City of Poulsbo PLANNING COMMISSION Tuesday, April 5, 2016 MINUTES Members Present James Thayer (JT), Bob Nordnes (BN), Ray Stevens (RS), Kate Nunes ...

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City of Poulsbo PLANNING COMMISSION Tuesday, April 5, 2016 MINUTES

Members Present James Thayer (JT), Bob Nordnes (BN), Ray Stevens (RS), Kate Nunes (KN) Members Absent Shane Skelley (SS), Gordon Hanson (GH), Jim Coleman (JC) Staff Edie Berghoff (EB), Charlie Roberts (CR), Diane Lenius (DL), Marla Powers (MP), Helen Wytko (HW) 1. Call to Order 2. Flag Salute 3. Approval of Minutes – NONE 4. Modifications to Agenda – Remove Traffic Concurrency 5. Comments from Citizens – regarding items not on the agenda – NONE 6. Public Meeting Westwood Crossing Preliminary Plat Staff: Berghoff Westwood Crossing Preliminary Plat to receive a recommendation from Planning Commission to be forwarded to the Hearing Examiner. Also, note that you have a revision to Exhibit 6 which CR will explain. Pre-Plat is a Type III quasi judicial permit under Poulsbo regulation. Applicable regulations are identified in Section 1 of staff report. The project is in NW Poulsbo on the west side of Urdahl Rd. Both adjacent developments were developed under PUD regulations. The proposed project is a 37 lot subdivision on almost 9.25 acres. Setbacks, lot coverage, building height, street parking, etc reviewed with building permit submittals. Section 4 on pg 10 of staff report reviews criteria for subdivision. Second project in the City to utilize lot averaging provision which allows for lots in a standard plat that are less than 7,500 sq ft, but where the average of all the lots is over that 7,500 sq ft threshold. All standards are met. No critical areas. Open space is not required, however park impact fees are required with building permit. Tree retention is required and done in easements. Perimeter buffer along west side of development is not required, but developer electing to have because windthrow / stability issues in those trees. If some can be saved, in that area, they will try. That information is PC 20160405 Minutes 1

in tree study Exhibit 5. Street trees required, identified in landscape plan. On street parking required, Exhibit 2 sheet 1. Project will have CC&R with City requirements such as no RV parking on streets, preservation and maintenance trees and easements, and notification to the City with the authority to object to changes. Transit did not provide comment regarding proposal. NKSD did not comment but SEPA requires that mitigation fees be negotiated between builder in school district. Can be paid with individual building permit if they chose per state regulations. Tract B pedestrian path will connect to Vinland Pointe and Vinland Pointe pedestrian path to elementary school. The proposed project has been conditioned and mitigated to City code. It is compatible with neighboring properties, existing roadways, impact fees, public health safety and welfare. Consistent with Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Map. Similar and compatible with nearby neighborhoods. Meets housing density goals in order to meet City wide population under County policies and GMA. Neighborhood meeting held July 7, 2015, application submitted July 9, 2015. The application was determined technically complete July 30, 2015. The NOA was published August 7, 2015 and SEPA published January 29, 2016. Public notices are in Exhibit 7, public comments are in Exhibit 8. This project as proposed in conjunction with SEPA mitigation and conditions of approval is consistent with the City of Poulsbo Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Ordinance, and applicable City regulations. The Planning Department respectfully request PC recommend approval of the Westwood Crossing Pre-Plat with proposed SEPA mitigations and conditions of approval. CR: Project is designed under 2005 Dept. of Ecology stormwater manual. Proposing one large pond along Urdahl. Combination retention and water quality treatment. Outfall discharge line, that is City owned goes, through Liberty Hill to Johnson Creek. Served by KPUD water which has reviewed plans and provide comments. Looped through plat in a couple spots and connects to Urdahl water main and one in Vinland Pointe. Served by City sewer and the sewer main is subject to the Urdahl latecomer assessment for sewer. Liberty Hill brought to area and project benefiting. Couple comments on the transportation and traffic. They are subject to PMC 3.86 traffic impact fee and assessment. Charged traffic impact fee for each lot at time of building permit. Completing frontage improvements to Urdahl Rd which includes two 12ft lanes with sidewalks. Road A is a neighborhood collector and fulfils comp plan connector status. Roads B, C, and D, are all neighborhood local residential streets with much lower traffic. Road D provides future connectivity to Vinland Pointe. They did provide offsite road connection showing that they are fulfilling connectivity requirements. Urdahl Rd traffic assessment does not required traffic impact analysis. I wanted to do a quick check to make ensure compliance. Consultant for the City prepared a model as part of transportation comp plan update and Urdahl was included. Urdahl currently carries low capacity. It is designed to carry 4,000 cars per day and only carries 400 right now. Checked at peak times to verify those numbers. Finn Hill and Urdahl operates at level of service, intersection is LOS A. When I wrote the original model, I didn't have most recent data. Exhibit 6 is revised to include the most recent data. The project is not going to have a negative impact on city traffic. Mark Kuhlman: Staff made good presentation. Member of public have access to staff report and project information. Staff report does a good job. Project is using flex-lot procedure of zoning ordinance. We had a vision that we would use in area with slope but still maintain good building foot print areas. Applicant worked with neighbor to talk about trees, while still maintain good building footprint area. Staff has been very receptive. Neighbor comment and code allowed storm pond redesign to single pond. There is a PC 20160405 Minutes 2

