Classifieds - There are a few of

Classifieds - There are a few of

The Franklin NEWS RECORD Thursday, January 28,1982 5J5PSS7MOC 30 cents Vol. 30,No. 4 Harrison Towers rent hike decision reversed by Cathy Bagman ...

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Franklin NEWS RECORD Thursday, January 28,1982


30 cents

Vol. 30,No. 4

Harrison Towers rent hike decision reversed by Cathy Bagman Special Writer The Appellate Dmuon of Superior Court reserved a lo»cr court decision on the Franklin Township's Harrison Towers case declaring the township's rental ordinance unconstitutional The appellate court's d e c i s i o n . rendered last Thuredav. affirms the township's rent ordinance as a valid and comtituijotul document The appellate court also ruled that the owners of the Harmon Towers apartment complex. located on Easton Avenue, receive a "fair rate of return" despite allegations from the owners to the contrary. Harmon Associates, the owners of the 305-umf hish-nse. argued in a Julv 3.

1-95 is topic of forum by Sandra Lowkh Managing Editor The contnnersiaJ issue of whether or not an unfinished stretch of Interstate 95 er of the state Deportment of

Inside this week A FUTURE FRANKLIN resident plans to construct a wind tower on his property. Read about it inside.

1980 thai court that the rental ordinance prevents them from accumulating a fair profit after paying the utility bills for the electrically-powered apartment building. Superior Court Judge Wilfred P. Diana upheld the township's rental control ordinance, which at the time.

prevented apartment houses from increasing rental charges more than 3'/i percent annually despite apartment expenses. An amendment to the ordinance guaranteed (he landlord a "fair rate ot See HARRISON, page 15A.

Fox bites youth Rabies test negative by Sandra Lowich Managing Editor A Franklin Township youth who resides on Montrose Road was bitten by a Red Fox that he found on New Brunswick Road early Saturday morning, according to Franklin Animal Control Officer Harry Weber. Mr. Weber would not release the name of the boy since he is a juvenile. The 17-year-old boy saw the fox running down the road with its leg caught m a trap at about 4 a.m.. Mr. Weber said. He drove the seemingly docile fox to a veterinarian clinic in Iselin where it was treated. It was on the way home from the vet that the fox bit the youth. Mr. Weber picked up the fox from the basement of the boy's home later that afternoon and brought it to the animal shelter on DcMott Lane. When the fox died Sunday night for no apparent reason. Mr. Weber became concerned. Then, the following day. the boy became ill at school and was sent home. "The possibility that the fox had rabies certainly was there." Mr. Weber said. The animal control officer and the boy's family anxiously awaited state Board of Health rabies tests results on Tuesday, which proved negative. "Relieved" was how they felt afterwards. And as for the bov, it's back to school, with a lesson from a fox behind him.

Transportation (DOT) indicated. RESIDENTS AND GOVERNMENT officials argued back and forth the pros and cons of the issue on Monday. Arthur Reuben, assistant planning director for Somerset County. said growth in housing and additional automobiles have resulted in traffic capacity problems on every county roadway. Completion of the interested will help alleviate the congestion, he said. On the other hand. Mr. Keck said that rcuilu of detailed studies conducted by DOT show a marginal need for 1-95. The completion of the road won't solve the problem of an overburdened Route 1 and would compound traffic problems on Rouic 206. be asserted. •

" T h e c o n c l u s i o n s b e c o m e inescapabk." he said. Mr. Keck indicated that the DOT is compiling a list of substitute projects to be funded if the highway is not completed. But according to Richard Williams, Somerset County director of economic development and president of the I-9S Action Committee. "A meager S215 million (in substitute funds) has been appropriated for highway funding for all 50 states." There is a project backlog of about $6 billion, he slid.

SCHOOL BUS routes and some parents' desires to have their children picked up at their babysitters' homes were the topic of Monday night's Franklin Board of Education meeting. See page 5 A.

Mr. Williams also believes that 1-95 will attract more industry and generate additional jobs in Somerset County. Franklin Mayor Philip Beachem agreed: "Completion of 1-95 will result in a substantial number of industries moving here. This will result in increased employment opportunities, not only for Franklin, but for the entire region." Sam Hamill. executive director of the Middlesex-Somersct-Mercer Regional Study Council, drew a different conclusion. He said that construction of 1-95 would severely train the local road system and would add to traffic rather than reduce it. Planning Board Chairman Bruce Hamilton said he opposes completion of the highway for environmental reasons. "We should take growth at a much more

measured pace," he said. Patricia Cherry, representing the Dclawarc-Raritan Girl Scout Council which has a facility in the township, and resident Bob Clark also opposed the project for environmental reasons. H o w e v e r , Franklin Industrial C o o r d i n a t o r J u l i u s V a r g a and Schoolbouse Road resident Dave London took stands in favor of completing the highway. "It (1-95) is one way to look for (tax) relief to offset the large residential development that's planned," he said.

business guide 15A classified 1-16B learning 5-6A letters J5A obituaries 12A police blotter 4A sports 16-17A town forum 14A weekly recipe 9A

This tank sits in front of the New Jersey National Guard building on Hamilton Street, pointed at passersby and at the township high school, located across the street. | • (Rich Pipejing photo)

The fanjc isn 't moving passing cars. "It started as a bit of light relief at a long township1 council meeting," said "Hit the's in-coming," Ms. Napier, "and I suppose I took it all sounded the words from Franklin High more serious than I should have." "Someone .suggested that we contact School. They were re-sounded by Henrietta Napier, acting township manager. the armory and I did," she said. The tank that sits in front of the 50th "Although I didn't want to start a war." Col. William Singleton answered the Armored Division at the New Jersey j National Guard on Hamilton Street sits manager's inquiry. "He was very nice directly on line with the high school and about it all. He explained that the tank by David Hill SUIT Writer

was an excellent recruiting card and that all the calls about it were positive. I was the first one to question the direction the tank is pointed, Ms. Napier said. Besides, the tank is inert and is' incapable of firing, according to Col. Singleton: Ms. Napier pointed out that she thought possibly a local woman's club' could plant flowers and bushes around the tank to brighten up the area.

In Rubin case

Traffic expert to be heard by Lois Cody Special Writer


A traffic consultant hired by Franklin residents is expected to present to township planners his traffic safety study of the John F. Kennedy Soulevard-Eastonj Avenue intersection where Rubin and Sons hope to build a two-story commercial complex. ! The center will house the Rubins' home and garden center along with; several other shops. , . : JFK area resident Joan Finucane asked the Franklin Township Planning Board to hear Clifton-based consultant Jack Artale's testimony before; voting on the;

controversial Rubins' proposal on Feb. 10. Mr. Artale's study is the second traffic analysis to be carried out at the Rubins' site. Somerville engineer John Silo performed the first study at the request of the Planning Board. Then, residents living near the site hired their own consultant to investigate safety questions they felt were not addressed in the Silo study. In an interview, Mrs. Finucane compared the two studies. They both examined the sight distance (visibility when entering and exiting the property) and counted the traffic flow at peak hours. The difference, she maintained,

lay in the Artale report's traffic gap study — an analysis of whether left turns from the Rubins' complex onto JFK Boulevard would pose a hazard. Mrs. Finucane said the citizen-funded Artale study also attempted to anticipate traffic generated from the Bonner and Hickory Knolls properties that border the Rubins' site. Those properties are expected to be multi-family housing developments one day. Mrs. Finucane would not discuss the results of the second report, but said that they would be made public at the February hearine. SOME MEMBERS of the large auSee RUBIN, page ISA.

• McCarter Theatre's Stage Two, which offers more experimental plays than its mainstage, opened a. new production last weekend. Fora review, see page 8. • Amid the gala and glitter of the recent round of inaugural celebrations, restaurant critic found lavish food. For her review, see page 19.

See page 4 of Time Off.

I he Franklin NEWS RECORD


Thursday, January 28,1982

quick takes Twp. to air public works concerns A meeting between the Somerset County Public Works Department and Fntokim Township employees to dbcuss mutual concerns will be held the first week of March. Among Township Council's suggested items to be discussed are improving Elizabeth Avenue, installing a light at Cedar Grove and Amwcll roads, removing the hump from Amwell Road, the widening of Franklin Boulevard to four lanes, maintaining Bunker Hill Road, the flooding in front ofthe Easton Center on Easton Avenue and installing a blinker at Bloomficld and Easton avenues. Also to be discussed arc reduction of the speed limit on South Middlcbush Road, and installing traffic lights at Matilda and Hamilton streets, at Highland Avenue and Hamilton Street, and at Route 27 between Veronica Avenue and the Sew Brunswick citv line.

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Neighborhood preservation topic of Saturday meeting at library The Neighborhood Preservation Program in Franklin will be the topic of a presentation at the public library on Saturday, Jan. 20 at 2 p.m. The get-acquainted program will be directed towards residents of die NPP target area bounded by Hamilton and Somerset streets, Veronica and Churchill avenues and Franklin Boulevard. Speakers will include Township Council members and representatives of private industry who will discuss membership in the home-renovation program. The meeting is sponsored by the local NPP advisory council.

Call TIME OUT — the recreation guideline The Franklin Township Department of Parks and Recreation offers a new line of assistance to residents seeking leisure services. For your convenience you can receive recorded recreation program details 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling TIME OUT — the Recreation Guideline — at 297-7330. The department provides activities that everyone can take part in including pre-schoolers, youth, teens, adults and senior citizens. Residents may join instructional programs, leagues, open recreation and club activities. "Take TIME OUT for life — Be in it," the Franklin Township Department of Parks and Recreation urges.



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Melting Icicles on the Canal House started to drip as the temperature rose slightly during mid-week. , „ • . , - . • •• u » \ a * a . ^ R i c h p, pe |, n g photo)

Buyers and Sellers meet teeelelfj

push for center at revenue sharing hearing


\ I

by Sandra Lowich Managing Editor

j Despite the township's decision t o ' Allocate federal revenue sharing funds to police salaries again this year, about IS senior citizens continued to push for funds for construction of a central meeting place for seniors during a meeting Monday night. CJHlROPftACTlC PHYSICIAN j Revenue sharing funds historically By A00»lntmiH Ihave been used in Franklin to offset police salaries and wages. MMUHC1NC "If we had to absorb the $272,042 CHANGE OF HOURS: ;(the federal allotment) under the cap, it MortqrtkiMSkFrifcgr would probably mean we (the township) 3MPJLtitMPJL would have to fire at least 15 percent of our police," Acting Township Manager MO ULto1240 Henrietta Napear indicated. _l "We know the money already has ^ IMR JM r 4 ^3Cen ^located and- this is an act of s. 8om«c
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Anne Livingston, president of the Franklin Township Senior Citizens Club. "I would have thought this year there would have been something more concrete for the use of that $272,000 — like a senior citizen center," said Morris Levine of Franklin Greens. The township is faced with a cut of $63, revenue sharing funds.this year, Ms. Napear said in response to a query from senior citizen John Geoghan. The loss in funding is caused by "a cut made by 'the present administration in Washington," she said, and arevisionin the allotment formula. Some 568 municipalities in the state receive revenue sharing funds, Ms. Napear said. Lynn Lazarus, senior citizen director for the township Parks and Recreation Department, anticipates that the seniors will make another presentation to Township Council in February when the municipal budget is expected to be introduced.


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I he Franklin NEWS RECORD


Wind tower generates interest by David Hill the Packet Group

by the Szegeski family, has been located in Franklin for 36 years, according to Kenneth Szegeski, a family partner.

The propeller you see from Como Drive this spring will not be a low-flying airplane —• but Ted Gieriich's wind tower. The Franklin Township Zoning Board of Adjustment unanimously gave him permission to construct a power generator in the form of a wind propeller standing 80-feet in the air on his property.

The company serves wholesale foods to area schools, hospitals and caterers. They deliver the products by their own refrigerated trucks and the company wishes to enlarge its operation. Board questioning centered on whether the company will remain largely wholesale or whether it will expand into a retail operation. "I will support this as long as it doesn't turn into a store with display aisles and a large retail trade," said board member Theodore Chase. Mr. Szegeski answered that they have only a small walk-in business and these customers must make their purchases from a catalog. The company employees can give advice on products to purchase, but this is the only service provided to walk-in customers. There is no browsing and Crystal has no plans for this type of operation. An expert witness. Robert Hyer. a real estate appraiser in the New Brunswick area for 20 years, testified that the area property value would not be adversely affected by Crystal building on the two-acre site. The board voted unanimously to allow the; company to build on the two acres. The attorney for the company. James

Mr. Gicrlich recently bought 30 acres of agricultural and woodland on Como Drive which he plans to subdivide for later sale. He will build a home on the land beginning this spring. "My plans are to provide the house's electricity totally from the wind tower. 1 have high expectations and am excited about this. It will cost me at least $14,000; so, it's not a frivolous toy:" he commented after the meeting. Members of the board were complimentary of Mr. Gieriich's plans. "1 hope this idea is the coming thing — wind to generate electricity," said board member Edward Hance.

Follow the solid ice road The great ice way leads to this home along Canal Road. (Rich Pipeling photo)

Federal Express wants drop-off boxes


by Sandra Lowicfa Managing Editor

Fodera! Exprcw t* seeking permission to msuJ! its parrel drop-off boxes throughout Franklin Township's industrial sector. "Convenience" is the reason why the package delivery company wants eight boxes ptacetl at locations on Elizabeth Avenue, Campus Dnvc. Davidson Avenue. Cottoniail Lane and School house Road "A tot of people use FcdcraJ Express on a daily basis, especially in this town." Joseph Schweers. a Federal Express representative said. "They prefer to go to a spot and drop off rather than have us come for a second or late pickup. "Our research shows people will only go so far out of their way." Mr. Schwecrs said, explaining the need for the boxes to be installed on public nght-of-ways. Franklin is the company's seventh highest concentration service area in the state. Mr. Schweers indicated. The red. white and blue boxes already have been placed in several NJ com-

munities, including Newark. Fairfield and Lyndhurst TowTO generally enter into a 12-month trial agreement and sometimes insert a 30-day c a n c e l l a t i o n c l a u s e . Mr. Schweers said. if the township decides to enter into an agreement, it will receive a per annum fee from Federal Express plus a fee ranging from $10 to S300 per box. according to Mr. Schweers said. Federal Express, with a facility located in town, continually will maintain the sturdy boxes, he said. Councilman Andy Schnatter questioned whether the township would have to allow competitive air express companies to install their boxes, once Federal Express is given permission. Of the company's competitors, only two utilize outdoor boxes. Mr. Schweers said. Council directed Township Attorney Stanley Cutler to review the legality of the question. In addition. Franklin Industrial Coordinator Julius Varga is expected to speak to companies in the industrial zone to get their opinions on the box proposal. On Feb. 4 Township Council again will discuss the matter.

Board member Michael Nazar questioned if the tall-standing tower would be located within Mr. Gieriich's property line so that if it fell, it would not extend onto the neighbor's property. Mr. Gierlich answered, "The tower will be well over 80 feet inside my property. Besides it's designed to be anchored in 30 tons of concrete and withstand winds of 120 miles per hour." Mr. Nazar also questioned the possibility of a propeller blade breaking loose and flying onto a neighbor's property. To this, Mr. Gicrlich responded that the blades are made of a teflon material that bends on impact with another object. Thus there would not be such damage, he said. In other business. Crystal Products, a wholesale food supplier on High Street in Franklin Township, gained variance approval to build a new building to house its company on Veronica Avenue. The area is zoned for light manufacturing, which prohibits any retail establishment. Crystal Products, owned and operated

Stahl of Bonus. Golden and Folcy. pointed out that the company would not be moving from Franklin and turning over its building to another operation that might instill a retail trade. Also, he said that the construction of the building would include refrigeration rooms that would not lend themselves easily to conversion for other uses. The new board member in his approval vote said that National Tire Association on Veronica Drive is already selling on a retail basis and that the new company would not create additional traffic. The traffic to be added by Crystal is a negligent increase, said Mr. Hyer in response to questioning. In his approval vote. Edward Hance said . that Veronica Avenue is already becoming a shopping center zone. He also said that he's glad the company is staying in the township. Council member Albert Besscnyci said. "We should get more non-store business on Veronica. Until now. it's been a road in the woods between Somerset and High streets." The vote was 7 to 0 in favor of the variance as long as the small retail portion of the business remained incidental to the wholesale supply and sale of ; food products. .


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The Franklin NEWS RECORD


Thursday, January 28,1982

police blotter was charged with driving under the Piscataway police officers, Sgt. John influence of alcohol on Jan. 21 at 2:56 Grimm and Pti. George Mauria, coming out of a wooded area near the canal. The a.m.. police report. PUs. Carl Lizzano and Lance Eisen Piscataway officers said that they had A burglary- and theft occurred at a were on patrol on DeMott Lane when chased three suspects across the frozen Simpson Road residence on Jan. 20. Ms. Vatcnte almost struck their patrol river and canal. police said Someone entered through car. police said. The officers stopped the the front door. *hich had been left Both officers got into the Franklin motor vehicle and found Ms. Valente car, spotted the three suspects unlocked, and stole S2. police said. A 19T7 Buxk. valued at W.000. intoxicated, police said. She was ar- patrol into a car, chased them and cut fiofcn from a Fnaldin dnvrway on Jan rested and a court date was set for Feb. 8 getting the car off at the traffic light by Un19 between 9-30 and II a.m.. police at 6:30 p.m. claimed Salvage Co. on Easton Avenue. 1 A burglary and theft occurred at a A backup police car, with Pti. Richard Hillcresi Avenue residence on Jan. 20. Recine, arrested the three who had stolen police report. Entry was gained through Franklin police assisted the property in their car, police said. They A burglary and theft occurred a: a the rear door and a .32 caliber revolver Piscataway Police Department with the were turned over to Piscataway police. North Dover Avcaue residence on Jan and jewelry were stolen. capture and arrest of three suspects The three were identified as: William 20 i l about l a m . according to police charged with possession of stolen prop- Fenton, Thomas Lush and Robin Entry was gained by smashing the front erty on Jan. 19. police said. Cushman, all of Edison. door. During the burglary, the crm-ncr Sgt. Richard Canovasio was on patrol case home and the two buxglin fkd out Dcbra A Vatente of New Brunswick on Easton Avenue when he observed two A burglary occurred at a Johasoo Road residence on Jin 19. police report A wiadow was broken, the burglar alarm touoded. and the burgltr was scared m j , police said

the rear door. A portable TV was stolrn.

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Squad air horns will be turned off fora trial period by Sandra Lowtch Managing Editor

confirm the noise is deafening," said Mayor Phil Beachem, who recommended the 30-day test period following a Two of the five air horns on top the News-Record account of the situation. East Millstone First Aid Squad building The first aid squad, which owns the should be shut off for a trial period, siren, has no objection to shutting off probably during the month of March, two of the five sirens, according to squad Township Council members rec- captain Naomi Shimala. ommended last Thursday, Jan. 21. The test period will be monitored by The sound level of the sirens has been Franklin Fire Inspector John Baab to the brunt of complaints by East Mill- ensure "a fair recording," Mayor stone residents who say the siren volume Beachem said. is too loud and startling, causing disrupCouncilman Robert Mettler suggested tion in their lives. They are seeking a that only the sirens pointed east be cut reduction in the noise intensity. during the test period. He added that he The siren goes off whenever a call "had reservations about doing somecomes in for the squad or the Millstone thing that two-thirds of those who use it, Valley fire department and regularly on object to." Saturday at about noon when the device There are drawbacks with plektrons is tested for emergency signaling (an alternate source of notification), he purposes. said. The siren, he indicated, augments "I've talked to residents who all the electronic system.

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Thunday, Janawy 28,1982

The Franklin News Record

School bus route policy discussed by Lob Cody Special Writer

At the Public Library Winter storytime AAUW meeting

LESS ENTHUSIASTIC about expanding : bus routes, board member Margaret Schcrbina was concerned that "this could deteriorate into a virtual taxi s e r v i c e , " She contended that the school's basic purpose is to educate, saying that it is already overloaded with providing extra services. "It's pan of your responsibility (to arrange for your children's transportation) when you decide to take a job," Mrs. Scherbina said. Board member Janet Salzman agreed that the school system should riot take on additional busing burdens. "Not everything has to be laid at the school "4 doorstep," she said. Dr. Whyie warned the board to ""Watch what you're doing." He said a basic policy change could have an impact on state aid because mileage reimbursement is estimated from a child's THE PROBLEM tor parents is that home address. "Tread very lightly on rainy ire unjbt; s<> !tnd a sitter on the this." be told the board. Responding to board member Walter same bus ruutr In testers to the board. Hauk's suggestion that a school-located they rw.c described situations vthere day-care center might be an alternative bungled vhcdvilcs pu! their jobs in to busing, board member Edwina Lee jeopardy asked for some documentation before Board rrxmlvT hdvward Setter potnted continuing the discussion. out. "The reahly !•> — parents must Mrs. Lee offered a motion to in•*nd It's i trend JH«J *e'll have to vestigate day care within the school tnxiify transfHfiaiii'O I^f parents »ho sy stem and make a pnee comparison of caaooi pn>viJe it. " he saiJ day care versus busing. She also called Agrcsin* •* uh Mr Vcttcr. board for information on slate laws to be made member Laxur'J 'I«>bia.s said. "'We have available to the board before they atan oMisatu:n t<> the 2i>0 i.olt cath sear tempt to modify transportation policy.

That some students are dented bus rules on vehicles that run on other than their assigned routes, even though there may be s c a t s a v a i l a b l e , w a s acknowledged reluctantly by George McLaughhn. supervisor of the transportation office, at the Franklin Tovwnship Board of Education's Monday night meeiingThc board gathered to discuss what they termed a "long standing problem" of parental requests to drop off and pick up children at babysitters' homes. Every seas they receive arixjnd 200 requests for the route transfers School Superintendent Ronald Wh>te emphasized iru;. "We do pick .up and deliver if the ^hitd i> on ihc same route is the siticr

"The Effect of the Reagan Tax Package on Personal T a x e s " will be presented by Rene Schlag at the Feb. 3 meeting of the New Brunswick Area Branch of the AAUW at the Franklin Township Library on DeMott Lane at 8 p.m. Membership in the American Associa-

tion of University Women is open to any woman who has earned a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or ; university. Further membership^ information may be obtained from Adelaide Smith at 846-3593 or from Judith Conger at 254-8362.

Rent-A-Pet The Franklin Township Library's Commodore Pet Computer has been a big hit in the community. As a matter of fact, it is difficult at times to get near the computer. To make sure that everyone who wants to can use the computer, the library has decided that as of Feb. 1 patrons must reserve and pay for computer time in advance. • Time can be reserved in blocks of one

half hour up to two hours at a cost of $1 per half hour. There will be no refunds on unused time. If there are no reservations, time will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. The charge will be the same — $1 for a half hour. We are certain that this policy will give everyone equal opportunity to use the computer. So come — Rent-A-Pct at your library.

Cub Scout Pack 113 holds Pinewood Derby Cub Scout Pack 113, sponsored by the Somerset Presbyterian Church, held one of their most exciting annual events — the Pinewood Derby — on Wednesday, Jan. 20. at 7:30 p.m. Each Cub Scout fashioned a racing car out of a standard Pinewood Derby car kit. Then, out of 42 entries, each car had to lose two races before it could be eliminated from the competition.

Fenwick to address Founders Club dinner toward its goals Mrs. Fenwick is familiar with independent school education, having attended the Foxcroft School in Middlcbury. Va before going on to Columbia University, and the New .School fox Social Research. In addition to her congressional duties she is currently serving as a trustee of Stevens Institute of Technology, the New Jersey Historical Society, the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra and the Newark Museum. This year's Founder's Club fundraising c a m p a i g n i s b e i n g l e d by co-chairmen Stanley P. Kaufeldt, president; of May fair Super Markets, and Robert Mettler. councilman of Franklin Township.

After-school program offered by Girl Scouts

Six hundred and fifty Brownies are expected to attend a New Jersey Heritage Day sponsored by the Dclaware-Raritan Girl Scout Council. The event, which will require the volunteer efforts of more than 135 adults and 50 Cadette, and Senior Girl Scouts, will be held at the North Brunswick High School on Saturday,,Jan. 30, from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. According to the Heritage Day coordinator, Bette Fetterly of Somerset, the event is designed to involve girls in activities demonstrating various aspects of New Jersey history. The Brownies will visit activity stations centering around five major themes — English Com Husk Dolls, Swedish Flying Birds and German Scissorschnitzen. Indian Clay Coil Pots, Wampum and Ceremonial Masks, and Dutch Cork Birds. Each group of Brownies will be guided

Complete smorgasbord , salad & ethnic main dishes

The first-place winner was Michael Blinnc; second place, Gary Pellicano; third place, Chris Tuttle. Winners in other categories included: Jason Gonella for "Most Like a Car;" Scott Bowman, "Most Original;" and Rahul Gupta, "Most Authentic." All the winners were awarded trophies and each participant received a blue ribbon.

COMEDY-**™ Comedians from top New York dubs, come early, get the first laugh. $3. admission

Banquet facilities available from 20-200 *TOC A4L1.4


321 South Main St., Manville

salary + commhrioa

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- • • • * - > #*d S^wtmtifst S*K* H77

to visit the shops and meet current students For more information, call 586-5144 or 883-8012




\!>rr:hv;s al the American Oem Soaety


2 0 °*40 % OH WATER...............


Vocational Technical SchoolsFriday. January 29. 1982. 7:00 P.M. Interested410th graders their parents are ktvhed to attend an open house at tne ASSUNPINK CENTER 1085 Old Trenton Road Trenton, New Jersey 08690

3.99 32-oz. Humidifier

PEAT POTS Mercer County Area

Reg. 39 C



Appraisal Services

by a Cadette Girl Scout who will narrate a story about the station theme. Each girl will be given the opportunity to participate. in a hands-on activity related to the theme, \ such as stringing wampum or making cork birds. Every leader who has registered her troop for the event has received a packet of information and activities to introduce the.', girls io their New Jersey Heritage. Thev packet includes an outline of the state withlL cutoutV depicting some of its outstanding'. features — ; beaches. Pine Barrens,--, tomatoeg. the Statue of Liberty etc. The girls were instructed to put the cutouts in the appropriate places on the New Jersey map. ,-. -; Inforariatioh and material were prepared' by Mrs. Fetterly with the help of the New! Jersey Historical Society, the Trenton His-j torical Society, the Franklin Township, Historical Society and the Middlesex1 County Historical Society. i

(see Classified Section)

this newspaper

of what it would be like to have a career in that field." Instructors for the course all are volunteers from Somerset. Georgia Koposco. a teacher in the adult school, will teach the course in food art. The clowning course will be instructed by Linda Gargiulo. and Sharon Wiggins, a make-up specialist with Mary Kay Cosmetics, u. ill teach the make-up, hair and nail care course. Annette Berkowitz will conduct the calligraphy course.

Brownies to go to NJ Heritage Day

Earn Up to $25,000- 1st year


For the second year the Delaware-Run tan Girl Scout Council is offering J.T alter-school program at the Sampson G Smith school in Somerset. The pmcram. to lake place on six consecutive Tuoday. and Thursdays. began Jan. 2r> Seventy girls have registered lor classes in I'mxl art. clowning, rruic-up. ruir and nail care, and calligraphy Acu*rdtng to Peggy Kohn. project coordinator, the courses were selected to c u e the participants a "taste

the Children's Department for specific dates and times.

The Franklin Township Public Library is now accepting registration for their winter storytime series. Please contact

who need some consideration."

'wnijiive Milliccnt Fenwick. Republ!-:an 5;h District, will address the fourth jnr.uai H raise l a m c j to JT"side additwtuS wf>>ijr»hipv increase endowment, jtrxi develop new learning facilities lr» it> lirst three years, the nearly SI 3o.tsm contributed by the members of the Founders Oub WJA used to renovate the art *>*'jd:«\ rcturbish the biology. chemistry and physics laboratories. partially fund the school's computer and increase endowment. Each sear members are honored at a special dinner where they learn about the h l \ future plans and progress




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WINDSHIELD...... Reg. 7.99 WASHER .. 88' 4 9 ' Fireplace Wood

DRESS PANTS Energy Sever

Fluorescent Bulb & ADAPTER



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Fireplace Log

TONGS....~......~. 4.99 Sorry, N o Rainchecks


I bo Franklin NEWS RECORD


FHS announces


for 'Guys and Dolls' Franklin Towmbip High School in-

Hone; Karen Doswell, Mimi; Ann

inuum'cd fix cast for its upcoming prodocoaa of "Guys and Dolls."" a

over, Melba Collier, Linda Manteria,

Marie Simko. Cartwright.

Sbonda Foster, Karin Smith, Wendy Ward. Holly Lehr and Jodi Miller, with

Three of (be lead roles have been given to jasaan. ICatfay Jones has been cast as Sarah Bro*n. Mirk Burgess as Sky Mxsenon: Mary Lynn Suaeck is Miss Adelaide, and sophomore Greg Stmko will portray Nathan Detroit "Ckryt and Dotti" will be performed Fridays aad Saturdays. March 12 and 13. 19 aad 20 ai g' p m « the high ichooj aoditonum Baaed on a story and characters by Damon Runyon. the musK and lyrics are by Frank Locvscr, the book by Jo Swerlnsg aod Abe Burrows

James Denning. Drunk/Waiter/M.C; Judi Silver. Agatha: Steven Mesulam. Calvin. Reggie Alston, Corporal; lisa CrimsJey. ExheJ. Pat Yacooe. Angie the Ox The Hot Box Dancers are Rente Mayenon. Linda Ftshman, Debt Cutler, Ramona HoiJoway. Danielle Biunno. Tern Surrett. Maureen Murphy, Karen Prather. Christy Else and Karen Doswell. » Crapshooterv'danccn,'chorus members are Walter Briscese, Luke Lynch, Bob Breesc. Owen Tarantino. George Alfred. Aaron Haba. Beckford, Scoti Burgess. The crapshootcrs' molls, dancers/chorus members are Mindy Altschul. Diane Van Houten. Amy Loeb. Robin Kelter. Vija Evcrsons. Christina Muchanic. Susan Con-

aiatcai fabfc of Broad1* iv.




Also. Ramon Cuevas as Big Juk;

OTHEE MEMBEKS of the casi are Richard McCIendon. Nicely-Nicley: Raymond V'efcko. Benny Souihsaret; James Scull. Joey Biltmore and Rusty Charlie. Lloyd Mathis. Arvide Abemathv. Frank Nemeth. Harrv the

assistant directors Cathy Van Houten and Ellen Aaronson. PRODUCER/MUSICAL director Christine Thick says she feels "encouraged and pleased by the cooperation and support of so many departments, "adding that stage direction is by Robert Thick; set design and construction, Dan Morley; choreography, Deborah Pryor; c o s t u m e s . Marae McGhec; program/poster design, commercial art students of Judy Balaban; printing by the students of Joseph Lanni; business management, Bary Danzigcr, publicity. Franklin Adult/Community Education. "With so much cooperation, I know this show will be a success," says Ms. Thick. For ticket information, call Franklin Townshfp High School at ( 2 0 1 ) 873-2400, extension 221 or 545-4229.

Thursday, January 28,1982

Franklin students participate in Very Special Arts Festival Joanne DiNapoli, Special Education art teacher in the Franklin Township school system, recently attended the Very Special Arts Festival at Middlesex County College, an event designed by1 the New Jersey Committee on Arts for the Handicapped. Twenty-nine students from Concrly, MacAfce, Hillcrest and Franklin High Schools accompanied Mrs. DiNapoli. The festival is designed as a model to enable full participation by handicapped c h i l d r e n and a d u l t s . S t u d e n t s participated in mural painting, pantornine. face and body painting. In other art department news, 6 MacAfee students of Mrs. DiNapoli's will exhbit at the Second Annual Gallery Exhibit for Special Artists which will be held at the new Somerset County Library from Feb. 7 through 27. All artists, friends and family are welcomed to attend the reception which will take place on Feb. 7 at the barrier-free library. A show, group demonstration

exquisitely designed

ALEXANDERS DEGRASSE contributes her painting talents to a mural, part of the activities at the Very Special Arts Festival at Middlesex County College. and refreshments also are planned. The exhibitors f;om MacAfee are Keith Brewer. Alonzo Cole, Shondel Greenwood, Marcetta Jarrett, Venessa Jackson and George Smick. Some of Mrs. DiNapoli's students from Conerly also exhibited at the Guggenheim Mu-

I Morso Stoves

seum's Year of the Child in December and January. Gaar Lund, supervisor of art for the Franklin Township schools, stated that he is pleased that Franklin youngsters can now participate in these enriching events because of Mrs. DiNapoli's expertise.


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I he franklin NEWS RECORD



Pappas ispresident of Republican Club

Local pastor named AGOLDEN DRAGON group staff counselor

Several committee chairmen also were appointed by the new president. Oab hdd d u week tt O'CosBon Rtifiwiut, MVtur I P i f y t of 97 Raayoa Are. was elected president. Mr. P*pf*s has beon a lifeioog reaidcat of Frankhn Township. He his served c a the Bond of Adjustment *s so tf~ || *f m*mt^r and i$ serving oo the Franklin Township Pluming Board.

The Rev. David C. Olsen of the State University College, and an M.Phil, Community Baptist Church on DeMott from Drew University in psychology and Lane has been appointed staff counselor religion. He also has done graduate work for die Pastoral Conmrling Service of in psychology at Albany State UniverNorthern New Jersey's Somerset office. sity. The c o u n s e l i n g s e r v i c e i s a Currently Rev. Olsen is working on non-sectarian, tax-exempt religious his dissertation for a Ph.D. at Drew membership corporation, passed on by University. In addition to academic the Depaitutent of Institutions and Agen- training he has received over 280 hours cies of the State of New Jersey. The of clinical supervision. Pastoral Counseling Service was or- Rev. Olsen is an ordained Baptist ganized and incorporated in 1966 for the minister and has served as a minister for purpose of providing counseling, refer- over eight years. He has also worked ral, educational and training services, all with Clergy Consultants, an interof which are under the direction of denominational counseling service, for pastoral counselors. two and a half years. There are no geographical, creedal, He is certified by the American Asreligious, ethnic or racial restrictions for sociation of Pastoral Counseling and persons wishing to use these services. holds membership in the American AsThe Pastoral Counseling Service works sociation of Mental Health Counselors in cooperation with other pastoral coun- and the American Personnel and Guidseling centers of the greater metropolitan ance Association. area. Rev. Olsen will take referrals for Rev. Olsen holds four academic counseling in his Somerset office and degrees. He received both a B.A. and will work with individuals, couples, or Th.B. from Northeastern Bible College, families. He can be reached for appointan M.S. in counseling from Oneonta ments at 246-1122 or 247-7534.

Is his HiA'f |^A>KT speech, Mr.

sQesseo tn^ isscoctsoce of citi^^n is* voivemeat in «D ispetts of township government. He pledged to speak out and inform the public whenever issues arise which have a profound effect upon the citizens of Franklin Township. Other officers elected were as follows: First Vice President: Robert dark: Second Vice President: Linda Vestal; Treasurer Paul Van Nest; Recording Secretary: Joanne McGUl; Corresponding S e c r e t a r y : L o u i s e P u c i l l o ; Sergeant-at-arms: Skip Nelson: Trustees: Valerie Huneke and Jack Gregary; Past President: Andrea Lanfht. Michael Pappas

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Open 7 days a week for lunch & dinner. TAKE OUT ORDERS

Classified ads reach 30,000 families weekly.


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Shrimp or Seafood S a l a d . . . . $4.99 ib Live Maine Lobster . . . . . . . . $5.49 ib. Large Shrimp. $8.95 ib (Peeled and deveined)


East Millstone First Aid Squad officers for 1982 installed last Tuesday are (left to right) Betty Burtis, vice president; Osie Van Nuys, secretary; Shirley Martin. 2nd lieutenant; Roy Martin, presi-

Janet Fillmore will serve as Undergraduate Fellow DELAWARE. Ohio — Janet Fillmorc of Somerset, a senior ai Ohio Wesleyan University, will serve as an Undergraduate Fellow in the University journalism department spring term. Undergraduate Fellowships are awarded by the Student Programs Sub-CommiRce to students who have

shown excellence in their major. The Fellowships can involve research, teaching assistance, or other designated departmental duties. They carry a stipend of SI85 a term and may be awarded for one. two, or three terms. Miss Fillmorc is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Fillmore. 24 Conerly Rood. Somerset.

Clinton 735-5121

dent; Betty Hart, treasurer; Naomi Shimalia, captain, and Tom Huie, retiring president who will be a trustee in 1982. Not pictured is Josie Martens, 1st lieutenant.

Hrs: Mon.-Thurs. 10-6; Fri. 10-7; Sat 10-6 OTHER LOCATIONS Flomington Pennington . . 782,2881 (609)737-1878 1


of the American Board of Ophthalmology* Specializing in Examinations, Diseases, and Surgery of the IY1 take pleasure in announcing the opening of an additional








• " • '










' • # *

• *





NEW OFFICE In HILLSBOROUGH tmtmtdet MtiMitmtMiii-DMtM^ihr



T«Li (Ml) I744MI

Moore earns ISU degree AMES. Iowa—Audrey Elizabeth Moore of Somerset earned a bachelor's of science degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Biology from Iowa State University on Dec. 19. ISU awarded 1.081 degrees to its first semester-system graduates in 62 years. All but the last term for these graduates was spent under the quarter system at ISU. The university converted to semesten beginning b i t fall. Bachelor's degrees were awarded to

785 graduates, master's degrees to 184 and Ph.D. degrees to 100. Nine persons received certificates in agriculture and three received specialist degrees. The number of undergraduate degrees awarded by college was as follows: Agriculture 154. Design 84. Education^ 83. Engineering 139. Home Economiff 62 and Sciences and Humanities'263. Three students graduated in the Honors Program. 72 "With Distinction" and three in both the Honors Program and "With Distinction."

Fischer completes Army course Second U . Carl E. Fischer, son of He is a 1977 graduate of St. Peter's Francis E- and Marion E. Fischer of 21 High School. New Brunswick. Lake Ave., Somerset, has completed a cornmunjcaooca and electronics staff officer coerce ai the U.S. Army Field Artillery School. Fort Sill. (Ma. Marine Cpl. Michael C. Hydro, son of Isstroctsoa is given in tactics and Faye Hydro of 42 Whittier Ave.. Some- • c o m b i n e d a r m s , r a d i o t e l e p h o n e net. has been promoted to his present procedures aad security, maintenance, rank while serving with Headquarters wire C'l'ninwfTiKitfK*wf and vinous kinds and Maintenance Squadron 36. Marine of communications and electronics Corps Air S t a t i o n . Futenma. on Okinawa.

Hydro promoted

*Tkey teitl continue to practice at their original office at The Community Medial Arts BWg.

Feb. 1-5 MONDAY — Hotdog

WEDNESDAY — Spaghetti with b r a n sod BKSt sSBCCft green • roB, or- batter, Jdfa, milk.


515 Church SttMt. Bound Brook. M. J. 0B806 T*.:(2D1)3W-72BJ

Offlco Hour* by Appointmont Only




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NOTICE All porsom who with to filo nominating petitions os oBncKaaiwi for •Uction to t t M MSftVnl# vO#CQ Of BOHICStiCMI' IHtfjML

filo with tho •oord Socrwtary on -or

Franklin Twp. School lunch menu Grades 1-6



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MERIT Regular & Menthol

recipe of the week Editor's Note: the following is another in our series of reputedly **tried and true*' favorite recipes prepared for the News-Record by Nancy Sodle of the Cedar Wood Woman's Club. We will print them in a size convenient for dipping and saving. Regretfully, however, we cannot take responsibility for their success. CRAB-BROCCOLI BAKE • 1 pkg. frozen broccoli spears • 2 T. butter • 2 T. onionr finely chopped • 'A t. salt

SHOWN ABOVE at Shadyrest Home are (left to right) Carolyn Newman, Linda Chaffee of FWC, Estelle Lages, Jo Guzzo of FWC. and Marion Peters (owner of Shadyrest).

December was 'Can-Can' time at woman's club I

December vns "Can-Can" time at Franklin Woman's Club. Not a single short frilly skin or high kicking heel in sight —jusi caring and sharing members who decorated many, many empcy coffee cans and nude hundreds of cookies to fill them. This Candy Cookie program has been a special holiday project of the American Home Life and Social Services Departments of the Sew Jersey State Federation of Women's Clubs and the Franklin Woman's Club for more than 20 years THE ASSORTMENT of cookies and




the decorated coffee cans were brought to Jo Guzzo's kitchen on Bennett Lane and with the help of Dehlia Shamy, Alice Moore. Lennie LaTeko. Belna Perry. Louise Crum and Marguerite Klaus, more than 90 decorated coffee cans were filled with candy and cookies. Jus^ before the holidays. Ms. Guzzo. FWC chairman oT this project, assisted by FWC members Linda Chaffee and Flo Raup. delivered the candy and cookies to Shadyrcst Home. King James Nuning Home and Emanucl Home.

• 2 T. flour • 1 cup milk • 1 cup sharp cheddar cheese, shredded • I T . lemon Juice • Vi 1b. cooked crab meat Heat oven to 350°. Cook broccoli according to package instructions until barely done. Arrange broccoli in the bottom of a 1-qt. casserole. Saute onions in butter; stir in salt and flour. Gradually add milk, stirring constantly. Add cheese and cook over a low flame until thickened. Stir in lemon juice. Add crab meat and pour over broccoli. Bake until bubbly and browned, about 30 minutes.

CWWC pens membership The Cedaf Wood Woman's Club announces openings in membership to (his organization which meets the second Wednesday of the month at Concrly Road School at 8:30 p.m.

Women of all ages are welcome to go to a meeting or to give the membership chairman a call for additional details on how to become active with CWWC. Ann Shamy can be reached at 201-545-5346.

Meadows Foundation Candlelight Concerts begin second season Sunday, Jan. 31, marks the second season of the "Candlelight Concert Series" at the Van Wickle House, 1289 Easton Ave., in Somerset. The first concert will present Jorge Gardos, first violinist of the Amacorda String Quartet and Concertmaster of the Garden State Symphonic "pops" Orchestra, and the Camarata Chamber Players. String quartet soloists for the evening will include Jorge Gardos, violin; Zyta Piechowska, violin; Maryhelen Ewing, viola; and Stephen Ballou, cello. The performance will begin at 8 p.m., and will include a program of works by Telcmann, Haydn, and Dvorak, set against the background of the big room at the historic Van Wyckle House. Admission is free and a reception to meet the artists will follow the performance. Refreshments will be sold, courtesy of the Van Wickle Dames, and guided tours of the historic house will be available for newcomers. Prior to the concert, there will be a 7 p.m. meeting of the Meadows Foundation. The public is invited to both the meeting and the concert. However, due to limited seating, reservations should be made by phoning 828-1812 or 249-6770. Future Sunday concerts include, Joan Wiest, soprano, and Michael Stumpfle, tenor, on .Feb. 21; Mary Beth Vetter, i violinist, and Holly Scudder, soprano, on March 21, and An Evening of Chamber Music, on April 18. The Sec-

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Reformed Church Women slates rummage, cookie sale Refreshments will be available. Sriow-date is Saturday. Feb. 6.

Rosary Society to hold meeting The St. Matthias Rosary-Altar Society of Somerset will hold its monthly meeting on Wednesday. Feb. 3. in the school cafeteria following the recitation of the

rosary and benediction at 8 p.m. The guest speaker will be Edward Ledford. director of the Better Business Bureau.

The Music Man' preview slated There will be a special preview performance of "The Music Man," on Thursday evening, Jan. 28, sponsord by Temple Beth El of Somerset, for senior citizens from throughout Central New Jersey. The performance at the Sampson G. Smith School on Amwell Road will be filmed by Cross Country Cable and will be aired in the Somerville area during the week of Feb. 8.

Gifts that make a difference for Special Valentine People.

SHOWN ARE Linda Chaffee of FWC (standing in rear) and (left to right) Lydia Young and George Carey at King James Nursing Home. Jo Guzzo was chairwoman of the project for Franklin Woman's Club.

be open for its winter clothing clearance. Also.! household, jewelry, books and various odds and ends will be for sale.

Further information and applications are available by phoning 828-1812, or by writing "1982 Young Artist's Auditions" Competition, The Meadows Foundation, 1289 Easton Avenue, Somerset, New Jersey 08873, Attention: Auditions Chairman.

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The Reformed Church Women will sponsor a Rummage and Cookie Sale at the Middlebush Reformed Church. Am»ell Road, on Saturday. Jan. 30 from 9 a.nv to 1 p.m. In addition, the Ncariv New Nook will

ond Annual Mother's Day Concert will be presented by flutist Miriam Lynn Nelson, and harpist Andre Tarantiles, on May 9. The Foundation also will be sponsoring a "Young Artist's Auditions" competition, and will present the winners in recital on June 6. Prospective applicants must be studying privately and enrolled in junior high, high school, or in an undergraduate college program.

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RIDER COLLEGE School For Continuing Studies SPRING 1982

REGISTRATION February 3-4 10:00 a.o.-8:00 p.m. February 5 10:00 a.n.-2:00 p.a.


Library Bldg. Room 137



: : : :

6:40 8:15 6:30 6:45

- 8:00 p.m. - 9:45 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. - 9:45 p.m.


ACCOUITISG Introductory Accounting Introductory Accounting Introductory Accounting Introductory Accounting Introductory Accounting tost Accounting I Cost Accounting II Hanagerisl Accounting Interaediate Accounting I r. te m e d i a t e Accounting Auditing II Advanced Accounting I Advanced Accounting II Federal Ts*es I Federal Taxes II



5C0H0MICS Operation of the F. conoaic Systea Operation of the Econoaic Systea Price Sys tea Pr ce Systea Transp ortation Econoaics ?I3A3CS Introduction to Finance Introduction to Finance Money and Banking Managerial Finance II Investaenta Property and Casualty Insurance Seal Estate

M-Z V-Z M-Z V-Z M-Z M-Z V-Z T-Z Th-Z M-Z Th-Z Th-Z

W.ASA3SMEST ? u n d a a e n t a 1 s o f Manageaent L- L ? u r. d a a « n t a 1 a of Xanageoent V-Z Principles of Labor Relations M-Z Personnel Adainistration M-Z Compensation Adainistration Th-Z Hussn Resource Developaent Th-Z Collective Bargaining Th-Z Snail Business Hanagenent T-Z Interpersonal and Group Processes v-z MAHKSTIIC M-Z Marketing Principles Th-Z Marketing Principles M-Z Social Issues in Marketing V-Z Industrial Marketing T-Z Consumer Behavior T-Z Retailing Management V-Z Creative Advertising Marketing Management Seminar M-Z


COMMUNICATIONS Mass Media Communication 'Mass Media Communication Documentary Traditions in Film

BIOLOGY Introduction to Plant 4 Environmental Biology (4) M-Z Introduction to Plant 4 Environmental Biology Lab(O) V-Z Reproductive Biology M-Z Pathogenic Bacteriology (4) T-Z Pathogenic Bacteriology Lab (0) Th-Z

M-Z T-Z M-Z T-Z Th-Z T-Z V-Z V-Z T-Z Th-Z Th-Z Th-Z M-Z T-Z M-Z

3'JSISESS ABMISISTRATIOX A H D L A V M-Z Business Law I V-Z Business Lav 1'. M-Z iocta. and Legal Environaent T-Z Social and Legal Env i ronnent Social and Legal Env ironnent V-Z Social and Legal Environaent Th-Z V-Z Business Law III Th-Z Business Law IV M-Z Adainistrative Policies T-Z Adainistrative Policies V-Z Adainistrative Policies BSCISIOH SCIS5CES Introduction to Dec is ion Th-Z Sciences M-Z Decision Sciences I Th-Z Decision Sciences I V-Z Decision Sciences II M-Z Statistical Methods I V-Z Statistical Methods I M-Z Statistical Methods II T-Z StatisTlcal Methods II M-Z Productions and Operations H-Z Coaputer Systeas-COBOL Introduction to Coaputers M-Z A Inforaation Systens Introduction to Coaputers Th-Z A Inforaation Systeas Manageaent Inforeation V-Z Sys teas

Police Organisation and Administration




JOURNALISM News Reporting and Writing I M-Z News Reporting and Writing II W-Z POLITICAL SCIENCE Introduction to American Politics T-Z Understanding Politics M-Z Government & Economic Policy W-Z Public Opinion •_ Th-Z Spec. Projects: Model UN W-Z


PSYCHOLOGY Introduction to Psychology' M-Z Three Psychological Views of Mankind W-Z Industrial Psychology ' Th-Z Abnormal Psychology T-Z Developmental Psychology II M-Z Behavior Modifications M-Z

PHYSICS Energy, Environment, and Man M-Z General Physics II (4) T-Z General Physics II Lab (0) Th-Z MATHEMATICS Finite Math Calculus II (4)

V-Z T-Th-V


Art and Society Ceramics EHCLISH COMPOSITIOK Elements of Composition Research 4 Exposition Vriting Skills Vriting Skills Vriting Competency Vriting Competency Advanced Composition Advanced Composition Advanced Composition Advanced Composition Advanced Coaposition

T-Z M-Z V-Z Th-Z H-Z T-Z H-Z T-Z V-Z Th-Z Th-Z

EHGLISH LITERATURE , Satire, Caricature, a Farce Literature ft Society ,_, FREHCH French II • French Literature in English Translation: Holiere



MUSIC Music and Society Music and Society Music of the Theatre PHILOSOPHY Social Philosophy Philosophy of Feminism RUSSIAN Masterworks of Russian Literature II

T-Z T-Z V-Z M-Z Th-Z T-Z


SPANISH Spanish II , Readings in Spanish Spanish for Business Modern Hispanic Poetry


THEATRE Acting I Theatre Appreciation

T-Z Th-Z

INFORMATION NON-CREDFT PROGRAMS SPRING, 1982 AMERICAN ART: COLONIAL THROUGH THE CIVIL WAR Wednesdays, February 10 t o 24 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. THE ROMANTIC BALLETS OF TCHAIKOVSKY F r i d a y s , February 19 t o March 26 9:00 - 11:00 a.m. INVESTMENT STRATEGY FOR MIDDLE INCOMES Thursdays, February 25 t o March 18 7:00 - 9 : 0 0 p.m. AMERICAN ART: SINCE THE CIVIL WAR Wednesdays, March 3 t o 17 1:00 - 3 : 0 0 p.m. For information concerning listed courses, fees, non-credit programs or the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies degree, call:


SOCIOLOGY Principles of Sociology W-Z Anthropology: Cross Cultural ' Perspective T-Z The Family Th-Z Urban Sociology W-Z Sociology of Women M-Z



HISTORY US from New Republic to World Power . M-Z US in the 20th Century Th-Z Roots of Contemporary Africa T-Z Women in American History W-Z

CHEMISTRY Introduction to Chemical T-Z Systems Quantitative Methods Lab (1) V-Z Experimental Chemistry I (2) S-E M-Z Organic Chemistry'II Organic Chemistry II Lab (1) T-Z M-Z Physical Organic Chemi3try T-Th-V Physical Chemistry II GEOSCIENCES Conservation of Natural Resources The Earth Environmental Geology Oceanography

W-Z Th-Z

(609) 896-5033

SPEECH Speech Communications. Speech Communications Speech-Communications Group Discussion and Conference Leadership

M-Z T-Z W-Z Th-Z

EDUCATION Education in Contemporary America Educational Psychology: Foundations of Learning Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries Theory and Practice In Bilingual Education Seminar and Practicum in Cross Culture Studies

W-Z Th-Z H-Z T-Z Th-Z

ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Teaching in the Nursery School II (5)

• H-Z

SECONDARY EDUCATION Teaching Reading in the Secondary School I


SECRETARIAL Typewriting I . " Typewriting II Typewriting III Shorthand I Shorthand II Information Processing Concepts Prin. 4 Problems of Vocational Education


W-Z M-W-V T-Th-V Th-Z


READING College Developmental Reading


NON-CREDIT Algebra Review I .Algebra Review II

REAL ESTATE Real Estate - Salesperson


Thond*y, January 28,1982


Karen Marie Skuba towed Mr and M a Nicholas Skuba of Manville have announced the engagement of thctr daughter. Karen Marie, to Nelson Davili of Pucataway. son of Mr. ind Mn. Emestino Davila of Jayuya. Puerto Rico. The bnde-ekct graduated from Mar»vilJe High SctoooJ. She is employed by Edacon Inc.. Somervillc. Her fiance « employed by Su-Cokw. Hilbborobgh No weddisg date has been set.

Linda Jo Cuiskelly is bride of Steven Ray Caldwell Linda Jo Cuiskelly, duaghter of Mrs. Dorothy M. Cuiskelly of Capricorn Drive, Hillsborough, was married to Steven Ray Caldwell, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Caldwell of Schrievcr, La., on Saturday, Jan. 9. The Rev. William P. Hinlicky officiated at the twilight ceremony which took place at St. Paul's Lutheran Church. The bride was given in marriage by her uncle, Mr. Joseph Ambrose. The bride wore a Victorian style white Karen Marie Skuba blouson gown with crepe skirt, pleated sleeves, beaded lace on bodice and a lace trimmed hem and train. The wedding ensemble was completed by a crown of w hited flowers and an Italian back veil. Mr. and Mrs. L.R. Morgan of The bride carried a bouquet of pink Camplain Road, Somerville, announce roses, heather, purpje snapdragons and the engagement of their daughter, Janine babys' breath trimmed with gold ribbon. Gilchrist to Charles Magnani. son of Mr. Mrs. Barbara Dec of Manahawkin and Mrs. Charles Magnani of Boesel Avenue. Manville.

Gilchrist — Magnani to wed

Miss Gilchrist is a graduate of Hillsborough High School and is employed as a bank teller by the Somerset Trust Company in Findeme.

served as matron of honor. Ms. Paula Summers of Edison and Ms. Maria Ritota of Findeme were bridesmaids. Mr. Michael Jones of Somerville acted as best man. Mr. Gordon Duncan of Denver, Colorado and Mr. Frank Pierrat of South Bound Brook were ushers. The reception took place at Pheasant's Landing. The bride is employed by American Hoechst Corporation as a receptionist. The groom is a graduate of Texas A and M University and the University of Houston from which he received masters* of ••science degree in medicinal chemistry. He is currently employed at Galley Supply a family business, which is located in Schriever, La. The couple will reside in Schriever, La.,- following a honeymoon in North Carolina and Gatlinburg. Tenn.

Jacqueline Hoynak towed

Mr: and Mrs. John M. Hoynak of Manville have announced the engageMr. Magnani is a graduate of Manville ment of their daughter, Jacqueline, to High School and is employed by Sterling Robert J. Dunn Jr. of Piscataway. son of Extruder in Dunellen. Mary Ann Dunn and Robert J. Dunn Sr.. An October wedding is planned. both of Salisbury. Md. Janine GO Christ The bride-elect graduated from Rider College, Lawrenceville. with a bachelor of science degree in business education. She is employed by RCA Global Communications, Bridgewater. as a teleMr. and Mrs. Edward G Marson of parr-time student at Rutgers University marketing representative. Mam Street. Millstone, announce the and j is employed at the Carrier FounHer fiance graduated from Rider Colengagement of their daughter. Kaihryn dation us a registered nurse. lege with a bachelor of science degree in Ann. to Robert D New land Jr.. von of finance. He is employed by Banker's Mr. New land is a psychology and Trust Co., New York City, as a corporthe late Robert D New land and Mrs pre-fned student at Rutgers and is em- ate trust administrator. Joan M. Ncviland of Hillsborough. The bndc-to-bc is a graduate of Im- ployed part-time at the Carrier FounA May 8. 1982 wedding is planned. rruculata High Schol and Somerset dation and Crown Central Petrolium. 1 A May 1983 wedding is planned. Counts Collece Prescnth she is a

Mr arxi Mrs Bartholomew. RiocJjn of the New Jersey Savings Bank in SomcTavior A>e Socncrvil'e. announce the!e engagement of their daughter. Patncia Mr M i s h a k is a g r a d u a t e of ElJcn. to R.^Ncrt J.nh.n Mishak. son of MrBndgc*a!er-Ra.ntan West High School Frances MtshaL • >! Coddington St and i\ onp'tned by Roche Clinical Labs, located in Raman Miss i HiilHuh An CVtobcr wedding is planned is crnp

Senior arts festival set The Somerset Countv ()f ficc on Aging:. »ith the Ekian) of Ch»wcn FrcchoMcn, i.* sp»ins«inr!g a Senior Citi/cns Am Festival on March 25. from 9 a m to 5 p m a! Somerset County College An> ci>ur!!> resident ace 60 or over may submit entries in the to!low mi: categories visual an tfinc arts, crafts. »ood'*oriurij:. wulpfure. photograph* >. creative writing tpoetry, short stones, drama*, dance, music and theater The Senior Citucn* Arts Festival i*. being hcW in conjunction with the Somerset CiHinty Teen Arts Festival, which is being coordinated t»v she New Jcrscv

("enter for the Performing Arts. This will be the second consecutive >cir that the two festivals will be combined to form the Somefscf County lntergencrational Arts Festival. Older artists will have the opportunity to share their knowledge and creative efforts with voung anists. performers and the community at large Artists interested in the Senior Citi/cm Arts Festival should contact Carol Reagan. Somerset County Office
Host families needed for exchange students American ho*t Sarnihes in New Jerscv thiN program Host families are perare being v»ught for 12 Scandinavian mitted b\ the I R S to deduct S50 per high whtxit student* from Sweden. Den- month from their taxable incomes. mark. Norwav and Finland for the ASSE is also seeking American high 19542-1*^3 school >car in a program school students, ages 16 and 17. who sponsored by she American Scandina- would like to spend a six-week summer vian Student Exchange (ASSEt holiday or an academic year living with a These students, a g o 16 and !~. will Scandinavian family. amve in the United States in late The American Scandinavian Student August, attend local high \chook and Exchange is the official Swedish high rctum to their homes in late June. 19K3 school exchange program in the United The students, all tluent in English. States, operating under the auspices of have been screened by their school the Swedish Ministry of Education and rcprescntasi\e> in Scandinavia and have the L\S. State Department. Persons pocket money and medical and liability .interested in either of these programs arc urged to write Harvey Epstein, area insurance American families, with small chidren representative, 8 Frencau Drive, or grown children. as well xs those with Morganville. N.J. 07751. or call him at teen-agers, are welcome to participate in (201) 591-9286.

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BUCILLA Bulky " ^ " • Bourrash • St. Moritx *4 Seasons

Jacqueline Hoynak

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' The Medical Center at Princeton Will Conduct Sign Language Classes For a Ten Week Period

at the Merwick Unit Beginning February 9,1982 Class Hours - 7:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. For Information Contact Mrs. Marj J C M Metzftr, Mractar


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Kathleen Cardillo & David Erickson

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew T. Kimock of sborough High School. West Camplain Road announce the en- Mr. Rosenberry is a graduate of Plaingagement of their daughter. Rose Ann, field High School and is employed by to David RosenbetTy, son of Mr. and General Motors in Linden. Mrs. Calvin Rosenberry of Plainfield. A July wedding is planned. Miss Kimock is a graduate of Hill-

Rout* 206 Montgomery C*nt*r

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Cardillo sets plans to wed

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Cindy McGuire

Kimock-Rosenberry to wed

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^ «•'

Mr. and Mrs. William McGuire of Manville have announced the engagement of their daughter, Cindy, to Mark Shubiak, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shubiak of Manville. The bride-elect graduated from Manville High School. She is employed by Chanel Inc., Piscataway. Her fiance also is a Manville High School graduate. He is working as an apprentice for the Electrical Workers Union Local 262. An Oct. 23, 1982 wedding is planned.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cardillo of Theodora Drive. Somerville. announce the engagement of their daughter. Kathleen, to David Erickson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Erickson of Belle Mead. Miss Cardillo is a graduate of Hillsborough High School and is attending Douglas College where she is majoring in biology. Mr. Erickson is a graduate of Hillsborough High School and Mercer County Community College where he mar jored in horticulture. Mr. Erickson is employed by Duke Gardens.

Miss Matson plans towed

Riordan — Mishak engaged

Mr. Shubiak, Ms, McGuire set nuptials








W. Union Ave.

Broad SL

Rustic Mall

Bound Brook Rd.

Somerset S t

West End Ave.

U.S. Hwy. 2 2








Savings insarad up t o SlOO.OOO-by Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation

Tnuraday, January 28,1982


obituaries Stanley Raczynski SOUTH BRANCH — Stanley K. Raczymki. 63, died Sunday. Jan. 24. 1982, at me Somerset Medical Center in Somerville. Mr. Raczymki was born in New York City, and moved to South Branch six yean ago. • He was a retired chemical operator for A m e r i c a n C y a n a m i d C o . in Bhdgewater. He was a communicant of St. Joseph's R.C. Church in Raman. Surviving are his »ife. Kathryn Raczysski: a ton. Anthony of South Branch. r*o daughters. Donna M. and Lorunn Cyrttn, both of SomerviUe: and a sister. Emily Bieknka of Hillsooroogn. Arrangements were by Harmon Brothen Funeral Home in Rantan.

Evan CaJlaway FRANKLIN — Evan L CiHav.ay. 30. of A.TOC!1 Road in the MiddJebuih

Mxtion died Sunday at St. Peter's Medical Center. New Brunswick. shortly after being admitted Bom as Beckley. W.Va.. he was a lifelong area resident Founder and first chief of the township police department. Mr. CilUway was abo a meat inspector for the U.S. government, retiring 12 scan tgo. A member of Holy Trinity Lutheran

Chores, be was a r h i t r r mrmofr of the township Senior Ciriraw. a member of Eastern Star Lodge 105 F. and A.M., Bound Brook, and was a Navy veteran of World War I. Surviving are his wife. Eleanor Grosser Callaway; a sister, Helen Schwarz of Coral Springs, Fla.. and several nieces and nephews. Services were held at 10 a.m. Wednesday in Holy Trinity Church with the Rev. Donald Hobratschk, pastor, officiating. Burial was in Cedar Grove Cemetery. Contributions may be made to church Altar Guild Organ Fund. Arrangements were by the Selover Funeral Home. 555 Georges Road, North Brunswick.

Egons Kalnins FRANKLLN — Services were held Tuesday for Egons R. Kalnins. 71. of Rodney Avenue, who died Friday at St. Peter'j Medical Center in New Brunswick The services were at the Selover Funeral Home. 555 Georges Road. North Brunswick, with the Rev. Albert Ozois, pastor of the Latvian Lutheran Church of New York City, officiating. Buna] services were conducted 11 a.m. at the funeral home. Entombment was in Franklin Memorial Park. North Brunswick. Bom in Riga. Latvia. Mr. Kalnins came to this country in 1949 and has

of CMOT soorrrjT. rtnemx. :s LIB* Serves Son !J30 * » H B t n . S<« U.1K& 1JJ0 i f i Wt& In XwCaf I I S pun » » . M fteutt Si. U9.'12te9!3 MML-S*. »30-S

resided in the Franklin area since 1951. He had been an inspector with the Delco Battery Co. of New Brunswick for 23 years, retiring in 1974.

grandchildren. Services will be held at 8:30 a.m. Saturday from the Fucillo and Warren Funeral Home, 205 S. Main St., followed by a 9 a.m. Divine Liturgy at St. Peter and Paul Orthodox Church, Washington Avenue. Burial will be in St. Peter and Paul Cemetery, Hillsborough. Podaheda services will be held at 8:15 p.m. Friday at the funeral home. MANVILLE-Joseph Wilhousky Jr.. Friends and relatives may call at the 77, of South Main Street, died Tuesday * funeral home today, from 7 to 9 p.m. at home. and Friday, from 2 to 4 p.m. and 7 to 9 Born in Passak, he came to Manville p.m. 63 yean ago. For the last 48 years, he Contributions may be sent to the St. owned and operated the Joseph Peter and Paul Orthodox Church BuildWilhousky Jr. Real Estate and Insurance ing Fund. Co.. 200 S. Main St. Mr. Wilhousky was a communicant of St. Peter and Paul Orthodox Church. He was a World War II Army veteran and a FRANKLIN — Alexander Papatyi, 43 member of American Legion Post 304. of Kossuth Street in the Somerset section He was a member and past president died Thursday, Jan. 21, at St. Peter's of the Somerset County Board of Re- Medical Center in New Brunswick after altors, a charter member of the Manville a short illness. ' Elks and a member of the Manville Born in Hungary, he had resided in the Republican Club. Fords section of Woodbridge before He was a past president of both the moving to somerset 12 years ago. Mr. Manville PMnning Board and the Man- Papatyi had been a rod mill operator at ville Chamber of Commerce, and a the Triangle Conduit Co. of New Brunsformer member of the Manville Board of wick. Education for three years. He was a member of the Hungarian Mr. Wilhousky was the husband of the Reformed Church of Perth Amboy. late Mae Cuppers Wilhousky, who died He was the husband of the late in 1973. Margaret Pokol Papatyi. , He is survived by a son. Joseph Surviving are two daughters, Margaret Wilhousky HI of Satellite Beach, Fla.; a Laura and Susan Esther Papatyi, both at sister, Vera of Manville; and three home; his mother, Emma Papatyi, and

Joseph Wilhousky Jr.

HoXT n t m m UmOUJI IWO A m * l l Road. Somerset. S73-?m Sctxlrj Sctool 9 15 « m, Worship 10:30 i.m.

Alexander Papatyi

FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 41 W*s4 High St. Henry L McKhiRoa Minhttf

To be luted m thn Directory of RehpouJ Strnca and EtentJ caaUct Pit Ufldmaaii 6OT/924-32W.

GwicaSdMltiMCn* »:M UK. Ckwrt School

Mr. Dinsmore was a shared-time student dividing his time between Manville High School and the Somerset County Vocational and Technical School. He was in his junior year. Born in New Brunswick, he lived in Manville all his life. He was a communicant of Christ the King R.C. Church. . Surviving are his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dinsmore; a brother, StepMANVILLE-Ethel Hajdu, 81, of 105 hen, and a sister, Sandra, both at home; Czaplicki St., died Jan. 19 at her home. his maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. She was bom in Hungary. She for- Stephen Mencel of Manville; and' his merly lived in Wharton and was a paternal grandmother, Agnes Dinsmore of Milnesville, Pa. Manville resident for 20 years. Services were held Jan. 22 from the She was a member of Jehovah's Fucillo and Warren Funeral Home, ManWitnesses in Finderne. Her husband, Louis Hajdu, died in ville, followed by a Mass of Christian Burial at Christ the King Church. 1955. Burial was in Sacred Heart Cemetery, Surviving are three sons, Joseph Kish of Succasunna, Bertie Kish of Manville Hillsborough. and Gustav Kish of Randolph; a daughter, Ethel Chunko, with whom she lived; two brothers, Joseph Smith and Steve Smith, both of Wharton; 11 grandchildren; and eight great-grandchildren. Norman H. Vant, 37, a former resiFuneral services were held Jan. 21 at the Fucillo and Warren Funeral Home, dent of Somerset and of Ewing TownManville, followed by burial in New ship, died in Lincoln, Nebraska on Jan. 10. Burial was in Lincoln Memorial Park Cemetery, SomerviUe.

two brothers, Laczi and Joseph, all in Hungary, and a grandchild. Servces were Monday at the Mitruska Funeral Home, 531 New Brunswick Ave., Fords, with the Rev. Stefan Torok officiating. Burial was in Calvary Cemetery, in the Hopelawn section of Woodbridge.

Ethel Hajdu

Norman Vant

Mausoleum in Lincoln, Nebraska, on Jan. 13. Bom in Lincoln, Nebraska, Mr. Vant earned his doctorate in urban planning MANVILLE — Charles S. Dinsmore, from Rutgers University. He served as 17, of 103 S. 17th Ave., died Jan. 19 the director of the Institute on School after being struck by a freight train just Desegregation and as an assistant west of the 13th Avenue grade crossing. professor of education at Rider College from 1971 to 1977. He also served as a consultant for the Department of Education in New Jersey, New York and Washington, D.C. Survivors include a daughter, Erika ATTORNEYS A T L A W Lynn; his parents, Harold and Lucile • Litigation & Appeals • Wills & Trusts Vant of Lincoln; a sister, Mrs. David (Teresa) Schmidt, Lincoln; a brother, • Negligence • Estate Planning Eric B., Lincoln; a niece; a nephew; an • Personal Injury • Matrimonial aunt and cousin. • Divorce Mediation • Real Estate A memorial service will be held at • Criminal Law • Health Care Law noon on Feb. 15 in St. Barnabas' FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION Episcopal Church, Sand Hill Road, Kendall Park. Memorial contributions may Princeton-Windsor Office Park Princeton Junction, N. J. be sent to the Norman H. Vant Memorial Princeton-Hightstown Rd. . (609)4484550 Fund, c/o Dr. S.L. Stein, Rider College, Lawrenceville, New Jersey.

Charles Dinsmore


Lewis Hooper Fromjobs to jump ropes, find it inthe Classifieds. Packet 8-Way Classified*


SEXPLORATIONS An Awareness Workshop for Men and Women Presented by Author and sex researcher, Jacquelyn Schechter. Ph.D.. Licensed Clinical Psychologist.

Serf. Feb. 6,10 a.m.-5 p.m. Nassau Inn, Princeton. Free Parking, Fee: $45.

Fantasia*; Attitudes; Problem-solving; Encounter; Body work. Bring a Bag Lunch to Share. For reservations call:

Muhimodai Therapy Institute (609) 924-8010

ARE YOU CONCERNED? If you are feeling uncomfortable about persona! relationships or career problems, professional counseling can prove helpful. See how you may resolve your concerns by taking realistic, positive and effective action. Appropriate testing is used as needed.

How to cope with winter's ftiry

Bitter cold, snow, and ice storms can create havoc with electric power lines. If your lights go out see if power is out in your entire house to be certain it isn't a blown fuse. Check to see if your neighbors have power. If they don't, the problem is outside your home. Call us immediately. If a storm hits and your lights go out PSE*O will be working to get your power back on as quickly as possible. In the meantime, you can cope with winter's fury by simply following PSEaCys Storm Emergency Checklist Be prepared! Keep it handy at all times.


Public Service BectricandGas Company


For information, free brochure or an appointment. call (609) 737-2236

Michael l_ Rosenthal, M.S.W., Ed.O. Personal Problem, Career and Educational Counseling

REPORT THE PROBLEM • Call PSC»G. The phone number Is on your bill. • Give the location and nature of the trouble. • If damage Is widespread and our phone lines are busy, the trouble has probably been reported. • If your neighbor's power comes back on and yours doesn't please call us again. • Call the police or fire department immediately If you suspect a gas leak and are unable to get through to our telephones. WHILE POWER IS BEING RESTORED • Don't go near or try to move fallen power lines. Notify the police or fire department. • Tumoff all major appliances. This will prevent an electrical overload when power is restored. • Keep candles and a flashlight handy. Also, keep a battery-powered radio for service restoration . Information. • Don't heat your home with any combustion equipment such as your gas range or kerosene stove unless properly vented. • Avoid opening your refrigerator or freezer, rood will keep cold for hours, and frozen food for a few days. If power is not restored within 24 hours, consider contacting friends or relatives unaffected by the outage and transferring your food to one of their homes, before transporting, wrap frozen foods in thick newspapers, blankets, or insulated boxes to prevent thawing. • Avoid opening outside boots. You'll conserve heat.

Pennington Professional Center A-23 65 South Main Street, Pennington, New Jersey 08534

Fucillo 8C Warren Funeral Home

Death is the eternal inevitability, the moat real of all realities. Yet, H b perhaps, the hardest of all realities to face. The funeral director, more than most people, .has a sympathetic understanding of the nature of grief. He is there, a consoling support, when a bereaved family needs someone to be there...Someone who caret. 205 SOUTH MAIN STREET MANVILLE, NEW JERSEY 06835

Cut out this checklist todayl Place it near your phone or on the family bulletin board.


FRANKLIN — Lewis Hooper. 22. of Parkside Street in the Somerset section was pronounced dead upon arrival Friday at Middlesex General Hospital, New Brunswick, after a brief illness. Born in New Brunswick, he was a lifelong area resident. He was formerly a machine operator with Revlon Inc., of Edison. He was previously employed with Johns-Manville Inc. Surviving are his parents, Doris Hooper with whom he lived, and John Hooper Sr. of Somerset; two brothers, John Jr. at home, and Herbert Griffin of New Brunswick; three sisters. Carol and Juanita Hooper, both at home, and Naanungua Griffin of Miami, Fla.. his maternal grandmother. Everlenia Griffin of Barney. Ga. Arrangements were announced by the Anderson Funeral Service. 201 Sandford St., New Brunswick.

Josephine Kraemer MANVILLE-Josephine Kraemer, 69, of Angle Avenue, died Jan. 19 at Somerset Medical Center, Somerville. Born in Poland, she was a Manville resident most of her life. She was employed as a sewing machine operator with Snappi Knits Co. of Manville, retiring seven years ago. Mrs. Kraemer was a communicant of Sacred Heart R.C. Church and a member of the Manville Senior Citizens Inc. Her husband, Stephen Kraemer, died in 1974. Surviving are a son, Robert of Manville; a brother, Edward Bieros of Bridgewater; and six grandchildren. Services were held Jan. 23 from the Fucillo and Warren Funeral Home, Manville, followed by a Mass of Christian Burial at Sacred Heart Church. Burial was in Sacred Heart Cemetery, Hillsborough.

Correction The obituary which appeared in last week's paper for Florence Domitrowsky contained an error. Mrs. Domitrowsky lived at 224 N. 8th Ave., Manville. She died while vacationing in Florida.

SMC Auxiliary elects officers •SOMERVILLE — Marge Seibert of Somerville has been elected president of the Somerset Medical Center Auxiliary. She will preside for two years over the 450-member volunteer organization which raises money and performs support activities for the center. Mrs. Seibert will succeed Jill Norm of Whitehouse as president. Other newly elected officers, include: Ruth Siebel of Bound Brook for another term as treasurer; Susie Sutphen of Somerville for another term as corresponding secretary; Libby Abramson of Somerville for another term as trustee; and Nora Schmid of Pittstown as a new trustee.

Tbonday. Jao««y J8,19S2


M chael S


' K,tchen

By any name, dumplings please the palate order, pats you securely into the ranks of first-class, versatile chefs. Why. with a "Well, if me're out of pouioes I guess dozen dumplings up your sleeve, you I'll fast have to make some." my tnocher can transform a can of chunk-style soup said to me ooe morning many years ago. or tuna Fish into something much more on a day like this, when it was much too memorable than you are likely to get at a cold to go to the store for a pound of restaurant. Probably you will not have to potatoes, and when there was a pot roast sink that low. Here is the basic deal: ta the oven For 8 to 10 dumplings: What she made, of course, was dump1 Vi cups all-purpose flour lings. At their humbtesi. dumplings can 2 teaspoons baking powder be considered imitation, or homemade 3'4 teaspoon salt potatoes, i suppose — they're roundish 3 tablespoons shortening and whitish and provide carbohydrates 1/4 cup milk and a little dryness for the gravy.

In flavoring bask dumplings, try for a contrast in flavor — don't serve curried dumplings with a curried meat or poultry dish, or herb dumplings with an hcrby dish such as Chicken Tarragon. Cheese dumplings go with anything.


At their most elaborate, dumplings arc something else again — luxurious puffs of delight the French call quenelles: hearty first-course pasta dishes the Italians call gnocchi; exquisite Vienese desserts known as knudel — even the Chinese have a word for it. Dumplings, tn one form or another, are found in every well-established cuisine in the work). BASIC BAKING POWDER DUMPLINGS Before lurching off into the wonderful world of international dumplings, it is' wise to master the basic American farmhouse dumpling, and its cousin, the breadcrumb dumpling. Having these recipes memorized and mastered and know ing that you can serve them forth with confidence in short

No-Recipe Breadcrumb Dumplings These dumplings are terrific when cooking for just yourself or one other, or for emergencies. You don't need a recipe. What you need is bread. Allow one slice of bread for each dumpling. Tear the bread into crumbs. Add one beaten egg for every three slices of bread. Stir together. Add just enough milk to moisten. Beat in a little salt and one-half teaspoon baking powder for each three slices of bread.

Stir flour, baking powder and salt together in bowl. Cut in shortening. Stir in milk.: Drop dough by spoonfuls onto hot meat or vegetables in a boiling stew. Do not drop directly into liquid lest dumplings disintegrate. Cook uncovered 10 minutes. Cover, cook 10 minutes kmger or until dumplings are fluffy. Note: Dumplings expand while cooking, so leave as much space between dumpling dough as you can. Variations: To these basic ingredients for farmhouse dumplings you can add any number of favorite seasonings to produce flavor rapture. Freshly grated Parmesan or Cheddar cheese (about 'A cup) does wonders for the recipe. Paprika adds color. Snipped parsley adds a touch of the spring garden. Curry powder provides zip. Fresh herbs or herb combinations are always welcome.

Stir in just enough flour to make a dough stiff enough to handle. Roll into balls. Poach in stew in the basic manner, or poach in lightly salted, slow-boiling water about IS minutes. Cottage Cheese Dumplings Gnocchi alia Romana may not be considered to be true dumplings by those familiar only with the traditional steamed or boiled treats. But these Roman dumplings are so popular in the Princeton area that it seems odd to do an article on dumplings without including them. Serve them as a hearty first course or as a light main dish, accompanied by a tossed green salad: 3 cups milk 1 cup farina or semolina* 2 eggs, well beaten 1 tablespoon margarine or butter 1 teaspoon salt 1 pinch freshly ground pepper 1/4 cup margarine or butter 1 cup grated Parmesan cheese

The Whole You by Virginia Taylor Pat Hite. president of the HolistK Health Association of the Princeton Area, sends a Sew Year's message to the membership and its fnends: I was composing my list of New Year'* resolutions for 1982 — promises to myself as to how 1 was going to 1) adhere rigorously to a healthy, balanced diet, 2} follow a daily physical fitness program. 3) practice some consistent method of managing my stress, etc. esc. etc. Then 1 staricd to laugh: I've been making New Year's resolutions since 1 was a fat teenager — and I have never managed to get through January without breaking most resolves and disconsolately throwing out the rest of the list. Haven't mast of us had that experience? Suppose we re-evaluate New Year's resolutions and take a good hard look at their effectiveness In essence, resolutions seem to be the perfect set-up for failure and the erosion of self-esteem. In the act of regretting not having lived up to our resolutions to the letter, we tend to pusish ourselves by self-denigration. Maybe i t ' s time to learn that self-punishment does not lead to desired behavior. Instead of "resolutions." it might be wtse to have "intentions" about the rest of our lives. Perhaps a decision to be willing to take responsibility for some one phase of our lifestyle, in order to benefit wholeness by bing able to enjoy a

robust life would be a good starting point. Diet, exercise, and stress control stand out as prominent areas to which many of us 'could profitably address ourselves. Then how can we go about dealing with the matter? First, we must resist the inner voice that labels us bad and makes us feel guilty because we're less than perfect. As hard as it may seem to believe, we cannot prosper" un'OT we" accept ourselves exactly as we are. At the same time, powerful reinforcement is available when, each time we do a positive thing for ourselves, we realize that we have demonstrated that we are, indeed, in charge of our lives. Responsibility is free of blame, shame, or quilt. A person can be responsible by being entirely truthful with him- or herself. Acknowledgement that one falls short of "intentions" need not involve judgment. Whoever chooses .to take responsibility for personal wellbeing nght now can feel recommitted to doing just that. Soon the attitude becomes a reality: ooe can create the kind of life one chooses to live. If you need support in carrying out your "intentions," the Holistic Health Association of the Princeton Area stands ready to provide a support network or to share with you the resources in our area that can assist you in being who you are, and being glad of it. HHAPA offices are at 360 Nassau St. and the phone number is 924-8580.

These German dumplings (about 20) can be served as a side dish, a first course, or even as dessert or a sweet, light main dish, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar and served with a little cream or sour c r e a m . Be sure to use well-drained and fairly dry cottage cheese, or the dough will be impossibly moist:

The annual Hillsborough-Montgomery Welcome Wagon Square Dance will be held on Saturday, Feb. 13 at 8 p.m. at Firehouse No. 2 on Route 206 in Hillsborough. The admission is $16 per couple. This will include beer, soda, snacks, cold

The Princeton Gourtnet

Our pnce> are another. just come in .inv time between 2 00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and Nee how >an>tvinn dining liyht and early can be. Treat yourself to one ot our complete Earlv Dinner Specials below

Boneless Breast ot Chicken Broiled Stuffed Shrimp Lineostinos (Petite Lob>ter> Alaskan Snow Crab

Cream butter; beat in eggs and 1 cup of the bread crumbs. Beat in cottage cheese and salt; add enough of the remaining breadcrumbs to make a medium-stiff dough. Let dough stand at room temperature one hour. With floured hands, shape into small, one-inch rounds. Cook in salted, slow-boiling water 10 minutes. Drain; serve with melted butter, or sprinkled with cinnamon, sugar and cream. Roman Farina Dumplings You needn't haunt health stores or Italian groceries for imported farina — the cream farina found in the hot breakfast food area of your favorite supermarket will do just fine. Heat milk to scalding in two-quart saucepan. Turn down heat to low. Sprinkle farina slowly into milk, stirring constantly with wire whip. Cook, stirring, until thick, about five minutes. Remove from heat. Beat eggs, one tabermarket will do just fine. Heat milk to scalding in two-quart saucepan. Turn down heat to low. Sprinkle farina slowly into milk, stirring constantly with wire whip. Cook, stirring, until thick, about five minutes. Remove from heat. Beat eggs, one tablespoon margarine, salt and pepper until smooth. Beat into farina mixture. Spread in greased pan. 13 by 9 by 2 inches. Chill until firm, about three hours. Cut farina mixture into one-and-a-half inch squares or rounds. If cutting into rounds (the traditional shape), reform scraps of the "dough" into rounds, so that all of it is used. arrange the little dumplings in an ungreased baking dish, overlapping them slightly, so they're cozily nestled together. Dot with remaining butter; sprinkle with the cheese. Bake in 350°F oven until golden brown, about 30 minutes.

