Client Overview Client Profile. Founded in 1980, The - Google

Client Overview Client Profile. Founded in 1980, The - Google

Client Overview Client Profile. Founded in 1980, The Children’s Museum of Houston is a non-profit organization with the mission of “Transforming commu...

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Client Overview Client Profile. Founded in 1980, The Children’s Museum of Houston is a non-profit organization with the mission of “Transforming communities through innovative, childcentered learning”. The Children’s Museum offers a multitude of fun action-packed exhibits that engage children and enhance their learning experience at the museum and community events throughout Houston. It has been rated as “America’s No. 1 Children’s Museum” by Parents magazine and within the top ten best children’s museums in the United States by Forbes and Reader’s Digest. The Children’s Museum of Houston has a staff of 74 full time employees and 104 part time employees, as well as volunteers, and operates on an annual $10.2 million budget. The Children’s Museum of Houston has owned the domain for 16 years. The current iteration of their site was launched 8 months ago in July 2012. It was developed by an external contractor and integrated with an external ticketing system. Two members of the PR and promotions staff make daily site changes and marketing updates to the site. The Houston Children’s Museum utilizes Facebook and Twitter to enhance their online presence. Currently, The Children’s Museum has an active Facebook page with 15,205 likes, a Twitter account with 2,799 followers, a YouTube account with 208 subscribers and over 166,000 video views, a Vimeo page with 20 followers, and a public Flickr account with 38 members. Market Analysis. The Children’s Museum offers single ticket sales and memberships with multiple levels. Currently, 1% of single ticket sales and 24% of memberships are completed online. Full price for a single ticket is $9 per person, however less than one third of admissions in FY2012 paid this amount. The Children’s Museum provides reduced and free admission, as well. Membership levels start at $85 and account for 8% of total revenue. Donations make up the largest portion of revenues for FY2012 at 30%, of which 3% are completed online. The Children’s Museum’s primary goals are: increasing single ticket and membership sales, expanding their reach to the large population of children in Houston through reduced-fee or free admissions, and expanding their educational programs to encourage children’s learning. The Children’s Museum of Houston is part of the museum, zoo and parks industry, which includes approximately 6,600 organizations with annual revenue of $13 billion, according to Hoovers. There are approximately 700 million visits to museums and zoos each

year of which museums account for 70% of the industry revenue. Industry online spend is not available. Direct competitors include local museums and zoos, such as the Houston Zoo, the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences and Discovery Park. Of these, only the Houston Zoo engages in PPC. Local ticket sales competition comes from City Pass, which engages in PPC advertising. The Children’s Museum of Houston’s unique selling proposition is encouraging children to learn not only in school but throughout life through innovative programs. Current Marketing. The Children’s Museum of Houston’s website is used for general information, events and programs, as well as online sales of tickets and memberships. The site is visually appealing to their target audience and provides easy navigation, which is a key asset to this site. Additionally the site has integrated ticket-purchasing software allowing customers to make secure e-commerce transactions. A weakness to this site includes subtle calls to action and an online ticket purchasing system that is cumbersome to navigate. has a PR of 5 and a Google “link:’ search shows 123 inbound links. The Children’s Museum of Houston currently advertises through Groupon, Facebook, and a partnership with Houston’s KPRC TV, Channel 2. The Museum also sends e-mail marketing campaigns out to their 35,000 subscribers. Google Analytics was installed on April 8, 2008. From January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012, the site had 514,701 total visits with 69.32% new visits. Ninety-seven percent of traffic comes from the United States with 85% from Texas; Houston and its surrounding areas account for seven of the top 10 Texas cities searching for the Children’s Museum. On average the traffic is slowest on Saturdays and Sundays; throughout the week most visits occur between 8am and 10pm. Search engines generate 68.5% of traffic. Top organic keywords include Houston Children’s Museum, Children’s Museum Houston, Childrens Museum Houston, and Children’s Museum. Conclusion. The Children’s Museum directed our team to focus on increasing ticket sales, capture email addresses and promote events for their Spring Break activities. A large portion of the Children’s Museum’s traffic is due to results from general keywords. The campaign will direct these searches to promote ticket purchases and newsletter signups. Adwords Strategy We have organized our efforts into 9 campaigns to promote single ticket sales within a 3-week period: CMH General, Tickets, Spring Break Branded, Spring Break Events, Memberships, Newsletter, Exhibits, Events and Donations.

