Cloud Computing - Salesforce

Cloud Computing - Salesforce

Welcome To The Real-Time Financial Services Cloud Stephen Morse Senior Director, Asia Pacific Le Phuc Nguyen Tuan IT Manager Prudent...

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Posted by Bhavin Turakhia Better Apps With

Welcome To The Real-Time

Financial Services Cloud Stephen Morse Senior Director, Asia Pacific

Le Phuc Nguyen Tuan IT Manager Prudential Vietnam

Peter Disney Chief Operating Officer Essential Finance

Craig Poynton FINS Engagement Manager,

Cloud Computing A Transformation Shift

The rise of the cloud is more than just another platform shift that gets geeks excited. It will undoubtedly transform the information technology industry, but it will

also profoundly change the way people work and companies operate.

Market Barometre Cloud Computing is This Years Most Important IT Topic

Why? Because In Times Like These Cloud Computing offers a Compelling New Approach Low upfront costs

Faster return on investment

Proven Results

Reduced risk

The Cloud Delivers Lower TCO On Premises = Hidden Costs

Cloud Computing: 46% Lower TCO1

Licenses Hardware Consultants Infrastructure Dedicated Staff Upgrades

No Upfront License Fees No Hardware Infrastructure Lower Implementation Costs Free Upgrades No Ongoing Maintenance Fees Predictable

Reduced annual maintenance and infrastructure spending by more than 50%

While Providing the The HIGHEST Common Denominator of Security, Performance, Integration, Trust

Taking Control Delivers Measurable Results 51% 35% 31% 23%


21% 19%

Win Rate


Lead Conversion

Sales Revenue

Campaign Customer Lead Retention Effectiveness Volume

Customer Report Generation Support Costs Time

Source: Insurance Customer Relationship Survey conducted June 2009, by an independent third-party CustomerSat Inc.

Financial Services Firms Are Taking Control with Salesforce Banking

Wealth Management



Capital Markets

1,600+ Financial Services Customers

4 Drivers of Business Performance for Financial Services Customer Acquisition

WalletShare Growth

Now lets see some Customer Experience Speed and Innovation real-world testimonials..

Le Phuc Nguyen Tuan IT Manager Prudential Vietnam

Company Overview  Part of Prudential PLC, United Kingdom  First Foreign-Owned Consumer Finance Company in Vietnam  Largest Financial Support Center in Vietnam – Personal Loans, Home Loans – Home Equity, Sales Finance, Insurance

 140 Customer Service Centers, Branch Offices, and Agencies Across the Country

Challenges and Solutions  Challenges – Fragmented Call Centers – Complex Regulatory Requirements – No Insight into Productivity

 Solution – Implemented first 200 users in 4 weeks, now 1300+ – Consolidated Customer Information, Dashboards, and Metrics – Support for French and Vietnamese languages

 Benefits – Time to Value = Rapid Implementation, and automatically scalable – Good Performance – Easy Integration with Internal Systems – High User Adoption and Productivity through flexible and user-friendly framework

Recommendations for Success with Salesforce  Leverage a Strong Consulting Team  Involve Business Analysts at all stages to translate user’s requirements well, in active collaboration with consulting team.  Define Security Issues and Solutions  Clear Admin/User’s guides and Training Materials  Integration is powerful with Salesforce and should be leveraged

Peter Disney Chief Operating Officer Essential Finance

About Essential Finance… 

Part of the Essential Group, with offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Bangkok, Mauritius and Singapore

Leading Independent Financial Advisory Firm, combining qualified advice and personal service with one of the world’s most powerful online financial platforms

Provide a range of professional financial services, products and tailored solutions for individuals and businesses

Thousands of clients and members located throughout Asia Pacific and the world

What Were Our Issues Before Salesforce?  No Cohesive CRM system or Processes  Multiple Unintegrated Data Stores, Security Issues  Geographically Diverse and ‘Unconnected’ team  Difficulties in Sales Team Adherence and Adoption  Access and reporting difficult and time consuming

What are the Benefits with Salesforce? 

Best –in--class , global 24x7, real-time CRM system with standard look and feel for sales, admin and management

Deep and Seamless integration with the Essential Online Platform for the complete financial planning process

Better Security: Customer and regulatory security concerns solved with secure login and data

Better Insight: Reporting needs quick and easy – little if any IT time and effort needed – IT can now focus on adding value, and enhancing via new apps

High User Adoption and Acceptance: ease of training and sales staff actually now update data!

Higher Lead Conversion , Acquisition, Retention : Nothing falls between the cracks with automated reminders and reporting on new leads, customer reviews, milestones, and birthday reminders

“Proactive” Revenue Generation: Customers enter financial details on the Essential platform, data feed is ‘pushed’ to Salesforce , and sales staff are automatically advised of any changes that could lead to a business opportunity

Sales •

Complete end to end SFA

Internal Document Server on Salesforce

Brochures and forms on the run

Service • Logging and Tracking of Client and internal issues and change requests

Marketing •

Campaigns and Mail Outs

Lead acquisition via Digital Web Marketing captured in Salesforce and managed through to conversion

Mobile •

Customer information anywhere, anytime

Salesforce ensures basics are done well, so that business and IT can go to next level of value creation

Digital marketing lead acquisition and Salesforce

Live Demo The Client and Sales Staff Experience

Asia Pacific Customer Success Stories

Craig Poynton Financial Services Engagement Manager,

Craig Poynton APAC Financial Services Engagement Lead  3 years with  Certified Consultant and Advanced Administrator.  Financial Services Vertical lead in Asia Pacific for Consulting  Experience in both IT and Business in Financial Services. Previous incarnations have been IFA, Mortgage Broker, Bank Manager & Retail Banking.

Case #1: ING Driving Cost Savings and Better Distribution The Advisor Portal

Allow advisers to track applications in progress View and remodel investment portfolios of their clients Download the latest product information Create, save and retrieve product quotes for clients Raise and track issues with ING support teams

Case #2: SunLife Hong Kong Brings Customer & Agent Support to The Cloud Fully Integrated Service Portal This is SunLife’s first initiative using cloud computing, and it has given us a whole new approach to delivering service.

Over 500,000 customer & agent users Built solution in 4 months - 3x faster than internal estimates Real-Time access to account data

Mark Ross, VP and CIO SunLife Financial Asia

Fully integrated with source databases and multiple backoffice systems Agile, easily configured interface allows SunLife to make rapid improvements Customer and agent engagement improves persistency rates

Case #3: Large ASEAN Retail Bank Improve Visibility of Customer Holdings Cross Sell for New Revenue Growth

 Branch Banking, Sales and Call Center Deployment – 100 branches at current, moving to 1000

 Daily data load of Account balances + Product holding from Enterprise Data Warehouse  Customer summary screen – marketing messages, product gaps. (see next slide)  Opportunity and Activity Management.  Dashboards and Reporting.  Idea capture and management.  Global and Branch specific message capability

Large ASEAN Bank Improve Visibility of Customer Holding and Cross Sell

Panel Q&A

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