Welcome Wagon dance

Great seafood is just one reason to eat early with us. Broiled Stutied Flounder

1/4 cup ('A stick) butter or margarine 2 eggs, lightly beaten 1 to 1 'A cups breadcrumbs 1/2 pound drained cottage cheese 1 teaspoon salt


3.79 3.79 $ 4.59 $ 4.99 $ 5.49 $

buffet and submarine sandwiches. Coffee and cake will also be served. All club members and square dance enthusiasts are encouraged to attend. Tickets and information may be obtained by calling Kathy at 874-8422 or Debbie at 874-6767 no later than Feb. 7.

Plum Dumplings Plum dumplings are popular throughout Germany. Austria and Hungary, and are served as a side dish, accompanying roasts or stews; or as an afternoon coffee klatsch treat. Canned plums can be used; dried apricots or figs (reconstituted in hot water) and prunes can be substituted for the plums: 3 medium potatoes (about one pound), peeled and chopped 12 cubes sugar : 12 purple plums (or apricots, figs or prunes) 2 eggs 1 teaspoon salt 1/3 cup butter, softened 1 Vz cups all-purpose flour 8 cups water 1 teaspoon salt 1/2 cup dry bread crumbs 2 tablespoons butter 1/4 cup sugar 1/2 teaspoon allspice

Cook potatoes in boiling, lightly salted water until tender; drain, mash and refrigerate until cold. Pit plums and place a sugar cube in each plum. Set aside. Combine two cups mashed potatoes, the eggs, one teaspoon salt; mix. Stir in one-third cup butter and the flour. Shape into a flattened rectangle on lightly floured board.' Roll into rectangle 16 by 12 inches. Cut into four-inch squares. Place plum on each square; moisten edges of square. Bring comers up and together; pinch to seal. Shape into smooth ball. Heat water and one teaspoon salt to boiling. Drop dumplings, one at a time, into boiling water. Do not crowd (cook about six at one go). Cover, simmer 10: minutes. Remove with slotted spoon. Repeat with remaining dumplings. Cook and stir bread crumbs inftwo tablespoons butter until light brown. Roll dumplings in crumbs. Sprinkle with sugar and allspice. Serve warm.

CARE official guarantees food delivery to Poland CARE, an international aid and development organization, is gearing up to provide food for approximately two million Polish people a day. and can guarantee delivery, according to a CARE official. Dr. Philip Johnston, executive director, made the statement upon his return recently from Warsaw, where he met with top Polish government officials. Dr. Johnston is sending a message to President Reagan from General Wojciech Jaruzelski, the Polish military leader. The message relates to the exemption of humanitarian aid from U.S. sanctions. Dr. Johnston said. "CARE is concerned about people, not politics," Dr. Johnston explained in describing the "long lines of people waiting in the bitter cold for food. "They arc not starving, but they are definitely-hungry. We have $1.4 million worth of CARE food packages available, and Polish? government officials assured me that we will be permitted to continue monitoring delivery of our ongoing food aid to Poland." CARE recently received the first total exemption from travel restrictions. Dr. Johnston said. He affirmed that " m o r e than 100,000" CARE food packages have already been delivered to Poland. The packages, which weigh 23 pounds each, cost $12 and will feed one person for a month, go to those who need them most:

elderly people, children and pregnant and nursing women, he said. The beneficiaries are selected by local-level committees which include representatives from the church, the Ministry of Health and CARE, Dr. Johnston explained. CARE plans to deliver at least 500,000 more packages at the .rate of 50,000 per month.'Some of the food for the packages will be purchased with funds to be raised from private donors, mostly in the U.S. and Canada, as well as in Norway. "Also," the U.S. Government has allocated for distribution in Poland, under CARE monitorship, some 65 million pounds of Food-for-Peace commodities such as oats, flour, vegetable oil. plus 60 million pounds of surplus dairy products provided by the Department of Agriculture," Dr. Johnston said, adding that the foods will be shipped beginning in February. "ALL this will in no way affect our ongoing food and self-help development programs and disaster or refugee assistance in 37 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East," said Dr. Johnston. "Aid for Poland will continue to be entirely funded by special contributions for this purpose." The need. Dr. Johnston indicated, far exceeds the food and funds available. Donations (money only) may be sent to CARE Food for Poland, 660 First Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10016.

RTAND WHAT YOU WINTER CLEARANCE 25%TO50%OFFTHE MOOT HM10US NAMES IN8PORTINGGOOD8. When the temperature goes down at this time of year, so too does Efingers prices. Once, again we have to clear out the old and bring in the new. New clothing, new sporting goods, new equipment And once again, we re reducing prices clear down to prices you won't be able to passup. You'll find big savings on wool and down- filled winter clothing, including jackets, vests, gloves, hats, pants, underwear, sweaters, wool, flannel i— and chamois shirts. } £FJN&€RIn famous names like Duofold, Woolrich. Pendleton. Gerry t folD- U S R and White Stag. Phis a tremendous selection of sporting goods and equipment Everything from hockey sticks and soccer balls to slant boards and football helmets. Not to mention tennis racquets, golf clubs, bags, carts and warm-up suits of every description. Add to this insulated hunting and hiking boots in top names Bke Timberland, Wolverine. Herman and Dunham. AH at prices too low to name here. Once those bargains are gone, there's no getting them back. So come visit Efinger soon. Because a Mid-Wihter Clearance lasts (you guessed it) mid-winter.

Early Dinner Specials include tossed salad or cole slaw, your choice of potato or rice pilat. and coffee, tea or soft drink.


(Jnadvertised speciab throughout the store. Al sales "final, norefunds,exchanges or layaways. Quantibes frrited. Sate ends February 6.198Z

For the seafoodw\h(lover in you. ai the ri>jjurant» w*.k PiU- (US H»-k tl>. Lm-nnxvv •'•» mile •»*tth *« Qualurr Bndjs.- Mill 11 V J m - 10 iY p m Sun -Thur> I! V j n i - I I A l p m Fn &. Sat




townforum Thursday, January 2 8 , 1 9 8 2



You look wonderfuL.a bit heavy, perhaps, but wonderful!"

Ever wonder what comes after

One of the problems of government is the frequent b e l i e f by impacted bureaucrats that the business of governing is much too important to let the public get involved in it. During recent years, strides have been made in letting the public help to govern itself, just like the framers of our Constitution intended. But there are ominous signs from the halls of government in Washington, D . C . , which indicate that elitist bureaucrats are making a comeback. It's happening under the Reagan administration, which seems to value the opinions of high-powered spokesmen for big business more than those forthcoming from the people who elected him. The bureaucrats I'm talking about arc at middle levels, and they are really the people who run government. They survive one change of administration after another, comfortable in the womb of Civil Service. Over the past 10 or 15 years Congress has really made some good advances in injecting the public into their government. Bills have been passed to provide public involvement in many areas. Government has reached out to get us more involved through public hearings, publications, contacting service groups and media advertising. But now the Reagan trend is to slam that open door in the public's face. ;

pam's world

by pam hersh

One woman's advice — don't buy rails My stockbroker friends told me I was times to the toy shop — he even missed crazy for investing money in an industry part of the Super Bowl because of an going quickly downhill. But I refused to emergency toy shop visit. At least the listen to them. Instead I followed the stock market closes on weekends to give advice of my 5-year-old son, Matthew, the weary investors a rest. and put my money into railroads — Four weeks ago, my husband and I model railroads. assembled the starter set on the floor of As predicted by the experts. I now our basement. After several hours of have a lot in common with the stock- cursing, my husband was unable to get holders of the defunct Jersey Central electric current to go through the tracks. Railroad Co. And it looks as though no A neighbor advised us to mount the one, not even the federal government or whole system on a piece of train board or my relatives, will bail me out of my plywood. So we borrowed a station current situation. I asked for it — or wagon, bought the plywood, returned rather my son asked' for it. and un- the station wagon, reassembled the fortunately, I listened. tracks, and tacked them down. The hot tip to invest in railroads came ALTHOUGH ONE engine would from my in-laws. "When are you going to buy our grandson a train set. Every zoom around on the tracks perfectly, any little boy needs a train set," said grand- other cars attached to the engine would fall off. In order to pacify my son's ma. disappointment over his lame train set, IT SHOULD be noted that she did not we told him we would get him some offer to invest her money in the scheme. blinking lights and buildings for' the Matthew overheard the brilliant -sugges- system. I bought a bridge with a blinking tions of my in-laws and immediately light; but the bridge had to be elevated, began an unrelenting lobbying campaign so all the train tracks (recently tacked to get the parental consent for a train set. down) had to be untacked, rearranged On Dec. IS (the date still chugs in my and retacked. At this point, I noticed that my mind), I entered an investment firm husband and I were assuming the personspecializing in model train commodities. I purchased a $30 •'starter set," and alities of a 5-year-old. My son never asked for these new additions to the set, within a week, the stock had no value. The yield on my investment is nil, and my husband and I wanted them. My adding insult to injury, the expenditures husband was reliving his youth, and the I have, incurred as a result of the initial reason for my railroad fanatacism, was investment are 10 times the original $30. the trauma of model railroad deprivation My husband and I have returned 14 when I was a child. My parents refused

Franklin NEWSRECORD U3W573-W0 Te

Second clots

avary Thunder « MOmraapoona Mncalon. MJ. 04540

T«i*phon»: 609 724-3244

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local offlct PTotautonal ftutiding. 600 taM» town*. MJ. 04473. (201112*4444. eft.


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JohnLOIouriw. JackMnk____

Manage ducflo ..CJtcutaHe


by david moore

Elitists take people out of government

Thoughts from a small voice in a vast wilderness on Sunday, Jan. 24, 1982 — known to some as "Super Sunday." Oid you ever wonder — why it took from approximately 4 p.m. (scheduled alleged kickoff time) to approximately 8 p.m. (last use of the allowable time outs for the potential loser) to watch 60 minutes of an event? — what those not interested in this pasttime did for that period of time? Were they really un-American? Is that the ultimate criterion for a true Egghead? Did the true physical fitness devotee really jog or did he/she watch the performances of superbly conditioned fellow followers? Could the television fanatic possibly have dared turn to another channel? (52, you say?) Probably eat dinner at the normal hour? Possibly take a late afternoon nap? — what the potential rise in the Gross National Product was as Detroit was snapped out of its doldrums and unemployment with results of all the auto advertising? Or did the time spots of Japanese brands mire the city deeper in red ink? — if it would be wise to question the high price of those vehicles (foreign or domestic) when the cash freight for shipping the message is a mere S375.0OO per minute? — if you needed that ultimate pain reliever for the ultimate headache caused by the hypnotic trance focused on 24 inches (measured diagonally) for that length of time? — whether the contest busted the family budget for fireplace wood? — if there was a single Atari game being played in the entire country? — how much overtime employers and municipalities paid to those essential personnel on the 4 to 12 shift? — if the car is still sunk in two inches of solid ice at the end of the driveway? — if the whole thing didn't unleash memories of the holiday season just past? The huge build-up for the fleeting moment? The post-holiday blues? The empty wallet? (If you took the point spread and favored the guys in the striped helmets.) — how much Summerall (with a white beard) really would resemble that other fellow? — what to do next Sunday afternoon?

'Might be a good idea to let him win a pot every now and then."

the state we're in

to buy me a train set, because little girls in those days weren't supposed to play with trains — just Toni dolls. All the pretty blinking lights worked for approximately 60 seconds, when suddenly the transformer blew. We bought a brand new transformer which was so powerful that we were advised to buy more track. And as long as we bought more track, we bought a more powerful engine. AFTER ALL the track was untacked,.' rearranged and retacked and all the new switches were wired, everything looked perfect. The lights blinked, the whistles whistled, the bells bonged — but the trains did not move. We haven't yet figured out the reason for the trains' lethargy. My in-laws suggested that we get out of railroads and get into the automobile industry. But the American automobile industry is in bad shape also -— as illustrated by the remote control racing car which Matthew got for his birthday. The car raced for eight minutes and then went on strike. • Perhaps Matthew would enjoy playing with a few bags of soybeans or pork bellies.

Pam Hersh is still searching for another investment. Meanwhile she is a staff writer for The Princeton Packet.

consumer corner TLis is my final column as director of the* New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs. I am leaving my position at the end of January after serving in it for four and a half years. I am leaving a well-trained and dedicated group of i people who will continue to work hard for the consumers of this state.

the best protected consumer of the country.

Our consumer Affairs Local Assistance system is known nationwide as the finest network of consumer affairs offices in the country. Twenty of our 21 counties and 56 municipalities have local consumer affairs offices. This year alone I want to take this opportunity to share our state and local offices handled over with you some of the accomplishments 36,000 complaint* and returned over six of which I am most proud so you will and a half million dollars to consumers. understand why you, as a New Jersey Our weights and Measures offices are considered by many to be' were responsible for 6,184 prosecutions

NOT SURPRISINGLY, this is most noticeable in regard to environmental matters, but it's just as true in other areas such as health, consumer and safety programs. It's done in two ways: by cutting off the flow of information to the public and by making'it-a lot harder for' the public to penetrate the walls of bureaucracy. Here in. N e w J e r s e y , w h e r e noteworthy public participation advances have been made by a succession of commissioners of the Department of Environmental Protection, I'm not worried about the same things happening. Governor Thomas Kean has long demonstrated sensitivity to the basics of operating a democratic republic, so the new DEP commmissioner (unkown by me at the time of this writing) is undoubtedly going to continue the practice. THERE APPEARS to be a coherent A recent noteworthy example of public participation at DEP was the varied input which reshaped our state's all-important water supply master plan:' But things are not that nice down in Washington. A recent issue of the Conservation Foundation's newsletter (a Washington-based organization not associated with the New Jersey Conservation Foundation, which I direct) brings jt into sharp perspective. It says the Reagan a d m i n i s t r a t i o n h a s used "sophisticated and numerous" opportunities to chip away at our insights into what government is doing, and why. assault upon the spirit of the Freedom of Information Act, with Attorney General William French Smith reversing an earlier stance by the Carter administration that the Justice Department defend federal agencies from Freedom of Information suits only when disclosure would be "dernonstrably harmful." But with French, the "demonstrably harmful" test is erased and defense against such suits is to be routine. Great strides backward have been made by the Reagan team in squelching information to consumers. Things like easing up on meat-labelling requirements, suppressing "The Car Book,," which to Detroit's dismay had told of auto shortfalls, and wiping out funding for public-interest groups that foster public input to government have^been the name of the new game in Washington.

by adam levin gulations. Dealers are now prohibited from charging dealer prep where they have been reimbursed by the manufacturer for the services. Also, documentary fees must be disclosed and itemized. and supermarkets. Our consumer education programs OUR AUTOMOTIVE repair regula- have been successful because people like tion, which requires written or oral the editor of your newspaper have greatestimates, has saved consumers from the ly assisted us in getting important inforaggravation of arriving to pick up1 a cat mation out to you. By running my and finding the repair work cost hun- column and by printing our advisories dreds of dollars more than anticipated. and warnings, your editor has helped to We have saved consumers many dollars make you the best informed, and best with our automotive sales practices re- protected consumers in the country.

and collecting over $373,000 in penalties. Seasonal task forces continued to . monitor compliance with state law in the areas of heating oil, gasoline, lumber,

Ihc Franklin NEWS RECORD





letters to the editor

(Continued from page 1A)

Levine: spare us behind-the-scenes pfenning business

take as he indicated that the land use map was a rr«t"g map. His further confusioQ is evidenced by >^« ^ ;r HHftyft>tff statement, "all Foxwood residents would have to hire an attorney or a surveyor to add a porch or a garage." Only a zoning map could dictate such issues and one has not yet Totbeedaor been adopted. Most shocking of all Mr. Hamilton's la the past levenl weeks oar local I'Hirfi * v t been **ff***y toe axflcrcoccs amrnrnts is that I told die board of opanaa* of Join Poos. Michael members to "go to bell." This is an Pappas md Brace Hirfrirtnc. wno sre outright lie. He then proceeds to distort the facts on masters of (be PI inning Board. They are wflhes their rights to write what Mr. Pappas had to offer on the wbea need be cr forced to refect. Bat it is Dressner firm. This is an outright lie. He then proceeds to distort the facts on toy opinion that cbe basincn of the Phasing Board a not the place for what Mr. Pappas had to offer on the *»»*«fa»j; in the newspapers. I believe the Dressner firm. This item was adequately proper puce is is the igmfai sessions addressed by Mr. Pappas in his letter to the editor in last week's issue of the that they hold. Infighting lad
Potts: the show That's Incredible not only on TV To the editor

Unfortunately. with all the rhetoric issued by Bruce Hamilton in his rebuttal. he failed to defend the circus-like atmosphere of the Planning Board meetings. Hts letter was one indicating a lack of understanding of planning and zoning tuues, a distortion of facts and a blatant untruth. Hts attack on Raymond. Paxrish, Ptade & Wteaer clearly demonstrates his continual doubk-falk since Mr. Hamilton was present (at an illegally called meeting by Mr. Hamilton) when a representative of R.P.P.W. defended the so called •mistakes " Yes, one road was slightly off course; as for a commercial node b e i n g in a r e s i d e n t i a l neighborhood, that is Hamilton's mis-

Politics aside, the treatment of citizens appearing before the Planning Board is deplorable. At a recent meeting, a private citizen was verbally harassed, embarrassed and ridiculed by Mr. Hamilton and Mr. Beachem. This disgrace was repeated again last Wednesday when the same person was given a three-minute time lirnU while others were permitted to speak at length. This citizen also was denied the right to present a petition signed by many citizens in the affected area of the Rubin application. We are aware that petitions are viewed as having limited value due to the bck of controls and standardization of collection methods., however, when citizens take the time and effort W be heard the board has an obligation to listen. I urge residents to attend the Planning . Board meetings for a first-hand view. "That's Incredible" is not only on TV. John Potts Planning Board member

raary 198; S M T W T F 1

3 4 5 6 7 8


•, •

10 • , « . - * .on.






M o t i o n * Renoddraf Ganfes*DooM» Rcc Room • Decks Altcntwits* Pordws

Gallo: support Rubin's plan To the editor. I attended the Planning Board meting on Jan. 6 and was impressed with the R u b i n ' s s i t e p r o p o s a l for JFK Boulevard. The building is definitely a design of distinction, which is so noticeable in any of the designs by architect Pete Rose. There arc two major things that the Planning Board and people of Franklin must realize: 1. First of all, somewhere down the line this site must be allowed to be developed considering the importance of this site. Wouldn't it be better that we had people who care, live and work in Franklin rather than a strange corporation whose main office is never reachable if needed? 2. The purpose of a Planning Board is to review the site and to encourage the people to develop the site and come up with the best plan possible. The Planning Board has accomplished this: a The traffic problem has been solved to the best technology available to the traffic experts. Both the township engineer and police chief have put their input in. Out of the work sessions came a traffic pattern with holding lanes that solves and improves the traffic flow on JFK Boulevard. If anyone sincerely is interested, those traffic maps are available at the township municipal building. b Bruce Hamilton stated that he is more than pleased with the. landscape design. -• • c There wasn't one Objection to the beautiful design of the proposed building. d From what I am told the drainage and parking lot requirements have been met. e Mrs. Rubin explained that she certainly had tried to obtain additional

Nettie Gallo 534 Cedar St.

Levine: practice what you preach



A. BESSENYEi &Son f W r V OfUfWMflCek


• ffca* t

"If other businesses there (in the JFK-Easton Avenue vicinity) had had this kind of action, there wouldn't be the visual disaster there is now," he said.

Harrison (Continued from page 1A)

dens apartment complex located on Hamilton Street, and the rent leveling board, mentioned that the case may have the same effect on future cases. "The appellate court's decision in the Harrison Towers case will definitely have some significant bearing on the Douglas Gardens case." Mr. Cutler said.

return" which is 35 percent of gross net operating income. However, last July Judge Diana maintained that in the case of Harrison .^Towers the ordinance is unconstitutional. Dissatisfied with the Superior Court ruling, the Franklin Township Rent Leveling Board appealed the decision and brought the case to the appellate court on Dec. 7.

ROY HEIMLICH, an owner of the Harrison Towers reiterated his views favoring rental hikes and he maintains To the editor TOM CAFFERTY, the township's the court battle will not stop here. attorney in the Superior Court case, "I think we were right, and I certainly Despite all the good that mankind has indicated that the reason the court ruled been striving for towards civilization; the ordinance unconstitutional was be- intend on taking the case to a higher shadows of despair are appearing before cause the case represented a unique court," Mr. Heimlich said. me. On the "other hand, township Mayor situation. The constant daily tragic news of Philip Beachem indicated that the ap"The court did not reject the orevents occurring, makes it increasingly pellate decision is a "victory for the difficult to see the light emerging from dinance on face value, but rather because township and its residents. the case involved one incident in a given that darkness. "I thought/all along our ordinance was Yes, America is the best country in the situation," Mr. Cafferty said. He added reasonable, equitable, and constituthat there is a strong possibility that the world. Yes, it is the land of the free and tional," Mayor Beachem said. the brave. Yes, we also have problems in owners of Franklin Greens, an apartment complex located on JFK Boulevard, may a land built, lived in with many ethnic backgrounds and heritage; striving to get want to pursue similar court proceedings. FAMILY BREAKFAST along with each other but not totally. Township attorney Stan Cutler echoed A Family Breakfast will be held on I, as an American of Jewish heritage Mr. Cafferty's sentiments, saying that Sunday, Jan. 31, at the Elks Lodge on the appellate court's decision may spur speak out to the Christian world to work New Road in Kendall Park. Senior on wiping out hatred, bigotry and similar court cases between apartment citizens are given a ten percent discount. anti-Semitism. houses and the rent leveling board in the Serving begins at 8:00 a.m. and is For those who go to church or syn- future. continuous until 1:30 p.m. All are welagogue to pray for an hour or two, that is Mr. Cutler, who currently is involved come, there is ample parking space, and commendable, but not enough. Because in litigation between the Douglas Gar- special attention is paid to children. if those prayers and thoughts vanish after leaving the places of worship; then as humans the tendency of undesirable deeds and thoughts will come back. Our Constitution states we are born free and equal. We may be born free and equal, but somewhere in our lifetime we becomeslaves. We become entrapped because of color and a certain heritage. It is inventory-time.: Ask youself, do I really mean it when I say, "have a nice day." Is it an empty gesture? "Do I really love my neighbor, and do I really practice brotherhood?" If not, why not? Morris Levine Somerset

Thursday, January 28 Franklin Twsp. Council meeting - 8 p.m. Millstone Board of Education meeting ,- 8p.m. Overeaters Anonymous meeting 12:30 to 2 p.m. - Harlingcn Ref. Church, cor. Dutchtown Rd. Info, call 359-1061.

public notices

SUMMONS THEODORE SAGER METH A Pfolfl i g ipfuri Cofporftbon 744 Broad Street Newark. New Jeraey 07102 Aaomey* lor Ptaintifl The STATE OF NEW JERSEY to Sharon L. Petruoct, defendant • YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED In « Civil Action in the Somerset County District Court of New Jersey. Docket No. 290-207. Instituted by Kenneth L Oberg. and required to serve upon the attorney* tor the plaintiff, whose name and office address appear above, an answer to the Complaint which has been filed against you. within 20 days after the publication of this notice, exclusive of the day of publication, tl you fail to answer. Judgment by defauB may be rendered against you for the relief demanded in the Complaint.

This action was brought against you tor unpaid rent, due under your lease agreement for 1008 Washington Common, HiOsborough. New Jersey and, due by virtue of your holding-over, unpaid sewer charges, unpaid water bin; cost of repairing damaged appliances; realtor's fee: moving company's fee' storage company's fee; and locksmith's fee: at of which you are liable for. If you are unable to obtain an attorney you may communicate with the New Jersey State Bar Association by caling u» free 800-792-831S. You may also contact the Lawyer Referral Service ol the County in which you reside, by calling 231-9300. It you cannot afford an attorney, you may communicate with the Legal Services office ol the County m which you reside, by casing 543-6243.

iFebruary S M T 1 2 7 8 9 114 15 16 21 22 23 128

Friday, January 29 Senior Citizens Chapter #04271 meeting - 2 p.m. - Manville Public Library. Saturday, January 30 "It's Showtime" annual variety show presented by Manville High School Student Council - Adm. S2.5O - Manville High School, Brooks Blvd., Manville. Rummage and Cookie Sale - 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. - Ref. Church Women, Middlebush Ref. Church, Amwell Rd., Somerset.

Tuesday, February 2 Hillsboro Women's Chib meeting - 8 p.m. - Hillsboro High School library. Senior Citizens are welcomed to community room in Manville Public Library • 10 a.m. to 3.p.m. Stroke Club of So.Co. - 3 p.m. Somerset Medical Center. Library A &. B, RenOl Av., Somerville - membership open to all men &. women who have had stroke during their lifetime.

Wednesday, February 3 Blood Pressure Screenings - 5 to 8 • p.m. Also Fri. 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. American Heart Assn. Bridgewater. Franklin Twsp. Planning Bd. meeting - 8 p.m. Millstone Council meeting - 8 p.m. Brook Fair sponsored by Roosevelt School PTA - 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Also Thurs. Roosevelt School, Brooks Blvd., Manville. Hillsboro Sr. Citizens Bus. meeting 1 to 3 p.m. - Polish Falcon Camp. ! "Donkey Basketball" - Blazing Firemen vs. Fearless Policemen,7:30 p.m. Christ the King School Gym, tickets in advance avail, at Christ the King Rectory. Christ the King School, or Sally Wood 526-4607. Tickets at door at $2.50.

Dave's Men's &

Thursday, February 4 Hillsboro Planning Board meeting - 8 p.m. Trustee meeting Historical Society 7:30 p.m. - Van Vcghten House, Finderne. Community Education meeting - 7:30 p.m. - Manville Public Library. Reading curriculum in Manville as it is and how to improve it. Overeaters Anonymous meeting • 12:30 to 2 p.m. - Harlingen Ref. Church, cor. Dutchtown Rd. info call 359-1061 or 874-3915. Franklin Twsp. Council meeting - 8 p.m. , Franklin Twsp. Zoning Bd. of Adj. meeting - 8 p.m. V

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586 Hamiton St

Planning Board Chairman Bruce Hamilton said that the longer the board worked on the Rubins' project, "the better it got."



T 4 10 11 17 18 24 25


Monday, February 1 Manville Planning Board meeting -• 7:30 p.m. Hillsboro Board of Adjustment meeting - 8 p.m.



Mary Roberson 141 Mark St.




What do Planning Board members Mkhael Pappas and John Potts have against senior citizens? Why-did Potts and Papas, two Republicans who may run for Township Council next year vote against allowing senior citizen housing as a PUD option? Senior citizens in Franklin will remember that vote when those two gentlemen come to us for their votes.

dience at the Jan. 20 Planning Board session protested extending the bearing on the Rubins' application. President of the Franklin Chamber of Commerce Janet Salzman said the delay gave the "general appearance of malingering" on the part of the board. "People will say, 'Look what happens to a business person when they come before the board,' " Mrs. Salzman said. Board member Henry Van Houten responded to charges of malingering by saying, "We have no alternative but to

Calendar Of Week's Events


Fatty IBSST*

To the editor

property and by her testimony the hardship variance was met. f Now, the most important thing — we the people of Franklin have shown our support in favor of this site. It is very unusual to see so many people come out and, by a show of hands, convince the Planning Board of their sincere concern. It is the responsibility of the Planning Board to take all of these positive objectives into consideration. Politics has no place in Planning Board business. Business people should be encouraged to stay and work' in Franklin. This is a strong ratable in Franklin, jobs will be created and the people of Franklin will have an asset in their community. On Feb. 10 the Planning Board, I hope, will hold their final meeting on the application. Please lend your support and stand up and be counted. Thank you.


110 11 12 13 14 15 11 17 18 19 20 21 22 2: 24 25 26 27 28 29 3(


Roberson: why are Potts, Pappas against seniors?

listen to the public if they bring these issues in." He added that the meetings were held for the benefit of the applicant and that the board would conclude the issue in one-third of the 95 days allowed for voting on an application.

You shall promptly file your answer and proof of service thereol. with the Clerk of this Court at Administrative BMg. North Bridge and West High Street. Somerville. New Jersey, in accordance with the rules of civil practice and procedure.' • • •" t FNR: 1-28-82 11 Fee: S10.SO

The Franklin Township Planning Board win hold a special meeting on February 10,1982 at 7 3 0 p. m. for continuation of the Rubin and Sons Application. #356. Frank P. Colpini Secretary, Planning Board FNR: 1-28-82 1t Fee: SI .47

19821 F SI 5 61 12 1: 19 201 26 271


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sports Thursday, January 2 8 , 1 9 8 2



Warriors destroy Hillsborough 63-33 by Pete Mann Sports Editor It was far from a masterpiece, but it was good enough. The Warriors of Franklin Township, playing their sixth game in 10 days and second in 24 hours, had enough energy left in them to destroy die Hillsborough Raiders by a icore of 63-33 on Tuesday night. It was one of those game's where the muigci team was a bit off its game. Yet die weaker team was even more off its

game and the two combined made for some remarkable sloppy basketball. Hillsborugh, which has more than once had troubles putting die ball in the basket this season, had a first quarter the likes of which gives basketball coaches The Raiders were outscored 15-2 in the fait period. It took the visitors from Hillsborough a htlle over three minutes to get on the Scoreboard, courtesy of a layup by center Joe Zupko. From that point it took the Raiders exactly 9:23 to register anodier point.

JOE ZUPKO of the Hillsborough Raiders brings down a rebound against the Warriors of Franklin Township on Tuesday night in Frankfin. Teammate Bob Copenhaver is poised to come to the aid of his buddy in case he has any trouble holding onto the rebound. (Andrea Kane photo)

Typifying the impotence of the Hill- 10. David Miller came off die Franklin (borough attack was the final minute of bench early and played well, finishing the fast period. The Raiders were down with nine points. Svendsen had eight for by 13 points and had been suffering Franklin. through a dismal quarter. Thus, they B o c c h i n o , w h o s e l o n g range tried to hold for one good shot so they left-handed swishes were almost formight go into the second period down gotten amongst the sloppiness, led all only 11 points with a bit more con- scorers wim 13 points for the Raiders. fidence. Keith Hagins finished wim seven points This seemed like a good idea at the for Hillsborough. The win improved Franklin's record to time, yet the Raiders did such a good job of holding the ball (and Franklin did 10-3 for die year, and die Warriors are such a good job on defense) that Hill- still unbeaten through nine Mid-State sborough never got off a last shot.' The Conference games. Hillsborough fell to buzzer sounded with a Raider player 5-8 for the season. Franklin lost for the third time against guarded closely while holding die ball a good 20 feet from die basket. Buzz, 15-2 Steinart (4-9) on Monday night. The The second quarter was one which Warriors led 17-14 after eight minutes, neither club should think back to as a and maintained a three-point edge at thing of wonder. Unless, of course, they ! 29-26 at the intermission. "Steinert did not play like a 3-9 team consider ugly basketball something to wonder at. When die half did come and we did not play like a 10-2 team," said Franklin's Martin. "We went up by around Franklin was up 25-9. six to eight points in the first quarter, but For die fast 6:33 of the quarter the we did not put diem (Steinert) down. If teams mana ed only six points between we had hit threeor four shots in a row at them. It was not that the defenses were that time it might have been tough for outstanding, though both teams did play diem to come back. But they came back well on die defensive end. It was just, when they were down, and when they well, blah basketball. got us down we did not come back." Franklin was outscored 18-10 in the Franklin senior co-captain Vemon third quarter, and could not come up DosweU led all scorers at the inter- with much of a fourth-period rally. mission wim eight points, while team- Thus, when die final buzzer sounded the mates Tom Hawkins, Roy Svendsen, fast half MSC champs had fallen 61-57 and Andy Bradshaw each had four in the to a team which had won only dace first half. Hillsborough'$ Keith Boc- times in nine games. chino, who shows promise to become an "It was a combination of a lot of offensive force to be reckoned with, had things as to why we lost," said Martin. four of the nine points belonging to the "We did not olav well. Steinert also Raiders at me half. caught ^ down and went out and beat "It was the same old thing," said us. I was not particularly pleased with Franklin coach Gerald Martin of his die officiating in the game (as two team's performance. "We tend to play technicals attests), but we have never up to die level of our competition. We had much success with officials from played well in spurts, but at times we did that conference. not play well at all. I think a lot of it had "I do not think the loss will affect us to do widi a lack of concentration on our that much," he continued. "It was a part. We did not get back from playing at non-conference game so it will not hurt Steinert (where Franklin played on Mon- us there. I hope that die players learned day night) until 11:30-12:00. Playing something from it. I know I did." games back to back like that is tough on Eric Kent of Steinert led all scorers high school kids. And playing six games with 22 points, while teammates John in the last 10 days has not helped their Keele and Charlie Gall has 16 and 14 strength either." points each, respectively. The second half of the game was not Dos well led Franklin with 17 points, much more interesting than the fast. The while Hawkins scored 12 before being closest Hillsborough could come was 14 ejected from die game. Scott Thompson points, at 25-11 and 27-13, and by the had eight points for the Warriors, while end of three periods it was 47-20 for the Miller and Svendsen each tallied seven. Warriors. Franklin defeated Piscataway 69-51 The final eight minutes was as sloppy on Friday for its eighth MSC victory. as any one could wish not to see in a Hawkins had 21 points to lead die basketball game. The reserves seemed winners. Bradshaw contributed 13, no less adept at commiting turnovers, DosweU 12, while Miller had eight. comrnifing fouls, at missing shots, and at Steve Fkurant of Bridgewater-Raritan grabbing lose balls dun those who East scored 21 points Friday night to started had. lead his team past Hillsborough by a Franklin's Tim Johnson scored the last score of 52-42. The contest was close in basket of die game to make it 63-33, and uie first half, but East pulled away in die it was good that he did. His layup last two periods. brought a well-deserved curtain down Zupko led Hillsborough wim 13 upon an uninteresting blowout. points. Hagins also hit double figures for DosweU finished wim 12 points to die Raiders, as he finished wim 10 lead die winners, while Bradshaw added points. Bocchino had eight for Hill-

A HILLSBOROUGH player edges around a Franklin defender in the Raider's losing effort. (Andrea Kane photo) The Raiders will next see action against Watchung Hills at home tomorrow night. The game will begin at 7:30. On Saturday night the Raiders will visit St. Joseph's, while on Tuesday they wiU sborough.

travel to Somerville to take on their arch rivals in a 7:30 contest. Franklin will host. Bridgewater-Raritan West tomorrown night at 7:30 and will travel to South Plainfield on Tuesday. .

Girls want win in league test by Pet* Mann Sports Editor The Lady Raiders of Hillsborough have it in their minds thai they want io win the «xond half of the Mid-Stile Conference race And. after having defeated Bndgr*a£«-Ranun East en Fnday and annihilating xn injury-ridden Franiiin Township jquad try a 79-25 sccsr cm Tuesday. « appear* Hilhberooeh may *«fl JUM do that. The Lath Raider* improved their record to 9-3 in blasung tbe «rue,ghn!! visitors from Franklin Hillsborough jumped to a 25-S lead after one period and continued to pour it on the rest of the way. Pan oi the reason for the 54-point differential lies in the fact that Franklin rs troubled by iisjunes and illness. Lisa Earl was out of the Franklin lineup »ith as ankk injury, while Toyia Powell mused the gome because of

should try for the same type of style. When we lost the first half title and we lost to Piscataway it was because we insisted on breaking when we did not have to. We have the ability to score without relying solely on the break. Having seen die way we played against East I am really looking forward to the second half." Last Thursday saw the Lady Raiders roll to their highest point total of the season with an 86-28 victory over South Brunswick. The highlight of the contest came in the first period when Simborski hit a short jumper to put her over the 1,000-point career mark. Simborski finished with 14 points for the winners, while Kinghorn had 20 to lead all scorers. Sheehan finished wim 15 for Hillsborough. Franklin played well on Friday, when it was still healthy, falling to powerful Piscataway by a score of only 66-57. The Lady Warriors led by two points after one period, 18-16. Yet in the next two periods the Squaws outscored the home squad 40-26 to take a lead they would not relinquish. Mimi Reslier led the winners with 26 points, while Lisa Lynon had 14. Franklin's LeShaun Arlington had David Moore 6-1. Finally. McArdle won herself a fine game, coming up with a over David Bruno 10-4. The Warriors face Rutgers Prep 23-point performance. "We had everybody there against IniuofTOW and then go up «g»it«t West Piscataway and we played well," said on Saturday. Both matches are away. "Rutgers Prep is down some dm Franklin coach Buttlcr. "We showed year," said Harris. "But West will be a what is coming for our team in a year or two." challenge, it will be a big one." Franklin plays at West tomorrow and Last year the Franklm grapplers were 3-9. Hauls is ""^'fig for vast improve- will host South Plainfield at 3:45 p.m. on Tuesday. ment for die rest of the year. "I'm looking for a record of 10-2, or rfalsborough wiU travel to Watchung 9-3, but no worse then 8-4,*' said Harris. HUls tomorrow at 3:45 p.m. and will be "Oar district should be a three or four home to host Trenton Central on Saturteam battle. Individually, I have a lot of day at 2 p.m. On Tuesday Somerville wrestlers who could do wen, so our team will be in town for a 7:30 p.m. battle of l is pretty good." MSC powers.

illness, according to Franklin coach Judy by besting East 55^*6 on Friday. HillButtlcr. Another Powell. Janellc, was sborough hit 11 of its 16 shots from the injured far Franklin during the slaughter. floor in the first period to charge to a 23-12 lead. The two squads played relatively even "Hillsborough really outplayed u s . " the rest of the way and so the Raiders said FranJdin's Buttlcr. "Because of our won their first game of the second half. injunes I played mostly freshmen. Two kids started against Hillsborough who "After the game on Friday I think we had never played Varsity ball before. learned that we do not have to break all Their inexperience showed and the ner- the time to win," said Hillsborough vousness was there. And though they are coach Barbara Hudock. "When we did taking their knocks now. in the long run run it was only on a good opportunity, 1 think they will benefit from having played vanity ball as freshmen." otherwise we walked the ball up and got a good shot. It was die best disciplined Four Hilliborough players made it into game we have played in a long time. double figures, while no one on Franklin "We just shot phenomenally in die managed the feat Betsy Simborski topped the winners with 16 points, while first quarter," continued the HillParry Kmghom had 14. Katy Barber 13 sborough coach. "We cooled off later and Meg Sheehan 10. on. but the big lead we took in the fast quarter stood up and was die difference. Franklin fell to 2-9 with the loss. "I think the win will help us develop The Lady Raiders took a big step more confidence for when we have to toward the second half conference title play Piscataway and Somerville. We

Grapplers lose to So. Plainfield by Mark Duffy Sports Writer The Franklin Township Warrior grappfcn last week tost a tough match with Soadt Plainfield. 26-25, and bad a match wim Piscataway cancricri due to inclenow stand ment weather. The Warriors no at 2-1 on tbe season in dual meet action Franklin came into die heavyweight boot trathag 26-21. and needed a pin to win and a superior decision to tie. Senior Rob McAidk p a forth a good effort imitu ^mniiy pressure and woo bis match, bat got only four points wim a major dfrinou. Almoagh die loss was tough to take.

coach Garland Harris was somewhat pleased with die match'. South Plainfield had beaten powerful Bridgewater-Rarilan West, and Harris thought his kids did a "super job." Franklin's first points in the match came at 107, where Charlie Kovach pinned Plamfield's Mike JankofT 3:43 into tinr bout. John Nestvogel took a 4-2 decision from Plamfield's Lea Pozzelaati at 128, and Franklin's Craig Tyus topped Steve Sererini 8-4 at 134. Rich Brancato of Franklin came through wim a pin against Rich Pompilk) at 2:47 of dieir I57-Ib. match. Franklin had to forfeit at 169. Franklin's Chns Marino decniooed


BETSY SIMBORSKI of the Hillsborough Raiders puts up the shot on which she scored points number 999 and 1,000 for her high school basketball career. The senior center is averaging 17 ppg and 12 rpg so far this season, and led a balanced Hillsborough attack with 16 points in.a 79-25 thrashing of Franklin Township. (Andrea Kane photo)

I he franklin NEWS RECORD



Daytime recreation for adults, seniors begins in February



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The Fnailin Township Deportment of good, comfortable sneakers, ind bring Parks aad Recreation offers two rtcrxa- something to sit oo for floor activities. boo ptogmra oo Monday aftcmooos tt Also, they suggest that you cockpit your (he library" in MiddJctxah Crafts with physician before participating in this or Lynn and Mary and Exercise with Rita any other physical activity. The exercise program is scheduled from 1-2 p.m. tn the The craft table is a place for meeting Rita c o m b i n e s l i m b e r i n g and new people and sharing your project stretching, strength building aad moveideas. Mary and Lynn would like to have ment to musk into a low key but you join them each week as they create invigorating hoar. The exercises are decorative items for the home and dooc tt. an easy pace that everyone can holidays. Drop in from 1*30 - 4 p.m. keep op with. There is S1 fee for each program and If you are interested in participating in you may register the first day you attend. this program the Rccreatjoa Department For further details contact the Recreation suggests you wear comfortable clothing. Department at 297-7330.

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Little League registration


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winter driving!

A final registration for the Franklin Township Little League will be held at the Little League field on Saturday, Jan. 30, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. and on Sunday, Jan. 31, between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.

4 cyl., auto,


All new registrants must present a birth certificate along with the registration fee of $18 per one child, $30 for two children and $2 for each child thereafter.

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4 Cyl., Auto, trans., Man."Steering" &



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#21C16. Ust price $8843.40.


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PRINCE CHEVROLET Route 206 Princeton (Across from Princeton Airport)





PBJSO 12 And 15 Passenger Models 7 t CHCV S U V t r U O O TO f « c t M M P
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FLASH! 15.17% A.P.R.


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A SI400.00 R»b»l» And A S2400.00 Roducllon Oil 01 Mlg. Litl Prte*. 1M2 Imperials Luxury. SpectaltrC

Oft CM Mlg. Ust Prlc* HtUnt SpuHI EdWton im-K-Care

la A t n n i N Robats. Plus A 140000 Reduction Ott 01 g I t a f Sapporo Sot. Coos,

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3a64UMIs A $1500.00 Reduction OH Ol Mlg, Lisl Price. 19(2 Chary Pickup IM Ton 1 1 Ton Cret» Cabs y-o Model*. Qas Of Diesel ' Engines

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3231 Route 77 Franklin Park. NJ.



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price $6089.95.


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1930 AUDI 500GS DIESa

mirror, cloth trim. Stock #21-227. List



man. steering &

mats. Stock #21-217. Ust price $6822.85


271 Hampton St. few H»eii.Cl. 06511


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IH.204 HilUborovfh. N.J.

Brand-name merchandise at WHOLESALE cost. GUARANTEED!

ITS MINE! Franklin Township's Scott Thompson grabs a rebound as teammate Roy Svendsen (44) and Keith Hagins (3) of Hillsborough try to do the same. (Andrea Kane photo)

4 cyl., auto, brakes,



a* norms «irr LLBUME,DmiMC-l


man. steering &

brakes, AM/FM radio, tinted glass, sport






This registration has been geared towards getting additional 13 year olds to join. The league will split the senior league for 1982 into a major and a minor division.


A Good Selection Now in Stock


and with the feeling that he.can contribute to their basketball program," said O'Connell. Richmond competes in the Division 1 VERNON DOSWELL has his shot blocked by Hillsborough center Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference Joe Zupko on Tuesday night in Franklin. The Warriors won the game with Old Dominion, James Madison, and are now 9-0 in Mid-State Conference play. William and Mary, East Carolina, (Andrea Kane photo) George Mason and The Naval Academy. They also play Wake Forrest, South Carolina, Oregon, Southern Cal and others. "Richmond has made a commitment to play big time basketball and Tuck, as any other high school player, must work hard on his skills and competitiveness to be ready to go next fall", said O'Connell.




Tucker signs grant-in-aid with Richmond University Robert "Tuck" Tucker. 6'2 205 Ib. swing man at Rutgers Prep, signed a Basketball Scholarship Letter to attend Richmond University this weekend. "Tuck is strong, jumps well and has fine shooting s k i l l s . " stated Dick O'Connell. head coach at Prep. "Anyone who has seen him play, must be impressed with his athletic ability." Coach Dick Tarrant of Richmond, a former New Jersey High School coach. taw him play this summer and has followed his progress this year. "Tuck has had many opportunities aad visited a few colleges. He visited Richmond and came home from Richmood very pleased with the entire scene

Every four wheel drive Subaru has front wheel drive. But "On Demand" you can switch to four wheel drive at the driver's option. It's ideal for today's driving



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Thunday, January 28,1982


Companies, hospitals join wellness movement by D n U Saiawttz Staff Writer


on the walls of corporate


The aging "Me Generation" has adopted the wdlnesi with the u s e fervor the Puritans brought to the work ethic. The latest reverberatioas of the baby boom suggest the greying post World War D generation has no intenbon of leaving the endless summer of youth without a fight. The circular odyuey of sneakered feet on city sidewalks and suburban roads personified by the jogger is only the most archtypkal manifestation of the cult of the body. Beneath the cliche of the ibort-dotince runner is a submerged iceberg of near-final tea I diets, oriental relaxation techniques, and quasi-military fitness regimens that' float under the banner of wellness. "Wellness is much more than simply not being sick, and the individual must decide for himself what it means to be healthy." said San Franciscan Donald Ardeil. a leading guru of the wellness philosophy who recently addressed health eiperu as West Windsor's Center for Health Affairs. "However, supportive environments can help people sustain well-being Our country spends nearly nothing for health enrichment Most money xs spent after d u e e c occurs."Mr Ardeil added Despite this California prophet s undcntiadioic pessimism about the nation's junk food cravings xod the tndiffertnee of many decton toward prtventmve health programs, an increasing number of institutions — both public and private — are carving the golden rules of

•Thou shall not be physically unfit, nutritionally unaware, indifferent to the poisons of pollution and unable to manage one's bundle of nerves," preaches the wellness high priesthood — and with greater frequency the captains of industry are saying "amen. The approach hospitals, businesses and recreational centers take towards the wellness creed varies. International Business Machines (IBM), which has offices in Dayton. Lawrence and Trenton, has contracted with YMCAs across the nation to improve the health of its workers. Rick Jackson, fitness director at the YMCA in Princeton, said local IBM employees, including retired workers, are eligible to join "health enhancement programs" held at their workplaces. Ten-week courses paid for by IBM in such areas as nutrition, stress management, aerobics and nine other areas are available. All the courses are proceeded by "prc-lesting,"$o the employees learn w h e r e t h e y are b e l o w par and "post-testing." to demonstrate improvement. "This is actually a low-cost program for corporations because they don't have to put up their own facilities." said Mr. Jackson. "There arc no gurus, no bio feedback, everything is up and up." Other companies have traveled a different path toward the goal of wellness. Johnson and Johnson in New Brunswick has an in-house wellness center that offers yoga, among other programs and services the needs of its K),000 area employees. Squibb in Lawrence has

A DEMONSTRATOR from the HearthWtee mobil umt shows this man how to ooerale some of the unit's sophisticated equipment.

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PERSIAN RUGS and other Oriental Rugs A comptete shipment ot genuine handwoven Persian and other Oriental rugs has been ordered tar pre-Onstmas sales for stores. These goods did not amve on sme. are! those financia9y responsfte for the unpaid srapment have instructed B w U.S. agents to auction off the erttsre coOecnon and other valuable pieces in s^gte units. Ths coiecflon. *i our cpraon. ts trie finest coBecton n design, craftsmanship, & cotarsot handmade carpets, rugs and runners we have ever seen in our years of settng me finest quaky Oriental Rugs & Carpets.

sponsored screening clinics for hypertension, cancer and other diseases for its workers, but according to Director of Health Services Dr. Ann D'Adamo.Squibb executives are-not yet ready to "Uy out $500,000" for a wellness center. Some companies, such as Kimberiy Clark and Xerox, sponsor wellness programs where employees and their spouses learn about health, nutrition and exercise together — and hopefully pass the knowledge on to their children. Hospitals — including Mercer in Trenton, Freehold Hospital, and the Hunterdon Medical Center — are also getting into the act. Boasting its own wellness clinic or "rcsourse center," the Hunterdon Medical Center attempts to promote healthier lifestyle among patients and members of the community. Partially financed by state and county money, the Hunterdon program launches wellness programs in schools, busi-

nesses, and in the hospital itself. The program, started in 1976. includes the topics of smoking hazards,nutrition, exercise, and stress, according to Jane Shafer, director of the department of patient and community health education. West Windsor's Center for Health Affairs, which houses the New Jersey Hospital Association, also harbors a unique mobile weapon in the battle for w e l l n e s s called HealthWisc. This trailer-like educational classroom brings health education programs to hospitals, industries, and schools, and is equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment and testing instruments for cancer and cardio-vascular disease. The wellness ethic has also spawned a cottage industry of health food stores, exercise/spiritual centers, and businesses that seH the implements needed to set up a wellness program. Two Princeton companies. Health Enhancement Sys-

PaJrner Sq. Pnnceton

THURS. FEB. 4 8 P.M. EjcNbrton 7 P M knOubed are smafl and st cOy the finest grades C4 KERMAN, BOKHARA. ISFEHAN. BELOUCHESTAN. NATURAL SILK, QUME CHINESE. HUNTNG SCENE CARPET. KESHAN. PAKISTAN KAZAK. NAJN PART SttX. PRAYER RUG. ARDEBU, INTO AU8USS0N and many otfwrs in afl sues Sponsor Dryus Corp . Auctioneer liquidators 201-227-6484 Terms: Cashorcnecfc b# Qtwn envoy os dooc



20% to 50% (plus)OFF 195 St. Prir 60S-S24-0512

Health Enhancement sells detailed questionaires to colleges and businesses to help determine the physical and psychological health of students and workers. The sister program, the nonprofit institute of Health Management, is involved in research concerning health programs and will also help a hospital or business set up a specializedetermine the physical and psychological health of students and workers. The sister program, the nonprofit Institute of Health Management, is involved in research concerning health programs and will also help a hospital or business set up a specialized health program — for a fee. Both companies were founded by John

Rassweiler, the former director of the Johnson and Johnson wellness

center.The institute is currently involved in a c o m m u n i t y - w i d e health self-examination exam distributed in conjunction with the Princeton Holistic Health Association. Along with the YMCA, the YWHA, and a host of private fitness centers, the Holistic Association is a place for people to turn when they are interested in meditaton, dream therapy, parapsychology, homeopathic medicine — the entire spectrum of the wellness. rainbow. The Holistic Association, located on Nassau Street refers people to the programs they are seeking — programs that usually take the form of workshops held at the Princeton Unitaraian Church. "We teach people who come in that illness is just a sign of an imbalance some where, "said Suzanne Lorant, a spokswoman for the association. "We believe in an ideal balance of body, mind and spirit."

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RN'S/LPN'S — part time posiLOW DOWN PAYMENT LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP PENNINGTON By Owner — TOWNHOUSE — Newtown, YARDLEY.PA — Contem tmrnac- 3 bdrm sp»t T/h end -by owner. 4 bdrm. split, charming 110 year old Col- Pa. 3 BR, 2'/2 baths, den, LR, porary, 1 acre heavily woodec tions in pediatric office. Alterunit Lovely beige tone decor. fam. rm., liv. rm., din. rm., 1 onial. 8 rooms. 2V2 bath, 3 + DR. GRG. $88,900. 215-297- on the canal, 4 BR, study. 3'/: nate Saturday mornings and/ SELLER offers pvt financing full and 2V4 baths, a/c, gas bedrooms, liv. rm. w/fpl. fam. 8412, 6 p.m. baths, louvered sunporch or weekday evenings. Reply to quaJrfied buyer. leading to patio, living rm, P.O. Box 367, Kingston.N.J. heat, garage, screened rm., screened porch, Ig. yard. porch. Low 70s. 609-883- In town, walk to everything. SUPER 4-BR th - 7V2% mtg* beamed ceilings, stone fire- 08528. Preferred financing. $79,500. PLUS up to $20,000 2nd mtg place, beautiful view of canal, WANTED — Bom again 0196. 609-737-2067. from SELLER. * Can you large eat-in kitchen with all female to share house in OWNER TRANSFERRED: qualify? Call today!. appliances, pantry, separate Princeton area. Rent $140 rrio SECLUDED 2.89 Acres — GORGEOUS 3 BR. split, paneled dining room with + utils. Call 609-452-9366 woods, lawns, garden, pool, wooded view. Total monthly HOMES OF QUAUTY flagstone floor, playroom, 2 after 5pm. PRESTIGE ADORESS — for cost $354 if you can qualify to greenhouse. Contemporary car garage, fully carpeted, REALTORS house. 4 bdrms (1 with fireORDER DESK/lnside Sales a tow price is available in assume this 7V4% mtg. central air. $164,000. Prinplace). 3 full baths, dining — Manufacturer of laboratory these lovery YanSey Com- Cathedral ceiling. Prof. fin. 443-1313 cipals only. 215-295-9265. room, modem kitchen, quality products has immediate mons condo homes in Yard- patio & bsmt too. throughout. $210,000. W.S. TRENTON HARBOURTON opening for inside sales repley. Pa. Nestled among tafl 440 Too Late HOMES OF QUAUTY Borden Realtor, 609-883resentative. Responsibilities trees. rottng sites and Duck rd. — this tenderly cared for 1900. include extensive customer pond. Luxury large 1 & 2 bedto Classify professionally decorated Colphone contact involving salesrooms, pool and dub house, MERCERVILLE — Moro onial graciously sits on "76,16 FT. Aqua Glass Power activity, handling customer in- . 1 hour to NYC via express Estates. 4 bdrm Colonial, w/w almost 2 lovely acres. Fea- Boat — w/"81 Johnson 70 quiries, order processing and trains and 35 rran. to Phfla. PRINCETON AREA — By fireplace, storms & screens, tures: 3 bdrms, 2Vz baths, horsex motor & trailer. Exc. expediting. Applicant with life Wafc to vfltoge; shopping. goH owner. Spacious 2 yr. old many extras. Must sell. Best large fam. rm. w/fpl. Truly a cond, $4200. Must see. science or medical tech& transportation. Financing Colonial, 4 bedrooms, caroffer. Assumable mortgage. home for your family to enjoy. 201-821-6539 after 6pm. nology background and some with as Sffle as 5% down - peted.- Living, family & dining Call after 5pm 609-890-0517. Asking $128,900. Patti Con13-3/8% money for 1st 3 rooms carpeted. 2V4 baths. stance Real Estate, 609-883- BIRD FEEDER — Best ever. sales or customer service exyears, fixed 16-3/8% for re- Kitchen w/breakfast room, STILL PAYING RENT? You 7250. Instantly made from items you perience preferred. Good figmaining 27 years. Model self-cleaning oven, auto.dis- deserve a new way of life at already have, but usually dis- ure aptitude; organizational open dairy; Sat & Sun, noon hwasher. self-defrosting GE convenient Windsor Mill, 2 TWIN RIVERS — Split level, gard. Send $1 for instructions ability and typing skills essento 5pm. Special appoint- refng. 2-car garage, utility BR, 2 bath CONDO, lovely townhouse, lake view, 2 to Brook House, R.D.#1, Box tial. Call 609-452-1155 for apbdrms, V/2 baths, finished pointment. Equal Opportunity ments available. $40s & room for washer-dryer, par- decor. Make offer. 446, Ringoes. NJ 08551. fam. rm. no-wax kitchen floor, Employer. J50«. Century 21. Weber tially finished basement, cen79 HONDA — 4 dr. Accord, 5 ReeJty. 215-433-6240. HOMES OF QUALITY up-graded carpet, walk to spd, 28,000 miles, air, am/fm SALES tral air. gas heat, brick fire~ bus, shopping & rec. area place, Levekx bNnds, storm cassette, cruise control. 609NEAR PENNINGTON Boro 7'/2% assumable mortgage. ENTREPRENEURIAL windows. 10 min. from Prin— Hopewel Twp ranch, 3 . 443 1313 Principals only. 609-443- 799-1311. SALES ceton Jct.staUon.connectod bdrm, fmrm.frpl, 2 car gar, '81 KAWASAKI — 440 Ltd. 6283. PROFESSIONAL with Philadelphia & New York. ROOM TO GROW! alum sid, central air. % acre Brand new, only 650 mi. Must $139,900. Principals only. By TWIN RIVERS — desirable sacrifice, b/o. 609-448-4877 We're the nation's largest and landscaped lot $86,500 by 4 BR TH In Twin Rivers appointment 609-799-1266^ most prestigious search and 609-737-9648. $332/mo will buy you this lake condominium with aft. 6pm. recruiting firm. Our 2,000 Accarport. ACA Realty, Broker REDUCED for quick sale — lovery home if you can qualify NEW HOPE CONDO — for CLERK TYPIST — Full time count Executives serve For201-297-1944. Ewing Bi-Level near Trenton to assume the 7V4% mtg. elegant living pleasure or infor E.W. Legal Printing Co. tune's finest companies TWIN RIVERS — 3 bdrm 2'/j Required skills: accurate typ- through a network of 300 ofvestment Superbly decor- State. Lets talk. 609-654- Asking only $71,900. OWNER ANXIOUS bath, split level twnhse. C/air ing speed, good spelling, of- fices. ated, w/ LR. DR. Kitchen, 8164. laundry. 2 baths. 1 BR. 1 den. TWM RIVERS HOMES OF QUAUTY !fin bsmt gas grill, many ex- fice skills, pleasant phone You must be sales oriented, tras. Assume 7% mtg or long personality & ability to deal Cathedral ceilng & fireplace* term fin. by owner avail. No with public. Projects are time have a minimum of 3 yrs. ml balcony overiooWng Sote- Pnvsto Q business experience and a . 4431313 \ brokers! 201-780-4543. bury Mtn. The only one of Its ance — 4 bedroom detached sensitive and must be hand- successful track record. kind available to create a tax Colonial on a beautiful % led quickly & efficiently. Law shelter, home away from acre with finished basement T O W N H O U S E — Four VACATION AT HOME in office experience helpful but bedroom, A-1 condition, walk dream house in HICKORY not necessary. Modern equip- If you desire ... home or residence. Treat and many custom extras. to schools, shopping center & ACRES. Owner assistance ment & working environment. ... to create and build your yourself at $74,500. 215-343own business; « Dejorooni Bownnouso — pool. As little as 5% down for for this well appointed 4-5 Call for appointment.609-443'4300. bedroom home in a desirable ... to be financially rewarded FHA-VA Mtg. to qualified ready to move In. ProfesNORTH CAROLINA, Richsection of East Windsor in a 4202. on your own individual mond Co. — Totally energy sionally finished basement, all buyer, or owner will give Mtg. park-like setting. 3 brick DESIGNER — Consultant performance; below market ratepriced for appliances In Quad IV. efficient earth sheltered requick sale, occupancy at patios plus 40' inground pool Decorator Sales. No exp. nee. ... to be in control of a busitirement home. 2 bdrm, 2 HOMES OF QUALITY buyers choice, call for details. offers you a lush life style. Will train. P/t, f/t, career opness transaction from bath, Ig garage, Ig workshop, portunity. Call Louise for appt. start to finish; Red Carpet DiDonato Realty secluded on 6 wooded acres. HOMES OF QUALITY bet. 9 & 2. 201-369-4593. Co. Inc. 609-448-4134, 448$85,000. By owner. 919-895caB 6555. FOR RENT —' Pennington 6189 or 609-448-7879. MANAGEMENT Boro spacious 5 bedroom ex443-1313 RECRUITERS ecutive multi-level home in OF PRINCETON PRINCETON Jet. — Custom park-like setting of over 1 609-452-7711 built 3 BR ranch. Livingrm w/ acre. Complete privacy. fireplace, diningrm, den, 2 car $1450/mo. 609-737-9092. P.S. 1981 National Earngarage, full basement, near HILLSBOROUGH FIREMAN ings just released: RR Station. $87,500. Call — seeks to rent small apt or Avg. $33,468 609-799-3409. share a house in Hillsboro Top 25% $56,651 Avg. 1st yr. $27,492 WHY PAY MORE — Ewing 609-924-8000. Roger. Twp. Cape Cod. You must JC PENNY Refrig — with ROOM FOR RENT — Bath, see this lovely brick & stucco auto, icemaker attachment, parking, private house, exc. Thompson Court house with its large walk-in 17 cu. ft, frostfree, avocado, loction. Short walk to Univer195 Nassau St. cedar closets, finished cellar $350. Also JC Penney zigzag sity. 609-924-0536. , Princeton, N.J. 08540 w/stone fireplace, w/w carpet- sewing machine w/cabinet, ROOMMATE WANTED!— to ing throughout just to mention $200. Call 609-799-2317. share apt. off 206 south 'of EASY TO INSTALL a few. This house is situated LEARNING DISABILITIES Princeton. 2 br, 1• Painted/Unpainied on a 116x102 ft. lot that is • Aluminum* Fiberglass completely fenced in. It is Specialist Qualified with refer- place. $177 *4-» half utils. • Wood-Solid priced to sell at $59,900. This ences. Private Tutoring for 1 st 609-896-2423. No Finger Joints house is being offered Grader. Tues. Wed., Thurs. SKI CAMELBACK — Feb • Raised & Curved Panels • Plywood Panels through the Jake Woolum (Mornings Preferred). Call 12—through March. Last min. • Radio Controls Real Estate Agency, 18 N. after 6 p.m. cancellation. 3 br, raised SEE THEM MADE Main St. Pennington. N.J. 609-65S4196 Ranch, fireplace, fully fur.GET HIGHER QUALITY ' Call 609-737-1559. after MACHINIST — M/F, must be nished. Call 609-443-3513. AT BARGAIN PRICES hours 737-8261. 737-1476. journeyman or have equivCALL TOILFREE TELEX TERMINAL — Model •00-B72-4980 vaient experience to work in 32ASR, fully maintained by CALL* WRITE* VISIT small machine shop on inter- Western Union. Domestic & esting work. Please call 609- Int'l capability.' $600. 609799-3509 or 609-799-9566. 737-3960, 9-5. Hnt Road, Monmouth Junction 7 8 FORD Fairmont — 4 dr MOVING SALE — Sat. & New Jtrwy 06857 Op*n9til 5 - S*t. til 12 sedan, 6 cyl. auto, p/s, air, Sun. 1/30,1/31., 9-4,30 Scott LaVake rear defogger, am radio, Ave., Princeton Jct.609-799requests the pleasure of 36.000 mi. Exc. cond. Asking 0988. $3600. Contact 201-297assisting you' 7 6 DATSUN 210 — auto. 5866 after 6pm. 2-dr, blue. 59,000 mi. Good in the selection of your PART TIME. Full Time — cond. 35mpg. $2500 or best Typist Call 609-396-2026. Wedding Invitations offer. 609-921-3174.

Robert H, Geer


tems, Inc. and the Institute of Health Management, housed under the same Library Place roof, are in the business of implanting embryonic health programs.

Certified Public Accountant

Buy Direct from Factory OVERHEAD DOORS


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and Social Stationery featuring fine papers byCrane

54 S a v o n Street Princeton. New Jersey 08540 (609) 9244*24

Know someone who's a feature? Call the editor.


ANTIQUES SHOW Princeton, NJ FEB.6&7 Look in Next Week's TIME OFF for details.



^ -

^ ^ = -







C o l l e g e B o a r d Tutoring S c h o o l , I n c • Improve SAT Scores • Small Group.Instruction • Sunday Morning Classes • Develop Testing Skills. • Vocabulary, Reading, Math Instruction

17th Continuous Year Juniors prepare for March, May, I June Tests Begins February 7,1982 Call 609-883-0730 for Information

Packet 8-Way



Week of J_>_ury 27 • 29.1982

Th» Crmtuy Pnm Th« F


260— Piano Tuning tOO-H«pW«Md 265 — Fumi_ra JOS — Restoraeon 110 — Jot» 27O — Busness Serve** 275 — Financial Services 290 — Commercial 115 — Amourcarnants Service* t20—P*rjona«s 285 - Spec* Services 12S — Card o> Thanks 290 — Home Services 295 — B_dng Services UBRCHAMOtSE 300 — Home Racers 130 —HofcJity Mart 305— Parang & Paperhanging 135 — B _ 9 * n U _ i 310 — Electricians 140 — 315— Heefing& Ar CorxMorang MS — Muse* Instruments 320 — Plumbing ISO — Coaaqfctes 325 — Roofing & Siting 155 —Anoque* 330 — Moving & Hauftng 160 —Garage Sates 335 — Snowptowmg 165— ReaUarfcat & (seasonal) Rummage Sales 340 — Ptvng 170 — Auctions 345 —Fandng 350 — Gardening & PETS4AH—UU.S Landscaping 175 — Pets & Anmais 180 —Lost & Found RBfTALS 355 — Houaesitting AUTOUOTTV& 360 — Wanted To Rent RECREATION 185 — Auto Tires, Suppi»es 365 — ApCHouse to Share 370 — Rooms For Rent 190 — Auto Repairs.^ 375 — Apts. For Rent Services 380— Houses For Rent 195 — Autos Wanted 200 — Autos for Sate 205 — Motorcycles REAL ESTATE 210 — Trucks 385—Resort Properties 215 — Machinery & 390 — Business Properties 395 — Investment Property 400 —Business 220 — Recrsaborval OpportunAes Veftctos 4OS — Reel Estate Wanted 225 — Mcote Homes 410 — Qarage.'Storage 230 — Boats For Rent 235 — Airplanes 415— Land For Rent SERVICES 420 — Land For Saie 24O — Snseucaons 425 —Cemetery 245— Entertainment 430 — Real Estate For Sale 250 —Catering 435— Panrtsytvarxa 255 — Ptwograprty Properties TOO LATE TO CLASSFY 440—Too Late To Oasaty

PUEUC nonces 445 — PucAcNooces

1 RATESj Fan4y Want Ada — V 00 tor up 80 tour kna*. one bmr Seccrd ra«rt»n. if ordered nn advance witTi no chance*. S4 0C Third ccrssecusve insertion NO CHAAGE. Ttmearuef. eaei axssecutrve n*ert»on COBS S3


Payable In Advance — Joes Wanted. Penorvais. Mowtg S**s. Hau*e*_-sg. Wanted to Rent, Apt. Houses to $ Band Ad* — Boa Nwmeers are $3 00 extra per orOer or per Contract Rates — Monwy Frequency and Yearly Stated Spec* Rites Av*l_*e Upon Request DEADLMES New Ada — Monday 5 PU. « rwy air* lo be property

'Too Late to O_arfy' ads « * be accepted unu Tuesday

" » H e t p Wanted

100 Help Wanted

ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE Gent — fut sme DOW&on, Overvlieti Cuees S trem•Bad please cad Mrs. Pnett 609-924-9300 ext 261 ACCOUNTS "RECEIVABLE Cerk — tor caoie company. Experienced and CRT knomiedQO&efejAjf but not ei tenoal Good « « i figures and details. Ground Soor opportunity ««h yiuvrijj possibifcbeS- Appry HtOsCcrougn Cable Vision. Homestead Plaza. Beite Mead. 2O1-«74-€197^ ACCOWTING^Secretary — Appfied Cotor System, me. a subsidiary of Armstrong Wonc Industries estooiangfor a qualified accounting secretary to work in our finance office Good typng stafis. tetepftone manners. bookkeeping & AR knowfedge needed. A tremendous opportunity is avaiabie to ihe ngfit person. ACS oflers an exceeant starting salary & comprehensive benefit peckage- Pfriw
Aooounang to $18,000 DYHAMC Corp- needs mvwnum 2 hrs. experience with financial in computerized system. Acctg- degree a must- Travel nabonaty one week a month for internal controts. Al mator benefits. Company part lees, ASK FOR LORRAINE DAVTS



0ROWMG COMPANY Degreed. 3 years experience, pnvast or pubic Heavy conExcetentspotAI Never a tea. Cat Irene Carter. 609-896-9470-



IB 6O0-BM-325O 809-M8-9100 201-297-3434 800-444-3006 608-385-0730 201 • 725 • 3300 201-369-0060 201 • 725 - 3300

Tfc* C a n * * Port


ioo Help Wanted


j To $17_K CORPORATE Degreed. 2 years experience. Ledger, journals, some fixed asset I Butty pfo/notabie spot in top company. ExceBant benefits. Never a fee. Cal Irene Carter 609-696-9470.

A I R C R A T T Relueler — needed 1-11 pm. some weekends, duties also includeground maintenance. Start at mWrnurn wage. Apply Princeton Airways. Rt 206. Princeton. ARCHITECT — with substantial experience (mm 4 yrs.) In project management & production of construction documents, for senior position, in design oriented 8 person firm with offices in Long Beach Island & Atlantic City area. Work consists primarily of mutti-famtty. single family, light commercial. Salary negotiable. Contact Steve Midouhas, Gym Wilson Architects, 92$ N. Main St. Pleasantville, NJ. 6096 4 6 - 4 7 4 0 . Also, senior architectural designer/ draft person with exp. in construction documents for varied construction types. Salary negotiable. CLERK TYPISTS SECRETARIES Temporary assignments available in suburban office park. We offer top pay. fringe benefits and bonuses. No fee J&J TEMPORARIES 2936 Rt. 1 LawrenceviUe. N. J.

• SELECTIVE PERSONNEL • 3131 Princeton Pete Offce Peric Btdy. 4

UMmnemM, H J .

Accountant To S25K COST SUPERVISOR Degreed. Standard cost & variance, budget, inventory. Manufacturing background. Supervisory experience required. AS benefits. Never a tee. Call Irene Carter 609896-9470.

• SELECTIVE PERSONNEL • 3131 Princeton Pfce Office Park Bdg. 4 Lawrencevfle, N J .


ASSISTANT TEACHER — full time position in day care center located in Princeton. For more information reply Box #04265, c/o Princeton Packet. ASSISTANT COMPUTER OPERATOR ecutrve — Needed for fast To $15,550 • growing Princeton direct mail Burroughs exp. For 3rd shift. marketing firm. Typing, learn Exceaent benefits. marketing, research. Exc. career opportunity. Start imACCOUKTANT Totow20*a~ mediately. Call Personnel State and fiduciary tax. Dept.. 201-874-4300. BKGD. Growth and excellent ASSOCIATE Therapist — in group home for 5 autistic children. Should have experience CAU. GEMUA with autistic or emotionally TO START YOUR FUTURE disturbed children, or exTOOAY perience with froup home, care, or familiarity with TEACHBlOVBtSEAS K ffvu 8 certification. Single behavorial intervention. Pristatus-base salary • HSG + marily 3-11 pm weekdays, transportation - 40K * PKG some weekends and 2 overnights per month. Starting salary $10.000 plus health, PLANT MANAGER 35 to 40K Me disability and professional Mach. shop wrtfi metal cutting insurance. Call 609-9246280. • cost control BKGD CHEMST To 28K Epoxy formulation. Exp. Local Co

CALL BOB MARTM TO START YOUR FUTURE TOOAY NSURANCE ADMMSTRATOR To mid 20's Re-insurance terminology, coding, ratings. Excellent benefits. MSURANCE RATER S11.000 + Typng * fete exp. for commercial Princeton Co. Client contact ExceBent benefits. MSURANCE UNDBWRfTER To 20K Knowledge of commercial, general katricty and workmans comp. For top Princeton Co. with excellent benefits.


3131Prtncaaonl iParkBMe.4 ACCOUNTANT — accountIng degree *«ti mMmurn o* 1 yr. experience In putflftc eocounBnQ tor r^nnceton G ^ A frm. Send resume & salary requrements to 8oot#0427B c/o rnnceexi

Packet Classifieds ran in 8 papers (6091924-3250


20 Nassau Street Princeton. N.J. ACCOUNTANT To 13K Start in puOtc acct. with posh Princeton CPA. Growth. Degree + good academic record.

CALL JOANNE TO START YOUR FUTURE TOOAY REO-TOMST Lite typing. Some office exp. Diversified duties. Call Bob Martin 609-924-8064. ACTIVE T R A m r ^ G E N C Y — Cornrneroal"Retail needs compute* trained reservabonist 2 yrs. minimum experience. Congenial atmosphere, plush office. Call 609-448-4272. Rt. 130 at Stock H o n e La. ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISNo. Brunswick. NJ 06902 TANT — part time, for inter-coBegiate tennis protects 201-297.1230 To$35K & tennis camps. Must have afi secretarial slots & strong CREDIT MAKAGSR Degreed in finance/business.interest in tennis. To work 5 years cred*'management both in Princeton office and at home. Please c _ 609-799experience in targe, corporate 3410 or write David Benjamin, environment ««n asset man- '357 ClarkacviBe Rd.. Princeagement and auxiuOrnj- Ex- ton Jot. NJ. 08550. cellent opportunity. Top benefits. Never a tee. Cai ADVERTISING SPACE — Irene Carter 609-896-9470. Sales experience preferred. Mercer County area. Entrepreneur - type of person• SELECTIVE oulgoing personality.



° Help Wanted



AEflOWC DANCE MSTHUCTOR To teach In Princeton. W» train. Dance experience necessary. Call 201-2386115, AIDE TO supervise — and can* tor ewetoerty. 11-7 shrft. 4 days a weak, weekend* a must Cat 2O1-446-0699. AR-nST/ORAPHC Designer mecbanicals. A-V background. Slate salary requiremeraa. Reply P.O. Bos 1564, Prtnceton. NJ 08540.

ATTENDANT — 'for'disabled Princeton Univ. graduate student. Full & part time, nurses aide training helpful. Must have car. 609-924-0368, bet 10-12 am, 6-7 pm. BABYSITTER Required —~2 to 3 aftemoons/week. Call 609-924-9478 after 6 pm. BABYSITTER — LOOKING FOR mature loving person to care for special infant for working Mom. Full time. My house or yours. Neshanic. 201-369-6510. BABYSITTER - ^ 6 - 7 p m , $1 Owk. Pick up 3 and 6 yr. old at Princeton Pike Day Care. 609-896-2329. BANKING — Mortgage servicing clerk. 1 + years experience. Handle all aspects of mortgage servicing on an account basis. 201-247-7142. New Brunswick Saving Bank. Equal opportunity employer M/F, _____ CLERICAL Position available in Rocky Hill branch office. Pleasant personality, accurate* typing and record keeping skills needed for. tints customer contact position. Previous bank and/or office experience a definite plus. Please call branch office at 609-9249466 for personal interview. *t _ _ _ _ _ _ * of Central Jereey An equal opportunity employer U/F $20K Area BANKMG

° Help Wanted

BE A FULL TIME Or Part Time Cosmetic Consultant Will train, earnings of $150 or more for 3 evenings work. Aloe Charm Cosmetics. Can 609-883-6017. BLLJNG CI_RK Immediate opening for Billing Clerk. Experience necessary. Good salary and benefits. Apply to: HAMLTON HOSPITAL 1881 Whitehorse Hamilton Square Road Hamilton Square. N J . 08690

609-586-7900 Equal Opportunity Employer M/F B O O K K E E P E R — Full charge. Private, non-profit organization. ADP. Good future & atmosphere. S13-S15K + . Call Mr. Kris 609-896-1183. P. Robert Darm Personnel, 134 Franklin Cnr Rd.

Lending - Branch Managers Trust • New Business Development - Assistant Branch Managers - That's right, 5 ot









m •

Keraormei. ineee Dues require 2-3 years experience in Banking in trie specific fields mentioned. As indicated, salary range is $20K and up ocporonQ on sxpononcB ana sxpsrttM in th© fold. Contact TOWN to set up your par_!«•* . CJn-

ptoyer pays fee.

Help Wanted

° Help Wanted

BILLING CLERK — full time pc*itton available in billing department Diversified duties requiring accurate typing and math skills. Competitive salary & excellent company paid benefits. Experience helpful. Apply to 50 Lake Dr.. Hightstown. N J . or call Gail 609-443-6500 EOE. BSW PART TIME Position — available for caring person e x p e r i e n c e in medical terminology. Please send qualifications to Parkway Nursing Home, 1201 Parkway Ave.. Trenton.NJ. 08628. CAFETERIA WORKER — Forrestal Center. For details call 609-394-3463. CAFETERIA. WORKER — Hightstown area. For details call 609-394-3463. CAREER JOB Search & Educational Counseling — Testing & Resume included. Dr. Michael L. Rosenthal, 609-737-2236.

CAREER — win train selective person for exceptional career opportunity in sales. This opportunity will be available March 1, 1982. 3 year salary plan + incentive increases as earned. Send resume to: Career, P.O. Box 5012, Trenton, NJ. 08638. EOE. M/F. CAREER — In sales & management with major company due to expansion. Sales experience helpful but not es-'j sential. Substantial starting! salary with incentive increases as earned. After a training period in sales, an opportunity for career in management is available. For particulars call Mr. Adkins at 609-896-9740. EOE. CARPENTER'S APPRENTICE — $140 per week + bonus. Great opportunity for advancement 609-443-4499 or 443-1953.



<» Help Wanted

CASHIER/CLERK — p/t for busy Health & Beauty aid store. Must be mature & able to work flexible hrs. Apply Brooks Discount, Route 206, Hillsboro. CERAMIC DECORATORS— persons interested in pan; time work by the day who would be on-call preferably with ceramic decal experience. Apply in person Lenape Products, Inc., Rt. 31, Pennington, NJ. 609-7370206. ' CHEF — full time, experience. Send qualifications to Parkway Nursing Home, 1201 Parkway Avenue, Trenton, NJ 08628. CHILD CARE — Responsible person needed to care for 2 girts ages 3 & 5 part time, aftnoons-evenings, some light cooking. Must drive. Our home. 201-369-5177.

Hijh income opportunity for the right person. Busy Flat Rate hour shop. Full company benefits. Apply to John Endress


for private banking office. Telephone, typist, bright, person; to work independently. LOR Agency 609/921-6580

Route 130, Hijhtstown, NJ. WS-H7-I228



° Help Wanted

CHILD CARE — Part or full time hours needed. Mature individual. Plainsboro, Pr. Jet. or Princeton areas preferred.

609-799-1850. CHILD CARE NEEDED — Rutgers prof. & wife looking for mature person to care, full time, for out 4 month old infant, pref. in our home, in Dayton, So. Bruns. Call 201-329-3375. CHILD CARE — Long term, 18 mo. old boy, Mon.-Fri., 730-5:30. live in or out. Light housekeeping. Must have own transportation. Edinburg. 609-799-9123 aft 7 pm. CHILD CARE - experienced woman for daytime care of 2 young children in Lawrenceville. Car & references required. Salary negotiable. Begin March. 609-896-2820 after 7 pm.


PARTNER All around machinist. Must be capable of own set-up, machine repairs and able to work from blueprints.. Steady work with good pay and benefits. Call Personnel Dept- (609) 466-3400 between 9 am - 3pm.

service business. High yield, low investment. Will train right person. M.D. Lyons 609/92 l-658(f

Princeton area. Exp. preferred on work processing equipment. Must have good writing skills. Call 201-628-8888. Send resume to MHYFAIR SERVICES 19 Mayfair Dr. Wayne. H. 1. 07470




PART TIME Join usl One of America's largest Savings and Loan Associations currently has openings for part time tellers in its Hillsborough office. Hours will be 12-4 p.m. daily, no Saturdays. Good starting salary. If interested please contact:

Applied Color System a subsidiary of Armstrong World Industries has an immediate opening for an electronic technician for field service. Minimum of 2 years experience in digital electronics. Willing to travel 60 + %. ACS offers an excellent starting salary & benefit package. Please send resume to Personnel Manager, Applied Color System, Inc., P.O. Box 5800, Princeton, N J . 08540.

MRS. GEORGE 201-526-5100




Equal Opportunrty Emplovw M/F

OFFICE MANAGER Work in exciting creative field. Must have good typing, lite steno and bookkeeping including payroll skills.

TYPIST Do you have an interest in advertising? Accurate typist is needed for this busy, exciting firm. Excellent verbal and grammar skills needed.

RECEPTIONIST/ SECRETARY-10-UK Insurance experience is a must Either company or agency background. Should have accurate typing and want to deal with clients in a lovely atmosphere.

Full time/temp Experience Required High Hourly Rate


Mature responsible individual wanted with strong P/R accounting and tax filing background. -Experience with a computerized P/R system is preferred. Some typing
ACCOUNTS PAYABLE CLERK Mature responsible organized individual wanted with some A/P background. Experience with a batch - control computerized system preferred. Working knowledge of accounting/bookkeeping is a definite plus. Excellent company benefits, salary commensurate with experience. Please reply to box #04273 c/o Princeton Packet

SECRETARY-12-UK 3-5 years secretarial background needed plus excellent typing skill and interest in figures for prestigious company. No steno.

xssockitcs 609 883 5103

EE/CF STAFF ENGINEER I D i c 't aI c i r c u i t s , | processor.


EE or CS SENIOR PROJECT TO 4 0 * Know computer irchitoctuit, digital, desfn. Define function, duraden. state or art work station. Bit I M P graphics, split Ssjilay. advanced data com peripheral interfaces.


ELECTRONIC TEST EQUIPMENT ~ Excellent opportunity for a dynamic and ambitious individual with some technical background and sales experience to represent a progressive company with top line recorders and measurement instruments. Work consists primarily of customer telephone contacts from our main office in Princeton Jet. with logical backup of our independent reps in certain assigned territories. Pleasant surroundings and benefits. Please call Robert Ansel (609) 799-6282 LINSEIS I N C . Princeton Jet., NJ ADVERTISING PUBLIC RELATIONS




Keyes Martin, N.J.'s largest ad/public relations agency, requires someone in their LawrenceviUe office on Route 1 who is good at details and enjoys working alone on varied assignments with little or no direction. Excellent typing necessary. Previous experience in advertising/public relations helpful, but not necessary. Good starting salary. Excellent benefits. Call Mr. Duff, (201) 376-7300, Ext. 214. Equal Opportunity Employer M/F




Candidates should have 3-5 years technical experience with ink m a n u f a c t u r e r , B.S. Chemistry preferred. 50% travel, salary, car and full benefits.' Submit resume requirements to:


Carol M. George

A ground-floor opportunity in the rapidly developing field of Electronic Bionic Devices with an innovative young company specializing in research and manufacture of a range of implantable and external stimulators used in the rehabilitation of the disabled and handicapped.

