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Usborne English Cinderella • Worksheet 1. Match the words to the pictures, then number them in story order. A. Cinderella tried to make her sisters l...

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Usborne English Cinderella • Worksheet 1. Match the words to the pictures, then number them in story order.

A. Cinderella tried to make her sisters look as pretty as possible. It wasn’t easy. B. “You? Go to the Ball?” said her stepmother. “You must be joking.” C. As Cinderella struggled with the Christmas tree, tears blurred her eyes. D. “Oh my Tinkerbells, you look wonderful,” their mother gasped. 2. Choose the correct word from the list on the right to complete each sentence. A. Cinderella gripped her broom ....................... .


B. “I’m sure the prince will want to marry one of you,” said their mother, ....................... .


C. Cinderella tried to make her stepsisters look as ....................... as possible.


D. “What about feathers, rather than stuffed birds?” suggested Cinderella ....................... .


3. Match each question with the correct answer. A. “May I go to the Ball as well?”

“I missed the door.”

B. “Whatever are you doing in our chimney?”

“Yes! I wanted to go to the Ball.”

C. “Have you been crying, Cinders?”

“Silly me! Soot on the brain.”

D. “Shouldn’t you be using the other end of you wand?

“Under the sink.”

E. “Now, where’s your mousetrap?”

“You? Go to the Ball? You must be joking.”

4. Put the sentences in story order, numbering them from 1 to 5. A. Cinderella and the Prince twirled across the floor. ____ B. “Oh no!” she said. “It’s almost midnight. I must go.” ____ C. Cinderella was enjoying herself so much, she forgot to watch the time. ____ D. Cinderella ran home as fast as she could. ____ E. “May I have this dance?” the Prince asked. ____ 5. The stepmother wants the glass slipper to fit one of her daughters because... A. ...she doesn’t want her daughter to break it.

C. ...she wants to be queen.

B. ...she loves beautiful shoes.

D. ...she has always wanted to marry a prince.

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Cinderella • Worksheet Writing activity: Cinderella and the Prince have asked you to design their wedding invitations. Using the space below, write all the information you think they need (e.g. whose wedding, time, place, dress code). Make the invitation look grand and exciting, with fancy writing and perhaps pictures or patterns too.

Now make a list of all the people you think should be invited to the wedding (they don’t all have to be characters from the story).

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