native vegetation buffer, but we heard that the neighbors wanted a buffer. We kept that there in response to that, but we knew that some of the trees were small pecker-poll trees and with windthrow would not survive. We will take bad trees out. We are going to leave future road connection. What City looks for is to ensure that road stubs can be extended and still comply with City standards. This road leads to a road that could be built. Important for everyone to know we are not locking that road in a particular location. Future development can pick up from point we left it. Road is extension to Reliance Ave that currently dead ends in Olhava neighborhood. Most of traffic flow will go straight to Olhava. We will be doing frontage improvements on Urdahl. Partially in part with Liberty Hill so there will be sections completely standard, where we build half and other half will provide full transportation movements. Correctly pointed out sewer. That vision was there from engineering. One of the things about that was you benefit from own work; nothing more to add. K. Colebrook: Wendy and I have questions just trying live in sub lot 31 which immediately abuts west side where buffer is. We are concerned that whatever ground vegetation possible is saved. Wanted to question the tree retention? EB :code requires that 25% of healthy trees retained. K. Colebrook: On entire property? EB: Yes K. Colebrook: Extra plantings would be great. Hate to see that it would be cleared down to the lot line. Will there be homeowners association and will outbuilding be prevented? EB: Standards are that person can have a storage shed. Limited to 240 sq ft. and distance requirements from property lines apply. K. Colebrook: Rear road access not developed at this time. CR: That is correct. Harkness: Mark alluded that reason for buffer on west prop line. Trees suffered damage from previous development. Wanted to save healthy trees. Through city arborist report. What we wanted to do is to save but damaged. Idea is to along west boundary by putting in a buffer that is restricted. Some native things; will clear out that is invasive and hazardous. What I have committed to the Colebrooks,. I will. His interest is saving trees. I will remove hazardous and then plant in that buffer. And we will look at that all along west property lines to make that buffer work for the both of us. As far as HOA we will have that is similar to theirs. We will restrict what you can park, colors of house, and future homeowners can develop or change as city as allows. K. Colebrook: When will we have HOA rules? Harkness: City requires submitted at time of Final Plat. EB: The City attorney reviews. Harkness: We are at Pre-Plat, next stage construction drawings, then Final Plat. PC 20160405 Minutes 3

Summer 2017 is when we anticipate going to Final Plat. CC&Rs will be done prior to us going to work. City will see before formal subdivision. Always have them ready and they are recorded together so they can be referenced. K. Colebrook: When do they start clearing? Harkness: We are planning on Summer 2017. JT: At the west border buffer. Is the buffer part of the individual lots? I assume City will restrict what can be done. Part of lot there will be buffer. Harkness: Part of lot is buffer. They will be restricted on what they can do to that area of their property. JT: So part of lot will be buffer? Harkness: yes JT: For engineering in the staff report it says that water supplied by KPUD? CR: Yes. JT: Then built to KPUD standards? In one of the other attachments there was a statement that water main will be connected to neighboring main? CR: Westwood mains will connect to the Vinland Pointe and Urdahl mains, both of which are KPUD. JT: KPUD maintain? CR: Yes. JT: Are their standards similar to ours? CR/MK: The same standards. BN: I want to say one thing about tree retention. I remember when we discussed this. Common sense has to prevail in large trees in residential area. Take them down when you can. Sad when we save and then they come down and in big winds. Glad to see that we have language and cooperation between contractor and homeowners to mitigate in reasonable and common sense way. MOTION: NUNES/NORDNESS: Make a motion that the Planning Commission shall recommend approval to the Hearing Examiner, of the Westwood Crossing Preliminary Plat, Planning File 07-29-15-1, subject to the SEPA Mitigations and Conditions of Approval. Vote: 4 in favor

7. Comments from Citizens: None 8. Commissioner Comments PC 20160405 Minutes 4