Located in suburban Princeton, BIOSTIM is offering challenging careers to several above average people: Categories• Manager • Production • Oatlgn Engliwor • Electronic* • Electronic Technician • Supervisor • AttwnbUr • Electronic • AMwnblar • Mechanical • General Office • Secretary • RecepMonlst/Secty. In addition to training in your field the following would be desirable qualities if you are to be successful. Easy access to work place* Conscientious

• Previous experience in manufacture of high quality equipment (military or medical a must) for non office employees. 'Flexible or reduced hours win be considered for the right person. We are offering substantial salary and benefits, phis an opportunity for stock participation and numerous avenues for professional and personal growth. Come) and enjoy building an organization which will give enormous impact on the welfare of everyone. To apply: Call Mrs. Osterman at (609) 799-2247 to request an application form, or collect one in person 9-5:





Working toward the BIONIC MAN

• Interest in Medical Reid • Accurate


positions to market pigments and specialty additives to the ink and coatings industries. Territories': Midwest and East/Southeast.


HHTOWD __ Pexaonnel Agency Pttncalon F O T T M M Center 101 Colege Road Eaat Prtncatan. K J . 0 W 4 0 609-452-1122






OarktvllleRd. ft Everett Drive PrlncatoifWindsor Industrial Park BulldlngB Princeton Junction. NJ M550

Classifieds 2-B

" » H d p Wanted

Week of January 27 - 29,1982

100 Help Wanted

OOLO CARE — 4 yr. old. 2 CHOIR D«ECT0nOrgM*« d*y/*k. in my Cranbury — Hillsboro Presbyterian Church. Be*» Mead. 201359-7643. 3701. CHILD CARE-2 boys. Bmos CLEMCAL NO FEE & 3 y n . My John St home or y o u r s . Hours f l e x i b l e JOIN 600-92*-1325CLERICAL — Part Time. Trenlon State Coftege. R e Me daytime hours. Typing abety 50 wpm. TuMon M M T & other benefits. Cai Uantyn Chadwidc at 609-771-2282. Aflermafive AcSorVEoual Opportunity Employer.

•SELECTIVE* • TEMPS * CafRana* or Nancy 808-696-0470 3131 Princeton Pice ,NJ.


A:-home career for Conscientious sewing entftusiast. Expend faahaon knowledge and earn extra oxome tfvougn l i t of excfcjuv LETTERS DESIGNER FABRICS. Plan your own tchadul*. set your own goal*, For further information cal: New Jersey Fwid Uanjger.

(201) 541-7289

SENIOR SYSTEMS ANALYST (PROJECT LEADER) Ejcatene opocrtunuy an tfw PnreatooVjwrercevtfle area to program arxScr take charge of a protect. Seaponaitoftftea ««* include, bet are not bmrtad to, cvaJuo&on o* arrant batch jyiterra and deta>l design for orviine jyjatmsk Strong CO8OC background wrth a rrtmrrun cf 3 yeara systems design experience u*ng !8.V 4331. DOS>VS£. DCS. DWS. W G II or mated hardware and software rccurect itvhouae training progrim in me motor rrwgrrt mXasy w«i be *v»ii*ble. W * orf« a good satay. exceflers fringe benefits and an opportunity for. personal and professional enhancement. Respond by I » U T « onry nciwSng taiary tvstory n strict confidence to: Boa 0*278. G O Princeton Packet.


° Help Wanted

•SECRETARY INTERNATIONAL SALES Appfcad Color Systems Inc.. a subsidiary of Armstrong World Industries, is seeking an experienced secretary for International Sales Department The qualified candidate mutt have exceBent typing, steno skins, and general knowledge of the working tales office. Good communication and interpersonal skills are necessary to supervise clerical support staff and interface with other departments. Please send resume with salary requirement* to Personnel Manager. Applied Color Systems Inc.. P.O. Box 5800. Princeton. NJ 06640. eoe

Blotechnology Princeton Cytooafl Corporation, • n<-» l>i<>tr< hn<>lt>£y i-

nany kx-«ir«J in i> rrcniiluie qualified |>n>lo»K*aal [xrvinnrl [Mi I) l<*\rl ur nnmalrnl *tth i«o ur murr yr-an industrial andA>r arailrmir rxjxnriK r in t*nr or nxHT of thf folio*ing arrav

e a • • • •


AppbralK>n\ mrr mrlruinr fntin qualified m*li\ idnaU i l m %wi to riininbutf tu the inno\ali\r Mtlttiuin> to problem* in thr diAvpioMic an*! thrrajK-unr amiat PW-mw *
CYTOOBI CORPORATION 201 Coti«oe Road East Princeton Forrestal Center Princeton. NJ 08540

100 Help Wanted

Rejpcnait»fit>e» mdude Preparation of input for peyTOl. entering and rumng payroll orv System 3 * computer. preparation of paryrod tax reports and accounting records. Duaas ateo ndude: Data entry for. and running cf. general Sedger and accounting records maintenance. Minunun at 1 year experience in bookJteepinp, and CMryrot. Experience m computer work preferred but not esoeraat

SECRETARY The Wei Street Journal has enings for Computer' , and CICS experience to Join our comtyl t d i h P

experience preferred

PART TIME vacaborVhoWay

We have an opening in our development office for ( consbenrjous indrvKJua! to assist in preparing data for and entering data in computer. Position requires typing ikil. clerical ability and attention to detail. Part time. 5 hours per day. Morvfri. Interested applicants please caA: MmHartman

An Equal Opoortuntfy Employw U F

between 10 a.m. & 3 p.m.

Salary to old 3O's+


Director of Consumer Research

R.I \irker Brenner Inc 65 E 55th St New York NY 10022 212935-5540


—high professional goals —minimum 3 years experience in IBM Series/1 EDX/EOt programming tengwoge is highly preferred however ...CO*Ot. 1ASIC. D4BO1 or Fortran on business applications may be acceptable. _.sotid knowledge of min(computer systems. Jon Pttroleum Oata Corpocat«3n. a w s l astabtsfted and rapicSy growing ieaoar *> prowSng mwiicompmar systems to w a oetroleum distnbution industry. Our Piinceton hiaed

1101 State Rood •rtncsrto*). N . J. M 5 4 0

Help Wanted

100 Help Wanted



Market Research Manager

strated ddw m a variety of nseaxdi capacities. We rerjuire strong market research tafrnt, as the posr* boo wO afford a Ugh level of responsibility and provtde exceptional vMbflfty to Senior Management. We are lookingforan aggressive decision maker who has theflpdbfltty to operate in a fast changing



Help Wanted

Cleric Typist to $10,800 CODERS - Part time tempor- DENTAL HYGENIST"— part ary clerical help, no ex- time days flexible. In prevenPERSONNEL DEPT. ... needs your 50 typing to perience necessary. Min. of tive practice. 609-924-9411. process medicar claims with 30 hrs/week required. The insurance carriers and docu- G a l l o p O r g a n i z a t i o n , DENTAL HYGBflST — for ment control of employee sta- 609-924-9600, ext 278. EOE. busy dental office needs comtus. Bright beginner or re- CONSTRUCTION Marketing petent enthusiastic hygienist entering work market OK. — reporter/salesman. Growth part-time or full-time. Corp. headquarters. Out- company seeks articulate standing benefits. Company representative for construcpaid fees. associate^ tion news services. Call on ASK FOR LORRAINE DAVIS architects/engineers in South 6 Colonial Lake Dr. Jersey area. Must be neat Lawrenceville, NJ. and have ability to com(60»]883-S103 municate well. Salary/, commission plus company car. DENTAL ASSISTANT — Experienced, healthy, person 609-392-2232. Rt 130 at Rack Horse La. who likes to work with people. COOK SHORT ORDER — No. Brunswick, NJ 08902 Breakfast & lunch for busy Good salary & benefits are 201-297-1230 W H A T S YOUR hotel. Experience and refer- offered to the right person. Resume sent to Box #04257, NEW YEAR'S SPOT WELDER Clerk ToS8.5K ences. Start immediately. Call c/o Princeton Packet. All Joseph Delgado 6 0 9 RESOLUTION? replies confidential. New Project. Job. Career? You Lite typing and good or- 989-7100. can be successful. Groups now ganizational skills. Benefits. COOK — Take charge type. DENTAL ASSISTANT — Experienced spot forminf. Achieve what you Never a fee.Call 609-896- Experienced in institutional Responsible person for full want Day time and evening welder n e e d e d . 9470. cooking, sanitation, inventory time (4V4 day), progressive available. Good salary and & food cost control. 6 day wk. orthodontic office. Requires INVEST IN YOURSELF NOW Available immediately. Salary travel between 2 offices. Exbenefits. Call Per• SELECTIVE S weeks-J35 609-921-2750 between perience w/certification sonnel Dept., 609PERSONNEL open. preferred. Please reply to Box 9 am-2 pm. Call 609-921-0308 466-3400 between 9#04251 c/o Princeton Packet. • Arista Concepts COUPLES OR SINGLES — 3. DISHWASHER/Utility Person Part Time Management trainf*aV*Wvai Career 3131 Princeton Pke ing, 'serious about earning — part time, dinners, evenCounseling Avolfobl* Office Park Bldg. 4 $1,000 + a month com- ings. Michele's 609-924Lawrencevfle, N.J. mission, & who have 10-20 9313. RECEPTIONIST/ hrs. a week to trade for it. DISHWASHERS, Salad prepSWITCHBOARD Interviews by appointment aratJon, & Line servers — All SHEET METAL CLERK only. Call 201-821-6196. shifts open. 5 day wk. Some Immediate opening for POWER BRAKE TYPIST Credrt Analyst To S13K exp. req. Reliability essential. individual with pleasant OPERATOR PROGRESSIVE BANK ' 609-921-2750 between 9 amphone manner and light Detail oriented, accounting a 2 pm. typing ability. Will train on Seeking full time clerk Able to set up and operate plus, good phone manner. DISPLAY TRAINEE — For board. Excellent growth typist for busy insurance brake in light gauge sheet Profit-sharing, pension, etc. contemporary housewares potential. Princeton agency at Research Park metal shop. Familiar with Never a fee. Call 609-896- store with 5 locations. Good headquarters of inPrinceton N. J. Pleasant normal shop practices, 9470. growth potential, portfolio or ternational organization. working conditions. math, and bend exp. req. Call 609-799-5200 Hours: 8:45 - 4:45. Please allowances. Steady work, eoe M/F * SELECTIVE for appt.w/Ellen. call 609/921-6070. or good benefits. Call Call Personnel Dept. 201/297-8180. PERSONNEL • DO YOU RUN out of money Personnel Dept. between x219 — before you run out of 9 a.m. and 3fl.m. 609/4663131 Princeton Pike l
Ibwn lemps


Diversified opportunrty in me office of Students Reiacorts. Qualified appricar.ts should enjoy student interaction. Exceflent typing skits, and dktaphone. experience required. We orfer campus atmosphere. 4 meek vacation after one year. 35 hour work week.

° Help Wanted

CLERK TYPIST — needed CLEANINO LADY lor Thurs- CLERK-TYPIST — Tax ofCLERKS for Princeton area construcday. Thorough & dependable. fice. Part-time position reRECEPTIONISTS tion f i r m . T e c h n i c a l & 608-737-0989. quires good typing and SECRETARIES particularized filing. Typing clerical sfcffis. and abffity to CLERK —aptitude for figure* work with numbers ac- Your skills are needed NOW! and experience necessary. and togfcie handwriting to curately. 20 hour workweek. Long & short term assign- 609-452-7000, manuaty record and maintain Please send resume to Town- ments. NEVER A FEE! CLERK TYPIST M/F — full Neof Mems, on hand quanity ship Administrator's office. time. Clerical experience reand warehouse locations. WH 369 Witherspoon Street, quired. 50 WPM typing, intartace with inventory con- Princeton. NJ 08S40 or caO purchasing procedures & mutrol, receiving production and (609) 924-5176 for further inGETTY TEMPS nicipal experience a plus. Ap-data processing personnel. formation. An Equal OpRte. 130, Hghtstown pty Boro of Manvitle, Clerks BQp 44Q Q500 Ft* time position. Please cal portunity Employer M/F. Office. 101 So. Main St. Manlor interview appointment 609-896-2323 ville. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 609-4434180 between 9 & COMPUTER Instructors^ GETTY TEMPS B 12 am 4 2-4pm only. Hard basic language. Summer COOK WANTED — St Paul 1527 Rnmgan's Lane Lines Mdse. Corp. Stanley hours. HMsboro area. CaH for Convent Princeton. Minimum norm Brunswick Hardware Business, Main St interview. 201-359-4733. wage. Call Sister Margaret 201-821-6750 Windsor. 609-924-4414 aft. 3 pm.



° Help Wanted

Equal Opportunity Employs'

CLERK TYPIST Responsibilities include the typing, distributing, and filing of " all correspondence records and reports of a Q.C. dept. Good typing skills necessary. We offer a c o m prehensive benefits package. For interview, please call:


Are you a

"people person7

If your commitment is to "Patient Care" . . . we can offer you an innovative and progressive therapeutic atmosphere plus the tremendous personal fulfillment in helping patients thruemotional difficulties.

Carrier Foundation has it ail! We are situated in a lovely, semi-rural area in a campus-like setting with well-lighted parking area and security on grounds We offer competitive salaries that are adjusted for prior hospital nursing experience for a maximum of 4 years. We can offer you no rotation of shifts, bott". full and part-time openings and flexible hours arranged to fit your schedule. We also have per otem and on-caB opportunities. Stop in at our Personnel Office and find out about our unique non-institutional open atmosphere. We welcome applicants to stop by any ume and tour our many and cheerfuRy decorated facilities. Can for interview appt. (201) 874-4000


SECRETARY Due to Expansion, NL CHEMICALS, a division of Fortune 200 NL Industries, has several immediate openings at our Hightstown plant in the Product Strategy/Sales Marketing organization. We are seeking responsible individuals with three to five years experience, excellent typing, steno and organizational skills to provide secretarial, administrative and general office services. Exp e r i e n c e with word processing highly desirable, but will train the right individual. EXCELLENT starting salary and c o m prehensive benefits in a pleesant, congenial working atmosphere. Rush resume in confidence or cafl: M r . Frank Vavricka.


Lehn & Fink Products Company Dm. of Sterling Drugs Route 206, Belle Mead. NJ 08502 Equal OppommitY Employ* M/F


ASSISTANT n\afy erfick§oii associates FOOD 6 Colonial Lake Dr. Lawrencevfle, N.J. PRODUCTION 609-883-5103 MANAGER DENTAL ASSISTANT — Immediate opening for an Assistant Food Production Manager to work full time for Suburban Trenton Hospital. Must have Associates degree in Industrial Foods, or related field. Excellent benefits including tuition refund. Apply to personnel Department.



P.O. Box 700 HtfrnStOWn, HJ.

Carrier Foundation

88521 NL

U M I D t WC O K bsivf >nd In poflcy, to ague* • n y t o y r t oppovtunRytortM

DECORATOR/ACCESSORY for established residential SALES — Part time or full builder/remodeler in the time. Will train. No exp. nee. Princeton area. Sales ability Call Sherry. 201-359-1670. .- mandatory. Light construction DELI HELP Wanted — tiours experience preferred. Send 8am-3pm, call Carol 609- resume to Williams Builders, P.O. Box 227. Crosswicks. NJ 799-8163. 08515. DENTAL RECEPTIONIST — EXECUTIVE SEARCH/ full time, for progressive SALES preventive-restorative practice in the East Windsor Please consider the stimulatJ a m e s b u r g a r e a . C a l l ing, challenging and very lu609-443-6464, ask for Mrs. crative field of executive Gill. search. DENTAL RECEPTIONIST — Our organization is unique Are you looking for a challeng- within this industry. We enjoy ing career in a people or- an excellent professional as iented business. Experience well as personal reputation. helpful but not necessary for Our list of satisfied clients infront desk position. Light cludes some of the most pretyping, insurance forms, etc. stigious conglomerates in the Please call 609-896-0529 world. Mon., Tues., Thurs., 2-5pm. DENTAL OFFICE CHAIR- We are conveniently located SIDE/RECEPTIONIST — in suburban Princeton in beautifully'appointed offices s Motivated, warm individual which offer an attractive enexperienced chairside and vironment competent to handle front desk duties. Busy, attractive If you possess a positive menand interesting office. tal attitude and are a creative thinker you owe it to yourself to investigate this opportunity. Please contact immediately:


1881 White Horse Hamilton Square Road Hamrton Square, N. J. 08690 (609) 586-7900 Equal Opportunty Employer. M/F

Judy Kantor Inc. P.O.Box 1223 Prlnceton,NJ. 609-924-2923

EXECUTIVE SALES — College g r a d . w/teaching, Coaching or Sales exp. Earn up to $25,000 1st yr. Sal. + comm. Career oppty. Prudential provides professional training in all product lines DENTAL ASSISTANT — Ex- irtct. Life, Health, Group, Penperinced. Cranbury-East sion, Equities, Auto & HomeWindsor area. Benefits. Call owners. Attractive benefits Mrs. Gill, 609-443-6464. package. Management potenDENTAL CHARSCE for tial. Call Ed Ede or Jerry Yaros. CLU Dev. Mgr. at 201busy group office. Experienced, bright energetic 745-9004 or 609-452-1900. person. EXECUTIVE CORP Officer — wanted part time to act as Secretary & Treasurer, must be able to secure loans up to associate^ $50,000. Salary $1000 a year and 5% of corp income. CalT 6 Colonial Lake Dr. 609-259-9211. Lawrencevfle, N J . Chairside assistant with experience. Full or part tJume. Good pay and benefits. Modem office and pleasant working conditions. Reply Box #04276 c/o Princeton Packet


Classifieds Week of January 27 - 29.1982

Help Wanted


<» Help Wanted

EXPERIENCED TELE- HOUSEKEEPER fiharm rmnwmn tmnmi — Onvrtg preferable I pfcjS.

pert STOG pemmora rwpend ijo P. O Boa 427,J*X*y Mil. N J 06553

MA»— but not neceasary Mutt be responsabte (or 2pjrts. ages U & 10 Ge*n, coc*. afl housenotd duoes Good saiary. benefits Pnone erj9-452-ini. h j

o « T r OPENiicr


100 Help Wanted MACHINIST — Experimental macnnsi neeoeo 10 provide technical support to Chemistry Dept. profGaatonal staff. Asast in training other staff, maintain inventory and accounts Appfy at or sand reaumeloJ Do«g, PfUNCETON UNIVERSITY, Personnel. CSo Hat-A, Princeton, NJ 06544 or cat: 609-452-6130 tor apptcaflon EOE AAE.


For secretvy n smal Prmcedesirable Please state SCT; are« ttw o*Ve Typng & education, ctsananca arcs snornand r*c Send resume cow qumtHcaacn. n corftderce lo Box #04247 Sox #04155 co MAS. ROOM CJerk — this is a co Prroeton Packet Pac**t. INSIDE SALES"— 4 Stock permanent part tme postbon. FULL TIME Receot*omst Gent to* whoiesaie e*eanc Some heavy Kbng raauired. Aaat. — Qpeornatnc ofSce ei-ts. Aiso VUrCeraraJ H>gn Scfooi. Penacjar Tratr«e Pcajtacrey FviS usvSe Rd. Pen- KXI'S is looking for aggressive tratrurg proyar™. For r w «w> cail 20!-2*6-2296 e*t rangtan. N J 06534 AA indivtdual. Benefits available upon completion of training £O£ 30. Men-Fa 1-5 o m , program 609-443-3411. after FULL TIME — Mat*e Receiv4 pm. Between 9-4 pm. ing Cor*. Good saiary 609- Career position 443-2670 rsur-arce cammerctal hnes 609-655-3700 FULL TTMc — fracture urrde^-writing position for MANAGEMENT "Position cc*raicn tor a igM gau«je cngnt career oriented and Available — Send resume, personaste person wrth an references and salary request tf««t metai rr. e s t a o i i s h e d insurance to Princeton Nautilus Fitness plant Must be wtfbrxj to at least 40 hrs. •week, w a train agercy Company provxJes Center. Princeton Shopping interested oersors P"«ase a;i fringe benefits. Exceflem Center. Princeton. N.J. aecry at comer of © d Trerson opportunity for an e i - 06540. Att: Ann. & Sou* Man m Crarixry bet penenced property and casu- MAN A GEMEN f " 0 P P O rT9am & 4pm GdDert A a.ty insurance underwriter. TUNITY — National footwear Above average saiary. ex- with top growth plans. ProOervey Inc. 6O&-39S-G3S0 ceiient future for me right md»FULL TIMS Housekeeper — v«ual RepryBox #04271 co fessional position, professional benefits. S13K 1st yr Uv«Hn or not. to care for two Princeton Packet. average. Call Mr. Kris 609cfaldren & house in Princeton References 4 resume !o Bo* U4TER~!OR DESIGNER — 896-1183. P. Robert Darm # 0 4 2 6 6 . c o P n r c e l o n taSented person wrm tratrung Personnel, 134 Franklin Cnr in irtenor design w atxitry to Rd. Packet. sell. Residential interiors* FULL TIME — Cook needed and or office fumrture Submit ManvvUe Public Schools Title for Sureties & darners (or 50 resume wttfi salary history to I Basic Skills Teacher. Elementary Certification repeople Ca3 609-696-1036 Leonard LaPlaca. 162 NasFULL TIME Cashier — Moo sau St Princeton. N J. 08540. quired, strong background in reading and math preferred, thru Frt. good pay 4 benefits INTERIOR DESIGN — Sales. interested candidates should Ca» 609-799-0530 for mter- Fiai? for decorating? Creat-ve submit their resumes to: Mr. peoc*e so tram as design con- Paul Safko. Principal; Weston Fu« tar* BEAUTICIAN — de- su:tants !of an 4 home ac- Elementary School; Newark pendable. 609-799-9828. ask cessory co Flexible hrs Call Avenue; Marmtle, N J . 08835. tor manager weedJtays 9 am-12 noon All resumes should be received no later than Friday. GENERAL DUTIES — Retail 201-780-4307. estac*shmeru (ncsudes Cnv- INTERPRETERS — and Feb 5. 1982. Equal Oping van. receiving S mtsc translators with e«per*ence portunity/Afiirmative Action Employer. 609-924-8296 for freeiance assignments GIRL/GUY FRIDAY — ex- Aibariar- Bulgarian. Czech. p e r i e n c e d self-starter Gree*. Japanese. Po>tsh. RuOFFICE CLEANING Ground Boor opportunity m rraraar.. Russian, Serbo-Ooaaan. SKA-akian Please send NIGHT MATRONS rutnCorai assessment marketing dept. Contact R Me oaexg-'ound information to hv terhost 46 ShaRsbury Ave.. Cantoc*. 609-452-1899 Part time evenings in Hopeweii N J 06525 No South Brunswick area GRAPHIC ARTTST — tetecfooe ca!is Must have own tran rapicSy grtxwng rrvaragerrent soortaton Call: coraijtsrtg sxCftsfung firm lo- INTERVIEWERS NEEDED cated on a (arm m Pnrcetort — pt for central telephone Jet needs graprnc artist ei- 'ac-'if/ Day. everwrsg 4 wVnd peoenced o pftc&o comoo- hrs available. Fseuoie schedbetween 7 • 8 PM sstsco, prrerg specficaaor. uang fieasarrt asryjsphere mecfancal precaraaon. de- Wii; ear, HS grad C*i Total vetoorr^rt o* sade preserta- ft**ea?cr. 609-921-S053 Bons. ard mar-acjemeM o* ar- LAS TECH — Progressrve tssac oro»«cts fror^ Cwgn-ntng l i m College Chemistry lo end Person ntsM &e w « Vials' ifeatrrwrM 5 contro* -•••und Si IK no fee. orgaroed and a»e to axn- Tutor 1 rune tr» prcoucton c? cro- ca: ! **i Ms^ier 609-696-1163 f>p#"tft« JS sxi four jects and cracx !T« arrcxx; of P ^co&rt Dann Persormet. li&tf i> ccmrsssrtn P*3 tor Bme scert and cess mcurred 134 F-amcsn Cn.r Rd for all protects. Thcs u a c e rrardtng. sorneerres r-»c,r LA3 TECH — Long term aspressure ftr< to wor* w«m lab 1000 Executive Office Ctr. Prtrcmtcr,, N J eqtjiorr^rt a oessra&ie. Cafl Canburj, NJ. 08512 GROUP HOME Assalart — Gee, Temps. Rt 130. HigrvtsK^*r 609-448-6500. 609S e e i n g <0Otv>cuM to mar*. 696-2323 * auttsSC yexsnessers Training 4 ccnsutta&cn provxSed LEGAL SECRETARY Boc*TO EARN Exc ocpcrsjrjt^ to device *eepeir —torgrowing Pnncecareer liuls as part ci crte soo patent saw firm Gail Mi GOOD MONEY CRstosannaf treaa-ent team WoodbrxJge 609-924-3773 AS AN AVON Saiary-Si 2.000 yeary Can LEGAL SECRETARY — ExMr. or Mrs Harm at 609- perience preferred Partner of REPRESENTATIVE 443-8494 or send resume to estafifcsned Princeton firm re40 Pine Dnve. Rccseve«t. H J quires mmtong assistant with Call 06555 exceJer.t typing and grammar 609-443-5764 GUEST HCXJSE — part Brr* SKKS lor generai practice (real Company owned meciinq f.a- estate experience helpfuO. tu3 609-587-0807 oftty BraocM5urg area He«p tir-e immediate position. pieasart modem office, penor 201-359-1535 needed tor serveng, deanng. & tatcnen Vanous rxxirs sion plan and other benefits. For rto cafl 201-725-2078. saiary commensurate with experience Send resume to Mr. Thomaar, Martager DESIGN Ssortaker 4 Stonaker. Box HAlflOfisSeR —


1600 > 924-32SO


° Help Wanted

° Help Wanted

100 Help Wanted

« » Help Wanted

MARKETING Rapresantafivv — Real Estate background helpful. F t * or part time tor U.S.D.O.E. endorsed energy saving program. Liberal commJsaton. opportunity to grow with young company. Contact Thermo-Logics Inc., P.O. Box 6505, Lawrencevllle. NJ. 08648. 609-696-2214.

MERCER COUNTY Com- MECHANIC, EXPER - in munity Action Council Head Foreign & Domestic cars. Call Start — Head Teacher. Must 201-297-1990. TELB>H0NE MARKETMQ have: Degree in early child- MEDICAL EDITOR/ProofRESEARCH P.M. hood educ& NJ certificate in reader — small, dynamic SUPERVBOR E.C.E. 2 or more yrs. re- growing pub. co. seeking McGraw-HM Telephone tnterlevant exp. w/preschool dis- exp'd editor. Must be very viewring Department seeking advantaged children & their famjfiar w/medical terminquamed appacants w n exfamilies. At least I yr. of su- ology. Accurate proofreading perience in market reeearoh pervisory e x p . Salary: req'd. Attention to detail, telephone inlarvtawing and/or $12,720. Send resume to ability to deal w/dients & telephone jntanrtewtng super- MATURE PERSON — tor vision. Lata afternoon until market-research Interviewing. MCCAC Head Start, 2238 authors req'd. Princeton area. apprcobrnatery 1am. flexible Full/part time. Weekdays Hamilton Ave., Trenton. NJ Call Pat 609-799-5700. weekends. CaS anytime 609- 930-330 or 300-930, Sal 08619 Deadline Jan. 28. 9-5. We wU train. Cal JRP 1982. PSYCHOLOGIST 448-2107. Surveys. Quakerbridge MaH McC^BW^S! Inc. Part time, 8 hour/week 609-799-3217. Htghtstown position to provide McCARTER THEATER Conv psychological conMARKETING REP — Inter- pany — Is now accepting apsultation for inpatient plications for volunteer usherpsychiatric unit. Ph.D. in Outstanding opportunity ness degree, excellent train- Ing staff. See plays, music & Psychology (dinical) or with prestige manuing, benefits, commission, ex- dance events & be paid $5 for equivalent: preferred, or facturer opening new penses. Base to S16K. call most performances for travel Bachelor's'degree plus 3 store in Flemington. Ms Neuman 609-896-1183. e x p e n s e s . C a l l Don years mental health management P. Robert Dann Personnel, 609-452-6125 Mon & Fri be- Retail experience. Interested experience desired. 134 Franklin Cnr Rd. tween 10am & 6pm. You must candidates should send Advancement opporbe at least 16 yrs. old. resume or apply to: tunities. Excellent salary PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT & benefits. Reply with resume ft salary history HELENEFULD WATCHMAN/W RUTGERS to: MEDICAL CENTER PREPARATORY SCHOOL Market Research




Due to promotion an Feb. 1 Opening for long

opening currently

term substitute to teach chemistry lectures in upper school. Lab preparation not included.


Previous teaching experience required. Salary contingent on experience.

license required. Excellent



Lingenheld. headmaster, 5600.


acting 201-545-




Box #04282

750 Brunswick Avenue Trenton. Ni 08638

c/o Princttoa Packet

(609)39M391 Equal Oppty Emctow MJF

Rotating shift. 4-12 and

12-8. 40 hour work week. Low Pressure Black Seal fringe benefits. Apply Personnel Dept. 9-11 i . m , Mon.-Thurs.ONLY or Call (201) 8744000



Equ» OpportunrtY Employw M?F

° Help Wanted


MOM NEEDS Some Help — If you like little kids, I'm 5 and my brother's 3. and want to help us help Mom, please call 609-883-0346. _ ^ _ NURSE — RN or LPN, part time, 3:30pm-11pm. Small nursing home. For interview call administrator, SunnyfiekJ Nursing Home, Cranbury, NJ. 609-395-0641.

Stock Room Clerk for electronics parts stockroom. Minimum 2 years experience including cycle counting. Contact Rick Cathers at Extension 234. PRINCETON GAMA TECH 1200 State Rd. Princeton, N) 0S540 (609)924-7310 compinj paid benefits eoe

° Help Wanted

NURSES — RN's - LPN's. We care about your needstoo..Hours you want, where you want. Highest rates. Free Malpractice. No fees. Alan Health Care Services, 609587-4415. NURSES — RN/LPN, male, female, all shifts for nursing home in Monroe Twp. Call Mrs. DeRisi 609-448-7036. bet. 9 & 4.

McDonald's Quaker Bridge Mall is now taking applications for the position of maintenance person. Dependability is a must. Agility and speed are required. Call for appointment at

609-799-3330 and ask for Mike.

EDITORIAL/PUBLISHING TRAINEE "Junior Position" Learn all aspects of publishing with small 20 year company. Pleasant working environment. Excellent opportunity for extremely capable college graduate. English or Journalism major with top grades, honors or Phi Beta Kappa. Excellent command of grammar, typing, interest in history, writing, editing, research, advertising, and promotion. Must be interested in automobiles. Send resume or photo copies of work:

Automobile Quarterly Publications

/ P Carrier



221 Nassau St., Princeton. NJ 08540 Excellent permanent position for a fully qualified person with top secretarial skills and bookkeeping background. Must have experience in both fields. Old line established Real Estate Investment Firm. Salary open. Phone 609/924-6661 for appointment.



FULL TIME Looking for conscientious person to help with general office duties. Some typing and answering of telephones.' Pleasant working conditions and fringe benefits. Please call Robert Ansel (609) 799-6282

UNSEISINC. Princeton Jet.. NJ

Programming Director Growing, aggressive central New Jersey newspaper publisher seeks hard-working, hands-on person with local programming experience to head up news programming effort on local cable system. Must be a do-er and leader. Job requires using studio and remote equipment. Ability to edit, develop programming and advertising a must. Successful applicant to work with newspaper staff. Good company to work for. Excellent location. Benefits. Please send resume and salary requirements to Box # 04236, c'o The Princeton Packet.


COMPUTER MARKETING REPRESENTATIVES Computer Sales An excellent opportunity for aggressive. career minded individuals with the nation's finest microcomputer.sales company. The best qualified applicants will be self-starters with successful track records in sales, preferably commercial/ il light industrial sales or must have data r * | or word processing experience. Company Benefits • Stock Purchase and Savings Investment Plans (with matching company contributions). . • Group Medical/Life insurance benefits. & • Income and promotions based on your own ability. Be a part of Radio Shack's Computer Center expansion program. CALL ME NOW! DICK KIRSCH (609) 771-8113 , ^ Tandy CorporattorVRadio Shack X Equ*' Opportunity Empk>ir»r -

Equal Opportunty Employe « f

We are a major manufacturer of highly sophisticated electronic components located in rural Somerset Co. Presently , we are in need of a special type of person, to work in our executive office. Duties will entail typing, shorthand and general secretarial functions. The right candidate should be bright, friendly and outgoing, and present a neat, well-groomed appearance. Excellent communication skills and telephone procedure are a definite must. You must be able to coordinate the activities of 3 busy executives, schedule meetings and conferences, make flight arrangements and interface well with employees as well as customers and outside concerns. If you meet the above requirements and are looking for an excellent salary and benefits in a strong, growing company, please send your resume in confidence to:

Box PP1491 810 Seventh Ave. New York, NY 10019

W e currently have select positions available for Sales Representatives who desire to join a high calibre, profitable, stable organization.' Requirements include, sales experience in business products or related sales industry. Also aggressive selforiented individuals who want to join a dynamic, progressive, organization that will train you in your area of interest. W e offer qualified candidates salaries, lucrative commissions, full benefits package and most importantly the opportunity for men and women to make the right decision in their career. To arrange an appointment to be interviewed please call: Rich DeCandia

(609)883-3740 or submit your resume including salary history and requirements to:

Copy World Inc. 831 Parkway Avenue Trenton, N.J. 08618

Publications/Graphics Specialist


Tired Of Your Present Position? or thinking of returning to the Business World?

W e are a leader in the business products industry and are continuing to expand, not just because of our management/sales team, but because of our products which sell because of their proven track record.

Cranbury Medical Laboratories Cranbury Medical Labs, an ATL company and a subsidiary of the SquibbCorporation, is currently bringing to the medical market a new line of state-of-the-art diagnostic and monitoring equipment. This growth in our business has created several excellent career opportunities.

Instrument Engineer For clinical chemical instrumentation and detector development. Candidates should possess advanced degree and 5+ years' design and product development experience in electro-optical and microprocessor technologies. Background in physical or clinical chemistry is preferred.

Product Design/ Electrical Engineer Will require a motivated self-starter with at least 5 years' experience. Responsibilities wilrincjude initial to final design of digital and microprocessor circuits. Experience with ultrasound products is highly desirable.

Chemist(s)—Polymer Chem Product Developments This unique position requires medical device development experience and the ability to function as pan: of a multi-disciplinary team. Utilization of polymer, analytical and clinical chemistry skills will be focused toward clinical new product development. The candidate should have 5+ years' related experience and an advanced degree.

Technician a n d Lab Assistant Chemical and Electrical Engineering To assist technical personnel in data acquisition, model building, prototype assembly, material testing, chemical analysis and circuit construction. We desire experienced individuals capable of accurate work with a minimum of technical supervision'. Cranbury Medical Labs offers excellent salary and benefits package and the opportunity for rapid advancement while working with diverse technology. Please send confidential resume to Cranbury Medical Labi, M X Box T , Cranbury, k j MS1Z AUn: Dr. Fred HetzeL We are an equal opportunity employer.

The Technical Publications Department of Applied Data Research is seeking to train a Publications/ Graphics Specialist with the necessary basic skills.

Requirements • Ability to type 70+ wpm • Meticulous attention to detail • Ability to work under deadline pressures • Flair/interest in mechanical art Job Duties

•' .

• Participate in typing assignments and technical document preparation using an IBM composer, computer terminal, and other Department equipment. • Provide some layout/paste up (including some-pen work) for training .visuals, selected marketing materials, and technical documents. ADR is willing to train a qualified individual. The position offers growth potential and advancement. ADR offers an excellent benefits package and work environment. To apply, call: Personnel Department

APPLIED DATA RESEARCH, INC. Route 206 and Orchard Road, CN-8 Princeton, New Jersey 08540 (201)874-9000 An Equal Opportunity Employer m/f/h/v



Classifieds Week of January 27 - 29,1982


H e » Wanted

Help Wanted


° Help Wanted

i«> Help Wanted

Help Wanted


° Help Wanted


Help Wanted


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Part Time Vacancies at PART TIME — Secy,forcon- P A R T T I M E — Former PERSONNEL — Selective PUBLICATION SPECIALIST RADIOLOGY N E W J E R S E Y T A X — OFFICE Secretary/Clerk OFFICE ASSISTANT — AsShelter for Battered Women sultant in marketing com- Amway Diamond Directs Personnel, N.J.'s largest most — True career opportunity for TECHMCUN Season* Hourly Typitf — Exp. typist w< Olc- sist at the front desk of Prtrrtmant Day or w i r w g capnone ft grammascai SKMS ing Office preparing job speci- Immediate opening for aOutreach Counselor — BAmunications. 10-20 hrs/wk. have started a more profitable progressive placement statistical typist. Diversified, must type a mnmwn of 40 *or smae pupM^rwnQ firm corv* fications tor pnndng orders, licensed Radiology Techni- minimum, knowledge of Knowledge of foreign lan- business. Looking for former agency is seeking highly national firm, super benefits. •pm. S3.B5 par hour, may vwanOy located in Princeton. estimating cost & time sched- cian (X-ray) to work part time women's issues, counseling guage's) helpful. 609-683- Amway distributors who motivated sales-oriented indi- S11-S16K, no fee, call Ms toad ao permanent fuS Bme Duties inc. fifing, proof- ules. Maintain dose working nights (11 pm to 7 3 0 am).exp, driver's license. 20 hrs, 1322 or P.O. Box 1406.would really like to double vidual for it's Princeton lo- Cohen 609-896-1183. P. their incomes. 609-665-2566. cation. Unlimited compensa- Robert Dann Personnel, 134 / employment. Interastin & reading, genera) clerical relationship with production Possible weekend work. Ap- some eves, $4.50 hr. Re- Princeton, 08540. dubea. Steno heipfuL Auto- personnel to assure sched- ply to: Part-Time Day tion with generous benefits. Franklin Cnr Rd. spond in writing to Eileen. PART-TIME SECRETARY HAMLTON New Jersey inoome tax re- mobile Quarterly. 221 Nassau ules are met Requires mTo $5/per hr. C a l l M s . G r e e n l e e a t PUBLISHING — Managing wanted. Cranbury area. HOSPITAL 609-896-9470. turns* Work in piaasant en- St Princeton. 609-924-7555 toatwe & flexibary in fast-pace Maintenance Asst. Mainten- Pleasant, quiet office. Write, CmEditor. N.J. book producer 1881 Whrtehorse vironment Milt ifl^etatost modenvironment Familiarity with ance repairs, minor construc- stating renumeratJon desired. IBM System 32 experience a PERSONNEL LOCAL and copublisher needs skilled Hamilton Square Road e m equpmerc Contact N J printing production advantion projects. Exp. necessary, P.O. Box 778, Princeton plus. 20 hours a week. PEOPLE PERSON RESPRATORY professional with experience Ovwion oi Taxation. Mm His tageous but not necessary. Hamilton Square. N J . 08690 driver's license preferred. 10 Junction. NJ 08550. Benefits. Never a fee. Call Do you love to meet new in trade book publishing to TEOKOAN 609-586-7900 P n x a s s r g Center. 160 S Typing 40 wpm. Apply at or hrs. per week, $4 hr. Call 609-896-9470. people? Talk on the phone tmmeciale opening full bme PART TIME SECRETARY — manage in-house & freelance Broad St.. Trwaon, N J forWendy at 609-394-9000. alot? You'll love our office. editorial personnwl. Position nights or evenings- Must have send resume to: J. Dog Equal Opportunity Princeton office. 10-16 hours merly VanSave* Fumrture PRINCETON UNIVERSITY. * SELECTIVE We're in need of a bright, certification or efcgtte lor i t Employer M/F Child Advocate Asst. — weekly. Work is interesting & is exciting & demanding. ColStore Equal opponurety emExperience preferred. Ex- Personnel. Clio Hall-A, Knowledge of child develop- diversified. Call 609-924PERSONNEL • self-starter to interview appli- lege required. Salary comDfover. Cad 609-232-9852 Princeton. N J . 06544 or call: cants and fill temporary orPART TIME — Telephone cellent salary and benefits. mensurate with experience. NURSES — fOiURNf mate, Appfyto: 609-452-6130 for application. workers. Make appts. from ment experienced working 0833 Tuesdays between 9am 3131 Princeton Pice ders for our Princeton office. with children in group setting. & 1pm. Benefits. Send resume & far-aie. ail shifts for nursing EOE'AAE. Office Park Bldg. 4 Must have general office ex- salary requiremenls^to Box your home, for our salesmen. 330-7:30 pm, Mon-Fri, some HAMLTON home in Moonroe Twp. Ca3 PART TIME REPORTER — LawrencevSe, N.J. perience with good organizaNo selling, earn $5 per appt. HOSPTTAL weekends, 20 hrs. per week, PART/FULL TIME Sales #04237fao Princeton Packet Mrs Defisi 609-U8-7035, for might meetings wanted. 1881 Whitehorse Positions — open to cover + b o n u s . E x p e r i e n c e $4/hr. Call Tamara at 609-Send resume to THE CEN- PART TIME — Cleaning, tional skills. Call or come in bet 9 & 4. LlSHING — Acquisitions todav. HamAon Square Road NJ. NY. PA. Products are preferred. Call Mr. Lowe. 394-9000. TRAL POST, P.O. Box 5056, Princeton area fitness center. Jitor. N.J. book producer & —torprivate home Hanson Square. N J. 0869a energy saving TFE engine oil 201-329-3777. 10 pm-3 am. Call 609-896ublisher seeks experiMercer County Women's Kend. Pk.. 08824! 609-586-7900 care case n Hdgritstown. & other related products for 9022. I Manager to coordinate Center, P.O. Box 7182. TrenPART TIME or Full Time — Equal Opportunity Peasant wortang corxJroonsPART TIME Stable Work — cars, trucks & machines. YTI. PSRSOMHIL OIVimiOM search for expert consultants, Will discuss ideas to increase PART TIME Bookkeeping & Employer U F 609-443-2022 on weekends. Must have ex- ton. NJ 08628. 194 Nassau St. writers, artists & photoincome from your home. Clerical Clerk - To handle perience a "must" be depenPrinceton, N.J. PART TIME Deli — 11 to 3. payables, media bills, bank graphers needed for wide 609-259-2767. dable Call 201-359-2660 ask 609-924-1022 Mon. thru Fh. Good pay. Call recs, etc. For Princeton range of non-fiction books. for Chris. Never a F e e ! 609-799-0530 for interview Position is exciting & demandPART TIME On Call Work — Advertising Agency. 15-20 E.O.E. ing. College required. Salary Full time experienced teller for our for Public Opinion Telephone hrs. p e r w e e k . C a l l WRITER/ESl ART/ PHARMACIST — N.J. Regis- commensurate with experiInterviewers. No selling. 609-452-1116. Lawrenceville Office. Paid benefits. Call for Prepare text, exercises, OCCUPATIONAL Good reading, writing and PART TIME Ambitious Cou- tered pharmacist wanted for ence, benefits. Send resume LOR appointment. Personnel Office. 609-924and related material in speaking skills are essential. ple — willing to exchange 20 busy Trenton pharmacy. Must & salary requirements to: Box THERAPIST AGENCY connection with English 0076. Ext 28 Call Opinion Research Corp., hrs. per wk. for $1000 plus have 3rd party knowledge. #04238 c/o Princeton Packet. Part time. 2 0 hour •week language programs N. Harrison St., Princeton. per mo. 201-526-4530 for. Good pay & benefits. No REAL ESTATE Salesperson position to develop and under development. AbiliTRAINEE, sales desk » implement occupational nights, no Sundays. Call Wanted. Join out professional 609-924-5900 ext. 313 be- appt. ty to work within corv PRODUCTION control clerk $14k and ART therapy actraints on both vocabutween 10am & 4pm Mon-Fri. PART T I M E Advertising 609-394-5212. and cooperative staff. GenENGINEER, trainee JlSt tivities in our inpatient lary and grammar and be Salesperson — for aviation PHOTOGRAPHIC Laboratory erous commission split. Call psychtatnc unit. Masters ACCOUNTANT S20k able to integrate contnbuPART TIME — Odd jobs, and Marine publications. Call Technician — Custom labor- Linda for a confidential interdegree in ART or OcOFFICE MANAGER $20k Dons into overall prostock, minor repairs, light Kari at YTI, 609-883-0346. atony in the Princeton/Trenton view. Princeton Crossroads cupational T h e r a p y or grams Coordinate work SECRETARY J20k maintenance. Car necessary. equivalent preferred, or area is seeking a qualified Realty, Inc., Realtor, 609with foreign language PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR $201 Route # 1 , Princeton. $4 hr. PART TIME — $10-$15/hr. black & white/color technician 924-4677. Bachelor's degree plus 3 contributors Mtntmum of BSEt. 1981 [tad (27k beauty consultant. Will train, years mental health ex609-452-2800. a BA m languages of no investment. Make your to work during' the evening REAL ESTATE Sales — We PROGRAMMER, pascal + $35* perience. Interested canSngu«t)cs or 1 year ESL own hours. Management po- hours. Individual should be a need help to handle the inPLANT MGR $35k didates should send reor foreign language PART TIME — For presti- tential. 609-924-1760 or 609- self starter with experience in creased business we are ensume or apply in person MARKETING $40k teaching experience gious financial concern, ac- 259-7164. both black & white/color dark- joying in the residential and to: Good famdiamy with a countant or bookkeeper. room techniques. Educational commercial a r e a s . Ex1101$UtcRo*d foreign Language is deP£RSOf«a DEPARTMENT PERMANENT PART Time Knowledge of income tax experience in lieu of practical perience helpful but not Ke»»JChPark sirable. Good benefits helpful. Hours flexible. Salary Coders — for local market background will also be con- necessary. J.T. Boyer Realty, Princtton, NJ. 0SS40 prop/am eoe M F . Send HELENE FULD research firm. Experience sidered. Reply Box #04262. Realtor. 609-921-1805. resume and salary reopen. 609-924-9660. MEDICAL CENTER 609/921-6580 preferred. 609-452-8282 ask c/o Princeton Packet. quiements to Berlitz 7SO Brunswick Art REAL ESTATE — Licensed n to Fkxnor We car *aim up your waJet wttti School of Languages. for Mrs. Bell. Trenton, NJ 08638 PRINTER — A B Dick 350 M/F. Permanent part time. a ser-c aa&qrrrers m ire Princeton a/ea You 2 tove Research Park.BJdg O. !S09) 396-6391 operator. Cranbury area. Ask New development sales. our ciwrts, ar«3 * e need a;! sicils L e g Of sJxx! term 1101 State Hd . Equal Oppt» EmplC7«r M F SCREEN WRITER «vaifac«e Stop n or ca;i us today Pnnceton. N. J 08540. for Mr. Hughes 609-655- Seeking mature, reliable perEXECUTIVE DIRECTOR LANGUAGE 2166. son. Flexible hours. Call Mercer County Women's Center of 609-896-2995 for appoint-, Prepare scripts for video Womanspace Inc. taped language teaching ment, 10-4:30 daily. program. Knowledge of Challenging opportunity tor exKaw tMMM *Wt a Ware? REAL ESTATE — and experience in creaperienced administrator to lead ment Company looking for tion of cinema screen By Marjorie M. Halliday and direct emergency residenadministrative assistant in the plays. Experience in orrraroM tial shelter for female victims of SPECIALIZING IN commercial field. Multi-facetteaching of English as domestic violence and their foreign language and or ed job; contact with public, 194 Noitau Street. Princeton children. $20K+ depending on QUALITY PERMANENT knowledge foreign, assist with selling/renting/ experience. 6O9-W4-1O22 GETTY PERSONNEL AND TEMPORARY... language d e s i r a b l e . Candidate should possess relemanaging space. Steno and/ Good benefits program. A Full Service Agency vant advanced degree and CLERICAL or dictaphone required. Coneoe M/F. Send resume strong history in supervision, Put your skills to work with us on long and short term Word Process Typist $10K struction/architectural backClerical through and salary requirements program and physical manageassignments wuh choice companies in the local area. We Sr. Credit Cleric S13K + ground preferred. Call 609to the Berlitz Schools of Staff Placement ment and fund raising. Send ottef n»gh rates, bonuses, weekly pay and never charge a Clerk Typist(lnsurance) S10K 799-2888. Languages. Research resume including salary history Personalized Counseling fee. We need: Receptionist/Secy(P.T.) Park. Bldg. O. 1101 State by Feb. 1. to: Search CommitREAL ESTATE Career — $5 Rd., Princeton, N.J. tee. P.O. Boi 7182. Trerton N l . 20 NASSAU STREET, SUITE 408 Come join us..Join Weidel, WORD PROCESSORS SECRETARIES 08540. 08628 AA.EOE discover the opportunities (609) 924-9134 Administrator(re-insurance 30,000






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Call lot appointment today.

CLERK Exceptional


Customer File Maintenance/ Order Edit

1S3 Rassaa SL. Princeton. NJ. £09-9244400 * » Kt. 9, Woodbodft, N J . 201^344220

An cce^rg >n out Oder Supervision Department is ! >rrmen a general orf>ce : r-: Thts periGr* ^vitl be banned to n^ainta*n i I 3rd update cu computer files, process cucSers and

&er*crrn ger*r3t orfiee duties. industrial suco«es and Suppfy ; wttti ar, e».ce>n-ent compensaton • fiacJiage * r « h mciudes company p*d medical. ; cJertal and We insurance tuscn assistance profit snaring and a good starting saiarv if ycu <*«sn to be co-wderec! torttwposition. caM ou*


Human Resources Management Development firm with subsidiaries in 16 countries (including North America, Europe. Latin America and the Far East) seeks experienced executive to head existing 3-person personnel department. Responsible for total spectrum of Human Resources activities, with emphasis on manpower development and planning. Will report to president and act as member of senior group. Knowledge of consulting O D fields and international background desirable. Suburban Pnnceton location. Salary in mid-five figures pius performance bonus. Send resume and salary history in confidence to:

ami: McMASTER-CARR il P. O. Bos 317

D. Gaboda




various departments, establishing and maintaining an on-going inventory* selecting and packaging small parts for shipment, Requires High School education or equivalent experience and an aptitude for figures. We offer an excellent salary a n d benefits package. Call Dianne interview.


START IMMEDIATELY T - * company a mowig to Princeton. The office a very smafl now The business a ohercmeratfy tucc*%shi i d growing The president requires * n experienced aide for office management, a&mssrwtrv* tnd Mcretanai support. SiJJs must The wort a investment management The cftants nationwide. Evarytfwig done o fad to a computer you control. The pace is last. The demands exactng. The rewards indude your own wtsfacnon n knowing you have done a supertative job and wiB E>e mw'iMUcrmf iwd acc Send a resume and a letter today. Tefl the president what trtd of job ycu reaffy want and why the job makes sense to you. The president wai contact you by telephone «t whatever time you request. Mr. Sam Hayes. Maine Mutual Corporation. Princeton Padcat Box 04184.

Consultant Firm needs programmers for work locally or in New York We need people with at least 3 years experience and a knowledge of OS/MVS, COBOL, TSO/SPF, IMS and/or CICS, and some BAL. Excellent starting salaries and benefits. Send resumes in confidence, or call COMPUTER SYSTEMS CONSULTANTS, INC. P.O.' Box 873 Hightstown, NJ 08520 201-249-1944

PA International Management Consultants, Inc.-

BOOKKEEPER PA is growing rapidly and needs an outstanding individual with experience in invoicing, accounts receivable trial balance, maintaining subsidiary ledgers and project files. Other duties include internal reports and related accounts receivable documentation. 1 his is a position with much personal contact (within and outside PA) and we require strong communication skills, both orally and writing. Excellent pay and unsurpassed benefits. Please send a resume or request an application form by telephone from: , Mrs. Carol Campbell


$20,000 and Benefits

Salary Open


Potter foe

100 SctoolhousaRd Somerset. NJ 08873

An EquM Opccnxncy tmptoyw U F




P.O. Box 704 PrtfKfton, Ntw Jttmy 0*540


Mold Maker/Tool & Dye exp.

with a proven, successful steady growing leader in the electronics industry. Duties will include coordinating supplies of


Inside Sales Customer Service McMASTEX-CAM SUTrtY COMPANY It looking for on experienced Customer Servlee/lmlde Sale* person to |oln our growing tales team. Qualified candidates will have: • At least 2 years of Cuttomer Service experience In a heavy telephone

PA International Consultants Inc. 707 Alexander Rd. Princeton, N. J. 08540

(609)452-1734 equal opportunely employer

Programmer/Statistician, O.R.

We offer an exceSent salary and benefit program, including company paid medical, dental and life imurnace. tuition reimbursement, profit sharing and paid vacation.

HPR is a well-established and fast-growing management consulting company serving the health industry. W e are seeking a person with an M S in STAT or OR with at least two (2) years experience in SAS or PSTAT and PL-1 or Pascal. Responsibilities include statistical programming (30%), applications programming (40%) and modeling and analysis (30%). Possibilities exist for project management

Interested candidates should cad our Personnel Department at: (201)329-«U4

Competitive salary, bonus, profit sharing, medical plans, flexible working hours in an informal, Highly professional environment.

McMASTER-CARR supply company P.O. Box 317 Dayton. NJ0M10

Chemist-plastic extrusion ' Field Tech - AA S19K Lab Tech - epoxy resins Salary Open

Chem Eng. - plastics disposables Systems Eng. - Host


Exposure S30K ME - Heat transfer S24K EE - color graphic terminals S30s GETTY PERSONNEL Rt. 130, Hightstown


available in working with ene

of the area's oldest, largest & most successful firms. Experience preferred but not necessary - our training makes the difference! To become a Real Estate professional call Weidel Real Estate. Inc. at your choice of location for confidential interview. Pennington Office, Earl Sneddon, 609-737-1500; Princeton Office, Estelle O'Connell, 609-921-2700; Lawrence Office, Tern Hale,* 609-896-1000; East Windsor Office, Sandy McDermott, 609-448-6200; Airport Office, Judy Cherry, 609-883-6950.

609-896-2323 RECEPTIONIST ^ PROGRAMMERS — To Hi Diversified position. Ability to S20's. Several NJ clients work independently and acseeking programmers with curate typing a must. Please 1 + yrs. Cobol, Fortran, Bal, call 609-452-2666. PL/1 or RPG II. IBM hardware. CICS, IMS a + . Exc.RECEPTIONISTm'PrST — growth/ben. F/Pd.201-621- progressive architectural firm 6600, Princeton Place Mart, s e e k s p l e a s a n t , w e l l EDP Specialist, 3530 Hwy. educated person to act as general Gal/Guy Friday .'Must 27, Kendall Pk., NJ 08824. PROGRAMMER — Full time be accurate typist (60 wpm). Please call 609-924-7770. or part time. Pascal exRECEPTIONIST perience a plus. Call 609SECRETARY 924-7111. A growth oriented equipment manufacturer is seeking a Project Managers(2) To S42K pleasant, enthusiastic individual to perform the duties of HARDWARE/SOFTWARE receptionist. Duties include: DATA PROCESSING Degreed, Hardware, Software telephone answering, visitor oriented individual needed for interfacing, typing and asupward expanding positions. sistance to the overall secreMini knowledge preferred. tarial pool. We offer comComplete follow-thru for pro- petitive starting salary and exjects, budgets, and sched- cellent fringe benefit package ules. Excellent benefits. including dental. Send reNever a fee. Call Dick Simon sume or call: 609-896-9470. Bfl DeAngeis Physical Acoustics Corp. 743 Alexander Rd. Princeton, NJ 08540 609-452-2510 3131 Princeton PBc.e R E C E P T I O N I S T — for Office Par* BWg. 4 prevention oriented dental LawrencevBe, N.J. p r a c t i c e . Some typing, secretarial & bookkeeping PROOFREADER — Prince- skills necessary. But a ton publisher needs fast, ac- pleasant personality with curate, experienced reader ability to get along with people immediately for demanding is most important. Previous but rewarding staff position. dental office exp. helpful, but Job will go to person whose the right person is who we are high standards match ours. looking for. Please call Call 609-924-5338 and leave 609-448-6300. 8am-5pm. name and phone number with RECEPTIONIST — For counreceptionist. seling offices. Part time or full time. Reply Box #04277 c/o PufafeNng To $180 Princeton Packet. PRMCETON RECPT NO FEE Company needs ambitious trainee. Lite lifting. Drivers license. Never a fee. Call 609-896-9470.


Got an idea for a photo? Call us now.


• An Inside Sales background with Industrial product! • Abilitytooperate a CUT • Aptttude and desire to learn more about Industrial equipment

Salary Open

Send resume and salary requirements to:

Health Products Research, Inc. 3520 U.S. Highway 22 West Somerville, N J . 08876


SELECTIVE PERSONNEL • 3131 Princeton Pfce Office P M * BUg. 4 Lawrencevfle, N.J.

•SELECTIVE* * TEMPS • Cafl Renee or Nancy 609496-9470 3131 Princeton Pice Lawrencevtte, N.J.


Classifieds Week of January 27 - 29.1982

Help Watted R E H A B I L I T A T I O N Professoriate — Certified «i vanous dtopines. needed kit expansion erf MRMH Center Experience lOyears--. in e#ier disapSrse. Salaries start $24,500. 6 portions ava*a£*e. Racty Bcz#O4268 co Princeton Packet RES EA R C H P O S f t To N Available — n crgarxzaaonaJ research group Bachetor's degree am surrey research experience preferred Must r«ave essafent «ncng. ana.yscat and interpersonal statts. Must be writing to travel P«ase caS 609-924-5900. e*t 237 Opinion Research Corp. Mo. Harrieon S*. Princeton. N.J. E-O.E. RESTAURANT HELP — We are growing and wonderful Part 6r*e posfflons avaitaWe Cafe Aatait 609-921R.N — c«?*aie Scfvxs*- part erne Pvease ca.'J 609-448•0374 befweer. gar" and RWS 4 LPN'S — part time rebel posters ava.ias*e a! our ecnvenency located nursing faofcsy irxmtre asoul our s©eoat weeK-end cay rasas Cafl 6C"3-€96-0Oi6 ROSE JOYCE Cosnitcs — Has ur-ttsC operangs for beauty corautarss in your area. Ful! or part tome. Banning program CaS 201-5427631 for acct SALES REAL ESTATE Are you findtng trsngs stow wftere you a'e'>Wriy not consider a rreve ;o our Success Team as Wefchert Co.. Realtors For a corfadenaa) interview cai? 3oo Hormaster. Pnnceton CDftce rrsanager a! 609-683-0300 f, you re good. you could be better with W»cr-«rr SALES HELP — Must have exn m ai types o! home tfrproverrers remodesng, tnsufaarg, etc. 6O9-92t-8157 SALESPERSON — Progressive firm, protected territory S13K Case & expenses enceAeri conv*ss Europe ard tocai areas Degree n accccnfcng rvefcfuf cut wul trasr, oie proper person Eioectee Sr5t year f c o r r * S35.000 - Company car po5s»fc»e Cor:acJ Pat at 201-247-8210 S A L E S P E R S O N — John Karcoc* a ar.terected m financing a r-\an o* wortan in i f * Vuis-ire insurance DUSJr*ss We c**er a L'a.-r«rg allowance ti •stfi cr erVao- Caul JOB Veisirec 609-SS6-2S50 SALESPERSON — Car. you s«il ergtr«enrg starts 4 oc*Ecrs'' If SO. oe 5 ! !?*n you as an eie

SECRETARY"— part irrte Princeton 15-20 flexible hours.'week. We need dencaJ s«jport someone who » comtortaSie wtfri numbers 4 can Mesp wO\ our books. wtx> can type exceptionally wen I Memory experience hefphji. but ret reoutrtxi), « a quack learner & dtsptays good retention, a proSessionai on tr>e pfxsne. & ts happiest handing diversified duties Please send a letter te&ng us about yourseti 4 your desired hourly rate Box #04261 c o Princeton Packet. SECRETARY OFFICE Manager Sma£. congenial bui nard-wo'fcing management consulting firm mowng to Pnnceton seeks top-notch secretary office manager starting rr»d-Feoruary. This is a fufl-tjrne. rwjh-potenttal position, wsn all benefits, m a growing firm specializing in puo&c affairs. We seek an outgoing, energetic person wtto ts a tiger on details to manage afl office functions. Word-processor experience is useW Please send resume to Vandervncken 4 Co . Suite 2 5 0 . 20 Nassau Street. Pmceton Don't phone; interviews win be arranged in late Jar-uary m Pnnceton SECRETARY NO FEE


•SELECTIVE* • TEMPS • Cai Renee or Nancy 609-896^9470 3131 Princeton Pfce Urwrencevfle, N.J. SECRETARY — For smaH law cf'-cs FI Penmngton, NJ Legal exp not nee . but he!pfut Exc typing ability. Call 609-737-S300 SECRETARY — 'CentraSy iocated small growing Cyramic corporation We need a we® organized person who !>«es working with rurroers as wea as people Sasary commensurate wrtn exseoemce Send resume to: P 0 Bex 431. Pnnceton. NJ. 08S40 SAJLES SCCRETARY $13.5 K

Top typar>g and shorthand for t m Susy CWersrfied posjOon IT, an exotng Pnnceton firm Mtrwrxjm 5 years secretarial experience Exeeient benefits Fee pa»d. PRS?*C£TON EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 609-924-9134 S«cEx«c To S1SX ADVANCEMENT Secretaries To S14K Good cr^artjrascrjti studs tor LEGAL EXPEMENCE tfjnane new corrioary 8ene- Good rypng Octapnone. •*t» N«*«r a *ee C*r 609- item a ptus. Beautiful surroundtrigs Good benefits, free parking Never a fee Cafl • SELECTIVE 609-S96-9470

PERSONNEL • 3131 Princeton P * » Office Pwk BJkiQ- 4 L«rrtoc«Y«e, N J

S E C R E T A R Y Sales AdmnsffaacR — Msg/-, Scfed grad cr eouraer:;. Tyse rrvemormSia 4 statstca) resorts, am*«ec seieprxxes m*rtam
• SELECTIVE 3131 Princeton Pfce Office Park BUg 4 Lawrencevfle. N.J. SECRETARIAL SKILLS' — Too SS Caa Sandy. Ambassador Temps. 179 Davidson Ave . Somerset. N J. 08873. 201-469-6920

SECRETARIAL Person " — good basic skifts ndudng steno to assist 2 busy executives Must bke detail & be capable of indepeadant work assignments. Salary comSecretary To S13K mensurate with experience UTE WOROPnOCCSSMG ExeeBent benefit program. EXPERIENCE Wnte Box #04250 c o PmceReport B dee*, mgr Some ton Packet. ^^ stat typing 4 dent interface SecStancr~ to S17K AX benefits Never a fee Can NEW YORK 609-896-9470 Be nght hand «o chie» execuSve of prestigious firm • SELECTIVE ExceAent benefits. Never a fee C a l 609-696-9470. 3131 Princeton Pfce Office Park BUg. 4

* SELECTIVE PERSONNEL • 3131 Pnnceton Pfce Office Park BkJg. 4 Lawrencevfc, N-J.

Variety lor Bo tool comperry Steno. Mex. Superb benefttwu«on,()er«ai Never • tee

3131 Pnnceton Pfce Office Park B M Q - 4 .*U.

SECURITY GUARDS — permanem & pen ame. Mtddesex County. Hghtrtown. Lawrlancwfle •reas. UmJorms turn. AM age*. For appL cal 201-329-6021 bet 9am-4pm. Equal Opportunity Emptoyer.


° Jobs Wanted


STORE CLERKS — must be W A I T E R / W A I T R E S S — BOOKKEEPER EXPERI- MANUSCRIPT Typing — LOOK, LOOK, LOOK. There COPIES — resumes, invita18 years or older to work part needed for busy luncheonette ENCED — 1 or 2 fun days per Cassette Transcription, Let- is parking at Princeton Sta- tions, business cards, rubber time in our Somerset Farms in Pertnington. Mon-Fri.. 11- week. Can do up to and in- ters, envelopes, labels. tion. Rates 50 cents per day. stamps, complete typesetting, cluding trial balance, payroll Reasonable. 609-448-7180. $1.50 for overnight, by the composition & printing food store located in Prince- 330. 609-737-2276. ton. Call 609-924-9893. WAITER/WAITRESS — and all related payroll taxes. MONDAY MORNING — A week $4.00, by the month service. 7 days a week at Lunch & some dinners. Ex- 609-882-0634. Family Day Care Referral $12.00. The only overnight Sears Quick Copy Center, Secy to "ttTS. y Q perienced. Peacock Inn. CHILD CARE — Service Service - forreliable,qualified p a r k i n g in P r i n c e t o n . Quaker Bridge Mall. MARKTHNG T o $ 4 0 K + Princeton. Call 609-924- provided for your preschool & child care in a local home. 609-924-0976. DATEMATES CLUB — has ... Oiractor of huge interDATA PROC£SS»*G school aged youngsters in our please call 201-526-4884. MEET PEOPLE — If you're come to Central New Jersey. na&onal company needs your Telecommunications ex- 1707. typing and steno staas for perience, Assembler, Pascal WAITRESS/WArTER — days Belle Mead Home. This pro- PORTUGUESE COUPLE — over 40 or 50 or 60 years old Get listed in our upcoming customer contact corres- or Fortran. Outstanding com- & evenings part time. Ex- fessional mother/daughter Cook, housekeeper, butler, and you don't care for the issue. Meet sincere, eligible, porvlence and managerial as- panyand benefits. Never a perienced. Monroe Twp. team offers responsible daily chauffeur. Exc. ref. exper- liquor scene but you'd like to single men & women through go out dancing and meet our discreet service. A 20 sistance. Growth spot. AJ fee Can Dick Simon 609- area. Call Cindy 201-521- child care service to the chil- ienced. Call 609-921-0435. dren of working parents. people on sober terms • try word ad only $10; a 35 word benefits paid Company paid 896-9470. 0393. Transportation avail for local RELIABLE WOMAN — seek- the Hightstown Country Club ad only $ 1 5 . Complete fees WAITRESSvVVAITER — Ex- residence. Please call Mrs. ing days work or take care of Ballroom. We feature the Privacy. We assign you a ASK FOR LORRAINE DAVIS * SELECTIVE perienced, full time. Apply in Trani at 201-359-5735. old people. 609-394-9560. finest in big bands with music Datemates number and PERSONNEL • person, Cranbury Golf Club. CHILD CARE — planned RESEARCHER — Sc.D '68. from the "Golden Era of the p r o m p t l y f o r w a r d all See Drew or Daisy. Southfield learning & creative activities. Seeking new position. EE. Big Band"' sound. Come responses to you!! Send your 3131 Princeton Pfce Rd. West Windsor Twp. Responsible, individual Energy, Patent Agent, Prod- alone or come with someone. description & check or m/o by Office Park BUg. 4 WAITRESS/WAITER — Ex- atten. Exc. credentials. 609- uct Dev.Mgmt.Exp.Reply There's plenty of free parking. February 10. 1982 to get LawrencevBe, N.J. perienced only. Lunches, din- 799-0150. Box #04215, c/o Princeton And, remember, there's no listed in our upcoming Spring R t 130 at Black Horse La. THUEPHONl ners. Exc. tips. No Sundays. liquor served. We're open Issue. Respond Now and Packet. No. Brunswick, NJ 08902 CHILD CARE — my home, MTERVEWMG Michele's 609-924-9313. Wednesdays (FREE dance we'll send you our Spring 201-297-1230 full time. Ages 1-5, Ig yd, no RESPONSIBLE Couple — lessons from 8:30-9:00 P.M. Issue - Free!! (That's a $5 PART TIME WANTED RELIABLE dediseeking caretaker job or care SEEKING INDIVIDUAL who Opportunities available. cated Groom — to work with traffic. 609-448-0526. of elderly person in return for included with admission) and value-absolutely free, but we loves people and loves to Days, afternoons, <*venings & standard-breds at Showplace CHILD CARE IN MY — free rent. R e f e r e n c e s . Saturdays from 9:00 P.M. to must have your ad imassist — for position in unique weekends. Flexible days & midnight. Dress is casual to m e d i a t e l y ) . Join the home. Highly experienced, 609-921-6927. Farm. Experience with horses & attractive dental office. Ex- hours. No experience necesfancy (jackets for men) and thousands of happy, satisfied excellent references. Full a requirement. Will train the SECRETARY — 25 hours perience in dental assisting sary. Will train. Call between right applicant. Call after 4 and/or part time, from 6 plus. 5 years diversified ex- admission is $4.00. We're members who Have met the required. Call 609-799-4422 8 9:30-4. 609-448-2107. conveniently located off Exit Partner of Their Dreams. weeks up. 609-737-2706. ' pm. 609-443-1208. McGRAW-HflX am-5 pm Tuesday through perience also in bookkeeping 8, New Jersey Turnpike be- Send your description CHILD CARE — in my home. Hkjhtmtown. EOE WELCOME WAGON — You Friday. & insurance. 609-443-1281. hind Mom's Peppermill Res- (choose either 20 or 35 Full or part time. Experienced. TELEPHONE ADVERTISING choose the hours in reward- References. 609-448-2755. V Y D E C O P E R A T O R — taurant. So, come out dancing words), your check or m/o to TYPISTS SALES — Permanent part ing career meeting people. Wishes to relocate to Prince- at the Hightstown Country Datemates. Box 443, Dayton, Kelly Services has a long time. 3 hr. dairy shifts. Car needed. Training pro- CHILD CARE — by 2 ex- ton area. Please call after Club Ballroom. See you this NJ 08810. Bonus-The first 50 term temporary assignment Mon-Fri. Across from Prince- vided. Openings in Princeton, perienced mothers. Any age. 7pm 609-397-0914. Wednesday or Saturday. P.S. responses received will reavailable tn the Pnnceton ton Airport. Salary -f com- Plainsboro, Monroe, Law- Close to Walter C. Black We have the best dance floor ceive a $10 refund. Risk WELL KNOWN — and rerence, Hamilton, Ewing, School. 609-448-4337. area. Knowledge of IBM Mag mission. 609-921-9400 in the East. nothing-place your ad today!! liable mother wishes to Washington Twp. Other CHILDCARE Alternatives — Card A helpful but not NASSAU AIRPORT TAXI — TELLERS" ~ babysit day or weekly. DEPRESSED? — Looking areas. Call 201-766-3262 Creative learning exp. in a necessary. Minimum 55worn 609-466-1028. Courteous. For A Laugh? Enjoy top billed typing essential Will train on Full time opening available in Thurs. & Mon. 2-7pm or write nurturing environment. Mon- Located across the street Dependable. Economical. N.Y.C. comediens at the: telex. If interested please can Rocky Hill branch office. Ex- 29 Ann St.. Bernardsville, N.J. tessori teacher and ex- from the Ethel McKnight Service to all Airports. WirzmansJnru^fiin St.. Manor come into our office today governess of this area is School. 609-448-5338. penence a plus but will train 07924. EOE. ville, Sundays starting Feb. 7. individuals with aptitude for $$WICKER~15emonslrat0r» offering childcare with a dif- WILL DO BABYSITTING — in QUESTIONS About the draft Happy Hour 7:30 to 8:30p.m. TOP PAY figures. Training starts in — want part time work w/full ference for a few children my Cranbury Manor home full or registration? Call 609P A D VACATION mid-Feb. We offer excellent time pay ($i00/eve)? World ages 2 and up, full time. Call or part time. 609-443-8792. 737-2905 or 609-466-2039. DMA COURSE — Powerful 5 MERIT MCREASES Ask for Allan. week program on self- masworking conditions & fringe Odyssey Home Party Plan to talk, Kate, 201-359-6555. 115 REFERRAL BONUSES Announcements RESTORER OF PAINTINGS tery & creating what you want b e n e f i t s . P l e a s e c a l l needs ladies to open area! DAY CARE — My home in KELLY ELTTE in life. Now available outside 609-924-9466 for a personal No exp nee! Call collect 609- Plainsboro. M/F, reasonable AIRPORT TAXI — ComAll Media NYC. Is DMA your next step? interview. 768-0136. 3131 Pnnceton Pike rates. Lunch served. Children fortable tranportation to and Extensive museum & Call Dr. Lewis. Certified InLawrencevtile.N J. from all airports. Tel. 609HOMEMAKER 1 yr. and older. Call Ann, First National Bank Studio experience. structor. 609-921-3966. 609-896-1010 921-7339. East Windsor Area 609-799-5873. Of Central Jersey Now working privately DO YOU FEEL LOST — to assist young mother temART LOVERS An equal opportunity emENTRY LEVEL Position — KELLY 609-921-6477 wandering in a circle and no porarily handicapped with full time. Shipping & ReceivBE AWARE ployer m l SERVICES Between i-4pm one cares for you? Loaded cooking with cooking, cleanThe ~Kefly Girt People' TEMPORARY Position —"key ing & shopping. Must have ing C l e r k , Stock/Clerk Counterfeiters in Princeton. SUCCESSFUL IN — Busi- with problems and no one to Exact replicas on canvas of Temporary-No Fee punching, editing, plus other car & flexible hours. Call after Driver.Material Handler, Mail ness/Career but experience- turn to? Someone cares for Room Office Assistant, Blue- the works of Rembrandt, ing little satisfaction in dealing EOE. M F H diversified duties. Experience 6 pm. 609-448-8697 you and was crucified for you! print Operator, Machine Op- Picasso, Renoir. Stubbs, with your feelings and perSEWING MACHINE Operator needed. If interested please Call 609-443-5142 anytime. VanGogh, Gauguin, Winserator. Please repl;y to P.O. WOMAN TO CLEAN — 5 sonal relationships? June — $140 per week * Bonus call Mrs. Pmelli 609-924-9300 DO YOU HAVE that special low Homer, Lautrec, Degas, Box 5304, Trenton, NJ 08638. days/week, 6 hrs. day at SS-tir. Light Goldberg is a Certified for right person 443-4499 or ext 261. References required. 201- EXPERIENCED "TYPIST — Millet, Bruegel, Cezanne, Mo- Psychotherapist practicing in magic to make us bubble like 443-1953 TEMPS NE ED ED — Earn top ^359-4493. ^ net, Pissarro & others. Mas- New York City and in Law- champagne? - Do you like Correctable Selectric for free S H A M P O O A S S I S T A N T — 4 hourly rates on long and short terworks Ltd. 254 Nassau St., renceville, who specializes in Rio, Mexico & parts unlance assignments. Have days a week. Cosmetology assignments. We are seeking *W0Rb"~ PROCESSWG known? I am a warm good Princeton, 609-683-1324. these problems.In NJ 609been employed in medical bcense required 609-924- S e c r e t a r i e s , Word Prolooking M 39, who speaks BK>FEEDBACK NO FEE publishing & legal fields. Call 883-7888; in NYC 212-868cessors. Clerk Typists, Re6696. fluent Spanish & Portuguese, The Center For Stress Con- 3330. after 6pm, 609-443-3445. loves to travel, play raquetball JOIN SHORT ORDER Cook —"Ex- ceptionists. Staff Builders. 20 trol offers programs for the EX P E RI E N C ¥ b perienced. 6am-2pm. 6 day Nassau St.. Princeton. NJ. treatment of headaches, high TEAMS' & Organizations — & listen to jazz & classical CARE — in my home. Melvin blood pressure, insomnia, Host a wicker show. Earn music. If you would like to week. 609-924-9855 until 3 Call for appt. 609-924-0604. H. Kreps School area 609- digestive disorders and more. 15% of sales. Door prizes meet over a drink, drop me a f ERRIFIC OPPORTUNITY pm. 609-882-4875 after 3 pm 448-7643. line at Box #04283 c/o — for Sates Reps. No exFree consultation. Call 609- donated. 609-890-0485. SISTER WANTED— 2 or 3x Cal Renee or Nancy FREELASCE WRITER"— 448-9595. TWIN COUNTY CountTjTDay Princeton Packet. per wk & occasional week- perience necessary. Beauty specializing in industrial and School. Kend. Pk. full & Vi GAY Switchboard information 609-896-9470 ends, for our happy, lively 14 onented individual. ImmedCRUISE & DIVE — the British high technology products and day creative nursery. Hrs. center. Call 609-921-2565. 3131 Princeton Pfce mo okj gut There are an 11 iate openings. Central Jersey Virgin Islands aboard 98ft. services. Fast turnaround. 7:30-5:30. Children's ages Best hours 7-10 p.rrh Mon. LawrencevMe, N.J. & 12 yr. old m the house to territories available. Call motor yacht. Tropic Bird. 12 j WSI — for 7 week summer Reasonable rates. (201) 788- double state rooms, spacious 2Vi-5. After school program thru Thurs. help with the baby when 609-443-1009 after 6pm. avail. Call 201-297-7854 or needed. They do not need the THE" BREAD Factory — is day camp program. Must ?832. after 6 pm. GENTLEMAN WITH Proper lounges & decks, fully air cons e r v i c e s of t h e s i t t e r . looking for people exper- have car. Call 609-924-9713 FULL CHILD Care — Early ditioned. Diving, salting, water 201-297-9340 after 6. Credentials — seeks gentle2:30-830pm in our Dayton ienced in bakery counter or 609-466-1212. childhood exper. Learning ac- skiing. All meals. $585/person TYPING — WPR SecreTarial woman for solid relationship. home. Ref. 4 own trans req sales. Interesting & rewarding tivities, ind. attention, creative April 9-16. Call Ocean Quest Service. Resumes, term Am writer/editor for the state. Can 201-329-6615 or 329- work Call Mr. Paul between 105 Resumes play provided. 609-921-1135. Sales Rep., Edith, 609-799- papers, repetitive letters us- Been dating 41/51 area. 3334. Good pay lor the nght 1-4pm. 609-799-9743. ing Xerox system for personal Please reply to Box # 04263 GOJNG" ON" VacatJonfT- 3487. person. THE GALLUP Organization in CAREER JOB Search & Held avail, between Feb 19 - D I S C O V E F T F L Y I N G Brunch or business needs. 1122 c/o Princeton Packet, stating Educational Counseling — SMALL PRIVATE school — Pnnceton is seeking a person Testing & Resume included. March 27. References.609- — Sunday, Feb. 14,10am- Amwell Rd., Belle Mead. N.J. your desires and objectives. 201-874-4096. Icotang for highly efficient with good typing and or- Dr. Michael L. Rosenthal. 924-1435. HAVING TROUBLE meeting 1pm, no charge. Raritan Valsecretary Good typing, able ganizational skills Full time 609-737-2236. HANDYMAN — house and ley Flying School, Kupper Air- USED BOOKS NEEDED — or staying with the right perto assume responsibilities. position Interesting market automotive repair work. No port. For reservations 201- for Brandeis University. We son? Loneliness counseling recycle your old books. Look could help you find what and must be weii organized. research related work. Please CAREER" AND" Educational job too small. Reasonable 7 2 2 - 5 1 1 1 . J L for our Spring Book Sale at you're seeking, individuals, Send resume to PO Box 297. ' call 609-924-9600. ext. 278. Counseling. Resumes — indi- rates. 609-737-1914. DRAMATIC Film wit vidual testing, career planEOE. Quakerbridge Mall. Tax de- small groups. Michael L. Biawenburg. NJ 08504 setting — Filmmaker needs ning, college advisement. Call HOUSECLEANING —"Cranductable. Receipts available. Rosenthal, M.S.W., Ed.D. TIRED OF Commuting to the Software Engineer Anna Willingharn, M.A.. bury/Hightstown area. Call large room for a few days To S35K city? Come to Princeton M . S . W . 2 0 N a s s a u S t . , between 2 & 4. 609-448- shooting. Call Sam Wells Will pick up used books. For 609-737-2236. further information call: 609where there is an interesting DATA PROCESSING KAY'S Introduction Service— 1524. 609-921-7312. Princeton. 609-921-8638. 448-7899 or 609-448-4978. OS. Internals. PL-1. Fortran, and challenging position all ages. Meet partner for a. EARN CASH & Free Shoes HOUSECLEANING" Wanted or Assembler 4300 IBM available for someone with a COPIES — resumes, invitafriendship or marriage. 201— Have fun having a Shoe 120 Personals preferred Exceptional benefit minimum of 2 years ex- tions, business cards, rubber — Own transp. Princeton, 534-2726 10 am to 6 pm. Party! 609-448-1478. Kendall Pk. & Belle Mead package and company. Never penence in insurance under- stamps, complete typesetting, ALCOHOLICS Anonymous. LEGAL FORMS & KITS, Inc. a fee. Cafl D«ck Srmon wnung or background in con- composition & printing ser- areas. 609-924-8746. 5-6 pm. — Help and information. Call — Available. Divorce, Wills, vice. 7 days a week at Sears tracts. Must have flair for writHOUSECLEANING^ Busi609-696-9470 609-924-7592. Separation, Bankruptcy & Ining. Excellent salary & bene- Quick Copy Center, Quaker ness women experienced in corporation. Call 609-627ALONE FOR fits. Please send resume to: Bridge Mall. cleaning. Call after 6pm, • SELECTIVE 7257 6-9pm, 201-782-5540, VALENTINE'S DAY? F Smith & Asso- EFFECTIVE RE~SUME|S~— 609-799-5014. PERSONNEL * Donald anytime. ciates. P.O. Box 2197, Prince- over 10 yrs. experience as a HOUSECLEANER — seeks 6 Colonial Lake Dr. You don't have to be. LOST? Find yourself and ton. NJ. 08540 Dept. C. Lawrencevffle, N.J. 3131 Princeton Pfce personnel manager & place- work in Kendall Park area. Call INTROLENS, the Video your friends with easy-to- fol609-883-5103 Office Park BkJg. 4 TRAVEL AGENT — minimum ment counselor. I can present 201-873-2046 after 5pm. Dating People, for free bro- low directions in the local LawrencevBe, N.J. INTRODUCES 2 yrs. experience Heavy your background in a pro-, rNTERESTED~ in Doing chure or information. Street Guide and Key Map in fessional manner which will SPANISHTEACHER — High commercial & international Babysitting — In my home in Selma Ehriich Ruth Newton your handy Person-To- PerSchool (Futty Certified). Math travel. Apollo experience enable you to stand out from Princeton. Avail, days, all Specializing in Medical and son Phone Book. Teacher - High School (Fully preferred No Saturdays. Re- the rest. Call me & get your times. Call Sushma 609- Dental Personnel Place- VIDfO DATING A SiflM AOvonlooe career in gear. By appt. only. NEED HELP? — For free pry Box #04243 co Princeton Certified). Compensatory 924-8743. ments. 609-396-4300 After 5 p.m. 609-443-5922. assistance with any local conEducation Basic Skills Packet. INTERIOR DESIGN Student Our experience in Dental Ofsumer problem, just call either 201-257-7900 Teacher ( E l e m e n t a r y TYPING SKTLLST— top $$. PREPARE YOURSELF — to — Parsons, NYC. Avail to fice Management can provide of Consumer Bureau's two Certification). Manville Public Call Vicki. Ambassador find a job. Learn how to write assist prof, designer or arch't. you with carefully screened, hotlines: 609-924-8223 ' or Schools. Call 201-231-8504 a resume, get interviews, I AM 27, 5'10", clean attracTemps. 179 Davidson Ave., Equal Opportunity Affirmative Somerset. N.J- 08873 201- answer ads, contgact agen- in all aspects of design pro- qualified applicants. tive male. Needs female for 394-5700. Action Employer. cies, find government work. jects. Excell. organizational & FAMILYBORN — Offers total love & to share apt. Please PREGNANT? 469-8920 7 26 pages of ideas for $2.50. communication skills. Detail apply to Box #04242. c/o WANT HELP? SPEECH THERAPIST — TYPIST NOHi Send check to Kathleen oriented. 8 yrs. exp. in public prenatal, labor & delivery care CALL BIRTHRIGHT given by certified nurse- mid- Princeton Packet. Must be professionally relations/problem solving. 609-771-9505 Gorman, P.O. Box 2791, wives, in a family-centered JOIN licensed. Fee $25 per 40 Suzanne 609-448-0390. ANTICIPATION DATING Free confidential service and Trenton. NJ 08607. birth center. Routine gyn care m m Reply to Box #04245 LIVE-IN Companion — for SERVICE — Call for free co Pnnceton Packet. RESUMES UNLIMITED — elderly. Good references. - pelvic & breast exam, pap brochure toll free 800-662- free pregnancy test. Call - We do care. smear & planning Complete one stop service 609-695-9447. provided. 281-821-6200. 9 3033. DIVORCED — pretty, bright, featuring resumes professionWe are recervmg more and seeks tall honorable man 55Cal Renee or Nancy ally prepared to highlight your MANAGEMENT LEVEL — mi. north of Princeton. more job orders for Stat ATTORNEY HOUSE Calls — 65. Reply Box #04244, c/o 609-896-9470 qualifications, expertly typed position. Excellent organiza- INCREASE YOUR EFFECtypists. If you have this skill rt 3131 Princeton Pfce & printed. Cover letters & tional skills incl. typing, sys- TIVENESS in work & per- Wills (From $40). Una Self- Princeton Packet. may qualify you for a Temp Lawrencevfle, N.J. applictJons typed. Typesetting tems development, financial sonal relationships. Learn to Divorces & Name Changes RIDE NEEDED — NYC comassignment with one of our ( $ 1 2 5 ) , House Closings accounting, supervision of local clients. Long or short TYPIST — Market research available for resumes. Per- personnel. Outstanding com- use the positive aspects of ($120-Seller, $265-Buyer), muter between Hopewell & sonal,' confidential service. your personality more producPrinceton dinky. Mon-Fri. Exterm. CaS or come in today. entry level with advancement. munication skills and special tively. Weekly interaction Unc. Self-Bankruptcy ($175), 609-448-0701. penses shared. 609-466$140+. fee paid, call Ms Incorporations ($100). Add working knowledge in a Neuman 609-896-1183. P. RESUMES BY GENE RYAN varttety of fields: music, meeting in a pleasant con- costs where applicable. 3269 aft. 7pm ° Robert D a m Personnel. 134 — Your personalized & effec- theater, photography, nature structive group atmosphere. James E. DeMartjno, Hill- SINGLES MEET & MIX — Franklin Cnr Rd. tive job marketing tool. Eve- and ecology, philosophy and Certified group leader. Offices sborough, NJ. 201-874-5626 invites all single, widowed 194 Nassau St. ning appointments available. education. Proven flexibility in Princeton & Kendall Park. (answer phone). and divorced persons, ages TYPtST/Executive Secretary Prinooton, N.J. Dayton, N J . 201-329-2431, as to schedule, job function Contact B. Blank. 201-29730-60 + , to their dance & — for direct mail marketing 9567. 609424-1022 201-329-6210. ATTRACTIVE & Sincere Male social every Sat. night 8:30 and work environment. Keen firm in Princeton. Word Never a Fee! sense of integrity, and high processing experience LIMOUSINE — an- — late 20's, intelligent, pm-1 am, Carolier Lanes, in E.O.E. motivation to successful per- nounces its inflation fighter mature, seeks sett-aware and Gazebo Lounge, Route 1 preferred or we win train. "Q Jobs Wanted self-confident woman for a North. North Brunswick. Live TEACHERS — 2 ful time Salary" commensurate with NEED A VACATION — formance. Reply to: Cran sale. $48 to Kennedy & meaningful relationship music, Adm. $3.50, public inopenings. Both begin March experience. Contact Person- Young woman (ex-school Press #24007, PO Box 396, LaGuardia Airports including based upon mutual growth, vited, no club to join. Call Cranbury, NJ 08512 tolls. $36 to Newark Inter1. 1982 thru June 1963. due ne4 201-674-4300. teacher) win do weekend companionship, and sharing 609-655-5825 or 201-350to matmity leaves: grade 4 VENDING ATTENDANT — babysitting In my home for MARKETING & DISTRIBU- national & Phila. International of life's pleasures. Reply Box 7055. self-contained & grade 7. Deity. 8 3 0 am-2 pm. Day- one chad. Meals provided. TION EXECUTIVE - 25 yrs. including tolls. Reservations # 0 4 2 5 9 , c/o Princeton required. 609-587-2826. Date angle Profetstonai Social Studtes & Reaping. ton-Cranbury area. Call for S75. References. White Pine exp. Marketing & distributing Packet People — We're a Seictive Must be N J . certified. Some appt 609-599-9003. parts in U.S., Canada, & Apts., 609-771-9232. experience preferred. Ooaing CLASSICAL MUSIC Lovers' Dating Organization that VETERINARY Assistant — BABYSITTING — in my Europe. Well qualified to Packet date January 3Oh. Send letmanage 1 or more distribuExchange — The link be- understands the special home. Ratable mother. In- tion c e n t e r s or handle Classifieds we or a] n m aw T t & complete tween unattached music needs of Single Professional resume to: East Amwei Twp. ings & Saturday. Send re- fants & toddlers. Hot lunch. marketing responsibilities. SELL lovers. Write CMLE, Box 31, People. CompatMBy M i s , lnc.201 -256-0202,215-545School. Rngoes. N J . 08551. sume to Box #04256 c/o LawrenceviBe. 609-882-3817. For complete resume can Pelham, N.Y. 10803. Princeton Packet. 924-3250 8489. 201-359-2726. '.

