City of Boston - Boston Public Health Commission

City of Boston - Boston Public Health Commission

Ex-Offender Resources Veteran’s Services Aid to Incarcerated Mothers 32 Rutland Street, Boston 617-536-0058 New England Shelter for Homeless Vetera...

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Ex-Offender Resources

Veteran’s Services

Aid to Incarcerated Mothers 32 Rutland Street, Boston 617-536-0058

New England Shelter for Homeless Veterans

SPAN 110 Arlington Street, Boston 617-423-0750

City of Boston Veteran’s Services

Mental Health Resources Mental Health Boston Emergency Services Team (BEST) 800-981-4357 Homeless Outreach Team Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Center 85 East Newton Street, Boston 617-626-8807

126 Warren Street, Roxbury 617-541-8846

Boston VA Medical Center 150 South Huntington Ave., Jamaica Plain 617-232-9500

Boston ElderINFO

110 Chauncy Street, Boston 617-292-6211


stablished in 1983 by an Act of the Boston City Council, the Emergency Shelter Commission actively serves Boston’s homeless by offering referrals to emergency shelter and other services. The Commission serves as a resource to service providers as well as the community in general by providing information on issues relating to the homeless population.

Boston Elderly Commission

One City Hall Square, Room 271, Boston 617-635-4366

Elders Living at Home

Substance Abuse Resources MA Drug & Alcohol Help Line 800-327-5050

1640 Washington Street, Boston 617-369-1560

Alcoholics Anonymous 617-426-9444

Resources for People who are Homeless

Elderly Resources

Boston Medical Center One Boston Medical Center Place, Boston 617-638-6193

Institute for Health and Recovery 617-661-3991 For families

Thomas M. Menino, Mayor

Homeless Women Veteran’s Program

Hearth Ethos

555 Armory Street, Jamaica Plain 617-522-6700

Youth Resources

Narcotics Anonymous 617-884-7709

Department of Social Services (DSS)

Boston Public Health Commission Substance Abuse Services 727 Massachusetts Ave., Boston 617-534-5554

Boston GLASS Community Boston Center for Youth & Center Families

Child at Risk Hotline 800-792-5200

93 Massachusetts Ave., Boston 617-266-3349 Gay & Lesbian Social Services

Bridge Over Troubled Waters 47 West Street, Boston 617-423-9575

1481 Tremont Street, Boston 617-635-4920

City of Boston Graphic Arts Department

Disability Law Center 11 Beacon Street, Boston 617-723-8455 800-872-9992

City of Boston

Veteran’s Benefits Clearing House

Boston City Hall One City Hall Square, Room 716 Boston, Massachusetts 02201

Greater Boston Legal Services 197 Friend Street, Boston 617-371-1234

43 Hawkins Street, Boston 617-635-3039

Emergency Shelter Commission

Legal Assistance

17 Court Street, Boston 617-371-1800

Mayor’s 24-Hour Constituent Help Line 617-635-4500 Emergency Shelter Commission Boston City Hall One City Hall Square, Room 716 Boston, Massachusetts 02201 617-635-4507 FAX 617-635-3450

Housing Resources Boston Housing Authority 52 Chauncy Street, Boston 617-988-4200 HomeStart 105 Chauncy Street, Boston 617-542-0338 Shelter Referral Required Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership 125 Lincoln Street, Boston 617-425-6700 Action for Boston Community Development 178 Tremont Street, Boston 617-348-6398

Adult Shelter Shelter intake processes vary; individuals can call in advance for times of lottery and intake. MEN ONLY

To access most family shelters a household must apply with the Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) by calling or visiting a local office:

Pine Street Inn Men’s Inn*

DTA Family Housing

United Homes Shelter

DTA New Market Square


If a family is not eligible for DTA shelter placement they can access shelters with “community rooms”.

444 Harrison Avenue, Boston 617-892-6200

540 Columbia Road, Dorchester 617-265-4515

City of Boston One City Hall Square Rental Housing Resource Center Room 709, 617-635-4200

Pine Street Inn Women’s Inn*

Fair Housing Commission, Metrolist Room 966, 617-635-3321 Boston Homelessness Prevention Clearinghouse 617-425-6692

889 Harrison Avenue, Boston 617-442-9322

Day Drop In Programs Cardinal Medieros Center Holy Trinity Church 140 Shawmut Avenue, Boston 617-451-9331 Individuals age 45 & older Mon. - Fri. 9 AM- 4 PM

St. Francis House

39 Boylston Street, Boston 617-542-4211 Daily 7 AM - 3PM

Women’s Lunch Place

Church of the Covenant 67 Newbury Street, Boston 617-267-0200 Women and Children only Mon. - Sat. 8 AM - 2PM

Bridge Over Troubled Waters 47 West Street, Boston 617-423-9575 Individuals under age 24

Family Shelter

363 Albany Street, Boston 617-892-9306

Rosie’s Place* Sancta Maria

11 Waltham Street, Boston 617-423-4366

MEN AND WOMEN Kingston House

39 Kingston Street, Boston 617-482-8819 Men’s overflow shelter Women’s transitional housing

Long Island Shelter Boston Harbor 617-534-7101

Shattuck Shelter*

170 Morton Street, Jamaica Plain 617-971-3229

Woods Mullen Shelter*

784 Massachusetts Ave., Boston 617-534-7101

Night Drop In Programs Boston Night Center

31 Bowker Street, Boston 617-248-1998 Daily, 8:30 PM - 6:30 AM

* Denotes Wheelchair Accessibility

Food Assistance Project Bread Food Source Hotline 800-645-8333 Food and food stamp access

Benefits Access

2201 Washington Street, Roxbury 617-989-6100

Social Security

10 Causeway Street, Boston 617-565-8903

1010 Massachusetts Ave., Boston 617-989-2200

FAMILY SHELTERS WITH COMMUNITY ROOMS These shelters have rooms available to families who do not meet DTA guidelines. Families should first apply for shelter through the MA Department of Transitional Assistance.

Department of Transitional Assistance Access Hotline 800-249-2007

Department of Social Service (DSS) 24 Farnsworth Street, Boston

MA Rehabilitation Commission

59 Temple Place, Boston 617-357-8137 Resources for people with disabilities

Domestic Violence Resources

Casa Nueva Vida 53 Glen Road Jamaice Plain 617-524-6332

Crittenton Hastings House 10 Perthshire Road Brighton 617-782-7600

Crossroads 56 Havre Street East Boston 617-567-5926 Project Hope 45 Magnolia Street Dorchester 617-442-1880 Adult men not permitted

Nazareth House 91 Regent Street, Roxbury 617-541-0100 HIV positive Families


Queen of Peace 401 Quincy Street Dorchester 617-288-4182 No male children over 5

1010 Massachusetts Ave., Boston 617-534-2687

Sojourner House 85 Rockland Street Roxbury 617-442-0590 Temporary Home for Women and Children 41 New Chardon Street, Boston 617-720-3611 Adult men not permitted Case worker referral needed

Traveler’s Aid Family Emergency Shelter Program Available after 5:00 PM through the Mayor’s 24 hour Hotline 617-635-4500

877-785-2020 Statewide 24 hour Domestic Violence Hotline

Boston Public Health Commission Domestic Violence Program

Health Care Access Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program 729 Massachusetts Ave., Boston 617-414-7779 JRI 25 West Street, Boston 617-457-8142 For persons with HIV / Aids Boston Public Health Commission Mayor’s Health Line 800-847-0710 617-534-5050 MASS Health 888-665-9993