Campaigns     Ad Groups


    Ad Groups

CMH General


Spring Break Branded

Spring Break Events


CMH branded

CMH branded

CMH spring break

Pi Day

CMH memberships branded

CMH Texas

CMH unbranded

SB Houston

Hamster Ball

CMH memberships unbranded

CMH kids


SB activities

Boardwalk Bonanza

Membership gift

CMH activities CMH Spanish

SB Tickets Coupon Spanish

SB family

Main Show Dance Party

Educators Renew Family





Kids Newsletter/Unbranded CMH Newsletter

Building Zone Cum Yah Gullah FlowWorks

Seuss-ical Celebration POP! Bash DECADE-nt Party

Kids Donations/Unbranded CMH Donations

The General campaign will target keywords that generate the most traffic to the Children’s Museum website. Due to the traffic associated with these keywords, we expect this campaign to generate the majority of impressions. The Tickets campaign will focus on keywords to increase single ticket sales. We have devoted the largest portion of the budget to this campaign: $100, or $4.76 per day. Since the nine days that comprise Spring Break increases daily visitors to the Children’s Museum by 220%, we have two campaigns to target the extra activities offered during this time period. The campaigns will expire at the end of Spring Break, running for a total of 12 days with an allocation of $50 of the budget, or $4.16 per day. The remaining budget is equally split among the following campaigns: Exhibits, Events, Memberships, Donations, Newsletter and General. Because specific events do not need to run for the full three weeks, the total budget for this campaign is different. We will be monitoring actual spend closely to optimize results. Campaigns








Tickets Spring Break-BR Spring Break- EV Memberships



















Events Donations Total Budget

March: Daily and Weekly Budget 1





















                                                                                        We will use information from the Children’s Museum’s Analytics to geotarget our $249.10

campaigns to reach the most relevant audience and thus more likely to buy single tickets or memberships. We intend to daypart in order to show ads primarily during high traffic times for the Children’s Museum website. We intend to utilize Enhanced Campaigns to better control our ad placements based on specific location, devices and time of day. We also plan

to use ad extensions to promote a discount offer for online ticket purchases. The Children’s Museum has also agreed to implement landing pages specific to our campaigns, which will be optimized based on keywords and updated as needed. We will perform A/B testing throughout our campaigns by evenly rotating two versions of ad copy within each ad group, until at least 100 impressions have been created. The ad version with the lower CTR will be replaced with new ad copy against the higher performer. This will be continued throughout the campaign, as necessary. Children's  Museum  Ticket  Campaign  


Children's  Museum  Ticket  Campaign  

  Houston  Children's  Museum     Save  on  Children's  Museum     2   Tickets.  Click  to  get  code!   To generate both relevant and negative  keywords, we utilized the Children’s

Children's  Museum  Houston   Spend  your  spring  break  at  the     Children’s  Museum!  Buy  your  tickets!  


0   4   0   0  


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Museum’s Analytics data, the Adwords Keyword tool, and Contextual Targeting tool. We will continuously monitor search queries during the campaign to add keywords and negatives. We will filter extremely broad searches, like “Houston” and “Museum” by using exact negatives at the campaign level. We will test modified broad, phrase and exact match in each of the campaigns. For the Tickets campaign, phrase match will be utilized to target Houston and surrounding areas, and exact match will be used nationally to reach vacationers. In order to quantify the financial benefit of each sale resulting from our campaign, the team requested sales data from the Children’s Museum to determine customer lifetime value. We worked with the following numbers: FY2010, FY2011 and FY2012 revenue from admissions and memberships; and membership retention percentages. Memberships have a renewal rate of 60% with a weighted average price of $100.20. Using these figures and 3 years of data, we calculated a CLV of $196.39. The Children’s Museum provided $26.38 as their internal CLV for single ticket sales. We did not include gift shop/café sales in the calculations, although this would result in a higher CLV. It can be assumed that loyal customers are more likely to provide donations to the museum, but relevant data was unavailable. Therefore, we can assume a CLV of $196.39 for memberships and $26.38 for single ticket sales as an underestimate and the actual value may be much higher. We understand that cannibalization will occur with our general keywords; therefore our aim is to exceed the break-even point. During the course of our campaign, we have the following goals: 7,000 impressions, 1% CTR, 2.5% conversion rate, 30 single ticket sales, and 2 membership purchases. Based on these numbers, we intend to maintain an average cost-per-click of $0.28 in order to stay within our $250 budget.