SECRETARY Hecepbonst — tar busy ders*l office We hove a fuS tme position (or an motjvatad. people . wtc can be grven responsabaiity Exc. salary & benefts. PH, send detaAed resume m compiete corv tiderce «o Box # 0 4 2 5 5 / c o Pnnceton Packet [

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Secntary To 0 4 0 * * "HEW POSITION" Typmc>S«eno 3 yeera experience. Benefts pJus»tuiaon Never « toe C*l 6O9-«96-9470

3131Prtnce«onPfce OTBoe Parti BUg. 4 L

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SECURITY GUARDS — Ml time. 6 days per week, work in the Cranbury area. WaBong involved. Cal MorvFn. 9—5. 201-329-6021. EOE.



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Week of January 27 - 29,1982



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135 Bargain Mart


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R O U L E T T E TYPEWRITERS — Sales, KITCHEN TABLE — 4 chairs, MOVING — Pianos and R U S S I A N Wanted double bed, frame 4 mat- household goods for sale. SALE!! Prices lowered Friday service, rentals, trade-ins, ribHome grown naturaly fed tress; crockpot 4 fry pan; 12" Reasonable. 609-883-0937. of each week during Febru- bons, cartridges, calculators, P O C K E T W A T C H E S — steers. Cut to your own speci- tVw RCA TV; projection ary. 1st week 35% OFF, 2nd radios, recorders, phone wanted, silver, gold or any MOVING — Must sell solid f i c a t i o n , w r a p p e d , and screen; osc. fan; metal week 50% OFF, 3rd week answerers. Center Business base metal, in any condimaple bedroom set, $500. BLACK ANGUS He-er—~J5 tion, running or broken no frozen. Kaufman Farm 609- storage shelves; workbench Dining room set w/ 65% OFF, 4th week 75% Machines, 104 Nassau St. problem. The older the better. mo. okl. $450. Wt_ar_:a 466-0773. Master Chg. avail. frame; lap table; 14" world OFF. Some Stiffels! Some Tifchandelier, $250. 609-924hetfar 6 mo. old aafc $225. Private collector. Call 609FRUIT WOOD Contemporary gtoba with atlas; Craig tape 3427. fanies! An Sale Items Red ______________________ 201-446-7378. j — Dining room set 6 chairs recorder 4 player. Weather Tagged. (635 pieces) Many TYPEWRITER — IBM Model 587-7507. BRAND NEW i r color t v — ml inlaid cane backs, hutch, radio; Sears portable type- MUSKRAT FUR COAT — one of a kind. On Sale Janu- C in exc cond, Pica type, 16" POOL TABLES WANTED — Hoover vacuum rteener. GE oval table (leaves 4 pads). writer, air travel kennel; puppy Exc. cond. Size approx. 14. ary 28 to March 3. FURLONG carriage, $300 Firm. 8 ft York used slate 4 antique tables. dock rado. C a l 609-448playpen: Atlas 16" electric $600. Call 215-736-3971 after LAMP FACTORY OUTLET Rake in exc cond, $500. Call Also antique cue 4 ball racks $500. 609-799-2792. The Dawson Corp, 609-4430565. mower; Sears 3/8 hp weed 530pm largest for a 99 mile radius. 5 1551. wanted. Call Princeton Pool SWF —2S>«nwn#»y attractUSED FURNITURE wacker; garden table, umTables. 609-466-1717. MUST SELL —' brand new miles south of Lahaska's Pedive, slender, petite, protee- BROWSE THROUGH — 15 FOR SALE brella 4 chairs; 24" charcoal 7-pc. Daystrom dinette set. dlers Village on Route 263, USED FURNITURE — Living l a n l . never m a r r i a d . designer showrooms daptayPRINCETON ART Wanted — Furlong. Pa. Micro Dot Pric- room, bedroom & other odd Prints, sketches or photoeducated, rained, enjoys mu- ng WKamaburg style turAssortment of afl kinds of grill: camping equip.; bowling $150. Call 609-443-4469. baH & bag; cartop earner; pieces. Price negotiable. 609ing. OPEN 7 days. (215) sic, nature. dWng. Would fta n_hings 4 gifts. Henket- EDISON FURNITURE — is furniture for the home. graphs of Princeton needed. MacGregor golf dubs, bag, 4 NORDICA Ski Boots — size 794-7444-5-6. 443-3805 after 6 pm. t > m M t t « « i ertratarl, sin- Harris 4 Other quafty ines. s » open at the same loca9, excellent condition. Call 609-921-1588. tion. For USED FURNI^ ^ ^ ^ ^ _________________• __••_»__ b k __f^__ cart; miscellaneous items. SMhran Furniture, Take 202 south 4 mi. past USED SKI BOOTS — 4'/j, 7, 609-924-7934. o n protesaon* man «J age TURE at every description MY FAVORITE SHOPPE 609-443-3451. 212 Alexander S t PeddkWs W a g e to traffic 8, $25. Poles 39", $5. Dry bar, RAW FUR Wanted — Rac40, « puter 4 software tor your Box #04284 c o Princeton Sacrifice. Best offer. 609-924price. 201-359-4680. tea. Electricity Sub- stitutes: praised value $2,000. Must trade. Murphy's Sportsmen's OAK HUMIDOR — Oak table needs from most ^w rcy^ftp^ft GAMBLER'S NEWSLETPacket 6065. Candles, Kerosene lighting sell immediately. Best otfer. Den. 201-297-3357. 4 4 chairs (plain). Sale now TER-Postage brings sample. SWM 31 — Would ika » 4 serviceable dealers. Help in ESTATE ~ and Candy. Handbag Lug- Address inquiries to P.O. Box S T A N D I N G T I M B E R — Gamenian, PO Box 843, LARGE SELECTION of re- going on. Everything 10%meat SF 21-35 who enjoys ortJemg. set-up and instrucTAG SALE 1431; Princeton, N.J. 08540. condittoned Simplicity and 50% off. Consignments Un- gage Shoppe: Fine Leather Wanted. 609-397-1822. binhrtcring. htang. Repry tion lor Apple II. Atari. I8M. Manvtfle. N J . 08835. Box #04275 c o Princeton TRS 80 4 Commodore. Directions: 16 Hams Road. GE DRYER — 5 mo. old. top International Harvester riding limited, 15 Lexington Ave., and Tough Canvas at paper WATUNGTONS PAINTING U.S. SILVER — dollars, also Princeton. Prom Lawrence board prices. 609-683-0991 aft. 7pm. lawn mowers and tractors, 5 Ewing. 609-883-4807. Pacfcac. For caulking and puttying silver coins any denominafeature model, elec. cord inf AROT CARD Headings' — CARPETS — 2 &_^orange vifle. Route 206 to Nassau cluded. $275. Call 609-443- to 20hp. 609-924-4177. OIL HEATER — by Lennox SHARP 740 Copier — Exc. your complete house, win- tion,' gold coins, copper Street left at Vandeventer. $25. Cafl Toby at 609-921- 19x11 and 11x14. One ight 145.000 BTU. central air heat- cond., 18 months old, cart inc. dows and doors, gutter coins, proof 4 mint sets. Also ~ LAST DAYS right at Wiggins Ave. to Jef- 4210. foreign loins. Private collecing unit. Used 2 years only. Under warranty. Best offer. cleaning. green IS* 12. $99.ea. 609ferson Road. Proceed left to GIANT MOVING Sale — Pool Suits now $50. value $120 tor. Call 609-587-7507. TT_CTATTR>uCrnvE Man — 443-6490 after 3pm Owner switched to gas. Per- 609-921-3333, ask for Paul. 609-799-2020 or 35. naturatst nvaes sttcere CARPET — Residential or FranfcSn Ave. make left, first table, slate top, $650. Maytag Pantsurts now $60, fect cond. $400. 609-737- SKI BOOTS — Nordica Com443-4790 WANTED TO BUY: Scrap value $120 9510. woman (25-55) tor dales Re- Comrnercial. Low overhead street on right is Harris Road. washer 4 dryer, $75 ea. Gas petition III, Size 12. San WEDDING GOWN — Size copper, brass, lead, alumipry Box #04267 co Pnncetan means big savings. Get my 1 Indoors, Saturday January range, mint condition, $75. Skirts now $13. value $30 Marco size 10-11, Camaro extra large, veil, headpiece 4 num, stainless steel, sterling 30, 930am-ipm. No one ad- Tressle table. $150. Maple Sweaters, blouses, pants, all ORIENTAL RUGS — Settle Packet price before you buy. Free m i t t e d b e f o r e 9 : 3 0 a m . bureau (beautiful), $175. Bed- at 1/2 price. estates. Magnificent collec- size 9. 609-924-3333 aft 6 bride's bag. $100. Call 609- silver, etc. solids or turnings. F_rr_y Service shop at home service We Blizzard date Monday Feb. 1. room set oiled walnut, 5 Industrial, business or prition, fine quality, old, new 4 pm, anytime wkends. 448-5360. has counsefng. Non-profit also provide installation. 93Oam-1pm. pieces. $450. Antique bureau, All sales final. Please call if used. Perfect condition, Ira- SKI SALE — with this ad 50% WEDDING GOWN 4 Veil — vate. Correct market price, Urwed Way supported 609- de_rang 4 repair service. nian, Chinese, Turkish, Indian Off any ski purchase at All Exc. cond, size 8. Call after 5 cash paid. S. Klein Metals mahogany veneer c. 1850. weather is bad. • The home has been sold 4 $ 1 7 5 . Magnavox radio324-2098 RED BARN CASUALS Caa Bfl, 609-466-1887 Co., Inc.. 2156 Camplain Rd., 4 Pakistan. Including Dhurry Work Ski Shop. Rt. 206, Belle pm. 609-587-9188. we are to sefl the furnishings Bate Mead 9' x 12" $490. Heriz 101 X 12', Mead, 201-359-3000. Somerville, NJ 08876. Call phono, cherry console. $75. Rt. 206 WANTED — Sngle woman CAR "TELEPHONE" — with WELL SEASONED Wood — 201-359-3305 201-722-2288. $1190. Yalane 9'x 12'. $950. SKIS — Rossignol 150 cm, tor lev* and Jnendship. for number av_i_bie mmeduttery consis&ng c4 furniture, coflec- Antique table-top desk. $350. 16" cut, split, delivered, t_4es 4 some antiques. Of 201-359-6418 Oriental Gold 12' x 20', Tyrolia 150 bindings. 4 yrs. ftecnefcy of 27 rears wfx> _n- tor 5Z300 Caa Gone m Par—_ fcs&ng ts: Wing room Woman's 5-speed bike. $25. S70/V2 cord. Also in good WANTED TO BUY — Scrap pys ra_Que<__i. frie outdoors 609-924-7500._ _ furniture, several small tables, Antique copper, fireplace ket- LEVELORS Riveria and Ver- $1400. Bokhara 9' x 15°, old, good cond. $30. Also, solid green wood; oak, maple metal, light iron, steel, battle, $75. Wedgewood china. tical Blinds — at discounted $850, Aubusson's 9' x 12s. Rossignol 160 cm, 4 yrs. old, and in. muse plants and wtfi4 cherry. $95/cord. 609- teries, radiators, copper, C8 SEARS - Power box w' in to Hasan and sr_rayour are car araorma 609-655-2863 prints, charming old 10 piece 40 pieces. $175. Upholstered prices. Call Marda at 609- $1090. European orientals without bindings. $15. After 448-9434 ask for Steve bet. brass & aluminum. We spe_hn_nQ room SAC wrought iron S490. Saroukes 1V x 14', 9' x 7pm 609-883-5961. armchair, $50. Type- writer, 448-2088. frttugttJ. R*cy Boa #04256 cialize in industrial scrap. Cur9am-9pm. after 6 pm. marble lop table wrnatching $65. Vanity front, $60. Freez12', 10' x 18". 12' x 26', etc. c o Princeton Packet rently paying the highest UKE~NEW — OmegY [>5, Tabriz 9' x 12', 10' x 18', 12' CHAM — Knooy p r o re- mirror, books, large office er. $50. Baby's bureau $35. g WE WILL SELL No ~Wood prices in the area. Payment at XL. Supplemental conWEEKEND SKI desk, old attractive 5 piece x 12', etc. Kermans 9' x 12', Until It's Seasoned Good — finisned. re-upholstered. Encyclopedia Britannica, Jr. Troubles?? Here's help! All time of delivery. Receiving Slows. S13S Rogers Interiors. 609- bedroom set (pineapple $100. Power grass mower. densers 4 Neg. carriers 1 2 x 2 0 ' , 11'x 16', 15'x23 f , steps: Printer to P O. Press- $100 a cord, $55 Vz cord hours 12-5 pm Mon. thru Fri. Whiarface Appro* 2 rv Bgnt 799-2807^ style), mirrors, wind up vic- $35. Pictures, skis, ski ap- w/professkxial timer 4 foot etc. Arak 9' x 12', $400. Many ure sensitive labels (Cheshire delivered. Call 609-466-1934. Appointment only on Sat. _rs©. SftanB !_gril expanses trota (cabinet only) ideal for parel, books 4 much more. switch. Best offer over $625. Chinese 9' x 12', 8' x 10'. 10' #730) a specialty! All at very WHIRLPOOL COMPACT Gale Industrial Scrap Iron and wim corrmavoai paot $125 lo CHA7RS ^ 2~dub. one high liquor cabinet other bedroom Also Kodak top of the line x 14', 12'x 15', 12'x 2 0 , etc. competitive prices. CCC 60 Washer — excellent con- Metal Co., North Valley Rd.. about $195 per person. back. Contemporary design furniture, kitchen table, other Sat Jan. 30. Sun. Jan. 31.desotve unit. Best offer. Many other large unusual N. Main, Cranbury. 609- dition. $160. 609-655:1834. Roosevelt. For info call 609nylon upholstered. Exc bedroom furniture, kitchen 9-5. 18 Riverside Dr. Prince- 609-924-1295? 609-921-3867 sizes, throw rugs, silk rugs 4 655-3477. 448-2679. cond. S*o covers included. table, other bedroom fur- ton. Or. by appointment for the next 2 weeks. 609-921- LIVING ROOM furniture - for runners. No dealers, by ap- SMITH-CORONA Portable WHITE SEWING Machine — Best offer over $170. CaS afWANTED! STAMP accumurvture. kitchen table, ice 8766. Hair dryer. Air conditioner. 135 sale. Excellent condition. Call pointment. 609-625-9810, Elec. typewriter — $75,2 burter 7pm 609-921-2305 Bargain Mart skates, 3 antique caned 609-398-6571. Ocean City gundy exec, desk chairs, $75 Recliner with heat and vi- lations, collections. Post 609-448-8278. brator. Spring & mattress. A Cards, 609-448-8941. T75 OUN UARX 3 Stes — CHINESE MODERN" Hutch chairs. Wallace Nut—ng prints. GLASS 4 CHROME Dining Dining Rm. Suites Galleries. Hotel Flanders. ea. 609-452-1965 eves. lot of stack tables, new. Rock- WANTED — Outdoor plastic Solomon 4 4 4 bindings. — Oaed walnut finon. one of ok) China 4 glass, and many Table — approx. 60x31, w/ 4 — antique Flintlock shotgun, 11 th St. 4 Board Walk, Ocean SOFA — 84" 3 cushion. Blue well sander with dust bag, like nativity scene. 2ft. high, Solomon poles. Nordica a land. 86" tang. $1750. other Interesting Hems. For chrome 4 wrte vinyl chairs. plus nearly new refrig. 609- City, N.J. 08226. tweed, excellent condition. new. Large wood stove. $165. Can 609-737-3672. boots, UZB 9'^ 170 Yamaha 609-392-7874 or 609-695- details cal: ORIENTAL DESIGN Rugs — $250, or best offer. 609- Counter range. Plywood 8 animals, kings," shepherds. GOLD Padded Bar — 4 392-4999. CONTt R E A L T Y AS Round 2 stes. Solomon 9721. 201-874-8253. stools, exc. cond, $275. LOG SPLITTING — Reason- 2, exc. cond, must sell, 9x12 882-1200. hardwood. Call anytime 609AUCTION SERVICE S-40 EsnAngs. Nordica boots COAT ^-Mus*rat WANTED FIESTA — Din4 9x15, $500 each. 201Modem living room set, 2 able rates. 609-466-1887. SOFA — good condition, 452-2566. Best orlar. 609-924-4990 alt ined. size 10-12. good connerware, any quantity. 609251-2781 after 5pm. beige 4 brown geometric deditxsn. $500 or bo. 609- ETHAN ALLEN Cut Crystal couches, 3 tables, very good LOG SPLITTERS — for rent WINDOW TREATMENT 799-9410. cond. $175. 609-448-5225. ORIGINAL AUSTRIAN) Jacksign, $100. 201-297-6167. and togs split at your home. Finest Quality Lamp — 35" high, rectangular 25^66 RECORDS — 50s. 882-7840 Lowest Price! WANTED — die cast and mirrors 4 misc. Reasonable. GRAINFED HOGS — meat Call Montgomery Small En- ets — direct import, $110. STAINED GLASS Supplies 6Cs. 70"s. SI 3000 tapes. 45 COMPLETE steel toys. Call 609-443Call 609-466-3360. gine Repair. 609-466-2829. 609-799-3759. cut to your own specifications. — Distributors 4 DiscounVertical BSnds sngtes Eves. 201-874-6857 wlamps tor sale. PracncaJfy 4556. PAINTED Matching Furniture Smoked, wrapped 4 frozen. ters. Custom designs. Repair Levokx Riviera BSnds MAN'S DIAMOND ring — an250~ GAiXON^OU ~far* — new. Evenings. 609-655- RLE CABINETS — 4~&~"5 WANTED — Antiques 4 — 2 desks w/ drawers, 2 609-452-1795. 4 restoration. Lamps, mirWoven Woods tique. European cut 1.8 carat drawer, good condition. A + $50 Please ca3 201-359- 3675: Furniture from the 1940's and chairs, bookcase. Bargain rors, planters, etc. Princeton Custom Shades, etc center stone surrounded by 6 grade G.F. or R.R. Cost $300. HART 175 SKIS — Scott 5595. COMPLETE KITCHENF— back. Dining 4 bedroom sets, $30. 609-799-1475. Stained Glass, 38 Spring St., Free shop at home service sm diamonds set in platinum. Sacrifice $75. CaH 609-921- poles. Sangiorgio boots size 2 BEDROOMl"LAMPSf— per- Parsed Wood-Mode cabi-' prof, measurement and in- desks of all kinds, glassware, Appraised $7500, asking PAN AMERICAN — Free 609-921-1311. 10. 609-921-6492. fect condi-on. Cafl 600 <«&- nets, Formica counters, ap- 3213 after 5p.m. clocks 4 lamps, etc. Estates stall. RUBBER STAMPS plances. washer, dryer. 609- FIREPLACE WOOD — Cut 4 HENKEL — Harris, Hickory $5500. Reply Box #04239 Co pass. Best offer. 201-329purchased with clean out serPrinceton Packet. ROBERT SITNER 2067. School or College address, 924-7398 eves. spirt, choice seasoned oak. Chair. Pearson, Century — vice. 609-586-0777 anytime. 2" CANE TUB" CHAIRST — DECORATORS Home, business, zip code. MAPLE DINETTE — set, PITNEY BOWES — 3 brand Gold 4 green upholstered C O O K F R E E — w i t h seasoned 1 yr 4 longer. Deli- the finest furniture is on sale 30"x40". 1 leaf, 4 Mates new mail machines. Model Rubber stamps of all kinds 609-448-3758 WANTED — 1 exercise bike seats, exc. cord S5Oea Sunsftne. Sotar cookbook vered 4 stacked $80 a toad now. 10-40% off. Take 202 4 chairs. 609-799-9410. and sizes made to your order WOODBURNING Stove — 2 4 1 barbell set. Days 6095511. Must sacrifice, best ofwithin a 10 mi. radius of mi. past Peddler's Village to gives 82 detectable recipes 201-874-6572. years old, Jotul # 1 . Call even- 984-5585. eves 921-6573. fer. Call 609-924-0095 ask for at: Buckingham. Turn right onto BUILDING MATERIALS using Free sunshine tor fuel. Higrrtstown. 609-448-4253. ings 609-924-7934. 2 SNOW TTRES — tubeiess Easy lo tofiow piarn for burldBarbara. PIANOS W A N T E D " 413 No. two miles to Stone ANDERSEN Windows & HINKSON'S H70-15. hardry used. $50. ng portable solar stove ind FIREPLACE WOOD — can House Furniture, Rt. 413, Doors. All sizes 4 styles. 50% PLANTS — Moving, selling WORKBENCH Children'; 82 Nassau St. Toilet -wrxte. good cond.. $6 50 postpaid. Princeton Irv 201-359-5556. Furniture — Bed, dresser MecharacsvOle. Pa. 215-794- discount. collection of greenhouse cacCALL FIREWOOD — Slabwood. air 7479. $25 609-924-5119. PLYWOOD Sheathing 4x8. tus, etc. Sat.Jan 30 10-2. 4 TERRIFIC STUFF — Holiday night table, desk, shelf unit i temationaJ Sola/ Institute, hardwoods. 3 cords $207 dechair. Please call 609-924 ext. 2 U P R W S T F R E E C E R S i — 5 Box 532. Ridge Rd.MonJcl. Charred Oak Lane, E. Wind- Spa Jack LaLaine VIP mem800-392-6927 livered. Also logs, green 4 HORSE MANURE — Get 3/8 $6.48 1/2 $7.48 sor, 609-448-8773. bership; Ithaca 12 guage 9734 aft. 3 pm. used refrs.: 4 washers: 5 gas NJ. 08852. seasoned by the trailer load. your gardens ready for spring, 5/8 $9.88 WE BUY — good used 4 antishotgun (pump action) like 3/4 $12.88 dryers: 2 e*eo dryers: port 140 $25/truckload. delivered. 609POOL TABLES — antique 4 — sleep sora, chairs, 215-736-2866. Merchandise que furniture. One piece to new; Silver Cross baby carR A I L R O A D T i e s , new. washer; 30" gas range, port, 448-2191. carpeting. Afl excellent conused. Large selection. Expert entire estates. Call 609-397FIREWOOD — Seasoned 1 riage; Bedroom set,. triple creosoted-6x6x8, $4.90. dtanwasher. port B4W TV. Wanted dition, reasonable. 609service. Call Princeton Pool dresser, high chest, 2 match1599. '* yr. $110 a cord. Defivered. HOT TUBS 4 Jacuzzi Whirl- 4x6x8 $3.45 Guaranteed free delivery. 890-3252. pools — Many styles and Tables, Rt. 518, Hopewell. ing mirrors, Danish modem; A N Y T H I N G MARKED — 609-443-4919 after 5pm. 201-369-3718. PRESSURE treated RR ties, WE BUY — Stamp collecsizes. Expert installation. Au609-466-1717. "Your Local Modem table lamp. Call 609- sterling silver, silver 4 gold, CUSTOM CONTEMPORARY tions, old letters 4 postcards. 4 JEEP~WHEELS wan L78x — oft while crushed vervet FIREWOOD — Seasoned, thorized Jacuzzi whirlpool 6x6x8. $8.90. Pro Shop". any condition silver ingots. Immediate cash avail. Call 448-6858 or 448-3361. 15 snows. $80. Myers Snow sora & toveseat $450 or best spirt, mixed hardwoods. Free Spa dealer. Princeton Pool LUMBER, new. big discount. ~ PRINTING ~~ Wedding bands 4 sets. U.S. ptow ST 78 power angfang offer: top of trte bronzetone delivery. 1 cord 4x4x8. Table 4 Spa Co. Rt. 518. HARDWOOD FLOORING, SWEATERS — AlFat Half stamp collections-any size; ______________________ PHOTOTYPE Bruce, Sykes, etc. Big dis' Hopewetl, 609-466-1718. electro touch, almost new etectric Maytag dryer. 2 yrs 201-526-8898. Price. Designer 4 traditional antiques any kind. Private in- 145 GRAPHIC SERVICES counts. Musical styles. Far Away Places. with tonga lor CJ, $1200: Ski o k t i k e new. $200: walnut F I R E W O O D — Mostly vestor. Call 609-587-7507. Route 2 0 6 , Rocky Hill. boots. San Manx), used 1 yr. won btack formica top comer hickory, cut in September. IBM EXECUTIVE — model BIRCH Plywood. new.4x8. Business Stationery Instruments BUYING DIAMONDS — no 609-924-4191. sizes 5 & 6 $20 each. desk. $25. 609-799-4639. Spit 4 deftvered within 20 "C" typewriter. Good con- 1/4-$18 1/2-$32 3/4-$38. (Offset, Raised, Engraved) dition $275. 609-882-0206 F O R M I C A , Nevamar, size too small or too large. 1963 GIBSON Guitar ES 335 609-448-1886 after 4pm. Wedding Invitations mile radius of Hopewea. $90 after 6 p.m. TAPE DECK. — Sharp. 8- Also silver, gold 4 dental Keep trying. MeliamHe, Wilsonart, etc. Dis— Beautiful cond. Exc. action (15% Discount) trucktoad. Cafl 609-466-0604 track player/recorder. Like gold. Private investor. Call DINING Room Table — 6 4 sound. 12 string. $500. ITALIAN PROVINCIAL — An- counts. Carbonless Forms new, seldom used, $55. — good cond.. best offer. Cait chairs, buffet $200. 609- eves. 609-587-7507. 215-860-0265. tique gold dining room set. D O O R S , steel 4 wood, (Ded. 10% from 609-448-7439. 609-796-2859 FIREWOOD — Hard Seas- Round 48" table, china cabi- Stanley, Benchmark.etc. Big 448-3612. last quoted price) CASH FOR YOUR Antique AARON-ALL PIANO — Movoned, spM $90 a cord. On net velvet chairs. Exquisite 4 discount. 7 CUSHIONED COUCH"— OffilNG ROOM SET — TELEPHONE I N T E R - Furniture — we are a large ers. We move it anywhere. MASTERGRAPHX blue green $25; double bed w leaf & 6 chairs. Also 64" farm. 609-448-4856. KITCHEN Cabs. new. Big disVIEWERS — Part time, 18 dealer specializing in Oak. Fully insured. 201-225-5977 never used. 609-896-2030 (no mattress or box spring) wide breaktront w/ 4 gtass FIREWOOO - All hardwood: Mon.-Fri. counts on an brands. 609-924-0460 Route 206 yrs. + .^ Market research for Willing to buy 1 piece to entire or 225-5976. $25; new hangng light w doors. Pecan wood, perfect seasoned, spit 4 deftvered. SKYLIGHTS. Big discounts. Rocky Hill the G'allup Organization, contents. 201-329-2062. JANUARY THAW S A L f T W O O D Sheathing, new, CERTIFIED AUCTIONEER chain $20. Cat 609-448-5637 condition. $2500. Please cat $110 cord. $65 half cord. evenings and weekends from RALEIGH Competition GS — Al Hand 4 Power Toots Now specials. $5.84. GOING TO Bahamas — — Appraisals, Personal, after 6. 609-448-4363. All Campagnoto, used 1 our office. We will train. Need Scuba Equipment. New 609-883-2252. 2 0 % off. S t a n l e y . T r u e commercial farm, estate. 6 0 9 - 9 2 4 - 9 6 0 0 ext. 3 5 1 . DISCOUNT season. $500. Call 609or old. 609-448-5358 after 6 Richard S. Winthrop, 609ANTIQUES — Household- DISCOUNT Lighbng — The FIREWOOO — A-1 sea- Temper, S-K. B 4 D, Rockwell 10am-4pm. : PLYWOOD CENTERS 587-4173. p.m. Mowng from Dayton. Ice HoOeJhBr ft CnMip LjQnOnQ tot- soned hardwood, must set to 4 SMI. A l Display SkWes re921-0967. W1NDOWW1ZARD REGISTERED OR NOT — I T E L E P H O N E I N T E R - GUNS 4 SWORDS — Milicream parlor chars & table. tures, tamps. shad«s. parts meet coaage tuition. Deft- duced 25% now. Anthracite Bristol 1-800-523-8707 Chopin will buy your guns legally. I VIEWERS — part time. 18 o*d vending machines, photo- m d ropflaTU. Qocfcj, QiA ttsens vered 4 stackad. S12S/cord. and Cannei Coal. See us for Warminster 215-674-0205 tary items. Federal 4 State Piano & Organ Co609-737-9142. your building. am licensed and will pay a yrs.+ . Market research for graphic equipment, weed & firvpiaos OQUapmgnt. HUQO MATTRESS FACTORY — good price. Call Bert 609- the Gallup Organization. licensed as required for NewChoose from Steinway, J.S. Amerman Co. ^B^-Tri p " ' *TH I ot urano nvTios FOAM CUT —Any size-any encydoperias. Jersey transactions. Will See them made on the prem- 924-3800 days. YourPn>__rt Work from your home. We will make house calls, pay high- Sohnier, Snabe etc. Rent or at discount prtoss. THE s h a p e . and While-U-Wait. ises. Custom sizes. TEN Home Cantor train. Phone 609-924-9600 ROOSTERS COUP on RL Cushions made Ike new. 609-499-2294 est cash. Bert, 609-924-3800 buy 1001 N. Olden Ave., YEAR GUARANTEE. 30 day SEASONED Hardwood For ext 350, 9am-2:30pm. Neehenk: S U . N J . 29. Lambertvae. N J . OPEN Prices given over phone. The days, or leave tape message. Trentop) 609-695-745e. Sale — Split or whole. Deliunconrjitjonal refund. Prices 201-369-5511 ANTIQUE ORIENTAL Tabra 6 DAYS 609-397-0027. Foam Firm, Gladstone, 201gladly given on phone. The vered by the cord. 609-259- THE GALLUP Organization LICENSED GUN — dealer C L A R I N E T S - B O O S E Y 201-369-4202 Rug — 12x19. $6500 Cat 234-1622. — is looking for reliable, buying 4 selling any kind of HAWKES — wood. Asking BCOCRECORD FOAM FIRM. Gladstone • 7001. 609-446-2000. $50 or beat oiler. Couch $35 FOR SALE — 4- Untoon re- K E N M O R E H e a v y Duty 201-234-1622. SEASONED HARDWOOD mature people to do daytime handguns, rifles, shotguns, $240. And 2 at $75 ea. (wood) ASH i OAK Frawood Aaaon- or best ofler. 201-254-8054 201-782-6840. telephone interviewing from fractor. Equatorial mount, Washer and Bectrtc Dryer — MATTRESSES — World — split, delivered 4 stacked. our office. Hrs. 9am - 4:30pm, unusual knives, daggers, ment — apH & aged. One electric drive, super Urthex. 5 E_xc0vttnt Gon_*ooci. AlrnoocI swords 4 bayonets. Modem 1 cord, $115-5130. If you will ELECTRIC PLAYER Piano— famous bedding at discount cord daftvered * stackad. DRESSERS— 1 targe, $50; eye-ptecea + 60mm and color. $500 peir. Evenings prices. Factory dfrect to you, need wood w/in 7 mos. Monday-Friday. We will train. or antique, U.S. or foreign. Best offer. Call after 4 pm, $120. (ust detvered. $100 1 smal $25. Cat 609-924- Zoom eyepieces. 609-683Call 609-924-9600 x 351. Buying registered or not. Pri- 609-924-1711: 608-924-1493. fully guaranteed by manufac- please order today. 609-259Pickup truck toad. $75. Cat 7231. 1073 6-7pm. vate collector. Call 609-587- FENDER-RHODES 72. Electurer. CaD 201-536-1784 af- 7Q1S. Mark Puaan. Chns 609-««6-024« aft 6pm THE STOVE BARN — disDRIED NUT SALE — al- FOR SALE — 3000jr» tual KERO-SUN HEATERS — tar 7pm. tric piano, like new. 609SEASONED HARDWOOD — count wood/coal stove sales. 7507. monds 5 t>. SO SO pis- tartc exosatont oondaHon. Ed special values. Omni 105s. i SpUt 4 delivered $100 per Energy specialists, installa- LIONEL TRAINS — and ac-883-6034. ATAW • TAPES — cheap MEYERS— 6 Foot Straight $209.95: Ractant 10s 4 Ratachios saaad $458 par fc.. 609-443-1701 or cord. CaH 609-737-0438 or cessories wanted. 609-587Cat 609-824-3428. Kenny. tions, accessories, Rte. 206, Snow Plow $ 3 7 5 . C a l l diant 3ffs. $178.95. LambertFENDOR RHODES 88 — raifow nuts (raw) $4J6 par 250-9346 after 4 pm. 609-466-0106. Station Square, BeHe Mead. 7271. 201-359-3349. BATHTUBS — «*» * shower t vMe, NJ 609-397-3348. elec. piano, brand new, $750. W t H n carry M a r t FREE KMOUNG p a d 201-359-5206. OLD JUKEBOXES — Re- Acoustic Bass Amp 220 Jewelry. InrJan cotton garMINOLTA OFFICE Copy Ma- SEASONED HARDWOOD — & He. $25. shower marts (up to 40% off). M a n taaan & pruned tree •moa. LANE C O N T E M P O R A R Y chine — 114TC. exceflent $125 per cord. Spftt hard- TRIO TAG Sales, Inc. — "We mote speakers, wallboxes, $250. 609-799-0146. 5-6 pm. I $25- Tub racaufcad $2a grocenaa. sweets. Sana a Cut what you need. 809-M8- drtng room set—round ped- bondttton. $495. 609-466- wood. $85 per half cord de- do all the work," Profitable parts. Unusual old phono- GUITARS, BASSES. Amps 4 Servwg Marcer Ceu Kandat appamoaa tor foreign v^svat 7178. livered. Flammer Tree Ser- sale of entire or partial con- graphs, coin operated items, More —• new 4 used. Lowest estal table w/ 2 leaves, 6 1271. Park & Beaa Mead areas. (iiry220v). We aaw rant FREE WKXER ChaaT"— chalra. sgnted hutch. $800; vtee. 609-395-O844. tents of your home. Profes- old Capehart phonographs. prices around. Money back Ca* Save Your Tub. tie banY InrJan video movie tapes 4 have your party before Jan. coflee table 4 2 and tables. MODERN WALNUT — Dinguarantee. We buy, sell, SECRETARIAL DESK—with skxialty conducted at your 609-737-9249. Ing Room. 6 chairs, 2 leaves, tape recorders. For more 30th. Cat for detats eft 4 pm arnoMea giess nps, « w sex. typing return. Beige, walnut convenience. 609-883-3535, ORIENTAL RUGS — we pay trade 4 do repairs. Dan Sky custom pads, Ightad china 600-799-1861 aft 6pm. 215-493-5332 or 609-882-
BEDBOOUbUllb —Broyti 5 peak wtooB wphnQ ft trees (beauMU). $1200. 609882-7274 aft. 3pm.

EARLY AMERICAN B a m — wtti hugh oak flmbers pinned together. 35 x 40. w_ be grven toe very reiabte person that has t i e equipment to tear a down and dean up afterwards. Please apply 45 Pine Knot Drive. L_wrencev_e. 609-862-7788. EARN CASH 4 FREE Shoes — Invite your friends to a Moccasin Show. 200 styles 4 colors for tfie whole farrwy. Cal Southern Sun 609448-1478. /

All Packet Classifieds run in 8 newspapers



Classifieds Week of January 27 • 29.1982 180



INDOOR YARD Sale —rugs, furniture, yard goods, odds 'n KMG. ALTO SAXOPHONE" • n d s . 609-799-2305. — fee new conctoon. Cat 799-6466. Sat & Sun. bat 12 201-725-68S2. & 4. 9 BirctTwood Ct W. R I C H E N B A C K E R Bass Gutar — And case. Very 1 6 6 HeaMarfcet& good cond: $350 609-8960980. Rummage Sates PIANOS" T'~ORGANS~~^Salee-Servica-Rencato- Lassons. Baldwin Hammond MUMC Cantar. 1911 Brunswick Ave. Lawroncevae. NJ 609-599-2700. PIANOS ORGANS Most Maior Brands Warehouse Pnces —EEHOLD M U S C CENTER R?. 9 U'^r mt no arde) 201-462-4730 Mon«wy Rental

Ffom $7 50 PIANOS"— Bought ioidTrecolt, reAnahed Q^& 201356-9153 PIANO TUNJNG & Repair guaranteed, reasonable tree estimates M. SchmaM, 609452-8806 PIANO UPRIGHT — kohler & CarRpbeA. I yr ok} $1600 Cat 609-683-1405 after 7pm PLAYER PtANO "— Exc cond, » rafts, eiectr*: or manual. 609-734-5763 days or 609-921 -3228 eves PRE^CSS "FENDER — proofier 609-92i-e2S9 19S0" SEARS ELECTRIC GurTAR — needs 5 ssnngs. Aalcng S30 609-448-9349 after 5 SELMEH eUttOY Saxophone — excellent cere! Never used. $175 CaS 609-882839S 150


DOCK LOVERS — Uraque opporturwy From private cotiecacn. Aaertury. ChaainorTaylor. Westmoreland Pintail authentic duck covered rr*3
Antiques ALLENTOWN ANTIQUE CENTER — 7 Oxirch Si. Aitarttown. N j 8 dealers specializing in furniture. china, glassware, pnrrwrves, doffis. an osco & nouv«au & ccttecabies. Open 10-5. 6 days-tireefc. C3c*ed Tuesday Dealer space available 609-259- 3952 ANTIQUES SALE — 20% off n both buddtngs. Furniture. ighcrg., cofleceWes. 1000sof items too nurwrous to list Come e a r y lASer-Topa Designers. 4! £. Afton Av«. Yartfiey. P a . 215-493-6114 ANTIQUES onmfcvea — MtfUhouse Artsques. 1007 Rt 28. Norm BrarxM. 20!-725-7306 Weekends & by aopt HANKINS Antiques. 169 Mercer St. Hiymtown. N J We Buy 4 s#t fumtun, crsna. glass. ;eweiry. SovKy jr»r>gs Come in ard Drowse Open t ! » 4 30 Tues so S*s. 609443-41C3 or 443-6772 HI-FI,. E A R i V 1950 s — JO&d mahogany corsc*e ASXSTQ $!50 201-374-6250 KiNGSTON AXTJOUES — 43 Main S«. »Cnr~Mon, NJ Fire areques & estate j«we*ry Yxxrjtr. 4 D«co \»r«ijr» Jewwry rvcair desert & rev crasser Dscraec sacosaf of family ireasures 609-9240332 Ofl!€NTAL RUGS — K«—an ' 5J24


Oirers 6O9-62S-96t0 or3S8-«37T Oowrs O f GaJMnes. Hcte> Fitrtser%. ^ t m St 4 8 o a r r * * h Ocean Or, NJ 082M QUALrTY R£F8NJ5M*NG — Restoraoon of aneques. A3 «orfc done •> care A expemce ao axraase T* »aiu* and oeauty o* tacr piece 609466-2206 SAi-E — tO-25*. off on desks, dressers, stands. taOes. cnars. cttests. etc Tues-Sat 125pm. Aunt S i t e s Bam. 43 Main S i . Kjngsun 609-9249502 SALE! — A3 Pnces Slashed Vkxst raduoe rrventory Aones Sheehan Aneques Shop. 64 Man S i . Kngoon UMQUE AMTIOUES ESTATE & TAG SALE SERVICE or Contents E a t I H i m n 1. NJ 201-873-3838 VISIT WHTTEHOUSE Manor Antique Center. 14 Open 7 days. i0am-5pm. Route 22 Weet Whaahouea. NJ. 201-534-9904



pets & Animals «« Pets & Animals


Autos Wanted

COLUE PUPPY tor sale — 4 SMAUrSTABLE — In So. ALL JUNK CARS and trucks mot. okl, m e vnartdnQS, wry Brunswick has box state wanted. — Frse towing S15 playful. $75. 201-521-1966. aval. Ring & exercise trade and up. ScarpeH Auto Wrecfcrtg. 609-396-7040. Best of care. 201-329-6259 Feeds and Grains ANY CLEAN For a l animaJs at S P R I N G E R SPANIEL — DOMESTIC OR ROSEDALE IMJLS Beautiful 4 mo. old puppy. FOREIGN CAR 274 Aknander St Fully house trained. All rfQHEST PRICES Princrton papers. Relocating (or job. PECK MOTORS 609-924-0134 must sal. Interested parties caB 609-924-5606. PACKARD'S OUTDOOR 609-924^454 FLEA Market now reopen For Home or Horse* TASHAMA FARMS I WANT Your VW. Now! — (If under new management. Spat F W - 3 hole $14.35 per N. J. that's okay with you) Bug. Wed.. Fn.. Sat & Sun. 930 10* section. 100 sections at Indoor/Outdoor Rkigs Wagon or Ghia, any year or am until dark. Space S3 per $13 35 M L 2 hole. $10 70 per condition, prefer running. Call day Res caf Cnarie Stone 10" tecsoa Instruction ft Training Bill. 609-466-1328. 201-369-3188. Board Fence - 1XSX16 Oak Boards. K 50 ea. bundtos o< JUNK CARS WANTED — 170 201-359-2660 Auctions 98 at $3.50 ea. Sawn Locust $20. - $100. 201-S48-6582. Posts. Keystone 2x4 woven Princeton STUBI Stmtng AucMon G a l i ~ wire fence. Also 12" round MACKETS Towing Service Anirnd Rescue League 62 No. Second Ave — wants your junk car. Any Cedar show jump rails. Rartan. » U . condition. Call 609-443-6259. $10 50 ea 20 or more $8 50 201-725-511 a each WANTED — VWs m need of 2O1-685-fl6«5 repair. Any year. Top dollar or 201-4S4-KM7 Caeh 4 Carry Prices offered. 201-297-7500, after 6 Top Quafty 297-6721. ESTATE AUCTION Any Ouantfty Sun Jan 31 11am CARS WANTED trapecaon. Sal 1 "30. 2-5 and For intor. & Del. Chgs.. B L K 215-347-1730. Sunday 131. 9^30-10:55 AMERICAN ANO FOREIGN FREE PUPPIES ^Adorable. EARLY AMERCAN 18th C maed. Samoyedctack labraTop Dotar Paw Pennsy»'s mastfiead. or pony. Instruction & training yrs. old, medium size, prefers 466-0732. lights; colored pattern glass; in ndtng & driving. Specialized adults. Victorian castor set-i9th C. rates. Open nights. Inquiries 2 Female, spayed, brown & dition. No rust. $500. Call School Clocks & Vienna Re- invited. 609-466-3426. white Terrier type dogs, nice 609-921-1520. gulator etc Also. John F. temperment. '68 DODGE WAGON — V-8, Kennedy & Lyndon Johnson, HORSEBACK RIDING — All Male 5 yr. old Lhasa Apso. typed tetters signed; postcard year. We never dose. Also Adorable 6 week old male & manual trans. 127,000 mi. 14-18 mpg, 609-683-1097 coSecfion. We also ' have a wefl trained horses for sale. female Beagle type pups. after 6 pm. select assortment o( Orten- 201-521-9879. Female 1 yr. old German tata a suberb set o< 4 carved HORSES BOARDED"— Lush Shepherd type dog prefers a •68~TEMANSf-^~A7r7 pbTps. Rosewood armchairs w mar- pasture: stans available, pool home in the country. Low mileage, new paint, rally ble inserts at back; Iman, privileges in season. 609- Female spayed. 18 mos. old, wheels, good rubber, exc Satsuma; Oocsonne: Nippon 466-3539 after 4pm or week- lemon & white purebred cond. $1,550. 609-655-0582. chocolate set & tea setCoi ends. Pointer: & 11 mo. old female 69" CAMARO CLASSic" — lection of Japanese WoodLABRADOR RETRIEVERS orange & white Pointer (show Exc. running cond. good body block Prints. — Yeflows 4 blacks. AKC. quality): & male liver & white 8 & interior. $1975, negotiable. mo. old purebred Pointer. O C PAJNTJNGS. sagned ex- good quality, ioveabie 609- Female i v i yr. old purebred 201-356-6155. 448-6121 '69 DODGE Dart GTS— conampies by Leonard OctSaJukt. housebroken. needs vertible. Besty offer. Call after man. Georoe M. BruesUe: LABRADOR RETRIEVER compaoionship. 5pm or weekends. 609Wm Van DeVeWe BonfteW. Puppies — show, field, pets. _ _ Ehct Oark. A E Mumsady. E AKCOFA reg Ch sired Female spayed, all bjack. 448-2347. Versoeckhoven & W de Guaranteed 609-883-450S. dedawed cat. •69" OLDS" CUTLASS^A/C. Klercfc-fDutcri Landscape). Sem»-long hair young Calico new tires & battery, running H P . Btoomef. LAan Genth. LABRADOR Retnever Pups cat. condition. Best offer over — AKC reg. btacks & yelA T Bncher Male orange marmalade cat. $200. 609-924-3179 aft. j>pm. lows, dear hips, Ch. bloodWATEnCOLORS Edmund looks like Morris. lines 609-397-2287 Darch Lewis. GranvtSe Per2 altered male, all white, long •69 "VW "Bug —""Completely restored & customl2ed. New LARGE PONY JUMPER -r- haired cats. kns, Wrr. Bersnea. George engine, paint, flare fenders, Howed Gay Rare French Reg OH mare 142. Bold. 180 tires, more. Must see. $1850. Lost & Found proc* l e e , JuSes Cheret. Pen wtismg. sassy Askrtg $1800. 609-448-4492. & tm. Jrnmy Emsj, Roon, 201-469-0975 after 530pm penal skesch; Pen i r * ONE HALF — German short- $50 REWARD — gold watch 7 0 BUICK;IESABRE"^"good Raphael Soyer. Gouache. hatred Pointer puppies. 7 wtxaceiet band, initials NB running cond. $150. Call on back. Lost in vJcm. of A.B Frost e«C wks okl adorable pups Kingston Shop Rite/Drug Fair 609-924-0520 eves. raaed WOc. Wormed $20.' prk. tot. Please call 609- •76DODGE DART"—"4 d7. ORJEKTAL RUGS «xdude Ca3 609-737-2335 799-6324, sentimental value. super run., 6 cyi.. a/c, p/s, room sue Henj & several o* $700/besl offer. 201-821PARK PET CENTER vanous sues LOST BEAGLE~^~ Large, 8422. 3201 V I * g e Shopper B tn-cokxed male, friendly, has TERMS Cash. Voa MC Frankln Park. NJ 08823 tags for Snowden Lane, but 70 JEEP Commando — checks (201) 297-3833 staying on Mt. Lucas Rd. Myers power angle plow, V-6, Proucfy Announces 4 wd, wamer hubs, auto, p/s, 609-924-3718 if found. Catilog AvwUb*e at irtsoecRrst Anniversary Sale p/b, am/fm/cb. hitch, other exson and Sato LOST — small burgundy In Our New Store tras. Single owner. 40,500 mi. Gerald I Caaa Staring. purse by Princeton Unrv. ReFranldBi Park. NJ $2200. Recent inspec. Days Auction—rs * Appraisers ward for return excluding Come join us on Saturday. 609-882-2052.eves.609-737money. 609-452-6701. 9-5. 1145. _ 175 Pets & Animus February 6th. from 10am-6prn and Sunday, February 7th, • y^"BEETLE — Engine 185 Auto Tires/ 7 0 A. a R Aramat Behavioraf Rerebuilt 5.000 miles ago. Cold search Pnvau pet training 20% OFF Supples weather starter, new battery, iessors as your residence deeverything In Stock economical, snows. $1100 or COMPLETE MOTOR 283 — signed especially around the •VvStore Specials needs ol^you and your tamrfy Pnzes w£ be raffled Sunday. 2 bolt main Crane cam & best offer. Call Tom 609- Soeoai SOCLES on your chrf- Februa-y 7m at 3pm Re- kfters. torker manifold. Holley 883-7601. orens rapport with their pet freshments wd be served 750 double pumper, Moroso 71 MERCURY — P/b, p/s, Lovng and genfie hanrAng Come n now and sign up varve covers. Hooker head- auto. air. Starts right up. ers. Muncie m-21 dose ratio $500. 609-448-3634. tor Cortsisteri and Accurate 'Not subject to 20%. transmission. Turbo exhaust. off-4e«tsh control, regarotess . PROVEN" MALE — Hima- Complete drive train exdud- 71 BUICK Skylark ^ 1 9 6 2 Ford pickup. Good mechanand corrections tofiowtng ooe- layan Stud Cat. onry $250 ing clutch. 70-72 Cow! induc- ical cond. Best offers. 609609-259-3017 _ _ tion hood for Chevelle $175 owrce class - Trauma. Ex799-8819. cessive Domnance and Sub- REG. BEAGLE Pups — 4 wks for hood. $175 for trans.. 1 mssiveness Don t wast Your old. deposit taken now. buy $500 for motor. Must see. 7 T DODGE Demon — 6 cyl. aramal is never loo young nor from breeder 609-448-6744 201-369-5289 after 6. Ask tor stick, 110.000 mi., rust, runs ok. $250. 609-443-3104. too 0*310 learn Nq_ problem is REG; QUARTER HORSE Ken. loo oWacuO to remedy A.B R 71 YELLOW VW — Super D U N L W SNOW TIRES — Mare — 5 years. Sorrel with has the soiu&on; Success white. Flashy, talented, 16SSR13. steel betted tad- Beetle. Reliable transffvough Knowledge For the agreeable- Engfesh dressage iais. Brand new. CaS 609- poratton. reconditioned enPerformance. Precision and training. Super driving horse. 924-7934. gine, good tires, make offer. PerfecDon ot a Seeng Eye Reserve cham>on driving 609-448-4951 aft. 5:30 pm. dog. caS Jeffrey J Loy. horse Foggy Meadows Fan SNOW TIRES — Steel betted 72 BRONCO — needs work. Aranal Behavtorafist. Naturat- Series. Good home only. radtals. white wan. P195/ Rebuilt engine. Many extras. tst Researcher and Former $4,000. CaS 201-534-2412 or 75R14. Exc. cond. 2/$85. CaB after 5pm 609-466-9225. 609-443-5868. 1 Instructor at the Seertg Eye. 534-9803 evenings Inc. at 201-889-912S Serving SNOWTIRES —.2 BR78/13. 7 2 BMW 2002 — Body fair, felVERVEW STABLES steel/radial. Less than 1000 interior good dean cond, alof Central Jersey meohanicafly exc. New radBELLE MEAD. N. J. mi - ^ _609"Ji87"6763 ADORABLE COCKER ials & all work papers. Eves TRIUMPH m e or TR-250— after 6pm 212-243-1684, ask SparMi Puppy — 10 mo. rear end. good cond., $275 BoertbiQ black 4 wh*e. needs home w tor Jab. 201 -265-2000 ext 2806 days. 609-448-7352 eves., wfcsoda. 72~~MAVERICK — Need 201-674-6484 watch dog. Cal 212-675freeze plugs. As is $250. 8003. S A M O Y E D P U P P I E S — 190 609-448-1752. Auto Repairs/ Champion sired. AKC. beauaBASSETt PUPPIES — AKC 7 2 PLYMOUTH Fury — New h i & tweet Whelped 12/28. Services Q f starter, carburetor, tires. 1st week Fab. Cafl 609-397- 215-322-4187 after 4 FOREIGN CAR Repairs — Sport features, runs very 1172. SHAVINGS FOR STALL bed- reasonable prices, quatty good. Asking $750. 609-799BOXVVOC© A S A B J A N Farm ang — in bags. Cal 201- wmiunanahtp. CaS Joe. 609- 0891. *—- M a M n oreaonQ & snow 329-62S9. 585-0134. skxfc tor sale. P. WeJdaL SHW TZU PUP — Gorgeous TRANSMISSION Service — 7 2 PLY. Satstte — 46.000 mt. Smal 8. Gray. bfc. vinyl 600-737-1036. _ red mala. 14 weeks old. AKC foreign & dovneettc, 9M work top. Carefcjty maMakwd by 1 rag. Oaposll « • hold untf COUAPSCLE CAGES — futy guaranteed. Cat Water. owner. No a/c. $1,175. 609wood boBownj &9o cst o f - Valentines Day. 201-246- 201-359-2103. 655-0123. 8066. riars. 201-297-0645.

2°° Autos For Sale 200 Autos For Sale

200 Autos For Sale

7 2 VW Karmarm Ghia - good running cond. Needs body work, $1000. 609-924-1343 eves or 799-0668 weekdays.

78 BUICK LaSabre Custom — A-1 cond, designer paint Must be s e e n . $ 5 1 9 5 . 609-587-2049.

'81 TOYOTA COROLLA — 4 dr. deluxe. 5 spd.. a/c, am/fm tape, many extras, best offer. 609-587-2542.

'72 VW Super Beetle —Blue. 4 spd, runs beautifully. $1075 negotiable. 609-924-4338.

7 8 CADILLAC Coupe — exc. cond., fully loaded, all power, new tires, garaged. 45,000 mi., $6200. 201-329-6741. 78 CAMARO — 21,000 mi., std.trans, excel, cond, am/fm stereo, p/s. $4750. 609883-8964 eves.

'73 CHEVROLET CAPRICE W,agon — Extras, dean. $700. 201-359-8778. 7 3 MERCEDES 280C — 51000 original miles, sunroof, beautiful in & out. Must see & drive. $8900. 215-860-0265. 7 3 OLDS — 4 dr. air, pb, ps. Good rubber, road ready. $1,195. 609-655-0582. 74 AUDI FOX — Good condition, needs minor repairs. $600 or best offer. Evenings 609-924-1493. 74 CHEV. Caprice Estate wagon — full power, a/c, roof rack, dean, 72,000 mi, good to exc. cond. $1350. Call 609-921-0957 anytime. 74 FORD WAGON — 8 pass, new bat. & exhaust system. $1695. Call 6pm to 8pm. 609-448-6088. • 74 PLYMOUTH — 4 dr H top, a/c, p/s, p/b, stereo radio. Exc. tires & overall cond. Mounted snows. Babied mileage. 609-448-6373 or 4436318. 74 TOYOTA Corolla ^~~B track. fm. 4 speed, 5 new radial tires. $1,800. call 201297-8235 after 5 pm. 74 TRIUMPH TR-6 — 54.000 mi. New clutch, brakes, alt, valve. 609-799- 8367 after 6pm. $2600. 74 VOLVO 144 — 44.000 mi., a/c, p/s, p/b, am/fm 8-track. Good cond. $3000. 609-799-8481 aft. 5 pm. 75 CUTLASS Supreme — 2 dr., vinyl top, wire wheels, 6 radial tires, air, am/fm, 58,000 mi., auto., swivel bucket seats, beautiful int. B/o over $2^^609-883-1885 eves. 75 DATSuTTB2ior^-~Exc. mechanical cond. 80,000 mi., $1,500. Call 609-799-3374. 75 FIAT 128 — sedanTlight green, am/fm casette, new tires, new battery, $1300. 201 -265-2000 ext. 2806 days. 609-448-7352 eves., wkends. 75 MGETConvertibte —~O7iginal owner. New brakes, clutch & exhaust systems. Call after 1pm 609-395-0463. 76 DODGE Dart cyl. good body, radio, 8 track w/power booster, 4 new tires, just passed inspection. Asking $1800, negotiable. 609924-1267. 76 FORD COURIER"— Vi ton. 64,000 mi, 24 mpg, wide wheels. $3180. 201-2975493. 76 MAVERICK — 2 dr., 3 0 , 0 0 0 mi., exc. cond. $2,350. 609-737-1252 after 5 p.m. •76"R"ENA~ULTTeCar — a/c, fm, 32 mpg, good cond. $2500 or b/o. 609-799-8250. 76~tOYOTA —"Corona"station wagon, automatic, 43,000 miles, excellent condition. Asking $3000. Call Tarn after 6 pm. 609-921_ _ _ 76 VW Stationwagon — garaged, auto, f/w drive, a/c, reg. gas, 28 mpg, $2500. 201874-4993. 77 B-210DATSUN — excellent condition. Call 215493-3042. •77 DODGE WAGON — V8, a/c, p/s, p/b & more. Asking $1800. 201-297-8332. •77~CHEVrE"Monza 2 + 2 — candy apple r e d , auto, sunroof, air, p/s, am/fm cassette, CB. with new engine. Best offer. Call eves. 609448-6916. B210 — exc. cond, new everything, high mpg. 609-443-5573 after 6pm. TTIDODGE CHARGER — Immaculate, a/c, stereo, vinyl roof, rear def, beautiful interior, new tires, muffler & shocks. Must sell. $2750. 609-883-3540 eves & wtends. •77~HONDA~CfviC —~2O000 mi. on rebuilt engine, needs some body work, runs good. Best offer. Days 609-6559099. eves. 799-8737. 7 7 MG" W D G E T

— many

new parts, exc. shape. $2400 or best offer. 609-924-3917 or 924-6094. 7 7 PlNTb~^~"$1595. "white, automatic, radials, good shape. 7 4 Pinto - $875. blue, automatic, snows. 609-6955547. 7 7 T-BIRD — White, auto. p/s, p/b, am/fm stereo, radials. 201-297-7908. Best offar. 7 7 T O Y O T X — Corofla SR5

fittback. good cond., new tires. $2,800. 609-683-1588 aft 7 pm. 7 7 TOYOTA CeSca G f ^ Auto, a/c am/fm. wet maintained, new radials & battery. $3,000. 609-924-3427. 7 7 VW Rabbit — 2 dr, 4-spd. $2500. C a l after 5pm or weekends. 609-448-2347.

ALLAIRE LEASING! Service — Domestic or foreign. New cars, vans, light trucks. Lease the engage-a-car way. No down,payments; lower monthly payments. Free booklet. 609-393-1190. BMW 1970—2002 - Exc. int. 7 8 DODGE ASPEN — 6 cyl. Body needs work. $1,000 stick on floor. $2800. 201- firm. Exc. for parts. 125.000 original mi. 201-369-5289 722-1825. 7 8 FIAT 128 — 2 dr, low after 6. Ask for Ken! mileage. $2000. 609-443- CAPRI "72—new paint; snow tires, good cond., $1100. 5126. 7 8 MUSTANG II — Exc. 609-737-3946. cond. Economical, 40,000 HONDA ACCORD — 76. mi., auto., am/fm. $3900. $2400. Leave message for Mr. Shanfield 609-924-5792. 201-821—7971. 78 OLDS Custom Cruiser HONDA ACCORD — 2 dr, Wagon — 48.000 mi, 8 track/ 1981, auto, am/fm, extras. am/fm, air. Asking $5500. A-1 cond. $6000. 609-7712802/609-466-1511.! 609-443-6645

Mobile Home* ADULT PARK — 1O'x55', fully furnished 2 bdrm home: Call eves 6-10. 609-448-' 4907. 230 ATTN. DUCK Hunters— Low profile 12' Sneek Box, glass over wood. Oars, anchor, cushions, etc. $400 Call Frank 609-443-5814. NEW BOAT SUPS Discount Prices 25 Ft. Slip-$275 Up The Creek Marina

201-269-6469 Bayville, N.J. 240


BASS & GUITAR Lessons — by Dan Sky. Pro teacher &. recording artist. All styles, beginners to advanced. Low. rates, will travel. Princeton area. 201-297-3520 or 609- r 924-7039.

BEGINNING PIANO — instruction lor children. Comprehensive program, Westminster Choir College training. Your home or mine. 7 8 PLYMOUTH — Station Becky 609-466-1349. Wagon. 10 passenger, p/s, p/ BrOFEEDBACK b, a/c, chrome roof rack, am/ The Center For Stress Confm stereo. Low mileage, good trol offers programs for the snows. No rust, one owner. $1950. 609-298-9708. MAZDA RX-2, 74 — snow treatment of headaches, high blood pressure, insomnia, 78 PLYMOUTH Arrow — sil- tires, am/fm casette stereo, digestive disorders and more. ver w/black stripe & interior. 2 good shape $975. 609-737- Free consultation.Qall dr., 4 cyl., 4 spd. Am/fm 3946. 609-448-9595. stereo cassette, excell. run- MOST Affordable — Pontiac C ELLO LESSONS — ning cond. Good body & int. 9 pass. sta. wgn. Excell. runNew Front tires. Snow tires ning order, good gas mileage, Suzanne Mead, Degrees ind. 40 mpg 62,000 mi. a/c, p/s, p/b, p/l. Best offer. from Oberlin Conservatory, $4,500, negotiable 609-921- 609-921-8762 aft 7:30 pm or Univ. N.Y., masters in music, Trenton Symphony. Will 0728 ask for Ellie. wkend. teach Suzuki. 609-924-3133. 78 TOYOTA Celica Uftback MOVING OVERSEAS — — GT 5-spd, sunroof, a/c, p/s, 1976 VW Rabbit, good cond, CREATIVE PIANO Lessons new tape deck & tires, 52,000 mi. Call Lilly. 609- — with Handy Sweazey, MA, Ed.M, Columbia Univ. Group fabulous car. Must see. 921-8900. and private lessons, children $5195. 201-462-5631. NATIONAL CREDIT "CORP. and adults. Princeton studio. 78 VOLKSWAGON Dasher e ~ makes loans to home ownFor brochure: 609-924-9497. — 2 dr. sedan. Dealer' ers to purchase automobiles. serviced from new, complete Phone 609-396-7500 or DISCOVER~FLYTNG Lessons — $20. Raritan Valley Flying service history avail. Blau- 201-246-4883. School, Northside Kupper Airpunkt am/fm, a/c, 4 spd, champagne edition. New top OLDS 1981 DELTA" 88 — port, Manville. 201-722-5111. of the line volkswagon like Royale. Deisel, 4 dr., dark E~NGLISH/COM POSITION this would cost over $11,000. blue, loaded, low mileage, 28 Tutor - BA + MA, state This well maintained auto is mpg, $8800. 201-264-9081. certified, secondary ed. Jr. + avail, for $4295. Call 609- SURPLUS JEEPS, CARS — Sr. high + college exvans, trucks. Many sell for perience. Call 609-393-1987 443-3564 after 6pm. under $200. For information after 7 pm. '79 ACCORD — silver, reg. on purchasing similar gas, 27,000, mint, call after bargains call 602-998-0575 ENGLISH" as a second lang7pm, 609-883-5293. ext. 6934. Phone call refun- uage — Exp. teacher for chil79 BMW 320i — Stick, air, d a b l e ^ _ ^ ^ _ _ dren & adults. All levels. Individuals, families, small sunroof, alloys,, fog lights, groups. Princeton.-Rree conBlaupaunkt cassette. Sierra 2 0 5 Motorcycles sultation. 609-924-8545. beige. Asking $9800' Call 1980 SUZUKI —175, brand 609-737-0914. FRENCH TUTORING — By new, fantastic cond. Asking professional teacher from 79 CJ7—-6 cyl., p/s, am/fm, $950. 201-874-3660. Rutgers University_^ll levels. Renegade Pkg., 31.000 mi. 1981 HONDA Moped — Used Call 609-921-0372. $5300. 609-924-2321. 1 summer. Valued $695, sell79, CORVETTE — Auto, ng for $450. 609-448-6969. F R I N C H T E S S O N S —Con"- . versation-grammar-reading T-top, cruise control, electric (beginner, intermediate & addoor locks' & windows, am/fm, 2 " Trucks vanced). Spring term. Regisa/c, stereo'cassette player, tilt wheel. 29,000 mi. Exc. cond. 7 2 CHEVY 3/4 Ton — 6 cyl. ter now. 609-921-0492. Must be s e e n . Asking stan. trans, steel utility boxes GUITAR " ^ Tessons ~"all $11,650. Call 609-586-2119 $1,200. Call 609-883-3450 levels, all styles, taught by after 6 pm. or 609-393-3743. Berkeley College of Music '74 C H E V Y S U B U R B A N graduate. Call Ed Cedar 79 FORD MUSTANG — 3 dr. sedan, p/s, p/b, a/c, am/fm, Trailer Spedal — Cheyenne 609-443-5163. other extras, exc, cond. Call package, loaded, new paint TESSONS —Jazz, job, exc. cond, orig. owner. Classical, Folk, Pop. Ex609-896-3539 aft 5 pm. $2500 firm. 609-924-4522 or perienced teacher of begin79 FORD LTD — 4 dr, aTc. 655-0231. ning & advanced students. am/fm stereo. Executive driven. $3000 or best offer. 7 9 PLYMOUTH Trail Duster 609-924-2946. 609-587-4082 ask for Tony. — Meyers 7 way plow, CB G"U nr A R T E^S"ONSTAI i radio, tape deck, 5 snow tires, 79 HONDA PRELUDE — 4 reg tires. 34,000. mi. Orig. levels. Vocal coaching, tape Exc. cond., sunroof, cassette. owner, excell. cond. 201- facilities avail. Bob Korman 609-921-3669. Call day 609-292-7400, eves. 359-5856 aft. 5 pm. 609-896-9318 or 201-766G UJTArfa" B ASS" Lessons^THREE TRUCKS — For sale. for beginners, intermediates 7983. 1971 Ford pickup. F250.1967 79 MAZDA 626 — gold, 2 d7., Ford pickup, F350.1969 Jeep & advanced students. Ex5 spd., a/c, am/fm cassette, Commando, complete w/ perienced teacher in rock, mags., 42.000 mi. $5,700. snow plow. All trucks good jazz, and other styles includCall 609-896-1999 days, 799- running cond. Best offers. ing music theory. Call Jake i 609-799-3083. 8485 eves. 609-921-0070. MATH~ TUTORING" — Avail79>ONTIAC 215 able for long or short termMachinery dr full pwr pack am/fm stereo. instruction. Programs de50,000 mi. $5500. 609-443& Equipment signed to suit individual 4110. needs. MA, Columbia Univ. 79 VW RABBIT Custom — FARM PLANTER — Large 609-443-1739. 42,000 miles, exc. cond, ask- water tank, rubber tires, ing $4500. Days 609-984- reasonably priced, like new. MATH TUTORING"'—'""By 201-787-5604. Ph.D.. High School & College 1021. level, SAT & all college board 79 VW Sdrocco — 5-spd, ac, GARDEN TRACTOR — 12 exams, remedial enrichment hp, IH with rotary mower, am/fm, very good cond. low programs, custom, individual m i l e a g e , $ 7 , 4 0 0 . 6 0 9 - needs work. Best offer. 609instruction. 609-448-3690. 448-1370 bet. 8 & 5. 393-1987. NJ/NY Cert, teacher — l o MACHINERY — repaired or •80~AUDI 5000 S^ Diesel — tutor reading. LA, study skills. Loaded, p/w, p/I, a/c, sunroof made to order. Parts made for Spec Ed. 609-448-8902. fog lights. Blaupunkt 3001 anything; welding, forging, fine machining. Leyzorek, OIL PAINTING LESSONS w/EQ. 609-924-8866, days. Skillman 609-466-3399. (private) — Write: Eli Dimeff. •80 CADILLAC — Sedan P.O. Box 1509. Princeton, 2 2 0 DeVille, 2 tone beige, fully Recreational N J . 08540. loaded, low.low mileage. Exc. OPERAfiC VOICES" started Vehicles cond. Available for best offer. from scratch — Develop your 609-448-6651. 7 5 MIDAS Volunteer Travel voice to its highest potential. — Unex- Trailer — 22\ Completely Any age: no previous training pectedly bought elderly un- self-contained w/awning. Call required. 609-443-3886. cle's car. Exc. cond. Reason- after 5 pm. 609-466-3613. pTANOlNSTRUCTION — r e able. 609-924-8231. HONDA ODYSSEY — Dune cording artist will teach rock & 80 MAZDA R X 7 — Buggy. Fun for snow or sand. roll technique to intermediary 5-spd, am/fm stereo cassette, Rarely used. 201-821-7971. students and will also teach a/c, rear window defogger, SNOWMOBILE 7 9 — Trail- beginners. Very patient with approx. 28,000 mi. exc. cond. fire 440, 400 miles. $1600. w/ children. For afternoon and $8500. Call 609-924-6070. extras. 609-448-2751. evening lessons 609-4439-5pm. ' sWWMOBiLE —~7STPolaris 8394. •81 CHEVY VAN — custom 440 Cobra. Exc. cond. And PIANO" LESSONS "-^"lor conversion. Sleeps 4. low cover. $1,200 or best offer. beginners & beyond. All ages. mileage, fully loaded. 609- 609-466-1466. Emphasis on pop/rock/jazz. 771-9067. • 609-448-6276. •8TCHEVETTE — Wife's car. Homes PIANO" LESSONS"— qualia/c, 4-spd., very economical. 71 BONANZA — 12x60, 2 fied teacher with Masters Must sett, new car on way. bdrms., him. optional, 2 a/c Degree in piano. 11 yrs. 215-493-4533. units, Ig. sz. lot. shed, teaching experience - ail •81 CHEVETTE — 2 door off-street park., extras. Must levels & ages welcome. 3,500 mi., am radio, exc be seen. 201-297-4582. Classical musician; I teach condr-6D9^48J>565 after ', •81 HOMETTE — 14x60 Jazz & Popular, too. My pm. mobile home. E. Windsor Princeton studio or your '81 JEEP Scrambler —~4 area. 45 yrs of age or otter, home. Call Kathryn L Werner wheel drive, 4 cyl. engine. 4 no children or pets. Asking, 609-921-0353. References available from happy stuspd. 22 mpg. loaded. Must S16.500. 609-448-4974. dents) sel. 609-737-1721. 78 OLDS —"98 Regency Sedan. Diesel, 38,000 mi. Black, loaded, leather int. 215-493-3915.

JEEPS. CARS, PICKUPS — from $35. Available at local Gov't Auctions. For Directory call Surplus Data Center 415-330-7800. J E E P S — Government Surplus. Listed for $3196. Sold for $44. For info call 312-931-1961,ext. 2289.

Classifieds Week of January 27 • 29,1982



245 Entertainment UVE


perfecttoryour party. Guitar duet wan vocats- Ful sound. 609-443-5163. MAGICIAN EXTRAORDINAIRE!? — Great Bernini « • 6RtertaWt si your cMfcTs pwty with mystifying illusions, A UNttUE Approach lo oaaoon arwnats. auoance l a n g u a g e l e a r n i n g & participation and surprise language*. Naftva teachers grfts, guaranteeing funfora l Features illusions from and trmmtaton. Instruction tor chddien and artia^ AS leveis. Broadway Shows. Rave ReBrush-up, conversational and vue Referent.ei Respons&e literary classes. Intensive Pnnceton student - has car. courses tor travelers and Ca9 now to insure your Dusswss people. Tutonng. special dale. David. 609734-0511 after 9pm. Can 609-924-2252. PIANO LESSONS — Rock, jazz & dassKat- Taught by R u t g e r s music g r a d . Beg -Adv 600 <<8 8835. R£AD«NGTUTOR I _ ~ N J Certified Heating Speaaist with Masters degree & expenencs offers tutonng in remedial reading lor aS ages. Reasonable rates. References available 609-921-9398. THE FOURTH WAY — " a method of work on oneself, is a syntheses or Eastern and Western methods based on the work ot G I Gurdyeff It's awn cs io hetp us recognize, s t u d y , and e v e n t u a l l y efirrtmate false personaSty while developing essence and true p e r s o n a l i t y . Akhaidan n ts a school n i n e Fourth WaytodBy an experienced teacher Weekly meetings, private consultation, modest l e e . 609-*43-»98_ T r » Mercer County Canter P.O. Box 990

2so Catering

hcf^errsade from the finest BV gradtera. Ready to eat Reasonable prices. Call Carers Kitchen, n HaSsboro. 201-526-6986 NEED HELP Cootang'—"tor mat special occasion or party? We make snytrtng l i o n hors d o e u v r e s to desserts and defcver just TUTOR — E3am teacher w before your party. For more Ciijrocr- exp. m grades 1-7 information call 609-448& aa SMSCxernsroi rasructct 9662 or ctikxw • ie*mng tSaaCtiioea wtt tuacr irtxr cfskj. WONDERFUL ONES CaterCail 609-799-4498 after 6 prr ing — Lei" us make your scectai occasion memorable. TUT.OflJNG — Waai 4 R«ad- 201-821-9574 or 201-297•rg f) a iiceraveo teacher. 15 3348 year* era. c/ades 3-9 609609-448*6023 443-1013 TRANSLATIONS — offeree! trom D u t c h . German & Frencft viQ Engftsn of viceversa, atso o n treve ianquages & Soan«sh. C«(t 6O9-921-2305. pn(erabty after 60m.



TUTOflJNG — Encash GramBLACK & WHITE Photogramer and Ccr^cosstJon CaS phy — Competency executed, reasonably priced. TUTORING — AS areas or Phaedrus: 609-392-2688 *m cSsaCiiices, references avail- P M aBIe 609-443-3568 after CALL VIDEO 84i~~— tohave 7om. your mis & personal mesTUTOR — NYC saacher Mas- sages video taped lor postters Degree - exjseoence in erity 201-821-6362. r e a d i n g & math Call 609-443-1024 ventory Service — We work VOCAL STUDENTS now be- with nsurance companies. r g accepted — Have studied CaS G.T Worrafl Photo Serat Manhattan School of Music vice 609-883-0378. & Westminster C C Reasonable fee Interested persons PROFESSIONAL Videotapng - Capture on videotape cart 609-t43-5947. those once in a Wetme oc24S casions - weddings, showers. Entertamment christenings. Bar Mrtzvarts. BASCrS PARTIES — Un- athlete events. We speoaize irraea We create successful in real estate, home invenpanes. Dent rare a caterer. tories, insurance. CaB today engage a complete catering for a free estimate. Fodwest 609-695-5666. Video Productions: 609BLUE GRASS — Parties, 799-5638 Television engiconcerts. Magnolia Road neer, kcensed by F C C . Band. 809-261 -1691.

