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H o, for the Carnival of S pri11g-time Ho, for the carnival of spring-time I Meridian of Fancy's wing-time I 'Tis a holiday, Fun and folly day Like a ...

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H o, for the Carnival of S pri11g-time Ho, for the carnival of spring-time I Meridian of Fancy's wing-time I 'Tis a holiday, Fun and folly day Like a revel of a magic fairy ring-time. Now is the merry ding-a-dong time, Bright zenith of (he dance and song-time, So to jollify, Or to follify Not a minute of the season is a wrong time! Birds on the bough are mating, Every lassie for a lad is waiting, But never for long, for the lad is on his way

With tender roundelay His pretty court to pay. Cupid has marked the trysting With a conjury there's no resisting, And every captivating wile of maiden fair, Despite a modest air, Will lay a snare. Now we dance and sing Under bright Fancy's wing. For 'tis May, Gala day, Let us form a fairy ring.

For sounding, Resounding, The music is abounding, That never, Forever Will cease upon the earth.

GJ ete

Kalamazoo College


Then Trip It! Then trip it, then skip it, There's pleasure if ye sip it, Enhancing By dancing The melody of mirth.


Ah, springtime ! There's treasure Of pleasure In bright Euterpe's measure Acclaiming Proclaiming, The vernal season's birth. With joy and love this day Our singing, Thus bringing A fragrant message winging, Shall crown crown fair May !





Morning Program

11 o'clock: The Quadrangle Crowning of Queen Margaret ( 1931) by Queen Margaret ( 1930)

11:15 o'clock


Parade of the Queen's subjects


Afternoon Program

1 o'clock: Lower Campus Tournament Finals Eight o'clock, Gymnasium


Eveniq Program

7 o'clock: Stockbridge Lawn


Tiny crystal globes of dew, That jeatous of the burning glance That marks the lord of day, Thus he wields his power To quench your light at dawn's glad hour?


Ah, longer bide In regal pride, And shed your glory still, While o'er the hill The lark shall trill !


The Black Nag Mage on a Cree SoLo DANCE

The Queen of May Would bid you stay To glad the garden bower, And woo the flower Thro' one more .hour. 0 iridescent sheen Of opal gold and green I Rare gems of morn, In moonlight born !


Music from Gounod's Faust Kalamazoo College Orchestra Gaynor Club Glee Club

Spring That Could Not Wait Spring, that could not wait, Opened the latticed garden gate, Summoned her train in
Deep in the vale, hear the echoes of mirth! The breezes are bearing them high above; While joy sends a call to the ends of the earth: The meaning of May in a song of love.

Laughing Came the Sweet God, Pan Laughing came the sweet god, Pan, Amid fair dryads leaping; Lithe and slender, Coy and tender, Pleasure reaping, 0 ho ! Music linked with Flora's plan To . set the world to joy;

"I pray thee," spoke the maid, "Thy magic employ!" Scarce had she spoke, Ere his heart to the call awoke, Till a ripple of melody Poured from out his rare gold reed. Pipe on, pipe on, thro' wood and mead!

When Fires of Morn When fires of morn The skies adorn, Strewn upon the waking earth are lustrous gems of dew, Each as fine as flame : Treasures minstrel ne'er could name! The bright tiaras woodland fairies Weave each night anew, Worn but once, and then, Before the noon to melt again !

Bright, bright, bright emerald, White, white, white diamond, Pearl, soft pearl, each kissed by dawning light, Ah, tell, tell, tell, jewels, By what weird spell, jewels, Your rainbow hues S'O soon take flight ! Haply has the moon of Spring, That shed his argent ray, Cast a charm on you,

When Spring is Sleeping When spring is sleeping, And shadows creeping, While stars are gleaming, O'er meadows dreaming, We weave our numbers,

To lull her slumbers, And ope a vision Of realms elysian. Move light here, step soft here, Move light here, nor wake her, Sweet maid!

Royal Summer Comes Apace Royal Summer comes apace, Smiles upon her blushing face; Beauteous maiden, Rosebud laden, Posing with a languid grace. Autumn comes with glist'ring frost All her gold thro' by-way$ tossed. Fair September's Roseate embers Burn, tho' Summer songs be lost. Storm lurks with gray November, And white December Must follow swift, · And as the Old Year dies The petalled snow-flakes whirl and drift. New Year with bells a-ringing, And children singing 0 f hope and cheer I And as the months advance,

The sun with genial glance Tells that crocus time is near. Icy Winter takes his flight, Blue-eyed April laughs outright, In her showers Are budded flowers That ope their hearts .to May's warin light. Here's an end to gloom, Orchards all a-bloom ! Music in the meadow Sta~s upon the lawn! Thro' the azure sky Clouds are floating high, Glowing in the rose of dawn. Glad throng, Greet May, Whose heart Is a song.