character actor. There are no solos for Luke, so cast based on acting. The actor playing Luke should be able to move, talk, and sing like a mouse. Luke can be played by a boy or a girl.

The Narrators are storytellers--the show's plot and the actions and reactions of the characters are expressed. Good narration looks easy, but requires strong actors. Cast actors that are mature enough to stand for long periods of time. Clear, loud voices with good diction are a must. These are good roles for actors that might not be your strongest singers. By redistributing the Narrators' lines, you can use fewer or more actors as needed to accommodate the number of students you have available. Casting extra Mice is a wonderful way to use additional children. The Mice are used in several numbers and can double as Villagers in the opening. Pick you strongest movers, even gymnasts, for these roles. There are endless opportunities to incorporate tumbling and more intricate choreography with the mice ensemble. Strong singers here will help fill out the sound of the singing mice in the big numbers. C3 - D4 Perla is the most mature of the mice and is always ready to straighten out a mess. She is the only female role of the four main mice, so there can be a maternal instinct about her. She is often near Gus, helping him on his way. This role requires a strong mover and character actor. The actress must not only move like a mouse, but also talk and sing like a mouse. There are solo singing lines for this role. C3 - D4 The Prince is a young man who is not happy with his duty to find a bride. At the royal ball, he is bored and petulant. The Prince's world changes when he finally meets Cinderella. No solo singing is required in this role. Cast an actor who can portray the Prince's longing as he searches for Cinderella. Stepmother is the mother to Anastasia and Drizella and the stepmother to Cinderella. She is cold, cruel, and calculating. She is unhappy with her place in life and is determined to use her daughters to get where she wants to be: the Palace. She is threatened by Cinderella's kindness and the effect it has on people. Casting an actress with the maturity to maintain the levelheadedness of the Stepmother around her frenzied daughters is important. No solo work is required of this character, so cast a stronger actor versus singer. Try to audition Stepmother hopefuls with the Stepsisters, looking for the best chemistry for this trio. The Stepsisters should be cast with two of your stronger actresses with excellent comedic timing and physical comedy skills. ANASTASIA works well when played as spoiled rotten and not very bright. She's used to getting her way and throws a fit whenever she hears the word "no." DRIZELLA works well as the bully of the two. Although both Stepsisters hate Cinderella equally, Drizella is more likely to be the one that starts a fight with her. There are no solos for the Stepsisters, so cast your stronger actors rather than singers. Mix and match your Stepsister hopefuls into different pairs to see who works best together. If possible, audition Stepmother at the same time since this "evil" trio always appears onstage together. The Town Criers can be cast as one person or more than four depending on cast size. They are pivotal in all "royal announcements." Cast actors who can project their voices well for these featured roles that require no solos