VIDEOTAPE ALL Memorable Occasions — Weddings, Reterbug A Lo&cop- parties. cepbons. Parties. Home Ing r e e t i n g s , promotions. ventory Speoaists. Princeton VKjeotaping Services. P.O -609-466-1246. Box 1518. Princeton.N.J. c o UNTR Y Tlrv E sf ERISI 06S40 609-799-3055MUSK: — Paul Danes. S*v 2 6 0 ger Gutanst CaS 201-997Piano Tuning 6890 PIANO TUNMG DISC JOCKEY For rtre — Weddings* Par%ea> Oancei. ROeEHT HMJUEZ Live Band Sound. For tow P.T.G. cost any type music - Doco. Craftaman 50s. Pop. EMs. etc Barry SMCE 1951 Daviaon. 609-466-2709 or 609-821-7242 CLOWKS"FOR HIRE — i t -

Cvaker Bridge Mail

Standard pages or tabloids can be printed on regular 30# newsprint or 50# white offset stock. Nominal extra charge for spot color. Our capacity is 32 pages standard and 64 pages tabloid. Call Mr. Brink at (609) 924-3244 for particulars. PROFESSIONAL TYPING SERVICE — Word processing on Xerox 800. We can revise, retain & update your material • letters, mailing lists, resumes, manuals, manuscripts. Also error-free autooriginal-on IBM memory typewriter. Instant photo-copying, addressing & mailing, offset printing, spiral binding. CarShopping Center, 130 & Princeton-HightsRd.. Hightstown. 609448-6707. RESUMES UNLIMITED"— complete one stop service featuring resumes profession-

DESIGN DRAFTSMAN™^And planner. Fast & accu-qualifications, expertty typed rate. Jayouts, details, build- & printed. Cover letters & sketches, revisions & applications typed. Type7 yrs. board setting available for resumes. exp. in aB levels. CaB Ed Jr. Personal, confidential ser609-448-2955 days. 609- vice. 609-448-0701. 259-9146 eves. SMALL COMPUTER ConsultDO^YOU HAVE~—problems ing — programs written to suit unique to your own aging your personal or business 'process or that tit a famdy needs. Weekntghts call 609member? Let me help you 448-5861 after 6 pm. DRAFTING — Ink drawing. 8Vix11 (only)-PhotoCopy Leroy lettering, maps, grafts, Back Ink on 20ft> Wht Paper curvestortheses, papers, reports. 609-443-5273 after 5 S13.00 Per Thousand p.m. . +S9.00M EDIFYING EDfTING returns 2nd side — The written word as it Color Paper +S2.00M should be for 609- Std. Cotor Ink. +$7.00 587-7288. Padding +$1.00M ELAINE'S TYPING Service MASTERGRAPHX — Experienced typisttorfreelance assignments. Correc609-924-0460 table Seiectric typewriter. For Rle. 206 Rocky H« more information caB 609f AX~ SERVICES ~— by "ap448-6479. pointment only. 609-443EXECUTlVTE~SeCTetartal Ser- 5358 or 609-448-5127. vice — 25 yrs. experience. ISM seiectric typewriter, work TRA>JSLAilc^S^sl»anish/ done in home. Will address English. English/Spanish. envelopes. 609-655-0751 uate. 609-448-3388. bet 3&4 or aft 8 pm. X SERVICES — Live tele- .TRUCK & WINDOW Lettering phone answering 609-924- — show cards, paper signs. Herbert C. Rodgers. 2QJ -2970209. 1648. KCASSCOATES TYPING - w/no charge for TheUWmateln light editing. Fast, aesthetic Business Setvteea work. IBM Seiectric. Am 609Including: 924-1330. e Secretarial Services TYPING — Done in my home. • Telephone Answering 15 yrs. experience as a typist. e Addressing & Mailing All types of projects. Reason• Bookkeeping able rates. 609-683-0773. e Travel Arrangements TYPING at home. Quick, ac• Conference & Seminar curate, neat, reasonable. Planning Seiectnc Correcting. 609• Meeting rooms 466-1708 or 924-9600. ask e Office Space forMadri. . • Reasonabrv Pricwi 609-799-3103 TYPIST — Intetfigent. verMANIFOLD WORD PRO- satile. professional, with IBM CESSING SERVICES — correcting Seiectric, for freeSophisticated and ingenious lance assignments. Located standalone display system near Princeton Campus. Call after 6 pm. 609-921-2553. usedforail and sundry typing jobs excluded by an ex- WORD PROCESSING — perienced operator. Your Professional with M.A. in Engcopy may be stored on Jtsh produces superior remagnetic diskettetorinstant ports, documeots, dissertarecall or future revision and tions, etc. Specialities include use. Turn around time is 8 medical & computer terminoltimes faster than standard ogy, repetitive letters, trantypewriter. Complex docu- scriptions. Research & editing ment formatting avaftabte. available. 609-586-5825. heavy revision capability, ad- WRITING. Eating. Typing — letter for multiple originals

tea sorted according to Zip 275 Code, and ists of any sort may be selectively picked SerVJCeS ' o*er k> auM your condNtons ol ___rw_r_Yi_ r**.c_ __

selection. B you have any

PIANO TUNMG — Regutat- questions about out word ing a repairing. Cal mtm processing service, or if you 7pm, 201-674-4216. 285

270 Business Services

QUALITY REFW1SHWG — NEED LOGO — stationery Reatoratton of antiques. A l advertising. ma8era. etc. 7 work dona w/care & exparttoe Cal the Design People. Sueto increaae the value and David Graphics. 609-448beauty of each piece. 609- 8950. 466-2206. Princeton Packet. Inc. RIDER FURNITURE — Rehasamted pairing & lefinishing. Antique Press Time Available restoration. Caning & Rushing. Hand stripping. Web Offset Press Pick up & detVary service. Location rear of 75 Main St. Kingston. Mon-Sat. 9-5. 609- Let us print your newspaper or in-house organ. Camera 924-0147. ready mechanicals or nega— Quality tives — J — '

fast nooks, etc Many colors MAKE YOUR Next Party — avail. 609-587-6612. complete with entertainment 270 from WPST dbc jockeys, Business Steve Treveise. Dave HoefServices tei, Tom Cunningham and Tim Downs, equipped with ACCOUNTING. TAX Finansound and ights. Any type of dal — services provided by a music tor any type of oc- CPA on a monthly, quarterly casion. Cal 201-542-5410. or annual basis at reasonable MICKEY STARR Disc Jockey rates. Cafl for an appointment — Music tor afl occasions. 609-883-4792. The best in portable sound. COMPUTER PROGRAMGo wflh the Pro. 609-737- MING — System analysis, 0504 system design & software deMUSIC"BY'-TOUCH-~— the velopment. Call 201-329area's favorite dance band. 3173. Weddings.'Parties. 609-924- COMPUTER PROGRAMMING — IBM Systems 3234. 7685. — Book- RPGII. All business applicator children s parties andtions. Custom programs or other happy occasions 201- modifications. Packages available. Reasonable rates 2S1-O323 Can Mundorf Associates. Inc pi* SOUNDS ^ - " D i S C 201-366-8175. Jodoes. All occasions. Excecoonal sound and bghts. COPIES — resumes, invrta201-297-3368. 201-329-6720 Dons, business cards, rubber stamps, complete typesetting, aft 6pm. composition and printing

B A L L O O N — your Bar Mrtrvah. weddng. or any special occasion w3aitoori & mdividuaJ lessons Bouquets & unique & creatrve offered 10 studerts ot ail ages baaoon centerpieces. CaS and a&iiSes Baaoon Fantasy. Inc 609448-5220. COURSES: CATERING' — De&cwus qual• Basic Arstwrsettc S*3fcs • Ennchrcws tor the gifted ity toods served with perare! taterted * fected tor your party. Fc* • Preearaaon lor trie Wash comparriensary estamale call SAT Martria Szymczak. East W*xJsor Catemg 609-448• Ail ragrs KtXKi Math 4130 after 4 pm • Also reading and Engiian H O R S I nrstrjcscn Crsaave gourmet

EXPERCNCED — sang musicara tor hre.. Add a piaatarat touch to your party or special *>"yli'ij'**'1 from dassicaf to popular musK at your request Cat 201-3591682 or 3S9-7g78. __

Furniture Restoration


SOLIDATION, INVESTMB — tree pick up < 2Q Nassau St. Suae 212 or 201-246-4883. shows, birthday parlies. & deavary Hand stripping, reIBX rwcums 609-663-0120 grand- cpefsngs and fejndrais>*ananng. rapaang. carang & rushing. Our >alaiarfca. your AOOOIafitaVit Prolnflionflf fypinQ wrviOM naighbars. D«P*N STWP. 49 cai 201-254-0374 m% HeW on XaWQx systom. Ec$~ MMn St. KJnga»on. NJ. 609of your LAKK STFBNG Ouanet — tor 924-5668. Open Mon-Sat 9-5 i to atf Hriaf at nnrawnna —- wedchanjetocorrect your gramapejons, mar, punduaflon and apaS- Take M l advantage of NEW g toight ing. Private inalrucSon by TAX LAWS. Reasonable Buyers and Sellers qualified (201) 297-4297. 489-0229. rates. Cai Mr. Gabart. expert offered. 249-5460-. (BOS) 924-6037. meet weekly in the Notary pubic services avafl448-9048 Packet Classifieds

Furniture Restoration


iHB^^^a^B MM^^k^^


Financial Services

285 Special Services

29Q Home Services 2 9 5 Buikfing DO-IT-YOURSELF — Services


Home Repairs

CARPENTRY — (all phases) self-operating Humidifier ^ ^ ~ ~ " " 1 ~ " ~ ~ ~ attics, cellars, kitchens reINDIVIDUAL INCOME — O V E R H E A D G A R A G E produces comfort mist promodeled, interior woodwork Tax returns prepared. Both DOORS — installed & retecting complexion & furni: (speciality), decks, porches & federal & state. Licensed paired, automatic door niture. Safe, silent, effective. additions. 12 yrs. experience. CPA. CaB 609-921 -0950 after operators w/radk) controls. Plans for this inexpensive, Free estimates. Call after 6 p.m. 609-883-8340. easy-to-make room humidifier 6pm, Greg Adams 201-446PERSONAL FINANCE — RUG CLEANING & SHAM- $2.95 postpaid. Princeton In3865. & tax counseling,tordivorced POOING — Janitorial Service ternational Solar Institute. CERAMIC TILE — Repairs, & separated people. Cal Spit & Cleaning Service - Snow Box 532 Ridge Rd.. Mon. Designers, Builders, Plan- tile installated permanently Decisions at 609-921-1221. Plowing. James Streeer. JcL.NJ. 08852 with new cement board. Bathners. PROVIDING YEAR ROUND Trenton. NJ 609-393-4438. room remodeling, lowest FLOOR SANDING & Repairs Environmentally planned: SERVICES — Tax & Fin- SEWING DREAMS & Alter- — New hardwood floors inp r i c e s . T i l e for d o - i t Kitchens ancial Planning - Preparation ations— Winter pick up/ de- stalled, custom work. Free • Baths yourselfers. DELAWARE an tax returns - Accounting & livery. Quality workmanship. estimates. 201-521-4796. VALLEY TILE, 29 years of e Additions Auditing For individuals, busi- Call A. 609-683-2805. experience. 609-888-1067. * HOME LIBERATION SER- • Roof Expansions nesses, and service organizaVICE — Perhaps you've gone e Alterations SNOW BLOWERS — Port" CERAMIC TILE tions. James Harttraft Jr., back to work, or you just can't CPA. Warrant Plaza West aWe generators, pumps, tam- find someone for your weekly e Restorations Small repairs, regrouting & e Slate & Copper Roof Work RL 130. Hightstown, NJ. pers, cement mixers, compressors, chain saws & togcleaning. The Home Libera- e Active & Passive Solar complete bath remodeling. 08520. 609-443-4409. Bath areas retiled $565, insplitters repaired. Montgom- tion Service performs all Energy cluding waterproof sheetrock TAX PREPARED — Pro- ery Small Engine Repair, household chores and more! e Greenhouse Specialists & new ceramic tile. 24 hour fessfonalfy. Get your refund 1143 County Route 13, Call 201-359-5267 (local call • Custom Homes emergency service for leaks early! Call 201-821-9343. Blawenburg. N.J. 609-466- from Princeton). to fit your individual needs & plumbing problems. TAX PREPARATION — Per- 2829. Authorized Briggs & HOMESTEAD CHIMNEY Princeton, N.J. 609-448-9333 sonal & Business by CPA. Stratton, Tecumseh & Kolher SWEEP — Clean, Efficient, 609-924-1585 C H I M N E Y & Fireplaces Call now tor early Appt. service center. Reliable Service for all chim- COURTEOUS CONTRAC60»443-5407. 5 & T EXCAVATING CONT. neys (wood, oil, coal, gas). TOR — Complete com- Cleaned — vacuumed & reTAX PREPARATION — Per- INC. — Commercial - Resi- Our Services Include: Clean- mercial & residential building. paired. Roof repair & coating. improvements. Rain sonal & Business by Accoun- dential. 50 yrs. exp. Fully ing, Inspecting, Repairing, All phases of remodeling, aHome utters & screened. tant. Call 609-448-6096 tor insured. Save! Start with the Relining. We also install roofing, siding, carpentry & y q W Moving & best. Expert Excavating & chimney caps, spark arres- mason work. No job too small. ' u appt. Grading, Septic Systems, tors, dampers, stoves, etc. Free estimates. All work hauling. Free estimates. TAX P R E P A R A T I O N — Stone Driveways, Farm Fully insured. Certified Mem609-394-2798. guaranteed. Over 20 yrs. exp. Federal and state returns. ponds & field drainage. No job ber of National Chimney call Keith Matches 201- COBBS FLOOR-SANDING Call 609-883-9863 after 5pm. too big or small. Call anySweep Guild. 609-924-1760. 329-2402 & refinishing — Floor Staintime. 609-896-0333 or 466- Emergencies Call: 201-735ing or Reconditioning. Make 285 Special CUSTOM WALKS, Fire- old floors like new!! Free Esti7708. 3032. places & Patios. References. mate. Call 609-298-3424. Services THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE HOUSECLEANING — com- 201-821-7285 after 3 pm. in Cranbury. Holistic massage plete home and office dean— CUSTOM Carpentry & ReALTERATIONS — Ladies. techniques employed by ing. Daily - weekly - monthly. CUSTOM HOMES — re " modeling By Morton & DeReasonable, high quality, Kripalu Institute trained thera- Reliable service. Call 609- modeling, custom fireplaces F o r e s t additions, quick service. Call Elsie. 609- pist to relieve aching backs, 392-0897. & stove installations. Free renovations, alterations, 448-3181. ests. Glorstan Builders, Inc. b a s e m e n t rem'odeling. stiff joints and tensions of the HOUSEKEEPING — daily, 201-329-6265. ALTERATIONS & CUSTOM work-a-day world. For appt. Quality workmanship. Referwkfy, monthly. Daytime & D R A P E R I E S — Quality call Lynn at 609-655-4497. D O N A L D G I E R S C H — ences available. Call Mac evenings 609-448-4973 or work. Reasonable, same day Carpenter Contractor. Fully 609-655-3810 or Jared 443THE WARDROBE Planner — 655-3845. service. Call 609-799-9625. offering you a chance to have KITCHEN CABINETS Re- experienced and insured to 6954. take care of your remodeling BALLOONS FOR ALL oc- your own personal mix-nfinished — Professional work needs or even your small DONT MOVE — Improve caskxis — Reasonable, will match wardrobe, how to look • Reasonable. 609-443-3467 jobs. Storm windows & doors. Call Bob Seeds & - Sori, deliver. Call for prices etc. 6 feel great top to bottom. until 3pm. Thomas Daly Paint- Local reference supplied General Contractors for all 609-883-8708. 609-443-1320. your building needs. 609ing^ upon request. Call 609-259- 587-6255, 587-6366.BLACKJACK PLAYERS — TONY'S CLEANING SERKITCHEN CABINETS — Re- 7557. Tired of getting a bad deal in VICE — Spring Cleaning-AtDOVE'S HOME Improvefinished & Formica. Custom E X C A V A T I O N S (ALL Atlantic City? Playing black- tics. Basements, Garages inm a d e b o o k c a s e s b r e a k - - r Y p E S ) _ S e p t i c s y s t e m s ment & Repairs — Free estijack need not be hazardous to cluding general cleaning of fronts, desks. 201-254-2623. installed & repaired, driv- mate. Call 609-448-6563. you bank account. Try win- houses, apts, offices. Call LAMP SHADES — lamp eways cut & stoned-(all types EDWARD SCHLINSKI, Builning for the change. Ad- anytime, 609-799-1410. mounting and repairs, Nas- of stone & sand delivered), der — Box 188, Roosevelt, vanced professional level WATLINGTONS PAINTING sau Interiors, 162 Nassau St., trenching, land clearing, in- NJ; 609-443-5180. Renovablackjack player, Princeton - Interior & exterior. Press- Princeton. stallation of pipes, etc., home tions, alterations & additions. area resident, will teach inure washing. Aluminum & & commercial snowplowing & dividuals or small groups any L E V O L O R S Riveria & VerEQUINOX wood homes. Gutter cleaning. maintenance. Free estimates. aspect of the game. Single or CONSTRUCTION, INC. 609-799-2020 no answer tical Blinds — at discount Call Al at 201-359-3735. multiple sessions structured prices. Expert installations. 443-4790. to your needs. No gimmicks. Call Marcia (ASID) at 609- G E N E R A L Contracting—all Free initial consultation. JB WATLINGTONS PAINTING 448-2088. types, carpentry, masonry. Research Services. 609-799- - Interior & Exterior, and gut- MR. HANDIMAN — No job Specializing in additions, reter cleaning." 609-799-2020 420a too big or too small. Inside & novations, finished b a s e no answer 443-4790. CLEANING — Garages, outside work. Patios & con- ments, quarry tile, brick & 1939 Oak TreeJM. basements, attics, yards. W E L D I N G R E P A I R S — crete work, painting, tile work, stone terraces, fireplaces. Edison, N.J. 08820 Guaranteed workmanship. 22 Reasonable. 201-297-3953. Burning & Cutting, Portable storm windows, chalking & 201-548-7505 (morns) equipment. Reasonable insulation, etc. For the best v r s - experience, references, 201-463-8604 (eves) CLOCK REPAIRS — Antique Rates. 24 hr. service. 609- quality at the lowest possible 201-821-7285. Cornmercial/ResidentJal & Modern, Grandfathers, 466-1416. GENERAL price call John at at 609Additions-Roofing Wall. Mantel. Ships. Elliotts & CONTRACTORS 921-6877 for free estimate. Interior Redecoration Music Boxes. Pick up & del. 2 9 0 Home Services Passive Solar Exc. Prof. Ref. 201-560ODD JOB? NO TIME? — Construction 1921. BROWNING FERRIS Painting, cleaning, light haul- New homes, additions, garGuaranteed Prices INDUSTRIES rages, driveways, roofing, ing or whatever. The Odd COLLEGE SELECTION & Fully Insured custom masonry, fireplaces, Couple, 609-259-3587. APPLICATION COUNSELIndustrial swimming pools and patios. F I R E P L A C E S — stone, ING — individuals & small PRACTICO Assoc. expert Refuse Collection Full line of a l u m i n u m brick, concrete, swimming groups. Dr. Michael L. h o u s e c l e a n i n g . Call 6 0 9 - products. Cranbury Station Rd. Rosenthal. 609-737-2236. pools & patios. William Fisher 396-8735. Cranbury, NJ Builders. Inc. 609-799-3818. 609-443-4818 COPIES — resumes, invitaREGENCY UPHOLSTERY WM. FISHER • tions, business cards, rubber CARPET Cleaning Special — Quality Guaranteed Work. HAVE HAMMER will travel! BUILDERS, INC. stamps, complete typesetting, Any size room steam Free Estimates. 609-392- Serving Princeton area for 30 Quality workmanship by skilcomposition & printing cleaned by experts, $19.95. 3366 or 392-4698. led craftsman. Siding, roofyears. Financing arranged.' service. 7 days a week at New Dawn. 201-466-4313/ ing, alterations & additions. ROGERS 609-799-3818 Sears Quick Copy Center, 800-822-8928. No job too large or small. FulINTERIORS Quaker Bridge Mall. MASON AND BRICK — work ly insured. Free est. Call CHIM CHIMNEY SWEEP — DRESSMAKING And Altera- Fire preventative chimney Fine Upholstery, Custom specialists. Additions, re- Doug Renk, 201-329-3616 or tions — Janice Wolfe - Call cleaning, year round service, Draperies, Bedspreads, Ver- pairs, retaining walls, steps, 201-329-2489. driveways, patios, brick work, 609-488-2125. absolutely neat & clean. tical & Horizontal Blinds, fireplaces. Free estimates. HIRE CREATIVE Woodcraft, Woven Woods. Additional Inc. — to do the 1,001 odd EXCLUSIVE Dress Making — 609-393-2462. Accessories & Decorating Fully insured. T & A CON- jobs no one else wants & up to date alterations & CHIMNEY SWEEP — FireSTRUCTION CO. 609-896Advice. Call Becky Rogers, (carpentry, bookcases, winremodeling. Belle Mead. places, wood stoves, oil bur- 609-799-2807. 3279. dow care, outside & inside 201-874-4390. ners. Clean, efficient system. SPECIALIZING — Home PINEAPPLE DECK Builders work, etc.). Call anytime EXPERT TAILORING — al- A dirty chimney is a fire window cleaning, storns in & — custom Designers & Build- 609-586-2130. teration & remodeling of hazard! Call Robert Ackers out. $3.50. Free estimate, ful- ers. Now taking orders for HOME IMPROVEMENTS — men's & women's suits. Up- home confidant 609-466- ly insured. All work guaran- Spring. 609-924-0641. light carpentry, cabinet work. dating of men's styles. Reas. 3011. teed. 609-393-2122. S. KLEVANS & ASSOCI- Renovations. "Don't move quick & efficent service. CHIMNEY SWEEP — FireSTAINING & Varnishing — at ATES — Custom Carpentry Improve" 201-369-3218, ask Romilde. 201-297-6595. places & wood stoves, oil & it's best; cabinets, doors. Work: addition, renovations, for Kevin. EXPERT CLOCK REPAIR gas fired. Fully insured. Kind- stairways, & furniture. 201- repairs. "We specialize in HOME IMPROVEMENTS — and restoration. 30 yrs ex- ling wood, gutters cleaned. 874-4879. custom carpentry, cabinet Additions, alterations, fine finperience. Jordan M. Knight. N.J. Chimney Sweeps. 609ish carpentry, general repairs. UPHOLSTERY SERVICE — w o r k > 448-4907 ask for Bob. Pennington. 609-737-0761. design to suit your individual Ed Tezlaf, Hillsborough, '•FORGET-ME-NOT' Service COMPLETE KITCHEN — re- Upholstering, furniture re- needs," 609-924-8707. 201-874-4708. — Wilt send special remem- m o d e l i n g . Top quality pairs. Free shop at home, W.P. CONSTRUCTION — brance cardtoyour family or cabinets & counters. New for- your fabric or ours. Stephen Complete Building Contrac- HOME REPAIRS — Big or Weingart. 609-921-8485. small — Lashley Construction customers. Birthdays, holi- mica fronts. 27 yrs. extor, Alum. Siding, Roofing, days, anniversaries, etc. 609- perience. Ron: weekdays WINTERIZE YOUR Home Additions, Alterations, Back- does them all. Call 201369-6944. Now — storm windows, in201-251-2737. 443-1320. hoe Work and Grading Work. INTERIOR REMODELING CUSTOM MADE GET IT Together — Hair, — painting, roofing, flooring. make-up & wardrobe in the SLIPCOVERS saving methods Low rates 300 H o m e R e p a i r s We do it all. Reliable reas. privacy of your home. Expert r rates, insured. B & P Conadvice & grooming tricks. BRIGHTEN YOUR HOME Reliable & fast. Free esL Call YEAR ROUND. Your fabric - B & P Contracting. 201-874- BEST RATE — Home Im- tracting, 201-874-6308. 359609-921-3584. provement & Repairs. Car- 5669. Labor only. Call for yardage 6308. 359-5669. • HOME BAKED BREAD — needed. References on re- 2 9 5 pentry, panelling, concrete INTERIOR BUILDING REspecializing in saHless wheat quest. BOB'S SLIPCOVBulking work, painting, paperhangand rye. 609-921-3299. ing, carpets installed, minor PAIRS — Spackling, plaster, ERS 609-655-1573. Services repairs & odd jobs. Also light sheetrock, painting, waterLAWNMOWER. Snowbtower DESKJN/DRAFTiNG ADDITIONS — Remodeling hauling. Free estimates. 10% proofing, insulation (baseRepairs — 10 yr. experience. ment, walls, pipes, crawl Andy's. 201-297-3953. 3609. Service to architects, build- and Restoration. Ceramic tile discount to senior citizens. spaces) - apt. rental prep & all finish work a specialty. No job too small. Call 609ers, home owners. LAWN MOWER REPAIRS — Fast but careful work. 585-0873 or aft 6 pm, 695- work. Winter rates. 609921-1135. Hand Mowers or tractors, Call Peter Medina, 609-924- 4638. also complete sharpening - Space Planning 0625. BUILDER — Robert Novo- JACK OF All Trades — service. Saws, knives, scis- • Single & Multi-Family bilsky. Interior & Exterior Carpentry, masonry & roofsors, grass or hedge cGppers. - Remodeling & Additions Work. Addition. Alteration. ing. No job too s m a l l . reel mowers or rotary mow- - Period Restoration EDITIONS Siding & Roofing. 609-466- 609-924-6251 after 6 pm. ers. R.A. Grooms & Son. 385 - Passive Solar Design REMODELING LEAKS —tub & shower spe• Commercial & Retail 0926. Ward St. Hightstown, N J . KITCHENS cialist in repair & waterproof609-448-1792. PERSONALIZED & CARPENTRY — RenovaRESTORATIONS ing. Ceramic tile expertly inRAPID SERVICE tions. closets, insulation, MACHINERY — repaired or CUSTOM BARNS stalled. Mr. Tile, 609-882sheet rock. Free estimates. made to order. Parts made / CaU 609-392-0331, 0378. 609-259-7940 Peter Wikoff Call 609-737-9484. tor anything: wetdtfig, forg*' please leave message MASONRY WORK — of all ing, fine machining. CARPENTRY — custom CARPENTRY — (All phases) DISCOUNT ON DRAPES' woodworking specializing in attics, cellars, kitchens re- types, brick, rock, patio, sideLeyzorek. Skillman, 609And aH custom cornices, finish work. Call R.Yura, 215- modeled, interior woodwork walk, etc. Phone Al Eversen, 466-3399. 609-466-3424. shades, bedspreads, vertical (specialty), decks, porches & NON-PROFIT ORGAS — & mini blinds. Decorating ad- 493-2457. C A R P E N T R Y \ — Additions additions. 12 yrs. experience. MASONRY WORK — of all Churches, dubs. If you have vice. < ' C***A MtUtAtM. / N . I I —x»—» £+ types, hris*tr* rock, m H / patio, HOKA B MA_ sideestimates. Call after 6 Kmae brick, the volunteerstodo mailings afl facets. Free estimates. CthyDay walk, etc. Phone Al Eversen, let us do the hard part labels Renovations, remodeling & pm Greg Adams 201-446Cmfcoin Concepts 609-466-3424. 3865. (or envelopes or Chesire roofmg. 201-359-2239. sheets) in zip order and corEXPERT EUROPEAN — CARPENTER CRAFTSMAN MR. FIX-IT—Call Bill for all rected. Caltordetails. PRINCEOAR LOG HOMES — by Qyjjj,^ ^ your small or large house carpenter custom made CETON PRINTOUTS, 609Ward Cabin. Model at Howell. any size custom iob Call r e P a i r s - Painting, carpentry, woodwork, cabinet maker, 924-1188. Brochure. Otto Btdg. 201- S ^ - S r L r f 1 0 " 1 I00' u a " moving, etc. etc. Reasonable formica, repairs 201-369431-0900. 0 W 3135 after 6pm. "^***rates. 609-924-5792.















H M a W ? a. .«< "<• .



Classifieds 9-B

Week ofjamury 27 • 29.1982 300

Home Repairs

ace Paining & Paperhangtng

OVERHEAD OARAGE DOORS. Elec. operators. i—apartFactory to you. Over h e eftQ b y T omAiMKMHnOeW, OOflV couraar or iul sarvtoa parts 6 meraai. M y irmnd. Days repairs. Cel tree, tor tree 609-665-3*40; eves. 201rto. 800-e72-4980. Ridge 2S1-6S22. Door. W New Rd. Men. Jet PREM PANTING — WWer rates onerao on as mtenorextencr work; hjty inetxed. experienced professionals with local references. We prcrnse sneeeent service at tar prices. Free esarnaiesCM 201-526-4681.

Roofing &Sking

Gardening & Landscaping

* • Apt/House to Share

Apt/House to Share

365 Apt/House to Share

365 Apt/House to Share

365 Apt/House to Share

FINE LAWN — Care Service 3 BR HOUSE to Share —w/2 HOUSEMATE — to share 8- PRINCETON TWP. — Pro- SHARE — A comfortable THIRD ROOMMATE Wanted by Sean. Fraa estimates. Cafl prof, woman near Nassau St room Pennington home with fessional woman desired. country house near Prince- — Responsible female, $165, $300 + '/• utBs. fireplace. Casual, friendly, Convenient location; pool, ton. Call 609-799-1385. 609-586-2876 after 5 pm. Lambertviile. 609-397-1936 med. CaB 609-799-0091 or trustworthy female preferred. kitchen privileges. Separate SHARE BEAUTIFUL — 2 or 609-924-3036. THOMAS B. GOODNOW — aft 5pm 921-2725. Can Jack 609-737-0022 after living area. $310. incl utilities. bdrm/3 bath condo in Lawgrass-cutting contracts, ex370 Security. Pelase call after 4 rencevnte. Fireplace, eat-in Rooms for Rent 7 ROOM DUPLEX — In 530. pertancad. 609-921-3667, pm. 609-921-7618. center of Princeton to share. HOUSEMATES Needed — 2 kitchen, formal dining room, 2 CRANBURY — Room in priTREESCAPES — Tree exS176 plus utilities. 1 month m/f to join 2 in 5 bedroom PROFESSIONAL Male — garages, pool, golf course, Cal lor free estimate pert - pruning & removal. deposit Cafl 609-921-12S2. modem model home in Ew- wishes to share spacious bike paths, jogging paths. vate home. 609-443-4367. Landscape design, install. 4 evenings. 201-828-1994 ing. Lease required. Call Bob country home on 4% acres, Professional female only rep- CRANBURY - Landmark's ALUMINUM SKJng, gutters, maint. 609-443-3067. 2O\- " for 609-883-3235 evenings or fenced pastures with horse ly. $475/mo. Move in Feb. 1. Old Retreat Building room ATTRACTIVE MERCERVILx roofing. Stephen J. Denarski 846-0251. Roger 609-921-2068 days. stalls, ideal for professional Taking calls at 215-237- rent for Cultural or ComLE SPACIOUS APARTHome Improvements, 609- TRIPLE AAA-1 — Uwn munity s e r v i c e s . C a l l MENT — Working woman HOUSEMATE— Share love- who enjoys country setting. 0254. 393-6940. 609-655-1350 8 to 10 am or Service plus leal removal. over 50 wishes to share 2 1 SHARE FURNISHED House ty home w/ 3 others. Walking 609-397-8439. 609-395-0711 after 10 am. Tree removal, railroad ties. bedroom. 2 bathroom 1st —on a farm near Hightstown. distance to Univ. Laundry faROOMMATE WANTED — to Papertsanqpng & Parting BELLE MEAD ROOFING — top sofl, sod. Aerate matching CREATIVE HOUSEHOLD — ALLCARPStfTHY CaA Santos, 603-799-4160. over 30 years business ex- & seeding. Haufing. cleaning floor apartment On quiet cilities, room w/ Va bath. Rent share conveniently located Quiet professional only. Gar1 bdrm & living area w/ Repairs & RenovaOons. Cus- PfiOrlCWMNEY& 1 etc. 609-683-1554. Mrs. Steward. Dept. of EECS, CAPfTOC Pamfing wtttnor & mat«- CaS John Crfe*. 609- . FLASttNG REPAIRS Mi. Sheehan 259-9449 room with use of entire house. Princeton University. 609- $175/mo + utils. 6 0 9 - PERSON WANTED — to ea!anor. reasonaote rates, 921-S2S8 Seamless Gutters Vt all-to-Wall carpeting over 921-1277 924-7737 452-4620. 921-7077 days, 201-359- share home with two working gentlemen. Quiet residential PROMPT concrete in 2nd floor apts. CHARLIE THE PAINTER — traders Inc. 42 Dayton Rd.. COUPLE needs 3 bed hse w/ 6742 eves & wknds. FREE ESTIMATES tntanor & exterior panting Jamesfcurg. 201-297-0915 or garage. 6-8 mo. lease in HOUSEMATE W a n t e d " - ^ area in Princeton Township. All utilities except Electric Christensen Roofing Cad 609-443-6563 Cranbury area. 609-655- share large, furnished Prin- $205 a month, utilities inIn the Princeton521-0919. bvjustrial. comcluded. Call 609-924-6549 Individually controlled heat 184 Carter Rd. Princeton 6321 or 662-9697. Hightstown area. Luxury CHEAP WORKS not good, mercial & residential. AD ceton home; near University; evenings. * garden apartments in 2 air conditioners good work a not cheap. I'm types o< wiring & repair. No Why watt until the roof leaks? FULL OR — Semi-detached call 609-924-3777. quiet, suburban settings. job too large or small. Plan ahead for your roofing house to rent in Cranbury, reasonable 609-448-4819 Private entrances All have private balconies, ; needs. Spotswood, Jamesborg area. N.W. MAUL & SON COLLEGE PAINTING - and spacious, well kept Walk-in closets NEW ROOFS REPAIRS Range $350-S400,rno. Call U.S. Hwy. 130 & fcgfct carpentry by two reliable grounds. Wall-to wall 609-443-5814. Griggs DnVe Individual balconies coflege students w«n pro*esCOOPER 4 SCHAFER carpeting. Free off street; ...A nice place to live! 201-329-4656 sionalism g u a r a n t e e d . 63 Moran Princeton MD — with quiet psychotherparking. Swim Club. Storage room within apt. ReaaonaUe rates Kirk 609apy type practice looking to Luxurious, Spacious Apartments 609-924-2063 rent joint living {1 or 2 bed443-5846 or Don 609-393Repair Service Laundry Rooms 1 S 2 Bedrooms from $365. room) and office space in 3540. Electrical Powrer & WYNBROOK 330 Moving Superintendent on site. Princeton area. Married, no Ljghfing Instaftataons Rent includes: 0ANNTS PAINTING" —~irv children. 609-924-3132. Industnai Maintenance &Hauing tenor/exserior - residential WEST 1 Cooking gas Hot Water N.C. COUPLE — and 2 chilcommeroaJ - repaif work. Dutch Neck Rd AARON-ALL MOVERS — dren want to trade houses, • Heating gas Water pressure wash or waMr SMrs White 418-3385 house-sit, or rent house or ter sand biast avadabte. Free totfindout ail the details. We Patio's A balconies on all apartments. apt 2-4 weeks during the estimates. Fully insured. atso irtstai 1 rewirefixturesat Some with central air. summer. Excellent referSatisfaction guaranteed. reasonable prices. Please caB BROOKWOOD tuBy ences. Write Dr. Dean 609-92 J -7835 609-448-2906 any weekday CaB Office open Mon.-Fri. 10-4:30; Sat. 12-4 Koulourts. 7026 Valley Haven GARDENS DOMINJOTPir*ne« Jr~^- between 7 pm and 10 pm or or 225-5976. Phone 60*448-2964 or 448-6553 Dr., Chartotte.NJ. 28211, or Hickory Corner Rd rvnbtiQ Contractor-lntenor & Sat from 10 to 5 pm AJS COLLEGE STUOeNTTS"— . cafl 704-365-092S Mr. Ptashinski exanor Resadenfiai & comDirections: From Princeton: Princeton-Hightstown experienced & reliable. Light meroal. Free es&mates. Caa ELECTRICAL ,Rd.. turn right on Old Trenton Rd.. 'A mile turn lef CHESTNUT moving A haiAng. Can Phd anyerr*. 609-882-1631 sires room South Brunswick Garden View Terrace, East Windsor and follow signs. Residential 609-924-6332. area. 4 days/week. 201(% mil**o

NOW RENTING Princeton Arms


• Robbinsville

Luxury Apartments 1 and 2 Bedrooms

Starting at $325. per month



• East Windsor |

.Windsor Regency Apartments

Open Mon.-Fri. 12:00-5:00 p.m. 609-448-4S01

Windsor Regency Apartments

Ewing Township


Prinn'ion Hill -

paper, wait repairs E«p»ri«nc»C, reasonable 60S-W-796S. 924-2474 MIKES PROF PAINTING & Waap*p«r>ng — « - * E«t Free estimates. 201-3293165. MORTOKS PAJNTMG 4 Waflpappenr.j • Ezcaeent q»,ritryv Free •senates kv tenor & Exterior. 6 0 9 443-6333 PAINTERS — Interior Reg7 custom jobs. Very reasonable* Oeen. queily work! Free til* —J 608-443aBSB.

Kk ConrJHonJng

1 and 2 Bedrooms from $365. per month


609-924-0168 COOPERS ASPHALT Paving W A S T I N G P R E C I O U S — Driveways, Parking tots, FUEL? — Cal now A have etc SeeJ coating. Free Est. your heeSng system serviced 609-758-3447. & evaluated. Reasonable rates. Davaon's I laattrig Ser- 350 Gardening & vice & wood stcves. sates & Landscaping matatabon. 15 yrs. exp. 609DOERLER 466-1141. LANDSCAPE 320 Ptumbing Landscape Designing .and BAB Plumbing & Haaflng — Contracting 609-924-1221 Master (Amber's stale fc. #3547. Batfiroom & tdfchen DRIVEWAYS remodefing. 609-443-6733 CONSTRUCTED aft. 6pm. Cal anytime 201Asphrtor 251-1332Stone SeeJ Coettng PARK ACRES PLUMBMG & EXPJEWT HEATMQ — liMlBitliii & LANDSCAPMQ repair of a l your plumbing Commancal & needs. U c #5648. 201-2977538. ' Baoknoa Work PUMBMQ — Uc #4621. Sapac Systama Need a pajmber. tree eett-

PAJNTMG — OuaMy Manor. exterior. Free estimates. naaionatiH price*. 201-8744837. PAMTMQ A Paperhanging — Frank Jande- 292 O u t * Net* Rd. Cai <«O8) 4483578. PAMTMQ — mttxL Also • y * cvpray. rtw males. Cat 609 4.48 6087 Caf Mka anytme day or after 5. night Phone 609-58»O26e.



Cal 809-924-1735.


TheY rdley that thinks

home efficient heating &

all the features of atngle-Gunily home

private, attached garage: front, rear & side yard, and much

farrnal dining roonu 2 bedrooms: eat-tn kitchen: Rental 8475 per month. US 1 to North end of Oxford Valley MBQ. turn right on Oxfard VaBeyRd.Go2

1501 Parkside Ave. 2 story garden apts Some with private balconies and completely carpeted


MODEL APARTMENT OPEN MONDAY-FRIDAY 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Weekends by Appointment



PARKSIDE MANOR 1465 Parkside Ave 2 story Garden Apis 882-3930

VERSAILLES 220 Sullivan Way Opposite Trenton Country Clut 2 stew)-garden apts. , Mr. Pergola 883-4550




MIEGMANi-SMITHInc 1 1 : 1 ; Property Management 1


~r *

Home Hunter's Guide Week of January 27 - 29,1982

IO-B 370

Leonard Van Hise Agency must*

l«0 Stockton Sf.


Office: 609-44&4250

Hl«ht,town. N.J.

CUSTOM 1UK.T C A M : Thi» tov»ry home offer* t o many nice features found only in • custom buBT home. Living rooon wrtreplace and both rn shervos and dosets. Dining room w/picture window, modern kit. w/breakfast nook, 2 bedrooms. 2 baths, endoaed breezewsy w/awning type windows. Second floor is partiaBy finished for 2 addrbonal bedrooms, fufl basement. 2 car garage. Large lot w/garden area. US.S00.

C f M m o r P t A O O a O l O on * Icvery tree fcned ftraet a !?*» 2 «artm«rit house offering a 1-2 bedroom ap«. on jne f * « ftoor and 2 b«Sroom ape. on the second floor. VVroig. pkjrrttriq. carpeting, bathroom futures, hot water heater* 2 yn. cM- (Gtcneos and tMths w t o w a i tocrsng. Many extras. Gttat location. Just toted for S10S.OOO.* l O O U M C F O t A GOOD ASSUMTnONT Two bedroom tovxrirxxjse n Quad IV wttti $43.900 mtg. assumption at 10 Vi % S538 PTT1 w 7 7 yrs. renw»r>g. MO.WO.

WAKMTH AND C H A t M radiate from this custom built brick home near Peddte Goif Course. 5 rooms, many nice features. Extra lot available. M l .000.

Rooms For Rent 3*0 Rooms For Rent 370 Rooms For Rent

370 Rooms For Rent


° Rooms For Rent

FULLY FURNISHED — own GUEST ROOM In Private ONE ROOM and kitchen — ROOM TO RENT with apt SLEEPING R O O M r in quiet bath, In luxury condo, 10 min. House — for rent, to a 66 E. Campiain Road, Man- privileges. Hopewell area. house in Hightstofti, share 609-466-3798 11 am-4 pm. bath, rent $50 wktyTsec. $50. east of Princeton. Light cook- serious, quiet professional vilte. 201-725-7680. ing prtveleges. Prefer pro- person or grad student. Pri- PRIVATE ROOM — in center 466-0261 after 6 pm- 201-.609-443-3570. fessional, week days only - vate bath. References. 1 Princeton. Kitchen privileges. 267-1000 ext 425 during day. 375 Apartments however not mandatory. month security. $260 month. Walk anywhere. $200 + util. Ask for J.J. Non-smoker. Avail. Feb. 15,609-924-6065. 609-924-1917. ROOM — with tull krtcnen for Rent " S 6 0 / w k . P l e a s e l e a v e LARGE ROOM — With ROOM FOR Rent — In pri- privileges, in house shared by message at 609-443-8485 kitchen privileges in private vate home. Professional per- 3 professionals, committed 2 BEDROOM — brand new days/eves. home in Plainsboro. Call son preferred. Must have ref- Christians; ideally located in apt. on bus line, Kingston, FURNISHED ROOM — in pri- 609-799-4498 after 6pm. erences. Rent $200 + . Call the center of Princeton. with Princeton address. Lg. vate home, off street parking, LARGE ROOM — private en- for info 609-448-0478 or eves $225/mo incl. utils. 609- tving room, dining area, cenPrinceton Jet, NYC bus attrance, parking. After 6pm 609-655-4229. 924-9497. ! _ _ tral air, $600 + util. No childoor. Share b a t h . Days 609-771-0920. 924-1723. ROOM FOR RENT — in pri- SO. BRUNSWICK/Kendall dren, no pets. References & 609-452-2258. aft. 9pm & security required. Call Zelda LARGE SUNNY Room - with vate home near RCA Labor- Park Area — For young wknds 799-0246. Lachever at 609-921-1050. bath. Walk to University & atories; gentleman only; park- woman, incl. kitchen priv., F U R N I S H E D ROOM — Palmer Square. 609-924- ing on premises. 609-452- laundry, air, swimming pool. 3 ,ROOMS — Partly furNon-smoking quiet female. 4347. $50/week. Call 201-821-6719 nished, dose to Princeton 2125. Near Princeton. Kitchen, exeves. & wkends. Univ. Campus, $445 all util. ROOM & SEMI EFFICIENLOVELY ROOM — for protras. $185. 609-799-5889. fessional gentleman, non- CIES — at weekly rate. SPACIOUS — Furnished incl. Call 609-924-7034. FURNISHED ROOM — Hill- smoker. Security & referen- Princeton Manor Motel, Mon- room with private bath, share 3 ROOMS & BATH — Single sborough Gentleman pref., ces. 609-883-0916. mouth Jet. 201 -329- 4555. US refrigerator. Private entrance, preferred. Avail, immediately. kitchen priv. Ref & sec denice view of woods, on 2nd Hwy # 1 . — Call 609-924-2035 after 6pm. posit required. 201 #74-4879. fc^VILLE-NORTHSIDE Furnished room for gentle- ROOM W/KITCHEN PRIV. in floor of house. Call 609-9244961 after 7 pm. FURN. RM. (Neshanic) — men. Avail. Feb. 1. 722-0070 lovely three bedroom TownATTRACTIVE — 2 bedroom kitchen & laundry priv. Pro- days, 201-772*5524 eves. house (10 mi. from Princeton/ UNFURNISHED Sleeping apartment in central Nassau fessional female. S50/wk. MOTEL ROOMS — with cokx 10 mi. from New Brunswick), Rooms — Avail, with house St. building; available. now. 201-369-4151. privileges. From $160, utils. $6OO/mo. includes heat. RenTV. radio, a/c. indiv. heat con- laudry facilities, parking, included. Deposit required. dall-Cook & Company ReFURN. ROOM — w/ or w/o trol, panelling, ww, cpt. Hkjh- woman preferred. No pets. 201-297-0757 after 6pm. altors, 609-924-0326. board, in exchange for light tstown/Windsor area, from Move in Now. $180 per housekeeping, walk to Nas- S85 per week. 609-448-8637. month. (201) 329-2184. sau. 609-921-6561 eves. Ref.

AOtEAGC + 3 HOUSCS: East Windsor Township offers SPACIOUS tX/TCM C O I O M A I : Ped<*e School area of rftgntsrown 9 rooms. 2 fufl and 2 harf baths, screened porcn A trurytosrtrfyhome $110,000.'

th» 15 acre farm w/3 houses and several outbuildings. Seven acres are tillable and 2 houses are rented. $14t,000. CXD£« WCHTSTOWN HOME: 7 rooms. 2 full baths. 2 car detached garage w/elec. Convenient to schools and shopping areas. (59.900.

CUSTOM S W T l £ V U : Levefy area of H-«-.^ tocrra. 2 H baths and 2 car attached garage, freptac*. central aw. nicety landscaped J4SJS0.

Only 5 Homes LeftM from

•OWNER ASSISTED FINANCING ava»!aW« to qualified buyer*. Call for specific details.

Traditional Colonial styling enhances each Sturwood Hamlet home. These luxury models feature 4 bedrooms. 2'h baths, fireplaces, wall-to-wall carpeting, and 2-car garages - - on lovely wooded lots!

After Hours end Sunday Ceil: WorrenOlMfl

Kichard Van His* CJT-S. Alt «OI?

lorry Murrey Jon* Cos Boonl* WHam-Prvtow



f One Acre Estate Homes in a Superb Bucks County Location


Lower Makefield. Township


FINANCING AVAILABLE TO QUALIFIED BUYERS Models Open Daily Except Mon. & Tues. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. / (609) 896-1660 DIRECTIONS: From Princeton - south on Rt. 206 to Franklin Comer Road. Turn'right then bear left (500 feet past Deli) onto Denow Road to Sturwood Hamlet.

R FA i. ESTATE juacnoit omc£





R U l B l i FlOOt PIAH • Hsrs lranxulite Wes? Windsor




I-95 to Newlown-Yardley Rd. (Rt. 332) exit. Go east on Rl. 332 a Vi mile to Creamery Rd. Turn left to Quarry Rd. then right to models. Open 7 days a week 12-5. Phone 364-3456 or 441-4400.

"Toll brothers


Real Estate Is Still Your #1 lnvestment...Let Us Show You How!

UKATKHI + PRICE makes this 3 bedroom, 2W bath

ftcne m\iH i t e d n x n t 2 6aSM on She secorit! floor h»s Ranch located in Devonshire Estates in East Windsor an jn w : u &ifl*:«d rccn «>.y> 4 b*!ti nevtn; en the first eiceptiona! n l u e . The family room with full wall tor :•%»! can be jdicted a jce? life sfjie-an office. fireplace, living room, dining room, and eat-in kitchen plj^rxff. zt itest r3c>ts fcatiliisf. ztntnl vi and full ba.«ment tertaining. Extra features include r wooded lot, 2 car m j i a !3J3 ftone an txceti&x purchase for theQrage. central asr and basement tmar.&n

9 home designs from * 1 6 2 , 9 0 0 • Pennsbury School • Master Bedroom Suite With Den District D 3 Car Side • JennAire Grill Entrance Garage • Anderson n Full Basement Windows • 2 Story Entrance D Full Customizing Foyer Service Available




SMJUtT PUKHASE - Our immaculate 3 bedroom Ranch WTTHIH WALKING DISTANCE OF SCHOOLS. SHOPS. AND 5*jfe tecr.e m East Windsw with a park like setting, has TENNIS COURTS IN West Windsor is an extra con-| a famifi room with fireplace to keep you coiy this venience of our 5 bedroom, 3 bath split level home. A | wntsf As spring and summer approach, the central remodeled kitchen, new gas heater, central air and I fireplace plus wall to wall carpeting make this home an i air and deck will let you enjoy both indoors and excellent purchase. Only $113,500. | | outdoors. Aiso-mortgage money available below market rate to qualified buyer

PROFESSIONAL LANDSCAPING SURROUNDS this beautiful " B E N F O R D ESTATES11 COLONIAL WITH 1 1 SPACIOUS ROOMS. Includes 5 bedrooms plus a 6th bedroom or spacious office, 2V2 baths, family room w/fireplace, central air, and extras oalore!!! SEE FOR YOURSELF AT $154,900.

MONTOOMfRY AND IMMACULATE!! is this 4 bedroom, 2V4 bath Colonial featuring a beautiful kitchen with sliding glass doors leading to a redwood deck that overlooks a property bordered by woods and stream. A fireplace in your family room adds coziness to tne cold winter nights...perfect for a growing family at $127,000.



FOX ft LAZO is a leader in NEW CONSTRUCTION in the area—call today and we can answer questins you might have or we can arrange a personal consultation at your convenience.

1-3 P.M.



••I I . H L U J .


g I t a k m Pood • Golden Dest - Hamilton Township. Three bedrooms. Ih baUK. fanufy room with fireplace, central air. i-id wall to « H carpeiinj BUYER PROTECTIOM


10 Oxcart - Unnersity Heights • Hamilton Township.! Four bedrooms. 2H baths, mint condition, central air. | fenced yard and underground sprinkler system. $93,50111

DIRECTIONS Route 33 W. Left on George D>e Rd. to DIRECTIONS: Hufhes Driie to Paxson A»e. Right on j Estates B!wt Rtfht on Tudor. Riftst on klarton Po«d.

Deacon Dr. Right on Oxcart

OBACIOUS STOM COLONIAL located in the Longacres section of Lawrence, charming EXTRAS and 6 bedrooms with 4Vz baths, butlers pantry and Modern a screened porch for peaceful evenings. A MUST SEE AT $245,000.

HJUNS8ORO...unfurnished house. Super! ...4 bedrooms, 2VZ baths ...$700 month WIST WINDSOR...UNFURNISHED HOUSE ...optional Mother/Daughter ...$650 month/4 bedrooms EWH4O-TUDOR w/appliances ...Immaculate, 3 bedrooms ...$650 month; like new

LAWRENCEVILLE ROAD OREAT OPPORTUNITY WITH PRINCETON ADDRESS WITH I N - C O M E OFFICE VARIANCE!!! Newly built home in Lawrence on bus line nestled on 2 acres is perfect for rising or established professional witt) magnificent office suite and yet gracious and private living quarters. CUSTOM FEATURES $265,000.


609-79*4181 SOI ,NJ.

Tv aa&U Mais, * t » a em •»«» «nfc« cootnet fro. OH EM ItatBtate Offict. Each off e» irxlcpandandy owned and operateo. f MMfvtt|Rt9 LflnMNJ S i O W l

Open 7 Days.

REALTORS A N D INSURORS 22 Offices Equal Housing Opportunity Since 1886

Princeton 609, 924-1600 Princeton Jet. 609 799-2022 Hamilton 609 890-3300 609 298-1600

Home Hunter's Guide Week of Jininry 27 • 29,1982

375 Apts For Rent

11-B 375

375 Apts For Rent

Apts For Rent


375 Apts For Rent

Apts For Rent


Apts For Rent



Apts For Rent

Apts For Rent


Apts For Rent


FORRESTAL VILLAGE HOPEWELL TWP - 1st floor LAFAYETTE HOUSE — Ber- LANDLORDS — Free MANVILLE NORTHSIDE — 4 MONMOUTH JCT apt w/bedrm, bath, kitchen, keley Sq. historic district. screening and counseling, rm. apt.. Washer-dryer hook- spacious duplex, secluded on pvt bam & ertranc* Pnnce- located in Monmoutft Jet. Apartments — Route 1 & Forfam. rm.liv.rm w/brick fpl. Convenient location over- you choose tenants at no fee, up. $350 per mo. plus util. 1st 6 country acres, new decor, GARDENS Son. near Univ. & bus. FuBy targe Sv. rm with txott-ffi restal Rd One 3-bdrm screened porch, basement & looking balcony, 24 hr. door- free credit report provided for mo dep. adults. 201-685- large dining room, carpeted (urmshad- $37Smo includ- furniture, bedroom, kitchen, townhouse & two 2-bdrm apts LLDcury Garden Apts. batrt. smafl spare room. avail lor Fob rentals. GE ©tecprivate backyard. Exc. lo-man, ideal for professional, 1 your convenience, call the 1858. ing heal €09-924-7546 throughout, fireplace, all backyard. $350 monthly plus trie h««t pump dtsnwasher. cation for c o m m u t e r s . & 2 bdrm. apts. from $355. professionals for further deutilities included, kids/pets MONMOUTH Junction — Apt BEAUTIFUL NEW~2 bed- utiks. AvaH. mmed. Also 1 disposal, w w carpet, tennis on R t 208 on New Amweil $475Vmo. plus share utUs. Call 609-393-2626 for ap-tails. Locators-M.R.S. Memwelcome, just $425 -Won't suitable for larger family. Avail room. t'A balh condo — bedroom apt. carpeting & courts, swim pool & more. Rd. first left after church Avail, immod. Call 609-737- pointment. bers 609-394-5900. immediately. $450 + utils. last! -Ads subject to availPnncfiCon dddrsss, on buspanetng. $350 inducing utis. Please cafl 609-429-2250 for 1480 days, 737-3451 eves. 1 ft 2 B R A p t . ability.Locators • M.R.S. kne. No pets, no children. Cafl 609-924-4522. information. LAMBERTVILLE — in stone LAWRENCEVILLE — I & 2 609-924-5584 after 5 pm. HOPEWELL TWP — A deal! Victorian mansion, studio apt. Bedim Apts & Townhouses MORVEN VILLAGE — Gar- Members $75, 609-394$600 mo. - utts. Ftepty box Includes heat hot water & 5900. FURNiSHED APT —~ 4 dishwasher, tennis courts & Stylish 2 bedroom duplex, on #04240 co Princeton Packet E A S T w/ 15x16' eat-in kitchen. Ig. subject to availability. White den Apartments. Hamilton Hampton Arms. Lovefy gar- rooms, pvt. entbath, $2Sday. extraordinary playground. oversized wooded lot! Den,livrm. & full bath. Deep set Pine Apts (609) 883-3333. Township. Private entrance, MONMOUTH JUNCTION — den apts. ww carpet, heat & short term. Can 609-896dining room, heat paid, all windows, plaster walls, wood LAWRENCEVILLE — I Bdrm parking, cable TV available. 1 Large, w/ fireplace. Kitchen, > a country set- hot water tndd. ac. 609-0861. Largest swimming pool in the extras, children/pets fine, just floors. Landlord pays heat. Apts & 2 Bdrm Town- houses bedrm from $320, heat, h/w, bdrm & bath. Incls all utils. ting. 243 BRs avail Rentals 448-1440 $340. a must see! -Ads subFURNISHEO — 3room 4 are*-at nominal cost. $3O5/mo. No children; no when available. Sturwood & cooking gas incl. 1 block Call 201-329-6879. s t a r t from S395 Call ject to availability.Locfrom Rt. 295. Call 609EW1NG — ~2 bdrmT Irv.rm. room apt cottage'house wtth 201-359-7180 215-493-1988 •tor*M.R.S. Member* $75 pets. Single professional Hamlet (609) 896-2035. 888-3052. fireplace, dm. rm. latchen. equipped kitchen, ac. individpreferred. 609-397-3110. CARPETED MOONERN —^4 laundry, yard. $550 me. heat. ual heal control, color TV. HISTORY^BUFFS ^ L a r g e 609-394-5900 LAMBERTVILLE — spacious sunny, newly renovated room apt. Avail Fob 1. No609-466-0487 radio, ww carpet at motel in KINGSTON — 2nd floor, pri- 1 bdrm. apt. on quiet residentads, no pets. 2Q1-46&-1733 HightstowTvWindsor area. No duplex apt. in old stone Vic- vate entry, living room, EWMG t W P l near Trenton tial street, vestibule, eat-in torian building. 2 bedrooms. Set 10-2.201-526-9439 aft 6 Slate CoSege. executive 6 lease required. From $140 l'/7 baths, private entance bedroom, study, full bath. No kitchen, livrm., bdrm. & bath. CENTER o« PiriaMon — 1 or room. $350. heat nduded: week including all utilities. and patio area. Parking at the children, no pets. Lease, de$350/mo. Landlord pays heat. 2 Bft w library & dntng area. aiso carpeted 2 bedroom. 609448-8637. door. $75Q'mo. 1'A mo. se- posit required. $285 plus No children: no pets, single tiw 4 « d . pnvaie yard & heat paui. kjdspets fine, just HAMILTON" T W F — Wood- curity. No pets. Call Joan at utilities. Avail. Feb. I. 1982. professional preferred. partarg S525 r t t heal & $300; many others. caB' - Ads mere Apts. Hugnes Drive. I & 609-737-9567 after 5pm for 609-924-9700, evenings 609609-397-3110. gas 609-924-7141 at 924- subject to availability 2 Bedrooms, some den (609) an appointment 921-6602. 5385 Locator* M.R.S. M t 587-2414 CENTER OF Princeton — I $75,609-394-5900 bdrm act. wa3ang (Ssiance The buildeis ot Sturwood Hamlet are now ottering, lor a limited time only, this Cash Rebate from Urw, shops, medical OS-AWARE Couponworth ' 4 . 0 0 0 ' " toward any one ot the remaining 4 Townhouses' eerier ircioOei Kv rm. Ml HEIGHTS Ba*. kaefsen. oft-strew parkluiunously designed, these 2 & 3 bedroom air conditioned townhouses. priced from '86.400 Luxury Garden Apts. ing, private entanco. oraser & lealure panelled family rooms wall-to-wall carpeting, and garages And. the price includes On 29 North Showpiace ot part ownership o! the pool complex and tennis courts gas S400 ptus free Pets New Jersey ovenootong DelS2Smo extra Avail Fee I aware Ffevef. Many wnth For your convenience. Sturwood Hamlet is located |tist minutes from the railroad station and Cait 609-921-3174 r


Start The $New Year Off Right... 00 With This 4,000. Savings From Sturwood Hamlet


Lawrence ville Executive Styling

ftrashed basements.

near many shopping centeij and ma|0

CENTER O f Pnrceten Boro 1 A 2 Bfl Apt — > Odnrr. ac* « *v rm. iarge From S390<14o. eai-ift fctetws, Oen or 2nd Incudes heal, hot water, oabdrm. fun cam. •••»» caraeted. hwasher. terras court.. Swvtv air cord, r o pets incudes rring pool a! norrwial cost wafer & gas. cr?-ssree< 509-883-1707 & privas* entrance DIRECTIONS t-95 south lo $375 ska elec A#a,i rrmed EKS 1. take Rt 29 No to Gait 609-925-3174 second e«t on nght COMPLETELY Redecorated EW1NG TWP — 1 bCrm apt — S-tSGrrcntf moudmg h«al 2rx3 Sr oJ 2 farrary house. & r * Caif 609-921-7057 after ResaS community $285 mo. Tenant pays etec. 1 mo sec r&qd Barry. 201-984-3880. AT NEW HOPE Ltd — Village 2. 1 Bedrocxn EXCEPTIONAL 3 bdrm apt — apartments $330 oet month. m Heoewea S3O0 oer month 2 bedroom den sowrixicses - utts 201-328-0283 S525 per mcesi Pius e*ec- EXECUTIVE 4 Rooms — L-5C 25 5-862-9133 corroiettfy fumtshed. private entrance tt^,. 609-696-0861.

--aj 1 :



2 1 /2%



AVAILABLE TO QUALIFIED BUYERS 4 Bedrooms, 2V? Tile Baths, Central Air, Gas Hot Air Heat, Family Room with Fireplace, Hardwood Floors, Completely Equipoed. Modem Kitchen, Master Suite.

Discuss Your Ideas with Builder Call 215-752-7814 after 6 PM William Smyrl - Custom Designs

MODELS OPEN DAILY 10 a.m. lo 5 p.m. EXCEPT MON. & TUES. (609) 896-1660

GREEN RIDGE VILLAGE 13¥4% FINANCING* Expertfy designed to meet the specific needs of todays homebuyer, these quality homes are energy efficient truly comfortable and conveniently located in Monmouth Junction. South Brunswick. $92,990 toS105.90O. Direction*: Rt l to Ridge Rd (Rt 522). turn on Ridge to Weichert sign just before Monmouth Junction post office. "30 yearVS month adiustaWe financing to qualified buyers

Princeton Office 609-683-0300 or 201-329-3499 (Model)


(Adjacent to Princeton)

Weichert Realtors

"All MI!J|P[i ID [tnc sale

DIRECTIONS: From Princeton - south on Rt. 206 to Franklin Comer Rd. Turn right, then bear left (500 feet past Deli) onto Oenow Road to Sturwood Hamlet.

Otter may tie withdrawn wilhoul notice No Brokeis




REALTORS OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY. JAN 31st tron 1 00 to 4 00

PROFILE OF A CHAMPION HARRY WEED Recipient of Weidel's 1981 "Millionaires Award". Harry participated in excess of One Million Dollars of sales volume that closed during the year. A member of the Lawrenceville office and the senior member of Weidel Real Estate for 13 years a man we are all proud to be associated with.

U ' A MQfTSACE # r to. e rxrm J « lit{* if?jM JRJ j ' i ?m.Vf purled Swce *rc K C i i W car 5* jets t;r $141,000

rmsmts! aturr sneus; PROFESSIWUL COUPIES! RCTREB FOLKS! CRAFTSMOI! MTOKE! Who can appreciate the financial plusts ot owning a four apartment single, each apartment has 2 btdtwsms. ceramic bath, eat-in lutchen & Imng room • 4 garages & a heated workshop Price has been slashed to $79,900 for immediate sales. FKA.VA FWAJCWG CONSIDERED FOR A QUALIFIED feUYER Set ttse o»met's apartment at our cpen house. Please call 89&-1000 (oc iout perjonal appointrnent to see all 4 apart wests BtftECTtOKS: So. oa BrBtpnci. rii« oa Spruce, house on n g * t T o « k o s t t » - Btverty Habscfeer.

in t i n : « ; 'no tnesK K«, Keen * w ni aa? ?"•

MOOEMI ITVINt - Some modern lifestyles demand carefree Irving quarter. Young marrieds are attracted to equity build-up without nagging housecare worries. The answer condominiums Living Room, Dining Room, eat-in Kitchen, bedroom, bath plus extra room for den or study, even second bedroom. WHY PAY RENT. All this is in mint condition for $43,000.

NEW CONSTRUCTION HOPEWELL BORO8 rooms, 2 /? baths' quality construction by Hopewell Valley Builders - 4 bedrooms, family size kitchen with adjoining family room with fireplace. 100 x 460 country lot convenient to everything. $109,500. immediate possession

its SO»Mtti

i M l - a c * :.: :r!«f sel t*fif"oo
nlti TlOE CSOHTfT UK% on nearhr frve acres with frozen p e e l witmg to wetame Spcirg ar4 you Owner financing mH hef; s w all cf the seasons lovelj 3 Bedrooms. V/< ittf. rinc* « • * p e i f r i hariwood ftoorj Oversired bam itrttt - worisfcop Two slone tirepUc« Call 896-1000-. S]I5.JOO



KST WIT in Warren Park Estates. This four bedroom I 1 / ; bath Colonial offers the growing family an opportunity to own a home in a desirable family neighborhood. Priced under market value, but needs some freshening and painting. Offered at a very realistic $71,900.

Our owner is ready to sell, so don't miss this great buy. Where have you seen a 4 bedroom two story home, with a spacious living room, formal dining room, eat-in kitchen, family room with brick fireplace. 2-car garage all set on a treed lot with expansive deck for only $102,000. This house has everything including a great MountainVtew location!

COLONIAL ON A CUL-DE-SAC EAST ACRES DRIVE. HOPEWELL TOWNSHIP A very desirable location for this attractive Williamsburg Colonial. 8 rooms. 2V: baths. 4 bedrooms, plush wall to wall carpeting, central air conditioning, all window dressings, 2 car garage with electric doors, large screened porch overlooks 1.35 acres - ideal location for a New York commuter - $189,900.

II you need gracious rooms and a safe place lor your children, this home should be considered. There are 4 generous bedrooms & den • a family room with fireplace + many other features including a woodbutnmg stove. Located in Delaware Rise. \ $110,000.

UNIQUELY WONDERFUL There are lots of words to describe this contemporary home and even more to describe its rural and breathtakng setting in East Amweil Township, but the best part of this home is its energy efficiency. It was built with tomorrow in mind and tomorrow became today. So enjoy easy modern living a M know you have a hedge on energy! All below $100,000.

mm SntflK U t t S will ioon arrive m the park-like back yard of tltrt Oendale epanded Cape Lrmng room with stone Im&jct formal dirasg njom. raodern eat-in lutchen. full fcasefsent. 1 c»r attached garage CAU 896-1000 RECEKIIT REDUCED TO SKSOO.

MTCII TOUR WACOM TO A STAR with this freshly painted four bedroom Vh bath Colonial on a beautifully landscaped lot. No-wax entry foyer and lutchen. plush camel wall to wall in LR and DR. Kitchen with custom cabinets,' paneled Family Room with sliding glass doors to screened porch, patio and gas grill Loaded with value at

NEW LISTING Very charming well kept ranch on a wooded lot in a very quiet section of Ewing Township. 7 rooms, 2 baths, attached garage, formal dining room, extra large family room, gas heat and central air conditioning - $79,900.




TNCniKSRU OvaMofi oewnescc wi ust-ott csisbrl Thii List Mntur tm^ocst sntttts « i * « O t irjratic fU»r Paob. tou. itapQMf wd tncsoortitai pm sttps mtf YWB0IQR\ swI^Mc bctoit OSTVX rtte ts i^^rfied buyer..



164 NASSAU ST., PRINCETON CaD 609-921-2700

B B M M N . Just the perfect place for a young family. 3 or 4 Bedroom Cape with totaOy redone kitchen, a new tam*f room addition, large fenced yard. Please call S96-1000 so we can show you alt tJw space and cfcann for



2681 MAIN ST. LAWRENCEVILLE, N.J. 609-896-1000

KXttLBR, IV* bath rancher, 2 car garage, full basement in quiet Hamilton Township development...$*90. per month plus utilities. 1 year Lease.

ROUTE 130, EAST WINDSOR Call 609-448-6200-

7 acres of solitude for this fine custom-built stone ranch in a prestigious area of Hopewell Township. A dream come true for this owner who loved the relaxed, easy living afforded by the Arizona architecture, but you'll also appreciate the formal touch for entertaining. 10 rooms, Vh baths, a 27' screened porch overlooks the pool area, a 3-car garage plus a superb 18' t 24' workshop is a perfect way to round out this excellent property for $235,000.

ROUTE 31 PENNINGTON, N.J. 609-737-1500 609-882-3804


6000 NEIGHBORS, GOOD TIME This beautiful neighborhood in Hamilton Township is the home of a house just waiting for your good times! Incredible family room for those neighborly parties. 3 Bedrooms, great kitchen and lovely living room. All for $73,900.


at the Airport

Real Estate Inc. Mercer Co. Passenger Terminal 6094834950

Home Hunter's Guide Week of January 27 - 29,1982

12-B 375

Apts For Rent

NEAS Forrest* Campus — Furmjhed efficiency «ot . $ 1 8 S W O . ueta SeSmo.. t month security Mala No sraoicnG,. no uogr to PO 8c* 13S4 Princeton. KJ 085*0 Firn efficiency act 1225jno_ 609-82*^721 MEAfT ROUTE 130 - 3 bec*oom eovrey duplex. sectuoed on 9 5 a c m . spaooos walk-n doseo, was to wart carpeting throughout, alt

375 Apts For Rent


NEW HOPE-SoWxry Twp — 2 bc5rm conoo.ftreplaca.w w carpet. tut apotanoev 2 bsth. convenient to shopping. Brand new. $495 - condo tee & uHs. 609-682NICE 1 BEDRM Act — OiMt re^riooftiood. 10 mtfes from Prtneaton. 5300 mo. 609-W6-0487

Apts For Rent

PRMCET0N — pictureeque duplex. 3 bedroom, family room. 2 car garage, heat paid. air. appUncas. a l extras. S40S. Children & pets wetcome. C a i today' -Ads subiect to availability.Locafe4MLA& l f t S75

PRINCETON BORO — Studto apt seduded yard, waking distance to University, apt h e * & hot water ind. Al shops, train, bus. $235 mo. modem convenience*. 3 m Cai 609-737-0305 after 6pm. from center of Princeton. PRINCETON Area — near S36Omo 609-452-2104_ RCA, targe 2 bedroom apt. ONE 4 '"TWO" "BEDROOM cam*, retta* - Aea sufcject to w'ceftar & garage, exc. cond. APTS — tor mmadiate occuavatUtsrfay Loc*o«» M.R.S. heat included. $580. 609pancy at Windsor Castte. E. Mernfcurr* S75. 609-394924-2800. Windsor Twp From Prince5900 ton take 571 to Otd Trenton NEW CONDOMINIUM — al Rd. make a nght then proHermrtag*. New Hope Uvsng ceed so the first left beyond a room, canoes. totefcen w ait couoie hundred feet from O d aopfiarces - waster & cryer. Trer.ton RoarJ. 609-448I DexJroorrt.. a c. coo*. XS2S mo 5275 - ucis Cai: 201-72S-3947



375 Apts For Rent


Apts For Rent

Apts For Rent

PRMCCTON — cozy sturJo ROCKY HILL — new 3 BR TWIN COTTAGE — 1 bdrm apartment, private bath & 2V4 bath condo. Foyer. LR, near lake. Handy? $295 (or cooking facttOee, wal to waB, OR, Fam. Room, KK. & eating less) + utfls. 215-966-6691. neat paid, basement storage, area, screened in porch, garT W M FUVBtS APTS. just $235: Abo 1st floor 4 age & basement Many luxurOff Rt. 33, East Windsor room, children fine, heat paid, ious amenities. $895/mo. I mi. E. of NJ Tmpk Ex. 8 wal to wal. $350; modem 2 indds taxes, maintenance StudkM, I & 2 BR Apts. bedroom, $435; prestigious 3 fees & insurance. Purchase From $300 bedroom, patio, deck,car- options avail, w/exced. financpeted throughout, heat paid. ing. 609-799-2828. Central air, heat & hw. patios $500; others, cai! -Ads subTWO BEDROOM — luxury balconies, dishwashers, ject to availability.Locaapt heat & hot water ind. All carpeting. Large apts. •tors-M.RS. Members $75 modem conveniences, 3 mi 608-394-5900. from center of Princeton. Excellent location next to TRED OF COMPLEXES? — $480/mo. Avail. Sept. 1. 609- bank & shopping mall, NY buses. We have a method of finding 452-2104. vacancies, quicfcJy and effl- VILLAGE EAST APTS — Twin Rivers recreation pools oientty, with the best results. Best location near shopping & tennis courts included. Our service extends through- center, banks, transportation, out New Jersey, with seven etc. Studios, 1 & 2 bedrooms. Resident Manager at Apt B-l Abbington Dr. offices to serve you. Call the Central air, heat hot water, M-F 10-4:30; Sat 12-4 professionals about your ren- carpeting and all Twin Rivers 609-448-7792 tal needs-Your only conve- recreation facilities included nience when moving 1_oc- in rent. See Manager, Apt TWIN RIVERS — 2 bedroom cator*- M.R.S. J-13, Abbingtoo Dr, Twin Riv- condo, all appliances in$75, 609-394-5900 ers. Mon-Fri, 8am-4:30pm. cluded. $450/mo + util. Sat. 8am-12N. 609-443-3220. 609-799-0951.

OAK KNOLL TERRACE Prices Starting At $67,900

Apts For Rent


BEAUTIFUL — Studio-type house for rent. Suitable as private residence or comCentral air, patio & balconies. mercial business. Country Free heat not water & cook- style kitchen-dining room. ing gas supplied. 1 & 2 bed- Large studio-type sitting room room apts. from $365. w/ private porch. Large bedroom & bath on 2nd floor. Office open Mon thru Fri, Carpeted throughout & in immaculate cond. .10 min. from 10am-4:30 pm. Sat. 12-4. Princeton. Principles only. WINDSOR REGENCY Phone Janet 609-924-0373.



c KT


Four Models to choose from. Rancher, Cape Cod & Colonials. 3 & 4 bedrooms, all wooded lots. Churches, Schools & Buses two blocks. DIRECTIONS: New Jersey Turnpike 10. to Exil 7A pickup 195 towards Trenton take U t exit to Rt 130 So toward Bordentown. Beor right pott Monsanto to Traffic light. Turn left on Yordville Allentown Rd. to Corliile Ave.. to Model Homes. From Trenion So Brood St to Yardville N J . At Yordville Bank beor left Yardville-Allentown Rd . Just beyond Yardville Elementary School to Carlisle Ave. on left, to Model Homes.

REAL ESTATE 32 Chambers St. Princeton, N.J. 609-924-1416 32 Chambers Street Princeton, N.J. 088540 603-924-1416

BELLE MEAD — 4 BR ranch ive 2 story — Western secon wooded land. Fireplace, tion. 3 br, 2 b, mid-Feb. to central air, half finished base- Labor Day — $850. ment, $700/mo. + utils. BEAUTIFUL 2nd FL. APT— VILLAGE II - New Hope. 1 609-924-4153. Main Street, Cranbury, Liv b d r m , in scenic country rm., f/p, din rm, 1 bedrm, 1 townhouse w/ private en- CLEARBROOK/CRANBURY bath. Feb. 1st — $575 intrance & patio. Rent includes — Adult community - 48 & cludes utilities. pool & tennis facilities. Avail over, Timberline 2 Br, 2 baths, 1 3 5 0 S Q . F T . O F F I C E March 1. Rent $325. Exc. 1 yr old. Beautiful location, SPACE. Ground fl, Princeton location, 10 mins from Route wooded area - clubhouse, Junction. Walk to station. Impool, golf, tennis, security. mediate occ. Ample parking 95. 609-882-5810. Avail, immed. Levinson As- inc. — $850. YARDLEY BORO — 1 bedrm sociates. Lie. Real Estate apt. w/ eat-in kitchen, spacBroker: 201-548-2244. Eves. EWING — 2 bdrm, iiv.rm, ious livingrm, private en& wknds 609-655-4519 or fireplace, din. rm, kitchen, trance. $335/mo. Landlord laundry, yard. $550 inc. heat. 609-655-0909. . pays all utilities. Single pro609-466-0487. fessional preferred. No pets. COTTAGE For Rent — single 609-397-3110. or prof, couple. 2 bdrms, 2 FARM HOUSE — semi debaths, eat-in kitchen,den tached, 3 bdrms, 3 mi. from 380 w/fireplace, liv. rm, din. rm, Hightstown, $400. Security, lease. Write with reference 3 BEDROOM Townhouse — garage, many extras. Private WHH 0992. Box 146, HighImmediate avail. $550 + utils country estate, Princeton ad- tstown. per mo. Swimming & tennis dress. $650/mo. plus utils, avail. Call 9 am-5 pm sec. Avail. 4/1. No pets. FOR IMMED. RENT — 3 609-466-1590. bedrm. townhouse, cathedral

Houses for Rent



ceiling, all appliance's, move in cond. FURNISHED Rental — 6~mo. Lovely old Mercer St. Colonial available March 1 -Labor Day. Short walk to Univ. & trains. Extremely conscientious couple or small family preferred; references requested. $850/ R e a l t o r . mo. Please call 609-9240418, keep trying. D

EAST WINDSOR — Twin Rivers. 2 bdrm twnhse, fin bsmt, pvt patio, swimming & tennis priv. Sorry no pets. $525/mo + util. Immediate occ. 609-448-1932.






Buy a luxurious new duplex in Yardley!

Live in one, rent out the other... it's the perfect investment for these times. Each apartment is beautifully-appointed featuring eat-in kit- ' Chens; living room; dining room; two spacious bedrooms; two full baths; GE washer, dryer and refrigerator; attached garages; front, rear and side yards. Over 90 sold, come see why!


MMNCITON JUNCTION- 5 6 bedrooms, 2% bath colonial, walking to trams, large family room w/firepface, central air and a 19' x 42' Anthony Poctf. $143,000.

5 Bedroom Ranch on a 1 acre treed lot in Rocky Hill Area. Living room has a bow window and copper planter. Spacious Modern Kitchen, outstanding family room, oversize fireplace for cozy living. This home is on a Cul-De-Sac street. Many extras. $197,500.

Tenants guaranteed at M85/mo - l i t « . : SSIS/mo. — 2nd fl. Excellent reserved mortgages and special plans to suit your needs.

One Duplex/Two Apartments from S111.990 Two Duplexes/Four Apartments from $223,980

Samples open daily 12-5 PM. (215) 493-8700 or 885-2600. In NJ call collect. 1-95 North to Exit 25 E or US 1 North. Turn left on Oxford Valley Rd. (at North end of Oxford Valley Mall—Sesame Place). Go two miles (US 1 —three miles) bear left on Heacock Rd. Continue Vi mile to Cardinal Drive, turn left to samples ('A mile). ^


EAST WINDSOR - 4 bedrooms, full basement, central air, new kitchen and foyer floors, all appliances, good family neighborhood. $84,900.



IN KINGSTON. A THREE BEDROOM BRICK HOME in excellent condition. Large living room with fireplace, dining room and a modem kitchen. Convenient to bus transportation. $110,000.

EAST WINDSOR - 4 bedrooms, new master bath, basement, 20' redwood deck, professional landscaping, central air, carpeting throughout. $92,900. WEST WINDSOR • 5 bedrooms, 2% baths colonial just waiting for your family. Excellent location offers walking to trains, schools Er shopping. Immediate occupancy. $141,000. PIAJNSBORO - Charming ranch offering 3 bedrooms, 1 bath and nestted among many large evergreens. $69,000. RENTAL - West Windsor, 4 bedrooms, 3 % baths

$7*0. Month

Conscientious Service—'Rlriays

D.ENER 301



THREE & HALF YR. OLD COLONIAL, EXCELLENT CONDITION, wooded lot. This home has 4 bedrooms, 2Vi baths, living room, dining room, kitchen, den, full basement, 2 car garage. Extras are central air, fireplace, hot tub (Jacuzzi) wall-to-wall carpeting. etc. JUST REDUCED $159,900. FOR IN-TOWN CONVENIENCES: LOW MAINTENANCE AND FUEL ECONOMY. See this newly constructed home built by John Alford. 3 bedrooms, aluminum siding, thcrmopane windows, gas beat and city utilities. Central air, fireplace, 2 car garage and full basement. $138,000. ONE" ACRE FULLY WOODED LOT. All public utUities available. Close to transportation, including New York trains and buses. $49,500. AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY for sale or lease. New Home on wooded lot - 4 bedrooms. 2!/z baths, family room with fireplace and wel bar, laundry room, two-car garage. Sales Price $125,000. or lease at $825. per month.

RENTALS: HOUSES AND APARTMENTS ipencWirt trokere AffBtf (WetloawM* Itotrral Sonrlo> 609-921-6060 194 Nassau St. HBton Bldg., 2nd Floor

WlUtom SchoettWr. 1214M3 A M C. Mowery. 395-1*71 Hervey lude, 201-359-5327 E I M M Kiag. (09-799-1 «94 DortHhy Oep«ntielm. 924-3923

2 i

bath ranch. Central Princeton $750/month. 609-921-7641. HIGHTSTOWN — prestigious 2 bedroom, set on oversized wooded lot, children and pets welcome, wall to 6 Room House — Ham ELLISDALE Farmhouse"^ wall, at just $325, this is a Twp.yard, avail immediately. $340/mo. Tenants must main- must-see! - Ads subject to $375,609-586-7126 between tain house which is in excel, availability.Locators-M.R.S. cond. 609-585-6100 or 6101. Members $75, 609-3946-8pm. 5900.

Cut your



PRINCETON JUNCTION - Plenty of room plus privacy are here in this lovely 4,5 bedroom. 2xh bath colonial split. Great West Windsor schoote and walking distance to train. $131,900.




5 ROOM HOUSE — Hopewell area. 2 acre rural, setting. Tenant supplies own heat and utilities. No pets. $500/mo. Security required. Immediate occupancy. Call for appt. 609-466-2458 after 4 p.m.

— 3 0 Yrs., buyer pays 3 points. — 5 Yr. Term, 25 Yr. payout, buyer pays 3 points.


Houses For Rent

East Windsor, NJ 609-448-2964 609-448-6553

Stults Realty,

Models Open Daily & Sun. 11 to 6 P.M. Closed Wed. Model Phone


380 Houses For Rent

609-448-0660. After 5 pm 609-448-8974. DAYTON — Vintage 1848. 3 LAMBERTVILLE — 3~ BR bedrooms, 1-1/2 baths. Imranch, kitchen, diningrm, mediate occupancy, $600/ stone fireplace, large closets, mo. Stults Realty, Realtor. thermopane picture win- 609-395-0444. dows, full basement. Quiet country setting. $675/mo. 1V2 DAYTON — Vintage~T84873 months security. After 6 pm bedrooms, Vh baths immediate occupancy. $600/mo. 201-233-3005.

WEST WINDSOR - 3 bedrooms. 2 baths. 20' decR, fireplace, floored attic wooded lot 30' family room, walk to station, Princeton address $99,900.

EAST WINDSOR • 4 years old. 4 bedrooms. 2 baths, fireplace, central m, cerarruc foyer, finished basement, custom decorating, wooded lot $97,000.


Quality Homes by a Reputable Builder for many years



Straight 30 year mortgage 3 Points to qualified buyers.


$59,900 & Up 3 Models Ranchers, Capt,


Featuring 3 & 4 bedrooms, laundry on 1st floor & excellent energy efficient package.

LOCATION & VALUE YOU CAHT ^ AFFORD TO MISS # - , Models Open Daily 12-5 P.M. Model Phone: 882-2606

DiractMm: No. OMen Av«nu« to Parfcsid* A W X M . . . Moke o right . . . Go two miles . . . At second light • « * • o right onto Eggertt Crossing g Rood . . . Make first left to model home. Off Rt. # 3 1 . . . Turn onto Rood . . . Appro*, two miles . . . Moke left onto Eggerts Crossing o o EwingviUt EwingviUt Rood Rood Rd k lint l Wt W toTmodel T d home ^ ^ Moke

t r d w n . Agtnt Moguin Bvikt Agtncy 587-2707


Home Hunter's Guide W e * o! January 27 - 29,1982 380


Houses For Rent


Houses For Rent

390 Houses For Rent


Houses For Rent

NEW HOPE.PA — VHage II PRINCETON JCT. — Charmlownhouse. eat-In kitchen, a l ing 4 BR 2 % bath Colonial w/ COZY 3 BR 1 % BATH appiances. 2 story Iving LR. DR. Fam. rm, & 2 car w/finished basement and room open to secluded deck g a r a g e . Lovely trees & patio. lacing woods, fireplace. 2 BR. mature landscaping. Walk to Conveniently located near den w/s*ding doors to patio. High School. $750. avail. shoppng, school and cortv Vh baths, central March 1. J.T. Boyer Realty. muter bus loo! peted, draped. Waiting dts- 609-921-1805. SS50Vmo rtance to town. 6 mos. oc- PRINCETON BORO TownMCVISCrOUAUTTT cupancy beginning March. house — 2 BRs, LR. DR. $575/mo. + u«s. 215-295- kitchen, full basement BeautH O P E W E L T T W P . — Lovely 9265. iful garden. References & se41J 1113 4 Bfl Coionai. 2Vi batfa. LR i P E N N I N G T O N BORO — curity. 609-924-2680. w-fireplace. OR. tam.rm, rufl basement 2 car garage, cen- LAWRENCEVJLLE — 2 bed- charrrMng 3 bedroom, 1 V5r P R I N C E T O N — 4 B R . tral mt. Oca* lo Mood. West- room luxury townhouse avail- bath. Irving room, dining furnished. 4 mi. from P.U. em Sectnc 4 ETS S750rmo able immediateJy. 1 tvM. 2 ' * room, den, sun porch, base- One acre, extra rooms, lawn baths, washer-dryer, don- ment, garage, big yard. Nice care. Avail. April 1. $69S'mo. 6O9-466-12S3. washer. Central an Garage. neighborhood. $625 * utt. Children & pets welcome. pool and tennis. $6S0/mo. • 609-e96-064S. Phone 609-921-2714 eves. raised fiii")i-fier.' 3 bedroom. UOL 609-896^463 PENNINGTON — 3 bedrrn.^ 2 PROP~E R T Y ~ M I A N A G E " HreoUce. 2 car garage, wooded acre, quiet street Ava* LAWRB«CE TWP — Con- baths. Irving room w' fire- MENT — LEAVE YOUR place, dining area, kitchen & Mar 1. S7iairw. 609-483- tempora/y 3 bedroom. 2 bath. den. 2 car garage S650 mo HOME OR INVESTMENT garage, targe treed lot cMPROPERTY IN CAPABLE 62S2. cvon and pets, welcome, at - ut*s. 6O9-737-6331 after 4 HANDS. 20 YRS. EXPERIHOPEWHX RANCHER — 3 just $475. mis tcvery LawENCE. J.T. Boyer Realty. bdrrn. 2 oatti. large lotcfwrv rancevAe Road location wont 4 609-921-1805 Basement, garage, yard last tong^-Ads subject to PICTURESQUE S600 - uBI* 609-*66-(H87 avaiU&My Locator»-M.R.S. bedroom farmhouse, se^- House Swap. duded on 2S0 acres. 2Vi Mamftan $75, 6Q»-394- baths, fireplace, out buildings, Condo in Dillon. Cokxado, sleeping 6, for house in bedroom. 3 bam. 2 story 5900 horses fine. $600. check it' Mercer County area. Need house on wooded tat adjaLAWRENCE TWP — 3 bed- •Ads subject to availability. house April 24-May 2. Condo cent to country dub Fireroom Ranch, furnished $600: Locator*-M.R.S. Members avail, any dates. Dillon w in C*ac« ai farrrty room. 3 car unJumcshed $550. Working $75, 609-394-5900. 2 5 m i n s . of 4 a r e a s . garacje. gas heat «mfc centra) couple prelened. No pets.' PUUNS8ORO ~— Pmceton 609-466-3369 for details. «r AvaifaWe rnm«, eat-
HJGHTSTOWN — house tor tarrrfy at 3. $S5Omo. plus utjts. & sec Phone 609448-1075, 4-5 pm. HUJLS8CWO 3 bdrm. ranch — 1 Vi baths, gar., baaarnant, gas h e a t , dishwasher, washar. refrigerator $725 a mo. 2 mo. sec Reterencos. Ga« 201-369-7801


$75, 609-394-5900

Can you own a luxurious condominium 6 miles from Princeton for less than rent?

No. You can't. But you can come a lot closer than you may think. So close that it could very well be downright foolish to continue renting. In fart, with prices as low as $55,490 and a 12% mortgage that can let you swing it, this could be as close as you'll ever come. Especially this close to Princeton. With warm, friendly people for neighbors. Your own private swim and tennis club. A beautiful clubhouse, for parties and get-logethers. All this and value you've got to see to believe! One, two and three-bedroom homes with standard features like a woodburning fireplace, private terrace, central air-conditioning, rich carpeting, appliances, gas heat, and more you must see for yourself. All included. Now you can understand why we've sold 204 of • these beautiful condominiums in the last 18 months alone. And why people just like you who thought they couldn't afford a home this sensational found that at

12% 3-year mortgages with 30 year amortization


Country Homes

Luxury condominiums 6 miles from Princeton. From $55,490.

Windsor Mill

Floor* of TtmeUaa Beauty


A HOUSE FOR ALL SEASONS Er>icy ccid vnvrnet rwjrits in front d a biazmg fire in the stsaocus farrify room thai acSfora rhe custom kitchen ard cjirsng ara Entertain friends m the tovety formal Swig room and have rrsKjmgfit suppers m the caodlelKjrit glow of tr«e (Snngroom Look forward to spring and summer tne dehgtit of ever fSowenng trees and shrubs. Fall a trie most beautiful of ail m tfss immaculate 3ranch every (Jay rs exoung m thrs house (ust a!

Windsor Mill, they could. More easily than they ever dreamed. Come see what you're missing if you go on renting. Here's how: Take Route 1 north or south toward Princeton to Route 571. East on Route 571 toward Hightstown to Route 535 (Old Trenton Rd.) Turn left on Route 535 to Windsor Mill. Via Route 130: North or south on Route 130 toward Princeton, west on Route 571 (Princeton Hightstown Road) to One Mile Road. Turn right on One Mile Road at McGraw Hill, to Windsor Mill. Models open 11-5 daily and weekends. Closed Thursday. (609) 443-6100.



REALTORS Route 518 Spur, Pennytown

REALTORS 229 Nassau St., Princeton Princeton Circle, Rt. 1


609-921-6177 609-452-2188

Each OHic* It lnd»p*nd»nthf Owniil and Op«rof«d

foch oHic* Is Indapandantly owned and operated.

SCS AGENCY REALTORS South Main & Mercer St. Hightstown

609-448-0113 Each Office it Indapandantly Owned and Operated HICKORY ACRES - 4 BR Split, part, finished basement; brick patio w/ gas grill. Central air. ASSUMABLEI 6% on Bal. Appro*. $308 mo. to qual. buyer. Transferred Owner reduces to $89,900.' NEED MORE ROOM - We have an 1800's Colonial with Fireplace in Den. Eat-in Kitchen with back stairway to 6 BR Formal OR, Lots more for only . . $66,500.

RIVERSIDE - Princeton - Charming Traditional Colonial on wooded professionally landscaped lot. Very spacious home with 2800 square feet of Living Space. Lovely Master Suite with Fireplace, Walk-in Closet. Delightful home Inside and Outside with every amenity. $210,000.

f Tom SV'.N U»petunias.

tnxhtmihet l

INGUSH MANOR HOUSE in Hopeweli Botough. High on b r»0. tna d a w : 1S7T/S home has tranquil backyard plus convenienca of town Irving. Spacious center entry leads to formal Irving room with beamed ceiling and fireplace. Some otfier feonves are the graoous dining room, sunny den. 4 bedroom*. Wont last m the lzO't range

^ or

ELLISDALE - 3 Bedroom home, featuring fireplace in Living Room, Dining Room, all electric modern kitchen. Rural location. Reduced $68,000.

MtO W » IN LAWRENCE. Affordable cozy cape, sunny large rintng room, ait new wafl to wall carpet, large game room, 3 bedrooms, modem kitchen with wood mode cabinets, quiet street, fenced yard. AH types of financing considered.

IN THE VILLAGE OF WINDSOR - 4 bedroom. 2 story older home. Modern kitchen, den, lovely fenced yard. $66,900. CRANBURY TOWNSHIP - 3 BR Colonial on 1 acre lot.Large eat-in kitchen, formal dining room. Ideal home for growing family. $68,500.

OWNER MORTGAGE at 13H to qualified buyer. This 4 bedroom. 9 room home has lots of elbow room for comfortabte family living, wood burning stove. 1 acre lot for prrvacy or garden. Hopewefl Vailey Schools. Call today for details. Great value in mid 80*s range.

RIGHT TIME TO BUY - Ths quality well buift custom L shaped ranch, located in prestigious Cranbury. Buirt with dozens of extra. Famiry s«2e kitchen, 3 bedrooms with walk in cedar closet in master bedroom. 2 fun baths, stone fireplace in living room for cozy famiry gatherings. Spacious dining room, 2 zoned heating for economy and comfort, central air. hardwood floors, easy house access from 2 car attached garage with automatic doors, finished basement with entertaining design and wet bar. House is on l i acre lot with mature trees and shrubs, fenced-m back yard, flagstone patio, convenient to lake for ice skating & sailing. New York & Philadelphia commuting. This house is a must to see.


L WJndsof^ranburv, N. J. (609)444-4555

REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE. Great for small famiry and convenient to Permington Borough in established neighborhood. Cozy living with large stone fireplace with heataiator. Possible subdivision or woods of your own. Reduced to 70V

TWO FAMILY in East Windsor Twp. 4 BR apt. + 2 BR apt. Lots of space for the price. $53,500.

PRINCETON - Secluded Hideway on 1.53 Wooded Acres - immediate access to town, however. Unique Stone and Log Ranch has Antique Cherry Random Width ROOTS, Large Stone Fireplace, Ultra-modern Kitchen has beautiful Cabinetry, Skylights in both Bedrooms and Kitchen. A distinctive Custom Home beautifully cared-for in a low maintenance setting. . $135,000.

A U U M A I U MORTGAGE. Uve m now. expand later. This home is located in marvelous famiry neighborhood, fabulous Hopewefl schools, cheerful kitchen overlooks private backyard, fufl basement, expansion possibilities. 60s range.

HIGHTSTOWN — clean, maintenance-free home hear center of town, 4 bedrooms. Completely remodeled. $75,000.

LOVELY ' VICTORIAN - 3 BR, modern eat-in K, Formal DR. Large Comer Lot overlooking park. 2 story barn. Stone Bar-B-Q. $74,900.

CRANBURY MANOR - 4 bedroom Colonial on beautrfully landscaped lot. Lovely family room off kitchen. Immaculate home. $78,000. A JEWEL OF A COLONIAL - Immaculate and Ready for You. Private yard with large Patio • Mature Plantings. FULLY INSULATED AND AIR CONDITIONED. Walk to Schools. Owner will assist Financing for Qualified Buyer. Excellent West Windsor $139,000. WE HAVE TWO VESY AFFORDABU HOMES IN PRINCETON a) Renovated Ranch, Fireplace, Basement $96,500. b) Custom 3 Bedroom Ranch, 2 Car Garage, Fireplace, Finished Basement $104,000. SPACE. SPACE. S P A d to Sve in, to roam on, to entertain in compttary modemuad, historic American Colonial hat 4 firaplacaa. wonderful easy living plus intriguing flavor of y i t a r > — i . Unique home has many extras plus studto poaiibaty - a must seal Pennington Borough location has 1.75 acres. Priced rioht in the 1«0*s range. CAU K M FCES CONSULTATION ' ABOUT YOU« FINANCIAL BUYING AMITY

WE WILL PROVIDE A HOME PROTECTION WARRANTY that allow* you to SEU or BUY with Fvll Sacwrity « Confhtonc* No Inspection - Your word is your bond. No Limit on Repair costs to contract. Offered HII APRIL 1st

QUEEN ANNE VICTORIAN — on desirable S. Main St. 5 large bedrooms, formal dining room, lovely stone fireplace, former professional residence. OWNER FINANCING AVAIL TO QUALIFIED BUYER $125,000. DESIRABLE TWIN RIVERS 3 BR End Unit. Prof. Landscaped. Privacy . 3 BR DET. - Move-in Condition. Assumption to qual. buyer. END UNIT - 3 BR Split - 7% assum. to qual. buyer. Call for details about our condos, 2,3 • 4 BR townhouses.

$69,500. $79,000. $71,900..

CRANBURY-3 BR Ranch-2 car garage $ Millstone Twp.- 3 BR BiLevel, Under Construction. $500. me. HIGHTSTOWN - 4 BR Apt. Excel, cond. $600. mo. Ind. h«at BUSINESS FOR SALE - yam shop, including inventory, with dry cleaning service. $15,000. LOT - Hopeweli Twp. Opposite Hopeweli Valley Golf Course -454 ac. $35,000.

Home Hunter's Guide Week of January 27 - 29,1982

14-B 380

PRINCETON MEDICAL/ OFFICE SITE Sale or Lease MOOCiW* SiOOSo. ** 8hJ c*> WTS 2C6 i x a « * » *Mnct or, aaav WMW. tm*r*i rmm •rpcrt. gran o

PRINCETOM-HIGHTSTOWH ROAD PROFESSIONAL BUILDING FOR SALE tdeaJ office butkjing for doctors, dentists, lawyers. CPAs, insurance executives! RecentJy remodeHed. Parking for 20 cars. 1800 sq. ft. of offices, reception area, conference rooms. $225,000 with possible terms to qualified buyer P. O. Box 04281

RR> CABPCT DIDONATO BfALTY TWIN BiVffiS ASSUMABLES CALL FOR DCTAILS 178 Canterbury 7 Twin Rivers Dr. No 581 Greenwich 235 Twin Rivers Dr. No 95 Dantoury 683 tthaca 51 Convington

$63,900. $65,000. S66.900. $85,500. S59.900. §70,500. $68,900.

IKW LISTING - Hillside Teirace-Robbmsvilie Spacious 4 bedroom 2 bath ranch $108,000.


Houses For Rent


Resort Properties

385 Resort Properties

Resort Properties

385 Resort Properties

B E A C H F R O N T - M a n - HILTON HEAD. S.C. — 3 OFFICE SPACE — avail., Rt POCONO CHALET — For asquan. Two units. First unit: Vitas available. Two villas are 27. Kend. Park. Can Danis rent Fireplace & cathedral Iront porch overlooking m Sea Pines. #807 is m Realtors. 201-297-2822. ceiling. Steeps 6, near Shawocean, tvtng room w/Tpl, extra Harbour Town and #6985 is nee & Cameiback. Private ski POCONO VACATION home large dWng & kitchen area. 3 overlooking the 2nd Fairway run w/chalr lift, club house w/ — Clean, new 3 bdrm, 2 bedrooms. Ittbalfcs. enclos- of the prestigious Harbour indoor heated pooL Magnifibath, dishwasher, washer/ ed rear porch. Second unit; Town Golf Course. Both are cent view) Call 609-799-9318 drectly behind beachfront, irv 2BR/2B and rent by the week dryer, lake, tennis court, in- aft. 6 pm. If no answer 609door/outdoor pool & health dudes large Bving * dining only for $750 and $700 from spa no extra charge. Call af- .883-8964. a r e a w / l p l . k i t c h e n . 3 owner compared to Plantation ter 6 pm 609-443-5646. SECLUDED OCEAN FRONT bedrooms, bath & enclosed r a t e s of $ 9 1 0 a n d YAHPLEY — elegant 3 porch & 2 car garage. An ISLAND VULA $810/wk.#807 is lor sale at POCONO Ski Rental — near bedroom spat-level, 2 batfis. exceptional buy at $149,000. MEXICAN YUCATAN Big Boulder. $200 full week, $210,000 and #6985 is for flreptac*. garage, den. dis- Cal 609-799-2089 between 6 M a MuferM sale at $230,000 if you are $100/weekend. 609-882hwasher, waltowal through- & 10pm weekdays, anytime 3 BR. 2 baths, $800/week. interested. The third villa (#8) 8152. out, chfldrstVpets fine, fust Call 201-469-5027. _____ is on the 18th Fairway of the POCONOS — Breathtaking $525 -Ads subject to avail- weekends. SKIERS WANTED — Feb. Robert Trent Jones Golf views. Private dub, skiing, ice ability. Locators-M.R.S. FRIPP ISLAND. S.C. — Fully Course in Palmetto Dunes. skating, indoor swimming- 7-13. Stowe, Vt. $60. Days Member! $75, 609-394- turn, twnhse condo on ocean 609-452-2950. avail, by week or mo. Golf, Walk to golf, tennis and tennis, etc. 2 bdrms, fireplace, 5900. beach. 2BR/38 with sleeper SKI VERMONT—Rent 4 BR. appliances. Week/weekend tennis, sail. swim, bike & 385 2 bath ski lodge. Fireplace, Resort mites of beach at your s o f a . W e e k l y r a t e is season. 201-369- 3558. | doorstep. 609-452-2300 ext. S575.Photos available on ail POCONOS — Big Bass Lake full kit. Excell. location. 609Properties three. Phone 609-799-3191. 40B9days. New home, 3 bdrm. 2 bath, 921-1736. LONG BEACH Island — sleeps 10. frpic, pool table, SKI VERMONT — House for BEACH HAVEN — 6 bdrm. HILTON HEAD. S.C. — New Victorian bungalow. Steeps 2 bdrm/2 bath condo. Golf, Haven Beach. N J . One block skiing, indoor pool. Week, rent in village of Jamaica. Ten 11. 1 btodc to beach. Avail. free tennis, pool. $200-$325/ from ocean. New. 2 sty, 2100 weekend rental. 609-448- mins to Stratton. $400 per wk. S.F.. 4 bdrm. 2'A baths. IV4 0751. (inc. all utils) Call Denton, 7.3-7/17. $1,400. a/21-9/4, wK. CaH 609-924-5560. car gar. Uv. mi, kitchen, din $1,500. 609-737-3949 eves. POCONOS — Big Bass Lake. 202-332-6753. rm, den, laundry, vinyl siding. Prime lot near Lake. Sale or ST. MAARTEN — 3 magnifElec. heat part. fum. 13Vi% icent ocean front villas, Ige. trade. 201-297-5959. financing avail. Brokers propool, air cond, maid service. tected. 609-799-2828. 609- POCONOS — 3 bedroom Avail. Jan. 24-31 st. then after chalet near Camelbck, Avail 737-3212 nights. $179,500. wkends, mid-week & weekly. Mar 5th. Reas. rate. 212LONG BEACH, ISL. — New 288-3606, 212-691-7078. Call 201-297-1349. bay front contemporary vv/3 SWITZERLAND — Beautiful levels of decks. 4 BR. 2 baths. SANIBEL ISLAND. Fla. — 2 BR apt overlooking French, LR w/fireptace. Fam. Rm.Luxury 2 bdrm condo on Italian & Swiss Alps. Close to $250,000. Avail. May. 13% beach. Pool, tennis, bike, sail, ski lifts. $440/week. Fly to owner financing w/low down- and more. Avail. Feb. 6-13.Geneva, round trip for $500. payment. J.T. Boyer Realty $700. Call 609-799-2678. 1101 State Road, Princeton, N.J. 609-924-3510. 609-921-1805. l?i




$4.00 per square foot net, net areas up to 30,000 square feet.


1 1

Princeton Mailing Address and Phone Number CALL: Research Park (>09-924-655l


MONTEREY SOLAR CONDOMINIUMS OPEN HOUSE* A unique Townhouse community set amidst woods and nature n desirable Pnnceton.4 solar heated models are available with 2 or 3 bedrooms, 20' gourmet kitchen and expansive living areas highlighted by vaulted ceilings and window wans. Directions: Rt 206 north from Nassau St, 2 miles on right From Rt. 1. Harrison St. west to Ewing St.. turn north on 206. on right * Sunday 1 -5 P. M , or torn us for cocktails and hors' doeurves Wednesday evening. Jan 27. from 4:00 to 6:00 P.M.

Princeton Office 609-683-0300

PT. PLEASANT: HOT FAR FROM OCEAN t BAT! Immac low maint Ranch in very convenient location, to ENJOY your retirement! Attactive living rm with bow window, formal dining rm, eat-in Kit, comfortable bedrms, large attached gar. Very pretty grounds! This home sparkles!

Rostynn Greenberg Laratne LaPlaca Bender

Princeton Crossroads Realty, Inc. .142 Nassau Street (Corner Harrison! • Princeton • Park in our lot. C A U ANYTIME 609-924-4677 OPEN 7 DAYS

28 West State Street, Trenton, NJ (609)989-7470


Waterfront Home*


Weichert Realtors


Ft. Plemanl S BEDROOM CWJFORIUACOirrEIIPORARY MfJCH Hopewell Township, 6.3 acres of privacy and a perfect place to keep horses or beef. A winding tree-lined drive leads to this spacious 5 bedroom California contemporary ranch featuring a spacious beamed living room with massive stone fireplace and sliding doors to a delightful 40' deck. There's also some interesting energy saving features to be found here. Outside there's fenced pasture, a large pole barn plus a heated 28' workshop, ideal for a woodworker, 3-car garage space - a very interesting property for $185,000. ANTIQUE CAR BUFF In the Titusville area of Hopewell Township, visit this unusual contemporary ranch that provides 7 rooms, 3 or 4 bedrooms, an outstanding living room 3 1 ' x 15' with cathedral ceilings, antique barn beams and large energy efficient solar windows. A 3-car heated garage with adjoining office or lounge, makes this an ideal property for a car buff. Priced in the 80s. attractive mortgage terms, if you qualify.

'Th« Most EXCITING NEW CONDOS in the area a r T being built IN YARDLEY NOW.

EXCITING STYLE Outside: • distinctive 2-story buildings with extensive use of brick • brick patio enclosures • balconies. Inside: • fireplaces • cathedral ceilings • spacious lofts • all these and other luxury features are standard. EXCITING PRICES Spacious one and two-bedroom condos that you can afford,

priced from just $56,490 to $77,490. EXCITING FINANCING We have excellent reserved mortgages and several special plans to suit your needs. Magnificent furnished samples n o w open daily 12-5PM! (215) 493-2780 or 885-2600. In N J call collect. I 95 South lo Newtown Exit Btar right and take 132 West to Stony Hill Rd ('A mi. — 1st traffic light) Go lett on Stony Hilt Rd about 1 mile, go past Yardley-Unghorne Rd (traffic light) to . ^ > Cardinal Dnvt Turn right to samples (V. mile) . (JM


LARGE, GRACIOUS HOME ON WOODED CUL-DE-SAC IN EAST WINDSOR 4 bedrooms. 2V2 bath, beautiful custom fireplace and other special features. $104,900. THE VILLAGE OF LAWRENCEVILLE - Walk to schools, stores and public transportation, 4 bedrooms, 1 Vi baths, energy efficient 3 zone heating. Owner financing available 2 points below prevailing rate to qualified buyer. $118,900. 11% MORTGAGE! DOWNTOWN PRINCETON CONDOMINIUM. 2 bedrooms. Owner financing, lease purchase or shared appreciation mortgage available to qualified buyer. Call to find out how we can help you to purchase this unit. $125,000. DOWNTOWN PRINCETON - 2 BEDROOM VICTORIAN CONDO 1 block from Palmer Square. 2 full baths, off-street parking, private garden. Interior has spacious and open feeling. $135,500. P R I N C E T O N - 5 B E D R O O M HOME O NA L O V E L Y SHADYBROOK LOT. Screened in porch for summer, fireplace for winter and good traffic flow for all seasons. Newtv reduced to $167,000. OWNER FINANCING AVAILABLE! 5 bedroom Williamsburg colonial. Many custom appointments. Princeton address. Lawrence taxes. $249,500.

Hamilton Township, Mercer County, N.J. Custom-built industrial building situated on a S'^-acre site, featuring 17 to 22 ft. ceiling heights, bridge crane with 30-ft. span, sprinkler, heavy power, gas heat, City sewer and water, loading docks and drive-in doors. Strategic xlocation on Ward Avenue, one mile west of the Route 33 interchange with I-295. Building can be finished to buyer's specifications, or sold as is.

Twatv* Locations • New Jersey • Pennsylvania



Linda Camevate Aniuta Blanc Lois Fee HsrelStix Carolyn Hills Lenore Barish Jeanene Leiggi Xnne Hoffmann




PRINCETON - On a quiet cul-de-sac convenient to schools, snooping and the University, this most attractive 5 bedroom, 3 bath home has everyihing needed for comfortable and esthetic Swing. $195,000. EXTRA INCOME! Home with rental unit in prime location. Quiet street in Ewing, Downstairs: 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, living room, dining room, modem eat-in kitchen. Upstairs: 1 bedroom, 1 bath, Irving room arvd kitchen. $65,000. LAWRENCEVILLE - Enjoy year-round entertaining or just comfortable family living in this 4 bedroom house with 2 family rooms (or 5th bedroom.) $87,500. CHARMING HOME WITH LOVELY LANDSCAPING IN PRINCETON. Living room with fireplace, eat-in kitchen, paneled breezeway to garage. $104,000.



427.000 square feet in Park Occupied by approx. 50 Tenants



in Hillshorotigri

WMDSOR — raw* Spftcious 5 room, •unporch. economical g gas •unpoc. e heat, waltowal throughout, af apptonon. targa yard, kidvpets fine, a stoal at just S29S. cal todayi-Ads subjKt to to a avvaa i l a b i l i t y . L o c a S75, S75 tor»M-RS. M



Rohill Village

COUNTRY ESTATE! PRINCETON TOWNSHIP Entrance gates and tree-lined drives lead to this fine old estate with 60 acres of grandeur, frontage on two roads to guard your privacy and your investment. Quality construction with meticulous attention to detail shown throughout this charming 14 room English Tudor including hardware, paneling, leaded glass windows and a floor plan that's convenient as it is gracious, 5 bedrooms each with it's own bath, multi-fireplaces. Very charming brick carriage house with a delightful 3 bedroom suite and 4-ca; garage plus a separate 2-car detached garage, brick dog kennels and swimming pool, tastefully tucked out of sight. A fine old Princeton estate for $995,000. with the possibility of financing, if qualified. Shown by appointment only. Call Weidel at 737-1500.

• _ . "


o *85,900 1 3 3 / 4 % - 3 0 Y r . , buyers pay 3 points 1 2 3 / 4 % - 5 Y r . . Ttrm, 25 Yr. payrat, buyer pays 3 points Choose one of our five exciting designs on a 1/3 to 1/2 acre wooded lot. All these custom built homes feature brick fronts, full basements and 2 Vi car garages. Choose from 3 to 4 bedrooms and I K o r 2 K bath models with all the amenities that add to gracious living. Schools and shopping nearby, Princeton and Trenton within a 10 minute drive and commuting to other N J . , Pa. and N.Y. areas is easy via Interstate 1-95. & 295, Rt. 33, 130 and Arntrak station in Princeton Jet.

MODELS OPEN DAILY 12-5 PM SAT. & SUN. 11-5 PM MODEL PHONE: (609) 586-2200 US RT. 1 to Quakarbridg* Rood, continue South on Quafcarbridot Rd. approximately 3 tniin fo Moro [tfatnon to Wt. Or Rt. 33toQuakcrbridg* Road, proceed North approximately 1 mSe to Moro t r i l l on Ihe right. Look for Moro Estates sign.


CUSTOM-built cedar-sided Cape Cod with 7 rooms, 2 full baths, 4 bedrooms, living room with fireplace, dining room, ultra modern eat-in kitchen, laundry room with washer and dryer, 2-zone heat come see for yourself, "it's a honey" for $107,000. HOPENEU. TOWNSHIP BUILDING SITES PERFECT F0« SOLA! APPLICATION 6 acres with southern exposure in'one of Hopewell Township's most picturesque areas overlooking the Harbourton Hills • 3 J 3 ACRES 260' frontage, a beautiful wooded backdrop - $27,500. WASHINGTON CROSSING ESTATES % acre on a quiet dead-end street, excellent



Route 31, Pennington 60973M500 • 882-3804


Town A Country Specialists Since 1915



Home Hunter's Guide Week of JaatuTT 27 • 29,1982

15-B 390

Resort Properties


STRATTON Brortey a r e a -

Of X-courtrf m trwm. by t w * • * or morttt Cat

LIGHT INDUSTRIAL — 4,000 to 40.000 Square *=••*Located 1 mta horn cant* of Prtncwcn on Rout* t m Washington & Alexander Roads. Long or

t m 201-832-5568. 609421-3150 or VAGATION TcwMrmg — Park. 1234. Any t « m f c y w . 1 M o * from WA3 SAUgTRgT WJBXU DMK3WQTL 2 9 yr*. FJCJ Exchange SUM for 4 attt UKtvn. S4700 609-4480748 pm. VEBO BEACH R.OWOA — Onba«cft.oc—nvtow. 2 « 2. tor w j o n or oA POOL «»-92*-i557.

OFFICe SPACE — m Princeton. Total 2700 aq. It. avaSabie. Subtoue 1-3 years or kxavidual o f f i m and/ avatabto. Conv*riant location. UnftTttad park•tiQ. ftocoptiof) W A coutd b© 452- maoa avauow. Lompaonw pricing. Cat 609-924-9050 tor

STOREFRONT SHOP For Rent. I K Nassau St.. S900>tno. For detafe cat Thompaon Land C o . Realtors. 609-921-76SS.

NASSAU STREET OFBCE SPACE 1600 sq. ft aieganOy app390 Ri ported execuBve suite. WM divide. Furnished or unturnrTopernes ished. Parlong on premises. 200 SO- FT — oAc* spaca in Convenient to banks & restNassau S i comptex. $200. aurants. $10 per sq. ft net J (no. * parUnQ. Thompson unftjmisheri. Cal tor fj^j ^^ Land C a . RMMOT. 809-921- m a n l . 6 0 9 - 9 2 1 - 1 7 5 4 or 921-6S90 7856. (2) 16X14 AJRY — newty roome. $150 tor double wintarge dcmat UBts nduded, fWlftQ., WODQ fOOftX SB9CV~ anal space, coper, storage CieaHai't tor new BIK. 609-921 -9807 BWOWKSTQNE Offica Bdg — For toes*. 5000 *q it. Opccort* Siata C a p * * Fin* o*d oak parving. Stan oU*» M Say-out Cad lor datMts - W S Bordan fl** Esutm 6O9-68O1900. J " ' ' — ' ~ H a a r ~P»nO t t * » oOoa. *ork & garaga *at up Ideal tor any typa buscaws sucftas sttrm wndoara. saeyaga. work SfCp. alac&a'«A MC $275 mo Caff 6Q9-«82-27S0 M I — 4 apartment SukSng pita 3 becYnom carnage house. $195,000

4*77 FOR RENT — Ksssau Street rwwty renovated office. 900 sq. H (can be dkvidati). beserrent storage. 4 car pariong m raat, wrw carpecng. sutabie ter protasoorufti use CaS 609-921-949a


Business Properties

— At 224 Woodtend S t Chambersburg. $350/mo. Previously occupied by commercial photographer. Cat between 9 and 4 p.m. 609-683-2238.

OFFICE FOR RENT — 250 toi200 * } • ft- aval. Modem carpeted office located on Main S t Permington. A l utWbes plus aye, included. Cad owner 609-737-2800.

OFFICE SPACE — tor lease. 2 offices with lots storage area and private toiieL Heat included. On site parking. Minutes from tumpice exit #8. CaR 609-448-3115 after 1pm or 201-297-4200. 9-5pm.

OFFICE — 1,000 to 40,000 Square Feet Located 1 mile' TTOfTI COrnof Of runOtnOn On Route 1 at Washington & Alexander Roads, Princeton Business Park. 6 0 9 - 9 2 1 3150 or 452-1234. ONE-MAN Office - Indrvtdual office in modem office complex. Secretarial & tetephone' answering service in same space. Reply to Box 04248 Co Princeton Packet

lease wopbon to renew. 609-924-3794 aft 6 pm. OFFICE SPACE Available — 652 Whtohead Rd.. Lawrence township. 609-5867126 or 695-0011.

msdng address up to 1300 aq. ft. SiOOOtno. »v dudes mat* Ocajparcy Feb. 1st 609-921-2800


PRMCETON JCT. One or Two Room Office For Rent in Pro*. BWg. Lttdrtes. Janitor & Reception Svcs. Induded. Tel. Secy Svcs. Avail. Call Mrs. Walsh


All designated Open House properties will be shown this Sunday from 1 to 5 P.M.


FINANCING AVAILABLE the qualified buyer o» this lovely Manvile Cape set onaquiet deadend street Ideal for family fving with eaHn kitchen. $68,500. HB4429.

...30 year, 6 month adjustable rare mortgage is available to the qualified buyer of a new Colonial or Ranch home. Choose your 1 to 3 acre homesite in this fine area of Montgomery. From $129,900.

Hfflsborough Office 201-874-8100

Princeton Office 609-683-0300


14% FINANCING _ by owner, 5/25 year payout with 50% down is available to the qualified buyer of this prime commercial Victorian in Cranbury. Ideal for the live-in professional with 10 rooms. $149,900. PR-8007.

Strategic location near I-95 in Newtown Township. Bucks County. PA. Entire building centrally airconditioned. 2.500 sq. ft. executive office space. 7.500 sq ft. R&D type space. 5,000 sq. ft. warehouse/assembly space. Tailboard loading, sprinkler. 14 ft. clear ceilings, offstreet parking For inspection, call:

LEVEL $10 sq ft net mcftjdes at usisaes. no extras. From 500 to 1B80 sq. ft SECOI^FIOOR i room $20Q*mo. 5 rm turn suela SSSOmo

Princeton Office 609-6834)300

Hillsborough Office 201-874-8100

14% owner financing, 3/30 year payout OR 3-2-1 buydown is available to the qualified buyer of this 1 year old. beautifully decorated Colonial on 1 acre in Belle Mead. $ 159,900. P9-6071.



...o available to the qualified buyer of this 4/5 bedroom "Williamsburgh" Colonial jet on a lovely wooded lot in East Windsor. Ideally located for NY. commuters. SI OaOOO. PR8082.

..of $80,000 by owner. 1/30 year balloon, is available to the qualified buyer of this lovely center hall Colonial set in a desirable area of Pennington near services. $157,000. PH-8110.

VA/FHA financing is available to the qualified buyer of a lovely, incomparable Townhouse in Hillsborough. Enjoy easy care living plus homeowner benefits. •

Princeton Office 609-683-0300

Princeton Office 609-683-0300

Princeton Office 609-683-0300

Hillsborough Office 201-874-8100

EASY LIVING -.can be yours in this young. Contemporary Townhouse conveniently located in Hillsborough near major commuter routes. Offers maintenance free living, $74,900. HB-8323.

Hillsborough Office 201-874-8100

A CONTEMPORARY DESIGN ...enhances this veryyoung, brick front Condo/Townhouse located in Hillsborough's Brookside Square. Features gas heat/central air. 2V» baths and more for a low S64.900. HB-S4O9.

Hillsborough Office 201-874-8100

CREATIVE FINANCING 2% below market financing plus owner financing of $125,000 is available to the qualified buyer of this custom Cape located in a select area of Montgomery. 5 bedrooms. S225.000. PH-8061.


OWNER FINANCING 12% wiUvonty $6,000 down for 10 years to the qualified buyer. Excellent investment opportunity in this restofable Colonial on a large lot in Franklin. City water. $29,900. PR-8085.

Princeton Office 609-683-0300

1414% FINANCING ...3/30 year payout with $20,000 is available to the qualified buyer of this maintenance-free Condominium in East Windsor. Immaculate, beautifully decorated end unit includes a deck, den, and pantry convenient to commuter rail and bus. $45,900. PH-6103.

Princeton Office 609-683-0300

Princeton Office 609-683-0300

Weichert Realtors • o m c o TTMOUOMOVT J*W jcflSfr • AH of!enngs are subfOd l a errors and omssKXra

[28 WeV State Street, Trenton. NJ (609) 989-7470

WARREN PLAZA WEST CENTER Route 130. East Windsor

"Toll ("Brothers




Opening of an Exclusive New Community Only Minutes from Princeton



fEALTORS Let us tell you about the new adjustable rate mortgages with initial monthly payments based on 10 7/8% available on some properties to qualified buyers.

traffic area mat poputar mag. $200,000. PR-8066 FINANCING AVAILABLE to qualified buyer C*a 609-683-0300 REALTOR. Pnnceton office.



WBCHERT HK5HTSTOWN — For lease. 1300 ft professional office ipace in town location. Off Street perking, nemodeted cotontaL kvng M. Greenberg. Broker 609-448-8282.


HK3HTSTOWN — 3900 sq ft of new pome office space on Main St with ample parting Sutaole tor protessaonai or medical use. J T. Boyer Reaay. Reaitor 609-921-1805

Call the editor

13%% FINANCING owner, 30 year mortgage with 20% down payment plus 2 points is offered to the qualified buyer of this 3' bedroom Hillsborough Condo. Full basement, gas heat/central air. $69,900. HB6406.

f i t



HAMJ.TON H K J M W A Y PROPERTY Large masonry building, tonod highway commercial n Hamriion, would be «3eai as a

who's a feature?



ion address on Alexander Ftd.. v. m from F t 1 2200 sq. R. *3 $ ' 2 per ncJudes aS ufiNoes. Avail i n ) JT Boyer FtaaAy. 6O9-«21-iaO5

FOfl "RENT" — *lfcngorneir> Twp Rt 208. New office space Psneeng & carpeting, Heebng rcjuded 40O-50O sq. (eet $290 - $310 201-3595837.

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OFFICE SPACE — 450-600 sq. ft In Research Park. C a l DeJdra Cook 609921-3770.

OFFICE SPACE — for prof, or medtaal uae. 1300 sq.ft.or 650 aq. ft. Stately setting. Between New Brunswick and Princeton on RL 27. Ample parking on premises. 201821-6810.

OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT — central Nassau S t Smal NASSAU STREET Office or targe avail, now, low rent. Space tor rent — One 400 sq. Telephone secretarial serft office which can be drvided vices available. 6 0 9 - 9 2 1 n hart. S55O per month, avail. 0400. rnmed. One 200 sq. ft. office. OFFICE SPAC£~tor rent - ^ 3 •vail March 1st. $250 For room office on 3rd floor at 40 detafe cat Thompson Land Witherspoon S t . Princeton. Co. Reason, 6O9-921-76S5. $4OOVmo ind. a c & utt*. 1 yr. VWierapocn St 1-2-3 rooms from $15OTTIO rdutSes uefcOes & use o( conterance room. Secy svc avatf. J T Soyer ReeBy 609-921-1905

Business Properties

Included in the price: • 4 Bedrooms, 2Vz Baths D Fireplace D Basement D Two Car Side Entrance Garage D Gas Heat-Air Conditioning

O N A CUL-DE-SAC $136.500. And close to schools and the train, this immaculate 5-bedroom colonial is just waiting for your family. You will love the fireplace in winter and the lovely screened porch next spring. Owner will assist in financing. *


DJractSona: V4S to Princeton - LawrvncawB* Ex*. RH. 206 M. to Irst fcjht, Mt on Lawrencevfle Pwrinaan Rd. (54«). go 2 m m to Fwlaral C»y fkL Lento Lawrencavfle Greene. Open Defy 12 to 5. Ooead Thurs. 4 Fn. Phorw (609) 771-1199 or f215) 441-4400.




STUKWOOO HAMLET $79,900. Single-floor condo in desirable Lawrence area. Two bedrooms, 2 baths, full finished basement. Owner financing available.



inortpago money avaflabie for 3 years urrtS April, 1382 WOOOCO LOT I N LAWRENCE

•156,000, to $189,000. Old Orchard Lane at Mount Lucas Road

Ground Level

Lower Level

Benedict Yedlin, Builder, Developer Laurel Lovrek, Architect

Model home open aU week

N.T.Cailawa^ 609-92) l o w





COLONIAL $86,900. This well-maintained colonial on a spacious corner lot has a fireplace in the family room and lovely redwood deck. Fully finished basement and much more.

HICKORY ACRES $87,900. Freshly painted bi-level with carpeting throughout. Franklin stove in the family room for cozy evenings. All appliances. SPECIAL FINANCING AVAILABLE.

POOL AND FLORIDA ROOM $139,900. Plus T W O fireplaces are but a few of the many features in this custom 2-story home. This superbly-maintained 4bedroom home also has a fully finished, basement and 2-zone air conditioning.


—HAMILTONDO NOT DRIVE-BY $96,900. This fantastic home without calling us to show you through it. Super College Park rancher on wooded lot with too many extras for us to list. If you want a special home, call us today!

OVERLOOKING THE MILLSTONE $79,900. And situated on a quiet street in Cranbury Manor, this 4-bedroom, 216 bath colonial split has aluminum siding on the front with extra insulation for economy.


Upper Level

in a parkiike setting



VICTORIAN CHARM $72,000. Dreaming of an older home with the charm of chestnut woodwork, pocket doors, etc.. but with updated energy efficiency and insulation and new KITCHENTCome see our newly listed beauty.

Luxury Contemporary Townhouses

W e have a great 2-year-old 2-bedroom 2bath condo in conveniently located Windsor Mill - close to Princeton or New York transportation. Beige carpeting, Levelor blinds.

Skating in the winter; boating, fishing, and swimming from your own yard in summer. Cranbury's most prestigious area ON THE LAKE is the setting for this newly-listed 3-bedroom home. Owner financing available to qualified buyer.

Introductory Offer — 12 Home Designs from *119,900 1 Q 7 / o % **"MmaapeeUl





— EAST W I N D S O R -


Custom colonial on Balsam Court adjacent to Greenacres Country Club. Spacious living room with fireplace, family room with bay window. Care-free aluminum siding. Four bedrooms. 2 H baths. SPECIAL FINANCING.

BEDROOM PLUS DEN $42.900. Condominium in desirable Lake Condominiums. Earthtone carpet throughout, enclosed balcony, all appliances. Maintenance fee includes heat. FINISHED BASEMENT $57,800 And new carpeting are but two of the many exciting features in this newly listed 2-bedroom townhouse. Family-sized kitchen. Move-in condition. OPEN AREA $74,900. Behind this 3-bedroom townhouse with lovely new carpeting and finished basement. All appliances, many extras.




Look forward to the summer and your own in-ground pool. For now you can really enjoy this spacious home with 4 . bedrooms, 214 baths. In superb condition.




Home Hunter's Guide Week of January 27 - 29,1982

16-B 390



380 R>

Business Properties


Investment Property


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40° Business Opportunities

410 Garage/Storage For Rent


Land For Sale

Real Estate For Sale

PRINCETON — 1.6 acre. heavU PRMCETON BORO Duplex PROFITABLE Luncheonette GARAGE IN Princeton — L I 1 ™? 1 " 1 tot on Au- DETACHED COLONIAL — 3 ESTABLISHED WHOLEWAREHOUSE SPACE — PRIVATE oflc*. or OFFICE SPACE — Princet u m n H i n M P e r c ap business for sale In PenCentral location on Unden PT 0V tf" Wrms, 2 % baths, fireplace. SALE Business — Operate space. Reception * M e * lociflKS In Morvnou&i JcL 860 ton address on Alexander 5 B o y e r naBn fumeces. insulated, could be nington. Cad after 5 pm for Lane. Avail Feb 10. $40/mo. f j * - ™ - "%h !>- finished bsmt, lovely home at from home, set your own priors* answered. Profes- tt^ &-. concnMs ftoor. Rd-, V. mt trom RL 1. 2200 609-921-3152 before 10 am. 609-921-1805. Pmceton adT win Rivers. $82,500 with assq. ft @ $12 per includes s i condomWmteed, or doctors hours. Good profits. VR Bust- details. 609-466-3613. sumable $40,700 at 8V4%. on pra$250 monWy. Cel uSWn AvaL IrwmdlaMy. office, on Harrison S t . , ness Brokers oi Central N J . , REAL ESTATE And — In-GARAGE — for rent, Dayton 430 R e a l E s t a t e $529 monthly P . m . 609m m 12x13. S2Sa P.O. Bat 80&-924-4S22. J.T. Boyer Realty. Realtor $i3,800/year income, price 609-988-8349. area. 201-329-6606. forSrf«» surance agents, auto sales $138,000. Owner 609-921443-3451. V, RaOry HM. KJ 06553. l w e ESTABLISHED WORD Pro- and other professionals. PENNINGTON, NJ — Up to STORES For Rent — Me/-608-821-180S. °*" 6612. cessing and typing service for carves, N J E M Stale St Interest rates and inflation af- 1500 sq. ft. for cold storage or Financing available! EWING TWP — Glendale WAREHOUSE RO88MSVLLE. N J . — near sale. In the heart of Princeton fecting your commission or business. Will divide. $4/sq. — Charming 4 BR detached area. 3 to 4 bdrms. 2 baths, Prwceioft Jet Iccsttnn. 50c CB. neev#y I M M Tpk. 7A. In 500-1000 sq. t t 4 0 0 Business business dWrict Call 609- income? Earn $700 to $5000 ft. Call Weklel Real Estate, colonial. 2V4 baths, beaut- din. rm. ultra-modern kitchen, p e r t q . I t per m o n t h . surrounded by homes * units suitable for travel 921-6550. Opportunities Cat 608-586-3611. per month part time while 609-737-1500. Eves. 609- ifully finished basement. All rear open porch overlooks 609-79S-4331. agency, insurance office, manufacturer's rap., storage, IF YOU WOULD — Ike tobuilding your own business in 737-1036, ask for Richard appliances included. Spa- your family's very own fenced R0S8U0OR cious V* acre comer lot in large & beautiful quiet park, etc C a l between 9-4 pm. MANVE1I NOCTKSIDC earn an addUonal $20,000 or marketing and wholesale dis- Weidel Sr. RESALES 609-259-7333. more & are presently oc- tribution. Many benefits. De- PRINCETON Area Garage Twin Rivers. Creative financ- $66 gO^PattiConstance 2 Story cokxua). 5 bedrooms, bath and half. •148 cupied m pubBc relations, tails by appointment Call for rent — 2 soaces Davs i n 9 *** marli e x t r a s - N o R e a f E s t a t e > S 0 9 - 8 8 3 * 7 2 5 0 Living room, dining room, kitchen, full baseRETAlTSPACE — at Monttraining, motivation or teach- evenings 215-943-1356. 6 0 9 ^ - 5 5 8 5 * e S ? a 92?- ° " » k e " please. 609-448- or avaa.-883*782. gomery Shopping Center on CorawcdcuHkhihHi 5 ment. Modem kitchen with dishwasher. 1 Ing, cad 609-443-3014. 148 SATISFIED WITH your pres65733 6780. EXCELLENT BUY! — Seller RL206Mninnsl within large car garage. Many other extras. store wB lease space and Ilarreton Mutual* INVESTORS or Partners — ent work? Make a new life S T O R A G E S P A C g F O R BROOKTREE — 3 bdrm split, will pay to LOWER your $64,000. COOPBMTrVES provide sales personnel for minimum of $100,000 each with Shaklee. Good income, B F N T — Hif8HT«5TOWN 2 full baths, frplc, cent air, exc monthly payments while you MHDQfWATR AStUHUHJE Jay-Mutual 3 «>nd. $ 8 5 , 0 0 0 . 609-443- enjoy this 3-t BR home, with absentee merchant Ideal for for a boat related business. bonus car & travel can all be AREA 609-44iWJ325 1 SYx% MOfiTOAOE gQgg super appliances, c/air, c/vac second ouost or part Ume reHistorical & commercial yours. Call Fred Campbell. * " " * • Q"*-* ***-*"^STULTS REALTY CO. Fantastic location, is the huge ranch, featurtaler. $250 per month. J.T. already have the approval & 609-259-9817. BY OWNER P R I N C E Boyer Realty. Realtor 609ing 3 bdrms. liv. rm. din. nm.. and rec. mn. license. Call 609-394-2635. RESTAURANT — successful 37N.HWnSt with fireplace, laundry rm.. 2 car gar. on a Crsnbury, N J . LARGE TRACTS of Land — established business in his609-395-0444 landscaped parcel with many other extras. cutting rights available, pro- toric renovated grist mill. Located on East Mountain & • » « * • . masonry extenor SINGLE ROOM — in Nassau $41,000. St office bu*Sng — 200 aq. $60,000 FIRST Mortgage - fessional cutlers only. 609- Listed as one of N.J.'s 100 top R d . . Hillsborough T w p . and attached garage. Living restaurants in NJ Monthly $29,500. 201-874-6197 or H * * " "«* fireplace (opening ft SiaaTrto. includes heat. (or 15 years at 15% needed 267-7049. MAMVU1J SUSP1MO BEAUTY to Rendaft-Cook & Company 100% government guaran- MAKING MONEY "Working Magazine. Presently serving 201-369-7119 eves. ^ ^ ^P0"*': i ] " 1 " 9 Maintenance free, custom built. 6 rm. Realtors. 609-924-0326. teed. Mortgage value more At Home" — be flooded with only lunch. Great potential. rancher, finished basement. 3 bdrms, liv. Business & equipment. SINGLE OFFICE BUILDING than twfce secured by prop- offers. Offers, details; rush rm.. kit.. 2 bathrooms, must be seen to be — $55,000. storage garages avalabte erty. WM consider investors stamped self-addressed enR^.™™™™.^ =rooms, expandable attic,Wfull Ta^ce on ^ 4 a ' r e t W appreciated. $61,000. WEDEL REALTORS also. Permington Rd. Tren- for tower amounts. Send velope & 25c service fee to: ^ m ^ f f T w ^ r X ~ £ " r f $196^0 Can ^ 9 - 7 3 7 S 609-921-2700 ton. Near 1-95 and airport name & telephone number (or Brown, Dept M, P. O. Box more details to Box#04280 MAMVflJJ JUST O f f MAIN STREET 1403, Trenton. NJ 08618. SECRETARIAL SERVICE — Available Nov. 1st 609-737^ T O R I ^ * 9o ~ Co Princeton Packet. Established, profitable in 50^ ACRE TREE farm, north $89,500. 609-452-8297. Custom built 5 room ranch, featuring living 8282 or 609-682-3365. LIQUOR STORE & business Princeton' area. Ideal for room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, rec. room, 1 $60.00/HUNDRED Securing avail. — Modem, wed estabPROFESSIONAL OFFICE — owner/operator. Low invest- S S « ^ ™ wal estate brokerage advice dancing ^ 1 2 % . $76,900. bath, full basement. 1 car attached garage office specs available in small — stuffing envelopes!! Offer lished. D-fcense. $195,000 ment. 609-924-0905. qualified buyer. $9,000 per deserve? - Should you 609-924-1966 * d e t a i l s : Rush stamped on a landscaped 75 x 120 parcel. plus Inventory. modem building in Law8 napaiS 0lUy sett-addressed envelope. Im! 2 L ^ ^ sell or hold? Is it necessary to SEEKING CASH FLOW? — STULTS REALTY CO. $69,900. njneevifle. On bus route i v i oo"banimDtf In'NevTjereev F O RS A L E B yO w n e r ~ 3 Local business/professional 896-0321. Reaftor mites south of 95. 1 mile north perial P-594X17410 Fort Bedjpom ranch. Large kitchMANVILLE CAPE COD 37 N. Mam St. group admitting associates to BEAUTIFULLY W O O D E D - w ^ ^ c S " Z t T Z of Trenton freeway on 206. Lauderdale. Florida 33318. acreage for sale in Princeton Throckmorton Realty Co.. en, living room, d.nmg room, 4 bedrooms, liv. rm.. kit., rec. rm.. Vfr One suite left Immediate oc- ADDITIONAL INCOME — Cranbury. N J . share in development of se609-395-0444 cure income source. Requires Twp. by owner. 5 * acres Consultants - Advisors - •%£**%%,. £ £ % £ % * baths, full basement. 1 car gar. 75 x 100 lot. cupancy. CaB 609-883-1770. Develop financial Independence with your own busi- MASON — Licensed Florida 10-15 hrs/wk. Call Mon-Fri with 1 % acre zoning. Negotiators. 561 Milltown LTairr ^ I t S ' c a f e d for Many other extras. WAREHOUSE — 4,000 to ness. RiskJess. Up to $20,000 $160,000. Rnancing avail- Rd., North Brunswick, NJ ^ -»t , ^ M n r t 6-7:30 pm- 609-443-3014. $69,000. 40.000 square feet Loading part Ume possible. Can forcontractor has position avail- SELLER FINANCING — 2 ab>e.CaH 609-921-8718 after 08902.201-249-5543 ^ ^ T l S . 2^ able for ambitious person willDocks. Located 1 mile from your appointment workdays, MAMVIilf-CONVBMBfT LOCATION : BY OWNER— Plainsboro, 2 sunset Ave., Hightstown. ing to relocate to Florida. Ex- bldgs. on Commercial Comer PPH! center of Princeton on Route 9-noon. 609-448-4383. 2 story colonial. 3 bdrms.. 1 bath. din. rm., cellent partnership/profit shar- acre. 2 story store plus 5 BR. DOGWOOD HILL LOTS — story Colonial, 1 acre wooded 6 0 9 - 4 4 8 - 6 9 2 5 . Call for 1 at Washington & Alexander house (commercial too!). Am- Princeton Twp. cluster. 1 lot, 4 BR, 2Vi bath. L.R., appointment Bv, kit., full basement. 1 car gar. on a huge Roads. Long or short term ADVERTISING BUSINESS ing arrangements possible. ple parking. Easy terms: $22k acre with sewer, water and D.R.. Den w/F.P., Country for sale. Profitable advertising Must be experienced in all 80 x 100 parcel. .$65 t 0C». lease. Princeton Business underground utilities. 609- kitchen w/built in brick Bar MILL&BUMUUV3H down. SACRIFICE sale. sales rep business in central phases of concrete end maPark. 609-921-3150 or 452924-0908.' B.Q., F.P., Finished baseTOWNHOUSE New Jersey. Ongoing consonry construction. Call for 1234. HOMES OF QUALITY Charneshi ft Bongiorno tracts for exclusive advertis- details. 609-799-2828 or 609EAST WINDSOR Ex- m e n t W / F p - " * 'd e C k l '"' $76,500 ing sales representation with 452-2251 nights. wiNUbUM — t x - g r o u n d poo^ 2 car garage. 37 So. Main St., Manvillc local publications. Oppor- MINI-MALL Space — for rent I dusrve Woods Rd.. 2 acre ^ ^ ^ financing by 3 bedrooms. 2'/ 2 baths, tunity to get into an estab- at $250 per mo. in MontgombWg lot fully wooded, perc o w n e r 1 3 % . p ^ $160,000. sunken living room, eat-in (201)722-0070 lished and growing advertis- ery Shopping Center. Ideal for SPORT SHOE Repair Busi- test approved & ready to gv Appt only 609-799-3818. kitchen, dining room, central Evening Hours on Tues., Thurs. and Fri. ing rep business. Advertising i part time or secondary busi- ness — excellent profit. Full build. Call Mr. Kay 201- ' VZ. 1- air. wall to wall carpet, partial c Ljtee.ei 2131 fflMJi or part time. Reasonably or sales experience ad- 1 ness. Sales help can be ELM RIDGE PARK 1V, E ^ T W P 4 S 1°! extra insulation. priced. Call Jim 609-443visable. Can be run from your provided. J.T. Boyer Realty, liv m 6291. home. Bank financing avail- Realtor, 609-921-1805. f T p ^ r S ^ f ^a03" ^ - ^ r e p l a c e , din. P i o n e e r R e a i Estate Aqency able. Owner retiring. Phone or on, eat-in kitchen. Hardwood Rt. 206. Hillsborough STATIONERY BUSINESS — H. Pearson 609-737-2203. write H.C. Agency. 609-655- NATIONAL CREDIT CORP for sale with or without build- B U I L D E R S ' S P E C I A L — floors, large walk-in cedar 201-874-3400 4010. P.O. Box 10. Cranbury, — makes loans to home own- ing. Gross $400,000. with Priced to sell! Land for de- closet enclosed back porch, m c - m o i r r m ONIAL — ers to purchase businesses. H T O N J . 06512. substantial potential for in-vetopment. Zoning allows v& attached garage. Cent. air. ^ ™c Ji°^™»™\ 5 Spring St., Princeton Phone 6 0 9 - 3 9 6 - 7 5 0 0 or a crease in developing sub& %acre lots. Wooded area exc. cond. $72,500. Contact ° ? ° ° d ' m ^ s i e r htdroom BEAUTY SALON — W e i es- 201-246-4883. urban location. J.T. Boyer, with city utilities avai.ab.e-Ap- owners at 609-771-9338 aft 8 ^ 8 | % m ^ V f p £ wide 924-04-01 • 5 8 6 - 1 0 2 0 tabttshed. exceaent location, Hlghtstown area. Asking OFFICE SPACE — 1280 Sq. Realty, Realtor. 609-921- prox. 22 acres located in U w - pra p | a nk floors in formal din. rm. ' $6,000. C a l 609-298-0031 Ft. unfinished in new of-1805. rence & Ewing Twos. $9500 COLONIAL LAKELAND — huge fam. rm, comer lot. Realtors ft Insurers Sine* 1927 fice/light industrial bldg. 6 acre sftor 6 pm. section of Lawrence. 3 Affords privacy, easy comSWING LOAN WANTED — P ', located in West Windsor. Imof $15,000. collateral property PRINCETON LAND — What bedroom ranch. Owner will muting Princeton, Phila, N.Y. COINS WANTED — Top Each ted Carper Office ft Indtpmndentif awntd and operated mediate availability. $266/mo. worth $150,000. Call 609- nicer way to start the new finance with low down pay- Reduced to $125,000. Patti prices paid. You owe It to Finishing at tenants expense. 259-9211. year than by planning the ment. $79,000,609-396-1299 Constance Real Estate, 609yourself to check into this ad. Call 609-799-2828. 883-7250. or eves 882-8782. Sound good? Send serf- adTYPESETTING/Typography house of your dreams? And or 396-5063. dressed stamped envelope & PRINTING BUSINESS — off- — long established. Owner what better place to build that CONDOMINIUM in Clear- HOPEWELL — country cot$.25 service fee to Brown. set & letter press. Owner retiring. Great reputation with house than Bouvant Drive, . brook — 2 BR, 2 baths, kit tage immediate occupancy, C810. P.O. Box 1403. Tren- must sell due to illness. Com- many local firms. Includes right off Stuart Road — Even w/all appliances, 2 car gar- Dead end street, 2 bdrms, plete printing business & b u i l d i n g . VR Business in this bad market, nationally, age, enclosed patio, super bath, garage, deck, baseton, NJ 08618. building, including apt Est. 30 Brokers of Central N.J., our lots are selling! Only two security. 201-234-0004. ment. $49,500. W.S. Borden left in the first section — and C L E A R B R O O K / R O S S - Realtor, 609-883-1900. f I I UttTtMl U U • EAST WHOSO* yrs. 51 North Olden Avenue, 609-989-8349. Trenton,NJ. 609-396-4285 or they are available now in the M O O R _ M M Co,,,™™. HOPEWELL BORO — lat§ Start the New Year off WICKER FURNITURE Busi- mid-eighties with sewer, 396-8990. fies Resales M o s l m o d e | S v i c f o n a n . 3 bedrooms, dining right by locating your ness — for sale in suburban water, electricity and gas. store or office in this atavailable, 2&3 bdrms. Extras room, -eat-in kitchen, living MANVILLE Princeton area. Full price of tractive 13 acre ShopSPECIAL FINANCING ts available to a qualified buyer on this 12 year-old 5 room ranch. $10,000 is cost of inventory. PARDEE ROAD — A quiet include appliances, carpet, room, 2 baths. New heating encl ping Plaza featuring A ft 1 V> baths, full basement, !ove)y. weJS-mamtasrved 4 B R home just listed in East Windsor. - Patios, fireplace & more, system, slate roof, tin ceiling i J.T. Boyer Realty, Realtor. cul-de-sac off Lambert Drive, P and Shoetown, situated gas heat, fenced yard. 50 609-921-1805. a lovely wooded 3.47 acre lot Mi beautifully located. Start- kitchen, pine floors', natural Family Room w fireplace, large eat-in Kildien. Central Air. and 2 in at the high traffic inx 100 landscaped lot. in Princeton's beautiful west9 6 0 s - Levinson Associ-, cyprus woodwork, front car garage $97,900. 405 tersection of Routes 130 Mortgage financing Real Estate em section Let us show you a t e S- Lie Real Estate Broker, porch. Appliances included, it 571 (Princetonavailable to qualified where you can build your own 2 0 1 - 5 4 8 - 2 2 4 4 . Eves. & 220V service. $83,500. Call H1GHTSTOWN Wanted Hightstown Rd.) 1,500 to buyer. architect-designed house. wkndsJ509-655-4519 or 609- 609-466-2869. NEW HOMES on wooded tots backing up Peddre Lake. 4 B/Rs, 35.000 sq. ft. avail imm. 5 BEDRM House Wnted. — in $90,000. 655-0909. IMMACULATE East Windsor at reasonable rentals. 2*2 baths Fam Rm., Laundry Room, full basement & Gas heat. JOSEPH BIELANSKI Princeton Ivy East, West CRANBURY CONDO — 3 Showplace — Think ahead Princeton Crossroads $79,900. Windsor. Principles only. 609bdrm, 2 bath, w/w carpeting, for Spring occupancy. Priced AGENCY Realty, Rachlin & Co. y Realtor 448-0191. central air, enclosed patio, 2 in the $80's. Call 6098 ROOM, 1yh BATH OWNER'S LIVING QTRS. & 2exceflent ••offer 609-924-4677 Since 1905 car garage w/opener. Near 448-4434 after 6. rental apts plus first floor professional office. $200,000. 410 212 South Main St., Garage/Storage Hopewef Twp. — 18 + clubhouse. 609-655-3928. INTEREST RATE ROLLRUUORS MANAGEMENT COLONIAL WiPROf. ADON. - Sep. entrances, L/R. D/R. 4 MonvMe. N.J. acres in Harbourton. South DIVISION for Rent BACK? — YouJ You'll think think so! so! stooe Secluded View Good COUNTRY SHOWPLACE BACK? BR's, iVa Baths, and 8 room professional add'n. $92,900. 201-72S-1995 PeE? S ^ S l o o ' w«h development advan9%% mtgPLUS very gen3 STORAGE BINDS available . 3Sf-3245 NewtrtN J 1)7102 WASHINGTON TWP. ^ ^ ^ P r j n c 8 t o n a n dN Y e r o u s 2 n d mtg from SELLER at Storage Bam in Law-rerc. sns.soo. MEMIfl MULTIPLE (201)6227890 Hopewel Twp. — 3 9 + commuter routes. 9 room 'or this 3-BR t/h. Can you renceville. Call 60^-924CUSTOM 2 story w/5 & f t s , L/R. D R . eat-in Kitchen. Fam. Rm. LUTING SERVICE Bioktrs lutited acres. Excellent frontage for split, 2Vi baths, central air, qualify? Call today. 1882. w martate fireplace & wet bar. 2.xh baths, full basement w/sauna. subdivision. $115,000. secluded inground concrete Owner Financing avail, to qualified buyer. $164,900. HOMES OF QUALITY pool, wooded Vz acre lot, 2 DORIS PESSEL brick patios. Gardener's paREAL ESTATE ROOSEVELT radise: flowers, fruits & ber609-737-3113 SMALL TOWN LJVMG - Single 2 story on v* acre wooded tot. ries. $120,000 firm. Days call REALTOR 609-448-8880. Eves. 448UR. eat-in Kitchen, 2 B/R's. Bath, enclosed porch & garage. Invest in yourself instead of HOPEWELL 8335. $51,900. the Landlord. 14% FINANCING Carefree Condos RANCH with 3 BR's. new Texture III exterior. Kitchen/Dinette d o w n e r with 50% down is D ^ ^ fJf i n s b o r ^. l < V ar available combination, bath, front and rear porches and attached 9 a9®available to qualified buyei buyer. « * n : J * J * ; 2 BR + 2 baths in AVON 1.87 acres of property situVILLAGE. Excellent condition ated in a lovely semi-rural with plenty space. CRANBURY area of Hopewell. Satisfactory New flooring and carpeting. pare and soil log completed. CUEAR8ROOK ADULT CONOOS - Country Club lifestyle for Convenient to Princeton area. EDGEBROOK RD — Brick & 2 BR + 2 Bath Condo in mint youngsters 48 yrs. 4. up. Gotf. swimming, tennis, etc. $45,000. PR-80II. Aluminum Rancher on 2.6 condition. Beautifully mainMany models available. $72,500. to $79,500. lovely acres, rural, now tained and tastefully deEAST BRUNSWICK $118,900. Ken Bird Agency, corated in warm beiges and EAST WINDSOR P R M E ACREAGE Realtor. 609-585-6702. earthtones.

"Q Land tor Sate

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32 ACRES - Devetopment JSJf^T'bJ? gg^gL^JSSZ

-SrJ!^™iSre ARE YOU GETTING - the £f i g ^ <££




TWIN RIVERS condo - L R . eat-in Kitchen, 2 B/R's. 2 baths. Laundry Room, Storage Area and carport. $55,900.

S T B S K ' O E ! '




$59,990 1 3 1 4 % * 10% DOWN FROM

COMMERCIAL RENTALS HK5HTSTOWN - COMMERCIAL & OFFICE REKTAL - Excellent access to major highways. 6.000 sq. ft (3.000 sq. ft ea. level). Parking for 25 cars. Shop area & dock. $3.00/$6.50 sq. ft HKSHTSTOWN - Center business district Modern 1.290 ft store next to office buflomg being modernized - 5,000 sq. ft available Superior rental with favorable lease. RO68MSVULE - 10,000 sq. ft of office space. Excellent highway location. Ample parking. $4.00 »q. tt. ROUTE 1 , WEST WINDSOR • Refurbished house - excellent frontage ^^•iifotofor' w ^ w y . retail or office. $1,400. par mo.

! !

ENG. TUDOR-immacu.ate Financing offered. HOMES OF QUALITY

LAND SUCCESSFUL SPECULATORS SAY: NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY!! - 42 Acres - Commercial near N J . Turnpike Exit - Rte. 33 Highway frontage. Terms for tax shelter. PRIME WEST WNDSOR ACREAGE - Residential. Office or Mfg. - 1 7 acs., 20 acs.. 24 acs., 64 acs. - Priced right!! 4.24 ACRES M KINGSTON RES. LOT- $65,000. -Many other opportunities - CALL




(At tf. $41 * Wnaiwn M.. Wtttempton Twp. i«**t eml of fa» S. N.i. Twnpfce A Exit 47 «f tt. 295)

Holy SetMA 7*3"HoOy L a m , Ift. Hotty. •i/30/mmTOQUAummjYBts

261-3211 or 261-3011

$7500 per acre. modem Ml TERMS AVAILABLE to qualiage, many more extras.' fied buyer. Asking $122,000. Patti ConCall 609-683-0300. Realtor. stance Real Estate, 609-883Princeton Office. 7250 or eves. 882-3782. WBCHERT REAL ESTATE SALES"" WOODED 2.9 acres subWhy earn less? divided lot. Country location in Monroe Twp. Convenient to e ERA HONES OF QUALITY e Offers much more for 8A NJ Turnpike. $19,000. — experience 10 ACRES — in Cranbury Twp. Approx. 6 acres tillable, immtsatons Millstone River. Extended lupenor office tocatton privacy. Subject to sub- better pcofesHonsJ division. $62,000. AddKonal tools acreage available. Cal: Evelyn Boyarsky T W 0 1 ACRE LOTS—CranMartyn Kessous bury Twp. $22,000 & $25,000 or ea. Subject to subdivision. Chuck Wfens STULTS REALTY CO. HOVfS OF QUALITY

37 N. Main St. Crsnbury, fU.


KENDALL PARK * - exc. 8 yard backing to woods, owner will listen to offers that include owner financing. ACA Realty, Broker, 201-297-1944. K E N D A L L P A R K — By owner. Lovely 3 bedroom, fireplace, new kitchen & carpets, large fenced lot. N.Y. bus. Below market mortgage + owner financed. $72,000. Call Pat, 609-921-8718. LAMBERTVILLE — 2 BR twnhse, fireplace, central air, mid-50's, owner fin. avail. 215-862-5011 after 5 p.m.

(Continued on back page of A section)

Arts/entertainment guide for the week of January 27,1982

je* '»'.• -o >~troo Ce^'ro 1 Post. M o w e T-Jews. cfanktin Niews-'vecofa. Hiiistxxough-Beoconona Cranbur/ Press


RED LETTER DAYS 'Super Science Sunday' expands to two days be Super Science Sunday festival that packed the State Museum last January with visitors of all ages is being expanded this year to a whole weekend of family-oriented science programming. Among the many activities scheduled for Super Science Plus One from noon to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 30 and 31, are a visit by the NASA "Spacemobile," demonstrations by the Sesame Place "Playful Computer," and special communications/science programs conducted by New Jersey Bell. The schedule also includes illustrated lectures about dinosaurs and fossils, stories about Indians and outdoor life by outdoorsman Robin Moore, exhibits of live amphibians and reptiles by herpetologists Emst Hoffman and Diane Visitini, movies about insects and marine life, and planetarium shows for both children and adults. There will be no charge for any of the events. All visitors will receive free Super Science buttons, and there will be free refreshments both days courtesy fo the Friends of the Museum organization. The featured Spacemobile program, which includes a variety of eyecatching graphics and demonstrations relating to moon exploration, space probes and the recent shuttle flights, will be presented in the 450-seat auditorium at 1:15, 2:30 and 3:45 p.m. on Sunday. For more information, call the museum at 609-292-6308.

INDEX ON THE COVER New Jersey filmmaker Barbara Upton has made a documentary of the life of Eskimoes in a remote Alaskan village which will be shown at the Newark Museum Jan. 31. First screened at the Margaret Mead Film Festival, the movie Is also scheduled for broadcast on educational channel*. For more on this Jerseyan's view of Alaskan life, see the On Screen section, page 23. FEATURES AND DEPARTMENTS

Heritage Festival exhibitors sought

On Your Own Time: Another way to solve the

maddening Rublk's cube


On View


On Stage


In Concert 12,13 Centerfold feature: The Bucks County inns along the Delaware River beckon the traveler to a tranquil visit to the past. For a comprehensive \ guide to these inns and hotels, see the special feature" on three pages .14-16 On Antiques: Old and antique furniture are not necessarily the same 17 New Jersey Notes



Table Talk: The new governor did his best \o usher in elegance in the recent Inaugural balls. Restaurant critic Dlanne Williams tells how....19 Hearsay


On Screen


Now Playing Crossword puzzle

24-27 28

On Bridge


The seventh annual Heritage Festival, to be sponsored by Battleground Arts Center on March 28 at the Freehold Raceway, is now accepting registration for booth space by organizations and crafters who have displays, foods and items for sale that relate to either ethnic or colonial heritage. Demonstrations and performers are encouraged to sign up early as booth space (approximately a 10 x 10 foot space) is assigned on a first-come. First-served basis. All displays and sale items must have ethnic or colonial relevance, either directly or by derivation of technique. , ' To obtain an application, call Battleground Arts Center at 201-462-8811, or write BAC, P.O. Box 678, Freehold, NJ 07728. Applications submitted after midnight, March 1 will be charged a late fee.

'' Year of the House'' theme for HBI in 1982 Historic Bethlehem Incorporated announces its year of activities to celebrate the organization's 25 year committment to restoring and preserving Bethlehem, Pa. history. "The Year of the House," is the theme for 1982. It will include lectures and tours relating to the home and home furnishings. " Y e a r " activities will begin on Feb. 16 and 17 when Bruce Cooper Gill, an Historic Properties Management Consultant from Philadelphia will lecture on living with the older home. The focus on the home continues with an April 13, 14 lecture on Federal-period furnishings, and a field trip to the American Wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art on April 27. . A highlight of the 25th year will be HBI's birthday celebration on Aug. 28, when HBI will hold the grand opening of the 1869 Grist Mill and the official dedication of the 1762 Waterworks as a National Historic Landmark. The Mill is now being restored by a grant from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and is scheduled for completion in June. "Year of the House" activities will begin anew in the fall, with a Sept. 28 lecture on architecture through the 19th Century, a tour of two early-19th century mansions in Philadelphia's Fairmount Park and a look at Pennsylvania German Art at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Reproduction wall coverings will be featured during the Nov. 9 " D a y in Historic Bethlehem." an annual day set aside to enjoy Bethlehem's Historic District through tours, boutiques and food. For information on these and other HBI programs write: HBI, 501 Main St., Bethlehem, Pa. 18018.

WEEK o r



Cracking Rubik's cube.. .logically by RUTH B. ROUFBERG Copyright 1982 S o you got R u b i k ' s C u b e for Christmas? — and then what? You say you messed up the colon and can't get them right again? Or did you leave it in its pristine stale so everyone would think you had solved it? "What should a beginner do with Rubik's Cube?" That was the question I uked David Singmaster, the dean of cubists, when he visited Princeton recently. Singmaster is the author of Notes on Rnbik'* "Magic Cube," which is generally considered the definitive book on cube-solving. His advice for a novice was based on the way a mathematician (which he is) would approach a new puzzle. "First you need a system of notation so you can keep track of moves and reverse them if necessary." With several books of solutions now on the market, cube-owners no longer have to invent their own system of notation. But back in 1978 when Singmaster first encountered the cube at the Helsinki International Congress of Mathematicians, there was none. He and other mathematicians experimented, analyzed moves through mathematical formulas, figured out c o m b i n a t i o n s of m o v e s that re-arranged specific cubelets, wrote to each other about their discoveries, and worked out new and better formulas based on each other's work. M O S T O F T H E correspondence filtered through Singmaster. who by this time was importing cubes from Hungary and selling them in England, where he teaches mathematics andcomputer science at Polytechnic of the South Bank in London. Early in 1979 he incorporated his correspondence into a manuscript of

some of its squares divided diagonally into two colors. Other variations were non-cubical, although they worked on the same mechanical principle. There was an octagonal prism, a cubo-octahedron (which is a cube with truncated corners so there are six square faces and eight triangular faces, all colored d i f f e r e n t l y ) , a rhombi-cuboctahedron with only three colors (which is better left undescribed!), and an octahedral pyramid (two pyramids joined at their bases) with eight faces of differbvt colors. There were spheres with geometric patterns, and one that was a world globe. "That one," said Singmaster, "is for learning geometry and geography at the same time."

David Singmaster surrounded by part of his puzzle collection. Taiwanese may have sold about three times as many. In addition, the cube has spawned at least two new industries: a multitude of derivative puzzles, and a

The maze cube, as yet unsolved. number of books showing how to solve them. •

Mrs. SingmasteYs cube is a solid btock of wood grooved to simulate separate cubes. notes, which he circulated to about 200 people He kept adding revisions as he or his correspondents devised better algorithms < sequences of moves that arc repeated) Notes had already gone through four versions before a single Rubik's Cube had been imported into the U S . During all this time the "magic cube." as it was then called, was known only to a coterie of mathematicians and computer experts. In February' 1 9 8 ° - Rubik's Cube was introduced to the United States by Ideal Toy Company. From an exotic cult object, it suddenly became a mass market phenomenon. It was voted Toy of the Year in at least five countries and has been selected for the design collection of the Museum of Modern Art. Singmaster estimates that Ideal has sold about 20 million cubes so far, and that the

WEEK Of MNUMY 27 - FEBRUARY 2 , 1 9 8 2

WHAT SETS Singmaster's book apart from the other cube solution books? "Fdr one thing," he observes wryly, "mine is not on the paperback best-seller list." There arc other differences, the most notable being that most books lead to solutions without understanding, while Singmaster's. having been compiled in stages, leads the reader gradually through a feries of discoveries which build on earlier learning. (The fifth edition is distributed in this country by Enslow Publishers of Hillside. N.J.) There is enough group theory to let tbc reader explore the cube and develop his own solution method. But a step-by-step solution is included for the impatient. Nevertheless, at least one reviewer has called the book "more daunting than the cube itself." and in response to that critique. Singmaster has co-authored a book with Alexander H. Frcy. Jr.. a computer architect from Washington, D C . Handbook of Cubic Math will be published by Enslow in March. Singmaster d e s c r i b e s the book as " a school-level adaptation of Notes on Rubik's 'Magk Cube.' It's designed." he goes on. "to help you understand the basic ideas of group theory. Once you understand them in one puzzle, you know how to attack other puzzles." WHAT WAS IT that made Rubik's Cube such a sensation? "It has three features," Singmaster points out, "that

had never before been combined in a puzzle. All the pieces stay together; more than one piece moves at a time; and the pieces all have orientation, or direction, as well as position." All the time we had been talking, David Singmaster had been eyeing the red canvas duffel bag, plastic shopping bag, and suitcase with which he travels. Finally, he opened them and eagerly began to bring forth his vast collection of cubes. There were some whose sides, instead of being soli<£ color squares, were pictures of animals, national flags, balls for various sports, dice dots, even photographs of nudes. "That one is very hard to solve," * he said, pointing to the last. "It's all pink." There was a Braille cube with patterns of raised dots, and another with pictures of' lemons, cherries, and plums, and a bell inside that rings like a slot machine. "Look at this," said Singmaster, gleefully twisting the "Royal Wedding" cube with photos of Prince Charles and Princess Diana until the couple's hairdos and ears had been interchanged. "This is one 1 had made for my wife," explained Singmaster, pointing to a solid wood cube incised with grooves to simulate the cubelets. His book Notes on Rubik's "Magic Cube" is dedicated "to my wife Deborah, who correctly recognised (sic) the cube as an enemy on first sight...and who has wisely refused to touch it." Next he reached for a maze cube, one with all squares the same color, on which he had drawn a continuous loop that passed once through each surface square. "I still haven't been able to solve this one," he confessed. Although the original cube and most variations are 3x3x3; there was a handsome 2x2x2 cube from Germany with

AND STILL MORE puzzles appeared. If his beard had been white, Singmaster could have passed for Santa Claus. Tower of Babel is a cylinder containing 36 balls in six channels. The object is to randomize the balls, then return them to their proper position. The task is complicated by the fact that the balls are graduated shades to be placed not only in the correct channel, but also in the correct order. A flat puzzle with three segmented intersecting circles had to be rotated in the correct order to reveal a picture. A transparent plastic cube

A 2x2x2 cube from West Germany is harder than it looks. contained seven cubes; the object was to turn the outer cube in order to make the inner ones slide into positions to create the desired pattern. This one is patented in Hungary and may someday be available commercially. And when it is, you can be sure it will be sold by David Singmaster Ltd., Purveyors of Perplexing, Puzzles, 66 Mount View Rd., London N4 4JR, a company he has established to meet the growing demand for mathematical puzzles. '(fXfter solving Rubik's Cube and all its varSnts, what's next?" I asked. David Singmaster shows pictures of a calendar cube with syllables, letters, and numbers which have to be turned daily to set the day, date, and month on one face, and — are you ready for this? — a 4x4x4 cube. Both, he assures, will be on the market soon. Ratb B. Roalbcrg is a toy consultant and pmzle addict.

Singmaster's collection shows cubes for every taste.


ON VIEW Printmaking Council plans exhibits/classes The Printmaking Council of New Jersey *sll sponsor a members' exhibit entitled '.Black and White" at the Council building. Station and River Roads. North Branch Station, through Feb. 10. It will also begin its winter classes the week of

ixr. 25. Featured in the exhibit will be original black andor white prints. David Finkbeincr, who is printmakcr. assistant director and instructor at Pratt Grahics Center, ••nil jury the show. Following, from Feb. 21 through March 1". will be an exhibit entitled "Color" *hich will initiate the "82 Selections project, a variation on the juried show. During the project, separate selections will

be made by different jurors from works submitted t» the two members' shows. Selected artists will then exhibit their work at other gallery locations at a later date. This year's exhibition possibilities are Montclair Art Museum, Newark Museum, and a four person show at the Printmaking Council. One such selection which evolved from Prints '81 is currently hanging at Nabisco World Headquarters in East Hanover, through Feb. 17. '•• Six week, day and evening classes will be given in etching, lithography, collagraphy. papcrmaking and photoprinting; two to four week extensions will be offered at the workshop facilities. For information call 201-725-2110.

'Special Artists' exhibit set in Bridgewater The N J. Center for the Performing Arts refreshments will be provided. The exhibit, which will continue and rtt co-sponsor, the Somerset County through Feb. 27 in the barrier-free library, Library, will open their second annual will be open for viewing during regular Special Artists exhibit with a reception library hours. from 2 to 5 p.m.. Feb. 7. at the For directions and information call Library. Entertainment and 201-526-4016 or 526-6074.

am a Mushroom' is included in the selections by Princeton photographer, Naomi Savage, featured in the "Photographic Disclosures' exhibit at the Squibb Gallery from Jan. 30 through Feb. 28.

HOPEWELL POTTERY Courses In Clay Including Baku

You re invited •ad fccoratiM witfi d*}. safe i toot* tVwMk stssjM toffes FttL I. l«$troctsr, Profisior Coistaic*

Sunday Brunch Buffet is
Information 6C9-466-904S

'Photo Disclosures' by Naomi Savage Photographic Disclosures by Naomi Savage of Princeton, will be on view at the Squibb Gallery, Route 206, three miles south of Princeton, from Jan. 30 to Feb. 28. Known for her work in black and white photography, Mrs. Savage has used such innovative techniques as negative/positive combinations, negatives on foil, photograms and glass photo-drawings. She has also worked in photo-collage with toning techniques, photo-engraving, etching and silk-screen photos on canvas; her works include portraits, landscapes and trees. Mrs. Savage's work was widely published and exhibited and is represented in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art's Mirrors and Windows exhibit curated by John Szarkowski in 1978, Princeton University, University of Illi-

DOIT YOURSELF AND SAVE! s you need for quality frames h risht here. The materials, the tool*, the work bench. Select trie frame you wont, men with our tools and work area — have lun! All you pay for arc materiab—the fun Is free I Every - frame Is suaranteed, of course.

Tin* i',reenhnuse is a favorite place. cspt'i i
GiL«e a Sassiau Inn Gift Certificate


nois. Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, and the Fogg Museum at Harvard University, among others. In 1971. she was commissioned to create a photo-engraving mural for the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library in Austin, Texas. This series of five deeply-etched magnesium plates, eight feet by 10 feet each, is one of the highlights of this major building. Mrs! Savage is the recipient of numerous awards and grants including: the Cassandra Foundation Grant: a National Endowment for the Arts - photography fellowship; and a Silver Award from the Art Directors Club of New York. The Squibb Gallery will be open Mondays through Fridays, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.. Thursdays, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., and on weekends, from 1 to 5 p.m.

The 14th Annual MCCC Visual Art-. Faculty F-\hibit January 2V to February is. 19H2 Opening Reception: Friday. January 29, 7 to 9 pm Mercer County Community College West Windsor Campus Triangle and Library Galleries: For more information contact the College Curator, Cultural Events Ottice, ' (609) 586-4800 ext. 588.

MERCER MALL Route 1 & Quakerbridge Rd. (Across from Quikerbridge Mall)

( • » ) 462-10W

ON VIEW Black and Hispanic artists to show works The Somerset County Coljcge Black Student Union will present liifiirt exhibition entitled "Collective Expressions — Black & Hispanic Artists," through Jan. 29 in the college's art gallery. The show, which is being held in conjunction with Black History Month, will feature a group of eight New Jersey artists, primarily from the Somerville area. In addition to coordinating the show, William Floyd. Jr., of Somerville, a former Somerset County College student, will be exhibiting several works. Mr. Floyd was an organizer and participant in a Yale University show which was part of the college's Cultural Arts Festival and in UntitJed works by Lester Floyd are part of an exhibit by Hispanic and black artists at Somerset County College.

Photography show onview in Bucks County, Pa. Bucks County Council on the Arts is Jack Rosen of New Hope, Pa., is a exhibiting a four-person photography former editor and photographer at the New show featuring the -work of Emmet Hope Gazette. His 1976 book Family Gowin, Bruce Kaisiff. Jack Rosen and Album features his fellow townspeople. Michael A. Smith. Nearly 100 pieces are He has contributed to newspapers and included in the show, which continues magazines throughout the world, and has through Feb. 14. exhibited at the Philadelphia Museum of Emmet Gowin. a resident of Newton. Art and Philadelphia An Alliance. Pa., studied at Rhode Island Institute of Michael A. Smith of Ottsville. Pa., is Design and now teaches photography at self-taught. He recently received LcGrand Princeton University. His early honors Prix du Livre Photographic 1981 in Aries, include a fellowship from the Guggenheim France for his two-volume monograph Foundation and the Virginia Museum of "Landscapes 1975-1979." An exhibition, Fine A m . Exhibitions of his work have featuring work done on photographic trips been shown in major national galleries, to the Western U.S. and Canada, orincluding the Museum of Modern Art. iginated at Lehigh University in January George Eastman House and Light Gallery. 1981 and is on tour across country, ending Lumberville. Pa., photographer Bruce in Tennessee in May. Smith is represented Kauiff is Chairman of the fine arts in major collections including Philadeldepartment at Bucks County Community phia Museum of Art, An Institute of College and is a senior associate professor Chicago and Museum of Modem Art. of fine arts and photography at the college. The Rodman House is located at Route He studied at Rochester Institute of Tech- 611 and Almshouse Road, three miles nology and Pratt Institute. He has exhibi- south of Doylcstown, Pa. Admission is ted widely and his work is included in the free. collections of George Eastman House and For more i n f o r m a t i o n call the Museum of Modem Art. 215-343-2800, cxt. 381.

the first Tri-State Exhibit of Black Artists in Somerset County, which was held at Somerset County College. Mr. Floyd was also one of three student artists selected to participate in a New York University film entitled Art in History, and was chosen as the subject for an inaugural television program by Channel 52 in concert with French artist Michele Mochers. Joining Mr. Floyd as exhibitors are: Ralph Ruiz, Somerville; Richard Miller, Somerville; Thomas Malloy, Trenton; Rock Miler, East Orange; Walter Colbrith, Trenton; Les Floyd, Somerville; and Carlos Mendez, Bound Brook. For more i n f o r m a t i o n call 201-526-1200.


SPRING 1982 REGISTRATION m-PERSON: Tuesday, Feb. 9th and Wednesday, Feb. 10th, 7:30-930 P.M. WW-P High School. Clarksville Road, Princeton Junction MAIL Register now to reserve your place. CLASSES BEGIN FEBRUARY 22

TUESDAY EVENING Graft Shorthart Ralrcshor Const Hifk School EaoMtocj HoQstkHoaltk CaapotarSafclartll McCartar-Braadmj Coanoctioa CHocttw C—MJcitiontoW w w HMdk Eattan Oaaciif EHoctimWrttJai Nooolocnfts (•(fish as a b o r t L u m p PibKcSpoakiaf EttWn art CoHopifk PrtebMktaf Portrait Drawn*

Chafe C a n *

Shakospoara's Laota StaUftiaOih SAT Ratio* I art II Swedish Gjawastks SwiMSWf Tjpiaflartll Yaplartll

WEDNESDAY EVENING LataiOoKiaflartll Martial Arts

AotioaaeoUapoo CM OoadnftaoAerahicWay DM Workshop foart, Motor, Holptaf Swoon Qort Hfek School UwolMcj

SedalOatdoflartll Sptodwritnt Startarfnntttd Tribal Kapo* Ufa Wattreaioi Pantiaf Nrittrs Mukthop

Qoilttaf SATIaaimlartll


CanorrbMtaf CUMm'ttoKtioostoSmtl* rartabOatinf

Cookiaf DOTMf Eatfah as a Second LoafMfo EstaU art iKtaia T n Ptan*ia« Eiordsaia the Stow Lane FanriliaiiathaM's

Modtn Nastan Squra Daacini Pooby NoiksJwp iatlMlfefttorca Too art tka Law

SATURDAY CLASSES CtuatM Bras* rai*ti«| MtofvHhlOB OrmaftoBtfhtMn

lotaraaUonalDoMfts lamtM«btoaChaa|ia|Ecoooin7 ItaUaa Mixod Media Natdacrarb

DAYTIME CLASSES OasMhrthaMe DoKiaf tsa JUfobic lfa| • Ntcatf • Tim. t Than.-

Zfns ns tr* t ux a tiorv




10M-11MUI. Oil raiotni-mcoff- Mortal W 0 - 1 1 M HM. t o t e SkatMf - MceH - Moadq 4J0-&1S K-lst Ditch Hack Thutda; - 4.-00-S.-00 -4tMth KirtoniMBic - Hawk School • 3 J0-4J0 Swiamiat • Kffc School • fc30-7i5

Jn>tery&r*eting ^ GrQJik, Chinese second. C. ReOren JZnnis/L Cat^n.

S*winf Fandantntab Thai Cookinc Typiaf I M d II Writiof for T«



register newfor , r± cLassisy-or children Zadutts (609) (609) 924-2252 924-9335

TRIPS Amtncan M u w n o( Rattral Hatorv and Ptaodariom Fthmri 17 (tchoal ncaticm) " t a a d m " - M q t • Satwdai Matinoc -Eiita" • Ftbmatj S • Saturday MatJMt "Madaa Bottorfh/*-'April 25 - Sndai MaUnot riribWphia nowtr S i m - htirch 10 "Pirata of P o m o a " a r t "Banw*" - April 3 SatarfejMttiaM (school ncatioa) Prtocotoo Art Mosoaa a r t Ooka Gordon Ma) 20 Sothahf Paik Btraot a r t World Trado Caotor Spriac M i * N a Show art Aria Horn - Apr! 30


BohaiiorThonpT-April 15 Bulgarian W k M«ic • March 18 Doidopini a Hoi -March 18 Dnerct Law and Faailj tawTnUjm l t n t | - March 18 Famili Suid* to Hoooroihjt Alcohol Usa • March U Holistic Health: Aa IntrodKtioa • March 27 Hoot Bariaf and Sdling - March 18 Introduction to Madam Batttrftj - April 22 Lna flower Arraafint - March 18 MicrowawCootinj-MiyS Httwortiof-March 25 Orthonolacular Hotrition • April 22 Pasta Makiiif- April 1 T u Law in Haw Jcrsti - April 29 Utniaiaa l a Dacoratnt • March 23,24,2S (afttrnoon) WhHawattr bftjof - March 11

CALL (609) 7994)200 for information. TWE
ON VIEW Golden Door Gallery to exhibit paintings The Golden Door Gallery's annual show, to be at 52 South Main St.. New Hope. Pi., will feature Bucks County artists, through Feb. 10 Featured artists include Carol Barmy. John Loepcr. Dorothy McNamara. Wilh Schicncr and Donald Werdcn. Carol Barany. who works with acrylics, otb and walercolors. has her paintings in many pnvate collections in the U.S.. Italy, Germany, Belgium and Scotland An active member of the Abmgton Art Association and the Woodmere Gallery. she has exhibited widely throughout the

area in juried and solo shows, and has won numerous awards. Multitalentcd artist, author and educator. John Locper. has had numerous exhibits in Washington. D.C. and NewYork City. Dorothy McNamara, who is noted for her watercolor pintings, is a member of the Philadelphia Watercolor Club and has exhibited in many juried shows. She has also recently won a top award from New York's Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club. Artist Willi Schicncr captures the

Watercolo^ist Donald Werden, who has beauty of nature through his oiL. watercolor and porcelain paintings, and in his won numerous awards, has exhibited in -several juried shows, including Allied wood carvings. He has received numerous Artists of America, American Watercolor awards, including one from the Ward Society. Philadelphia Watercolor Club Foundation World Championship Wildlife and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Carving Competition. In addition to his many exhibits at the Golden Door, he has Arts. also had one man shows at the Newman .The Golden Door Gallery is open II Gallery in Philadelphia and the Squibb fcm. to 5 p.m., Tuesdays through Gallery in Princeton. Saturdays, and 1 to 3 p.m.. Sundays.

Guitar and flute music to sound Two faculty members of Trenton State College will present a concert of music for guitar and flute on Feb. 8 at 8 p.m. in Bray Recital Hall. Admission is free. The program will feature Dent Williamson, flutist, and Robert Trent, guitarist, both teachers of music at the college, in a series of duets by Baron, Giuliana, Kummer and Flagcllo. Assisting in a trio by Wenzcl Matiegka will be their colleague. Dr. Martin LeBeau. violist. Dent Williamson is a member of the Trenton Symphony and has played with the San Antonio Symphony, the Boston Symphony, the Boston Pops and the Radio City Music Hall orchestras. Summers find him at the artists' colony in Chautauqua, N.Y., as a member of the Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra. Robert Trent is a founding member of the Locrian Guitar Trio and was the first



GIVEAWAY! * • * • •

Grand Prize: Vacation Dream Home! 2 Delorean Sport* Cars I 8 Trips to Paradise! 56 Weekends at Resorts 1 Hourly Prixe Drawings I

Jane Anthony Associates Fine Arts

YOU will be pleiwd with out quality ttamint and teisonaMe


presenting watercolors by

prices became enrrthint n done

winner of the nationwide Webb Memorial Guitar Competition. He was also a participant in the international Villa-Lobos Competition held in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, in 1980. Mr. Trent hold degrees from the Philadelphia College of the Performing Arts and Trenton State College. Martin LeBeau is assistant professor of music at Trenton State, having joined the music department faculty in 1969. He has been a member of several orchestras including the Chicago Chamber Orchestra and the Trenton Symphony, where he is first-desk violist. He directs the Trenton State. College-Community Orchestra and is the current conductor for the All-Central New Jersey High School Orchestra and the Senior Orchestra of the New Jersey American String Teachers Summer Conference. For more i n f o r m a t i o n call 609-771-2252.


on the premises by knowledgeable craftsmen aided by sophisticated equipment and a genuine desire to please.

Edwin Havas is an assistant professor of art at Seton Half University, South Orange, N J . and also teaches watercolor at the Montclair Art Museum. Mr. Havas has completed a number of commissioned oil portraits as well as 2 bicentennial murals at the Livingston, N.J. Municipal Building. His paintings are in numerous public and private collections. He has earned over 80 awards for his paintings.




Gallery Hours. Wed. through Sat. 10 am to 5 pm 170 South Main St. Irear). Yardlcy, Pa. or by appointment 215-493-5431




Continental Cuisine



SUBURBAN THAMSrr 201-246-1222 • 609-924-7750 S10 00 per person MUSS0H0U6H rancrnw lASiwmtacm T«yrr Dr. i 35 i >-


•'i 9 K i -.

Ctnsui Dfucs S 50 1 FT Suthjiun Trarms Terminal 9151 n »te.n»s 9? Kissaj Streel Mumtu

UK '-ttr I X a ffl


' !3 SOit^ Ua.--. Stre*; 10 tasi Mai-, Ssrwt Bofo LIQUOIS 8 45 > rr

CJunntl SJioppmj Ceil




Restaurant ft Lounge The Finest in Fresh Seafood, Nature Veal, Aged Prime Rib, Prime Steaks & Chops This Area's Finest Restaurant for over 100 Years

BUSINESSMAN LUNCHEON EARLY DINING SPECIAL Mon. to Fri. 12:00 to 3:00 p.m. $6.95 & $7.95 DINNER SERVED Daily from 5:00 p.m. Sunday....4:00 p.m.

DINE AND DANCE Sat. Evenings Janice Green at the Keyboard


For a Complete Dinner Choice of 8 Entrees Mon. to Sat. 5:00 to 6:30 p.m. Sunday 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.


All Major Credit Cards Accepted

Applegarth Road - Monroe Township, N.J. Off Rt. 33 East • 20 mins. from Princeton Area



'• FESR0ARYt2,1982


Ana federal Savings Biker's better's Ice Cream

'Form' exhibit to be at Kean College Form, a free exhibit combining the talents of photographer Donald Lokuta of Union, and design scientist Joseph Clinton of Hillside, will be in the Vaughn Eames Hall Gallery at Kean College, Union, through Feb. 25. A white double-knit fabric by Clinton engulfs the viewer within a sculptured form containing photographs by Dr. Lokuta The photographs range from less (tun an inch in size to six and a half by nine and a half feet. Each focuses on the elements of form and their transformation to the more complex forms. Clinton, an industrial studies professor at Kean, is associated with the Soft Energy Expo exhibit at the New-ark Museum. He is also designing an Omnimax theatre screen for Disney's Future World in Florida, and has received considerable recognition for his computer generated graphics, hi* Kenetic sculptures^ his work with minimal surface forms and his work with the elements of form. Dr. Lokuta. who teaches photography at the college, is a visiting curator for the Newark Museum and the Morris Museum of Arts and Sciences, Monistown. His photographs appear regularly in local and national m a g a z i n e s . He also was represented in more than 130 exhibits in the United States, Europe. South America. Canada. Africa and Hong Cong. He is represented by the Woodman Gallery in Mormtown His photographs appear in many public, private and corporate collections including the International Center for Photography, Princeton University, The BibliothcOjjJC Nationalc in Paris. France, and the NJ. State Museum.




Bun K Burger CVS Card Cafe Carousel Snack Bat Cheese YUlj

Cbesj King Children's Place Cinema 1 I H Connie's Shoes

Join the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts of the Thomas A. Edison Council, B.S.A. as they celebrate the 72nd Anniversary of scouting. Member units will set up displays and give demonstrations of the many and varied skills and crafts being mastered by scouts throughout the world.

Cioutonn Traffic Cepooard Dr. Epstein


Docttor Pet Center Do Rite Formats Faneil's Fashion Bug Fbgg Bros Shoes Florsheira Shoes FouMw Casuals Fun K Games G&GShopj The Gap Geru stone Jewelry General Nutrition

The GoM Connection Harmony Hut Hickory Farms

Starring Bob Eubanks and and The Newlywed Game. Deadline for casting FEBRUARY 5. Strolling on FEBRUARY 13-14 don't miss 6 characters dressed up as: Abe Lincoln, George Washington, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Penelope Pig and Peter Penguin. The Heart Association - Roses for Research

Hot Sam lUJtaa Defccttt


team West Jo Ann's Nut House Just Shirts Kay Jeaeters Kay Bee Toy Hobby Shop Knney Shoes Lane Bryant The Sterling Connection, Inc. Lemer Shops Usser's Natiiralitti life Uniforms Limited

Lynn's Hallmark McCrory's Merle Norman

Motherhood Maternity No Name


Odyssey Travel

Open Country


Orange Juhus

Advertising art shown at TSC The Mercer County Cultural and Heritage Commission and the art department of Trenton Slate College will open their display entitled Design 1982: An Exhibit of Advertising Art, with a free reception from 7 to 9 p.m., Thursday. Jan. 28. at the Holman Hall Art Gallery on the Trenton State College campus. In addition, the College is seeking artists who are 18 years or older, to submit works for their third annual National Print Exhibit to be from April 1 to 25. Purchase awards with a minimum of S3.000 will become part of the College's permanent collection. The Design exhibit, which will be held through Feb. 14. will include works done by regional graphic artist and design by Fred Ricamon, art director. Rcvlon, Inc., and Robert Trano.^art director. McCartcr Theatre Company.*Also featured will be advertising print media including brochures, posters, photography and magazine and newspaper advertisements. Regional exhibitors will be Steve Kirschner, Anthony Buford. Debra Harding. Susan Fleming, Janet Hautau and David Fradin. assistant professor of art at Trenton State College. Partially funded by the N.J. State Council on the Arts, the Mercer County Cultural and Heritage Commission and the Trenton State College art department, the 1982 National Print Exhibit is a nationwide juried competition. This year's juror will be Andrew Stasik. director of the Pratt Graphics Center in New York. For gallery hours and entry information c a l l the T S C art d e p a r t m e n t at 609-771-2652.

Share the excitement with National TV host Bob Eubanks as local couples compete for the Newlywed Game Grand Prize

Oriental Pearl Pants Place Plus Pwtiane Hosiery Ptarle Vision Center


Penneys P*rang Pagoda Polly Bros. Prints IT Things Radio Shack Regal Shoes Rogers Clothes Royal Tees Singer Sofro Fabric Spencer Gifts Sportshed Stride Rite Shoes Stuarts Things Remembered

(deposit at information booth) P.P.

f I

Everyone is eligible - Prizes include 19" Portable color TV, A Blender, $100 Shopping Spree.

Thorn McAn Tinder B o Town Shop Tuerkes Leather Victoria Station Waldenbooks Wicks & Sticks Wiss Jewelers Wuriitzer Organs York Steak House Zales Jewelers


Psychic Fair & Seminar MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR THESE EVENTS COMING TO THE PARK Boat & RV Show..... Girls Scouts Spring Home Improvement Show....




WE£K Of MMUWY 27 • FEBRUARY 2.1982

Feb. 18-21 Feb. 25-27 Feb. 3-7

KKUKMruna IT TK a n a j. K UKOU mnuom TIME OFF


Seven actors search for play by LAURA W. HAYWOOD 1 am committed to the concept that communtcatioa is fundamental to good writing. It doesn't maacr whether you are writing a play, a novel, dr a thank-you note — your objective if you are going to succeed is to convey meaning to your audience.

review Richard Hobson, the author of The Oreriand Rooms, which opened last Friday evening at 185 Nassau St. (produced by McCarter Theatre Company's Stage Two), apparently doesn't share my convictions. 1 sat through both acts of his play. I

didn't fall asleep (the actors yell every few minutes, as though Mr. Hobson were aware of this possibility and determined to thwart it). I didn't even slip outside for a cigarette — but I'll be damned if I can tell you what this play is about. There are seven performers involved. Two — Dan Houston and Bob Jewctt — play the guitar, and very ably, I might add. One of them, Mr. Houston, noted in his program biography that he has played Mr. Hobson's music before and "recently had the distinction of being the only musician to show up at a recording session of that composer's quartet for slide trombone, slide whistle, slide guitar and kazoo." One can sort of understand why. One of the performers is the Singer Zivia Flomenhaft. Ms. Flomcnhaft has a very pleasant voice and is an attractive figure — even in army fatigues and love


beads — on stage, but when a vocalist is forced to mouth lyrics about a lack of oxygen content or " D o you want a cigarette? I'll untie your hands" — well, there's a limit to how enthusiastic a reviewer can be. I'd like to hear Ms. Flomenhaft sing a song. The other four performers are the actors in the play: Anne Sheldon as Granada Wells, the local madam; Greg Thornton as Howard, Granada's insane son; Susan Jordan (a strikingly beautiful young woman) as Baby, the latest of Granada's '.'girls"; and Karl Light as Sawdust Kelly who may or may not be Granada's husband and the father of Howard. The only thing certain about Sawdust is that he has driven Baby across the mountains in a truck carrying a ferris wheel. The principal emotion the actors aroused in me was one of profound sympathy. What they are given to work with is impossible material. I suppose I'm going to have to try to summarize the "plot." Granada runs the local brothel. She keeps Howard, her son, in a bedroom of the "house" (which is over a bowling alley), from which he wanders at various times; by various devices, she gets him back into the room, which resembles an army barracks. Howard spends most of the p l a y s c r e a m i n g at i n v i s i b l e b a r racks-matcs. telling them. " I t ' s hell out there." Baby arrives, carrying little cards with paint colors on them and immediately begins planning to paint her room. She also tells Granada about Sawdust, who picked her up and drove her to the town, which is somewhere in the Northwest. We learn that Granada has two sugar bowls on the table, only one of which contains

Don't miss!


sugar, the other contains sawdust (get it? sawdust?) which symbolizes to her someone who died — she couldn't get his ashes, you see. IN THE SECOND act. Sawdust shows up, upsetting Granada's plans for a party to welcome Baby. He also eats some of the sawdust (I think that's supposed to be symbolism), and joins Howard in his room, where they look for Singer and reenact a war. At the end of the play, Sawdust is collapsed (dead? you've got me) rn the kitchen, Granada has joined Howard in his room, where she is dancing, and Baby (smart girl) has decided to head for Denver. The actors try, I'll give them that. But they have nothing to work with, and their performances are further hampered by the fact that when a line is delivered, there follows a ghastly pause in what.passes for action while Singer produces some words set to what passes for music, and then the other actor has to react to the comment. Not even the Barrymores could give coherent performances under these conditions. I have a feeling these four performers may have some talent; I wish them better luck next time. THE SET IS one of those split affairs — half Granada's kitchen and half Howard's army barracks-bedroom. I have no quarrel with it, or the lighting. The costumes were something else. The timing of this play according to the program is the mid-'60s. The mini-skirt was fine, but why was Baby wearing a style of eyeglasses that didn't come in until the late (Continued on page 9 )

The 15th Season . . . i 29th National Tour of

/ National

Sunday, Jan. 31 at 5 P.M. War Memorial Auditorium $5. $7.50, $10 (fraup discounts available)

\A -


of the Deaf


609/392-2433 lundad in part by N. J. StattCounc* on to* Art*






W w MCCIWY, Town Topica

B*ty Spare, Newark Star-Ledger


C*« ten**. NMV Yftrtt Post

America's Most Unique Professional Theatre Company performing two works in their dazzling combination of voice, sign language, dance and music including:

"...HEAD€D FOft MGGER THINGS. variety

GILGAMESH Adapted from the great Sumerian Epic of gods, god-men and heroes


(609) 921-8700


RESV. 469-2522


Tickets: $10.00, 9.00, 7.50, 6.50. Now on sale at the McCarter Box Office

(609)921-8700 Reservatioa Information and Charge-by-Phone (Visa, Mastercard and American Express)


ON STAGE • (Continued from page 8) "70s* Ami wh%, by the way, docs the program co\er feature a sketch of a taccScvs Betty GraMc in her World War II pinup pose ' The director. Robert Lanchcstcr. also rm my sympathy, he had the same pniWcms the jcton did. The Overland Rooms was read in Plav-

last spring and then rewritten: one gathers Mr. Lanchcstcr was not pcrmirtcU to demand still more extensive revision, which was clearly in order. I have a feeling the point of this play, if there is one. has something to do with people's failure to communicate. I stand with Tom Lehrcr on the subject: " I feel if people can't communicate, the least they can do is shut up!"

Trenton Civic Opera presents 'Show Boat' The Trenton Civtc Opera Company will present Sbo« Boat at 5 p.m.. Sunday. Jan. 31, at the War Memorial Auditorium. TrcsZoo. This production, which will be directed by Byron Steek. will include such songs as "Old Man River." "Make Believe." "You Are Love," "Why Do I Love You" and "Can't Help Loving That Man." Starring will be Mariclainc Mammon as Magnolia Hawkes. Gaylord Raveaal as

the roving gambler. Benjamin Seabrook as Joe. Rosemary Cooper as Julie, and Vincent Zarate as Captain Andy Hawkes. The song and dance team of Frank and El lie will be portrayed by Lynn Roccograndi and Christine Rich. Also rounding out the cast will be Gloria Frederick as Queenie, and Lillian Bulanowski as Parthy Ann Hawkes. For tickets, write the Trenton Civic Opera Company, 2685 Princeton Pike, Trenton. 08648. or call 609-392-2433.


Five Shows Only!

Gilbert and Sullivan's family favorite...

Karamazovs juggle in Princeton The four Flying Karamazov Brothers (not actually brothers and -only named "Karamazov" on stage) will bring their blend of "comedy, jokes and cheap theatrics" to the stage of Alexander Hall on the Princeton campus for one performance on Friday. Feb. 12. Tickets to the zany evening of juggling are available from the McCarter Theatre Ticket Office. The art of the four can best be described as "comic juggling." an4 their motto is "Juglito. ergo sum — 1 juggle, therefore I am." In the course of an evening, they

juggle not only swords and flaming torches but also "noxious puns." as "Ivan" (Howard Jay Patterson) puts it. He and his three "brothers," Dmitri" (Paul David Magid). "Smerdyakov" (Samuel Ross Williams) and "Fyodor" (Timothy Daniel Furst), formed their juggling ensemble in 1974 when all four were students at various California colleges. For information or reservations, contact the ticket office. McCarter Theatre, 91 University Place, Princeton or call 609-921-8700. Monday through Saturday, noon to 6 p.m.

Directed and Conducted by Milton Lyon

February 11 through 14 Tickets $6,00 - 9.00 at

McCarter Theatre 91 UniversityPlace Princeton, New Jersey 08540 For card and American Express)

The Brothers Karamazov will bring their zany act to McCarter. WEEK Of 1ANUARY 27 • FEBRUARY 2 . 1 9 8 2



Silent comedy setto music Silent film comedy acquires flesh and Mood and a voice at McCarter Theatre's new musical Keystone, which runs through Jan. 3 1 . Keystone Studios, the cradle of film comedy, did more than make movies — it made "the movies" as a.form of popular entertainment, in many ways. Between 1912 and 1917. hundreds of comedies were cranked out on rented cameras with improvised scripts by young, brash actors, under the direction of equally young and brash entrepreneur Mack Scnnctt. An entire nation got into the habit of spending a Saturday afternoon and a nickel at the movichousc. As films grew into a giant industry and an art form. Keystone Studios' alumni became the first "movie stars" and creative artists of the

infant medium. Scnnctt's innovations in filmmaking — none the deliberate creation of an "artist." " but the happy accident of kids playing with cameras as new toys — gave films the techniques qf slow-motion, the beloved custard-pic gag. the ever-popular chase scene — and of course Charlie Chaplin. Mack Scnnett died in the mid-1950s, broke and forgotten by the industry he had helped to shape. But his legacy of laughter continues to enrich our culture. He was bom Michael Sinnott on a farm near Quebec in 1880. He came to the United States when he was 17 and worked in an iron foundry. He had a bass voice and could dance a little, so he invaded Broadway and got his first stage job in the The cast of Keystone

WPST Radio and Hamilton Roller Skating Park are hosting our 2nd annual

dp March of Ones TICKETS M A I L AT DOOR

February 2,1982

Bowery Theater Burlesque, playing the rear end of a horse. In 1909 he broke into movies with the Biograph Company, earning $5 a day as an extra. Mary Pickford joined Biograph that same year, and also in the company was a young man named D.W. Griffith. Griffith was becoming the first real


6-9pm & 9:30pm-i230am

motion-picture director. Sennett learned directing by watching Griffith by the hour. They talked about filmmaking and disagreed on only one point. Sennett liked comedy; Griffith preferred drama. A prime source of comedy. Sennett believ(Continued on page 11)


IntgnifttioQaJ Cuisine Han P O s n m wrmt tfaOj * r t o | cackM b*w 430-7:00






Prtvata Parti** Only (Day and Evaning)


Otdia* Niflht



6:30- 1O.3O

Ladl** Night (Rock Mutic)

Ladl«-S2.00 Man-M.OO


8:30 - 10:30

Bargain Nfrght

S3.00 par ptrton

Top Forty Top Forty

S3.00 S4 00 (16 and older)




9:30 1:00

1 00 - 5:00 Young Paopt** Skata 0:3010:00-

0:30 1:00

11:3O- 3:30 4:007:00 7:3O- 10:30

Top Forty Top Forty

•3.00 S3.00 S4.00(ieandold*r)

Young Paopla* Skat* Top Forty Top Forty

S3.00 S3.00 S3.00

For Holiday and School Closing* Scnadul* Call for Information (M«HW«44« Skat* Rental* SI .00 at all ttma* •Prtr*t* Parti** AvaUaM* Tu**d«y-Frtd»y.


* SUrtrnt Fn., Jtn. 22


RAINBOW CONNECTION Open Mon.-Fri. for lunch Moo.-Sat for dinner _ U Nw KScrttf * * , Trenton 1609)883-2450

gay people MMCNOMM



Martha Pjiuo-vocal & guitar, Wed. 5-9 p.m.

of al afft »*koaw Hi hrfonMtm call NJ.6a)Smtchb«ard S09-S21-KS5 Meetings held at Unitarian Church 8:00 P.M.

JAN. 28 Talent Night

A new play with music brMdwrdHebaon at iha Aetpg Sudto 1«SNoaauS»M« |o4ocan«toIhanai tmmi Oocctataa and la CUWw)

January 19 - January 31 Al «d«B) $4.00

(609) 921-6700 (Wito



• Company • t i \ktmm Hoes • Mncvlen. MJ

4 Musketeers J

Pizza Restaurant Just 2 Miles North of the Marketplace

Pro Shop Patrty 8tG*mc

3181 Rt. 27, Franklin Park, N.J. Lessons Avs&abfe

Looted on Youncs Ro*vd-Ju«t off Quakcrbrtdflc R O K I - (609) 586-9444



Fri. Cr Sat. 11 a.m.-2 a.m. Mon., Tues., Wed., Thurs. Cr Sun. 11 a.m.-Midnight



WEEK OF JAffU/^Y 27 • FEBRUARY 2,-1982,

ON STAGE (Continued from paje 10) • ed, was the overthrow of dignity. Policemen, representing both dignity and authority, were perfect comic material. The vdea of the Keystone Kops had been bocn. Sertnen organized his Keystone Company with financial help from two bookies to whom he owed SI00. which they were willing to forgive to become partners in the movie business. The company had no studio and didn't own a camera. It was customary then to rent cameras from Thomas A. Edison Co. They shot most of their scenes out of doors and used crowds wherever they could find them. Once Sennett spotted a Shriners' parade, so he quickly bought a doll, thrust it into Mabel Normand's arms, and sent her among the marchers, "looking for the baby's father." A fine comic picture resulted. Sennett earned the title "King of Comedy." Mad chases figured in many of his pictures. His actors invented pie-throwing and turned it into an art. With the advent of the Mack Sennett Bathing Beauties in their then-daring costurnevhe helped moviegoers begin to appreciate the female form. In its first year the Keystone Company made 140 pictures. Of course pictures were ihortcr. mainly two-reelcrs. And many a comedian who later made it big

'The Mikado' plays at McCarter Theatre could thank his early training in Mack Sennett comedies. Charlie Chaplin, for instance*. Mabel Normand was the premiere comedienne of the Keystone Company. Mack Sennett. who would have married her if he could have organized his personal life as efficiently as his business life,, called her "probably the best-loved comedienne ever seen on the screen." Hedda Hopper and Louella Parsons agreed that Mabel was a genius and the finest actress in motion pictures they ever knew. Barely five feet tall and weighing less than 100 pounds, she was a good athlete, champion swimmer, a good musician, cultured though without formal education, and the spirit incarnate of fun and mischief on the movie stage. It was she who brightened a scene in which the comedian Ben Turpin was not being as funny as the director wanted him to be by suddenly , "splurching" (Sennett's word) the first custard pie in his face. Sennett met Mabel when she applied for a job at Biograph to supplement her salary of SO cents an hour as a magazine illustrator's model. He persuaded her to stay in movies, and to work for Keystone when he became his own director-producer. She acted with all the leading comedians under Sennett's wing. For ticket 609-921-8700.



Gilbert and Sullivan's musical, The Mikado, will be the 24th annual musical to be presented by Princeton Junction and Back (PJ & B), at McCarter Theatre, University Place, Princeton, from Feb. 11 to 14. The Mikado receives an estimated 500 or more amateur productions in Britain alone. It was made into a movie in 1938 aad 1962; choreographed for the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo in 1955; mod-

ernized into The Swing MUbdo and The Hot Mikado for Broadway in the 1930s, and staged for TV in 1960 with Groucho Marx as Ko-Ko, the Lord High Executioner. For reservations for this production, which will be directed and conducted by Milton Lyon, visit the Ticket Office, McCarter Theatre, 91 University Place, Princeton, or call 609-921-8700, between noon and 6 p.m., Mondays through Saturdays.

Valentine's Day musical revue in, Raritan The Raritan Manor, Route 28 at the downs of personal relationships performed Somerville circle, will open its win-by Patti McVey and Judy Baird of Manter-spring dinner-theatre season at 8:30 hattan, New York, Eileen Ponton, David p.m., Friday, Feb. 12, with a Valentine's Trundle and Rocky Centelonza. Day weekend special entitled Starting The show is being produced by SpotHere, Starting Now. light Productions, N.J.'s only professional The musical revue will feature more touring dinner-theatre troupe. For reservations call 201-526-3306. than 20 numbers dealing with the ups and

'Serenade Italian Style9 to be in Allentown The production will be directed by Friends of the Allentown Library will sponsor The Allentown Community Play- Rudy Girandola, and music will be by ers in a dinner/theatre production of Gordon Gunzelman. The cast will include Serenade-Italian Style, to be at the Jack and Regina Rahilly, sopranos Syble Sanders and Bonnie Gunzelman. Crosswicks Community Center on Feb. 6, For tickets visit the Candy Kitchen, and at DiMattia's Restaurant, Main Street, Main Street, Allentown, or the Allentown Allentown, at 7:30 p.m., Feb. 8 and 15. L i b r a r y , or call 6 0 9 - 2 5 9 - 7 6 4 9 . Nicks famous chicken cacciatore will be Tax-deductible proceeds will benefit the Allentown Library. served.

Only 3(o\*An ISSo.MainSt. Open Tues. thru Sat. (or dinner.



Alexander Hall • Friday. Feb. 12 at 8pm U sod turtit afiB : " i*« at HcCi'ier Tvattt Boi I I « • • l u n M M dMrft H » « • irtvi CM "cCjrw (609 K147UI




At The Fabulous Fountainhead Invites Indulgence In Hne Food And Hne Wine Piano Bar • Cocktails

Winter Menu • Soups*

• Appetizers • $5.95 Oysters Rockefeller Jumbo Mushroom Caps With Treetops Stuffing $5.95 Shrimp Cocktail $5.95

Baked French Onion - Soup du Jour

$2.50 $2.50

. • Salads* $3.50 $2.50

Caesar Salad House Salad

• Entrees • — Charcoal Broiled Specialties — 14 oz.A|ed Prime Sirloin Steak with Herb Butter 9 oz. Aged Prime Filet Mignon with Sauce Beamaise Two 8 oz. Lamb Chops with Hot Mint Sauce Canard aTOrange


$12.95 $13.95 $12.95

— Gourmet Specialties — Friday, January 29,1982 8:00 pm Kelsey Theatre West Windsor Campus Mercer County Community College Co-sponsored by the Cultural Events Office and the Student Activities Board Call the Cultural Events Hotline: 609-586-4695 .Adults S5.00, MCCC Students and Alumni with valid ID $2.50, Senior Citizens and children 12 and under $2.50 Bring this ad to the Box Office and get 10% off the adult ticket price WEEK OF JANUARY 27 - FEBRUARY 2 . 1 9 8 2

Steak au Pohrre - Prime Filet Mifnon ' $15.95 Veal a' la Treetops $15.95 Frogs Legs sauteed in French Wine Sauce $12.95 Gulf Shrimp dressed with Crabmeat in Wine Cream Caper Sauce $12.95 Lobster Taib with Lemon Butter Sauce $17.95 v


• Desserts* Bananas Foster, Cherries Jubilee or Strawberries Romanoff for Two $8.00 Treetops Chocolate Mousse with Freshly Whipped Cream $3.00 Fresh Strawberries wHh'Freshly Whipped Cream Checstcab with Strawberries $230 CremideMerrthiofAmartrroPtttart Ice Cream or Sherbert with Melba Sauce $1.50 O p e n Fridays f f S a t u r d a y s R o u t e s 2 0 2 Er 179, N e w H o p e , P a . < 215/882-9493



N CONCERT Don Elliott jazz quartet to perform Singer Don Elliott will perform with his jazz quartet on Feb. 6 it 8 p.m. at Somerset County Vocational High School on Vogt Drive in Bridgewater. Don Elliott, winner of eight Down Beat Magazine awards, is a former Somerville resident. His first prominent role as a singer was in 1949 with the group Hi. Lo, Jack and the Dame. In 1950 he joined the G e o r g e S h e a r i n g Q u i n t e t as a vtbraphonist

In 19S8 he began creating commercial jingles and opened his own recording studio. He is experienced on vibes, trumpet, p e r c u s s i o n , vocals and mcllophone. He is featured on more than SO albums and has written the music for a Broadway show. Performing with»Mr. Elliott will be pianist Derek Smith, percussionist Ronnie Bedford and bass player Line Milleman. For more i n f o r m a t i o n c a l l 201-526-6074.

Verdi's 'Un Ballo in Maschera' to play The New Jersey State Opera will present Gujseppe Verdi's Un Ballo in Maschera on Jan. 31 at 7 p.m. at Symphony Hall. Un Ballo in Mascbera, or A Masked Ball, is a melodrama in three acts. In this story of chaste, unselfish love and political intrigue, a classic love triangle develops involving the protagonist, a king, and the wife of his trusted friend. Renato. The action culminates at a masked ball where Renato. having discovered the affair, assassinates the king. Verdi was originally commissioned to compose the opera jn 1857. and he based

the story on the assassination of Gustavus III of Sweden, who had been killed at a Swedish court ball. The Italian censors, however, found the subject too sensitive, so Verdi reluctantly changed the setting from Sweden to colonial Boston. The opera finally premiered in Rome in 1859. The New Jersey State Opera will present the story in its original Swedish setting. The performance will be conducted by Alfredo Silipigni and will feature soprano Gilda Cruz Romo and tenor Ruggero Bondino. For more 201-623-5775.


Don Elliott and his quartetwill perform at Somerset County Vocational High School on Vogt Drive in Bridgewater on Feb. 6 at 8 p.m.


Violin and flute music at Westminster Westminster Choir College will present violinist Akxandre Djokk in a recital for violin and piano on Jan. 30 at 7 p.m. in Bristol Chape). In addition, flutist Janice Holms will play a program of mostly French music in Williamson Hall on Jan. 31 at 3 p.m. Both artists are members of the Conservatory Division of the college. Djokic's program will include sonatas for violin by Tartini and Cesar Franck. He will be accompanied by Peter Lauffer, also of the Conservatory faculty. Djokic, who comes from Trenton, was concertmaster and assistant principal of several orchestras in the Chicago area where he lived and worked for several years. Both Djokic and Lauffer have been winners of the Anna B. Stokes competitions. Janice Holms is a resident of Highland

Park and has performed extensively in the New York/New Jersey area. Her teachers have included George Hambrccht, James Scott, Marcel Moyse and William Bennett. Her program will include Sonata No. 2 by Michel B la vet, Fantaste sur le Frevschutz of Paul Taffanel, Fourteen Piece* by Charles Koechlin, Suite by Eugene Goossens. In the latter piece she will be joined by Ann Bolen, violinist, a pupil of Ko Harada of the famed Tokyo Quartet. Ms. Bolen is a current member of the New York City Opera Orchestra and the New Jersey Symphony. Ms. Holms will be accompanied at the piano by Eric Repanshek. For more i n f o r m a t i o n c a l l 609-921-3202.

Organist Richard Bouchett to perform Richard Bouchett will give an organ recital on Feb. 7 at 3:30 p.m. at Trinity Cathedral, 801 West State St., Trenton. No tickets are required. The program will include Fantaisie and Fugue in B-flat by Boely; Bach's choral prelude An Wasserflussen Babylon, BWV 653, and Prelude and Fugue in B-Minor, BWV 544; Fanfare by contemporary English composer Francis Jackson; Mozart's Fantasia In F-Minor, K. 594:

Deux Danses a Agni Yavishta by Jehan Alain; Reger's Benedict us, Op. 59; and Final from Symphonie I by Vierne. Mr. Bouchett, winner Sf the 1966 Organ Competition sponsored by the Boston Symphony, was for 10 years organist of Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church in New York. He is now organist and director of music of First Presbyterian • Church in Greenwich, Conn. For more i n f o r m a t i o n c a l l 609-392-3669.

Church choirs invited to join Pro Musica The Princeton Pro Musica is inviting joined in singing the familiar chorales. area church choirs to participate by sing-' Chorale singers will have one separate ing the chorales in their coming per- rehearsal and will be asked to come to the formance of the Saint Matthew Passion dress rehearsal on March 12. The perby Johann Sebastian Bach. The per- formance will be in English and the formance is scheduled for: March 14 at 3 chorale singers will have the option of p.m. at the War Memorial Auditorium in singing in unison or in parts. Music for the Trenton. singers will be provided free of charge and The church choirs will be performing mailed to the churches. the role of the "congregation"; in Bach's For more i n f o r m a t i o n c a l l time the entire congregation normally 609-883-1890.


Route 32, Washington Crossing, PA 18977

SEMESTER II • Five Different Piano Programs • Private Instruction in Voice and Most Instruments • Suzuki Violin. Piano & Cello Programs • Classes in Theory-Fundamentals. Solfege. Orff-Scnuhwrk. and Flute Ensemble


REGISTRATION NOW OPEN! SEMESTER STARTS JAN. 30. 1982 Phone 921-7104 for information & catalog

WESTMINSTER CHOIR COLLEGE Hamilton k n . t Walnut Lane Char Cofleoe-adrrwj students of any age. race, color, rta&ona) or ethnic origin

You are invited to join us for

SUNDAY BRUNCHES Featuring the finest in CHINESE - Canton*** ft Sz*chuan AMERICAN HAWAIIAN CUISINE

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IN CONCERT Piano concert to feature Judith Alstadter Pianist Judith Alstadtcr will give a coocert of piano music of Romantic women composers on Feb. 7 at 3 p.m. in the McAlpin Rehearsal Room in Woolworth Center on the Princeton University campus. Admission is free. Ms. Alstadter is a graduate of Juilltard School, where she studied with Rosina Lhevinne and Sischa Gorodnitzki. She also studied with Ward'Davenny at Yale. Jeanne-Mane Dane in France, and Volya Cossack and Abbey Simon in New York. She has given numerous recitals in New York and abroad, including appearances at the Marlboro Festival and the Newport Romantic Musk Festival. She is the founder and director of the Minnewaska

Chamber Music Society, and an active lecturer and teacher. The program will include Clara Schumann's Scherzo No. 2 in C-Minor, Op. 14. Variations of a Theme or Robert Schumann. Op. 20, Impromptu, Op. 9, and Scherzo No. 1 in D-Minor, Op. 10; Fanny Mendelssohn's Thrte M*ekxiles, Agathe Backcr-Grondahl's Three Etudes from Six Etudes de Concert, Op. 11;

Jeanne-Louise Farrenc's Rondeau BrOlant on .Themes from Rossini's "Zebnire"; and Theresa Carreno's Revac a Prague, Intermezzo Scherzos©, Barcarola and Vabe, Op. 9 ("Corbeille des Fleurs"). For more information call 609-924-0453.

The Rider College Band will give a concert on Jan. 28 at 8 p.m. in the Fine Arts Theatre.

Rider College Band to give free concert The Rider College Band will present a concert of favorite marches, show tunes, popular music and classical pieces on Jan. 28 at 8 p.m. jo the Fine Arts Theatre. Admission is free. The 55-member band, under the direc-

tion of associate professor of music Dr. Carl Schwartz of Lawrenceville, will conduct an hour-long program that includes the sounds of Glenn Miller and Cole Porter. For more information call 609-896-5192.

Douglas Dickson to offer piano concert Pianist Douglas Dickson will give a concert on Feb. 5 at 8:30 p.m. in the McAlpin Rehearsal Room in Woolworth Center on the Princeton University campus. Admission is free. A junior, majoring in music, Mr. Dickson studied with Robert Smith at Brigham Young University. He performed extensively in Utah, including an appearance with the Utah Symphony. He has won awards on both state and regional

levels. He is now studying with Patricia Arden at Princeton. The program will include Haydn's Sonata in E-flat, No. 52; Stravinsky's Piano Rag Music (1919), Tango (1940), and Circus Polka (for a young elephant) (1942); Beethoven's Sonata in E-flat, Op. 31; and Moreau Gottschalk's Night in the Tropics.

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Pop-rock group The Toons to give concert The Toons, a California pop-rock group, will appear on Jan. 29 at 8 p.m. in the Kelsey Theatre on Mercer County • Community College's West Windsor campus. The Toons consists of seven young men

who sing four- and five-part harmony with a range from baritone to falsetto. Their instruments include flute, keyboard, accordian and trombone. For more information call 609-586-4695.

FASJh Pianist Judith Alstadter will perform at Princeton University in the McAlpin FtenearsaJ Room in Wootworth Center on Feb. 7 at 3 p.m.


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Guide to inns along the Delaware by PHYLLIS RIEGER


Vou have Excedrin Headache No. 98; the kids ape screaming and you feel a case of the winter blahs coming on strong. You yearn for the good old days. Times- when vacations meant getting away from it all by journeying into the countryside. A place where in the winter you'd watch swirling snowflakes (instead of worrying about shoveling them) and hear honking geese who stayed behind for the season. In the summer, the only sounds you 'd hear would be growing corn and a chattering chorus of birds. DAys were spent sitting idly by the river or fireside thinking of nothing in particular yet thinking of everything. If you'd like to savor the peacefulness and comfort of a bygone era, it's less than an hour away — along the Delaware in Bucks County, Pa. There are more than 15 country inns to choose from, all with their own charm. However, keep in mind country inns are very popular and usually small, so reservations are a necessity. Also some of the inns close at differenttimes during the year, some in the months of January or February, so it's best^ to always call ahead. If your concept of an ideal country visit is to spend a long weekend at a rustic retreat doing nothing, then select an inn that matches your idea. The following inns are worth considering ahead of time.

CENTRE BRIDGE INN It's quiet. It almost seems as if time has taken a holiday. It doesn't if it's winter or summer for here at the Centre Bridge Inn. near New Hope, there is an aura of tranquil«y. This lovely colonial manor overlooks the Delaware River and Canal. Sometimes on a misty morning when the tir is cool and calm you can almost envision the colonial men who once used the inn as a stopping point on their journeys between New York and Philadelphia as they transported goods from one place to another. Although the inn was built in 1705 and has been restored twice because of major fires, it Kill preserves the feeling of another e n . Part of this feeling may be attributed to the inn's architectural features which are similar to historic Williamsburg. A huge walk-in fireplace on the ground level (dining room), oversized windows, wood beams and moldings, chimneys on each end of the building and a white picket fence around the property are reminiscent of the popular Virginia town. But perhaps what the Centre Bridge Inn has most in common with Williamsburg is its hospitality. Literally. Bob Cobun, one of the owners, has traveled the globe to create a cozy, comfortable atmosphere for his guests. A TWA pilot. Cobun has furnished the inn's eight guest rooms with antiques he has bought in Paris. Rome. Madrid, and other European capitals. If you've always wanted to sleep in a four-poster canopy bed. your wish can be granted here since six of the rooms have them. Although surrounded by antiques, you still enjoy the conveniences of the 20th century since each room has a private bath and air conditioning. Several rooms overlook the picturesque river but the most magnificent view is from the breakfast room when all is peaceful and the only sounds are singing birds. It is here overnight guests arc served a continental breakfast (at a modest charge). Even if you are not an overnight guest, you can still experience the inn's charming atmosphere by dining in the restaurant. Amid wood beams and more antiques (many related 14


to the culinary arts) you can dine on cuisine which "leans toward the French." Entrees range from coq au vin to rack of lamb. Chef Theodore Westbcrg revises the menu every few months so patrons can savor a variety of dishes. There is a full bar and wine list so you can order your favorite spirits to accompany your meal. With a river view, this dining room is one of the most inviting of Bucks County. Small touches, such as the flower arrangements on each table and snowy white linen tablecloths make you feel you are dining in someone's home. In warm weather, you can dine on an outdoor terrace which is along the canal. It's very romantic, especially on a special summer evening. If you yearn for a little bit of Williamsburg ... but on the Delaware, you'll enjoy the

Centre Bridge Inn. Location • Star Route, New Hope, Box 74 215-8(2-2084 No children or pets.

President Grover Cleveland frequented the Black Bass but George Washington never slept there.

Delaware, the inn was called Upper Black Eddy. It was a favorite stopping point for the muleskinners who towed boats along the canal. The inn's logo depicts a drawing of the inn with a picture of a mule-drawn barge superimposed on the bottom of the sign. "I haven't yet discovered all the fascinating history associated with the inn," says Beverly. "I hope one day soon to talk to older residents of the community to find out more about the inn's past." For now, the Thompsons, who recently purchased the inn, are concentrating on getting everything in order. Even though they have been innkecrs only a short time, they are skilled in the art of hospitality. A large sign on the huge brown door says, "Beverly and Tom Thompson Welcome You." This feeling of welcome extends to all whether you are dining here or staying for a few days. Beverly, who docs some of the cooking and all of the baking, is usually on the premises to make your stay pleasant.

As you enter the inn, you see the bar tucked into the comer on your left and the dining room on your right. The room is large Call for room rates and dark-panelled with maroon carpeting. Two night stay required on weekends The tables and chairs are burnished pine. Dining from 5:30 • 9 p.m. Monday and Each place setting is enhanced by a white linen placemat and napkin. This is reminisThursday, 5:30 -10 p.m. Friday and Saturcent of the Netherlands where, in Dutch day, 3 - 9 p.m. on Sunday restaurants, it is the traditional custom to The restaurant is dosed on Tuesday and 'Wednesday. Accepts VISA, Master , cover tables with small, thick rugs instead of Charge and American Express Innkeepels-' tablecloths. The placemats at the inn have been hand-woven by women in the Penn— Bob Cobun and Stehan J. Jugan. ) sylvania Dutch countryside. The whiteness of the mats c o n t r a s t s n i c e l y , with the dark-colored tables. Fresh flowers and can•••• dles add the finishing touch. Except in steamy summer, a fire is usually burning THE UPPER BLACK EDDY INN brightly in the large fireplace. Lodging all year

You'll experience the old-fashioned world of countryside living when you stay at the Upper Black Eddy Inn. The inn. which overlooks the Delaware River and Canal, has been a fixture of the tight-knit community of Upper Black Eddy since 1830. At least that's what the gray, yellow, red and white sign says outside the inn. However, innkeeper Beverly Thompson, says it may have been built way before 1830. She explained Black was a family name, well-known in Bucks County. Since there was an eddy or whirlpool in this part of the

The inn's menu is intriguing. Instead of the usual American fare, it features Northern Italian dishes (made with lots of cream and butter). However, some French and the popular American steak are offered. There is a wine list and a complete bar so you can enjoy your favorite cocktails. On a hot summer day you can sit on the front porch and sip an apertif while enjoying the refreshing river breeze. It's notably cooler along this stretch of the river. For those who stay at the inn, there are six guest rooms which have recently been re-

furnished. Many of the Thompsons' personal antiques decorate the rooms. Some have Victorian bedroom sets and there are rope beds. From 1770 to 1860 rope beds were the mainstay in a country Pennsylvania family's bedroom. Not all rooms have private baths. Breakfast is provided for guests in the downstairs dining room. Nearby the inn is the geological wonder — Ringing Rocks. These rounded granite rocks are thought to be part of the Wisconsin Glacier. When struck by a hammer or similar tool, they give off various tones. Hence, the name "Ringing Rocks." Location - River Road (Route 32), Upper Black Eddy, Pa. 18972 215-982-5554 Children and pets (on a selective basis) For room rates call

Lunch is from noon to 3 p.m. Monday to Saturday | Dinner is from 5 to 9 p.m. Monday to Friday and Sunday and from 5 to 10 p.m. Saturday. Sunday brunch is from 1 to 3 p.m.

•••• PLUMSTEADVILLE INN "The hui Place (a-little out of the way) ... Hearty Continental fare ... old-world service ... in an authentic colonial setting ..." The inn's own advertisement is a true description. Often rated five stars for food and ambience, this inn's menu will tempt even the most well-intentioned dieter with its succulent rack of lamb and tangy caesar salad. After dinner if you're in the mood for something just a little bit different and special, you can savor an international coffee of your choice. It's prepared at tablesidc with much flair. There is a main dining room and several smaller rooms. In the larger room, a mammoth fireplace is lit year round. Nearby is a piano bar which separates the main dining room from the large bar flanked by old-style tavern booths. Patrons are encouraged to stop by and hear their favorite songs. If you're seeking a quieter atmosphere, you might dine in one of the smaller rooms where


River numerous painting* decorate the walls. These paintings are from the collection of one of the owners Unlike many of the other inns, this one was used primarily as a stage-coach stop. Built in 1751. it stili ha* 15 rooms available for travellers or those who want a change of pace. Location • Route 611 and Stump Road, PbnmteadfUk, Pa. 215-766-7500 Private baih'wkn each room. No children or pets Major credit cards accepted. Op«o Tuesday - Sunday. Lunch is from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday. Dinner b from 5 to 10 p.m. Tuesday to Thursday. Dinner b from 5 to 10-30 p.m. Friday and Saturday aod from 1 to 9 p.m. on Sunday. Sunday broach is from 11 a-m. to 3 p.m. Innkeepers • Richard Canon and Dennis *V. Morrison.

*••• THE BLACK BASS HOTEL LumbcTviUe has the distinction of being home to two top-drawer country inns — the 1740 House and the Black Bass Hotel. President Grover Cleveland frequented the Black Bass but President George Washington never slept here. That's because the inn. built in the 1740s, was loyal to the crown during the American Revolution. It's easy to find this time-honored respite for there's a colorful sign by the road that depicts a black bass smoking a cigar while holding a cane. No one at the inn knows if the sign has any special significance but in days past animals were often drawn on signs and used as inn designations. However, according to Willis M. Rivinus in his book. "A Wayfarers Guide to the Delaware Canal." the river in the upper part of the count) "became popular among fishermen, including Grover Cleveland who used to vacation here while President.Tbe shad

and sturgeon taken here commanded premium prices at market because the flesh was said to be sweeter on the fish which by now had purged themselves of salt water." At one time, bass populated the waters here. The inn has an intriguing history and innkeeper Herb Ward delights in explaining it to his guests. According to Ward, the inn has survived for some 200 years upon the old proverb. "Make new friends, keep the old. these are silver, those are gold." The hotel was first built as a fortified haven to protect nver travellen from roaming bands of hostile Indians. Today, with its aura of pace and solitude, it's hard to believe such event* happened near here One thing that hasn't changed is the hotel's magnificent vio* of the n\cr. perhaps the most breathtaking of any of the inns in the countv The main dining room overlooks the nvcr and patron* often requevt to sit here to enjos the calm. Diners can fast on Roast Duckling Sormandie. Charleston Meeting Street Cribmc-j! or New England Lobster Pie You can be *urc all food is prepared from trevh. rufural ingredients Even the herbs lived in herbal teas are garden fresh. Individualized anention his been devoted to every aspect of a guest's visit. Beds are comfortable arid each » covered with a handmade quilt. Seven rooms share two full baths and there is a two-bedroom suite with owns bath and living room Most rooms have


a river view. So you can relax without distractions there are no telephones or television sets, only the beautiful countryside to occupy your thoughts. Location - Route 32, Lomberville, Pa. 215-297-5770 or 215-297-5815 Pets art permitted (bat not on lower floors) Major credit cards are accepted. Call for room rates bat weekend bookings mast Include Friday and Saturday nights. Open for luncheon on Monday to Saturday from noon to 2 JO p.m. Open for dinner from 5 to 10 p.m. on Monday to Saturday and family dinner is from I to 8 p.m. on Sunday. Wine List • Extensive, mostly French and California. Some Bocks County Wines. Innkeeper • Herb Ward. * * * * 1740 HOUSE Lumberville, so named for the saw mill and lumber operations which predated the Revolution, is the home of a small charming inn nestled on the banks of the Delaware. It's the 1740 House, formerly a bam built in 1740. But don't get the wrong idea. The inn is now modernized although there are no telephones or television sets. Host Harry Nesxkr. a former New York realtor, will see you're comfortable and well-fed. The atmosphere here though is completely unlike anything you'll find in New York — there's absolutely nothing to do. Well, that's not quite true. There are a few antique shops and the Lumberville County Store and Post Office with its gas> pump right outside the door and a mannikin on the porch. There's also Carla VanDyk's bookstore stocked with an extensive collection of area maps and guides and books focusing on local history. The inn has 24 rooms decorated in the Early American period. Each room has an adjoining bath and private terrace where you

can sit and just idly watch the river. From the terrace you also have a good view of Lumberville's footbridge, the only one across the Delaware. Often couples are seen walking hand-in-hand across the bridge, which offers a spectacular view of the river, to Bull's Island, a New Jersey State Park. If you're a nature lover, you can roam the park grounds admiring the flora and fauna. Dining at the inn is a delight due to the culinary talents of Chef John Vavrick. Although the menu is limited, there's always a choke of fish or fowl or you might prefer a perfectly grilled filet mignon. Overnight guests are served a buffet breakfast. The inn has no liquor license but ice and mixers are available. lxxadoa-RlT«rRoad,LumberTilk,Pa. 215-297-5661 No children or pets. Dinner served nightly except Sunday and Monday. By reservation to those not overnight 7 guests. • No luncheon. Jackets please. Innkeeper - Harry Nessler.

•••• THE RIEGLESVILLE HOTEL If you really want to get far from the maddening crowd, the Ricgelsvillc Hotel in the very upper reaches of the county is for you. Since 1774. the Cregar family has operated the hotel originally built by farmer Benjamin Ricgcl in 1837 as a hotel. Nearby is the Riegcl Paper Mills. This hotel is truly a family-run operation. Fran and Harry Cregar are your hosts and meals arc prepared by their son. the chef. Oyster and spinach appetizer and Chicken Rockefeller are favorites of patrons. For something leaning toward the

dramatic, after dinner order an international coffee or dessert which will be piepaied at tableside with a touch of fire. When available fresh seafood is featured. If there's a bit of a chill, giant fireplaces in the large front dining room and several smaller rooms will be put to work. Exterior stone walls and ceiling beams have been exposed which lend to the atmosphere of this rustic retreat. PerKapsjfter a long walk you'll want to relax in the hotel's bar and lounge. Although seating is limited, the area is interesting. Photos on the wall show what the hotel looked like in days gone by and these have been reproduced on hotel menus. Tables in this room are former sewing stands and the windows are covered halfway by stained glass panels designed by the owners' son. Overnight guests stay in cither two rooms with fireplaces on the second floor or a few "basic" rooms on the third floor. Many people feel fireplaces add a special romantic glow and opt to stay on the second floor. Most of the rooms are small (nine by twelve foot size) and seven have partial or full bath with the remaining sharing a bath. While you're exploring the region enjoying this season's crisp, cool air plan a trip to view the steel cable bridge across the river. It replaces the wooden one destroyed after thes, flood of 1903. Location • One block off or Rt. 611 (northbound-right at first light) RiegeteviUe, Pa. 215-749-2469 j Pets allowed but not on first Door. VISA and Master Charge accepted. There's a limited wine list, some Bucks County wines. Will special order. Open for lunch Tuesday to Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Dinner from Wednesday to Saturday from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Open Sunday from 12:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. (Lunch menu available anytime). Innkeepers - Fran and Harry Cregar.

•••• SIGN OF THE SORREL HORSE The Sign of the Sorrel Horse is an inn that's literally off the beaten track. Located off the north side of Lake Nockamixon near Quakertown, this intimate spot can only be identified by the wooden sign out front with a small sorrel horse that says "Food. Spirits. Lodging" painted in white. In wanner weather, blossoming bouquets of yellow, red and orange flowers surround this rather plain white building. The history of the inn is sketchy. In the lobby there's a framed application for a license to operate the inn which is dated 1784. According to Willis M. Rivinus in his book. Early Taverns In Bucks County there was a sign of the Sorrel Horse Tavern in Noxkamixon and it was one 6f the most noted inns in the upper part of the county. It was established by Captain Nicholas Burk. Rivinus wrote, "The sign before before the door, was emblazoned with a white horse in full military trappings. The captain regularly led the annual spring and fall training sessions for the uniformed militia. These involved games and horse races drawing a large crowd of spectators." In his book, Rivinus points out that the local painter Edward Hicks painted a sign at one time showing George Washington mounted on a chesnut-sorrel horse. Although the sign was for the former Brick Hotel in New town perhaps it had some significance for those in the upper end of the "county. Whatever the true background of the inn, it is documented, however, that the present inn was a day's travel from Bethlehem on the way to Philadelphia. Today, patrons find it as welcome a 'stopping point as it was years before. Since 1977, two young and industrious young men. both ex-Washingtonians. operate this unique establishment. Ronald Strouse is the chef: Fred Crcsson is the bartender and manager. Is the food good? If people drive as much as 75 miles to savor the cuisine it must be superb. The creativity of the chef comes

through in many dishes including Cheddar vegetable bisque, veal maison (a rich sampling of veal medallions with heart of artichoke sauce), Cheddar chicken, game hen with apple slices and Calvados and pecan mocha tone. But don't count on these delectable treats. The menu changes every few weeks but there will always be something appealing. Every amenity possible is extended to guests who choose to stay in any of the six guest rooms. Rooms are decorated with antiques and each room has its own personality. In one is a carved headboard with fine detail work and in another a gleaming brass bed. Fresh fruit and flowers appear daily and there's a "common room" where a decanter of sherry rests on a silver tray. Guest looms are named after famous Bucks Countians. One. is named after George Taylor, signer of the Declaration of Independence and long-time superintendent of the Durham Fumance which is nearby and supplied chain, cannon and shot during the Revolution. Keep in mind the inn has the unusual and delightful tradition of holding special feasts throughout the year to celebrate the seasons. For sample, in the fall was a Harvest Feast which included such fare as pumpkins, game and apples. The next special feast will celebrate the rites of spring. Location - Old Bethlehem Road near Quakertown. 215-536-4651 No children or pets. Masjer Charge aad VISA accepted. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays and some weeks in February. Innkeepers - Ronald Strouse and Fred Cresson.


THE INN AT PHILLIPS MILL How many inns can boost of being a tea house, an Italian restaurant, a private girls school, a piggery, grist mill, art studios and now an inn and restaurant? Not many but at one time the Inn at Phillips Mill was all of these. This charming edifice with a copper pig outside the door is as inviting an inn as there is. Built originally as a grist mill by Aaron Phillips in 1756, this inn was the center of the area's art colony shortly after the turn of the century. Since 1929, an art show is presented each fall. In the early 1900s landscape painter William Lathrop and painter and architect Morgan Colt spent many hours transferring what they saw onto canvass. Present day owners Joyce and Brooks Kaufman love the inn as much as these early painters. You can enjoy nature indoors as much as out because there are always fresh flowers. In the spring, when everything comes alive, greenery encircles the grounds and potted plants and hanging baskets complement the picture. Agatha Cristie would be at home here plotting one of her mysteries to ; fit the surrounding setting. The inn is a cheery and romantic place. All of the inn's four rooms and one suite have four-poster beds and are furnished with antiques. Each has a private bath. The rooms are colorfully painted — one in pumpkin, another in hot pink and lilac. Breakfast here is as close as your bedroom door as each morning a petit dejeuner is left outside your door wrapped in a blue-and-white cloth and placed'in a wicker basket. Breakfast is fresh croissants, plenty of coffee and freshly-squeezed juice. Of course, dinner is heartier fare consisting of classic as well as provincial dishes prepared by Chef Claude Pottier. Location • North River Road, New Hope 215-862-2984 for lodgings 215-862-9919 for dining. No children or pets. Bring your own wine. Restaurant is open from 5:30 to 9 p.m.; Friday and Saturday to 10 p.m. See INNS, page 16 TIME OFF


Inns (Continued from page 15)

No credit cards accepted. Innkeepers - Joyce and Brooks Kaufman.

•••• GOLDEN PHEASANT Yes. pheasant is available here — in the proper season, as is venison, rabbit, quail and other wild game. A proud pheasant even adorns the dishes on the linen tablecloths at this inn which is known for its excellent and well-prepared food. Worth sampling are Fire bland Deviled Clams, sauteed loin of venison bernaise. bouillabaisse Jeanette of- Pheasant of the Inn with green grape sauce. This is a restaurant for the truly adverturesome diner as the chef often concocts exotic dishes such as machi machi (dolphin with lemon butler). Built in 1857. the inn was once a hotel run by Jacob Oberacker. Here, muleskinncrs would rest for the night or stop for salt cakes similar to today's pretzel. Today, the boatmen would be surprised at the inn's sophisticated ambience. There is candlelight and soft music in all three of the inn's dining rooms and. of course. intimate comers for two In the inn's solarium, elegance is de rigueur Hanging plants are everywhere and you have never seen a table set so well* When it's time for bed. you'll sink into a feather mattress which is the ultimate in comfort. There are six guest rooms available with three rooms sharing a common bath.'All are decorated in.the Victorian T period. Nearby is an 1810 brick building, the "Stover House." 'which has eight guest rooms. It's the newest addition to the inn. Location - River Road, Erwinna. Pa. 215-294-9595 Open all year except Christmas and Valentine's Day No children or pets Credit cards accepted There is one both for each three rooms. Innkeepers - Reid Perry and Ralph Schneider.

•••• THE LOGAN LNN Helen Hayes. Julie and David Eisenhower and a host of other celebrities have stayed at the Logan Inn but even if you're not famous you'll be treated just as well by host Carl Lutz. This well-known inn has a long and colorful history. According to Willis Rivinus in his "Early Taverns in Bucks County." "Contrary to what one might expect, the Logan Inn in New Hope was not named for William Penn's Colonial Secretary. James Logan. Rather, the name was that of a Lenni-Lenape chieftain who was born Wingohocking. Through many dealings with the big-hearted 'White Chief.' the Indian developed a great admiration for Logan. As the highest symbol of his esteem and eternal friendship. Wingohocking traded names with the white man. From that day forward he answered to the name Logan."

Rivinus also wrote, "The inn was in operation before 1732. having been founded by John Wells, the-town's first sealer. At the time of the Revolution it

was known as "Old Ferry's Tavern," because of its location by trie river. Here Washington's men gathered before the Crossing in 1776." There's quite a bit more history behind the inn which innkeeper Lutz will often impart. Mr. Lutz's personal antiques decorate the 10 rooms available and many are from the Victorian amfc Edwardian periods. Eight rooms have a private bath and two share a bath across the hall. The Logan Inn was established in 1727 and is the oldest building in New Hope and one of the most interesting. The main dining room, or Garden Pavilion, is an all-glass conservatory festooned with ferns, orchids and bromeliads. The decor is lacy white wrought-iron furniture, the kind you'd expect at a garden parry. If this room doesn't suit your taste, you can dine in a Victorian Room dressed in red flocked wallpaper. There are clocks everywhere you look and many more antiques including a rare collection of beer steins in the bar. a Baccarat glass parrot and several lithographs and paintings. Guests are always intrigued by an original 1839 oil painting of Prince Albert, painted the year before he married Queen Victoria. Location — Ferry and Main Streets, New Hope, Pa. 215-862-5134 No pets, television or telephones. VISA and Master Charge accepted. An extensive wine list, will special order. Open daily for lunch from 11:30 a.m., dinner from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Closed Sundays until late May. Innkeeper — Carl Lutz ~ HOTEL DU VILLAGE Barbara and Omar Arbani had a dream of one day owning their own inn and their dream is now a reality in the form of the Hotel du Village. Omar, who is of Algerian descent, is a chef (trained in France and England) who creates such dishes as Ris de Veau Financiere (sweetbreads, green olives, mushrooms and Madeira) and Toumedos Henri IV with artichoke hearts and sauce bemaise. Rich food — yes — but delectable. If you can get up once you've enjoyed dinner, you might walk around the inn's grounds which are quite spacious compared to most. The inn, set off Route 32 or River Road, is half hidden among the gently sloping hills of nearby New Hope. Although it's easy to miss the turnoff. it's always worth driving around to find this tum-of-the-century manor house. There are two buildings that serve as restaurant and lodge. There's White Oaks (the Tudor-style house) and Applcdorc (the former carriage house). Both names are holdovers from country estate days. At one time, the land was part of the huge Ely tract, a grant from William Penn. Although this inn is near the river, its view is of the surrounding countryside. It's relaxing to just watch the change of seasons while dining on the often sun-dappled porch which has windows on three sides. If you decide to stay overnight, quarters are cozy. There are 19 guest rooms of all different sizes including a suite of two connecting rooms. Each has a private bath. The rooms are decorated in early 1900s country style and will take you back a generation or two. Colorful gingham spreads and curtains brighten the rooms. Location — Rirer Road and Phillips Mill Road, New Hope, Pa. 215-862-5164 for lodging 215-862-9911 for restaurant Opea dafly for dinner from 5:30 p.m. except Tuesday.

No lunches. Jackets required. The inn has applied for a liquor license, meanwhile bring your own wine. Accepts American Express. Innkeepers — Omar and Barbara Arbani

**•• SOME OTHER CONSIDERATIONS WASHINGTON CROSSING INN The name of this inn speaks for itself. This is the place where Washington crossed the Delaware on Christmas Day in 1776 to confront the British troops. The crossing is re-enacted each year and is a memorable occasion, but dining here is also a noteworthy event. The'inn is open for luncheons, dinners and late-night snacks. There's also Sunday brunch. Specialties of the house bear no resemblance to colonial fare. The extensive dinner menu includes Fra Diavolo (lobster meat, crabmeat and shrimp all simmered in the chefs marinara sauce) and Saltimbocca Volsostanna (miIk-fed veal cutlets with smoked ham and provolone cheese, topped with a zesty sauce). The inn has rooms but only for long-term rental. Location — Route 532, Washington Crossing. 215-493-3634 Innkeepers — Percy Trease and Lou Boras FERNDALE INN Once a stagecoach stop on the route between Philadelphia and Easton, the Ferndale Inn is aspiring to become one of the county's first-rate inns. Ferndale is a section, of Bucks County, once known as "Rum's Comer." which now is a charming small village. Since August 1980. owners Dan and Karl Deibler have renovated the original building which was built in 1862. Although accommodations are still undergoing extensive renovation, the inn is open for dining. Menus change with each of the four seasons, but the house specialty, mignonettes of Iamb, is always available. Cuisine is predominantly French and is listed as "classical and nouvelle." Location — Church Hill Road and Route 611 215-847-2662 or 215-847-8983 An extensive wine list, mostly French and California. Innkeepers — Dan and Karl Deibler

BARLEY SHEAF FARM, BED AND BREAKFAST Colonial charm is the mainstay of this three-story country inn. In March 1700 William Penn deeded the land the inn is set on to James Streeter. an English physician. The inn has had many owners since then with the newest proprietors being Don and Ann Mills. Staying at the farm you truly experience country living as you live among the Mills' own sheep, pigs, chickens and bees which they raise nearby. There are six bedrooms, all decorated with Early American period pieces. Location — Route 202, Holicong, Pa. 215-794-5104 Closed until March 1. Children 8 years and up allowed.

•••• BED AND BREAKFASTS Bed and Breakfasts are overnight lodgings with, of course, breakfast included. The lodging may be in a guest house, an

inn or a small hotel. Rates are usually much less expensive than staying in an established hotel. Owners most times live on the premises. The following are two Bed and Breakfasts or B&Bs, as they are known:

•••• PINEAPPLE HILL In colonial times if you wanted to welcome visitors you might put a pineapple out on your front doorstep since the fruit was a symbol of hospitality then. Today, Steve and Mary Darlington keep their pineapples in the house but outside near the River Road they have a pineapple-shaped sign. : The Darlingtons are owners of Pineapple Hill, a bed and breakfast retreat which is a large white farmhouse with black shutters. There are four guest rooms, two on the second floor and two on the third, with one bathroom for each two rooms. The rooms are furnished with family antiques and on the second floor there is a brass or spool bed. The house was built around 1800 and is a traditional (plain) house. Near the house there is a pool cleverly enclosed within the ruins of a stone bam. A simple breakfast is available everyday and tea is served in the afternoon. Location — on River Road, 7 miles NW of New Hope-Yardley exit of 1-95. For reservations, contact: Janet Mochel, Director of the Bed-and-Breakfast of Philadelphia at 215-884-1084 or the Darlingtons at 215-862-9608. Small children welcome but advance notice required. Smoking permitted only in parlor. Innkeepers — Steve and Mary Darlington. INNISFREE If you like to curl up with a good book in a large, overstuffed chair before a glowing fire, then Innisfrcc is for you. But even if you don't like to read, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the woods and millstream, for Innisfree is the perfect place to watch the changing seasons. Mother Nature is manifested in all her glory here. Innkeeper John Hucstis said he named this retreat "Innisfree" after a poem "The Lake Isle of Innisfree" by the poet Yeats. "I was feeling nostalgic." said Huestis. "and decided if I ever did open an inn I'd model it somewhat after the poem." "And 1 shall'have some peace there . . •." Huestis' Innsfree is certainly peaceful. Set deep in a hollow, this 1748 one-time grist mill looks out over a picturesque stream. The inn is surrounded by ten acres and abuts Tohickon State Park. Innisfree is >a family-run operation. Perhaps it has such a "homey" atmosphere because it is the home of Huestis and his children. This innkeeper's own antiques decorate the rustic living room and help make it the kind of room where you linger to enjoy friendly conversations around the fire. There are 10 bedrooms, three with private bath. Long and large windows overlook the stream and an oven and stove are built into the huge gear works in the ground floor bedroom. Breakfast here is hearty. Waffles, crepes and breakfast souffles' are served and cooked by the innkeeper himself. You can't get more individualized attention than this. Other meals are not provided but innI keeper Huestis will gladly make reserva- tions for you at nearby restaurants. Location — Cafferty Road, Point Pleasant Mailing Address — P.O. Box 108, Point Pleasant, Pa. 18950 215-297-8329 No pets or children. Innkeeper — John Huestis

On Antiques

Furniture: knowing old from antique by LEO ARONS The search for good value in purchases for the home is constant, but rarely so intense as when furniture is under consideration. Often the investment is considerable and prospective buyers are only too aware of the fact that they'll by living with their decision for some time to come. For those with a taste for the contemporary' or those who will having nothing previously owned, new furntiure is the answer. It's just a matter of making the best deal with ooe of the many showrooms in our area. Other buyers, preferring traditional styles, woods and craftsmanship and possibly influenced by depreciation and resale considerations, will decide on antiques. If they are new to the art of buying antique furniture, they'll want to know what to look for and where to find it. And by the time they finish reading this column they should have some answers. First, though, let's look at one other possibility for furnishing the homestead; ordinary used furniture. USED FURNITURE, for the purposes of this discussion, is not old enough to be antique 11; is not of a clearly defined and desirable style like Art Deco; is not a carefully made reproduction of a particular period; and is not tum-of-the-century oak, about which I will say nothing nasty today. Il is limply run-of-the-mill utilitarian stuff, idcquitc for the children's room, or the shop, or whenever it's needed until the time is ripe to buy something better. It has link or no resale value, except in Princeton or other communities with large transient populations. It should be bought with the understanding that when its time comes it will be given away, so the cheaper the better. Just bow cheap, depends on how much time you have to find

a. The easiest aad least time-consuming approach is to patronize any of the local lacd furniture or consignment stores where you wiO find a reasonably broad selection at significant saving over the price of new merchandise. You may even stumble upon an inexpensive antique piece, though it isn't very likely. After all, rhry places get their stock mostly at *uct>oo where there's plenty of knowledgeable competition, or from other, bigger, dealers who buy entire estates, skim off the cream and sell or consign the With a link more time at your disposal, you can answer advertisements in the classified section of local newspapers, or. m balmier weather, go to the garage and yard sales that offer many bargains for the persistent hunter. Ptrstttence. however, is the operative word, and if you don't have the patience to wade through large amounts of overpriced junk you'll never know the reward of finding dollar boxes packed with antique glass by a retiring dealer, or a fine room-size Oriental rug for $50. It docs happen, but just a little more often than a big win in the state lottery. The best method, and the most time-consuming, is to attend auctions. You'll be surprised at bow cheaply serviceable used furniture can be bought; chairs for S2, bureaus for $20 and entire dining room sets for £200 or less. Of course, these aren't the orcasional widely

Chests of.drawers like this Empire example dating trom This secretary-bookcase could be found for about the same price as a good new one. advertised fancy estate auctions that are ^ J J g high prices. They are the ic warehouse sales held by the Slatoffs, or Robert Heller's weekly Monday at&kms in Lebanon, N.J. or, best of all, the Saturday offerings at Brown Bros, in Buckingham, Pa. not far from New Hope. Buying at auction is simple enough if you know what you're looking for andstay with inexpensive items. Examine the merchandise carefully beforehand. Decide on your maximum bid in advance, and stick to it. And studiously ignore anything and everything the auctioneer says except for the amounts of the bids. If you fail in your initial attempt to buy at auction, don't fret. Just try again next week or the week after. The supply of this kind of material is almost without limit. For those considering furnishing their homes with antiques, we come to the questions of just what to look for and where to look for it. While it is true any piece of furniture over 100 years old is an antique, desirability depends on other, more important, factors. You may remember my introducing, in a discussion of quilts, the criteria Conception, Execution, and Preservation. These factors are just as valid when applied to the evaluation of furniture as they were when applied to antique quilts. The conception of a particular piece must be judged in terms of the period of its making, for cacti period had-its own ideals and standards. The best pieces set those standards; others met them; and still others fell short. Execution, judged relative to a c c e p t e d standards of fine c a b i net-making, is rarely a problem before about 1830 when factory methods started becoming widespread. Finally, preservation pretty much speaks for itself, suggesting a search for repairs, refinishing, and replacements. To simplify somewhat, collectors arc most comfortable with, and pay most for, furniture produced in periods that had clearly defined design ideals and high standards of execution. Thus, 18th century designs are much in demand, while most

about 1835 are still fairiy easy to find. Usually they can be bought for less than $500.

of the 19th century has been ignored because of its frantic borrowing from one source after another. This borrowing, some would say, betrays the era's inauthentic vision, but it might more fairly be seen as the result of releasing that vision from its prc-industrial-revolution confines, and the struggle to define itself in the new broader context. The boy con of 19th century designs is far from complete, of course, and Victorian high style has many adherents. Nonetheless, the conservation buyer would, I believe, do well to avoid such pieces except perhaps to ring a special note in one particular spot. If the most desirable periods — the 18th century through about 1820 — are inaccessible because of high cost, then Empire period furniture is a natural second choice. Some of it is over-large, but not all, and materials, execution and preservation are frequently excellent. Often these" pieces, dating about 1820-1840 can be bought for less than the price of comparable new furniture. The question of where to buy antiques is answered differently for different buyers. The experienced dealer, who hardly needs

my advice, will ordinarily buy privately or from one or two carefully chosen auction houses. The less experienced buyer, who ought to be buying from the experienced dealer, will usually try buying at auction AUCTION BUYING can be a lot of fun if the amount spent is small, but for significant purchases the mistakes inevitably made are costly and disheartening. I say inevitably because wise buying requires specialized knowledge or specialized guidance neither of which is available to the novice at most auctions. Nothing an auctioneer says when selling can be ac' cepted without qualification because it is a time-honored tradition, sanctified by law, that the auctioneer's sole responsibility is to obtain the maximum price for the seller. To do this he may say .or write anything about a piece being sold and if he is mistaken or overly imaginative he still remains accountable to no one. True, there are great differences among auctioneers and auction houses, but caveat emptor is the invariable rule. By contrast, the clear responsibility of the antiques dealer is to the buyer .-Ethical See ON ANTIQUES, page 19

A GOURMET CHINESE RESTAURANT Specializing in Szechuan And Hunan Cooking

CELEBRATE THE CHINESE NEW YEAR Special New Year s Menu Jan. 25 - 31

Jaottrj Birthdays Lowly Selection of Antiques Estate Garnet P i n , Pendants, : Bracelets t Rings

$15. per person. Please call for reservations. 1342 BRUNSWICK AVE.. TRENTON. N.J. (At U.S. 1 & Brunswick Circle)




Hour*Mon.,Tuea,.W«d».&Thtirm.12-10. Fit & S«T1Z-11; Sun7430 -10:00





New Jersey Notes

JEM caps decade of imports by GENE KALBACHER Ten yean ago Ed Gratsi. Marty Scott aad JerYTeacabnnn went into business for l i n k did they know that a decade later they would bead a S13 million record company employing 75 persons on two continents- Furthermore, tbese friends who met in kindergarten in Metuchen never dreamed their first names would form the acronym for the largest distributor of rock import records in die world. Thai company is JEM Records. From JEM's headquarters is South Plainfield this threesome oversees an operation that not only imports and distributes rock records, but manages three domestic labels (Passport, Visa and PVC) as w e l l . A v i s i t o r to J E M ' s 13.000-square-foot facility marvels at this paragon of hip efficiency — indeed, this is one of the few record companies where the record-makers art as hip as the re-

cord-buyen — but the company's success story is traceable to far more humble, though no less inspired, origins. Having worked with a small record distributor during summer vacation from Franklin and Marshall College in Pennsylvania, Scott returned to campus for his senior year and started selling records from his dormitory. Sales were brisk and Scott decided to ship records to his buddies Grossi, at Wesleyan University, and Tenenbaum, at Cornell. So began a campus distribution network. Upon graduation, Scott traveled to England with his pals. There he bought Direct Hits by the Who, a British LP unavailable in the States. He quickly realized something: "If 1 want this record, there must be other people in America who want it too!'' Returning home, they decided to shift their emphasis from domestic records to imports, and, receiving a $900 order of 250 foreign LPs", opened shop in a 32-by-8-foot trailer on Route 22 in Union. Business was so good that within a year JEM was shipping records to both small

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T J X TrmJ, aUotritt* hkJUeaqr's, SontniDt Boro b ^ o n , SomtmUt C«rtarjDrep,Kilhbcro$*. Satattea TtmiMl, Priactton ttl ti.-nes s«!Htc! 19 traffic, wttlttti

830 an 1*40 am 8:45am 8:50 am 9:15 am

Titer Deli, L Windsor 935 am Carter's Statkwarj, Hifhtstmrn 9:40 am Twin R n m Btftl, Hfflrtstown 9:45 am Rosaoor Estatas, Jamesbarf 9:25 am Ocarbnok Ests^Cranbury Sta. 9:30 am

stores and the largest retail chain in the country. IN THE EARLY '70s, according to Scott, imports were considered "foreign" records first, and records second. Classical and ethnic records were being imported then (and u s u a l l y s o l d mail-order), but foreign pressings of albums by major rock groups were largely unavailable in the United States. The lag time between the release of a European LP and its domestic equivalent was often six months or more. The demand for European pressings was great, but the supply was not. "The idea that these records could be . marketed and merchandised as records first, foreign records second, came when we tried to get retail stores to display them openly," Scott recalls. "When the stores set up import-rock sections, we sent out divider cards, posters, mobiles, stickers and other merchandising aids, which were unheard of in regard to imports. That's when it became productive." Thanks to JEM's foresight and marketing savvy, diehard rock fans could get thicr hands on major releases sooner and, as it often turned out, in different form than their U.S. counterparts. A British Queen LP, for instance, might contain a different cover and a few different songs than an American Queen LP. Imports have become popular with American record-buyers for another reason: Foreign pressings may cost $1 more than domestic LPs in most cases, but they generally offer better Fidelity on today's sophisticated stereo systems. When the Beatles rocked the Baby B o o m cradle in 1 9 6 4 , American teen-agers, not to mention youngsters the world over, were turned on their ears. Scott, now 31, vividly remembers when (February 1964) and where (Menlo Park Shopping Center) he purchased Meet the Beatles. "When I bought the first Beatlc record," JEM's president recollects. "I

didn't know that the record wasn't out in England in that title, in that form. "It wasn't until later that we found out that the first few Beatle records had more tracks on them and different covers. Beatles '65, for example, wasn't a Beatles record as made by the Beatles; it was a compilation of the extra tracks that were always on the English Beatle records. But the consumers didn't know about these things in the mid-'60s." Nor did Scott, who adds, "If JEM Records had been in existence in the mid-'60s, can you imagine the amount of import Beatle records that would've been sold!" BY 1971, however, the Beatles had broken up. And since the early '70s were many believe; a fallow period for American rock, a new wave.of British "bands made inroads in the States. Yes, Mott the Hoople and ELP, among others, filled the void, with JEM playing a major role. But none was bigger than Elton John. And; again, JEM was right on target.' • - When John became a sensation in the U.S. with his second LP," Elton John, JEM imported copies of the singer-songwriter's debut album. Empty Skf, which had been issued in England but not in the U.S. JEM's timing was perfect — Scott and Co. sold more than 100,000 copies of Empty Sky before MCA, John's U.S. record company, released the LP several years later. One might assume the major labels in the U.S. have been embarrassed and undercut by JEM's timely imports, but Scott points out that JEM's relationships with these companies have been friendly and cooperative. Says Scott: "Our relationship has not been, 'We're going to sell these records (as imports) before you put them out (in the U.S.).' Many of these companies knew we were putting these records out. See NEW JERSEY NOTES, page 21

Hilton's Famous Oldies Nite Every Monday Nite — Live Performances by your Favorite Oldies Groups. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb.

1 Regents 8 Happenings 15 No Oldies Show 22 Classics

March March March March March

1 Mystics 8 Elegants / 15 Danny & The Juniors -1 AWARD 22 Duprees \_ 29 Capris ' v * 0 .>.- v V

Relne the Spint ot the SO s with Top Oldies Groups you won't want (o HILTON


The HUton Inn N.|. Turnpike E»t 8. Monmouth St. Extension. Uit Windsor. N | 08520 (609) 448-7000

I o p e f i t a u l deinv. PacUfe subject to clvinje i t discretion of Casino.





"I couldn't believe my eyes...." Trtnton Times

"This truly la the #1 Oldie*Club In New Jersey... New York Dally News

Mondays There's No Place Like Hilton WEEK OF JANUARY 27 f EBRUARY 2,1982


Inaugural dining at $250 a head by DIANNE WILLIAMS "If you wanna eat, you bctta siddown." Though these words did not particularly suit the splendor of the occasion, they did achieve thcii purpose — more than 1.100 guests attending the Inaugural Bail hastened to their seats. The event took place on Tuesday, Jan. 19.. 1982 at the recently opened Parsippany Hilton in Parsippany. It was the gala conclusion in a four-day scries of events honoring the election of Thomas H. Kcan as New Jersey's 45th governor. Guests paid $250 each to atenJ the over-subscribed affair. Proceeds raised by the ball wre to be used to offset inaugural expenses. A spokesman for the committee pointed out to reporters that all of the other festivities benefited organizatins such as the New Jersey Historical Society, the New Jersey State Council on the Arts and the Newark.Museum. Although the State contributed $40,000 to the expenditure, the funds from the ball were still necessary to reach a "break even" point. Notwithstanding budgetary considerations, the banquet was lavish — mass-produced by necessity, chaotic at times — but absolutely lavish. DURING COCKTAILS in the reception area, bors d'oeuvres included a wide range of hot and cold dishes. Banks of tabks. arranged in serpentine formation. were heaped with all manner of pre-dinncr eatables. Chafing dishes contained boned chicken breast in curry sauce, miniature shtsh kebabs, batter fried scallops, sweet aad sour meat balls and trays of assorted fruit and cheese. Waitresses passed hot canapes of every description. Many of the guests made the mistake of not venturing beyond this firs area, understandably.

since at times, it was almost impossible to move. Goser to the orchestra (music by Bobby Rosengarten and his band), a sumptuous clam bar was arranged beneath a towering ice sculpture. Two waiters were kept busy opening little necks, cherry stones and oysters. Center stage was held by a vast amount of shelled shrimp, perfectly cooked and very, very good. Each side of the table was flanked by bushel baskets full of stone crab claws imbedded in shaved ice. Opposite to this set of tables, another was laden with cold canapes — delightful tidbits like cucumber wedges filled with salmon pate, stuffed artichoke hearts and tiny pastries brimming with c a v i a r . M e t i c u l o u s l y carved raw vegetables were surrounded by six or seven acorn squash which had been hollowed out and filled with assorted dips. At yet another table, chefs prepared individual portions of veal Marsala and green noodles in a light tomato sauce. BEFORE I HAD A chance to fully investigate the rest of the appetizers, dinner was announced. I suspect that the reason it was so forcefully broadcasted was to make way for Governor Kean and his entourage. The press, dressed by request in formal attire, took their positions. One of the most startling differences between this inaugural ball and the other one 1 had attended 12 years before was the conspicuous presence of the media. With all their bright lights and cameras, they put a bit of a crimp in the style of the ordinary folk. Who can act naturally when munching on a crab claw in the focus of Channel 6 and Channel 10? However, they did add a tremendous excitement to the occasion.

And a certain amount of humor. At one point, after the media was given 30 seconds with the new governor, they wee ordered to clear the way. For a moment • there was a mad tangle of wires as each part of the camera crews fled in opposite directions. Someone from a major Philadelphia station murmured helplessly, "You're going to have to shoot it all over again, I only caught Kean's feet." There was no dais; the governor and his wife, Debby, took their places at a table identical to the other 107 tables in the ballroom. There were no lengthy introductions, just a simple welcome and then dinner began. The tables were covered in pink taffeta. Each napkin was tied in ribbon decorated with a single pink silk rose. Mirrored centerpieces were full of tulips, carnations, silk dogwood blossoms, lilies and daffodils. TO START, champagne and fresh fruit cocktail were served, followed by a salad of romaine lettuce and house dressing. The main course consisted of an excellent, medium rare filet mignon coated with a sauce Perigourdine, julienne strips of crisp zucchini and carrots, whipped sweet potato sprinkled with pistachios and a grilled tomato topped with cheese. A choice of red or white wine was served with dinner. A free bar was avaialable all evening. For dessert, there was a splendid variety of pastries. My chocolate tone was equal to that of any I would expect to find in a good, small, French restaurant. It takes a very sophisticated kitchen f a c i l i t y t o turn o u t 1 , 1 0 0 h o t , well-prepared meals at once and the Hilton did a fine job. (Think of the difficulty some restaurants have With just two.)

Nevertheless, it might be fair to say that the dining experience was not of primary importance to a good portion of the guests. They came to see the governor, to meet their political colleagues and, in some cases, to bury the hatchet. Women wore ball gowns, not evening gowns, an d the difference between the two could be measured in yards of ruffles, pounds of sequins and hundreds of dollars. They were all magnificent, including Mrs. Kean's black velvet,, off the shoulder sheath. One Morris County official credited the return to elegance to Nancy Reagan's influence: Guests were presented with a pair of Wedgwood compotiers commemorating the Bicentennial and a large photograph of the new governor.

On Antiques (Continued from page 17) standards do vary, however, and one occasionally finds a dealer who has had the good fortune to stumble upon entirely new crijgria for determining truth. Still others rpSy seek to compensate for lack of knowledge with fast talk or an ingenuous manner. The only way to find out is to visit different establishments. Discuss your interests with the proprietors. Sooner or later one, two, or three dealers will earn your confidence. When that happens, not before, you can start buying, comfortable in the realization that you are protected from mistakes by their experience and reputation. Working closely with such dealers to build a collection can be every bit as much fun as auction-going, more educational and, in the long run, no more costly.


Party Facilities


CKATTYE HOtS trOCUVRES from Carol's Kitchen. A large ranety of homemade gourmet hors d'oeuvres made from only the finest quality ail natural ingredients. Ready for your oven. Excellent for all types of parties. The best quality at affordable prices. 201/526-6986.

COACH & FOUR creates the unusual • The ambience of special lighting effects and candlelight adds personal atmosphere. 2 banquet halls available. Facilities for up to 125. Conveniently located at N. J. Tpk. Exit 8, Route 33, Hightstown. N. J. Call 609448-4200;

CONCORD STRING TRIO for your wedding or holiday party, add an elegant touch with music from Bach to Bachrach performed by this experienced ensemble. For information (201) 359-1662,359-7876,782-9814.

SOME CHICKEN - Hors d'oeuvres • chicken, shrimp, mushrooms, chicken puffs, fried chicken livers. "wing things", potato cakes. Large Party Combinations. Call ahead between 11:30 AM • 9:30 PM. Open 7 Days a Week. Montgomery Center 609-924-5659.

HILTON INN, EAST WINDSOR Exceptional Gourmet Dining in an elegant atmosphere. Many entrees flambeed tableside. Beautiful Banquet facilities for all occasions. N. J. Turnpike Exit 8 to Rt. 33 East, Monmouth Street Extension, HightstownEast Windsor (609) 448-7000.

Gourmet Foods Cr Beverages

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BUOOT THE CtOWH Special fun and laughter for your special part)! Birthdays. Carnivals. Picnics, Fairs^firand Openings. Promotions. School Events. Holiday Parties. Anywhere there are children to delight' 609/924-2471.

*£IK Of JANUAftY 27 - FEBRUASY 2,1982

NASSAU INN This is the place to celebrate! Let the professionals in our Banquet Dept. arrange a beautiful special event for you. Banquets, showers, weddings, anniversaries, reunions. Bar/Bat Mitnahs. Princeton, N. J. (609) 921-7500.

BLUE RAM PASTRIES Fine European Pastries and Cakes for any occasion, small gatherings to banquets. Over 100 selections, all made on premises. Blue Ram Restaurant and Pastry Shop, RL 532, Washington's Crossing, Pa. (215) 4931262.

OVER THE MIDGE INN Facilities available for up to 50 people. Menus tailored to your individual requirements. Applegarth Road. Monroe Township. N. J. 609448-6630.

ELLSWORTH'S WINE t LIQUORS Everything for your party and entertaining. Over 5000 fine wines and a large Gourmet Department Fill your picnic taskets or party platters with our delicious imported cheeses, Boar's head meats, and more! Princeton-Hightstown Rd, Princeton Jet. (609) 799-0530.

SOMERSET MARRIOTT HOTEL unique facilities for almost any" type or size of meeting, banquet, convention or seminar. The Grand Ballroom can accommodate 450 while our elegant suites can service as few as 10 people. 110 Davidson Ave., Somerset, 1287 & Easton Ave. Catering. 201/560-0500.

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DINING GUIDE J g ^ £ ^ *


ALCHEMIST I BARRISTER 28 Wrtherspoon St., Princeton. Fresh seafood, choice steaks. Lunch Mon.-Sat. 11:30-2:30; Dinner Mon.-Thurs. 5:30-10, Fri. & Sat 5:30-10:30. (609) 924*555. Sun. Brunch 12-3. Dinner 4:30-8:30.

FEEDBAG Princeton Shopping Center, Harrison St., Princeton, N. J . Monday-Saturday 8:30 a.m. 4:00 p.m. Smorgasbord. Fri. Eve. & regular menu. BYOB (609) 924-8441.

LE PETIT MAXIM S. Main St., Yardley, Pa. Tues.Sat. 5:30 - 10 p.m. Free Salad with dinner Tues., Wed. & Thurs. (215) 493-6944.

ANDY'S Tavern & Restaurant, 244 Alexander St., Princeton, N.J. Open 7 days. Lunch, Dinner, Cocktails. Fri. Shrimp in the Basket Special. (609) 924-5666.

THE FOOLISH FOX Rt. 206, 3% mi. north of Prin• ceton. Prime Ribs, Seafood. Lunch, dinner & after theatre. Mon.-Sat. 11:30-1 A M , Sun. 5-1 A M . Entertainment Fri. & Sat. eves. Cocktails. (609) 9240262.

MCATEERS RESTAURANT • 1714 Easton Avenue, Franklin Township. American Continental Cuisine. Lunch, Dinner, Cocktail. Live entertainment. Weddings. Business Luncheons: Tues.-Sat. (Tues. Night Belly Dance) Reservations 201 -469-2522.

ANNEX Restaurant 128% Nassau St. Princeton Mon. - Sat. 1130 to 1 a.m. Luncheon, Dinner, Cocktails. Large selection of Italian & American food & seafood at reasonable prices. 609-9217555.

FORAGER HOUSE Route 32, midway between Washington Crossing and New Hope. Dinners daily except Monday. Sunday Brunch. Reservations please 215-862-9477. Now serving your favorite wine & spirits.

BLUE RAM Rt. 532 Washington Crossing, Pa. Tues.Sat. 11:30 a.m. to 2 a.m. Sunday, noon to 2 a.m. Brunch 12-3. Entertainment nightly, Sundays, 4-8. C215) 493-1262. Cocktails.

FOUNDERS INN just off Cranbury Road, Monroe Twp/Jamesburg. 201-521-0319. Charming atmosphere, soup-n-salad bar, cozy lounge, steaks, fresh seafood, gourmet specials, happy hr. 4-7 wkdys; Lunch Tu-F; Dinner Tu-Sat; Moderate prices.

NASSAU INN Palmer Sq., Princeton, N.J. 609-9217500. Three Restaurants: The Greenhouse, Yankee Doodle Tap Room & The Inn's Dining Room. Entertainment nightly. Dancing Fri. & Sat. Eves. Breakfast, Sun. Brunch, Lunch, Dinner & Late Mite.

CAMPO'S RESTAURANT • 1001 S. Clinton Ave., Trenton. Specializing in Italian Cuisine. Prime Rib Special Wed. thru Sun. ^Reservations required.) Cocktails. Open 7 days (609) 599-3175.

4 MUSKETEERS Pizza Restaurant, 3181 Rt 27, Franklin Park (just 2 miles No. of the Marketplace). Pizza Neapolitan & Sicilian; Hot & Cold Heroes; Complete Dinners. Sun-Thurs. 11 am - midnite, Fri. & Sat. 11 am - 2 am 201/297-1981.

NORTH CHINA Mandarin & Szechuan Cuisine, 36 Witherspoon, Princeton, N.J. Mon.-Thurs. 11:3010 Fri. 11:30-11, Sat. 11:30-11 Sun. 1:00-10. BYOB, Carry out service. Daily Lunch Specials 11:30-3:00.

CHUCKS SPRING STREET CAFE 16 Spring St., Princeton. Princeton's newest idea in a restaurant. Specializing in great food and take-out service. Breakfast 8-11:30; Full menu 11:30 am - 10 pm. 609/921-0027.

GLENDALE INN 48 New Hillcrest Ave., Trenton, N.J. International Cuisine, special menu daily, canapes served at cocktail hour 4:30 to 7:00. Entertainment Wednesdays & weekends. Closed Sundays. (609) 883-2450 Banquet facilities all wk.

OVER THE BRIDGE INN Continental Cuisine. Applegarth Road, Monroe Township, N. J.; Lunch, Dinner, Cocktails. Open 7 days 609-448-6630.

THE CLAY POT Restaurant, Rt. 1 & Major Road, South Brunswick, Serving luncheon. Cocktails, unlimited salad bar, fresh seafood, and a specialty in barbequed baby back ribs. (201) 297-6678.

GREENLINE 175 Nassau St., Princeton, N J . (609) 683-0240. Featuring fresh, whole foods, whole grain breads, vegetarian specials. Mon. thru Sat., Breakfast 8-11:30 a.m. Lunch 11:30-2 p.m. Tea 25:30 p.m.. Dinner 5:30-8:30 p.m. (BYOB).

P.J.'s PANCAKE HOUSE 154 Nassau St., Princeton. (609) 924-1353. Homemade specialties are features in a large menu. Breakfast is served all day along with food for the whole family at affordable prices. Open 7 days from early to late.

COACH S FOUR Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge, Rt. 33, Hightstown, N J . Dancing and entertainment with Sal Trippi Tues. thru Sun. evenings. Luncheons & dinners. For reservations, call (6091448-2400.

HENRY BECK'S EATERY 2944 Brunswick Pike (Rt. 1), Lawrenceville. Lunch & Dinner featuring homemade soups, quiches, fresh salads, casseroles, sandwiches, etc. Catering. Mon-Fri: Breakfast 7-11 a.m.. Lunch 11-3. Sun. Brunch 102:30.

PAGODA specializing in Szechuan & Hunan cooking. 1342 Brunswick Ave., Trenton, N.J. (at U.S. 1 & Brunswick Circle). Mon.-Thurs. 12-10 p.m.; Fri. & Sat. 12-11 p.m.. Sun. 4:30-10 p.m. (609) 392-1122.

CONQUISTADOR, Hilton Inn, Monmouth St., East Windsor, N J . Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Served Dairy. Elegant Continental pining. Winner 1981 Menu of the Year Award, Cocktails Available. (609) 448-7000.

HUNAN Chinese Restaurant, 1715 N. Olden Ave., Trenton, N J . Hunan, Peking Specialties, takeout orders, BYOWine. Lunch served Mon. thru Sat. 11:30-2:30; Dinner served Sun. thru Thurs. 4:30-10, .Fri. & Sat. 4:30-11, (609) 883-8759.

PEACOCK INN 20 Bayard Lane (Route 206 near Nassau St.) Princeton, N J . Lunch, Dinner, Cocktails Mon.-Sat. Closed Sun. Major Credit Cards Accepted. Lodgings available (609) 924-1707.

COUNTY UNE INN Steaks, Seafood, Italian Dining. US Hwy. 206, Skillman, Mon.-Fri. Lunch 11:30 a.m.-3 p.m.. Dinner 5 p.m.-11; Sat. Dinner 5 p.m.12; Sun. Dinner 4 p.m.-9. Cocktails available. (201)359-6300.

KIM'S KITCHEN 18 South Main St., Lambertville, N.J. Korean cuisine. Open Tuesday through Saturday for dinner 609-397-1509.

PEKING EXPRESS Chinese Cuisine, 31 Station Dr., Princeton Jet., N. J . Tues. - Thurs. 11:30 - 2, 5-/ 9:30; Fri., Sat, 11:30 - 2, 5-10, Sun. 1-9. 609-7999891-3334. BYOWine Carry out,service.

CRANBURY1NN 21 South Main St., Cranbury, N.J. Lunch Tues.-Fri. 11:30-2:30. Dinner Tues.-Thurs. 59. Fri. & Sat 5-10. Sun. Dinner 12-8 P.M. Private parties. Cocktails. Entertainment Fri. & Sat. evenings. 609-655*595.

KONDITOREI Continental Cuisine. Reasonable. Cafe with homemade specialties like Spankapita, Tostada, Quiches & scrumptious desserts. Catering & box lunches. 48 W. Broad St. (Hopewell House' Sq.) Tu-Fri 9:30-3 p.m.. Sat 10:30-3.609/466-1221.

PHEASANTS LANDING — 2 restaurants: The Nest, a Rathskellar for luncheons, casual dining & late night sandwiches. Entertainment Fri. & Sat. Eve; The Pheasants Inn for cocktails and fine continental Dining. Am well Rd., Belle" Mead.

DJ MATTIA'S Restaurant & Lounge, 1 N. Main S t . AJIentown, N J . Italian-American Cuisine. Dining room hrs. Tues.-Thurs. 5 p.m.-9 p.m., Fri.-Sat 5-10, Sun. 3-8. Sunday Brunch 11-2 p.m. Cocktails (609) 259-9128.

THE KING'S WHARF at the Somerset/Marriott 110 Davidson Ave. at 1 287 & 527, Easton Ave. Somerset. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner daily; Light & Gourmet dining, Mon.-Sun. 7 a.m.-11 p.m., Sun. Brunch 10:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. 201 -560-0500.

PRINCETONIAN DINER 3501 Rt. 1, Princeton, N.J. Open 24 Hours - 7 Days a Week. Delicious Salad Bar. Special Brunch for Sat. & Sun. All cooking done on premises with a large selection of desserts.

EAGLE TAVERN 429 S. Broad St., Trenton, N J . Lunch Mon.-Fri. 11-2:30; Dinner nightly except Mondays from 6 PM; Sunday Brunch; Parties; Banquets and catering. (609} 393-1765.

LAHIERES French Cuisine 5-7 Witherspoon St., Princeton, N J . Mon.-Sat Closed on Sunday. Wine Cellar. Lunch, Dinner, Cocktails available 609-9212798.

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MILLER'S WIFE S. Main St. (Rt. 539) Allentown, N.J. Country cooking served in an historic grisyrnill. Lunches 11:30-3 Tues. thru Sun.; Sun.""^^ehr' 11:30-3; Candlelit Dinner Sat. 6-9. BYOB. 609-259-,. 3774.





HEARSAY The Newark Museum. 49 Washington St.. Newark, has received a grant from the Foosaner Foundation of Millburn. in support of its Sunday Afternoon Concert scries for the 1982-83 season. The Foundation grant will serve to match funds received from the N.J. State Council on the Arts. The upcoming senes will mark the 50ih year in which the monthly concerts were presented ai the museum. Samuel J . Foosaner of Millbum and Cocoa Beach. Florida, made the award to the museum in memory of'his late wife. Renee Foosaner Consequently, the sencs will be presented as the Renee Foosaner Sunday Coocerts. The concerts, which were important in the cultural life of Newark, wilt feature a variety of soloists and instrumental groups from the N.J. metropolitan area.

Emeritus of Music. Dr. Helbig retired from the college in February 1981 after serving for 31 years in the TSC department of music. A gifted composer and arranger. Dr. Helbig is author of the book, "Musical Composition, A Fundamental Approach," which is used in college composition classes throughout the country. In addition to the variety of music subjects he taught while at Trenton State, Dr. Helbig served on many departmental and college committees, and was assistant to the music chairman from 1977 to 1981.

• •••• EXko Kahn. a Princeton area watercolonst. will exhibit her work at a one-person show at the National Arts Club. Gregg Galleries. 15 Grammcrcy Park South. New York. The exhibit, entitled '•Structured Free Forms," will be held from Feb. 15 to 21, II a.m. to 8 p.m. Major art awards won by Ms. Kahn during 1981 were the Medal of Honor for Aquamedia at the Audubon Artists Annual Juried Show in New York and the President's Award at the National Arts Club Annual Juried Watercolor Show in New York City.

••••• The Trenton State College Board of Trustees recently honored former faculty member Otto H. Helbig 6f Pcnnington by conferring upon him the title of Professor

He has performed professionally as a violinist for many years in area ensembles such as the Trenton Symphony Orchestra. He is also renowned on and off campus for his unique performances on the music saw. Dr. Helbig holds a doctor of music degree from Yak University. He completed study for the EdD at Columbia University, where he also earned his master's and bachelor of science degrees.

••**• The cast has been announced and rehearsals have begun for the 24th annual musical presentation of PJ and B at McCarter Theatre in Princeton. This year Milton Lyon. who for neary a quarter-century has directed and conducted the PJ and B shows, has chosen Gilbert and S u l l i v a n ' s perennial favorite The Mikado. Performers familiar from past PJ and B shows will play many of the leading roles. Reid White, a veteran of more than six PJ and B musicals will portray Pooh-Bah. Jack Friedel. who will sing the role of Ko-Ko. has appeared in five PJ and B

' Fine American Cuisine Open Tues.-Sun. Entertainment Fri. & Sat.

(Continued from page 18) and they got a feel for their eventual marketing strategies from sales we got on imports, be it 200 copies or 20,000 copies. Imports were used in the early '70s to break a lot of bands, and the American companies, for the most part, utilized the knowledge thet got from import sales to help them sell records in America." In fact, Scott cites as one of JEM's major accomplishments the international coordination of record release dates. Today, the latest Queen LP, for instance, is released more or less simultaneously in Europe and the U.S. Though JEM's first claim to fame has been its imports, the company, with branches in California and London, also distributes a number of American independent labels (Slash, Bomp, 99, 415,-Ralph and Rhino) besides manufacturing and distributing its own three domestic labels (Passport. PVC and Visa). THE CURLY-HAIRED Scott concedes that running JEM may not be as

20 Bayard Lane, Princeton, N. J. (Route 206, just off Ntutu Street) 609-921-1707


Omww Hone ^nonv .

much fun as k was when the fledgling company operated out of a trailer, but he insists that it's more challenging than ever. Tightened radio playlists, changing tastes (soft rock, he says, is ever/popular) and the general inflationary spiral have made it harder to do business in the '80s. JEM's New Jersey location, he nqtes, is both an advantage and a disadvantage. "As a distribution company," he explains, "where we're situated is very convenient to the airports and major highways of America. Also, the cost of doing business in New Jersey, as opposed ^to New York City, is much cheaper. "We are at a disadvantage in terms of face-to-face communication with people; either we have to go to New York or they have to come to us. But we liye with it." Leafing through JEM's new\jatalogue, . an 80-page guide with about 2,000 titles, Scott concludes: "We're basically doing the same thing we've always done. Things around us have changed a lot more than we've had to change. We have to adapt — and this is the key — to the world around us. The world won't adapt to us."



This year the chorus also includes children, and for some PJ and B this year is a family affair, with both parents and children among the Little Maids from School and Gentlemen of Japan.

In a world full of change we 're still the same...

Tired of looking in the wrong places for the right person? Call or W r i t * N O W ! 609^29-3030

Nam*. Please send me i pf*m envelope information with No Obligation.


the Mason Gross School of the.Arts at Douglass College, in addition to other credits with area companies. All' the principal actors have made numerous appearances with Princeton-area theater companies such as the PenningtoTTPlayers, the Princeton University Opera, and the Triangle Club. Many also have appeared in professional theatre.

New Jersey Notes


THE CRANBURY INN established 1780

shows. Yum-Yum will be played by Derrjr Light, who also has five PJ and B shows to her credit. Other cast members whohave appeared at least once in principal roles with PJ and B are Dorothy Edwards (Katisha). Mark A. Kramer (Pish-Tush), Jack Lanning (The Mikado) and Brent Monahan (Nanki-Poo). Priscilla Orr (Peep-Bo) will be onstage for the first time with PJ and B, but played in the orchestra of Kiss Me Kate. Teresa Nevola (Pitti-Sing) is making her debut but has appeared in several productions at

Lunch • Dinner • Cocktail* Try one of our "blackboard ipedal* " OvernightLodgingi

. Pf TO

DINING GUIDE SCAKTICON Conference Center & Hotel./Princeton Forrettal Center, R t 1 , N J . 3 Exerting Restaurants; The Elegant Blade Swan, The Gracious Courtyard & The Charming TtvoS Gardens. Continental & Danish cutsine. Also 4 lounge*. 609-452-7800.

SOUTHWIND Chinese-Polynesian Restaurant. 479 Ridge Rd. (Rt. 522) Monmouth Jet., So. Brunswick Twp. Different Special Luncheon Daily $2.88. Gourmet Chinese Cuisine prepared by seasoned chefs. BYOWine. (201) 329-2722. Open 7 Days.

THE TERRACE at the Marketplace, Princeton, N J . Seafood & Natural food recipes. Open for lunch under skylight Mon.-Sat Dinner by candlelight Thurs. & Fri. nights. BYOB. <201) 821 -8822.

SJTAK Exotic Indian CuStne. 3068 R t 27. Kendall Park, N J . Open for Dinner Sun-Thurs 5:30 to 9-.30. Fri & Sat 5:30 to 1 0 u » . Visa, Mastercard, A m . Express accepted. Parties arranged. 201 /297-9496.

STARS RESTAURANT 9 Kline's Ct. Lambertville, N J . Fine continental cuisine, changes daily.- BYO Wine. Open for dinner W e d . thru S a t 7-11; Lunch Fri. & Sat. 12-4. Sunday brunch 12-5. Nightly Chefs Special $7.95. For Resv. 609/397-2923.

TRIVENI Exotic Indian Cuisine. 908 Livingston Ave., N. Brunswick, N J . Dinner 5:30-10 P.M. BYOWine. Complete Indian menu from Pakors & Mulligatawny Soup to Lamb Vindaloo, Curries, Beef Nirgisi & Moglai Kofta. Take-out. (201) 249-6496.

S O U K D4J J O U t BJackwen Ave. & Rte. 518. Hooewefl. N J . Lunch Mon-Set. 11:30-230; W e d . Nfta coffee house 8-11 p.m., Candleftte dinner Fri. 6:30-9-.30 J609) 466-3777.

SZECHUAN GARDEN Mercer Mall, R t 1 , Lawrenceville. N J . Fine Chinese Cutsine. Luncheon, Dinner, Take Out. Bring your own wine . 609-452-1525.


To Advertise your Restaurant in TIME OFF's Dining Guide Call (609) 924-3244 or contact your Sales Representative. TIME OFF



' Windwalker' honest Indian film by THOMAS SIMONET Just a year ago. the N.J. State Museum raa an exhibition and film series to point out the stereotypes of Indians that Hollywood long has reinforced. Now. as if answering the museum's call, an unusual movie called Windwalker has appeared in our area. It tells an Indian story without stereotypes — and

review without any o%erlay of white superiority or guilt. Technical shortcomings and too slow a pace make Windwalker something less than die great experience it has the «otential of being. But it is an interesting The film comes from an unlikely source — Pacific International Enterprises. This b a "four-wall" company that aims nature

and adventure films at family audiences. One market at a time, it rolls its pictures across the country with saturation theater bookings and local-television ad blitzes. Recent offerings included Mountain Family Roeinsos., Adventures of the Wilderness Family and Across the Great Divide. The company has never seemed to have a more serious purpose than providing a couple hours' G- or PG-rated diversion while making piles of profit from relatively small investments. In Windwalker they tried something more. The movie begins in 1797 and follows three generations of Cheyennes through a bloody family feud with some Crows. The patriarch of the Cheyennes. Windwalker (Trevor Howard) tells his life story to his grandchildren. Flashbacks show his beautiful wife Tashina (Serene Hedin) being killed and one of his twin sons being carried off by the Crows. When the grandfather dies, he is placed upon a burial scaffold to begin his journey

The movie •Windwalker' attempts to portray Indians in a realistic manner.

• •CUT 6ufl.ll

The movie's story is weighed down by trite direction. to the spirits. However, his family is attacked again. He must return to life for one final cause. Under his tutelage, the grandchildren take some brilliant defensive measures against the enemies, one of whom turns out to be the long-lost son. The roles of both sons are played by Nick Ramus in the all-Indian (except for. Howard) cast. James Remar plays Windwalker as a young man. TO THE FILMMAKERS' credit, the movie is virtually nonverbal. The Indians' few lines are spoken in native languages, translated in subtitles. Only some of Windwalker's reminiscences are spoken in English as he narrates the flashbacks. Some befuddling attempts at "poetic"Indian dialogue make you appreciate the silences. Example: "Do not fear death. As spring begins with winter, so death begins with biah." The reliance on the visual element is. daring and commendable, but it does not work all that well. By themselves, visuals can set mood and follow action. But, here anyway, they have a hard time advancing a plot with any complications. We "read" each shot in a flash. Yes. those are cute twins. Yes, that mother is


Depart urr Krnm:




Ru. 571 A 130 E. Windsor. N.J. )

Me Alrav)"» 10 E. Main Si. Soroer\ille. N.J.


8:4(1 Cartrr'* Slationarv


•106 Main St. Hifhutown. N.J.


Boro Liquon Channel Shpg. Cntr. SortwrviUr. N.J.

8:45 Twin Rivrn Baglr. Inc. 101-102 Abbinglon Drivr His-htstm

Onlurv Drugs 236 Rt. 206

8:3U Rosunoor Estates Foogatf Dri\c Jamrsburg. N.J.


Suburban Terminal 92Na*uuSl. Princeton. N.J.


Clearbrook Estate* Applegarlh Rd. Cranbun Statn.. N.J.



SOME PARTS look as if the problem was that David Stockman edited the budget before Pacific International could" edit the film. The mismatched lighting o f various shots-^in one battle sequence probably can -fee blamed on a stingy shooting schedule. Half the angles depict an overcast, shadowless day. The rest show a sunlit blue sky throwing harsh See INDIAN, page 23

Welcome to the

rom any of our convenient locations for a limited timepnly..:*3 Departure- From: , T.J.K. Tra»fl 113$. Main SI. ManvilW. N.J.

dead. Yes, that's the bad guy. As each shot continues for seconds beyond its "reading" time, we just sit and wait for new information. The! film needs much tighter editing throughout. ». Director • Kieth Merrill, formerly a documentary filmmaker, needlessly stretches many shots. He throws in enough unnecessary ones to add a half-hour of waste to the film. Repetitious sweeps of the Wasatch National Forest in Utah break the action innumerable times. Artsy views of water dripping from icicles show^ff Pacific International's macro tens but do little for mood or meaning. When these things aren't happening, pointless camera movements continually distract.

1:15 6:15 12:55 5:55

ri? GoidotCocrcfr&/ SELECT FROM OUR EVERYDAY MENU » WFettucini Vee* Plcata or FnnciM or Manila Broiled Veal Chopa TffrtariomTiptSauiM Steak6tChickenTeriyeAiwfffca Broiled Halibut or Babv Round* a Blue R»h Broiled Salmon Broiled Ala*kan King Crablew

Dlnnor M.I5 |.*5 e.tS

7.30 t.U

10.15 lO.tS II M



7.45 f.10 I0.M

Tcy our New Money Saving

BREAKFAST SPECIALS T w t Eggs Any Styl* «*/Potatoes and Toast; Short Stack of Pancakos; Snort Stack French Toast. Yovr Ckoico for Only


Two Eggs Any Stylo with Eithor Ham, Bacon or Sausage. Served with Potatoes and Toast. Only


LUNCH SPECIALS Starting at^ $ 2 9 5 PETITE MENU for SENIOR CITIZENS or ANY AGE Served Between 4-8 p.m. Includes: Salad, Rolls, Potato and Vegetable or Side of Spaghetti. SMALLER PORTIONS FOR THOSE NOT SO HUNGRY APPETITES.

Try our SALAD BAR 4 pm -10 pm Included in Sated B a r Fresh Shrimp • Spinach Pie Potato Knistm • Uarioatid Mwhtooro

DINER-RESTAURANT .Rt. 130, Higritstown, N.J.. WEEK OF JANUARY 27 j- FEBRUARY^ 198?

ON SCREEN McCarter unreels 'Jimmie Blacksmith9

'Village of No River' screened at Newark Museum VQlagt of No River, a film produced by Barbara Lipton of South Orange for the Newark Museum, will be shown ai the Museum on Sunday, Jan. 31. at 1:30 and 3 p.m. Admission is free. The film, made possible by a grant from the National Endow, me1 nt for the Humanities, tells the story of the people of the small Eskimo village of Kwigillingok in Alaska. Kwigillingok. also familiarly known as " K w i g , " is located one mile from the Bering Sea in southwestern Alaska. The hour-long documentary which premiered last October at The Margaret Mead Film Festival, shows the past and contemporary life of the Eskimo people. Original black and white film footage dating from 1930-1945 that was shot in

and around Kwigillingok is compared with color footage shot on location in Kwig . over a one-yer period during 1979-80. Old and modem fishing, trapping, seal hunting, food preparation and food sharing, celebrations, religion, education, village meetings and ordinary family life are among the Film's many scenes. The changes and the continuities in the Eskimo culture are illustrated and the people discuss their present problems and concerns for the future. Village of No River is planned for broadcast on NET in the future and will be available / o r educational distribution through the Newark Museum. The Newark Museum is located at 49 Washington Street in downtown Newark. For more information, call 201-733-6600.

'Magnificent Ambersons' to be screened The Princeton Public Library will show the film The Magnificent Ambersons on Feb. 2 at 8 p.m. Admission is free. The film adaptation of Booth Tarkington's novel, a romance of unrealized love, stars Joseph Cotten. Agnes Moor-

ehead and Tim Holt. Under the direction of Orson Welles, the 88-minute feature was produced in 1942. The film will be shown in the library's meeting room. For more information call' 609-924-9529.

^"Claridge Carriage" ' To Atlantic City s7 0 CASH DAILY VP0S ARRIVAL

Plus S2 voucher redeemable Monday thru Friday, May 3 thru June 30, 1982 — excluding Mar 31, 1982. Uuu rnurn on C laridft Bui(inly*lie)'erred Voucher Redeemable One t nu
From an> of our convenient locations for a limited time only...


8:30 AJL


9:15 A.M.


8:40 A-M.



8:45 U l .



1:50 U L


* 9:35 A.M. 9:40 A.M.

Movies-From-McCarter of Kresge Auditorium (in the Frick Chemical Building on Washington Road) will resume after the Christmas holiday break with four showings of The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith on Tuesday,. Feb. 2 and Wednesday. Feb. 3. The film will be screened twice each night, at 7:30 and 9:3O-p7m. The film has been hailed as "unquestionably the most remarkable and certainly the most powerful" of all the films yet to emerge from Australia. Made in 1978, before Breaker Morant or Gallipoli (two current films riding the crest of the new cinematic wave from Australia), The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith is an epic, tragic vision of the brutal collision between two cultures. This confict is embodied in director Fred .Schepisi's hero, Jimmie Blacksmith (Tommy Lewis), and aborigine raised by a white Christian minister. He carries within him both the Colonial culture and the ancient tribal

rituals of the culture he has left. Jimmie Blacksmith arrives at manhood only to discover that he cannot gain acceptance in the white world. Victimized by a series of white employers, he explodes, in scenes of violence so bloody that McCarter warns the squeamish to stay away. (He slaughters a houseful of women and children with an axe) Schepisi's film is free of guilt, hysteria or melodrama, and his view of Jimmie and his story free of rancor or sentimentality. The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith is, in the words of Time Magazine, "fierce in physical joy and suffering, with episodes of great and overwhelming natural poetry. It churns up your insides and divides your sympathies. Don't miss it." The film will be shown four times, at 7:30 and 9:30 p.m. on Feb. 2 and 3. For further information, contact the ticket office, McCarer Theatre, 91 University Place,: Princeton or call 609-921-8700, Monday through Saturday, noon to 6 p.m.

Indian (Continued from page 22) shadows on the ground. When the two days' shooting are intercut to form a sequence, the result makes you appreciate the big-budget slickness of most Hollywood product. But the fact that a small company is

even trying as experimental a film as this one gives hope. As the Great One bestows water upon the hills, so may the brave artist who dares to reach be blessed with a bigger budget. Wind walker, rated PG, contains a lot of fighting.

TWILIGHT SPECIAL From 4:30 to 6 P.M. Monday Through Saturday. 1-6 PM Sundays

JUST $5.95

JUST $6.95

Soup, Salad Bar Choice of:

Choice of:

Broiled Shrimp Fried Shrimp Broiled Red Snapper Seafood Saute Broiled Scallops Baked Stuffed Flounder Pudding or Ice Cream, Coffee or Tea.

Salisbury Steak Chicken Parmigiana Broiled Haddock Broiled or Fried Flounder Crab Cakes Mussels Marinara


SUBURBAN TRANSIT CORP. (201) 246-1222/ (609) 924-7750






NOW PLAYING 609-397-0202.

Time Off deadlines All submissions to the Now Playing calendar listings must be received no later than Thursday at noon prior to the following week's publication. The calendar listings include only those events which will take place between the Wednesday Time Off is published and the following Wednesday. However, notices may be sent in a d v a n c e to be used in the appropriate week. Ail submissions must be typed' and double-spaced and contain brief information on the event — where rt is taking place, when, who is sponsoring it, whether a fee or registration is required, and a telephone number readers may call for further information. To mail submissions, write Now Raying, c/o Time Off, P.O. Box 350, Princeton, N.J. 08540. If you have other questions, call 609-924-3244.

National Bank of Central Jersey. Rocky Hill, paintings by Frank Johnson, through Saturday, and paintings by John Wallace. Feb. 1 to 26: NJ. National Bank. 194 Nassau St.. Princeton, photographs by Charles R. Ream, through Saturday, and prints by Michael Lasuchin, Feb. 1 to 28; Center for Hearth Affair*. 760 Alexander Rd., Princeton, watercoiors by Pamela Wagner, through Saturday, and paintings by Kate Seta, Feb. 1 through Match 15; McCarter»Theatre, Princeton. The 1962 Invitational Exhibit, through Saturday, and the 15th annual juried watercokx show, Feb. 1 through March 14: 609-921-9173. Form, photograph and design.exhibit, Vaughn Eames Hal Gallery at Kean College, Union; Jan. 25 through Feb. 25. lor hours call 201-527-2371. Photographs by Naomi Savage, Squibb Oakery. Route 206, Princeton; Jan. 30 through Feb. 28. MCCC Visual Arts Faculty exhibit, Triangle Oakery and Library Gallery, Mercer County Community College, Jan. 29 to Feb. 19. 609-392-5106. Central N J . Design 1882: An Exhibition of Advertising Aft. Trenton State College. Hotman Hail Art Gallery. Jan. 28 to Feb. 14. 609-771-2198.

ExprSwsunsz nscx ana res* panic Arista, Somerset County Cortege art gallery. Somerville. through Jan. 29. 201-526-1200.

Photographs by Emmet Gowin, Bruce KataJff, Jack Rosen and Michael A. Smith.

The Rodman House, Route 611 and Almshouse Road, three .miles south of Doylestown, P a . , through Feb. 14, 215-343-2800. ext. 381. National Print Exhibition competition. Trenton State College, Holman.Hall Art Gallery, deadline for submissions is Feb. 8, 609-771-2198. Ceramic Sculpture: Six artists, Dec. 9 to Feb. 7; 20th Century American Art: Selections from the permanent cotoctkxi, continuing exhibit; Whitney Museum of American Art, Madison Ave. at 75th St., New York City, 212-570-3633. UttJe Houses for UttJe People, through Feb. 21; George Washington: A Portrait, Jan. 16 to April 20; Greek and Roman Art, continuing exhibit; The Design Factory, through Sept. 26; Newark Museum. 49 Washington St., Newark; for hours call 201-733-6600.

Wort of Amado Pens. Jentra Fine Art Oatery. Route 33 and Milthurst Road. Freehold, month of February. 201-431-0838.

Prints by Ben Shahn, through April 25; Transformed Houses, through Feb. 28; Photographs by Evan Lindner, Jan. 29 to March 7; Howard Wttzberg, Jan. 29 to March 7; Rarttan Landtag, Jan. 30 to June 27; N.J. Ceramics from the Museum CoBectJon, through April 25; NJ. State Museum, West State Street, Trenton; for hours call 609-292-6308. free.

Works by Carol Samatone, Mary Elen Teds sco, Carol Schmttz and Bevertee Ralph, The LambertviBe House. 32 Bridge St..

Women Artists series, Douglass College Library, New Brunswick; Jan. 25 through Feb. 19. for hours call 201-932-7084.

Juried Exhibition. Coryell Gallery and LambertvUe Historical Society. Jan. 31 to March 14. 609-397-0804.


The IncSgnsnt Artist Jan. 25 to Feb. 12; Watercokx Show. Feb. 1 to March 14; Middlesex Count/College Art Gallery, Edison; 201-548-6000. ext. 327.

Lambertville. month of February,

Extftigram gets to the Heart

of the matter— >o<=*&

Art Modem by the late Andrzej B. Bajkowski of Manville. Manville Public Ubrary, 100 South 10th Ave., Manville; through January, for hours call 201-722-9722. Black and White by Printmaking Council members, Printmaking Council building, Station and River Roads. North Branch; through Feb. 10, for hours call 201-725-2110. Paintings by Bucks County artists. Golden Door Gallery. 52 South Main St., New Hope, Pa.; through Feb. 10, for hours call 215-862-5529. Earthly Bodies by Irving Penn, Philadelphia College of Art Gallery. Broad and Spruce Streets, Philadelphia; Jan. 25 through Feb. 18. for hours call 215-893-3188. Works of Contemporary Black American and African Art. Western Electric Corporate Education Gallery, Carter Road, Hopewell; Jan. 6 to Feb. 16. for hours call 609-639-4719. Photographs from Indta and the French Pyrenees by Sooni Taraporsvsta, Princeton University Culture Workshop. Aaron Burr Hall, through Jan:, 201-344-3771. 0 1 paintings of Anne Packard, Cape Cod artist: watercotors by Joanne Augustine, Anna Continas and Pat Hutchison; graphics

and paper works by Kim Kettler; mixed medta paintings by Harriet Hurwitz and Bunny Neuman; all at the Full House Gallery, 32 Main St.. Kingston; through January. 609-924-4040.

A unique way to say something special to someone special can Exotigram 443-1285 2*.

Peter Bonnet Wight and the GBded Age, and A Masterpiece of American Architecture, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Broad and Cherry Sts., Philadelphia; through Feb. 7. 215-972-7642. Reatsm and Reafities: The Other Side of American Painting, 1940-1960, Art Gallery. Voorhees Hall. Rutgers College, New Brunswick; Jan. 17 through March 28, for times call 201-932-7084. i Year, The Nassau Gallery. 20 Nassau St., 'rinceton; Jan. 2 to Feb. 6.

Florals on fiberglass, oriental papers in airbrush, and landscapes in watercoior by Diane WBkoc Patton of Bridgewater, 1812 Room pen and ink works by Tom Duffy of West Orange, Buttery; Lambertville House, 32 Bridge St.. Lambertville; through January. 1982 Members Show, Hunterdon Art Center, Old Stone Mill, Center Street. Clinton; Jan. 10 to F e b . 1 4 , for times call 201-735-8415. Photographs by Sotebury School students , Continental Bank, Bridge and Main Streets, New Hope, Pa.; through January. Papermaker, Rider College, Route 206, Lawrenceville; Jan. 10 to 29, for times call 609-896-5000. Rare and unusual posters by Chagafl, Picasso and Walt Disney, and photography posters by Edward Weston, Cassandra Jane, Alfred StiegHz and Jacqueline Fogel , Jentra Fine Art Gallery, Route 33 and Millhurst Road, Freehold; through January, for hours call 201-431—0838. Prometheus series, fooa preparation utensils and vessels for eating and drinking, Westbroadway Gallery. 431 West Broadway, NYC; through Jan. 28, for times call 212-966-2520. Photos by Martha Tabor, Labor Education Center. Cook College, New Brunswick; Jan. 13 to March 30, open Mondays to Fridays, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., 201-932-7084.

Paintings and prints by Fia Corona Pfeiffer. Flemington Public Library, 118 Main St.. Flemington; through Feb. 201-782-5733. Paintings, Diamond Series, and photographs of Acadia, Me., by T. Wayne Roberts, Renaissance Restaurant, Princeton Ave., Hopewell; through Jan. 30. 609-466-1700. Seeing with the Inner Eye, paintings by Peart Hardaway Reese, Princeton Airport; through Feb. 1, for times call 609-655-9111. Mixed Media Show; Cranbury Corner Gallery, 61 N: Main St., Cranbury; through January, for times call 609-655-9111.

MUSIC VtoWst Alexandra DJokJc, Westminster Choir College, Bristol Chapel, Jan. 30 at 7 p.m., 609-921-3202. flutist Janice Holms, Westminster Choir College, Williamson Hall, Jan. 31 at 3 p.m., 609-921-3202. Jazz Jam Session, various artists, The Blue Ram, Rt. 532 at Taylorsville Rd., Washington's, Crossing, Pa., Sundays, 3 to 7 p.m., 215-4931262. Classical trio, Cafe Renni, 13-15 Kline's Court, Lambertville, every Friday from 6:30 to 10:30 p.m., 609-397-2631. Bob and Tedd, traditional folk and blues, Eatery Amulette, Olde English Square, Ridge Road, Monmouth Junction, South Brunswick, Jan. 29 and 30, 7:30 p.m. to midnight, 201-329-2777. Rider College Band, Fine Arts Theatre, Jan. 28 at 8 p.m., 609-896-5192. The Toons, Mercer County Community College West Windsor campus. Kelsey Theatre, Jan. 29 at 8 p.m., 609-586-4695. John and Peter's Place, 96 South Main St.. New Hope, Pa.: Bricks Mortar, Jan. 29 and 30; Chat Bofcts, Jan. 31; Suzie Cozmo, Feb. 4:215-862-9951.

(Continued on page 25) WEEK OFfMNflARY Z7

Week of. Jan. 27-Feb. 3,1982 (Continued from page 24) Garden State Chamber Orchestra, John Harms Englewood P l a z a . J a n . 3 0 . 201-343-6563 Jazz soloist Moreen Grey, me Mail at Short HMs. Route 24 and John F. Kennedy Parkway. Short Hiits. Jan 31 at 1 and 3 p.m.. 20T-37&-7350

DRAMA The Music Man. Sampson G Smith School. Amwefi Road. Somerset. Jan. 28 to Feb. 21. Saturdays at 8-30 pm., Sundays at 2 and 7:30 p m {premtere on Jan 28 at 8 p.m.), 201-545-«698 Playing the Palace, Century Theatre. 1 East Kings Highway, Audubon. preview Jan. 29 at B p m . 609-546-9400.

8 p.m., 609-883-6295. no experience required.

FILM Time After Time, Middlesex County College, Edison, Jan. 29 at 8 p.m., 201-548-6000, ext. 238. Anknats: forest babies, mammals of the country aide, Washington Crossing Stale Park Nature Center. Trtusville, Jan. 30 and 31 at 2 p.m., 609-737-0609, free. V b g e of No River, Newark Museum, 49 Washington St.. Newark. Jan. 31 at 1:30 and 3 pm., 201-733-6600, free. The Magnificent .Ambersons, Princeton Public Uxary, 65 Witherspoon St.. Princeton, Feb. 2 at 8 p.m.. 609-924-9529. free.

The Toons will give a concert on Jan. 29 at 8 p.m. in the Kelsey Theatre on Mercer County Community College's West Windsor campus.

Susan Bt, New Jersey State Museum, West State Street Trenton. Feb. 3 at 2 p.m.. 609-292-6308. free.

Somerset County Photography Uub. St. Johns Eoi»"-otvii Church, Somerville: second and fourth Tuesday J of each month, 201-526 1186. i '

Oklahoma!, McAleers Dinner Theatre. Jan 29 10 March 31. 201-469-2522. A ptoy about Paul Rooeson or Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Crossroads. 414 George SL. New Srunswck, Jan 29 to Feb. 28. 201-249-5560


Unde Vanya, Actor s Cafe Theatre. BtoomiekJ CoSeoe. Frank&n and Fremont Streets. B d . Jan 29JoFet> 27,201-429-7662

Un Bato in Maschera, New Jersey State Opera. Symphony Hall. Newark, Jan. 31 at 7 pm.. 201-623-5757.

Show Boat, Treason Cn«c Opera Company. 2685 Princeton Pike. Trenton, Jan 31 at 5 p m . 609-392-2433 SJy Fox, F? V. "agers Bam Theatre. McnopaJ Cor^c*** art DeMott Lane. Frankim nvough Feb 7 Fridays. 8 p m : a 30 pi? arxj SurxJays. 7 30 O f 205-873-271Q

Cal Coeect, planetarium show, Newark Museum Planetarium, 49 Washington St.. Newark; Jan. 9 through March 28, 2 and 3 p.m., Saturdays and Sundays, 201-733-6624. Hopewel Valey Chorus, Spring Concert rehearsals, Hopewell Valley High ~School music room, 8 to 10 p.m. Mondays, no auditions

LECTURES | Communications technology by Tom Brady of New Jersey Bel, New Jersey State Museum, West State Street, Trenton, Jan. 30 at 1. 2. 3 and 4 p.m.. 609-292-6308. free.

I Love My Wife, Ectfscn Va'iey Playhouse. Oa* Tree Head. Ecson: Jan 15 through Feb '4. tor t;mes cai 20'. -755-i6S4 Happy Birthday, Wanda June, N J Pubix: Tbeat'e. 118 South Avenue E. Cranftxd. Feb 13, for tames can 201-272-5704 Ladyhouse Blues, N.J. Theatre Forum. 232 E. Front St.. PVaaifieid. Jar*. 21 through Feb. 14; tor times cal 201-757-5388. HugNe by Eugene ONetM. and The Man With The Ftower in U s Mouth by Lmgi Fvanoeflo. Actors Cate Theatre. Btoomfvetd College. Franklin and Fremont Streets, B"0Orrsfie*3: Jan 22 through Feb 20. (or hours caa 201-429-7662.


international ft* dancing,, Rutgers Unrversiry. BartJen HaH. Cook CoOege, New Brunswick, every Wednesday at 7 p.m.. 201-932-7084. TradHonal American and Engtsh dancing. Wicox Ha». Pnnceton University campus. every Thursday. 8 p m . 609-466-3896 Scotttah Country Dancing. Murray DodgeRat. Princeton University campus; Saturdays.


Siddha mediation, discussion and demonstration. East Bruns'wick, ever/ Sunday from 7 to 9 p.m., 201-238-8262, frep Tasting of French wines and cheeses, Single Professionals of Princeton' Jan. 31 from 3 to 5 p.m., 609-799-1254.


Drawing on Yourself, a mask portrait workshop for increasing artistic confidence, Princeton Performing Arts Center, Jan. 30.


Meet and Mbc Singles dance and soda), Carolier Lanes. Gazebo Lounge, Route 1 North, North Brunswick, every Saturday from 8:30 p.m. to 1 a.m.. 609-655-5825.1


8:00 A l Creatures Great and SmaB — "Advice and Consent" Siegfried gives some sound advice and James acts on it. (R) 9:00 Jane Goodal and the World of Animal Behavior — Tonight Jane Goodall examines the behavior of the "King of Beasts" — the lion, magestic and powerful. 10:00 New Jersey Nightty News (R) 10:30 Vikings — "Hammer of the North" The myths and reality of the Viking culture are explored in this opening episode of a 10-part series. (R) 11:00 The Human Face of China — "100 Entertainments" First of five, half-hour programs dealing with daily life in contemporary China. Forthcoming titles are: "Something for Everyone"; "Son of the Ocean"; "It Is Always So In The World" and "Mind, Body And Spirit." (R) 11:30 Captjoned ABC World News Tonight

NJPTVCh. 52, 23,


WEEKDAY PROGRAMS PM * \ 4:00 Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

THURSDAY, JANUARY 28 PM . 8:00 McLaughHn's Beat — Veteran New Jersey State House reporter and political columnist, John McLaughlin, talks with newsmakers in the Garden State.

(Continued on page 26)

Talc Footgear, The Art Museum, Princeton University, Jan. 30 at 11 a.m., 609-452-3788. Ffcns: Creature Schtick and Cricket In Time Square, - South Brunswick Public Library. Kingston Lane. Monmouth Junction, Jan. 30 at 1 p.m.. 201-821-8224. free. AudWons for Chldren's Theatre Workshop, Reformed Church of Freehold, 67 West Main-St.. Freehold, Jan. 30. 201-462-8811.

A Kurt W e i Cabaret Whole Theatre Com. MonldaiJ. Jan*8 to 31. 201-744-2989


Sesame street Untamed World Focus on the Famiy Garden State Consumer Une Garden State Tonight New Jersey NJgntJy News NJ Lottery Pick-It Drawing


Out ol the Mght. Gecrge Street Playhouse. *'* George Si New Ekufswo. Jan 14 7. 'Of trr,ei Ca3 201-246-7717 K e y s t o n e , musical about heyday of saert-screen cc*-«jy. McCarter Theatre. 91 Unve-'vry Pace P^rce^on Ja^ '5 rhrcygh 3.'. ' c wnes cai 609-921-8700

4:30 5:30 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 7:57

Habitats It, Monmouth Museum. Wonder Warehouse Children's Gallery. Newman' Springs Road, (Jncroft; through August 1982, for hours call 201-747-2266. Storytirne for five- to eight-year-olds, Mary Jacobs Library, 64 Washington St.. Rocky Hill. Feb. 3 at 3:30 p.m., 609-924-7073.

PCPA invites you to an intimate evening of chamber music with the DePasquale String Quartet On Sunday. February 7th. 8 00. in center city, the internationally renowned DePasquale String Quartet, with guest student a lists. Virginia Gaeta and Charles dePascuale. will perform Beethoven's ' String Quartet C pus 131 and Tchaikovsky's.( Serenade This distingui ;hed quartet consists of Joseph Robert and William dePasquale and George Harpham. all prominent members ol tne Philadelphia! Orchestra and known ' • throughout the World lor their elegant pretation ol chamber music You may dine at 630 pm. prior to the concert which starts at 8 00 am Concert oniyj $15 00, dinner and

MISCELLANY| Starbound, a space-age fable, New Jersey State Museum Planetarium, West State Street, Trenton, through Feb. 28, Saturdays and Sundays at 2 and 4 p.m.. also Jan. 15, Feb. 12 and 15 at 2 and 4 p.m.. 609-292-6333.

concert, S35 00, (per person) For reservations and complete information, call 875-2218 •'

COLLEGE OF 250 S. Broad Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102


NOW PLAYING (Continued from page 25) 8 3 0 W a r ' s Court — "Divorce" Host Arthur MBer is joined by New York City mstnmcriaJ aaomey Adrisne Berg. feQO Maeterpiece Theatre— T h e Ram© Trees of Thfca" The ton of the Grants' head man fends his way into the dynamite storage hut (R) 1 W » Hew Jersey MghOy News (R) 1 0 3 0 Voyages of Charlee DanAn — ~l Was Considered A Very OrrJnary Boy' A seven-part chronicle of the He of one of the world's best-known rtaturahts. (R) 1 1 3 0 Capfioned ABC World News To-

FRDAY. JANUARY 29 PM fcOO Once Upon a Oisalr — "A Taie of T«o OSes" Many secret meetings are held at Delarge's Wine Shop. The names of aristocrats who must be purged becomes known. Channels 5 a 52 ft 58 8 : 3 0 Great P e r f o r m a n c e s — Edith Wharton: Summer. Frankly traces the sexual awaksnng of a young woman. Diane Lane stars as Charity Royal. Channel 23 Only 8 3 0 American Playhouse — "King of America* An original drama that traces the experiences of a young, strong-wised Greek safor. He hopes to make a new He lor himself after jumping ship in New Yorjc

Al Channels: 23, 50, 52 * 58 y M gy N w s (R) Wai Sfree* Week 11:00 WaaHiiglon Week hi Review 1 1 3 0 RambftV — McLato FemBy Band. "Our Song," "Casey At The Bat" "Country Ham" and "Stars and Stripes Forever" are Isafursrt performances by this Bluegrass group

SATURDAY, JANUARY 30 PM 4.-00 Ciuaa Country SUng — "CSmbing and Down HO" How to dmb hifis and basic manuevering for down hS. 4 3 0 Meflnee at the Bqou — A return to me days when Saturday and Sunday afternoon movies were the event of the week for youngsters and adults. 8.-00 Rutgers Bowl — -Rutherford vs. W5Bngboro" Students compete in this Qui2 for high scores and honors. Rutherford High School and WHngboro High. (R) 6 3 0 One* Upon a Classic — "A Tate of Two Obes" (R) 7:00 Imageries Ladnas — "Columbians In New Jersey" A look at some of the issues in the growing community of Columbians in the Garden Stats. (R) 7 3 0 The New Voice — "Audition" Mtfie and Lorraine try ouJ tor the lead rote in "Our Town." VWe wins the part and. because she a a mnonty person, sets off a movement m the Drama Quo who do not believe she is the ~nght type" for the rote. 7:57 NJ Lottery Pick-It Drawing — Lrve fcOO Cceege Baaketbaf — Live. "Rhode island at Rutgers" BiB Perry calts the pt*y-oy-piay and Dcfc Uoyd does the color

The past and contemporary life of AHi«l"" Eskimoes who live in the small, village of Kwigillingok is captured in the film 'Village of No River.' The hour-long documentary will be shown on Sunday, Jan. 31, at 1:30 and 3 p.m. in the Newark Museum Lecture Room. 9 3 0 Woman's Daaketbel — "Rutgers vs. Maryland" Taped earner for delayed broadcast 1 0 3 0 Movie: Algiers — (1938) Charles Beyer, Singred Gurie and Hedy Lamar. A dazzSngty beautiful young woman lures crooked Pepe LeMoko from the Casbah in Algiers where he has been hiding from the French potce.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 31 PM UfcOO The Lawmaker* 1 2 3 0 Washington Week In Review (R) 1.-00 knagan— Laflnas — "Hispanlcs In The Media: Feedback" Hispanic media persons, along wtth students in communications, provide "feedback" on how much has been achieved. (R) ca' 1 3 0 Flower Snow *2£0 Antiques (R) 2 3 0 Sam Cuisine 3.-00 Confutation 3:30 Magic of 0 1 PsJnting 4:00 The Victory Garden 4 3 0 Rutgers Bowl — "Northern Valley Regional High School vs. Maple Shade High" Todd Hunt hosts this academic competition between high school students who vie for high scores and honors.

It's hard to find a nice person Why not let us make it easier for you?

184 Nassau Stnet S«ta 1003 Princeton. NJ 08540 (609)921-8558 26


5:00 WeJ Street Week (R) 5 3 0 McLaughan's Beat — Veteran New Jersey State House reporter and political columnist John McLaughlin. talks with newsmakers in the Garden State. (R) 6.-00 Rfck's Animate — Host Rick France examines amphibians' role In the science of natural animal development. 6:30 The Otd Houseworks—Professional advice and tips on how to upgrade your old homestead. 7:00 You Are There— 'The Sinking of the Titanic" The "indestructible" Titanic goes down on ApriM4,1912. Walter Cronkite helps recreate the sinking anc the panic. 7:30 Jack Barmy — Guests on tonight's program are the late Hollywood villain Peter Lorre, and Joanle Sommers. \ 8:00 The Golden Age of Television — 'The Comedian" First time on TV since its original, Hve telecast in 1957, stars Mickey Rooney, Kim Hunter and Mel Torme — the same cast as seen nearly 25 years ago on the CBS series PLAYHOUSE 90. Rooney plays a megaiomaniacal TV star who devours everyone he's associated with and thrives. Carl Reiner introduces this replay of the story that also features Edmond O'Brien. 9:30 Greet Performances — "Brideshead Revisited" Lord Sebastian Flyte takes Charles Ryder to visit his father. Lord Marc^imain (Lawrence Olivier), in Venice, where the magic of enchanted summer days is disturbed by a warning from Lord Marchmain's mistress, Cara (Stephane Audran). ' 1 0 3 0 Movie: Because of Him — Deanna Durbin, Franchot Tone and Charles Laughton head the cast in this innocent, comedy-romance about how to succeed in show

business. (1946)


MONDAY, FEBRUARY 1 PM 8:30 Sports America /



9 : 3 0 U n c o m m o n Valor —*' "Frozen Chosin" The Marines probe farther and farther... then comes reports of a new enemy from Manchuria. 10:00 New Jersey Mghtty News (R) 1 0 3 0 Cosmos CJose-Up — Bill Perry presents highlights of Cosmos soccer games, with interviews with players and coaches.. 11:00 Kennedy Center Tonight — "Great Vibes" A White House salute to jazz pioneer Lionel Hampton. Flanked by a strutting Pearl BaJiey and an electric Stephanie Mills, along with Betty Carter, Hampton launches the 1982

season from Kennedy Center with his own brand of a "jam session."

12:00 Capttoned ABC World News To-

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 2 PM 8:00 The Duchess of Duke Street — "Ain't We Got Fun" Louisa, still the Edwardian Lady, has become the Pied Piper of the Bentinck and all the Bright Young Things flock to the hotel. Would Louisa tell the story of her life and her hotel? (R) 9:00 Masterpiece Theatre — "The Flame Trees of Thika" The Palmers' latest attempt at making Africa conform to their comfortable English standards arrives in the form of an enormous piano but it does not smooth the tense atmosphere developing between the couple. A leopard invades their home and Hereward insists it must be hunted down and destroyed. 10:00 New Jersey Nightly News (R) 10:30 Reflections of the Third Reich: I Was 19 — Continuing film series portraying Germany and the life of its people from the rise of Adolf Hitler to the end of World War II. (2hrs.)

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 3 PM 8:00 A l Creatures Great and SmaU — "The Last Furlong" Some farmers like to do their own vetting, as James discovers, and sometimes the vet can cure the farmer. (R) 9:00 Life on Earth — Beginning a new series that tells the. story of evolution by combining extraordinary, on-location, wildlife. photography with research and planning that captures nature's majesty. In 13 one-hour programs we see the rise and fall of species; the endless struggle for survival; triumphant adaptations to new and hostile environments. (First of 13) 10:00 New Jersey Nightly News (R) 10:30 VMngs — "Bolt From The Blue" Exploring myths and realities of the culture of the Norsemen — their loves, excitements and ventures into foreign lands. (R) 11:00 The Human Face of China — "Something- for Everyone" Presents an ex-. amination of dairy, contemporary life in China. (R) ; 11:30 Capttoned ABC World News Tonight


Week of Jan. 27 Feb. 3,1982 Mini Movie Reviews

CINEMA t to chang*. Cal thMtors to confirm tfentft.


EASTWMDSOR Onema I (609-446-1231): Rolovw, 7:15.




9-30. Onema II P»nn»»« From H—van, 7:25,

935 FPE&KX-D

IB S5 Boring

.""oor (Walked out)

Park Aw Qn«ma (201-462-2141): Cal for Pond Rd O n e r * (201-780-2313): Sharky's • " 730. 9 30

ROLLOVER Jane Fonda and Kris

IAWPCBKZ Enc I (609-882-9494) Ghost Story. 7 30. 930. Wed rnai ' Ertc II Red*. 8: Wed mar 1. Uercar Wai! I (609-452-2868): Wndwafcer, 1 3 0 . 3 3 0 . 5 3 0 . 7 3 0 . 9 30 Marcer Mas II Absence of Uaic*. 1. 3:10. 520. 7:40. 10 15 Uercer Ma3 ill: Sharfcy's Machine. 145.

450. 7, 9:35 QB WaS Theao-M (609-799-9331): Onema I: On Gottan Pond, 430. 7:15. 9:45 Cntma II: Ghost Story, 6. 8 15. Cnama 111: NeigWaori. 5:15. 8. 1030. Gnema IV: Rafcter* of the Lost Art. 4:45. 7:30. 10 MANVBJJE Manville Cinema (201-526-6999): Vice Squad. 730. 9 15 MONTGOMERY Montgomery Qnema (924-7444): Ticket to 720.9:15 WLLS8OROUGH Hfisboro Cinema (359-4480): A Stranger is Watering, 7:30. 9:15 Sun. at 5:45.

Kristofferson star in this meandering message movie about the vulnerability of the ' world monetary system The romantic thriller, set against the backdrop of banking and multinational corporations, is overburdened with economic technical jargoo. Fonda, dressed to the nines, plays a petrochemical company executive trying to save the business from financial ruin. The film and Fonda look elegant, but the bottom line is confusion. Also stars Hume Cronyn and losef Sommer. (R\

SHARKY'S MACHINE Bun Reynolds is direc| tor and star of this gripping action-packed police thriller and he handles the assignments with extraordinary flair and energy. He's a wily undercover cop who cracks a high-flying prostitution and drug operation while encountering an overwhelming amount of blood, gore and brutality in the process. In fact, Sharky bears a likeness to Clint Eastwood's "Dirty Harry" character Burt Reynold's accomplishes the teat with more style and glamour. Also stars Rachel Ward and Vittorio Cassman. (R)

JACKSON Director's Chaff (201-364-6085): Modem Probiems, 7 3 0 . 9 1 5 Jackson Onema (201 -367-7300): Only When I Laugh, 8. Cal for weekend schedule. PRINCETON



Four old men are haunted by a ghastly deed they committed 50 years ago and a mysterious woman suddenly appears to seek revenge. This topic seems menacing, but the story quickly bogs down with trite fright effects, unimpressive atmospherics and other failed attempts to scare. The film eventually resembles a fluffed up version of such cheap horror outings as "Friday the 13th." John Houseman, Fred Astaire, Melvyn Douglas and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., as the elderly gentlemen, try to give the production some class but they waste their talents. (R)

A hard-hitting docudrama about religious cults as experienced by a young Toronto school teacher (Nick Mancuso) who joins such a group in California and ii at last rescued by friends and family. The film vividly details the young man's transformation into a near robot through powerful indoctrination methods. It concludes with a gut-wrenching deprogramming session. Some scenes are rather heavy going and the young man's background is never fully understood. Yet, the story is consistently engrossing. Also stars Saul Rubinek, Meg Foster and R.H. Thompson. (PC)

NEIGHBORS MODERN PROBLEMS I A weird couple moves next door to peaceful s u b u r b a n i t e John — I Belushi and they set out to drive him up the wall with their peculiar antics. This fairly good comic idea soon turns sour and eventually falls apart at the seams. Many of the boisterous gags are tasteless and crude and fizzle as rapidly as they are presented. Dan Aykroyd and Cathy Moriarty overstrain as the strange new neighbors and director John C. Avildsen is at sea with the absurd material. (R)

A creaky clunker of a comedy with Chevy Chase as a young blade who accidentally acquires telekinetic powers which he uses to win back his former girl friend. The entire production is beset with problems galore: stale jokes, sloppy direction, shabby performances and an unbearable script Chevy mopes about with an amazing lack, of energy and comic skill. Ifs an unmitigated fiasco. Also stars Patti D"Arbanville and Dabney Coleman. (PC)

FOUR FRIENDS Screenwriter Steven Tesich, who gave us the exhilarating "Breaking Away," misses the mark with this grand tour of the turbulent '60s as seen through the experiences of a young man (Craig Wasson) from East Chicago. Tesich's partly autobiographical story is intelligent and somewhat perceptive, but his jigsaw puzzle script packs in too many undeveloped and incoherent episodes. The pieces never come together and many of the characters are out of focus Jodi Thelen, and Jim Metzler also star. (R) ©1881 CINEMAN SYNDICATE

REDS A brilliant and passionate thick slice of history with Warren Beatty splendidly performing as radical journalist John Reed who chronicled the Russian revolution. The epic adventure also involves the stormy love affair between Reed and writer Louise Bryant, played exquisitely by Diane Keaton. Although the remarkable story deals heavily in radical politics, it's amazingly lucid and invigorating. A triumph for Beatty who also produced,: wrote and directed. Superb support from Jack Nicholson and Maureen Stapleton. ("PC)

Garden I (609-924-0263): Ragtime, 7. 9:45: V/ed mat V Garden II: Whose Life Is H Anyway. 720. 9:30. Wed. mat. 1.

SOMERSET Rutgers Plaza I (201-328-6787): Absence of M a t e * 7 25. 9 30 Cal for weekend times Rutgers Ptaza II: Taps, 7:25. 9:45 Starts Friday: Four Friends TRENTON CVecars Char" (509-586-9'. n>. Raiders of the Lost AnX 7. 9 10

{Vector's Chat- II Buddy Buddy. 7. 9 WEST WWDSOR Prrce Bodco I i609-4S2-2278i Madman,

730, 9 15 Prrce BuOco I! Prince of the City. 730. 9.15 Bodco m Vice Squad, 7 30. 9.20

OF MO1IW'27.> F O R U M * . 1982

ON GOLDEN POND The main reason to see this sentimental drama is the magnificent casting of Henry Fonda and Katharine Hepburn as an elderly couple trying to enjoy perhaps their last summer together while embroiled as. usuaHn family conflicts Some shornon-iings are a stagey atmosphere And a limited plot V>t Tonda expertly breathes life into thi* intelligent story that combine* parbos and the proper touch ot humor He's never been better in the role of the crotchety professor with obvious vulnerability lane Fonda is outstanding as the resentful daughter (PC)

NORTH CHINA RESTAURANT MANDARIN & SZECHUAN Mon.-Thurs. 11:30 a.m.-10 p.m. Friday 11:30 a.m. -_} 1 p.m.^ 'Saturday 11:30 a.m.-11 p.m. Sunday 1:30 p.m.-10 p.m. B.Y.q.B. LUNCHEON SERVED DAILY *1.2S-S3.fSp«rp«non CAKtYOUT CONVtNU NT PABCINC

36 Witherspoon Street, Princeton 609-924-5640



HI/IE Off Crossword Puzzle E4ttc4 by Margaret Farrv u d Jiu»csC. Bold! * ByB«rl K/UM ACROSS 1 Thrash 6 One 12 Rescue 15 Slips away 17 Lose power 19 Jai 20 Reve< 21 -Moneymooner"' fields? 23 Hockey - great's family 24 British gun 26- Needlefish 27 Terry name-

54 Beaver State peak 55 Of sound 56 Society page word 57 Penod 59 Surrender symbol 60 Highway Nock 64 Hill creature 65 Officers of a


66 Word for a certain Richard 67 Neighbor of Brat sakes 68 Pitcher 28 Napoleonic copse? commander 71 Cattle 29 Astronaut motivator valley 9 72 Track wore! Brith 31 73 Loathes 74 Have an in 32 Equine co*or 34 Cutsnon 75 Harte 35 Naval waiters • 76 Chauvinist 39 Ascends perhaps 41 Prohibds 77 Large bird 42 Actor Caihoun 78 Haphazard 43 West mn 44 French (lights 79 Nourish of fancy 80 Important 45 Otherwise beams 46 Partis 81 Novelist 47 Bibl«ca! must sands 7 49 Cooker 84 Former Italian 50 Hory women: queen Acer 85 A VVaugh 51 Aciress86 Clean singer coast'' 87 Artist toresf 53 diem 89 Opq followers

92 95 96 97 98 101 103 104 106 106 107 108

Vocal solo Sharp MIT. e.g. Partner Historian nils? Deal with a four-in-hand? Table scraps Ocean colors Oriental Current Unfriendly Approaches

19 Off the cuff

22 Sad comment 25 Provided with 29 30 31 33 35 36 37 38

DOWN 1 Type of signal 39 2 Painter 40 42 streams? Mil. 3 addresses 45 4 Coll ai Terre 46 Haute 5 Students con- 47 cerns 6 Soviet Asian 48 river 50 7 Paying guests 8 Extreme 51 9 Bows partner 10 Valuable 52 beans 54 11 Word of relish 55 12 Puzzle plant 58 13 Cut 14 Boo s com59 panion 60 15 College sub| 61 16 Adams son 17 Took the low 62 notes 63 18 Wee 65

the opportunity Elbows Solitary Lineits spot Handwriting on the wall Aesop's concern Bradley Shade of blue Between ready and go Cuts short Embankment Kidneyshaped Collar style Twining shoots Take wool from Made furrows Like 12 Across Use a divining rod Hair covering Suggestions Italian wine Umpire s call Fidelity


66 Before daylight 68 Kind of excuse 69 Latin abbr. for "and wife" 70 Pre-dinner ritual 71 Actress Paula 72 Seine tributary 73 Parfof HMS 75 "1 ve to London..." 76 -eagle 78 Wastes 79 Downright 80 Tai's neighbor 82 Windstorms 83 Nice's complement 84 Actor Flynn et ai. ; 87 Swedish luminary 88 Bone, Greek style 90 RouSes 91 Youngster 92 English river 93 Barely done 94 Water wine 95 Beam_ 97 First name in intrigue 99 Languor 100 Word with

Judicial depression 7 Warmth hole or note Requirements Impudent 102 Vane dir.

76 I

• •



63 1


91 1


97 1






aaaa naaan nanac! naaa

• n a a HQnsra OZJOHE anna

aaBararaaa aarana 300333 naaaHoa ansaa anana HQQ HHann npinnaan nnatDa naaiignHnnsn n a a ••ran anTs Hnran n a n s sraa nnaaanananra aams uaaraunsH samats naanmn nuTir=i anaag nuua craaaas aarjaa aaanaana annaia anu 33a aaai arira oaaaa annas Q HElfiJQ 3 U t


raaaaa aanaa aunu U«t w*«kf iniw»rj

On Bridge

Selecting the best long suit to play defending pair is to defeat the contract, while the offenders do their level best to

Bv CHARLOTTE and PAUL DOBIN Bridge, as most everyone knows, is a contest between the defending side and the

offending side; the latter being the pair that bought the contract. The objective of the

North 4k K Q J 5 A9 0 K943

• Q5 2


East * 42 Q J 10 8 3 0 Q82 • A K7

4 10 9 8 7 <5> 7 6 4 :

0 J 10 6 * 86

Sooth 4k A 6 3 K5

75 o JA 1094 3

East dealer N-S vulnerable

East IC

Sooth 2 * 2NT


West P P

All pass • Very weak in support of hearts Opening lead - heart deuce



• North 2 *S? * 3NT

make it. The bidding and the opening lead are sometimes the keys to success for either side. So it was that, in the illustrated hand, the defenders, because of the bidding and the opening lead, had the edge for defeating the contract. And, here's how it all progressed. South won the opening heart lead in his hand and led a club, attempting to set up his

LOCAL DUPLICATE CLUB RESULTS PRINCETON YWCA Bridge for Fun: 1/19 N-S 1 - Ruth Shoemaker. Velva Hagens; 2 - Helen Smith. Sandy Mulinos; 3 - Dale Zabcl. Madelyn Plattus; E-W 1 Alice Irmisch. Seward Jacobi; 2 - Debbie Pierson, Marge Blaxill; 3 - Jean Licklider. Rose Mintz. P R I N C E T O N Y M - Y W C A : 1/19 Membership Game - Overall 1 - Carl Garfing. Vivian Stern; 2/3 - Marge Mazurowski. John Bertrand tied with Bill Davis. Mike Lavine; 4 - Perry Venkatescn, Zevah Pyne; 5 - Tess Papp, Dot Eiger; 6 - Natalee Rosen thai. Peter Wright.

longest suit. East won and continued hearts. The result was predictable and declarer should have foreseen it - down1 one. Although the chances were less than even. Declarer should have taken a different approach, and a somewhat less orthodox one. He should have tried to establish his ninth trick in diamonds, rather than clubs. A small chance, afterall, is better than none and in this particular case, it would have worked.

PRINCETON YM-YWCA: 1/20 N-S 1 - Dick Mayer, John Schafer, 2 - Bemie Yurwit, Dale Zabel; E-W 1 - Zevah Pyne. Perry Venkatesen; 2 - Grace Wile, Dot Eiger. COSMOPOLITAN: 1/20 Membership Game - Overall 1 - Fred Lord. AI Green; 2 Steve Shulman. Tim Bachnik; 3 - Malcolm and Ruth Popik; 4 - Jim Dunn, William Silverman; 5 - Erwin and Yvonne Panitch; 6 - Pete Levore. Mina Katz. MERCER COUNTY: 1/20 1 - Tess Papp. Bob Rhodes; 2 - Madelyn Plattus, Charlie Heiberger; 3/4 Lillian Coult, Betty Vandervoort tied with Bea and Iggy Litt-. man; 5 - Connie R h o d e s , Edmund Andrews. WEEK OF JANUARY 27 - FEBRUARY 2,1982